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File 129841569288.png - (659.86KB , 800x455 , bad pic of ponies for bronies.png )
14299 No. 14299

Well, the time has come, Ladies and Gentleponies. We have reached Phase II of the Operation.

Phase I: Itemization of Requests; or "Who wants ponies?!"
Phase II: Acquirement of Ponies and Funds; or "I told you I wasn't a scam. Now you don't be one either."
Phase III: Issuiing forth ponies; or "PONIES FOR ALL!"
Phase IV: Distrubution of "leftover ponies"; or "Oh dear, why do I have 4 Celestias?"

The following ponies need to email me at my email. It's right in front of you, if you know how to use chan boards properly.

Sparkling Rainbow
Cherry Sundae
Thunder 5pecter
Carnelian Lavaliere

Do not, I reapeat DO FREAKING NOT give me paypal or addresses yet. Just email me with a hello, and who you are.

I'll know if you're some parasprite trying to perpetrate as one of these ponies, mind you. I've spent time getting to know these ponies. Besides. I'll just ask them in chat to verify.

NOTE: Ponies are not free. They are $1.75 + shipping to wherever you are. So if it's exactly $5 shipping, you would pay $6.75, wether you're getting 1 pony or 30. ((I do not have 30 ponies to give, just making my point. :p))
Email Form.

Your Pony Name:
McD Ponies you requested:


Emails not with this MINIMAL information will be ignored and you will lose your chance to participate in this Operation.
It's VERY CONFUSING when Joe Smith emails me with "Yo, Pinkie Pie plz." Okay, that's all very nice and well, but who are you? I don't know anypony here by their names, outside of PONY NAMES.

Inb4 spammed inbox..
Could a kind mod please sticky this for me?
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>> No. 14314
this is about shipping mcd things, right?
>> No. 14318

Yes. :p

Now that most of the ponies are "claimed" it's time to get them out.
>> No. 14322
Okay email sent. But, as im a dumbass, I forgot to say which pony I had asked for. So ill just say it here, "Fluttershy plox" :3 After all, dont wanna spam you with another email.
>> No. 14324
Hmm I guess I COULD trade my Rarity for a Fluttershy if someone wanted too. But if not I'm fine with her.
>> No. 14326
I guess it's too late for some of us other bronies?
>> No. 14424

Phase 4 is for late bronies.

When I'm done, I'll only have one set for myself, that I am sharing with my girlfriend, because she saw the demand for ponies and said "Well, we can give them my ponies, too, if it helps.."

And about the bumping.. I suspect that before too much longer, this might be stickied..
>> No. 14438
Aww.. Your girlfriend is sweet. I emailed you.
>> No. 14441
File 129842942267.gif - (187.58KB , 420x360 , 1298088032085.gif )
I really want a pony, but the shipping for my country will be at last 10x the price of the pony. :'(

Damn Brazil!
>> No. 14479
File 129843676917.jpg - (364.56KB , 2048x1362 , 1298080254609.jpg )
I'll take 10 of these
>> No. 14480

Oh wow, that is a nice paint job :D
>> No. 14481
I see what you did thar.
>> No. 14494
I want so bad with this paintjob
>> No. 14536
Stickied by request. If any of the other mods have a problem with this, feel free to unsticky and/or let me know.
>> No. 14539
So I guess you wouldn't consider selling the ones you bought and never claimed?
>> No. 14573

Didja read my whole post? Phase 4. Look into it, friend. :p
>> No. 14594
Is it too late to request for a pony???
>> No. 14644
awe I bet I'm really late I would really like the Rainbow dash I went to 5 McDonald and none of them had any and now they don't carry the MLP toys I'm always to late for these things :(
>> No. 14653
They didnt even sell them here lol sucks so much.
>> No. 14670
File 129848684891.jpg - (132.56KB , 631x353 , 1297799495730.jpg )
>> No. 14790
File 129851360371.jpg - (727.29KB , 1600x1199 , IMG_0012.jpg )
Aww I already bought my own!

These things are SO AWESOME!
>> No. 14793

D:< JellyJellyJellyJellyJelly!!
>> No. 14795
File 129851406958.jpg - (10.33KB , 300x168 , 1297826687058.jpg )
My complete set I got on eBay should arrive tomorrow. I won't have any extras, but I know there are still plenty of sets available from various sellers for a pretty reasonable price. I even saw someone selling the whole display.
>> No. 14796
No idea what the JellyJellyJelly was about.

I got my set on eBay for $15.
>> No. 14797

Moar sets? but i can't find any, can you tell me what to search for?
>> No. 14799
File 129851490578.gif - (1.31MB , 400x360 , 1298437116440.gif )

$10 for the set, $5 shipping.

>> No. 14803
File 129851518789.png - (68.00KB , 800x600 , 1296855863355.png )
Any left or am I too late?
I still need Twilight, Pinkie, Fluttershy, and Dash
>> No. 14804

I should have known, only ships to US.. :(
Thanks for linking though, maybe there's a way..
>> No. 14809
File 129851561551.gif - (64.58KB , 360x360 , TwilightClap.gif )

Whups, my bad. I have Rainbow dash and Cheerilee already, so I guess I'll just start searching for bigger models now.... Although if it boils down to you having leftovers of any besides those two, I'll email you =)
>> No. 14810
File 129851596033.jpg - (23.90KB , 360x316 , OMG.jpg )
Hey Blazing Star,

When Phase 4 starts can you do me a favor?

When it starts can you put like a small portion of each left-over model of ebay? i really would like to buy the reminding of the set ( i only have pinkie-pie), and i dont have a pay-pal account, but my mom does, as of right now she wont let me buy them from you unless its on ebay,


>> No. 14811
Does anypony know how to use the $2 for each additional set" thing?
>> No. 14837
File 129851944825.jpg - (83.39KB , 729x758 , IMG_0013.jpg )
Hey Bronies, just thought I would let ya know I have an extra Rainbow Dash. Speak up if you're interested.
>> No. 14885
File 129852173067.jpg - (186.35KB , 700x540 , 1298471248135.jpg )
>> No. 14895

I'm honestly not sure, but I would suggest contacting the seller.
Sorry to non US buyers. My shipment's almost here, but perhaps somepony in the US could offer some assistance.
>> No. 15032
OMG Thank you! I love you!
>> No. 15076
i can has?
>> No. 15083
Email him, brony.

[email protected]
>> No. 15106

I'm not >>14837 We're out of Dash. D:
>> No. 15134

As long as you actually need one, and you aren't just hoarding, sure Brony!

However, it would be nice if you could cover the shipping and such, email me at

[email protected]
>> No. 15201

Alright.. I know you're trying to help.. but this is making this project more complicated for me, since Carnelian Lavaliere is already on the list to get a pony.

Am I alone on this project? Even the ponies that -want- these toys, some of them aren't making this any easier.

I'm getting frustrated.
>> No. 15212
Oh, I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to make anything complicated, he asked and I said it was available. That is the only one I have to give though, so there won't be anymore from me. :x
>> No. 15230

Oh i'm sorry, i hope i didn't do anything like that ;_;

I just wanted to know what i was doing wrong, as i couldn't find any before.

I wouldn't want to make anything harder than it is, soz if i did
>> No. 15479
OKAY. 2/3 sets have arrived. Still waiting on the third. I am ready to start accepting paypal payments for ponies. I will be sending out emails tonight, asking for addresses, so I can calculate shipping costs.

I can already tell you.. Shipping is going to be -around- $5. And yes, I am willing to mail overseas, or wherever.. but that only means more shipping.

I am going to take the cheapest mailing rates I can, though. So no fears.
>> No. 15514
Yay ovetseas shipping! lol, have you checked how much to my address?
>> No. 15785
Cool to hear brony, and again, thank you for the updates and all your doing.
>> No. 15788


Thank you so much Blazing Starshine :3
We all apreciate it
>> No. 15852
Got slightly delayed with "RL" but handling this, now. I'll post with who I need what from in a bit. Things are confusing right now, haha..
>> No. 15854
File 129877016636.png - (62.56KB , 258x256 , FS- blush.png )

It's okay take your time,
got all the time in Equestria xD almost
>> No. 15869

How do I -currently- link two gmail accounts together? AOL/AIM mail is.. absolute horsepoo. I can't work like this, I really can't.

All the guides are outdated. =| Anypony with some insight?
>> No. 15916
I am currently bidding on rainbow dash on ebay. up to $10.50
>> No. 15920

I'm sorry i've searched on google, but i can't seem to find anything, i'm not really an AIM expert, seeing as i can't even create an acount...
I use MSN and Hotmail myself >_>

I hope somepony else is able to help D: soz
>> No. 15977
anypony know of any UK sites where I can acquire ponies?
>> No. 16219
is it too late to request a pony? i wasn't able to get my hands on pinkie pie.
>> No. 16226
i've more or less staked a claim on /co/ when it comes to the Humanized versions of the ponies, if i can take them.
>> No. 16233
Ponies, I need them! Well, actually, no. But I want them. However, my pony love is still a secret to everypony around me. If I were to acquire ponies, I would need to hide them. What do, Bronies?
>> No. 16626

come out of the stable, of course.
>> No. 16886
File 129885702570.png - (144.62KB , 475x797 , 1298644695447.png )
Hey man, Not sure if this is still up. But if so I sent you a quick message, and I'd thought Id post here to kinda confirm im not paraspriting.

Thanks regardless :3
>> No. 17373
I finally have an update!

Tomorrow, I am going to the post office to ship off some ponies, and to get the shipping rates for everypony else. (Is it sad I don't let the word filter do it's job, and just say "pony" anyway? O_O!) So expect emails, everypony. Soonish.

In other news, AIM email was SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF ME. So, I am abandoning it. My new email is up, but no one has to do anything - I did all the work of transferring relevant emails.

Other than that.. this is going really smoothly.
>> No. 17378

It's great to hear from you Blazing Starshine,
I'll be expecting mail then :3

Actualy i've got the same problem @[email protected] i'm posting somepony too instead of someb0dy....
I think i'm completely ponyfied
>> No. 17521
I can only see the @aim.com email address, and I desperately want in on this. What am I doing wrong?
>> No. 17613
So what is the new email? Just send it to my email, you dont have to post it, if you dont want.
>> No. 17777
I got four ponies before the sale at McDonalds ended without my realizing the end date.

The good news is though, I managed to buy a set off ebay before the price went too high! That means I have four extra ponies! I'm not sure if I am going to resell em on ebay, or have them fight to the death to find out which of the double figures is superior, but if for some reason you cant use ebay and want to try buying em off me, send me an email.

The doubles I have are Twilight Sparkle, Celestia, Applejack, and Rarity. pic related
>> No. 17781
How much?
>> No. 17790

I dunno. Make a reasonable offer I guess. Some (Celestia for example) seem to be worth less than the others.

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