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I woke up and there they all were. Pinkie, Rainbow, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy and Twilight. I felt my heartbeat speed up immensely. I approached Twilight Sparkle, who looked up at me.

"Please," I began, "tell me that this is heaven. Please tell me that I died and now I'm here with you..."

Twilight, with an understanding and sympathizing look, replied, "I'm afraid not."

I knew what that meant, but I didn't want to accept it. "Have I transcended between our worlds? Am I here to stay?"

Twilight shook her head.

"Then this is a dream," I said weakly. And then I felt a great weight strike me all over my body. I couldn't contain myself. I fell to my knees and began to weep, hugging Twilight's neck.
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Yes. I find it odd. It's as though I'm always pulled back here. Every time a season begins or ends. Every time I feel lost, I come here and all of these feelings come rushing back to me.

I don't know if anypony here will actually believe me, but this dream has completely rewritten my future. Every choice I make; my entire outlook on life is the result of this dream.

I love you all so much I can hardly keep from crying.
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File 135329065743.png - (127.61KB , 411x360 , Hugs Spike.png )
>> No. 2517647

File 130490056135.png - (244.85KB , 485x587 , apple_bloom_is_sad_by_dancinninjac-d3awp55.png )
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Ok, everypony. I give you a challenge.
First, start listening to this.
Then, read this while the music is playing.

Try not to cry.

I can't...I can't do it.....
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>> No. 2516992
Thanks OP, been a long time since I cried tears of joy. I owe you one.
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File 135003946343.gif - (244.84KB , 314x350 , tuYK_kJYwy5wrzm01K6e5knpmic=.gif )
May this song and this story endure forever, to remind us of the things which cannot,

I did not cry. I bawled. It felt wonderful. Those of you who actively tried to avoid it, I encourage you to actively seek it. This thread is catharsis sublime.
>> No. 2517646

I felt exactly the same way. But I enjoyed it all the same.

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Mfw typing this up

I have something to say that has been bugging me since it happened. I'm posting this because I can't think of anywhere else to post it. I need to tell someone, and since I have no one but you guys, I'm posting this here. Yes there are ponies, and no there is no tl:dr.

so here is some back story on my life.
I had an abusive stepfather. there are many memories from watching him get drunk to beating me, to beating my mother, and a lot of other fucked up shit he did. We were constantly moving around, never staying in one place for long so there was no way I could make friends. This lasted since I was born for 8-9 years. I remember this one time, I was 6-7 and I was cowering in the corner of the basement, looking up, watching him beat my mom because she got in the way to stop him from beating me. I can never get this out of my head, and every once in a while I get a flashback of it and others randomly.

It has been 12 years since I’ve seen this him. 4 months ago He found one of my siblings FB accounts, and he wanted to see us. Skipping a lot of details, They all went, and my mom even forgave him. I stayed home wondering why they would even bother trying to forgive him. I cried myself to sleep that night.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. He wanted to see us again, especially me. He was begging practically, asking for forgiveness for what he's done and such. Only me, my bro, mom, and new stepdad went, to meet him at a restaurant. I thought with all the support with me I'd be able to handle the encounter better. I took my headphones, I decided for some reason to take the rainbow dash toy from mcdonalds with me, and kept her in my pocket.

We arrive at the restaurant and get out when I find out that only me and my brother are going in, and mom and stepdad were going across the street to wait for me. All the confidence I had built up suddenly disappeared. I felt like rainbow dash before the young flyer competition. I must have made this apparent on my face even though I tried to hide it, because my mom tells me that it isn't too late to go back. I reached for my pocket and held onto rainbow d
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Happy 2nd MLP:FIM anniversary
>> No. 2517633
Wow OP, not only are you the most courageous person I could ever hope to meet, but also a brilliant writer. This story (with a few minor changes) could go on equestria daily, right now. I really hope I can be like you if I'm ever caught in such a horrible situation.
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That is beyond awesome in terms of bravery.

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I have a sad but heartwarming story of friendship and magic, bronies…

Every so often, I volunteer in my city’s Children’s Hospital and provide some youthful fun to the young kids there. A while ago, I developed a good friendship with this ten year old girl named Sarah. She’s simply adorable, but she was fighting cancer. She’s a First Nations girl, and her parents gave her up, essentially not wanting to deal with her intensive care. When she hasn’t been in the hospital, she’s been in an orphanage. I came to be something of a big brother to her, and she was another little sister to me. We’d tell each other jokes, play games, and talk about what happened that day.

One day, I asked her if she could keep a very important secret. She eagerly said “Of course!” I told her I was a brony. She laughed so hard, people in the wing turned to look at us and ask what was so funny. True to her word, she replied with the usual “nothing”. She told me she had never seen the show and couldn’t understand how I, a guy twice her age, could like a girl’s show. So I did the only thing I could think of; bring my laptop to the hospital and watch My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic with her.

We watched all the episodes together, and discussed our favourite ponies. I couldn’t help but be rather somber when she told who her favourite was. Sarah’s favourite pony is Pinkie Pie, and let me tell you why. Sarah told me that Pinkie Pie was her favourite because she helped her face her fear of dying. Pinkie taught her to laugh when she was afraid or sad, and to always keep your chin up when you’re feeling down. It was her birthday about a month ago, so I bought her a Pinkie Pie pony from Toys ‘R Us (I got so many weird looks in the store). She was feeling really sick that day (from chemo), but her face lit up when she opened the box to see a brand new Pinkie Pie. Her Pinkie Pie, to help keep her safe and happy. She told me it was the best gift she had ever gotten in her entire life.

The last time I saw her was six days ago, just a few days before my birthday. She had been getting worse with each month, but she was always happy to get a visit from me. This time was diff
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File 134991162703.png - (26.73KB , 400x350 , 2c2ee2b556722272ae71bb4040c41bb8.png )
>> No. 2517642
>> No. 2517643

File 130860263633.png - (77.32KB , 292x306 , 1304997412739.png )
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C'mon /pic/ Dump all the vectors!
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File 134634150453.png - (398.05KB , 3404x3000 , Mrs Cake Vector Sitting.png )
>> No. 2516981
File 134634158858.png - (212.23KB , 1024x1489 , Wonderbolts Pound Cake.png )
I actually don't remember if I got this one from this thread or not already...
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Can somepony tell me why all the images from >>2510718 and earlier are 404'd?

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Trixie: So there was music that went along with this thread, but for the sake of making arch less annoying it was removed. To head it, check out This Video
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File 131376125487.png - (59.34KB , 428x510 , Spike Coolface.png )
And on that day...
Schadenfreude were had of the highest degree in paraspriting.
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File 131376889309.png - (130.79KB , 401x357 , wooooo.png )
Twas the day /oat/ had permanent boners and became vikings.
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This was possibly my first post...
Back when 4chan was playing "Can you smell what the rock was cooking"...

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Dear everybody.

A few weeks ago, I've made a thread about a choice that was given to me.
Because of my particular stomach condition, I would have only had three years left until my organs gave out. Three years of continued and increasing suffering until I'd painfully wither away.
But I was offered a solution. A drastic surgery to completely remove the core of my problems: My stomach itself. Yet, this kind of surgery is very risky on its own, and combined with my already damaged other intestines... My chances of surviving the procedure are slim. Very slim.
It took me a lot of thought, persuation and support to make a decision, and even since then I have felt bitter regret about my choice more then once. It's a gamble with my life, and the odds are significantly stacked against me... But it's too late to change things now.

Tomorrow morning I will be picked up and taken into the hospital, where I'll be held in my room until the surgery the day afterwards. I'll be restricted from any kind of online media during this time.

Considering how early tomorrow I'll be taken in, and how large the chance is that I'll not make it... I fear that tonight may be the last time you'll ever see me.

And so, I just want to leave a final message for everybody, should things take a turn for the worse.
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You are extremely brave. You're in my prayers
>> No. 2517631
File 135143069703.png - (148.50KB , 1000x1047 , Ebon_Topaz_Vector04.png )

Don't worry, I've lived through the procedure. And I'm actually doing quite well in the aftermath.

But thank you for your kind message.
>> No. 2517632
File 135143065609.png - (142.07KB , 1000x1056 , Ebon_Topaz_Vector06.png )

Oh, the message I replied to is gone. Pity.

Still, I would like to redirect the same message to Axil and Flutterpink as well. Thank you for your appreciation.

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on October 8, 2010 I wen't to a motocross race to compete ( dirtbike racing for who ever doesn't know). Every thing was going just fine, until my last race of the night, it was 11pm and I had been riding since 2pm earlier that day so i was extremely tired, two laps until i would have finished the race and been done for the night, but unfortuantly i lost control of the bike and crashed terribly. Thinking it was only a broken leg the on site ambulance took me to the hospital, thinking that they would set the bone and i would be going home in a few hours. A half hour later I was sitting in one of the E.R rooms, and I hear a Helicopter land on top of the hospital, a few minutes later the crew comes down and says they are going to airlift me to Erlanger Teaching hospital in Chattanooga Tennessee ( I was in Calhoun, GA ). I, being medicated on morphine, thought nothing of it as i was pretty delusional. 15 Minutes pass in the helicopter and we land, then i get to wait 45 minutes in the Pre-O.R room, with my leg swollen up to think i weighed 350lb. Once i finally get into the O.R they quickly put me under and start the operation, which i don't even know what it is yet.

What feels like 5 minutes was actually 7 hours, I wake up still medicated but i see an external Fixator with 6 pins drilled into me, 2 on in my femur, 2 in my tibia, and two in both sides of my
foot, confuse I asked what happened to my leg? My surgeon came in and showed me the x-rays, i had shattered my Tibial plateau, Tore my meniscus, and ripped and tore apart an artery all in my left leg. It wouldn't have been so serious if i hadn't torn the artery. They did a vein transplant, in which they took a vein from my right leg and replaced my damaged artery with it. They said my leg was without blood flow for so long that i had a 75/25% chance that i would loose it, 25% that id keep it. so i was pretty worried about that for the first day. Friday came along and i was laying in my hospital bed watching t.v bored as hell, I was flipping through the chanels and at 1:30 the very first episode of MLP;FIM was premiering, I am a 15 year old 6" tall 170lb male motocross racer, most wouldn't think i would be interes
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>> No. 2510739
File 131820092706.gif - (31.33KB , 100x100 , 0053p108.gif )
A touching story indeed. I like to think I've learned a very valuable lesson. Never take up motocross.
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File 132057163429.jpg - (79.31KB , 943x900 , 0Uj7xDsKdnetdcBXwTrQQ2idgZ0=.jpg )
You inspire me.
Everypony who's shared a story like yours does.

When I'm staring down an intimidating project, and the deadline seems impossibly near, I find myself wondering if I can possibly succeed.

But then I think about Twilight Spark1e standing up to his abusive stepfather.
And I think about Anon bringing the light of Pinkie Pie's laughter into a dying girl's final days.
And I think about you, fighting to keep your leg and to get back to riding.
And I don't think I can do it.

I know I can.
>> No. 2511570
That's so weird because I discovered the short-lived G3 on Kabillion on demand and watched it out of curiousity and fell in love with it. I remember the first episode that I watched was dancing in the clouds.

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Okay, so I just heard some interesting news in the new episode of "Voiceprint with Trevor Devall." In this one, he interviews Andrew Francis, voice of Shining Armor, and he brings up the finale early on. According to Andrew, Shining Armor appeared at the start of the season. Now, since I know that all the furor over his character didn't start until about halfway through the season, he didn't appear in the premiere.

Or did he? Have we just been blind this whole time, or did they cut his scenes in favour of time?
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>> No. 2516942
yeah, that is a little weird, but at least he wrote ahead to tell his sis why he wouldn't be there
>> No. 2516946
File 134296886858.png - (61.01KB , 367x415 , mlfw830_52583_-_The_Great_And_Powerful_Trixie_Trixie_applestare_artist-DarkOmegaMK2.png )
they better have not cut out Shining Armour
>> No. 2516947
File 134317045905.png - (226.11KB , 500x375 , tumblr_lj73jk1td21qeuz19o1_500.png )
nah, he aint gonna be cut out, he will be on vacation or something, just like Luna!

File 130993749440.jpg - (10.90KB , 361x247 , angry looking.jpg )
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When is Celestia going to release a balance update? The Unicorn class is way overpowered.
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>> No. 2502739
Oh hey, it's in the /arch/ive.
Thanks, mods.
>> No. 2502750
File 130998593097.jpg - (15.03KB , 348x232 , Aw yeah.jpg )
Yay, I was a contributing factor in an archived thread!
>> No. 2502753
File 130999174695.jpg - (33.64KB , 600x457 , FeelsBadPony.jpg )
>mfw I didn't contribute to this amazing thread because I was busy bitching about the /oat/ and /chat/ thing
Never again.

File 130819571917.jpg - (38.19KB , 350x454 , fig.jpg )
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Think of plots that you can/ would want see in a a future episode. (And I mean plot in the original word, the episode's story)

Celestia is away and gives her best student, Twilight, the responsibility to temporarily raise the Sun. But with Luna, you know... existing, this probably has a lot of plot holes. Click on the pic for my response.
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>> No. 2512024
Twilight competes in a magic competition! :D
>> No. 2512026
Everypony wants Fluttershy to do something but she's too Fluttershy to say no to them. Commence shenanigans. Moral: It's okay to say no.

Only reason I'd like to see it is because I think there's a high chance it will happen. To prove me right and so forth.
>> No. 2512275
A new mage-pony comes to ponyville, he's rather old and he's an earth pony, he is the most powerful Mage Twilight has ever seen. Then she gets message from Celestia saying that he is too dangerous and the six should use elements to deal with him. But Twilight and others had already become friends with a mage. They ask him why Celestia is so afraid of him and he tells the story about his youth explaining the issue. ( I don't know, maybe he was to determinated to overcome others and his deeds were too cruel and dangerous ). Then Twilight shows Celestia that there is nothing bad the oldpony can do to Equestria, the Mage makes an apology to Celestia and she responds that she has learned a lesson about the bad guys may change and become great friends even to old enemies. ( Sorry for my English, not native speaker).

File 130854185107.jpg - (3.73KB , 125x112 , Apple-Shock!.jpg )
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>> No. 2516555
>> No. 2516556
File 133790579391.png - (149.88KB , 900x900 , FOREEEEEEVEEEEEER.png )
>> No. 2516565
Du yooh?

File 130550803164.jpg - (27.46KB , 501x423 , 1295478542799.jpg )
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>decide to make dresses for my friends so we can have our own fashion show for fun
>work forever
>my friends hate them and stupidly offer to make new dresses with their suggestions
>one of my friends wants to wear galoshes with her dress
>my face
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>> No. 2511622
File 132093354337.jpg - (40.50KB , 500x313 , mannimarco.jpg )
>squints closely at WT list
>yes, that is a new post
>check dates of last 2 posts
>> No. 2511624
File 132096412149.jpg - (12.46KB , 175x126 , NOOO.jpg )
>watched a hilarious video on YouTube
>Had an amazing music track to it
>Thinks "Wow, that's an amazing piece of fan music! I wonder why it hasn't been posted on EqD yet?"
>Finds out it's that leaked song only after I watched the entire damn video.
>> No. 2511628
File 132101762038.png - (132.52KB , 832x1007 , Why_put_up.png )
>Alarm goes off this morning.
>Goes to shower.
>Comes out and sees the clock.
>Clock says 4:56
>Alarm doesnt go off till 5.

File 130661146421.png - (66.06KB , 344x351 , DJ P0N-3 goggles.png )
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Dude, these glasses. They're really chill and all, man. Like, post your own glasses here and pictures of glasses and such. This place needs glasses. Do you, like, like the glasses? I think DJ P0N-3 is awesome. Just sayin'. Fucking goggles, man.
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>> No. 2516343
File 133718633726.png - (269.81KB , 455x447 , Trust me, I\'m a doctor.png )
>Ponychan is dying.
>> No. 2516990
And then it died.
>> No. 2516991
All my old feels...

File 130058113405.png - (63.94KB , 476x358 , Dawn_of_the_First_Day_by_Forest_Sage_bigger.png )
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>> No. 3409
That's where.
>> No. 2509992
File 131500683865.jpg - (13.14KB , 288x161 , Epic thread is epic.jpg )
Sompony should make a fic based off this tread.
Everypony that aggrees say I.
>> No. 2516989
Stop making me want to write it. I.

By the way, sorry about lack of trip. New phone, and need to recover it.

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