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File 130199224831.jpg - (236.04KB , 815x768 , when i was m.jpg )
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I'm a litch... U DIE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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File 130760168551.jpg - (400.05KB , 720x785 , lich_king_meets_marceline_by_sircollection-d3a4eam.jpg )
aren't you cold? AREN'T YOU COOOLD?????

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The first episode of second season is called "Cannibal Horse", the second is called "Equestrian Psycho" and the third is called "splatterhorse"...Create a kid~friendly plot without violence or bad words with a report of friendship
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Internet Memes

2 Fillies 1 Cup
>> No. 2516313
"2 Fillies 1 Cup"
Scootaloo and Apple Bloom become rivals when they compete in a school competition. The prize is a cup. Who will win? (Basically a CMC version of "Fall Weather Friends")

Now some suggestions:

The Goblins Will Get You
Rocky Road to Diamonds
The Big Question
Physical Discomfort
>> No. 2516332
"Rocky Road to Diamonds"
A con-man pony scams Spike into believing that an empty, useless cave on the side of the Everfree Forest is full of diamonds, and gives Spike the phony map for all the bits he had.

As it turned out, the cave really is full of diamonds and Spike strikes it rich, so the con-man spends the entire episode trying to steal the diamonds back from the dragon. However Spike, who is completely oblivious to the whole thing, manages to avoid the traps, backfiring on the con-man instead.

This is a Spike-centered episode without any appearance of the Mane 6.

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Dear /oat/...

It's been almost three weeks since the season finale and it seems that, without a new pony episode every week, a lot of us have forgotten, or have at least put aside, the fundamental concepts that we hold dear here at Ponychan. More and more, I'm seeing a drift away from that pony message. /Oat/ is forgetting how to love; we're forgetting how to care for others.

It's a bold accusation, and it's one that should not be made without some evidence, I think. Just in this past hour, Ponychan enjoyed a little "invisible fiasco." The Equestria Girls song is not quite so popular, it seems, with everypony and for some, it's annoying enough to spur them to leave. I love the song, but that doesn't mean somepony that doesn't like it should be forced to hear it or, if they are against it as a concept, to even see it on the frontpage. "Shouldn't the other ponies be more tolerant of the song though?" Perhaps, but what I witnessed tonight is far more disturbing than that point.

Tonight, I saw ponies threatening to leave over something they didn't like and few, if any, ponies went out of their way to understand them. Are we not the most loving place on the internet? Then perhaps it's time we remember that and started acting like it again. I call this an "invisible fiasco" because I've personally talked to a number of ponies who are upset to the point of leaving, not so much at the fact that there is a song they don't like on the frontpage, but rather that their fellow ponies were so quick to disregard them; so unwilling to show them any love or bother with understanding them. And it hasn't just been tonight either. This, I think, is the the proverbial "straw that broke the camel's back." Over the past week or two, I've spoken privately with heartbroken pony after heartbroken pony over the sudden lack of understanding and love their fellow ponies have shown them. The tell me "this used to be the most understanding place on the internet? What has happened to it?" And I can't give them an answer.

Mods, this little pa
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File 133502016249.jpg - (5.15KB , 284x177 , ponychan image.jpg )
Hello everypony, wazzap?
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File 133583673279.png - (208.14KB , 533x1047 , poor yorick contempt in pink.png )
>mfw reading this now
>all the posters who are no longer here
>all the factions between fans
>all the divisions
>all the hate
>what have we really learned
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File 133592042124.jpg - (27.95KB , 353x506 , 9827%20-%20macro%20monocle%20tagme.jpg )

File 130341333256.jpg - (20.08KB , 449x339 , i_love_you_all.jpg )
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In the brief time that I've been here on ponychan, I've witnessed miracles. To coin a phrase, even if it hasn't made the lame walk and the blind see, it's made the shy talk and the bitter squee.

It strikes me that a lot of the people here are from my generation, the "internet generation", and are well acquainted with bitterness, shyness and friendlessness. In the past, some of us have flamed, some of us have lurked silently, but most of use have come to the internet seeking distraction and comfort, never really hoping for actual joy, but wishing deep in the back of our minds that there was a better way. And then ponies came along. It didn't have to be ponies, but they were the right catalyst at the right time, and here we are.

I have in my own time been about as cynical as they come. I've gotten worse at trusting people as the years have gone by. I've seen movements on the internet and in real life that have brought people passion and joy for a while, but they always get poisoned by selfishness and people who take themselves too seriously. When the cynic in me sees a post on here that seems sappy, or painfully honest, or controversial, I sit back and wait for the parasprites to show up... and they almost never do. This is what I call a miracle. I don't fully understand what's happening yet, but I think it's worth reflecting on.

Those of us who can relate to what I'm saying are in the process of changing ourselves, the internet, and the world, in the only way things like that ever really change for the better - by looking at the "small" picture, taking life a day at a time, and thinking of others. Our little revolution is pretty much the easiest revolution ever, because it doesn't require us to do anything we aren't already doing. We're like scientists, discovering joy and friendship as if for the first time, and I encourage you all to be bold, experiment, and learn everything you can about it!

Friendship really is about as close to magic as we come. The combination of fun, trust, compassion, generosity, and all the other loving things that go with it - they ar
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File 130358425120.png - (121.35KB , 427x240 , ep23_pinkie_eyes.png )

That post... It's so beautiful that it compels me to smile for a whole week
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File 133576435091.png - (103.98KB , 424x424 , Happy.png )
Well well, what have we here?
This seems like a pretty nice feel-good thread.
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File 133581003153.png - (214.34KB , 477x359 , do_you_see_this.png )
o_o You can comment on archived posts?

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Gather round, Ponychanners! I'm going to tell you a story!

It’s February 8th, and Ponychan has been in existence for exactly one year! So, with that being said, it is now time for me to tell you a little story, also known as “the most complete Ponychan history I’ve ever tried to write or even seen someone try to write.” It’s not done yet, but I’m trying to make it as in-depth and all-inclusive as possible! So far, it’s got almost 3000 words! Now then, let me begin ruining /arch/ with some intense textwalling.

Once upon a time, in the magical land of 4chan...
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File 132945332057.png - (1.03MB , 976x752 , BrushingApplejackMane.png )
Highly inaccurate.
>> No. 2513638
I like your metaphorical choice of image!
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File 133520286565.png - (176.29KB , 815x946 , petal_fluff_the_wonderbolt_by_petalfluff-d4c12pe[1].png )
I haven't been here in a very long time...

I was dropping by /arch/ for some nostalgia with the close of season two and came across your thread Starshine...

Thank you for including my thread in your accounting of Ponychan history. I miss you so much. I didn't even realize until now.

I've been a Ponychanner since it's creation, and it was great to experience all of this over again through your words.

Starshine, I don't know if you remember me really, but if you read this, email me please.

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Just wanted to post this before I slept:

I've realized how much this series and community has forever embedded themselves in not only my memory, but in my heart as well.

To everypony here; I love you all, I will never forget you. I will never forget this show, I will never forget the memories I obtained, I will never forget the morals I learned, I will never forget the hard work everypony gives out everyday, I will never forget you; Ponychan, My little pony, Everypony.

Even if this thread doesn't live long. [One's like these don't. Trust me. I've seen it many times.]


It has improved not only me as a person, but others around me as well. My condolences go out to the Makers of the show, and the community that makes everything 20% cooler.
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File 132272350193.gif - (315.27KB , 500x500 , 131646962838.gif )
Huh. Either I'm feeling emotionally vulnerable because of finals or I'm just a giant weenie but this post kinda made me tear up a little.
Okay, maybe more than just a little. I've been feeling kinda downhearted and scared lately. This thread makes me feel better every time I see it.

I'm still really new to Ponychan, and don't post much, and usually prefer lurking. But I just wanted to say that I love this thread. And I love you guys, too.

So... um. Hugs. And, um, that's all, I guess.
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File 132272385969.jpg - (73.25KB , 700x592 , ~I love you so much I grew wings.jpg )
I love you so much I grew wings!
>> No. 2514751
I just "joined the herd" yesterday and i have to say that i have no idea why people make such a fuss about men watching a girls show. Anyway have a nice day everypony :)

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Sorry for the inconsistency I have with making this thread. Someone else can do it next season. Also, I know this will make five stickies, so this can be taken down after today.

Please keep discussion and naming of background ponies, as well as Derpy sightings in Episode 22 in this thread. Don't forget to use spoiler tags for any discussion of the ponies in the preview clip before the episode airs, but afterwords feel free to post without them.
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File 133485554718.jpg - (15.49KB , 104x131 , Gorilla_Manley_Logic.jpg )
>> No. 2514748
File 133485756192.png - (238.71KB , 945x945 , 132216755987.png )
Why is this thread still here?
>> No. 2514749
File 133486860261.jpg - (38.48KB , 849x468 , Discord lol dunno.jpg )

File 130381851306.png - (108.44KB , 512x512 , pinkie forever alone.png )
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Do you always have really funny, witty things to add to threads, but whenever you do the thread dies completely unexpectedly?

Well then this is the thread for you. Calling all thread killers. this is our thread in which we reply to EVERYPONY. lets help those infamous thread killers feel like they're popular and part of something.

inb4 no replies
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File 133387457723.png - (137.70KB , 384x473 , spike63.png )
Well then, how long do you plan on continuing to drop by /arch/ before you leave?
>> No. 2514519
File 133387466441.jpg - (47.42KB , 550x309 , 3.jpg )
Well I'm off to a fancy dinner party now.
But I've still got my phone...
So never?
>> No. 2514520
File 133387480237.png - (170.07KB , 356x443 , spike394.png )
Even when you're eating dinner?
Not to mention it's a fancy dinner, so shouldn't you show proper manners?

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tomorrow/today is friday! woop woop. time for le new ponies. its gonna be saaweeeeet. this is the official episode 23 thread.

Type [spoiler]your message here[/spoiler]
or even [?]your message here[/?].

dont forget the /

- post links to streams
- post links to downloads
- post links to youtube videos

- discuss the episode before at least one link to a download/youtube video has been posted
- discuss the episode without the use of spoiler tag

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>> No. 15236
Courage beyond Rainbow Dash
Partying beyond what Pinkie Pie knows
Buried in Rarity's gems
With honesty like Applejack
In Celestia's name,
I hereby pledge myself to ponies
Those who are too (Flutter)shy to stand with us
All those who have joined the herd
Let's merge our power with Twilight's
To grant friendship equally to all!!
>> No. 2510059
i love all of you thiiiiiiiiiiiis much
>> No. 2513702
rainbow dash is a egghead flag flying Pegasus usually boastful in her abilities and due to her extreme aversion to losing she resorts to cheating. she also however is awesome (because she can break mach 5) and selflessly plays hero to save others no regard to her own expense.

File 130438791372.jpg - (57.72KB , 583x381 , toot me.jpg )
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I just locked myself out of my house by accident, housemate not home, had to ask some dude that was passing by to give me a push up the fence, I'm wearing a long skirt, no underwear *facehoof* had to break a window once inside the property. most embarrassing day in the year so far.

Post your Derpy moments.
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>> No. 2513813
I'm a bit late to the party, but what the hay!
Out on patrol when suddenly some farmer runs at me with a stick, pointing it at me.
I laughed at him for 5 minutes while it was in ny face.
Derp. I then realized it was a shotgun.
>> No. 2513827
File 133330766837.gif - (113.05KB , 550x400 , 1o9OH.gif )
Forgot my own birthday.

But it wasn't my birthday
>> No. 2513830
File 133331959097.png - (20.48KB , 150x131 , derpster.png )
Just the other day I tried to get into an office area... I jiggled the handles, but the double doors seemed locked. I looked through the large panes in the doors and saw two secretaries, and indicated to them with my hand that the doors were locked. They gave me odd stares and pointed at the door. I struggled with the handles for a long while until I found the solution: turn and push on the left door. As I walked through the door they were giggling at me. -_- Also it turned out I was in the wrong building.

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Let us discuss fillies in a sophisticated manner, such as which filly is your favourite and ZOMG FLUTERSHY'S LEGS


sorry, but i had to take off the auto play.
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File 130306866375.jpg - (121.09KB , 1366x768 , 130306503925.jpg )

>> No. 15504
>> No. 2513826
Bitch,the cuteness cant handle me.

File 130742058945.jpg - (263.02KB , 1596x894 , 1298469380887.jpg )
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Hi /oat/!

I'd like to know, from each one of you, a piece of your life that will always be there.
Although many of you lurk, I'd like even just a short answer from you. I've already gotten the mods to answer, so you should too!

From your childhood, there's always been that one dream you've had. The one that even when somepony mentions now, you get a bit of butterflies in you belly, and you sometimes feel down about it.

So, do you still have your childhood dreams in the forefront of their brain?
And even if you don't, what were they?

After so many years I still want to visit space. Not even a space core joke, it just seems like such a beautiful, tranquil, vast emptiness that calls.
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>> No. 2493184
File 130751104890.png - (134.76KB , 301x277 , fro.png )
Perfectly said, Love!

Kudos to everypony!
>> No. 2513820
My dreams were always to follow my grandfather and dads footsteps: Join the Air Force and Be Yourself.
>> No. 2513823
File 133323655129.png - (227.56KB , 303x392 , aw_but_we_were_having_fun.png )
I wanted to be an artist. Probably never going to be a professional one by now, but I guess I could always keep drawing a hobby.

File 132780567291.jpg - (6.52KB , 219x93 , 132094976533.jpg )
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When posters you like, don't like you.
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File 133246845529.jpg - (51.94KB , 1024x576 , 008FAS_Moritz_Bleibtreu_001.jpg )
We lure them in with italo and then trap them in like Fortunato in the Cask of Amontillado, it shall be grand.
>> No. 2513753
File 133246919512.jpg - (12.85KB , 254x296 , GildaExcellent.jpg )
Yes... but where will we acquire, an, "Italo", so as you call it?
>> No. 2513754
File 133246972669.jpg - (66.61KB , 443x599 , 443px-Rudolf_Witzig.jpg )
We tank grow it.

File 130302140674.png - (284.33KB , 600x506 , 130230438790.png )
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>> No. 15507
File 130308603518.gif - (315.36KB , 330x248 , 130247813258.gif )
>mfw i found out this thread has been archived, second one :D
>> No. 15519
File 130318122368.jpg - (37.34KB , 500x500 , 1298049792985.jpg )
First post in an archived thread!
Why this makes me feel awesome!!
>> No. 2513731
bump 2 for my archived thread before i leave. lol

File 130672083731.png - (131.25KB , 277x337 , 130246792285.png )
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>I'd like to address my opinion on the trixie episode, as i saw it again recently.

As i saw it, the whole Trixie thing was kind of a misunderstanding. Trixie was never a showoff.

She arrives at this town, promoting her magic show. She says that she's going to perform magic tricks never seen by pony eyes. Of course this was to keep the audience in a mood, as this is a magic show. She wasn't going to say "Um.. i'm going to do some magic i hope you like it".

The main six then start saying that one shouldn't be saying that one is best than the other and that you shouldn't be a showoff when:

1)She isn't being a showoff, she's just using her talents for a purpose (magic shows)
2)She hasn't said that she's better than other ponies.

Then RD starts to boo her and the whole thing starts. Apparently the whole cast got butthurt, because, as you see, the other ponies always seem amused and happy by the show.
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>> No. 2513695
>> No. 2513730
bump 1

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