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File 133176278172.png - (375.48KB , 720x720 , Giggle.png )
Let us continue Pinkie Pi-ing and TOOTing and smiling into THE FUTURE!!
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File 133180337504.png - (130.00KB , 342x300 , 131030433043.png )
>Let us continue Pinkie Pi-ing and TOOTing
>Let us continue
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File 133180366841.png - (176.16KB , 305x305 , 0109.png )
I thought of this thread yesterday, but I got distracted.

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Now, Rainbow my dear, I cannot express my delight
It's abundantly clear that somewhere out here
Is a game that will suit you just right

[Rainbow Dash]
I can't wait to get started, but first let me set a few rules
It's of utmost importance the vidya I get
Is something that's awesome and cool
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File 132932920626.jpg - (209.29KB , 940x530 , ANON-CREED.jpg )
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File 132983272211.jpg - (8.19KB , 200x199 , 132932510952.jpg )
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>want a hard game
>suggest Portal

Not sure if serious...

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My husband and I have our own bakery business. It's small, but it gets us by and we love it.
We always make a point to be kind and give individual attention to each of our customers.
The way its set up- since we're still in a rental space- is that we don't have wall and doorway connecting the kitchen to the shop. Just a counter. So everyone sees everything that we bake, but I have no problem with that.
Earlier today, a mother came in with her daughter. The kid must have been no more than 4 or 5 years old. The mother said that her daughter wants to see how cupcakes were made. My first thought was "Come on lady, you can't show your kid how to make cupcakes? That's a super simple home project." I didn't say that of course, and there was no one in the shop so I didn't mind showing her. So I walked around the counter and crouched down to eye level with the little girl and said "Okay, I'll show you!" Then, just to make conversation, I asked her "Why do you want to know how to make cupcakes?" The whole time I guess I had noticed, but didn't think much of it, but she was holding a doll or something close to her chest. After I asked her that, she got the biggest grin on her face and said "Because that's what Pinkie Pie does!" And then took her doll away from her chest and showed me. It was one of the MLP happy meal Pinkie Pie Toys.
Her mom laughed and said "Oh, she really loves My Little Pony. I guess one of the ponies is a baker."
I saw a once in a million year opportunity. Completely embarrass myself to make this child's day? Yep. Totally worth it.
I had been previously making cupcakes before they walked into the shop, so I had all of my ingredients out anyhoof. I showed her behind the counter and started singing, while pushing ingredients toward the middle of the table.

All you have to do is take a cup of flour, add it to the mix!
Now just take a little something sweet, not sour,
A bit of salt--just a pinch!
Baking these treats is such a cinch,
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You, ma'am, are officially on my "Reasons Why I'm Not A Misanthrope" list.
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File 132923193691.jpg - (17.02KB , 320x320 , Pinkie_Creambeard.jpg )
I, the Highlord of Cupcakes, declare OP as the new Highlord of Cupcakes. So long and thanks for all the fish!
>> No. 2513625
>reads OP
>burns his 'mancard'
>injects insuline

Excuse me while I pass out... This is too damn adorable.

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"Pooh-pooh to the Loons!" he was grinch-ishly humming.
"They're finding out now that their Luna’s not coming!
"They're just waking up! I know just what they'll do!
"Their mouths will hang open a minute or two
"Then all the Loons down in /pony/ville will all cry BOO-HOO!"

"That's a noise," grinned the Grinch,
"That I simply must hear!"
So he paused. And the Grinch put a hand to his ear.
And he did hear a sound rising over the show.
It started in low. Then it started to grow...
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File 131947657931.jpg - (29.59KB , 461x339 , yes this pleases twilight.jpg )
>> No. 2511241
File 131951969948.jpg - (56.13KB , 500x280 , brohoof_display.jpg )
>> No. 2512881
An awesome take on a classic, OP. A thousand thank you's for giving us this gem

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Do you like Huey Lewis and The Mules?
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>> No. 2512320
>> No. 2512651
Animated version here!
>> No. 2512653
The fact that you did all of this and manage to get dubs at the right time amazes me!

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i'm the supervising director of the show and I just wanted to say hi to you guys and that all of us on the production team really love the enthusiasm and excitement you have for the show. We work hard to bring you the best ponies we can and your response has been incredible! It really makes it worthwhile and exciting for us. I love all the great macros and fan art, I save the best ones for my desktop.

thanks to all for your support and feedback!

sorry for the sappy post, but I mean it.

MOD EDIT: Confirmed as legit
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>> No. 2512591
Damn right you're in the herd.
Welcome brony.
>> No. 2512593
File 132638281167.jpg - (10.37KB , 400x328 , Pinkie_Pie_sad-(n1304570963350).jpg )
>mfw a professional doesn't use capitalization
>> No. 2512652
see this is part of why I love the show . It's creators pay attention to the fanbase and they actually give a damn about what they are saying

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[random topic]
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>> No. 2512592
[Post-arch arch post]
>> No. 2512608
[annoying bandwagon-jumping post clearly made only for the poster's gratification at being immortalized in the arch thread, which is also a poorly written run-on sentence and contains a pointless disclaimer of the self-evident information that the poster hasn't even read the rest of the thread. This disclaimer, even more than the rest of the convoluted post, is a frail attempt at humor which no one understands or even wants--not even the poster himself.]
>> No. 2512618
[Comment applauding OP's choice of image file, which instantly ruins the feel that you discovered something witty on your own]

[Comment insinuating that we are not usually this self-aware and mentally organized in terms of chan posting trends]


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Well, the last hurt & heal thread kinda...fell apart, so I'm making a new one!

There rules are quite simple; when you post, you take away one health form one pony and add one to another. You must take away ONE and add ONE, no adding or taking away two or any other silly nonsense.
YOU MAY ONLY HURT/HEAL ONCE EVERY HOUR. And no naughty anons trying to cheat or we'll find you!

So, what's the catch of this thread?


If you wanna save your favorite from an early grave, you're gonna have to sacrifice another! Choose carefully!

Here's the pony list, please copy-paste this into your post and mark who you're hurting and healing to make it easier for the next person and to help keep the score in line.
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>> No. 2486188
We should do something like this thread again sometime, it was fun. Even the bits where Pinkie became synonymous with the Endtimes
>> No. 2511996
File 132339451948.png - (98.91KB , 234x268 , verysadpeachy.png )
Freight, that epic fanart is eight months overdue!

It better be REALLY epic or ima be mad!

Even though the majority of the participants in this thread no longer frequent the site as much anymore, I still demand that epic fanart!

Lolyes, i'm going to bother you about it...again and again...
>> No. 2512001
File 132343716479.png - (36.31KB , 300x350 , 2239.png )
Come on Freight.
I want my fanart.

File 130215225608.png - (76.37KB , 253x288 , 130040112194.png )
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Guess what....

We finished our bedtime story.

(Let's break one more post limit with a victory thread before we start an editing thread.)
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File 130229988805.jpg - (50.50KB , 600x421 , 130137026874.jpg )
Ah, good enough, the story of my life.

Welp, time to ditch this thread like a dolphin in dry season. Onward to the next one!
>> No. 10051
File 130229990784.png - (173.80KB , 487x569 , YOU KNOW MY NAME.png )
I suppose this is goodbye then, thread 9...

No, no, don't cry, we knew this day was coming. Now, now... lift your chin up. This is... it's not the last time we'll be...*sniff* s-seeing each other. I'll keep in touch - I-I'll come visit every weekend! Please d-don't...

...I'll miss you... Thread nine....
>> No. 10052
File 130230519657.jpg - (13.04KB , 332x303 , Face Hoof Twilight.jpg )
And I've missed the ending of another fine thread... On to the next one it is!

File 130791938312.jpg - (226.81KB , 597x795 , nekozneko crossover Panty_and_Stocking_with_Garter.jpg )
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I want to start another one of these because I though the last one we had was awesome.

So in the off-chance that this thread doesn't die after 5 posts:

Post anything that's been bothering you, get something off your chest, or just comfort people about their secrets and stuff. I suppose I will start:
Honestly, I started watching MLP because Twilight's hair looked like Stocking's from Panty and Stocking wtih Garterbelt.
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>> No. 2511893
File 132242957309.png - (158.94KB , 907x881 , 132052149557.png )

>I started a new thread (/dis/ >>23970) so I don't derail or clutter this one, so this will be my final response here. Sorry it took so long, but I had a lot of stuff going on so I haven't been on here.

It would seem the thread does not exist. So for the moment I shall continue posting here.

>No offense taken. Sorry if I came across as defensive or something. Actually, I would like to thank you for caring enough to respond to all my posts.

My pleasure. Far too many times have I seen anonymous posters going unnoticed.

>Wish I could say something here, but that's pretty much it, minus the diagnosi, unless you count general depression (which was a catch-all). I have been doing better, though.
>> No. 2511894
Derped the link.

now if I could just think of a good name.
>> No. 2511928
I don't want him anymore, but I want him back.

File 132162476404.png - (191.97KB , 649x1232 , smile shy.png )
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I feel that, while we often talk about which pony we like the most, or debate things, we don't really stop to think about the things we can learn from the ponies as a whole!

Why, I am mostly a fluttery pony... And while a Fluttershy set of sensibilities is what comes naturally to me, I feel that I can learn a lot from other ponies, too!

Like Pinkie! By enjoying her character, I've found that it's made me a more courageous pony. How about yourself? What sorts of things have you learned, not just from your favorite pony, but from the other mane cast ponies, too?
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>> No. 2511897
I want to be more like Rainbow Dash. She's dedicated and can push herself towards a goal, where I tend to give up and victimize myself.

As great as the show is, I've learned even more from the fandom. How to practice love and tolerance towards haters and how to SUCCEED in doing so. And how you can enjoy whatever you want without worrying what others think of you.
>> No. 2511900
File 132253747554.png - (254.02KB , 600x452 , 1300152228232-(n1301707267049).png )
Pinkie Pie taught me to go at everything with insane, unrelenting enthusiasm, even in the most pressing of times.
>> No. 2511914
Nopony in particular taught me this, but since watching the show I find it much easier to shrug off insults. Mentally, I'm all like "Bitch please, that's not how we ponies do things around here."

Whereas before I was relatively quick to anger, often screaming unheard of abuse at those who upset me. Sometimes even chasing them to try and hit them.

Ponies have really fucking mellowed me out.

File 130298888795.jpg - (39.84KB , 566x600 , 130205790265.jpg )
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Post ending in 66 prints all the pictures in this thread and puts them in their neighbor's mailbox.
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>> No. 2511665
Oh, this only counts the numbers of posts in arch!
>> No. 2511666
>> No. 2511667
File 132137222573.png - (126.88KB , 1240x1058 , 131869390809.png )
We've got another winrar! NOW GO PRINT EVERY PIC IN THIS THREAD!!! :D

File 130755709353.png - (342.22KB , 1785x1325 , Quite_.png )
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Just out of interest, does the Konami code do anything here? (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A for those who don't know)
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>> No. 2503341
yay! this is now /arch/!
>> No. 2503399
File 131070528308.png - (208.08KB , 1208x1035 , 130963024511.png )
Still beating you Mithent! :3


>> No. 2511279
File 131969370354.png - (51.28KB , 250x250 , spoiler.png )
I'm sorry.

I'm so, so sorry.

File 130370889065.png - (125.54KB , 400x225 , 1294463290412.png )
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Alright, here's the deal. You post an image of a pony. Or Spike. Or Steve Magnet or Winona. It doesn't matter, just post a picture of them. Next to it, post a secret they might have.

If your post gets dubs, the secret is true.

>The Great and Powerful Trixie uses Cutie Mark Enhancement cream
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>> No. 19582
File 130376855874.jpg - (109.95KB , 1024x768 , 4890 - meme sad twilight_sparkle.jpg )
Yeah, too bad about the doubles derp. I was kind of hoping my comment about oatmeal would still be a double. It was still a lot of fun, though.
>> No. 2510858

The episode, "Lesson Zero", verified that this is indeed true.
>> No. 2511234
File 131948661606.jpg - (17.27KB , 414x376 , 131941149033.jpg )
Gummy works at an underground equestrian night-club as a bartender.

File 131940637446.jpg - (69.47KB , 640x488 , 906b5d59.jpg )
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Day 1, 1500 hours: It appears that I have arrived at the location that toot specified. There is a civilization here, not unlike those that we are familiar with. It is different, though. Strange. The inhabitants appear fond of bright colors, not unlike children. However, there is not an accusation of homosexuality as far as the eye can see, and most conversations are held using complete sentences and even, on occasion, paragraphs. In this respect their culture seems significantly more advanced than our own (NOTE: investigate how this developed!). I will attempt to make further contact with their people in order to learn more about their society and its ways. What deities do they pray to? Do they have initiation or manhood rituals? My mind fills with questions, but they will have to be answered at a later date.

Signing off.

-The Anthropologist
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>> No. 2511224
File 131942491188.png - (225.62KB , 500x667 , 131753428145.png )
This thread is awesome
>> No. 2511225
File 131942569705.png - (124.12KB , 388x385 , Smile.png )
Whatever this thread is....

Mommy likes it.
>> No. 2511226
File 131942870535.jpg - (84.02KB , 519x530 , H4020186-Franz_Boas,_German-American_anthropologist-SPL.jpg )
Day 1, 2055 hours: My thread has been moved to a board that the natives call "/arch/". It seems that they have accepted me as some sort of God after my initiation into the culture. This is not surprising considering my incredible wit and cunning.

In summary, my ruse has been a success. I will report more at a later date.

Signing off.

-The Anthropologist

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