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So, guys... get this!

You know that one crappy little kids' show? My Little Humans?

Apparently there's a new series out, and a bunch of COLTS are into it!

Can you believe this!?
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File 131872185361.jpg - (81.13KB , 768x1024 , monochomatic_by_thelivingmachine02-d4bk188.jpg )
Finally, the Lunaria episode is next week! It's also a Nightmare Night episode. Apparently, the humans call it "Halloween" or something.
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This thread was the best birthday present ever.
06/16/11: Never forget.
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File 131903185886.jpg - (1.65MB , 1600x1200 , Lone_Wanderer.jpg )
Everypony seems to be talking about this MLH fic based on the Fallout Equestria games. They're just calling it "Fallout."

File 131603364628.png - (322.08KB , 480x355 , Pic 1.png )
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Oh, my, god. Becky, look at his post.
It is so lame. Ugh, he looks like, one of those stupid bronies.
But, ugh, you know, who understands those bronies? Ugh.
They only talk to him, because, their site is such a total hugbawks, okay?
I mean, his post, is just so lame, ugh, I can't believe it's just so nice.
It's like, friendly, I mean, ugh, gross!
Look! He’s just so...pony!
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Easily my favorite pony-reworded song
>> No. 2510809
Oh god this is just so awesome...

If we can ever make Jonathan Coulton sing this lyrics...
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File 131900922251.jpg - (58.02KB , 622x573 , come at me bro.jpg )
You have awful taste in music!

oh and bump for others to gawk at this

File 130747309914.png - (118.03KB , 302x256 , bigmacsmart.png )
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Trying to write an /oat/ poem, this time.
Every reply to this thread must rhyme.

Can be as long as you like, I sure won't mind,
Just type in verse or I'll buck your behind.

Derails, spiderman, and RPing? Sure!
No need to be even somewhat mature.

No need to reply if you think this is dumb,
Just another bored brony attemping at fun.
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File 130756283989.gif - (73.19KB , 650x175 , Here I am pulling a fire alarm, I am sure it will .gif )
Ah I see, a thread, in your terms, that's "beast"
Even if it were remotely bad, it's creative atleast.

I would've refused, but my omniscience is limited here.
Even right now, that fact is hard to adhere.

So be it, I am forced to use the power of rhyme.
I will then continue to disrupt the steady flow of time.

To do that, I will be to pull this white lever.
The mansion's on fire, it's either now or never.
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File 130911567685.jpg - (26.43KB , 180x181 , 2lb2dmd.jpg )
I like refrigerators.
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File 130932728696.jpg - (53.92KB , 533x600 , FluttershyWhatsGoingOnInThisTh.jpg )
I've had it with CoD (but I'll be back in a bit,)
Now what's going on in this th- AW S***

Don't worry guys, that was simply a jest
Don't blame me for simply trying my best

Hey, those two lines began with "Don't!"
But will I do it again? I won't.

File 131195023628.gif - (317.01KB , 315x400 , I am pretty awesome.gif )
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Last night, Stephen Colbert put out a survey (if you could call it that) on his Super PAC website. He's done this to see what his viewers stand for. This whole thing will end with a joke, so I ask this of you guys.

Send in the ponies.
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Bump because Colbert
>> No. 2510459
Did Maddow or her associates ever get back to you?
>> No. 2510478
Nope.....I'd want to try again but I don't want to seem imposing.

File 131384728479.jpg - (13.31KB , 208x199 , 1277996905297.jpg )
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i cannot believe how pathetic this site is.

see this video? this is fucking you.
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Soooo. it's been over a month.
Mods did that guy ever post again? If not, sadly it was all a lie, and yes it does matter.
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im really more of a "secret brony" i hide my love for the show even though i tried to tune in once on a new episode....so yeah....
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File 131671242503.jpg - (38.06KB , 548x600 , 131588168741.jpg )

File 131048074188.png - (793.33KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2011-07-12-10h24m59s4.png )
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While thinking of a discussion topic to mull over at work I thought it might be interesting to discuss which pony is which ponies best friend. Though I quickly came to the conclusion that this isn't really debatable. While all of the mane cast are friends on some level, there are easily three mutual best friendships among the six.

Here they are (and why):

Twilight <==> Apple Jack
First seen in: Apple Buck Season, (though it's hinted at in the opening for Ticket Master). Their relationship is based mostly on a mutual respect for hard work, they also tend towards being the most grounded of cast as well as the most stubborn, making it natural that they would prefer each other's company.

Pinkie Pie <===> Rainbow Dash
First seen in: Griffon the Brush Off.
While their tendency for pranks is their initial bonding point, they're also prone to excitability and (on occasion) acting without thinking. Both are proud of their special talents, but have unfounded insecurities about them, Rainbow Dash in Sonic Rainboom and Pinkie Pie in Party of One. Party of One is also notable for its development of their relationship, after all it is Rainbow Dash that comes to save Pinkie from her baseless depression.

Fluttershy <===========> Rarity
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File 131321241844.png - (932.18KB , 1280x720 , Proof.png )
If you would split the background ponies you would notice that (for the most part)the models would repeat only flipped for the 1st and 3rd row. Also, The ponies in the 2nd (middle) row are in 3 groups of 2 with unrepeated models as the 1st and 3rd rows are in 2 groups of 3 repeating models. Hope this is with the topic and understandable.
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File 131591627199.png - (659.80KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2011-09-13-08h18m07s88.png )
Wow, I totally thought I wouldn't have anything to add to this thread until the new season. I found another little tidbit of symmetry; At the beginning of Boast Busters we see three of Twilight's friends challenge Trixie and get shown up. Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity. Making that one each, Earth pony, Pegasus, and Unicorn, also notable for being the three in the mane cast most prone to conflicts.
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Both Earth ponies have jobs involving food.
Both pegasi have jobs involving nature.
Both unicorns have jobs selling things. (A bit of a stretch, Rarity sells clothes and Twilight sells books and book accessories).

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I just realized, Ive been browsing /arch/ for a bit now, and i figured why not? I'll make a thread to promote the steam group im a part of.


Welcome to the herd fellow ponies!~

This is the steam group of your dreams. Its been around since November. Recently, if you remember, we hit 1000 members, and I did a web show. For six hours me and anywhere between 30 and 60 people sat around a computer, having so much fun, making cupcakes, telling stories, having fun. This is just a part of what the group is.

Join the community if you have steam. Ive been with the group for coming up on... i think somewhere around 3 months or so (i joined the day i found ponies :P) and i have personally watched it grow from a small community of around 250 members, to now coming up on 1400 members!

I have seen the daily chat room go from 2-4 ponies at any given time, to now there's usually 20-25 in the chat at ALL times! I have met so many amazing ponies through this group, and now i want to share the magic of friendship with you.
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File 131448522273.jpg - (8.04KB , 215x234 , daww___ why wub woo too!.jpg )

i mean, HI!
>filename related
>> No. 2509730
>> No. 2509731

File 130692353614.gif - (271.29KB , 200x200 , 17539 - animated brushie brushie_brushie brushie_b.gif )
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File 131381373841.png - (220.69KB , 394x610 , Apple_Bloom_runs_this_shit-(n1302467855368).png )
Thank you.
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File 131388047431.jpg - (103.46KB , 945x945 , KoolFluttershy.jpg )
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File 131394297203.png - (43.03KB , 300x328 , 300px-DerpyHooves.png )
Thats Scootaloo.

File 131152925068.jpg - (35.09KB , 600x478 , 130816226368.jpg )
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I've been watching My Little Pony for 3 months. I've been a user on this site for less.

It wasn't until today that it struck me, just how amazing this community is. I mean, I always knew it was different... But I never fully realized it, until now.

When I first saw Kim's thread, and the tragedy he faced... It hit me deep inside. I don't know if it was the fact that I felt such a deep emotional response for a total stranger, or if it was the incredible outpouring of support... That thread was one of the darkest things I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of shitty stuff. And you shone light that pierced the darkness.

I've seen this community waste no time at all in propping this man up from the bottom of the abyss. I've seen this community have a very real impact in helping ease such extreme pain.

I've shed tears over this. All of it. Over a complete and total stranger on the internet. Over all of you and what you've achieved.

I wish it didn't take such a tragedy for me to see it, but you guys are the most amazing community ever. I can say that with 100% certainty. And I never say anything lightly.
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File 131230503910.jpg - (48.74KB , 600x337 , 131218291352.jpg )
I think this place is the most human the internet can get, even when it's a place for ponies. Gotta love y'all.
>> No. 2508067
>> No. 2508068
Been a brony for about a month and started visiting this to fill up my MLP photo folder. I agree with all of you especially after reading this thread. This place is wonderful. I hope I'll be getting more active in here and I'm sad that i wasn't able to read Kim's thread and offer my support but bronies for life I love you guys!

File 130765989076.png - (144.13KB , 505x388 , SmokeBreak.png )
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Well, some of you know me, and some of you don’t. I’ve been going around the boards in these recent weeks making observations on the site and the community and trying to help where I saw fit. There have been a lot of issues arising, as to be expected with any community, and also lots of people who seek some confidence boosting. In both cases I am honored to input my opinion on the situation at hand and try to insert my logic into an otherwise chaotic or hopeless situation.

In recent times I’ve been seeing more and more issues and arguments arise here on this /oat/ board. And while I do try my best to keep up with it and follow it I’m afraid that I cannot always be there to try and help. As much as I would like to, it can’t be done. So I’ve decided to type up my observations of the troubles here on /oat/ and give my opinion on them.

Let me begin by just getting a few things out of the way. This post may turn out to be a little harsher than what I’m used to. But I want to assure you I’m only giving my opinion because I enjoy this community so much, and hate to see it with members who find themselves lost in the rising arguments. Which also brings me to a second point, this thread is not directed at any one member, or at the community as whole. My goal is not to insult anypony or everypony, but rather give my view on situations I’ve seen come up and how I feel people should go about handling them. If any part of this appears to be directed at you specifically it may be because the particular situation I am referring to did in fact involve you. That does not mean you need to come in defending yourself, for I am not here to offend you personally, and if it comes across that way then let me apologize in advance. This then brings me to my last point; feel free to post in this thread. But I implore you, don’t come in here and post without stopping and thinking first. People posting hastily and angrily is one of the quickest ways to incite a flame war and I do not want that to happen in this thread. If you wish to post your opinion then feel free, just do so with some thought and politeness. Ok then, let’s get this started.

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File 130845524988.png - (35.29KB , 169x170 , 130842792195.png )
>> No. 2504997
Holy shit.

I'm going to be honest here. I actually did afraid to read this and try to find what is going to be here. Ugly mudfest?

No, instead I found most inspiring and genious topic in Ponychan. It seems those who scratched the surface got afraid that thing what we have called 'love and tolerance wouldn't apply, or people wouldn't "accept" because that is in technically "difficult" as term and what it does really mean.

How I view love and tolerance? When we look up for term love, I disagree with The Soldier's opinion about love in context in Internet, because as few other, I too see "love" meaning something more than just affection. For me "love" means also caring, and that's kind of love is viable in Internet.

I agree with the view that tolerance shouldn't mean tolerating everything, but also trying to understand root of problems is important. So what I would what "tolerance" means that we shouldn't judge people by any other means than their actions.

It was really beautiful read all of your opinions. Such elegantly different values appearing so neatly alongside haven't witnessed nowhere before. I really appreciate this place.
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File 131214245727.png - (174.93KB , 490x357 , RDash_feels_bad_pony.png )
I think it's time to lock the thread.
Spambots are going crazy for this.
Sorry Soldier! <3

File 130481917142.png - (227.04KB , 1900x1916 , death_hugs_you.png )
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Tired of all the shipping going around? WELL TOO BAD!

ITT we ship other users! No self-shipping.

Lets get the ball rolling: Haackula X One Winged Pegasus
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>> No. 2504124
>Come to /arch/
>See this thread
>See my old post.
Dammit, I feel embarrassed by them.
Least the shipping with me stopped
>Inb4 everypony X Kamina
>> No. 2505393

Kamina X King of GETS...?
>> No. 2505394
I have YET to ship with him, gotta admit though, he got some nice legs.
>Don't really give a fuck now if I'm shipped, I'm a playa.
>Just joking around with the legs part.

File 131119878562.jpg - (43.16KB , 1024x622 , drwhooves.jpg )
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hello ponies

for a couple of weeks now, i've been ponifying dr. who's "blink" episode with the magic of photoshop and making the script pony.

about two hours ago i finally finished doing so.

this is about 100 posts long, so it's gonna take a while.
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>> No. 2504314
: )

yay! it got archived!
: D
thank you everypony who read it and enjoyed it.
i'm so happy. : )
>> No. 2504338
File 131129427682.png - (96.24KB , 249x225 , 130948030675.png )
This thread inspired me to watch this episode (having never seen Doctor Who before).

Well now I'm hooked, thanks OP for 'converting' me, I guess.
What's the Doctor Who equivalent to a brony?
>> No. 2504465
i think they're called whovians?

File 130981154642.png - (286.39KB , 695x554 , 1.png )
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Blessed !!Celestia
You know I am a righteous Mod
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>> No. 2502341
File 130981897923.gif - (140.50KB , 124x126 , PinkiePieClap.gif )
Now that I actually know what this is referencing to...

>> No. 2502343
File 130982842200.png - (145.40KB , 500x487 , tumblr_lkpvodhfBI1qiq96ko1_500.png )
win RARity is this thread.
I love the irony of the fact that !!Spike is the anti shipping mod and our biggest shipper is a rarity poster. So much irony in that.
>> No. 2504131
File 131118556769.png - (94.10KB , 419x451 , derpy thats trixies underwear you dont even wear c.png )
Wow when i first saw this i was just looking at Draco's posts i didn't realize i had a cameo until he pointed it out to me
and the derporter is a play on reporter, and a redundancy of the word derp

i can't believe i was on an airplane when this thread was first posted >:O

File 130922047935.png - (70.31KB , 198x264 , spike writing.png )
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Since the title might be misleading, this is not a depression thread.
It's been sitting on my desk for a week now. I guess I won't think of anything else to change. I can't help but wonder if I'm the only one thinking those words, but right or wrong, I'll never know. :) This is intended to speak for all the ones who are in the same strange situation than me : I dislike the show, but like its fans.
Massive wall of text, sorry about that.

Dear bronies,

I have looked upon the community created by the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic during a month and a half. Not such a long time, seeing how some are almost year-old veterans. Still, I think it is the right time to write to you, about us.

I, presumptuously anonymous, am someone you don't know about. I lurk, and rather stay behind the security of my screen than going public. I believe you're fine with that. I came across all of this for some reason. A video, a song. A meme image and a link is all it takes to discover yet another corner of the internet. But why would one stay here, when there is so much to discover ? It could be interesting, alright, and I've been bored for nights anyway. Maybe it's time to find a new corner to stand in. Apparently it's all about a show. I skimmed through a few episodes, but I don't like it. I find the characters annoying, the situations makes me feel uncomfortable for them and overall, it's not that funny. Yet, I feel compelled to stay a few more minutes. There are hundreds of new drawings each day, games, stories and videos once in a while. It's interesting to see up to which point all of this will go, actualy. Name changes, celebrities commenting on the subject, world records broken, it's impressive. I'm quite glad I stayed, 'Bronies' are a fun show to watch.
But a cold feeling starts to be felt. I don't like the original show, I have no right to be here. Among all those dedicated people, investing hours to get the right color for that painting, patiently adding, strip by strip, manes to plushies. All of that just for me to have a
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>> No. 2502039
File 130933210604.gif - (11.79KB , 150x150 , Fluttershy clapping.gif )
That was beautiful OP...You hit the nail right on the head! Seriously, you are always welcome back at Ponychan and by Celestia, I'm speechless...Keep shining on Anon. And thanks, it means a lot to everypony here!
>> No. 2502830
thats a very beautiful message. i wish you the best, even without the mane 6 by your side :D
>> No. 2503549
My friend practically HATES this show and is trying to drive the spirit of pony out of me... but, it is posts and threads like these that remind me to STAND TALL, Fight for what you believe, Don't stop because somepony tells you too! That's the spirit of bronies! We Stand up and yell NO! We Will STAND against all odds for what we believe is right! Anon expressed the brony spirit, though not one himself! We gladly welcome you to the brony family with open arms! We will help you any way we can! Because the Spirit of MLP exists to Help, teach, and to be taught! I think that when the brony community is united, we can stand against anything! We wouldn't care if it was banned! Would that stop us? I don't think so! We would stand against it. So what do you say bronies? Would Twilight sparkle tell us that all hope is lost? NO! Would Applejack say that we are doomed? I don't think so. Pinkie pie, she laughs in the face of death! So the spirit of this show, this community, this... this.... this nation, Will not whither! It will not DIE! So stand with me Bronies! And we Will express the spirit to fight. the spirit to love, the spirit to Tolerate, and the spirit of bronies!

File 130809809380.png - (248.83KB , 766x413 , 1 Jimmy thinking of a new troll thread.png )
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After the first success of the Jimmy/Timmy Brony hour I thought I would have to do something even better than that, and I think I have, 82 pictures and about 5 separate South Park episodes later I've come to tell the epic tale of how South Park became MLP obsessed, lets get this show on the road, again :D
P.S. Some personal things came up so I couldn't get this out in the morning like I thought I would >.> and if this story in particular is liked enough I'll do a Brony South Park Part II, but now I'm babbling lets get this started, and it becomes pony related very fast

Jimmy is having trouble finding a way to parasprite 4chan
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>> No. 2500066
File 130913114761.jpg - (31.52KB , 224x307 , memes_my_little_brony_good_luck_getting_a_normal_j.jpg )
Great story, it really felt like a southpark episode.
>> No. 2503358
File 131062386273.jpg - (724.79KB , 2592x1936 , DIAMONDS.jpg )
top fucking percentage
>> No. 2503422
I came.

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