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Watch MLP episodes with Youtube's transcribe audio. It's funny.

Gif unrelated, just my pony folder is empty on this computer.
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File 130905105039.png - (114.11KB , 582x340 , anthonykeithmyspace.png )
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File 130927430379.png - (585.96KB , 1366x768 , alkaisi urbana since you're operating out.png )
I'm going to post now and read later. Problem?
Also I chose a random episode and it just so happened to be the rarity one.
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Wow... I don't know what to say. I made those images so long ago before posting them on 4chan. I didn't think anypony saved them. That's... Actually pretty cool

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From the Tripfriend that brought you Jimmy/Timmy Brony hour and Brony South park, this is nothing like those at all. The following is the entire monty python movie with some ponychan sprinkled on top, it was so long i had to include some commercials (just to TOOT my own horn, i think they're pretty good) and my internet isn't the greatest today so it might be a little slower than my other stories, also, mods, please keep this from autosage or something i really don't want to make 3 different threads continueing the story because then if it got /arch/ we'd be juggling 3 threads in there and thats a mess, oh yeah, this one is 488ish pictures, thats why it took so long, and you'll see again why, please don't have too high expectations, some of the parts aren't that great but others are pretty funny, i think that's everything lets get this show on the road
and if i forgot anypony when they signed up i'm sorry i tried >.> after the 30th person i kinda forgot who was in and who wasn't but i think i did a good job at it
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File 130924339160.jpg - (34.53KB , 500x500 , Fluttershy is pleased 2.jpg )
that...that was AWESOME! SAVED!
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File 130924358959.gif - (3.88MB , 300x169 , Twilight's Deathnote.gif )

I am anticipating experiencing enjoyment after you perform said activity.
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File 130942861893.jpg - (12.54KB , 345x280 , shocked.jpg )
You know my compliments on your previous two projects? Add them together, now add 8. Now multiply by 1125. You win over NINE THOUSAAAAAND internets. Words cannot express my amazement at this thread. This is your best work yet. I am glad to have waited till it was finished before I began because the suspense surely would have killed me if I began sooner.

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Since we lost the old one what with the site going down, this is the new drawfriend thread.

If you want a pony drawn for yourself, post here with a detailed description of your pony.

Don't ask me to draw, I suck at it.

View animation
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I guess since all the cool kids are doing it. Bumping mine?
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Guess I'll go and bamp mine too.
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File 130482203836.png - (392.59KB , 640x400 , ShadesBroSpiralPowered.png )
Anypony wanna draw this, except 20% cooler?

It needs to not reek of my n00b skillz.

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I had a Philosophy teacher a couple semesters ago. i remember one lecture he gave while i was there. It was a hypothetical situation about if somepony planted a bomb in a building, he contacted all the news stations and says he will detonate it in 30 seconds, giving nopony inside any time to escape. In that 30 seconds, all the people inside were scared, crying, and praying that they would not die. Everypony else was watching in, loved ones worried for people stuck in the building.

After the 30 seconds were up, the bomb malfunctioned and did not detonate. Everypony was saved. There was mass celebration, everypony was hugging and crying. Parties broke out and everone was in a euporic state of mind.

It made me think about us, here on Ponychan. In the last week, i saw 2 "raids", a thread that made people yell and hurt eachother with their words. While these acts in of themselves were bad, what happened afterwards was intriguing. Hug threads, party threads, feel good threads went up, many ponies posted in them and everypony was sharing kindness and laughter with eachother.

Everything thrown at us has made us stronger. In the heat of conflict, we hold together as bronies. Our love is tested and grows more powerful by the day.

We probably lost a couple bronies in these hard times, but our resilience and our tolerance has made us stronger, more caring, more loving of each and everypony. A Harmony if you will.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Ponychan, and every fan of the show has showed me real examples of the Elements of Harmony.
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I'm a Malaysian brony.

>> No. 11358

S.E.A brothers!
>> No. 11902

You too? Where are you from?

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Holy god.
I just realized.
I could, in theory, change my name to "Rainbow Dash" for free, right now, here in Finland, if I wanted to. And I'm a male.
Should I take my bronyness to the next level?
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Are you implying the correct way to access this problem with haters is to change your name into a character from a kids' show?
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File 130815463062.png - (634.68KB , 853x1410 , Welp, you just brokered my mind.png )
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OP changed his name, haters gonna hate, some people liked it.
end of story.

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5-22-11 22-5-11 update from Trixie

First let me thank everyone for their incredible donations!
Now the bad news is that I cant really get into details of what's going to happen next... yet. But, what I will say is that the amount was staggering. For the time being we'd like to ask that anyone who's still planning to donate hold off for the time being until we get get things set into order.

Again, thank you everypony!
-Trixie =)

PS: !!Spike was here.

The original post
I, and the ponychan staff are all sorry the site has been derping a lot lately, but here's the cold hard reality: If you want a faster, more reliable server, then please donate. We are doing fine, as far as paying for our current sever, due to all of your generous donations; however, in order to upgrade to a better server, the simple fact is that we need more money.
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Also I watched you delete them like a boss.
Really sexy alright.
>> No. 2494953
>> No. 2494954
File 130778572438.jpg - (57.59KB , 1190x729 , 1298715029117.jpg )
Is it often this has been happening?

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Let's PARASPRITE everypony! But it must be subtle, sly, clever, and elegant. Paraspritewith pictures or text.
The paraspriting must be pony related, and directed at our fellow bronies or even characters from the show.

So, let's start paraspriting and be creative!
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File 130777090380.jpg - (40.51KB , 600x397 , wait wut.jpg )
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File 130777189507.png - (150.41KB , 640x360 , 1299007720586.png )
I can't believe I didn't see this thread.

I could have parasprited everypony so hard with a wall of text..

Goddamn it. Oh well.
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File 130779226755.png - (64.38KB , 524x540 , 1303673062177.png )
MFW I created a thread that got archived.

File 130731816542.png - (421.86KB , 1281x1342 , long_celestia1.png )
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wanna help me find it out?
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File 130748099576.png - (192.42KB , 482x468 , woah.png )

Well toot. I never tried compressing mine.
Capital job, buddy.
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File 130749756473.jpg - (5.93KB , 299x120 , nope.jpg )
>mfw this thread
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File 130752133800.jpg - (34.13KB , 645x709 , don't mind me, just being adorable.jpg )
A PBD is a photoshop big document.
It's made to process over the pixel limit images c:

Wow, you did amazing!
Thanks so much!

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This is the Official "Ask a Mod anything!!" thread!
If you see any other Ask a Mod anything threads, please redirect them here!

So go ahead. Ask a mod anything.
Mods currently participating: MODS ARE AWAKE. POST GYROBOWLS ANYWAY

Note to other mods: If you decide to participate, please indicate you are in the thread by appropriately altering this OP message. IE;
Mods currently participating: None
And when I leave, I'll edit and remove my name!
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File 130744964769.png - (255.51KB , 827x757 , okay trixie.png )
Thread moved to /arch/ while I was sleeping
>my face when
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File 130745986716.jpg - (46.88KB , 276x305 , hipster fluttershy 2.jpg )
Are the mods planning to continue doing these or was this just a one day thing?

Also, Derpy mod is best mod
>> No. 2492949

if there were anypony to represent the space core, it would probably be the first pony to make a space core fan page on facebook... oh wait, that's me :D but nah, i'm too new, modship has not been earned.

also, to anypony who can answer, has there been a case of internet inexplicably shutting down only when ponychan is accessed, or am i correct in my assumption that my computer hates ponies as much as a /b/ or /co/ mod and has a temper tantrum to prevent ponies.

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Filled with so many wοrdfilters~

>ΜFW I dodge every single wοrdfilters for the lulz
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File 130737820700.jpg - (103.87KB , 800x540 , 707th special mission battalion.jpg )
>> No. 2512564
Best thread
>> No. 2512575
File 132614830133.jpg - (35.43KB , 300x310 , WOOOOOO.jpg )

File 130702255750.jpg - (53.54KB , 500x186 , SOMEWHERE ELSE.jpg )
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File 130717216819.png - (33.04KB , 90x113 , 130706300232s.png )
When it all ended
not many really cared at the end.
>> No. 2490768
I just read the whole thing.... wow......
>> No. 2490784
me too bro, me too

File 130710167951.png - (97.42KB , 955x1063 , twilightinsane.png )
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Princess Celestia is disappointed with me
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File 130713532275.png - (627.01KB , 955x1063 , Crazy Goku Pony.png )
I also vote for /arch/!
>> No. 2490745
File 130713673081.png - (153.09KB , 442x357 , flut1.png )
Since you really wanna know..

Horns are inconsistent in their shape and sizes amongst the non-princess ponies, the gradient for the interior of Rarity's hair should be reversed as the lower hair receives more light, Dash has a bit of the background art asset poking through her hair near the top left of it, the circular nature of Dash's hair also seems inappropriate but that may just be me, Fluttershy has a bit of blue hair left in between her wing feathers, Lyra has some noticeable color clipping issues, all the ponies use the same eyelash art, Celestia and Luna are missing their respective pendants and Celestia's horn seems off-center, many of the unicorn ponies are missing a line of hair to hide the horn base, all the ponies could use an already mentioned smoothing job and vectorization to clean up jaggies and artifacts, and the overall design is reminiscent of pret-a-porter and not true French haute couture.

But... uh... you know... um... whatever you want to do is fine.
>> No. 2490748
File 130713955875.png - (96.75KB , 955x1063 , 130712712189.png )
Oh look what all of you have done now. Now I'm stuck in here with these crazy ponies forever!

File 130651893608.png - (29.82KB , 113x200 , 130558940739.png )
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So Hasbro acknowledged we exist, and thats pretty cool. So I'm gonna throw together a kind of thank you email and send it to them. Just leave a post in this thread with a really short note and some sort of name, and I'll include it in the email. I expect this to be a few day long thing, so please for the love of all that is holy don't post more than once, just makes my job harder. It will also make it way easier if you type your message in this format.

Angel the Bunny - You guys are awesome! I hope you keep the show going forever!

So, lets begin, shall we?
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>> No. 2489809
And with how arrogant you've been tonight, I really can't feel bad for my behavior.
>> No. 2489810
File 130707334364.jpg - (16.77KB , 338x259 , 23408d459705ccc9ee4b1ce064ada007.jpg )
>> No. 2489811
stop causing drama, all of you

File 130684852872.png - (69.74KB , 269x288 , dash oops.png )
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Good night everypony.
I am not looking forward to tomorrow.
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File 130691882238.jpg - (10.89KB , 293x290 , rainbow dash goggles awesome.jpg )
Glad to hear you're all right. I think i read the whole thread (almost o_0) and can say that this is the single most amazing community ive ever come across. The love everypony shows to everypony is amazing. This thread makes me happy.

>ITT: everypony is awesome
>> No. 2488932
File 130691892566.png - (146.75KB , 341x314 , pinkie pwease.png )
I'm still reading and I really am touched guys.

I love you guys so much, thank you for all the effort, I appreciate all of it.
>> No. 2488935
File 130693499595.png - (19.44KB , 417x500 , uguuu2.png )
I was terrified when i woke up and found that this had been archived. I was worried that lemon hadnt come back yet..

:3 but he did.. And im so happy..

Thank you for coming back lemon... We love you so much :3

File 130649563902.jpg - (9.78KB , 253x300 , Hub.jpg )
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Here is the original MOV: http://www.mediafire.com/?qqjpe7lf8f9nrf2


Full version of previous promo, 1:30 long.

It's pretty cool but I'm not sure what to think about that. personally I don't want to see ANY fanservices in the show (except Derpy). It will kill it, imo.

Anyway, they named Vinyl Scratch as DJ-PON3. I sense a flamewar!
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>> No. 2487029
Slowpoke here, but personally I think this whole thing was just something Hasbo made the voice staff do to make the company appear cool. It certainly is alot less subtle and kid friendly (given that the original song is about how California is full of party-hardy harlots) than the actual show. Not to mention how they directly contacted "us" instead of letting the show's staff mention it. It all seems as if they're trying to use the fanbase as a way to make more business. It echos the late 90s/early 2000s, when companies such as Sprite, MTV, etc. tried appealing directly to teenagers because of their disposable income. Now I'm not saying that the show itself is trying to make money of us. It was Lauren's way of getting a job and accomplishing her goal of making a good girls' show that doesn't annoy people. However, what I am saying is that Hasbro itself might be trying to use the show and the fanbase as tools to sell more products and earn more money. I can already see that they managed to produce a positive response out of us.
>> No. 2487974
Obviously the goal is to sell products. That's what companies DO. That's why it's called a promo! And I'm fine with this, too. If that's the advertising we get, I will buy every single pony I can find.

... Wait I'm already doing this.
>> No. 2487983

I think it's an awesome nod to the fans, even though I know that all of the Pony franchise is of course for-profit. I'll support them with my wallet when they license some merchandise that I would be interested in.

And of course even though I despise Katy Perry I've listened to this song/video on repeat for three days. Help!

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