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Today we say goodbye to Cheerilee, an amazing mod. He asked to be let go, and I'm respecting his wishes. There's so much I could write, but he said it better than I ever could, so I'll let his words do the talking. (see pic)

He asked that I post one last video in his honor:

Friends, it's time to post some Cheerilee.

Readin' Ritin' and Paraspritin'

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File 130576817936.gif - (16.50KB , 650x450 , 02203_2.gif )
my image folder is empty so have a sad vriska instead.
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Wow good mod he was
He stickied a thread of mine,
Will miss you cheerlie mod

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File 130595216989.png - (221.85KB , 425x500 , 1301869199725.png )
I've payed attention to mods' posts, but never their names. Apparently Cherilee was the mod doing more than half of the crazy flank shit that I love so much on ponychan, and he will be missed dearly. Somepony needs to step up and continue to raise hell in his honor.

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I'm in LA and left my tripcode back home, but yeah, this is me.

Derpy auction is up and already going insane:

Details on this and other auctions at: http://metacritter.deviantart.com/journal/39957555/

Lauren has been notified, but since this happened kinda late in the evening don't expect to see a post from her until tomorrow mid-day at the soonest.

Holy crap over $300 already...
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File 130591654381.jpg - (31.68KB , 640x480 , pinkie.jpg )

I was gonna get her a nice, tasteful wooden frame, but when I saw the glowing metallic pink one at the shop, well, that settled that.
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What does the hoofwritten note say?
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That's awesome!

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Fillies and Gentlecolts,

Please join me in a round of applause for the tireless work and blazing talent of the animators at Studio B and Top Draw, the amazing voice work of Tara, Ashleigh, Tabitha, Andrea, Cathy and the others, all the writers who brought this world to life in each episode, the tireless storyboarders and production folks, the wicked creative talent of artists like Ridd Sorensen, the memorable songs of Daniel Ingram, the fantastic direction of Jayson Thiessen and James Wootton, all the other unsung heroes at the studios who busted their behinds to get this made, the execs at Hasbro who were willing to take a chance on this show, and finally, most important of all, LAUREN FAUST.

Friendship is Magic!
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File 130516513364.jpg - (29.28KB , 600x337 , 130435599029.jpg )
I love Lauren Faust and the FIM team <3
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A massive thank you to EVERYONE involved with making this amazing show.

A month ago, I was so depressed. Everyone's a fucking asshole and no one has any care for anything it seems. Life was just a dirty smudge of existence for me.

Then I saw this show. The cuteness, the colors, the innocence... It's great escapism for me and I'm sure many other people. This show -cured- my depression. Thank you!

p.s. Don't let it turn to shit in season 2. :(
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I shall also like to applaud to the talents of Lauren Faust and the rest of her production team. This show is absolutely perfect. Brovo all, and please keep it up.

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hey guys. guess what.

we just beat the 1000 unique posters mark.

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File 130117947933.jpg - (193.72KB , 565x328 , 11130.jpg )
But don't make me start it up again...
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File 130140855769.png - (428.95KB , 847x861 , 130137471646.png )
It's also time to party because of 100000 posts in /pony/!

How can I still reply to a post in /arch/?
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File 130508901403.gif - (1.09MB , 700x550 , partyhard.gif )
Rock 'n roll all night and party hard erry day!

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File 130490916356.png - (215.37KB , 700x422 , 130471588571.png )
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File 130501623753.gif - (260.41KB , 200x200 , gOf7d.gif )
They don't spill either.
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File 130507980823.jpg - (28.09KB , 583x358 , 130235688743.jpg )
The real question is; what kind of magic would a UNICORN with a Gyrobowl cutie mark wield?

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So, episode 26 has arrived. Many of you are questioning whether or not the fandom will survive the many months before the new season.

We WILL survive. We have survived a near-month long break between episodes, we have survived annoying furries, trolls, and even an attempted cultural genocide by the moderators of 4chan.

So I have no doubt in my heart that we will survive and persevere through the coming months without the show. We are all saddened by the end of the first season, and some of us may move on to other things during the drought. I myself will occupy my time with college, as I start this August, but I will keep the lessons I've learned, the friends I've made, and the laughter I shared close to my heart.

I challenge those who draw to keep drawing ponies, and those who write to keep writing fanfiction, and keep ponies relevant. And what about those who cannot draw or write? What can you do? Simple, SPREAD THE WORD. There are those today who still don't know the sheer joy that is ponies even today, so I challenge you to bring those people into the fold, so we can all bask in the magic that is friendship when the ponies return.

In closing, if you all remember the kindness, loyalty, laughter, generosity, honesty, laughter, and magic we've experienced, then we will all be here again when the mane six return this November.

Long live EquestriaDaily!
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Yea, episode 26 was the last of season 1. While there hasn't been an official announcement, Q3 seems too early and they should easily be able to start before Q1 of 2012 so you can safely assume Q4 this year. Most people are speculating season 2 to start around November/December.

I know, I was just being over dramatic about season 1 ending being stacked on with Lauren Faust's announcement of stepping down from the show.
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File 130489926412.png - (16.89KB , 945x945 , CeruleanStarlightShrugs.png )
We beat you.

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Oh my god I think my inner geek just squeeblegasmed.
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File 130415802900.png - (53.33KB , 269x267 , 129947654018.png )
I didn't look at this thread before it got archived. Good god. I can't believe I missed all the action. I'm so sad that it's a little....

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Hi everypony, I'm Pinkie. My friends have all been lying to me and avoiding me because they don't like my parties and they don't want to be my friends anymore, so I left ponyville to come live in ponychan. I hope you guys are better friends than those ponies were.
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said I was done RPing
said I was done RPing
said I was done RPing
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File 130475502910.jpg - (19.59KB , 378x345 , scream.jpg )
I feel guilty because I misjudged you..I'm a sad Ghost..
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File 130475529470.png - (173.41KB , 400x400 , thisthreadisnormal.png )

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I'm sorry Ponychan, but I really need to vent.

I'm sick and tired of sexism on the Internet, and in IRL too. I'm a female brony, and for some reason lately I've been noticing it more and more now. I don't want to to go into detail in fear of a long-flank rant, but basically I keep seeing misogynic or just plain ignoring comments all over the place, and every time I try to intelligently discuss this with them I just get blown off because I'm female. I'm a fairly intelligent person, but in school and in social environments whenever I hang out with guys they always treat me like I'm not as smart as they are and it really upsets me...

Do any other female (or male even) bronies feel where I'm coming from? I'm not sure what I want from this thread, but I feel like the pony community is more accepting than the real world. Here it's like most of the community is genderless (although there's likely a disproportionate amount of males here) and that's what makes conversation and discussion so easy.

In addition, I also find that I really like MLP:FiM because of this too. Unlike other little girls' (yes, little girls) shows, I find that FiM doesn't center around traditionally girly scenarios, and has a lot of positive role models for young girls.

Maybe I could just ask for some cheering up, or discussion on the matter, or maybe just a Rainbow Dash thread or something.

Also, this isn't just a "I hate men, everypony hates me because I'm a girl" thing...I'm honestly not convinced all guys are this way or that I'm at some horrible adversity.... just some dumbasses on the Internet pissing me off.
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File 130469619171.jpg - (253.54KB , 794x652 , ST__Catain__s_Peril_by_BeastBoyRox746.jpg )
Coming out of lurk mode to hug

>*hug* =D
>> No. 27242
When I look back on our history as a society, I think we have come a long way towards teaching young girls and women that their worth is not determined by their gender or feminine ideals or how attractive they are to the opposite sex. This show does a great job of showing the worth of all kinds of girls, without needing to be validated by the approval of males.

This is a good thing. But it's obvious that alone will never give us the ideal of equality.

The more I observe guys on the internet and in real life, I start to wonder if what we're missing is that they've been left behind. We've neglected to teach boys the same about themselves while growing up. To reassure them that their worth is in who they are, and NOT determined by how well they fit into masculine expectations and how successful they are with women.

Boys are often still taught to believe that they are always supposed to be in control of their own worth in those areas. But if they can't get approval from women - other human beings one can never really control - they are taught to consider themselves worthless at the same time.

This contradiction creates an immense amount of frustration and confusion. Some men are driven to conclude the only way to assure success is to control women. And that's what keeps bringing sexism back.

For as hard as women have fought to overcome the stereotypes that limited us, our society now needs to fight just as hard to liberate men from essentially the same stereotypes that still hold them down.
>> No. 27243
Personally I don't think stereotypes are just a guy thing. I think we're still often feeding girls stereotypes as well to be honest. That's part of why I like MLP:FiM - it isn't like all the other girl's shows out there which basically try to cookie-cutter girls into barbie-dolls.

Really, guys and girls are still characterized by stereotypes. I never liked things like "battle of the sexes" or whatnot, because I'm not convinced at all that their "differences" need to put them at odds. I never have been, really, I've always been of the mind that even from an early age they should (be allowed to) enjoy each other's company and work together just like they would those of the same gender. It's like Lauren herself said - it's a tragedy that it's considered bad for a little boy to like things made for little girls, or vice versa.

I think part of the reason the whole "battle of the sexes" mentality has come about has been due to "Stereotype training." People saying whether direct or indirect, by example or by teaching, "This is normal, this is what's expected of you." "Men can't understand emotions," and "Women aren't rational, they are blubbering puddles of tears." or "Men shouldn't care about appearances except where a girl is involved," and "Women take inordinate amounts of time in the bathroom." "Men can't like lacy or frilly things." "Girls should like everything cute and cuddly." I mean honestly, you see that everywhere.

My other pet peeve is the "rules of etiquette" - My family basically tried to teach me to treat women like princesses across the board and basically ignoring men beyond basic politeness. That should never be how it is, and it's the wrong motivation.

Frankly, I'm a lot more practical: Help anypony who needs it regardless of gender with a good attitude. Try your best not to be offensive to ot

File 129998860684.jpg - (54.72KB , 412x314 , sderp1.jpg )
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How did i get my cutie mark?


you first go like this!

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File 130464716601.gif - (23.45KB , 100x100 , 0050y131.gif )
The first ever derp.
Welcome to history class.
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File 130465087766.jpg - (235.11KB , 900x888 , 4751 - crossover Fullmetal_Alchemist vertrev.jpg )
>> No. 27165
File 130468819184.png - (100.25KB , 400x400 , derpy muffins.png )

File 130427341039.png - (224.41KB , 2000x1839 , pinkieshy.png )
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>>2439214 continued
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>> No. 25238
>> No. 25239
Go ahead and take her home silly, we don't have to have you plus the party has ended, now it's a game show.

>> No. 25240
Scratch that

File 130403330653.png - (133.36KB , 516x335 , celestias nephew alpha as fuck.png )
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oh boy oh boy oh boy! PONI PONI PONI!!!,br/> is it just me or has this week taken FOREVER?!!? so guys, tell me what you're gonna be doing tomorrow? you're gonna be watching the royal wedding right? NOPE! screw that imma be watchin' Ponies!
oh yeah, and this is the official episode 25 thread. all episode 25 anticipation should be posted here.

- post links to Youtube videos
- post links to downloads
- post links to streams

- discuss the episode before at least one link to a download OR a youtube video has been posted
- discuss the episode without the use of [spoiler]SPOILERS[/spoiler]

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File 130434302882.jpg - (18.43KB , 452x348 , BATMAN RARITY.jpg )
Probably because it was funnier to write and animate then having a sad pony mope about for 5-6 minutes on screen.

Why cant they do that in episodes about Rarity.
>> No. 26136
Because her dramatic bemoaning of her fate and indulgence in wallowing self-pity are funnier still.
Rarity mopes with the same intensity as Pinkie Pie cracks.
>> No. 26137
File 130434565885.png - (526.75KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2011-05-02-10h08m36s134.png )
I think I love Pinkie even more after this episode. While a lot of people were creeped out by her behavior, my heart went out to her. The poor thing can't tolerate being alone.

Also, two words: Ponies. Dancing.

One more thing. I think Pinkie's voice actress, Andrea Libman, deserves special praise for her work on this episode. Her various voices and accents during Pinkie's breakdown were hilarious.

File 130386015170.png - (156.84KB , 460x814 , pegaspike come on.png )
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I can't believe Trixie would kidnap Apple Bloom!

Or that Apple Bloom refers to me as an admirer when it's the other way around!

Come on, Trixie, you must have a way of locating Trixie's stage coach! How else can we find Trixie and Apple Bloom?
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>> No. 22659
Next thread over at >>2394509
>> No. 22660
might as well make it one
>> No. 23164
File 130403278398.jpg - (28.90KB , 139x146 , WHAT.jpg )
This thread was arched?!

Should ah be happy?

File 130361514823.gif - (131.87KB , 375x372 , writing.gif )
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So it is that a species with sentience will have morals.

A species with morals will have temptations.

When a species is faced with temptations, there will be those who fall for them.

There always will be darkness in our hearts, for we have free will. Even if we are the last being alive in the universe, there will be darkness.

Darkness of heart brings war and strife, which in turn weakens the heart, making it susceptible to temptation.

Celestia, Luna, if you can hear us, we ask your aide.
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>> No. 22231
get in here you lazy pony you
>> No. 22232
(New thread)
>> No. 22234
File 130395944749.png - (4.99KB , 184x251 , pinkaeserece.png )

there are worse things to do, huh?

>Karmei dusts herself off from the ground. PONY WORLD, WHY DO YOU DO THIS

File 130226697849.gif - (657.75KB , 640x360 , 129978659069.gif )
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I put a guy in jail today using the power of pony.

No, really.

STARTS OUT LIKE THIS: First off, I gotta point out I'm a girl. Not out of DOOT TOOT attention seeking but as an essential part of the story. So I'm on the bus, sitting next to the window and riding along and etc. Guy sits next to me, no biggie.

Then I feel what I think is his hand on my flank, squeezing. So I'm a fluttershy, and I give him the benefit of the doubt. I scoot forward on my seat, away from his hand, just in case his hand was asleep and he didn't realize or whatnot. Nope, his hand moves forward and continues to grope me. I'm VERY upset right now due to flashbacks from when I was a kid to other groping incidents and I'm NOT a happy camper.

So I stand up to try to move, and his hand is STILL on my flank and he moves his legs so he blocks my way. The bus stops at the transfer center and the guy walks off, giving me a smirk. I'm NOT happy, not at all. So I decide to tell the bus driver.

The bus driver starts to blame ME (seriously) and asks OH WELL WHY DIDN'T YOU SCREAM AND HOLLER (because I was scared and flashbacking to a rape as a kid?) and WHY DIDN'T YOU MOVE UGH (I tried to move, I moved away twice and tried to walk away from the seat but he wouldn't let me). I gave her a detailed description of the dude (seriously, he was dressed REALLY distinctively, to the point it surprised me) and pointed him out since he was standing right outside the bus.
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>> No. 9383
File 130227788301.png - (90.52KB , 271x309 , Oh_my.png )
I expect the world to be civilized not because I have an idealistic outlook on human nature, but because we have a very intricate system of justice we pay money for that is intended to prevent just that.

I am not saying arming yourself in the face of danger is stupid. I am saying just because OP here didn't have a weapon on her doesn't make her actions after that (reporting to the police) somehow less valid.

And no, I don't live in a 'safe' neighborhood. No one does. All neighborhoods have varying degree of criminal activity. Pretending that criminals don't exist doesn't change anything.
>> No. 9384
File 130227800877.jpg - (49.69KB , 533x600 , 130066829840.jpg )

Thank you. You have no idea what that means to me. I respect you more than most people I know.

>Capped and saved. :D
>> No. 9385
Yeah, sorry it turned out like this, but i'm shutting this thread down because some of you don't get it. This isn't how we do things around here. When someone comes and posts a story about what happened in their life, and goes even further to try and convey a message to her fellow users, telling them not to be afraid to go to the authorities, you don't just belittle her in her own thread, and continue to do so until it's expiration. In fact, you don't even post at all. I have seen some people trying to defend themselves with the "oh, this doesn't belong here, move it", well if you wanted us to move it, maybe you should, oh I don't know REPORT IT?! Not once did I see a report to have this thread moved, and you still continued to carry on about it! And furthermore,even if you are just trying to help by posting "hey, don't be a bitch, go and stand up for yourself next time you dumba­ss", think of what it would be like if you were the OP, and you had just gotten slandered like that, for doing something you believed in, or thought was right. You wouldn't like that, now would you? Just don't do it, and try to be more compassionate for someone who had just gotten molested on public transportation. /thread /discussion /shut up, whatever. It seems some of you have forgotten just about the first thing the Admin had posted on the front page, "Don't bring the drama here, keep it out". Try not to cause trouble anymore, okay? Being a moderator is hard enough as it is, and seeing threads like these just melt into pits of despair and cries to ban just makes it all the more stressful and hard to do your job correctly. Also, I want no one to start any threads about or pertaining to this thread in the future; it has caused enough drama to have it's own ED article. First offence will get deleted and second will get you a ban. Archived for future lesson to be learned, and for this post to be remarked upon. Keep the drama out of here.

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