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Mfw typing this up

I have something to say that has been bugging me since it happened. I'm posting this because I can't think of anywhere else to post it. I need to tell someone, and since I have no one but you guys, I'm posting this here. Yes there are ponies, and no there is no tl:dr.

so here is some back story on my life.
I had an abusive stepfather. there are many memories from watching him get drunk to beating me, to beating my mother, and a lot of other fucked up shit he did. We were constantly moving around, never staying in one place for long so there was no way I could make friends. This lasted since I was born for 8-9 years. I remember this one time, I was 6-7 and I was cowering in the corner of the basement, looking up, watching him beat my mom because she got in the way to stop him from beating me. I can never get this out of my head, and every once in a while I get a flashback of it and others randomly.

It has been 12 years since I’ve seen this him. 4 months ago He found one of my siblings FB accounts, and he wanted to see us. Skipping a lot of details, They all went, and my mom even forgave him. I stayed home wondering why they would even bother trying to forgive him. I cried myself to sleep that night.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. He wanted to see us again, especially me. He was begging practically, asking for forgiveness for what he's done and such. Only me, my bro, mom, and new stepdad went, to meet him at a restaurant. I thought with all the support with me I'd be able to handle the encounter better. I took my headphones, I decided for some reason to take the rainbow dash toy from mcdonalds with me, and kept her in my pocket.

We arrive at the restaurant and get out when I find out that only me and my brother are going in, and mom and stepdad were going across the street to wait for me. All the confidence I had built up suddenly disappeared. I felt like rainbow dash before the young flyer competition. I must have made this apparent on my face even though I tried to hide it, because my mom tells me that it isn't too late to go back. I reached for my pocket and held onto rainbow dash. I say fuck it, we're already here in as normal a tone as possible but in my mind I'm terrified. We enter the restaurant, turned the corner and there he is sitting at the table.

He saw us, turns around spots us, gets up and comes toward us and then hands out his hand for a handshake. I wanted to yell at the top of my lungs, to grab a chair and beat him with it, to grab a steak knife off of one of the customer’s plates and stab him. But I didn't. I just took the handshake, while barely being able to look at him directly in the eyes, my other hand was in my pocket tight around rainbow dash. It took absolutely every fiber of my being to go and keep looking into his eyes without bursting into tears. He bought the buffet for us and I got a plate of food and I tried to eat.

Here I am sitting in front of the guy that used to torment and beat me just because I walked through the door, and I realize I’m basically eating lunch with him. nothing about the experience was enjoyable. normally I can eat anything but The food for some reason tastes like shit and I can't eat. It feels like every bite makes it harder to keep composure. He starts trying to make small talk trying to get into what I've been up to. He even tries bringing up some "good times" from back then. I couldn't hold it anymore. I excused myself and headed to the bathroom. I get into the farthest stall and I cried. 21 year old male, and here I am crying my eyes out silently in a bathroom stall. I now know the feeling when someone says or you read "and it felt like hours when it was only minutes" kind of thing. Because I felt like I was in there crying for hours. I hit play on my phone and listened to pinkie pie giggle at the ghostly, while I washed my face, trying to cover up that I was crying. the song finished and I headed back outside.

He went and tried talking again, trying to sound friendly and saying that he's sorry and he wished it didn't happe---bullshit. What happened next was the scariest and possibly the bravest thing I've ever done.

I cut him off mid sentence, sat up straight, looked at him straight in the eyes. I told him how many shrinks I've had to go to, how hard it's been to simply make conversations with people But I said all this to him as calmly as I could muster. I retold him of some of the beatings. remembering almost every detail, I even told him the time of day and how much sun was coming in through the window. I told him the many times I wanted him dead and how even right at this moment I wanted him dead. I told him all of this while looking straight at him, gripping rainbow in my hand, my body shaking from fear and adrenaline. The entire time I was there my brother didn't say a word and just let me talk. I got up from the table and left somehow managing to keep it together long enough to get outside before sobbing uncontrollably heading to the car.

The car ride home I broke down. I pulled my hand out of my pocket, and realized that I was squeezing the rainbow dash toy so hard, that it was perfectly indented onto the skin on my hand. I put on my headphones, had giggle at the ghostly on loop trying hard to listen to the words, but couldn't. All the while I was petting rainbow dash. At first I couldn't and kept crying scared out of my mind from what I just did, while trying to giggle and chortle and everything pinkie pie said to do. The song kept going and I was still petting rainbow dash and trying to sing along. Eventually I had calmed down enough to hear...

"she said, pinkie you gotta stand up tall, learn to face your fears"

It took me a little while to realize it. Slowly but surely I giggled, chortled, whooped it up, cracked up, practically yelling the lyrics while laughing, petting rainbow dash and even messing with her hair. I realized right then, that I got dressed for, ate lunch with and while looking him straight in the eye, told off my greatest fear, to his face.

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File 129982850676.png - (73.20KB , 316x268 , happypinke.png )
this made me tear up a little :') I'm so glad you were able to do this, and I can't believe you had to go through that as a child.

I sincerely hope your life is uphill from now on, and I look forward to seeing you here :)
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File 129982889554.png - (160.50KB , 640x360 , 1297669172655.png )
That....Holy shit, OP.

I have never been prouder of anypony or anything than I have for you after reading this. I only wish you the happiest of days from now on. You clearly deserve them
And yes. I got misty-eyed as well. I'm so proud of you~ :']
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File 129982915977.jpg - (29.48KB , 577x347 , 129959596611.jpg )
Sir, I would love to meet you just to give you a big ol', monster hug
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File 129982932679.png - (123.15KB , 800x595 , 129958947621.png )
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File 129982933343.jpg - (100.66KB , 945x945 , nohate.jpg )
Thank you so much for sharing. I can't pretend to remotely know what that kind of pain must feel like. I hope that this experience can be what truly puts those bad memories behind you forever.
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File 129982940299.png - (397.15KB , 848x476 , 1298827503562.png )
You are a far braver pony than I.

But you know what? This only means things can get easier for you.
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File 129982958889.png - (31.45KB , 208x250 , 129913121486.png )
I admire your courage OP. Took a lot of guts to do what you did.

just a little something for you to think about.

"If you one chance to change one thing in your past what would it be? Would you have confessed your love? Would you fight off the darkness? Would you finish that race? or would you rather regret nothing, learn from your past, take that chance and change you future?"

gives me solace when times are tough.
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File 129982959034.png - (82.58KB , 256x310 , Screen shot 2011-02-21 at 10_16_31 PM.png )
That was a touching story. I'm so happy to hear you managed to overcome a problem that stuck with you for so long. It must have taken a lot of courage.

While reading it I thought it would be a story where there doesn't seem to be any sort of light at the end of the tunnel, but the last paragraph took me completely by surprise and I ended up giggling. I'm so proud of you, man.

I'm also curious to read how your step dad reacted.
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File 129982960477.gif - (315.36KB , 330x248 , 129942789467.gif )
I'm trying to find words to describe how awesome and inspiring you and your story are and can't seem to do it. A rare occurrence indeed.
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File 129982962492.png - (240.01KB , 1000x1179 , 1299135734319.png )
I'm so sorry you had to go through that, and I hope everything worked out for the better. I'm glad you were able to tell him all of those things to his face, that speaks volumes about your courage.

If there is ever anything else you need to talk about, we are here for you, no matter what.

It's truly amazing the impact that mlp fim has had on people's lives.
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I can only slightly relate to your story, having had verbally and emotionally abusive parents growing up... but what you did was truly courageous. Way to conquer your fear! As they say, "Now the healing can start."
And I hope you heal fully.

...Also, you have impressive self control.

I do not know you beyond this website, but overcoming that has earned you a great deal of respect in my eyes.
Of course, my respect is virtually worthless...
but you've got bunches of it.

: )
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File 129982974230.png - (249.74KB , 640x360 , 129879762634.png )
Dude, I was getting misty-eyed right up until the end there, and then I seriously let out a big "FUCK YES, YOU GO DUDE."

Here you are, a total unknown to me, a complete stranger, and I am absolutely bursting with pride. You are an incredibly strong person, and it makes me proud to know that someone has the strength to deal with something that had that much impact on them. It makes all the bullshit I'm going through now so much easier. If this guy can conquer his problems, then I can to.

You are an inspiration, my man. I would deliver unto you the most epic of brohoofs and buy you a drink of your choosing if I knew you in person. In my eyes, your a fucking hero.

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File 129982982129.png - (277.11KB , 640x360 , mlpfim_ep1660.png )
You are a brave soul that had to endure a pain both unfair and terrible. The bravery you were able to take from Pony and use that not only to soothe and support you is something of magic.
You have so many here that will support you with the same love and understanding through this.
Never hold anything you feel inside anymore, and we will always be willing to lend a shoulder.

So much love.
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File 129982984290.png - (93.29KB , 271x309 , 129771009332.png )
I can relate to you so much, I had a father just like yours.

I would hug you if I could. I hope the future holds nothing but sunshine for you.
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Congadulations are in order and I'm moved by that story. I hope you can finally feel better with some closure at least =]
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File 129982987471.png - (85.12KB , 425x360 , 12995288928.png )
Wow... that was just...

I'm proud of you. You gathered the courage to do something a lot of people can't, and you passed with flying colors (pun intended.) I'm glad that you were able to pull through with this, and it makes me even happier that ponies are what brought you through. This is quite possibly the most inspirational story I've heard in years.
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File 129982990429.jpg - (30.27KB , 435x493 , love.jpg )
I read your story in chat.

and i believe you'll be able to solve your problems too :)
>> No. 22
I...You...I really don't know what to say.
>> No. 23
File 129983057273.jpg - (12.60KB , 392x328 , 129771666292.jpg )

Heh, my problems are small potatoes compared to this. My dad's an asshole and a drunk, but he never laid hands on any of us.

Still, I appreciate it, man. It feels good to have folks that support me.
>> No. 24
File 129983058856.jpg - (48.08KB , 501x525 , 129904936671.jpg )
OP, this is win. While I never had the problems you had (and I wouldn't have had, too), it is always nice to see someone else man up and face his fear.
>> No. 25
File 129983114790.jpg - (31.55KB , 600x356 , friendship hit the fan.jpg )
What he did was horrible and wrong, but I'm glad you were able to take from the boldness of Rainbow Dash and the bravery of Pinkie Pie to do what you needed to do. It's hard to face our fears, but you did what you had to. But you did! And when all is said and done, you will feel much better for it. Now you can put that part of your life behind you.
>> No. 26
That's very very beautiful. It sounds bad to say it that way, but the idea that this show and Rainbow Dash's bravery helped you stand up to your greatest fear is deeply moving on a level of which there are no adequate words to express.

It makes me proud to be a part of such a beautiful and heartfelt group of people. Honestly. Giggle at the ghosty indeed.
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File 129983188497.jpg - (17.78KB , 244x320 , vg64252_Manly%20tears[1].jpg )
you sir are gonna be a great role model for your children some day

>mfw reading this
>> No. 28
File 129983233935.jpg - (73.78KB , 608x527 , ManlyTears.jpg )
I second that
>> No. 29
File 129983235832.jpg - (47.17KB , 618x665 , 129978811376.jpg )
You're an absolute fucking champion. Immense respect.I hope it helps you get him out of your head and you can move on in your life :)
>> No. 30
File 129983261248.jpg - (20.47KB , 600x378 , 971499-big_boss_salute_super.jpg )
You're a god among ponies.
>> No. 31
File 129983304455.jpg - (4.14KB , 274x184 , rainboom.jpg )
wow. i admire your bravery.

one thing i find myself learning again and again: life is full of pain, sometimes the best we can do is bare that pain and push through to something better. sometimes i feel like pushing through is just too hard, but your story reminded me it's possible.
>> No. 32
I wish I had your courage.
I'm going to be totally honest with you. I feel my throat all knotted up and I'm crying right now just from reading this.

because well

you just did what I wish I had the strength to do.
While you did that I'm still hiding here pretending that nothing is wrong and showing fake smiles when inside I'm all tore up


glad you had the courage to do what you did.
>> No. 33
File 12998367819.png - (88.59KB , 248x360 , fluttershy hug.png )
Even the Fluttershies of the world have the courage and strength somewhere, you just have to find it.
>> No. 34
File 129983684285.png - (123.15KB , 800x595 , dash salute.png )
You rock OP.
>> No. 35
heh was to scared even to post here about how I felt. So yes..
unfortunately for me I have not found that courage .. yet
and My fear lives at home with me every day.

man can't stop crying.. =_= that story got me good
>> No. 36
File 129983777720.jpg - (183.66KB , 1134x856 , Rainbow Dash art.jpg )
You are a seriously brave pony. Thank you for sharing something so touching.
>> No. 38
File 12998386895.jpg - (29.41KB , 600x340 , Brohoof Applejack Rarity.jpg )
I...I don't know what else to say, pony. That's how it's done.
>> No. 39
File 129983910672.jpg - (33.19KB , 471x354 , trixie happy.jpg )
OP, i want to tell you that your brave and awesome and amazing for doing what you did.

but those words wouldnt do you justice. im crying right now, and im so happy for you at the same time. i know people who have gone through similar things, and it makes me feel so happy. Maybe there will be sunshine in their futures too.
>> No. 40
File 129984833513.png - (351.31KB , 782x719 , 1297144105613.png )
this is the closest picture to how I feel right now.

I absolutely love you guys. :)
I typed up my story last night thinking nothing would come of it, and that most people would dismiss it.
I just woke up not 10 minutes ago to check my thread and I've never been happier. I'm crying tears of joy and there is a gigantic smile on my face that grew with each post I read.

Other than a simple thank you I really can't word how I'm feeling right now. I've never been happier that I've found ponies and ponychan, you guys are amazing. The greatest bunch of internet people I have ever encountered. I only wish we could be friends in real life. :)
>> No. 41
File 129984889417.jpg - (77.14KB , 608x437 , 129886477024.jpg )
you kick ass op
>> No. 42
File 129984889620.jpg - (31.14KB , 600x375 , 1298937508100.jpg )
Bronies are always gonna be here to help.
>> No. 43
were always here for any /b/rony that needs us
>> No. 44
I'm not even going to pretend I know how you feel, all I can say is this; You faced your fear, now the healing can begin.
>> No. 45
File 129984968953.png - (520.49KB , 974x536 , 129883793787.png )
Also, sorry for torturing your eyes with so much text.
Thank you for staying with me though

He consoled me, and helped me to figure out what I was feeling afterwards

Thank you and no your respect counts, the fact that someone I've never met before respects me from what has happened to me matters greatly.

thanks so much man

I hope your future does too clarity. :) we both have fucked up pasts but we can get through this, hell I have :)

never would have thought of my story as inspirational, this whole time I thought I was failing.

dude I let loose a whole other torrent of tears reading this. Thank you man, fucking thank you.

Thank you brony but I doubt he'll be out of my head, which is absolutely fine, I can just use him as a reminder of what not to be like.

I have no idea what to say to this :)

brony, you can do it. I don't know how or what problems your having but after reading my story you can probably guess that I know what you feel. you might not stand up to it now, you might not stand up to it tomorrow, but know that you can stand up to it whenever that time comes. I did :)

thanks so much and I hope they have sunshine in their future as well :)

For everypony else that I didn't get to commenting on their post, thank you so much. Just thank you :)

You guys have no idea how much I'm crying right now knowing that random bronies from the internet find my story inspirational. The smile on my face and what I'm feeling right now are just....it feels good pony!!
>> No. 46
File 129984999298.png - (107.99KB , 600x583 , 129976492897.png )
>> No. 47
File 129985051123.jpg - (338.89KB , 945x945 , 129909279676.jpg )
You did an immensely brave thing, OP. Many, many hugs.
>> No. 48
File 129985056482.png - (108.81KB , 360x367 , 129825171527.png )
You are a brave brony OP, I had an abusive stepfather as well (though not nearly as bad, more verbal than physical) that my mother is JUST getting divorced from after years of on and off seperation and moving (I looked at some statistics at one point, i've moved more in my life of 17 years than most people do in their entire lives)

I have a few choice words that i'd like to tell him as well, but I'd rather not even see his face.

Just know that I (kind of) know that feel bro, and I'm proud of you for standing up to that horrible fear and saying what needed to be said.

pic related, mfw this brought up memories.
>> No. 49
File 129985110540.jpg - (58.91KB , 600x374 , YAY.jpg )
This post made my black heart turn slightly red.

Well done, OP.
>> No. 50
File 129985115943.jpg - (310.68KB , 823x1104 , 129972148213.jpg )

Yeah, this. My father is *still* with my abusive mother, and still refuses to acknowledge she did anything. So I just never see them. He still tries to stay in contact, but whenever I bring the topic up he just gets flankhurt and tries to blame her behavior on me or make excuses for her. The man is a coward.

It would take a huge amount of stamina for me to face up to her without running away, crying or doing something stupid like breaking her arm.

Pic related.
>> No. 51
File 129985142249.jpg - (48.08KB , 501x525 , 1298214754164.jpg )
you are a fucking hero
>> No. 52
File 129985302884.png - (632.44KB , 901x775 , 1298368437348.png )
Someone should post this thread to Lauren's DA.
>> No. 53
I would, to show her what kind of an impact her ponies are having. I don't have a DA account or know how to grab the thread and post it all there though
>> No. 54
File 129985344253.png - (10.83KB , 601x236 , Doneanddone.png )
>> No. 55
File 129985375399.jpg - (24.09KB , 493x348 , 129949265013.jpg )
>> No. 56
thanks brony :)
>> No. 57
Brohoofs are not great enough to express just how touching this is. I won't bore everypony with my lame story of my foalhood, but it wasn't exactly fun either, moreso mental trauma than anything else.

I'm more than proud to be part of a group, fandom, bronyhood, or whatever you wish to label it... I'm proud of it because of people like you being able to overcome adversity and start to ri[ open old wounds and tear out the shrapnel that the events left so that they can start to truly heal.

I'm proud of the fact that people feel that they have a place in the internet where they can actually go to spill their minds and hearts out for all to see and where all are able to respond without fear of any bad things being said that may hinder the healing of the previously mentioned wounds.

I'm proud of all that.

I'm proud that in THIS day in age, the age of the internet and humanity realising that humanity lacks actual boundaries, that a show like THIS... can touch the hearts of people of all ages, and help them...
>> No. 58
File 129985624785.gif - (66.08KB , 360x360 , 1298522784965.gif )
Oh wow. That was an amazing story.
You many be one of the bravest people I have ever heard of. Many people cannot do that.
You go and live your life now!
>> No. 59
File 129985625935.png - (134.87KB , 379x313 , 1297294927193.png )
You sir, are a tank. You win all my internets for the day. Neigh, the whole week.
>> No. 60
File 129985771798.jpg - (4.75KB , 173x273 , imagesCA7C5TJZ.jpg )
If this was a book, I'd buy it. On behalf of the internet users of the world, I pronounce you: "The Coolest Man in the World" award for the day. Bravo, you deserved it.
>> No. 61
File 12998587149.png - (78.44KB , 310x256 , 129779487869.png )
thanks man, seriously all these comments just keep making my day better and better and it only started 2 hours ago!
>> No. 62
I definately teared up. I am so sorry you had to deal with this, but you stood up to your (probably) biggest fear!
I am so proud of you! If you can be that brave and also that resilient and calm (on the surface) in spite of everything that had happened, you are a truly brave individual.
Walk around with your head held high. You will make some Ponette very happy some day. ~.^
>> No. 63
Just read your post on /toy/! I would gladly give you my extra Twilight Sparkle... She doesn't have her comb stand though. But let me know either way!
>> No. 64
File 129985980594.png - (109.74KB , 280x280 , 129966018528.png )
Even if she doesn't have her stand, I would love to have a twilight sparkle if you could spare it :)
>> No. 65
It must be fate! I already had one, but a co-worker found this one and gave it to me. I felt bad as some kid might be missing it but they were long gone and the pony is in perfect condition. Now she will truly be loved! Do you have AIM? Or just shoot me an e-mail.
>> No. 66
I really don't know what to say... This is probably one of the most inspirational posts I've ever seen.
You've got a brave heart, brony.
>> No. 67
I don't have aim but I have windows live messenger
>> No. 68
File 129986050443.png - (1.01MB , 1360x768 , dawww.png )
I'm really not sure what to say OP. I just want to wish you the best. I think good days are in your future.
>> No. 69
Just send me an e-mail then! It's attached to my name. Or I can just write it out - [email protected]
>> No. 70
File 129986118223.png - (199.82KB , 444x347 , 1298767815826.png )
OP wins inspiring story of the year
i bawwed but then smile
>> No. 71
File 129986184194.jpg - (16.68KB , 323x300 , 1298483183861.jpg )
I can't pretend that I understand how you've felt...I could have never had the courage to do what you did, nor the fortitude to live through your childhood.

I wish I could have given you my strength as well, but you clearly didn't need it. You stood up for yourself, and that's important. You're a great person.
>> No. 72
just sent you a mail :)
>> No. 73
Kudos my friend Kudos :) you are an inspiration to all.
>> No. 74
This is one of the most amazing stories I've ever heard OP and I'm happy you were able to conquer your fear. It is no easy feat and I can't even begin to imagine what it was like but I doubt I'd have your bravery. I wish you many amazing days in the future and pray Celestia and Luna shine goodwill upon you for both day and night.
>> No. 75
File 129986413440.gif - (882.06KB , 414x336 , 129929421168.gif )
I'm speech less right now, this is probably the most inspiring post I've ever read on the internet.
It reflects a lot of the things I had to go trough in my youth.
I have not been brave enough to face my past or even been given the opportunity to do so. you should feel lucky that at least you got some kind of closure when confronting your father, even though it might not be over so just keep being brave.
>> No. 76
You are a brave guy, OP.
And remember, there will always be bronies out there for you.
>> No. 77
File 129986484144.gif - (75.59KB , 350x272 , salute.gif )
Bravo, you are a brave soul. I teared up reading this and I salute your bravery and perseverance.
>> No. 78
File 12998652667.jpg - (183.86KB , 700x700 , 129921697366.jpg )
this by far one of the best things ive read in a while. you are amazing. i even felt tear well up in my eyes. he deserved every one of tthose words and he deserves to have those memories haunt him. he should know you will never forgive him.

using ponies like that? my favorite part

>> No. 79
>he should know you will never forgive him.
Huh. Probably not the most "magical" solution, but at least it's the most sensible.
>> No. 80
File 12998657896.jpg - (10.93KB , 150x155 , YOUDIDWELL.jpg )
You did well (pic related)
Things can only go up from here
But you know what,
This experience will make you a better person,
Because with each breath you take, having done this, you grow into an even better person.
>> No. 81
File 129986603693.png - (249.74KB , 640x360 , 129956262173.png )
OP you're an inspiration.

when I come face to face with my fears I am going to remember your story.
>> No. 82
I don't have a pic good enough....
I don't have words good enough....

OP-You're awesome. I'd say you have taken a HUGE step towards putting this behind you. That took bravery, and control, and strength. I'm glad you had people there to support you. I'm glad you had something to help you through it. And I'm very proud of the herd, here, for being here to help you afterwards.
>> No. 83
File 129986693177.jpg - (399.34KB , 1788x1002 , sonic boom.jpg )
I probably won't every be able to truly relate to your experience. I've never had the kinds of troubles you had - not because I'm particularly strong, but because I've been lucky. Sometimes I fear it's a weakness that I've just never had the chance to get rid of, and that it'll show later in life.
But if It ever does, I'll think of your story, and I'll bring Rainbow Dash.
>> No. 84
You story has move the cold, black heart of this pony.
OP you are truly an inspiration and I do not know how else to describe it.

If I were there, all that I think I would be able to do would be to put my hand on your shoulder, bowing my head in respect, while saying only this with a watery smile, "Dude."
>> No. 85
File 129986767871.jpg - (30.27KB , 435x493 , 129945180193.jpg )
mfw i realized this picture is me atm and all those comments are represented as those hearts. love you guys!

(sappy as hell but damn it it's true)
>> No. 86
If freakin Hasbro and Lauren Faust never did anything else with their careers but help give you the courage to do what you did it would have been worth it.

But they didn't - the courage was inside you all the time. Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie just helped.

You are completely awesome.
>> No. 87
mvmarier at Deviant Art pointed this out to me. I found your story very touching! So glad the show was able to help you through such a tough experience. I think we've all had times when we could use a little Rainbow Dash in our pocket!!!!
>> No. 88
Eee! It's Lauren! (Hopefully!) <3 Yay! We all love you Twi~!
>> No. 89
EDIT: awesrdtyjhersg oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh
>> No. 90
File 129987011365.png - (72.81KB , 945x945 , 129928874458.png )
It was her, she just posted about it on her DA saying she posted here.
>> No. 91
File 129987014498.jpg - (119.23KB , 500x500 , 129908391458.jpg )
di...did Lauren Faust actually comment on my story...If your legit, thanks so much for taking the time to actually comment on my story...holy crap i'm kinda shocked right now
>> No. 92
Well then.

Looks like we have a party to set up.
>> No. 93

Party? I love Parties Drinks and Cupcakes all around.
>> No. 94
>> No. 95
File 129987035634.png - (19.70KB , 734x346 , mfw.png )
>> No. 96
I grew up abused, too. Not gonna lie, OP, your post made me tear up. However, they were not the tears of my own childhood but tears of joy, knowing that you were able to move on through such a simple joyful thing like these ponies.

That makes me so happy. I feel you, and seeing someone able to move on from their own personal torments is a beautiful thing. You're an awesome brony, and I hope you know that your future is gonna be hella bright and wicked awesome.

And at LEAST 20% cooler.
>> No. 97

You are a total inspiration, man. I had to leave the room so as to hide my emotions from my family. Incredible bravery!
>> No. 98
File 129987071773.png - (472.26KB , 945x945 , applebloom giant.png )
holy shit.
>> No. 99
File 129987086745.jpg - (23.90KB , 360x316 , 1298681108814-(n1299449213404).jpg )
>> No. 100
File 129987097875.png - (53.63KB , 270x269 , 129927332549.png )
The thing is that there's probably hundreds of stories like this. I'm glad OP was brave enough to share this with us.

dude.. please just.. don't.
>> No. 101
Lauren Faust posts on Ponychan, I just watched a totally hilarious Rarity episode, could this day get any better?

>> No. 102
It will be the grandest of parties. An annual day dedicated to the OP when he overcame his fears and was recognized for his bravery.

Somepony get him a medal.
>> No. 103
Cause now we don't all come off as creepy and lonely internet nerds.
>> No. 104
File 129987110760.gif - (0.99MB , 600x338 , 129962342491.gif )

>> No. 105
Thats a pretty amazing story. It makes me wish I had the capacity to make a more meaningful post.
>> No. 106
File 129987122193.jpg - (12.01KB , 313x347 , 129910367883.jpg )
bronies, i am shitting bricks. I posted this originally just to get it off my chest. never ever ever would i have thought that it would take off like this. even Lauren Faust commented on my thread. I have bronies on xbox live, freaking the fuck out because of this. they had no idea I actually wrote this. There is no way I can't get passed this without all of you guys support. this is turning out absolutely incredible.
>> No. 107
We didn't do a thing brony. All this was because of you standing up for yourself!
>> No. 108
I think we should really watch how much praise we give her.

On another board I attend (a guitar based one) we've had some prestigious players (Chris Broderick, and Muhammed of Necrophagist) join but get scared off because of so many ponies freaking out and praising them.
I am just trying to say we should manetain our cool, and give off a mature vibe.
>> No. 109
File 129987142516.gif - (29.99KB , 125x125 , 129980336424.gif )
Op, commendations. You're a stronger person than many will ever be.
>mfw I read

This day is BEST DAY.
>> No. 110
totally agree.
>> No. 111
I think congratulations are in order for you OP, well done.
For 21 years you were a child, tormented by the misdeeds of others, anger, and hate. But no longer, when you stood up to what scared you most, and faced it, and walked away, you left that restaurant a man. I would like to tell you life will be better from here on out, but I can't, because it won't. You will still face many challenges, you will still find things that you fear and that hurt you. However, you now know how to face them. Not with macho-ism, and reckless pigheadedness, but shaking with fear, defiance, and courage. You've grown up, and we are all proud of you, and wish you the best.

>> No. 112
File 129987154172.jpg - (34.29KB , 403x422 , just chilling.jpg )
lauren who?

>> No. 113
w...wait..... did...did she just....

now stay calm Grani.

Cught in between "loving and tolerating" the shit out of OP's step-father, and he massive amount of friendship that was just inserted in this thread at >>87 I am amazed, this deserves the gold star it got and the original post deserves a bit more attention than the Friendship Creator oming in and saying a few things.

Oh my god to both. 1 Rainbow Dash being loya ad providing encouragement to OP, and 2 LAren Herself taking a bit of time out to actually provide condolences and a cheer you up quip.

And remember folks, OP s a BOSS.
>> No. 114
File 129987159855.png - (240.82KB , 396x337 , 1296411364612.png )
OP.....thank you for sharing your story. It was really quite touching.

It took a lot for you to do what you did, and you are a better man than I for it.

Be proud of what you did, and always remember that the courage you showed will be there, waiting, for when you need it again.

>mfw I read the story.
>> No. 115

Alright I'll just set my fanboy praise emitter device to send out mature vibes only.
>> No. 116
File 129987165743.png - (142.84KB , 537x360 , not sure if trol.png )
looks like I`m a bit too late but I might post it since i already did it

pic related
>> No. 117
Man, I had to deal with an abusive father & an abusive grandfather. Much brohooves to you. It's awesome Dash gave you strength to get past this. If you ever are in WA state, send an old Brony a shout & I'll buy you some cups of coffee. Much props for having the bravery to write this out.

/Our fandom & fans rock
//IS THAT LAUREN IN THE THREAD!? *Fanboy squeals*
>> No. 118
its not.
>> No. 119
File 129987180532.png - (126.70KB , 310x294 , Screen shot 2011-02-20 at 8_45_43 AM.png )
See I'm thinking it would be cool if she took her own time from her busy schedule just to check in here once in a while, but I think anypony with this much popularity gets tired of all the appreciation eventually. We should really focus on keeping up our reputation which is (as far as I'm concerned) a really laid back group of people that are easy to get along with.
>> No. 120
File 129987187326.png - (87.46KB , 500x396 , MacShocked.png )

>> No. 121
File 129987191711.jpg - (2.57KB , 126x109 , 1298243468192.jpg )
-This is my bronie from xbl
-I didn't put it together til Twilight told me about his post
-I cried but didn't comment not knowing what to say

Much love bronie.
>> No. 122
File 129987196597.png - (75.98KB , 289x238 , 289px-PrincessCelestia.png )
Tremendous. If this were a MLP story, it's be one where Princess Celestia shows up in person at the end to give her congratulations.

Oh look, she did. XD
>> No. 123
>not knowing what to say
Exactly the same here bro
>> No. 124
File 129987208080.jpg - (33.98KB , 600x338 , LIVING_THE_DREAM.jpg )
>> No. 125
shhh! i think she can still hear us!
>> No. 127
File 129987242594.jpg - (143.78KB , 778x584 , 1299770016954.jpg )
Best day ever, I
>> No. 129
File 129987248215.png - (152.21KB , 370x323 , 1298698758922.png )

>mfw Lauren Faust gives you the thumbs up.

You have been blessed by a God, OP. You are an inspiration to us all.
>> No. 130
File 129987257091.jpg - (189.16KB , 1154x689 , halo ponies.jpg )
You my friend are the Bro-est bro i have ever met in my life.

You will always have the Bronies at your back.
>> No. 131
Well someone has to bring it up sooner or later!
>> No. 132
File 129987267549.png - (178.56KB , 379x313 , 1297446570939.png )
Christ, OP, you've got to be one of the bravest guys I've seen. I'm so proud of you, and even though I don't know you personally, I feel humbled to even belong to the same community as you do. Although I know it must have been painful, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing this story with us.
>> No. 133
File 129987272315.gif - (528.87KB , 591x510 , 129977918388.gif )
Lauren posted on ponychan? This day can't get bett-
>Tara Strong interview.
>Found out grades for exams
>Watching new episode one more time
I stand corrected. This truly has been the best day ever.
Glad to hear it bronie! Just keep a hold of that awesome feeling!
>> No. 134
File 129987295176.png - (174.05KB , 486x486 , Rainbow Dash USA.png )
Ive met battle hardened Marines who were not as brave as you sir.

I applaud your courage. You are truly a God among men.
>> No. 135
File 129987316241.gif - (29.99KB , 125x125 , Fastpony.gif )
Truly a sad story, bronie. I hope everything just keeps getting better for you! Best of wishes.
>> No. 136
File 12998733102.png - (132.77KB , 640x350 , 1297810702134.png )
You sir, are my hero. You did something that a lot of people wouldn't do: face you fear. Now that you did it, nothing stands in your way, you can handle everything!
And you got Lauren Faust posting in YOUR thread, your dad probably never accomplished anything as awesome like this.
You get infinite respect from me, keep it up!
>> No. 138
i wasnt going to read it feeling sad isnt how i want to spend my friday but im glad i did i dont feel as sad since you told him off and no doubt im about to download all of the MLP songs
>> No. 139
File 129987345649.png - (686.96KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2011-03-11-13h46m07s139.png )
If I could give a physical hug through the internet, I'd totally give you one right now :O

You deserve the Element of Courage a thousand times over.
>> No. 140
Good on ya OP!
>> No. 141
File 129987438176.jpg - (57.38KB , 588x338 , 129909303856.jpg )
made a deviant art account just to tell her thanks for posting on my thread
>> No. 142
You are so brave for doing what you did. And I am so glad to hear that you did it. There's nothing wrong with crying, whatever your gender, and being afraid is understandable.

Something a great man once said that came to mind when I read this:

'Being brave isn't about not being afraid. It's being afraid and doing what you have to do anyway.'

You are very, very brave.

I salute you.
>> No. 143
Now that..that is hardcore.
>> No. 144
File 129987530753.png - (72.08KB , 291x274 , 1299486888390.png )
Good job bro.

My father was a dick, but fortunately never that bad.

I'm really happy for you in your ability to stand up to your fears like that.
>> No. 145
I'm rather late but I've gotta say SOMETHING to this.

I've been seeing all kinds of opening up and really awesome threads here and elsewhere in the pony community, and I can't repeat enough how much I love this whole thing and how it's brought people truly out of their shells and allowed them to open up and make some actually good friends for once online. But then you have stuff like this, a thread like this that shows that through the positive and reinforcing qualities of the show and community someone managed to do something that he may not have imagined possible before.

You have just successfully stood up to your fear, your nightmare, the catalyst for all of what I assume has manifested in various anxieties and general low self-esteem. Trust me, I know about all that-- I didn't have to go through anywhere near as much as you did, but I had an absolutely hellish stepfather as a kid, only for a couple years, but it felt like a massive chunk of my childhood. Between him and all the stupid redneck kids at school I never had much confidence in myself and felt for the longest time like I was "lesser" in some way than other people, but after so many years of slow, slow recovery that's finally started to turn around. I hope the same goes for you-- but no, more than that.

You just conquerred a an impossibly abhorrent chapter of your life--you directly, bravely, heroically broke the heinous shackles that this man had put upon your heart. I want you to think of that--I want you to realize what you've done, and how amazing and courageous it is--and realize that despite all the hell you were put through, you can be happy, brave, confident and have an awesome life. I know I may seem like I'm assuming things about you here, but if any of it is true--if you still have any fears or doubts about yourself, or any kind of self-confidence issues--know that they are now nothing more than old lies, and I think everypony here can agree that you are worthy of respect, not only from us but from yourself. Keep up that laughing, giggling and guffawing, and know that you can and should be happy now.

I know this post was a bit mushy and gushy, but this thread called for a little mushy and gushy. I hope y'all don't mind :3
>> No. 147
File 129987582291.png - (36.10KB , 156x160 , 1298610224663.png )
>reading this
>> No. 148
File 129987596838.jpg - (29.28KB , 454x345 , 1297908326279.jpg )

Oh gosh OP... Tears everywhere and this is very unlike me.. Touching story, to heaven and beyond. I feel you dude. But I don't even know what to say, it's just... So epicly wonderful to see/hear/read that you mustered up the courage to give him a piece of your mind. Inspirational, to say the least! What you did takes some serious balls because keeping your cool like that is truly admirable and you deserve a medal or seven for all this. Hell, I just want to hug you. Your bravery is awesome and you are my favorite person.

Had an abusive stepfather too and I really wish I had solved things the way you did, but I raged for real one day and I haven't heard from him since. Good riddance.
Anyhoo, a million friendships to you from me! If you could pull this off, you can do anything!
>> No. 149
OP, your story made me all misty eyed. I cannot relate directly, but your display of courage makes my heart all fluttery inside.

(And the reactions to your story here makes me respect this fandom even more.)
>> No. 150
Simply amazing, this has been incredibly inspirational.
>> No. 151
File 129987696099.png - (75.20KB , 931x878 , 129975273753.png )
this has inspired me to start giggling at everything that scares me in life o-o

I don't know if this is going to be taken as good or bad...but..
I don't think either of you are going to ever forget that...you should feel so fucking proud of yourself right now, it takes way more than courage to do that...and I'm stunned that you're showing even more courage by even posting this. It's pretty inspiring...
I hope you start feeling happier though..I don't like how much you seem to be crying.. :( x
>> No. 152
File 129987762397.jpg - (26.13KB , 464x543 , 129924734739.jpg )
guys, seriously guys there are no words for what i'm feeling right now. I said it before and I will say it again. I never expected this to happen at all. I'm so happy right now. there is so much support ITT it's...undescribable, I literally cannot put into words what I'm feeling.
What makes me feel better is how much my story is helping you guys out.Kinda weird, but I'm glad that my shit childhood, can comeback and inspire all of you to do better, I can honestly say it's worth it knowing that my story could help you guys get through whatever it is your going through. I would like to give each and everypony of you a handshake, and a hug for backing me up with this. Thank you
>> No. 153
File 129987798329.jpg - (7.13KB , 225x225 , imagesCAPHWC2O.jpg )
>Post in thread
>Personally touched by TwilightSparkle's story
>Come back a few hours later

I wouldn't be surprised if this turns up on KnowYourMeme tomorrow. Congratulations dude, again!
>> No. 154
This thread is so awesome and epic that those words can't even express it so the new word must be made.
>> No. 155
File 129987849650.jpg - (378.62KB , 720x875 , 129961173899.jpg )
I-I don't even know what to say, but... you will always be my very best friend for this, OP
>> No. 156
File 129987851459.jpg - (221.15KB , 600x600 , 1298394692997.jpg )
Hey man, youre a great champ for doing what you did. Stay strong. ^^

Also, Lauren Faust should totally hear about this :3
>> No. 157
File 129987858470.jpg - (8.73KB , 339x272 , DashSalute-(n1290824017387).jpg )
>Rainbow Dash helped me overcome my past troubles and fears
>> No. 158
Like a motherfuckin boss. Good job, op. Good job.
>> No. 159
im little late to the party OP...and i really have nothing to say then i wish i had the balls like yours to do something like this.

goto say you just inspired me
>> No. 160
File 12998795486.jpg - (32.03KB , 500x419 , 129930741636.jpg )
i-i-i..*mind blowns*
>> No. 161
File 129987986795.jpg - (74.25KB , 242x252 , 12991136441.jpg )

Oh o.o
>> No. 162
wow...that's...pretty awesome..
If I ever make it big in a band,
I'm going to write a song called rainbow dash in my pocket. o-o
>> No. 163
Wow. That was powerful.

I think this is a notable story.

>> No. 164
File 129988007322.png - (853.93KB , 1600x900 , Brohoof.png )
Brohoof bro. Good fucking show.
>> No. 165
File 129988007538.png - (54.80KB , 223x253 , 129974575670.png )
>> No. 166
Also. Awesome story, bro! Bro-hoof to you. :)
>> No. 167
Once I get a guitar amp, I'm going to write this guitar instrumental called "A Day with the Wonderbolts" and it's going to be SO AWESOME
>> No. 168
dude...we should totally get like...five bands together...and hold a massive concert for the bronies...
...we can call it coltstock...
>> No. 169
also-- hah, you should see some of the amazing threads I've seen here and elsewhere in the FiM community. Your show has people opening up and being kind, and doing all kinds of things that just make my heart swell. I'm pretty sure you'd be very, very proud, given your reaction to this kind of stuff so far.

Not that you'll probably look in this thread again or see this, anyway--but it's still worth sayin'. (also thank you)
>> No. 170
And we'd all get so high on friendship and magic
>> No. 171
File 129988070492.jpg - (33.04KB , 473x358 , stoned00.jpg )
not gonna let the man keep us down
>> No. 172
File 12998812171.png - (608.45KB , 720x533 , Friendship.png )

No words will ever describe the admiration I feel for this Brony.
Or how proud I am to be a Brony.
>> No. 173
File 129988260480.png - (19.21KB , 679x427 , naderreactionface.png )


Next round's on me, guys.
>> No. 174
You sir have all my past internets, all my current internets, and all my future internets. This is quite possiably the most motivating and heart wrenching story that I have ever read on the internet.
I have no appropriate pic for how this makes me feel. just know you have made us all feel awsome.
>> No. 175
File 129988358043.png - (74.99KB , 319x274 , 129970907895.png )
I am inspired!
My heart goes out to you TwilightSpark1e
>> No. 176
File 129988443745.png - (343.11KB , 640x360 , ponies_watching_you_fap-(n1297235571063).png )
Have you felt the collected hugs from your bronies yet? *Hugs TwilightSparkle* Also, awesome how much time Lauren Faust spends talking with her fans. I'm just so inspired by the love this show has given birth to. I hope your story inspires others to be just as open and brave! This settles it. Ponychan is my new home!
>> No. 177
MLP has been a rock for many people to lean on before and it makes this old school Pony fan burst with joy to see it happening again. The world needs Ponies. We need to be reminded that kindness and tolerance matters and that friendship will often last longer than we expect. It's also about the kindness of strangers and how even the most self-absorbed Pony can be generous. They give us strength in these hard times, just as they gave strength to my generation.

Pony on, OP. Pony on. *brohoof*
>> No. 178
Right click > Save page As... > .ZIP > upload to my server > START PONYCHAN ARCHIVE.
>> No. 179
-Super awesome loving friendship hug from Me to OP- <3 <3 <3
>> No. 180
File 129988515883.jpg - (30.34KB , 230x238 , 12976112685.jpg )
MFW i found out my deviantart post got Lauren to post on ponychan. That's too awesome :D
>> No. 181
Your show saved so many of us, thank you
>> No. 182
File 12998852465.png - (142.88KB , 363x358 , 129910366198.png )
I can relate somewhat OP. My father was an abusive alcoholic. I can't relate 100% because I was young at the time and I've suppressed most of the memories.

Nice story Brony, it was touching.
>> No. 183
>save thread for future archive
>hear about Lauren Faust posting in this thread
>thread is now 20% larger

You've got a solid fanbase, here.
>> No. 184
Holy fuck yo. Props to OP
>> No. 185
Brony, you're a stronger man than I. You got me teary eyed.

Keep standing up tall, friend. Never stop laughing.
>> No. 186
File 12998855733.png - (321.00KB , 489x486 , Twilight Rarity Mirror.png )
You, sir. Are a great person for sharing this story, and doing what you did.
>> No. 187
File 12998858342.jpg - (20.40KB , 603x380 , salute.jpg )
>> No. 188
File 129988595436.png - (520.49KB , 974x536 , 129901739747.png )
You're a stronger man than me. I can't even imagine what that must have been like, especially since I was fortunate enough to not have a father like that.

Thank you for this show. It's given plenty of us reasons to stay happy and keep up good spirits. It's made me a better person by just watching this show.
>> No. 189
File 129988621397.jpg - (22.92KB , 364x346 , 129858712888.jpg )
is there a way to keep this thread, or download it or something? i want multiple copies in all my storage devices so i never lose it, and I can look back on it
>> No. 190
Maybe take a bunch of screen shots?
>> No. 191
Lauren Faust already posted IN THIS THREAD :)

Awesome job there OP.. very inspiring story! I can't pretend to understand your situation, but very glad that you found the strength to stand up to him.
>> No. 192

Assuming you didn't make this story up, because it's impossible to lie on the internet amirite, I cannot believe you need some fucking toy dolls to get through a situation. My family was also abused by my stepfather, but jesus christ if you need to literally cling to a toy, maybe you didn't see enough shrinks.
>> No. 193
We can't all be as tough as you, man.
>> No. 194
File 129988775630.png - (38.03KB , 945x945 , 129971678447.png )
Hey, buddy, whatever happened to Love and Tolerance? Just because it seems ridiculous to you doesn't mean it wasn't a momentous day for him. The show helped him face his fears, and nopony should begrudge him that. Get the stick out of your arse.
>> No. 195
File 129988802433.png - (672.35KB , 960x540 , 12984746918.png )

There there, we understand you're angry but there's no reason to take it out on OP.
>> No. 196
File 129988809158.jpg - (52.02KB , 521x525 , 1297984674567.jpg )
The best thing you post it as Anonymous he post it with his tripcode you so much macho men but we still tolerant and love you and we know you are jelly cus Laura Faust post in OP theard MFW i realize that.
>> No. 197
Maybe you're just having trouble facing up to your problems.
Lets conquer them together
>> No. 198
File 129988828686.jpg - (55.09KB , 339x400 , 1299345122285.jpg )
Sounds like you don't want to participate in the group hug. You are allowed to speak your opinion; however, in this thread, we are happy and supportive. Lauren Faust is with us. I don't see things going well for you here if your attitude doesn't change. You are likely to make enemies here if you don't speak out of love.
>> No. 199
I'm really proud of you. Dealing the trauma of our past is rough-- I know from experience too being a sexual assault victim who has had to deal with nightmares for years. I know that just being able to look at the face of someone who has really hurt you is a challenge, much less say anything. You are a fucking paragon.


Oh gods hello! Thank you for stopping by and being awesome.
>> No. 200
I respect OP beyond belief.
>> No. 201

If anything, the OP is an attention whore. Look at all that shit. What could he possibly expect would happen here? I mean he already helped himself, and any additional help ain't gonna come from me, I'm not a goddamn psychologist and neither are you, same goes for anypony else in this thread. OP is a total pony, if anything I'll cut him some slack because when your emotions are all fucked up you tend to have impaired judgment. Not going to argue that it's easy to try and wait to cool down, but still.
>> No. 202
File 129988877225.jpg - (361.21KB , 880x960 , 12994284044.jpg )
when my mother finally left my stepdad, I thought she was a fucking badass that she herself could pull something off like that. Years later she told me that she could only do it because god was with her. I was incredibly pissed at that. Her we are finally free of the sonof a bitch and she gives all the credit to god. Even to this day I'm a bit upset with her about it and she knows. A few months ago I would have said the exact same thing to someone else If they went through such a predicament.

After actually going through it I realized that it sometimes is needed to believe in something, why not make it my little pony (not as a religion or anything). I mean why not, it's opened me up to talk to people, it's my emotional outlet in a world where, at least in my case emotion is weakness, and It brings a smile to my face and it brings me an escape like many people here, so why not?

I'd describe you every detail of some of the beatings if you want to, most of the physical scars healed up, all I have left are the memories. I want to keep it that way

Sending toleration your way brony
>> No. 203
File 129988878941.jpg - (49.14KB , 500x500 , We can stop here!.jpg )
am i the only one still having s little fanboy-freakout moment because Lauren Faust was here?
>> No. 204
no way brony i'm still having it :)
>> No. 205
File 129988884738.png - (111.29KB , 322x283 , Screen shot 2011-02-17 at 10_38_57 PM.png )
I swear every time I read this post I can't help but think this guy is generally troubled.
There are things that everypony holds dear to them, and it isn't uncommon to put strength in it to guide you through or give you hope. This can be anything symbolic, a picture of your family, your friend. Maybe it's the only present you got at Christmas, or your lucky penny.
The same applies to thoughts and memories. I think it's pretty common for someone to think back on a good memory when they're in a bad situation, or a pleasant thought like the feeling they'll get once they've faced whatever task was presented to them.
All these things work in exactly the same way as OP's Rainbow Dash doll.

I really don't see what your malfunction is.
>> No. 206
File 129988890936.png - (155.46KB , 700x700 , pinkbby.png )
you're a champ, op :)

me too :D
>> No. 207
File 129988894479.gif - (221.26KB , 307x180 , 129876454872.gif )

You don't belong here. Plain and simple. Go back to 4chan if you insist on being a jerk.
>> No. 208
File 129988902698.jpg - (50.11KB , 476x318 , 1299797192388.jpg )
>> No. 209

HEY! be tolerant
>> No. 210
File 129988911284.png - (195.62KB , 432x285 , Untitled.png )
More power too yah OP!

Today is the day that this community really set itself apart from anything else on the internet! And on the day of a great new episode, no less! Pic related, mfw I see this all of this awesomeness!
>> No. 211
File 129988964534.png - (192.10KB , 486x486 , 129938868678.png )
Much respect OP. I cannot comprehend the situation you were in not having any serious family strife, but this post and thread are the epitome of bronydom.
For this inspirational tale I salute thee.
>> No. 212
File 129988975556.png - (106.49KB , 526x353 , 1297448089514.png )

You sound like you're really upset about something.

Want to talk it out with us?

There's no reason to go around pissing on OP's parade because your angry.

Come on, just let it out.
>> No. 213
File 129989051860.jpg - (46.83KB , 600x375 , MANURE2.jpg )
>Lauren Faust herself rolls up on ponychan

OK, that's it. Internet over. Everypony go home.
>> No. 214
File 129989086051.png - (402.12KB , 599x588 , 129839800256.png )
In my experience, people that have gone through stuff like this usually want to get it off their chests. Be it to a friend, in text on ponychan, writing a song about it, drawing an abstract work of art or whatever, it doesn't matter.
It's just a huge relief to get it out there, regardless of how you go about doing it.
>> No. 215
File 12998909569.png - (40.83KB , 156x164 , Apple not impressed.png )
c'mon man..what's your problem?
It's not like he wanted to use Münchhausen's by internet merely for the psychological validation.
There would be no point.
We're all rational and honest people here..
the only one stepping up and having a problem with it is you..
cause you think he's lying?
merely because the story revolves round physical and mental trauma?
I mean really, I know you see that a lot but it's possible that in this one situation, this person is telling the absolute truth.
It's easy to say that he's lying, it's easy for you to just guess that.
But in reality you've only got less or as much proof to back that up as we do that he's telling the truth.
>> No. 216
File 129989133884.png - (55.96KB , 400x360 , rd whatever.png )
>> No. 217
File 12998914495.png - (139.08KB , 640x360 , 129962102461.png )
oh..wait...I'm not supposed to feed the troll...
...god dammit...
>> No. 218
I...I don't even know what to say. I've read many a story of how My Little Pony has brought happiness and joy into people's lives, but this has to take the cake. Also, Lauren Faust herself replied....damn. I linked this on my Facebook so everypony can read your story.
>> No. 219
File 129989196134.jpg - (3.51KB , 160x160 , imagesCAG8MWVE.jpg )
-But they look so hungry, and they're sooooo cuuuute.
>> No. 220
File 129989215534.png - (74.99KB , 319x274 , 129911514014.png )
it's hard to resist
>> No. 221
File 129989238727.jpg - (36.07KB , 473x459 , 12990074574.jpg )
this guy just trolled you so hard. Havnt you guys learned anything yet?
>> No. 222
File 129989268043.jpg - (50.91KB , 600x375 , shutup.jpg )
OK there, Hater McHatington, let me throw some wisdom at you. I'm usually the first person to make fun of a situation like this, but you're being a straight dickhole.

Totems and other iconography are like good luck charms for people. This was something that OP wanted to do anyway. It's not like MLP or the figure he kept in his pocket is the ONLY reason he told his stepdad off.

Whatever extra courage the guy gleaned from getting psyched up by the music he was listening to or remembering the aspects of RD's personality that he wanted to emulate, those were just extra little boosts he needed to move from "I'm going to do this" to "I'm going to FUCKING DO THIS SHIT RIGHT FUCKING NOW."

Different people get inspired by different things. "Fight Club" changed more than a few people's lives when it was first released. There are dozens of other examples I could pull up without even having to think too hard. Generally, as you get older, media products affect you less and less; but you don't know where OP is in his life right now, and to play the immaturity card on him is cruel and ridiculous.

Let people get their victories in their life where they can, through whatever means they end up using. Stop being a tool.
>> No. 223
Oh no, is this in AUTOSAGE?
>> No. 224
File 129989289116.png - (664.66KB , 822x946 , z2.png )
Looks like.
>> No. 225
File 129989409194.png - (677.49KB , 640x360 , 129947180383.png )
Twi, when I heard from Pink1e Pie about this, he mentioned that he had talked to you on Xbox LIVE about this, and that you said that it was you. He told me to go give it a look.

I can see now that it was definitely worth reading. So many I words I could use to express how the original post made me feel, it's amazing that you've stood up to your fears and wouldn't let them get to you anymore.

I feel dumb for not formulating a proper response for this, but I respect you more than I used to, and that's a hard thing to do. But I look forward to seeing you on Xbox LIVE again.

And, as a little side note: You'll still be my brony robot pony. Even though I did get a new microphone.

I figured the picture was relating to the topic fairly well, as we'll always be on Xbox LIVE for ya when ya need us. See ya sometime soon, brony. <3.
>> No. 226
File 129989551959.png - (507.38KB , 975x975 , 129869673049.png )
Threads like these are a damn good reason why we need an /archive/ board.

Please admins, get on it?
>> No. 227
File 129989574714.png - (205.43KB , 640x360 , 129901147957.png )
well, i've managed to tell you guys. I'm going to show my family this thread since I haven't shown it to them yet. I have zero idea of what it's going to be like. But I know it's going to be awkward as heck. I can be brave infront of strangers that like ponies but we'll see what happens with family. After that I'm going to post this shit to facebook. I've decided that I'm not going to hold back my emotions just because of what people might think.
>> No. 228
File 129989618732.gif - (1.60MB , 760x700 , fluttershy-yay.gif )
Damn OP you just get more and more awesome
>> No. 229
Don't. Please.
>> No. 230
my grandfather abused me, and I can totally relate, the song, "Giggle at the ghosties" keeps the nightmares (no pun intended) away. Lauren and OP I salute you both.
>> No. 231
...and suddenly, a new era of emotional understanding sprung out.

This is awesome OP.
>> No. 232
i love you.
>> No. 233
File 129990196232.png - (502.59KB , 1140x781 , 129851972481.png )
well it's up up on my facebook. I've literally told everypony about it. I've told my family, I've told my friends, i've told ponychan. it's so good to have pried myself out of this shell and OPEN UP after all these years
>> No. 235
File 129990550296.png - (42.78KB , 187x182 , rd why wub woo owiginaw2.png )
I came here because I heard Faust posted here, but frankly, after reading all that, I must say that your story is incredibly touching, OP. You've done something great. Good luck with everything else, and keep strong.
>> No. 236
I'll be honest with you this didn't make me cry, however if my father died (he is an honest good man) I probably wouldn't cry and this would damn well get closer to crying then death of my family members. I'm not really all that close to my family but my parents are good people (my brothers are even considered by my father "weak characters that only know how to attack from behind.") and P.S You know when you hear a noise at 3 am and feel like your gonna die, and when all the lights are off and all your fears come to life "giggle at the ghosty" help me get over those things. I feel a bit humiliated but i put my that emotion aside to help you cope.
>> No. 237
Such a nice thread to end the day.
>> No. 238
File 129990628844.jpg - (79.94KB , 425x340 , 1246002785592.jpg )
OP, you have more courage than words can describe.

Pic related. Who is? YOU IS.
>> No. 239
This thread is amazing. OP, you are amazing, and I have nothing but respect.

I'd brohoof ya if I could.
>> No. 240
>mfw a grown man/woman has to look fro a kids' cartoon for inspiration
>mfw he refers to facing an abusive stepfather as "giggle at the ghostie"
>mfw people think a madeup /b/tard's story is real

>mfw gtfo ponychan
>> No. 241
File 129990705283.png - (134.64KB , 640x360 , dash dawww.png )
Nothing can cheer you up quite like Rainbow Dash.
>> No. 242
File 129990741765.png - (743.67KB , 1000x1000 , 5bfb828d4079fa7d787a1bfc35693a56.png )
OP, I am so glad you are okay. You are so strong, and we are all proud of you.

Take care of yourself, pony. There is a bright future ahead of you.
>> No. 243

If this was a parasprite, I'd say it backfired spectacularly.
>> No. 244
File 129990847436.jpg - (762.75KB , 1200x1600 , 0_1headphonejack.jpg )
So, it seems Lauren knows that most fans of the show are, it fact, men. Makes me wonder if she'll go on to make shows specifically targeted to that demographic, since we all know she is capable of appealing to them. I suppose "foster's home" was the closest she's come to that but there's something about it that seems lacking when compared to MLP FiM. The characters maybe? Foster's home had good characters but they were no where near as fun or identifiable as the characters in MLP. In any case, I'd love to see Lauren go on to produce many more cartoons. Hopefully she'll obtain the kind of notoriety as giants of animation like Chuck Jones and John Lasseter. A woman who can create something so captivating and inspiring deserves to be a household name.

also: posting in Lauren Faust thread.
>> No. 245
File 129991144848.jpg - (14.02KB , 410x346 , rarity w mustache.jpg )
>MFW why isn't this thread on the first page?
>> No. 246
File 129991165949.jpg - (20.33KB , 541x350 , 129897829759-1297564258057.jpg )

Autosage, unfortunately.
>> No. 247
File 129991181191.png - (182.66KB , 534x619 , derpycute.png )
very touching story OP! makes me wish i had rainbow dash with me as well.

and uhhh hi lauren! :D
>> No. 248
whats autosage?
>> No. 249
OP, good work. That takes true guts.

But your mother deserves to be told off too for springing it on you at the last moment that she wouldn't be there for you. Then again, it sounds like she was never there for you. Now she pushed you into a situation to appease her abuser, using you as an offering, and if things had gone "politely" she would take all the credit; now she's probably blaming someone else for her decision not to go into the restaurant with you. Actually, she was just doing the same old thing: trying to appease her abuser, and it's clear that she's willing to sacrifice her children to that end. Now if you ask, I bet she'll say it was either your father's or step-father's idea to make you two go in alone - and she'll say how much she actually wanted to be there.

I know this type all too well. Guess how?

Abusive relationships are complicated, but I can tell you that your mother will be a destructive force for the rest of your life.

So while "it's cool that Lauren Faust posted in my thread" (which is very kind of her, sure), that's not what's important. You're still going to suffer at the hands of your mother, no matter how much you or even SHE BELIEVES she only wants what's best for you. But you know how to speak up. YOU did it, not some fictional character. This isn't "a very special episode" and things aren't all better now.

Move out. Maybe see your mother for coffee or lunch once a month if you will feel better, but keep her out of your personal life. Completely. And definitely don't let her near your spouse or children. You've proven you can take control, and it doesn't matter what's in your pocket.
>> No. 250
File 129991262688.jpg - (39.11KB , 518x379 , Untitled.jpg )
i... holy shit!!!

that... i... damn...

i... honestly am speechless... i cant think of a damn thing to say...

i'm filled with some combination of sadness and confidence. butterfly's eating each other in my stomach, after reading this tale.

fuck, that's the best i can do... damn...
>> No. 251
File 129991318642.png - (96.98KB , 281x263 , queenpinkieishappy.png )
OP, i just wanna say, you're a hero.
>> No. 252
File 129991331170.png - (96.54KB , 945x943 , 129771601372.png )

It's a function universal to all chans. After a thread receives a certain number of posts (~200) it stops bumping to the front page and starts sinking in the page views. Once the thread his the bottom of the last page, it's marked for deletion and deleted as soon as a new thread is created.

The only way to prevent this is to have the admins sticky the thread, or for them to move it to a secure archive.
>> No. 253
File 12999135725.jpg - (61.55KB , 443x255 , 12973526767.jpg )
listen anon, and i'm not raging or anything like that i'm just clearing this part up. Yes I was pissed as hell when I figured out that she wasn't going with me inside and that she never told me. I love the hell out of my mom, and not because she is my mom. If she was as destructive as you said I would have been out on my own for a while now, but in all honesty she has been one of, if not the most influencial person in my life.

She took beatings from my stepfather for me, taught me damn near everything I know and has stayed by me all my life. maybe in some situations anon, this might be the case but in this case she is definetely not the issue. Other than that thanks for backing me up brony :)
>> No. 254
File 129991378871.png - (96.17KB , 303x339 , 129714105695-1296855073901.png )

based on these comments looks like people are still getting some inspiration from this thread. could a mod sticky this for a while then? If its okay with you guys i mean
>> No. 255
File 129991387779.jpg - (23.04KB , 251x232 , pingas-1.jpg )

>> No. 256
I don't know much about either abuse or being abused - I guess I'm one of the luckier ones that had all in all a happy childhood. I can't say it was easy but it was a damned sight easier than OP's was.

If you're going to scoff at somepony finding inspiration and strength from a kid's show then you've lost it. Inspiration is what it's supposed to be. "Giggle at the ghostly" is a kids song, sure, but it's got a very real serious message, and OP found it.

All my internets, seriously.
>> No. 257
File 12999145434.jpg - (13.92KB , 212x221 , 129953754564.jpg )
I'm okay with this.
I'd have to agree with this. It doesn't really matter where his strength comes from, as long as he can stand up and overcome the difficult childhood he had.

I might actually start carrying around my McDonalds Rainbow Dash after hearing this. I've always liked playing with her and having her near my computer.
>> No. 258
File 129991532470.jpg - (3.30KB , 117x120 , hero.jpg )
<< nuff said

sorry i just keep thinking of things to add to this thread
>> No. 259
File 129992028077.png - (16.40KB , 137x120 , 137px-DerpyRose.png )
i don't post on threads often if ever, but OP, you are so awesome that i have to type something, even if i'm a bit late. i had a crappy childhood that left me with low self esteem but nowhere as bad as yours. but you give so much inspiration to face the darkness and the ghosties. thank you so much for sharing. you rock hard

and bronies, the overwhelming support everypony's shown makes me so happy. it gives me so much hope for the world in this electronically dominated era :)
>> No. 260
This whole thing is Awesome. The Original Poster is Awesome, this thread is Awesome, and the fact that the few obvious parasprites are being crushed by the overwhelming amount of love and tolerance is REALLY Awesome.

This is why I tell people that FiM is one of the greatest forces for Good on the Internet.
>> No. 261
File 129992542652.png - (302.33KB , 1000x1000 , sootaloo and dash.png )
WOW. What an amazing, inspiring tale, OP. I don't know if I would have had the strength to do what you did. But what I do know is that you'll be okay. Hell, Lauren Faust is now a fan of yours. How can you go wrong?

My McDonald's Rainbow Dash usually hangs out next to my computer, and I couldn't help but give her a pat on the head as I read this.
>> No. 262
I can't put into words how moving this story was.

I can't think of a worthy reply.


What? I didn't post a reaction image? That's because there isn't a suitable one.

Just...wow, OP. You've warmed the deepest cockles of my heart.
>> No. 263
File 129992761621.png - (179.65KB , 385x383 , 129958329250.png )
OP's story is definitely one for the books :o

Although nothing to be proud of per se. It shows how you managed to summon up the courage and use it against your tyrant. Which is definitely something to be proud of, even more because you can put it into words. This is definitely a story you want to tell your kids when they grow up.

I think...
Hell, if i were Lauren Faust i would try to give you 2 seconds worth of "inspired by TwilightSparkle!magicvjd0s" on a black screen before or just after a future episode with relateable content.

( mentioning ponychan would possibly not sit well with the legal department )
>> No. 264
File 129993096967.jpg - (524.65KB , 734x3382 , bat.jpg )
You are a hero
>> No. 265
>is there a way to keep this thread, or download it or something? i want multiple copies in all my storage devices so i never lose it, and I can look back on it

I'm sure all up to date browsers can do. Just press Ctrl+S or File->Save and make sure that the saving window has "Full web page" checked and not "HTML only" so you'll get thumbnails and the board skin.
Depending on how your OS is set up you'll get either a single file or a file and folder paired to it - it may or may not automatically move the folder along with the file in the second case, so make sure it's always present with the file.
>> No. 266
Amazing story, OP. But, it just makes me wish that we could show everypony suffering through something like this our love, and maybe respect...
>> No. 267
Well done, OP. Well done.

I thought I was gonna read some manure about blind forgiveness, so many bronies seem to get it from the show somehow... and in the end saw how you mustered strength to tell things how they are.

Now I'm pretty much none important and I barely drop by here, but for whatever it may be worth, I'm proud of you.
>> No. 268
This is one of the most beautiful things I've ever read. I don't even have a picture to go with it. You're a champion amongst men and ponies alike.
>> No. 269
Wow anon, that's truely amazing. You're a champ. To tell the truth, I have a similar story, although not quite as intense as yours. I had been considering posting it, and your post inspired me to do so.
I'm posting from my phone now, but ill provide a full writeup next time I get to my computer. I thank you for posting your story, it gave me the courage to tell my tale. I'm kind of nervous even now. I'm not trying to steal his thunder, ops story is 10 times mine, but I feel compelled to share.
>> No. 270
File 129995125681.png - (107.10KB , 310x305 , 129829298993.png )
Guy I feel absolutely wonderful right now, I love that you guys are getting inspired to move forward. I'll say it again, all I wrote this post for was to get this off of my chest, and now everypony is taking my story for motivation :) It's weird but more and more it makes me having to experience it much more worthwhile to know that so many people can make moving up through their lives easier :)

i've gotten to cycling through each pony at the moment and it works surprisingly well
Thank you friend :)
I know she posted in my thread, and I don't like to be a hardcore fanboy about it, but if she was my fan I'd shit brix the size of applecarts.
It never crossed my mind, but seriously if this shit happened....just, fucking, wow
thanks brony I'll get on it when I get back
both of you guys thanks :)
brony if it helps you to let go of pent up emotion and frustration, go for it. see you on the other side :)
>> No. 271
File 129995141737.png - (91.29KB , 252x276 , 129771656710.png )
getting some more support for a sticky!
but again if the mods are okay with it, not sure what makes it qualify...
>> No. 272

Requested thread save here:

It helps me in ways I don't fully understand to read your story. A childhood like yours wrecked someone close to me. Reading that you are lifting yourself out of it... helps.

Take care, be well, stay strong, and thank you.
>> No. 273
File 129995474821.jpg - (413.92KB , 2144x1608 , 100_0955.jpg )
I didn't think these past few days could get better, but guess what, it has. A brony weeks ago in germany said he had a spare celestia and sent it my way. Thank you german anon brony! I also bought those mlp pendants on etsy a week ago too, and they both arrived at the exact same time! :) pics on how it looks
>> No. 274
File 129995585014.jpg - (331.64KB , 1716x1287 , 100_0960.jpg )
and to put a face to the name. hello everypony (so unphotogenic
>> No. 275

Glad to hear that. :D Cheers to you.
>> No. 276
File 129995819240.jpg - (20.38KB , 500x500 , Internet Bro-Fist.jpg )
dude likes MLP AND Halo?!?1

Instant best friends
>> No. 277
dude brohoof!
>> No. 278
i know.
i would have changed it but im not exactly tech savvy when it comes to editing or photoshop
>> No. 279
You were very brave to do that, and I hope things will be happier for you from here on. Best wishes!
>> No. 280
First time any story on a thread in any forum made me tear up. :(

Man, I am glad you found the strength to stand up to your stepfather like that and say what he needed to hear. I am not sure what else to say other than bow to your courage and I am glad that little Dash helped you in it in its own way.

Also mega awesome Faust came in and left a supportive comment. :)
>> No. 281
Wow you're are extremely brave to stand up to such an abusive man. You sir are a fucking hero to me
>> No. 282
Wow.. such a powerful story.. i'm sorry for what you been through
>> No. 283
File 129996674515.gif - (365.59KB , 125x125 , 129900772953.gif )
OP, you're awesome, don't let anypony tell you differently.

Lauren, you rock hardcore.
>> No. 284
I think if given up convincing myself that these are manly tears.

I'm just proud to inhabit the same earth as you, OP, I can't think of one person with your courage besides yourself.

You rock.

>> No. 285
File 129996692863.jpg - (4.23KB , 225x225 , images.jpg )
TwilightSpark1e!Magicvjd0s of Earth, you have the power to overcome great fear...
>> No. 286
File 129996696224.jpg - (82.71KB , 1600x900 , 1296068477931.jpg )
Hey, OP.

Reading your post made me realize what a great dad I actually had. I grew up in a failed commune project since my dad was one of those loonies of the '68 generation. After I was 4 I lived with my (real) mom and years were of total neglect from anypony else because the world thought I was an illiterate retard or worthless pony someone should've put out of misery.
It was only when my dad realized he screwed things up and took me again under his care, despite having quitted his job as a doctor for that.

Reading your story made me remember the good times I had with my dad: Without him, I'd have went like that guy in the movie "Taxi Driver" (the one with Robert DeNiro) and turned batshit insane. But now look at me, I am one of the best intellectuals around where I come from and get admired by my brazenness.

I kinda feel bad posting this to you, but see, you gave me the reminder about courage and brazenness any human should have. What wars and misery could've been spared if there were more like you to stand up and face it. Would Hitler have become the mass murderer he was if Hindenburg was like you and not the scared old candy vag he was in Weimar?
Could've Stalin forced his communism onto the world and caused the biggest sickness we still have to face if just some lowlife solder had the courage like you to take his gun and pull the trigger to those maniacs?

Your story is an example of how modern man should be, and how we should follow your lead.
A hero shouldn't slay a monster because it brings him glory and attention, but because he stands up to the misery, the fears and takes the pain out. We don't need heroes like Achill , we need heroes like you.

Well done, bro, well done. And like everypony said, it's inspiring, maybe I will take it over in some of my future works.
>> No. 287
Huh. It seems you've made pony news, OP:

>> No. 288

Brohoof for EVERYTHING written above, I can't even begin to understand what you've gone through.

I'd love to play a game of reach with such an awesome brony. Email me your gamertag, or msg me on the #brony IRC (derpy).
>> No. 289
wow op. wow.
there is no image i have that can convey my respect for you.
you are an amazing person.
>> No. 290
File 129996720553.jpg - (45.09KB , 272x153 , Thumbs Up.jpg )
You did well.
>> No. 291
File 129996721184.png - (17.26KB , 417x500 , trixie.png )
Jesus christ, OP. Bravo.
>> No. 292
File 129996768762.jpg - (83.23KB , 400x400 , Darkest One 1.jpg )
Uh... i am not good at things like this... what can i say? ...Hmm... Oh, ja, You conquered your fears and uh... that's... cool? ...Sheesh i suck.
>> No. 293
Your family's going to see this thread? Not sure how they'll take this problem going somewhat-public, but at least you'll have no more secrets by the end of it all.
>> No. 294
I feel I need to reply to this but I don't know what more to say than user was champ for this post. You really are champ!
>> No. 295
I don't know about you guys, but I am saving the friendship out of this story; a huge friggen inspiring story for men, women, and children everywhere.

OP, you put the "own" in "ponies".
>> No. 296
I cried to this.. Really I did... You did great OP you did great
>> No. 297
full support OP, good job
>> No. 298
File 129996853732.jpg - (31.02KB , 467x295 , 463344.jpg )
Post is up on Equestria Daily. Just dropping in to say well done to OP
>> No. 299
File 129996875443.png - (33.63KB , 345x369 , 129956279667.png )
This board never ceases to amaze me.

You guys are absolutely incredible.

Kudos, back-slaps, and brohoofs all around.
>> No. 300
OP you have won my respect which one thing not many people are able to do.
Every part of me solutes you even the side of me who laughs at tragedys.
>> No. 301
File 129996890062.jpg - (183.86KB , 700x700 , 129877611526.jpg )
congratulations on not only achieving the heart of our goddess Lauren, but of achieving self confidence and the respect and heart of all of bronydom. you sir are a stallion of the highest caliber and i praise thee for your courageous, you have my respect as a fellow brony and as a fellow human being and i want to be your friend, well done.
>> No. 302
this right here? This is inspiring.

Not just the OP (nothing I can think to say that hasn't already been said over and over) but also how many people are here giving encouragement and congratulating you. Has resparked my faith in humanity.
>> No. 303
OP is going to freak out when he finds out this was on Equestria Daily.
>> No. 304
File 129996947974.jpg - (292.35KB , 645x577 , Kitty Tail.jpg )
Wow.. simply wow.

I... wow...

Speachless... have to say You are amazing... I wow...

We love You!
>> No. 305
File 129996976782.png - (136.18KB , 329x360 , 129738329781.png )
I cried reading this. I have similar experiences, I'm proud of you for standing up to him after all these years. I'm glad you had rainbow dash to keep you company.
>> No. 306
File 129997011979.png - (33.46KB , 191x113 , 12998463232.png )
I just checked, equestria daily and I shit brix the size of applecarts. no joke, I'm playing halo on reach and all of a sudden dude, check out equestria daily, YOUR ON THE FUCKING FRONT PAGE. dude I went to my computer, checked it and shat some more applecart brix. holy crap
>> No. 307
File 129997019223.jpg - (20.83KB , 379x316 , 1297878631096.jpg )
That settles it, I'm going to get myself a rainbowdash and keep it in my pocket.

Then whenever I have problems, I with grab rainbowdsh tightly and thing of OP and this epic thread.
>> No. 308

We need to make this day a holiday for real
>> No. 309
simply inspiring bro
>> No. 310
Anypony know a shop where I can get a Rainbow Dash with international shipping?
>> No. 311
I just wanted to say that you are great OP!
>> No. 312
File 12999708521.jpg - (35.40KB , 640x360 , 1297529747036-(n1298067026112).jpg )
My eternal gratitude to FIM team for giving you, me, and everypony else something bright and cheerful to hold onto in this world.

I think this cements the show's status as not just a great show, but a work of art.
>> No. 313
I'm sorry I'm so delayed in saying this OP
but I hope things are going okay for you now

your story makes me so incredibly angry I cant describe it....
>> No. 314

Still waiting for your gamertag! I wanna get in on some reach tonight! :-)
>> No. 315
...I can't think of anything to say!

I just read this for the first time, and I'm stunned. I really don't know what to say. Do you know how often that happens to me? It doesn't. I'm usually all collected and stuff, but...this really hit me. My God.

With the deepest sincerity and meaning: go, you. o_o
>> No. 316
The song Light of the Moon by Steve Vai works so well with everything that has happened in this thread.
>> No. 317
Quite a touching story, OP. I'm glad you fended for yourself.
>> No. 318
File 129997195012.png - (33.46KB , 191x113 , 12998463232.png )
ok back with better spelling and less freaking out. ok so here goes, i'm on xbox live playing with a bunch of bronies when all of a sudden, "holy shit twilight your on equestria daily!" at first I was like ok I doubt this is happening so I go check and of course I shit brix. a couple of xboxlive bronies are over here squeling "dude twilight your officially a celebrony!"

mfw I saw it and i'm humbled and proud as hell at myself even more than before, thank you everypony!
>> No. 319
can't you guess? it's twilightspark1e of course! :)
>> No. 320
listening to this first chance i get
>> No. 321
I've been in a 12-step healing program at my church for the last three years, for the emotional abuse from my codependent friend who was himself beaten as a teen.

I can tell you that Ponies have helped me too, almost as much as watching Iron Man for the first time.
I gave a speech today at a Toastmasters contest, and a lot of people said it was the best speech they've ever seen me give. I credit Ponies for helping rebuild my personal boundaries.
>> No. 322
Oh please do! It's an absolutely WONDERFUL song :)
>> No. 323
File 129997221077.png - (231.10KB , 640x360 , pinkie crying.png )
ive read this story about 5 times now, and i still get emotional
>> No. 324
Some people get a good end to that kind of story... What everypony seems to forget is that most don't. Unfortunately, most people only care about the former. But still, I respect you, OP.
>> No. 325
So I just came from Equestria Daily. This is my first post on ponychan. I know this is nothing new but your story is one of the most inspirational things I have ever read. I'm so glad this silly little show about colorful horses could help you through one of the hardest times in your life.
>> No. 326
File 12999734516.jpg - (17.90KB , 293x362 , apllejack happy face.jpg )
welcome to /pony/, glad we made a good first impression
>> No. 327
way to go OP

im prod to be apart of this fandom because of stuff like this
>> No. 328
proud *

man i fail at spelling today earlier i literally messed up my own name
>> No. 329
Can OC's thread get any cooler?

>Halo Reach Legendary Edition Statue

I love you.
>> No. 331
He posted a picture of himself even. WOW.
I would say "Ponies gave you cohones" if the absurdity didnt transform my face into a smile, which is awkward for a topic like this.

But I'm pretty sure the message I was trying to give got though :)

Best of luck *Brohoof/Hug* and take care :)
>> No. 332
I've had a good life and I can't complain about anything that has happened to me yet I whine when I can't get things my way, born with a silver spoon in my mouth and nothing to show for it.

What you have done was beyond what actions I would have made. I would have just smiled politely and has a laugh or two and leave it at that.

You were strong and made a point. Something a 22 year old computer games designer wouldn't dream of doing.

I am sorry if this is all too late. I hope that everything looks brighter in the future.

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
>> No. 333
File 129997474622.png - (123.61KB , 342x295 , 129714087369-1297028995240.png )
wow this sounds relaxing and yet moving at the same time. I like this alot, thanks for sharing it with me brony :)
these ponies can do some crazy things man, crazy things
yea for a bit I didn't think I'd go with it, but sometimes anons need a face ya know? still wish my smiles would show, i'm notoriously bad at smiling in pictures lol
honestly I read born with a silverspoon, and get what I wanted and immediately despised you for like 2 seconds, then a kept reading and I thank you so much for understanding, and that quote. holy shit man that quote, thanks for showing it to me brony :) and I hope your future is brighter too, I hope everyponys future is brighter because of this!
>> No. 334
Isn't it? It's one of the few songs with lyrics I really like. I mostly listen to instrumentals, but the lyrics are just wonderfully put together in the song.
>> No. 335
File 129997529187.png - (114.98KB , 360x360 , 1296872112377.png )
>mfw this is the best thread ever

Holy shit this was all so epic.
>> No. 336
File 129997542756.png - (50.51KB , 778x672 , 129938152172.png )
>Lauren posts here
>Leave and come back after a day or so
>Now it's stickied

You've got a gift, TwilightSparkle.
You've been touched by Celestia
>> No. 337
File 129997555124.jpg - (52.20KB , 321x360 , 12984271934.jpg )
i'd like to post on equestriadaily and tell them thanks but I don't see where to go to make an account to show them that its me, anypony that has an account might help me with this?
>> No. 338
File 129997556422.png - (87.05KB , 277x243 , 12999527959.png )
You, sir, are awesome. A real hero. Thanks for sharing this with us.
>> No. 339
File 129997564777.jpg - (18.27KB , 370x450 , 1298827787915.jpg )
This has been the best thread that I have ever seen..
I'm really for lost for words right now...
This has been really inspiring story OP

You did awesome OP. This almost gave me tears
>> No. 340

>Makes me wonder if she'll go on to make shows specifically targeted to that demographic, since we all know she is capable of appealing to them.

First, I don't think Hasbro would appreciate that. Second, Lauren Faust is already making the show to appeal to adults because it's generally expected that parents will be watching shows with their children. This is something she's said herself when some parasprite asked her a while back on her dA what her thoughts on grown men watching the show were. Even then, what she's doing right now already works for our demographic, so why change just because of an older audience is already loving it as is?

If anything changes, it'll be because Hasbro gives her more rope to breathe in and work with.

Anyways...I was just looking for an excuse to post again into this thread to say this: That was very classy of Lauren to come in here and give her support of OP herself. Major respect points for her. =)
>> No. 341
This is why I love mlp:fim, the show has such a positive attitude torwards everything, and it attempts to show it's veiwers that they can be more than society dictates, or even exceed the limits they set for themselves within their own minds.
Though the show is meant (from what I've seen) to show girls that they can be whomever they want to be, the lesson is really much more universal.
All that leaks over into the fanbase, which is truly the most supportive bunch I've ever seen in my lifetime.
I will consider adding a chapter about this to my memoirs when I write them: the experience has deeply affected the way I veiw humanity.

but enough of me rambling: I hope your bright future may distract you from your dismal past.
>> No. 342
File 129997654350.jpg - (185.74KB , 800x450 , Come at me.jpg )
That took balls Twilight Sparkle. I would have just punched him in the mouth.

You have my support.
>> No. 343
I hope that I'm not too late. . .

I've actually only been a lurkpony up to this point.
I've never actually posted anything on any of these pony websites, not even anonymously.

But. . .

But this story.
This story gives me hope.
Not the kind of false hope you get when you hope for a good grade on something you didn't study for.
Not the kind of false hope you get when you hope for that cute girl over there to ask you out even though you don't talk to her.
Not the kind of false hope you get when you hope for a more friendly peaceful world, and then go and add to the crap that this world has to deal with.


This story (and this thread that it resides in) gives me real hope.
Real hope.

Not just real hope for you and your life.
But real hope in mine.

I have never felt my stepfather beat me.
I have never had to face anything that scary, that bone-chillingly frightening in all my life.
But I have my own ghosties.
And this story has inspired me to giggle at them.

They were silly anyways.

And the community here, you guys give me hope as well.
Ever since becoming a /b/tard all those years ago, I had lost all faith in humanity.

But then ponies.

And as I've heard somepony say before, it's the community that really makes My Little Pony awesome.
Yes, the songs are catchy.
Yes, the ponies are cute.
Yes, the story is well-written.

But it's the people here -- such as you Twilight and everypony who responded positively in this thread -- that give me hope.

When watching a show not only teaches you that friendship is magic, but then it's viewers go out and live that message-
then that show is awesome.
There will always be haters (as we have seen).
But, overall, the internet has been downright beautiful in theis thread.

And I love you guys. I'm going remember this forever.

I think Lauren Faust was right, we all need a little Rainbow Dash in our pocket sometimes.
Something to remind us of who we are.
Something to remind us that friendship truly is magic.
And something to remind us to giggle at the ghosties in life.
>> No. 344
I don't know how I should feel about this picture
>> No. 345
File 129997695489.jpg - (87.00KB , 1440x900 , Loyalty.jpg )

How about this one?
>> No. 346
I've got that one already, I think it's awesome.
The other one I was all confused, I mean Rainbow Dash would never ask someone to put their head on the curb, and she would never say please either.
>> No. 347
You've got spunk, man. I really respect you, I really do.

Your stepfather sounds a whole lot like the people I live around (and deal with). People like him make me want to vomit, sometimes, they even succeed. I mean, God knows how hard it must have been to deal with a guy like that, I know I wouldn't have been able to do it.
>> No. 348
File 129997841314.jpg - (49.11KB , 497x624 , Who the fuck ate my oreos.jpg )
True that. But Rainbow Bash would.
>> No. 349
File 129997845951.jpg - (37.96KB , 359x450 , 1293294300745.jpg )
I can't imagine going through a childhood like that. I'm not going to pretend I remotely know how you feel. I just know it's a bad idea to hold on to hatred forever.

Regardless of whether forgiveness is eventually appropriate, it was awesome how you faced your fear.
>> No. 350
I wonder if Rainbow Bash hates black people
>> No. 351
What you did that day was bold, you used what you had to prevent causing harm to him, rather than lashing out you held back which must have been unbearable to do. But you did the right thing, hopefully he will be a much better person than he ever was because of what you did today, it may have taught him something important.
>> No. 352
File 12999794247.jpg - (80.95KB , 750x600 , 1288489587332.jpg )
>>mfw this entire damn thread and everything in it.

A few times in my life I met people as brave as you. One is my best friend and college roommate(ironically he and I are total opposites), my grandpa for fighting in the pacific ala WW2, and then there's you.

I know you'll make a girl feel happy one day OP, and I wish you the best of luck. My prayers are with you

Yes, I'm slightly a christpony, but whatevs
>> No. 353
I don't know why, but i have some kind of feeling that i need to post on this, and congratulate you.

I am seriously proud.

>no picture this time
>> No. 354
File 129997988196.jpg - (132.35KB , 461x600 , Eazy-E Mr Rodgers.jpg )
Nah just Gilda and parasprites.
>I think we've all had times when we could use a little Rainbow Dash in our pocket!!!!
Words of wisdom.
>> No. 355
File 129998025778.gif - (0.99MB , 320x180 , most impressive_gif.gif )
Amazing story, man. Words fail me; you're a much bigger person than I could ever be. I knew this show was just plain good stuff; my attitude in general and overall outlook has improved greatly over the past few months since I've started watching this cartoon, but after your story and others, I'm convinced that FiM is nothing short of a little miracle.

Not only has Lauren Faust's work on this show convinced grown persons to play with and enjoy the ponies of her creation, but her creation is actually inspiring strength and giving a little bit of genuine happiness to folks. She should be proud and overjoyed.
>> No. 356
Equestria Daily is a blog, i was able to use my regular gmail account to log in and post there
>> No. 357
Posting again to say that this thread has gone from Awesome, to AWESOME, to ~AwEsOmE~

Twi, posting a picture of yourself, sharing this thread with your family/friends, and talking politely and lovingly with the parasprites is just so, so badass. I often think that the world is ugh and that people are terrible, but seeing this and the reactions and YOUR continued reactions makes me realize that it's not all bad.

All the bro-hoofs all the time to you, pony.
>> No. 358
This is just awesome. At first I thought that this show was dumb, for little girls But I eventually gave in and started watching it and BAM! I cant get enough. And when I read this I kind of teared up a little and just wanted to say that all of you are awesome. First time posting, sorry if I mess anything up. : /
>> No. 359
You've shown true strength and courage in doing what you did. No matter how you got that courage, it was still yours, and you should be proud of yourself. You totally rock, good on you.
>> No. 360
File 129998416115.jpg - (222.22KB , 953x1371 , Brighter Future.jpg )
You're looking at a brighter future.
pic related.
>> No. 361
Sorry to be so late to the thread. Just dropping in to say what everypony else already has. This thread has been a great inspiration to me, and I'm sure a lot of other people that have already replied.
>> No. 362
File 129998482362.jpg - (119.23KB , 500x500 , 129892888099.jpg )
I am left in ahw

I would love to meet you in person, shake your hand and give you a hug from the bottom of my heart. It is bronies like you who make this Chan so special.

Let Love, Friendship and Tolerance lead you to an amazing life.
>> No. 363
I had to stop a few times because I felt myself tearing up reading this. My kudos goes to you for being brave enough to stand up to your fears, I honestly believe that this is one of many steps that will lead you into the future being a strong, fearless individual who can take on whatever challenges life throws at you.
>> No. 364
I wish I could give you a brohoof IRL. I really wish everything will be better for you from now on. Keep fighting bro.
Maybe some day in the future some of us will have the honor of talking to you face to face.
>> No. 365
I think this thread is a pretty cool guy. eh faced his stepfather and doesn't afraid of anything!
>> No. 366
File 129998885687.jpg - (39.98KB , 356x349 , 1298783819824.jpg )
If I'd only found this yesterday instead of today, I'd have had a much greater night's sleep than from the last thread I want to (the one with the bitching found in the recent Rarity episode). Still, I want to give you some amazing props for standing up to your fears. I'd seen that post of yours involving your fear of being a failure and I wish I could've posted something saying that you're not a failure earlier. Still, I want to give you a massive brohoof for what you did a few days back. You deserve it.
>> No. 367
File 129998897568.gif - (66.08KB , 360x360 , 1298522784965.gif )
Sorry, wrong picture. Still, great job brony!
>> No. 368
File 129998918826.jpg - (4.16KB , 79x164 , grim questionable 3.jpg )
I dont usually say this but...

You've taught me something today OP..

When you overcome fear, it beholds wonder. To live we must conquer incessantly, we must have the courage to be happy. There can be no failure to a man who has not lost his courage, his character, his self respect, or his self-confidence. You are a King. The beauty of a strong, lasting commitment is often best understood by men incapable of it, and you've proved that both me and you, that anypony can overcome anything.
>> No. 369
File 129999301991.png - (106.49KB , 526x353 , Fluttershy_is_happy.png )
that was a really heartwarming story to hear c:
>> No. 370
I'm so happy for you pony, if I could I'd give you a big hug.
Good job. :D
>> No. 371
OP'S story has provided a great reason why this show should be funded for at least the next five years.\
There are probably a lot of little Bronies who are going through the same problems as OP who don't have access to boards like this.

If this show can inspire one of them to do what you did today, then this show deserves to last as long as all of the versions of Star Trek combined.
>> No. 372
Man. I saw this thread on Equestria Daily.

Internet high hoof for you.
>> No. 373
File 129999746586.png - (66.18KB , 255x271 , 1298447372214.png )
don't know what to say to this :)
dude thanks, haven't yet met a girl at all so we'll see how that goes but i'll damn near try my best to keep her :) also your a christfriend, and i'm an athiestfriend honestly it doesn't bother me at all, you keep on believing friend :)
thanks brony, this
you too brony!
I. would. love. this. honestly this would be epic. sucks going to college and not knowing whether or not anypony is a brony, I even had a sticker of derpy saying happy derpy hooves day on my bag hoping someone would notice lol
I laughed real hard at this brony thanks!
bro thaks alot for this, really :)
brony, thanks for this, really thanks and yes we can do anything!
>> No. 374
File 129999781625.jpg - (28.13KB , 577x347 , Bronies.jpg )
>> No. 375
File 129999967739.jpg - (41.48KB , 150x136 , rainbow hug.jpg )
to OP:

My story is not like yours. My father was not abusive. Whether misfortune or psychosis (take your pick anons, I dont care), I was not born the gender that I identify as. It has taken me 25 years to come to terms with it, and do something about it.

The story is not what is important.

This is what is important:

It has been hell. Every day. In that way, I feel I can relate to you, and in that way your strength inspires me to continue to be the person I am inside.

Lauren said that sometimes we could all use a little Rainbow Dash in our pockets.

OP, today you were the Rainbow Dash in my pocket.

Thank you.
>> No. 376
File 129999973664.jpg - (40.10KB , 600x512 , rainbowbestday.jpg )
This is without a doubt the most heartwarming thread on the internet, and possibly the best one I've even seen. Congrats on your successes.
>> No. 377
File 130000000555.jpg - (50.84KB , 600x337 , 129948438333.jpg )
:D You're welcome! (btw, >>366 is me)
>> No. 378
>> No. 379
heard about this thread!
thanks for sharing and YOU ARE A CHAMP
>> No. 380
File 130000116514.jpg - (112.46KB , 940x850 , rainbow_into_space_by_cgeta-d3aufg7.jpg )
I know I'm late to this, but even if it never gets read I feel like I need to tell you how proud I am of you. I'm lucky enough to have avoided it, but I've watched too many people I know suffer through abusive relationships, whether with family or the people they were dating. I'm a pretty damn cynical person, but this makes me think that maybe, just maybe, there's some hope for the future.
>> No. 382
File 130000220638.gif - (268.25KB , 166x166 , 129883446098-faceplant.gif )
>> No. 383
File 130000228848.png - (722.76KB , 1366x768 , fluttershy cute.png )
mfw op is alpha pony
>> No. 384
File 130000302863.jpg - (188.64KB , 1258x599 , dickmovebro.jpg )
I'm not the guy that posted this (I was even a bit touched by the OP; good on you, brony!), but ffs you guys are banhappy.

(also hi from /furi/)
>> No. 385
File 130000387259.jpg - (30.27KB , 435x493 , 129945180193.jpg )
really? I had no idea somepony even posted that. well anyways to whoever posted it, I wish you good luck and hopefully you don't end up like I did, then again i'm a pathetic manchild so your already better off.

here are some hearts for you man
>> No. 386
I'm a little bewildered at the idea that removing purely negative influence from a heartwarming thread is "banhappy". Doesn't every website outside 4chan basically run on the principle of "don't be a tool"? If you want to be super internet hardcore, /b/ will welcome you with all the spite and ill will you could ever want.
>> No. 387
I doubt I could've done what you did OP. For what it's worth, you have my undying respect.
>> No. 388
all i can say, op, is that i love you. you are a god among bronies, and a perfect representation of the pureness of our group (excepting a certain type of brony, pic related)
>> No. 389
grr pic didn't show. it's what i get for posting from a ps3. link http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_8XlorG6n_cI/TTnMnGrMIOI/AAAAAAAAARE/h3OhKbc10f4/s1600/fs-morning-%2528n1295618946331%2529.png
>> No. 390
File 130000480761.jpg - (44.75KB , 300x170 , win_twilight-sparkle.jpg )
>> No. 391
Inspirational story, brother. Hope everything's working out for you now.
>> No. 392
File 130000654040.jpg - (23.00KB , 300x333 , yipyipyipyipyipuhhuhuhhuh.jpg )

Best thing I've seen all day. Shit like that takes some massive mental fortitude, stay awesome.
>> No. 393
Bro, you are officially awesome for putting up with all your dad's crap and telling peoplehow stuff can affect lives
>> No. 394
I know this is a happy ending, but as somepony whos had a similar experience growing up this is just depressing as shit for me.

But good for you, Im glad you were able to overcome.
>> No. 395
File 130000851457.png - (619.29KB , 2000x2300 , hand_me_downs_by_jakneurotic-d37q33y.png )
wanna hug that op.
>> No. 396
That was such an inspiring post. It reminded me of the emotional abuse I got from my dad as a kid (nowhere NEAR as bad as what u got). I wished i'd had a rainbow dash back then. I didn't get into ponies till 05 during the g3 line, but they saved my life then (long story). Kudos for you for your bravery, facing your fears, and extra kudos for getting Lauren to post as well. U rock!!!

~Delc17 on the mlptp
>> No. 397

Thanks to KYM user Nick DeVito for posting this.

Really emotionally touching story brony. I'm glad to hear that you managed to face your step-father so valiantly. I know that past issues tend to stick with everypony, but it is my belief and my hope that your display of courage will help you better overcome the lingering issues wrought by the abuse and move on to living a better, happier life.

I hope life holds a bright future for you!
>> No. 398
File 13000132202.jpg - (21.32KB , 504x305 , old_snake_salutes1.jpg )
I honestly don't really have words for this.
So here's a salute for you.
>> No. 399
File 130001451242.png - (190.98KB , 1000x800 , 1299955713205.png )
I could'nt respond correctly Yesterday because You just simply left me speachless OP.

I actually thought about whole thing over night a little and I still have nothing to say. So... If You are into guitar sounds go ahead and check this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znoIgkRxCwU&feature=related
I found it amazing and wanted to share.

Brony You are the man!
>> No. 400
File 130001538813.gif - (1.60MB , 760x700 , 1299476885198.gif )
OP you are an inspiration to us all, you overcame your demons and stayed strong in the face of fear, and for that I salute you and will try to live up to your example and stand up to some demons of my own. I wish you a life of happiness.

Rock on OP
>> No. 401
dear op,

though my own paternal issues are currently on hold, i do not doubt that your story will affect my future profoundly. thank you for having the courage not only to confront your fears, but to post about the difficult experience publicly.

dear denizens of /pony/,

your warm reception of the op has made me rethink my hasty and defensive decision to merely 'visit and quit it,' as it were. i may even considering eventually outing myself as a brony.
>> No. 402
I haven't so much as shed a tear in years..

You reached a deeply buried part of me Twi... thank you.
>> No. 403
File 130002309992.png - (109.74KB , 280x280 , 129944767325.png )
-clips this to my evernote-
> doesn't know where to put it, since mostly everything is schoolwork
>makes a new category
>labels it hope and brony optimism
>smile for the first time in weeks
>> No. 404
File 130002438388.png - (83.35KB , 230x268 , 129971681192.png )
OP, can I just say how amazing you are. Your story........ it was just so inspiring. Definitely made my day, neigh, my LIFE!

It is truly an honor to be a part of the same community as somepony of your epicness.

You are just awesome in every way :')
>> No. 405
OP...I don't know what to say. Your story of courage is simply amazing. It really is an inspiration to everypony going through hard times. I do not know you but you have my uttermost respect. Your life can only go in one direction: UP! And by your updates it's looking like it's doing exactly that.

Inspired by your story, I've decided that I'm going to carry a picture of my favourite pony in my wallet, and look at it whenever things are looking bleak.

God speed OP
>> No. 407
File 130003193332.jpg - (15.35KB , 320x260 , fluttershy posey.jpg )
Oh it's so cute can I keep it?
>> No. 408
File 130003199756.png - (17.43KB , 395x395 , Mendicant Bias.png )
inb4 ban

Sorry brony, too late. :p
>> No. 409
File 130003202774.jpg - (162.60KB , 700x700 , 129877969743.jpg )

i don't think you should, probably has a disease or somethin. wouldn't want you to get sick now!
>> No. 410
File 13000320336.png - (66.23KB , 150x150 , 129961960217.png )
thanks to watching MLP FiM I am trying to get over my shyness of people ... It still hard to talk to people but at least I am trying more now
>> No. 411
File 130003207250.gif - (939.32KB , 364x354 , whiteknight.gif )

D'aawwww, he thinks he's paraspriting.

Isn't that adorable.
>> No. 412
lol just spent the last 2 hrs reading EVERY post.
first read op and felt nervous aswell when reading about u goin into the restaraunt then heart beated fast when tellin him everything and then smiled at ending.

was goin through posts at first thinkin "i know there is going to be parasprite" but then rememberd this isnt 4chan as was seeing all the support then there was a parasprite or 3 but they got tolerated+loved+baned lol

then was cool watching ur confidence grow from practicaly 0 to over 9000!

(p.s. sorry my writing is non-sensicle and also was awesome when lauren posted)
>> No. 414
Careful or you'll get loved and friendshipped much like /tg/ ponychan isn't technically parasprite-able.
>> No. 415
File 130003316525.jpg - (77.98KB , 432x394 , derpy_hooves.jpg )
nice get.
also, ben?

if im wrong, apologies :P
>> No. 416
like a lot of people, you see a lot of stuff on the internet these days and how absolutely horrible people are to eachother anymore, it makes you lose hope in humanity.

this thread has given me hope that goodness still exists. oh god, what an awesome thing to be a part of! the support in this thread is just out of this world, remember this guys, i'd be sad to see this die.

OP, i can't even begin to fathom what you went through, but you faced your fears and got through it... you're awesome, and you've inspired me to be strong. thank you.
>> No. 417
OP... you... you are a brave pony... I'm almost crying reading your post...
>> No. 418
Hey, she's right you know? I think I, too, need a bit of Rainbow Dash in my pocket, you know, a bit of a pick-up when things aren't going too well.

Thanks, Lauren.
>> No. 419
I wish i was so calm when dealing with my demons.
Fukken saved, and i'll also print it and hang on my wall.
>> No. 420
This thread just warns me up, this site is so different from 4\chan, so little parasprites. I wish I faced allmy demons liek you though, when I faced my demons, I totally went ballistic, caused over $300 in damages and contracted PTSD for 3 days. But at least I got it over with nnonetheless. If I could meet you IRL, I'd give you a pat on the back for a job well done
>> No. 421
>mfw over 400 posts
>mfw im on my ipod and cant post mfw
>> No. 422
I am not Ben.
>> No. 423
op, not much I can add that hasn't been said already, but just wanted to say it was a very inspirational story
>> No. 425
File 130004194141.jpg - (7.45KB , 184x184 , 3c36d4884499b1239a2dc44829da5933033c7e53_full.jpg )
damm, this ended up being a total opposite-shitstorm in the end. A lovestorm if you will. ^^

Still a cool story, and im jelly of your RD toy.
>> No. 426
I bawwwwww'd. We love you, OP.
>> No. 427
File 130004328699.png - (406.01KB , 640x538 , photots.png )
Posting in a thread Lauren Faust posted in
>> No. 428
File 130004536829.png - (793.92KB , 640x1080 , WWRDD.png )
Sometimes everypony could use a little Rainbow Dash in their pocket.
>> No. 429
File 130004537479.png - (294.14KB , 656x537 , tolerate_and_love.png )

I think you underestimate your community's abilities to deal with such negativity! I mean, you're going to catch flak if you hang around the internet and talk about how much you love the ponies.

Honestly, ban whomever you want, but deleting the post too seems odd. From my perspective it seems like you're trying to whitewash the situation and pretend neighsayers don't exist, which doesn't seem like what you'd want to do. You also may be furthering the pony/antipony divide, but you may not care.

But I come from what's basically a furry /b/, and I don't hang around here (just saw this thread linked), so my opinion doesn't matter too much. Just wanted to throw a perspective out there.
>> No. 430
File 130004548182.jpg - (338.89KB , 945x945 , 1297191366276.jpg )
Seems like good things happen after all in this world. My heart is with you!
>> No. 431
File 130004588994.png - (62.05KB , 200x141 , Flutterdash_coloured-(n1296984970589).png )
Your welcome brony.

-Also, just thanks again OP for posting this. I... I just can't stop thinking about this. You've touched me inside, and it takes an awful lot of emotion to do that to me. Thank you for being so brave.
>> No. 432
I agree completely. Seems some people confuse "imageboard" with "4chan".
Not every imageboard need to be an unmoderated mess.
>> No. 433
File 130005086155.jpg - (18.05KB , 209x342 , aj11.jpg )
interesting story op
made me think about my life in a different way as well
thanks for sharing
>> No. 434
File 130005094012.jpg - (30.57KB , 639x361 , Celestia 2.jpg )
Does anypony else feel like Princess Celestia has blessed this thread?

Or rather, Princess Lauren? :)
>> No. 435
File 13000554673.jpg - (15.16KB , 300x425 , Charlie_Sheen_2jpg.jpg )
OP, You are winning.
>> No. 436
File 130005789125.jpg - (187.68KB , 1280x720 , 129961387844.jpg )
This thread summarises why I love you all so much.

I wish the best of luck to you OP.
>> No. 437
File 130005851566.png - (56.25KB , 319x274 , 129989215534.png )
So hearing all this inspirational stuff has finally gotten to me, and I'm taking life by the horn. I've started running (consistently) again, at least, every day since I read the thread, and I'm feeling good about life in general. Leave it to a friend to whip me back in line without even trying. Love you brony, in a ponyrrific way. :)
>> No. 438
Followed a link here having never heard of ponychan before. I am amazed, both by the OP and the sheer sense of love and acceptance the community here shows. I'm an incredibly bitter person sometimes, I admit. I don't like it, but I've just gotten so tired of the world we live in. You guys have shown me something I wasn't sure existed, a big group of people just being genuinely good to each other for no reason other than it's the right thing to do.. OP, I'm so proud of you. Bronies, thanks. I needed to see something like this very badly.
>> No. 439
File 130005903934.png - (202.68KB , 640x360 , 129947171469.png )

You're going to absolutely love it here, everypony is just so kind and happy. There's so much love, it's almost impossible to be in a bad mood after reading through the threads or talking here for a while. ^.^
>> No. 440
File 130005910712.png - (84.51KB , 456x355 , 129910661357.png )
Believe me, every single post on this thread i've read, even the ones made by the parasprites and thank you :)
fukken saved
thanks brony!
I hope you can have a brighter future too brony!

believe me brony, I never thought I would have seen him again, much less confront him and to be honest I hoped that it stays that way. regardless though i'm glad I did it, and when your time comes, I hope you manage to pull through it like i did :)
I don't know whether to say thanks to this...or what, but your welcome
lucky for me I understand what you meant, your welcome man
i can only smile at this post
I teared up a little at this post, hell I honestly tear up a little at every post, you guys are so awesome!
that sounds epic, though not sure what to think about it hehe
>> No. 441
File 130006062254.jpg - (26.13KB , 464x543 , 129924734739.jpg )
I was saying this for a while now lol, was thinking it more of a friendshipstorm :)
lets not forget about the other ponies guys, but yea rainbow is awesome!
I'm a bit confused honestly, why would you thank me for being brave? regardless of the answer, your welcome brony :)
Good luck to you to brony, also I've never seen this pic before. saved!
aww brony your welcome, seriously i'm glad you can get back to do something to better yourself :)
>> No. 442
File 130006096418.jpg - (126.32KB , 1100x1070 , 1299875026656.jpg )
Firstly, and most importantly; OP. Wow! This was the first thing I saw when I got on ponychan for the first time. Your experiences are eerily similar to my own, and I just want to tell you with all my heart how awesome it is that you found the courage to face him. I haven't yet and it gives me hope that I can someday be as brave as you were.

Secondly, everypony in this thread is fantastic! This is why I love MLP, it shows us a world where loving each other and being awesome is possible, so we work our hardest to bring as much of that world into our own! I'm generally slow to jump on the Fanwagon, but the community is unbelievably awesome here. I always have a smile on my face when I'm here.
>> No. 443
File 13000610032.png - (46.53KB , 224x224 , WeuuXD.png )
You know bronie? You make my day.

The world will be a better place if we all have the opportunity of having one 'Rainbow Dash' in our pockets who gives and reminds us that we need courage to live. Thank you ^^
>> No. 444
OP, you have achieved 120% coolness.
>> No. 445
I'm not a brony.

I don't watch the show. I've never seen it, despite the avalanche of happy fun sugar about it that I've heard all over the Net. I got linked to this thread from a furry porn board, of all places.

You, sir, are a motherfucker. Never let anypony tell you differently.

I couldn't have done what you did. If my father did half the things you talked about, I'd be sitting in a cell for the next ten thousand years because I would have cut his fucking throat right there in front of everypony.

Your father is a monster. You are a good person.

Horse. Creature.

>> No. 446

>> No. 447
Pretty darn cool
>> No. 448
File 130006360366.png - (19.54KB , 125x125 , Oqh3L.png )
I've been reading through a lot more of the posts that've cropped up here since I last replied and man.

I see post after post after post that's insanely happy, giddy, touched, or touching, and everypony's so supportive. I've known this about the pony community and how I love it so.

Then I see a post every now and then that's either a good ol' parasprite or somepony who truly, honestly, in a non-paraspriting way, has yet to understand what this community's all about. A lot of people still seem to think this is like 4chan, or a lot of other places on the internet, a lot of people seem to be unable to grasp that we're truly, *honestly* friendly and accepting and open here, and it's not irony, and it's not a big elaborate parasprite, and it's not anything anywhere near like that. This experience may be new to some of you, it may be really weird and hard to believe for some of you, but it's true. It's okay--come a little closer. Take off that coat of negativity and mistrust and come sit down. Believe it or not, you'll like it.

Also, again, OP, I, for one, even if absolutely no one else in this thread agreed (though luckily that's not at ALL the case), think you're awesome, and think the fact you found inspiration from a plastic pony and a song from a children's cartoon not only acceptable, but really great. People who think there's anything wrong with finding strength from sources like that are only fooling themselves--this thread itself is a testament to the kind of phenomenon this little pony show has brought about, it's somehow tugged at people's hearts enough that even people neck-deep in /b/'s attitude just weeks ago have become relaxed, happy and willing to make friends. There's zero shame in being inspired by it, the people writing those wonderful songs and designing these endearing characters are adults and the positive energy they instill is not to be underestimated.

When I get my hands on those mcd's toys, I'll carry Rainbow Dash in my pocket anytime I feel I'll need her, that much is for sure.
>> No. 449
Great job, OP. I must admit, Rainbow Dash makes me feel a little braver these days too. :)
>> No. 450
>we're truly, *honestly* friendly and accepting and open here

o rly? i've seen a lot of people claiming to be how you described it, but they only replaced the words hate and anger with love and friendship, instead of the emotions.

i am not friendly to everypony and i am fine with that. its just human to not to like everypony. i dont care if he or she likes ponies or not, thats does not determine him as a good, nice or friendly person.
>> No. 451
File 130006512264.jpg - (3.65KB , 84x161 , grim oh hai.jpg )
>> No. 452
File 130006522540.jpg - (136.44KB , 1920x1080 , My_Little_Pony_AMV_Epic_7_Artists_mp4_snapshot_01_.jpg )
Well. I read the angry or disbelieving posts and originally I got a little mad about them myself. But after awhile thinking about it, I realized something... normally, I'd be pretty skeptical too. It's not exactly hard to imagine somepony making something like this up. If you've seen people be horrible to each other for long enough, if you've seen them cynically use claims of their pain and hardship to get attention and support from others, well... after awhile in the internet trenches, cynicism comes naturally, trusting comes harder.

But the thing is... sometimes you've just got to decide to believe in something. You've got to tell your rational, cynical, nagging side to go sit in the corner because you're going to believe. (Oh lord, I hope this doesn't turn into a review of Feeling Pinkie Keen.) It's not so much about whether it's really believable, or demanding to know it's true... it's worth thinking it's true. You lose nothing believing it's true. Believing it's true makes the world feel a little better and brighter.

And maybe it's not your fault if you think it's strange or weird or unbelievable that a fully grown man would take inspiration from a children's show character and a silly little song. We're told as men growing up that we're supposed to take our inspiration from big tough dudes, that we're supposed to flex our muscles and bear up. Even the more sensitive modern man is supposed to bear up under the weight of his feelings alone, or only unburden himself to a single other person. But sometimes in life you need to take strength where you can find it... just like sometimes you need to take joy, comfort, and inspiration where you can find it. Rainbow Dash is a source of inspiration to her friends, somepony who stands for loyalty and strength and helps make them brave, like it did for Twilight Sparkle... and for TwilightSparkle.

Anyway. After all that tl;dr, I'll wrap up with saying that Ms. Lauren Faust, I hope you're proud of yourself.

You have every reason in the world to be. And this thread is proof of it.
>> No. 453
Nopony expects you to like everypony you meet. You're human, and thus imperfect, and that's fine. Some people are just plain mean and unlikeable. But we try. I'm still not very good at this whole "being open and kind" thing, but I'm working on it. And that's what this is about. Any large group of people is going to have some bad apples in it who just don't want to play nice. But that's okay. The rest of us will do our best to lead by example, and make everypony feel welcome. And of course you can be a good person without being active on this site. This just happens to be a place where they to hang out.
>> No. 454
>Any large group of people is going to have some bad apples in it who just don't want to play nice

>play nice

and thats the point. playing nice means not being nice, while a nice person may have to play nice sometimes i mean people who do it all the time.
>> No. 455
I meant "play nice" as in "play with others nicely", but I take your point. But the thing is, I don't care. There are bad people out there, and there are good people who just aren't that great at being nice (like myself, or at least I think so), but what sets us apart is that we try. There are some bad people, but the rest of us do our best. This isn't a place full of perfect angels, but it is a pretty kind and accepting place. I choose to take what I can get.
>> No. 456
got nothing to add to that.

my comments were partly meant to OPs story, so i didnt mean everything to this place specifically.
>> No. 458
It's possible. But I would much rather try to be nice maybe help somepony out than avoid stroking some /b/tard's ego.
>> No. 459
good point, and it may also be that I am overly cynical from having hanging out in a community of the worst oldschool /b/tard parasprites for years.
>> No. 460

OP, I'm speechless.

You're possibly the bravest person I have ever met, even if I really didn't meet you.

Hat's off to you.
>> No. 461
Reading this made me realize how petty all of the problems in my life are right now. What a truly brave pony you are! I hope everything in your life is smooth sailing from here on out. <3
>> No. 462
File 130007151217.jpg - (89.32KB , 570x402 , Applejack.jpg )
Just replying again that I'm glad u enjoyed my post op and once again, how awesome the response from 99% of the bronies have been. Good work all. Hopefully this thread changed some peoples lives. This thread made me become a fan of ponychan and I mean to stick around as long as possible
>> No. 463
I'm not even half way through the topic and I feel the need to respond. As another 21 year old male with an abusive father, I feel extreme amounts of empathy towards you. I know how much hell it is to have your father as the demon of your past, and all I have to say is good on you.

Good on you. It takes an incredible amount of courage and strength to stand up to the object of your nightmares and you did it. Be proud, just like the ponies in this topic are of you. You're incredible. Fantastic job.
>> No. 464
I made a few negative responses as anon a bit ago and thought about it and decided to retract those. I can relate to you OP, where as my dad was not a drunk or physically abusive he was mentally abusive (it's a hard concept to describe, it isn't just that he scolded me a lot like some people seem to think) and have many times in my adult years wanted to tell him just how he made me feel but have never had the courage to do so. You have a lot more courage than most people OP.
>> No. 465
Wow I'm speechless, I'm sorry what you've gone through. I'd give you a big pony hug if I could. Stay strong cause the worst is over.
>> No. 466
God, I hate reading inspiring stories like this because they inspire me, but I have nothing similar that I need to do.
Then I feel bad because I can't be like you.
I mean, I don't hate them at all, I'm just saying that because I'm jealous.
This was a beautiful, heartbreaking story.
If I wasn't distracted by my headache, and if I didn't know that crying would make it even worse, then..well, yeah. I'd be crying like a bitch.
<3, OP.
>> No. 467
I can't say I know how you feel, but I hope someday you can hear your stepdad sincerely apologize in tears for how much of an asshole he was, and that you can someday forgive him so that you can move on and look back on it with something other than hate. But in any case, props for your courage brony, I doubt anypony could have done better in you situation.
>> No. 468
You know, I'm all for forgiveness, but some things are beyond that.
Personally, I'd settle for simply accepting, dealing with, and moving on.
>> No. 470
Really? There are some bad seeds here and there, like I said, as with any community, no matter what. But it really IS a lot more friendly here--you can actually make posts, like, say, this one, and get support instead of just laughed out of the room. There are whole huge posts that are basically just people being good to each other. Sure, whether somepony's good or not has nothing to do with ponies, and not every single person who likes ponies is friendly or good, but the large majority really are. I'm sorry you two haven't seemed to notice that yet.

The whole thing that makes the pony community so popular and thrive is the friendliness of the people--they've realized they like something nice and innocent for once, and it seems to melt a lot of people's hearts. Sure, it's not technically a requirement for being around, but it's a very big draw for wanting to be a part of such a community, besides just 'liking the show'. Regardless of what you guys say, I fully stand by my original statement-- and I hope sincerely that not so many people come in thinking the way you do that the community just recedes into "just any other community on the internet".

Likewise, I hope you guys can see more of the good than you apparently have, and your opinions change a little.
>> No. 471
File 130009390126.png - (538.27KB , 1366x2659 , epic brony courage.png )
Thanks for sharing OP. Your story really hit home with me because I have an emotionally and verbally abuse father. Unfortunately, my mother won't be separating from him so my mother, sister, and I will have to deal with him for however much longer he's around. Still, if an opportunity to confront him ever presents itself, I'll remember your story to help me know that others have braved through a similar situation and that I have enough strength to do so as well.

Also, here's a little pic I threw together real quick to remember this thread and help commemorate it. Thanks again for opening up to us OP.
>> No. 472
Its a male targeted show.

it display the ideal actitudes of ideal girls.

i love it
>> No. 473
You're brave as all hell doing what you did. Good on you.
>> No. 475
Most of the shows hardcore fans may be men, but it's still watched by far more little girls, and we're probably still not generating even 1% of the income (viewer count and toy sales) from bronies. I haven't seen any ratings or viewing figures, but I don't believe for one second that we outnumber the target audience.
But we ARE the only fanbase that takes our fandom to the next level. I mean, girls might like the show and buy the toys. We like the show, buy the toys, and spend every single moment awake talking about it :-)
>> No. 476
Brohoof through the internet brony. Kudos for standing firm all this time. :)
>> No. 479
File 130011603230.jpg - (27.12KB , 500x282 , noneofyourshit.jpg )
>> No. 480
File 130011677786.gif - (366.91KB , 400x257 , 129953710471.gif )
>> No. 481
File 130011698754.jpg - (51.82KB , 640x360 , condemmed.jpg )
Finally get to use this pic
>> No. 482

I dunno man, remember that this show is on the Hub when little girls ought to be in school. Meanwhile bronies are watching over youtube from all corners of the globe. Little girls only have pester-power - they can only really get MLP stuff if their parents buy it.

Many bronies OTOH are in their 20s and have disposable incomes. Combine that with obsessive personalities and I bet you could do some decent merchandise sales. However, there are many many young women who grew up with the original MLP and remain "hardcore collectors" so we're probably outnumbered by them in terms of sales. If/when Hasbro starts to sell the FiM stuff officially outside the USA then I bet there will be a remarkable brony component to their sales figures.

I can already imagine it, a little girl is begging her parents:

Girl: "mommy. I wanna pony!"

Mom: "Which one dear? You have to choose one."

Girl: "But mommy, can't I buy one of each like that man over there?"

*Little girl points over at me with a shopping cart full of ponies...*
>> No. 483
File 130012021785.gif - (66.08KB , 360x360 , 1298522784965.gif )
That was an amazing story OP, you truley have guts and the courage to do such a thing c':
Holy shit, It's really Lauren =D Thank you so much for what you do with the show! We love you <3
>> No. 484

Plenty of older women love the show and ship everyone in it, they're just pretty scared of chan communities. ;)

OP, I'm so glad this show has helped you out. All my love sweetie. <3
>> No. 485
File 130012395318.png - (353.05KB , 1600x900 , the_pony_queen____by_shelltoontv-d35r9t9.png )
if/when the time comes, I honestly hope you can get passed it autumn, I really do, thank you and I wish you luck in life brony :)
I would also love to see people walking around with rainbow dash, or whatever their favorite pony is, if it helps them get through their day. Thank you sigmund :)
thanks brony :)
believe me nonbrony, I never thought I would pull it off, for so many years the only thing on my mind was to go over there and beat him with a baseball bat in his sleep, run him over with a car, or slit his throat. the first couple years after we finally left were all that was on my mind, and all that I could dream about. even now I don't know why I didn't jab him in the neck with the knife i was eating with at the restaurant.
Thank you, your post means alot especially since your not even into the show.
This, thank you!
believe me when I say this, but after reading 1-2 other posts from the parasprites, that if someone were telling me this, i'd also have a hard time believing them, especially since i'm all about proof and evidence since i'm a science major. Other than posting the bastards facebook (which wouldn't work anyway since you'd think I grabbed a random person's FB to justify it) the only other option is to have a projector of my mind so I can show you the visualization of the memories.
when your younger you take comfort in a favorite blanket, or stuffed animal. some have even become staples like a lucky rabbit's foot or a 4 leaf clover. if we can take any of these things into consideration as something to help us feel better, than why not MLP?
wonder what this is about
thank you brony :)
so do I brony, and I hope you can get through your problems too
as always, thank you del17
thanks alot brony, I'm not sure if you dealt with your father yet or not, but if you haven't I wish you luck whether or not it happens. Thank you
honestly, thank you. I don't know why you posted those things (if it even was you) but thank you for taking them back. seriously, I never would have thought that someone would post shit like that and then turn around and apologize. you just did a princess luna moment brony :)
Honestly I don't care anymore, whether I forgive him or not...I don't know. He may be sorry but after essentially fucking up my childhood, and partly fucking up the rest of my life, It's really hard to consider. the only thing I can ever thank him for and I don't even know whether to consider it thanks, Is what kind of man to not become.
thank you brony, so damn saved. I might print it out and frame it somewhere.
believe me, I have not been friendly to everypony I meet. normally I stay in the corner and try to not be friends with anyone, and you know what I hate it. after watching my little pony and especially after watching the friendship forever video, what I want more than anything in the world are friends. The one thing I've never been able to keep for a signifigant amount of time and in the way twilight has, I want. So i've been acting as friendly as possible to anyone I meet. There have been a few people that are in some way or another less inclined to be friends with, but damn it constantly trying to figure out whether or not you want to be friends with someone or considering what they have to offer fucking sucks. If they turn out to be a bad person well then obviously get out of the situation ya know?
>> No. 486
File 130012412939.jpg - (183.86KB , 700x700 , indexCACKQICM.jpg )
We all have courage deep down inside. Sometimes it just takes a rock to steady yourself & bring it out.
>> No. 487
File 130012475888.jpg - (183.24KB , 600x583 , indexCAOUB18H.jpg )
...or in this case, a pony or two.
>> No. 488
File 130012505224.jpg - (89.32KB , 570x402 , Aj.jpg )
Hey twilight, i sent ya a friend request on msn, I hope. Would like to chat sometime if it's ok with ya
>> No. 489
Even though your father apparently realized what an asshole he's been to you (understatement of the year), I hope that this really hit him, right in the chest. Hard. I hope you got the closure you needed from this experience and that you now can finally put this dreadful past behind you. You are a brave man, and for what it's worth, I look up to your courage to stand up to such a great fear and your courage to post this on a -chan.

Either way, it shouldn't be bugging you. You did a great thing and there's nothing to be ashamed of with that. I know that it's hard and that your social skills might not live to come over this childhood trauma, but your past made you who you are now and that's what you're going to have to live with from now on (inb4 some other drastic, life-changing event occurs for you in the future). I myself am as socially insecure as can be, as well because of a mental disability and a dark past, but I now have a bunch of great friends I can rely on and have fun with, and I hope that is/will be the same for you.

Because that's what you live for. To have a reason to love life; to have fun. And no fun can be found in such a dark past. Your father committed a crime against humanity; against you. In my opinion that's unforgivable. The best thing your father can do in this case is letting know he's sincerely sorry and then disappear from your life. His presence would only pressure you and you'd relive bad memories and that's the last thing you want.

Either way, I salute you! The best of luck with life and may your Rainbow Dash guardian spirit and the other ponies be with you, for all of eternity...
>> No. 490

Oh and also capped for future ponies =)
>> No. 497
added talk to you when I have time
>> No. 498
You've come to the heart of it, I think. FiM lets people be secure in expressing their better natures. It's kind of like the anti-/b/.
>> No. 610
File 130017316950.png - (285.28KB , 550x610 , YEEAAAAHH flying colors.png )
Just made this. Credit goes to >>20
>> No. 896
Just... wow. I teared up while reading this. You, sir, are a freakin' legend.

I will never look at Rainbow Dash the same way ever again.
>> No. 898
This Roy makes me wanna have a macdonalds pony toy and stuff it in my pocket(because most hasbro toys get da color wrong or do random as background ponies that aren't even derpy or doc whoof) but sadly MLP hasn't come to where I live yet. OH WELL BRONIES 4EVA!!!!!1!1!1!!!
>> No. 899
Someone needs a banning.
>> No. 900
This is awesome. :)
>> No. 901
File 13002103135.png - (521.96KB , 964x587 , TakeThis3.png )
>"If anything, the OP is an attention whore. Look at all that shit. What could he possibly expect would happen here? I mean he already helped himself, and any additional help ain't gonna come from me, I'm not a goddamn psychologist and neither are you, same goes for anypony else in this thread. OP is a total pony, if anything I'll cut him some slack because when your emotions are all fucked up you tend to have impaired judgment. Not going to argue that it's easy to try and wait to cool down, but still."

Sometimes people just need positive attention and asking for it when you need it is no fucking shame. The attention I've seen in this thread is sparked because people feel for him and support him, not because he fucking paid them.

If you don't realize what this all means than what the hell are you doing on a FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC fanboard.

@OP: haters gonna hate. You're not sissy, you're a freaking champ. *brohoof*
>> No. 902

You simply changed the life of so much people with this; at least for me; you're technically a hero ^^
>> No. 905
This whole thread just makes me so proud to be a Brony. The fact that one show has brought as all together like this is just inspiring.
>> No. 906
File 130023318076.png - (161.39KB , 486x486 , 129988964534.png )
Read this a few days ago. Stay strong.
>> No. 907
Oh, this is where it went. I was worried when I couldn't find this post again. This story really moved me. Hopefully we can all learn to face our fears, even when it seems like we can't :)
>> No. 909
File 130024841127.jpg - (7.44KB , 183x185 , courage.jpg )

This is one inspirational message I won't ever forget.

I plan on copying your message, and keeping it on my computers for years to come.

Because sometimes you need that little boost to get through the troubles of life, and this is one of those pick-me-ups that I will probably use down the line.

I am proud of you for standing up to your greatest fear. That is an achievement in itself. The pony is just a plus. :P

The fact that Lauren Faust herself commented shows how powerful your message is to others. I know I won't forget it, and I'm sure others won't either.

Be proud of what you have done here, and continue to giggle at the ghosties. :)
>> No. 910



OP, you are an inspiration to me. I too had an abusive stepfather, and unfortunately I've never had the chance to confront him and tell him exactly what I think of him. Not because I am afraid to, but because he completely disappeared off the face of the earth when my mother divorced him.

I commend you for standing up to somepony who hurt you so badly, especially when you were so afraid.
>> No. 911
File 130025215469.jpg - (120.22KB , 600x600 , 1298780022766.jpg )
I want to hug you.

the creator...
>> No. 912
I'm proud to be the same species as you, brony.
>> No. 914

I posted this on GivesMeHope.


It's bound to be in there somewhere. If it is, vote yes so that it gets published on GMH!
>> No. 915
I don't think I can say anything that hasn't already been said by most of these people. I can't crack a joke at that, even if I tried. (Don't take it the wrong way.)

All I can think about is my friend Chris, who goes though this sort of shit everyday. Guy's 20 years old, has little to his name, no place to go, and he's still at the mercy of a psychotic stepfather. So I can feel for ya, despite having lived a pretty uneventful life.

I don't know what else to say. I want to comment on the MLP aspect of this story, but it's something that as I type this I try to comprehend. I guess for now I'll remain silent, but I'll keep this story in the back of my mind.
>> No. 917
W-wow you are the most brave brony i've probably seen. You are awesome.
>> No. 919
File 130030325937.png - (123.61KB , 342x295 , trixie happy.png )
>mfw I saw this when it had only a couple of responses, and now it has many, as it should

Congrats, brony!
>> No. 920
Good job, brony. You're inspiration to us all. I just started crying while my friends were playing Call of Duty. And I'm a 14 year old male.
>> No. 925
File 130041490580.png - (109.74KB , 280x280 , 129966018528.png )
Well bronies, It looks like this thread has finally reached it's stop. I'm still having some lingering problems since then but i'm not sure whether I want to waste you guy's time.
Thanks so much for taking the time to read my story and get to know about my history, and in doing so I hope it will affect you and inspire you with your own lives :). You guys are simply the best! I have read and I will cherish every single post on this thread, even the ones made by the parasprites. Thank you again everypony for making me feel welcome in a time where I felt like a nopony. Thank you so much!
>> No. 1026
Got linked here from a thread elsewhere. There were manly tears, as my father left when I was five.

Fucker said he was going to get a haircut at some ridiculous hour of the morning, and looking back he had a history of emotionally abusing my mother and I. There was court-ordered visitation for a few years - at my mother's insistence mind you, he didn't want anything to do with me - then we gradually fell out of contact about ten years ago, the only contact between us being a phone call from him every Christmas that I never answered. Just last year, I called my father back and told him over the phone to never contact me again. Doing that wrecked my shit for the rest of the week, and I can't imagine seeing the bastard in person without the urge to violate every orifice of his body with broken glass and rock salt.

OP, you may be younger than I am by five years, but you're a far braver man than I.
>> No. 2520
File 130068946389.jpg - (9.24KB , 171x232 , 1297506837986.jpg )
just read this whole thread in one sitting.



>> No. 2769
I tried to, but I tear up everytime :)
>> No. 2785
File 130081225396.jpg - (20.08KB , 449x339 , 130076377649.jpg )
>Finally notice theres an archive
>see this thread
>Mfw I read it all in one sitting
Amazing job OP, this story seems to have inspired several to stand up to their own fears and problems in life.
>> No. 2786
You sir are awesome
>> No. 3222
File 130094583301.png - (407.33KB , 1024x576 , HeroOfPonyville.png )
You truly, truly are a champ and this thread has shown me just how supportive and wonderful this community is. I wish you the best of luck from here on in. I don't even know you, but I love you nonetheless. What a great feeling.
--an ex-/b/tard of less than a month
>> No. 3223
File 130097526547.jpg - (141.53KB , 444x444 , mlp pinkie everything.jpg )
you are awsome OP
>> No. 3410
File 130110227290.png - (258.08KB , 800x638 , Ponywoohoo.png )
A little late to the party, I know, but I want to see that you're awesome, OP. You are a MAN for doing this.
>> No. 3496

You are an awesome person. I got linked here from a TVtropes forum.

Real men don't worry about being real men. You are a real man.
>> No. 4180
...You are simply glorious.

I am SO bookmarking this. There are some people I know who REALLY need to read this.
>> No. 4182
Absolutely amazing. I've never heard anything like this before.

You definitely deserve to be post No. 1. ^^
>> No. 4561
Guess what? Today I was at the psychologist, and what I wanted to get off my chest was me getting bullied in school because I'm bi. (Actually, they call me "pony", but as an insult, and I'm not out to the school, but they (correctly) think I'm not straight.) I have only come out to my then 11-year-old brother and my mom before this. I knew I was gonna have to say the words "I'm bi" to somepony not in my family for the first time ever. Before I entered the room, I was nervous as hell. I didn't know if I could do it, but then I remembered what OP did. So, I imagined that I had a pocket-sized Rainbow Dash toy and squeezed "it" just before I went into the room.

Guess what?

Yes, that's right - I came out to my psychologist.

OP, I sincerely thank you - I couldn't have done this without you. :)
>> No. 5666
File 130133056574.png - (75.95KB , 940x818 , 130013768050.png )
>MFW I come back from vacation and there are still people posting in this thread. Brought proudness tears to my eyes. I love you guys, I really do.

it's the greatest feeling brony, it really is
thank you :)
I love you too brony, good luck in life!
even to this day I question this, never have I thought that I was a real man, regardless of age. It was one of the big questions I always asked myself was when I would become a man and people would recognize me as such, thanks guys
I'm thinking of grabbing this and printing it, and then posting it somewhere on campus to see if it inspires other people's lives even those that don't know anything about ponies
I didn't even realize I was post no.1, this brought a smile to my face, thanks for pointing this out to me
Effercon, reading this made me bawww a little, I'm really glad and honored that my story helped you get your secret out!
>> No. 5781
File 130137054581.png - (51.20KB , 200x175 , 130128918324.png )
OP, I love you... I think we all do... 20 year old male here who would bro-hoof you but thinks a nice hug would do the trick better
>> No. 6198
File 130138922057.png - (144.62KB , 475x797 , 1301385845098.png )
I cried a little.
I need a rainbow dash toy to hold when I have to face fears now.
>> No. 6199
First time posting in Ponychan.

This story made me cry. I've had a similar past and gah..This story just struck my heart...It's hard to put into words. But I want nothing more than to have one of the ponies as a symbol of courage.
>> No. 6200
agree totally...brohoof & hug @ OP
>> No. 6202
Woah...Lauren Faust...thats crazy
>> No. 6284
This is the kind of story that makes me just want to hug you. My half-sister is going through a similar situation and I swear I just baww'd a little inside.

+1 internet for you, sir, and well done.
>> No. 6652
I hope your stepdad finds you and beats the living shit out of you. I really do.
>> No. 6653
>> No. 6654
File 130149463100.jpg - (8.42KB , 232x217 , 16.jpg )
< This is you. You, sir, are amazing. I would post a pic of Rarity clapping but I don't have one :( IMAGINE RARITY DOING THE "I AM PROUD" FACE, BECAUSE, OP, I AM PROUD. You represent everypony here with your awesomeness.
On a more serious note, I really hope your life gets at least a little better now :)
>> No. 6662
won't lie, can't say i can relate, even slightly, however i've downloaded this whole page to keep

i offer hugs, love, hope, luck, friendship and magic, and maybe some bonus items :)
>> No. 6663
File 130150046715.png - (109.74KB , 280x280 , 129966018528.png )
He did find me and as scary as it was, I got in his face and beat the shit out of him with words, calm and collected.

>mfw I read this post
>> No. 6674
I'm really proud of you! This is such an inspirational and brave story.
>> No. 6691
File 130158556073.png - (111.81KB , 960x540 , efesfsazffsfedesfa.png )
>> No. 7649
File 130160100439.png - (43.51KB , 960x540 , pony.png )
>> No. 7654
File 130162175139.png - (36.15KB , 182x183 , 130015650840.png )
what are these?
>> No. 7660
File 130178374323.jpg - (122.97KB , 674x520 , lunasad.jpg )
OP... you wouldn't mind adding me on msn, would you? I'd pretty much really appreciate somepony to talk to right now (related issues). Link's in my name...
>> No. 7661
not at all brony
>> No. 7662
File 130179065779.png - (109.74KB , 280x280 , 129966018528.png )
added you on msn whenever you wanna talk
>> No. 7664
*hugs tight* I don't know you, but I'm proud of you nonetheless. What you did takes guts, and there is nothing wrong with using something like a toy as support.
>> No. 7665
That was very brave, Kudos to you ^^
>> No. 7666
File 130189618960.png - (109.74KB , 280x280 , 129966018528.png )
I decided to reread the thread and got to about 12 posts in before I started crying happiness tears. There is so much support in this thread....I can't believe I never looked at the names of ponies that posted in this. I see them all the time in the other boards! I just wanted to say thank you guys very much for everything, seriously, my life improved so much from all this. I take every single one of these comments to heart. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

kind of a ramble but damn it i'm happy and barely awake typing this, i need to go to bed :)
>> No. 8095
Your OP was one of the first posts I really remember reading here. I don't think i had a tripcode/name figured out then, but this thread is one of the most inspirational and memorable things about this website.
>> No. 8540
File 130194849250.jpg - (142.68KB , 534x270 , honestyandlaughter.jpg )
You represent the spirits of honesty and laughter!
>> No. 8983
I know this is old, in archive and you probably won't read this, OP.

I didn't even know this site existed until I was linked to this thread just then. I have never even watched MLP, and normally, I would never respond with anything to a thread in this context...

But god damn, OP, you are the man, and don't stop here; use that MOTHERFUCKING WILLPOWER to do great things, and walk proud, knowing that you have given others a little hope.

>> No. 9117
File 130216108012.jpg - (191.27KB , 605x461 , All your___.jpg )
You're the hero this city deserves OP, good on ya'
>> No. 9128
you might not think so but I check this thread everyday. It fills up my happiness meter. Also i'm glad my post got you into MLP (if it did) and thank you for your comment :)

thanks guys!
>> No. 10060
I just read your story again OP
You are a hero and an inspiration to us all.

God bless you brave sir.
>> No. 11901
File 130258728815.png - (146.49KB , 450x450 , GODDAM PONY.png )
Brave one, let Derpy treat you to a cupcake
>> No. 12617
I love you bro. I can't even start to imagine how much bravery it must have taken. I am so sorry that happened. I can't help but admire how close we become as bronies. I feel as if my family grows each day I come on here.
>> No. 12619
oh god this story just about made me tear up

I can relate in a way (although there was no physical abuse in my situation, just an alcoholic dad and some verbal stuff) and it's great people on here have the trust to post stuff like this.
>> No. 12621
File 130284081495.png - (258.14KB , 1900x1916 , 130241717983.png )
Aaaaw OP :/
>> No. 12626
Inspiring story and it's inspiring what you did. Thank you for sharing and I wish you all the best.

I have never experienced what you have gone through but I admire your ability to stand by your feelings, express them and show others the truth.
I'm a 21 year old male myself and the way you held onto that toy figurine and the song brought a teary-eyed smile to my face.

Thank you.
>> No. 12872
Jabrony salutes you sir.
>> No. 15071
OP, you are a fucking champion. Your stepdad is a horrible person, and I hope he commits suicide after reflecting on what he's done to you and your family. He is a piece of shit and removing himself from the earth is the only decent thing he can do. You should check the obituaries if he lives in your area so you can go and shit on his grave.
>> No. 15229
Mind blown. Twice.
>> No. 15509
At first I've thought this exact thought before. Every once in a while even now I think this. I don't know if it's wrong to or not, sometimes I feel like I should just ignore it, but thats easier said than done
>> No. 16451
File 130322502986.png - (57.07KB , 244x248 , Sad Dash (3).png )
Just woke up from a dream in which I was standing up and telling my abusive former step-father exactly what he did to my childhood and exactly why he should be ashamed of himself. The whole time that I was talking I was picturing you and your Rainbow Dash, and it helped me get through saying everything I needed to say. Except then I woke up right after I had finished.

>> No. 16945
use that hawkeye, use that to help you get through it. If you wanna talk about it you can add me to msn brony
>> No. 17339
I was just looking up some Random MLP Fan Sites and One was about the Ponies’ Theme Songs (And I Lost said Site, too! :( ), Rainbow Dash being my Fav, I Look at the Song they chose for her (Stratovarius – Eagleheart), and then I see This Site on your Story while Listening to the Song, I wanted to Cry so badly, while Exploding with the Sonic Rainboom Worthy Epicness of your Story!

My own Mother had an Abusive Father and even though I Didn’t Know him Personally, I’ve met him, and even though After Hearing All the Stories of what he did and Hated him for it, I would never be the one to Tell him Off like you did.

Not Knowing ya and for what it’s worth, the Highest Props to ya! :D

*Reads Story Again While Listening To http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCnn7WEQIDI*
>> No. 17342
File 130351559926.jpg - (191.18KB , 632x344 , poni love.jpg )
Hey TwilightSpark1e, I saw your thread on /pony/ and had a reply, but the thread disappeared in between me viewing it and finishing my reply. So I'm leaving it here for you.

Sorry that you're still having troubles, but it's fantastic that you're getting help. So many people would wait until they have a major breakdown to talk to a professional. It takes courage to admit you need help and I'm glad to hear that you found a therapist who's considerate and helpful. Thank you for sharing your story and showing us just how healing this show and community can be.
>> No. 17343
put a smile on my face, thanks alot page turner :)
>> No. 17344
>>610 Bravo! do not know if directed correctly. btw im new!
>> No. 18702
File 130366295658.png - (84.96KB , 309x303 , 130041859483.png )
Wow, OP. You are one of the bravest people I know, and I don't even know you. My girlfriend had the same type of stepfather you had: He beat her and he beat her mother. She's had flashbacks to when he beat her, and she's been emotionally crippled since then. And her current stepfather is emotionally and verbally abusive to her.

I'm going to show her your story and hope it brings her solace that others have gone through the same thing and shown so much courage. Your story is truly inspirational.

mfw I realize how this is the greatest online community/fandom on the entire Internet.
>> No. 18704
Although I only found this thread today through Equestria Daily, I have to say that this is one of the most inspirational stories I've ever read.
OP, I don't believe that I could have ever brought up the amount of courage neccesary for what you did, and I truly look up to you for that.

You've faced your fears like a proud brony. You truly deserve the Champ Stamp given to your post. If I was able to, I'd give you another one!
>> No. 18707
Wow man... that was fucking amazing.

Incredibly inspirational, you're a goddamn hero.
>> No. 19082
Hat's off to you OP. You, my friend, are a fucking BAWSS
>> No. 19121
File 130370765737.jpg - (9.64KB , 300x168 , Brohoof.jpg )

Thanks, Twilight. Your story has been both positive and challenging, and I think about it...quite regularly. It has stirred up something inside of me. Ultimately we will be okay, because we have love and kindness and a dedication to further ourselves as human beings. And hey, we're all dealt shitty cards of some sort or another eventually!

It's an honor to call you brony.
>> No. 20060
File 130379294025.jpg - (16.86KB , 150x133 , 296420.jpg )
you are awesome, brave, Brony, man!
you are a example to people that can't handle their emotions, and could finish in bad ways.
you rock!!!
>> No. 20070
File 130385468999.gif - (307.35KB , 200x200 , 130300913732.gif )
This was the best thing I've ever read!

>mfw reading this
>> No. 20087
File 130388485397.png - (102.83KB , 800x595 , 130386510276.png )
i can relate to that. my father is a abusive drunk. he left a softball sized bruise about where my right kidney is in January. i finally had enough and found my way back to mom's i haven't spoken to him sense.

OP, i wished i had that kind of strength i want to say what i feel to his face so badly it hurts but just something holds me back...
>> No. 23211
File 130404113305.jpg - (168.74KB , 500x500 , 129901198933.jpg )
I hope she feels alot better knowing other people have gone through the same thing and overcome. I really hope she finds a way out of her situation, i'm rooting for her :)

I know that feel. That mixture of rage, and fear. most of all the fear. That held me back for years, so don't let it come as a surprise, it was hard for me too. the only thing I can tell you is to do the thing you feel is right brony. hell maybe, your not ready to confront him, it took me years to do it, and even when I did I lost it. just be careful and stay strong narf, Good luck to you!
>> No. 23238
File 130404896695.jpg - (100.66KB , 945x945 , 1303614208041.jpg )
that's exactly it...thanks twilight.
>> No. 27167
it's been a while, but no problem brony :)
>> No. 27248
>mfw I only just realised that's a .gif
>> No. 28450
I look up to the OP now after reading this.
>> No. 2483310
Wow, I never cry and your story touched me. I really think this show works miracles. I grew up with a nice home life, so I can never know what it's like to go through something like this, but I spent the past few summers working at a summer camp for children from broken homes across Iowa. I've herd a lot of stories from these kids about their home lives, but yours hit me harder than any of their stories. The world needs more people like you. That would have taken a lot of willpower to pull something like that off. I don't think I could've done it.
>> No. 2483312
It extremely motivating to hear your story, and I mean it. For a long time, I have found it difficult to stand up against what I am afraid of, and it's something I want to change. Even though my fears and my challenges are never going to be the same as yours, from facing your stepfather to deciding what career is best for you. Your story has inspired me and motivated me to not be afraid and really fight for myself and for those I care about. I also worked at the camp Carl Sagan mentioned and have met children who have faced this same thing and some who still do. It brings me joy that I can share stories of strength and the will to do what is best for you, even if those around you didn't make the same choice. I thank you for posting this story, and I also thank you for the motivation you brought me to do what I need to do in my own life. You are a good person and deserve the best. Keep looking up, even when things seem tough!
>> No. 2483315
File 130578306994.png - (272.23KB , 719x719 , 130048021999.png )
If there was a camp like that here I'd love to work there, I really would, as a matter of fact i'm going to start looking. Also the very fact that both of you work at these camps is inspiring and motivating in itself. your willing to put your time out to help other kids when they're going through their situations.
I'm also glad to know your guys are so motivated by my story :)

>mfw after all this time it's still on the front page of arch, it puts a huge smile on my face and I shed a few tears seeing that
>> No. 2483316
Well, if you live in Iowa or are willing to travel, here's the website: http://www.wildwoodhillsranch.com/. It's a Christian camp, but they aren't too preachy. I might be able to arrange a visit if you wanted to check it out (no pressure). If you're interested, my emails in the name.
>> No. 2483317

Carl Sagan is correct. It's a Christian camp, and it's a great place. I can't even tell you how much I've learned about life and living from the campers we've had. Year after year, there is a new story that just blows me away. It leaves me thinking, "How on earth does stuff like this happen?" It completely baffles me as to why these things happen, but I will never understand this. I can, however, try to learn from these situations and teach others that this sort of behavior is not okay. And for those who deal with it, I try to help them see that this is not how things should be, and if you make it through this and learn to live and be free, life is yours. You are free to live and enjoy everything. If they can make it through such situations, challenges will be a breeze for them. They will see that there are always good things to be found, even when life seems quite crappy.
>> No. 2483319
File 130579275677.jpg - (7.43KB , 204x204 , Balls of steel.jpg )

< your cutie mark. I got no words, just respect.
>> No. 2483320
File 130579918110.jpg - (94.34KB , 929x1000 , 79122112c7cb324195529b8fe025efbb.jpg )
You're a champ, twilightspark1e. I'm really proud of you, for doing what you did and the long journey you went on to get there. I'm so proud of you for getting help and growing strong and finally using the pony to strengthen you.
Me sooo proud and admiration. xoxoxo
>> No. 2483322
File 130582561641.png - (102.83KB , 800x595 , 130522540399.png )
I commend you. I really do... My father was very much the same way. Even now he tries to get back into my brothers and I's lives, but all he does is lie about all the beatings...everything actually... We never called the cops because we were so afraid for our lives all those year ago. I was glad the day they go a divorce, as it meant the end to the violence... He completely disowns me, but not my brother, he refuses to take a DNA test, but with all the things he's done, I could care less...

I'm glad that you had the strength at that moment to confront him. Just know that you are not alone. I came out about my own problems with my dad yesterday and it's good to know, for myself, that their are others who share the same sentiments.

*Just realizes I read the whole thing while listening to a remix of Giggle at the Ghostie on infinitelooper...*

>> No. 2483323
File 130583722135.png - (116.23KB , 611x695 , Capture.png )

You did good.
>> No. 2483365
File 130612375251.png - (81.14KB , 450x600 , 130596771520.png )
your amazing OP... I am having lots of issues with my dad and i could probably never do anything as brave as what you have done. You should feel good
and always feel good
*brony hug*
>> No. 2483367
Reading through this thread I just had a huge smile on my face from your amazing story and the massive amounts of bronie love radiating from my screen.

I love you Ponychan.

Massive group hug?
>> No. 2483872
I can't even begin to describe how legendary this thread is.

OP, you are a legend. Way to ace the big one, brony.
>> No. 2484010
File 130629629597.png - (309.80KB , 842x464 , 130629145196.png )
Best, saddest, happiest, fav story I have ever read.

TwilightSpark1e!Magicvjd0s You are me hero.
>> No. 2484011
Strength comes from the inside; not the outside. However, sometimes it just takes an external force to bring it to the surface. Its beautiful that you found what you needed to unlock your's enough to battle your life's greatest opponent in a free Rainbow Dash toy from McDonalds and a loop of a song sung by that little pink ball of party Pinkie. We're all proud of you brony.
>> No. 2486174
I really don't know what to say. I don't and can't understand what you've been through but I do understand this: this is one of the bravest fucking things I have ever read, and I wish I had something more meaningful to say, but I just want you to know that I'm glad there are people like you, and that even on the hate-filled hellhole that is the internet you can still find places like this. If you ever feel like you're not brave enough on your own, don't forget us. We wont forget you.
>> No. 2487987
File 130690402290.jpg - (112.62KB , 1017x1011 , 130153572966.jpg )
i lol'd hard at this pic!
I'll never forget you guys, ever
thanks for that werewoofy :)
all I can do is smile at this
thanks brony
>> No. 2488934
File 130692829780.png - (145.55KB , 397x339 , 130057784301.png )
Hey Twilight have you read this?

Look at the bit about Halo, they know about us!
>> No. 2488938
File 130694694199.png - (119.37KB , 472x390 , 130621924400.png )
OP you're my hero.
>> No. 2489770
Wow. I just read this and... Well... If Lauren Faust could only see this thread...
>> No. 2489772
File 130703446615.gif - (288.47KB , 342x345 , 130702842920.gif )
She has. ^_^ >>87
>> No. 2489779
File 130703873494.gif - (266.11KB , 420x315 , 130672148504.gif )
Nice post OP...Truly an inspiration to everypony! This deserves a rare Slow Clap!
>> No. 2490757
File 130715482799.png - (81.60KB , 471x265 , 130700031442.png )
You are a True Bronies among Bronies!

After reading your tale.... I literally sat there dumbfounded. Not sure what to say. You ended up facing an uncertainty that surely many would not. I truely respect that, Bravery such as this cannot be expressed by simple words and the fact you kept your composure that whole time whilst others would of would gave them what for... simply amazing!

I ended up delving into my past after reading this.... dealing with the same thing but with my step mother... thing was.. I could not come to face her as you did to him. Sometimes I wish I did. I deal with the Mental and physical scars everyday as a reminder and it has been 6 years since her passing... and it took me 4 years to finally visit her resting place... to Forgive.

Im 26m and have a heart that matches Flutteryshy... ahem, I mean Flutterguy. I will say this... I am Glad that I have read this. Thank you for Posting and Props for your bravery :)

Also Rainbow Dash Loves you because she was your inspiration to face your fears. :)
>> No. 2490758
File 130715788669.png - (389.38KB , 500x668 , 130698998332.png )
Tonight I decided to Think back. Which in hind sight was a bad idea. Same story's of drunk father beating children, spouse, not to mention the occasional calling the cops because he pulled a gun out. I remember nights sitting in the corner, crying, wondering "what is to become of me?" After 10 or so years of this, my emotions gone, no more than a husk of what i could of been. Always the Memories, always pushed back in my face... Tears roll. But tonight (yes tonight, tonight) like i said i was going to do something about it. I sat on the corner of my bed letting chill music flow through the room. Thinking what could of been, how it should of been, but, then, all of a sudden a familiar song comes on my laptop. The mane Theme of MLP:FiM... That goddamn theme... I started thinking (while tears pour down my face) what has MLP done for me in the time if been given... Then i realized. The only reason i felt like delving back into lost memories was to conquer the demon constantly looming over me saying i'm a failure. I start to realize MLP and this wonderful fan base has done more for me than I can possibly imagine... As i sit here typing this again shaking, crying. I know the childhood left behind so long ago was being repaired by the kindness in other bronies hearts. In turn... Healing mine. So (with this new realization a decided to write something. A poem.


As I lay in my bed
Memories fly around in my head.
Those of lost childhoods
The Could, should, and wounds.
Listening to songs that tell
What it is like in hell.
But now those memories gone
Gone like a life erased after drawn
Thinking clearer now, what lies in store?
I’ve been cleansed down to the core
The gap in my heart
Pulled together by strings finesse like art.
Filling the hole with friends that care
This is my story I decided to share
Because my Bronies are there
Making my life whole
All because of this one show.

Thank you everypony for all the help you've given me, and you probably stopped me from doing something I would have regretted.

Although this Thread is probably long dead and withered, filled with everyponys story's of lost childhoods. This show and fanbase gave me back my childhood. Replacing bullets with cupcakes and muffins.
>> No. 2490771
File 130720560236.jpg - (133.02KB , 662x716 , i_can't_clop_to_this-(n1298348096046).jpg )
pic: related
>> No. 2490775
File 130723212509.jpg - (46.61KB , 608x527 , ManlyTearsHaveBeenShed.jpg )
OP this is the nearest the written word has ever gotten to bringing me to tears, or music or film for that matter, your an inspiration for us all and especially me.

I had a alcoholic for a father but he never beat me in anyway and even that often led to me feeling like an empty shell of a person, I cannot begin to comprehend the pain you've gone through.

I've copied this from the subject to the last full stop into a word document so I can read it again whenever I feel down or hopeless.

I hope you find all the happiness in the world, even it costs my own. I'm going to stop typing now, before I start crying.
>> No. 2490780
File 130725779561.png - (363.96KB , 964x587 , 130550096550.png )
i've spoken to friends on the phone while they killed themselves, i've been beaten by my parents, i've dealt with bullying from hundreds of people my entire life, and i never cried. this, this actually made me cry. it's a beautiful story. not many men would truthfully type these things for the whole internet to read. i hope you know you are an inspiration to those everywhere to stand up against the horrid parents in the world. thanks to you, i finally phoned my horrible parents up, and did the right thing. confronting them for what they did. the entire time i was clutching my pinkie pie and practically screaming at them for all the bad they have caused. thank you, you have finally freed me from this torment that his so far affected my whole life. you have helped me giggle at the ghosties.
>> No. 2490787
File 130731195429.png - (258.14KB , 1900x1916 , 130716793060.png )
I'm so happy to see that you over come your fear of this!
i got all teary eyed ;) i am Glad to see Rainbow Dash <3 and Pinkie Pie could help you in your tough time <3
>> No. 2491005
I teared up at this brony. I can literally imagine myself doing this, because I have and reading this poem made me remember all the times I did this and thought about it. Thank you

Brony, It's ok. I can't even get near half way down this thread without crying. so many kind words from so many bronies....

I'm so glad you managed to break free of your parents brony. Seriously I'm glad, and it feels good that my story helped you do it, makes sharing this story all the more worth it :). I'm happy for you brony!

>> No. 2492173
And I thought I was the sensible one. Tnakhs for setting me straight.
>> No. 2492948
File 130750361713.jpg - (144.43KB , 894x894 , 130692737222.jpg )
Never before have I herd such courage from a single individual in all my life.
I salute you, sir.
May Celestia guide you well.
>> No. 2492951
this is amazing, i've never herd of anypony doing this, they just generally stand down and avoid it from what my friends have told my about their experiences, but you stood up to him. after all of that, instead of undeserved forgiveness, you gave him what was probably the only time somepony stood up against him. the only similar experience i have is the 18 years of psychological torment my mom put me through, which has left me an emotional wreck with no ability to stand up for himself. so i can understand how it would feel to finally stand up to the one who put you through years of torment, although i haven't worked up the courage to do so myself.
>> No. 2493571
File 130752645993.jpg - (38.87KB , 600x446 , RD salutes YOU.jpg )
You are the boss.
Not A boss.
THE boss.
i love you.
>> No. 2493944
You, sir, probably did the right thing. Just be sure you don't end up living a life of bitterness directed at your stepdad. Forgive, but don't forget, that's what I say.

Good luck out there. It's a wild place, but I'm sure you'll make it. :)
>> No. 2493948
File 130768572636.png - (147.08KB , 392x397 , 130766295867.png )
I wish that I had even one ounce of your courage and bravery. To be honest...this story made me tear up a little bit
>> No. 2495450
File 130793032563.png - (80.70KB , 230x268 , applebloomomfg.png )
OP, you officially win 20 internets.
>> No. 2495452
W00t w00p! Epic brony is full of win this day and forever more! :D
>> No. 2496932
File 130811084243.jpg - (31.68KB , 551x308 , winning.jpg )
No, OP wins THE internet. All of it.
>> No. 2496940

i have just read this thread in one sitting...

2+ hours of brohoofs and salutes to you sir

this was the first time the internet made me cry

and, this has restored my faith in humanity, if only everypony knew about MLP, the world would be a much better place
>> No. 2496941
i read this thread, manly tears were shed and i realized what it really means to be you.

this thread has inspired me Twilight

know that you have made a difference to at least one life today, and that you stopped what was a one-way locomotive eading down into the deep dark cave of depression.

OP, i salute you
>> No. 2496942
File 130815022495.png - (219.69KB , 640x360 , MLPfim_ep0708.png )
TwilightSparkle, you truly are the greatest man i know.

from reading this thread it becomes obvious that you have changed the lives of thousands of people for the better, and in one case,possibly saved a life. people like you are the reason i still have faith in humanity. people like you save the lives of those who are too afraid to speak out.

you have had thousands of replies, but how many more have read this, and not replied? how many have read your words, and stopped themselves from doing something that they would regret, how many lives have you changed for the better?

TwilightSparkle, you have encouraged so many people so stand up for what they believe in, to be braver than anypony else. this is truly the mark of a great man.

in a quiet corner of the web, you had the courage to share your story.

you have saved lives

you have inspired thousands

you have stood up to your fears and a ghost that has haunted you your entire life

for this, TwilightSparkle, i Salute you...
>> No. 2497331
File 130820978871.jpg - (36.46KB , 500x500 , Pony-Enhanced Brofist.jpg )
First off, I'd like to say that this story, and the entire thread for that matter, are amazing. It was a wonderful example of how this fandom helps people in real life, and how supporting everypony in it really is. And the fact that Lauren Faust herself posted here is just awesome.

TwilightSparkle, I hate to be so forward about such a personal subject, but would you be okay with it if some fellow bronies and myself used this story as an example? We're writing a giant, collaborative letter of sorts, hoping partly to apologize for the unruly actions of a few unruly bronies (myself included), but mostly to explain to the public at large - who still mostly view us as immature and other such things - why this show and fandom are worth liking. Once we're finished, we're going to try and get it published to Wired.com or some other site, so that people not into the fandom can read it and see what we're about.

I ask because, as I said, this entire thread basically exemplifies that point. The show helped you through one of the most difficult times in your life, and the fandom supported and encouraged you phenomenally. I understand completely if you'd rather we didn't use this story, but it would be very helpful.

Peace, and hope to hear a response soon
>> No. 2497527
File 130823693973.gif - (528.87KB , 591x510 , 130823064154.gif )
This is amazing. I'm glad you were able to stand up to him like that.
>> No. 2498308
File 130826226940.jpg - (122.10KB , 900x913 , 6b6086a6793d04b0b255b275b03026f35655dbff.jpg )
you can do it brony :)
Thanks you guys, really big smile :D

I'm really glad it helped you guys, I really do

I never thought about how big the effect of my thread would be, I only thought that those that read had posted and maybe a few didn't post. You've opened my eyes to this. P.S. That is one of the most perfect pictures for a post i've ever seen

I'd like more details into this but i'm interested
>> No. 2498309


That's the forum we're using to organize it all, so anything I don't cover well enough here might be answered there.

To condense a long-ish story, there was a radio station that ripped on bronies pretty bad, and myself and several other bronies foolishly raided their Facebook page. After it was all said and done, I realized it was bad form on our parts, and apologized to them, and they seemed cool about it.

It got me thinking, though. The reason the public has issue with us is because of gender stereotypes and the like, and doing something like the raid only reinforces those opinions. I got the idea to make a massive public letter, collaborated on by all kinds of bronies, apologizing for any unruly behavior, promising that we are aware of our faults, working on improving, etc. That's not the mane purpose, though. The mane purpose is to demonstrate to the general public why our fandom is worth more than just dismissal due to gender stereotypes.

I wanted to include your story, and possibly others like yours, because they're heartwarming examples of this fandom banding together to help each other through hard times and support each other, even though half the people posting here are Anons. We don't have to know each other, as long as we know we've got a common bond.
>> No. 2498310
...that was...
...you are a role model.us
>my face when I almost cried reading this
>> No. 2498312
File 130826885938.jpg - (37.56KB , 641x350 , Noname.jpg )
"We are not so different... We are all soldiers, without an army. Betrayed. Forgotten. Abandoned. In Equestria we are ALL brothers!"
>> No. 2498313
OP's story and the collaborative Brony Letter Project just gave me goosebucks.

I commend you all and your community.
>> No. 2498315
Sure guys you can use it :)

whats the name of the radio station?
>> No. 2498316
It's called The Morning X, and the show was Dave and Chuck "The Freak."

I did write a personal letter of apology for it all, and they seemed pretty chill about it, so I'd assume they only really ripped us to fill airtime. Not saying I'm defending them, but I've dropped my beef, and so have the rest of us who were in on the raid. That means I'd better not see anypony going there to cause more trouble >:-(

And thanks a bunch. Really appreciate you letting us use this as an example.
>> No. 2498475
File 130829387800.png - (223.34KB , 419x408 , Lynching by Tree.png )
I hope its not too late to post here, and say that you absolutely were a champ for this post. I'm glad you got a chance to face and conquer your fear. I'm proud of you.

People with the willpower you have shown us, well they just don't come along every day... You showed a great amount of strength that is enviable by almost any person, I proudly award you one Crimson point.
>> No. 2498515
File 130846722820.jpg - (14.60KB , 320x273 , You kick ass.jpg )
>> No. 2499165
Not much to say but what's already been said, I just have to notify how awesome people on this website are.

If OP had told this story on pretty much any other website except maybe reddit everypony would've just made fun of him to project their own futile existence. My little pony is easily the best thing that has ever happened to the internet.

Brohoofs all around!
>> No. 2499166
Pulled probably one of the biggest grins ever.
>> No. 2499441
File 130862842754.png - (16.77KB , 219x194 , 130860359705.png )
this made me cry
in the middle of my dorm room with my roommates trying to sleep
>feels bad for waking them up
i had a similar story with my childhood. but it was with both my dad and my oldest brother. nothing but beatings and unhealthy memories
i still haven't seen them since i moved out two years ago...
this gives me motivation
i know i cant really go on living without facing my fears. i want to say thank you. because now i really think i can do it. i believe in myself.
i know it sounds super corny and cheezy but thank you for helping me see the light. i always knew that if i just puff up my chest and face my fears things might get a little bit easier. that's at least what all of my therapists say. so im going to listen to pinkie pie giggle at the ghostly and try to get through this.
thank you for getting my feet on the ground again
>> No. 2499445
File 130863904602.jpg - (119.04KB , 894x894 , 1308521812482.jpg )
My dad was an abusive drunk, too. He died on Father's Day last year. I have been laughing a lot these days because of MLP:FiM and the awesomeness in the fandom, which has been great, but when I saw this thread, I had to say something too. I have nothing but respect for the OP because I was never strong enough to do this while my dad was still alive. It is hard to stand up to the barrel of a gun, but in hindsight, I would have rather gotten shot than feel this regret that I have. I never knew my dad well, and I hated him. I lied to him on his deathbed and told him that I forgave him for trying to kill me and for all of the years of lies and abuse. I feel like scum whenever I think about it... Didn't get to go visit his grave, either... I need a brohug more than ever right now. I am seriously about to start crying. I feel really alone.

Also, sorry if this is not supposed to go in this thread. I am relatively new here.
>> No. 2499457
File 130868375899.jpg - (57.22KB , 720x403 , minecraftrainbowdash.jpg )
although it may not seem like it, you have probably inspired hundreds of people with this story. not only inspired though, but also consoled and helped other people to face their fears. i salute you OP.
>> No. 2499488
File 130884933650.png - (261.03KB , 600x605 , 1300740081590.png )
You can do it brony, I'm glad it's helped you move forward, and it's weird for me to say this but your welcome, anything I can do to help :)

I'm really sorry I can't help you too much for how your feeling, I told my step-dad what I felt and he's still alive (sometimes I think sadly that he is). But I can do this. *Brohug*
>> No. 2499954
>> No. 2499965
That tale had a lot of passion, theres no doubt in my mind what you said was true from the heart and i'm glad that somepony like you is a fellow brony. I can't relate and i'm not pretend i can but with what you went through, you did the right thing by not fighting back. Rainbow dash is the quick tempered type so i think by having her with you it helped remind you to keep under control. You are truly admirable.
>> No. 2502051
Oh....I also have forgotten to tell you, because you were able to open up to us, I was strong enough to tell of my own past and problems in one massive thread....thank you...by opening up to my own past, I've been able to truly be myself for once in my life.

My story is also here on /arch/, but I'm not at all egotistical, couldn't be if I tried, so I won't link to it. If you're ever curious though, it's made under my user name Wizard!GANONcSi/c. Never feel alone, because you aren't alone. ^_^
>> No. 2502052
File 130938061508.jpg - (14.98KB , 444x293 , 1298756184206.jpg )
Thanks wizard, I'll take a look at it, and I'm happy for you, and I'm glad I could help in whatever way I could :)
>> No. 2502136
You still come back here and post :3 d'awwwww

love you, brony

did here

And still do now ^_^
>> No. 2502144
File 130967786497.jpg - (72.32KB , 732x567 , 1298215193348.jpg )
hey shimmer! yes i still comeback and post, i never want to leave this place
>> No. 2502147
Dude, you were stronger than I ever would be.
If I knew you, I would give you the most epic brohoof and bear hug ever because of your strength in this situation. I wouldn't even have had the strength to face him again, let alone confront him about everything.
I am proud of you, bro. Way proud.
>> No. 2502162
File 130980902319.jpg - (49.51KB , 437x400 , obvious-troll.jpg )
>> No. 2502163
I've had a lot of hardships in life. I really have. Friends betraying my trust, school bullying for years, a few of my best friends passing away, several injuries and the list goes on.

Luckily enough I've had the chance to be raised in a loving and caring family, so I'm completely touched by your story OP. You really did something I would've never been able to overcome myself.

I sincerely hope the rest of your life is only going to get so much better from now on. I really do.

Take care, Twi.
>> No. 2502166
File 130981293829.jpg - (106.93KB , 700x933 , 130717372652.jpg )
This post was absolutely beautiful. Remember that there are good people on the internet who love you without words, rare as they might be.

You're going to be in my thoughts, brony.
>> No. 2502348
File 130985254182.jpg - (47.70KB , 600x338 , 7254_ed8d.jpg )
*raises glass*
Sir, you deserve not only several internets for your story, but also for having that story spark something in everypony who's posted here. The spark of what our community is truly based upon. Friendship. Pretty much every post here is supportive of you and your badassery. Hell, Lauren Faust posted here. This is a thread for the ages. So I say, good work, soldier.
>> No. 2502352
File 130988877782.png - (43.89KB , 500x461 , iknowthatfeel.png )
You're awesome for doing that. Good on you.
>> No. 2502417
File 130994422528.png - (139.95KB , 640x360 , 130899015251.png )
You are incredibly brave.

Thank you for sharing this with us. I know it must have been hard, but it warms my heart to see somepony pull through as dark a time as that, and it makes me smile and cry and laugh all at once to know that what everypony outside our community sees as just a kids' TV show could give you the strength to do it.

People like you make me proud to call myself a brony.

<3 r-
>> No. 2502840
this should be archived or somthing.... i mean, i have never cried since i was with my grandfather when he died,
that made be like bawl my eyes out
i love this show more than anything and now, to mcdonalds to get my own rainbowdash plushie
(if they still have them)
they better
>> No. 2502868
File 131026810070.png - (853.93KB , 1600x900 , 130789885985.png )
You're a champ, brony.
>> No. 2503149
File 131048914297.jpg - (7.90KB , 245x233 , 130991404159.jpg )
Thank you, thanks to all of you :)
>> No. 2503157
This is the most amazing thing I've ever read
>> No. 2503359
Whoah, that was quite a story and even Lauren Faust showed up. As I was looking through this I couldnt help but think of the last ep of the evangelion anime tv series where everypony tells shinji congratulations. I've gotta admit I'm pretty surprised after coming here , with all the other chan image boards I've been to have pretty much been hives of scum and villainy as they say in starwars seeing something like this is pretty refreshing. And that's why this is my very first post on any chan image board ever. But yeah congratulations on facing your fears. And going off topic for some reason I keep expecting that image of twilight to blink for some reason.
>> No. 2504044
File 131101859495.jpg - (54.32KB , 600x600 , x8OJq.jpg )
25 year old female-brony here, first time poster. This thread is absolutely amazing and inspiring. I had something of a difficult childhood myself, although I faced emotional abuse alongside developmental difficulties (extremely premature birth). Years before I was born other family members dealt with physical which they still haven't recovered from.

This thread is such a reminder to keep on keeping on with life. It's honestly moving how this show has touched so many hearts. Bronies are truly an amazing and loving breed, it's heartwarming to see some parts of the Internet still have decent souls! ^_^
>> No. 2504052
File 131103373930.jpg - (67.71KB , 768x768 , 130991444928.jpg )
Thank you guys so much
>> No. 2504064

I remember, when I was TEN I would have said the same thing. You aren't "f***ing manly," you're a troubled, arrogant, rude, idiotic, and immature human being, who just sent out troubled, arrogant, rude, idiotic, and immature INSULT to a man who just stood up to his abusive father. YOUR family's stepdad is either fake, or SERIOUSLY left his mark. My sympathies, for that.
>> No. 2504065
Ooh. That post from that guy was in march... Sorry, just reading through this, and saw that, didn't notice the post date. Oops... And still, every internet, Brohoof, and hug I can give! /embaressment/
>> No. 2504072

Well, this thread officially has the highest post number range I've seen.


Wow. Just wow. That, is amazing. What you did, you are truly the bravest brony I know.
>> No. 2504073
File 131106534698.jpg - (110.23KB , 400x400 , normal_fluttershy_crying.jpg )
You sir truly have balls of steel, to literally face your greatest fear right in the face.
You have earned my respect and I wish you the best.
>> No. 2504095
File 131113115377.png - (39.86KB , 188x186 , 131104109636.png )

Hey SSD is here! It's me defectron from evageeks, looks like we both joined around the same time in the same thread by complete coincidence. Wow this thread must be on some kind of leyline for all the freindship pony magic in the internet.
>> No. 2504108
File 131116080364.jpg - (23.40KB , 500x365 , 130934588311.jpg )
I listened a song named "Honor Thy Father" while reading this. Coincidence? I think not! Check the lyrics, OP, and get you're mind blown
>> No. 2504153
Dream Theater, hell yeah.

Regardless, OP is a boss and I will respect him/her for the rest of my life.
>> No. 2504154
File 131123789936.jpg - (20.47KB , 600x378 , 129983261248[1].jpg )
I only got beaten up by bullies, you know they were a team vs. me, so i got some friends who looked kinda tough and the next time they tried to beat me up, My 'friends' just watched as the 5 of them pinned my down and kept hitting me until i was unconscious and then broke mt shins and elbows for an "audience fee" i only managed to give one of them a black eye. Then the principle sent me to detention along with one of my "friends" because he saw me "horseplay" with him earlier and blamed me for starting it earlier when i pushed him as a joke, then i ran away and had a truck driver offer me a ride, i took it and then he shoved a shotgun in my face, but i happened to notice the gun was unloaded ,so i beat that sonofabitch until he stopped breathing, I don't know if he died, but then i walked about 10 miles and then a state trooper caught me, and told me I was a "nice" kid and i was "smart", and later told his friend I was just an angst filled nerd, and then my parents got there and told me i was over-reacting, and it was just because "I was sad that I lose at fights", and then i just found dumb things so i don't kill myself, because I thought that sent you to Hell, so I waited until I was 18, and was already slightly insane/ definitely paranoid,but it might just be me trying yo have a personality, and then all of the Bullies got Weak and became Fat and Bloated, and died alone, at age 26, when that happened I moved to Siberia to be an Animal Skinner, now I'm age 35, and My favorite thing is My Little Pony, life is pretty random, and ain't fair, but I'm glad I'm not the only one to have Childhood Problems that i overcame
>> No. 2505054
File 131161207200.png - (70.18KB , 252x447 , 130084132938.png )
I lol'd but thank you for that Apony

Thanks alot you guys, really means alot :)

I will check this song out apony, thanks for the link

>> No. 2505175
You, sir, have just earned my first actual post on Ponychan. What you did took more courage then I could ever imagine having in any situation. You, sir, are quite possibly the best example of bravery in the known universe. You are the LITERAL EPITOME of the phrase "Ponies Make Everything Better" Thank you so much for sharing this with us, and kudos. *ultimate brohoof*
>> No. 2505176
You, sir, have just earned my first actual post on Ponychan. What you did took more courage then I could ever imagine having in any situation. You, sir, are quite possibly the best example of bravery in the known universe. You are the LITERAL EPITOME of the phrase "Ponies Make Everything Better" Thank you so much for sharing this with us, and kudos. *ultimate brohoof*
>> No. 2505197
File 131171226309.jpg - (4.65KB , 120x125 , 131103174437s.jpg )
>> No. 2505198
>>>2504154 129987011365.png
Somepony jacked my account, I ain't living in Russia, I ain't even famous enough to be stolen? wtf
>>>1 "May you find the dawn....."
>> No. 2505199
File 131171288618.png - (46.00KB , 945x945 , 129987011365[1].png )
Somepony jacked my account, I ain't living in Russia, I ain't even famous enough to be stolen? wtf
>>>1 "May you find the dawn....."
>> No. 2505208
you are the answer to the question "what would a brave pony like rainbow dash do?" you are a true brony
>> No. 2505303
you're awesome. if i ever man up to tell my abuse parent, im gonna do it the way you did.
>> No. 2505337
wow. You've been through a lot. Good for you, standing up to him.

And its awesome that we guys finally have a community where we can talk about stuff like this. Go Bronies. =)
>> No. 2505371



And hugs and ponies...
>> No. 2505378
OP, you are the bravest person I know. Pinkie Pie would be proud. You have more of my respect than anypony else.
>> No. 2505381
>> No. 2505387
From now on, whenever i need the courage to do something, I'll ask myself,
"What would a brave pony like TwilightSparkle do?"
>> No. 2505430
File 131217044479.jpg - (95.04KB , 760x722 , 130680429268.jpg )
>> No. 2505448
File 131217692096.png - (90.00KB , 772x835 , 131108623525.png )
I love you OP. You sir are a badass.
>> No. 2505459
File 131222214650.jpg - (9.49KB , 225x225 , pinkiehug.jpg )
Hasbro, why haven't you made a toy out of OP yet?
>> No. 2505473
File 131226005935.jpg - (66.62KB , 1137x935 , 130810176019.jpg )
OP is a total badass ^ ^

I hope this begins a new chapter in your life, one where you don't have to take crap from ANYPONY now that you've faced your fears.

<mfw i went through this thread.
>> No. 2505935
Yeah. =)
>> No. 2505947
File 131238617575.png - (76.08KB , 498x540 , 130196834421.png )
Thanks you guys, really thanks, I thought people would have forgotten about me by now, or at least the thread. I'm so happy thats not that case, thanks you guys!

The amount of bricks that I would relieve myself of would be godly if this were to happen

thanks guys :)
>> No. 2505961
File 131240955362.jpg - (20.06KB , 449x339 , tumblrlj9gojw6yv1qigqmw.jpg )
>> No. 2506008
File 131248931308.gif - (66.08KB , 360x360 , 131201377233.gif )
Honestly. This brought a tear to my eye.

Bloody brilliant, Twilight. Kudos to you, my man.
>> No. 2506009
File 131249566175.jpg - (16.73KB , 500x371 , 96d28235-b33a-4980-91d6-ea976316bd2d.jpg )
My first time on this board, and the first thing I read is this. OP, I love you. You're awesome, standing up to your fear like that.

I suffer from severe nychtophocia (literally, so severe I panic if I'm in a dark room, I have to sleep with a nightlight, if the electricity goes out I panic and sometimes cry a bit), which was brought on by traumatic experiences in high school. (Long story short, the changing rooms for PE had locked doors and the lightswitches were inside the rooms). Well listening to Pinkie Pie's amazing song makes it a little easier to deal with the darkness.

I loved your story. OP, you are a legend. I hope I can meet you one day so I can shake your hand and meet such a heroic brony. You're an inspiration.

Eli out. Peace.
>> No. 2506023
File 131257149547.gif - (263.78KB , 350x307 , 6MIHZ.gif )
just to invalidate http://asociologist.wordpress.com/2011/07/26/guest-post-my-little-bronies-why-the-internet-is-magic/
>> No. 2506028
File 131257802553.png - (108.43KB , 318x298 , 131073008702.png )
Not sure if parasprite...

What are you trying to say here?
>> No. 2507217
File 131284811519.png - (96.95KB , 2450x1944 , Fluttersalute.png )
''Ponies are the single greatest internet meme I have had the chance to witness in the history of the internet. In an age where the internet has become colder than anypony ever imagined, an internet love machine is born. And I love all of it.''
It's nice to see ponies can help us with our problems, this was by a random youtube user...but it is wisdom.

Also, this story made me happy for you ^_^ I hope things are getting better!
>> No. 2507658

That line is amazing... I'm definitely saving that.

and I believe that OP is truly an amazing person. To show that kind of bravery, right in the face of fear... truly a remarkable feat. Well done! I hope you continue to live a very happy life!
>> No. 2508170
File 131317259570.jpg - (29.59KB , 461x339 , 130315406549.jpg )
Thanks you guys!
ok this is awesome, i had no idea somepony included this into an article
It is getting better, and it's very much because of this thread and all of the bronys support, thanks you guys :)
>> No. 2508171
File 131317611291.png - (27.93KB , 180x180 , dash296.png )
Hi TwilightSparkle. Just wanted to say it's great to see that you're still around after all those months.

How has life treated your recently?
>> No. 2508190
File 131318411319.png - (102.70KB , 297x206 , 129904172617.png )
Other than a few things that have been bothering me, Life has been good :)
>> No. 2508334
TwilightSparkle, you sir are more of a man than most people will ever be. Don't let those who use aggression to poorly hide their blatant insecurities ever tell you otherwise. You've earned my first post on Ponychan and respect. Makes me feel sort of shamed for my own petty bitching at my life's problems, but meh. Good to hear you were able to overpower this demon.
>> No. 2508360
File 131371651984.png - (154.04KB , 400x372 , 130033020898.png )
Thank you rainbow slash, and welcome to ponychan, easily one of the greatest sites on the internet in my opinion.
>> No. 2509126
File 131400173604.jpg - (48.31KB , 500x281 , 5890629610_8aa06423d5.jpg )
Yeah, I know what that's like. Not down to the exact details, I was never beaten by a parent/guardian that much, but it did happen on a few occasions, and I can no longer remember most of the times that I was tormented by what seemed like the whole school, but what was, in reality, only the grade 7/8's. Needless to say, I didn't enjoy Gr. 2-4 :P But I do have to say: good job. It's not only impressive that you went and saw the guy, but it's impressive also that you didn't stab him, or beat him, and that you were calm. Judging by your story, I can't understand why they would forgive him, unless they could possibly know for sure that he was offering a heartfelt apology. You aren't alone, don't forget that you have a full community that would do many things for you. We may be the internet, but we're the good side of it. So whenever you're looking to just unleash all your feelings or anything, don't forget about us. We're here for you.
>> No. 2509325
I'm reading this, and like everypony else, I teared up half way through. And at the final paragraph, as you recounted how you stood up to your father and told him what for, facing the man who beat and you tormented you; I began to smile at it, you had faced your greatest fear and with every ounce of your strength you pulled through.

You truly are a champ and deserve every ounce of praise you are getting from the other posters here and that gold star at the bottom of the thread undoubtedly belongs to you.

Keep being awesome and keep on being as strong as you are.
>> No. 2509333
I've never actually cried after reading a post on an imageboard... Until now. I'm so proud of you dude, standing up to that monster like that. *hug*
>> No. 2509356
you did the right thing to let him know the truth, dont let emotion get too pent up.
>> No. 2509359
File 131422382932.png - (167.51KB , 529x319 , soawesome.png )
Sir, you are a badass of the highest order. Chuck Norris himself would be proud of you.
>> No. 2509366
File 131424645875.jpg - (31.41KB , 401x350 , Hug Me.jpg )
I don't know your name, I don't know where you're from, and I'll probably never, ever speak with you. But, without a doubt, I can say I'm proud of you. Instead of running from your fear, you stepped up and tackled your problem, and now you have the respect of every single person who's read this.

The world needs more people like you. More people who, instead of complaining, stand up for themselves and do something about their problems. I will never forget what I've read here. If you can live through that, it makes all my everyday problems seem minimal. I am truly sorry for what you've experienced, and you ought to be commended for your actions.

Keep being a great person.
>> No. 2509383
I'm so happy for you.

This is my first actual thread that I've read through on this site, and if this is what I can expect from the rest of it, I'm glad to be apart of such a compassionate and brave community.
>> No. 2509447
Yeah, it's probably been said enough, but I gotta say it. I got nothing but respect for you dude.

Our mom, she's... well she's a jerk to me and my brothers, thats all I'm gonna say. My older brother's tried to reason with her in the past, as we still depend on her, being broke-plot college students, and I've been in many arguments with her thanks to me not having a great amount of patience. There's no talking to her.

But... yeah, I... kinda needed to hear about what you did. Thanks for that.

(I'd have a cool image, but this is my first time posting and i don't know how this works)
>> No. 2509449
Oh, and while I'm at it, everypony else on this thread is awesome for not cussing out Mr. "What an attention horse". Based on my experiences with roughly every other forum I've been on, I was expecting the worst in reaction to that guy. You're all awesome.
>> No. 2509453
for my first post here I thought I would Parasprite, but you happen to have done possibly the most impressive thing I could think of

I too once lived with a stereotypical "evil stepparent" but, though the torture was solely psychological, "The Bitch" as I call her will haunt me for the rest of my life

SHE was the reason my parents are divorced today, SHE was the most evil person I have ever met, This Bitch happens to be my personal boogeyman, one day I want to find her and tell her that she ruined my preteen years. but I don't get a chance now, she moved far away after I caught her trying to take my dads credit card (yeah, she was that evil)

I give you full commendations sir, you are certainly Brave.
>> No. 2509455
File 131453286378.gif - (581.24KB , 600x360 , 131262028255.gif )
A bit late to the party but here I go.

I read your story and I'd be lying if I said I didn't well up from this story.

You are an inspiration, you faced your inner demons, rode the rapids of your inner turmoil and came out on top. All I can say is look to the future and don't dwell on the past, you faced him, your free from the shackles of fear and the darkness that you bared throughout your life. Move into the light and carry on with your life, look forward and never look back.

I will state this now, I am not even half as brave as you. I would have ran, I would not have faced him, I would have avoided him and never spoken to him again.

I have to say that every time I come to ponychan and read threads of various natures I am astounded at just how awesome this community is. You guys/girls really deserve a round of applause/cupcakes and that wouldn't even begin to show my appreciation and respect for this community.

In a age of intolerance, hatred and uncertain times all I can say is I hope to meet more people like you guys in my life. OP I wish you the best from the very bottom of my heart and I hope you succeed in any en devour you decide to take.
>> No. 2509755
File 131465999552.jpg - (152.89KB , 1024x768 , 130551624284.jpg )
To this day I'm amazed and happy that my story continues to make other inspired, it really does. Reading all of these post made me well again from the support and knowing that i'm actually helping people.

I would love to actually meet everypony that my story ever touched someday, maybe at a bronycon or something similar. I really would, so that I could personally say thank you to you guys
>> No. 2509783
Never forget you. I always keep a rainbow dash in my pocket because of you. I have never needed to use the power of your awesomeness yet, but eventually I will need it.
>> No. 2509785
File 131471201231.gif - (198.84KB , 770x770 , 131456536511.gif )
I wish I could but by the sounds of things you are in a completely different continent ^^;;. I will be at UK ponycon though.
>> No. 2509786
File 131472337104.jpg - (23.90KB , 360x316 , omg.jpg )
I just met this guy earlier today. First brony I met offline, and he tells me he typed up this post months ago... I was surprised, since I had read it weeks before. Felt like I met a celebrity.

He is incredibly chill, and I have to say I was a bit honored to meet him. B)
>> No. 2509787
Your picture is pretty much my reaction to this, shoot me a line on MSN if you want.
>> No. 2509794
File 131474212385.png - (247.34KB , 1952x1953 , 129822323495.png )
what this brony says is true, I definitely didn't expect to see another brony though, haha. by the way nice Rainbow dash shirt, I'll see you around on campus lounge mate
>> No. 2509897
File 131490863358.jpg - (20.10KB , 320x246 , today op was a genius.jpg )
I have read this post probably at least 50 times since I've been on Ponychan, but I don't think I've ever actually commented in it.

OP, you are a fucking boss. You have the kind of courage I could only dream of having. More than 5 months have gone by and it still gives me chills and moves me to tears every single time I read it. This is one of the most inspirational stories I have ever heard, and you should feel damn proud. I have gone through personal troubles myself recently, and reading this post has helped me immensely in my darkest hours. You are great and you should feel great
>> No. 2509991
Wow. I've not even seen the show, but I am impressed at how inspiring it was to the OP, and even more than that I'm impressed at how genuinely loving and supportive a fandom can be. Especially for all the men amongst you &mdash; after all, society tells us that we men aren't supposed to show emotion, doesn't it? We're not supposed to hug, or cry, or talk about our darkest, most hurtful secrets. And yet here you are. You've created a totally new way for men to be, and I like it. I like it a lot. So... umm... "brohoofs" to you guys.

And who knows? I might just look up an episode or two at some point.

(TwilightSparkle: you rock. But I gather you know that by now!)
>> No. 2510015
20 y/o dude here, thats a brave thing you did there bro. Keep on keeping on!! *brohoof*
>> No. 2510118
I've read this story before, but re-reading it today has given me the courage I need to face some of my own personal demons. Thank you for sharing this amazing story OP.
>> No. 2510162
This was absolutely amazing! Hands down, one of the most heartwarming stories I have seen on the Internet.

I don't care if everypony said this. IT NEEDS TO BE SAID AGAIN, DAMMIT!!!
>> No. 2510204
File 131564206950.png - (55.08KB , 464x513 , 131430343759.png )
>mfw thread went from march 10 to september
>> No. 2510254
Somepony send this to The Faust Team. Now.
>> No. 2510255
File 131578990708.png - (23.48KB , 358x326 , slowpony.png )
See >>87, >>95, and http://comments.deviantart.com/4/1603670/1906640238
>> No. 2510257
Wow. After reading such an emotional story (which I can only partially relate to) I expect all the comments to be "Cool Story Bro" and "TL;DR" but the fact that everypony here seems to actually care about a complete stranger...It's enough to make anypony cry. You were really brave and I have profound respect for you. I know I 'm probably never going to face my jerk dad but it makes me glad to know somepony was able to. Who knows? Maybe Rainbow Dash will give me some courage too.
>> No. 2510279
File 131596874138.png - (258.14KB , 1900x1916 , 131122142550.png )
It seems you like Rainbow~ I like Fluttershy so, I'm Fluttershy giving you, Rainbow, a hug for you awesomeness. *huggles* :D

Keep your chin up darlin~ It'll get better, I promise.

*inhale* yay~
>> No. 2510335
File 131613185309.png - (88.35KB , 372x372 , 131524018959.png )
Thanks you guys, I'm still happy that it inspires you!
I know right! I never thought it would get this far!
I lol'd at this, thanks for the thought though
I hope it does too, good luck man
Thank you
>> No. 2510337
You're welcome <3

how are things?
>> No. 2510338
File 131614513554.jpg - (17.55KB , 461x384 , twilightpeeks.jpg )
never thought i'd get such a quick reply, I'm doing fine though, dealing with college and my drawing and music. you? I didn't expect such a quick reply hehe
>> No. 2510356
You are my new favourite person
>> No. 2510435
File 131644465614.png - (42.46KB , 160x137 , th_Rainbow-Dash-Best-Young-Flyer.png )
You sir, are awesome. You win the internets.
>> No. 2510513
I wish my dad was a step dad so I would have an excuse.

I'm with ya, op.
but I don't have a rainbow dash or any kind of poni to help..
>> No. 2510522
File 131718626998.png - (923.64KB , 1600x1200 , Luna- Crying hard.png )
.... I have no fu**ing emotion except happy, i cant cry... somthing is wrong with me
>> No. 2510526
File 131723099495.gif - (62.08KB , 360x360 , 131656814674.gif )
youve got each and every one of us to help :D
>> No. 2510531
This story was beautiful, and while I can't say I cried, I can say it made me feel for you. The responses just added to that, I love the OP, I love the positive reaction, I love you all.

I wish you the best in life, bro. Your story reminds me that I have my own story to tell...not even close to yours or the ones elsewhere in this thread, but definantly scarring. I just hope I'll find the courage to say it out, even on a board like this.

You rock, man. Keep on hoofin'.
>> No. 2510546
I'm so glad that this thread has survived all this time, and that you still monitor it - I've wanted to post here for a while, but for some reason I never have until tonight. This whole page has been an inspiration to me, and I still tear up every time I read it.

I discovered this thread (and Ponychan in the process) around the time I discovered MLP, maybe a few weeks afterwards (so I saw this around late May or early June). I knew from the instant I discovered MLP that I would be a Brony for life, but if there had ever been any doubt, this post would have sealed the deal for me.

Whenever I read this thread, I count myself lucky to have had a supportive and normal family. My dad is the polar opposite of yours - he goes to incredible lengths to keep our family together, and I'm extremely thankful to have him. I DO NOT want to make you feel worse by comparison, though - I want to thank you for putting everything about my life in perspective. I have troubles of my own, but they're of a very different nature than yours, and I would feel arrogant if I said I ever had it as bad as you - the vast majority of my problems have been self-inflicted.

I don't want to sound pretentious, but I think I have a particularly special connection to Ponies - they've helped me out emotionally through a few tough times, and to be completely honest, I think Ponies have saved my life.

I know that literally thousands of people have said this already, but I just want to remind you - since you regularly check this thread - that you are an incredible, inspiring person, on a caliber that fate generally reserves for the history books. You have touched lives, saved souls, and (to me, anyway) become the face of the greatest movement ever to come out of the internet. You are absolutely my hero and role model.

Also, I know you've already been swamped with praise, and also with hordes of people who want to get to know you, and be friends with that one famous Brony who was such a freaking boss and stood up to his dad. But can't help but ask if I could add you as a friend somewhere. I don't use MSN or Xbox Live, so I don't know how or where you'd want to add me if you're willing. But I just wanted to ask anyways.

Love and tolerance. :)

>> No. 2510554
File 131743378425.jpg - (66.90KB , 600x600 , 131220804810.jpg )

You are my fucking hero.....