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10061 No. 10061
Well, the last hurt & heal thread kinda...fell apart, so I'm making a new one!

There rules are quite simple; when you post, you take away one health form one pony and add one to another. You must take away ONE and add ONE, no adding or taking away two or any other silly nonsense.
YOU MAY ONLY HURT/HEAL ONCE EVERY HOUR. And no naughty anons trying to cheat or we'll find you!

So, what's the catch of this thread?


If you wanna save your favorite from an early grave, you're gonna have to sacrifice another! Choose carefully!

Here's the pony list, please copy-paste this into your post and mark who you're hurting and healing to make it easier for the next person and to help keep the score in line.

Twilight Sparkle - 1
Applejack - 1
Rainbow Dash - 1
Fluttershy - 1
Rarity - 1
Pinkie Pie - 1
Spike - 1
Princess Celestia - 1
Princess Luna - 1
Applebloom - 1
Sweetie Belle - 1
Scootaloo - 1
Derpy Hooves- 1
Lyra - 1
Bon-Bon - 1
DJ P0N-3 - 1
Doctor Whoof - 1
Diamond Tiara - 1
Silver Spoon - 1
Noi - 1

20 seems like a reasonable number. I'm not going yet because it wouldn't be terribly fair for me to knock one out right off the bat. Go for it!
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>> No. 10565
I agree. I've been in this thread for damn near 6 hours (I think only our Diligent scorekeeper has been here longer) I just want this thread to end fairly.
>> No. 10566
damn and he got trips....guess thats how it goes...
>> No. 10567
File 130235753395.png - (119.29KB , 301x373 , Braeburn.png )
I think it's safe to say the majority wants a tie so we can all go sleep.
>> No. 10568
File 130235753803.jpg - (98.43KB , 617x725 , FlutterHumanCry.jpg )

Very well then. TOOT should be satisfied the thread got such a good response anyway...

I just wish Fluttershy could've gotten into the top three.
>> No. 10569

Thanks to everypony who participated, you are all awesome. And thanks to freightrain for keeping score.
>> No. 10570
File 130235755766.jpg - (0.98MB , 3226x2000 , 129979961967.jpg )
kk 3 way tie i hade fun and night you guys who are going to sleep
>> No. 10571
File 130235762130.png - (109.74KB , 280x280 , 129966018528.png )
ok was fun you guys!
>> No. 10572
NO! A tie? That means no one wins and if no one wins that means there is no apocalypse
>> No. 10573
lucky sevens. God damn you ponychan, always sending me messages. Once during a late night raid one of the raiders images derped to a huge 'FRIENDSHIP' logo. It was the best thing ever.

I swear this board talks to me. And it's telling me it'll be a good short nap, though not if I fall asleep at the computer.

I'll figure out what the epic will be soon enough, k?
>> No. 10574
File 130235763975.png - (120.96KB , 327x360 , Brayburn_3350.png )
I'm going to repeat this before I go and crash for the night. This thread was amazing and tons of fun you folks, I'll see you guys around then!
>> No. 10575
This was the first thread i participanted in on this site :3

Thanks everypony for making it such an awesome experience.

Time to sleep. Night Everypony!
>> No. 10576
G'night to the sleepy ponies!
>> No. 10577
I requested it be archived, if only so we don't have another similar thread that ends up with the counter bargaining for his sleep :P

All in favor?
>> No. 10578
File 130235776756.jpg - (185.73KB , 800x917 , c2ef7740d55a603ff37b9e7401ee9e2b-d3c1hjf.jpg )
Alright guys, seems we've all compromised to keep the score to a tie... Glad we could keep it civil for the most part. Big thanks to Chips and Freight for keeping score, you guys are the best. It was fun, but I guess it's time to call it in.

G'Night everypony, I had a blast.
>> No. 10579
Well if I can't bring the apocalypse by putting Pinkie PIe in charge then I will have to go back to trying to eliminate the tyrant, but how does one kill a god?
>> No. 10580
As I said to you before, I can tolerate your wish for a end but I can't tolerate your wish to drag those of us who like living with you.
>> No. 10581
I promised I'd do a poem.

For quite a long time I've been in this thread
so many memories have slipped out of my head
I've had to watch many good ponies die.
Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo and evn Fluttershy
I wanted retribution for what you all had done
but as time went past, it stopped been any fun
So it's best that you all listen to what I've said
A three-way tie is best because we can all go to bed
>> No. 10582
Ova here.
>> No. 10583
File 130235786541.png - (214.04KB , 496x713 , 130057749773.png )
>> No. 10584
+1 archived
>> No. 10585
Sounds like a good idea. Archive away!
>> No. 10586
File 130235801398.jpg - (11.17KB , 326x271 , 129962930570.jpg )
of course!
>> No. 10587

You never said this to me before


You mispelled even, and I thought it was KOing not killing, but if it was killing then I am happy with the outcome that involved so much death
>> No. 10588
I changed it to KOing to be more friendly
>> No. 10589

They've been banished to the moon, and are allowed to come back now and live under the rule of the winning ponies.
>> No. 10590
>You mispelled even, and I thought it was KOing not killing.
I'M sorry about the spelling mistake but we did tend to be a tad vague on whether it was KOs or death.
>> No. 10591

Thats funny, when I made a spelling mistake and was ridiculed for it everything was fine, but when I correct somepony I am hated. Even here the entire world is against me, and thats why I wanted it destroyed
>> No. 10592

Fuck I'm tired. have good days nights, or time cube things
>> No. 10593
>but when I correct somepony I am hated.

now you're just been over-dramatic.
>> No. 10594
File 130235850482.png - (173.42KB , 457x475 , PonyApplejackoutfit.png )
I like this idea.

Who woulda thought? A battle for pony victory ends with the three survivors joining together in harmony, harmony, oh love.

I'm okay with this.
>> No. 10595
File 130235852236.png - (202.51KB , 600x569 , 130186596264.png )
nightnight freight, thanks for keeping score
>> No. 10596
File 130235857410.jpg - (21.53KB , 422x428 , 130169951109.jpg )
I'm back (temporarily)!
Haha, in true ponychan fashion, we worked this out and made not one, but three winners!

*contented sigh* Everypony, you can be proud of yourselves. ;-)

(oh, and Her Majesty Lord Pinkie Pie agrees, too, and would like to thanks the valiant efforts of these ponychan members for their allegiance to the Pink and their dedication to the true queen:

-Friday (I had to :-P)
-The observer
-Kaleidoscope Billionaire
-Multiple Anonponies
-Peachy Pie
-Ginger Snap
-special thanks goes out to anypony who doesn't appear on this list but voted for Queen Pinkie at another pony's expense.

To the above participants, commendations are in order. Congratulations
>> No. 10597
File 130235871248.jpg - (134.54KB , 1244x1600 , HoityToity.jpg )
Welcome to the ARCHIVE board, boy! yeah!
>> No. 10598
I ma leave this here
>> No. 10599
File 130235878778.png - (768.06KB , 1920x1080 , PonyApplejackWink.png )
Archived? Oh my Celestia.

Thanks for the awesome thread, guys. I can go to bed now. Applejack stuck in there. Like a boss. Never say quit indeed.
>> No. 10600
Freightrain used Celebate!
But Freightrain is Asleep
>with eyes still glued open on thread. daasrgh
>> No. 10601
Toot owes me a hug :P
>> No. 10602
Not word for word, but the gist of it is there.
>> No. 10603

Sorry, I was scrolling 400+ posts trying to find supporters. Lol, I haven't been watching the thread; I've been studying.
>> No. 10605
File 130236002182.png - (33.46KB , 191x113 , 130190178751.png )
Thanks for an awesome thread guys, even though now Pinkie's going to murder Twilight and Applejack.
>> No. 11036

Same here, and thanks for picking it up from me, was 4 am when I went to bed...

Awesome thread guys! Though Im sad to see fluttershy eliminated, thus is the way of pony Warfare
>> No. 11037
File 130238850779.png - (246.15KB , 640x360 , dash hug.png )
Wow holy crap

I wake up and go looking for this in /pony/ and can't find it so I just assume it's dead, but then I accidentally click /arch/ and see it right here with 500 posts

That's pretty incredible

>> No. 11038
I'd like to thank everypony who made this thread so glorious. it was the first thread I ever took part in you all made it the best.
>> No. 11039
File 130239416338.png - (488.96KB , 848x478 , Applejack 1.png )
I would also like to thank Everypony as this was also my first thread i participated in.

I love you all!
>> No. 11041
File 130240704207.gif - (29.32KB , 100x100 , 130234433815.gif )
Woohoo! I'm in an archived thread! lol!
>> No. 11357
File 130242399019.jpg - (21.11KB , 532x562 , 130190133065.jpg )
Just noticed this was Arched... It was amazing.
>> No. 15505
File 130307430104.jpg - (16.58KB , 237x248 , Applejack Angry 2.jpg )
That epic fan art is overdue..

You must work faster!
>> No. 2486188
We should do something like this thread again sometime, it was fun. Even the bits where Pinkie became synonymous with the Endtimes
>> No. 2511996
File 132339451948.png - (98.91KB , 234x268 , verysadpeachy.png )
Freight, that epic fanart is eight months overdue!

It better be REALLY epic or ima be mad!

Even though the majority of the participants in this thread no longer frequent the site as much anymore, I still demand that epic fanart!

Lolyes, i'm going to bother you about it...again and again...
>> No. 2512001
File 132343716479.png - (36.31KB , 300x350 , 2239.png )
Come on Freight.
I want my fanart.
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