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10606 No. 10606
You just caught a bullet to protect a favorite pony.

With your CHEST.

Danger's passed but you're good and screwed. What pony was it, and what do you say with your last breath?

Better not be more than one or two lines, that cold black cloud is coming down fast...

See if you can make ponychan BAAAW with your rugged heroism, bronies.
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>> No. 2513035
File 132883973489.png - (156.08KB , 608x256 , abraham-lincoln-bill-and-ted.png )
Be excellent to each other, and PARTY ON DUDES!
>> No. 2513438
Thank... goodness... the TV is safe.

Ok, now for a serious one:
It's... okay... they're about to make... a time travel episode.
Okay, I lied, that one wasn't serious either.
Let's try it again.
With my final breath... I curse Zoidberg!
Nope. Can't do it. Oh well.
>> No. 2513644
It would be Flutters.
First I would grab the killers neck and run up to her,but when I reached her I would be staggering at my knees,the killer's body would be in my hands and I would grab her hoof and sing,
"Darlin when you look at me
I’m seeing things boys not suppose
To see in all his days baby
Trying to wash the crime from my face
Somepony saw you cryin
Somepony saw you cryin and they
Said it’s all because of me
The future of our lives
Depends on the time we spend together

If ever once, once in my life
I was asked to sacrifice
I’d make it for you oh yeh
My body’s left with so little fight
But I’m still holding on
But I will soon be dyin at your door

Sitting down to a cup of tea
Trying to figure out what it’s suppose to be
But the climb gets longer lately
Trying to take control of myself

Somepony saw you cryin
Somepony saw you cryin
And they said it’s all because of me
The future of our lives
Depends on the time we spend together

If ever once, once in my life
I was asked to sacrifice
I’d make it for you oh yeh
My body’s left with so little fight
But I’m still holding on
But I will soon be dyin at your door

Don’t try to tell me
What is right for me yeh yeh
More than I’ve seen in all my days

If ever once, once in my life
I was asked to sacrifice
I’d make it for you oh yeh
My body’s left with so little fight
But I’m still holding on
But I will soon be dyin at your door"
Then I would keel over and die.
>> No. 2513646

"Heaven lost its best angel. I'm afraid going wouldn't be as good."
>> No. 2513648
File 132982387241.jpg - (11.08KB , 299x169 , images (2).jpg )
Try making one of these when your favorite pony doesn't love you! Ha!
>> No. 2513650
Some that are more specific.
Pinkie Pie:Keep calm and party on!
Twilight Sparkle:Can you cast one last spell for me?
Applejack:Bury me under an apple tree,I always wanted to sleep there...
Rainbow Dash:When I die,first bury me in a cloud.Then,take my brain to Twi.Finally,get her to put it in a bird's body.I'll see you when I wake up...
Rarity:Make my burial shroud the best dress you've ever made!
Fluttershy:Don't cry,there will someday be flowers where I lie...
Derpy:Feed me one last muffin?
Nurse Redheart:Can you do my autopsy?
Scootaloo:I wish I could give you a cutie mark...
Sweetie Belle:Love your sister!
Applebloom:Your cutie mark should be a heart-shaped apple!
Spike:Grow up to be a strong dragon for me...
Dr.Whooves:Can you travel back and save me...?
Celestia:You are my sunshine,my only sunshine...
Luna:Send a falling star in my honor!
>> No. 2513681
>> No. 2513682
Wait, who's trying to make mlp:fim go extinct?
>> No. 2513691
File 133118689269.jpg - (22.29KB , 500x281 , 2ed28db2-8c99-4763-b72a-6d5ab6bcbc45.jpg )
celestia.... I can see the light... its less pretty than you... no don't cry, i just want to see you smile one last time.
>> No. 2513693
Twilight... Ever wonder what necrophila was like?

Now for the serious one.
Hey, Vinyl... Play something for me at your next show...
>> No. 2513773
File 133257108907.png - (1.60MB , 1920x1080 , 133144171960.png )
Strength, Rainbow Dash....
>> No. 2513778
Hey, Vinyl...
You know, I still don't know what your eyes look like...
Please, take these shades off...
It's not like I'm gonna tell anypony now.
>> No. 2513795
"thanks to you, Rainbow Dash, my death was.." *motions to sunglasses. rainbow puts them on me.*
"20% cooler..."
>> No. 2513802
File 133265252770.png - (282.86KB , 1600x1600 , tom.png )
You always, cough, rocked
>> No. 2513814
File 133296641215.png - (104.28KB , 125x125 , Blah.png )
Fluttershy? After seven years I've found friendship, do I have to leave?
>> No. 2513815
File 133297111180.png - (330.42KB , 644x1000 , RnFW0.png )
Double Rain........

B-Boom(coughs up a little blood) all........

The Way..



>> No. 2513824
*M16 Ceremonial/Funeral salvo*
For all the bronies who never made it home, God Bless.
>> No. 2513825
File 133330723925.gif - (108.71KB , 157x100 , nightmare_moon_into_frappe_by_intothecaramelfrappe-d3i3gh5.gif )
I would've sat back and watched them die. So nopony.
>> No. 2514524
File 133394874617.png - (151.66KB , 900x738 , twilight crying.png )
I'm sure you know little to none of the dangers....in my world....compared to yours...Twilight.....*cough*

Listen, I don't have long.....what's...done is done....and your life is...spared.....you don't know me...but I knew you....but I'm glad...I met you....before I......

Equestria...live on....thanks to you....I have done my time.......I'm....sorry that we...didn't spend enough...time...together as f-friends.....yet...I may ...d-die.....but friendship.....is...forever......that is.....the real magic...of...friendsh- *cough*

......I'll say goodbye to...Cloudsdale on...the way up....to ......heaven.....goodbye...my friend
>> No. 2514526
stay golden Fluttershy... stay golden.
>> No. 2514530
File 133411698921.png - (80.95KB , 484x327 , 17400 - fluttershy sad.png )
Don't worry... Fluttershy... death is but... the next... great... adventure....
>> No. 2514534
Vinyl... Enjoy the life you've got while you have it...
>> No. 2514535
File 133426874536.png - (148.39KB , 1500x1456 , Vynil.png )
Sorry, forgot pic
>> No. 2514540
Last goodbye by jeff buckley
>> No. 2514542
File 133448952563.jpg - (18.04KB , 402x231 , MarkyMark.jpg )
Rainbow Dash...quick...save my essence and have my children...so they may avenge me! *cough* *cough* Phoenix...down... blarggggh! XnX
>> No. 2514753
File 133509796502.png - (313.42KB , 600x653 , 130139982032.png )
one last message for you to delver Derpy .. . . . . . .

>> No. 2514754
File 133509807670.gif - (40.78KB , 548x400 , 130232443562.gif )
one last message for you derpy .. .....
..... I care ...... about ......yo.............................

>> No. 2514760
File 133546547189.png - (366.30KB , 695x857 , friend.png )
"Tell my tale to those who ask. Tell it truly, the ill deeds along with the good and let me be judged accordingly. The rest is silence."

Twilight: "This was the noblest Human of them all. His life was gentle and the elements so mix'd in him that nature might stand up and say to all the world, 'This was a man.'"
>> No. 2514761

BGM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mwxga8udIio
>> No. 2514763
no anon, you can be mine!
>> No. 2514765
*Walks up to the mane six uder an apple*

"dont be sad its not goodbye"
I open my arms and they all rush in giving me
a huge hug.

"is there anything we can do f-for you" twilight asked

"yes, if you want...*cough*.....to make me hapy, dont look for me, you wont find me, because you werent meant to, just remeber i...i..i love all of you. Im just a regular guy, it was an honor to die for you all"

"Dont leave us!" Dash screamed

"no i wont yet, i refuse i wouldnt leave you like this."

"Rainbow, keep the skies clear element of loyalty, let that loyalty shine to the entire world in a dash of color."

"Rarity, Let your genorosity shine as the lens to your heart, that fabulous heart of yours....kep it that way."

"Pinkie, party now, forever, and always, know that withou your laughter, the world would be bleak, let it show the world life is worth living like you showed me."

"Fluttershy, Use your kindness to show the world everypony is worth the time, and that nopony should be left alone"

"Applejack, Be honest not only to others but yourself, show the world that the honesty in your heart could make the world alot nicer."

"Twilight, light the world with your magic, show them that even the tiniest spark can drive back the greatest evil"

"No,no,no,no,no" pinkie cried

"it isnt fair, how can the kind ones be punished?" twilight said

"life will be, like 20% less cool without you!" rainbow sniffled

"ah dont think this is right, you dont deserve this!" applejack cried.

"the Gems would lose some of their sparkle!" Rarity stated"

"Cupcakes wont be as sweet" pikie attemted a laugh.

"My magic wont be as strong" twilight said

"No" i said, "go-on and lives do this for me..*Sputter* thats what i want, make my death worth it dont let it be in vain, oh there is so uch d like to say, just know i love you all, for now though its time to say good bye, and one last thing, show me your beautifull smiles, i dot want my last thought to be of you crying"

they tried a smile beetween the blood they soked into their manes from the whole in my stomach i laughed

"I'll always be there, right in...your...heart.
>> No. 2516314
File 133570302620.png - (39.91KB , 209x202 , SadderDash.png )
Dash: No! Why did you get in front of me!?

Me: Oh please Dash...

How could I go on living....
Knowing that the most awesome pony in Equestria....
Would be.....


>> No. 2516347
Rarity: Keep shining across Equestria... for both of us.
Pinkie Pie: C'mon, don't cry... smile, smile, smile, fill my heart up with *cough* sunshine.

Applebloom: I'm okay, are you? Good... now listen. This world is a very beautiful place, but it's also a very cruel one. It'll try to eat you up and spit you out. You need to know that, and accept it. Stay strong, little pony, you'll need to. It don't have much longer, I think my liver's gone... I'll bleed out before you can get anypony. Now wipe your tears, go and don't look back.
>> No. 2516348
Luna: ...In the distance, she her sparkle, the last human. I'm aaaaliii*cough*veee
>> No. 2516548
File 133748506018.png - (133.21KB , 1440x900 , 132853812038.png )
It...was Worth it...twi......goodbye
>> No. 2516554
File 133780253485.png - (191.11KB , 400x458 , SHbW1r19504o1_400.png )
Doctor Whooves: No! Damn you, I would have regenerated!...Why?
Me: You didn't want to go.
Doctor Whooves: W-what?
Me: You heard me. *tries to get up*
Doctor: Don't strain yourself. J-just stay there, okay? I-I'll come back.
Me: There's not enough time and you know it.*Cough up blood* Time and time and time again, always running out on me..... *Cough* Just my luck...*hack*...I had to die INDOORS.
Doctor: W-what do you mean?
Me: I had always hoped that the last thing I'd see would be stars. *Holds up hand* Show me the stars, Doctor.
Doctor: *takes my hand*
Me: They're more beautiful than I'd imagined.
>> No. 2516557
File 133790921773.jpg - (136.85KB , 680x781 , princess celestia.jpg )
Only in death ... does duty ... end... *dies*
>> No. 2516560
"Sorry Spi--*cough* Spike, looks like I won't make it to--to your wedding, you-you keep her safe, you hear me?"*Dies*
>> No. 2516564
"I've... I've seen mre pain.. than you should *cough* experience.. in an entire lifetime.... you're gonna go far, Dash. Don't let.. ANYPONY... get.. in *violent cough* your way..
>Bleeds out
>> No. 2516579
Sorry Mac Plant an apple tree for me...........
>> No. 2516582
One last request, Scratch... Think you can do a lullaby...?
>> No. 2516585
File 133909019770.jpg - (5.88KB , 90x90 , MRetms.jpg )
Wait, in what parallel universe do guns coexist with ponies?

>I don't want to live on this planet any more, but luckily I just got shot, so yeah.
>> No. 2516586
Having had the misfortune of being shot before, something like this: AH FUCK! What happened?! Fuck it hurts! Is it bad?! How bad is it?! Fuck, my chest is numb! WHY IS MY CHEST NUMB??!! I need a doctor, get me a fucking doctor right now.

Sorry to break it to you, but most of what you think of is about reversing your bodies current trend of leaking vital fluids.
>> No. 2516590

Pinkie Pie, why don't you [singsong voice] turn that sad frown upside down [/singsong voice] If you don't don your signature smile, how will you spread joy to all you meet?
>> No. 2516968
"Well, I guess you could say..."
>Dons sunglasses
"I went out with a bang."
>Fall to the ground silently
>Transcend to whatever lays ahead

...The sad part is that I'd probably do that.
>> No. 2516970
I would like to thank the academy for this award...
>> No. 2516972
‟quick, pinkie, give me the cheat codes for respawning!‟ (life is a game. pinkie has cheat codes)
>> No. 2516973
File 134522752493.png - (21.29KB , 147x101 , Sp2.png )
"You rotten swine, you've deaded me! hold me closer Fluttershy, it's getting dark! (turns head, coughs) tell Auntie Em to let Old yeller out! (turns head, coughs) tell Tiny Tim I won't be coming 'round this Christmas! (turns head coughs) tell Scarlett I do Give a damn! (turns head, does nothing, turns back and coughs at her, blows rasberry) pardon me. *DEAD*.
>> No. 2516974
vinyl scratch; keep calm and drop bass
>> No. 2516982
...Are you...okay?

(To anypony or anypony that I had saved.)
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