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10606 No. 10606
You just caught a bullet to protect a favorite pony.

With your CHEST.

Danger's passed but you're good and screwed. What pony was it, and what do you say with your last breath?

Better not be more than one or two lines, that cold black cloud is coming down fast...

See if you can make ponychan BAAAW with your rugged heroism, bronies.
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>> No. 10607
File 130214931888.png - (170.72KB , 898x898 , 130214064027.png )
Am I... am I cool enough yet, Rainbow Dash?
>> No. 10608
File 130214933870.jpg - (6.44KB , 186x230 , Happy Pinkie (1).jpg )
It was Pinkie Pie, and I'd probably say something like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXQaMaBxwRg&feature=player_embedded
>> No. 10609
I would do it for any human or pony.
>> No. 10610
I regret all of those teamkills...I'll take forever to respawn...
>> No. 10611
Looks like my partys over ms. Pie...
>> No. 10612
File 130214945527.jpg - (27.93KB , 384x324 , 130214588179.jpg )
Hehe, you always said red was my color Rarity...
>> No. 10613
File 130214951206.jpg - (21.72KB , 318x421 , 130125763209.jpg )
Looks like my rainbow...


Just got dashed.
>> No. 10614
File 130214953345.jpg - (7.52KB , 206x208 , twi2.jpg )
Tell Spike... I loved his mustache....
>> No. 10615
File 130214956240.jpg - (171.98KB , 945x945 , PonyDerpyDinky.jpg )
At least...Dinky's safe, my friend....
>> No. 10616
"I regret nothing"
>> No. 10617
File 130214964483.jpg - (9.05KB , 346x224 , 130186680503.jpg )
Fluttershy, don't be afraid to tell the ones you love how you feel. You may end up... regretting it... like...me...
>> No. 10618
Dash. Bury me... under the sky...
>> No. 10619
File 130214965733.jpg - (342.25KB , 535x800 , BlackadderHostage.jpg )
>> No. 10620

That picture almost made me cry.
>> No. 10621
File 130214975635.jpg - (371.68KB , 700x700 , 1297451047532.jpg )
Plant A Tree In My Honor. Then I'll Be A Tree
>> No. 10622
File 130214977211.png - (111.24KB , 229x309 , 130214217099.png )
Don't worry, I'm not afraid of the dark... because I'll always have the Twilight...
>> No. 10623
Throw a helluva goodbye party for me, pinkie...
>> No. 10624
"I only wish I had time for one more bowl of chili..."
>> No. 10625
Be great and powerful, Trixie. Like you were always meant to be.
>> No. 10626
File 130214981177.png - (50.59KB , 350x208 , 130181019171.png )
You have to party for both of us now...
>> No. 10627

don't want to repost the same pic

Go get your muffin...Derpy...I'll hold them off...
>> No. 10628
File 130214989175.jpg - (42.66KB , 718x543 , 130185891144.jpg )
Applejack... you were always so frank with me, but I've... been lying to both of us. The truth is... I... Love you...
>> No. 10629
File 130214992712.png - (89.08KB , 320x249 , 1296616236845.png )
I always loved you.

>> No. 10630

It'd be Pinkie, and I'd say,

"For you see, I also had my cigerello ca- Wait a minute, I left it at home."
>> No. 10631
Fuck you ponychan, for making me cry over cartoon ponies.
>> No. 10632
File 130215000665.jpg - (20.47KB , 600x378 , 1098110-big_boss_salute_super.jpg )

Boss... you were right. It's not about changing the world. It's about doing our best to leave the world... the way it is. It's about respecting the will of others, and believing in your own.

I love MGS quotes
>> No. 10633
File 130215004274.jpg - (68.18KB , 900x900 , the_night_fluttershy_bawww__d_by_megasweet-d3c6z8o.jpg )
forgot pic
>> No. 10634
File 130215005781.png - (169.76KB , 1400x1572 , 130038853590.png )
i only regret one thing, leaving you alone again...
cough... i love you luna...
>> No. 10635
File 130215016245.png - (39.69KB , 190x190 , Luna.png )
Luna... your skies were never more beautiful... than when you were flying in them...
>> No. 10636
File 130215018620.jpg - (63.57KB , 1280x720 , 130100140347.jpg )
Are you okay?
>> No. 10637
File 130215025803.png - (18.98KB , 280x280 , 280.png )
I finally know... what that double rainbow... means to me...
>> No. 10638

Man, I'm sorry, but I'm still lol'ing at my own post.
>> No. 10639
File 130215034529.jpg - (133.83KB , 1024x1280 , Throne1.jpg )
You are my sunshine... my only sunshine... you made me happy... when skies were... gray....

I have no sad Celestia pics
>> No. 10640
File 130215036001.png - (117.75KB , 399x359 , 1288483966783.png )
"...keep.....k-keep the stars...shining....my Queen."
>> No. 10641
File 130215038251.png - (31.05KB , 201x194 , celestiaisdisspoint.png )
will this work?
>> No. 10642
Had something great, suddenly my mind goes blank. I come back a minute later and I see Mr. Brony has written down what I was going to write
So that's how he does it.
>> No. 10643
File 130215042562.png - (132.00KB , 655x655 , 1297469463477.png )

Luna love goin' on in this thread.
>> No. 10644
File 130215042888.png - (265.70KB , 668x688 , fluttershyholdingbreath.png )
I think I'm going to break your record.
>> No. 10645
I know...I know you never liked me...but know this...I always...I always cared...I always cared...about you...
>> No. 10646
Yes, perfect.

You know too much. Prepare for disassembly...
>> No. 10647
File 130215049856.jpg - (7.09KB , 160x160 , 160px-Big_Mac_Mug_2.jpg )
Well, that was dumb move... huh... haha... ha.....

>> No. 10648
Btw, which one did I steal?
>> No. 10649
File 130215060963.png - (237.56KB , 400x403 , doctor time and space.png )
The pony I'd take a bullet for is Doctor Whooves. Except actually it's him taking the bullet, not me, because that's just a tiny little bullet, he'll just regenerate and good as new. Then we'll totally high-five and go on adventures in space-time.
>> No. 10650
The threads theme song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_swaxOidGU

(FYI, some one needs to draw pony bob Dylan)
>> No. 10651
File 130215067801.jpg - (34.96KB , 416x300 , john-lennonpic1.jpg )
"Well, it looks that this is where i go, dont worry about me just take care of your family Applejack"
>> No. 10652
File 130215069422.jpg - (60.60KB , 320x240 , MEM.jpg )
I just wanted to say...*cough* that one night in fillydelphia.... *wheezzze* what I wanted to say to you before we were interrupted by Pinkypie in a kabuki outfit... *gack* was:

dies before he can finish
>> No. 10653
Oh... bollocks....

>took a bullet for Spike, just remembered it would have just bounced off his scales
>> No. 10654
File 130215072994.png - (72.53KB , 315x267 , Sad Fluttershy.png )
Fluttershy... Be strong... Live... and love...

>> No. 10655
File 130215073015.png - (170.72KB , 898x898 , sadpinkie.png )
Hey...what's with the long face? H-ha, ha...get it? Cause you're a pon....
>> No. 10656
complementary music
>> No. 10657
File 130215075107.jpg - (26.34KB , 540x304 , 1292486330224.jpg )
I take a bullet for Pinkie Pie and say...

Party on.
>> No. 10658
Fluttershy one and the Applejack one a little later on, maybe it's just herdmind and I'm slow.
>> No. 10659
>> No. 10660
File 130215090764.jpg - (26.03KB , 400x361 , rorschach-death.jpg )
"...Never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon. That's always been the difference between us, Fluttershy..."
>> No. 10661
File 130215094219.jpg - (358.89KB , 1000x1000 , twilight bus stop.jpg )
True friendship lasts...forever...thats for all of you to hold onto.
>> No. 10663
File 130215096749.png - (243.14KB , 400x400 , Me2harbinger.png )
You have failed. We will find another way. Releasing control.
>> No. 10664
File 130215105788.jpg - (19.44KB , 250x332 , johnny_5.jpg )
No disassemble!!
>> No. 10665
If I was a human... this is what I would say.
Twilight... remember when we first met? When you said that you could bring me back to Equestria with you if I really wanted?
I see it now, Twilight, I see it... so close...
I don't know what I would say if I was a pony.
>> No. 10666
I'd take a bullet for John Lennon
Maybe I'll be a little quicker next time
>> No. 10667
File 130215124440.png - (76.46KB , 300x300 , 1301636594166.png )
Well AJ, I guess this was my last... rodeo
>> No. 10668
File 130215127923.jpg - (95.73KB , 945x945 , 130008006491.jpg )
be strong fluttreshy... dont let me see you crying... i´ll be sad if i make you cry...
>> No. 10669
File 130215128485.jpg - (186.18KB , 745x631 , Kyo\'s goodbye.jpg )
"Heh, after so much time of watching you from down here, looks like I'll finally be able to see the world... from way up there. Who knows? One day we might just meet again... up in those clouds. It's been fun... Dash."
>> No. 10670
"And when at last i find you.....your song will fill the air...sing it loud so i can hear you *cough* make it it easy to be near you... for the things you do endear you to me... aaah you know i will~..."
cant seem to find a sad twilight
>> No. 10671
File 130215138050.png - (124.55KB , 532x353 , 130178996117.png )
Don't you ever....stop partying...
>> No. 10672
File 130215140937.gif - (136.24KB , 200x171 , Fluttershy.gif )


>> No. 10674
File 130215142084.jpg - (41.06KB , 450x309 , oatmeal.jpg )
Oatmeal, you sunnuva bitch! You are so damn crazy.
>> No. 10675
File 130215147836.jpg - (57.41KB , 905x706 , 1299824149707.jpg )
this is a memorial for all the brave bronies who took a bullet in their chest in order to save that special pony that was in their hearts...
>> No. 10676
Luna... I... I have always loved you...

Forgive.... me....
>> No. 10677
File 130215151433.png - (79.60KB , 322x322 , 129999432438.png )
I'm sorry I got blood on your dress.
>> No. 10678

"... Go fly with the angels!"
>> No. 10679
"Twilight, come closer... closer... do... do you think you could heal this?"
"I... I can't! It wont work!"
"Ah... I see... I was kinda hoping on it..."
"Don't die, Anon! No!"
"But Twilight, it's too dark... I'm so cold... you're so far... away..."
"Please, no! Medic! Medic!"
"Goodbye, Twilight... our hour has passed, and I'm afraid... it's time... to sleep..."
>> No. 10680
File 130215191263.png - (95.92KB , 271x309 , 129978394280.png )
*forms fingers into shape of a gun*


>> No. 10681
>> No. 10683
File 130215218144.png - (100.51KB , 380x356 , 130188726076.png )
"I....I don't think laughing's going to help much, this time..."
>> No. 10684
File 130215222760.jpg - (164.65KB , 810x910 , 3183 - cowboy_bebop parody spike.jpg )
>> No. 10685
This thread is just laughable.
Ridiculous, bizarre, nonsensical and sappy too.

But... I love it.
>> No. 10686
File 130215240153.jpg - (2.48KB , 125x77 , Eep Fluttershy.jpg )
This... isn't Fluttershy...
>> No. 10687
File 130215250987.png - (482.60KB , 1600x1440 , 1301661858357.png )
I-I guess... I'm not as great and powerful as you...
>> No. 10688
File 130215261457.jpg - (30.66KB , 732x460 , celestia says no.jpg )
Guess you're not allowed to reverse this with magic...are you Princess?

...didn't think so...I'll see you at..the end.
>> No. 10689
Just imagining RD breaking down as a dying pony says that is overwhelming.
>> No. 10690
File 130215270804.jpg - (96.92KB , 891x896 , Young Fluttershy.jpg )
Flutter... Fluttershy... p-protect her... innocence... preserve...
>> No. 10691
"Come on now... if you start crying, I'll start crying. I don't want to go out with tears."

Or, a David Tennant edition:

"I... I don't want to go."

Also, I hate you all. You're making the water come out of my eyes ;_;
>> No. 10692
"Thank goodness for these fake boobs! ... Yeah, Dash, Sorry, I'm a guy."
>> No. 10693
Totally... worth it...
>> No. 10694
I just remembered, you never told me your real name, Mayor.
>> No. 10695
File 130215313796.jpg - (72.68KB , 384x267 , My-Little-Pony-Friendship-Is-Magic-Episode-20.jpg )
"Even though I was nothing but a deadbeat slacker...even though I've never accomplished anything in my life...you all still loved me...thank you."
>> No. 10696
File 130215327084.png - (31.05KB , 201x194 , 130215038251.png )
You've got a good thing going here.... don't stop... don't let it...
>> No. 10697
"It's not like me to do this, so why did I?"
>> No. 10698
File 130215337609.png - (192.57KB , 403x314 , 1297668639132.png )
I may only live to see one more Twilight...but this one is more beautiful than all the rest

>Cue using my last strength to kiss her cheek
>> No. 10699
File 130215351827.jpg - (678.45KB , 761x904 , 129962322333.jpg )
Luna, sorry it took my life,
there's a sad moon on the rise.
>> No. 10700
"who the fuck shoots at a ponyyyyy?"
>> No. 10701
File 130215368492.jpg - (5.88KB , 176x199 , dbf554ed65ab3bc3b21cb155.jpg )
Yo, Dash, still alive?
And thanks friend. See you again.
>> No. 10702
File 130215371100.jpg - (165.85KB , 945x945 , goodnight moon.jpg )
Heh...good luck Princess...I'm sure you'll see me in your dreams.
>> No. 10703
File 130215400391.jpg - (113.24KB , 800x1264 , Zeon\'s wish.jpg )
Heh, gonna give it another go. This time for Applejack. It'll be corny, just the way I like it.

"Sorry... to go dyin' in the place you worked so hard to breath life into. But when I return to the earth, maybe... just maybe... an apple tree will grow. If one does... will you remember me?"
>> No. 10704
File 130215401041.png - (123.63KB , 446x319 , 130102345004.png )
Mighty sorry I won't ever get to try that homemade pie you keep beatin' your gums over AJ...
>> No. 10705
File 130215406843.gif - (2.43MB , 320x180 , dashboom.gif )
Love your friends, find your purpose...keep flying...
>> No. 10706
File 130215410486.png - (169.37KB , 1897x1927 , twilighthighrez.png )
this was *cough's blood* one hell of a *hack* grand galloping gala, huh Twilight?

>> No. 10707
File 130215426075.png - (382.46KB , 1366x768 , 130033327708.png )
You'll make your marks on this world, I just wish I could be around to see it... Tell Pinkie... Oatmeal... so crazy... ugnh.
>> No. 10708
Looks like.. I'm not.. gonna make it... Dash, I'll tell Pinkie you said "Hi" when I get ther– *bleeerghch*
>> No. 10709
File 130215431691.gif - (110.44KB , 559x490 , 130143716619.gif )
Are you ok...good I'm glad.
...No it's not your fault and I don't regret this...
But remember this..be strong for your friends.
And don't cry I'm sure we'll meet again in a different
So this is farewell..Fluttershy.
>> No. 10710
File 130215434342.png - (162.80KB , 420x408 , 130160914930.png )
With my last breath... I curse.....guuuuunsszzzzhghgh
>> No. 10711
*bullet Taken*
*Twilight faints.*
Spike take a note:
>Dear Princess Celestia,
>I have learned one lesson today that your faithful student will, thanks to me, never have to learn.

>Bullets hurt.
>> No. 10712
>> No. 10713
File 130215456928.jpg - (1.69KB , 126x73 , 1297034567634s.jpg )
Told'ya we could do magic... made that bullet vanish just like that...

*snaps fingers*
>> No. 10714

"A pure heart should not fall victim to the cruelty of evil."
>> No. 10715
File 130215464871.jpg - (95.02KB , 500x433 , 5246317240_687e8f6a7a.jpg )
I don't care how. Somepony archive this thread dammit.
>> No. 10716
File 130215471669.jpg - (24.54KB , 640x360 , PonyRarityHelmet.jpg )
"Mein Fuhrer! I can walk!"
>> No. 10717
Well hello, Dr Merkwürdigeliebe.
>> No. 10718
File 130215498069.png - (713.63KB , 900x675 , 3620 - luna.png )
*reaches with one hand to wipe away Luna's tears*

I've always wanted to see the moon up close, and you know what?

*she shakes her head*

It's even more beautiful than I imagined.
>> No. 10719
File 130215503322.jpg - (42.79KB , 455x455 , 130143502874.jpg )
Don't worry, Dash....I'll see you....over the rainbow

....Even I think that was corny....
>> No. 10720
File 130215510588.png - (245.55KB , 716x818 , PonyApplejackDrStrangelove.png )
>> No. 10721
>> No. 10722
TOOT TOOT TOOT TOOT (repeat until death gurgle)
>> No. 10723
File 130215559874.jpg - (80.37KB , 766x707 , 130062145003.jpg )
Twilight...listen to pinkie's twitchy tale...and Derpy...It wasn't your fault... pianos are heavy...but I guess... its time... I return to sender....
>> No. 10724
File 130215570351.jpg - (28.84KB , 473x459 , 130068065664.jpg )
Damnit guys; stop making me want to write a fanfic about this.
>> No. 10725
Your stronger than you know...

Braver than you know...

Don't ever give up, not even for an instant...

Let me see that beautiful smile one last time...


((As stated before this thread is ridiculous, but absolutely heartwrenching and heartwarming all at the same time. I DEMAND MORE!))
>> No. 10726
File 130215634210.gif - (63.15KB , 200x200 , 130039842480.gif )

You have a job to finish Rainbow, give em hell
>> No. 10727
>> No. 10728
File 130215676993.jpg - (27.92KB , 500x499 , tumblr_li9b75RPjj1qafrh6.jpg )
For the lulz.
>> No. 10729
((Just got another one))

Looks like...

This time..

I was faster...

>> No. 10730
File 130215743539.jpg - (349.84KB , 978x1128 , Leeroy_4.jpg )
G-g-goddamit Leeroy!
>> No. 10731
"Fluttershy, you go out there and become the biggest tree in all Equestria, and don't let anypony stop you."
>> No. 10732
File 130215745949.png - (93.10KB , 370x328 , Scootaloo Hnnnnngggg.png )
"Why can't I ever think of anything witty to say when it really matters? Ah, well... good luck finding your cutie mark, kiddo..."
>> No. 10733
File 130215749493.jpg - (118.95KB , 550x961 , random_sad_twilight_and_rarity_by_theartrix-d3caz4.jpg )
"Rarity, I..."

Googled "rarity sad" and came up with that pic, and thought "How apt."
>> No. 10734


Oh... oh dammit... that one was so hilarious and sad... fuck... (grabs tissue)
>> No. 10735
File 130215786327.png - (220.31KB , 406x513 , Awesome Hoity.png )
This is why I love this thread. So goofy, so melodramatic, so random... so tootin' good.
>> No. 10736
File 130215811058.png - (29.85KB , 1234x778 , rarityI.png )
>> No. 10737
This thread makes me want to kill a bunch of characters off in my fanfic just so I can quote some of these.
>> No. 10738
File 130215831470.png - (552.91KB , 859x780 , 1301674684716.png )
"I'm not leaving you, I'm just going to be one of the stars in your sky" *dead*
>> No. 10739
Twilight: But... I love you!
Me: I know. *dies*

and anothr to applejack this time.

I'll be back, I swear. There aint no grave what can hold me...
>> No. 10740
Twilight is my favorite.

My last words would be "You bitch flank pony, get over here and heal me with your unicorn magics before I croak."
>> No. 10741
File 130215847569.gif - (1.90MB , 378x304 , 130003037717.gif )
>> No. 10742
"Aww fuck" - Spinner
>> No. 10743
File 130215859145.png - (102.80KB , 464x338 , lucky_daww.png )
"Fluttershy?...I'm gonna be...just fine. Don't you worry, now let me see that smile of yours. You've got such a...lovely...."
>> No. 10744
OH you bastard.... I read that fanfic... God damnit im crying.
>> No. 10745
File 130215871944.png - (66.52KB , 408x270 , 130197390739.png )
Gawd damnit this one got me.
feels bad man
>> No. 10746
"Smoke me a kipper Derpy, I'll be back for breakfast."
>> No. 10747
File 130215891218.png - (194.35KB , 851x477 , 130198004320.png )
"Don't mourn my d-death, Pinkie....


Celebrate my life."
>> No. 10748
File 130215903313.png - (39.91KB , 209x202 , 130188933049.png )
"Dash...send me out....with a bang."
>> No. 10749
File 130215906959.png - (173.32KB , 777x588 , Gilda_is_NOT_crying-(n1300338338148).png )
You know I'm too rattlesnake mean to die old. Now give me a damn cigarette before I go make Satan my bitch, bitch.
>> No. 10750
File 130215912771.gif - (136.24KB , 200x171 , 130215140937.gif )
Looks like...I'm...gonna...make like a tree...and...
>> No. 10751
File 130215918960.jpg - (22.55KB , 529x327 , fluttershy huh.jpg )
"this isn't goodbye, it's only a short farewell. I will see you again, so please don't cry...." my beautiful angel
>> No. 10752
File 130215940985.jpg - (73.22KB , 600x750 , Ace_Rimmer_by_ArtPrinny.jpg )

Derpy: (sniff, sniffle) ....What a guy...
>> No. 10753
File 130215941219.jpg - (5.39KB , 200x150 , kipper.jpg )
>> No. 10754
"So...that's how you work a trigger with hooves."

So sorry, had to cut the sob a little bit or I'm going to completely lose it here and my roommates are still up.
>> No. 10755
File 130215944868.png - (81.65KB , 280x280 , 130198357247.png )
"What, this? It's n-nothing... As long as you're safe.... This is nothing at all....

You...you're strong, Fluttershy. Don't ever let anypony tell you otherwi--"
>> No. 10756
File 130215962882.png - (99.77KB , 464x338 , lucky_appaled.png )
"Don't look Rainbow Dash! I don't want you to see this. You live the dream for both of us now. You hear me? You live the dream for both of us!"

>> No. 10757
File 130215972297.png - (152.85KB , 500x445 , 130039658609.png )
Now now, don't touch it, you will stain your gorgeous lady hooves...stay sharp, Rarity...
>> No. 10758
File 130215989400.png - (175.08KB , 950x1100 , 1298081360435.png )
Trixie...you'll always be.....great and powerful....to me
>> No. 10759
File 130216002055.png - (50.59KB , 350x208 , sadpinkie.png )
"Hey Pinkie... looks like my number's up.

Bake up a storm, kid..."

and then I was cupcakes
>> No. 10760
File 130216006175.gif - (460.08KB , 200x200 , 130189591791.gif )
"He...he made me who I am. Don't....let him do it....to anypony else..."
>> No. 10761
File 130216008227.png - (462.48KB , 3259x2949 , 130153336271.png )
S-sorry I won't...nngh....m-make it to the dance. Y-you're always radical in my book, Cheerie....
>> No. 10762
"My only regret is that I didn't read that letter that Marty gave me, I guess it wouldn't have mattered anyway"
>> No. 10763

"Some people believe that every person who dies becomes a new star up in the sky...Now I'll get to be near you forever..."

[/spoiler]I had a much better ending to this but it's 2:00 a.m. and I can't brain because I have the dumb[spoiler]
>> No. 10764
File 130216035684.png - (170.72KB , 898x898 , Crying Pinkie.png )
Aw what the heck, I'll do one for Pinkie Pie too.

"Oh this? ...haha, it's nothing, Pinkie... nothing at all. You think this will kill me? I told you before... that I'm invincible, remember? Don't worry about me... I'm just going to rest my eyes here for a minute... and when I come to, we'll throw a huge party... together."
>> No. 10765

((If this quote is from a fanfic I have to read it now. Anypony got a link? Also here is another one.))

Saying goodby is just as important as saying hello...

This will make a great letter to Celestia...

You will always be my friend Twilight...
>> No. 10766
File 130216064021.jpg - (116.91KB , 378x358 , 1297668484816.jpg )
Pinkie.....when I meant...forever.
I....meant it.

If you're ever scared...or...alone....*smile* just....giggle. I'll.....be.....there
>> No. 10767
File 130216065056.gif - (146.57KB , 316x315 , derpy_horror.gif )
"Derpy, I want you to know that I'll wheeze always be watching out for you, even if we don't wheeze always see eye to eye."


I am having WAY too much fun in this thread.
>> No. 10768
holy shit... a talking pony...
>> No. 10769
File 130216074044.png - (3.71KB , 64x64 , martyrdom.png )
"There's something you should know... before I die...

I took Martyrdom as my third perk..."
>> No. 10770
for real though...
"Well, princess... I never did like you much..."
>> No. 10771
File 130216085910.png - (109.28KB , 345x334 , lucky_single_tear.png )
"Digi_lord? I wasn't quoting anything that I know of. I...I meant every word I said. Don't you ever...forget that. Promise me...."

>> No. 10772
File 130216116782.png - (68.98KB , 490x554 , 1301002001606.png )
Just remember... beard's on the inside... little fella...
>> No. 10773

((Lol i'm not a pony, I don't think. But based on >>10744 it seemed like it was part of something else. Oh well if not still good stuff.))

Looks like...

I have a long night ahead of me...

I always like the night...

Goodnight Luna...
>> No. 10774
File 130216147523.png - (81.42KB , 271x309 , PonyFluttershySad.png )
"Got a light? I got one..."
>> No. 10775
File 130216151116.png - (658.28KB , 938x998 , sad_pie.png )
Whenever you see a mango colored balloon...think of me just a little, Pinkie Pie...
Never forget...that you were...

...my element of happiness...

And...can I have just one...more hug...for the...r-...
>> No. 10776
File 130216161800.gif - (460.08KB , 200x200 , 130107766114.gif )
*holding Twilight's hoof*
"I... don't feel the pain anymore. Friendship really is magic."
>> No. 10778
"D... Don't worry big sis... You've handled the moon for a thousand years before, I-*cough*-I'm sure you can take control for just a bit longer..."
>> No. 10780
File 130216200201.png - (26.75KB , 945x945 , 130081992992.png )
As long as you're safe... I'm okay with this.
>> No. 10781
"Always, I will be with you now. Living in harmony, forever. Oh Love"
>> No. 10782
File 130216228181.png - (1.05MB , 1440x900 , 130055198006.png )
Fly me to the moon... And let me play among the stars...
Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars...
In other words... Hold my hand...
In other words... Darling... Kiss me...
Fill my heart with song... And let me sing forever more...
You are... All I long for... All I worship... And adore...
In other words... Please be true...
In other words... I love you...

spout out these lyrics until dead
>> No. 10783
File 130216231113.jpg - (19.36KB , 305x312 , 1299029164019.jpg )
Top.. (hack) ...Top THAT! Hah-ha-haha-ha...
>> No. 10784
>> No. 10785
File 130216283472.png - (106.49KB , 526x353 , fluttershy_eyes.png )
"I'm...tired Fluttershy. Will you sing me a lullaby?"
>> No. 10786
File 130216338736.jpg - (118.60KB , 375x500 , Green-Anonymous.jpg )

Trixie's fine, brah. It was that green guy in the fancy suit who bit the dust just now. Looks like she's gonna have to really do something great, now... successful parasprite was successful...
>> No. 10787
No she doesn't, I am just fine with her friendship <3
>> No. 10788
File 130216366304.png - (120.43KB , 640x360 , 130192590801.png )
"Twilight...I'm scared, what'll happen to me?...Surely, you've....read about it....somewhere..."
>> No. 10789
File 130216378745.jpg - (42.41KB , 480x360 , DoIt.jpg )
Pinkie pie...what....why.....there....no sense...good bye...
>> No. 10790
File 130216406010.png - (456.97KB , 945x945 , 130215692423_jpg.png )
Has it been in any other papers? George, don't make no full moves. What have you done with him? Oh, mama, mama, mama. Oh stop it, stop it; eh, oh, oh. Sure, sure, mama.
Now listen, Phil, fun is fun. Ah please, papa. What happened to the sixteen? Oh, oh, he done it, please. John, please, oh, did you buy the hotel? You promised a million sure. Get out. I wished I knew.
Please make it quick, fast and furious. Please. Fast and furious. Please help me get out; I am getting my wind back, thank God. Please, please, oh please. You will have to please tell him, you got no case.
You get ahead with the dot dash system didn't I speak that time last night. Whose number is that in your pocket book, Phi1 13780. Who was it? Oh- please, please. Reserve decision. Police, police, Henry and Frankie. Oh, oh, dog biscuits and when he is happy he doesn't get happy please, please to do this. Then Henry, Henry, Frankie you didn't even meet me. The glove will fit what I say oh, Kayiyi, oh Kayiyi. Sure who cares when you are through? How do you know this? How do you know this? Well, then oh, Cocoa know thinks he is a grandpa again. He is jumping around. No Hobo and Poboe I think he means the same thing.

Will you help me up? O.K. I won't be such a big creep. Oh, mama. I can't go through with it, please. Oh, and then he clips me; come on. Cut that out, we don't owe a nickel; hold it; instead, hold it against him; I am a pretty good pretzler -Winifred- Department of Justice. I even got it from the department. Sir, please stop it. Say listen the last night!

No. If he wanted to break the ring no, please I get a month. They did it. Come on. (A name, not clear) cut me off and says you are not to be the beneficiary of this will. Is that right? I will be checked and double-checked and please pull for me. Will you pull? How many good ones and how many bad ones? Please I had nothing with him he was a cowboy in one of the seven days a week fight. No business; no hangout; no friends; nothing; just what you pick up and what you need. I don't know who shot me. Don't put anypony near this check~ you might have -please do it for me. Let me get up. heh? In the olden days they waited and they waited. Please give me a shot. It is from the factory. Sure, that is a bad. Well, oh good ahead that happens for trying. I don't want harmony. I want harmony. Oh, mamma, mamma! Who give it to him? Who give it to him? Let me in the district -fire-factory that he was nowhere near. It smoldered No, no. There are only ten of us and there ten million fighting somewhere of you, so get your onions up and we will throw up the truce flag. Oh, please let me up. Please shift me. Police are here. Communistic...strike...baloney...honestly this is a habit I get; sometimes I give it and sometimes I don't. Oh, I am all in. That settles it. Are you sure? Please let me get in and eat. Let him harass himself to you and then bother you. Please don't ask me to go there. I don't want to. I still don't want him in the path. It is no use to stage a riot. The sidewalk was in trouble and the bears were in trouble and I broke it up. Please put me in that room. Please keep him in control. My gilt edged stuff and those dirty rats have tuned in. Please mother, don't tear, don't rip; that is something that shouldn't be spoken about. Please get me up, my friends. Please, look out. The shooting is a bit wild, and that kind of shooting saved a man's life. No payrolls. No wells. No coupons. That would be entirely out. Pardon me, I forgot I am plaintiff and not defendant. Look out. Look out for him. Please. He owed me money; he owes everypony money. Why can't he just pullout and give me control? Please, mother, you pick me up now. Please, you know me. No. Don't you scare me. My friends and I think I do a better job. Police are looking for you allover. Be instrumental in letting us know. They are English-men and they are a type I don't know who is best, they or us. Oh, sir, get the doll a roofing. You can play jacks and girls do that with a soft ball and do tricks with it. I take all events into consideration. No. No. And it is no. It is confused and its says no. A boy has never wept nor dashed a thousand kim. Did you hear me?

Q. Who shot you?

A.- I don't know.

Q.- How many shots were fired?

A.- I don't know.

Q.- How many?

A.- Two thousand. Come one, get some money in that treasury. We need it. Come on, please get it. I can't tell you to. That is not what you have in the book. Oh, please warden. What am I going to do for money? Please put me up on my feet at once. You are a hard boiled man. Did you hear me? I would hear it, the Circuit Court would hear it, and the Supreme Court might hear it. If that ain't the pay-off. Please crack down on the Chinaman's friends and Hitler's commander. I am sore and I am going up and I am going to give you honey if I can. Mother is the best bet and don't let Satan draw you too fast.

Q. (By Detective) - What did the big fellow shoot you for?

A.- Him? John? Over a million, five million dollars.

Q.- You want to get well, don't you?

A.- Yes.

Q.- Then lie quiet.

A.- Yes, I will lie quiet.

Q.- John shot and we will take care of John.

A.- That is what caused the trouble. Look out. Please let me up. If you do this, you can go on and jump right here in the lake. I know who they are. They are French people. All right. Look out, look out. Oh, my memory is gone. A work relief police. Who gets it? I don't know and I don't want to know, but look out. It can be traced. He changed for the worse. Please look out; my fortunes have changed and come back and went back since that. It was desperate. I am wobbly. You ain't got nothing on him but you got it on his helper.

Q. (By detective ) - Control yourself.

A.- But I am dying.

(Statemnt by detective) - No, you are not.

A.- Come on, mama. All right, dear, you have to get it.

At this point, Schultz's wife, Frances, was brought to his bedside. She spoke.

(Statement by Mrs. Schultz) - This is Frances.

Schultz began to talk again, saying:

Then pull me out. I am half crazy. They won't let me get up. They dyed my shoes. Open those shoes. Give me something. I am so sick. Give me some water, the only thing that I want. Open this up and break it so I can touch you. Danny, please get me in the car.

At this point Mrs. Schultz left the room.

(Sergeant Conlon questioned Schultz again) - Who shot you?

A.- I don't know. I didn't even get a look. I don't know who can have done it. Anypony. Kindly take my shoes off. (He was told that they were off.) No. There is a handcuff on them. The Baron says these things. I know what I am doing here with my collection of papers. It isn't worth a nickel to two guys like you or me but to a collector it is worth a fortune. It is priceless. I am going to turn it over to... Turn you back to me, please Henry. I am so sick now. The police are getting many complaints. Look out. I want that G-note. Look out for Jimmy Valentine for he is an old pal of mine. Come on, come on, Jim. Ok, ok, I am all through. Can't do another thing. Look out mamma, look out for her. You can't beat him. Police, mamma, Helen, mother, please take me out. I will settle the indictment. Come on, open the soap duckets. The chimney sweeps. Talk to the sword. Shut up, you got a big mouth! Please help me up, Henry. Max, come over here. French-Canadian bean soup. I want to pay. Let them leave me alone.
>> No. 10791
File 130216426144.png - (118.02KB , 315x336 , 1042 - crying Trixie.png )
Someday...you'll find a group of friends...who'll love you for who you really are. You won't have to pretend...to be great and powerful...anymore.
>> No. 10792
File 130216442151.png - (111.09KB , 433x450 , 130038324574.png )
You... know what this calls for, right Pinkie...? A funeral! Heh ha ha *cough* hoggh...
>> No. 10793
File 130216461176.png - (133.36KB , 450x540 , 130040057773.png )
Aw c'mon Applebloom... you ain't gonna get a cutie mark for cryin'...
>> No. 10794
File 130216482841.png - (119.28KB , 500x300 , celest.png )

"Furtive little feelings, a vague fondness, even a shadow of respect at the end... amongst myriad others—all burned into this stoic's mortal heart....

Even a hoof that can rend the Heavens and Earth asunder... cannot shatter the heart that contains these small but precious feelings."
>> No. 10795
File 130216486185.png - (27.23KB , 945x945 , wat.png )
Do you think...i'll come back..as a tree? *hurk*
>> No. 10796
File 130216510445.jpg - (23.60KB , 300x245 , pinkie-pie.jpg )
"How about...one last song?"

And then we would quietly sing "Giggle at the Ghostly" together until my voice faded away and she was left singing alone.

In tears.
>> No. 10797
File 130216511807.jpg - (17.84KB , 400x400 , 130132198151.jpg )
My name's not... Ramirez, sir...
>> No. 10798
I died to save...............
Dr. Whooves

"There is no indignity in being afraid to die, but there is a terrible shame in being afraid to live. Goodbye my very good friend."
>> No. 10799
First person who gets this can have a muffin.
>> No. 10800
File 130216599862.jpg - (160.64KB , 600x250 , brooke1.jpg )
What's this? Leaving just the accompaniment?
>> No. 10801

"Such a shame that I couldn't get to know you better."

"I think, sir, that you've known me at my best."
>> No. 10802

>> No. 10803
Name who said the line or no muffin for you!
>> No. 10804
File 130216636392.jpg - (186.62KB , 1000x1000 , 130146289021.jpg )
.....guess i really cant change huh?

bittersweet symphony plays in the back round
>> No. 10805
never mind this
>> No. 10806

>> No. 10807
File 130216654885.gif - (460.10KB , 200x200 , 1299619579625.gif )
Well, I guess now I won't have to worry about what I'm doing with my life...
>> No. 10810
One shot character Leader of the Thal people actually. No muffin for you!
>> No. 10812
>[open this page and press play:http://www.rainymood.com/]
>[open this song, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_swaxOidGU Press play and wait until 14 second mark.]

Luna, "No! No you can't die."

Me, "shhh, it's ok."

Luna, "B-but, I can't lose you're my friend, your the only friend I have!"

My hand weakly cups her cheek.

Me, "Luna, we'll always be friends... no matter what... so promise me... don't be sad anymore"

>hand falls away...
>> No. 10813
>>Die saving fluttershy
*hack* looks like *cough* you'll have to go leafing the dream. GO LEAF THE DREAM FOR ME!
>> No. 10814
Applejack... The self destruct codes... Are in my pocket...

Blow the ship, before... It...

>> No. 10815
>(As this tread peters out, the song starts to play.)

>Twi, take your magic off of me
>I can't use it anymore.
>It's gettin' dark, too dark for me to see
>I feel like I'm knockin' on heaven's door.

>Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door
>Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door
>Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door
>Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door

>Twi, put my pies in the ground
>I can't eat them anymore.
>That long black cloud is comin' down
>I feel like I'm knockin' on heaven's door.

>Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door
>Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door
>Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door
>Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door
>> No. 10816
File 130217020896.jpg - (6.08KB , 184x184 , 130208664728.jpg )
Respawn in 10... 9... 8...
>> No. 10817
For Pinkie Pie: I'm dieing, but I can still smile...because of you.

For Rainbow Dash: When you become a wonderbolt, don't forget your friends. I just wish I could live to see you achieve your dream like I know you will.

For Fluttershy: You're strong and brave. I'm proud to have you as a friend.

For Applejack: See? *cough cough* You need friends to help you out sometimes.

For Twilight Sparkle: Friendship is Magic.
>> No. 10819
Don't cry for me when I'm gone
No point of wasted tears, our
Time will come one day and I'm
Just confronting my fears
Though it's not really a fear
It's more like a destiny
Sometimes I sit and wonder is this
Life really for me? 'Cos
I've seen, seen, heard, felt
I'm done. I hope ur proud of
Where I've come, you've seen me
Grow and helped me through,
And there is no repayin' you,
I'm here and I feel like I'm
Delayin' you, betrayin' you,
And when I'm gone I hope there's
Somepony savin' you.

dont have an appropriate pic
>> No. 10820
just read whole thread listening to Ghost love score - Nightwish, in need of finding a cute thread now...
>> No. 10821
>> No. 10822
File 130217644769.png - (170.72KB , 898x898 , upset pinky.png )
Heh heh... *coughs* ...I never thought it would end this way... But its ok, I can laugh, because youre here... Pinky... pr... promise you wont ever stop being you...... -.-
>> No. 10823
File 130217648017.png - (165.77KB , 412x436 , 130000310932.png )
oh fuck it hurts......Fluttershy...They've moved on...you're safe now..stay with me a little longer..I'm sorry...Please..tell my little filly that I love her...show her how it is to be kind...Tell her her daddy died protecting the spirit of kindness...thank you..I'm just gonna sleep now...so tired...
>> No. 10824
"F-fly me...to the moon...."
>> No. 10825

Jump ahead to 42 seconds.
>> No. 10826
File 130217819108.png - (29.48KB , 281x280 , luna-lyin.png )
Luna... I was your faaaaa--- *dead*
>> No. 10827
I could die for one more plate of your heavenly waffles, princess
>> No. 10828
File 130218175371.png - (84.02KB , 300x300 , 130203742371s.png )
"Red isn't in season, but I just can't help myself."
>> No. 10829
File 130218199441.png - (141.29KB , 640x346 , 130172293808.png )
He-*cough*--Hell of a time to realize what really matters to ya, ain't it?
>> No. 10830
File 130219399887.png - (108.45KB , 464x338 , lucky_tophat_mustach_combo_wombo.png )
Well played good sir. Well played.
>> No. 10831
File 130219420469.png - (267.94KB , 2000x1839 , pinkie_smile_2.png )
"Pinkie Pie...I can see it (gazes off into the distance. It's a party. A never ending...party, and I'm invited. Goodbye Pinkie Pie. I don't want to be late after all."


>> No. 10832
I... I just reacted. I didn't think about... what would happen to me.... I didn't... have too. Because... I... was too busy thinking... what would happen to you.

Don't cry... silly filly. Send me out with a... smile...
>> No. 10833
File 130219866925.jpg - (27.93KB , 384x324 , 130214588179.jpg )
Don't worry... if friendship is magic... then- then love is so much more...
>> No. 10834
Why the hell is this being auto-saged? This needs to be archived!
>> No. 10835
((This thread is too much fun to let die. Also new stuff.))

Pinkie you had better throw me a big party...

If you don't consider your flank haunted..
>> No. 10836
"why are you crying luna? I was only doing my job. now get going before i end up getting fired."
>> No. 10837
File 130220682329.jpg - (5.96KB , 145x203 , 129942978374.jpg )
Is this thread on sage?
>> No. 10838
This needs to be arched NOW
The fluttershy fanfic where shes shipped with lucky. its incomplete... heres a link

you didnt quote it... but you refered to it kinda. I was reading your post as if you were lucky.
>> No. 10839
File 130220915626.png - (56.46KB , 257x349 , lucky_relieved.png )
"Ah...now I finally cough understand. I'm glad I found before it was...too late."

>> No. 10840
" you silly pony, always was into the dramatics...."

>> No. 10841
File 130221383940.png - (82.35KB , 309x305 , 130205935696.png )
Archive plz!
>> No. 10842
File 130221555107.png - (68.55KB , 249x336 , 12994306443.png )
I just unsaged this thread.
>> No. 10843
File 130221568004.png - (117.16KB , 360x360 , 130214005121.png )
How does one do that, exactly? I thought only mods could auto-sage or un-sage a thread.
>> No. 10844
Fluttershy... I wish we could have met under better circumstances. I couldnt help myself. Your heart is too pure... I couldnt let you fall victim to evil... Dont forget me.
>> No. 10845
File 130221602323.jpg - (469.51KB , 800x960 , friendship_is_magic__bitch_by_theartrix-d3aji9q.jpg )
I wouldn't say anything. Just a meaningful look in their eyes would be enough, followed by a single manly tear.

What I want to see is the epic vengeance the ponies would enact on my killer. Truly it would be an action packed thriller, something kinda like this pic perhaps...
>> No. 10846
it was pinkie pie
>i'm going on to the great party in the sky. keep the party inside going!
>> No. 10847
File 130221615146.png - (134.74KB , 321x301 , 129971529916.png )
Why yes I am a wizard......
But if you seriously want to know.

It's opposite day! Typing sage unsages threads!
>> No. 10848
Rainbow Dash
"Well look who's Rainbow Crashed now, heh? It's been hella fun, Dash. Tell Rachel I love her."
>> No. 10849
Srsly? I didn't know it was opposite day... or that that would work... huh... either way, glad to have this thread back
>> No. 10850
Fluttershy... I- *I plan to die right about there and make it all dramatic and die all dead like.*

Oh I'm sorry was this thread derailed?
>> No. 10851
File 130221628490.png - (119.22KB , 640x360 , sad.png )
Sorry Twi, maybe it's time... you should make... some new... friends...
>> No. 10852
File 130221631276.png - (173.31KB , 640x360 , war face.png )
*cough* Rainbow Dash, keep it brony, and... *cough* Tell Trixie... *cough* Tell Trixie she's a total bitch.
>> No. 10853
File 130221634660.png - (68.55KB , 249x336 , 12994306443.png )

Neither did i...
I think an admin just made it regular day again though!
>> No. 10854
Bring me back...as...a...Pegasus...
>> No. 10855
Fluttershy, smile please. somepony as sweet as you should never frown.
>> No. 10856
File 130221718854.jpg - (14.18KB , 374x373 , 130155884717s.jpg )
I’m going ahead the rest of you can take your time getting here. Slower than the old folks but faster than the children, ok?
>> No. 10857
the other night dear.... when i was sleeping... i dreampt i held you in my arms... but when i woke up... i was mistaken....somepony... had taken... my sunshine... *dies*
>> No. 10858
I ain't got time ta bleed!
>> No. 10859
File 130221763385.png - (120.43KB , 640x360 , 130192590801.png )
You know, you should smile more often. You look nice when you smile.
>> No. 10860
It was Rarity and i said:

"I want to wear something neat at my funeral"
>> No. 10861
File 130221819287.jpg - (209.00KB , 1011x1011 , Nurse_White_Thumb_2.jpg )
"Thank you... for taking care of me... all this time. *cough* Y-you don't have...t'be burdened... by this pathetic patient... anymore..."
>> No. 10862
Fluttershy, I cant tell what breaks my heart more, this bullet or seeing you sad...
>> No. 10863
here's some sad songs.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8AWFf7EAc4 (meh sad)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wn_iz8z2AGw (the saddest thing i can think of)
>> No. 10864
Go now. Our journey is done. And may we meet again, in the clearing, at the end of the path.
>> No. 10865
File 130221871776.png - (59.02KB , 241x241 , 130129597668.png )
>first not available in my country
>gary jules version of mad world
I can think of sadder love related stuff.
>> No. 10866
first one was hallelujah
i don't know that many very sad songs. i know a couple romantically sad songs, but not many to just make you feel absolutely, devastatingly sad. does anypony else?
>> No. 10867
Tell celestia im sorry, I dont care what she says, it is NOT your time, you have a fulfilling life ahead of you. Im just sorry I couldnt be with you to watch it happen.
>> No. 10868
File 130221896721.png - (177.09KB , 1920x1080 , Rainbowdashsleeping.png )
"Ive seen things you ponies wouldn't believe. From Luna flying over the shoulder of Orion. I watched Rainbows glitter in the sun near the Canterlot gate. All those moment will be lost.. in time.. like *ugh* tears in the rain.

Time to die."

>See ya later dash
>> No. 10869
Yes I understand that every life must end,
As we sit alone, I know someday we must go,
I'm a lucky man to count on both hands
The ones I love...

Some folks just have one,
Others they got none,
Stay with me...
Lets just breathe.

Practiced are my sins,
Never gonna let me win,
Under everything, just another human being,
Yeah, I don't wanna hurt, there's so much in this world
to make me bleed.

Stay with me...
You're all I see.

Did I say that I need you?
Did I say that I want you?
Oh, if I didn't I'm a fool, you see...
No one knows this more than me,
As I come clean.

I wonder everyday
As I look upon your face,
Everything you gave
And nothing you would say (save?)(take),
Nothing you would take...
Everything you gave.

Did I say that I need you?
Oh, Did I say that I want you?
Oh, if I didn't I'm a fool, you see
No one knows this more than me...
like I come clean.

Nothing you would take...
Everything you gave.
Hold me till I die...
Meet you on the other side.

I would lay in fluttershys arms and just sing that to her until I breathed my last.
(ok im done posting for a while)
>> No. 10870
there's more but that's all i got for a quick thing.
>> No. 10872
File 130221950973.png - (115.42KB , 384x307 , Sad.png )
"Twilight... Looks like I'm going home early... Page 42..."
The she looks through all her books at page 42 and finds a love letter in the books about the Elements of Harmony saying "I found my last Element."
>> No. 10873
File 130221954658.png - (119.22KB , 640x360 , 130155277306.png )
to pinky
Ahhh …hey I really don’t know what to say I’ll make something delicious for you when you show up …guess that’s it bye now
>> No. 10874
go now, there are other worlds than these
>> No. 10875
i just find this song so sweetly sad and beautiful. i know there is better classical music, and all that crap, but i just love this song
>> No. 10876
File 130221975942.png - (195.62KB , 400x478 , TSWHYWOULDYOU.png )
I always thought I would die old without purpose, without an identity.
Then I found something worth living for.
It's a shame I couldn't do more of that.
>> No. 10877
File 130222004062.jpg - (22.10KB , 320x299 , 130135884122.jpg )
Fluttershy I just... want you to know... I... love you... forever, and always... and I will never... leave you... ever...
>> No. 10878
File 130222007583.jpg - (38.01KB , 388x443 , 130212306101.jpg )
Dry your tears Dash... this isn't good bye, just Cough see you later...

Or, alternately;
>> No. 10879
"Oh, this thread is ridiculous. Who would actually cry for..."


God damnit.
>> No. 10880
File 130222063713.png - (713.43KB , 950x791 , tumblr_lj99ms6SCt1qedou1o1_1280.png )
Hey...AJ...tell Applebloom I'm proud of her and not to give up on finding her cutie Mark. Heh... If's she's anything like her big sister... she's going to grow up to be a beautiful and amazing pony someday...

Say goodbye to the others for me. You guys will always be...my...friends...
>> No. 10881
File 130222071858.png - (186.27KB , 792x582 , Picture 16.png )
I knew I'd beat you to the finish line one of these days...
>> No. 10882
File 130222073247.png - (111.34KB , 900x815 , 130177271836.png )
Derpy I... muffins you

>> No. 10883
File 130222089446.png - (326.83KB , 1972x1881 , 130057077992.png )

Title reminded me of this... lol

I think out of humor I would say

RARITY I.....................
>> No. 10884
Well, crap...Live on, Fluttershy. Live on and be happy.
>> No. 10885
File 130222103567.png - (175.08KB , 950x1100 , trixieheartbroken.png )
Trixie... You can drop the act....No on will think less of your mourning.
>> No. 10887
"Now now, Braeburn...keep smiling for me...and tell them to bury me under our favorite tree..."

>laments lack of sad!Braeburn pictures
>> No. 10888
File 130222138901.jpg - (8.93KB , 165x192 , thumb.jpg )
Heh... I guess you get to handle the moon again...
>> No. 10889
File 130222145720.png - (15.69KB , 100x100 , Applejack_100x100_52.png )

>mfw my heart breaks
>> No. 10890
File 130222172966.gif - (797.57KB , 268x268 , 129842210114.gif )
Pinkie, I know what Granny Pie said but this isn't.....funny.....
>> No. 10891
File 130222179143.png - (146.19KB , 676x788 , 3902 - celestia.png )
That thumbnail...
>> No. 10892
One last shot, Salts.
"Miss, I don't think-"
You gonna deny a dying girl's last wish?
Hack- COUGH-
B-bre-brayburn, the son of a bitch is down, right?
That's... good.

You remember what I said, about the goldmine?
You go down to my account, show Terville the key,
it'll be 'nough to keep your kin's farm and cover th' operation for A-apple bloom?

All that money hidden...
I wanted my own ranch...
heh, suh-stuh-stupid.
I'm so fu- feh- so stupid.
Your real beautiful Buh, Breh, Bray-
>> No. 10893
File 130222229453.png - (13.80KB , 300x300 , 130212676194.png )
...all of my tears...
>> No. 10894
File 130222239062.gif - (460.10KB , 200x200 , 129982815635.gif )
This entire thread had no effect, but this post...You sir win the thread.

I was going to post a silly subversion but now I cant
>> No. 10895
File 130222270243.png - (521.80KB , 666x777 , Sad_Derpy.png )
Derpy, I have a confession to make....
I emptied your fridge..
*blood fountain*
>> No. 10896
File 130222280981.jpg - (42.79KB , 455x455 , 130129310110.jpg )
Dash... Think I'm going up to the clouds now... You'll come visit me... right?
>> No. 10897
File 130222319726.png - (66.95KB , 444x499 , DJ_P0N-3_3-(n1296929842100).png )
I guess you were right, Scratch. The most important beat always comes from the heart. Looks like I dropped mine a little too hard today.
>> No. 10898
"Tell them... Spike... tell them I said something witty... and don't skimp on the details..."
>> No. 10899
"Do I get... the Ticket now... Twilight?"
>> No. 10900
File 130222359008.png - (120.67KB , 551x253 , 130093050874.png )
Good thing... that guy only had one bullet...
>> No. 10901
"Run, go! Get to the choppa!"
>> No. 10903
File 130222409593.png - (41.92KB , 232x227 , Happy Scootaloo.png )
>> No. 10906
File 130222421602.png - (145.53KB , 563x353 , Lonely.png )
>> No. 10907
File 130222424081.png - (37.83KB , 245x186 , Depressing.png )
"Gi-Girls, can you sing me out?"
"Que Sera, Sera?"

>> No. 10908
File 130222435946.png - (88.64KB , 450x600 , RDsad.png )
The sun shines brightly though the small patches of clouds covering the midday sky, giving the blood pouring out of your chest a vivid red gleam. Only one other pony is with you, kneeling by your side. The only pony you truly felt for.

Rainbow Dash.

She desperately cries for help, but no-one can hear her. No one is nearby. The one who fired the shot was nowhere to be found. For a split moment, she considers flying away to get help, but she knows deep down you will not be there when she gets back.

Oh god. It hurts to breathe.

Instead, she tearfully remains by your side. An action truly worthy of the Spirit of Loyalty. Lying on your back, you gaze up at the clouds, and at the bright light. Is that the sun? No, that light is definitely bright white, and it is slowly getting closer and brighter.

That light… is so beautiful…

Your head turns slightly to the pony standing over you, her stunning, violet eyes stained red with tears, and teardrops still rolling down her cheeks. Long, wild strands of hair, every colour of the rainbow, flowed down past her face. If there was one thing in the world more beautiful than the pearly gates themselves, it would be her.

Taking the bullet. It was worth it. And I would do it again if I could.

“D-Dash?” you hoarsely cough, eye drifting back at the white wisps adorning the sky, “The clouds… don’t seem so far away anymore.” Rainbow Dash’s only response is all she can muster; a stifled sob escaping between her clenched teeth. Fresh tears pour down from her eyes as she weeps - you feel one of two salty droplets splash on your face as she cradles you. As she cries over you.

The strength for one last minute, please! That’s all I ask…

“Can… can you do me a favour, Dash?” You choke through the blood gathering deep in your throat. She bobs her head in a nod, too torn apart to answer with words. “I want… to see the clouds up-close… before I go, Dash. I want to see… what you see every day…”

You feel her two forelegs pick you up firmly from the ground. She holds you close to her heaving chest, still sore from her sobbing, and dutifully takes off holding you tightly. She doesn’t want to let you go. She doesn’t want to you let go either. Not yet. Please, not yet.

The ground gets smaller and smaller beneath you, as the clouds draw closer and closer. The bright white light is almost blinding, yet so tranquil. You feel you could bathe in that light for eternity. You wrap your arms around your beautiful blue-coated carrier for one last time. Her body is warm and soft to the touch. So warm. It hadn’t occurred to you just how cold you were.

You shiver as you are finally lifted above the clouds. The view of all Equestria from this height is beyond all description. The bright light is close enough to almost touch. It makes you feel so tired, yet so peaceful. But there is still one view that is better than that.

You look into the Pegasus’ teary eyes one last time.

“Rainbow Dash, my love,” you hear her choke back a sorrowful wail on the word love, “I want to… *cough* stay here forever. With you here… I feel… *ack* I feel…”

It's too late. The light engulfs you in it’s solace before you could finish.

I feel like I’m finally home.
>> No. 10909
(polite sage because lol I'm posting again)

"Caramel, don't worry about me...just go do what you need to...go and tell him...how much you....*asflkasjdlaj dead*"
>> No. 10910
Get out of here stalker
Get out of here stalker
Get out of here stalker
>> No. 10911
(to Rainbow Dash)
My only regret... in all of this... is never... having been with you...
+3 internet points for getting the reference
>> No. 10912
File 130222541611.png - (402.41KB , 2560x1440 , 12998044058.png )
"FlutterShy...tell your friends, I loved them all."
"Just not as much as you."
>> No. 10913
Said Simon to Kaylee...
>> No. 10914
Who brings a cupcake to a gunfight?
>> No. 10915
File 130222637381.gif - (1.84MB , 381x421 , 130214232043.gif )
"What the hay....I thought...they only used pie...for ammo..." *dies*
>> No. 10916
File 130222652619.png - (84.51KB , 456x355 , Sad twilight.png )
"Don't cry... It's just another experiment, right? Another unknown to explore... Don't worry.*cough* I'll keep notes."
>> No. 10917
File 130222666168.png - (389.87KB , 900x541 , Luna is Sad.png )
There was always good in you... Luna...

>> No. 10919
I just caught a bullet for Fluttershy.
"Kill... Angel"
>> No. 10920
File 130222691802.jpg - (27.93KB , 384x324 , 130214588179.jpg )
I take the bullet for all the ponies

Heh, it's fu-funny. My life always seemed s-so chaotic... but now th-that it's ending... I just feel so m-much harmony...
>> No. 10921
File 130222745281.jpg - (215.42KB , 953x1371 , 129900438433.jpg )
At least... Her tyrannical reign is over...

Take care of our... unborn...

>> No. 10922

I laughed my flank off at this. It's probably the most realistic one here.
>> No. 10923
File 130222892027.png - (95.92KB , 271x309 , 1298508876831.png )
dammit... well, fluttershy... I've got to go... don't be sad... h-hush n-now.. quiet..... n.....ow.......
>> No. 10924
File 130223097672.jpg - (20.29KB , 425x274 , quizilla6yk.jpg )

JAKE CHAMBERS!!!! Fuck you man, you just brought back all the manly tears from that scene in the forest. Fuck. You.

...if anypony deserves to be allowed to take a bullet for a Pony it's poor Jake...
>> No. 10925
File 130223121316.jpg - (222.17KB , 827x757 , FIM40.jpg )
Trixie.Don't worry(cough)Your Magic will be the magic(cough) That pierces the heavens.Ughhhh.
>> No. 10926
File 130223133341.png - (102.83KB , 800x595 , FIM10.png )
Dash,don't worry.Always I wanted to be with you,make believe with you,and live in harmony.(dead)
>> No. 10927
Oh yeah this song is playing while I say it
>> No. 10928
>> No. 10929
File 130223224432.jpg - (33.05KB , 480x360 , 1290248479483-My_Little_Pony_Friendship_is_Magic_-.jpg )

"What in tarnation just happened here?"

"That green human just beat Trixie at her own game!"

"He did? Well now, how?"

>> No. 10930
Why is this so heart wrenching? ;~;
>> No. 10931
File 130223324793.gif - (115.34KB , 750x1000 , FIMK1.gif )
So my pony would be RD,but the latest guy that posted Trixie above me took it.



>> No. 10932
File 130223342714.png - (157.34KB , 493x493 , 130196321564.png )
Did... you see that? I was... so assertive...
>> No. 10933
Dunno which one in particular, but I'd probably say
"I am entirely surprised at the presence of firearms in Equestria."
>> No. 10934
>pinkie pie

"*cough* hehe, i always knew I'd *cough* die young...love forever *wheez* love is free, lets party forever *cough* you...and...me..."
>> No. 10935
"be prepared, more like me will come...And I wont be here to stop them next time."
>> No. 10936
>> No. 10937
File 130223926573.png - (56.46KB , 257x349 , lucky_relieved.png )
My kudos to you Flutterguy. That's some serious love.
>> No. 10939
[cough cough]And remember secret of paraspriting is…..
the very secret is.. [cough cough]

>> No. 10940
File 130224280268.jpg - (114.61KB , 800x571 , 3af626b6f5d10ef0d745ffd9b4fee4b8.jpg )
>> No. 10941
File 130224295891.png - (120.43KB , 640x360 , Sad Twilight.png )

Thank you very much for that


Also I totally did that post first, minus the songs of course. Its cool though works for this thread all the same.

New content too

Hey Twilight...

Can you read me a story?...
>> No. 10942
Fuck, as a nerd and super twilight fan, this one nailed me.
>> No. 10943
File 130224346702.jpg - (22.74KB , 561x434 , 130146132915.jpg )
I always... loved your muffins...
>> No. 10944
File 130224377770.png - (169.50KB , 455x455 , 130217996892.png )
Heh...Don't worry Dash...When I become and angel pony....I'll be able to fly, right along side....you...Forever
>> No. 10945
File 130224400958.jpg - (37.37KB , 600x520 , 1351333-manly_tears_super.jpg )
>> No. 10946
"Haha...I guess you don't need a cutie mark to do something real special for somepony"
>> No. 10947
File 130224497251.jpg - (186.18KB , 745x631 , Kyo\'s goodbye.jpg )
"Do you... do you think I... will finally earn my wings, Dash?"


"I think... I think I finally see them, Dash... the Summer Lands. They're... so close now... and they're beautiful. Thank you, Dash... thank you so much for showing me them."

music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqJ8hFgYwVg
>> No. 10948
File 130224944237.jpg - (95.96KB , 1478x914 , Catch phrase.jpg )
>> No. 10949
"..it's okay Luna, it doesn't hurt" - coffcoff - "it's getting dark, just like night. I always liked...the night..."
>> No. 10950
The only thing I regret, is not living long enough to see this thread get /arch/ed...
>> No. 10951
spike, if you wouldnt mind could you take a note.

dear princess luna...
If you have gotten this letter then my plan worked
you got away safe from the guards and you can lead a new life with out the oppressing rule of your sister... i guess i wont be there to see the moon rise like it did everynight. i watched it you know. The big gem in the sky that spinkled down a simple love for all those in this land.. I always loved the moon and the goddess that resided in there... I dont have much time so i will let you know this. I will take the job of the moon and hopefully i can watch you live your life. as my one true love...

From Godot..

- luna and a handful of her friends left equestria in hopes to not be slaves to celesita anymore. godot had never hurt a fly before. However he managed to Stop 40 guards i there tracks and stalled princess celestia with his magic just enough so they could not follow luna and her crew again.... He was stabbed and blasted with magic 47 times in a row. yet he did not buckle under the pain or searing dmaaged to his body. it took 20 men after three hours to make his knees buckle after he was already dead...

godot the silent giant of the lunar eclispe operation
>> No. 10952
File 130225236054.jpg - (24.97KB , 320x320 , 1765578346639.jpg )
It - it's okay, Fluttershy... It -cough- It doesn't hurt anymore... Just... Just give me... one more smile... I always... always love it when you smile... Sing to me?... Flutter.. you.. your voice... It... It's beautiful...

live... for... us.. both...

>death rattle
>> No. 10954
File 130225377890.png - (111.70KB , 348x362 , 130090874184.png )
Imagining somepony yelling that with that expression on their face is priceless.
>> No. 10955
"Ugh..Celestia...I am not long for this world. There....is something I want...to tell you... She who is valiant and pure of spirit may find the Holy Grail in the Castle of Aaauuuggghhh..." *dies*
>> No. 10956
File 130225564904.gif - (187.58KB , 420x360 , Pinkie crying.gif )
Don't cry, Pinkie. Look, you have something all over your coat... *points*.

*Pinkie looks down*

*Boop her nose*

Hehe... *dead*
>> No. 10957
>> No. 10958
oh god sorry but this one made me giggle.

I feel like I'm going to hell now.
>> No. 10959
File 130225762396.jpg - (17.78KB , 244x320 , 130163126195.jpg )


>> No. 10960
"Pinkie...pie....I got...one...last thing....to say..."

<pinkie pie> "Whats that?"

"Mmmbop, ba duba dop
Ba du bop, ba duba dop
Ba du bop, ba duba dop
Ba du
Mmmbop, ba duba dop
Ba du bop, Ba du dop
Ba du bop, Ba du dop
Ba du
Yeah" *dead*
>> No. 10961

Now I'll never know if I was right.
>> No. 10962
File 130225810906.jpg - (33.68KB , 369x501 , 130128606974.jpg )
that one did it made me cry nice one
>> No. 10963
File 130225828301.png - (184.27KB , 1502x1623 , 130095620438.png )
Apple Bloom I...
>> No. 10964
File 130225904264.png - (30.03KB , 156x164 , 130061889025.png )
For Pinkie Pie:

Me: Boom boom

*come closer hand sign*

Me: POW!

>> No. 10965
Me: Rainbow Dash...i got something to say...
Rainbow Dash: What?
Me: If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, Never make a pretty woman your wife, So from my personal point of view, Get an ugly girl to marry you
>> No. 10966
File 130225962106.png - (234.23KB , 432x480 , wut.png )
>> No. 10967
would you prefer

Rainbow Dash: I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of her cherry chapstick I kissed a girl just to try it *Dead*
>> No. 10968
File 130226008950.jpg - (9.48KB , 480x360 , 69186b790709ed[1].jpg )
Pic related.

Bronies, I am disappoint.
>> No. 10969
I am not. Probably my favorite webcomic character of all time.
>> No. 10970
File 130226068654.jpg - (38.57KB , 461x360 , 130075253409.jpg )
Forgive this slow pony. But...
>> No. 10971
Rainbow Dash: Hey pinkie Pie *Coughs up blood*
Pinkie Pie: Yes?
>> No. 10972
I ment to say, I'm disappointed becouse nopony posted him before me.
>> No. 10973
File 130226129386.jpg - (16.19KB , 455x344 , 1298754550735.jpg )
>mfw i've seen that image before
>mfw it wasn't captioned and i didn't make that connection
>mfw i now have an epic sad
>> No. 10974
File 130226140299.png - (65.64KB , 250x250 , Doctor_Whooves_id.png )
(Time for a Jon Pertwee quote.)

"A tear, Derpy hooves? Don't cry. While this life, I..."
>> No. 10975
File 130226165997.png - (156.37KB , 640x360 , 90 - flashlight pinkie_pie.png )
*cough* "don't worry Pinkie.... I.... i will prepare the best party in heaven for you. I .... hope you will be late for it through...."
>> No. 10976
File 130226192364.png - (267.43KB , 896x705 , 130195215549.png )
>Don't worry Spike. This is not your fault. I am going away like I always wanted to...like a hero...
It seems...you'll have to finish my job for me though little buddy...heh....sorry for leaving you with this burden....g-goodbye...
>> No. 10977
File 130226233205.jpg - (43.52KB , 641x720 , bang.jpg )
Picture says it all; my group has each member set to be a pony, and yet somehow I got stuck with spike. >:O At any rate, I'd probably end up taking a bullet for either Fluttershy or being a meatsheild for the entire group and somehow killing the other guy, so ya.

>Bang... * falls over dead *
>> No. 10978
File 130226234995.png - (65.64KB , 250x250 , Doctor_Whooves_id.png )
Lol you could do so many different dr. Whooves ones.

"One day, I shall come back. yes, I shall come back. Until then, there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. just go forward in all your beliefs, and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mind." dies


"will we ever meet again?"
"again? Colgate, you know that time is relative." dies


"It's the end, but the moment has been prepared for..."


"Feels different this time..."


"You were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? so was I."
>> No. 10979
or you could say
"Lol Dr Who was a rip off of The Time Machine" *die*
just being a parasprite <3
>> No. 10980
File 130226367408.png - (167.98KB , 400x400 , Dalek (Ano).png )

But "The Time Machine" is about Morlocks and "Doctor Who" is about Daleks!
Silly pony.
>> No. 10981
Pinkie I ... *spasms* zip zop zibbity beep bop yeah! *dead*
>> No. 10982
oops did not mean to post the link lol
>> No. 10983
I'd say: "Don't worry Twillight, it's just a prop gun", and then I'd get up.
>> No. 10985
File 130226566334.png - (96.54KB , 945x943 , 129901613437.png )

>> No. 10986


These two are the best ones. *sniff*
>> No. 10987
File 130226585785.jpg - (55.43KB , 360x204 , LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.jpg )
>> No. 10990
With...my...dying breath...I just want to say....dj pon-3


House of Pain...is better...than ICP *Dead*
>> No. 10991
File 130226632330.png - (174.37KB , 615x491 , 130086378150.png )
Wholly crap, Uncle Vernon is a juggalo
>> No. 10992
File 130226708847.png - (240.97KB , 506x466 , 129903612589.png )
Damn this thread. made me leak from the eyes and alternatively laugh my flank off just a few posts later. Guess I ought to try and put a few up:

"If I reincarnate, I want to come back... as a bird."

>Rainbow Dash
"You certainly made my life more... colorful... and about %20 cooler."

"It's not goodbye. It's never goodbye, just 'so long for now.'"

>Twilight Sparkle
"This ends my chapter, but your book isn't finished yet...."

"Don't worry, we'll meet again... Just don't be in a rush to join me."

>Pinkie Pie
"The party never ends... it's just relocating..."

"True friendship never dies... "
>> No. 10993
File 130226716104.png - (204.01KB , 640x360 , 130040741852.png )
>you made a high-pitched noise and you started to run
>right towards the ponies, they looked like such fun
>then you chilled with 'em all for the rest of the day
>even though at first you kinda thought it was g.ay
>and just like that, too late, before you knew it
>you were full of friendship and magic and shit
>> No. 10994
>Pinkie Pie

>"It's the end... but the moment has been prepared for..."
>> No. 10996
File 130226747171.png - (111.70KB , 348x362 , PonyRainbowDashlol.png )
That was the best thing I've seen all day.
>> No. 10997
Give it time...
>> No. 10998
1. Dear God I despise ICP with a passion....

2. F-fluttershy, I....
>> No. 11000
Just disappoint.
>> No. 11001
File 130226854854.jpg - (24.30KB , 469x268 , 1290246196557-1290124699279.jpg )
>> No. 11002
DJ-PON-3...remember....House of Pain...better...than ICP
>> No. 11003
File 130226864994.png - (84.51KB , 456x355 , TS7.png )
"This is the end of my chapter Twilight. All friendships will come to an end sooner or later, and this is my time to go. But as I die, I allow your chapter to go on.
And all our chapters will write a story. A story about true friendship.
Goodbye Twilight Sparkle. Keep on living. Keep on writing our story."
>> No. 11004
File 130226898400.jpg - (33.01KB , 598x583 , 1298183277173.jpg )
Put my brain *cough* in a pony body *nnngg* get the nercoponicon from Celest*uugh*
>> No. 11005
File 130226958834.png - (1.02KB , 640x480 , Nothing.png )
>that cold black cloud is coming down fast

"N-no light? She always said... there would be a..."
>> No. 11006
I hope that i saved applejack,

Me:Hey AJ, smile now.
Bang,Bang they shot me down * smiles*
Bang bang They didnt shoot you heh... *dies*
>> No. 11007
File 130226982636.jpg - (16.47KB , 416x339 , 130223956519.jpg )
Q--Quick... do that bullshit Avatar resurrection thing...
>> No. 11008
Quick Applejack, hand me a cigar!
*Repuff smoke coming out of hole in chest*
I always wanted to try that
>> No. 11009
File 130227402569.jpg - (364.54KB , 780x1101 , 4917 - birthday John_Joseco pinkie_pie.jpg )
*Sniff* Pinkie...You've sung a lot of songs to me, now it's my turn...

*I hold her hoof as I begin to sing*

"So bye bye, Miss Pinkie Pie, I drove my chevy to the levy, but the levy was dry, and them good ol' boys were drinkin' whiskey and rye, singin' this'll be the day that I die, this'll be the day that I die..."

And we would continue to sing together, until I died.
>> No. 11010
fluttershy~ "dont dream it's over, when the world comes in to build a wall between us, you know they won't win"

and probs for twi
"ill just lie alone and wait for the dream, where im not ugly and you're looking at me"
>> No. 11011
"rarity come closer



i just what to tell you


i never liked you as pony and you failed your friends

>> No. 11012
"See, Trix? Everypony's...a tooting critic...but the show must go on..."
>> No. 11013
Why... Do you even have bullets here?
>> No. 11014
File 130227547859.png - (142.88KB , 363x358 , 129910366198.png )
>mfw I honestly didn't cry or tear up at any of these.
>mfw I can't even come up with something to say
>> No. 11015

Hmph. Well, I know who I'm NOT writing about next. Meanie.
>> No. 11016
File 130227756336.png - (111.24KB , 229x309 , 130151417286.png )
Farewell My Friends!
*starts singing*
...Though the end is near I'm not sorry.
Catch my soul, it's willing to fly away.

Mark my words believe my soul lives on.
Don't worry now that I have gone.
I've gone beyond to see the truth.

When you know that your time is close at hand,
Maybe then you'll begin to understand
Life down here is just a strange illusion...

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...Hallowed be Thy name
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...Hallowed be Thy name...
PONIES! *silence*
>> No. 11017
File 130227758130.png - (159.39KB , 640x360 , 129830278438.png )
i'm sorry crimson, there were a bunch of real good ones. but i've never been a fan of death scenes in movies, and i've never experienced a loss IRL. the idea is completely alien to me.
But if I were to say something, it would be for twilight, and i'd say

"I know it's not what you originally wanted at first, but Thank you, for giving me the chance to be your friend" Then I'd smile at her, while staring into her eyes. I'd watch the tears form up, and then roll down from the corners of her eyes. watching the tracks they made on her face. I'd probably be deaf to hearing her yelling at me not to leave, and with my last ounce of strength whisper something like "ever since I met you, twilight was my favorite part of the day..."

But honestly I don't know....
>> No. 11018
File 130227791780.png - (36.27KB , 344x334 , 129973495999.png )
I....warned you about guns bro.... I told you dog...
>> No. 11019
File 130228099897.png - (250.04KB , 598x547 , 130075107194.png )
btw you were gonna write something about me?
>> No. 11020
File 130228346787.png - (100.51KB , 380x356 , Horrified Pinkie.png )

I...told you...'bout the moon...bro...

>> No. 11021
File 130228959652.gif - (418.55KB , 200x200 , 130223018867.gif )
You're going to have to party for both of us from now on, Pinkie Pie...
>> No. 11022
..I guess this is goodbye then... just promise me Rainbow Dash... shine on... with your smile just as bright as the sun! I´ll be the wind that carries you... I´ll always be there... cause people die... but real love... is forever.

cheesy as shit but it´s what i´d say
>> No. 11023
>> No. 11024
File 130229267980.png - (48.02KB , 277x252 , 130143105928.png )
I can't feel my legs Pinkie...*coughs*
Can't feel them no more... Damn, i really want a cupcake now...
>> No. 11025

Tell me...Tell me about Disneyland...
>> No. 11026
This thread needs to be /arch/ed.
>> No. 11027

Yeah. I was. But not anymore. Miss Coldheart McMeaniebritches. I cried when I read some of these.
>> No. 11028
File 130232443562.gif - (40.78KB , 548x400 , 1298583413110.gif )
Derpy, let me look into your eyes one last time..

Derpy, I'm over here

Your left

Your OTHER left

Never mind, just let me look into your eye (ahem) one last time...
>> No. 11029
File 130235123247.png - (84.51KB , 456x355 , 129910661357.png )
I feel terrible now.....
>> No. 11030
Archive plz!
>> No. 11031
wish granted!
And one for pinkie pie
"goddamit oatmeal!"
>> No. 11032
File 130237311130.jpg - (181.04KB , 638x745 , pinkie mad.jpg )
"Well Pinkie... Looks like I'll be giggling at the ghosties in the great party in the sky... FOREVER!"
>> No. 11033
File 130237314351.png - (84.51KB , 456x355 , 1296616236845.png )
*muffled gunshot*
Heh... Told you... I could do magic, Twilight...
No... Don't look... A magician's not supposed to reveal his tricks, after all... Guess I'm taking this one to the grave...
>> No. 11034
"Trixie... Are you a wizard?"
>> No. 11035
File 130237578194.gif - (136.24KB , 200x171 , FS_Puppyeyes.gif )
Don't be afraid to live your life well, my little pony.
>> No. 11355
File 130242221016.jpg - (14.18KB , 374x373 , Lyra Sad.jpg )
Seeing as the Mane Six are getting most of the love might aswell do this for my Fav Background Pony.

*Coughs up Blood* Hey Hey...come on now you cry about everything else...don't cry for me Lyra.
*Takes her hoof and Bon-Bon's and brings them together.*
Take care of each other you two...
>> No. 11367
File 130246407645.jpg - (8.11KB , 239x211 , Rainbow Dash.jpg )
*"I regret nothing!"
*dies like a boss*
>> No. 11375
File 130248171660.png - (54.80KB , 223x253 , 1297821166212.png )
Fine-cough-I'll eat the damn cupcake......
>> No. 11885
File 130251789267.jpg - (27.93KB , 384x324 , 130219866925.jpg )
Remember this: no matter what anypony may say, you are not a mule, nor are you ugly like one. Your beauty truly is a Rarity...
>> No. 11891
"ouch. This really, really hurts."

I'm much more pragmatic and honest
>> No. 11892
File 130254185890.gif - (1.67MB , 357x275 , fluttershy cry.gif )
remember those songs i taught you,
and i will always be by your side...
>> No. 11893
File 130254245009.png - (170.72KB , 898x898 , 130217644769[1].png )
Pinkie... never change. This world needs more happiness.
>> No. 11894
File 130255303945.png - (291.52KB , 640x327 , bigboss_finalsalute.png )
Not really pony related, but it's helluva quote!

What would I say...?

"I... I am no man... I... am... DYNAMITE!"
>> No. 11898
Save Celestia, save the world...
>> No. 11899
File 130256587934.jpg - (65.58KB , 600x600 , 130206709744.jpg )
"I ain't saying any showy crap like "Later Buddy!" or anything like that! I'll see you lameos soon!"
>> No. 11900

Heh. This may be my end....but you'll keep my memory alive for every right?


*smiles*....just remember our promise.....We're friends...forever....

[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wz-TOJesZC0 J-POP TIME]
>> No. 11905
File 130261121770.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , Sweetie_Belle_sitting.png )
You have not forgotten your father's face.

"Look away, Sweetie. Never watch a death you don't have to. *cough gasp* Let's sing the Bards' Song..."
>Tomorrow will take us away
>Far from home
>No one will ever know our names
>But the bards' songs will remain"
>> No. 11906
File 130262281350.jpg - (18.34KB , 320x299 , 130120282006.jpg )
*Catches bullet. Standing straight for a few seconds of frozen eternity, before collapsing on knees. Looking into Fluttershy's misty eyes as she holds me from falling onto the ground.*


*[/]With a trembling hoof, wipes the tears from Fluttershy's cheek[/i]*

Don't worry about me, don't cry. You made me....the happiest pony in Equestria....smiles

I just wish...*cough*...I wish I could stay...a bit longer with you...

*coughs up blood *

Fluttershy.....I'm so cold.....please......hold..me.......hold..me..tight....

>> No. 11907
File 130263723479.jpg - (10.01KB , 310x291 , 130257077391.jpg )
"How about *inhale* 'dem apples?" *die*
>> No. 11908
Hmm, got two more in mind.

1) To all ponies:
*cough* Confound these ponies...they drive me to martyrdom...

2) To Fluttershy:
I...I can see the light...*looks at pony*...but you are so much brighter...
>> No. 11909
Oh god this thread....

I am a 21 year old wearing a military uniform that is now covered in tears


>> No. 11910
File 130266213359.png - (118.23KB , 450x450 , 130166546528.png )
the gunman aims and time seems to slow as he pulls the trigger, as I jump in the way, firing my own gun, taking the bullet in the chest, but getting him in the head. I fall to the ground, groaning in pain "i-it burns... T-trixie a-are you o-okay? g-good...heh, h-hurts more then the movies show. i-i thought it was a good idea. s-still do. b-but d-don't c-cry Trixie...y-you g-gotta *cough up blood* y-you g-gotta tell my s-story...and your's...you're th-the *retch* Great a-and P-powerful Trixie, the g-greatest unic-corn around..i-i love you..." i whisperd, eyes closing, as I smile happily. "g-good bye"
>> No. 11916
File 130272774670.jpg - (371.68KB , 700x700 , 1041 - fluttershy sad.jpg )
Different Flutterguy here.

"Fluttershy...I always envied the creatures of the forest...because you were never afraid to show an overflowing love for them...like I had for you...my one request...is...

"...treat me like an animal..."

>Dies after receiving a gentle kiss
>> No. 11920
File 130274487905.jpg - (95.62KB , 379x360 , tf2_soldier.jpg )
Damn son... it's about time.
>> No. 11924
I couldn't make it one damn reply without bawwing... ,_,
>> No. 11925
More background music for this thread, once you get tired of Bob Dylan on repeat hahaha


^ I'd sing that one to Pinkie

^ I DARE YOU to try to make it through that one without tearing up.
>> No. 12609
File 130280409173.png - (57.16KB , 480x268 , pinkie_alone.png )
"Life's just a joke Pinkie Pie... and death? Death is the punchline...."

>> No. 12610
File 130280482087.png - (193.93KB , 2491x1757 , rainbow_cloud.png )
"Search the heavens for me Rainbow Dash.You'll... find me again someday."

>Smiles and raises a hand to the clouds.

>> No. 12611
File 130280533837.jpg - (332.21KB , 945x945 , 1298753593587.jpg )
Ok my brave bronies, I decided I go through the entire thread AGAIN, and this time I made notes.
One person was only counted as one sacrifice, regardless how many times he/she posted (I tried to keep this in mind, obviously impossible to fulfill, but I tried :P).
If one person wrote for multiple ponies, I added a score to each one named.
Some posts got disregarded for not being pony-related.
Posts being too vague counted as "no pony named".

So, let's summarize this thread !!!


Pinkie Pie: 45
Rainbow Dash32
Twilight Sparkle29

Dr. Whooves4
Vynil Scratch2

Nightmare moon 1
Gilda 1
Cutiemark Crusaders1
Sweetie Belle1
Scootaloo 1
Big Macintosh1
Lyra 1
Cheerilee 1
Nurse Redheart1
Braeburn 1
The Mayor 1
Leeroy 1
Caramel 1

John Lenon1
Oatmeal 1

No pony named47
For every pony5

((Don't ask why I did it. I don't know.))
>> No. 12612
File 130280599054.png - (570.61KB , 938x998 , pinky_smile.png )

"Ah!... what is it that now Pinkie? The cough forty-sixth time this has happened?"

>> No. 12615
File 130281093137.jpg - (22.21KB , 300x343 , Ebrona the White.jpg )
Also for the record:


Pineapple bob: 1
Mr. Brony: 1
Trotsworth: 1
The_Authors_Apprentice: 1
Arcana: 1
Honey Blush: 1
Bacon Brony: 2
Ebrona: 7

Anonymous / In general: 12

Total: 27

I love all of you. You've made every one of my... deaths... worth... dying for.

>> No. 12616

I love you.
>> No. 12624
File 130284771141.jpg - (72.60KB , 900x787 , babypinkie.jpg )
Damn, somepony really has it in for Pinkie Pie to shoot at her 46 times.
>> No. 12869
File 130287144439.jpg - (76.25KB , 400x300 , temp.jpg )

It was there in your eyes when you spoke of Sweetie Belle. Go. Find her. Get her back. And when you do, you love her and you never let go.
>> No. 13901
"Who'd have thought it would end like this...me, a dark sider who spent most my life dwelling in shadow, dying for a cute little pony...who only mere months ago I would never have imagined I would actually enjoy the company of...

Confound these ponies, they've driven me into light...

But one thing's for certain...they'll never get me to watch Care Bears..."

>> No. 13902
Take a bullet for Fluttershy.

(what I'd WANT to say) "tell the IRS....they can suck my ****"

(What I'd probably say) "Fluttershy...sometimes I just wanted to hug you tight to keep your fears away..."
>> No. 14771
I would ssave rainbow dassh
and my last wordss would be:
tell......twilight...she is a nerd..and..i..think...your......
>> No. 14773
*cough* Hey...h-hey...Vinyl...*cough* Could you p-play t-that song... that I always liked...*cough* I-It would mean a lot to me. To hear that s-sweet meledy one more time...*cough* I-I-t...reminds me... of... you. *We listen to happy hardcore until I fade into the blackness*
>> No. 15072
File 130303885890.png - (1.00MB , 1600x1000 , sWSGk.png )
Ey, DJ!

You got the Titanic theme in your playlist?

*dead lol*
>> No. 16444
Any Pony:

"Life's a garden. Dig it." I grin, being taken by the embrace of death.


"With my final breath..." I look at everypony around me, and grin. "...I ask for more air."

Mane 6(Fluttershy):

"Come on yall, It's not so bad..." I rasp out as I sit up. I motion for them to come closer. "I'll always be with yall, no matter what." With that, I spread my arms wide. Fluttershy, Pinkie, Dash, Twilight, applejack, and rarity embrace me and sob. I smile and begin swaying back and forth, inhaling my last breath and closing my eyes.

"You are not alone, I am here with you.
Though I'm far away, By your sides I'll always stay.
I'm the wind up in the trees, a song the birds will sing.
A whisper in your ear, a hug when no one's near."

Fluttershy began singing to me, cradling my head against her chest, which prompted them all to sing together.

"We are not alone, We'll meet again someday.
Though it may be far away, In our hearts you'll always stay.
The sunshine in our hair, A whisper in the wind,
You'll always be there, with us until the end.
We'll always love you..."

As they sang, clinging on to each other and to me, I felt a sense of peace wash over me as I listened to their angelic voices. It was foreign to me, but I embraced it as much as I was embracing them.

I closed my eyes for the final time, and exhaled what little breath I had left.

As they sang, one by one they broke into tears, leaving Fluttershy the only one not crying. She leaned down and brushed her lips against mine, a single tear falling from her beautiful face. A parrot flew down from it's nest and landed in fron of the girls. they all looked up at it, still crying.

"Girls." It said. They straightened up still hugging me. "I miss you." They couldn't believe their ears. "I miss you. I miss you." It repeated before flying back to it's nest. They looked at each other, then back down at me.

"We miss you too. We miss you too..."

(First attempt at something like this, tears were shed, as I had this playing in the background:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAyKJAtDNCw)
>> No. 20086
File 130388166636.png - (81.42KB , 271x309 , 130179578002.png )
Absolutely beautiful. Though the part with Fluttershy was touching, I'm not one for that kind of thing. But still... absolutely beautiful. Where did you come up with those lyrics?
>> No. 20126
Take a bullet for derpy:

"Gasp, my one weekness! Death!"
>> No. 20131
File 130393740962.png - (14.83KB , 122x125 , 130253066200s.png )
The Game
>> No. 20588
it shall be for.....scootaloo
and my last breath shall be....
"do a flip....for old ezio"
*dies horribly screaming*
>> No. 20589
File 130395810510.jpg - (91.92KB , 1000x1050 , 130324539173.jpg )
ezio audipony in the 1500th century
and it shall be "Vittoria per i pony assassino!"
*victory to the assassin ponies!"
>> No. 20591
disregard the one for scootaloo i messed up >:C
>> No. 20594
File 130396013832.png - (69.65KB , 701x247 , Takitears.png )
For Twilight.

"I'm sorry, but... there's nothing your magic can do for me. But...it's okay. That magic...can do a lot for others still."

For Rainbow Dash:

"Grandmother told me this...'no matter what transpires, the sky....will always....remain....blue....'"

For Applejack:

"Say...I have a favor to ask....I've always...wanted to sleep under the shade of...that big apple tree..."

For Pinkie Pie:

"You've always tried to make...others smile. But what about you? How about you show me....your smile....before I go?"

For Fluttershy.

"I told you, kid...even a wimp like me can...become Kamen Rider, ever if just for a moment...so...believe yourself...and walk.....towards the future...."

For Rarity:

"Hey...don't cry...proper ladies aren't supposed to cry....right? So please...you're...smudging your makeup..."

For everypony.



Granted I stole that last one from Graham Aker but still.
>> No. 21785
File 130398854897.jpg - (11.22KB , 520x277 , screenshot2.jpg )
"Never forget the sky is most beautiful at night..."


"Don't ever let past mistakes hold you back, Princess..."
>> No. 23563
File 130405593749.jpg - (483.63KB , 2400x2400 , 8427 - Gurren_Lagann John_Joseco parody scootaloo .jpg )
"Can't a guy get a little sleep around here?"

>Scootaloo baaaaws

"...Scootaloo! Let's see you grit those teeth!"


"Listen... just who the hell do you think you are, Scootaloo?

Your wings are the wings that's gonna bust right through Heaven and Earth and even tomorrow! What are you sitting around here dawdling for?! We've won, kid! That behemoth belongs to you now. You don't have to worry about anything!

So let's combine. We'll use Scootalagann to finish this last mission. Now let's do it!"

>Cue surprise mecha, epic transformation and whirligigging

"We bronies are sustained by willpower, even when mocked as reckless and crazy!"

>"If there's a wall in our way, then we smash it down! If there isn't a path then we carve one ourselves!"

"The magma of our souls burns with a mighty flame! Super Ultra Combining Scootalagann!

>"Just who--"

"--In the hell--"


"Eat this, cannon fodder!"

>Danger is slayed and gradually turned into our bitch

"Listen, Scootaloo, never forget. Just believe in yourself! Not in the Scootaloo that I believe in, not in the Bro Shades that you believe in, have faith in the Scootaloo... that believes in you!"

>"Bro? What are you...?"





>flank kicked, bubblegum chewed. EXPLOSIONS!

"Later, buddy..."

>And so, random assailants with guns never came to Equestria ever again.
>> No. 23588
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZfYtCLA23s This shanty fits so well with all of these.
>> No. 23830
File 130422092144.png - (88.64KB , 450x600 , rainbow.png )
I always loved you Rainbow Dash.
(my girlfriend is a lot like her so I thoght of her just at first.)
>> No. 24310
File 130423250181.jpg - (17.10KB , 410x306 , falcon[2].jpg )
Me: Scootaloo, you are Captain Chicken from today on! Follow your dreams and one day you will surpass Rainbow Dash!

>leaps at the attacker

Attacker: I cannot die! I will not die!



Scootaloo: Captain Chicken!


>Explodes again...
>> No. 24762
>> No. 26157
File 130439849583.png - (151.85KB , 350x523 , 1303524559339.png )
This old warhorse has had his cutie mark for a long time kid... *cough*... I had to make sure you'd be around long enough *cough* to get yours. Now.. Go... Earn... It... *life fades from eyes*
>> No. 26158
File 130440249271.png - (18.23KB , 125x87 , 130361658621s.png )
heh heh dont cry rainbow *wipes her tears* its a mans duty plus i enjoyed dying for you after all you are the best *gives rainbow a hug* dont forget me for i will never forget you stay cool...*dies*
>> No. 26687
File 130445983656.jpg - (42.89KB , 468x689 , David-Tennant.jpg )
I would chose Doctor Whooves. I would take the bullet for him, but I'm actually a Timelord too, if you were wondering, so I'd turn into David Tennant.
>> No. 27441
Remember rarity you are always fabulous and the best looks like ill be in the dressing room in the sky my love fare well
>> No. 29351
File 130531790221.jpg - (51.65KB , 384x267 , Cast.jpg )
For all the mane ponies.

"Ow... D-did I really just do that? Th-this isn't like in stories... this- agh! This hurts... I... I still c-can't believe I just did that. I g-guess I'm braver than I thought... Th-th-thanks, by the w-way..."
>> No. 30065
File 130534331894.jpg - (102.98KB , 330x540 , Borg Pony.jpg )
< X_o > "Don't cry for me, Princess. ... <cough> ... Please ... forgive them. ... <cough> ... they were afraid and ... didn't understand. ... <cough, cough> ... Remember, you're a better person than you know. ... No goodbyes ... we will meet ... again someday. I'll ... be waiting ... for .... " < x_x >
>> No. 30066
File 130534521858.jpg - (90.48KB , 900x900 , gildapic.jpg )
Only for you... Dash...
>> No. 30071
File 130535586076.jpg - (54.50KB , 670x705 , 130531616865.jpg )
End quote.
>> No. 30074
File 130537607324.jpg - (19.05KB , 450x301 , jack_harkness2.jpg )
Damn, I liked this shirt. Get the kettle on Dash.
>> No. 30079
File 130539558089.jpg - (88.24KB , 559x603 , 130539133202.jpg )
You cheater. You can't die, you just come back to life.
>> No. 2482071
>> No. 2482077
File 130548542962.gif - (157.30KB , 250x282 , 12428%20-%20animated%20balloon%20gummy[1].gif )
See you later... Alligator
>> No. 2482085
No Rarity, the suit was fine, it just-*cough*- wasn't bulletproff.
>> No. 2482086
No Rarity, the suit was fine, it just-*cough*- wasn't bulletproff.
>> No. 2482087
No Rarity, the suit was fine, it just-*cough*- wasn't bulletproff.
>> No. 2482090
File 130552906158.png - (162.80KB , 420x408 , 130359851365.png )
Heh... I'm not great at goodbyes...
just *cough* don't stop being beautiful...
>> No. 2482092
File 130557366910.jpg - (155.45KB , 642x600 , 1298718740672.jpg )
"Would you.. sing me your.. lullaby.. Fluttershy?"
>> No. 2482527
File 130558030029.gif - (763.49KB , 640x540 , 130446461360.gif )
I'd just pull a Gandalf..
Run you fools.

Cause we all know they'd have more than one round
>> No. 2483346
File 130601504610.jpg - (16.44KB , 363x391 , jesus3.jpg )
LOL Respawn
>> No. 2483348
I just took a bullet for a pony.

And I feel GREAT.
>> No. 2483349
>> No. 2483352
Precisely what I would do
>> No. 2486181
'Beyond this place...of wrath and tears...looms but the horror of the shade...and yet the menace of the years...finds...and shall find me...unafraid.' Don't let them make you afraid. Don't...ever...let them make you afraid...
>> No. 2502074
(suddenly talks in a gruff, Western drawl)
*falls against wall*
GAH!.... dammit that stings....
You idiot, put me down! Well BOTH be sittin' ducks!
Look at- HEY -look at me... This aint nothing but a scratch all right? Ill just finish these guys and catch up with ya later. just, before you go... could ya grab me a cigar? its in my left pocket.... thank ya kindly...
Now it'd be advisable to run like hell... and don't ya dare look back now sugarcube....
Don't ever look back.....
>> No. 2502079
this one is awesome
>> No. 2502109
File 130951057146.jpg - (203.78KB , 1500x1000 , RBD gasp.jpg )
Rainbow Dash. "i'll be dead in ten seconds flat. stay awesome!"
>> No. 2502114
"Ha ha! We sure showed them, didn't we-?"
Landing on the cold ground, Dash slowly made her way over to me.
"Oh... hi Dash... I didn't see you coming..."
"Are... are you alright?" She said, stepping closer.
"Y-yeah... just... just resting... Dash... can you promise me something?"
"Any...anything, Anon."
"I want you too... I want you too fly strong, live long, and make it into the Wonderbolts for me... can... can you do that?"
Tears welling in her eyes, she nodded, not trusting her own voice.
"And Dash?"
"I... I was the one... who knocked you off that cloud that one day..."
"You bastard!"
She kicks me, finishing me off.
>> No. 2502137
File 130966263736.jpg - (125.67KB , 900x900 , Fluttersad.jpg )
I'm sorry, I guess...this is goodbye. Being with you, being your friend, it's been like a dream. But I guess now...it's time for...the dream...to end...

>> No. 2502138
File 130966269347.jpg - (125.67KB , 900x900 , Fluttersad.jpg )
I'm sorry, I guess...this is goodbye. Being with you, being your friend, it's been like a dream. But I guess now...it's time for...the dream...to end...

>> No. 2502139
File 130966302491.jpg - (6.43KB , 242x208 , saddash.jpg )
Don't worry Dash, it doesn't even...hurt anymore. At least...not as much as knowing...that I'll never get to see you fly again...
>> No. 2502145
Derpy... I have something... to tell you... come closer...
Derpy: Is it that you always thought of me as a daughter even though it would be genetically impossible for you to have a pon-
Me: Neeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrddd....
Derpy: Whaa..?
Me: Derpy... Why... didn't... you...
>> No. 2502146
File 130969050390.jpg - (7.11KB , 160x160 , 160px-Granny_Mug_2.jpg )
You take care of that hip for me, you hear?
>> No. 2502148
File 130970278477.png - (185.58KB , 659x659 , 130835487861.png )
Little unicorn magic could help right now, Trix.
>> No. 2502151
Rarity... come closer...

>Rarity leans in

>> No. 2502157
File 130976566791.jpg - (69.67KB , 640x640 , sadfluttershy_display.jpg )

My God these just broke my heart ;_;
>> No. 2502164
File 130981125669.jpg - (5.71KB , 255x198 , twilight sad.jpg )
"Twilight... no one really knows where we go after this.. *cough* ...but I do know one thing.... I'll be there.... ...waiting for you."
>> No. 2502167
File 130981342835.jpg - (116.77KB , 900x913 , ts_reading_happy.jpg )
Twy... My SBURB discs are on my desk. I regret not going out with--ARGH! MOTHERFUCK-- X_X

Dies while "Pennyroyal Tea" by Nirvana plays for extra points. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmFkmN6owpg
>> No. 2502345
File 130983852126.jpg - (9.81KB , 200x183 , 130815242607s.jpg )
I would take a bullet for them all! I just don't have any lines prepared...

Pinkie Pie:
You'll have to party enough for he both of us now pony-girl.

Rainbow Dash:
Hey, don't get teary-eyed over me, I can't have the greatest flier in Equestria get soft because of me. Watch the clouds, Dashie, it's where I'll always be for you.

Hey, keep the moon bright, it's the only way I'll see you at night.

Sorry, but this is a moment I don't get to be fashionably late. Stay beautiful.

Don't look for me in the sky Fluttershy, look for me in the creatures around you, cause that's where I'll be.

Anonymous said this one first
Looks like this was my last rodeo, AJ.

ANY of the CMC:
Hey, don't forget me... when you make your mark on Equestria.

Hey Tia, don't look at me like that, you can't die, your supposed to always be there for Luna. Stay sister, My Queen.

Don't cry for me,
Now as I die,
I leave this land,
So I can fly.

Can't think of one for Twilight, but I like this one. >>10711

>fw I was writing these
>> No. 2502346
File 130985007688.jpg - (259.54KB , 640x551 , Saddash.jpg )
"Looks like I'm taking the lead on this one Dash. I'll be waiting for you to hurry along... faster than the children... but... slower than ... the old ...."
>> No. 2502347
"Dash... just promise me no rain at my funeral... I want to see the sun one more time before I go underground..."
>> No. 2502349
File 130987684258.png - (206.34KB , 585x489 , 130829003579.png )
This thread gave me a feel.
>> No. 2502350
I'll see you Dash.

>> No. 2502405
File 130991792385.png - (328.54KB , 1280x1692 , Dash.png )
"Confound these ponies... They drive me to..."
>> No. 2502419
(to Twilight) "Does this mean... I get... the ticket to the Gala?"
>> No. 2502779
Best read with this music : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ym9yseOad7E


As in every world he got through, this was the only exit. He was used to it, and even found himself amused at this kind of departure.
Dramatic, yes. Just how he could have liked it, if he could ever like anything that is.
How many times did had he got through this ? He lost count a long time ago. Just like he lost any interest in anything other that is mission.
If he still was thinking about anything else, he would have lost the little sanity he still managed to hold.
That was it. The cycle reapeating nearly endlessly. Going to a world, studying and copying every single bit of power the world harnessed with time and evolution. Then, dying alone, coldly, proceeding to the next world.

This time, however, was different. He usually killed himself once his job done. He usually wanted to go on from his own accord, as fast as he could. For this work was a curse he could not lift, he just wanted this to end.
The only way being to go through every single world of the vast multiverse. At the beginning, he was your average human, but he quickly grew lonely, then became unsociable. He nearly fell into madness, the pressure of never being able to settle down, never really communicate, was too much pressure for him.
So he put a mask, kept his distances, and made a point of never losing time nor growing fond of anything. He never even let any hint of an emotion swept by.
Yet... he didn't want to let go. Not this world. Not them. Not after what they managed to...

As his mind wen through every little details of his life in Equestria, he was falling to the ground, just before their eyes. The murdered dissapeared like a mist, and the six ponies that wer present hurried to his side.
A purple pony, going by the name of Twilight Sparkle, got her horn glowing as fast as she could. "Don't move, I'll do my best at closing the...". He pointed his hoof at her to interrupt, looking straight into her eyes. After all, he knew it was useless.
Twilight hung her head in resign, and the other knew all too well what it meant.

They always had treated him nicely, and since he hung out with them so much they thought about him as a friend. He knew better : this was an obligation, his "mission". But, unlike any other world, they never gave up on his ice-like facade. They threw parties, jokes, adventures at him.
Always cheerfull, always having a great time, never minding his cold glare or distance. Before long, even though he never opened up to them and kept interractions to a minimum, he liked it. These people, even when they didn't know anything about him, still cared deeply.*
At first, he though it was pity that led them to try harder. But with time, he understood it was a pure love they had toward every new people they met. That is when he refused to go on.
Here, on the ground, he could feel them trying not to cry. He looked at them one by one, reminiscing about the past.

Twilight was a real bookworm. And when she was not studying with books, she was experiencing. With that magic horn of her, she felt that he was not a regular pony. Like the princesses, he had both wings and horn. Plus, there was kind of a magic-absorbing aura around him.
He would never let her experience on him at first, but them as he stayed longer and longer, he decided it was like hanging out and decided to go for it.
He never showed it, but he liked seeing her getting exited over every discovery she could come with.
She was always with a baby dragon named Spike. He was Twiligh's assistant in her studies, and showed no fondness to that new cold-faced pony. But that dragon who always was on the defensive up until now, trying to protect
his pony friends from somepony he juged dangerous and mentally unstable, was now hardly ever able to retains his tears. Probably, the sacrifice was needed to show Spike that he wasn't that bad of a pony.

Next was Pinkie Pie. He remembered how annoyed he was to loose his precious time when the first thing coming to her mind was a party. And god, he did find her anoying to say the least. There was not any day when
Pinkie wouldn't try to make him smile, even when he never did once. Being cold was far out of her understanding. What got the best of him was her randomness. It reminded him of his brother, when he still had a normal life.
In the end, he would come with her and Rainbow Dash to prank the whole town, wich in turn made Pinkie stop harrasing him. She though that he had a disease that prevented him from smiling, but that he though no less.

Then he turned to Fluttershy. Much like Pinkie though he lacked fun, Fluttershy tough he lacked love. So she did all she could in the kindest manner possible. The results didn't show much, as the animals that were supposed
to bring him peace flew in terror at is cold gaze. Yet, while she muttered excuses one after the other for the rudeness of her little friends, she didn't know how inside she managed to change him.
In the end, he kept going for strolls with her, but not too often for the animals still got anxious around him.

His eyes then fell onto Apple Jack. He didn't hang out with her as much as with any other pony, yet there was something about her he respected. She hardly ever hid her thoughs, and that reminded him... of who he truly was.
He always had regarded honesty as one of the highest virtue, even while he wasn't always practicing it himself. Once he realised, it started to bring back long lost memories of his life,
and at first it hurt like hell. But as the others helped him regain emotions, he became nostalgic.

He then saw Rarity's face, and felt sadness at seeing her eyes ruined by the tears. She was the one that provided everything when he showed up from nowhere. She lodged him, gave him clothes, and even a job so he could fit in.
She refused to let him be on his own, even if he had wanted it at first. And now he had finally realised how gratefull he was for that, and even as he was wondering how he could ever repay her,
this happened. He was putting her through even more. The though was nearly unbearable, but yet he wasn't accustomed to show any sentiment.

The last of the pony that surrounded him was Rainbow Dash. As he was given wings and was not as unskilled as Fluttershy, she would always bother him to race over and over.
Even though he didn't bother to follow her when she got on her full, racing speed, he still managed to follow her on a slightly lower one. Well in truth, he would possibly fly
at a fairly faster speed than her, but it was not in the interests of his mission to show of any signs of his ability to copy. So he newer showed it, as he didn't show how much
fun he had at racing with her.

He never told them a word about how he felt, not at first nor after he changed. But while he first spoke of having only a short time in Ponyville, he stayed for nearly a year.
Yes, he had really become fond of the place and its inhabitants. He liked this world, and liked these six friendly ponies. He even liked Spike's reluctance to accept him. If you had asked him, he would have told you it was far better
than being ignored. Thus he had prolonged his stay has much as he could. He even fought for it, as his "employer" didn't like him wasting time. There had been countless assassins sent after
him, so he could make his way into the next world. But, using the abilities he had been granted so far, he easily disposed of them far from the sight of his benefactors.
>> No. 2502780
But he was being naive, and was caugh by surprise when the next assassin appeared before them all and tried to attack them instead of him.

He didn't have time to think, so he acted and placed himself between the assassin and the ponies. He knew deep inside that the day would come eventually, the day he would have to go far away and never return.
He didn't want it to happen so soon, but only one thing mattered at that moment : he had saved them. And now, he was on the ground, slowly giving away his blood to the earth under the moonlight.
And there was only silence. No word were spoken, no sound other than repressed sobs. It was all calm, almost peacefully so.

He smiled a sorrow-filled smile, and tears began to fall from his eyes. At that moment, he realised how much he should have told them before, how much they had helped him, how gratefull he was.
But it was far to late. He knew he was only seconds from falling into the void. So, with the utmost determination, he spoke these words :

"When I arrived here, I was dead inside..."

At these words uttered with a sorrow and fondness mixed voice, the attendance held their breaths.

"It took all your efforts to bring me back from a long lost life. And I want you yo know..."

He was smiling, crying, and thanking them. They were all waiting for him to open hi heart, but why now of all time ?
Why only when it was to late ?
Tears started to fall heavily from everypony's eyes. Some thought about turning their head, but they couldn't. They had to be there for him. Untill the very end.

"... I want you to know that you are... the best friends anypony could hope for."

He started coughing blood. He would not be able to speak much more. His voice made itself lower with each passing word. But he still wanted to say at least this :

"Living... with you all... it has been... the best... part... of my... life."

The last word was only muttered, using his last breath. His eyes then slowly closed, weeping cold tears.

He died like this, in their arms, smiling. And from the coldness of the void between worlds, he looked at them crying over his dead body.

In his new human body he fell to his knee, crying bitter tears of both sadness and anger, before letting out a howl of agonizing sorrow.
>> No. 2502782
File 131007440652.png - (168.58KB , 349x272 , 1309989557064.png )
We were all heroes.....In spite of ourselves.
>> No. 2502785
File 131008089893.gif - (366.91KB , 400x257 , post-345-1306770266.gif )
I want you...to...to...rape the SHIT out of Applebloom...
>> No. 2502809

Go back to 4chan, flankhole.
>> No. 2502810
File 131015134518.png - (22.59KB , 326x239 , are you serious.png )
what the... this website automatically changes "(A word)hole" to "flankhole" yet it doesn't do anything to "shit"?

...okay then
>> No. 2502827
File 131018580001.png - (176.54KB , 1079x741 , 130938666068.png )
"Dash... I know you'll make it into the wonderbolts someday. The fact...that you're not with them now is... a crime. Just.. one day, when you're performing with them... Remember... the... man... who... L..." *dies*
>> No. 2502828
File 131018760089.png - (279.45KB , 900x963 , 130748831715.png )
My response:

And we live our lives.... Like candles in the wind...
>> No. 2502898
File 131039262485.jpg - (32.83KB , 630x446 , SpockDeath.jpg )
"The needs of the many...outweigh the needs of the few...or the one. I have been, and always shall be... your friend."
>> No. 2503134
File 131043774458.png - (31.05KB , 201x194 , 130215038251.png )
Did we... make a difference?

"Oh yes."

The least I can do... for the ruler of Equestria.

It's been fun...

...Oh my...

(Star Trek Generations)
>> No. 2503183
"I always talk better lying down, Sweetie Belle."
>> No. 2503353
so beautiful if only i had some pictures to describe it
>> No. 2503372
File 131067046956.png - (22.92KB , 110x125 , 130216147523s.png )
"Don't worry. It would hurt a lot more if it was you."
>> No. 2503392
Pinkie, Never forget

Pearl Harbor sucked and I'll miss you
>> No. 2503412
Rainbow.. Keep the skies clear for me on the anniversary of this d.....
>> No. 2503428
File 131075826344.jpg - (16.96KB , 136x200 , 130715082246s.jpg )
Its only heaven...if i get to taste...your cupcakes again...hehe...
>> No. 2503434
File 131076739382.png - (50.59KB , 350x208 , 1309110219946.png )
Pinkie pie you've brought me smiles and laughs through the entire time ive known you I love you and i think that its fitting that I pay back your kindness and love with my life.....
>> No. 2503435
File 131076787467.gif - (96.58KB , 200x200 , 130945957589.gif )
It would be Dash...

And I'd say "For the most beautiful rainbow in the sky... ungh."
>> No. 2503436

God, that got me close to tears...
>> No. 2503437
"Dash... make a sonic rainboom for me, ok? I'll see it from where I'm going..."
>> No. 2503438
File 131077210071.png - (218.25KB , 458x384 , 4000dollarsWorthOfProtection.png )
Me: (Dying on the ground) Twilight... no matter how good this show is... they're only gonna say, "It's not as good as last year was"...

Twilight: I know... I already know that.

Me: You know... you know what the key to keeping this show fresh is?

Twilight: What?

Me: You gotta....

Twilight: C'MON, TALK TO ME!

Me: You gotta... I'm dead.


+10000 internets to whoever gets that reference
Pic very related
>> No. 2503441
Fuck you ponychan, fuck you for making me cry.
>> No. 2503470
File 131085655838.png - (96.49KB , 221x216 , GLaDOS_3.png )
"Fluttershy, I..I feel a cold breeze...Be a dear and reboot me once I'm out."
>> No. 2503547
Say this to Fluttershy....

"I won't be here much longer * cough * But your smile and bright eyes keep me here longer..." * Wipes her tears away and hugs her tight* "I will not heal, but our memories together will be eternal... "

>dies whispering " I will always love you.... F-Fl-Fluttershy....
>> No. 2503548
File 131087299881.gif - (237.91KB , 200x200 , pony 31.gif )
>> No. 2503550
I push Rainbow Dash out of the way of the sniper's scope as I turn to aim. Both of us fire at the same time, and both of us hit our targets. I fall on my back. There she is, looking over me, inspecting my wound, a look of shock on her face.

"W-why?" she asks

"Seriously... how could I allow that face... that spirit... -cough- to be taken from the world so soon?" I reply as I put a hand to her face, "Make a rainbow for me..."
>> No. 2505471
File 131225631822.jpg - (20.47KB , 200x200 , 1212553407644.jpg )

Leetle pony, why are you in this building? Leave now...
>> No. 2505474
File 131226046540.png - (13.80KB , 300x300 , 131025718597.png )
I'm sorry...I know i said that I would never sleep through your night, but now I'm going to sleep through the rest of them.
>> No. 2505942
File 131238014965.jpg - (111.68KB , 887x900 , something_to_smile_about_by_johnjoseco-d3gu6hd-1.jpg )
Behind every man now alive stands thirty ghosts, for that is the ratio of which the dead outnumber the living. Since the dawn of time, roughly a hundred billion human beings have walked the planet earth.

Now, this is an interesting number, for by a curious coincidence there are approximately one hundred billion stars in the Milky Way. So, for every man and woman who has ever lived, there shines a star. But every one of those stars is a sun, often far more brilliant and glorious than the small, nearby star we call the Sun. And many - perhaps most - of those alien suns have planets circling them. So there is almost certainly enough land in the sky to give every member of the human species, back to the first ape-man, his own private, world sized, heaven- or hell.

-Arthur C. Clarke - 2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY
>> No. 2505943
File 131238028363.png - (101.37KB , 420x263 , 130400735760.png )
>MFW this thread.

Good going, guys. Manly tears were shed.
>> No. 2505945
File 131238389143.jpg - (42.28KB , 610x338 , deathmarsten[1].jpg )
To Luna

May you find the dawn, my Princess of the Moon.
>> No. 2506020
File 131254573406.jpg - (45.50KB , 576x576 , 1251222525996.jpg )
I just died in your arms tonight
Must've been something you said
>> No. 2507114
File 131274193503.jpg - (48.92KB , 150x133 , Salute.jpg )
Rainbow Dash: Fly free, my friend... heh... i guess now il be in the clouds too...

pinky pie. party on... and please remember me... foreeveeer

rarity: stay classy, stay kind, never... change

fluttershy: don't cry... sing for me... let me die happy.

AJ: i guess, im pushing up... heh... up pushing apples trees now.

Twilight: twi.... i have to go now... im not comming back... but thats... ok... as long as your still here...
>> No. 2507115
oupps messed up on AJ i think you know what i men
>> No. 2507153
(To Vinyl Scratch/DJPON-3)

Think of me...when you play...Mr. Saxobeat...
>> No. 2507211
File 131283633740.jpg - (119.02KB , 880x758 , 131131852398.jpg )
Dash- "Without you, what do we do? Where do we turn?"

Me- "To the stars, Dash. To the stars. . ."
>> No. 2507662
Holy crap dude. My heart.
For Fluttershy:
"Everythings gonna be ...*cough* ... fine. I've protected the purest of hearts...*cough*... Do you think you could sing me a lullaby?" (smiles, cupping her cheek)

(Fluttershy begins shakily)-"hush now, quite now..."(fades into silence as a tear from each of us falls, and my body grows still)

"I...I...love you..."

>> No. 2507663
I need a smoke and a Red Bull.
>> No. 2507665
You are all great friends, but how much longer can we keep doing this? Torchering ourselves with illusions of perfection, false truths, and lies?
>> No. 2507782
File 131292893292.jpg - (140.25KB , 1152x648 , 35317 - artist epicplatypus celestias_guard crying.jpg )
(To a member of the Royal Guard)

It was an honor serving with you, sir.
>> No. 2507785
I derped my last derp

(Derpy Hooves)
>> No. 2508101
Send some balloons my way... when you get the chance...
>> No. 2508163
File 131314329548.jpg - (132.21KB , 1000x437 , 131227643563.jpg )

>> No. 2508165
File 131314851600.jpg - (125.67KB , 900x900 , 1312667712274.jpg )
"I... couldn't have lived without you anyways."
>> No. 2508166
File 131315036184.jpg - (46.52KB , 215x225 , Vasquez.jpg )
You were always a plot-hole, Blueblood.
>> No. 2508432
File 131372136470.jpg - (29.83KB , 800x549 , I Never Said Goodbye.jpg )
"I'm tired of fighting, Dash..." *dies*

(two internets to whoever gets the reference of this statement)
>> No. 2508438

I would block two bullets.

I would just say.

"Bump Lump Sugarlump Bump"

Then I would die.
>> No. 2510140
This one made me cry
>> No. 2510141
to Twi: when the last moon is cast over the last star of morning

and When the future has passed, without even the last desperate warning, then I'll look into the sky where through the clouds a path is torn, look and see how she sparkles, my little unicorn
>> No. 2510142
Oh, no.... no no don't cry. Dont cry... This isn't sad, this is wonderful;

Not everypony gets to say their last words to each other, or to whom they wanted to.

Always know... Quackers... Always know I wanted it to be you.
>> No. 2510251
Will you... Will you play me... One last masterpiece, Octy'?...

The tunes of her cello would take my soul with them into the night
>> No. 2510252
>> No. 2510256
File 131579010741.png - (18.20KB , 92x86 , sad luna madmax.png )
What... What do you mean... you're immortal?
>> No. 2510258
File 131580103284.png - (61.04KB , 125x125 , Dalekshy.png )
You always were my favorite 'Shy. *Hack coughs* Maybe Angel will stop giving me angry looks now...that I...saved you.

>> No. 2510359
File 131624251789.png - (6.82KB , 238x211 , sadconfusedfluttershy.png )
I'll see you again... in the grand meadow in the sky... and then we will live together... forever...
>> No. 2510408
File 131632621367.png - (248.44KB , 600x900 , 59790 - Discord artist-kymsnowman puppet twilight_sparkle umbrella.png )
*suddenly teletransported to bulletpath*
You motherfucking moron...*bloody cough*..human...shielding.......not..f..f.fair.........*more blood* x_x
>> No. 2510409
File 131632637003.jpg - (224.87KB , 1304x1600 , 58645 - Alicorn Lauren alcohol artist-Lauren_Faust booze lauren_faust lineart oc ponified writer.jpg )
Keep going Lauren....more people awaits to be enlightened by your creations...... *peaceful smiling death*
>> No. 2510452
File 131654621464.jpg - (1.99KB , 120x107 , pinkiepie.jpg )
"I'll be fine. I doesn't hurt. You go without me. If anypony asks *coughs up blood* I'm fine. I just left. I'll be fine."
*mouths "party on"*
>> No. 2510461
File 131665310612.jpg - (60.86KB , 461x523 , 1316652804819.jpg )
Goddamnit, don't fucking cry. dont c-, don-, don-, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-
>> No. 2510468
File 131675487959.gif - (158.83KB , 270x178 , FANMADE_Sad_luna.gif )
Do you...Think... I could maybe...visit the moon?

>> No. 2510480
File 131683145529.png - (537.44KB , 894x894 , good_morning_spitfire_by_johnjoseco-d4alhsd.png )
Anon:There are...faces of people...I'll never see....again.

Spitfire: You can't die, what about home!?
What about you getting back home!?

Anon: Home...seems so...far....but I'm....already home...here......in your hooves.
>> No. 2510481
File 131685814619.png - (143.91KB , 413x360 , 131622673272.png )
i love you rainbow dash!!!
>> No. 2510507
Don't think I'm gone, it's just my body Flut-*dies*
>> No. 2510523

I cried.
>> No. 2510525
File 131722950992.jpg - (132.55KB , 900x900 , 131718253875.jpg )
go, fluttershy... promise youll live a full life for me:')

>confound these ponies, they emotionally distract me from my HW...
>> No. 2510550
Rainbow Dash: NOOOOO!!

Me (singing):


>> No. 2510564
File 131749593370.jpg - (44.28KB , 452x345 , saddash.jpg )
Dash, I know you would have done the same for me.
Stay strong... for your friends... for.. me..
>> No. 2510642
File 131766410975.gif - (349.51KB , 100x77 , 653.gif )
As Fluttershy cries and begs me to get up, I put a finger to her muzzle.
I hold her hoof in my hand, and I choke out...
"G-giggle at the ghostie, guffaw at the gross...grossly..."

Tears well in her eyes as I take my last breath and fade away to pony heaven.
>> No. 2510653
Im 23 years old, listening to death metal, i have viking-like
beard and im really tough guy...

But this thread made me cry. You are magical, bronies...
>> No. 2510725
File 131814797088.png - (203.12KB , 1066x1000 , 131100618616.png )
"Pinkie Pie... *cough* You are so random."
>> No. 2510728
*cough cough* Live long...and prosp...wait...oh, sh-*dies*
>> No. 2510729
File 131817052574.png - (1.35MB , 1200x1031 , 131764480410.png )
You know what would be real funny? (whispers to him and he turns some lady's alligator skin purse back into an actual alligator) *Laughs, parasprite bro-hoof,dies*
>> No. 2510734
File 131818387774.jpg - (2.43KB , 80x80 , DODGE.jpg )
Why .. why .. DIDN'T YOU DODGE !!!!!!!!!!

bleh *dead*
>> No. 2510735

Also I'd catch a bullet for Discord, he's part pony
>> No. 2510743
Let's see, it would be... Fluttershy

Last words "Don't eat... The cupcakes."
>> No. 2510745
File 131822370573.png - (1.38MB , 547x2042 , 131675195259.png )
pic unrelated, i just find dbz(especially abridged) crossover way too funny
>> No. 2510747
Luna ....Was i bronie??! Choke gargle fall on.
>> No. 2510764
you'll go far rainbow...
>> No. 2510776
I see you've discovered gunpowder, Twilight. The application could use some ... work ...
>> No. 2510796
*i look at the group of friends around me*
"death leaves a heartache no one can heal... but love... love leaves a memory no one can steal......"

Fluttershy: "could you... send my soul soaring... one last time... with you voice..." *i close my eyes as she starts to sing with tears running down her face.*

Rainbow Dash: "seems as that... I... I will reach the sky first..." *she nod's attempting to smile*

Pinkie Pie: "I promise.... the... the next time i see you... it will be the biggest party ever..." *she gives a sobbing laugh.*

Rarity: "you only need now... to look to the star's... to see my shining soul now..." *she give's a nod and looks up as my body relax's*

Twilight: "I know... I know... our friendship will transcend... transcend through death..." *she sobs and places her hoof on her heart*

Apple Jack: "At least now... you have all the time... to figure out how... to pay me back..." *she lowers her hat and nods softly promising to*

Derpy Hooves: "Make sure... you look to the sky... my soul will deliver you letters every day... into your heart..." *She smiles focusing her eyes one me for the first and last time.*

Octavia: "Allow me to watch... watch the sympathy you construct... through the eyes of heaven" *she nods softly and picks up her cello to start playing.*

Lyra: "Create a melody of inspiration... that... that even angles stop to listen to..." *she smiles sadly and starts to play*

Berry Punch: "Remember... cherish your loved ones... and don't drowned yourself in sorrow... float on a boat of memories" *she sobs intensely laying her hooves on me still drunk*

Cheerilee: "Don't forget... that the only lesson you need... is the lesson of love..." *she smiles sobbing and promises to teach it to all.*
>> No. 2510797
*Cough* *Cough* Hark!



...never open my pony folder.
>> No. 2510807
File 131874162967.jpg - (2.48KB , 125x77 , 130215240153.jpg )
"You alright Fluttershy? That's good, *cough* looks like I won't be doing that again..."
>> No. 2510874
File 131921604120.png - (20.59KB , 85x125 , batman.png )
Me: I liek chocolate milk

>> No. 2511016
Applejack, i liek dem peepz and dem hoez
>> No. 2511231
File 131947651908.jpg - (77.96KB , 762x1047 , 131903162640.jpg )
*cough* that went about as well as expected... looks like I'm heading off Derpy. *cough* I'll see you again some day, but... take your time... I... need to pr-*cough*practice baking muffins, so I... so I can have some ready for you... *coughing fit*

>> No. 2511239
File 131949915638.png - (365.07KB , 680x680 , 3.png )
I would say it to everypony,

"Stay gold, everypony..."
>> No. 2511260
If I were to take a bullet, I'd prefer to do so in the Fallout: Equestria universe. There are healing items there!

But since this is the actual series, a bullet means death.

My last words would be to anypony that's listening:

"Remember what we accomplished here. Don't let it have been for naught. For with death, I am gone, and you remain. I won't see you again, but you will accomplish more than I could. Don't blow it."
>> No. 2511265
The mind is in weird places at 3:30 AM....
>> No. 2511270
Pinkie Pie: Heh heh *cough* hack* I'm laughing but....*cough* I'm still scared......." Then three pathetic attempts at laughter

Twilight: You think.....they'll put me.....in...books?

Rainbowdash: Never forget you'll go far...to infinity and beyond!

Rarity: Looks like I'm going to the land of the damned....the damned good looking....ha ha just kidding....it wouldn't be...without you....

Fluttershy: You were right i was going to love you....

For my favorite pony....

*I smile as I wipe away her tears*
"Who's a silly pony? Who's a silly pony? Who is? You is........Apple....jac....."
>> No. 2511282
Oh Trixie, you will always be great and powerful in my eyes...
>> No. 2511283
*looks at the mane six*

When they ask me what I want.... My heaven to be.... I'm gonna say.... "Take me to Equestria."
>> No. 2511298
Can I have a hu...uuu...uuug fluttershy?
>> No. 2511299
Eh, I'll just throw a patch on the ground, always works in Project Reali-
>> No. 2511343
I was chasing after Twilight with an axe, then tripped and fell so that I sort of impaled myself in the stomach with a fucking axe.

I had no last words, but a giant red bubble came out of my mouth and Pinkie was there saying "FOREVERRRRR" and then I died.
>> No. 2511511
"You can cry all you bloody want, Dash, but I'm still bleeding out."


"Believe me, you'd be crying more if I hadn't done it.
>> No. 2511512

"Well Dash, looks like I'm goin' up...

Race ya. *Smiles*
>> No. 2511519
I dive in front of Applejack and fall to the ground as I lay there holding Applejack tightly I can just barely make out "stay gold AJ" then I look to the sky and let out a slight smile as I take my last breath and sigh *I die*
>> No. 2511522
File 132027946760.jpg - (530.77KB , 1280x1815 , Fluttershy.jpg )
Memories are forever, keep me immortal.
>hugs Fluttershy
>Fluttershy gives that fucker a Stare powerful enough to vanquish an Ursa Major.
>> No. 2511600
apple bloom
"Look, you have a cutie mark"
it's my dead corpse
>> No. 2511601
File 132075868587.png - (12.04KB , 225x170 , Bow.png )
A fitting one for all my favorite ponies:

Don't shed a tear for me... I stand alone...
This path of destiny.... Is all my own...
Once in the hands of fate.... there is no choice....
An echo on the wind... you'll hear my voice...

For Rainbow Dash: I'll always love you, Dash... Send my soul on with a boom. A rainboom....
>> No. 2511602
File 132076756917.gif - (486.35KB , 480x270 , Pinkie Pie giggle at the ghostly laughing.gif )
To Pinkie Pie:

"Just keep laughing...!"
>> No. 2511631
Rainbow Dash
"Turns out you can do things if you really try,"
>> No. 2511688
If Applejack then: "mighty fine shindig..."
If Rainbow Dash then: "I am a leaf on a breeze..."
What's that? Serenity? Firefly? Don't know what you're talkin about...
>> No. 2511701
File 132156232582.png - (93.29KB , 271x309 , fluttershy-is-sad-n1299009571160.png )
Please don't cry Fluttershy... i can be your second angel now...
>> No. 2511702
please don't cry Fluttershy... now you'll have to angles...
>> No. 2511704
File 132157422096.jpg - (2.04MB , 1280x8393 , 131767302089.jpg )
For Luna

All these years, all these memories, there was you. You pull me through time.

~shameless quote rip-off from "The Fountain"~
>> No. 2511714
File 132165191375.png - (35.16KB , 120x120 , 131713961675.png )
Me: "Fluttershy... *cough* promise me one thing...*hurk, cough*"
Fluttershy: "Of course...*sniff* anything! *squeel*
Me: "Spread your wings and Fly *hack, cough* Fluttershy! *wheeze* Let nopony keep you DOWN! *even more difficulty breathing*"
Fluttershy: *whispering*"i will..."
Me: *whispering* "louder..."
Fluttershy: "I will"
Me: "Louder..." *intense coughing*
Fluttershy: "I Will!"
Me: *with my last breath, i scream* "LOUDERRR!!!" *dies on the spot*
Fluttershy: "I WILL!!! *bursts into tears over my dead body*
>> No. 2511722
I was told to never leave you alone but it looks like i will be leaving now but remember i will always be in your heart. Luna, i need to go now, i have something i must do...

>runs at the guy who fired the bullet and grabs him then disappears into a sudden blizzard

>blizzard comes as quickly as it appeared and no one is there
>> No. 2511723
File 132174974627.png - (182.23KB , 900x1125 , 130867859110.png )
shoot i meant "goes" i screwed that one up

sad Derpy is sad
>pic related i think
>> No. 2511726

>> No. 2511730
Fluttershy is for whom i would save

"I still didn't hear your name...."
>> No. 2511765
File 132214909677.png - (3.20MB , 1280x2188 , Pinkie 1.png )
Pinkie Pie... Make the world party. Teach everypony that... that... *Dead.*

Because my luck would never actually let me finish a sentence while dying.

[pic] vaguely related. Paaartyyy.
>> No. 2511771
It was worth it, Applejack. I'd do it again, if I could...
>> No. 2511772
these along with a few others (that i can't find ;__;)made me die a bit on the inside.

To Fluttershy:
"Don't worry, *cough*Fluttershy, we'll meet again in the next life... As.. Cats..."
I'm going to be slightly surprised if no one gets that reference (is that how you make a spoiler?)

To Rainbow Dash:
"Remember how I *cough* spent the night... At your house last night..? *cough* I dropped your toothbrush in the garbage.. And didn't wash it off.. I'm sorry..."

Anypony else:
"I regret nothing."
>> No. 2511774
Forgot a couple,
"You defeated an Ursa Major before... Why the fuck didn't you stop the bullet..?"

"Why in the name of christ do you have guns here anyways?.. You can always banish them to the moon.."

Luna (the only serious one):
"Stop crying... The last thing I want to see before I leave.. Is your smile.."
>> No. 2511789
dont cry dashie... bge stong... follow your dream...dont ever let it die...for me.

pinky... your the greatest party pony ive ever met... *twitchy twitcha twitch..."
>> No. 2511896
File 132244677429.png - (117.81KB , 600x344 , Mane Six Pinkie Pie Sad.png )
Me: Don't worry, Pinkie, I can't die yet! I haven't said my last words!
>> No. 2511898
File 132247819816.png - (51.74KB , 224x220 , 131183634335 (1).png )
"I've already died once and all it did was make me awesome. I'M SURE AS HELL NOT LETTING IT GET BETWEEN US NOW!
Twilight, if I don't make it, and that's a very small if, I just want you to remember this: I will never stop loving you."

If I can make somepony or somepony smile with my dieing breath, it will all have been worth it.
>> No. 2511901
File 132257357906.png - (342.24KB , 1280x1737 , rainbow_dash_by_blackgryph0n-d3e1auv.png )
i would take a bullet for rainbow dash and before blacking out i woukld say fly dashie fly save yourself
>> No. 2511911
Took one for Scratch.
But I don't think I would die.
If i do absolutely have to die,
"Bury me... in those dope shades..."
>> No. 2511929
File 132282404350.png - (176.99KB , 480x174 , because europe.png )
@ rainbow dash
>> No. 2511930
File 132283427399.png - (1.98MB , 1600x1000 , 131958393656.png )
Glad I can still post here.

"I love you, Octavia, but that's not what's important right now. You need to understand something. Take my ska and reggae collection, learn that rhythm and soul never die. No, they never die..."

I wish I had a better picture to post, but oh well...
>> No. 2511931
Or I would say to her, "Ain't that lovin' you..."

>> No. 2511935
File 132288554521.jpg - (20.21KB , 480x640 , 320677_226351067426487_216471568414437_615639_1562476659_n.jpg )
"I once asked you to cry for me... but now i'm asking you to not. you where the star that made the night beautiful"
>use last breath to kiss.
>> No. 2511938
Celestia, dammit all.
Getting teary eyed from this one ;__; well played
>> No. 2511970
File 132313819459.jpg - (6.67KB , 256x192 , Goodbye, you Guys.jpg )
Don't worry Rainbow, I die all the time, but for now, Goodbye you guys.
>> No. 2511973
File 132316875555.png - (315.59KB , 900x900 , rainbow.png )
Hah... now he'll never know... where to find.... the antidote....
>> No. 2511976
File 132318639665.jpg - (40.14KB , 700x489 , Clipboard01.jpg )
You were right. i shouldn't have playd with guns. *derp face*
>> No. 2511978
To Fluttershy-

when you're tired and think the moon forgot to shine on you you'll see, Just wait for me to show you. *dies*
>> No. 2512008
I used to wonder what friendship could be...
Until you all shared it's magic with me.
>> No. 2512009
"...can I get a fuck you to these bitches from all of my angelz...

...who don't love hoes...they get no dough..."

Princess Celestia
>> No. 2512011
d...do one thingfor m..me, Twilight... rem...member I am a...al...always here...look i...i...inside your heart, and you will find me here...waiting for you to co...c...come...join...me......
>> No. 2512016
No, 'tis not so deep as a well, nor so wide as a
church-door; but 'tis enough,'twill serve: ask for
me to-morrow, and you shall find me a grave man. I
am peppered, I warrant, for this world. A plague o'
both your houses!
>> No. 2512022
Anypony: Bury me face down so the world can kiss my arse
>> No. 2512023
File 132373054052.jpg - (32.06KB , 600x600 , 132227032579.jpg )
to pinkie- hey pinkie...what happens when you die... i dont want to be, but...im scared...
>> No. 2512025
go then, there are other worlds than these.

after they sacrifice me for the dark tower. it's okay, though.
>> No. 2512053
File 132406318438.jpg - (35.94KB , 500x612 , 132382479076.jpg )
To Pinkie Pie -Well, fuck! I wasn't even supposed to take this bullet for you, fuck! Get the hell outta here you fucking furry! Fuck off! Fuck... *dies and ponies forget about me9* *nopony cries over me, nopony will be sad*

If they don't care about you, they will not cry over you. They will laugh an cherrish the next day as if it was any other day, and I will die knowing I haven't stained their lives much.
>> No. 2512277
File 132425082150.jpg - (34.55KB , 500x500 , 466.jpg )
"No... Fluttershy. It's okay. Don't... Cry. My party has ended. Now do your... Best. Meet new... Friends. My... Sweet... Fluttershy..."
>> No. 2512280
This actually makes perfect sense.
>> No. 2512293
Hey, don't be sad that the story's over. Be glad that it was written.
>> No. 2512294
OP here. I can't prove it because I posted anonymously way back in April in the OP, too, but I just wanted to say thanks for making this hilarious (and sad, and ridiculous, and heartwarming) thread /arch/ material that still is going strong after more than 600 posts.
>> No. 2512295

And while I'm here I'll just say: YOU JUST GOT SHOT IN THE CHEST. You get one or two sentences before you expire, not a three paragraph monologue haha
>> No. 2512297
To Rainbow Dash:
I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello..,,,
>> No. 2512298
I did it all...for the Schadenfreude...
>> No. 2512300
pinkie in soviet Russia ghostly giggle at you
>> No. 2512308
I'd be collapsed next to Princess Celestia, smiling as I slowly bled out slowly.


She'd look down on me, tears streaming down her face.

>> No. 2512318
That one got me.
Love this thread, even if it makes one cry.
>> No. 2512326
what are you serving at my funeral? OATMEAL? ARE YOU CRAZ
>> No. 2512331
File 132504883861.jpg - (252.80KB , 900x900 , Sad Fluttershy.jpg )
Fluttershy...do not cry. I've noticed you when we first met. I'm sorry Pinkie threw a party for that meanie. You are not a nuisance or annoying...stay...and keep me comfort...now...

>> No. 2512374
File 132544269461.png - (696.39KB , 837x984 , 132487315133 (1).png )

*sob* Hush... Now, quiet now... It's... Time... To lay your... Sleepy head.... *sob* Hush now... Quiet... Now... It's time... To... Go... To... Bed... *sob sob sob*

Fluttershy lays down by you and sings the lullaby while crying her heart out.

"I love you." Fluttershy whispers as she lays her head by you.
>> No. 2512579
Spitfire.. you can be my wingman anytime..
>> No. 2512580
Tell me about them rabbits, Fluttershy...
>> No. 2512585
File 132629903681.png - (207.19KB , 200x154 , 132431986271s.png )
see you in the stares Luna
>> No. 2512587
File 132631545549.png - (73.13KB , 496x579 , 1325325539581.png )
So THIS is the magic of friendship...Not bad....if only I knew it longer...
>> No. 2512600
File 132667576935.png - (503.41KB , 900x563 , mlp2.png )
"Looks like I'll be dashing to the clouds ahead of you.

Keep on dashin'."

*adjusts monocle*
>> No. 2512601
File 132670583116.png - (23.67KB , 150x150 , rainbow_dash___crying_by_dentist73548-d416fyl.png )
Totally awesome

Dashie...clear my sky in ten seconds flat...i want to see the sunshine one last time
>> No. 2512602
either that or...

"Get Twilight"
>> No. 2512606
File 132675756240.jpg - (43.80KB , 320x314 , 68003 - applejack artist_request rain sad.jpg )
*Gesturing to the wound.*

This? Nah, this ain't so bad. Gettin' kind of tired though. Be nice to have some strong, black coffee to perk me up...

. . .

Take care of your folks, y'hear?
>> No. 2512607
File 132675854975.jpg - (36.38KB , 600x667 , 129900606521.jpg )

My only regret is not giving myself enough time to think of something clever...
>> No. 2512611
Hastur! Hastur! Hastur!
>> No. 2512614
"Twilight... please take care of everypony... I'm gonna miss you all. You ponies have done so much for me. ... Pinkie Pie.. Keep smiling.. Keep partying....."
>> No. 2512615
In your dying breath, you summon the King in Yellow? You devious monster.
>> No. 2512616
I posted in this thread. I am now filled with the sudden urge to actually post legit.

Hm... I don't think I can choose just one. Taking the easy route and doing one for each of the mane 6. Only because if I COULD keep going, but that would be annoying.

Twilight - There isn't a trick for this. Maybe number 25... nah, that's dumb.

Pinkie Pie - Make my funeral a party. I want them to remember me giggling, not crying.

Applejack - And I wanted so much to see you at the next rodeo that came to town. Aww, what the hay, no need to go. I already knew you'd win anyhoof.

Fluttershy - This place, filled with so many wonders... *places hoof over Fluttershy's heart* ...I never want to leave.

Rarity - No worries... battle scars are the next big thing. I'll be way ahead of the game.

Rainbow Dash - Wow... I can't believe I caught that! ...ouch... with my chest...
>> No. 2512620
File 132692171502.png - (1.79MB , 2000x2000 , ajgrave.png )
"Applejack..... Don't think this is goodbye, because it's not.... and don't wait around for me.... Now don't you fret, I'll be waitin' for you on the other side of the sunset..... where the meadows are greener and the red delicious are always ripe for pickin'........"
>> No. 2512621
*bullet goes through*

Well, shit.
>> No. 2512622
I'd say rainbow dash but she's such a brave pony she'd probably speed into the bullet before I could take it for her . so I guess either twilight or fluttershy . if twilight : let's hope they write a book about me eh ?
if fluttershy : don't fret fluttershy even you can't take care of me now .
>> No. 2512635
File 132719942438.jpg - (49.26KB , 780x846 , lil f.jpg )
all my life i searched for a perfect word, a word that meant complicated, unpredictable, lovable yet sad... and now i have found it, its life, and, i pass its curse onto you... fluttershy
>> No. 2512640
I would sing for you ponies, but there is nothing more beautiful than my friends singing together in true Harmony...
>> No. 2512660
There are no words, for I've said all I've ever wanted to say to you ponies. I'm just glad you're here with me, as I transcend the bonds of this world.
>> No. 2512661
>>What I'd say... cuz I no srs

Aw man. AW MAN! Didja see that? That was AWESOME!! I all jumped in the way of the bullet, like BAM! Aw man... aw man.
... am I bleeding?

>>maybe 'nother thing

Owwww... ow ow ow ow ow. That HURT. A LOT! MAN. You ok? I think I'm ok. Or something. OUCH, THIS HURTS! *sigh* ... You're cool though, right?
>> No. 2512882
File 132788607715.png - (155.19KB , 320x320 , 59714 - Dan OTP artist john_joseco giant_rock its_not_a_boulder_its_a_rock rarity rarity\'s.png )
What fanfic WHAT FANFIC!?
"Tom... Keep Rarity safe, you hear?.. Rock on...
>> No. 2512886
File 132790419712.png - (352.37KB , 960x960 , 79108 - artist-zlacker fluttershy sad sketch.png )

damn...never thought it would hurt this bad...dont cry..the last thing..I wanna see is your beautiful....smile...Just once more..
>> No. 2512941
Any pony:
Damn... The things we do... Are you... okay? Good...


if Fluttershy:
Could you sing me a... lullaby?

if Pinkie:
You know what this... calls for?

if Twilight:
This will make for a... different friendship report, eh?
>> No. 2512945
"Rainbow... I'm fine on my own.... Y-you must worry about... yourself... don't l-l-let that color die out.... Remember t-t-t-this... you were always the end of the Rainbow for me... I l-l-love y---y..... *passes away*
>> No. 2512992
File 132828922074.jpg - (66.03KB , 848x480 , Latter.jpg )
"Through it all, you were always there for me...."
>Coughs and voices gets faint
"I'm just glad that for once I could be there for you, latter twi......"
>> No. 2513004
File 132846794565.gif - (388.56KB , 157x218 , spoiler.gif )
Any pony:
Death.... Bring it on.


Plant a tree.. where i am buried... if you can't be a tree... i will for you... i see the meadow...

if Pinkie:
Sing me your giggle song...

if Twilight:
Try explaining THIS to Celestia... i don't think she'll like that I died..

Gems... bury me with gems on me...

Run, and don't you DARE look back.

my body.... just got 20% cooler... -slowly puts on sun glasses- yeah...


Wait... wait do you mean by 'deity'


dey see me paraspritin.. dey hatin....

spit fire:

and you think YOUR fast.. -coughs up some blood- try to outrun a bullet... doesnt work very good...


i see de pies... dey are everywhere


i-i... always hated your pictures

It's cold... sing me your lullaby.. so i can sleep warm
>> No. 2513013
Now, Rainbow Dash, about that hug I owe you...
>> No. 2513017
File 132858662539.png - (469.73KB , 1954x1620 , 132629593001.png )
Promise...promise me you won't let anything happen to Luna...ever again.
>> No. 2513019
Oh man, that gave me an idea
"I long to comfort you, Fluttershy, but the angles await to sing me my swan song"
>> No. 2513022
File 132864020773.png - (245.65KB , 638x359 , fart.png )
>> No. 2513025
I hope you get some angels after the angles are finished.
>> No. 2513031
File 132882731873.jpg - (5.59KB , 302x167 , images.jpg )
Don't be sad ,Shy... A lot more people would be sad if it was you not me.
>> No. 2513032
File 132883113742.jpg - (21.92KB , 711x455 , mlfw1553-there_is_no_hope.jpg )
'Tis just a scratch! I'd say my heart goes out to you, but given my current condition, that's not quite appropriate, now is it? Good night, Twilight, my dear.
>> No. 2513034
File 132883835351.gif - (1.99MB , 320x240 , naughty-memes-loading-jack.gif )
I'm practicing my lysdexia.
>> No. 2513035
File 132883973489.png - (156.08KB , 608x256 , abraham-lincoln-bill-and-ted.png )
Be excellent to each other, and PARTY ON DUDES!
>> No. 2513438
Thank... goodness... the TV is safe.

Ok, now for a serious one:
It's... okay... they're about to make... a time travel episode.
Okay, I lied, that one wasn't serious either.
Let's try it again.
With my final breath... I curse Zoidberg!
Nope. Can't do it. Oh well.
>> No. 2513644
It would be Flutters.
First I would grab the killers neck and run up to her,but when I reached her I would be staggering at my knees,the killer's body would be in my hands and I would grab her hoof and sing,
"Darlin when you look at me
I’m seeing things boys not suppose
To see in all his days baby
Trying to wash the crime from my face
Somepony saw you cryin
Somepony saw you cryin and they
Said it’s all because of me
The future of our lives
Depends on the time we spend together

If ever once, once in my life
I was asked to sacrifice
I’d make it for you oh yeh
My body’s left with so little fight
But I’m still holding on
But I will soon be dyin at your door

Sitting down to a cup of tea
Trying to figure out what it’s suppose to be
But the climb gets longer lately
Trying to take control of myself

Somepony saw you cryin
Somepony saw you cryin
And they said it’s all because of me
The future of our lives
Depends on the time we spend together

If ever once, once in my life
I was asked to sacrifice
I’d make it for you oh yeh
My body’s left with so little fight
But I’m still holding on
But I will soon be dyin at your door

Don’t try to tell me
What is right for me yeh yeh
More than I’ve seen in all my days

If ever once, once in my life
I was asked to sacrifice
I’d make it for you oh yeh
My body’s left with so little fight
But I’m still holding on
But I will soon be dyin at your door"
Then I would keel over and die.
>> No. 2513646

"Heaven lost its best angel. I'm afraid going wouldn't be as good."
>> No. 2513648
File 132982387241.jpg - (11.08KB , 299x169 , images (2).jpg )
Try making one of these when your favorite pony doesn't love you! Ha!
>> No. 2513650
Some that are more specific.
Pinkie Pie:Keep calm and party on!
Twilight Sparkle:Can you cast one last spell for me?
Applejack:Bury me under an apple tree,I always wanted to sleep there...
Rainbow Dash:When I die,first bury me in a cloud.Then,take my brain to Twi.Finally,get her to put it in a bird's body.I'll see you when I wake up...
Rarity:Make my burial shroud the best dress you've ever made!
Fluttershy:Don't cry,there will someday be flowers where I lie...
Derpy:Feed me one last muffin?
Nurse Redheart:Can you do my autopsy?
Scootaloo:I wish I could give you a cutie mark...
Sweetie Belle:Love your sister!
Applebloom:Your cutie mark should be a heart-shaped apple!
Spike:Grow up to be a strong dragon for me...
Dr.Whooves:Can you travel back and save me...?
Celestia:You are my sunshine,my only sunshine...
Luna:Send a falling star in my honor!
>> No. 2513681
>> No. 2513682
Wait, who's trying to make mlp:fim go extinct?
>> No. 2513691
File 133118689269.jpg - (22.29KB , 500x281 , 2ed28db2-8c99-4763-b72a-6d5ab6bcbc45.jpg )
celestia.... I can see the light... its less pretty than you... no don't cry, i just want to see you smile one last time.
>> No. 2513693
Twilight... Ever wonder what necrophila was like?

Now for the serious one.
Hey, Vinyl... Play something for me at your next show...
>> No. 2513773
File 133257108907.png - (1.60MB , 1920x1080 , 133144171960.png )
Strength, Rainbow Dash....
>> No. 2513778
Hey, Vinyl...
You know, I still don't know what your eyes look like...
Please, take these shades off...
It's not like I'm gonna tell anypony now.
>> No. 2513795
"thanks to you, Rainbow Dash, my death was.." *motions to sunglasses. rainbow puts them on me.*
"20% cooler..."
>> No. 2513802
File 133265252770.png - (282.86KB , 1600x1600 , tom.png )
You always, cough, rocked
>> No. 2513814
File 133296641215.png - (104.28KB , 125x125 , Blah.png )
Fluttershy? After seven years I've found friendship, do I have to leave?
>> No. 2513815
File 133297111180.png - (330.42KB , 644x1000 , RnFW0.png )
Double Rain........

B-Boom(coughs up a little blood) all........

The Way..



>> No. 2513824
*M16 Ceremonial/Funeral salvo*
For all the bronies who never made it home, God Bless.
>> No. 2513825
File 133330723925.gif - (108.71KB , 157x100 , nightmare_moon_into_frappe_by_intothecaramelfrappe-d3i3gh5.gif )
I would've sat back and watched them die. So nopony.
>> No. 2514524
File 133394874617.png - (151.66KB , 900x738 , twilight crying.png )
I'm sure you know little to none of the dangers....in my world....compared to yours...Twilight.....*cough*

Listen, I don't have long.....what's...done is done....and your life is...spared.....you don't know me...but I knew you....but I'm glad...I met you....before I......

Equestria...live on....thanks to you....I have done my time.......I'm....sorry that we...didn't spend enough...time...together as f-friends.....yet...I may ...d-die.....but friendship.....is...forever......that is.....the real magic...of...friendsh- *cough*

......I'll say goodbye to...Cloudsdale on...the way up....to ......heaven.....goodbye...my friend
>> No. 2514526
stay golden Fluttershy... stay golden.
>> No. 2514530
File 133411698921.png - (80.95KB , 484x327 , 17400 - fluttershy sad.png )
Don't worry... Fluttershy... death is but... the next... great... adventure....
>> No. 2514534
Vinyl... Enjoy the life you've got while you have it...
>> No. 2514535
File 133426874536.png - (148.39KB , 1500x1456 , Vynil.png )
Sorry, forgot pic
>> No. 2514540
Last goodbye by jeff buckley
>> No. 2514542
File 133448952563.jpg - (18.04KB , 402x231 , MarkyMark.jpg )
Rainbow Dash...quick...save my essence and have my children...so they may avenge me! *cough* *cough* Phoenix...down... blarggggh! XnX
>> No. 2514753
File 133509796502.png - (313.42KB , 600x653 , 130139982032.png )
one last message for you to delver Derpy .. . . . . . .

>> No. 2514754
File 133509807670.gif - (40.78KB , 548x400 , 130232443562.gif )
one last message for you derpy .. .....
..... I care ...... about ......yo.............................

>> No. 2514760
File 133546547189.png - (366.30KB , 695x857 , friend.png )
"Tell my tale to those who ask. Tell it truly, the ill deeds along with the good and let me be judged accordingly. The rest is silence."

Twilight: "This was the noblest Human of them all. His life was gentle and the elements so mix'd in him that nature might stand up and say to all the world, 'This was a man.'"
>> No. 2514761

BGM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mwxga8udIio
>> No. 2514763
no anon, you can be mine!
>> No. 2514765
*Walks up to the mane six uder an apple*

"dont be sad its not goodbye"
I open my arms and they all rush in giving me
a huge hug.

"is there anything we can do f-for you" twilight asked

"yes, if you want...*cough*.....to make me hapy, dont look for me, you wont find me, because you werent meant to, just remeber i...i..i love all of you. Im just a regular guy, it was an honor to die for you all"

"Dont leave us!" Dash screamed

"no i wont yet, i refuse i wouldnt leave you like this."

"Rainbow, keep the skies clear element of loyalty, let that loyalty shine to the entire world in a dash of color."

"Rarity, Let your genorosity shine as the lens to your heart, that fabulous heart of yours....kep it that way."

"Pinkie, party now, forever, and always, know that withou your laughter, the world would be bleak, let it show the world life is worth living like you showed me."

"Fluttershy, Use your kindness to show the world everypony is worth the time, and that nopony should be left alone"

"Applejack, Be honest not only to others but yourself, show the world that the honesty in your heart could make the world alot nicer."

"Twilight, light the world with your magic, show them that even the tiniest spark can drive back the greatest evil"

"No,no,no,no,no" pinkie cried

"it isnt fair, how can the kind ones be punished?" twilight said

"life will be, like 20% less cool without you!" rainbow sniffled

"ah dont think this is right, you dont deserve this!" applejack cried.

"the Gems would lose some of their sparkle!" Rarity stated"

"Cupcakes wont be as sweet" pikie attemted a laugh.

"My magic wont be as strong" twilight said

"No" i said, "go-on and lives do this for me..*Sputter* thats what i want, make my death worth it dont let it be in vain, oh there is so uch d like to say, just know i love you all, for now though its time to say good bye, and one last thing, show me your beautifull smiles, i dot want my last thought to be of you crying"

they tried a smile beetween the blood they soked into their manes from the whole in my stomach i laughed

"I'll always be there, right in...your...heart.
>> No. 2516314
File 133570302620.png - (39.91KB , 209x202 , SadderDash.png )
Dash: No! Why did you get in front of me!?

Me: Oh please Dash...

How could I go on living....
Knowing that the most awesome pony in Equestria....
Would be.....


>> No. 2516347
Rarity: Keep shining across Equestria... for both of us.
Pinkie Pie: C'mon, don't cry... smile, smile, smile, fill my heart up with *cough* sunshine.

Applebloom: I'm okay, are you? Good... now listen. This world is a very beautiful place, but it's also a very cruel one. It'll try to eat you up and spit you out. You need to know that, and accept it. Stay strong, little pony, you'll need to. It don't have much longer, I think my liver's gone... I'll bleed out before you can get anypony. Now wipe your tears, go and don't look back.
>> No. 2516348
Luna: ...In the distance, she her sparkle, the last human. I'm aaaaliii*cough*veee
>> No. 2516548
File 133748506018.png - (133.21KB , 1440x900 , 132853812038.png )
It...was Worth it...twi......goodbye
>> No. 2516554
File 133780253485.png - (191.11KB , 400x458 , SHbW1r19504o1_400.png )
Doctor Whooves: No! Damn you, I would have regenerated!...Why?
Me: You didn't want to go.
Doctor Whooves: W-what?
Me: You heard me. *tries to get up*
Doctor: Don't strain yourself. J-just stay there, okay? I-I'll come back.
Me: There's not enough time and you know it.*Cough up blood* Time and time and time again, always running out on me..... *Cough* Just my luck...*hack*...I had to die INDOORS.
Doctor: W-what do you mean?
Me: I had always hoped that the last thing I'd see would be stars. *Holds up hand* Show me the stars, Doctor.
Doctor: *takes my hand*
Me: They're more beautiful than I'd imagined.
>> No. 2516557
File 133790921773.jpg - (136.85KB , 680x781 , princess celestia.jpg )
Only in death ... does duty ... end... *dies*
>> No. 2516560
"Sorry Spi--*cough* Spike, looks like I won't make it to--to your wedding, you-you keep her safe, you hear me?"*Dies*
>> No. 2516564
"I've... I've seen mre pain.. than you should *cough* experience.. in an entire lifetime.... you're gonna go far, Dash. Don't let.. ANYPONY... get.. in *violent cough* your way..
>Bleeds out
>> No. 2516579
Sorry Mac Plant an apple tree for me...........
>> No. 2516582
One last request, Scratch... Think you can do a lullaby...?
>> No. 2516585
File 133909019770.jpg - (5.88KB , 90x90 , MRetms.jpg )
Wait, in what parallel universe do guns coexist with ponies?

>I don't want to live on this planet any more, but luckily I just got shot, so yeah.
>> No. 2516586
Having had the misfortune of being shot before, something like this: AH FUCK! What happened?! Fuck it hurts! Is it bad?! How bad is it?! Fuck, my chest is numb! WHY IS MY CHEST NUMB??!! I need a doctor, get me a fucking doctor right now.

Sorry to break it to you, but most of what you think of is about reversing your bodies current trend of leaking vital fluids.
>> No. 2516590

Pinkie Pie, why don't you [singsong voice] turn that sad frown upside down [/singsong voice] If you don't don your signature smile, how will you spread joy to all you meet?
>> No. 2516968
"Well, I guess you could say..."
>Dons sunglasses
"I went out with a bang."
>Fall to the ground silently
>Transcend to whatever lays ahead

...The sad part is that I'd probably do that.
>> No. 2516970
I would like to thank the academy for this award...
>> No. 2516972
‟quick, pinkie, give me the cheat codes for respawning!‟ (life is a game. pinkie has cheat codes)
>> No. 2516973
File 134522752493.png - (21.29KB , 147x101 , Sp2.png )
"You rotten swine, you've deaded me! hold me closer Fluttershy, it's getting dark! (turns head, coughs) tell Auntie Em to let Old yeller out! (turns head, coughs) tell Tiny Tim I won't be coming 'round this Christmas! (turns head coughs) tell Scarlett I do Give a damn! (turns head, does nothing, turns back and coughs at her, blows rasberry) pardon me. *DEAD*.
>> No. 2516974
vinyl scratch; keep calm and drop bass
>> No. 2516982
...Are you...okay?

(To anypony or anypony that I had saved.)
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