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13907 No. 13907
Since we lost the old one what with the site going down, this is the new drawfriend thread.

If you want a pony drawn for yourself, post here with a detailed description of your pony.

Don't ask me to draw, I suck at it.

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>> No. 13909
File 129901361155.png - (129.16KB , 215x314 , Brie.png )
Could anypony draw this character as a Pony? it would be much appreciated.
body would be the yellow-ish color of her shirt, mane and tail would be black with the blue-ish streak in it and her cutie mark would be a radio antenna or a headset.
>> No. 13910
anypony remember the pic of Ezio riding rainbowdash?
Id still like if anypony could add the "shoot, shoot the flying demon" quote =)
>> No. 13911
sure, i'll draw this :D
>> No. 13912
File 129901592189.png - (341.12KB , 737x733 , tempestrainbow.png )
here you go! hope you don't mind the use of the crayon tool, i just like using it haha. 'course if you want something more solid i can change it :3
>> No. 13913
It looks great, thank you so much <3
>> No. 13914
you're welcome! i'm glad you like it :D
>> No. 13916

Whats the guy act like, I'm only a pencil and paper drawpony so it may be a while, but I will see what I can do.
>> No. 13918
Hello, I'd like to request a pony based of an author named Squeak.

He'd be yellow with a black mane and tail, a rubber duck and a writing pad as a cutie mark. Preferably wearing an reporters hat with a pencil in his mouth.

He's been depressed since his ban, so I thought this would cheer him up.
>> No. 13919
Would be nice to finally get someone too draw me :( its always so hard too find generous drawfriends

Mane, Tail- Alternating blue and yellow
Cutie mark is a red cloud with two blue lightning bolts pointing inwards on the cloud.

Hope this isnt too much to ask... but it would be interesting too see someone attempt too draw me
>> No. 13920
Forgot too put, general hair color is gray
>> No. 13921
i can draw these!
>> No. 13922
I always imagined squeak as more of a lyra type, I swear I always see him or her with that pony.
>> No. 13923
oh wait, before i begin, are there any general hairstyles you guys want?
>> No. 13924

No, Madmax always post with Lyra, Squeak post with Cloudkicker.


I'd say short cropped hair, but do what you want! I can't wait to see his face!
>> No. 13925
File 12990313727.png - (405B , 58x30 , ChatterEthicCutieMarkAndHideReference.png )
Time for my request!

Darkish blue-black pony with a gray mane/tail. Segmented light blue streak running from his nose through his mane and to the tip of his tail, similar to the RIGs in Dead Space.

Cutie mark is in the attached picture. Accessory-wise, anything you think is suitable for a sci-fi hacker-type is fine with me.
>> No. 13926

Oh, and write Squeak above it, it's a gift.
>> No. 13927
File 129903298370.png - (208.70KB , 555x737 , squeak.png )
here you go, hope i got him right!
>> No. 13928

It's great! I'm sure he'll love it! Thanks!
>> No. 13929
you're welcome!
>> No. 13930
will some one do mine plz?
male pony
white body
black mane and tail with lime green stripes (3 in mane 1 in tail)
teal eyes
http://www.bungie.net/images/News/Inline10/0305/SoFreshSoClean.jpg <- cuite mark, but the gray part red plz

thank you in advance
>> No. 13931
Could someone make me a pony? I'd like her to be white with a straight, long red mane (sideswept bangs a plus!), gray/blue eyes, and a branch of cherry blossoms (the pinkish kind) as her cutie mark. This will make my day!
>> No. 13932
I had this requested on the last Ponychan so I'll try again..

I would love to see a Pony style of The Beatles from Yellow Submarine singing either "With a Little Help From My Friends" or "All You Need Is Love"

I would appreciate this and would feature it on my deviantART giving full credit to it's creator.
>> No. 13933
We need some help, Drawfriends.

I don't know how many of you know about Jack, but we're having a great big internet hug over in www, and I really need this picture:

"/r/ing a picture of our friend Jack here surrounded by ponies, who are all nuzzling him while he gives them a big hug."

If you could deliver, both ponychan and Jack would be eternally grateful (even if Jack would never admit it).

Plenty of reference pics in the thread here:


Cheers, bronies!
>> No. 13934
Aw, you beat me to it.

I would also find it funny if someone drew Jack (in pony form for added hilarity) going around Ponyville "trolling" (like stepping on a flower or knocking over a chair or other such unspeakable crimes) while everypony around him goes "Hi Jack! How's it going? What's up, buddy?"
>> No. 13935
File 129909537798.jpg - (40.81KB , 430x303 , TwilightSparkle[1].jpg )
/r/ Twilight Sparkle as Dark Phoenix

(Dark Sparkle? Twilight Phoenix?)
>> No. 13936
File 129910524124.jpg - (9.81KB , 166x240 , Elvis tcb1.jpg )
So, I would like a custom pony please.
I would like a white unicorn. His cutie mark should be this picture I have given. Could you give him sideburns and Elvis style hair? And if it not too much trouble, Elvis gold sunglasses. As you can tell, from my name, I would like an Elvis style unicorn. Thanks again to any pony who could do
>> No. 13937
File 12991263826.png - (370.15KB , 636x534 , ponywip3a.png )

A work in progress, my good pony.
>> No. 13938
When it comes too hairstyles im not too picky, normal straight mane would be fine, long also... pony tail... but that contradicts itself... ugh... do what you can, thanks steph <3
>> No. 13939
sorry for double post,
long and wavy though... i would love that, long bangs other than that tend it however u want :D
>> No. 13940

Can no one help a brony out?

Also, forgot to mention, green eyes, and hairstyle would probably be something short and simple.
>> No. 13941
That's my pony! And oh my goodness! I already adore her. Wow! I am beyond impressed with your ponying skills. Can't wait to see her colored!
>> No. 13943
File 129914632892.png - (10.01KB , 425x425 , Kiwwwiii.png )
I'm drawing pictures galore! Here's an example
>> No. 13944
Hey Kiwi, I dig your style!
Wanna take a shot at doing one for me? I don't have a premade design, just a concept.
Basically an Earth Pony, but BIG. Got some draft horse in there or something. Friendly, but people get put off because of his size. Beyond that, I don't have much.
Don't worry about it if you're busy or otherwise preoccupied!
>> No. 13945
File 129915221177.png - (349.83KB , 636x534 , ponywip3b.png )

Heheh, I'm glad you liked the first rendition. I'm quite flattered.

Well, mission complete. Hope you like it.
>> No. 13946
Hurray! That is exactly what I wanted. You are amazing!

*many appreciative hugs*
>> No. 13947
any one wanna do mine?
>> No. 13948
File 129917563765.png - (469.89KB , 448x218 , Untitled-1.png )

I'm in need of art that might not actually involve specifically drawing something new, but instead might just take image manipulation - I can't get a good copy of Fireworks to save my life at the moment, so I can't do it myself.

Picture is something I threw together quickly while my Fireworks was actually working, but I'm not happy with it, especially the text.

It's going to be a picture representing a fanfic where a human finds himself totally alone in the middle of the Everfree Forest and has to eke out a meagre, isolated survival for himself. "Arddun Lleuad" is Welsh for Beautiful Moon.

Can anypony provide in this area?

Much obliged.

- Pride
>> No. 13949
Here's a weird one for all of ye'er drawing friends:

I like big round boobies (usually fake, but not always), violence, gore, and I'm a writer. I also love kung-fu movies and cheap B-movies.

With those details... could you design me a cutie mark?
>> No. 13950
File 129918906757.png - (430.43KB , 627x477 , please stand by.png )
anypony doing vector art in this thread?
id love one of these
for the pursuit of lulz
>> No. 13951
The only thing that would apply to a cutie mark in there is the writer aspect. It's not "I like tits", it's "what is your special talent".
If your big, special talent is liking tits, you may need to reevaluate what you're doing with yourself.
Me, I'm a writer. As such, my mark is a quill pen.
>> No. 13952

Well, I can detect fake boobs from over a mile away... but I doubt that counts, :P

Guess mine would be the same... except with a drop of "ketchup" in the background?
>> No. 13954
File 129921217870.gif - (31.97KB , 565x619 , ScreenHunter_01 Mar_ 03 23_13.gif )
Could anypony draw this for me?
i made it with a template in MS-Paint,
im just looking for a more" polished" and "professional" version.

Id love anypony forever if they did this for me.
>> No. 13955
File 129921606154.png - (263.06KB , 700x774 , elvis.png )

good? I can change stuff if need be.
>> No. 13956

I'm not the guy who asked for that but it's epic and I sincerely hope he likes it!
>> No. 13957
File 129922472637.jpg - (755.35KB , 1200x870 , pony.jpg )
hello everypony, i'm not a very artistic person but i do enjoy trying to draw every now and then. i'll post a couple of ponies i drew in my free time.
>> No. 13958
File 129922474645.jpg - (351.98KB , 800x450 , pony2.jpg )
>> No. 13959
File 129922635148.png - (208.26KB , 720x756 , thinkin.png )

: O
>> No. 13960
File 129923190483.jpg - (24.63KB , 360x316 , 129885515199-1298721608561.jpg )


So this is where he came from! You guys are awesome.
>> No. 13961
i did it my self...
>> No. 13962
...Does no one wanna help me out here?
>> No. 13963

Totally did not see post 62, derp derp. I probably should have done someone who hasn't been drawn yet but rubber duckies and hats are awesome, I REGRET NOTHING
>> No. 13964
I'd like to do this one =) have a cutie mark in mind?
>> No. 13966

Can anypony help me out on this request?
>> No. 13967

Please, for the love of friendship someone deliver on this.

Then we can spam it all over Jack's thread and 4chan for the rest of eternity.

It would be the greatest, most adorable troll ever.
>> No. 13968
Hang tight, will do after I get off work and eat dinner =D
>> No. 13969
File 129929144530.jpg - (17.32KB , 428x339 , tw104.jpg )
I want to personally thank every, single, pony that has given their time to creating art for other ponies.
>> No. 13971
File 129929465581.gif - (4.18KB , 96x96 , japanese_word_for_cat.gif )
I'd love for someone to create this custom pony.

She has a white coat, and reddish-orange mane and tail. Her eyes are amber, and her cutie mark is the kanji for "neko", which I posted here.

It's for my girlfriend, who would so go O.O if she saw it. I've sort of half-introduced her to the ponies but not enough for her to have found this siteyet, I don't think. ;)
>> No. 13972
Oh I forgot to mention, she should be a pegasus pony. Since she loves birds.
>> No. 13973

Thanks Brony, im super excited to see it finished.
Can't wait :D
>> No. 13975
Thank you, thank you very much!
It is truly, truly awesome!
>> No. 13976
File 129931577447.jpg - (116.52KB , 593x593 , jack.jpg )
It's a start, at least. I didn't draw this one
>> No. 13977
File 129931925214.png - (126.78KB , 519x623 , CandyApple.png )
Sorry I took so long! I got distracted. But I didn't forget.
First time drawing a pony.. harder than I thought!! I hope you like it!
>> No. 13978
File 129932062630.png - (18.06KB , 483x531 , Request.png )
I drew it kind of fast sorry. -K
>> No. 13980
File 129934387261.jpg - (23.90KB , 360x316 , OMG.jpg )


>> No. 13981
File 129934579141.jpg - (37.34KB , 500x500 , 1298049792985.jpg )
Did I tell you thank you?
I really just wanna hug you!
>> No. 13982
File 129934742493.jpg - (255.44KB , 1364x1202 , ddr pony.jpg )
Hello everypony! I'm looking for a request. I basically want this "Professionalized" or cleaned up (Like >>13978 and >>13977 ). If you can fix her eye and eye color(messed it up) to look like the cut out one (Applejack)would be great. Also, for the cutie mark, I want a Dance Dance revolution arrow (probably the one pointing up, and for the color, either the blue or pink/red one, whichever one looks best). Many thanks in advance!
>> No. 13983
If someone wants to be fucking awesome and draw up my Pathfinder Pony Muck, I would be eternally grateful.

Dark grey coat with a mane that can't decide if it's red or blond. Often covered with a thick layer of dust, mud, and twigs arranged into crude camouflage. Carries saddlebags full of strange mechanical odds and ends he uses to make his traps. He also has a beard that matches his mane (Ace has a mustache, I can have a beard), and has an omnipresent pair of goggles wrapped around his head (welders goggles, to be specific. (No, I don't know if they have welding in Equestria, shoosh)). Cutie Mark is a bear trap.
>> No. 13984
I dont know if i am right here.

I'd love to have a picture of Lotus/Healing Waters while skating on a skateboard.

thank you ^_^
>> No. 13985
File 12993727052.jpg - (343.16KB , 900x800 , 1297027258722.jpg )
no one wants too draw me :( steph said he would but i haven't seen him around lately. it would be much appreciated <3 ~~~~

Hard mode :D someone draw me with applejack, me ogling her becuase she is awesome.
>> No. 13986

I can't get an understanding of the cutie mark, can you draw a crude example in paint or something?
>> No. 13987
File 129938921446.jpg - (20.54KB , 533x479 , Mah Pony.jpg )
could I get this... but with the hair tied back?
this is as close as I can get to what I want.

or could somepony make a Chuck Schuldiner or Nergal pony?
>> No. 13988
File 129939743097.png - (418.33KB , 700x774 , mlp4.png )

I drank a giant chocolate porter while I drew this. <3 beer.
>> No. 13989
File 129939836191.jpg - (64.86KB , 600x316 , 111.jpg )
like this, this ones kinda bad though... i do want the the blue and red too be darker thank you <3
>> No. 13991
File 129940738452.png - (436.92KB , 700x774 , mlpsil.png )

colours okay?
>> No. 13992
omg... thats prolly the most awesome thing i have ever seen... ur amazing... thank you... <3
yeah the colors are perfect
>> No. 13993
File 12994174812.jpg - (338.89KB , 945x945 , 1297300083552.jpg )

once again... sorry for the double post, Antaresia i must say you are one hell of a drawfriend, and i was wondering... if you had time... would you be able too draw me sitting down with applejack, being all shy like? (i love applejack, shes so adorable) i know im asking alot but you are awesome and i love your work... and its only if u want too, i know there are other requests.

<3<3<3<3 and thank you again for like the 4th time for the drawing, it means more than you know.
OH i love the facial expression from the drawing btw
>> No. 13994
File 129943137572.jpg - (1.88MB , 3008x2000 , DSC_0022.jpg )
i just drew this. i would ink it but i dont know if its good enough to warrant being coloured. especially because its in my biology book. what do you think?
>> No. 13995
I think your biology book is now 20% cooler.
>> No. 13996
holy crap thx man
>> No. 13997
File 12994652292.jpg - (396.02KB , 1134x1074 , Reqest2.jpg )
Done :)
>> No. 13998
File 129946599620.gif - (428.47KB , 360x360 , 169 - animated animated_gif color Friendship_Is_Ma.gif )
I don't even need anything drawn for me. I just want to say that everypony here is awesome for being so helpful and stuff.
>> No. 14000
Can Anypony draw me a pony?

I want it to be a Black Pegasus pony with a white outline,gold eyes ,with neon red yellow and blue mane and tail like rainbowdash's, flying through the sky? And her cutie mark be a green glow stick?

That would be amazing if anypony would do that for me.

>> No. 14001
File 129947068113.jpg - (50.32KB , 625x444 , 1297399794400.jpg )
Woahwoahwoahwoahwoah! This is ridiculously awesome! You are forever in my heart!
>> No. 14002
K, you're my hero. I may see if you're interested in drawing me a pony later. If not, cool, but lemme finish the design first.
>> No. 14003


Someone /please/ help me out here. I /need/ to be ponified. I'm really trying to not be annoying but come on!
>> No. 14004
could somepony please help me?
I contributed to the herd and just want this with hair tied back in a... ponytail. >>13987
Here is the song I made for everypony I would make more but my 6 year old computer finally went down.
>> No. 14005
I got ya man :3
>> No. 14006
File 129949377791.png - (137.00KB , 608x673 , Chatter.png )
~ w ~ hope I got him ok
>> No. 14007
Holy christmas, that looks _awesome_. Can't wait to hear the requester's response to it.
>> No. 14008
File 129949560161.png - (85.70KB , 508x753 , Ponytail.png )

Dat Hair~
>> No. 14009
File 129949698923.png - (79.45KB , 581x467 , insertclevertitlehere.png )
This came out smaller than I planned. *was...zoomed in before I started to draw l3;*
>> No. 14010

*Sticks yall on mah 'to do' list, cause i'm on a pony kick* :3
>> No. 14011
File 129949913724.png - (86.31KB , 553x455 , Neko.png )
added a pawprint behind the kanji, hope that's cool
>> No. 14012
File 129951501515.jpg - (28.16KB , 526x353 , this-pleases-fluttershy-1.jpg )

[[Fluttershy because I couldn't find RD's OMG pic]]


I love it!! Not /exactly/ what I had in mind, but I love it anyway!

>> No. 14013

Did I mention that finally seeing my OC was TOTALLY AWESOME to see first thing in the morning?
>> No. 14015
File 129952126017.jpg - (168.37KB , 748x748 , lolwatfacefluttershy.jpg )

Anypony want to be awesome and help me out with this?

In return, some of my OC.
>> No. 14016
File 129952667734.png - (86.29KB , 541x458 , Neko.png )

....Oops.. Forgot to add the eye shine ^ ^~
>> No. 14017
Here's something interesting. Rainbow Dash + Rainbow Road. Sound interesting?
>> No. 14018
File 129953360740.jpg - (1.64MB , 3008x2000 , DSC_0026.jpg )
just a sketch atm. anypony wanna colour this for me? im awful at digital art.
>> No. 14019
File 129953492167.jpg - (44.25KB , 596x753 , ts.jpg )
Thanks, It looks awesome.
I was actually thinking of a tight ponytail, like this.
but this does look really good,and I greatly appreciate this and will use this.
>> No. 14020
RIP Chuck Schuldiner \m/
Now I feel like listening to some Death actually...
>> No. 14023
File 129954468565.jpg - (659.52KB , 1603x1149 , FlutterDashShadow.jpg )
How do you guys get your lines so smooth? I've been trying, but I've got shaky hands so I've just settled for a sketchy kinda look. Pic related; a brony requested it on FIMchan. Should I just try and stay happy with the sketchy look or what?
Wat do drawfriends?
I use Gimp if that helps at all.
>> No. 14024
Hey im kinda new here and I was wondering if someone could draw this for me.

A male Earth Pony with a brown body a blond mane and tail. He has blue eyes and a black goatee. His cutie mark is a film reel.

As far as personality, He's very laid back and easy going.

If someone could do this I would love you forever. :)
>> No. 14025
omg, thats AWESOME :D i love it saku
>> No. 14026
File 129955146334.jpg - (8.85KB , 300x168 , Spike checklist.jpg )
Well, glad to see someone's taking requests.
Is it possible to draw me and a friend with arms or hooves, if you will around each others shoulders?

Also, details would be, for me, I'd like to be a light grey color, with an American flag cutie mark.

As for my friend, probably a light brown with an Australian flag cutie mark

Thanks in advance!
>> No. 14027
File 129955287650.png - (4.35KB , 300x300 )
Anypony want some doodles?

View animation
>> No. 14028
Could you give me more details on what you each look like? (body, mane, eye color, mane style, etc) Thanks~
>> No. 14029
File 129955630086.png - (37.81KB , 500x500 , Tinker.png )
EDIT: Fixed the shape of the goggles.

Could anypony here draw my pony? I'd really appreciate it. I even threw together a picture of him in Paint to help you visualize him!

He's a gray unicorn with short, messy, cobalt hair, cobalt eyes, and a cutie mark of three cobalt hexagons with black outlines. The goggles I drew on him--he should be wearing those around his neck. They don't have to look exactly like that, but something close would be good.

If you could draw him rearing up and grinning, or...doing something else happy, I'd appreciate it! His name's Tinker. He's got this inventor/engineer/technologist thing going on. ^-^
>> No. 14030
File 129955660296.png - (4.34KB , 300x300 )

View animation
>> No. 14031
File 129955945699.png - (136.79KB , 640x360 , Rarity Happy.png )
Not sure what happened, but my post seemed to disappear.
Anyway, I'd like a picture of me and my friend, Me having light gray hair, and an American flag cutie mark. My friend with light brown hair and an Australian cutie mark.

Thanks in advance
>> No. 14032

Oh I like! Thats cool! Thanks alot!
>> No. 14033
Body colors? Eye colors? Mane styles?

You're welcome! :)
>> No. 14034
Hey Annon, that's cool just post and I'll get to it as soon as I can :)
>> No. 14035
Hey Annon, that's cool just post and I'll get to it as soon as I can :)
>> No. 14037
Oh! That was me, actually. I got a username 'cause I see no reason for a brony to sneak around here like he might on /b/.

Here's the design.

I had asked if anypony would draw him because I didn't know if you were going to respond to the Anon post, but...you did! So, yay.

Now, you're doing me a big favor by even offering to do this, so I can't really cry foul if you don't like him, or don't want to draw him, or whatever. Fingers crossed, though! ^-^
>> No. 14038
File 129957232920.gif - (4.06KB , 340x440 , southern%20cross2.gif )
Oh wow, my own pony... oh god god this will be awesome.

A navy blue pegasus (I'm thinking a simple colour like #000033 will do) with a white mane with a little bit of red.

Should be an active, yet untidy and scruffy appearance.

Cute mark would be the Southern Cross, refer to picture.

Forgive me if I'm too demanding, but I can't WAIT to see how this one turns out!
>> No. 14039
File 129958829557.jpg - (31.23KB , 364x330 , 129901331514.jpg )
so.. this is the thread to ask for someone to draw ponies? well if somepony could draw mine that would be awesome... if your not to busy that is

my pony is a light pink pegasus with a long light purple mane and tail like fluttershys. She has kind, soft red eyes and has a strawberry for a cutiemark her name is sessie... if anypony wants to draw her that is... I would be forever grateful
>> No. 14040
To anypony who wants drawings: Everypony who hasn't had their request filled (and posted within the past 24 hours) by the time i'm on a break from class will get a simple picture from me. :) I won't be using shi-painter anymore though because I don't have the patience to deal with it, haha.

So just make sure you leave a detailed description of your pony, any references help out bunches, and I will see what I can do when I return!

Anypony who wants to help fill requests would be greatly appreciated!
>> No. 14041
File 129959772328.jpg - (29.28KB , 454x345 , thismuch.jpg )
Oh my gods, this is perfect! You are awesome!!

Thank you so much. :) :)
>> No. 14042
Ah! I just realized I forgot the facial hair! I'll add that in later, sorry. :(
>> No. 14043
File 129960924487.png - (76.57KB , 435x600 , tinker.png )
>> No. 14044
Male or female pony?
>> No. 14045
File 129961256241.png - (92.55KB , 476x519 , sessie.png )
>> No. 14046
File 129961342443.png - (205.45KB , 682x447 , 129956823224.png )
zomg x3 is awesome
thank you
>> No. 14047
File 129961385782.png - (346.02KB , 1180x1120 , 1299006738832.png )
You're welcome! Glad you like it~
>> No. 14048
File 129961414069.png - (95.17KB , 425x360 , 129856450655.png )
Hey, I really like your artwork; do you have a DA account or anything like that online with more of your stuff?

My GF absolutely ADORED the pony you drew for us!! :)
>> No. 14049
Sorry for the double post, its just that my post seams like its about to disappear.

thanks :D
>> No. 14050
File 129961956331.png - (151.02KB , 660x560 , You Don\'t Understand.png )
D'awww! Thanks so much, mysterious green-and-blue-stars-signature anon! I love 'im!

Seriously, this is the best community ever.
>> No. 14051
Male, did I forgot to mention that? Hehe, silly me.
>> No. 14052
Working on it now brony. Hold tight!

Oh, and before she gets too done, what kind of pony is she personality wise? I mean should she be confident? Super happy? What?
>> No. 14053
Glad you like it~ He's a cutie! The goggles were a nice touch.

Hehe, no worries. That's why I asked :) I'll draw it for you later tonight after class unless another brony gets to it first.
>> No. 14054
File 129962615877.jpg - (206.02KB , 910x846 , Tinker.jpg )
I was beat to the rearing pose so I just had him trotting
>> No. 14055
File 129962888868.png - (228.22KB , 600x335 , ponies3-600x335.png )
Dang it! Now I feel bad 'cause I have two drawings while some ponies are still without! Maybe we need more organization, or something? Oh well.

I totally love the picture, though! I tried to dig up a thank you picture as cool as my first one, but I couldn't find one, so I'll just post this!

D'ah, I love both of them for different reasons. Much love, bronies! ^-^
>> No. 14056
File 129963079792.png - (92.55KB , 476x519 , 129961256241.png )
uh.. just wondered if I could get another pony pic done... if anypony doesn't mind drawing sessie again ... that is if no other pony is in line first ... could somepony maybe draw her maybe looking shy and with maybe a flower in her hair... if not thats ok.. I can be happy with just the one picture ... sorry if I am asking too much....
>> No. 14057
File 129963259533.png - (368.30KB , 485x485 , mlpME2.png )
I tried to make mine look good but this is the best I could do.
>> No. 14058
File 129963353816.jpg - (31.23KB , 364x330 , 129901331514.jpg )
that looks very well done
>> No. 14059
Thanks :)
>> No. 14060
Oh, thanks :D

She is very happy, but she can be serious when she needs to be, but right now she should be happy, but concentrated

your the best :D
>> No. 14061
File 129963430985.jpg - (492.61KB , 1600x1360 , Bubble Beam.jpg )
Finished at last! Hope it's to your liking friend!
>> No. 14062
Can the anon who drew this email me? :O
>> No. 14063

>> No. 14064
File 129963535869.png - (71.38KB , 250x250 , Sweetie_Belle.png )
Have a request for one of you talented artist-ponies, when you get a chance. Would be much obliged!

Pretty Pointe
Female, Adult, Earth Pony.
Lavender body, with curly/wavy mane and tail like Sweetie Belle's. Mane and Tail are soft cotton candy pink with white streaks.
Cutie Mark is two pink ballet pointe shoes with ribbons, something like this:

or this:

Thanks so much!
>> No. 14065
File 129963577315.png - (271.60KB , 668x688 , 129956160517.png )
Ohohoho, may I ask why I am being called upon for an e-mail? :J

My current list:

If anypony can get these requests filled before me, please feel free to. :D Just trying to get everypony a little doodle~

Also, if I missed anypony, please let me know!
>> No. 14066
File 129963629713.png - (426.01KB , 1180x1120 , 129919715060-do_it_faggot.png )
I want to see if we can work something out! You’ll see.

And it’s not like you have to use your personal email to do it. I’m not.
>> No. 14067
File 129963714314.jpg - (225.59KB , 1920x1080 , 129939041560.jpg )
thank you kindly ... I know my request is selfish
>> No. 14068
File 12996372501.jpg - (16.73KB , 640x360 , Unhappy Twilight.jpg )
Don't leave me hangin, bronies.
>> No. 14069
File 129963899811.png - (76.41KB , 600x600 , grazermagic.png )
Here ya go~

For the last time, brony... I will ask: Body color? Mane style? Eye color? etc. I need more details to work with, sweety! You've ignored my specific questions multiple time and keep telling me the same limited details. :( I can't do your request if you don't give me the details!
>> No. 14070
I have no problem with the e-mail, I was just joking around haha. ;D

Not a problem, sugarcube~ Let me handle the other ponies who haven't gotten a picture first and I will work on yours.
>> No. 14071
File 129963930072.jpg - (11.02KB , 300x300 , 385049a38bf176790.jpg )
Okay... um.. if anypony's taking requests, this is what i had in mind:

Sebastian, the Male Unicorn
Cutiemark: Feather Quill in ink well with 3 purple sparkles* (1 above the quill, 2 below) [*see pic to left]
Mane: Shaggy, Long-ish
Tail: Long, Shaggy
Colors: Beige (Body); Cream/Gold (Mane and Tail); Emerald (Eyes)

He should have round, nerdly glasses... and.. er... that's about all I can offer at the moment... I hope this isn't too much...

Anyways, if anypony takes this request, I'd be very thankful.
>> No. 14072
File 129963972740.gif - (334.74KB , 206x166 , 1297892834781.gif )
D'ooooohhh! You makeh me blush! Anytime friend! :D

I would never leave you hanging bro.
I'll get to work on yours tomorrow morning. Oh! What gender are you and your friend? And unicorn, pegasus, or earth ponies? And if there are any more specifics you'd like to mention that'd be great! :)
>> No. 14073
File 129964042828.jpg - (77.48KB , 648x576 , mintlemonade.jpg )
I've been playing around with the brony maker and I finally came up with something close to what my ponysona would look like.

I present to you: Mint Lemonade!

I was wondering if a kind drawfriend could make a better version of him. I want to use him for my twitter account so I'd love it if he was "looking at the camera"

Pretty please :3

By the way:
He's a male earth pony, and his cutie mark is a lemon slice with two mint leaves (if you think you can make a better cutie mark, by all means go ahead). His hair is suppose to look Fluttershy-ish.
>> No. 14074
Psshh, that's pretty nice as it is, man. Nice concept.
>> No. 14075
>.> i know its alot to ask but could anypony try this? its my birthday on the 9th and i will love anypony who does it.
>> No. 14076
File 129964145919.png - (62.55KB , 258x256 , Fluttershy.png )
Thank you!
>> No. 14077
File 129964305389.png - (109.01KB , 477x551 , prettypointe.png )
>> No. 14078
Birthday present incoming, brony! Mine is on the 11th, so march birthday represent! >:3
>> No. 14079
omg, if you can do that for me thank you :D if you have any questions on it please ask :)
>> No. 14080
File 129964726731.png - (170.86KB , 800x600 , birthday.png )
Happy Birthday, brony :)
>> No. 14081
File 12996478598.png - (93.29KB , 271x309 , 129952837158.png )
I know it wasn't the same pose/expressions as the drawing :( i'm sorry. I noticed you pointing that out before submitting and and... sorry... If that was what you wanted.
>> No. 14082
OMFG... its so... wonderful thing brang tears too my eyes... thank you so much <3 this def made my birthday
>> No. 14083
ughh i cant type im bawing so hard >.> thank you, i mean it
>> No. 14084
File 129964953523.png - (164.60KB , 397x306 , 1298952988026.png )
Whoo~! I'm glad you like it. Sorry it isn't much. I hope you have a fantastic birthday. <3
>> No. 14085
ohh sorry for the triple post... >.>

NO, NO... you did perfect, and dont you think otherwise :D
>> No. 14086
uhh i take that back... sorry for double post...

Yes, this sure as heck my my bday awesome, <3<3<3<3<3
>> No. 14087
NOW im sorry for triple post... i think... but anyways
I forgot too say happy birthday too you too, i dont have much... other than my un dieing friendship >.>
>> No. 14088

>> No. 14089
File 129965394383.jpg - (114.15KB , 800x600 , Me lp.jpg )
Could I get [pic] but with longer hair, and maybe at a different angle? About 20% longer.
And my cutie mark is music notes... can't see them too well because of those wings...

Anyway, thanks to all the Artist Ponies who do this!
: )
>> No. 14090
People should continue drawing a male rainbow dash for me. :3
>> No. 14091
File 129965600765.png - (105.24KB , 256x293 , Derpy - O My Derp.png )
Ah, apologies, thought you were replying to someone else.
Anywho, Body color for me would be light grey, for my friend, a light blue. Mane style for me would be scraggly, a bit ruffled up, and my friend's would be the same. For eye color, mine would be green, and my friend's would be brown.

Hopefully that'll help. Thanks!
>> No. 14092
Oh, and mane color for me would be light brown, and my friend's would be a darker brown.
>> No. 14093
Once again, THANK YOU very much to the brony who did this.

Hey, can someone help me come up with a name for my pony? I'm stumped :S
>> No. 14094
File 129967447472.jpg - (212.77KB , 945x945 , lol_idunno_by_megasweet-d36gbwv.jpg )
I keep thinking "Something Dancer." Night Dancer? Moon Dancer? Sky Dancer?
>> No. 14095
Awww, you're too sweet, sugarcube. And friendship is a fine gift, if I do say so myself~

Hehe, it's okay. Sorry for the mix up, thanks for giving me a bit more information. If Tesseract27 or another pony doesn't reach your request by the time I get out of class, i'll draw it.

Haha, I wouldn't say all that, but i'm flattered. Glad to know you like it!
>> No. 14096
>>14078 hey anonypony, do you have a pony i could draw for your birthday as a thank you?
>> No. 14097
WOW!! Thank you so, so much! It looks amazing! :D
>> No. 14098
File 129969366167.png - (72.83KB , 516x433 , anonpony.png )
>> No. 14099
so can i /r/ some Pawnee Indians
>> No. 14100
File 129971657630.jpg - (50.93KB , 600x537 , 1298787136005.jpg )
You're welcome, sugarcube~!

I'm not sure if Tesseract27 is still going to handle your request or not, so pardon my holding off on it for a bit just in case.

Current list:

As always, if anypony can help me out with finishing requests... please do~ <3
>> No. 14101
hi whats your pony name? i wanted to draw a thank you picture for your birthday thanks!
>> No. 14102
File 129971822541.png - (105.92KB , 600x600 , sessie2.png )
Here you go, sweety. It's not a full body shot, but I hope you like it anyway.

I'm just an anon pony. :J You can call me whatever pleases you. And while I would enjoy and appreciate the gesture, please don't feel obligated to draw me anything for my birthday.
>> No. 14103
File 129971843526.jpg - (8.39KB , 252x143 , 129962201021.jpg )
thank you kindly anonpony ^-^ your art is great
>> No. 14104
File 129971897597.jpg - (8.78KB , 171x232 , 1297265883336-(n1297293401286).jpg )
Thanks! Makes me happy to know people enjoy my work. :D
>> No. 14105
Can I get a gender and pony type? I just realized that I've been assuming you're a girl unicorn, and your friend's a male earth pony.
I tried looking, but I can't seem to find it amidst this sea of ~200 posts.
>> No. 14106
Yay I'm the on list!!!


Thank you Anonpony!
>> No. 14108
Both male, and both earth ponies.
>> No. 14109
File 129972099898.png - (66.23KB , 150x150 , 129961960217.png )
dose that mean I can request more?.... if thats alright with you....
>> No. 14110

Thank you very much. I shall wait patiently for what I'm certain will be an absolutely beautiful work.

Again, Thank you kindly.
>> No. 14111
File 129972141953.gif - (99.65KB , 600x383 , dethklok.gif )
In desperate need of Ponyklok.

Goes without saying that Cutie Marks have to be brutal.
>> No. 14112
File 129972181658.jpg - (126.32KB , 1100x1070 , 1298754628206.jpg )
No, wait, it's a GOOD list. Yay! :D
Sorry, force of habit.
>> No. 14113
^_^ Actually, I'm last on the list. You're before me.
>> No. 14114
File 129972597678.jpg - (221.15KB , 600x600 , 129856704554.jpg )
Can I request:

Male Pegasus
Light grey coat (roughly Derpy colored)
Mane and tail that are rougly an equal mix of red and blond hair.
Cutie mark is a trap of some kind, I'm thinking a bear trap.
Goggles around his forehead or neck that look like:


Nightmare mode: Add crude camoflauge (leaves and twigs stuck in his mane and tail, patches of mud splattered over his flanks).
Saddlebags (for carrying his trapmaking tools)

You would be my very best drawfriend!
>> No. 14115
File 12997260015.jpg - (278.52KB , 2000x1650 , For blackyousa.jpg )
It's getting close to bedtime so I'll have to finish this up tomorrow afternoon. But at least this is a good time to look over it and tell me whatcha think before I finish it up!
You're on the right btw (though it could flip when I finish it).
>> No. 14116
Holy bazooka that sounds like fun! I hope to get right on it after I'm through with >>14031

Oh! And what kinda personality is he before I forget?
>> No. 14117
File 129972869890.jpg - (13.59KB , 209x342 , 129903907569.jpg )
>mfw a response!


He's for my D&D character, Muck. His whole personality and backstory is listed there.

Likely scenarios to draw him in are: kicking back at the tavern, setting a trap out in the woods, tinkering with odds and ends to try and come up with some new machine, or entertaining other ponies with stories or his fiddle.

Also, you are incredibly awesome.
>> No. 14118
File 12997294707.png - (19.61KB , 480x323 , ehehehe.png )
Say, not bad, not bad at all!
Can't wait for the colored version
>> No. 14119
File 129973001576.png - (15.17KB , 544x544 , MLP_cropped_nobg.png )
Could a drawfriend potentially upgrade this?

I made it originally from a template and am learning how to draw pony myself.
>> No. 14120
Hey bronies,
this is a pony for a friend that is a girl,

she would love it if somepony drew her a quote : "a black earth pony with "long and sexy" tail and mane, "random colors" for both, and a fortune cookie as the cutie mark. her personality is "cute but strong" w/e dat means...

this request can sit for a bit bec this is my 2nd request, thanks in advance
>> No. 14121
File 129973037363.png - (106.28KB , 639x485 , tenchiponies.png )
i'd like to draw more ponies ^^ if you guys like mine i'll draw soem for u guys, only one at a time tho.... i'm a slow worker sometimes XD

Need more pony practice <3
>> No. 14122
i like your drawing style, could you maybe try sumthing for me :O i dun wanna sound greedy though since people have already do several Awesome drawing for me so its completely up too you if u wanna try this>.>


I love applejack, so anything with her and me would be awesome, and this is only if you would like too try your hand at it.
thanks~ tenchiponie
>> No. 14123
File 129973187551.jpg - (60.17KB , 900x900 , 10.jpg )

Tesseract has already offered, but if you want to try your hand at it too I'm not going to complain.
>> No. 14124
Dethklok 1000 get
>> No. 14125
Asking for a Starbucks-like pony.

Green and gray mane, green star for the cutie-mark, gray fur. Should be male. Should be a Pegasus. Thanks in advance.
>> No. 14126
File 129974348230.png - (116.04KB , 254x309 , note.png )
Well. I'm requesting a pony myself

Pegasus.. but if that is too much work, I can have earth pony.
I want ocean color blue eyes
Mane, Tail: Hot pink
Color of my ... fur? Would be grey-ish or creamy white
Cutie mark is in the picture. Does not need the music notes in it. Closest I could fine...
>> No. 14127
I can do this. Any mane style?
>> No. 14128
Hmmmm. Wavy and long. Side swept bangs if you can!

Thank you so much :)
>> No. 14129
File 129974519120.png - (84.34KB , 466x448 , silverlightning.png )
Here you go SilverLigtnin ^-^ hope u like it
>> No. 14130
oh wow, thats amazing... love the style :D, thank you with the deepest recesses of my sooul Tenchiponie <3<3
>> No. 14131
Make a pony that's Australian as physically possible, and I shall bestow three hundred hugs upon you.
>> No. 14132

Bumpan for dis.
>> No. 14133
Your welcome ^-^

I'll draw another pony tomorrow fer someone :D but right now i gotta sleep
>> No. 14134

>never gets any of his requests done, even on 4chan

Feels bad, pony.
>> No. 14135
File 129975618417.jpg - (422.63KB , 1476x2030 , Origin_frame.jpg )
Anypony wanna help me to color this :3
I can't figure out what colors to use :/
>> No. 14136
File 129975879912.png - (92.55KB , 476x519 , 129961256241.png )
um.. if your looking for practice ponies you could always draw me and fluttershy together ... I don't mind the wait... if you want to draw me that is

it could be me and fluttershy just cuddling together .. nothing fancy ... unless you want to do something fancy like maybe have angel bunny looking jealous at us... that is if you decide to draw me

pic reference is there
>> No. 14137
File 12997822695.png - (103.01KB , 600x600 , sebastian.png )
Here ya go~!

You're most welcome!

I don't think anypony would mind. I certainly don't. You already know that ponies who haven't gotten a picture will come before you, so I think it'd be fine for you to request more.

Dun dun duuuun~! You're on my list. >:]
>> No. 14138

Omigosh! He looks so cute!! Thank you so so sooooooo much! you rock anonypony!!

er... I mean.. I am very thankful for this.
>> No. 14139
I think I will wait awhile and think up more details before I request another... so some other ponies can have a chance to get a request in...
>> No. 14141
File 129978469911.png - (102.64KB , 600x600 , NaderBrony.png )


I also forget to mention, he has a beard similar to the one in my ham-handed attempt at my own OC. (Good reference for the hair coloration too...

And if you want to add a pipe, that would also be awesome.

Alas, you're talking to someone with a vivid imagination and who is a stickler for originality. @[email protected]
>> No. 14142
Still waiting on mine :3
>> No. 14143

Least you had yours accepted by someone. >:V
>> No. 14144
You will :D
>> No. 14145
You're very welcome!

Hang in there, sugarcube. :J I can only doodle so much between classes!
>> No. 14146

>doing this between classes

Actually, the fact that you're doing this BETWEEN CLASSES makes up for the long waiting period. You are a true brony, anon.

>not even sarcastic, pony
>> No. 14147
File 129979477599.png - (101.73KB , 532x475 , mintlemonade.png )
Here ya go~

Thank ya kindly. :J I'm such a model college student, ain't I? Haha
>> No. 14148
File 129979503882.jpg - (3.22KB , 125x107 , beepbeeprichie.jpg )

Toot toot, Anon. Toot toot.
>> No. 14149
File 129979641126.png - (121.92KB , 600x600 , triton.png )
>> No. 14150
oh wow... CutieAnon... you pump those out like crazy... one after the next and they are all amazing.

>> No. 14151
File 129979673587.png - (162.38KB , 525x480 , beatroll.png )

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. These are amazing. I can't wait for mine~.

Also, I have a second request. It's a bit hardo modo.

I need a Beatrice pony. Blonde mane, pale golden fur, and blue eyes. Her cutie-mark is a golden butterfly.

Preferably, she needs to look trollzy. Like this.
>> No. 14152
File 129979694596.jpg - (30.54KB , 639x358 , itson.jpg )
Aaaah, so much flattery in this chan! You all are too sweet~ Just trying to keep the requests rolling and give everypony a chance to have pony art. :)

STARBUCK... You are next. Prepare thy self!
>> No. 14153
File 129979731730.png - (135.43KB , 397x346 , MAHSTALLION.png )

>> No. 14154
Going to start on your doodle now~

Your post number is the wish number. :') So cool.
Anywho~ Do you have a color scheme or look you're going for?

Everypony else:
After I finish starbuck's (and wait for a reply on the coloring one), my list is done. I tried to go through the requests and see which ponies didn't have somepony already say they would draw for them. If I missed your request and no pony has said they would draw it, please let me know!
>> No. 14155
File 129979786656.png - (208.70KB , 555x737 , 129903298370.png )
Ponychan! I need ya'll to come through on this one!

What I need is a picture of this pony right here, checking the Friendship Levels.

It's a bit of an joke, he always comes into threads saying "How are the friendship levels today?", his ban ended early, so I thought it would be a good gift to welcome him back for the coming Friend-Off. You know, in the name of friendship!

I don't know what friendship levels look like though. I dono, a thermometer, or a large machine or something? I'll leave that up to you! Hope somepony can do it!
>> No. 14156
File 129979808623.jpg - (360.68KB , 1317x1399 , Forblackyousa.jpg )
Here ya go friend! Hope ya like.
>> No. 14157
Squeak knows how too fic the heck out of what hes given, i must conply, that would be an epic request

I have set out on a quest... a quest for true artists of there time too be seen, and with that for now on... you... are... CUTIEANON
artists need to be known by name, at very little... so all artists within this domain, rise up and join me, and together we shall see that anon artists get the name and recognition they so heartedly deserve... SAY EY IF YOU AGREE
and then... so let is be said that you are CutieAnon my deary... <3<3<3
>> No. 14158
File 129979861312.jpg - (39.79KB , 347x346 , iStock_atom3359596XSmall.jpg )
Ok I thought long and hard on this one. he is a evil scientist unicorn, cuz you know we don't have enough of those.
his name Dr. Dark, his real name is Bethel Dark. hes a black unicorn that has a mane thats white with black steaks in it all pointed up in the classic crazy evil scientist way, His tail is ragged looking. he has bright red eyes in the slanted evil style and his cutie mark is a white atom (picture included) just change the black to white plz so it shows up on his body. Also his horn should be white

he wears a torn up lab coat that tears away just enough to show his cutie mark and goggles on his head like a headband the goggle lenses should be green.

sorry if I give too much detail but I guess better to have too much then too little. If someone could draw him I would be very grateful . thanks Bronys
>> No. 14159
File 129979972749.png - (92.73KB , 600x600 , starbuck.png )

(By the way, if you wanted a serious looking picture, just ask and I will draw you a new one, haha.)
>> No. 14160

A serious one would be nice. I'll use this one as a spray. :D
>> No. 14161
Any details you want changed? :J
>> No. 14162

Yes. A toffee square in his mouth. That's all. Thanks in advance!
>> No. 14163
File 129980092978.jpg - (41.91KB , 801x448 , Pinkie sparkle eyes.jpg )
>> No. 14164
File 129980164430.png - (284.07KB , 497x795 , 129937988596.png )
Thank you Thank you Thank you! Your awesomeness is beyond words.

I shall sing your praises high and low, AnonPony.
>> No. 14165
Gyromancer Unicorn

Gyromancer circle (A circle with all the
letters of the language written around
the edge. Or if its too much just a spiral)
as his cutie mark.Long dark tail and mane, with some bangs
that frame his face. A nice shock of white
running through his hair and mane, possibly
more then half or a little less than.
An almost Zebra-esque coat but a little less stripy.
A pair of small, round spiral glasses on his face.
He has gray-blue eyes like the morning sky.
If anypony were to draw this for me I'd be
very grateful!! And I'd be doubly grateful if anypony
could give this character a fitting name!
>> No. 14166
File 129980762867.png - (66.73KB , 513x419 , starbuck2.png )
Here ya go~

Okies, everypony. I'm going to take a break from requests and go relax for my birthday. I'll be sure to do more requests when i return! Thanks for the amazing support~
>> No. 14167
Have a wonderful birthday AnonPony!
>> No. 14168
happy b-day anonpony! Don't eat too many cupcakes .... unless you want to .... that is if you ... I mean ... *squeek*
>> No. 14169
File 129980809327.png - (28.32KB , 194x236 , I Love It.png )
What Zeal said! Happy birthday! Your fellow bronies appreciate you. ^-^
>> No. 14170
File 129981003132.png - (106.28KB , 639x485 , tenchiponies.png )
OKies i'm back fer another pony drawin :D

i'll pick one that replys to this post witha pic ref (ain't good at descriptions ): .. unless it's just fur an mane colours)

pony practice :D
>> No. 14171
File 129981039516.jpg - (363.72KB , 1382x1365 , Untitled.jpg )
So,i was playing Okami again this night and i wondered...there is a Brushgod,a part of the Protagonist made manifest as a horse...

But i wondered...How would Amatarasu look as a Citizen of Equestria?With that stylized Sun(like Ammy has on her Chest)as a Cutie Mark and maybe red Streaks in her Mane&Tail?

I would be very happy and obliged if somepony would try his best at this, albeit it not being an original character,Ammy-Pony would make my day.Pose or other things are fully in the artists hands,i just want to see a take on this.

Picture related,its Amatarasu,for everypony not familiar with Okami.(sorry,just had a scan of the Artbook lying around.)
>> No. 14172
File 12998116094.jpg - (77.48KB , 648x576 , mintlemonade.jpg )
Ooh! ooh! Me! Do me!
(Anonpony already did one of me, tho, so if you want you can take someone else's.)
>> No. 14173

just bumping, still no rush, thanks again.

oh and i forgot to say the eye color should be blue or green, "the artist knows best" :D
>> No. 14174
It rules!!! =D
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!
>> No. 14175

Oh, also if anypony does this, he should have a green and black tie.
>> No. 14176
File 12998193619.jpg - (114.93KB , 640x480 , Meteor_Spectre_R.jpg )
I made a pony this one time
>> No. 14177
File 129982142032.jpg - (18.17KB , 670x479 , trollmonitor.jpg )

Bumping for Ponytrice.
>> No. 14178
File 129982444550.png - (195.84KB , 857x558 , mintylemonaid.png )
Yeaaaah done :D Ponies for Mint Lemonaid ^-^
>> No. 14179
File 129982479859.png - (34.49KB , 162x166 , 1298754837307.png )
It is SO awesome!
I am squealing with joy so much my roommate's actually worried about me right now.
>> No. 14181

Your very welcome :3
>> No. 14182
File 129982944413.png - (70.53KB , 564x620 , Toki Warhooves.png )
Toki Warhooves? :D
They're not exactly new, but I did the others too. However, I haven't thought of cutie marks for all of them. Will post anyway.

PS I posted Rockso pony here anonymously once. Heh
>> No. 14183
File 129982956131.png - (322.14KB , 1016x932 , dethponies.png )
>> No. 14184
File 129982992159.gif - (404.72KB , 480x360 , 129981237730.gif )

This is the greatest thing in the history of the internet.

I seriously burst out laughing when I saw these.
>> No. 14185
File 129983054631.png - (57.60KB , 535x430 , charles pony.png )
Thank you! I am glad someone liked them already.

Pic kinda related. What are Dethponies without their Charles?
>> No. 14187
Sketched. Inking soon. =)
Still thinking about what to put in the background.
>> No. 14188
Thats the problem, i really don't know what colors would go with this one :/
>> No. 14189
Here goes cross-post!

Scene 1: Celestia wakes up in her bed, in't new day. Yawns
Scene 2: Luna walking into princess bedroom, looks tired and exhausted. Yawns too.
Scene 3: Luna crawling into teh bed, Celestia is out of the bed already.
Scene4: Luna almost asleep, Celestia fixes the blanket on her.

Celestia is in her chair (Throne room). Before her a servant with tons of mails, requests, etc (paper things). Princess looks tired and bored, staring somehwere in the left-upper corner, thinking about Pinkie Pie and other earth ponies having fun.

Can somepony with madskillz draw such awesomness?
>> No. 14190
Oh. Awesome. Thank you so much for working on it!
>> No. 14191

Bumpin mah request. (I hope that's not in bad form)
>> No. 14192
File 129987827125.jpg - (52.92KB , 525x480 , peekaboo.jpg )

Bampin' again.
>> No. 14193
So I was watching my favorite episode of Batman Brave and the Bold and thought to my self, "I wonder what the Music Meister would look like as a pony" So I thought I'd ask and see if anypony would draw it please, I'd be enternaly in your debt ifin you did.
>> No. 14194
File 129989146144.jpg - (1.33MB , 2000x1650 , Muck.jpg )
SO sorry for the delay! Been having to deal with schooling and various other issues, but I worked up this quick sketch to show that I AM working on it.

I'm hoping to get it done tonight or EARLY tomorrow morning (it helps that I get up at like 6 on the weekends).

Anyway, enjoy this in the meantime Josef! :D
>> No. 14195
File 129989187614.png - (305.73KB , 634x712 , 1297892808479.png )
It's like every time I'm in the middle of doing something or working on something or just general somethings, someone comes up with something GENIUS!
I hate you for making me need to draw a Music Meister Pony now.

PS: My spell check says it should be spelled, "Moister." What the hay is that?
>> No. 14196

am I even on the list yet? just wondering
>> No. 14197
File 129989326661.png - (103.98KB , 572x892 , doctorwhooves.png )
I made an art!
>> No. 14198
File 129989442977.png - (210.18KB , 424x336 , 1297898882305.png )
>> No. 14199
File 129989607814.png - (19.21KB , 679x427 , naderreactionface.png )

You seriously have no idea how much that made my night. I LOVE it.

I can't wait to see the finished product. I'm already planning on turning this into a wallpaper as soon as it's done and plastering it for all to see on both of my monitors.

You are my absolute favorite person right now.
>> No. 14200
Bumping myself and that is a really cool drawing AnonPony. I can't wait to see it finished.
>> No. 14201
File 129991843795.png - (120.25KB , 806x484 , mad2_0.png )
Russian's know bout your fanart :3
>> No. 14202
File 129992330631.png - (55.52KB , 800x600 , 129825254823.png )
Was wondering if anypony would like to draw me :3 don't worry if you're busy though :P
>> No. 14203
File 129993062979.jpg - (1.49MB , 3008x2000 , DSC_0016.jpg )
arc i started drawing you aaaaagges ago, but then i went to bed and forgot :S sorry, ill continue with it now. heres what i got so far
>> No. 14204
File 129993820274.png - (93.56KB , 566x840 , 129951249029-Twilight_Sparkle_NNN.png )
Well that's nice. Pinkie and Fluttershy talking and--
>sees Rainbow Dash
>mfw then lol'd
>> No. 14205
File 129994667088.jpg - (1.76MB , 2000x1650 , Muck Colored.jpg )
>sigh of relief
Hope you like it Josef!

Also note to self) Colored Backgrounds: NEVER AGAIN
>> No. 14206
File 129994685974.jpg - (128.73KB , 800x660 , MUCK PIRATE Resize.jpg )
Pirate edition!
>> No. 14207
Lol. So does that mean a Ninja pony set the trap?
>> No. 14208
File 12999510164.png - (0.98MB , 800x660 , MUCK PIRATE Resize Ninja.png )
Not at all.
Yes.... >:D
>> No. 14209
File 129995459791.jpg - (48.96KB , 1024x419 , karma.jpg )
>>14149 here,

If the Anonpony who drew me won't mind me throwing another request on their long, long list...

I'd really like one of my pony with muh keyboard.
I was the really long haired Pegasus pony with music notes for a cutie mark. [and a goatee!]

Thanks in advance, and I shall wait patiently for the greatness. : )

also I play on one of these : )
>> No. 14210
File 129995888749.jpg - (278.88KB , 1488x1304 , Music Meister Sketch.jpg )
A little sketchie for ya, CrazyRed! (or should I call ya Redemu? Crazyemu?)
Hopefully this won't take too long. And I can finish coloring before tonight. :)
>> No. 14211
dose Anonpony have a list going ?
>> No. 14212
File 129996416476.jpg - (321.40KB , 864x594 , 129969318743.jpg )

You are my new god. Fitting you exist in the 4th dimension.

Unleash your secrets, 4D cube of awesomeness...

Seriously, you are an awesome brony, my friend.
>> No. 14213
Would anypony like to draw this for me? Its my character for the Pony Pathfinder game.

He has a solid white body and a short neat light blonde mane and green eyes. he wears scalemail with robes covering it. Wears a silver holy symbol around his neck. His Cutie Mark is a large orange sun.

You dont have to include all the equipment if you dont want to.

Thanks in advance!
>> No. 14214
File 129997191749.png - (323.88KB , 1100x964 , Music Meister.png )

And I gotta say that this particular pose almost... wait for it...

wait for it...

drove me BATS! AHAHAHA! HAhahaha ha! Heh... heh....

I regret nothing.
>> No. 14215
File 129997348097.png - (353.28KB , 1100x964 , Music Meister NOT SO FAST.png )
"Not so fast Music Meister!"

Also apparently "moister" is simply the comparative form of "moist" as in, "The ocean is moister than the desert." Seems obvious now.
But then if he were the Music "Moister," what's he moister than?
>> No. 14216
File 129997779432.jpg - (25.93KB , 512x286 , sad-beatrice-512x286.jpg )

Still no Ponytrice? This makes Beato sad.
>> No. 14217
File 129998390217.png - (148.47KB , 294x460 , 1298584011202.png )
"No YOU da man!"
-Spider-Man from "Spider-Man 2: The Game"

Nah, but seriously thanks a BUNCH for the comment! Very much appreciated!
And it's always just... SO wonderful to know at least one person understands my namesake! (though I like to think more people get it too and are like, "How unclever and unoriginal!")
>> No. 14218
File 129998590970.png - (148.47KB , 294x460 , 1298584011202.png )
If nopony speaks up by tomorrow I'll work up a sketch. I can't promise anything beyond that, but at least it's something right?
>> No. 14219
File 129998608712.jpg - (15.01KB , 314x417 , 1297896012128.jpg )
I did not mean to post that pic.
>> No. 14220
File 129998622181.jpg - (619.24KB , 1294x1400 , As_sun_rises_over_Minecraft____by_DVan7.jpg )

Heh, your namesake is the unofficial name for the Hell-world in Minecraft amongst my friends.
>> No. 14221
File 129999020144.jpg - (31.45KB , 388x266 , 1297899936218.jpg )
>> No. 14223
File 12999911544.jpg - (73.96KB , 348x304 , Open-your-door-Or-I-open-your-wall.jpg )

>Minecraft is a world made out of cubes
>The hell-world is another dimension that allows instant travel across vast distances.
>4th dimension involves spacetime
>4D cube is a Tesseract.

We're so clever.
>> No. 14224
File 129999143568.png - (27.93KB , 648x334 , 29o290p.png )
I need a pony, a pony by the name of Urist McPony

I even have an incredibly detailed description
>> No. 14225
File 129999261587.jpg - (212.77KB , 945x945 , lol_idunno_by_megasweet-d36gbwv.jpg )
I just like geometry and tesseracts look cool.

Also, I always went with the idea of 4d as a spacial thing (like the fourth dimension is a direction like left, right, up, or down), and spacetime was something else.

But then I'm the kinda person who prefers maths over most other subjects.

I'm also strangely okay with sharing the unofficial name of cube Hell.
>> No. 14226

Do you cast a 3D shadow?
>> No. 14227
Im am now internally in your debt good sir! And it's even more awesome then I thought it would be!
>> No. 14228

Oh, you silly filly. I think you mean "eternally" in your debt. An internal debt sounds excruciatingly painful.
>> No. 14229
File 130001942046.jpg - (47.96KB , 736x477 , GlowstickWhite.jpg )
>> No. 14230
Why yes I do!

Glad you like it! It's okay though. You don't owe me anything. :) Yet. 8D

Oh yes! Quite horrible.
>> No. 14232
File 130002817683.png - (133.55KB , 715x797 , Urist_UristMcPony.png )
Gentlecolts. BEHOLD
>> No. 14233
File 130003037717.gif - (1.90MB , 378x304 , 129905596499.gif )
No mistake was mabe, it's internal, much like a kidney stone!
>> No. 14234
>> No. 14235
File 13000338297.png - (622.63KB , 1130x1155 , Beatrice.png )
It's official, I'm having too much fun with this to stop at a sketch.

But then I went crazy with detail so I might not finish 'til later this afternoon (EST).
>> No. 14236

Oh god, bracing for epic finished pic.
>> No. 14237

>> No. 14238
Still waiting~
>> No. 14239
File 130005055220.png - (406.93KB , 1396x1158 , Beatrice Color.png )
Aaaaaaand done! This was actually incredibly fun to draw. Apparently I love drawing elegant dresses and never knew.
>> No. 14240
Bump and I also forgot to add he is a Unicorn.
>> No. 14241
File 130005249999.png - (406.93KB , 1396x1158 , Beatrice Color.png )
Luckily, I've just finished my request list, so YOU'RE NEXT! Hahaha! No but seriously, I'll see what I can cook up.

>> No. 14242
File 130005260249.jpg - (202.34KB , 945x945 , why_by_megasweet-d36gchz.jpg )
Why do I keep forgetting to prevent double pic posting?!
>> No. 14243
File 130005350291.jpg - (45.84KB , 500x471 , macklittleponyflats.jpg )
Does anypony think they can do something with my OC? I'm a really poor inker so I left it in pencils, and somepony else asked me for his colours and it's something I simply don't know how to do very well. His name is Charlie Foxtrot, the slightly high-strung EMT / field medic brodie-hemlet-wearing bronie. And he's totally not a donkey, honest. >.>

Cutie mark can be different colours, I honestly don't know what would look good but I'd love something bright and fun and contrasting with his brown hide. If it's difficult to tell, it's a caduceus.

There have been some absolutely spectacular pieces in this thread. Excellent work everypony!
>> No. 14244
File 130005370449.jpg - (202.34KB , 945x945 , why_by_megasweet-d36gchz.jpg )
These sound fun/interesting! I'll see what I can do after I'm through with >>14126

Though I'm fairly slow when it comes to coloring so if just line art/grayscale images would be okay, do make sure to let me know. :)
>> No. 14245
I quite enjoy your drawings bronie. I can't wait to see more. And if its not too much trouble...After you finish everypony else could I trouble you to do mine? That is if there isn't any Drawfriend who particularly wants to do it.
>> No. 14246
I'm not too great with inking myself. Unless you like my lines in which case I could help out.
If not, then I'll just sit out and wait as a last resort inker.
>> No. 14247
I like that pony~
>> No. 14248
I'll warn you; I'm slow to finish (mostly because of coloring). But if you don't mind a wait, I could bake something up after working on >>14126 and >>14155 since they posted first.
>> No. 14249
File 130005646330.jpg - (6.34KB , 200x130 , eetspahfekto.jpg )

>> No. 14250
File 130005664395.jpg - (23.63KB , 330x325 , 12998595319.jpg )
I'm perfectly fine with waiting, especially since you're the one doing all the work. Thanks for being sucha cool drawfriend!
>> No. 14251
Hey, you do good work, don't sell yourself short! Honestly, I'd be please as punch if anypony wanted to take a stab at him, and I don't mind waiting at all. This is, after all, a gift and I shouldn't be greedy or impatient.
>> No. 14252
Okay, putting my list together (didn't think I'd be making a list anytime soon!).

In order:
>>14126 >>14155 >>14165 >>14213

I'm fairly sure that I've missed somepony, but I've not the patience to go through a 300+ thread to check. Sorry. :/

I sure hope my mouth's not making promises my hands can't keep/ bitin' off more than I can chew! Heheh....
This is what happens when I watch "Applebuck Season."
>> No. 14253
File 130005778983.jpg - (30.48KB , 600x338 , 1297898946529.jpg )

I freaking love you guys so much; you don't even know.
Pic related. It's mfw. Except minus the text.
>> No. 14254
Anytime. You are good at drawing :)
>> No. 14255
File 13000641791.jpg - (55.74KB , 700x525 , brodiepony_by_Six.jpg )
Folks, I just wanted to share this with you. A fellow I know from a forum is making these for conbadges, and offered to make one for me as he's teaching himself how to make custom ponies. I thought you all might appreciate and enjoy his hard work; it took him 4 hours to make this but he says he learned a lot and was able to make another pony in under an hour because of it.

I don't know how people feel about advertising here, but he has a DA page (and an FA page, but I'm not sure what the board's policy is about linking to that website even if he doesn't draw anything smutty). And he'll be doing these as a commission soon.


If you guys like, and it's not off-topic, I could post the character he did for himself, and an awesome rendition he did of Rainbow Dash.
>> No. 14256
File 130006555084.png - (218.71KB , 640x360 , 1297130560263.png )

MFW I'm on the list.

You are the broniest!
>> No. 14257

>> No. 14258

Bumping again,

still no rush :D
>> No. 14259
Haha! Just kidding! :D
But WOW that's cool lookin! I'd get one for myself, but I have no money. :(
Or is he doing them free?

>he did a Rainbow Dash.

>> No. 14260
File 130006821661.jpg - (151.04KB , 1077x808 , IMG_0837.jpg )
Here's the rainbow dash, and the other 3 i've done so far.

Sadly, I gotta pay bills, so they won't be free.
>> No. 14261
File 130006865826.png - (101.24KB , 480x268 , 1297899290035.png )
>they won't be free.
>> No. 14262
File 130007792065.jpg - (115.07KB , 1024x768 , DukeNukem-DNZH.jpg )
Hey is this thread for only drawing ponies?

Can... Can we have a Duke Nukem pony? Or at least Alpha!Spike as Duke Nukem? I just had the idea "Spike Sparkle Forever", and... yeah, just wondering.
>> No. 14263

A thousand blessings, sera!
>> No. 14264
File 130008638395.png - (152.18KB , 507x229 , Screen shot 2011-03-14 at 3_03_34 AM.png )
I was wondering if any drawfriend would be willing to make pony versions of the 4 characters from the webcomic I write?

Picture included is the chibi art of them. You can see bigger pictures of the 4 girls here - http://pita-parfait.dollymarket.net/cast/

All the art for my comic is done by a friend of mine, I am just the mane writer for it.
>> No. 14265
>> No. 14266
File 130008897860.jpg - (274.25KB , 1500x1855 , resize.jpg )
I'd would be a most precipitative if somepony would draw her(the serious one in white) as a pony
Error 2M? maybe its to big? Resizing
>> No. 14267
File 130008941251.gif - (2.50KB , 240x240 , faceplant.gif )
Darn spell check
>> No. 14268
I really hate /r/ing, because I can't draw to save my life, so I can't return the favour, sob.

But if somepony would be so kind: I'd like an off-white Earth Pony (ivory-ish, not grey) with an auburn mane and tail (erring on the side of red) and dark grey eyes. Her mane/tail should be flowing, mostly straight (think Fluttershy, but with shorter forelock/bangs), and her cutie mark is as pictured, with the crown in gold and the heart/gems in red. A clip in her mane to match her cutie mark would be adorable, too. And if you need an idea for her expression, go with 'flirty and conceited,' lol.
>> No. 14269
File 130009599393.jpg - (3.37KB , 73x74 , Crown-Heart.jpg )
That reply button just jumped out in front of me, I swear. Here's the cutie mark. ;;;;
>> No. 14270
File 130010139019.png - (363.45KB , 489x632 , cw1b.png )
Inked and coloring now.

Ocean blue eyes, check.
The little square is more or less her final hair shade.

So with a shading bar under each, we have your classic grey, a slightly purpley grey, and the best of the creamy shades I experimented with.

Which would you like? =)
>> No. 14271
File 130010262828.png - (324.39KB , 1274x1159 , For Czarina Wrath.png )
Hope ya diggie bronie!

I'd come up with something more clever, but I've gotta leave in like three seconds.

>> No. 14272
File 130013379647.jpg - (37.03KB , 320x343 , 1297894874588.jpg )
Well it seems I should've checked to make sure that somepony hadn't already posted that request.
My dun goof'd. :/

Congrats, >>14126 you now have two versions of your own pony.
>> No. 14273
File 130013425510.png - (205.45KB , 682x447 , 1297540079846.png )
I would like the creamy shade, please :) Thank you so much. It looks amazing so far.
Hey! That's alright. I can never have too many of my ponies. And thank you so much. It looks amazing. Thank you for taking your time with it.
>> No. 14274
File 130014140570.jpg - (50.36KB , 559x565 , 1297894208293.jpg )
Gonna go ahead and say ahead of time that I'm currently feeling pretty down in the haystacks (read: sick) and may not get much done tonight.
Though I'm taking pretty much every pain med and anti-bad-feeling-thingie I can find so hopefully I can at least do SOMETHING.
I'm gonna eat, see how the meds work out in thirty minutes, and see what happens next. :/
>> No. 14275
I hope you feel better. I'm sorry! :(
>> No. 14276
File 130014326642.png - (119.07KB , 370x328 , Gross Scootaloo.png )

Gah. Hope you start feeling better, man.
>> No. 14277
Throwing up a general Request here for my OC
Male Pegasus with White Skin.
Wings are white As well with the tips of the feathers Blood Red.
Hair is long and silverish with a few thin red strands thrown in here in there same goes for the tail.
Eyes are same Red as the Feathers and the Cutie Mark is a Feather Pen writing in Blood I know it sounds strange but that is how it is XD. Please and thank yous in advance.
>> No. 14278
File 130014428458.jpg - (50.36KB , 559x565 , 1297894208293.jpg )
>>14275 >>14276
Thanks a bunch bronies! I'm actually starting to feel better now. Advil and a full stomach work wonders it seems. Haha!

>>14262 >>14264 >>14266 >>14268
In all this junk I forgot to reply! And I have to admit I'm reluctant to accept these just yet. I'm still not entirely sure how fast I'd be able to get done what I've already promised, and I'd hate to make everypony wait. Time'll tell it seems!
Also Duke Nukem pony sounds like absolute GOLD!

>mane writer
I see what you did there.
>> No. 14279
File 130014442080.png - (39.40KB , 188x215 , 130008785348.png )
Why do I never remember to get rid of the image after I'm done posting? It always seems to stick around for a second time when it would be the most inappropriate!
>> No. 14280
File 130014704383.png - (388.66KB , 1107x1121 , Squeak Sketch.png )
Skritchy skratchy sketchie!
>> No. 14281
File 130015021447.png - (239.22KB , 1078x1140 , Squeak.png )
FINISHED! At a faster than normal pace too. Huh. Hope Squeakie likes it!
Even if it was kinda rushed. Heheh....

Read your comic! Off to a good start in my book. I just might have to stalk it for future enjoyment! Hahaha! Seriously, I'm stalking you.[/creepy] :D
>> No. 14282
Also evidently "nominal" as I had Squeak saying in my sketch >>14280 does not mean even close to what I thought it meant.
Why do I always seem to dun goof'd?
>> No. 14283
File 130015069794.png - (145.88KB , 512x484 , anondoodle.png )
Heyo, ponies~! I'm back from my birthday adventures and ready for new requests! If you had requests I owed you from before my break, please reply with quote to it. Anypony else who wants a doodle from me, please ask~
>> No. 14284
File 130015074919.jpg - (29.26KB , 364x330 , 130007635094.jpg )


He'll love it!

You are the most awesome being on the planet. Hope you feel better soon!

*Goes to post on /co/*
>> No. 14285
It word filtered to that...I typed it correct and then I looked at the post and was like wut??..lol

Thanks, glad you like it. We update on Tuesdays so a new one will be up tomorrow.
>> No. 14286
File 130015239271.png - (501.36KB , 1078x1140 , Squeak 9000.png )
x9000 EDITION! Omai. :O
>mfw I forgot to remove the Vegeta reference pic.
We'll just think of it as the Friendship levels are so above 9000 that the real Vegeta opened a dimensional rift into Ponyville just to exclaim how high the levels were.

Also to those of you who saw this coming, congratulations! :D

To those who didn't, you should have! 8D

Thanks! I hope he does! And actually, I am starting to get better. I think it was just an inflamed neck muscle or something. All I did was some Advil and Benpony to the shoulder and neck. Felt better pony.
>> No. 14287
>word filtered to that
Really? Lemme try. "The mane reason Lucky Charms are magically delicious is because they are made with Princess Celestia's flowy tail hair."
Also "Dreams" was so cute, I think it gave me diabeetus.
>> No. 14288
Would you be willing to draw my 4 characters as ponies? I really like your art style.

My post

Yea, totally word filtered..lol
>> No. 14289
Please reply with a quote to the post that your request is in, thanks <3
>> No. 14290

Bumpity Bump Bump, Still No Rush :D
>> No. 14291
I did.

My post is >>14264
>> No. 14292
Oh wow, I completely missed that. For some reason I felt it was a reply to somepony else, haha. My apologies, hun. :)
>> No. 14293
Just Bumping my Request
>> No. 14294
File 130015592548.png - (376.09KB , 1089x1160 , Gyromancer Sketch.png )
Not to be mean or anything, but I was kinda confused at first by your request. I dunno why, but I'm postin' this sketch to make sure it's fine with you. I'm gonna have to be goin' to bed soon and won't have time in the morning to get this done, but I'll try and get it by tomorrow afternoon. : )

Oh snap! Cutie's back! Glad to hear you had a good birthday. Did you spare cupcakes?
Just so ya know, I've got dibs on >>14213 (hope that didn't sound too territorial; just trying to prevent double posts).
>> No. 14295
Haha, indeed. I return! Nothing was spared it seems~ And no worries about sounding territorial. The only person on my list at the moment is: >>14264

I guess I could grab >>14277 too since it was just bumped. I think as long as we keep a list of what requests we are working on, double posts can be avoided. If there is ever a request I grabbed that you're interested in, just ask me for it and if I haven't started, and it wasn't specifically directed at me, I won't have a problem passing it your way most likely. :D

Anywho, enough walls of text out of me. I'll post later tonight after I finish some work up and start doodles. Kudos on holding the fort down! You're doing a great job keeping the requests rolling~
>> No. 14296
Thx :3
>> No. 14297

Justa bump, no rush.
>> No. 14298
File 130016389852.jpg - (47.57KB , 750x563 , flutter-love-minimuh.jpg )
alright. My request:
A some-what regular looking male unicorn. I am basically wanting this to be a steam-punk like unicorn. So it would have goggles on its head, Its horn should be made of brass, it needs gauntlet-like things on its hoofsies, and a normal tail I guess. Also, its cutiemark should be an hourglass inside a rhombus.
optional, but color it if you could. Its skin color should be like, a dark blue and its hair color should be a lighter blue.
Thanks so much ; ;
>> No. 14299
File 130016797071.jpg - (18.34KB , 600x398 , planet x.jpg )
I posted

Can't wait to see whatcha do with it. Thanks in advance! [also, no rush. There were tons of people before me.]
: )
I forgot to mention I play it tilted back... I'll attach a picture to show what I mean...
Also, tagging it as NSFW.... just because.
>> No. 14300
File 130017181455.jpg - (121.44KB , 396x553 , buckethead-guitar-music.jpg )
This one isn't of me, it's of my favorite guitarist, Buckethead. I'll give you some pictures to work with. Basically he's got long curly hair, a mask, and a bucket that says FUNERAL on it.

It would be really great if somepony drew it.
>> No. 14301
File 130017187971.jpg - (142.56KB , 345x505 , Buckethead.jpg )
Closer image of his mask

Also, for a cutie mark, I was thinking maybe a big red button, he has two on his guitar. Unless somepony can think of something 20% cooler
>> No. 14302
File 130018805448.png - (41.23KB , 209x212 , 130014416172.png )
Awesome! Yeah, a list would probably work wonders for preventing simultaneous-request-filling-STUFF (I'm articulate like a CACTUS! (see?)).
>no cupcakes left

Do want!
>> No. 14303
File 130018841648.png - (240.81KB , 755x670 , 130012721398.png )
>mfw I forgot to wish everypony a happy Pi Day yesterday.

HAHA! HEH. Heheh. Heeeh....
Forgive me plz? D:
>> No. 14304
File 130019179155.png - (293.59KB , 840x502 , request2.png )
Can somepony color pony Twi as in Twilight princess style (pic related)? Pick up any TS template you want
>> No. 14305
Yay! Sumpony
>> No. 14306
File 130019882090.png - (280.06KB , 428x553 , cw1c.png )
Here we go. I may add a background later. =)
>> No. 14307
File 130020844019.png - (785.13KB , 1800x600 , MLPbanner11FIN.png )
Hey everypony, Mind if I join in?

Here's an example of some of my pony drawings
(The Banner on the MLP thread on Facepunch, I drew some of the bronies and the logo)
>> No. 14308
File 130021017224.jpg - (647.42KB , 1158x818 , ponyfish.jpg )
Some of my original characters ponyfied. Drawn without reference
>> No. 14309
Quick! We need a Rockypony to save Rarity and Twilight in this thread. >>13912641
Somepony draw Rockypony! We need art, fast!
>> No. 14310
File 130021938536.png - (74.99KB , 319x274 , 129964887637.png )
Thank you thank you thank you. It looks so amazing. :D :D I wish I could do something for you but I can not draw. Thank youu.
>> No. 14311
>> No. 14312
File 130022573278.jpg - (285.72KB , 574x610 , Aya Brea.jpg )
I'm really excited about finally getting a new Parasite Eve game at the end of the month and I've been trying to find a way to ponify Aya Brea, but no luck so far. If anypony cares to take a stab at it it would definitely be appreciated.

I'd suppose cutie mark would be something DNA related since games are all about mitochondria forcing genetic mutations, open to anything though.
>> No. 14313
don't leave me hanging bronies!
>> No. 14314
File 130022867079.jpg - (32.76KB , 364x330 , 129994411025.jpg )
It looks good, I'd love to say more but I just got home from the beach which I was at since about 4 am and everything hurts =c, but yes I do quite like it. ^^
>> No. 14315
File 130022933752.png - (253.00KB , 1094x1160 , Gyromancer.png )
Then I hope you'll love this! This would've been posted earlier, but stuff happened. Sorry. :<
>> No. 14316
File 130022936942.jpg - (27.14KB , 600x375 , drawfriends.jpg )
Here's an OC caption I made for drawfriends.
>> No. 14317
File 130022949217.png - (226.83KB , 1094x1160 , Gyromancer Pirate.png )
I PIRATED this off Google. YARR HARR HARR!

This is what happens when I listen to "You Are a Pirate" while working; I do this stack of hay.

I regret nothing.
>> No. 14318
File 130022976518.png - (95.30KB , 378x398 , 130012439514.png )
This makes me feel badhindquarters. Frikken SAVED!
>> No. 14319
Updating my list so I can keep track. It's also entirely possible that I missed somepony so remember to bump. Or call Cutieanon or one of the other drawfriends I can't think of right now (sorry!).

>>14213 >>14240
>> No. 14320
File 130023537364.png - (1.00MB , 1800x1650 , For CrazyBrony Sketch.png )
I made you a sketch, but I eated it. :<
But then I got it back and here it is! :D
>> No. 14321
File 130024189715.png - (601.72KB , 1515x1378 , For CrazyBrony Dr Dark.png )
>mfw done before bed!
I honestly didn't think I'd get this done before tonight! I was feelin' kinda down 'n' uninspired at first, but then I pulled my act together and here it is! Hope you like it Crazybrony! I also hope you don't mind I gave him a prop. If not I could probably shoop ma whoop and remove it from reality. :)

To make up for lost time, I'm hoping to get up an hour earlier to work some more before I head out. But it's time for bed.


Also new sig. Trying stuff out to see what I like.
>> No. 14322

Bump #4
Still Love you all :D
>> No. 14323
Heheheh, I'm just really happy you like it. That's repayment enough. That and Fluttershy ~<3
>> No. 14324
sweet action brony! now to take over ponyville!
>> No. 14326
File 130028465674.jpg - (193.83KB , 610x738 )
Hey everypony~

I'm lookin to start a list but the threads gotten so long, i'm not sure who's been covered or not already ^ ^;
>> No. 14327
File 130028598335.jpg - (185.84KB , 425x575 , Elvis Blue.jpg )
Can somepony put Elvis is a gem jumpsuit (Like the one Rarity made in "A Dog and Pony Show"). And also have him singing?
That would be really great!
>> No. 14328
File 130028680042.png - (239.95KB , 1000x1000 , 4ponies.png )
Here ya go, sorry for the delay. Since you had four characters which was already like drawing four requests, I didn't color them. If yourself or anypony else is willing to color them, by all means go a head. :)

To everypony else:
Sorry for being so slow with requests this time! I've been having a few set backs with irl work projects and those take priority. Thanks to everypony who has been patient. <3
>> No. 14329
File 130028688149.gif - (528.87KB , 591x510 , Yay.gif )
Wunderbar, danke my friend! I'm not sure I could say thanks enough for how grateful I am.
>> No. 14330
File 130028867276.png - (102.44KB , 550x421 , sanguinewriter.png )
Here ya go~
>> No. 14331
Hey, sugarcube. Do you want the same pose as the picture you posted? If not, what kind of pose would you prefer? :)

Also, so anypony who is requesting "draw <insertname> as a pony please", i will not be taking these requests. Sorry, i'm not trying to be mean, I just really dislike these requests. If you want me to draw you as a pony or something give me a detailed description of what the pony will look like, not just a picture of yourself. :( I really don't find these type of requests enjoyable, so please don't be offended if you see my skip over them. There are plenty of other drawing ponies that may be willing to accept your request, so fear not~!
>> No. 14332

Cute! Thank you! And yea I can color them.
>> No. 14333
File 130029004884.png - (225.25KB , 1715x1589 , Windz.png )
Hi drawfriends.
Well, I did this pony with a template, but I would love to have her in a nice draw <3
Well, the cutie mark being a "real" tornado would be a good.
And about the mane/tail, just don't do it short, I wuv them long.
Mane/tail should be golden with some dark blue touch, and the wings completely dark blue.
About the fur, I want it to be the same colour as the pic.
The position? something like
I want to see the face and body =]
If I can ask an accessory, a necklace with a sapphire should be awesome.
With love, Wind Chaser. <3
>> No. 14334
and cutieanon strikes again, lovely work as always
>> No. 14335
File 130030940887.jpg - (55.99KB , 324x296 , Untitled.jpg )
Can somepony draw a pony for me?
its a male pony
Its build can be anywhere between dr whoof and big Macintosh
these are the colors I want and roughly the hairstyle I want (not me btw just an example)
the tail should be about the same just kind of a messy run of the mill tail
and the facial expression should be somewhat like big Macintosh
oh and I want a color wheel for the cutie mark but I can put that myself if its too hard.
Thanks I really appreciate it
>> No. 14336
>the whole second paragraph
Incidentally, I frikkin' LOVE doing "draw Character X as a pony." So it all works out it seems.
>> No. 14337
File 130031213252.png - (195.53KB , 966x866 , For Blackwater.png )

>> No. 14338
File 130031343088.jpg - (8.39KB , 252x143 , roflbot.jpg )
Dude, its perfect!
I love you forever!
>> No. 14339
File 130031419802.png - (74.63KB , 500x471 , hvgwpdtj.png )
Sorry for makin' ya wait so long for this, but here it is! Hope ya digs. :)

Hey that rhymes! I could be a poet! Nope.
>> No. 14340
File 130031452135.jpg - (18.41KB , 422x428 , 1297893609120.jpg )
You seem upset pleased.
But seriously though, glad to hear you like him! He was actually pretty fun to color too.
I think I'm getting the hang of coloring now. :D
>> No. 14341
Perfect Just as I imagined him you are amazing ^^
>> No. 14342
File 130032347713.jpg - (21.24KB , 600x398 , planx.jpg )
Like this picture if you would. : )
Basically face showing.
>> No. 14343
Forgot my name... >.>
>> No. 14344
File 130035082844.jpg - (194.71KB , 1037x692 , IMG_9773.jpg )
Say, could somepony ponyfy my band?
>> No. 14345
File 130035778383.jpg - (2.77KB , 100x100 , okayguy.jpg )
So I guess no one is going to try and draw this one?
>> No. 14346
I'm actually waiting for Cutieanon to speak up. I'm assuming Cutie's busy with various stuff (s/he's mentioned before about personal projects that need to take priority).
So I'm not officially adding you (along with >>14344 >>14335 and >>14333 ) to my to-do list, but I'll keep you in mind when I get through.
>> No. 14348
File 130036385722.png - (78.77KB , 855x757 , 13002971204227.png )
russbronies delivers to u
>> No. 14349
My turn!
Can anypony draw a pony based on this description?
Colour:blue with silver dots scattered randomly on body
Mane:DJ-PON3 style
Cutie mark:stick of dynamite
Tail:alternating red and blue
I know the design might seem weird and not turn up well but I just want to see how it would look as an image. Big thanks in advance for whoever's gonna do this
>> No. 14350
bump #5
>.> its ok, i can wait, i guess.
>> No. 14351
I'd like to apologize for forcing you to wait a week and have to bump five times. I have to admit I was hoping another drawfriend would work on it, but that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon.
Lemme see what I can do.
>> No. 14352
Ha ha, you're awesome! Thanks so much!
>> No. 14353
No problem friend! Glad to hear you like it. :)
>> No. 14354
File 130040821567.jpg - (20.67KB , 640x480 , masseffect_geth_display.jpg )
Can somepony please turn the geth from mass effect into a pony.
>> No. 14355

Thanks but, honestly if you have a list of people in line or if you dont have enuff time on your hands, i can wait. its ok. also >1213 has other information on it. thanks again
>> No. 14356
File 130041430518.jpg - (1.48MB , 2338x1700 , Alpha Spike.jpg )
Your patience is beyond appreciated brony. God I love this fandom. :)

I'd just like to say I'm working on this; I really am. It's just taking much longer than I expected.
So I've been working on some sketches of Spike in school to help out. Then I figured if I'm gonna force a wait, at least make it worth it so here's a penciled Spike sketch!

PS: It's gonna be Nukem Pony and Alpha!Spike together.
>> No. 14357
Hey cool, thanks a lot!
>> No. 14358
File 130044114164.png - (164.42KB , 610x595 , 2023.png )
....the silver didn't work too hot for me o 3 o
>> No. 14359
Ahoy everypony! I'm new here and after a lot of very careful thought, I'd like to humbly request a picture of my pony-sona.

She is a Pegasus pony and has a light grayish tan coat. Her Mane is Vibrant red and spikey (not like gelled spikey, but like...tongue in a light socket spikey.) Eccentric inventor Spikey, with a tail to match. She wears goggles, though usually they are up on her head, not down over her eyes. In Addition she wears a long patternless white scarf around her neck, probably long enough to drag on the ground a little bit. her last garment is sort of a brown leather fanny pack up on her lower back, on top of her flanks. This is a parachute. but not the "Ahhh! I'm falling gonna die!" kind. It's a Drag chute, to assist in deceleration, although mostly its for comic effect after crashes. Her Eyes are yellow and her Cutie mark is a Cog and crossed wrenches (pic related). I know I'm new so I'll wait my turn, but this is all just so new and fun and happy for me, it has me very eager and excited to imagine myself as a pony. and It would be fun to see myself come to life, as it were =)
thanks Bronies.
>> No. 14360
File 130044450425.jpg - (40.63KB , 144x144 , CogCrossWrenchesS.jpg )
ER...pic related to
I hit the wrong button, oops!
>> No. 14361
nevermind it still looks totally awesome thanks!
>> No. 14362
File 130044843916.jpg - (74.99KB , 798x489 , 1026.jpg )
>> No. 14363
Just bumping :3
(No pony folder on this computer =( sorry for not being able to share some pics...)
>> No. 14364
What is your band called?
sorry I'm not a drawfriend, just a metal brony
>> No. 14365
File 130048905062.png - (74.55KB , 471x546 , derbycrashfin.png )
does anypony feel like drawing my character, Derby Crash?

(sorry, but all I have is an edited template -- no scanner or tablet here :C)
>> No. 14366
Wow, thats one of the best things I've ever seen.
I love you, thanks for drawing it for me. IT WAS SOOO WORTH THE WAIT. <3
>> No. 14367
File 130050237284.png - (126.54KB , 360x418 , sad luna.png )
Is no pony gonna take my request? i thought id be prety cool. o well i guess thats... ok
>> No. 14368
File 130050405540.png - (409.19KB , 859x780 , 1299451780233.png )
Don't worry pal, those requests take some time, just wait until a drawfriend do it.
Remember, they have a life too, some requests are faster than others. I'm waiting for my draw too, and I don't mind if it takes a few days =] (And I wouldn't be mad if isn't done, but I would love the person who draw my pony with the intensity of thousand suns.)
And sorry for the awful english.
>> No. 14369
File 130050580270.png - (3.20MB , 2089x1700 , Care To Guess.png )
Well it's finally the weekend! Which means I can now have two days of straight up PONY!
>throws confetti

The events of life have for the most part prevented me from working, but thankfully it's the weekend so I should have more time to devote.

But it's late so I'll just leave this here 'til tomorrow morning. In the meantime, anypony care to guess the show I've ponified? Bonus points if you can guess the characters. Guess 'em all and get a muffin!

Also the blanked out parts are to prevent giving away the answer. Will post unblanked later.

>dat paraspriteface

Also all you ponies are in fact in my thoughts, and I'll see y'all in a couple hours.
>> No. 14370
Are those... Supernatural ponies?!
>> No. 14371
File 130050673862.png - (25.26KB , 145x200 , 130025432276.png )
NO! No. Nuh uh.

Okay yes.

I'm not sure if this is good that I created easily recognizable ponies or bad that I'm terrible at hiding things. Probably a bit of both.

Guess paraspriteface pony and get a free muffin!
>> No. 14372
>> No. 14373
File 130054791870.png - (334.77KB , 1555x1488 , AlphaSpike.png )
Toldja guys I was workin' on it. : D
I wanted to put in Nukem Pony. I really did. And I tried, but it just never worked. No matter what I did nor how hard I tried, I couldn't make a pony that looked good and like Nukem. So I offer my sincerest apologies for not being able to fully fulfill your request.

Also I just figured out that I'd completely forgotten Spike's tail, but since I thought he still looked good without it, I just forgot about it. But if you want it, PLEASE speak up. I'm more than willing to add it in. :)
>> No. 14374
File 130054824920.png - (236.19KB , 1000x957 , AlphaSpikeScale.png )
How could I forget my own name?
Also now with a scaled down image. I'm not quite sure how scaled down scaled down is but 1000x957 has to be better than 1500x1488 right?
Or am I wrong?
Could somepony give me an image post size recommendation? That'd be great!
>> No. 14375
Updating list again, and jeez this thread is getting huge. Also, if somepony's request isn't here I either forgot it, missed it while looking for requests, or think that you're asking somepony else.

So make sure to bump with your post!

>>14344 I'll probably have to do just headshots for this one. Hope that's okay.
>>14359 >>14360
>>14365 Is she Applebloom's age or adult? I'm kinda having a hard time telling the difference right now, and I'd rather be sure. Also how good is she on skates? Somepony who's bad at it looks much different than somepony who's good. :P
>> No. 14376
File 130055378478.png - (153.32KB , 640x360 , 130023581204.png )
Why do I keep forgetting my own name? It's like I'm on a dun goof'ding streak!
>> No. 14377
Derby is an adult (think mane cast age), and she is awesome on skates, but awful/clumsy without them. If no one wants to draw her with skates she wears bindings on her hooves like roller derby girls wear on their hands.
>> No. 14378
Dunno if you're the anonpony who did mine, but if so, -wave- I'm still here... keyboardist pony... :3
If not, sorry to bug you. : )
>> No. 14379
GAH! =P Sorry Tess, thought you were an Anonpony.
>> No. 14380
Oh I'm not, but I'm sure Cutieanon's workin on yours. S/he's probably just busy with other things right now. :P
>> No. 14381
Ah yeah, that's her/his official name. Couldn't remember.

Ah, I'm in no rush, just didn't want to be forgotten. : )
>> No. 14382
Woo! I eagerly await =) >>14359
>> No. 14383
Anypony willing to help me out with something?

I've only found 4 images of Slenderpony Slendermane?, and no other /x/ related ponies.

I'd draw more myself if it weren't for the fact that I can't pick up a pencil without my hand morphing into a hideously undexterous bear claw. Anypony up for it?
>> No. 14384
Addendum: bonus points for a SLENDERPONY WAS PHONE? pic.
>> No. 14385
File 130058293548.jpg - (102.06KB , 439x640 , odinsphereresized_display.jpg )
Could a drawfriend please draw this character as a Pony? its for a good friend of mine.

In short: a Pegasus Pony (the feathers near the ears are a MUST) with blue eyes, a white mane/tail and perhaps a light blue body? I'll leave that up to whoever is drawing its creative discretion.

And if you could, please include the dress (It's not a must, however.) If the dress isn't included the cutie mark can be in the form of a large crystal (Much like the shape of Rarity's cutie mark)
>> No. 14386
File 130058950758.jpg - (34.10KB , 416x478 , shimmer.jpg )
Hey, I've never asked for a drawing but I'll try to give my best description.

I'm a pegasus pony, with a metallic grey color. It's meant to almost shine (fitting with the name).

My cutie mark can be seen in the pic, it's 3 stars in those positions.

That's all I really have decided, any interpretations or additions are fine, I'd just be really happy to have a picture made :)

And I'd really really love a picture of Luna and I flying together, but I understand that might be hard to do.

Thanks in advance to anypony who draws me :)
>> No. 14387
you came too the right place my friend, there are some of the best drawfriends around
>> No. 14388
~~Dont you worry Im totally on it~~
>> No. 14390
I would like to make a request if I may, could anypony draw Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash giving each other a pony hug or similar sort of friendly gesture outside of Twilight's house?
Thank you very much to the kind drawfriend who does this in advance!
>> No. 14391
File 130060538452.jpg - (385.96KB , 1280x800 , Pony4.jpg )
Trying to learn to draw, here. Thought I should contribute though, ya know?
>> No. 14392
File 130060732688.png - (8.26KB , 116x125 , 45724.png )
aw mailpony. derpy's coworker?
>> No. 14393
File 130060928619.jpg - (78.93KB , 400x400 , 10931060.jpg )
Fillies and Gentlecolts, I have requests for two very dear friends of mine. If they could be drawn, I would be very greatful.

Red Skye, He Be a Male Pegasus
Cutiemark: Cursed Coin of Isla De Muerta (From Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl) [see included pic]
Mane: Short-emo-ish yet wears a Red Cap.
Tail: Medium-ish (in between Long and short.), Scruffy
Colors: White/Light Gray/REALLY LIGHT GRAY (body), Gray (Mane/tail), and glowing Light Blue (eyes)


Pyro, the Male Pegasus
Cutiemark: Beige map of Europe, at one end, slighty curled, scroll-like
Mane: Smooth for more speed, but layered and a little unkempt
Tail: Long, fluffy
Colors: Light Orange (Body); Deep Red (Mane and Tail) (Tail turns white near the tip - fox-like); Shamrock Green (Eyes, large friendly eyes), Top Hat

Once again, if these can be drawn, I will be very greatful. Thank you in advance.
>> No. 14394
File 130062449720.png - (100.00KB , 466x448 , 129974519120.png )
I have a new request my pony friends, could some pony draw me bowing down before celestia... i figure i may need such a pic when the time arises... THANK YALL IN ADVANCE.

heres past creations ponys have so generously done for me
>> No. 14395
File 130063355637.png - (92.55KB , 476x519 , 129961256241.png )
if somepony wouldn't mind.... could I have a picture of my pony laying with Fluttershy... that is if your not too busy with other brony requests ... t..thanks
>> No. 14396

I love you forever now. Like, seriously; forever-dee-ever. AND THAT'S A REALLY LONG TIME! :D
>> No. 14397
File 130064695272.jpg - (126.84KB , 848x555 , fluttershyShyBrony.jpg )
This... was adorably fun to draw
>> No. 14398
File 130065415691.png - (146.90KB , 650x650 , Drowsy.png )
Can I request a pony for a story pic on ED?

If so, could somepony make this << pony look better?
>> No. 14399
File 130065552049.jpg - (29.28KB , 454x345 , 129989868560.jpg )
oh mah gosh its so cute.. I never expected it to be done so nice and so fast! thank you so much very vert
>> No. 14400
File 130066239842.jpg - (155.17KB , 1000x1000 , My little legend.jpg )
UGH, too many requests to go through all of them, If you want me to ponify some thing and think
<<this looks good enough for you, then you just may be a bad enough dude to save the president... I mean request a drawring on my deviant art page. http://rpgunit.deviantart.com/ I won't be able to start it until tuesday though, as I don't have my stylus with me. I'll post the results or the requests on here and deviant art.
>> No. 14401
File 130066862377.jpg - (49.31KB , 500x333 , wicked2.jpg )
...I've got a request, if anypony's up for it. I don't think I could do the picture justice, myself- at least not at the moment.

But I'd love to see Twilight as Elphaba from Wicked. Green fur optional. But black hat and cloak, possibly in the middle of 'No Good Deed'.

Pinkie Pie or Rarity as Galinda is optional too. But c'mon- surely somepony else could see this?
< pic related.
>> No. 14402
Just giving my request a little bump.
>> No. 14403
File 130068690331.jpg - (15.82KB , 450x287 , Trying so hard.jpg )
I just wanted to point this one out again, sorry if I seem impatient drawfriends.
>> No. 14404
File 130070197928.jpg - (36.41KB , 500x500 , gethpony.jpg )
Dang it confound these pony they drive me to draw even when I have work to do XP

Also since I'm a fan of Mass Effect so it's a plus.
>> No. 14405
I have to admit I was hoping to do that one, but I can't say I'm complaining if this is what came out.
Freakin' saved.
>> No. 14406
Aw man I'm sorry, didn't mean to just swipe a request from you. Won't happen again *raise hoof*

I was under some stress at that time and checking out the last 50 posts on this thread, the first request I see is the mass effect's geth =P So wasn't thinking much and just *wham* here you go.
>> No. 14407
File 130072022683.jpg - (138.21KB , 600x600 , 129903281580.jpg )
Just a little bump to my request.
>> No. 14408
um, hi. If there's not to much trouble.
Can i request of a picture?

Is there anypony here that want to draw a landscape picture with some ponies and their cars.?
Like something from the game interstate 76?
doesn't need to be an action picture.
>> No. 14409
Hello every pony! Was wondering if anypony could draw the following:
Sex: Male
Dark blue
With a fidora, sun glasses, a go-tee and mustache
With a black mane roughly the size (If not a smige longer) then DJ ponies
Cutie mark should be three bacon strips (Don't ask ahaha).
>> No. 14410
File 130073644038.png - (96.62KB , 479x560 , request.png )
sorry, I'm still pretty new to ponies right now.
>> No. 14411
Bah! It's more than all right. You made an awesome looking pic!

If it helps at all, we've already got a tutorial thread set up over at >>1563
I'd really recommend checking it out if you need any pony help. ;)
A bunch of those references saved my life! True story.
>> No. 14412
Glad you like him! And once again, I'm so sorry I couldn't get Nukem Pony.
Also, like I already said, if you want me to add the tail, I can. No trouble at all.
>> No. 14413
Darth Vader looking at Trixie(in hat and cape) saying "The kawaii is strong in this one", please? I would give you my intire enternets! thanks
>> No. 14414
File 130074649195.jpg - (28.86KB , 684x532 , pleinair10.jpg )
Just bumping in a sticky.
>> No. 14415
Actually it looks very nice, thank you! now that I see it the mane/tail should be white instead, but it looks great :)
>> No. 14416
whoops sorry about that.
and thanks for those!
>> No. 14417
File 130075274432.png - (236.98KB , 1190x1000 , Aya Brea.png )
Done! Sorry this one took so long. Life 'n' all that. :P
Hope you like it!
>> No. 14418

Wooo! Thanks a lot she's perfect and well worth the wait.
>> No. 14419
File 130075432583.jpg - (8.77KB , 225x225 , SALUTE.jpg )
I would love you forever and ever (assuming I already don't) if somepony could draw for me Applejack sporting a green beret with a golden symbol whilst saluting (fairly similar to Rainbow Dash's salute in the pic). I will also give you 1,000 internets upon completeion.

>> No. 14420
File 130076201782.jpg - (165.44KB , 1284x894 , deathwing1.jpg )
Requesting Fluttershy giving Deathwing in WarCraft a stern and heated scolding, like she did to that Dragon from "Dragonshy".
Bonus if Deathwing appears more annoyed than ashamed.
>> No. 14421
File 130076665880.jpg - (13.26KB , 293x303 , Rb1.jpg )
>> No. 14422
WHOOOPS that reaction image is ment to be a response to THIS>>14420 Post
>> No. 14423
File 130077509746.jpg - (89.87KB , 200x2000 , BRONIES.jpg )
yo bronies I draw anything you want.
>> No. 14424
File 130077808777.jpg - (179.36KB , 1000x1000 , kamina.jpg )
Bump, If you have a request I'm pretty good at drawing ponies and pony crossovers
<<eh? EH?
>> No. 14425
I would like to see Big Mac have a guitar battle with the pony devil. ( like in the song The devil went to Georgia)
>> No. 14426
File 130078023712.jpg - (20.49KB , 440x320 , Behemoth_Nergal_srodku_3397913.jpg )
Could I get a pony version of this man?
He is Nergal, he is recovering from from a bone marrow transplant and he is metal. This is him with his band
>> No. 14427
the middle one? I'll get on it after I finish my home work that's do today -it's spring break over here too :(
but I still need to get off the net for the night.
>> No. 14428
I couldn't resist doing a preliminary sketch on my drawing pad, and I must say, "this is going to rock."
>> No. 14429
So, just a bump for my request.
If it's cool, hope somepony can get around to it.
>> No. 14431
You should probably use a NSFW thing for this considering it has a pony apparently clopping.
>> No. 14432
Workin' on it now brony! Just sit tight!
>> No. 14433
File 130083952059.jpg - (316.00KB , 1000x1000 , nargel.jpg )
I hope you don't mind I included the other band members, and I tried to keep in in the same art style.
>> No. 14434
File 130083952788.png - (263.48KB , 1141x750 , BronytimeXL25.png )

I've been trying to get my pony on for some time now, and it looks like it's finally starting to happen. So I'll be a drawfriend from now on.

And if one of the awesomes in here could be troubled to draw Hardway Bet over there, I'd be awfully grateful too. c8

Now, to start picking off requests in random order!
>> No. 14435
Excellent drawings, and "what?"
>> No. 14436
What do you mean, 'what?'.
>> No. 14437
File 130084088479.jpg - (923.02KB , 1607x917 , omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg.jpg )
thank you thank you thank you!!!
that is so awesome!!!!!
>> No. 14438

Is the one on the right Hardway bet?
the bubble's were slightly confusing.
>> No. 14439
Just bumping and re-posting for potential draw freind :D
This pony will be actually me ahah,
>> No. 14440
File 130084447383.png - (101.24KB , 489x476 , FedonyX.png )
Yeah, he's the one on the right. A "hardway bet" is a bet that the dice will come up as an even pair on either a 4, 6, 8 or 10 before they come up the easy way or a 7 is rolled - which is why his cutie mark shows a double 2. Admittedly, those dice technically show a double 1, but I felt that naming a pony 'Snake Eyes' would give people the wrong impression. >_>

His colours are up to whoever does the colouring.

Quick and simple sketch for you. Was this what you had in mind? Your description didn't give a lot to go on.
>> No. 14441
I'll finish the picture based on your answer, so make sure to describe it well. ;P
>> No. 14442
just bumping my request
>> No. 14443
File 130084819217.jpg - (522.30KB , 1000x1000 , R dollars.jpg )
Probably not what you were hoping for, but this is what this one made me think.
>> No. 14444
File 130084829448.png - (296.31KB , 1000x1164 , Elvis GemSuit WIP.png )
Well it's good to see we've got some new drawfriends for the herd! Always nice to get some new hands. Can't wait to see what you guys can come up with. :D

I've got a sketch! Even though he doesn't have the gems yet, they'll be added soon.
I haven't gotten as much done as I would've liked, but capturing a good pose and giving him an easily recognizable face've been tricky. So I hope this is worth the wait!
>> No. 14445
I think somepony already claimed that one.
>> No. 14446
>>14433 Brilliant. I love it!
>> No. 14447
File 130085402735.jpg - (105.21KB , 513x339 , success.jpg )

Thank you, that give me another chance to post <<this today.

hmm... is there a success pony, or do I need to make one?
>> No. 14448
This is GREAT!!
Awesome, thanks brony brother! :D
>> No. 14449
File 130086103179.jpg - (8.60KB , 201x250 , rambo1.jpg )
could somepony draw a picture of me?

rambo :D
>> No. 14450
You made me laugh, so, sure I'll do it.
any request for a specific pose?
>> No. 14451
Ahh, that is so awesome.

That's the person he wishes he were. :D

Wonderful. I'll see about finishing the picture as soon as I have the time.
>> No. 14452

Bump,was thinking about a red streaked mane,white tail with black end,kinda like it's been soaked in ink.
>> No. 14453
Anypony knows if my request has been picked?
Thank you :3~
>> No. 14454
File 130089098333.jpg - (8.09KB , 300x168 , index.jpg )
I dare somepony to make a Pony out of Francis York Morgan: The coffee-loving FBI Agent from the cult game Deadly Premonition.
>> No. 14455
......Somepony aught to tie me away from any pc that has internet and photoshop in it XP. Ok you're next Wind Chaser!! I took the liberty to make it more cheerful =P
>> No. 14456
There is a lot of amazing OC ponies, but srsly, guys, wouldn't you mind to name your work? I have 60% of all OC unnamed, other 40% has filename names and author's names :<
>> No. 14457
File 130089580177.jpg - (38.62KB , 500x500 , windchaser.jpg )
Here you go, now for me to work.

Well some of the OC is just a ponified version of a popular characters but I understand what you're asking.
>> No. 14458
File 130090672409.png - (14.59KB , 417x500 , 1299293063906.png )
I don't know enough words to show how thankful I am.
I know that you may see this phrase a lot on this board, but I'm saying this with my heart:
"You made my day better with this cheerful drawing"
>> No. 14459
this coming from an anon? kinda hypocritical don't you think?
>> No. 14460
Hey everypony! Been lurking for awhile and I finally decided to post. Could somepony do this filly a favor by making her a pony? Her name is Cinnamon Bits and she's and all white pegasus pony with a brown/tan mane and tail (Rainbow Dash style). Her cuite mark is two cinnamon sticks sort of crossed over each other. Also, if you think it will look right, maybe make some cinnamon sprinkled over her flank or nose (like freckles). Thanks, and I hope somepony will pick mine!
>> No. 14462
I knew I would forget something! The wings can be a combination of brown, tan, and white. Or really whatever you think will look best. I'm easy to please :3
>> No. 14463
File 130092334772.jpg - (110.15KB , 1280x1024 , Isaac-Clarke.jpg )
Guys.. id Love you all forever if somepony would draw me an Isaac Clarke pony..
>> No. 14464
File 130092342420.png - (808.13KB , 1850x2000 , Elvis GemSuit WIP With Gems.png )
Updated sketch for >>14444

I hope these are enough gems for ya. If not, please take into account that I have to go back and redraw each line-- unless of course somepony's got a way that I can avoid having to go back over each line. In which case please tell me-- and I've got schoolwork to attend to.

Also sorry everypony for my taking so long. I really want to help out more, but I'm a busy pony. :<
>> No. 14465
File 130093119361.png - (135.89KB , 486x516 , 129884641247-ponyclarke.png )
Oh my friend there are so many Isaac ponies I don't know where to begin.

So I'll just start you off with this and then recommend you check out /pic/. They should be able to hook you up. I've got like three if you want 'em, but I think /pic/'s the place to go first.
Then if you're still unsatisfied, head back here. :)
>> No. 14466
This is not one of mine by the way. Even though I wish it was.
>> No. 14467
Im a terrible lurker, cant find any.. Help a Brony out?
>> No. 14469
File 130093638074.gif - (237.91KB , 200x200 , 1298343538495.gif )
Ware, your work is awesome!
Can I resquest more pics to you?
I mean, when you have time.
Please? <3
>> No. 14470
File 130093676363.jpg - (78.93KB , 400x400 , 10931060.jpg )

Bumping my request. Please consider it, friends.
>> No. 14472
File 130093784605.jpg - (754.42KB , 1051x1035 , Ponies.jpg )
I've been wanting to draw some ponies since the show started! Here's my try. The bottom ones are twins~
>> No. 14473
Oh god, 4 adorables pieces of ponies!
I fukken loved Neon Beat!
They're amazing :3~
>> No. 14474
Could anypony mabey draw a pegasus pony with a shiny, almost firey mane, a bright orange body, and golden eyes? It'd be a great help to me because I don't have the time to do it myself. please and thank you...
>> No. 14475
File 130093844236.jpg - (388.14KB , 1218x1200 , PoniesColoringBook.jpg )
Also if anypony's interested in coloring these here's the line art
>> No. 14476
I forgot to mention this but the pony's mane and tail need to be really long...sorry...
>> No. 14477
I just realized that I also forgot the Cutie Mark...obviously needs to be a sun with rays of light coming from it...sorry...I'm really new to this...sorry.
>> No. 14478
File 130094069546.jpg - (241.81KB , 1280x800 , Ponies In Love.jpg )
Sorry it's not very good. I tried. I only started drawing a month ago, so bear with me here! I think the neck of the pink pony is off.
>> No. 14479
Hey guys I got another one for ya, This one is based off on of my friends in my gaming group.

Name: Vector
Gender: Male
Type: Unicorn
Body: Light Blue
Eyes: Brown, looks kind of smug. Also wears thick glasses
Hair: Dark Blonde kind of long down the sides
Cutie Mark: the symbol for pi

Thanks in advance!
>> No. 14481
File 130097110801.png - (626.29KB , 800x879 , wildstyle.png )
Uhm... I was wondering if somepony could do a better version of this pony, or at least a CG one? Sorry to be a bother or whatever. Just wanted to see if anything could be done with my drawing. The cutie mark, if it's not obvious, is an aerosol can spraying out teal-green paint.
>> No. 14483
File 130097591741.jpg - (776.25KB , 2356x2275 , PonySeries100.jpg )
GODDAMNIT... somepony ask for it...
>> No. 14484
File 130097656012.png - (73.06KB , 519x488 , FedonyX.png )
I'd forgotten how hilariously bad I am at cleaning up and colouring. >_>''
>> No. 14485
File 130098287250.jpg - (17.90KB , 293x362 , AJ_excited_.jpg )
Hi would love somepony to draw a pony which looks like this
Body- Cream
Hair - Electric Blue
Eyes- Green
Cutie mark- A Spanner (because I'm a mechanic)

Much love to anypony who could do this for me!
>> No. 14487
File 130098523622.png - (192.57KB , 403x314 , 129758847297-1294370234318.png )
Um hello,

I've had a few requests made on my behalf in this thread, but I've never made a personal request myself. So, I thought if anypony had some extra time, perhaps they could take up a little request I've had in my head for a while.

Well, my favorite background pony is Doctor Whoof, so, what would be the epitome of awesome, would be my OC, as seen here:

Doing a brohoof with the Doc, perhaps with Twilight rolling her eyes in the background. I could die happy then.
>> No. 14488
That actually looks really great! though if it's not too much trouble (And if you still have the uncolored version) would you be able to change the color from dark blue to more of a tan color.
If not then that's ok, I still love it regardless :D
Thank's for the trouble!
>> No. 14489
File 130100093599.png - (117.96KB , 293x428 , profile_prancer1g.png )
>> No. 14490
File 130100418812.png - (76.81KB , 513x487 , FedonyX2.png )
Your wish is my command.
>> No. 14491
just giving my request the teeniest tiniest little bump


>> No. 14492
File 130101754323.png - (38.65KB , 271x353 , pony-of-the-intarwebs.png )
PaintChat session... D:


bit.ly fghLac
>> No. 14493
You're fantastci! Thank you :)
>> No. 14494
File 130102298690.jpg - (141.47KB , 529x359 , 1292611598394.jpg )
This may be an odd request..can anypony draw a pony version of this?
Like..Pinkie Pie?
>> No. 14495
what exactly are you asking for?
>> No. 14496

Looks like he's asking for a Pinkie Pie with Diet Coke and Mentos 'I came' picture.
>> No. 14497
File 130102880896.png - (81.63KB , 700x700 , 130077314659.png )

i'll do it.
>> No. 14498
Awesome. Yeah..I hope the request is simple. Just that pic with pinkie pie and soda.
>> No. 14499
File 130103348342.jpg - (55.64KB , 529x359 , Soda.jpg )
here ya go.
feel free to use it around ponychan.
>> No. 14500
I need something for a fic I am working on...

Basically, I need Pinkie chasing a Cupcake on a string on a stick attached to a harness. She also needs to have all sorts of sci fi stuff on her harness.

Anypony out there willing to take a crack?
>> No. 14501

"sci-fi stuff" is a bit nondescript...
>> No. 14502

To be more explicit, kind of like the stuff one would find in K.I.T.T or the Back to The Future Delorean.

To quote the description of the harness;

'He then attached more gadgets to the harness; a little red light that seemed to bounce from one side to another of a black bar repeatedly and a Horse-shoe that was translucent in a small stainless steel box.;
>> No. 14503
I'll do a sketch for now.
>> No. 14504
Doesn't matter what you draw/vector/sketch it in.

As long as it looks batter than the manure I drew last night!
>> No. 14505
File 130103872483.jpg - (178.28KB , 800x800 , pinkie pie.jpg )
>> No. 14506
Wow! Thanks, Brony!

That was fast, I will give credit to PRG_Unit when I
post the story.
>> No. 14507
So the sketch is good enough for you?
cool, glad to be of assistance. :)
>> No. 14508
Mango Brush. That is FRICKING AWESOME!.
>> No. 14509
Thank you! I really enjoyed that game. So charmingly strange. I was surprized to see the request here. I kind of had to do it. =)

I'm quite happy the pic pleased a Deadly Premonition fan.
>> No. 14510
File 130106563723.jpg - (21.99KB , 324x296 , 130030940887.jpg )
Bump :\
>> No. 14511
Hey hey thanks! Oh god thats silly.
>> No. 14512
File 130107090247.png - (138.92KB , 800x800 , PinkieDeloreancolour.png )
I coloured your image. Is that ok?

All credit still to you though!
>> No. 14513
>> 3646
I can color it for you, I have the riff file so I can delete the sketch layer and make it clean.
>> No. 14514
Go ahead.

Also, thanks for all the work you put into this.
>> No. 14515
File 130107740877.jpg - (183.74KB , 800x800 , pinkie pie.jpg )

It's not work if you enjoy it.
>> No. 14516

That is truly epic!
Would you like to read the story that goes with it?
>> No. 14517
sure, it seems like it would be a funny story.
>> No. 14518
Sure, its here:

>> No. 14519
calm down tesseract already put it on his list. >>14346
>> No. 14520
File 130110769411.jpg - (221.98KB , 1000x800 , Flywheel sparks.jpg )
Here's the concept sketch, is this what you're looking for?
>> No. 14521
File 130112516963.png - (5.39KB , 136x182 , Boltcutie.png )
Ok, so, it would be awesome if somepony would draw this for me :)
Bolt Speedman:
Sky Blue coat, with medium length, kinda messy, Purple mane(about >>13978 length)
Rainbow Dash-like purple tail
Pegasus pony
Drawn in this kinda style would be perfect
also, cutie mark is in picture
Much thanks to anypony willing to help me out!!
>> No. 14522
File 130115590059.png - (407.48KB , 1000x1211 , Elvis GemSuit Lines.png )
>> No. 14523
Somehow I pressed enter before I could so much as enter my name.
But whaddaya gonna do?

I don't think I'll be doing much more than lineart. Hopefully somepony else will do it, but it's driving me crazy. Sorry, but I hope you like it anyway. :)
>> No. 14524
Thanks but I'm afraid you'll need to wait since
there are other brony who haven't got their request
yet =\ As it is I still have one more delayed art in

The moment I have some spare time I'll be sure to
do more since it's a good motivation and practice
for my drawing skills =)

Daym that's one fine looking art ya got there,
mind to lend us a hoof? =P

Hardware Bet & Rpg_Unit
Keep the art coming =) We got too many request and
too little drawfriend to keep up the pace.

I'm gonna bother counting the gems 'cause even for
me I'll quit halfway =P

Here's something to make up since I intended to do
one request but got hit by artist block and ended up
drawing Scootaloo =\
>> No. 14525
That looks really cool! My only critique is that the mane doesnt need to be quite so tall, looks a bit like a mohawk, hehe. But aside from that I love it!
Is the coloring on her nose the color you are planning for the whole body? if so then that needs to be browner. was picturing more of a tan. I can;t thank you enough!
>> No. 14526

it was just a bit of explosion on her face. not the color for the whole coat.
>> No. 14527
I have a request if that's ok...
I finally got around to thinking of an OC for myself, Echo.

Build: Similar to Dr. Whoof/Blues.

(Feel free to improvise with the colors as to what you think looks nice in terms of shades
-- I'm terrible with colors);

Coat: Almost dark-ish but still kind of light gray.
Mane: White, with a darker red on the tips.
Tail: Also white, but with a red streak -- or red tips, I don't know. Either one works.
Eyes: Red.

Cutie Mark: The cutie mark should be red, and is a php block. (Omitting the actual portion that says 'php')


My hope with this is that there's enough space inbetween the start and the end of the block that there can be a picture which correlates to his mood. However, I don't know what said images would be, so I wouldn't worry about it. (If you can think of one though, great!)

--His mood in this case would be bummed out, or indifferent.

Thanks so much to anypony who decides to take this on!
>> No. 14528
File 130116716521.jpg - (139.28KB , 1000x800 , Flywheel sparks.jpg )
here you go, the hair is good now, right?
>> No. 14529

Just a bump
>> No. 14530
OMG *squeak* that is sooo perfect! I love it! thank you!
>> No. 14531
Hehe, I think it's funny that you linked the critique of the line art- >>14525 -when complimenting the finished picture.
>> No. 14532
oops! hehe, sorry, I was just super excited at the time =) it's perfect thank you =)
>> No. 14533
File 130118269226.gif - (237.91KB , 200x200 , fluttershy_nervous.gif )
I'm terrible at asking for things, but I know that if I don't, I'll never get a darned thing either. So here goes.

I'm a gentlecolt, so male pony please.
I am a unicorn. My passion is geology, and in my me-centered world I'm the one who taught Rarity the gem-finding spell. It can find a lot more than gems, mind. It can detect metal ores, fossils, faults, and the general composition of the underlying area too.
Dark brown, slightly tangled mane (less tangled than Pinkie Pie's, but just as long and curly).
Straight tail, same color as the mane, please.
Coat should probably be a lighter shade of brown than the mane and tail, but if the kind artist comes up with a better color combination, I encourage him/her to go for it. I stink at color matching.
Blue-grey eyes.
For the cutie mark, either a blue handled geologist's pick or a broken open amythest geode. Or maybe both (I'm easy, so I'll leave it up to the artist).

I hope that's everything the kind artist needs. I won't be able to check this for many hours yet...
>> No. 14534
File 130120391642.png - (80.34KB , 945x945 , 1300077560770.png )
Oh I didn't see it,
I've seen you're work and you're good, i'm excited!
>> No. 14535
I'll take it, but it may be a while 'til I can get to it, homework and whatnot, unless of course another drawfriend might be up to taking it sooner than monday night.
>> No. 14536
File 130121085994.jpg - (18.70KB , 476x400 , fluttershy_yay.jpg )
Oh, thankyousomuch. I don't mind a wait, I frankly didn't expect that so many people (and artists, no less!) would be this generous on this cruel and heartless internet.
Please, take as much time as you need.
>> No. 14537
File 130121383278.jpg - (45.63KB , 800x600 , boltspeedman.jpg )
if anypony is planning on doing this for me, i made this as kindof a guide, from a template.
btw, he's got kind of a rainbow dash attitude going on, if that helps
>> No. 14538
Bumping my request in the name of fabulosity?
>> No. 14539
File 130127000681.jpg - (21.33KB , 375x347 , afrika_uniforms-1.jpg )
If somepony could draw a female pony in a uniform like the one in the middle, it would be very appreciated
>> No. 14540
File 130128322747.jpg - (75.20KB , 640x513 , Karn.jpg )
OOO! OOO! can somepony draw a Karn pony?
>> No. 14541
I guess I'll try it out, you know if anypony is ok with drawing a pony for me.

Unicorn, with black mane and tail, with a silver/white stripe down the middle like twilights hair also her hair style (ruffled up bangs kinda thing), with a blue coat kinda like rainbow dash. as for a cutie mark, well I guess i'll be a blank flank.

if anypony doesn't mind that is, i'd like to see somepony rendition this :)
>> No. 14542
File 130133211069.jpg - (1.37MB , 3507x2480 , IMG.jpg )
Here'a drawing of my OC, Neksu :3

I'm gonna try :3
>> No. 14543
can't wait to see it
>> No. 14545
But, I was really hoping to see the pony Elvis that was made in a jumpsuit.
But, I really like your drawing of Elvis. You have some great talent there!
>> No. 14546
File 130137656279.jpg - (10.06KB , 238x273 , SotCWeakspot.jpg )
Well, I guess it couldn't hurt to ask here, so I might as well.

I would greatly appreciate it if anypony out there would draw me a custom pony. More specifically, a brown male Shadow of the Colossus themed pony.

As for a whole description of what I had in mind:

Coat color: Brown (Chocolate)
Mane: striped Hunter Green and Stone Grey
Eyes: all black with lightly glowing blue irises
Mane Style: Something the lines of Derpy's style but shorter
Cutie Mark: A colossus seal (aka the attached picture)

And, of course, in the interests of civility and politeness.

>> No. 14547
File 130138565962.jpg - (81.16KB , 600x600 , geolopony sketch.jpg )
Here's the sketch
>> No. 14548
Ye gods, that's better than I could ever imagine.
Thank you, kindpony.
>> No. 14549
File 130141737602.jpg - (176.92KB , 2089x1763 , IMG_0001.jpg )

Sorry if it took long, and sorry if it looks kinda sloppy, but I tried to use a new technique with this one.
Tell me if I got anything wrong!
>> No. 14550
File 130142560105.jpg - (178.96KB , 1099x726 , 1243874669_96.jpg )
could somepony draw a starscream pony please? :(
>> No. 14551
File 130143973115.png - (107.10KB , 310x305 , 129829298993.png )
no worries neksu, what was the new technique?
other than the color of the body (looking for something a little darker but brighter, like sapphire) this is pretty good, thanks for this!
>> No. 14554
File 130144711417.png - (784.09KB , 1081x1000 , Ponied Band.png )
Sorry this took forever. I kinda had to make up a couple things like eye colors. Also I could only do headshots. I would've taken FAR too long.
But I hope the pic makes up for it! Hope ya like it. : D

Also don't forget us if your band ever gets famous! Wish y'all luck. ;)
>> No. 14555
Not to be a bother or anything, but could I get somepony to draw Big Macintosh with shades and headphones?
>> No. 14556
File 130146243221.jpg - (23.06KB , 426x426 , 426px-Red_Delicious.jpg )
I request my OC.

He's a pegasus.

For his build, he basically bears a resemblance to Red Delicious.

His hair is black with a dark green streak. Same length as Red D, except less spiky. Tail is also black with a green streak.

His eyes are emerald green. Not as big as Red D's eyes.

His body is silver/grey.

His cutie mark is a dark cloud with two green lighting bolts coming from it in an x shape.

I usually picture him with a happy but slightly lonely expression.

Thanks times infinity in advance.

Also, it would be great if you could draw him walking with Fluttershy. Fluttershy is my favorite and seeing my OC interact with her would be great. You don't have to, but it would be nice.

Thanks again.
>> No. 14557
> Just noticed I forgot to say he's an Earth pony :/
>> No. 14558
File 130149183590.png - (281.89KB , 900x709 , Pony of the Colossus.png )
I hope this is ok, I haven't done much pony art so I'm still not very used to it yet.
>> No. 14559
Well you managed to impress ME at least lol Thank you very much!
>> No. 14561
Ah! I'm glad you like it, you are quite welcome!
>> No. 14562
File 130151072394.png - (193.65KB , 996x790 , Stratus Requestia.png )
Whoops... reuploaded with wings.
and sorry about the line quality.
>> No. 14563
File 130151290555.jpg - (26.44KB , 212x255 , hellyeah.jpg )

Awesome, I like it! Thank you!
>> No. 14564

Actually he does look a bit too stiff in that picture, since he's supposed to be talking with Fluttershy as opposed to staring into space while she's talking.

But his design is absolutely perfect. Thanks again!
>> No. 14565
I noticed that too, but didn't really know what to do about it- I'm still rather new to drawing pony and making my drawings full of life has always been my weak point. I'm glad you liked it anyways though and I'll try on working on that for whatever I draw next :D
>> No. 14566
File 130151848451.jpg - (53.64KB , 543x347 , gokai19a.jpg )
Would somepony be willing to draw Rainbow Dash with a pony based on Big One from JAKQ?

Possibly fighting crime.
>> No. 14567
File 130151999828.png - (77.16KB , 246x248 , 130075935347.png )

Bumping if that's alright.
>> No. 14568
Can anypony draw Toola Roola (from g3) with Rainbow Dash? (from g4) Please and thank you!
>> No. 14569
No, everypony knows that g3 never existed.
>never existed.
>> No. 14570
I'll give it a go later tonight and see what I can do.
just so I get it right....
http://arch.413chan.net/mlp_doctor_whoof_and_rose_tail-(n1294124662195).png this is doctor whoof right?
>> No. 14571
File 130153724829.png - (49.44KB , 247x263 , 1298065427027.png )

Yep, that's him! Thank you!

I'd just like to say that all you Drawponies are 20% cooler.
>> No. 14573
File 130154453355.png - (151.21KB , 679x523 , silversky1.png )
hey everypony, just finished a simple reference pony for my request. here are some specs:

pegacorn(powerful unicorn that made her own wings)
infinite loop as cutie mark
white coat
blue hair with white streak
wearing a flight suit
dj pon3 style glasses but with gold tint
>> No. 14574
I may or may not have stared at that infinite loop for longer than 10 seconds.
>> No. 14575
File 130155286512.png - (12.09KB , 353x475 , sillyfilly.png )
So, this is extremely short notice, but maybe somepony can help me out. I am, uh, let's say artistically challenged. Severely so, otherwise I would just do it myself. Today is my friend's birthday and I'd like a special picture for her. Her favorite pony is Twilight and she's also been doodled as a goat. Could somepony perhaps draw her and Twilight wishing her happy birthday? Picture is the one somepony else drew.
>> No. 14576
File 130155518913.jpg - (18.48KB , 320x216 , HNI_0006.jpg )
I've done this underwhelming little sketch on my Nintendo 3DS. Would love to see, if somepony could do a decent looking one.

And yes, there are only two colors to choose from ...
>> No. 14577
Bumpin', um, if thats okay with everypony that is. uhm, *squeak*
>> No. 14578
File 130156460864.png - (254.75KB , 1680x1222 , BROHOOF.png )
Let me know if you want a higher resolution copy or anything, I can scale it as large as you want since I did this one in flash.
>> No. 14579

With those colours, or want some changes?
BTW, here's an example of finished work. Tell me it it's sadisfactory :3
>> No. 14580
File 130158867296.png - (480.59KB , 720x540 , 1298666806077.png )

Oh My Celestia.....It's Perfect.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! You're wonderful!
>> No. 14581
ahhhhh! I'm glad you like it!

you're welcome, you're welcome, you're welcome, you're welcome, and thank you!
>> No. 14582

On the pre-installed "drawing" app, you only had the option to choose between black, blue and red. But now, when I think about it, there's also games like "Art Academy" with more colors. I would accept such drawings as well, as long as it is made on a DS. ^^
>> No. 14583
File 130160841944.png - (57.40KB , 117x125 , 129909333926s.png )
Would somepony with artistic talent attempt to draw this for me?

Gender: Female
Mane: DJ Pon3 style por favor, white with silver streaks
Tail: Same colors as mane, same style
Body: Light gray
Eyes: Slate blue
Cutie Mark: A flask, cyan blue liquid bubbling over the top
http://veegee.thomasnet.com/ImgMedium/20231.jpg <flask
>> No. 14584
>> No. 14585
File 130162180354.jpg - (16.01KB , 246x459 , 4345246.jpg )
Would love to see what I look like as a pony.

If your up for it ponies, I'd greatly appreciate it
>> No. 14586
File 130162392005.jpg - (6.02KB , 259x194 , Pepperdance.jpg )
I would LOVE it if somepony could do a decent picture of Pepperdance for me! I know it's just a recolor, but I like spicy stuff and this just looks awesome!
>> No. 14587
just a little bump.
>> No. 14588
File 130165499261.png - (246.88KB , 640x480 , Leg5.png )
Could somepony maybe turn this image into FiM style? and then one as an anthro? the mechanical arm is supposed to be on the front right leg and there's two gears at an angle for his cutie mark, along with this style hair and marking on the jaw http://d.facdn.net/art/wargrem0n/1298379650.wargrem0n_newcanvas.jpg
another view of the arm is here http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7129858/Leg3.png
>> No. 14589
Oh, you wanted it on a DS? D: I have a DS lite, there's no way I can export the finished drawing D:
>> No. 14590
File 130167397732.png - (25.50KB , 945x945 , Windy.png )
Requestion some "reaction" images for my pony, then I can use it at role playing. You know, sad, angry, happy, confused~
A image of her playing drums and other with she flying.
Ok, I know that I'm requesting a lot of things, but I'll wait months if needed :3~
Here are the references:
Thank you ^w^~
>> No. 14591
File 130167735696.png - (61.55KB , 206x277 , 206px-Fluttershy3.png )
Could somepony please help create an art picture for me to do a story because I am horrible at making art/pictures. Here are some details for help: The plot is that Fluttershy is sent on a mission to help an animal that is enranged in a forest a bit far north from Ponyville, she needs to calm it down before it does damage to any of the places surronding the area. And I am going to need somepony to help with the art picture. And I need a title. So I need somepony to please help with this. The kind of picture I want is Fluttershy flying around a forest.
>> No. 14592

1 week bump.
Full of shame.
>> No. 14593
File 130169650526.png - (145.10KB , 1143x1061 , 001.png )
I would be grateful, if somepony could make this look 20% cooler.
I have drawn it myself and it's my 1st time...*squeak*
>> No. 14594
File 130169919543.jpg - (398.31KB , 800x711 , nosy.jpg )
Playful, like to help friends and like sports
>> No. 14595
File 130170062598.png - (20.83KB , 184x230 , cabernet sauvignon icon.png )
love your pony =D
>> No. 14596
I'm still a newpony here so it feels very odd to be requesting anything at the moment. If anypony would be kind enough to take up the offer, I would really appreciate it.
>> No. 14597
it might help if you actually requested something.
>> No. 14598
Hello everypony! I was wondering if some art pony could do a picture for a friend of mine. You see; we were talking after watching some MLP and he was saying that allthough he enjoys the series, there will always be a "Gap" inbetween him and the show and that's because it's missing a "Samurai GIrl" pony (he's a very big anime fan). So I though somepony could make his dream pony for him. It would have the following features
Pony type: Earth
Coat: light purple/light blue
Mane: Long pony tail, tied back, dark purple
Serious looking eyes (Just think of the cliche sword girl in most anime and you'll get the idea)
A boken or Katana slung where the saddle bags would be.
Cutie mark would be two crossed Katanas
Other: Would be nice if you could incorperate a gui (martial arts uniform top) preferably one that looks like a kendo uniform top.

I know this is a tall order and I would love to draw for him, but alas; I have NO talent when it comes to drawing.
>> No. 14599
File 130174202510.png - (254.40KB , 800x1200 , Request.png )
The picture. Everything's there.
>> No. 14600
File 130174268738.png - (67.67KB , 512x512 , IForgotIt.png )
Oh, i forgot. Napper's Respite.
>> No. 14601
Oh yeah, sorry about that.

My OC is a male unicorn.

His mane is black with thin silver stripes. It arcs back and is fairly spike along the top, but smooths out further down.

The tail is colored much like his mane, but is well groomed and the stripes grow larger toward the tip.

His body is a somewhat dark silverish gray with a very light rusty hue. is shaped much like Dr. Whoof, but is slightly smaller than the average size.

His eyes are a very dark brown.

His cutie mark is a black wireframe box with a bright silver light within(well it'd look more like a circle with lines stretching out the box in this case).

He normally wears a seemingly tired, almost emotionless expression, but with a small warm smile.

Thanks in advance whoever decides to take this on.
>> No. 14602
What is a php block?
>> No. 14603
File 130177843549.gif - (180.61KB , 200x200 , fluttershy_chatter.gif )
[fluttershy]Uhm, are you done yet? I hate sounding impatient or ungrateful, but I've kind of been sitting on the edge of my (figurative) seat for a while now...
I like the sketch a lot, I really do. I'm sure there's just been a misunderstanding here somewhere...
Ooooh, this is all my fault....[/fluttershy]
>> No. 14604
Yeah, I've been meaning to get that done, but I've been pretty busy with the mlp fightclub crossover and my homework, but I have some free time now.
>> No. 14605
Thank you. I look forward to the completed work, but for now I must study for an (appropriately) exam in geology.
Mmm. The volcanic history of California is fascinating and a little scary...
>> No. 14606
A php block is a block of code that executes PHP.

(php goes in here)

The <?php is the start, and the ?> is the end. (Although in the pic I wouldn't want it to say php, rather just be the '<?' portion, which is a shortcut for it ).
>> No. 14607
File 130178177181.jpg - (208.71KB , 600x600 , geolopony with amthst.jpg )

I also have the colored version W/O the background
(not transparent, but not hard to make it that way 'cause it's white)
>> No. 14608
File 130178673111.png - (170.19KB , 1000x900 , Derby Crash.png )
I'm so very sorry this took so long Derby, but here's your pony!
>> No. 14609
like this?
>> No. 14610
File 130178730185.jpg - (144.08KB , 1000x800 , request.jpg )
I feel dumb, I forgot to add the picture
>> No. 14612
That's wonderful! My rock-loving heart is all aflutter!
And though it pains me greatly to say so, I think the cutie mark is... well... a little too small. Seems out of proportion or something.

Other than that, well I just love it!
Please post the background-free version too, I've got an idea or two of my own...
>> No. 14613
File 130179219330.jpg - (159.98KB , 1000x800 , phpony.jpg )
I doubt this is what you were thinking or, so if there are any things you WANT me to change, just tell me.
>> No. 14614
File 130179248709.jpg - (19.73KB , 308x324 , 130013671458.jpg )

Actually, that is what I was looking for. Is it ok to say I love you?
>> No. 14615
File 130179264236.png - (153.01KB , 630x351 , 130013859531.png )
Double posting because I'm silly and forgot.
(Sorry for this ^ )

-You can make a version with your signature on it, so I have a better chance of remembering to give you credit for it.

Also, did I mention thank you times a megajillion?
>> No. 14616
I guess, what kind of draw friend would I be if I said no?
>> No. 14617

Only a super terrific awesome kind of course!
>> No. 14618
Wow thanks, it looks great!

He looks much older than expected, but nonetheless, very close to how I pictured him. Image saved.
>> No. 14619
File 130179404133.jpg - (174.96KB , 1000x800 , phpony.jpg )
I would be super awesome and terrific if i said it wasn't okay to say "I love you"?
>> No. 14620
Well, you did draw the picture, so you're already terrific and awesome.

I thought you were referring to making a version with your signature anyways, lol.
>> No. 14621
It's probably the combination of tired eyes and silver hair, plus the small smile wrinkle.
>> No. 14622
No doubt about that, he's supposed to look older than he really is anyway.
>> No. 14623
I wonder where that CutieAnon went... it's been quite a while, I hope he/she is alright.
>> No. 14624
File 130180932843.jpg - (118.28KB , 500x375 , Commander Shepard.jpg )
Commander Shepard pony, please?
>> No. 14625
Requesting a lightblue pegasus, with hair and tail in rainbow colours and clouds with rainbows as cutie mark
>> No. 14626
Requesting a Mr. Rogers pony.

Reason behind request is due to a conversation I recently had that went something like this.

>If Mr. Rogers was a pony, he's be God!
>Nah, he'd be an earth pony out of humility.
>... So he'd be pony Jesus?
>> No. 14627
so.... you are requesting rainbow dash with a different cutiemark?
>> No. 14628
That sounds like an accurate description for Rainbow...
>> No. 14629
Requesting a fencing pony in full uniform holding an epee in its hoof. Cutie mark is two fencing blades crossed (foils are probably the best because of smaller bell guard) Color of coat/mane unimportant. Most of the pony will be white so have fun with colors.

tl;dr I want to go for technically accurate but I understand aesthetics are just as important. Treat the below as guidelines.

The pose will dictate how much of the pony will by covered by uniform. If on all fours then jacket will only go to midsection and rear end will be exposed. If standing up then add knickers and socks to cover entire body. The pony will be holding an epee in its hoof. If you google foil vs epee you'll find a pic with all three weapons. A is an epee, B is a sabre, and c is foil. Epee has a bigger bell guard that protects the whole hand. The pony will have be wearing a jacket but not a lame (the gray/silver piece that goes over the white jacket). Figuring out the face mask might be a little tricky. They have a bib attached to them to help protect the neck so be mindful of that. I don't think there should be a mane (rules say that hair can't cover target area) Play with this as you see fit. Tail will be the only part that is exposed no matter what the pose so again, have fun with the colors.

This might sound like a lot but in reality the majority of the pony will be quick and the details are not intricate. The worst part could be the facemask. It's wire mesh so depending on how you approach it could potentially be tricky. Do whatever works best for you.

Thank you so much. Here's my e-mail if you have any more questions.
>> No. 14630
Just bumping my request a teesy...WEENSY bit.
>> No. 14631
Bumping mah request.
Maybe its too difficult..
>> No. 14632
File 130186168678.png - (215.56KB , 1094x1160 , OC finished.png )
Hey Tesseract! How are you doing?
>> No. 14633
is this supposed to be an actual anime character, or just based off of samurai girls in anime in general? If it's an actual character, what anime is it from?
>> No. 14634
It's based on anime, samurai/kendo girls in general (Since they all share similiar traits).
>> No. 14635
Bumping my request for a Mr. Rogers pony.
>> No. 14636
File 130189120578.png - (94.99KB , 600x600 , geolopony transparent.png )
sorry, I didn't notice your comment before, but here's the transparent one.
>> No. 14637
Again I ask.
Could somepony please help create an art picture for me to do a story because I am horrible at making art/pictures. Here are some details for help: The plot is that Fluttershy is sent on a mission to help an animal that is enranged in a forest a bit far north from Ponyville, she needs to calm it down before it does damage to any of the places surronding the area. And I am going to need somepony to help with the art picture. And I need a title. So I need somepony to please help with this. The kind of picture I want is Fluttershy flying around a forest. If I can't get a picture I will look on google.
>> No. 14638
File 130189217412.png - (50.69KB , 384x314 , Sauvginons little girl.png )
Ok I have Pony Ocs and i'm making a family of ponies.
The father is Sauvignin and he is a wine/grape pony his wife is Brie Cheese/wine pony.

They are a classy couple and they have a daughter.
Pic related
So I need help on deciding what her cutie mark could be and her name. And possibly a better design.

Any takers?
>> No. 14639
File 130189606619.png - (122.50KB , 280x280 , Strangelove.png )
Not a priority, but if somepony wants to make a go at ponifying Dr. Strangelove that would be awesome.

A pony with a literal Red (black) Right Hoof


"Mein Fuhrer! I can Trot!"
>> No. 14640
You've made me a very happy pony indeed!
Thank you, RPG_Unit. You've done me a great kindness, and I thank you from the bottom of my stone-loving heart.
>> No. 14641
excellent, now I need to decide which job to undertake next.
>> No. 14642
actually, I think I was already undertaking the samurai girl one, then I'll get the bolt speedman.
maybe this one too >>14583 , then I'll make a new list, expect your pics Saturday at the LATEST.
>> No. 14643
Can I make a request?
>> No. 14644
yes, but you may have to be very patient some of the drawfriends are both busy, and already taking requests.
>> No. 14645

Ok, but I'll request anyways...

Can somepony make me a picture of Twilight as a filly, with no cutie mark, reading a book, kinda sad (but not crying), in a room, alone? Thanks. (If it happens.)
>> No. 14646
File 130192535515.jpg - (468.56KB , 2200x1800 , blueberry-muffin.jpg )
Shit man, that pic is making me go all prickly.

I can't thank you enough!

Have a muffin.
>> No. 14647
Thank's RPG_Unit take your time with it, I can't wait to see it!
>> No. 14648
File 130196683117.jpg - (331.37KB , 540x720 , Geddy_Lee_2007.jpg )
We need Geddy Lee as a pony so that the bronies that like him can flip their shit. Rickenbacker bass would be a nice prop, too. Reference pic included
>> No. 14649
File 130197620447.jpg - (186.63KB , 1000x800 , samurai sketch.jpg )
here's the sketch
>> No. 14650
Looks great! I can't wait to see it fully colored :D
>> No. 14651
File 130198216082.jpg - (266.28KB , 1000x800 , samurai color.jpg )
Not sure what you think of the colors and the background, but I have the layered file saved as well, in case the background is too ugly for you.
>> No. 14652
File 130199305084.jpg - (118.00KB , 294x371 , Immanuel_Kant_(painted_portrait).jpg )

Perhaps have him sitting on a regal looking chair, crackling fireplace in the background, spectacles on his muzzle, glass of wine in... hoof.

Ala: http://www2.pictures.zimbio.com/mp/wMS1IxUIEFrl.jpg
>> No. 14653
File 130201136126.jpg - (8.58KB , 216x205 , mr-rogers.jpg )
Anypony up for making a Mr. Rogers pony? He just seems to fit the pony philosophy so well, amIright?

ref pic
>> No. 14654
geeze, be patient, you don't need to keep bumping so frequently.
>> No. 14655
Nope all looks great! Thanks :D
>> No. 14656
File 130202449855.jpg - (9.05KB , 346x224 , 130186680503.jpg )
Sorry, this is the first request I've made and I wasn't sure if anypony had acknowledged it yet. ^^;
>> No. 14657
Would anypony mind drawing a few reaction pics of my oc seen here?


I want

Thinking (similar to how Phoenix Wright thinks)
An "okay" expression kind of like that Flluttershy picture.
Whatever that kind of face that Rarity has when she sees Applejack talking to Bloomburg.
And this is optional, wingboner

Thanks in advance!
>> No. 14658
>Post in "get a pony based on yourself" thread on /pony/
>Get the most awesome pony ever:

Anyway, I'd like somepony to draw Daring Doo for me. If you want to, I mean... In case you didn't click the link I posted, a short description:

>Brown Earth Pony.
>Loves adventuring in the Everfree Forest.
>Fights the monsters within the forest.
>Has "The Stare".
>Cutie mark is the letters "XP".

He DID leave out a few things like mane and eye color, so I'll take some liberties with that:

>Since the pony is supposed to be based on me though I'm nowhere near that awesome, let's go with a blond, shaggy mane. My hair is actually brown, but a brown mane on a brown coat would be boring, and my hair was lighter when I was younger.
>As for the eyes, I leave that to the artist's creative license. My eyes are ALSO brown, so yeah.

Thanks in advance, I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.
>> No. 14659
would be awesome to get a pony rendition of my self

Mane, Tail- Black and red
Cutie mark is a silver katana and red katana crossing each other
>> No. 14660
File 130204197350.jpg - (227.36KB , 1000x800 , bolt concept.jpg )
here's the concept sketch, and some concept cutie marks for you to choose from, labeled so you can pick which one you like the best.