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16458 No. 16458
I woke up and there they all were. Pinkie, Rainbow, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy and Twilight. I felt my heartbeat speed up immensely. I approached Twilight Sparkle, who looked up at me.

"Please," I began, "tell me that this is heaven. Please tell me that I died and now I'm here with you..."

Twilight, with an understanding and sympathizing look, replied, "I'm afraid not."

I knew what that meant, but I didn't want to accept it. "Have I transcended between our worlds? Am I here to stay?"

Twilight shook her head.

"Then this is a dream," I said weakly. And then I felt a great weight strike me all over my body. I couldn't contain myself. I fell to my knees and began to weep, hugging Twilight's neck.

She let this continue for a short while, and the spectacle had aroused the other ponies' interests. They approached, but I just clung to Twilight's neck.

"Why is it that you wish you were dead?" she questioned. "Why do you want to leave everything to be with us so badly?"

I attempted to stop and look at her. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. "There's nothing for me when I wake up. The world is cruel and hard. All my life has become a string of tasks leading to the end of each day, and I'm no closer to achieving anything worth while than when I wake up at the beginning. The people all jeer and scorn and treat each other with all kinds of hate, and I don't want to do this anymore.

"I look at your world and my heart goes out to you. I feel happy again. Happy that there is a place, if only in our imaginations, where everypony is nice to each other. Where everypony cares. I want to give up. I want to be here..."

Twilight looked down at me and gave a small smile. "The fact that we even exist is testament to the decency of humankind," she began, "We may only be in your imaginations, but that in itself is proof that the world desires a place in which everypony can truly be themselves and be accepted. The reason the arduous tasks you complete are seemingly meaningless is because you connect no meaning to them. Look into your heart and find what you truly want. Now look around. If you want a world like this, you have to make it happen. People are cruel because they assume the worst in others as you are doing now. How many times have you turned your back on a peer because no pony was there for you when you needed them?

"We are here to help you. We are here to teach you. The way you long for us is proof that we are doing our jobs. It may hurt, but our purpose is to show you that something is missing and that you can find it."

"I don't think I can live much longer without you," I replied with tears running down my cheek, "I can just stay here. I can stay in my room and sleep and dream forever if I have to."

Rainbow Dash came forward and spoke: "You don't have to live without us because we're always with you. Every time you feel the warmth of a good deed. Every time you help another pony in need, that's us in your heart..."

"...And every time you see somepony else extend an itty-bitty, little-tiny smidgen of kindness to the world, that's us too!" Pinkie interrupted.

I smiled halfheartedly.

"Now look here, Sugarcube," began Applejack, "You can't just stay home and sleep yer life away. Imagine how that makes us look. Yuh gotta go out and put all those lessons about friendship we've given yuh to good use."

I didn't know what to say, so I just sat there on the ground. Rarity walked toward me and I continued staring at the ground.

"Darling," she started, "you need to buck up! When you wake up you need to look around and see everything that your unhappy with because if you cannot... well, how can you make it better? You can make the world beautiful."

I started to choke up. "But I can't. It's... It's too much to endure."

"You can do anything," Fluttershy piped up, "You have a voice, you just have to find it."

I don't know why, but after hearing Fluttershy muster up the courage to speak to a stranger, my tears stopped and I began to believe. "I can try everypony, but..."

"What is it?" Twilight asked.

"... will you be waiting for me? When I sleep, and when I die?"

"You'll see us again. And we will meet with you when your job is done if you remember us."

"Remember you?" I said, "I'll never forget you."

"Be that as it may, life is a long time. I hope you can find happiness that exceeds our limitations in that time. But, for now, I think it's about time you wake up."

I hugged them all and thanked them for everything.

"And remember," Twilight said, "You're not alone. You have us, but you also have friends..."

Then I opened my tear-filled eyes, sat up in bed, and started my journey.
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>> No. 16459
File 130279090075.png - (88.73KB , 322x322 , 130271961095.png )
A read this whole story and i must say this is awesome.
I'm jealous I haven't dreams like this.

In fact I haven't any dream in this month
>> No. 16460
Just set your alarm for a time before you wake up. You'll interrupt your dream and have it fresh in your memory. If you want to remember it WRITE IT DOWN.
If you just go until you wake up naturally, you drop out of the dream cycle and your mind forgets.
>> No. 16461
File 130279141402.jpg - (66.47KB , 600x600 , 130275769237.jpg )
Thank you for writing this, it's a great motivator. The world needs more ponies.

I hope you find some consolation in their advice, so you can start seeing the magic in life again.
Pony love to you, brony.
>> No. 16462
Thank you very much, i must try this :]
>> No. 16464
File 130279176823.jpg - (14.18KB , 374x373 , 130155884717s.jpg )
to early to cry but i can't help it ^_^ nice job brony
>> No. 16465
Thank you bronies
>> No. 16466
File 130279585356.png - (310.11KB , 700x700 , 1299951395316.png )
I approve of this.
>> No. 16467
I cried at the Pinkie part
>> No. 16468
That sounds like one awesome dream.
>> No. 16469
File 130279746987.png - (223.34KB , 419x408 , 1295916952486.png )
First time I've teared up in years.
I wish I knew you, OP.
>> No. 16470
File 130279779062.jpg - (29.28KB , 385x385 , 130275281505.jpg )
>> No. 16471
File 130279812202.jpg - (132.38KB , 497x433 , tears_of_anger.jpg )
That was beautiful. If this is an indicator of the writing ability of the MLP community, I suddenly DO want to read fanfics.
>mfw I finished reading this
>> No. 16472
File 130279866976.jpg - (55.88KB , 600x376 , 130257800288.jpg )
That was so amazing OP, great job!

*single tear
>> No. 16473
File 130279880352.png - (274.04KB , 640x493 , 129988336136.png )
waaooo man that was awesome. i dont have word to say, Just only GREAT !!! it´s very good very motivational. Manly tears when i finished. very good man!!!! you win everthing !
>> No. 16474
File 130279886946.png - (210.42KB , 496x713 , 130124010958[1].png )

Well done, sirrah! I award to you the sum of one thousand internets. Be sure to spend it wisely.


That being the case, I recommend that you take a peek at this page:

Gathered there are some quite excellent fictional works (featuring our beloved ponies).
>> No. 16475
File 130279979370.jpg - (69.61KB , 567x308 , fool her you kiss.jpg )
While I don't believe this to be an actual dream (it would have to be greatly fabricated in your retelling if it were), I do find this to be a very comforting story.

Great job, OP. I commend you.
>> No. 16477
File 130280057622.png - (25.31KB , 945x945 , 130267908300.png )
This beats out the last dream I had. Something about being on a roller coaster, except there were no carts, and I got thrown up over one of the large 'hills'. Somehow, I was tethered to the rails and ended up back on the tracks.
>> No. 16478
I kinda teared up a little, reading this. :3 I can relate to this. Sometimes I do dislike the real world and wish I could escape to a happier place.

Great job, TC.
>> No. 16479
File 130280102570.jpg - (212.08KB , 722x716 , 1301704817727.jpg )
Great thread.
>> No. 16480
File 130280172300.png - (181.31KB , 560x535 , twilight sly.png )

that about mirrors my opinion, beautiful story regardless ^^
>> No. 16481
File 130280185824.png - (81.42KB , 271x309 , 130203043192.png )
Oh Op, I have no words. I'll just give you a cyberhug. Can you feel it?! I'm crushing your ribs as you read this!
>> No. 16482
File 130280216833.jpg - (9.48KB , 184x184 , 1298214500952.jpg )
holy fucking shit


this is so right.

thanks brony

i have to sleep but
when i wake up tomorrow, im going to make the world a better place
>> No. 16483
File 130280243271.jpg - (92.25KB , 945x945 , Sad Fluttershy getting cheered up.jpg )
Oh Petal... ♥ That was lovely, thank you for sharing with us!
>> No. 16484
File 130283855191.jpg - (1.69MB , 1920x1200 , 1302235643558.jpg )
My first genuine MLP dream. The characters were there in other dreams, but there was little to no interaction.

I'm sorry to make you cry. But sometimes its good to have a good cry. Crying this morning did wonders for me.

Not as awesome as I would have hoped. It was so sad... I just wanna fly around with Dash...

I share the sentiment. Email address? Mine is [email protected]

I appreciate that you think my writing is good. I had trouble with the words that would do this dream justice.

Thank all of you so much! I love you guys. I know I've never met you, but you fellows are the proof I need to keep going.

I assure you that this was a genuine dream. Though I do admit to embellishing for the sake of rhetoric.


I posted this thread early this morning while it was fresh on my mind. Something about the day seemed different. I decided to return to you and relate the effects this dream had on me, though it won't be nearly as engaging.

This day was wonderful! Every time I felt the sorrow building up inside of me, I remembered my dream and the advice of the ponies. I feel as though I can change this world; that it IS possible. I feel so great. I was helpful today, and no cry went unanswered. I could feel them inside of me. And what's more? I actually befriended the least likely candidate for friendship I would have expected. This is a guy who hates ponies. A major /b/tard (the kind that's underage and is always looking to parasprite, spouting memes wherever he goes). Granted he's about 4 or 5 years younger than me, but it was a great accomplishment. I swallowed everything that I felt for him--the annoyance, the loathing of his immaturity and simple-mindedness--and, despite my better judgment, told him he was a pretty cool guy. A nice guy that I would like to get to know. He didn't see it coming and I can actually relate to him a little. He added me on facebook (bleh). I don't think he'll become a brony or anything, but he is definitely not giving me a hard time anymore.

I just want to tell you that I've experienced one of the most joyous and enlightening days of my life.

I decided to post this picture because I found it very inspiring, though it isn't pony related.

I would like to end by saying ponies saved my life...
>> No. 16485
File 130283883934.png - (18.99KB , 104x134 , 130186722509.png )
That was amazing, OP!
>> No. 16486
File 130283908751.png - (190.62KB , 782x900 , simply_beautiful.png )
wow, this genuinely gave me hope not only in myself, but in the world that surrounds me.

Thank you Petal.
In a simple couple paragraphs you touched my heart.
I really hope some one archives this.
I love this world.
>> No. 16487
File 130284001191.png - (88.64KB , 450x600 , 1297304386843.png )
That would be asking a little much, I think. I'm not archive material. Thank you though, and I'm glad my tale could invoke such emotions.
>> No. 16488
That was beautiful, I wish I had dreams like that.
>> No. 16489
File 130284040110.png - (4.61KB , 50x50 , applebloomplz.png )
ill see you prophet
>> No. 16490
Hopefully one day we will all be pon-enlightened!
>> No. 16491
Beautiful dream, reading about it actually made me teary eyed. Much brony love to ya for sharing it with us!
>> No. 16492
This was just..... so beautiful, words cannot describe how much this made my day. this thread should be stickied, so all the bronies can see
>> No. 16493
File 130284339372.jpg - (20.08KB , 449x339 , Fluttershy11.jpg )
Wow I can relate to this... I actually didnt care if I were to die because I think I'll finally be with the ponies in heaven but after reading this I feel like it gave me more purpose in life. i'm gonna go sleep and spread the love around when I go to school
Thank you OP with all my love
>> No. 16494
File 130284351599.gif - (763.49KB , 640x540 , 1299026900011.gif )
Having a dream this organized and influential... it must be impossible for certain people.

Like me.

My dreams are a torrent of chaos that extend infinitely in all directions, never converging on a single focus for more than a few seconds. Like the distant screams of a thousand terrified children, my visions bestow absolute and unrelenting despair upon my waking mind. The maw of death suckles my writhing soul, accusing me of murder and imbuing only guilt into my daily routine of existence. Pain and death are the only constant forces in my horrifying conscious interpretation of reality...


Oh! But if you actually have dreams like this, then my kudos go out to you! It is an inspiration to see such pleasant, emotional, and inspiring dreams find their way into your life! :D
>> No. 16495
File 130284356534.gif - (52.21KB , 360x360 , Twilight-clap.gif )
Petal, this was simply extraordinary. You're lucky to have had such an inspiring dream (and such good writing skills!).

It's quite something when a children's show can affect people like this...I suppose that's the power of good stories, a great message, and lovable characters!
>> No. 16496
File 130284366761.png - (45.40KB , 243x237 , 130190775481[1].png )
You scare me, Lurky...
>> No. 16497
thank you for this op
>> No. 16498
Amazing story Petal
>> No. 16499

My dreams are similar. Not the dark saddy parts, but the chaos. I've drowned tornado monsters in puddles of slushie, eaten crippled midgets made of Jello, and had bologna fights with Tiger Woods.

I'd say "I wish I was joking", but to be honest, those wacky-flank dreams are one of the few reasons I can bring myself to actually sleep at night.
>> No. 16500
File 130284775156.jpg - (42.17KB , 486x492 , 130163149483.jpg )


please archive!!!
>> No. 16501
File 130284809179.png - (261.03KB , 600x605 , twipinkhug.png )
Petal, this is a beautiful post! i cannot put in words how awesome that made me feel to read this! I give you a gold star, my internets, a banana sticker, and a hug for being so awesome!
>> No. 16502
File 130284858281.jpg - (5.38KB , 184x184 , 130168764757.jpg )
>> No. 16503
File 130284859312.jpg - (96.79KB , 600x600 , 130146762162.jpg )
Wonderful story!
>> No. 16504
I can't look at that picture anymore without a few tears...
>> No. 16505
File 130284901869.png - (85.64KB , 465x265 , 130237581200.png )
Almost cried a river.
>> No. 16506
File 130284913997.jpg - (35.63KB , 600x600 , 130054940996.jpg )
Why can't I have beautiful, awe-inspiring pony dreams like this? You are amazing Petal, for dreaming something so wonderful.
>> No. 16507
File 130284987331.png - (71.01KB , 280x280 , 130192401776.png )
I love OP for writing this.
>> No. 16508
File 130285002037.png - (101.19KB , 368x406 , 130072449982.png )
Good read, I almost cried, I don't normally read but after this... :)
Thank you.
>> No. 16509
File 130287055679.jpg - (38.91KB , 512x503 , 130030519068.jpg )
I'm glad I could help, friends. And I'm glad you enjoyed it. Let's all go out and live the lessons how they want us to.

Day 2...
>> No. 16510
File 130287075051.png - (231.10KB , 640x360 , pinkie crying.png )
i cried OP, its so true.

sad but true...and beautiful
>> No. 16511
File 130287149010.jpg - (179.65KB , 803x972 , MKGandhi.jpg )
As an Atheist, I cannot say that Equestria is after death. But also as an atheist I cannot proove what I just said. ^^ When you're time comes, your final dream maybe of Equestria. TBH I dunno if Equestria would be my final dream. Perhaps the Green Hill Zone with Sonic or where my ansestors are.

Point is though, as Mahatma Gandhi said: "Be the change you want to see in the world."

If I may be rather Atheist for a moment. We here on Ponychan are not here because of what we believe, but what we know. Not because of religion or some prophet told us, but what we just know. These ponies teach us what we have always known when we were just children, that innocence when we wanted to go outside and share our kindness to the world oblivious to the grim out there. The ponies teachings is that this child like perception is not silly nor impossible.

We here on Ponychan can be that change we want on the internet as well as the world.
>> No. 16512
File 130287164986.jpg - (24.68KB , 293x362 , aj ahll take it.jpg )
Im an Athiest too, but the idea of going to equestria after death is better than any form of heaven Ive been taught in 13 Years of Catholic schooling
>> No. 16513
Absolutely beautiful. I've been struggling too, and trying to let ponies help me.

I need a dream like this, man.

Great work, OP.
>> No. 16514
Yeah. While there is my "nothing to worry about" theory. There is one philosophy I have but more of a novelty I like to humour myself with alone.

I believe that every world created from pure imagination is real. Sonewhere, beyond alternate dimensions or whatever, Equestria (or in my case Sonic's Earth but Equestria does sound lovely, as well as many other worlds we just believe is fiction) these worlds are or will be real.

Once we die, there maybe a time of "dreaming" where our collective thoughts merge with the Earths own dream and once it's time we will find the worlds we dream of and be reborn into that life. Kinda like a large organiser of where souls want to go next.

It's a pretty heavy philosophy and, while I do like a bit of derail and philosophical discussion, I don't want to tarnish the OP's message of knowledge and belief in our much beloved ponies.
>> No. 16515
Quick backstory moment: I'm Catholic, but never got any religious schooling. I grew up in rural Georgia, in the 'Bible Belt' of America. People pretty much told me I was going to Hell because I wasn't going to their church. Needless to say, this actually made me appreciate my religion more.

Now on that note, I am in total agreement with the Atheist (shocking, right?) on the points they have made; we MUST be the change we wish to see in this world, for not many will be.

When there is no light to follow, it becomes a duty to be that light yourself! Seeing you doing your best will make a few other people want to do their best too, and then others will be inspired by them, until like Lennon said "We all shine on".
>> No. 16516
At this point I believe in princess Celestia and princess Luna, there my gods, I use to go to a small church in Michigan, for a while I stoped believing in god, i found what I believe is seficent evidence to deny the existence of a higher power.
Now when I look up to the sky I thank celestia for the beautiful brighten sun. I think to myself, thank you so much celestia, For raising the sun so we can see the faces of are friends and family, and at night time, I thank Luna for her stunning star that Twinkle As they fly by.
There my gods. This post op wanted me to say it now. I love everypony here.
>> No. 16517
>Twilight looked down at me and gave a small smile. "The fact that we even exist is testament to the decency of humankind," she began, "We may only be in your imaginations, but that in itself is proof that the world desires a place in which everypony can truly be themselves and be accepted."

^That was really amazing right there. I had never looked at it that way. I award you many Internets, OP.
>> No. 16518
File 130290774342.png - (90.00KB , 772x835 , 129752137963.png )
I can't really take credit for that. Twilight said it, not I. You may believe that my subconscious devised it, but I choose to believe that the ponies are inside of my heart with feelings and thoughts of their own...

Once again, I had a fabulous day everypony! I couldn't stop smiling. I can tell that the world isn't as bad as I had originally thought because when I would smile at people whom I had never met before, they would smile back at me and I would feel as though I had made their day a little bit better. Sure, there were plenty who just looked at me weird, but that didn't phase me. Making people feel good is simply splendid, though I still need to work at it. Sometimes it just feels awkward... *Note to self: Complimenting a woman's pants when you don't know her is not friendly... it's creepy*
>> No. 16519
Well, perhaps My Little Pony is becomming a religious thing.I hate to accept it but don't hate to deny it.
>> No. 16520
Well, this probably is the highlight of my month, this should be definitely be archived, it touched me :D
>> No. 16521
I would like a MLP:FiM dream. I am not depressed as you were before this dream nor want to leave my family behind for Equestria.

Just, I got me some minor problems.
>> No. 16522
File 130290841928.png - (8.51KB , 97x125 , 130289421517.png )
I.. Almost cried.

18 year old male, Crying over a fanfic on My Little Pony.

>> No. 16523
File 130290877539.jpg - (82.69KB , 1001x915 , 130237679305.jpg )
That was beautiful, OP.

That it is based on a dream it lovely, and your writing is excellent. I really felt something reading that. Thank you!
>> No. 16524
I'm an atheist too but I'd be all for an Equestrian afterlife. Perhaps we should form a religion/school of philosophy?
>> No. 16526
File 130290892540.jpg - (379.25KB , 560x4095 , 130072364562.jpg )
If only the world could learn the magic of friendship, with a little help from a little pony.
>> No. 16527
File 130290897670.png - (86.57KB , 341x169 , Wingasm.png )
1: This isn't a fanfic, it's a slightly glorified dream.
2: You must not have read Bittersweet
3: This here is amazing.
>> No. 16528
File 130290901970.jpg - (441.36KB , 2400x1350 , 130127776077[1].jpg )
I read this yesterday, and today as I was walking around, I imagined our favourite ponies following me around, commenting on things that we saw and what I was thinking. Then I remembered something that my parents told me: that when I was little, I used to have imaginary friends that I called 'my little horses'. Perhaps they've been with me the whole time...?
>> No. 16529
File 130290905262.png - (258.14KB , 1900x1916 , 130283872472.png )
Making my first post here to say this.

That was absolutely moving, beautiful and inspirational. You're so very lucky to have been able to have such a wonderful dream (my dreams have never been anything more than...odd.) but I owe you such a big thanks for posting this. It's really given me something to think about.

I hope you're able to live a great life moving forwards. Thank you, and good luck!
>> No. 16530
File 130290927345.jpg - (11.54KB , 450x447 , seelofapproval.jpg )
OP Petal is credit to team!

More than anything, this site reminds me to be a better person. I like that this whole community can come together and agree to be respectful of one another even if we don't always agree with one another. In the words of the great Tommy Wiseu "If more people loved one another the world would be a better place."

But srsly, outstanding work.

<---- This is for you.
>> No. 16531
File 130290930695.jpg - (70.00KB , 360x284 , 1302801709788.jpg )
Welcome Brony! Good to have you!

Also, Petal, that was beautifully done, and beautifully written.
>> No. 16532
File 130290936603.jpg - (45.09KB , 272x153 , Thumbs Up.jpg )
>> No. 16533
File 130290938750.png - (60.32KB , 200x240 , Lyra-cry.png )
Amazing. Just amazing.
>> No. 16534
File 130290971084.jpg - (14.77KB , 320x240 , yugiohepisode2_16.jpg )

Welcome to the herd
>> No. 16535
File 130291018517.jpg - (76.01KB , 400x300 , blackface bus.jpg )
I just read the Op's story.

I am jelly.
>> No. 16536
File 130291023085.jpg - (7.44KB , 280x239 , Good burger2.jpg )
Well that's not the picture I wanted to use.
>> No. 16537
Wow. That was amazing. I feel the same way.
>> No. 16538
File 130291044834.png - (63.61KB , 291x274 , 130257363384.png )
If this isn't proof of how great MLP is, I dunno what is.

Thanks for putting a smile on my face Petal, it's been far too long since I smiled sincerely last.
>> No. 16539
File 130291050399.jpg - (18.33KB , 155x199 , SadFace.jpg )
>> No. 16540
File 130291064879.png - (170.56KB , 640x360 , 130290536727.png )
Why, thank you very much!
>> No. 16541
File 130291077299.jpg - (37.34KB , 500x500 , 130178734731.jpg )
>mfw reading this thread
>> No. 16542
File 130291177085.png - (261.03KB , 600x605 , Pinkie Twilight hug.png )
Beautiful. Simply beautiful. :')

Now, please, I don't mean to offend anypony here, but I'm a Christian, and I see a lot, if not all of Christian moral belief in the hearts of us here. Again, I'm really sorry if I'm offending anypony, but it seems to me that, at least from what I've seen around Ponychan, heard from other bronies, and heard from this amazing post (great post, Petal!) ponies seem to be to most bronies what the Holy Spirit is to me and many other Christians. Both are what motivate us to do good in the world and (for the Holy Spirit) to follow God's grace. I don't know anypony here's story, but I do know that what you find in MLP is also found in God. If anypony's had bad experiences with Christians or other religious people, I personally apologize. Anypony can claim to be a Christian, and even worse, some real Christians do not practice what they preach. I'm sorry for that.

I really don't know where I'm going with this, but it's a connection I've seen that I felt like I really had to point out. I'm not trying to start any religious debates. I'm not even sure I said what I was trying to express correctly. I just hope at least somepony understands what I'm trying to say...

<--- hug for love
>> No. 16543
File 130291240766.png - (258.14KB , 1900x1916 , 130239485125[1].png )

Now, now; there's no need to be so apologetic. I was thinking almost the same thing the other day: I had this strange feeling after a day of posting ponies, and I couldn't quite describe it apart from the desire to help everypony feel so happy and full of love.

Different people have different words for it: you might call it God, others might call it ponies; personally, I prefer to think of it as simple human faith. If there was anything about your post that would've got me riled up, it was your seeming assumption that we can't do good things without God, which is absolute hooey in my opinion: conscience is a common possession of all human beings whether or not they believe in a deity.

So, yes: since you are so nice, you get a hug too. ^_^
>> No. 16544
File 130291381577.gif - (1.19MB , 375x420 , 129884134320-1296435591523.gif )
Connection to today's episode :)

For all ponies here talking about religion-->


That thread is proof that this place has a community of the most loving and intelligent people on the planet by about 20%
>> No. 16545
File 130291456104.png - (226.01KB , 623x711 , applejack.png )
This was just beautiful. And it's true. You have to find a way to make the world better no matter what and be a friend to everypony, cause that's the magic that keeps the world turning and everypony smiling. :)
>> No. 16546
File 130291624133.png - (74.99KB , 319x274 , 129988358043.png )
oh man, i love having these kinds of dreams. the kind that actually means something and puts you in a specific mood for the rest of the day.

Spread the word, bro! The world needs more friendship and love. <3
>> No. 16547

I'd just like to take a moment to say it depends on how you approach it, and how you yourself look.

I compliment whatever I like, and no one's ever minded.

It's all in how you carry yourself, I suppose.

Also; Obviously,MODS, archive this thread. The original post is something to be remembered and seen by all, I think.
>> No. 16548
You know if we keep archiving stuff there will be no space left.
But yea lets put this in /arch/.
>> No. 16549
Thanks for this. I'm going to bed early after reading this thread.

While Petal may think that he/she did not make this up, dreams are often your subconcious trying to tell you something.

Well I was raised prodistan, but now I don't necessarily believe in Christ so much as a better place in the afterlife. That stuff shouldn't really matter now anyway because everypony on Ponychan has their whole life to look forward to. And whenever you feel like you are the only good person in the world, just come onto Ponychan and you'll find pretty much everypony has the same problem here. We all want this world to be a better place.

Petal, you are not alone.
>> No. 16550
File 130291978301.jpg - (58.91KB , 600x374 , 130102499898.jpg )
This thread deserves nothing but the highest of honors that a thread can receive. We are Ponychan, and we are here to make the world a better place. No matter what the rest of the world may say or do, we will continue our mission. Friendship is magic, and kindness makes the world go 'round.

Thank you very, VERY much, OP. :)
>> No. 16551
File 130292047258.jpg - (33.98KB , 600x338 , 1297727596532.jpg )
Aluzird raises an excellent point. I would be honored, and probably cry a little if my thread got archived, but I would hate to steal the show from somepony else.
>> No. 16552
File 130292129678.png - (155.76KB , 537x333 , opxp3c.png )
Don't worry your not stealling anything.
What i was saying is that the Admin is going to have space problems with the speed we bronies make stuff that should be archived.
>> No. 16553
Aw Petal, that was just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this here, I really needed to read it. There are times when I just feel so overwhelmed by all the negativity that I sense from the people around me that it makes me want to give up on everypony, and this here not only makes me hopeful, it makes me genuinely believe that we can have a positive influence on those who surround us and help make the world a little more pleasant to live in, no matter if everything seems bent on proving us wrong.

I just wanna give you a massive hug, amazing job.
>> No. 16554
bumping this thread just because everypony needs to read it.
I just wanna say that dream of yours is literally a miracle.
>> No. 16555
Wonderful insipring post, you've truly struck a chord with why we find the show so compelling/moving!

As a agnostic, I would seriously consider converting to Ponyism/Bronyism.
>> No. 16556
File 130297596450.gif - (763.49KB , 640x540 , 130205921855.gif )
Day 3

Now's the time whether I decide to go out on my weekend, or stay locked up and browse for ponies... I know what I should do, but I don't know how I should do it...
>> No. 16557
File 130298642972.jpg - (183.86KB , 700x700 , 129921697366.jpg )
I want to be with them so badly. I would give anything. These ponies are the only thing that make me happy, it seems. If I die and I get to see them, I will be happy for all of eternity and all the pain and hardship 10 times over plus 20% would be worth it. Even if I only get to dream them every night. I love ponies in a way that nopony could ever understand (except maybe you guys).
>and a manly tear was shed
but aside from the sadness. this is very inspiring and motivational. I love you guys

Im gonna do this. just to see them. To be happy.
>> No. 16558
I have imaginary pony friends too
>> No. 16559
File 130298697627.png - (433.85KB , 640x720 , 130298647586.png )
That's it. I'm never forgetting this. Celestia, you guys, I love you all.
>> No. 16560
And i guess since we are talking about religion now, I was raised christian but i recently decided to stop going to church cuz im not really into being religious. It's just not for me. I beleive (more like "hope for") a void you go into when you die where you can do whatever you want.

something like this:
>> No. 16561
That made me think of a plot for a pasta about where what if were we died we went to an empty plain and filled it with what we all wanted and but its been so long that we forget we're dead. Huh. Wierd.
>> No. 16562
File 130298765547.jpg - (704.73KB , 909x7668 , 130281824777.jpg )
>> No. 16563
File 130298795858.png - (126.60KB , 400x360 , 130085533248.png )
>> No. 16564
By the Forest, this was an absolutely amazing and enlightening read. I've saved it to read it with much more depth.

Who wouldn't be suprised if they have?

Personally, I've never had a pony dream... or at least a pony dream that was about ponies. My only memory of having a dream even remotely about ponies was one where Pinkie Pie bounded in, sang "Giggle At The Ghostie" and left. I don't even know what the rest of the dream was about.

I'm also saving this picture.

I was brought into ponies somewhat synically... I only watched it to see what my friend was fussing about... and enjoyed it.

My issue is that I personally am a bit too creative for my own good. Whereas some people have trouble seeing their own, real, world, I seem to flit between universes in my head. Star Wars, my original work called Elemental Magicks, and also Ponies... and to be honest, it's scary sometimes. I can't stand it how I'd almost be in any of them than this world, in the here and the now.

But, I'm a creationist, and as such, I do know I'm here for a purpose - I just haven't found it out yet. Still, I'm working in a factory at the moment, saving up money for university, and you can see why I'd rather be off saving a galaxy, chilling with the mane cast, or even just putting myself in my story like I have already.

But as I read my story now, I can't see myself doing what my character (and fursona) Auraek is doing in it... and I desperately wish I could sometimes. After all, saving anything and being the hero is much more interesting than running a press for eight hours straight.

That's why you've given me a slight revelation, OP. I realize now that you don't have to stop the destruction of a planet or save a race of small, anthropomorphic animals from the wrath of the elves (my story) to be a hero - you can be a hero in the here and the now by looking out and making somepony's day better, by being there as a friend or as a stranger who is just geniunely out there to spread a bit of happiness in the world where humanity, at first glance, appears to be more like animals than animals themselves, what with the fighting and the gruesome deeds (this is what I believed not too long ago).

But now I see this and I realize that the most major thing that defines us as humans is change. We changed the world to what it is now, and we can change it again. We are the catalyst of everything good and bad. This has enlightened me, OP, and I want to be a part of the change. The change for the better.

Even if it's making a single person happy for a single day, that is the definition of being a hero in today's world. We don't need these wars. In a hundred years, we'll be gone to wherever, and then will that extra square kilometer of space matter? Does it even now?

So let's go out and bring purpose to our lives. Let's be a hero. Let's make somepony happy, one day at a time.
>> No. 16565
Bumping so that the mods will /arch/ this
>> No. 16566
File 130299653330.png - (46.46KB , 201x150 , attack hug.png )
Neat story here. It was very well-written.
>> No. 16567
>> No. 16568
I thought this song was very fitting for this thread

"Inspiration" by Jordan Rudess. Not sure if you'll find it on Y/T or not, but just throwing it out there.
>> No. 16569
MY dreams never make sense.
One time i dream t that my house was in Alaska and that it was at tardis and Pinocchio and i were being chased by vampires.
>> No. 16570
>> No. 16571
Okay, this thing really needs archiving. I didn't see it in /arch/, so I'm bumping... again.
>> No. 16572
File 130305058620.png - (34.64KB , 297x230 , wallisbroken.png )
I just now read OP

I think everypony's unanimous for archival, so...

>> No. 16573
File 130305085525.png - (41.92KB , 232x227 , 130132591059.png )
Archive it moddies!
>> No. 16574
File 130305539200.png - (154.04KB , 400x372 , 130162057515.png )
I vote Archive. First time poster/Brony, and this was the first thread I came across. Words escape me. I can't say anything because I wouldn't be doing you or your dream any justice. The only way I'm able to is by feeling and understanding it. Unfortunately it's rather diffi-colt to convey feelings or emotions over the internet, nevertheless, pic related.

I honestly started watching MLP out of curiosity more than anything. I had seen tid-bits of it floating around the internet, but nothing ever really stuck out to me. then, on 4chan(Shocking, I know -_-;;;), I happen upon a Pony thread. In this thread is a link to the first episode. I think to myself "Ahh, what the hell." and clicked on it.

That is probably the most intelligent thing I've ever done in my 18 years of life.

Since the first episode I've been spellbound, in a good way. I've always been an outcast. emotionless. I have no fears. nothing phases me, not even death. But ever since watching the first episode I've felt myself open up a bit. Each time I see ponies I'm instantly happy and content. It never fails.

I look at this thread, and all who have posted on it, and I feel my heart melt with happiness, my chest swell with pride, and my soul fill with hope. To know there are ponies out there who only want to help each other, no matter who or what they are, makes me want to cry with joy.

I wish I could cry. I want to cry, not because I'm sad in any way, not because I'm depressed at all, but because I think it would help me in the long run. I've always bottled things up inside and buried em, and because I've done it for so long, It's started to affect the way I treat people. I think having a good cry will help me immensely.

Ahh, there I go rambling on again, I appologise. Amazing post Petal, I appreciate you sharing this...this "Miracle" is the only word to describe it...with us, all of us. I truly feel like I'm somewhere where I can be accepted for who I am, which is a feeling I've never really felt before, And It is the most amazing feeling in the world.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that My Little Pony has changed, is changing, will change my life for the better, and will make me a better person in the future.

>> No. 16575
File 130305590666.png - (51.74KB , 224x220 , 130193220987.png )
I don't know how I missed this. I don't know how I skipped over it so many times. But I'm so glad that it caught my eye to let me read it. This is absolutely beautiful Petal. I had tears welling up after the guy talked about how screwed the world was. This story makes me feel motivated to go out and actually do something to make the world a better place. Petal Thanks for sharing this story with us :)
>> No. 16576
File 130305647166.png - (122.65KB , 367x577 , 129883923805-vlcsnap-2011-02-13-1.png )
if this doesn't get archived, then at the very least it deserves a screen cap so everypony can save it
>> No. 16577
File 130305728355.jpg - (45.11KB , 486x492 , 130252483301.jpg )
Spread the love. I like that idea.

Agreed, if it doesn't get archived (Which I fail to see why it wouldn't -_-) then it should be a Screen Cap that everypony can view, save, etc.

You think Lauren Faust had any idea that this show would drive this much good will and pony-hood among everypony? She needs to see Petal's post, so that she can see how much of a positive impact MLP:FiM is having on everypony around the world.
>> No. 16578
File 130305749660.jpg - (11.43KB , 300x168 , PC Avatar 2.jpg )
Wow. For the second thread I've seen on Ponychan, this is absolutely impressive. Touching, and probably a dream for everypony that enjoys MLP:FiM. I recently started watching the show, and I'm already hooked, being on episode 17 after a week. I can only offer my congratulations and an internet for the wonder you have accomplished here.
>> No. 16579
File 130305774134.jpg - (279.54KB , 1390x1446 , Inspirational.jpg )
>> No. 16580
Most Epic Dream Ever
>> No. 16581
Good. *He nods his head, smiling.* Good.
>> No. 16582
>> No. 16583
File 130307648831.gif - (586.56KB , 320x256 , 130286972711.gif )
Hello everypony!

I cannot believe that there are so many ponies in favor of archival. It makes me so happy. I didn't think my writing could affect anypony on a personal level. If this thread is archived I would be absolutely honored. I just hope this thread can inspire more ponies to get out and help the world. It is just a great feeling. Today I just finished helping my friends father clear out and organize two of his garages and it gives me a sense of happiness. As I was doing it, I was thinking about how long it would have taken him to do it all by himself and I realized how much every pony can accomplish if we work together.

Get out there friends!
>> No. 16584
File 130307667951.png - (169.37KB , 1897x1927 , 130305869447.png )
I'll just add my approval to the archival squad. I've had this on my watch list since I read it; it's such a lovely post.
>> No. 16585
File 130308934353.png - (62.01KB , 1024x768 , 130189926846.png )
Why is this on page six?
>> No. 16586
>> No. 16587
File 130308965516.png - (218.61KB , 889x749 , BronyPride.png )
I was listening to:


and I thought back to this thread. This is Anonpony 2291566 btw. Again, Mods, if you're awake and listening This thread needs to be archived so that everypony can love, cherish, and enjoy it. John Lennon + Petal's post = Happiest I've ever been.
>> No. 16588
Bumped so that the mods can archive this under "Miracles" in Twilight's Library.
>> No. 16589
If this was in fact a real dream you had I'd venture to say it was an astral travel. In essence, everypony's thoughts of Euquestria have made it a real place in the astral realm, the collective subconscious of humanity, and all of the ponies, or at the very least the most popular ones, have manifested there. All of that thought energy goes somewhere, and even though this particular version of My Little Pony hasn't been out for very long, the amount of attention is getting was bound to make this happen before long.

These are my beliefs, anyway. Feel free to call it a bunch of hocus pocus if you will.
>> No. 16590
File 130310855452.jpg - (26.81KB , 600x337 , tspar - D8.jpg )
Wait a minute

>mfw op is a Rarity fan

Kidding, kidding, Ep. 19 made me associate Rarity with David Bowie; kind of hard to top that
>> No. 16591
File 130312928996.png - (134.87KB , 379x313 , 129721349613.png )
Actually, I'm a Dash fan. Rainbow all the way!

Anywho... time for another day. Thank you everypony for being there and supporting me through thick and thin. I hope I can return the favor one day.
>> No. 16592
No problem petal, We'll always be here =D
>> No. 16593
File 130312991838.png - (228.29KB , 732x513 , Fluttershy filly amazed.png )
that was briliant
>> No. 16594
Bumped so that more ponies can enjoy this post.
>> No. 16595
>> No. 16596
>> No. 16597
File 130316449605.png - (32.85KB , 491x317 , 130177083120.png )
BUMP teehee
>> No. 16598
Shameless self bump, eh?

No worries because this thread DESERVES A FOREST FORSAKEN ARCHIVAL!
>> No. 16599
OP, I haven't cried in 6 years. I hadn't even shed a single tear. That all just changed. I needed this, OP. Thank you. ♥
>> No. 16600
Bump for prosperity and Archival.
>> No. 16601
File 130317306898.png - (65.74KB , 294x289 , face.png )

>> No. 16602

And hello Prankie =3
>> No. 16603
File 130317421023.jpg - (75.76KB , 700x700 , cereal.jpg )
Howdy Auraek, how's... stuff?
>> No. 16604
Stuff is good thanks. Just playing some RuneScape, chattin' on Skype, and working on my OC pony's origin story.

Otherwise, I'm chillin'.
>> No. 16605

I think this might just keep me alive for a while longer, then...
>> No. 16606
>> No. 16607
File 130317890553.png - (657.70KB , 1150x643 , whatIwanttodowithyouguys.png )
It's been a good run ponies, but I don't think it's going to happen :)

I just hope that this dream has helped you even a fraction of the amount it helped me.

>> No. 16608
File 130317899905.png - (42.81KB , 210x207 , 130040881038.png )
I told you this thread would need to be archived.
I so called it, but "noooooo" you said :3
>> No. 16609
File 130317924046.jpg - (279.54KB , 1390x1446 , Inspirational.jpg )
One last post- Just in case anypony hasn't already seen or saved it
>> No. 16610
Bumping for Archival in Twilight's Library.
>> No. 16611
File 130319450860.jpg - (33.30KB , 431x482 , 130275509833.jpg )
The Bump seen 'round Ponychan!!
>> No. 16612
File 130320057524.jpg - (13.94KB , 300x230 , 130308587271.jpg )
Bump for archive. Great post, OP. I'm definitely inspired
>> No. 16613
>> No. 16614
Archival must be done
>> No. 16615
Or at least a screen shot
>> No. 16616
>> No. 16617
Bumping for Early Bird Mods.

Should we all type in keywords that would bring the mods here? maybe they have a search feature that we don't?

Keywords: Archive /arch/ miracle ponies dream Rainbow Dash Pinkie Pie Twilight Sparkle Rarity Fluttershy Applejack Life Goodwill Everypony Twilight's Library Epic Lawful Good Happy Amazing Hope Peace Happiness

(I'm doing this so that the mods will notice this post. I've been in Twilight's Library and this definitely deserves to be in there.)
>> No. 16618
File 130322008912.png - (65.74KB , 294x289 , face.png )
I just got an idea- what if we reported this thread and typed something like "THIS NEEDS TO BE IN ARCH" in the reason field?
>> No. 16619
If we gave them reasons and examples of why it should be archived, then I don't see why they wouldn't want to at least check it out. Petal's post alone is enough to make people weep with love and happiness, so the mods should see why ponies are unanimously calling for /Arch/ival

I say should because I can't accurately gauge how somepony will react to anything over the internet. Just a precautionary thing of mine is all.
>> No. 16620
File 130322432491.png - (205.84KB , 1280x1457 , Pony_Story_OP.png )
Should I cap the rest too?
>> No. 16621
File 130322458611.png - (335.75KB , 1280x1458 , Pony_Story_1.png )
Eh what the heck, I'll just do it.

Incoming spam dump
>> No. 16623
File 130322493317.png - (312.34KB , 1280x1302 , Pony_Story_2.png )
Better start numbering these. 3, despite what the filename says.
>> No. 16624
File 130322546399.png - (322.83KB , 1280x1805 , Pony_Story_3.png )
>> No. 16625
File 130322572376.png - (116.96KB , 347x410 , TheUsual.png )
Bumping a fabulous thread in the hopes that it gets noticed and /arch/'d by a mod!
>> No. 16626
File 130322577249.png - (292.34KB , 1280x1512 , Pony_Story_4.png )
>> No. 16627
File 130322579319.png - (10.18KB , 404x408 , FluttershyOhYou.png )
Silly Alternians, derping up my thumbnails at a time like this?
>> No. 16628
File 130322607580.png - (379.86KB , 1280x1542 , Pony_Story_5.png )
>> No. 16629
All that I can say, is this, Petal.

Our lives are filled with dark pools of negativity and boundless stretches of darkness. Our lives are filled with the utmost structures of evil and villainy. Sometimes, yes, everything seems pointless, everything seems tactless. Everything is without meaning, and void. What does it mean to live? What does it mean to exist?...What does it mean to strive, and live on? Why go on?

We go on, to live for the existence that we wish to bring out, for ourselves. We exist, to bring out something amazing within our lives, within our innermost being. Be it a talent we have, how we think, how we do things, how we just simply...exist. We're here, to show the world, who we are, what we can do, who we can be, and what we can become. As said, we must attach reason and meaning to what can sometimes appear to be a meaningless, and unreasonable world.

But, don't let people tell you that this world is meaningless and unreasonable. You can prove to them that it is. Prove them wrong. Prove to them, that you can surprass, and create something anew, something greater than yourself, and then build yourself upon it, something even greater than that, before. Dont care what people say, if its corny, if its cheesy, if its impossible. This is YOUR life, THIS is what YOU want to create. This is your life. You can live for yourself today, or disappear into obscurity tomorrow.

Live, Petal. Live on with the power of a thousand suns, the diligence a thousand stampeding stallions into the plains of life, and the courage of one, to stand against all odds, and become everything you ever dream of becoming.
>> No. 16630
File 130322651386.png - (312.17KB , 1280x1473 , Pony_Story_6.png )
>> No. 16631
File 130322681392.png - (250.68KB , 1280x1542 , Pony_Story_7.png )
>> No. 16632
File 130322715853.png - (408.23KB , 1280x1599 , Pony_Story_8.png )
>> No. 16633
File 130322743906.png - (349.34KB , 1280x1482 , Pony_Story_9.png )
>> No. 16634
I'll keep reading this whenever I feel world-weary again. Which is most of the time, unfortunately. Thank you, OP.
>> No. 16635
File 130322773320.png - (308.81KB , 1280x1568 , Pony_Story_10.png )
>> No. 16636
File 130322810792.png - (271.07KB , 1280x1344 , Pony_Story_11.png )
>> No. 16637
File 130322843921.png - (214.51KB , 1280x1584 , Pony_Story_12.png )
>> No. 16638
File 130322871044.png - (379.48KB , 1280x1527 , Pony_Story_13.png )
14, and only now do I notice somepony already screencapped the OP. Derp. Guess I'll keep going anyway.
>> No. 16639
hey, I'm the second post there =D also thanks for screen capping it all, everypony appreciates it ^3^
>> No. 16640
File 130322896706.png - (238.32KB , 1280x1434 , Pony_Story_14.png )
>> No. 16641
Cool stuff man, we appreciate it. :)
>> No. 16642
Saving all of these as we speak. got a folder dedicated to this thread.
>> No. 16643
File 130322931261.png - (276.99KB , 1280x1559 , Pony_Story_15.png )

No prob, bro! <3
>> No. 16644

please get out of there dark pony, I did not post you. >:T
>> No. 16645
File 130322942701.png - (194.35KB , 851x477 , pwease.png )
Ohhhh... my bad
>> No. 16646
Ish only luna ^-^

*Huggles luna.* *3*
>> No. 16647
File 130322966526.png - (327.79KB , 1280x1527 , Pony_Story_16.png )
>> No. 16648
As sad as it is, I can empathize completely with the protagonist of OP's story, I have always had exactly the same thoughts down to the letter, so it really hit very close to home. At least now I have something to derive hope from, even though I am utterly alone and lost in this world, without the "Magic of Friendship", and probably will be until the end of my days.
>> No. 16649
File 130323013055.png - (223.64KB , 1280x1473 , Pony_Story_17.png )
18, cutting my responses for obvious reasons. :V

Perk up silly, you didn't do anything wrong!
>> No. 16650
File 130323025074.jpg - (13.24KB , 186x230 , teehee.jpg )
I posted that image on another thread and derp'd yours here. I just wanted to let you know
I'm Pranky Pie, bro. I'm always perky!
>> No. 16651
File 130323070511.png - (203.89KB , 1280x1221 , Pony_Story_18.png )
19 and final, for completion's sake. <3


Oh lol, ok. I thought it was like a preview image the site generated itself or something.

[spoiler]More perk is more bettah! Also, let's see if I managed to do the code right[/spolier]
>> No. 16652
And for those of you who don't want to save 20 images, a rar file: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=F63U9YY8
>> No. 16653
Thank you for the rawr file.
>> No. 16654
File 130324513828.jpg - (135.77KB , 1145x773 , I_LOVE_YOU_GUYS.jpg )
Such an awesome thread, and what a truly inspiring read! Thank you so much for sharing this. ^.^
>> No. 16655
File 130325461156.jpg - (73.78KB , 608x527 , Manly tears.jpg )
...It's like.. You're taking my thoughts and beliefs out of my head into a story..
>> No. 16656
File 130325568667.jpg - (30.27KB , 435x493 , Cheerilee LOVE.jpg )
I come home to check out the reports and I see this.

It's beautiful. Archive request: Approved.
>> No. 16657
File 130325582278.jpg - (28.89KB , 520x363 , 130055009494.jpg )
FINALLY! Thanks, Cheerilee!
>> No. 16658
File 130325668870.png - (176.43KB , 851x838 , 130276708369.png )
Oh my Luna, thank you so much Cheerilee!! You rock! Pic totally related.

Now this can be viewed and shared with everypony in Twilight's Library, and that makes me a very happy colt =D

*Squeals in delight* O//3//O
>> No. 16666
File 130326903648.png - (62.56KB , 258x256 , 1297727152683.png )
Thank you very much :D

This is so exciting...
>> No. 16922
>> No. 16931
You deserve it Petal, without a doubt =D
>> No. 16934
...I kind of wanted to use a cheap meme congratulating you on a good story, like "Awesome story is awesome," but I thought that might belittle it. So...

Good job, Petal. Keep writing.
>> No. 16938
This helped me to get through the long and painful day, thanks for the story!
>> No. 16943
This is just amazing.

Not to be condescending, but did you write this yourself, or did you really dream this?

Still, as I said, just amazing.
>> No. 16946
File 130344698137.png - (226.01KB , 623x711 , 130077658559.png )
I dreamed this and wrote it myself.

I had to embellish it of course for the sake of clarity, but for the most part it's accurate.

I have been lucid dreaming and keeping dream journals for a while, so my dreams have become very vivid. But regardless of your lucidity, your dreams can surprise and awe you. I cried when I had this dream, and have cried several times since then.
>> No. 17337
Quite frankly, not only should this be archived, but also required reading for every brony. Then, once FiM has achieved the adoration of every citizen and world leader on earth, people will truly know what friendship and happiness is.
>> No. 17354
I cried, because lately just that's how I've felt. That story touched my heart. So thank you for it. Really. This story just made my day a brighter one.
>> No. 2502112
Everypony should see this thread. Buck.
>> No. 2502113
File 130958885333.jpg - (157.67KB , 931x931 , 130763386866.jpg )
I'm going to say this here, too just in case you come back to read this. Petal, please, don't give up. I know that there are bad people in the world. I know that you feel like this place is becoming hard and unfriendly. But I beg you: don't abandon this place, the people that you know and that you love so much. Don't abandon us. I know that it's possible that this place will one day be like 4chan is now, full of hate and enjoyment of the pain of others. It is my firmest belief that that day will not come, that the people here will not leave this place to be corrupted, that there will always be a few who remain, and who endure the hatred of humanity. I plan to be one of them. I will not let hatred win. Not here. They can mock me however they like, I will not leave. I will endure. Please. Endure with me. Where would the world be if we never faced the evil in it? Be brave, like so many have before you. Be brave, and the dream you had will never die. I will not let it. Neither should you.
>> No. 2502154
Wish I had an awesome dream like that. The closest I came was meeting Pinkie Pie in the 50th dimensional time-cube when I k-holed the other day.
>> No. 2502339

...sorry, I had to say that

but yes, I agree completely. Apart from this show being constructed of pure awesome, I love to see people’s stories of how it leads them to love people who hate them, to tolerate others if they have different beliefs or even if they’re just general idiots, or just to believe in themselves or in humanity. Too many religious people have gotten the mentality of being ‘righteous’, but forgotten the things that really matter in life. They remember to study their scriptures and say their prayers but forget to actually try to live the way Christ did. The greatest irony is when wars start between people because of religion, entire nations fighting eachother just because nopony remembers what the purpose of religion actually is. MLP teaches the same standards of living that religion is truly meant for, and I think it’s wonderful that it’s causing so many people to understand what life is really about.
>> No. 2502340
File 130981849918.png - (92.31KB , 600x600 , cute nerd.png )
....and also

Petal, I noticed what appears to be implied self-shipping with twilight. I think that would be kindof awkward if you were still human, which it sounded like you were, but if I was a pony I would definitely go for it.
(I know this contrasts my last post... I'm only 17, don't judge me)
>> No. 2502791
...Man tears...
thats a badass dreams, and considering my life is a little somethin like that right now it makes sense. not that it feels right to cry about ponies but i goes beyond that to a deeper message about life and the world around us.
>> No. 2508090
File 131301965923.jpg - (87.00KB , 1440x900 , 1312159044818.jpg )
And thus I decided to help people.
Being a doctor is my dream.
>> No. 2508167
good job brony, if you don't already you should right some fanfic. after something as good as that i assume you do already
>> No. 2508195
File 131319275976.png - (46.50KB , 359x418 , PetalFluffWB.png )
Ummm... no, not really

I don't right fics... I drawfriend.

pic is my ponysona :P
>> No. 2508196
File 131319282460.png - (105.21KB , 660x675 , Facehoof.png )
Oh gosh...


I don't 'write' fics haha
>> No. 2508257
File 131329569446.jpg - (51.35KB , 492x428 , 130196189828.jpg )
>> No. 2510793
This is definitely something I'm glad to have seen. My entry into the Herd was through Doctor Whoof (a fanfiction author I like wrote a story with him in it), and after a few months of "this show is intriguing me" I finally found a video of the entire first season.

And I have discovered that, since then, I've been doing much better at controlling my sins. Maybe after this I'll finally start going back to church! ^.^

But, yeah, I rather wish I had such a dream myself. Thank you for sharing this, and I hope things have remained good.
>> No. 2510806
Wow, thanks for this!
>> No. 2510813
You very nearly made my cry my damned eyes out. You also tapped into one of the key emotional/mental aspects of the bronydom that I have been analyzing and attempting to understand. You have my respect, my sympathy, and my empathy. If this dream happened to me, my god, I would bawled.

It is reassuring to find that there are those who would have the same wish as myself, that these characters, these pastel, flash animated, human voiced pixels projected through a television set were real. I lost my faith in humanity long before finding My Little Pony: FiM, but damn it, you reminded me of one my purposes in life. Also, you nearly made me cry. Damn it. Thank you.
>> No. 2510814
So I'm not the only pony who wishes they can escape into Equestria from the real world. I can't remember the last time I cried.
>> No. 2510815
Indeed you aren't. The world is a cold, unforgiving place where innocence dies so fast that most children never even notice. Call it a weakness, but it is unavoidable that we would want to go to a better place. Ironically, if this reached the public media, we would be branded as insane.

Insane? For wanting to go to a happier, innocent world? Please.
>> No. 2510819
I have been laughed at by the people in my school for watching My little Pony.

I proceeded to smile back knowing that I had the power to make a difference in this world, keeping in mind the things that I had learned from the show.

Friendship is magic my bronies, don't ever let anypony convince you it is not.
>> No. 2510835
File 131882359478.png - (69.08KB , 356x349 , Squee.png )
Thank you both for your emails. I don't check up on this thread very often, and you may have gone unnoticed had you not emailed me :)

You are both fine colts and wonderful additions to not only this fandom, but the planet Earth.
>> No. 2511322
This thread is proof that bronies are forever alone.
>> No. 2511325
I just finished reading your dream. Holy...shit...

I don't know what was going on in your life that caused you to have a dream like this, but I guess you could say it was a blessing that you did have a dream like this to pull you out of whatever negative feeling you had about your real life.

This proves just how much this show can affect us. You have earned my sincere respect brony, and I hope that you will continue to live your life with ZGAVIVFnL (as my 9th grade English teacher used to say). It stands for:

Animal Vigor
Intellecual Vitality

Also, copy, paste, and saved for future reference =).
>> No. 2511328
Email received and being responded to :D
>> No. 2511347
Jesus christ, it's just a cartoon!
>> No. 2511495
What's wrong with taking inspiration from a cartoon?
>> No. 2511507
File 132025016251.jpg - (24.74KB , 305x293 , 1319304186767.jpg )
>> No. 2511527
File 132028977524.jpg - (125.18KB , 1600x1280 , Apple Jack with Headphones.jpg )
I long for dreams this beautifully motivational. As of late, all of my dreams have involved my death, and my welcoming of it. In each one I die the same way, shot in the head, I live, shot again, and I wake up. But every time It's in a new place, almost like I'm seeing the deaths of past lives. I could use a hug, something to cheer me up. Ponies and Bronies give me that happiness, with the fan art, and music, fics, and posts like this.
>> No. 2511528

Agreed. I envy these sorts of dreams as well. We could all use a good laugh...
>> No. 2512880
This gives me hope that if whatever exists beyond this world, it is something beautiful, indescribable by human means. Thank you, Petal
>> No. 2512890
File 132795600369.png - (201.74KB , 438x500 , manly tears discord3.png )
Thouroughly enjoyed reading through that.

My dreams are always too inconsistent to hold any real structure, but I know ponies have frequented several of them.
>> No. 2512892
Amazing ...
>> No. 2512897
File 132799066855.jpg - (84.13KB , 667x800 , 131731277749.jpg )
I didn't think this was going to be as good as it was. Things have been a little rough for me lately, so for some reason I cried SO much at this thing. Felt really, really good. Now I'm listening to Winter Wrap Up on repeat, ready to start a new day!
>> No. 2512942
I can see you're the type of atheist that wasn't taught correctly how beautiful religion can be. You're ignorant. If you actually knew correct Catholic teaching, you can understand that Heaven is greater than Equestria, if not as good. I wager my right eye that there's no way you can legitimately say Equestria is better than anything Chrsitianity actually teaches about Heaven.
God, I feel stupid for talking about this on a pony board but I cannot let such ignorance go unchallenged.
>> No. 2512943
Jeez, I'm constantly amazed at how far multiverse theory has spread into the collective consciousness. Could you debate how you got to this theory/your reasons for believing in it? It interests me greatly why people choose to believe in such theories.
>> No. 2512944
That's honestly your hope for the afterlife? I'm going to practice some tough love and say you're very immature.
>> No. 2513002

I don't suppose the mantra Love and Tolerance has any bearing on you. Expressing a condescending tone and calling other's opinions and beliefs utterly incorrect certainly does not uphold that mantra. Of course, you may continue in whatever manner you deem acceptable. I merely hope you would consider what our community's belief means before so rashly judging others.
>> No. 2516587
File 133921998827.png - (77.99KB , 269x269 , 50.png )
This story was great and touching. I teared up a little.
>> No. 2516588

Your dream, as well as the show and brony community in general, are so motivational. While it may be a little far-fetched to believe so, I feel that this show has had an astounding effect on stabilizing my view of the world. It has encouraged me to keep strong my optimistic attitude and patient heart (both of which I am so thankful for). Thank you for sharing your story, it has again renewed my faith that there is always good in the world, sometimes you just have to do a little searching for it. And when you do find it, you need to amplify it to positively effect as many as you can.

Sidebar: I'm not sure exactly what stirs it, but whenever I see/experience negativity, my very essence changes, as if my soul is trying to reject the negativity that it just perceived...its kind of hard to explain, but it's similar to having 'butterflies in you stomach;' it just sets me ill at ease. It's an odd experience, but its almost as if my body simply has a low tolerance for negativity.

Sidebar #2: The only dream I can currently remember having was the second of two dreams (I had a dream that I can't remember, woke up, went back to bed, and had a second dream). I was wandering around a store searching for MLP merchandise, and was disappointed that I couldn't find any. Disregarding my previous failures, I just kept searching and searching to try and find some. (Random tidbit: At one point somepony spoke to me in French, I think I was in a French store. However, I am an american and English is my first language, so it was odd. Especially since she said that she liked my shirt, that was written in english). I'm not generally one for interpreting dreams, but they do come from somewhere, whether it be dormant emotions or unfinished thoughts. Anyways, I think this dream had a similar moral as yours, keep searching, keep moving, and keep doing in an effort to make the world a better place, and eventually things will change.

Sidebar #3: This only thing I can remember from my first dream is that at one point I was given an epic Rainbow Dash beach towel. XD
>> No. 2516932
File 134058678802.png - (255.26KB , 500x500 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-reading-is-so-mainstream[1].png )
>> No. 2516958
File 134378511013.jpg - (104.93KB , 800x500 , Awakening.jpg )
This is from April of last year, and yet it still has the same emotional impact on me as it did then.

There are still no words...
>> No. 2517638
Yes. I find it odd. It's as though I'm always pulled back here. Every time a season begins or ends. Every time I feel lost, I come here and all of these feelings come rushing back to me.

I don't know if anypony here will actually believe me, but this dream has completely rewritten my future. Every choice I make; my entire outlook on life is the result of this dream.

I love you all so much I can hardly keep from crying.
>> No. 2517639
File 135329065743.png - (127.61KB , 411x360 , Hugs Spike.png )
>> No. 2517647
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