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16950 No. 16950
4chan b/rony here. Got the advise to seek you folks since i am in need of help. Yesterday my Wife had a heart attack, even thou I called the Ambulance right away they just called me that her left Brain Half had shut down. Shes on life support now and some Serious Surgery is sceduled... and i just cant stop crying
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>> No. 17321
Woohoo! :D

I'm so glad she's doing better, Merriweather!
>> No. 17322
gratz brony, that'll make her party all the sweeter
>> No. 17323
File 130345654649.jpg - (23.86KB , 360x316 , omgomgomgomg.jpg )

:D :D :D :D :D

I'm really glad to hear that! I've been trying to keep up, but haven't known what to say... but even though some of us may not be saying too much, know that you and your wife are in all of our thoughts!!!
>> No. 17324
File 130345722870.jpg - (361.03KB , 1414x1406 , 130211739381.jpg )
Just read the updates. Glad to hear the good news. A few points in your stories made me da'aw and are really cute.

You're still in my thoughts and prayers. At this point I'm pretty sure that you know that our interest in your welfare is more then a passing fancy.

Also, thanks for linking that song. It was interesting to listen to (in a good way).
>> No. 17325
File 130346103801.png - (530.53KB , 1081x625 , 130317635272.png )
Thanks everypony ! I am so gratefull to have all of you.

Since this thread has been de-stickied (have i said that right) It can be moved to arch if the Mods want. Otherwise I will Update you as long as its here. If I cant find it anymore you can come look for me in one of PSPs "how are you Feeling today" threads and ask me then I will gladly tell you all about her Progress.

Untill then I yet again thank you from all of my Heart for all of your Support.

Your awesome, I love all of you
>> No. 17326
File 130346647968.png - (557.12KB , 1000x1000 , 1302827293161.png )
You know, I'd really love to see it in /arch/. It's a sweet little thing to read, and it's something where I hope your wife makes it. Trust me when I say that as long as we still hold caring inside us, I don't think this thread would fall that easily.

And you're welcome for the help, my brony.
>> No. 17327
File 130347598000.jpg - (256.40KB , 940x528 , pinkierainbow.jpg )
Holy shit man... I wish I could say something helpful or soothing but I'm socially insecure as fuck and I just want to let you know that I'm rooting for you and your wife. I hope it all ends well.

Good to see that you get so much love and support in here. I'm going through some hard times as well right now (though they're nowhere near as severe as yours) and ponies really do brighten your day. Shit is magic, I'm telling you!

Good luck and stay strong. Greetings from your neighbors in the Netherlands. :]
>> No. 17332
File 130348603128.jpg - (31.14KB , 351x365 , cowponybigsmile.jpg )

That's wonderful to hear! i'm excited that she is eating and responding to you, i was so worried for her. You have been awesome and your wife has been awesome for fighting this thing and making great strides!

and to the rest of ponychan, This is one of my biggest reasons why i love this site and fandom so much. Always ready to support and help those in need, showing the love, friendship, kindness, and total respect that bronies can offer. Showing that friendship is real magic!
>> No. 17338
>> No. 17341
File 130351222412.png - (261.03KB , 600x605 , HugTwilight.png )
So happy to hear things are getting better!
>> No. 17350
Even though it's in /arch/, it would still be great if you could give us news every once in a while. I know I will be coming here to see if there's anything new every now and again.
>> No. 17352
This to a T.
>> No. 17413
File 130356294293.png - (85.67KB , 740x694 , 3230 - Aquafresh Colgate Romana.png )
>Saturday is her Birthday...
Well wishing her a happy birthday may seem a bit inappropriate under the given circumstances, but however, best wishes for both of you. You did an awesome job and i hope that she will get better soon.
>> No. 19087
That's great news!! Makes me so happy to hear!
>> No. 19122
File 130370842395.jpg - (53.76KB , 854x480 , this is why we can have nice things.jpg )
Frohe Ostern Merriweather and wife. I hope this spiritual day brought with it some great progress for the two of you.

If anything bad happened recently, know that we are all here for you to pour out your sorrows onto. I can't wait to hear of your wife's reaction when you show her this thread ^ ~ ^
>> No. 20059
No recent news?
>> No. 20065
File 130383276649.png - (167.52KB , 641x361 , in all hly name.png )
Give him time, also, I lost the thread, maybe he did too
>> No. 20135
File 130395086656.png - (121.21KB , 640x360 , MLPfim_ep0603.png )
>> No. 23816
File 130419417203.png - (158.46KB , 894x894 , 8914 - big_macintosh lil_macintosh.png )
Man, I hope Merriweather knows his thread has been archived. I miss getting regular updates. I'm kind of worried. :/
>> No. 23817
Sorry to you all !!! I though this was locked when moved here...

If anypony wants to chat you can almost evertime find me in one of Psps "How do you feel today" Threads in /chat.

Thou here a litte gettogether of the past Weeks. My Wife is now out of the Intensive Care Station and into Rehab, yesterday they took the Breathingdevice out and she already startet talking again, simple Words like her name, hello, help.

She wants to say more and stocks on "I think..." but its probably still a huge mess in there. She also still cant move her right Limbs thats going to need time.... but she is alright and out of Lifedanger.

I for myself am having a hard time myself, Stomach problems and a Depression says the Doctor. Got Meds against it but right now i feel like cuddling up in a corner and .... no sorry I dont want to concern you anymore... dont worry im fine.

Special thanks to everypony in the "how do you feel threads" for cheering me up, of course thanks to you all aswell
>> No. 23821
File 130420902819.png - (311.49KB , 1932x1821 , 8994 - absurd_res princess_luna.png )
That's great news about your wife! I've said it before, but those little victories sure do add up, don't they? :)

I think anypony might feel the same way you do after enduring such a terrible tribulation If anything happened to my own wife, I'd very likely feel the same way you are. I'm just glad you're getting some help. I'm sure you wish you wouldn't feel this way anymore. *hug* :(
>> No. 23832
File 130422244578.gif - (66.08KB , 360x360 , clop clop.gif )
Oh that's wonderful that your wife is talking again!
>> No. 27121
File 130452931848.png - (267.94KB , 2000x1839 , 130383740844.png )
Hiya again, my wife is doing wonderfull stated her condition. She is eating bread again and she loves it... i shall great you all from her :3
>> No. 27122
File 130453072597.png - (282.37KB , 1280x720 , 130298365927.png )
Happy endings!

>> No. 27123
File 130453154681.png - (76.69KB , 320x314 , 130238261221.png )

Oh, I'm so glad!
>> No. 27128
File 130454815876.jpg - (7.45KB , 184x184 , rainbow dash 2.jpg )
>> No. 27129
Thats amazing! I've been following this thread for a good month and its just awsome to know she's finally doing well.
>> No. 27135
File 130455994890.png - (47.68KB , 200x187 , 130145299247.png )
That's great to hear man!
I'm glad to see that ya'll are coming out of this thing ok.
I have been following this since March and to see that this is going to have a happy ending warms my heart and puts a smile on my face.
>> No. 27141
File 130456977557.png - (62.66KB , 237x237 , 130324730119.png )
Here's to brighter futures!
>> No. 27148
Wooooo! I'm so happy things are going better for you, Merriweather! :D
>> No. 27152
File 130463114031.jpg - (39.71KB , 600x600 , That\'sNice.jpg )
Hooray!!!! >>27121
>> No. 27168
File 130471666612.jpg - (47.70KB , 600x338 , 1299953390871.jpg )
Sorry if this sounds cheesy... but i kinda feeling like this now and want to share it with you.
>hes not..... he is

Read this to the "Final Fantasy XIII My Hands melody"

I come home in the evening... tired of working
Get in the shower... and get something to eat alone
I start up my laptop... talking to some bronys
already passed another day....

Without you and i talk helping other in need
holding back my own fears... my tears obey me...
I stay home at night... i turn of the light.

I cant do all of the things i must do always you on my
mind when i think i wont be alright... i am always wrong cause

My Friends, I dont want to bother them
My Friends yeah they always understand
My Friends they just hug me and break every piece of
fear i may find

My Friends no grudge will ever be hold
My Friends no matter what nonsense i have told
My Friends no they will never leave me alone ... no
never leave me alone

I talk about you now... I try to do without crying
I am among Friends now, even thou im home alone
They cheer me up everywhere, make it sound so easy

I laugh a bit louder... make them think im allright but I
see they dont belive me they try to comfort me.
And now i see all of the things you guys do to me,
when im with you i can be okay... i can cry cause you
are ....

My Friends... they dont want me to hold back again
My Friends they do all really understand...
My Friends they will always try to help. They just try
and destroy every piece of sadnes i may hold

My Friends they all give me hope
Your Friends no they dont want you to be alone
Our Friends no they will not let us go... no never let us go

> sorry im going to sink into the ground out of embarrament now... but this is what i feel for you. Thank you so much... I love you all.
>> No. 27171
File 130473152671.png - (56.25KB , 319x274 , 130134819412.png )

so awesome...I'm tearing up right now, I'm so happy she made it...I was so worried about both of you the whole time. Much love to you and the wife Merri.
>> No. 27172
File 130473323853.jpg - (160.23KB , 900x1264 , 130457267414.jpg )

We comfort each other when we are in need because we really are a big internet family. We'll keep supporting you through all of this.
>> No. 27251
And you can't escape us that easily. We'll support you after it, there is no escape.
Glad to hear she's doing better :P
>> No. 28787
File 130496500520.png - (89.54KB , 472x289 , ponies_by_platina_jolteon-d3fip4c.png )
wow, awesome

I have to say, that i was really worried abou you two.
But now, as things seem to get better, i feel really happy for you.
>> No. 28800
File 130506545679.png - (111.34KB , 900x815 , 130186061493.png )
Sorry for not keeping up, dont want to make you worry she is falling a bit back right now. Doesnt want to eat and got an infection.

I streched my back and am laying low for at least 2 Days... one should never say "well at least it cant get worse"
>> No. 29075
File 130513206530.png - (156.00KB , 600x470 , rainbowpie_by_platina_jolteon-d3fjbfz.png )
oh, i´m sorry to hear that :(
I just hope the infection isnt too bad.
Best wishes. I hope she gets better soon.
>> No. 29082
File 130513868896.png - (19.94KB , 125x105 , 130505111232.png )
Its a simple "krankenhaus keim" but she has to be isolated so she does not infect the other more weaker Patients.

At least I got her to eat some more by telling that she is making some Ponys very sad
>> No. 29083
Well hopefully this illness won't get too serious. I'm sure it won't be, though. Do the doctors thing she will survive?
>> No. 29093
File 130517587952.jpg - (61.33KB , 588x888 , 130457352119.jpg )

Ooh, Deutsch! Ich hatte nicht gedacht, dass ich Deutsch hier sehen wurde.

...You and your wife are in my thoughts constantly. What sort of recovery are the doctors expecting of her?
>> No. 29094
Yeah of course !!! She is fully there again and out of the coma... "only" cant talk and move her right body parts. She will have to learn that again but she is recovering

Hallo ! There a quiet a few germans here but to be polite we keep the Germantalking down... come visit me in /chats daily "how do you feel" thread if you like to chat.

The doctors expect a good recover but thats going to take a loooong time. She will have to replace the dead Brainpart funcitons and that takes time
>> No. 29349
File 130527911701.jpg - (66.47KB , 600x600 , 130065937171.jpg )
Wow guys I go on ponychan a fair bit, don't post much though, only just found this thread, read it top to bottom, stuff like this really made me see the world in a different light (in a good way xD) been in a bit of a slump because of exams but now that just feels silly!

Hate to echo posts in this thread but yeah best wishes to you brony, sounds like it's going well! Everything looks like they're going to be just fine =)
>> No. 30078
File 130538793536.png - (312.68KB , 600x498 , 130435129635.png )

Yay for wonderful progress!
>> No. 2494121
File 130772078628.jpg - (34.49KB , 600x600 , 130317021382.jpg )

It's been a while. Could you give us an update? Is everything alright?
>> No. 2511230
Um... Update, please?
>> No. 2511499
File 132022641775.jpg - (73.63KB , 569x720 , 131801044202.jpg )
Im sorry for the lack of updates.

She is Recovering and now in a Rehab Station. Slowly starting to walk and to talk again, she will recover but never be 100% the same again. I went through hard times myself. The Relationship broke over it in the end since getting Kids... building a Future... may never be possible. I got Depressive and almost took my life because i felt guilty... but i got Pychological Help and am better myself nowdays.

I got to know somepony here on Ponychan and fell in Love... Live with her now and she helps me a lot with moving on in Life
>> No. 2511509
File 132025345989.gif - (888.13KB , 360x212 , bruceleegut.gif )
sounds like a legit melioration to me.
>> No. 2511534

May you find strength through love and peace through kinship.
>> No. 2511597
File 132073402507.png - (261.03KB , 600x605 , HugTwilight.png )
Thanks for the update.
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