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16950 No. 16950
4chan b/rony here. Got the advise to seek you folks since i am in need of help. Yesterday my Wife had a heart attack, even thou I called the Ambulance right away they just called me that her left Brain Half had shut down. Shes on life support now and some Serious Surgery is sceduled... and i just cant stop crying
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>> No. 16951
Hey, man.

Sorry, about all of what has happened.

I hope she is okay in the end.
>> No. 16952
File 130139951968.png - (105.49KB , 945x945 , I understand that emotion brethren.png )
>We're here for you.

I.. actually know how you feel. I don't want to talk about it.
>> No. 16953
File 130139960267.jpg - (29.48KB , 577x347 , 129949920430.jpg )
We are here for you and we love you!
>> No. 16954
File 130139968948.jpg - (221.15KB , 600x600 , 129856704554.jpg )
i'm so sorry brony
>> No. 16955
File 130139969781.jpg - (48.63KB , 600x600 , PonyOPmuffin.jpg )
Sorry to hear it, friend. I hope everything turns out okay, I can't imagine what that must be like.
>> No. 16956
File 130139973694.png - (144.62KB , 475x797 , 1301385845098.png )
Good luck fellow brony. I can't express in words how I hope everything will turn out good in the end. For that I am sorry.

Best of luck
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File 130139982032.png - (313.42KB , 600x653 , Derpy delivers love.png )
>> No. 16958
What fucks me up most is that yesterday was a good day for her... we went shopping, had Dinner, watched a movie. Then she "comforted" me because Sex wasnt possible because her heart problems.... after that we went to sleep and minutes later she cramped ...

If feel so fucking guilty ....
>> No. 16959
i'm so sorry for you and your wife! my thoughts are with you two, I hope she'll recover soon!
>> No. 16960
File 130139992296.jpg - (38.82KB , 600x340 , 130025446814.jpg )
Shit. I've been having some problems recently, but, woah. Dude, I REALLY hope everything turns out okay. As a Christbrony, I believe in miracles. I've seen them happen. Saved my mothers life. You, are in my prayers, brony.
>mfw I thought I had it rough recently and was wrong
>> No. 16961
I'm gonna hammer this into your head now.

This was not your fault.
This was not your fault.
This was not your fault.

There is no logical reason that this could be your fault. We love you dude, and best wishes, and God's blessings for your wife. You have a shoulder to cry on, brony. We're here for you.
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File 130140022378.png - (23.58KB , 124x125 , 130137193046s.png )
I am so sorry for you Brony D: Much love and hugs go out to you and your wife...but remember it is not your fault...please please do not blame yourself...I hope everything turns out for the best and I'm sorry you have had to endure such a tragedy D:
>> No. 16964
It's not your fault man, don't blame yourself. I can't imagine what you're going through right now. I sincerely hope this surgery can help make things right again. My thoughts are with you.
>> No. 16965
File 130140031402.png - (768.06KB , 1920x1080 , 130054214495.png )
Yes, I hope that everything works out fine and everypony is OK in the end. I'll be routing for her and you to get through this!
Good Luck and God Speed!
>> No. 16966
I really hope things work out for you. I'll be praying for you two...
>> No. 16967
File 130140049602.jpg - (115.67KB , 900x900 , twilightapplejack.jpg )
dude, i'm so sorry to hear about your wife. I sincerely hope for your situation to get better *hugs*
>> No. 16968
Agreed also.

I was... tangentially involved in some unfortunate incident last year (not going to talk about it), but I'm aware of just how easy it is to blame oneself for unforseen things. You can never predict these things; don't let hindsight make you feel guilty.

I hope she'll be okay.
>> No. 16969
holy... listen this isn't your fault. and keep on the positive side man: if there's surgery scheduled, that's a heck of a lot better than "there's nothing we can do". she still has a chance, cling to that. keep the faith brother, we're all backing you and your wife
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File 130140065092.jpg - (365.85KB , 1000x438 , 130126825606-Madmax_Shipping.jpg )
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File 130140080724.png - (171.76KB , 751x440 , e9614e1e66a401eaff982954b087f25e.png )
I dont even remember what was the last thing i told her ? Was it good night... I love u ...

I was by her side till 5am, petting her head talking to her. She seemed in pain all the Time and for some seconds I believed that her eyes where focusing on me. She wasnt responding to questions or other stimuli.

>> No. 16972


I hope everything ends okay.

Even if it doesn't, know we are still here for you.
We always will be.
>> No. 16973
File 130140098933.png - (84.61KB , 275x275 , Rarity 72.png )
This feels a little out of our league, and a quick scan reveals I don't have any image more appropriate than a sad reaction, but...yeah. We're as here for you as we can be. I am not a praying pony, but I know those here that are have you in mind tonight, and modern medical science is an amazing thing.
Keep hope. It's all we can do for now.
>> No. 16974
Ouch man...
We're here for you. I don't know how many others can say they've gone through a similar experience, but I swear to you, we are here for you.

We will listen to you.

We will hear your story.

We will comfort you.

We will be the shoulder for you to cry into.

We will tell you that, in the end, everything will be okay.

And we will mean every single word.

We are here for you.

Let it out. Let it all out.
>> No. 16975
File 130140197716.png - (157.48KB , 400x335 , brony_support.png )
So sorry, man.
Wishing for the best.
>> No. 16976
File 130140355547.jpg - (158.62KB , 405x600 , 1300215669122.jpg )
Just passed by my Workplace, my Boss is a real good Guy and he said that I can take off time if needed. My Brother lives next City I guess I will sleep over tonight... when living together for over 10 Years without beeing seperatet often every night without her seems extreme Lonely at home

Post some funny Pics... make me laugh I feel like I cant cry anymore. (my face is all red ... i look like hell right now) -_-
>> No. 16977
File 130140433095.png - (201.29KB , 953x773 , Shows For Little Girls.png )
Funny, huh?
>> No. 16978
File 130140442098.gif - (298.04KB , 332x179 , 130138864035.gif )
I have no witty pics, but you can watch Pinkie Pie here run around in circles like a silly, random pink pony she is. ;w;

.. But.. *hugs tight* We'll all be praying for you, or at least keep you company right here, right now. :3
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File 130140447557.jpg - (962.49KB , 700x6378 , 130016300322.jpg )
>> No. 16980
Watch that gif with this song

Much better!
>> No. 16981
File 130140505134.png - (39.91KB , 209x202 , 1300213916055.png )
Damn why did I have to go on yt ?

>> No. 16982
I wish there was more I could say. I'm so sorry, and all of my karma to you.
>> No. 16983

D:! No no no~ No baw songs for you. ;w; *puts away youtube* Gee, you're going to make me cry too.. *hugs*

Just hang in there okay? Did they tell you the estimated time that the surgery will be done? ;w; Do hospitals do that? ;^;
>> No. 16984
In about an hour the visitortimes starts and then they are going to tell us what comes next. So far I got no info on thatsoever.
>> No. 16985

All I can say is please stick in there. If the tables were reversed do what you think your wife would do for you. Don't feel guilty - these things happen. Be her guide through this terrible time and don't hold back.

Whatever happens, good or bad, your wife will be glad to have you by her side.

Best of luck to you two.
>> No. 16986
she's going to be okay
just be there for her as we are for you
>> No. 16987
File 130140610225.jpg - (27.98KB , 435x493 , 130138977249.jpg )
Yeah. Your wife will be depending on you once she gets better. ;w; Stay strong, Merriweather!
>> No. 16988
Hey, I know it's not really relevant or anything, but if you go back to /b/, can you give Cupcake this message?

"I love you, Cupcake. You're the most amazing person here. Your unconditional love for everypony here is incredible, and we all want to thank you for it.
We all need to be loved, and it can never be a one-way system. For so many people, you are the source of their love.
But we can't keep giving and receive so little in return.
Cupcake, I love you more than a freshly baked muffin, I love you more than the number of stars in a clear night sky.
I love you more than standing atop a mountain, looking over cool green fields of grass dotted with trees, listening to birds singing their evening songs, watching the sun set across the ocean horizon beyond the fields.
I love you, Cupcake. Absolutely nothing will ever change that fact.

If you could pass that on, that would mean the world to me.
If you need any reason, do it knowing that you'll make the days of at least two people.
Thank you.
>> No. 16989
next time hes on i will pass it on, no problem
>> No. 16990
File 130140725948.png - (202.67KB , 744x608 , 130082737787.png )
ohh brony that´s really hard i know how you feel, it´s ok bro it´s not your fault, you give her a great day and those little things make her happy a 10000000 times !!. things like that happens but stay whit her always. we stay here for you
>> No. 16991
quouting Cupcake
>damn it derpy...why you gotta be so amazing....
>> No. 16992
Thanks, that means so much for me
Thank you.
>> No. 16993
Not sure where you live, but would a pocket pony help ease the pain?

if so, email [email protected]
>> No. 16994
File 130140847952.png - (55.23KB , 318x269 , 1300055384555.png )
Germanpony... at least we have the sofar best Medical Care for normal Working people so far. No offense @amiponys

I will be showing in later again hopefully with some good news... and if you would like me to stay with you of course.
>> No. 16995
please tell us everything if that's okay with you
I believe it's easier to deal with such a situation if you have people you can tell everything about it
>> No. 16996
You're very welcome to stay, of course. I hope there's some good news later.

It kinda makes me feel honoured on behalf of the community that somepony would seek us out. We may only be able to offer a kind word and/or a picture, but if it makes even a tiny difference to have somewhere to talk, then it's worth it.
>> No. 16997
File 130141567590.png - (144.55KB , 637x358 , rbdnotlivingthedream26537.png )
Doctors are highly trained esp when it comes to the brain, it'll be all good brony
>> No. 16998
File 130141575966.jpg - (5.56KB , 125x125 , who wants a hug.jpg )
I'm really sorry Merriweather. I'm sure everything will be alright though. We are all here for you, so don't feel like you are alone in this.
>> No. 16999
Think I can manage that then if it'd help hun *hugs*
>> No. 17000
File 130141639783.png - (95.92KB , 271x309 , 129978394280.png )
I... I don't really know what to say Merriweather... I really hope that the situation gets better soon.
>> No. 17002
File 130141681925.png - (283.69KB , 700x655 , 3557 - comic derpy_hooves poison_joke zecora.png )
Oh no! I shall keep you and your wife in my thoughts and prayers. She needs you to be strong for her right now.

And now a funny pic. :)
>> No. 17003
File 130141982709.jpg - (10.27KB , 226x159 , 1298359167654.jpg )
Christ, Merri. I am at a loss for words.

All I can say is keep hope alive.

>funny picture
>> No. 17004
And this is why I wish I'd saved that "collective Internet hug" picture.

My sympathies. You has them.
>> No. 17005
File 130142362411.png - (745.92KB , 800x1331 , Bill Engvall.png )
Thank you for the updates Merri! I'm keeping positive energy headed your way and wish that I could find you and give you a hug. We're here for you.

Looking forward to good news!
>> No. 17006
File 130143490231.jpg - (181.52KB , 800x500 , 1300224301393.jpg )
thanks everyp0wny..... just back from Hospital close to midnighte here.

>mfw i saw all the replys

I stayed again as long as I could. Visitortime was only about an Hour but I stayed all the Time by her Side holding her hand, talking to her. She was put into Coma to rise her chances of Survival because its really hard on the Edge right now.

Im not sure heart attack is the right word, a vein in her Brain blocked and half of her brain was without Bloodflow. When this happens so i was explained Damage has allready dealt. So even If she survives she will have disfunctions, her left Brainhalf was down so she wont be speaking/understanding Words for a long time for example.

After such an attack the Brain starts to grow in size and thats the next problem. Normaly they remove piece of the skull to get space but because she got so much blood thinner they cannot risk it. Now they try to keep the Brain from Growing further. After the Doctor explained this to me I had a breakdown myself in the Hospitals Hallway... crying my heart out. Around that time her mother finaly arrived and she helped me cool down. We waitet till the last moment when they made the last ct and it looks like the swelling stopped for now. At least one good Messeage.

Sorry for the long text and that im such a bother...
>> No. 17007
File 130143532518.png - (52.02KB , 500x580 , dawwfillyderpy.png )
>Sorry for the long text and that im such a bother...

You are not a bother. We're all here for each other.
>> No. 17009
File 130143575165.png - (155.13KB , 480x535 , 130056041697.png )
My heart goes out to you brony. I can't even think of anything to say other than I hope everything turns out as best as it possibly can.
>> No. 17010
File 130143577964.png - (351.31KB , 782x719 , 130133393273.png )
>> No. 17011
File 130143648508.jpg - (132.79KB , 900x950 , Rainbow Tutu.jpg )
Oh man. I wish I had something I could say to make you feel better, but condolences are all I have.

Here's an adorable picture of Rainbow Dash, does that help a little?
>> No. 17012
thank you... thou she doenst look quite pleased
>> No. 17013
File 130143692789.png - (201.79KB , 1339x794 , 130134301108.png )
What you describe sounds like a stroke due to heart failure. If it is, it sounds like you called it in early and, even though I'm in no position to jump to any conclusions, catching it early is important and really heightens her chances of recovery.

It might sound harsh but the most important thing you can do right now is to take care of yourself so that when she wakes up you can be there to take care of her with your full potential. There's nothing you can do for her right now and there's no changing the past. Live in the present and look forward. It's not your fault she's in the hospital there was nothing you could have done to prevent it. These things happen. Whatever you do don't feel guilty!

Merriweather, I wish you the best of luck and you and your wife will be in my thoughts tonight.

Sorry if this was just the same thing everypony else said but I just wanted you to know that you're not alone!
>> No. 17014
File 130143712632.jpg - (361.20KB , 945x945 , 1301407107732.jpg )
I thank you from the deepest pit of the hole that used to be my heart. Everypony of you... thank you so very much. Even if just with Words or Pictures you all helped me a lot through this hardship. I am glad and proud to be one of you
>> No. 17015
We are glad and happy to help
>> No. 17016
I kept seeing this thread but never replied. I feel really bad, and it looks like I'm not the only onein distress. Good luck to you.
>> No. 17017
I know how it feels having somepony you care about so deeply in the hands of fate, I wish I could help you, I'm not even in the right mindset to help but screw it bronies are meant to help bronies! If there was anything I could do to make you feel even slightly better I'd do it right now.
>> No. 17018
File 130143951615.jpg - (47.78KB , 690x800 , a71e784344c260990d6aef2e54fc1587.jpg )
Another.. "person" I talked to, said to me that i should stop beeing such a wimp and stand up to it, facing it and working on it so i could help my wife better.

I really dont know what to say... i am in fear of loosing her is it really wrong to cry ? I stood by her side almost an hour even if she did not react or even knew i was there, held her hand, talked to her.... forcing myself not to cry but when i left the room and the Doctor told me the dignosis i could not hold it anymore
>> No. 17019
File 130143976323.jpg - (482.84KB , 600x2213 , TrollTrixie[1].jpg )
Damn OP.. I really feel for you bro hope things turn up alright in the end
pic unrelated unless it cheers you up
>> No. 17020
File 130143988390.png - (64.88KB , 281x349 , tarvospony.png )
No it is perfectly ok to cry. I cannot possibly imagine what you have been through. But this is the chan of love and good feeling, and im sure there are those who can help you, along with people outside of the internet. I'm sorry to hear that this has happened.
>> No. 17021
File 130144020643.png - (502.59KB , 1140x781 , 129975610670.png )
It's always alright to cry. People seem to associate crying with weakness and that since we're men we shouldn't have to cry. They're wrong. It's perfectly fine to cry and be sad and to show emotion. My heart goes out to you bronie and I hope your wife gets through this.
>> No. 17022
File 130144066124.jpg - (163.25KB , 600x636 , 1300213617385.jpg )
I will be off for tonight, try and get some sleep.... even though i get sick thinking about sleeping in my Bed where my wife got the attack yesterday. I changed the bloodstained Sheets but still...

Guess the Sofa calls for duty
Good night everypony, god bless you all
>> No. 17023
Of course it's okay to cry; indeed, it's better to do so than to try to stop it.

I hope you can get some rest; you're both in my thoughts also.
>> No. 17024
File 130145825643.png - (261.08KB , 692x448 , 1297113141467.png )
Your probably asleep right now but you might see this in the morning.
I really do you your wife gets better.
>> No. 17025
File 130145898743.jpg - (47.17KB , 618x665 , 129980134066.jpg )
I really hope your wife pulls through merriweather, whether your a /b/tard or not, this shouldn't happen to anypony. I wish you and your wife luck!

here I gave it to derpy to send it to you
>> No. 17026
File 130146008187.png - (150.71KB , 640x360 , 1299711903789.png )
It is perfectly all right to cry. I think we're only human, after all.

I feel bad for saying "be strong". I have a wife...I'd be a sobbing mess if anything were to happen to her. :(

I don't think you're any less of a man for crying. When something happens to those we love dearly, I think it's more worrying if somepony doesn't cry over it. :(

I guess I what I meant about "be strong" is don't let your fears and worries consume you. Don't forget about those rays of hope...all we can ever do is take life moment by moment. She is still alive, right? You've got to take your victories where you can find them.

It's hard for me not to cry when I write this. You are still in my thoughts and prayers...
>> No. 17027
File 130147162030.jpg - (358.89KB , 1000x1000 , 1300310421330.jpg )
Thanks again ... I cant thank you enough you all help me al lot. Just woke up around 9.40am when the Hospital called me, fell asleep right after I went to bed I was pretty exaustet. Had fucking weird dreams like buying her a new brain on ebay @[email protected]

Somewhere middle in the night I woke up and was pretty out of it, searched her wondering where she is.

Well she got through the night and now they run the next ct to see how her brain swelling is progressing. Well I will grab some brakefast and then rush to the Hospital, be back later

>> No. 17028
what a cute pic! you just made a pony happy :)
>> No. 17029

I don't know if you believe in God man but you have my prayers. I have a wife too and God help me if anything happened to her and my unborn daughter. Stay strong brony,
>> No. 17030
It's your baby waiting for you. Even with all the trauma, you're still locked within her heart. Get a nice breakfast and go to her, mate. There are things in this world that we don't completely understand. One thing that is certain is that support makes all the difference in the world.
>> No. 17031
File 130147862339.png - (93.73KB , 700x700 , 130022410290.png )

Have a ray of hope for you brony, I have an aunt who suffered a similar stroke, and she lived. Just like your doctor said she suffered some irreparable brain damage, but the important thing is she survived, I pray with all my heart your wife makes it too and my thoughts go out to you both. Now your wife needs you more than ever, show her the awesome man she married.

>Real men cry. Nopony here thinks any less of you for it.
>> No. 17032
Our hearts are with you, Merriweather.
>> No. 17033
File 130148960200.png - (367.78KB , 597x553 , 1300093493167.png )
Back home for now, i reached my limit and went down while standing by her side and talking to her. Her mother is by her side now and told me to get some rest. For today theres nothing we can do. Had a long talk with the Doctor, yesterday they told us that the affected Part of the Brain wasnt as big as espected but the new Scan showed that almost the complete half Left part had died. The Doctors dont give her much chances

I am a beliving Person, not the Type that goes in Church for Christmas but the one that believes that there is a stronger Beeing that watches over us.

But if there is a god... he is indeed a cruel one
>> No. 17034
File 130149143262.gif - (248.25KB , 200x200 , appledangle.gif )
keep hangin' in there. any chance is still a chance. keep hope alive in your heart.

best wishes op.
>> No. 17035
you simply must not give up hope now
for now try to relax, maybe watch some mlp eps or listen to music
I know it's hard to think about anything else right now but you'll go insane if you don't at least try to
>> No. 17036
File 130149180063.jpg - (9.05KB , 346x224 , 1300018803756.jpg )
>turn TV on, watch scrubs .... MISTAKE !

Going to watch som mlp
>> No. 17037
File 130149509203.jpg - (20.08KB , 449x339 , 1297651931918.jpg )
I hope everything will be ok for you brony. She's in our prayers.
>> No. 17038
File 130150193369.gif - (79.03KB , 400x272 , RarityWibble.gif )
Oh no...that's not good at all. :( When half the brain dies...

That pain just cuts right through. It must feel unbearable. I...I don't know if there are words that can comfort enough. I know I'd be completely devastated, if it's any comfort... :(

I don't think I have a pic sad enough for how I feel for you. :(

We're here for you if you need us.
>> No. 17039
File 130150943703.jpg - (29.28KB , 454x345 , 1300387962593.jpg )
Just wanted to let you know... nothing new on her Side. Stayed at her side as long as it was alowed, holding her hand, talking to her. They try desperatly to cool her body down so the Brainsize doesnt grow. The next 12 Hours will be the important ones....

I cannot thank you all enogh, beeing here... talking to you ... it really helps me a lot. You guys are Awesome
>> No. 17040
File 130150995644.jpg - (32.50KB , 453x312 , 130003926445.jpg )
i'm so glad that we can help you even if it's just with words and pics
I usually don't pray but today i will for your wifes sake
>> No. 17041

We're here for you, man.
No matter what.
>> No. 17046

I'm so sorry, I have no words.

I hope for the best, we're here for you, and please keep us posted about it.

I don't have a sad enough picture for this.
>> No. 17047
File 130152094272.png - (680.45KB , 962x962 , sorry.png )
I feel horrible for just now seeing this thread, but after reading through it, all I can say is to stay positive that things will get better, don't feel bad about crying (it's a natural thing that really does help) and remember that we're all here for you. Never lose hope.
>> No. 17048
File 130152127352.jpg - (142.05KB , 750x490 , 129975574411.jpg )
>> No. 17049
File 130157344210.png - (240.01KB , 1000x1179 , 1300214649310.png )
Sorry if i kill the mood all the time... just wanted to let you know her situation had not gotten better, even whorse.

A lung inflammation has affected her even more, the Brainsize grew along... she is still "ok" but still in Lifedanger.

Its raining right now... she allways loved rainy Days.

>had to use a more motivational picture...
>> No. 17050
File 130157461043.jpg - (186.62KB , 1000x1000 , 130125935370.jpg )
here for you :(
>> No. 17051
File 130157532291.png - (133.36KB , 450x540 , 130040057773.png )
Stay strong. I couldn't imagine going through what you are, stay strong and fight the good fight.
>> No. 17052
File 130157565391.jpg - (142.05KB , 750x490 , 129975574411.jpg )
Sorry to hear that.
>> No. 17053
This is the hardest kind of thing any of us has to face. You are in my thoughts and I really, really hope she pulls through.

While this is happening, it's very important to take some time for yourself. Seriously. See a movie, anything, watch ponies, waiting in those hospital rooms is pure torment. Visit and stay by her as much as you can, but take an hour or two a day to recharge your own batteries, and you can be there for her much longer. You are not selfish for doing that, it can keep your sanity.

Good luck brony and we're all here for you.
>> No. 17054
File 130158147000.jpg - (50.21KB , 1200x800 , 1300388345531.jpg )
I know, I take offtime for myself. I keep visiting her in the Morning and Evening for a couple of hours. Inbetween I spend Time with you, Friends and Family.

I am more worried about her mother, she stays in a Hotel next to the Hospital and wants to be alone... i offered her to sleep at my Place (ok i can understand that she wants to be really close to her daughter) or come have diner at my Brothers place but she refuses.

Should I persuade her more or just let her be ? She allready lost her Parents to Heartattacks... it must be even more painfull seeing your own Daughter there
>> No. 17055
i'd say tell her you're there for her, but don't push her to come visit. she may need time to herself to cry/rage/rest, etc. it's a tough time for her.
>> No. 17056
File 130158191914.png - (121.01KB , 606x492 , 1299953619785.png )
I told her everytime I saw her, I lend her a shoulder to cry... so she did for me.

My mother left us when I was still a little filly but I guess this is what is feels like to be loved by a mother.

>just read the Derpy School Story... awesome
>> No. 17057
maybe she just needs time to think about everything
it's just another way to handle the situation I think, just make sure she knows you're still there for her without forcing her to anything
>> No. 17058
oh brony, do keep us updated and don't feel like a bother. I for one am thinking of you & your wife. I hope this little board is helping ease your pain just a little. *ponyhugs*
>> No. 17059
File 130158340529.png - (235.24KB , 690x575 , WorriedFluttershy.png )
Merriweather, I hope everything turns out okay for you and your wife. We're here for you.
>> No. 17060
File 130158366971.png - (57.07KB , 244x248 , 130129272121.png )
Dont worry brony just hope for the best and wish it will be alright I do hope it will be alright
>> No. 17061
OP here ,stayed at my brothers place over the night.> Nothing new. I admit that i wanted to bump this thread so i can save it at home... when she recovers (i pray to that) I want her to show how many awesome people prayed for her
>> No. 17062
File 130164589301.jpg - (186.77KB , 719x450 , pinkysong.jpg )

Merriweather-- your love for your wife, and the compassion shown here for both of you, has touched my heart. Remember that you never cry out alone.

Lord, have mercy.

Visit and heal our infirmities for your name's sake.
>> No. 17063
File 130164610496.png - (86.89KB , 526x353 , 130163425786.png )
i send love to you brony, hope everythings ok!
>> No. 17064
File 130164692468.jpg - (8.05KB , 298x169 , images.jpg )

I love you, bro.
>> No. 17065
File 130164771868.png - (202.68KB , 640x360 , ponyhug 2.png )
I'll pray for your wife, Merriweather! I hope everything works out in the end.
>> No. 17066

Stand strong brony. Kia Kaha as the maori Say (though it translates manely as forever strong, but the message is still true)
>> No. 17067
File 130168115828.jpg - (45.61KB , 600x476 , 1301582395466.jpg )
Just back from Hospital, she survived the 4th Day and thats good since most People in her state would already be gone.

A little good news came around, the Brainsize is pretty constant and does not grow as fast as they feared. But still she is critical, im not giving up hope and it seems so she is to.

Thanks to all of you that prayed to her.

>something funny to enlighten the mood
>> No. 17069
File 130168198971.png - (91.05KB , 600x600 , 1298827894958.png )
I... don't believe in praying... or in the law of the attraction were toughs came true..when something happened to somepony close to me, I didn't do it... I just gave all my love, and prepared for the worst.

Even then, I'm doing it now, for your wife, and for you. I'm pretty clumsy at it,and I hope your god doesn't get mad of somepony like me praying... but, you both deserve each other more time, you both deserve love and being loved , and spend more time together.

I'm not good at this, even less being affected by somepony over the internet, I just can pray, and being a faceless bronie companion for you.

Hope everything get better, little by little, but constant.
>> No. 17070
File 130168253730.png - (118.26KB , 600x583 , 1300047147587.png )
And for that little bit I thank you from heart
>> No. 17071
I have different beliefs...I believe we have guardian spirits that watch and protect us, and I asked mine to watch over you two. I hope it helps...
>> No. 17072
File 130171162469.png - (372.48KB , 900x506 , 130030947618.png )

That's great news brony, whatever happens we're here for you.
>> No. 17073
File 130171176696.jpg - (115.67KB , 900x900 , twilightapplejack.jpg )
that's great brony, i really hope that she is okay. and that does sound like a good milestone. I send my prayers out to your wife's recovery. *internet hug*
>> No. 17074

Good to see it's all going well, or at least better than it could be.

Hope she's okay, my friend.

We are here for you.
>> No. 17075
I'm so sorry to hear that, I really hope that everything turns out for the best.
>> No. 17076
I have you and your wife in my prayers, Merriweather.
>> No. 17077


>> No. 17078
File 130176687261.jpg - (57.51KB , 675x581 , 130155547976.jpg )
And another Day passed, her condition still has not changed and thats good so far....

I hold onto Hope that she is going to be alright.

I love you Pwnys, you rock. Sending lots of love and hugs via Derpymail to you
>> No. 17079
File 130176786018.png - (261.03KB , 600x605 , 130135579550.png )
Never give up hope, mate. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers, and we'll always be here if ever you stumble.
>> No. 17081
File 130176861335.jpg - (131.82KB , 1024x691 , 130155069954.jpg )
Thank you Sugarcube
Please dont be, you Ponys did a great Job supporting me in the first Hours/Days of Need. Even if it sounds silly but you all gave me the Strengh in beliving that there is hope.

Whenever I felt sad, Cryed or my hope startet fading I found new faith after reading this

And for that I cant thank you all enough.

This Picture realy hits the Point right now
>> No. 17082
File 130176965968.png - (255.67KB , 629x332 , 130022868350.png )

>Come for the ponies, stay for the bronies.

I'm glad she sounds somewhat stable, here's to hoping we get some signs of recovery soon. Sending you all the positive vibes i have in my system.
>> No. 17083
File 130177101277.png - (119.04KB , 571x562 , bubbles fluttershy.png )
I'm very sorry to hear about what's happening to your wife.
I pray, as I'm sure we all are, that she gets better as soon as possible.
I'll also pray that you find comfort in your time of unbearable distress.

>also, a little bit of cuteness to lift your spirits :)
>> No. 17084
File 130178120578.jpg - (199.78KB , 1920x1080 , jedi twilight2.jpg )
another picture i found that i hope you'll find funny
>> No. 17085

We still love you, man.

Heh...seems ponychan has taken a liking to you.

This thread is the only proof I need that /pony/ will never become /b/.

If this same post was made there...
Just thinking about it makes me shiver now.
>> No. 17086
File 130178172883.png - (95.15KB , 275x320 , 130176858992.png )
Yes indeed it made me laugh hard... but why is derpy a sith lord O_o

I indeed hoofly made a thread on /b in a Pony Thread. *greetings to Fluttershy, Cupcake and all of the others* and some of the Replys were indeed not very nice.... ^_^"

(hope that cunt dies....stuff like that) I god used to it over the Years but so much hatred cant be healthy.

But it makes me happy that I found so many new friends here and got accepted by the communitiy. Its such a nice place here
>> No. 17087
File 130178182209.png - (261.03KB , 600x605 , 130177805673.png )
hey thats a good news, we going to stay here whatever you want, the best wishes to you and your wife i hope she gets better and better a big big hug to you.
>> No. 17088

I know you did!

I was the one who recommend you come here!
>> No. 17089
File 130178201840.jpg - (58.83KB , 608x437 , BRONIES.jpg )
Bronies stick together. I hope everything turns out all right. :(
>> No. 17090
File 130178223753.jpg - (31.77KB , 600x340 , 1300221470907.jpg )
Thanks for showing me here and sorry I forgot you, not good with names

Brohoof !
>> No. 17091
File 130183464247.jpg - (61.32KB , 500x571 , 130177293559.jpg )
This can be moved anytime to /chat. Sorry to the Mods I did not realise it does not belong to here.

Today I can only Visit my Wife in the Evening because there is so much to do around there at the Weekend... now I linger around at home,doing Laundry, cleaning... lurking...

The most hard part for me is that when you live together with one Person for over 10 Years you get lonely realy fast.

Any other Ideas what I can do to
a- Pass time and
b- do something usefull
>> No. 17093
File 130183543874.jpg - (22.49KB , 303x320 , 130176913362.jpg )
Normaly Sunday is my Lazy day... like you said Tv, Videogames...

But I cant seem to find rest. I have the urge to do something
>> No. 17095

You should try to go out with some friends, if you can.
Try to meet up with somepony, or just go somewhere nice.

Being alone is never fun.
>> No. 17096
Sadly its raining today ...


In 3 Hours I want to go check on her in the Hospital and tomorrow morning I plan on going back to work. The Cellphone allways on but I cant go on like this for another week
>> No. 17097
File 130185533762.png - (173.29KB , 615x413 , 130177102456.png )
Back again from Hospital...

where do i start.... her brain stats are constant so far as they know, but the last ct was made friday so we will know more tomorrow. Bad news is that her Kidneys have stopped working as they should and now she is hooked up on a dialyse maschine.

The Doc says thats quite common in her state the Kidneys are pretty sensitive... still i worry myself to death here. First the Lungs, now the Kidneys... what next ? I am afraid that she is giving up... I stand by her side every day telling her not to but there is nothing else i can do

I pray that she stays by my side.

Sound dull ... but on my way home i passed by a subways shop and got myself something to eat... thought about you guys and had to get a muffin.... no muffins totay... this all sucks
>> No. 17098
File 130185545291.jpg - (47.17KB , 618x665 , 129921682978.jpg )
i hope for her well being, you and your wife are in our hearts. have a muffin
>> No. 17100
File 130185612796.png - (59.65KB , 442x462 , MLP-ApplejackStop.png )
Hey now, we're all here for ya, bro.
I'll pray for you're wife, and just remember.

>"Muffins are like Sunshine, there is always some somewhere, you just gotta look."
>> No. 17101
File 130185638235.png - (351.31KB , 782x719 , 130074816071.png )
I feel so much for you, please stay strong.
>> No. 17102
File 130185662147.png - (410.43KB , 600x337 , 130067407874.png )
We are still here for you and hoping for the best.
>> No. 17103
File 130185662202.png - (41.92KB , 232x227 , happy scootaloo.png )
Happiness, at your service.
>> No. 17104
D´aaww... can i take her home ?

Thank you ponys... sorry if i only lurk this evening but that was to much for me. One gets "used" to the tought that she lies there... and bang the Lung infection come... one gets "used" to that and bang... the Kidneys.

I am so exaustet of worrying and crying
>> No. 17105
File 130186131703.gif - (273.79KB , 200x200 , but i.gif )
found the thread! I was worried about what you say in the other thread that things aren't good. And yeah, this wasn't a good news, but it isn'd so bad all things considered!

Look at this this way, the most important thing that need to heal right now it's the brain, so her body is doing everything it cans, even letting the other organs in the background.

She isn't giving up, she's fighting so much that that's being noted in the rest of her body. when she gets better of the important thing, she'll become more stable.

Keep on hope, keep on love! We are with you and with her.
>> No. 17106
File 130186154465.jpg - (138.52KB , 800x736 , 130184242291.jpg )
Sorry to have you worry... I actually meant "not so good" as response to how do I feel.

Thank you for you Thoughts, Love and Support... All of you. I will be offline for tonight since I want to start working again tomorrow. I will let you know when there are news.... g8
>> No. 17107
>> No. 17108
Fingers crossed, Merri. Here's hoping there's some good news in the morning...
>> No. 17109
File 130190318704.jpg - (47.70KB , 600x338 , Everypony_internethug.jpg )
I don't know either of you, I don't need to. You have my love and best wishes, and your updates demonstrate what inner strength means.

It's been days, but THIS, so very much.
>> No. 17110
File 130190604926.jpg - (72.33KB , 468x668 , Footprints in the Sand.jpg )
Ugh, the news doesn't sound good at all. :(

You and your wife are still in my thoughts and prayers.

If there's anything I can suggest, do go out and get some exercise. Go for a run, lift some weights. It'll burn off some of the anxiety floating around in your body. It won't burn it all off, but it should help.

If there are friends or family that live nearby have them visit (or visit them). Sometimes just knowing you're not alone and being in the physical presence of others just helps so much. If you can't have somepony visit, call a trusted friend or two. Sometimes that's the best way to distract us from ourselves...

I'm not a terribly religious man but I do consider myself a Christian. There are a couple things that have helped me. And I mean only to help, I don't mean to offend anypony. What you do is your own choice, and I respect that.

But--if it helps, in times of trouble, I remember the Serenity Prayer:

>God grant me the serenity
>to accept the things I cannot change;
>courage to change the things I can;
>and wisdom to know the difference.

You are doing and have done all that you humanly can for your wife. You've done this because you love her and care about her. Even though I have never met her, I have a strong feeling she would tell you she's proud of you and loves you for what you're doing for her. Please don't feel guilty or hold yourself to blame--you've given her your all and then some.

There is a phrase a friend of mine says when life just seems, well, FUBAR'ed. "Let go and let God." It doesn't mean to give up--it just means some things are out of our hands and there isn't a thing we can do about it. Don't lose faith. Pray. Pray for help and guidance.

Lastly, I have always found the attached poem inspiring. It has always given me hope when I thought I had none.

You are never alone.
>> No. 17111
Thanks... made me cry again....

Today was terrible, I went to work again all of my coworkers where nice and supported me. Then around noonday I got call from her Parents that the Doctors say she looks better... her Stats improved and they are thinking about letting her wake up soon.

I was overjoyed, got sick because I was so happy.

After Work I rushed to the Hospital to see her, she did look better but the doctor came to us telling us that she had Brainbleeding, not much but she is still critical and she should stay in Coma for now.

My stomach went berserk and I had to throw up... her Mothers bloodpressure made also problems and she is resting now.

All this up and down... I feel so worn out I just want to go to sleep
>> No. 17113
File 130193968338.png - (154.04KB , 400x372 , Powerful Internet Hug.png )

Hey, don't forget that things are looking up. Not long ago the question was whether she would survive, but now the question is when they will let her wake up. Considering the circumstances, she has been really lucky on a lot of counts, not the least of which being that she has a husband like you. She's through the worst of it, and you'll be there for her when she comes back.

Thank you for the updates - I've been worrying and desperately hoping that things will turn out okay. Thinking about you and sending love to you both.
>> No. 17114
File 130194095740.png - (350.72KB , 1119x625 , 130176113706.png )
I don't mean any offense by this, but I'll be praying for you and your wife. I can't even begin to understand the pain and the confusion and anger. I honestly wish there was more I could do for you. I can say this; I'm proud of you for standing strong and for working through this. It must be a terrible strain on you to go to work while all this is going on, and I'm astonished at your strength in all of this. Like I said, I'll be praying (I am right now), and I hope the best for you, Merriweather.

I also want to say how proud I am of all the Bronies in this thread who have been there for Merriweather, and who have been encouraging him (and of those that have said they'll pray, regardless of creed or religion).
>> No. 17115
>> No. 17116
File 130194311725.jpg - (44.23KB , 640x512 , 130188480328.jpg )
Ya, hope everything turns out. Things seem like they are getting better on a whole. Keep looking up. I'm praying for the best.
>> No. 17117
File 130194381597.png - (743.67KB , 1000x1000 , 1573 - D confused derpy_hooves filly fluttershy r.png )
Crying really sucks. I hate how one's eyes just hurt and are all puffy and red. It just starts to physically hurt to cry for too long. And then you've been up and down this whole time. It really, really sucks. :(

I didn't meant to make you cry, but heck--I couldn't help but let the tears flow a bit when I wrote that. LOL, I made *me* cry, heh.. XD

You are never, ever alone even in the darkest of times. We are here for you. It sounds like things are getting a little better. It's terribly disheartening to hear news that they'll let her wake up and then this happens. It does sound like things are getting better, though.

I'll continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers!
>> No. 17118

>> No. 17119

After all this time hearing about this through this thread, I find myself worrying for your wife too.

I could never care for her as you do, I can see that...

But the point is, I care.

And so does everypony here.

We love you.
>> No. 17120
File 130195731516.jpg - (163.01KB , 1600x900 , Epic ponies.jpg )
You and her are in our thoughts and prayers.

Theres a light at the end of every tunnel man, and you are not alone.
>> No. 17121

Take a break brony, lurk a bit. We'll keep posting and bumping this thread for support, but you can rest and just try to clear your head of all the stress and relax. You just attend to your wife the best you can.
>> No. 17122
File 130198950847.jpg - (93.23KB , 1119x625 , 130197829359.jpg )
sounds like you need a brony hug
>> No. 17123
Everything that happens does so for a reason. This is a part of your journey, and although a seemingly shitty part, it was decided upon billions of years before you took your first breath. The most important thing to remember right now is that there is love, and only love.

Death is a transformation, not an end, and can only be compared to birth in terms of beauty.

We are all here for you, every last one of us.
>> No. 17124
Forgive me for being insensitive, but I would worry too much. Heart attacks very rarely end in death anymore.
>> No. 17125
well when your left brainhalf dies it's another story
But it looks like she's stable, i'm so happy for you
>> No. 17126

Except for the 500,000 people who die from them yearly, in the US alone... (That's a death per minute from a heart attack.)

With the advent of the AED, the mortatlity rate has gone down. Slightly. It is still one of the leading causes of death, however.
>> No. 17127
File 130200668784.png - (549.95KB , 984x799 , 1532 - derpy_hooves parody photoshop.png )

Thanks for the info brony, but maybe we should stick to good news for now :D
>> No. 17128
File 130202502521.png - (51.30KB , 600x458 , 130177259391.png )
Hi my Friends, back from the Hospital she is in the same condition like yesterday. The Pressure in her Scull is still high but tomorrow is the next scan and then we will know more.

Her mother is worried about me i seem pretty wrecked. Tomorrow I will go see a Doc maybe he can give me something to sleep better.

>Funny story
Today at work focused on my work the "I mustache you a question" came in my mind... must have smiled like an Idiot cause a co worker asked me if everythings allright
>End Funny story

There was the issue that she may be pregnant but today the result showed for sure that she is not... thats a relief... thou some day I want to have lots of little fillys with her
>> No. 17129
File 130202539713.png - (209.68KB , 1280x1118 , luna_filly_by_moongazeponies-d3d8rgr.png )
little filly's mentioned, and its a thread where we are being loving and supporting, mmmmmm...

INITIATE CUTENESS to make you feel better.

I really do hope that things work out. Its been... wow a week and she's still with us. There is hope yet.
>> No. 17131

She seems to be doing okay, then.

Good to hear that she is still with us, and just remember that we all love you, and hope everything ends well!
>> No. 17132
As much as I hate to be "that guy", I would not want to be attached and dependent on devices for the rest of my life. I'd rather take an injection of napalm to the base of my skull than be in a coma.
>> No. 17133

Not really needed, bro.

Keep those thoughts to yourself, please.
>> No. 17134
File 130203020096.png - (121.66KB , 672x474 , 130177296608.png )
Thanks everypony

We had a long talk with the Doctor on that Topic... the Line between Live.. and Survive is a thin one.

But first she has to survive. Then when she wakes up we get an overview of what damage has been dealt. If she would have to stay stationed for the rest of her life, hooked on Machines... I dont want to think about that... please dont say things like that
>> No. 17135

He didn't ask you.
>> No. 17136
File 130203092346.jpg - (31.91KB , 204x187 , 1300125707252.jpg )
No please dont be bad to him... He´s only speaking out what a lot of people think.

he is right in one way. But thats a road we dont plan to take.
>> No. 17137
File 130203146448.jpg - (92.27KB , 840x474 , THE-MOST-ADORABLE-YAWN.jpg )
It sounds like it's only a matter of time before it's safe enough to wake her up and let her begin to learn how to live her life again. Stay strong Merriweather, and get some sleep!
>> No. 17138
that thought has crossed my mind as well... but there is no need for even more worries it's already hard enough to deal with it so it's probably best to focus on the present
>> No. 17139
File 130203205895.jpg - (84.76KB , 748x566 , 130182048805.jpg )
>> No. 17140
Hey Brony, I am a bit late in this thread, but I am praying for your wife and hope that everything will work out for the best. Your going through a very tough time and if its any help you have the love of everypony here. Stay strong.
>> No. 17141
File 130206342901.jpg - (13.27KB , 200x200 , 130146636887.jpg )
It was a bit tactless of him to say it that way, but yeah.

I think that's why this thread has continued to touch my heart. I...tried telling my wife what I've been telling you, and I can't do it without misting up and breaking down a bit. I can only imagine the torment you are going through. :(

Just keep praying. All you can is take life moment by moment, day by day...

Have something cute! I don't know why, but Lyra holding her drink just makes me smile. XP
>> No. 17142
Thanks... guess i make that look when my vanilla Milkshake tastes like Coffee because they did not clean the Tube.

Just back from the Doc, got some sleep Medicine maybe tonight i can get some rest. Then i made a bunch of Calls, she had some open bills and im trying to get a grip of that. No easy task living for two people
>> No. 17143
>> No. 17144
File 130211165819.png - (195.73KB , 711x515 , 1300126786327.png )
I am back everypony and I dont know i its right for me but i am overjoyed. Talked to the Doc back at the Hospital and they said the Stats look good, if they stay over the Night they plan to set a tracheotomy so they can remove the Breathing Tube from her Mouth and then wake her up slowly.

When she wakes up we will see what damage has been dealt, I so pray that she regains conscouness and recognises me and knows that she is safe and in good hands...

The Rest ... Time will Tell.

I am so glad... hopefully I will rest better tonight. I still cant thank you all enough for your Help, Hugs and Love.

Thank you all
>> No. 17145
File 130211186435.png - (135.99KB , 537x315 , 130160028908.png )
Thats good news. Lets hope this ordeal ends happily. We're still with you.
>> No. 17146
File 130211190102.jpg - (100.66KB , 945x945 , 12989288253.jpg )
I'm so happy that her stats are doing better. I really hope she recognizes you! you and your wife are in my thoughts and i hope everything turns out for the best.
>> No. 17147
File 130211208825.png - (87.05KB , 277x243 , 12999527959.png )
Those are wonderful news! I'm glad to hear them.
>> No. 17148
so glad to hear good news about this. you and your wife are in my thoughts, and i hope for the best
>> No. 17150
File 130211314926.jpg - (95.30KB , 350x350 , FluttershyYay_5434.jpg )
>> No. 17151
File 130211391746.gif - (66.08KB , 360x360 , 130076808831.gif )
finally a good new without a bitter aftertaste!
I can't describe the amount of happiness I feel for you brony
>> No. 17152
File 130211427310.jpg - (81.66KB , 500x415 , 1299394896560.jpg )
Im sending my elements of harmony direct to her heart. There's a lot of variables, but I do believe that, aside from medical science that is awesome, a lot of it It's because she's fighting, and she's fighting because she loves life, because she loves you.
>> No. 17153
File 130211568873.png - (35.29KB , 169x170 , 129987829941.png )
That's great news! And no matter what happens, never stop praying. :)
>> No. 17154
WOOOOOOOO! Hang in there, and know we're pulling for ya. :D
>> No. 17155

That is great to hear, man.
I hope once again that all goes well.
>> No. 17156
I haven't been on /pony/ in days, so I've missed this thread! Oh Merriweather! What a horrible thing to have to deal with!
Do you mind if I ask how old the two of you are? And was her condition fairly serious before this happened?
I'm just asking, because my grandfather had a stroke, when I was very young. If you do a CT scan of his brain now, You will see that almost the entire left side is dead. You would NEVER know it from meeting or talking with him. He's apparently a little different than before, more quirks. But can drive, walk, talk, golf, do almost everything he did before. I was very young when it happened, so I don't know all of the details. But miracles do happen!
Another ChristianFilly here, you, your wife and your family will be in my prayers. ::Giant hug::
>> No. 17157
File 130214128508.png - (119.04KB , 571x562 , 360 - crossover fluttershy powerpuff_girls.png )

>> No. 17158

I don't have a reaction picture to express how happy this makes me. I can't wait to hear more good news and I'll still be sending extra love your way!
>> No. 17159
File 130215187030.gif - (774.62KB , 438x264 , fluttershy awesome.gif )
I think even Fluttershy would give a great big cheer for that!
Hope we get to hear more good news!
>> No. 17160
File 130215198019.jpg - (13.59KB , 209x342 , 130068289685.jpg )
>> No. 17161
File 130215500199.jpg - (62.09KB , 640x360 , 130178170563.jpg )
Thanks everypony. Just got up and after my morning pony dosis I will head to work, the sleep Medicin did not work at all it seemed to me more the way around.

Woke up around 3am and could not sleep... and then I had a somewhat disturbing dream involving my Gf and her best friend.... *ohmygosh*

Probably because the lack of clopping in the past time? Who knows.

I am 30 and she is 25. She was in hospital before it happend and the Docs diagnostet that her heart was only bringing ~30% and that there was a small Trombose. She got Meds and was send home... roughly a week later it happend.

So Guys i gotta go ! Catch u all later... and

I love u ! Thanks
>funny oc for you all
>> No. 17162
File 130215538678.png - (55.66KB , 777x823 , 130170389031.png )
You've got everypony's support, brony. Here's hoping more good news comes today for both you and your wife.

Derpy has some fanmail for you.
>> No. 17163
File 130215831491.png - (140.67KB , 506x360 , 130190685100.png )
Oh that's wonderful news! I'll be praying even harder in hopes of things working out smoothly.
>> No. 17164
Bud, that sucks. I hope everything turns out well for you. <3
>> No. 17165
File 130219797128.jpg - (78.40KB , 960x540 , 130181774257.jpg )
Back from Hospital, she is doing fine today to and they took down the dosis of the Meds. They think around Saturday/Sunday she will regain consciousnes. I plan to be there then.

I am glad she is stable, yet afraid of what will be when she wakes up... but thats in the Hand of the big Guy up there.

As further good news.... I got my Cupcake today and I guess IT will not survive the day >:)

I keep you informed, stay well all of you
>> No. 17166
File 130219884503.gif - (643.70KB , 640x360 , 14005.gif )
Enjoy the cupcake. Everything sounds good. I really hope she pulls through.
>> No. 17167
File 130221913081.png - (365.92KB , 705x401 , mlpfim_ep0314.png )


Fingers crossed.
>> No. 17168
File 130221942326.png - (376.76KB , 500x600 , applejackpurty.png )
That is fantastic news! I'm so happy for you, i've been reading your posts and hoping for the best since your thread began! I hope that cupcake was fantastic!

>> No. 17169
File 130223151159.jpg - (68.47KB , 720x480 , RD_toomuchcatface.jpg )

:3 x 99999999999999999999...

Great to hear there's improvement. Wishing intensely for no (or at least absolutely minimal) damage.
>> No. 17170
I hope every thing is ok for you. it sucks having family being sick. Get well soon.
>> No. 17171
I hope for the best, man. Just remember this wasn't your fault.
>> No. 17172
File 130229582493.png - (44.41KB , 380x306 , 130196709457.png )
Was there today aswell but to late I could not go in to her.... my brothers Car needed Repairs and he needs it for work so i had to help him. My Wifes Mother Told me that the tracheotomy went without problems. Her Vitals are still stable and the Medication is slowly dosed lower.

Her mother sayd that the next problem would be that ... how do I put it. She did not poop, her Digestion System is not functioning. I am no doctor and dont know how that works when in coma... so I will have to wait untill tomorrow.

I am still pretty worn out, now that the Fear of loosing her is fading other questions and fears arise. Shes almost out for 2 Weeks and these Days where Filled with Sorrow, Fear and Pain so I did not clearly think about it.

Well see... I am going to bed for today. As always thank you all for your support
>> No. 17173

Good to here she is still going.

As for the digestive problems, that doesn't sound too bad, all things considered.

Have a nice night, my friend.
>> No. 17174
File 130229618839.jpg - (115.67KB , 900x900 , twilightapplejack.jpg )
I'm glad the tracheotomy went well. I'm sorry to hear of her new problem. I hope that they can help with that. I wish you and your wife the best, i love you both!
>> No. 17175
File 130229642021.jpg - (33.67KB , 300x386 , crazy eyes.jpg )
What new questions and fears?
>> No. 17176
File 130229719790.png - (1.31MB , 1600x900 , 130064349382.png )
Good night, Lets hope everything works out. It sounds good so far.
>> No. 17177
I am glad everything seems fine, I am also very proud of everypony posting in this thread to make you feel better, I love this community
>> No. 17178
What will be when she wakes up ? What will the Future Hold ?

What if she is mentaly disabled, what if she cant move at all ? What if she does not recognise me ? Or... what if she looses the will to live.

Such questions walking hand in hand with the fear that comes with it. The Headaches have returned bad time and I had a fuckin horrible Nightmare about her
>> No. 17179
Cross that bridge when you get there, brony. She's fighting to live, and if she's conscious, that's something you can work with and handle.
>> No. 17180
File 130233053857.png - (265.70KB , 668x688 , 130031287286.png )

Fears are normal, and nightmares don't mean they're going to come true, be strong my good man. Face what happens when it comes, believe in your partner. If she doesn't recognize you, don't give up, make her yours again just like you did the first time. The way you're all torn up about this tells me she's worth it. also, just some random advice, stay away from sad songs at the moment. not gonna help.
>> No. 17181
File 130234976132.png - (451.79KB , 2048x1360 , 130176573450.png )
You guys would not belive what happened today... I got free from work since I wanted to fix my own car. Putting Summertires on, fixing the exaust Pipe. Small stuff that did annoy but I did never found the Time in the past weeks.

So I was all finished and gave the good ol mk2 a wash, when I got home i looked in my Mailchase... Advertises... mpf... more Advertises... grmpf... what this ? A Personal Letter from some Turk Guy.... ok what now ?

I open the Letter and find a nice Text along with a 150€ Fuelcoupon. Its from a Videogame Forum where I am a resident Member since Years. I informed them that I would not be able to be Online for gaming in the next Time and told them what happend and these Crazy Guys do something like this...

I mean its the Internet...

I am moved to tears... aswell as you Guys that Supported me in this Hardship. Whoever said "Internet is for Porn" is terribly wrong. The Internet is clearly for Love&Friendship
>> No. 17183
Just wanna say this before I go...

Merriweather, keep believin, bro!

Never loose hope!

You may influence your wife on the will to live thing! If you won't give up on her, she won't on you!

You remind me of me, Merriweather.

I pray to GOD that she comes out a-okay!

~Don't stop! Believin!~
>> No. 17184
File 130235286598.jpg - (186.62KB , 1000x1000 , 130157461043.jpg )
this made me go baww :3 I'm happy for you having such awesome friends
>> No. 17185
I second this.

Wow, that is incredible! People on the Internet really do care. :)

I just read through this whole thread, and I cannot imagine what you are going through. My heart and prayers go out to you, Merriweather. Glad to hear the situation is going well; the plasticity and resilience of the brain is amazing. There are many people who have had an entire hemisphere of their brain removed, and still go on to live normal lives. Everything is going to be fine, brony. We love you and care about you!
>> No. 17186
I can hardly belive it myself... and told them so. Yet again my deepest thanks to all of you ! Also from my Wife, I say that for her in this place.

And sorry but your Link is not functioning there are only shown some other Videolinks (ok that Guy in Frauentausch is sick)
>> No. 17187
>>17185 meant http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtkST5-ZFHw

You've got the Internet on your side. Nothing could go wrong. :D
>> No. 17188


Man, good to here that story.

The Internet is for love!

...hey, should we alert Lauren to this thread?
She has come here before.
>> No. 17189
File 130239462382.jpg - (112.26KB , 512x512 , flutterpie.jpg )
proof that the internet is full of good people. I'm so happy for you man! we do love you and you know it!
>> No. 17190
That's so sweet! I keep praying for the two of you and your family! I'm glad things keep looking up! Keep your spirits up, Merriweather! We're all on your side!
>> No. 17191

That'd be a good idea. (Poking Lauren about this I mean)

*hugs* If we can help, let us know, ok?
>> No. 17192
File 130241703490.png - (41.16KB , 234x261 , 130240791406.png )
You already have and still are.... I cant get tired of thanking you, all of you.

Had a wonderfull dream tonight but Im gonna keep it for myself, maybe it becomes true.
>> No. 17193
File 130241843845.png - (104.48KB , 600x583 , aww huggles.png )
I hope everything will turn out alright Merriweather. I really, really hope your wife makes it through.

My mom thought she was having a heart attack this morning due to chest pains and she drove to the hospital. They're having her stay overnight and are running tests on her. I just hope nothing will be wrong with her.
>> No. 17194
Stickied because there's so much love here :)
>> No. 17195
File 130242344337.jpg - (24.63KB , 360x316 , 1300020012013.jpg )
I thought i had answerd to you... sorry to hear about your mother I hope she will be alright and comes home soon.

I dont wish something like this to happen to anypony... not even my worst enemy. (well its not like I have enemys.. im to much of a nice guy)

But even thou, best of all wishes to you and your mom.

Ohmygosh ! Thank you very much, this is the first time a thread of mine got Stickied.
>> No. 17196
File 130242752419.png - (136.93KB , 350x350 , 130228186100.png )
For the love of pony PLEASE archive this when it's time. Not yet, but in due time.

Fingers crossed, brony. We're hoping for more good news, soon. :D
>> No. 17197
File 130243849070.jpg - (71.86KB , 847x468 , 1302371203886.jpg )
Keep strong Merriweather

My thoughts are with you and your wife
>> No. 17198
File 130244104149.jpg - (30.74KB , 500x282 , tumblr_li7n41teNv1qafrh6.jpg )
I don't think we should tell Lauren 'bout this, I mean we can't spam her links to ponychan everytime we show some love
and to be honest her ponies hardly have anything to do with this, this thread just shows the combined love of all bronies of ponychan
FiM is merely a spark that caused an inferno of love inside all of you, it's you and not the show that made this happen
>> No. 17199
File 130245030238.png - (258.14KB , 1900x1916 , 130244625457.png )
Bless you Merriweather, you've been through so much. I'm not a religious person but I'll be praying for you and your wife. Here's hoping there's a light at the end of this long tunnel.

Stay strong, friend. We all love you, the both of you <3
>> No. 17200
File 130245224042.png - (92.36KB , 632x697 , Best wishes.png )
So Merriweather how is she?
Any news??
Hope she's fine.
>> No. 17201
I hope you feel better man, were your friends and were gonna be here with you every step of the way.
>> No. 17202
File 130246721642.gif - (208.42KB , 403x296 , 1299785335318.gif )
Just back home... she startet opening her Eyes every few Minutes back the Meds say shes still out. But it looks so awfull Cute how she tries to wake up made me go Dáaaaaaw !

Back to Serious.... when she wakes up we will see how much Damage has been done. Tomorrow I will go to the Helpcenter to inform how its going to Continue, Reha and such but also about Money... if I understood it correctly she will get Socialmoney (not sure if its the right word or if such thing even exists in other Countrys)

Today I made some Housechores, also I sorted out the Winterclosings from her and packed them away. Most of them still smell of her (I had to sniff on them to see if they needed to be washed... dont judge wrong)

But fuck.... I miss her so much. Her Smell brought back Memorys and made me Cry again

´kay back to cheerfull. I so wish that shes going to be alright... then we are going to trow one Hell of a Party right Pinky ?
>> No. 17203
File 130246792317.jpg - (114.12KB , 635x1080 , It wont be easy.jpg )
Keep your chin up cowboy.
There isnt much i can do, but know that your in my prayers. You have to stay strong,
Trust me when i say that i know better than most how dark life can seem at some times, i have seen some bad shit in my life.
I dont know if you are a religious man can only say some things that have helped me through in times of strife.

The Lord is my shepherd,
I shall not want;
He makes me lie down in green pastures.
He leads me beside still waters;
He restores my soul.
He leads me in paths of righteousness
for His name's sake.

Yea and though I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death,
I fear no evil;
for You are with me;

Good Luck Bro. And know that we will always be here for you.
>> No. 17204
File 130247528902.jpg - (15.22KB , 155x163 , twilight happy 8D.jpg )
>> No. 17205
I think the proper term is Welfare.
>> No. 17206
File 130248879860.png - (56.25KB , 319x274 , 130230946634.png )
I wish I could offer more than just words, but my thoughts and wishes are with you and your wife, brony.

Let me just say that you're a very strong and brave person dealing with all this. After reading through the thread, I'm glad things are starting to get better for your wife. Just remember, keep your head held high and if you start to get scared over what might happen, just giggle at the ghosties.

We love you, brony. Stay strong.
>> No. 17207
File 130249069934.gif - (14.83KB , 275x300 , 130246145882.gif )
Oh shi- how have I missed this thread until now! just read through and all I can say is I'm both so sorry but so relieved to know that thinks are starting to look up for a fellow brony! sorry I missed the friendship parade till now, but I hope that you end up happier than ever!
>me 100x
>> No. 17208
File 130249250381.png - (102.83KB , 800x595 , 130050907228.png )
We're all dealt our right fair share of challenges, some more than others and some tougher than most, but challenges nonetheless. The "why me?" question eventually pops up, but this is all part of life's plan and there's nothing else we can do other than to put our best hoof forward and go on the best we can.

I'm glad you came to this community in your time of need, we're all here for you and whatever's down the road. I'm not a praying man, but I certainly am a hopeful one and I hope the best for you, your wife, and your families.

Stay strong, man, we believe in you.
>> No. 17209
File 130250342172.jpg - (26.17KB , 600x332 , Iloveyou.jpg )
Hi Merriweather,

I just skimmed through some of your posts in this thread and I am so sorry about what happened. I'm glad that there are signs of improvement and I wish your wife a speedy and full recovery!

I'm so impressed with you for opening up about this here. You are amazing and I really admire how hard it sounds like you're fighting to help your wife. You're totally awesome... I think when people complain about humanity being 'evil,' the problem is that they haven't met people like you <3
>> No. 17210
Just as much as everyone else here, Merriweather, I offer my deepest sympathies and best wishes. I hope your wife's condition improves to the absolute best it can be and beyond.
>> No. 17211
File 130251041319.jpg - (54.32KB , 284x500 , Sublime.jpg )
I honestly can't think of anything to say, except that I wish you the best of luck.
>> No. 17212
Uncool in the worst way.

i doubt I'm saying anything new, but you're in my thoughts, Hope everything works out.
>> No. 17213
File 130252610575.jpg - (127.75KB , 800x800 , 130239886127.jpg )
Read through your posts, and the posts of others. I'm deeply sorry that I haven't seen this one before.

It needs be at times that we must suffer pain, or else we would not know what joy is. But although we all suffer trials, they will never be greater then we can bare, even if it seems like it is. From the sounds of it, your wife is blessed to have such a loving spouse and family to look after her and support her in her time of greatest need.

You're family will be in my thoughts and prayers tonight, if that brings you any comfort. As Red Green used to say: Keep your stick on the ice. We're all in this together.
>> No. 17214
File 130252958217.jpg - (79.43KB , 945x945 , 130110554238.jpg )
I wish you all the best for the future, hopefully everything works out for you and this will all end. I'll be thinking of you guys in my prayers today.
>> No. 17215
File 130254252836.png - (106.24KB , 800x602 , 130215104063.png )
Just when I thought I lost some faith in humanity, this thread restored the faith I lost tenfold.

Even though I don't pray much, despite being a CatholicPony (praying is definatly one of my weak points), when ever I do, I'll pray for your wife. I'm sure God will know who I'm reffering to.

Just remember, like what tons of bronies are saying. Keep your chin up high, think positive and keep on smiling! You can do it for sure.
>> No. 17216
File 130254281607.jpg - (30.83KB , 500x500 , 1302428501004.jpg )
Hi Everypony i am back...

At the start I have to beg you for something. Stop telling me that you find me brave, tough, strong ect.... I dont deserve it. I did what everyman would do for the one he loves. Behind that, I to am only human, i am weak... Even if only for seconds I had thought for wich I hate myself. So please... dont treat me like i am a saint or something like that cause i am not. I know you mean it well but ... i just cant handle it.

Today i was at a Helpgroup for Partners that had an Infarct, just when I though I was done Crying... I retold the Story about that night when it happend and bursted in Tears again... the Counsolour said that I did not even start to work out what happened.

My Wife is more active now, her Eyes open when someone talks to her but she still out of it. Her Hand now grabs sometimes when you hold it. I told her that she needs rest and should not overdo it, we are all there for her... never letting anything bad happen to her. I thought then that her left Eye focused me for a short time.

But her right side is of, her right Eye doesnt move at all when open and looks allthe time in the same Direction. We will just have to wait. I will keep you informed.

Again... thank you . All of you
>> No. 17217
Great to hear there's progress being made. You've come a very long way from where she was before. I hope it keeps getting better, :)
>> No. 17218
hey, I'm new here... all I can say is that I sincerely hope everything turns out for the best for you and everyone this affects. you're now in the prayers of my thoughts, and may your wife recover to live a full and happy life with you.
>> No. 17219
File 130257431614.png - (87.08KB , 298x341 , 129998930519.png )
I just found this thread (don't come into www much), but I read through it and wow, may I just say I am in awe of your love for your wife. She is incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful caring person as her partner. And I want to tell you to stay strong, and keep hope alive. She's made it this far, and miracles are possible :)
>> No. 17220
File 130257966426.jpg - (67.19KB , 500x647 , hi ho rarity.jpg )
Great to hear that she's getting better.

people call you strong because, well, you're instead of ignoring the pain of avoiding or doing a lot of things you are taking in full in, reaching for people, you are getting by...something that a lot of us can't do.

But I can see where you come from don't wanting to be called that way when you feel so vulnerable.... would you feel better if I call you a sissy?

keep going man
>> No. 17221
File 130258413594.jpg - (36.92KB , 557x480 , fluttershygoldstar.jpg )
I'm so glad to hear that she is getting progressively better, and you are a strong man, even if you modestly deny it. many of histories heroes are modest, saying" I've done what anybody would do" So to me, you are still no.1 and i pray that your wife makes a full recovery.
>> No. 17222
File 130262326153.png - (617.83KB , 774x716 , wb1.png )
I've never been a believer, but I'm
praying for your wife. If there's
any chance it will help...
it's all I can do.

Stay strong, man. We're here for you.
>> No. 17223
File 130262393742.png - (119.10KB , 299x262 , 130144713928.png )
Its been 2 weeks. Things are looking good.
>> No. 17224
File 130263186845.jpg - (73.04KB , 900x675 , 130251381485.jpg )
I was by her side today again... just back. It seems like she is awake now but the Meds say she is still away. Her Eyes are full open, she looks around... her left Hand grabs things and her left Feet moves around. Her right side does not move at all. I was by her Side for half an Hour but then I had to leave... It hurts so much to see her that way yet i should be happy that she is alive.

I talked to the Socialworker and now we have to see how we continue... if she stays Student she would not get any Money and I would have to Pay for her Insurance. If she would quitt University (what automaticly happens in 2 Month if she is not back) then I could ask for Support from the State... but that takes time.

I tell her that I manage everything, keep the House clean and look after her Pets.... knowing I might hit my Limit trying I feel guilty every time she looks at me with that empty Look in her Eyes.

Sorry yet again for burding all of my sorrow onto you Ponys....
>> No. 17225
Don't think you're representing a burden. It is times like this that show how strong a supporting someone can be.
>> No. 17226
File 130263661967.png - (154.92KB , 629x442 , 130258396331.png )

It sounds like you're going through a lot right now. I'll be praying for you and your wife, definitely. It's hard to convey it through text, but I hope you know that we all love you and wish you the best.

Here's to a speedy recovery.
>> No. 17228
File 130263708392.jpg - (53.69KB , 586x600 , 1300129849024.jpg )

I will... I have to. I love her so much but its just hard seeing her that way. Its a phase, she is not uncounscious and not awake... I belive if she would have to stay like this I would not know what to do. But I hope that she wakes up soon and we can Communicate, no matter in what way even if only by Handsigns or Eyelids blinking.

I get strenght when talking to you Folks, reading all of your wellwishes make me happy everytime and I am truly Thankfull to be part of this Community.

I more meant sorry for beeing such a "Pain in the flank" cause I seek the Fault by me all the Time.
>> No. 17229

Merriweather, what you are going through and how you're going through it is amazing and awe-inspiring. I'm sure I speak for many bronies when I say I love you (in a bro way).
>> No. 17230
File 130264205043.png - (404.44KB , 608x437 , 130054790045.png )
Its not your fault that your wife had a stroke. In fact you probably saved her when you called that ambulance.
Don't feel like you are a burden to us either. We want to help you. By letting out all your sadness and worry you feel better and we feel better because we helped you. Keep us posted on how everything turns out. We are as involved in this as you are. We hope your wife gets better as much as you do.
>> No. 17231
Everypony here wishes the best for both of you : 3

Also (off-topic) I can see the German in you when you capitalize all your nouns, it's cute
>> No. 17232
File 130265015025.png - (563.76KB , 600x662 , fluttershy.png )
You are awesome, i don't know what i can say that i haven't already said before. but all of that is true times infinity. Love to both you and your wife!
>> No. 17233
File 130265120728.png - (258.14KB , 1900x1916 , 130241717983.png )
I wish you the best of luck OP
>> No. 17234
File 130265876521.png - (82.56KB , 425x360 , 130041076202.png )

Just been reading through this entire thread.

What can one say that has not been repeated many times over and over? But perhaps there-in lies the beauty of true support.

Merriweather, there is a simple fact sitting right here for you, to give you strength and help...which in turn shall help your wife.





Your family by your posts has been around, sharing the hardship with each other, for all they may react in their own ways.

Your gaming friends showed you that they are more than just text on the internet.

And now the Brony Brigade here is showing that one thing that is so beautiful about humanity...that self of moral...that sense of ethics...the sense of love and compassion. That when one of their number has a problem, HUNDREDS might rally around them. We are doing so for you, Merriweather, hundreds of Bronies who visit this board all wishing as hard as they can for everything to be fine.

We are here for you, bro. We are not just text on an imageboard, we're people, sitting within our own lives and remembering you during them.

Stay strong, Merriweather, we'll help you do so, even as this ordeal moves towards you seeing your wife awake again, we'll still help you, and then whatever happens, we'll STILL help you. And the more we give our strength and compassion to you...the more you'll have to pass on to your poor wife.

You'll get through this, not one Brony in here would ever doubt your resilience to make it this far and endure so much. I know you said not to compliment your "strength", but I've seen people crumble and fall beneath the weight of similar things.

All our best wishes, from all the religions we might follow, from all countries across the globe, from all walks of life, all ages and all people go out to you.
>> No. 17235
File 130266349656.jpg - (29.48KB , 577x347 , 130229540123.jpg )
Just finished reading through the thread and all I have say is that... I'm glad to hear that your wife is doing better.
I got a good feeling that ya'll are going to come out of this ok, and my feelings are always right.
Also in an earlier post >>4344 you told us not to call you strong. Okay I won't just say that You are strong, I will say, however, that We are strong.
You, Me, All of Us as Bronies united, are strong.
The fact that we stand united under the common goal of sending you all the love, care and support we possiblely can in an effort to comfort you in a time of need amazes me. Wether it be through words, pictures, prayers, donations, or anything really, we all showed and continue to show our unyielding support for you and your wife. That makes me proud to be a Brony. I'm proud to see there is a group of people that stand together to support eachother, to see that there are people that have the courage to speak up and ask for help with there problems, and I'm proud to be apart of it all and you should be too. Now I want you do something for me, your wife, and this comunity. I want you to stay positive, and quit saying you're not brave or strong, becasue you are brave and strong. You are braver and stronger than alot of the people I know including myself. You are not alone in this stuggle because we are standing on the sidelines, cheering you on sending you all of our support to help you through this ordeal. So keep on staying positive Merriweather and I hope your wife continues to get better.
>> No. 17236
Don't have an image macro for this.
But my sincerest condolences, brony. I hope all will turn out well. I'm sure it will.
Life tends to do that.
>> No. 17237
File 130266490098.jpg - (84.56KB , 543x571 , 130168239175.jpg )
Don't get too down, she's coming off a ton of drugs and trying to adapt to a new way of brain function. I'm sure she's still in there, just be patient!
>> No. 17238
File 130266520445.png - (81.75KB , 885x976 , 1301845325241.png )
Sorry I haven't responded yet. I just today took the time to read through this thread. You and your wife are in my prayers. I guess I can just offer this story from my life.

Two years ago, my sister-in-law attempted suicide early in the year. Then again later that year. My brother (her husband) stuck with her. I remember how much it hurt to see her in a hospital bed barely conscious, but I remember the relief I felt knowing she was still alive as well. I can't imagine how hard it must've been for my brother. But things are better now. She somehow doesn't have brain damage, although the doctors expected it. Both my brother and her go to counseling together now. She's on the right meds now and hasn't attempted it again. I don't know how either of them survived the ordeal, but it's possible. We love you, brony!
>> No. 17239
File 130267244884.jpg - (132.81KB , 1064x690 , 130255032521.jpg )
Thanks everypony. I feel a bit better today (having headache) and again in the middle of the Night I woke up and wondered where she went for a few seconds

´kay i belive its the first time someone called that habbit of me cute.... ^_^"

Again... thanks all of you. I am off to Work. See you later
>> No. 17240
Guten Nacht.

Schalfen Sie genug. Es ist wichtig für Ihren Gesund
>> No. 17241
File 130268593087.gif - (524.29KB , 366x341 , 130101620026.gif )

haven't been able to check this thread for a while, great to hear she's out of the coma, hopefully we'll see more signs of recovery soon! me and my wife are still gonna keep praying for you and her.

>everypony else, I love you. This has got to be the most inspiring thing I've ever seen on or of the internet. bronys 4 lyf indeed.
>> No. 17242
File 130270711845.png - (507.44KB , 844x461 , 1297909184381.png )

Hey Merri, I'm no good at cheering up but you can burden your sorrows upon me anytime.
>> No. 17243
File 130271399652.png - (145.22KB , 571x571 , 130118836656.png )
i was going to make a joke about how it sounds like you're seducing him, but this isn't the thread for it.
>> No. 17244
File 130271438950.png - (296.19KB , 1007x794 , __be_a_good_sport_applejack______by_blackgryph0n-d.png )
No worries man! Thank you for continuing to give us updates. I'm glad we can continue to be a source of comfort and strength! Just continue to keep your mind set in the present; it's senseless to worry about things that may never happen. :)

No matter what happens, never stop praying.
>> No. 17245
File 130271507825.jpg - (1.78KB , 126x103 , fgdgdg.jpg )
>> No. 17246
File 130271724739.jpg - (157.42KB , 633x362 , 1300129070422.jpg )
Just back, hope everypony is doing fine ?

Talked with her Doctor, she said her Brainwaves looks good and she starts reacting to Sounds and Objects. The new Brainscan shows that the Brainstomp (the part that routs down her nerves to the Body) has also been affacted... but they cant say yet how much.

When I got to her she was sleeping since she did put up a fight while they where doing the Scans so they had to give her something... maybe she is awake tomorrow.

Her Mother is also pretty exaustet (she stayed at the Hospital Hotel all the Time, I offered her to stay at my place but she wanted to be close to her) she also saw her when she was awake this morning when I was at work. She was way more active than Yesterday. Grabbed her Hand... seemed like she tried to talk and stuff. To bad i wasnt there.

This Thread has been going on now for a while and I hope there is news every Day, but I dont know if its okay with the Mods to keep it open that long. I hope there is no trouble with that ?
>> No. 17247
File 130271760710.jpg - (196.95KB , 1000x1000 , 130183459748.jpg )
I'm sure the mods wont mind...

While I havent posted in this thread at all , I've kinda been keeping watch over it hoping for the best for your wife... I think I speak for everypony here that we want to hear more news, and we all wish the the best.

Keep hoping.
Keep praying.
>> No. 17248
File 130271921654.jpg - (48.63KB , 600x600 , derpy OP muffin.jpg )
dont worry about it. this thread is amazing and it deserves to be here.

good luck and stay strong <3
>> No. 17249
File 130274865936.png - (312.12KB , 623x938 , mlp__fim___luna__s_decent_by_pterosaurpony-d3dty86.png )
I get how you feel,
honestly you're powerless,
but there's always hope,
and that might be enough sometime,
but remember one thing,
we're all here for you,
no matter how far we may be.
>> No. 17250
File 130275153673.png - (403.91KB , 3109x3000 , cherry_by_keinzantezuken-deviantart-com.png )
woops i guess my eye jumped sorry about that i was still only halfway through when i posted that.
>> No. 17251
File 130280487376.jpg - (79.13KB , 1600x900 , 1300223810074.jpg )
Was at her side today again... twice. This morning she was asleep since she had Training before (moving her limbs and things like that) but she was not reacting at commands so I was said.

This evening when I was there she was more half Asleep, tried to open her eyes every now and then. One Time she was more awake I moved my Lips to form "I love you" and i could have sworn that for a breaf Second she smiled. Later on she seemed to have Pain since her Heartbeat went up pretty high and she Cramped again. They gave her something to sleep and she was away again pretty fast.

Her mother will leave tomorrow evening or Saturday Morning, she needs to get out of that Hotel and I cant blame her... she was there for 2 Weeks. More than enough. And so another Day ends... who would have thought one month ago that my life would change so dramaticly when we where planing our Holidays
>> No. 17252
File 130280594659.png - (286.64KB , 697x720 , tumblr_lj24mqzYxX1qiyqjno1_1280.png )
Well, after all the good news you had told us before, it was certainly coming, this not so good news. Still, she pulled through and is alive. I hope this works out for you both.

this picture is more daww worthy then anything.
>> No. 17253
File 130280637981.png - (118.95KB , 800x800 , Rainbow Dash and Gilda.png )

Hey Merri, both you are her are doing great. She's going to have a hard time for a while, but watch over the weeks and months as she regains strength with the help of you and the doctors. Bad days will happen, but your general trajectory is still looking up.

>> No. 17254
File 130280645573.png - (179.42KB , 1021x850 , 130202371740.png )

I have not replied to your thread before. Maybe because I'm a bit scared of getting too touchy feely.

But I just want you to know that you and your wife have been on my mind many a time since your first post.

I really hope she pulls through without "scars" and I can only imagine what you are going through and I want to commend you on the way you have gotten through this ordeal.

My best wishes to the both of you!
>> No. 17255
File 130280727524.png - (107.08KB , 850x1100 , 130206322102.png )
I dont see today as "bad"... that breaf second she smiled at me made my heart jump. I love her so deeply it hurts to be without her but then I see her.. alive. And i am so glad i could cry.

That Picture made my Day... thank you. I know its not a laughing matter and i am not really. But everytime she opens her eyes and one looks the other way I have to think of Derpy ( see Picture) and that makes my Heart feel all warm.... to my Little Muffin. If your ever going to read this, I love you... I love u l love u I love u and I will for ever.
>> No. 17256
File 130282307432.gif - (1.27MB , 345x230 , yay.gif )
I stayed up far beyond my bed time and read every single post in this thread. And I just have to show you my love, even though I can't say anything different from what everypony else has been telling you.

What I noticed after reading the whole thread at once is that things may have seemed bad before, but you and your wife have overcome them all and gotten to where you are now! That is amazing. You and you wife can do this, Merriweather. You really can. Never forget that.

This is a story of hope and love. Those kind of stories have happy endings.

I'm giving you a Fluttershy to cheer for you and your wife's recovery!
>> No. 17257
File 130282465788.png - (194.75KB , 900x800 , derpy_by_wasd999-deviantart-com.png )
i just joined ponychan yesterday and this was the second thread i saw and i read the whole thing from 10-2 doing my homework in-between.
All i can say is that im so happy for you(your wife getting better that is), i really hope everything gets better, and somehow through it all derpy is ALWAYS able to make us laugh.

My heart goes out to you and your wife!
>> No. 17258
I just read every post in this thread and I teared up many times during it, but that last post made me cry.
Every fiber of my being goes out to you and your wife and I hope so badly she makes a speedy recovery and can live a normal life again. I hope sometime soon your wife can read this thread and see just how many strangers are hoping and praying for her.
I love you brony. You'll be in my thoughts.
>> No. 17259

I have no idea who you are, but what you just said was incredibly nice.

Thank you for supporting him.
>> No. 17260
File 130290025218.jpg - (31.91KB , 204x187 , 1300125707252.jpg )
Thank you everypony... Posts like these really make me Happy. Your all above Awesome.

I was at her side today again bit a bit late... I searched out her mp3 player so she can listen to her favourite Music. Her Doc says that helps her so theres no stopping me.

Today was a good day, she was up and all Energetic and they had her Sit up. Her Eyes are now working better (no more Derpy look) and her Hand held mine pretty strong. I guided her Hand to my Face and she startet feeling over it, poking my Nose n stuff. Sometimes she shook her head after a question but i dont know if it was her intension or if it was Random.

I took along some Photos and showed them to her. But then I was asked to leave already... :( and she did not wanted to let go of my hand.... I gave her a Kiss on her forehead and promised to be back.
>> No. 17261
I do say, (take no offense by this) but its interesting to read how she slowly gains back her skills. Really interesting indeed. I think she'll make a pretty fine recovery, Merriweather.
>> No. 17262

Aww... I have to say, that's probably the sweetest thing I've ever heard. Period. You've got quite the story to tell, and it's evolving quickly.
>> No. 17263
File 130290949912.jpg - (49.88KB , 550x413 , never-stop-loving-sign1.jpg )
I wish you and your wife the best possible outcome Merriweather. I was honestly in tears reading this thread.

If you ever need anything feel free to let us know. We are always here for you.
>> No. 17264
This thread just makes me want to cry... Warms my heart to know there's so much love here, and mine sincerely goes out to you and your wife. It's great to know she's improving, and I hope to god she'll make a complete recovery.
>> No. 17265
I hope everything gets better for you.
>> No. 17267
File 130292860061.png - (59.02KB , 241x241 , 130015199338.png )
What a bad time you're having. I hope she gets better. All our love and good feelings are on both of you.
>> No. 17268
I'm glad to hear she's improving. We're with you and your wife every step of the way, Merriweather!
>> No. 17269
File 130293519726.png - (265.70KB , 668x688 , 130031287286.png )

I hope you're happy, You just made a grown man cry. Just kidding, I'ma sendin you and my wife all the love I have in my shrivelled little heart.
>> No. 17271
File 130294648094.png - (103.67KB , 600x600 , everybody_loves_derpy_by_tim_kangaroo-d3axafu.png )
I'm still praying for you both. I'm elated that things keep getting better.
>> No. 17272
Ich wünsche dir alles Beste für die Zukunft. Sei versichert, dass viele Bronies an dich denken werden und mache weiter mit der guten Fürsorge.

All the best from another brony.
>> No. 17273
Ich wünsche dir und deiner Frau das Beste, Merriweather. Ihr wünsche ich auch eine gute Erholung... halt die Ohren steif, Brony. Wir sind bei dir.
>> No. 17274
File 130305216351.png - (744.92KB , 900x700 , 11008.png )
I hope you are having a nice weekend. I'm not sure about the weather where you live but its nice and sunny here. If its sunny where you are you should take a walk, sunlight does amazing things.

Hope your wife gets better man.
>> No. 17275
More like next year, amirite?
>> No. 17276
File 130306253897.jpg - (50.13KB , 800x600 , SAM_2300.jpg )
Danke euch beiden, das bedeutet uns sehr viel das ihr uns alle so toll unterstützt. *knuddel*

Thats a nice picture... love it.

So everypony I am back again from the Hospital. Sorry for not Posting Yesterday but I hanged out with Treehugger and some Friends for Cinema. And just look what Treehugger got me.... thanks so MUCH to Treehugger and PSP you Guys are Amazing

< Pic related. The Cup was the Present

I was at her side today again, she is disconected from the Breathing Machine for 24 Hours now and Breathes on her own. Thats pretty Awesome said the Doctor. Today was very Sunny here and she was Sleepy. I talked to her and suddenly she startet Yawning (that was so cute....) and so I left her dozing of. Hope you have sweet dreams my little Muffin
>> No. 17277
File 130306450114.jpg - (142.38KB , 800x736 , 35bfae665b33c3755c64054c01ad1118.jpg )
that's wonderful to hear! and what a thoughtful gift, Treehugger is such a great brony! I'm glad your wife is progressively getting better. Still love you guys! *hugs*
>> No. 17278
File 130309761151.gif - (202.02KB , 497x320 , 130242809619.gif )
I just read through the thread and became absurdly invested in the welfare of you and your wife. I'm beyond thrilled to read about all the progress she's made!

Keep your spirits up. Bronies everywhere are sending support your way, myself included.

>Some silly to make you smile. :3
>> No. 17279
oh, my, merriweather, this sounds like quite the scenario you're in...
In life, there will be hardships; one can be sure of that. But, hardship does not imply a loss without meaning; not by a long shot. It sounds like, through reading this, you've made the discovery of how much you truly love this woman; how even though your own well being is affected by it, your love for her has endured and remained as strong as it ever could. A true, healthy love will transcend all, even death, and if anything this situation has served as undying testament to that impenetrable, undying force inside you for your significant other.
I can only offer you my words, hoping that she makes as full a recovery as possible, but never allow your perception to drown in the wallowing depths of hopelessness, because there really is a bright side, an equalizing balance to every situation you will ever encounter in reality.
Feel better, friend. You have the support of many
>> No. 17280
Fantastic news! I'm so glad she's doing better!
>> No. 17281
>I was at her side today again, she is disconected from the Breathing Machine for 24 Hours now and Breathes on her own.

My chest went cold when I read that sentence, skimming through posts while trying to find where I last read, until I read the last five words. *phew* I'm so glad to hear that she's recovering, Merriweather. We're all here for you, brony! :D
>> No. 17282
File 130313474724.jpg - (25.80KB , 265x307 , 130040530785.jpg )
I'm glad to hear that your wife is fine. And I also liked that last thing you said there. I think you should have this.
>> No. 17283
That's wonderful news.
>> No. 17284
File 130313849237.gif - (1.67MB , 357x275 , Fluttershy Cry.gif )

Did your wife have a pacemaker? or is she going to get one?

I'm sorry, you don't have to answer.. Its just that i spent one month in a coma 6 years ago, and everything medical related really tingles my curiosity.

I wish the very best for you and your wife and take care brony!
>> No. 17285
File 130314256422.png - (145.22KB , 571x571 , 130118836656.png )

thats great!
>> No. 17286
File 130314909072.jpg - (47.78KB , 690x800 , a71e784344c260990d6aef2e54fc1587.jpg )
No she has not a Pacemaker. Today was rather hard... at first I came up to her room and several Emergency Medis where Standing around the Bed... my heart fell three Feet down before I realised that it was not my Wife in the Bed. I asked a nurse what was going on and then she found out that my wife was moved to another Station.

At first relived I went over to find her in Pain and Breathing like a Fish on the Dry. I asked again a Nurse whats wrong and she seemed to be like that all Day since she was moved. Her Bloodpressure was abnormaly high and she was strugeling.... I tried to talk to her but she just kept pushing me away. The Doctor came to us and told me that this was part of the Hard Way... they can not Sedate her everytime she is strugeling. Its hard for me seeing her like that but I have to be strong aswell and endure it. Like with a Junkie whos on Cold Turkey.

I stayed at her Side as long as possible but she keept Pushing me away... till I was told to leave.

And again I burst out in tears...
>> No. 17287

I'm sorry Weather.

I'm still sure you can both pull through this.
>> No. 17288
Sorry, man.
>> No. 17289
File 130315604410.png - (201.79KB , 1339x794 , 130143692789.png )
I'm sorry for you but there are good and bad days during a
recovery from a severe illness or accident.
I hope for both of you that everything will be alright again in a couple of weeks.
>> No. 17290

My prayers are with your wife! Stay strong, merriweather!
>> No. 17291
File 130317635272.png - (530.53KB , 1081x625 , 130312897241.png )
I don't think there's much I can say that has not been said before in this thread, but I still want to let you know that you are not alone, my thoughts are with you. I send my support and best wishes to you and your wife. Stay strong, brony.
>> No. 17292
File 130318770396.png - (610.38KB , 1280x720 , We\'re here for you.png )
We're here for you Merriweather
hope this pic will make you feel a bit better after today
>> No. 17294
File 130319365212.png - (627.25KB , 1280x720 , 130318770396.png )
>> No. 17295
I just read your entire story, and I cant say I remotely understand what your going through. But you have my most sincere sympathy and I truly from my bottom of my heart wish both you and your wife the best of luck and happiness. Sense I truly believe true and genuine people like yourself deserve such happiness the most out of anyone.

Both you and your wife will be in my prayers. I wish you my best.
>> No. 17296

Thats so sweet.. thanks both of you. *hugs*

Today I got a call that she was getting worse and was beeing retransfered back to the Intesive Care Station, she was gettin more and more problems getting Air so they had to attach her to the Breathing Mashine again. When I got there she was sedatet because she was stressing to much.... I did not want to wake her up so I just stood there for an Hour
>> No. 17297
lets chalk this down as the belly of the whale and assume that immediately after this is the return
(if you all know your heroic archetypes, as outlined by Jung)
>> No. 17298
Damn, that sucks. I still hold my prayers for you and your wife's safety.
>> No. 17299
File 130327455846.png - (401.03KB , 921x814 , twilightohshit.png )
Oh my... i'm sorry she went back to ICU. I hope for her and you to be well. Everything i've said before times infinity. my prayers are with you!
>> No. 17300
Oh wow, reading through this thread was heartbreaking. It's great that she's starting to get better again. It sucks that she has to be back on the breathing machine again, but it sounds like she's a strong person and will pull through. Stay strong! My prayers are with you.
>> No. 17301
We are still with you. Hang in there, your wife hasn't given up yet so neither should you.
>> No. 17302
File 130332025211.jpg - (36.42KB , 588x338 , 130324052734.jpg )
Today was better again... at first she was sleeping when I got to her but somewhen she woke up and I just started talking. She was much more rest then before and breathing ok, but still attached to the Breathing Mashine.

I know no baaw Songs for me... but this one is just so wonderfull and everytime I see this thread it comes to my Mind. I love you people, every one of you

This is for you

Saturday is her Birthday and since she cant celebrate Properly im going to throw one HELL of a Party here, so that everyone of you is alarmed.

You got that pinky ?
>> No. 17303
File 130332350901.png - (351.79KB , 3999x1519 , 130303121215.png )
Really glad lad to hear that.
I hope everything will get better.

Best wishes and a BIG hug.
>> No. 17304
File 130332377276.jpg - (30.83KB , 500x500 , 1302428501004.jpg )
Colgate !

Oh you... you know how to make me happy
Come here and let me hug you
>> No. 17305
File 130332502608.jpg - (81.01KB , 1102x581 , colgate_brushie.jpg )
Glad to hear that things were better again today. Naturally, it's gradual, but progress is progress!

You like Colgate? Here's Colgate!
>> No. 17306
File 130332513183.png - (64.15KB , 469x413 , 130324896024.png )
>> No. 17307
File 130333876994.png - (105.96KB , 640x360 , 130305341164.png )

If it will make Merriweather feel better, then yes, PARTAY! Party in celebration his wife and their enduring love!
>> No. 17308
File 130333901504.png - (258.14KB , 1900x1916 , dash_fluttershy_hug_hd.png )
I don't know if you're religious or not, but I'll be praying for you.
>> No. 17309
File 130334518518.jpg - (32.15KB , 489x355 , scootjeep.jpg )
My prayers are with you, Merriweather.

>Pic related. It makes me laugh every time I see it. Don't know what it's so funny. But I hope you might get a laugh out of it as well.
>> No. 17310
File 130334691004.png - (41.90KB , 251x250 , 130329182422.png )
Less praying, more partying!
>> No. 17311
if she isn't already, have the docs put her on higher than normal concentrations of O2. It has been known to work wonders for healing, and it should help.

but my prayers go out to ya.
>> No. 17312
File 130336976409.png - (141.25KB , 322x358 , ohai.png )
Hope for the best... I can't imagine how hard it must be for you to be going through this.
>> No. 17313
File 130341129365.jpg - (25.18KB , 364x330 , 1300115511970.jpg )
Thanks Guys !

Today was awesome ! First she got to taste some Icecream and she really enjoyed it. Then I talked to her and i am sure that she actually responded ! I sayd things and she shoock her head, nooded or smiled. 1 or 2 times can be coincidence but we where "Talking" for about an Hour and she replyed very often.

That made me really happy.... what a wonderfull day.
>> No. 17314
File 130341168811.jpg - (3.58KB , 124x125 , hap.jpg )

That's wonderful!
>> No. 17315
File 130341341358.png - (106.62KB , 665x665 , 130302286449.png )
Now THAT'S the kind of news we wanted to hear!
>> No. 17316
File 130341406515.gif - (933.51KB , 320x180 , rarity_giddy.gif )
Yay! Awesome news! Hopefully it'll keep getting better from here!
>> No. 17317
File 130341712053.png - (158.33KB , 2000x2000 , 130253974552.png )
Thats good to hear. Best wishes from me too.
>> No. 17318
File 130341864870.jpg - (29.59KB , 461x339 , 130297555375.jpg )

That is amazing news! Hope that means she's on the fast road to recovery!
>> No. 17319
File 130342094727.png - (52.73KB , 234x261 , 129950364467.png )

The world needs good news, like those :D Glad to hear, she is better :)
>> No. 17320
File 130343467833.jpg - (30.27KB , 435x493 , 1298829346045.jpg )
I know it probably doesn't feel like it to you, but she's making awesome progress! And doing it quickly, I believe! So yaaayyyy!
>> No. 17321
Woohoo! :D

I'm so glad she's doing better, Merriweather!
>> No. 17322
gratz brony, that'll make her party all the sweeter
>> No. 17323
File 130345654649.jpg - (23.86KB , 360x316 , omgomgomgomg.jpg )

:D :D :D :D :D

I'm really glad to hear that! I've been trying to keep up, but haven't known what to say... but even though some of us may not be saying too much, know that you and your wife are in all of our thoughts!!!
>> No. 17324
File 130345722870.jpg - (361.03KB , 1414x1406 , 130211739381.jpg )
Just read the updates. Glad to hear the good news. A few points in your stories made me da'aw and are really cute.

You're still in my thoughts and prayers. At this point I'm pretty sure that you know that our interest in your welfare is more then a passing fancy.

Also, thanks for linking that song. It was interesting to listen to (in a good way).
>> No. 17325
File 130346103801.png - (530.53KB , 1081x625 , 130317635272.png )
Thanks everypony ! I am so gratefull to have all of you.

Since this thread has been de-stickied (have i said that right) It can be moved to arch if the Mods want. Otherwise I will Update you as long as its here. If I cant find it anymore you can come look for me in one of PSPs "how are you Feeling today" threads and ask me then I will gladly tell you all about her Progress.

Untill then I yet again thank you from all of my Heart for all of your Support.

Your awesome, I love all of you
>> No. 17326
File 130346647968.png - (557.12KB , 1000x1000 , 1302827293161.png )
You know, I'd really love to see it in /arch/. It's a sweet little thing to read, and it's something where I hope your wife makes it. Trust me when I say that as long as we still hold caring inside us, I don't think this thread would fall that easily.

And you're welcome for the help, my brony.
>> No. 17327
File 130347598000.jpg - (256.40KB , 940x528 , pinkierainbow.jpg )
Holy shit man... I wish I could say something helpful or soothing but I'm socially insecure as fuck and I just want to let you know that I'm rooting for you and your wife. I hope it all ends well.

Good to see that you get so much love and support in here. I'm going through some hard times as well right now (though they're nowhere near as severe as yours) and ponies really do brighten your day. Shit is magic, I'm telling you!

Good luck and stay strong. Greetings from your neighbors in the Netherlands. :]
>> No. 17332
File 130348603128.jpg - (31.14KB , 351x365 , cowponybigsmile.jpg )

That's wonderful to hear! i'm excited that she is eating and responding to you, i was so worried for her. You have been awesome and your wife has been awesome for fighting this thing and making great strides!

and to the rest of ponychan, This is one of my biggest reasons why i love this site and fandom so much. Always ready to support and help those in need, showing the love, friendship, kindness, and total respect that bronies can offer. Showing that friendship is real magic!
>> No. 17338
>> No. 17341
File 130351222412.png - (261.03KB , 600x605 , HugTwilight.png )
So happy to hear things are getting better!
>> No. 17350
Even though it's in /arch/, it would still be great if you could give us news every once in a while. I know I will be coming here to see if there's anything new every now and again.
>> No. 17352
This to a T.
>> No. 17413
File 130356294293.png - (85.67KB , 740x694 , 3230 - Aquafresh Colgate Romana.png )
>Saturday is her Birthday...
Well wishing her a happy birthday may seem a bit inappropriate under the given circumstances, but however, best wishes for both of you. You did an awesome job and i hope that she will get better soon.
>> No. 19087
That's great news!! Makes me so happy to hear!
>> No. 19122
File 130370842395.jpg - (53.76KB , 854x480 , this is why we can have nice things.jpg )
Frohe Ostern Merriweather and wife. I hope this spiritual day brought with it some great progress for the two of you.

If anything bad happened recently, know that we are all here for you to pour out your sorrows onto. I can't wait to hear of your wife's reaction when you show her this thread ^ ~ ^
>> No. 20059
No recent news?
>> No. 20065
File 130383276649.png - (167.52KB , 641x361 , in all hly name.png )
Give him time, also, I lost the thread, maybe he did too
>> No. 20135
File 130395086656.png - (121.21KB , 640x360 , MLPfim_ep0603.png )
>> No. 23816
File 130419417203.png - (158.46KB , 894x894 , 8914 - big_macintosh lil_macintosh.png )
Man, I hope Merriweather knows his thread has been archived. I miss getting regular updates. I'm kind of worried. :/
>> No. 23817
Sorry to you all !!! I though this was locked when moved here...

If anypony wants to chat you can almost evertime find me in one of Psps "How do you feel today" Threads in /chat.

Thou here a litte gettogether of the past Weeks. My Wife is now out of the Intensive Care Station and into Rehab, yesterday they took the Breathingdevice out and she already startet talking again, simple Words like her name, hello, help.

She wants to say more and stocks on "I think..." but its probably still a huge mess in there. She also still cant move her right Limbs thats going to need time.... but she is alright and out of Lifedanger.

I for myself am having a hard time myself, Stomach problems and a Depression says the Doctor. Got Meds against it but right now i feel like cuddling up in a corner and .... no sorry I dont want to concern you anymore... dont worry im fine.

Special thanks to everypony in the "how do you feel threads" for cheering me up, of course thanks to you all aswell
>> No. 23821
File 130420902819.png - (311.49KB , 1932x1821 , 8994 - absurd_res princess_luna.png )
That's great news about your wife! I've said it before, but those little victories sure do add up, don't they? :)

I think anypony might feel the same way you do after enduring such a terrible tribulation If anything happened to my own wife, I'd very likely feel the same way you are. I'm just glad you're getting some help. I'm sure you wish you wouldn't feel this way anymore. *hug* :(
>> No. 23832
File 130422244578.gif - (66.08KB , 360x360 , clop clop.gif )
Oh that's wonderful that your wife is talking again!
>> No. 27121
File 130452931848.png - (267.94KB , 2000x1839 , 130383740844.png )
Hiya again, my wife is doing wonderfull stated her condition. She is eating bread again and she loves it... i shall great you all from her :3
>> No. 27122
File 130453072597.png - (282.37KB , 1280x720 , 130298365927.png )
Happy endings!

>> No. 27123
File 130453154681.png - (76.69KB , 320x314 , 130238261221.png )

Oh, I'm so glad!
>> No. 27128
File 130454815876.jpg - (7.45KB , 184x184 , rainbow dash 2.jpg )
>> No. 27129
Thats amazing! I've been following this thread for a good month and its just awsome to know she's finally doing well.
>> No. 27135
File 130455994890.png - (47.68KB , 200x187 , 130145299247.png )
That's great to hear man!
I'm glad to see that ya'll are coming out of this thing ok.
I have been following this since March and to see that this is going to have a happy ending warms my heart and puts a smile on my face.
>> No. 27141
File 130456977557.png - (62.66KB , 237x237 , 130324730119.png )
Here's to brighter futures!
>> No. 27148
Wooooo! I'm so happy things are going better for you, Merriweather! :D
>> No. 27152
File 130463114031.jpg - (39.71KB , 600x600 , That\'sNice.jpg )
Hooray!!!! >>27121
>> No. 27168
File 130471666612.jpg - (47.70KB , 600x338 , 1299953390871.jpg )
Sorry if this sounds cheesy... but i kinda feeling like this now and want to share it with you.
>hes not..... he is

Read this to the "Final Fantasy XIII My Hands melody"

I come home in the evening... tired of working
Get in the shower... and get something to eat alone
I start up my laptop... talking to some bronys
already passed another day....

Without you and i talk helping other in need
holding back my own fears... my tears obey me...
I stay home at night... i turn of the light.

I cant do all of the things i must do always you on my
mind when i think i wont be alright... i am always wrong cause

My Friends, I dont want to bother them
My Friends yeah they always understand
My Friends they just hug me and break every piece of
fear i may find

My Friends no grudge will ever be hold
My Friends no matter what nonsense i have told
My Friends no they will never leave me alone ... no
never leave me alone

I talk about you now... I try to do without crying
I am among Friends now, even thou im home alone
They cheer me up everywhere, make it sound so easy

I laugh a bit louder... make them think im allright but I
see they dont belive me they try to comfort me.
And now i see all of the things you guys do to me,
when im with you i can be okay... i can cry cause you
are ....

My Friends... they dont want me to hold back again
My Friends they do all really understand...
My Friends they will always try to help. They just try
and destroy every piece of sadnes i may hold

My Friends they all give me hope
Your Friends no they dont want you to be alone
Our Friends no they will not let us go... no never let us go

> sorry im going to sink into the ground out of embarrament now... but this is what i feel for you. Thank you so much... I love you all.
>> No. 27171
File 130473152671.png - (56.25KB , 319x274 , 130134819412.png )

so awesome...I'm tearing up right now, I'm so happy she made it...I was so worried about both of you the whole time. Much love to you and the wife Merri.
>> No. 27172
File 130473323853.jpg - (160.23KB , 900x1264 , 130457267414.jpg )

We comfort each other when we are in need because we really are a big internet family. We'll keep supporting you through all of this.
>> No. 27251
And you can't escape us that easily. We'll support you after it, there is no escape.
Glad to hear she's doing better :P
>> No. 28787
File 130496500520.png - (89.54KB , 472x289 , ponies_by_platina_jolteon-d3fip4c.png )
wow, awesome

I have to say, that i was really worried abou you two.
But now, as things seem to get better, i feel really happy for you.
>> No. 28800
File 130506545679.png - (111.34KB , 900x815 , 130186061493.png )
Sorry for not keeping up, dont want to make you worry she is falling a bit back right now. Doesnt want to eat and got an infection.

I streched my back and am laying low for at least 2 Days... one should never say "well at least it cant get worse"
>> No. 29075
File 130513206530.png - (156.00KB , 600x470 , rainbowpie_by_platina_jolteon-d3fjbfz.png )
oh, i´m sorry to hear that :(
I just hope the infection isnt too bad.
Best wishes. I hope she gets better soon.
>> No. 29082
File 130513868896.png - (19.94KB , 125x105 , 130505111232.png )
Its a simple "krankenhaus keim" but she has to be isolated so she does not infect the other more weaker Patients.

At least I got her to eat some more by telling that she is making some Ponys very sad
>> No. 29083
Well hopefully this illness won't get too serious. I'm sure it won't be, though. Do the doctors thing she will survive?
>> No. 29093
File 130517587952.jpg - (61.33KB , 588x888 , 130457352119.jpg )

Ooh, Deutsch! Ich hatte nicht gedacht, dass ich Deutsch hier sehen wurde.

...You and your wife are in my thoughts constantly. What sort of recovery are the doctors expecting of her?
>> No. 29094
Yeah of course !!! She is fully there again and out of the coma... "only" cant talk and move her right body parts. She will have to learn that again but she is recovering

Hallo ! There a quiet a few germans here but to be polite we keep the Germantalking down... come visit me in /chats daily "how do you feel" thread if you like to chat.

The doctors expect a good recover but thats going to take a loooong time. She will have to replace the dead Brainpart funcitons and that takes time
>> No. 29349
File 130527911701.jpg - (66.47KB , 600x600 , 130065937171.jpg )
Wow guys I go on ponychan a fair bit, don't post much though, only just found this thread, read it top to bottom, stuff like this really made me see the world in a different light (in a good way xD) been in a bit of a slump because of exams but now that just feels silly!

Hate to echo posts in this thread but yeah best wishes to you brony, sounds like it's going well! Everything looks like they're going to be just fine =)
>> No. 30078
File 130538793536.png - (312.68KB , 600x498 , 130435129635.png )

Yay for wonderful progress!
>> No. 2494121
File 130772078628.jpg - (34.49KB , 600x600 , 130317021382.jpg )

It's been a while. Could you give us an update? Is everything alright?
>> No. 2511230
Um... Update, please?
>> No. 2511499
File 132022641775.jpg - (73.63KB , 569x720 , 131801044202.jpg )
Im sorry for the lack of updates.

She is Recovering and now in a Rehab Station. Slowly starting to walk and to talk again, she will recover but never be 100% the same again. I went through hard times myself. The Relationship broke over it in the end since getting Kids... building a Future... may never be possible. I got Depressive and almost took my life because i felt guilty... but i got Pychological Help and am better myself nowdays.

I got to know somepony here on Ponychan and fell in Love... Live with her now and she helps me a lot with moving on in Life
>> No. 2511509
File 132025345989.gif - (888.13KB , 360x212 , bruceleegut.gif )
sounds like a legit melioration to me.
>> No. 2511534

May you find strength through love and peace through kinship.
>> No. 2511597
File 132073402507.png - (261.03KB , 600x605 , HugTwilight.png )
Thanks for the update.
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