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File 130550803164.jpg - (27.46KB , 501x423 , 1295478542799.jpg )
2482095 No. 2482095
>decide to make dresses for my friends so we can have our own fashion show for fun
>work forever
>my friends hate them and stupidly offer to make new dresses with their suggestions
>one of my friends wants to wear galoshes with her dress
>my face
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>> No. 2482096
File 130550813738.jpg - (45.53KB , 600x549 , 130516691682.jpg )
>> No. 2482097
File 130550827153.jpg - (136.01KB , 1920x1080 , 130110677769.jpg )
Well if you'd just learn some basic astronomy, we wouldn't be in this mess, now would we?

I mean, five stars on Orion's Belt? Were you even trying?
>> No. 2482098
File 130550840293.jpg - (28.34KB , 500x502 , rainbow dash pondering.jpg )

This whole mess could have been avoided if you had the common sense to make them 20% cooler. I mean really, who aims for 20% lamer?
>> No. 2482099
File 130550842049.jpg - (24.92KB , 500x500 , celestiashrug.jpg )
> Student probably misses me, send her a ticket for the Gala so we can hang out
> Oh, send one for her dragon too
> Get letter back about not wanting her friends to miss out
> Send them tickets as well, maybe they'll loosen things up!
> Ugh Gala
> Suddenly, hilarious anarchy
> Thank student and friends for making things more fun
> mfw I have no idea why they got so crazy but whatever
>> No. 2482100
File 130550913274.png - (706.24KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2011-05-15-18h23m48s84.png )
>be naturally good with animals
>spend all week getting ready for the Gala
>get excited to befriend rare animals in royal garden
>all the animals avoid me and want nothing to do with me
>groundskeeper mule makes fun of me
>my face
>> No. 2482101
File 130550939517.png - (1.04MB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2011-05-15-18h27m04s237.png )
>go to Ponyville to visit old best friend from Junior Flight Camp
>she just wants to hang out with annoying pink pony instead
>they decide to throw a party for me
>get pranked the entire time
>completely humiliated
>get told off by my best friend
>they tell me to leave
>my face
>> No. 2482102
File 130550949563.gif - (396.27KB , 320x320 , pinkie pie cancan2.gif )
>perform song
>start war
>> No. 2482103
File 130550958124.jpg - (58.47KB , 944x580 , 130534772255.jpg )
>> No. 2482104
File 130550959562.png - (907.16KB , 1680x1050 , oh-great-another-song-by-the-CMCs.png )
>base entire lives around the collection of gems
>one day realize that the damn things are everywhere and probably aren't even worth their weight in manure
>have existential crisis
>our faces when
>> No. 2482105
File 130550960218.jpg - (34.76KB , 512x535 , spike is not amused.jpg )
>get excited for Grand Galloping Gala
>drive my friends there
>get ditched within a minute
>go drown my sorrows in doughnuts and cheap hot chocolate
>friends come back like "Oh, Spike, we're ready to hang out with you now!"
>> No. 2482106
File 130550964233.png - (35.82KB , 187x182 , 1295379371070.png )
>Applejack offers to help me with my new trick for the Wonderbolts
>my face
>> No. 2482108
File 130550972038.jpg - (142.58KB , 600x600 , rainbow_secret_by_don_komandorr-d3enmqv.jpg )
>Parents named me Rainbow Dash
>forced to dye hair constantly
>> No. 2482109
File 130550982931.png - (1.13MB , 1680x1050 , oab13.png )
>be the most trusted and loved student of the local goddess/despot
>warn of impending doom
>get kicked out of town
>> No. 2482110
File 130550986649.png - (390.52KB , 1128x708 , 9219 - sad spike.png )
>mare I like gives me a bow for all my hard work
>owl gets an identical bow for doing nothing
>> No. 2482111
File 130550993025.png - (50.59KB , 350x208 , pinkie sad.png )
>Fan writes scary story of me
>Other ponies are scared of me after they read it
>They all think i'm crazy
>> No. 2482112
File 130550997241.png - (549.97KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2011-05-15-18h38m38s32.png )
>be the only filly in my class without a cutie mark
>my face
>> No. 2482113
File 130551002527.png - (605.66KB , 1920x1200 , scratch.png )
>get hired to DJ the local dressmakers fashion show
>forced to play stuff I don't like by said dressmaker
>show is a disaster
>her reputation in ruins
>mine intact
>> No. 2482114
File 130551010507.jpg - (12.58KB , 469x265 , spike angry.jpg )
>Go to Quill and Sofa store
>they have no quills
>> No. 2482115
You forgot:

>friends only come to hang out with you after their night was ruined
>I am their backup plan
>> No. 2482116
File 130551026195.jpg - (42.21KB , 689x607 , 555tgh.jpg )
>ask friend to model hat I created for Photo Finish
>says I'm going to shine across Equestria
>instead, my friend becomes incredibly popular and famous as a model
>nobody cares about my work
>> No. 2482117
File 130551027420.png - (87.68KB , 376x379 , 130242710464.png )
>Have an ocular condition
>Mess up ONE delivery
>known as retarded pony forever
>> No. 2482119
File 130551043872.png - (932.30KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2011-05-15-18h37m14s180.png )
>become ruler of Equestria
>imprison my sister on the goddamn moon for 1000 years
>troll the shit out of my subjects
>> No. 2482120
File 130551054405.jpg - (18.20KB , 333x276 , applejack.jpg )
>Harvesting time
>Already made promises
>Keep promises and work
>Over-propell pegasus, practically poison plenty of ponies, and terrorize bushels of brand-new bouncing baby bunnies.
>> No. 2482122
File 130551054979.png - (1.13MB , 1680x1050 , cmb5we.png )
>dedicate life to harvesting apples
>work harder at my job than pretty much anyone else in town
>new bitch-ass unicorn in town comes along and can harvest apples considerably faster than me by using her bullshit telekinesis
>mfw being an earth pony sucks ass
>> No. 2482123
File 130551074563.png - (62.18KB , 275x220 , 130410714895.png )

>>Friends are sneaking around.
>>All of them try to avoid my perfectly planned party
>>Track dishonest friends to Applejack's farm
>>Applejack, the Element of fricking Honesty, lies to my face in as obvious a way as possible.
>>Spike confirms my suspicions that my friends now hate my guts and don't want to be around me anymore. Spike's okay with me I guess because I gave him jems to eat but who cares? He just a stupid baby dragon.
>>Get lonely and remember Pinkomina childhood vividly. Revert to inner child.
>>Make new friends with a bag of flour, a pile of rocks, a bucket of turnips, and a ball of lint.
>>Have awesome party for Gummy, my cool little green guy.
>>Pile of rocks implies my old friends were assholes.
>>MFW I start to realize the pile of rocks is right.
>> No. 2482124
File 130551078062.jpg - (53.56KB , 551x482 , scootaloo safety first.jpg )
>have a scooter
>wear a helmet
>> No. 2482125
File 130551080599.png - (200.34KB , 623x526 , 130296648549.png )
>Tell story about getting cutie mark
>Keep screaming yes yes yes yes yes yes yes in public
>realizing that everyone is staring at me
>> No. 2482126
File 130551085949.jpg - (36.29KB , 581x697 , just scream.jpg )
>best friend forces me to model for her even though I hate it
>suddenly become hugely popular
>can't quit or else my best friend would be really angry with me
>my face
>> No. 2482127
File 130551088119.png - (198.79KB , 640x360 , trixie be sad.png )
>perform show in hick town
>bitch pegasus heckles from the front row
>pony-folk get butthurt when I do my tricks
>pony-folk take my stage persona seriously and expect me to fight a bear
>bear destroys my home and forces me to leave in humiliation
>> No. 2482128
File 130551090709.png - (60.82KB , 190x195 , 1302487693728.png )
>offer to watch my friend's little sister and her friends for the night while she works on dresses
>expect to have a nice quiet night of coloring, singing songs
>they scare my animals
>break my grandmother's table
>be really loud and scare my chickens
>almost get me killed when they run into the Everfree forest and I have to save them
>> No. 2482129
File 130551100263.png - (290.63KB , 862x644 , 130497839268.png )
>wanted everypony to see how pretty the night was
>sister wouldn't have it and told me off
>got banished to the moon by my own sister
>> No. 2482130
File 130551103154.png - (268.50KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2011-05-15-21h51m46s23.png )
> Invite prize student to Gala
> Send her standard invite + 1, figure she'll just bring her manservant like everypony else
> Give all her friends invitations at her insistence, figure it'll be fun for a change
> Give student the honor of being at my side the whole night to meet the most influential ponies in Equestria
> Student's friends cause hundreds of thousands of bits in property damage, will have to ask Parliament to pay at taxpayers' expense
> Student complains about party
> mfw
>> No. 2482131
File 130551139274.gif - (964.62KB , 325x185 , ssdtstyling.gif )
>invite loser fillies to our Cutecenera
>fillies crash our party and make us look like idiots
>we're still rich, fabulous and have our Cutie Marks at the end of the day
>> No. 2482132
File 130551141725.jpg - (33.52KB , 426x456 , 0000op.jpg )
>spend all month planning out my Cutecanera
>that one girl in my class who doesn't have her cutie mark shows up
>suddenly get called out by two other blank flanks that come out of nowhere
>that new unicorn in town shows up out of nowhere and says she's better than me because she still has the wonder of discovery or something dumb
>everyone stops paying attention to me
>my party is RUINED
>> No. 2482133
File 130551149307.jpg - (85.51KB , 843x948 , Derpydress2.jpg )
>Wake up
>Can't find my wings
>Realize they're on my back
>Realize I fell asleep on the roof again and birds are poking me.
>> No. 2482134
File 130551153003.png - (700.69KB , 1920x1080 , fluttershy cry.png )
>try to take care of sick bird
>not getting better
>try harder to help
>bird ends up bursting into flames
>mfw i realize my cutie mark is a lie. i suck with animals
>> No. 2482135
File 130551156326.png - (147.77KB , 750x743 , 130480432553.png )
wow I never actually saw it that way. I guess it could just be her stage persona, but she does that stupid puff of smoke part at the end revealing that her stage persona and her real personality are becoming similar.

Oh wait. Sorry.

>>MFW I totally made Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity look like dumb chumps.
>> No. 2482136
File 130551165770.jpg - (23.01KB , 231x308 , 130510824701.jpg )
>work hard to perfect my music
>get to perform at the most prestigious event in Canterlot
>chance to impress everypony is ruined by some pink pony stealing all the attention by just being loud and obnoxious
>said pony asks for a special request
>> No. 2482137
File 130551171367.png - (79.14KB , 282x273 , Fluttershy Face.png )
>Tending to animals by lake.
>Find weird looking turtle
>Punch it in the head
>> No. 2482138
File 130551185147.jpg - (120.00KB , 543x543 , immortality_blues_2_by_icekatze-d3g2fc4.jpg )
>find talented foal
>invest time, energy and emotional support into my star pupil
>watch them grow into a gifted and talented sorcerer
>watch them grow up, fall in love, get married, have a family
>watch them grow old
>watch them die
>find talented foal
>invest time, energy and emotional support into my star pupil
>watch them grow into a gifted and talented sorcerer
>watch them grow up, fall in love, get married, have a family
>watch them grow old
>watch them die
>find talented foal
>invest time, energy and emotional support into my star pupil
>watch them grow into a gifted and talented sorcerer
>watch them grow up, fall in love, get married, have a family
>watch them grow old
>watch them die
>find talented foal
>invest time, energy and emotional support into my star pupil
>watch them grow into a gifted and talented sorcerer
>watch them grow up, fall in love, get married, have a family
>watch them grow old
>watch them die
>find talented foal
>invest time, energy and emotional support into my star pupil
>watch them grow into a gifted and talented sorcerer
>watch them grow up, fall in love, get married, have a family
>watch them grow old
>watch them die
>> No. 2482139
File 130551189021.jpg - (20.86KB , 311x340 , applefacehoof.jpg )
>Winter Wrap-Up
>everything is going horribly
>Caramel loses the grass seeds again
>> No. 2482140
File 130551193719.jpg - (20.33KB , 640x360 , Parasprite.jpg )
>>Really, really hungry all the time.
>>Bottom of the food chain in the Everfree forest
>>Quadruped takes a shine to me and takes me home.
>>Wow, new things to eat and no predators to eat me!
>>MFW I become the dominant life-form, can breed freely without fear, and soar to the top of the food chain for once.
>> No. 2482141
File 130551195350.jpg - (19.42KB , 278x313 , uhsdjjjj.jpg )
>Winter Wrap-Up
>work really hard
>accidentally misplace grass seeds
>Applejack yells at me
>nobody likes me
>> No. 2482142
File 130551214904.jpg - (93.52KB , 616x462 , grass-seed.jpg )
>quadrepeds try and plant me so they can harvest my body for food
>escape while the brown colt has its back turned
>> No. 2482143
File 130551221734.jpg - (50.03KB , 656x661 , 130102325344.jpg )
> Think this thread is about Art of the Dress
> turns out to be about something else entirely
> mfw
>> No. 2482144
File 130551267978.jpg - (224.07KB , 899x1226 , pony300.jpg )
>Get butthurt over people not worshiping me
>threaten all of their lives by causing eternal darkness thus doomng crops
>get taken out and imprisoned in a legitimate police action by benevolent ruler
>She gets called a tyrant
>I get worshiped by fandom
>and I get flowers
>My face
>> No. 2482146
File 130551281079.png - (1.39MB , 1680x1050 , 24.png )
>Aunt Celestia tells me some gold-digging broad from a backwater town is going to put the moves on me at the Grand Galloping Gala
>don't particularly want to share my fortune or good social standing with her
>troll the shit out of her all night and make her think I'm a total jerk so I'll never have to see her again

I felt so, so dirty writing that, you guys have no idea
>> No. 2482147
File 130551287143.gif - (831.96KB , 290x350 , 130528354793.gif )
>attend the grand galloping gala
>get super excited about the shiny dance floor
>and the pretty party ponies
>and the fancy band
>go nuts pinkie pie style and start singing and dancing
>ponies stare at me in disbelief
>realize it's not that kind of party
>> No. 2482148
File 130551298024.png - (117.56KB , 338x322 , mfw.png )
>Someone asks what my name is
>> No. 2482151
File 130551344076.jpg - (686.80KB , 886x886 , 1302912292186.jpg )
>Pandora is a boring place
>decide to watch little girls show
>like it
>start to collect toys
>bandit bros make fun of my liking of the show
>show them the show
>they like it
>we're all bronies now
>organize fun party at base
>damn berserker, soldier, tiny sword guy, and girl decide to wreck my cutecanera

>> No. 2482152
File 130551344077.png - (317.31KB , 3145x1476 , Philomena.png )
>Approaching rebirth cycle
>Yellow Pegasus kidnaps me from gilded cage
>Takes me to filthy animal filled cottage
>Trys to heal me of my natural cycle
>Tapes my molting feathers to my skin
>Her insane friend shows up and force-feeds me all manners of manure
>Locks me in another cage with a shroud
>run like hell
>Finally reach end of cycle
>Flame out on top of a statue
>Owner finds me
>Has me re-constitute
>I expect her to take revenge for my kidnapping
>> No. 2482153
File 130551354621.jpg - (26.14KB , 389x319 , gbhj88.jpg )
>have to get up early to raise the sun
>younger sister controls the night
>plays her loud dance music through the entire castle
>> No. 2482154
File 130551372167.gif - (524.29KB , 366x341 , 130506756898.gif )
>start out as a minor background character
>have an unintentional yet cute/charming ocular condition
>love muffins
>males 18-34 love me
>become regular character in 2nd season
>> No. 2482155
File 130551376155.png - (67.07KB , 442x178 , octavia dropped her bass.png )
> Get the chance to play cello in a band for the Grand Galloping Galla
> Practice for months before Gala
> Have high hopes that I will be noticed for my musical skills and make it big
> Play with focus and determination, the best Ive played in years
> Get pushed over and have concert ruined by a signing, pink, candy covered pony blaring loud party music
>> No. 2482156
File 130551388381.png - (107.72KB , 309x303 , 130504777145.png )
> Hear friends talking about me not being a tree
> Decide to parasprite the hell out of them.
> They think I want to be a tree
> mfw
>> No. 2482157
File 130551397322.jpg - (106.54KB , 501x839 , 1304778417497.jpg )
>I'm a superior life form from the Andromeda galaxy
>Being sent to a mysterious alien world for scientific studies
>Use a holographic / illusion device to pass as a local
>In the middle of everypony, my camouflage device malfunction for a few miliseconds, geopardizing my entire mission
>Nopony notice because that white mare unicorn draw all the attention
>> No. 2482159
File 130551428102.png - (128.21KB , 945x945 , 12972 - ew_gay Lyra macros madmax megasweet.png )
>Hang out with my best gal pal
>Everypony assumes we're gay
>> No. 2482160
File 130551440073.png - (258.12KB , 638x360 , hammer.png )
>break table
>attempt to fix
>invent modern art
>> No. 2482161
File 130551460218.png - (75.55KB , 468x260 , 130541135888.png )
>Have a breakdown because my friends are avoiding me
>Plan to bribe Twilight's assistant in to giving me information
>He admits to horribly embarrassing things that I didn't even want to know
>My face when this is getting nowhere
>> No. 2482162
File 130551499422.png - (32.34KB , 187x182 , 130335624763.png )
>Best Young Flyers competition
>best friend shows up with fancy wings
>steals all the attention
>her wings burn out at 50,000 feet above ground level
>mfw sweet sweet karma
>> No. 2482163
File 130551505625.png - (36.46KB , 945x945 , derpy.png )
>Derp, derp, derp
>Derp, derp, derp, derp, derp
>> No. 2482164
File 130551506133.png - (52.35KB , 600x432 , 130454323634.png )
>Tree plop pocket out of banana bubble rumble for body sandwich
>Popsicle table cloth brain bits in the mush muffin
>Sarsaparilla cars for whaling race tennis rocket ships...
>> No. 2482165
File 130551511477.png - (52.35KB , 600x432 , 130454323634.png )
>Tree plop pocket out of banana bubble rumble for body sandwich
>Popsicle table cloth brain bits in the mush muffin
>Sarsaparilla cars for whaling race tennis rocket ships...
>> No. 2482166
File 130551512282.png - (197.31KB , 808x924 , 130462869263.png )
>Play Truth or Dare at Twilight slumber party with Rarity
> Dare Rarity to stand in the rain
> Get dared to play dress-up in a fru-fru, glittery, lacey outfit
>> No. 2482167
File 130551513934.png - (64.67KB , 176x275 , 3223 - duplicate.png )
>fall in love with best friend
>spend years trying to get closer to her
>hear friend make homophobic remark
>> No. 2482168
File 130551552115.jpg - (6.36KB , 227x205 , 130246965047.jpg )
>Grew up poor
>My parents owned a rock farm
>Smiling was illegal
>Moved to Ponyville when I came of age
>Got a job at a confectionary
>My line of work provides for a continuous sugar high
>My face when everypony wonders why I'm so fucking hyper all the time.
>> No. 2482169
File 130551575533.jpg - (19.25KB , 313x478 , 130550159195.jpg )
>Applejack thinks she's better than me again
>Beat her in nearly every competition she challenges me to
>She bitches about me cheating and stuff
>I get mad and say I could beat her with my wings tied behind my back
>She challenges me to a race and ties my wings behind my back.
>My face when I can't believe I got myself roped in to this situation
>> No. 2482170
Ha, pun.
>> No. 2482171
File 130551604579.png - (348.39KB , 4000x2500 , 130525684801.png )
>Team receives our annual invitations to the Gala in the mail.
>We preform at the opening ceremonies, get VIP access to the 'not shit' parts of the gala afterwards.
>Hanging out with friends and co-workers, taking pictures with fans.
>Bump in to that one filly that saved my life a couple months ago.
>She fangasms when I invite her to hang out with us.
>Forget she exists five minutes later
>My face when we received our paychecks for making a public appearance.
>> No. 2482173
File 130551656603.png - (163.48KB , 507x555 , 130285651887.png )
>Work mah hide to tha bone every day for mah entire life, tryin' ta support mah family an' tha orchard.
>Big Brother gets injured an' ah hafta buck tha entire cloppin' orchard by mah self.
>Work 'till ah nearly die a' exhaustion.
>Some cloppin' unicorn comes along and picks every cloppin' apple at tha same time usin' her magic
>Mah face when there's somethin' a might wrong with mah business plan.
>> No. 2482174
File 130551715514.png - (510.65KB , 2550x3300 , lyradumbbitch.png )

>> No. 2482175
File 130551719241.jpg - (29.40KB , 219x228 , 129910106010.jpg )
>in order to shop, brave monsters in woods
>ponies refuse to sell me their goods
>warn ponies of plant, tell them to halt
>have my hut suffer their assault
>wind up making brew to help them again
>to the left is a picture of mfw
>> No. 2482176
File 130551725496.jpg - (5.18KB , 160x138 , th_WUT.jpg )
>children want cutey marks
>children put on rock opera for talent show
>rock opera fails MISERABLY
>teacher gives them comedy medals as consolation prize
>obvious talents were obvious
>children think their talents are clopping COMEDY
>> No. 2482177
File 130551758418.png - (50.59KB , 350x208 , 130022595761.png )
>im sad pony now
>> No. 2482178
File 130551760625.png - (184.42KB , 560x689 , 130548623025.png )
>Go to town square
>get harrased by the Apple Hicks little blank flank
>forced to buy apples
>spend more money than needed to get the hell away
>> No. 2482179
File 130551780587.png - (177.29KB , 738x415 , 738px-Roayl_guards_s1e22.png )
>Doing our jobs
>Rainbow colored mare bothers us
>Rainbow won't shut up
>Rainbow makes stupid faces
>"bored nao"
>Rainbow pony leaves
>still doing our jobs
>> No. 2482180
You, my friend, are amazing.
>> No. 2482182
File 130551799211.png - (76.88KB , 301x246 , 130392182738.png )
This post is made of win.
>> No. 2482183
File 130551800685.jpg - (49.75KB , 600x506 , 130418279037.jpg )
Am I the only one who read that in Zecora's voice?
>> No. 2482184
File 130551924335.jpg - (7.00KB , 229x220 , photofinish.jpg )
>Invest time and bits in training pony up to be a model
>Vouch for her publicly and put reputation on the line
>Pony does disastrous show on purpose
>Get mocked as pony walks away with her friend leaving me looking like a failure
>> No. 2482187
File 130552032257.png - (184.42KB , 560x689 , whooves.png )
> Trying to save Equestria from imminent alien invasion
> Crazy little filly intimidates me into spending all my bits on apples
> Filly's kinda cute, but way too young to be companion.
> Make note to pay her visit five or six years down the timeline when I get back to TARDIS
> Filly has *no* idea how awesome her cutie mark's going to be...pity I can't tell her.
> mwf
>> No. 2482188
> mwf

My when face?
>> No. 2482189
Well, he is a time traveler.
>> No. 2482190
File 130552182867.png - (71.57KB , 945x945 , 1300762729430.png )
>messing in the internet like any other day
>suddendly, in my fav place, a MLP FiM related topic
>call the repliers coltcuddlers, manchild, retarded
>after a week of trollin ponies, decide to watch the very thing im trolling, just to be fair
>watch the first 2 ep, get curious
>watch 2 more episodes, this can't be that good
>watch latest ep, omg it still good got to watch them all
>waits for friday every week since then
>My Little Pony, Frienship is Magic first season has ended
>> No. 2482191
File 130552585677.png - (533.42KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2011-05-15-23h01m56s200.png )
>see two friends of mine stuck outside in a storm
>invite them inside
>decide to make it a slumber party, to make things more fun
>they argue the ENTIRE TIME
>ruin truth or dare, smores, and the pillow fight
>one of them lassos a tree and it manages to land IN MY HOUSE
>my first sleepover is ruined
>house is a wreck
>> No. 2482192
File 130552689061.gif - (27.83KB , 125x125 , fluttershy picking nose.gif )
>world loves me for being myself
>friend helps me act as unlike myself as possible
>world loves the act more
>> No. 2482193
File 130552773545.png - (301.12KB , 481x527 , pinkie is shocked and apalled at your behavior.png )
>friends avoid me all day
>think they don't like me anymore
>befriend turnips
>get dragged to surprise party
> mfw I forgot my own birthday
>> No. 2482194
File 130552780356.png - (25.84KB , 945x945 , 130525914960.png )
>got hurt a while back
>it's Applebuck season
>not fully healed
>little sister saying how she'll harvest the whole thing all by herself
>tell her it's not possible using my fancy mathematics to back up my claim
>she attempts to do it anyway
>> No. 2482195
File 130552871867.png - (179.91KB , 600x600 , Spike bugface.png )
>Twilight brings home a cute bug thing
>wake up with two of them in my freaking eyes
>> No. 2482196
File 130552969938.gif - (87.06KB , 500x329 , tacticalgenius.gif )
>Get nominated for defence of Cadia.
>Chaos lord Abbadon shows up.
>He thinks I only have 1 regiment in my control
>He thinks he kills me
>He turns and finds out 2nd regiment is right next to him.
>Vaporise him with lazors.
>> No. 2482198
File 130553104734.jpg - (112.00KB , 350x447 , 1297021927261.jpg )
>> Stay up late every night for ponies.
>> Spend lots of my free time for ponies.
>> Go out and buy ponies.
>> Talk about ponies.
>> Read about ponies.
>> Watch show about ponies.
>> Write about ponies.
>> Sing songs that ponies sing.
>> Go on ponychan during school when the teacher isn't looking.
>> Convince friends to love ponies.
>>Style my pony's hair.
>> Call self a brony.
>> mfw
>> No. 2482199
File 130553131395.jpg - (57.76KB , 600x558 , 130463971172.jpg )
>> No. 2482200
File 130553143932.gif - (82.52KB , 480x360 , 1297387297714.gif )

>> Forget to use my trip
>>I got trips.
>> No. 2482202
File 130553283025.gif - (268.05KB , 384x216 , fluttergrin.gif )
You know, in some beatnik circles that would be considered poetic.
>> No. 2482203
File 130553325511.png - (79.47KB , 500x372 , tumblr_lkhm5h7Gxg1qhejp9o1_500.png )
>mfw that hit a little too close to home
>> No. 2482204
File 130553472924.jpg - (33.68KB , 369x501 , taintfair.jpg )
>mfw I know that feel bro
>> No. 2482205
File 130553520114.jpg - (43.55KB , 824x702 , mfw.jpg )
>Travel far enough that I'm considered an alien being.
>Find a remote, uninhabited, mountain cave hardly big enough to cram myself and my possessions into.
>After less than a day people who live miles away show up and demand I leave their lands because they can't be bothered doing some actual weather work.
>Rudely awakened, disturbed by loud noises, they try to take my stuff and hit me.
>When I try to defend myself I get told off as being a savage, won't even let a poor dragon defend himself.
>They won't even let an international traveler rest for a single day.
>mfw they don't even have opposable thumbs.

>Then pretend you fly away although you just stopped snoring.
>> No. 2482206
File 130553542043.jpg - (131.57KB , 1191x670 , open_skies_by_chromamancer-d3fd1c8.jpg )

>>MFW I totally made Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity look like dumb chumps.

How the fuck did wrapping up Rainbow and making her all dizzy prove she can outdo her in fucking FLYING THROUGH THE CLOUDS AND CONTROLLING WEATHER dumbass?

Why didn't Trixie do a SUPERSONIC RAINBOOM, or change the weather hm?

i think the great and powerful trixie should shut her fat horsee mouth

at the begining they're asking trixie if she can COPY their tricks, not beat them up.
>> No. 2482207
Image Derp!
>> No. 2482208
File 130554540473.png - (172.57KB , 482x537 , 130417187483.png )
>Invite everypony to my party with singing invitations
>throw a wild and exciting party with music, snacks, punch, dancing, and streamers, balloons, and everything else.
>Friends ignore me ALL day the next day.
>My face
>> No. 2482209
File 130555245099.jpg - (45.53KB , 600x549 , 130547468793.jpg )


Calm down. Geez. This is a thread about humor. Get a sense of it, for Celestia's sake.
>> No. 2482210
File 130555305792.gif - (354.19KB , 335x251 , 130504346928.gif )
>> No. 2482211
File 130555687817.png - (200.64KB , 441x595 , sousapony mfw.png )
>get trapped in a sousaphone as a filly
>learn to play it for something to do
>get invited to play at the Grand Galloping Gala
>have event completely ruined by hyper pink pony
>be completely ignored by fans in favor of cellist--even though she's not playing it properly--just because of a fanon theory that she's related to the pink pony
>> No. 2482212
File 130555693461.jpg - (152.64KB , 1151x1600 , 10948 - celestia luna madmax young.jpg )

>Live away from mortal ponies with sister.
>Sister tries to take over because she feels unappreciated.
>Cannot reason with sister.
>Use elements of harmony solo.
>Cannot purify sister by myself.
>Forced to Banish her to the moon for a thousand years.
>Feel alone.
>Go to ponies.
Find talented foal.
Invest time, energy and emotional support into my star pupil.
Watch them grow into a gifted and talented sorcerer.
Watch them grow up, fall in love, get married, have a family.
Watch them grow old.
Watch them die.
Find talented foal.
Invest time, energy and emotional support into my star pupil.
Watch them grow into a gifted and talented sorcerer.
Watch them grow up, fall in love, get married, have a family.
Watch them grow old.
Watch them die.
>Learn what truly being alone is.
>Find pet phoenix.
>It's not quite the same.
Find talented foal.
Invest time, energy and emotional support into my star pupil.
Watch them grow into a gifted and talented sorcerer.
Watch them grow up, fall in love, get married, have a family.
Watch them grow old.
Watch them die.
>Life has taught me valuable lessons.
>Toughen up on the outside.
>Sad on the inside.
Find talented foal.
Invest time, energy and emotional support into my star pupil.
Watch them grow into a gifted and talented sorcerer.
Watch them grow up, fall in love, get married, have a family.
Watch them grow old.
Watch them die.
>Sister returns soon.
>Mixed feelings...
Find talented foal.
Invest time, energy and emotional support into my star pupil.
Watch them grow into a gifted and talented sorcerer.
>Pupil happens to be the living incarnation of the hidden sixth Element of Friendship.
>Pupil is a shut-in.
>Send her to Ponyville.
>Pupil finds other living incarnations of the Elements of Friendship.
>Sister Returns.
>Pupil and friends purify sister.
>Make up with sister.
>Truly happy for the first time in one thousand years.
>Feel young again.
>MFW memories come flooding back.
>> No. 2482213
File 130555712881.jpg - (62.38KB , 450x636 , contrabass3.jpg )
>play the double bass
>people think it's a cello
>> No. 2482214
The tuning pegs are different on a double bass.

Granted, the endpin is longer on a cello; clearly this is some weird pony-ized hybrid of the two.
>> No. 2482215
File 130555825250.gif - (45.81KB , 192x108 , 130525733715.gif )
>Doing funny faces in the pilot episode just for fun
>Get almost the same amount of fans than the main characters
>Get more jobs thanks to fans wanting to see me
>Get a promotion and a raise for the next season
>> No. 2482216
File 130556286441.png - (97.07KB , 274x366 , carrottop.png )
>make banner for Princess's visit
>run out of room
>purple unicorn comes over and bitches at me then goes and praises BonBon just for watering some tooting flowers
>> No. 2482217
File 130556296869.jpg - (10.34KB , 171x173 , BobParr.jpg )
>the Running of the Leaves gives out a medal for fifth place
>my face
>> No. 2482218
File 130556515935.png - (961.58KB , 1366x768 , Relieved Sigh.png )
>Decide to throw birthday party for our friend.
>Friend decides to throw afterbirthday party for her gator on same day.
>Lie and avoid friend so we can set up the party.
>Friend goes insane.
>Fear for our lives.
>OFW she doesn't bake us into cupcakes.
>> No. 2482219
File 130556542279.png - (267.94KB , 2000x1839 , Up Close.png )
>Go on 4chan after like a year
>See Ponies
>Understands hate for them, but will not be a part of it
>Gives the pilot a watch
>Becomes a big time fan
>Pinkie Pie is like me, and becomes my favorite
>Watches "Party of One" after a few months of spreading love on Ponychan
> Realizes that I am exactly like my favorite pony
>> No. 2482220
File 130556543653.png - (1.11MB , 1280x800 , thehell.png )
>getting ready to celebrate the longest day of the year
>expect to see Princess Celestia
>some attention horsee acting like a generic villain from a story appears instead
>OFW we thought she looked bald
>> No. 2482221
File 130556569665.jpg - (131.76KB , 800x761 , 5621dbac0c48b3471d9346f14219f1a4.jpg )
>am obligated to perform at Grand Galloping Gala
>have to hang out with a bunch of boring stuffy aristocrats
>actual interesting person with exceptional flight skills who SAVED MY LIFE ONCE turns up and saves my teammate's dinner
>invite her to hang out with us
>boring stuffy aristocrats won't let me talk to her all night
>> No. 2482222
File 130556580375.png - (575.97KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2011-03-21-20h15m40s209.png )
>Get sent to new land I've never been.
>Obnoxious pink pony has apparent phychic abilities.
>Animators make a point to destroy my day to drive the point home.
>> No. 2482223
File 130556583059.jpg - (36.63KB , 500x300 , shutup_spike.jpg )
>Wish to buy first season of favourite show on DVD.
>MFW conversing with Hasbro rep.
>> No. 2482224
File 130556585782.png - (67.96KB , 250x375 , 130297238137.png )
>walking through the outskirts of Ponyville one day
>See some fine craftsponyship on a Pegasus statue
>continue on my way
>wait a minute...
>look back
>its a Weeping Pegasus statue
>> No. 2482225
File 130556611818.gif - (455.78KB , 500x340 , 130387189572.gif )
>get invited to backwater town to attend fashion show
>all the dresses look like a piled-on mish-mash of everything but the kitchen sink
>it's a travesty is what it is
>pony who's responsible for subjecting my eyes to these horrors (not to mention wasting my valuable time) thoroughly humiliated
>get called back next week
>same designer displays dresses that are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING
>> No. 2482226
File 130556617884.png - (69.47KB , 270x302 , 130264551265.png )
>after years of training to be a guard and they tell me and train me to have a super serious face all the time
>become one of Celestia's guards
>she actually hates it when we are all super serious all the time, so the drill instructors were a bunch of stuck ups
>> No. 2482227
File 130556668837.png - (856.09KB , 1680x1050 , 130502472247.png )
>work hard for a whole year studying the magic of friendship for my respected and revered mentor
>mentor rewards me with invitation to the Grand Galloping Gala plus one
>after an entire day of mental and emotional anguish, manage to persuade mentor to invite my five friends to the gala too
>barely get a chance to talk to her all night
>despite this, continue acting like a perfect pupil and protege
>my five friends who I sweated blood to get into the Gala destroy everything
>mentor now looks like a complete idiot to everyone
>I look like a complete idiot to my mentor
>> No. 2482228

>> No. 2482230
File 130557252438.png - (168.85KB , 490x357 , 130499128114.png )
>you turn up and want to spend time with me, that's OK
>instead of just asking my other friends politely to give you some time with me, you slap their shit
>you drive one of my most emotionally sensitive friends to tears
>you generally treat everyone in my hometown awfully and act like a massive douche
>you make a massive scene at a party we threw in your honour
>you make me look like an idiot in front of all my friends and half the town
>you storm off in a huff
>you act like I'M the jerk
>> No. 2482231
File 130557301247.png - (11.89KB , 200x174 , twilight twitch.png )
>Get two tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala
>Friendship nearly destroyed over second ticket
>Find out we were only invited to screw things up
>> No. 2482232
File 130557367403.jpg - (24.04KB , 339x404 , dash fuuuuu.jpg )
>realize everypony eats diets high in grasses, fruits, and dairy products
>realize there are no toilets in Ponyville
>> No. 2482233
File 130557386382.png - (168.62KB , 1053x882 , fluttershy toilet.png )
there's at least one
>> No. 2482236
File 130557414299.jpg - (62.95KB , 611x634 , plant.jpg )
>daughter starts studying magic
>signs daughter up for Celestia's school
>daughter turns us into plants
>> No. 2482237
File 130557488792.png - (128.91KB , 900x506 , 130556505340.png )
>I can clear the entire visible sky over Ponyville of clouds in ten seconds
>people still call me lazy
>> No. 2482238
File 130557505075.png - (53.55KB , 943x943 , shrug.png )
>get requests to archive threads
>find one I approve of
>"eh, why the he­ll not."
>> No. 2482239
File 130557517873.jpg - (24.63KB , 360x316 , 129935951286.jpg )
>my favourite mod ever archives my favourite thread today
>> No. 2482240
File 130557571580.png - (26.92KB , 124x125 , 130144589653.png )
>Talk about epic thread with brony over Messenger.
>Say it better be archived.
>Leave for a moment.
>All pictures 404'd.
>Realise thread is now diamonds archived.
>> No. 2482241
File 130557591679.png - (55.37KB , 400x400 , Octavia 95.png )

>Dozens of people argue online about what instrument I'm playing.
>They make complicated, well-reasoned arguments based on the shape of the body, the position I play the instrument in, the history of stringed instruments, etc.
>None of them have any problem with the fact that I can apparently play a stringed instrument with my hooves.
>> No. 2482528
File 130558039934.png - (579.23KB , 1280x720 , ursa_minor_angry.png )
>two silly foals burst into my cave
>interrupt my nap time
>make me chase them
>some showoff zaps me with lightning
>not a morning person
>> No. 2482530
File 130558466743.jpg - (166.28KB , 900x900 , mare_on_the_moon-(n1298262138405).jpg )
>Exploring on the moon
>Find a magical Alicorn princess
>John Madden
>my face when
>> No. 2482531
File 130558647593.png - (805.89KB , 1680x941 , ok this is kind of terrifying.png )
This is one of the most fun threads we've had around here since the season finale. Thanks for the sticky.

>> No. 2482532
File 130558719085.png - (403.91KB , 3109x3000 , the_horror_by_keinzantezuken-d3dcs2c.png )
>Cows stampede Ponyville. Easily handled.
>Bunnies stampede Ponyville.
>My face.
>> No. 2482534
File 130561277725.jpg - (6.37KB , 168x200 , rarity.jpg )

> Have successful clothing store business with my fashions in demand by clients of great influence and prestige.
> Wish to find somepony of charm and royalty, hear that a prince will be at the Grand Galloping Gala. Not looking for a rich pony neccessarily (since my business brings in plenty of dough,) just one with grace, charm and good breeding.
> Make a beautiful dress for the gala in order to woo the prince.
> Prince turns out to be a stuck up douchebag. Despite this, I give him several chances, since maybe he's just nervous and isn't used to attention from girls.
> Final straw is when he uses me as a shield to prevent himself from being hit with an apple cake.
> I finally tell him what a jerk he is, and proceed to shake apple cake bits all over him, thereby humiliating him in front of everypony.
> mfw
>> No. 2482535
File 130561408275.png - (262.22KB , 1278x1500 , c818054fb7c787b64c28986689714413.png )
> teach about cutie marks in class, even though everypony in class aside from two of my students has them
> bitchy students start calling them "blank flanks" and i do nothing
> show a picture of myself from the 80s
> mfw
>> No. 2482536
File 130561605337.gif - (463.17KB , 480x240 , wincredibles.gif )
>post in epic thread
>go about daily life, assuming thread died
>come back the next day to find it in /arch
>> No. 2482538
File 130564525052.jpg - (38.55KB , 468x329 , angrybear.jpg )
>Go on vacation to the beach
>Ask two nice pegasus girls to watch my house-cave
>Come home and find my place trashed because they never showed up
>My face
>> No. 2482540
File 130564800783.png - (31.97KB , 150x150 , sadsparkle.png )
>hatch baby dragon from egg.
>he says "/you're/ not mommy."
>realize its probably because i'm so socially retarded my mentor had to make him my assistant so i could justify living with him to myself.
>> No. 2482542
File 130568163445.png - (130.00KB , 640x360 , 1299533022416.png )
>> No. 2482931
File 130570517530.png - (50.79KB , 600x600 , 130214183351.png )
> heading into appleloosa, a town where my cousin lives, to celebrate apples and plant a tree i've raised from a seedling
> think I'm going to be the star of the episode
> i get like five minutes screen time
> mfw
>> No. 2482932
File 130570535981.png - (151.22KB , 460x460 , 130196307217.png )
> friend is entering flying competition
> i want to be there to support and cheer for her
> friend tells me i suck at cheering in front of all my friends
> mfw
>> No. 2483309
File 130575991713.jpg - (335.48KB , 937x937 , Firefly_Thumb.jpg )

My reaction to over a barrel exactly.
>> No. 2483314
File 130577584397.png - (149.58KB , 888x657 , zecora buffalo.png )
>No longer the sole token minority
>> No. 2484685
File 130635422015.jpg - (134.64KB , 400x303 , li'l twilight.jpg )
Could somepony make one for this pic? I am uncreative :(
>> No. 2484697
>Hit show takes off
>Wake up early for iTunes photoshoot
>Everypony's looking at me weird
>Realize I forgot my forelegs
>> No. 2487988
File 130691544642.jpg - (12.93KB , 180x179 , big macintosh.jpg )
>reply to almost everypony's sentences with "eeyup" because I don't give a shit
>they think I'm a dumb redneck as a result
>mfw I have a degree in Fancy Mathematics
>> No. 2488955
File 130697009177.gif - (6.99KB , 185x169 , Gfw.gif )
>Born without teeth
>Ridiculed and shunned by tribe
>Kidnapped by annoyingly bubbly pony
>Become her "Pet"
>Attempts to end her and gain freedom fail
>Slowly starving to death due to lack of teeth/pony's intelligence
>> No. 2489204
File 130697903598.jpg - (15.43KB , 400x286 , pink.jpg )
> Bathing with hot-flank pony.
> My Little Pink captor ruins it.
> Try to bite her.
> No teeth.
>> No. 2489205
File 130698077396.jpg - (38.48KB , 641x462 , Rainbow Dash ROFL.jpg )

>Read post
>Think about it for a second
>Cry from laughing so hard
>Realize this is the greatest thing ever.
>> No. 2489395
File 130703010107.png - (115.01KB , 444x499 , she is a princess___.png )
>A goddess turn evil and try to make the night last forever.
>A stupid magician with a big ego appears and humiliate everypony.
>Three stupid dogs kidnap a pony and obligate her to search gems.
>A Griffon appears in the city, attacks some ponies, makes Fluttershy cry, play a prank on Granny Smith, steal some apples and is a bitch with everypony in the city.
>A douche prince doesn't respect a lady Pony in the Galoping Gala night.
>Dragons try to protect their zone attacking invaders.
>A hydra try to destroy ponies.
>Bug-like, but adorable creatures, attack the town, destroying all the buildings and eating all the food.
>mfw I realize they get more love from the fan base than me, just a little filly and her friend who, even if we are kind of bitchy, is because is something of our age, and we will change.
>> No. 2493950
File 130768655439.jpg - (114.32KB , 554x275 , Titlescreen.jpg )
>Get sent to new town specifically to learn importance of having friends.
>Become great friends with the first five ponies I meet.
>Eh stop there, no need to meet or learn names of anypony else in town.
>my face
>> No. 2493953
File 130768950411.jpg - (8.44KB , 197x255 , Kamina25.jpg )
>I start a revolt against a king
>My bro is a wuss and won't do anything
>He ends up becoming less of a wuss
>I die
>He becomes an ultimate wuss until he meets this chick
>His spirit is back
>He kills the king.
>Seven years later he's a bad flank
>> No. 2494974
File 130791843782.png - (95.56KB , 801x481 , Lyra_Bon_Bon_milkshake-(n1298517673408).png )
>>Wave hi to that cute shut-in who lives in the library
>>She ignores me, like everypony else
>>Learns that the princess is sending her to some town out in the boonies
>>Follow her
>>Pink Spazz invites me to a suprise party
>>Go to party, meet an earth pony filly
>>Fall in love
>>Seranade with lyre
>>Feel like a jackass
>>She bakes me a cake
>>It's delicious
>>One year later we are living together

>> No. 2497323
File 130818176782.jpg - (21.57KB , 309x307 , sadtwist.jpg )
>be really good friends with another blank flank in my class
>she's feeling really down because she doesn't have her cutie mark yet
>we talk, I offer her homemade peppermint sticks
>I happen to get my cutie mark
>she completely ditches me to hang out with two other girls who also don't have their cutie marks
>she's too busy hanging out with them to spend time with me anymore
>she doesn't talk to me anymore
>> No. 2498317
File 130827421567.jpg - (64.07KB , 800x471 , 130826128166.jpg )
>get kidnapped and forced to do slave labor for a bunch of smelly dogs
>get slapped on the bare flankby said dogs
>doh well
>get called a mule
>> No. 2505377
File 131205777356.png - (47.82KB , 200x200 , trollight-sparkle.png )
>go to somepony's Cutecenera
>ruin it for the hosts
>everypony loves my reasoning
>mfw I am princess celestia's top-student
>> No. 2508232
File 131327561345.jpg - (24.51KB , 489x433 , 8uuuui9.jpg )
>say "muffins" once
>immediately get labeled as a muffin addict
>> No. 2511620
File 132091624339.gif - (194.54KB , 800x600 , snape.gif )
Twilight Sparkle has no arms in this picture.
>> No. 2511622
File 132093354337.jpg - (40.50KB , 500x313 , mannimarco.jpg )
>squints closely at WT list
>yes, that is a new post
>check dates of last 2 posts
>> No. 2511624
File 132096412149.jpg - (12.46KB , 175x126 , NOOO.jpg )
>watched a hilarious video on YouTube
>Had an amazing music track to it
>Thinks "Wow, that's an amazing piece of fan music! I wonder why it hasn't been posted on EqD yet?"
>Finds out it's that leaked song only after I watched the entire damn video.
>> No. 2511628
File 132101762038.png - (132.52KB , 832x1007 , Why_put_up.png )
>Alarm goes off this morning.
>Goes to shower.
>Comes out and sees the clock.
>Clock says 4:56
>Alarm doesnt go off till 5.
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