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Dear /oat/...

It's been almost three weeks since the season finale and it seems that, without a new pony episode every week, a lot of us have forgotten, or have at least put aside, the fundamental concepts that we hold dear here at Ponychan. More and more, I'm seeing a drift away from that pony message. /Oat/ is forgetting how to love; we're forgetting how to care for others.

It's a bold accusation, and it's one that should not be made without some evidence, I think. Just in this past hour, Ponychan enjoyed a little "invisible fiasco." The Equestria Girls song is not quite so popular, it seems, with everypony and for some, it's annoying enough to spur them to leave. I love the song, but that doesn't mean somepony that doesn't like it should be forced to hear it or, if they are against it as a concept, to even see it on the frontpage. "Shouldn't the other ponies be more tolerant of the song though?" Perhaps, but what I witnessed tonight is far more disturbing than that point.

Tonight, I saw ponies threatening to leave over something they didn't like and few, if any, ponies went out of their way to understand them. Are we not the most loving place on the internet? Then perhaps it's time we remember that and started acting like it again. I call this an "invisible fiasco" because I've personally talked to a number of ponies who are upset to the point of leaving, not so much at the fact that there is a song they don't like on the frontpage, but rather that their fellow ponies were so quick to disregard them; so unwilling to show them any love or bother with understanding them. And it hasn't just been tonight either. This, I think, is the the proverbial "straw that broke the camel's back." Over the past week or two, I've spoken privately with heartbroken pony after heartbroken pony over the sudden lack of understanding and love their fellow ponies have shown them. The tell me "this used to be the most understanding place on the internet? What has happened to it?" And I can't give them an answer.

Mods, this little paragraph is for you. You always do such a great job for us. Nopony can argue that the mods here are what make Ponychan such a special place. And while we love to have fun with you all, there are sometimes very fine lines between good fun and hurting others. Sometimes, even the simplest things can be detrimental to the feelings of others, and we should do the best we can to recognize that. Tonight's little fiasco was, I think, a good example of that. Not everypony wanted it, and for some it actually made them want to leave! But those ponies were, for lack of a better word, ignored for the sake of the majority and that's just not right. I don't blame you for it, as the situation was difficult to understand, and you know I have nothing but the utmost love and respect for you all, but we must all be cautious of this sort of behavior in the future, myself included. I egged on the video, perhaps unintentionally, but nevertheless, I hurt, even if indirectly, my fellow ponies today. And that, to me, is unacceptable.

Love and tolerance. These words have so much power in them and tonight I witnessed a failure of these ideas. We took so little effort to understand the suffering of others and disregarded our fellow ponies so that we could gratify ourselves. I ask you Ponychan, is that the pony thing to do? What is it again that makes us special on the internet? It's our love and tolerance. And I believe it's still here! But we must, we must be more vigilant. Let us not forget that we are all as brothers and sisters. That we are all the beeest of friiiiiends, are we not? Love and tolerance, my fellow ponies, even if you have trouble relating or understanding, the very least we can all do is offer each other our unconditional love and tolerance, regardless of the situation. After all, at heart, we are all ponies, and that's what ponies do. ♥
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I luffles you, Moony!

I really do!

I luffles you, ponychan! ;_;
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You're a sweetheart, Moony.

Love you. <3
>> No. 2484015
I love everypony here.

I don't mean to look uncaring. Sometimes I think the best way to help people is to help them to let go of the things that bother them. That may come across as uncaring, but that's just how I'm trying to help.

If that's not good enough for the most loving place on the web, then so be it.
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File 130629711964.png - (157.64KB , 475x475 , 130431345813.png )
>> No. 2484017
I didn't even notice that thread had drama. D: Guess that's what I get for going out for shopping.

I'll go read the entire thread and come back here.
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File 130629714875.gif - (651.68KB , 256x144 , Rainbow Dash 6 gif.gif )
>After all, at heart, we are all ponies, and that's what ponies do. ♥

I'm not a pony.

Just kidding, I'm focusing on the wrong topic.

But I agree. We're going oatmeal over such a simple thing. We should be doing something else rather than arguing over a small song.

What happened to ponychan?
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File 130629715552.png - (65.30KB , 256x310 , 130473700609.png )
This pony speaks the truth!
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File 130629716656.png - (130.34KB , 640x357 , Cute Fluttershy face.png )
Please try to read it...

Tonight, we hurt our fellow ponies. And they deserve the same love and respect as anypony else. /Oat/ has seen a number of such incidents lately, and I think we could all use a reminder that Ponychan is a place of love and tolerance above all things. Let us all be vigilant and responsible going forward, so that we might not hurt others in this way again. We all love each other and it is never our intention to hurt anypony. Please try to be as loving, tolerating, and understanding of your pony brothers and sisters as you possibly can.

I love you ♥
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File 130629717012.png - (61.32KB , 277x243 , 130075705757.png )
Awwww... Nice to see somepony who cares about others enough to go out of his way... ♥
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File 130629716975.jpg - (353.04KB , 1625x1028 , 130359501382.jpg )
This picture fits in quite nicely.
>> No. 2484023
File 130629719061.jpg - (25.61KB , 448x524 , 130418690209.jpg )
Negativity is a healthy phase of a community. Nothing too serious, just remember that it's the same old place you know and love.
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File 130629722161.jpg - (95.55KB , 497x495 , internets.jpg )
>> No. 2484025
File 130629727926.gif - (2.00MB , 430x330 , OMG.gif )
I feel like i did something wrong...
>> No. 2484026
File 130629729811.jpg - (31.22KB , 773x728 , 130575533351.jpg )
It's awfully silly for somepony to get upset enough to leave the fandom over a song, let alone let it do what it apparently did.

Agreed on all points. Hooffive.
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File 130629730407.gif - (541.06KB , 200x200 , have a rose!.gif )
your right.
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File 130629733717.jpg - (8.43KB , 200x200 , get ou.jpg )
Well... Now that I'm here I can say that, what somepony told me hurted me a little.
And I wasn't even serious with my posts, I was just joking around.

Anyway, Moony. You are good and I totally agree.
>> No. 2484029
File 130629739586.png - (335.27KB , 900x541 , luna51.png )

Was it me?

Did I hurt you?

>> No. 2484030
File 130629740547.png - (284.33KB , 600x506 , 130625557288.png )
>For being the Guiding Light of Ponychan, as always.
>> No. 2484031
File 130629741733.jpg - (75.83KB , 519x600 , Batman laugh.jpg )
It's like my predictions of everything are slowly coming true.
>This is a horrible thing, but I knew this would eventually happen and GET WORSE.
>Which it will.

I'll just be sitting back here and enjoying the ride.
>Things won't change back to how they were. That's just how life rolls. Welcome to human nature.
>> No. 2484032
File 130629746169.jpg - (42.62KB , 326x295 , rainbowdashhuh.jpg )
I love you Moony, and i think that this thread is more needed right now than anything. I personally don't think anypony is going to leave over a song, but it still hurts.

We must make effort to keep the love flowing, to all of our bronies, anon or name pony.

The very thought of you being upset means that something must be wrong, for you are always the most loving and caring guy on here.

So lets keep the love, lets show the anons we care!

I love you ponychan, i love everypony! I love you moony, and i want the love to be for everypony!
>> No. 2484033
File 130629746794.jpg - (69.80KB , 810x511 , Red_by_Morriperkele.jpg )
Sarge here, I think I know what's going on.

We're starting to take it for granted, that's what. We think that just because we say it's the most tolerant and caring place on the internet it is.

Protip: Just because we say it is, doesn't mean it's true. We still have to work on it and constantly remind ourselves what Ponychan is all about.

On the other hand, we have to understand that things can't be smooth as gelato all the time. When things get a bit bumpy, we have to remember to keep cool, don't take it too personally, and again, remember what Ponychan is all about.

Sarge, out.
>> No. 2484034
File 130629746995.png - (309.80KB , 842x464 , 130629145196.png )
You are both right. I agree completely.

I love you all. ♥
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File 130629750656.gif - (102.30KB , 255x197 , 130629218181.gif )
>> No. 2484036
File 130629750929.png - (60.02KB , 265x270 , fall in love.png )

lol, no!
You didn't said something to me! Rest assured, sweet! *Hugs*
>> No. 2484037
File 130629753284.gif - (474.52KB , 275x275 , attention-horse.gif )
I agree, especially considering the large ignorance of
this thread.
call me attention horsing, but I feel the post didn't get as much love as it should, especially since I'm showing the post to the guy.
>> No. 2484038
I came here originally to escape internet drama. I was sick of it. Everywhere I went, arguments, an uncaring, apathetic attitude, you know what it's like out there.

This place was different. I could be understood here, and speak to people I understand. This is still the most caring place on the internet, and I'm not leaving easy. But I'm losing energy, Ponychan. I don't know how to put it.

I'm tired. Just all around tired. I have been for a while. I try not to be too abrasive, but for the longest time, sarcasm was how I dealt with the world. When somepony told me to quit it once, I had a complete breakdown. I can't live without it.

I try not to be too rude, but I think I have been anyway. I'm sorry, Ponychan.
>> No. 2484039
File 130629759232.jpg - (39.15KB , 539x899 , monster_in_sky.jpg )
I admire your efforts, Moony, but it may already be too late. That something this minor could drive a portion of the community back to the corners of the internet from which we stumbled here, is a sign that love and tolerance is dead. Already the black apathy which was gone from my veins these past two months has poured into my heart. Sad to think that we could not survive even a month without what brought us here in the first place.
The point is, we are staring into an abyss, and already our knees are coiled in preparation of the plunge. We are on faltering legs, we are dying out.
>> No. 2484040
>> No. 2484041
File 130629761528.jpg - (4.72KB , 125x126 , 130387076331.jpg )
Why do you keep doing that? Seriously?
>> No. 2484042
File 130629764847.jpg - (221.65KB , 600x600 , internet hug.jpg )
you didn't leave yay!~
>> No. 2484043
File 130629765285.png - (802.03KB , 3215x2785 , celestia8.png )

*hugs tight and nuzzles and luffles <3*

*hugs everypony in this thread, afterwards <3 *
>> No. 2484044
File 130629766657.jpg - (49.05KB , 611x360 , fail troll.jpg )
>> No. 2484045
File 130629767058.jpg - (22.07KB , 360x217 , ponybump.jpg )
>> No. 2484046
File 130629767333.jpg - (67.01KB , 480x322 , 20080526182815.jpg )
Well said Moony...

well said.
>> No. 2484047
File 130629767437.png - (119.66KB , 426x321 , 130057923200.png )
If it was me, then please just say it.

Also I'm glad this thread was made but a few posters might need to reread the OP. Alot of you are walking away with an almost opposite message.
>> No. 2484048
File 130629769028.jpg - (33.36KB , 675x633 , Cute frown Fluttershy.jpg )
You can sit back and watch, casting your predictions here and there, or you can get your hooves dirty and make this a better place. I understand your frustrations, my dear friend. It feels "batman." But, you know, things can get better. And I have faith in all of these ponies. I know that we can find that love again: that we were just slacking off a bit and need to get back on track. Taking action is not always the easiest course, I understand, but in this case, it's the best one. You may not see the situation as recoverable Nature, but by disregarding it as such you aren't even giving it a chance.
>> No. 2484049
File 130629772741.png - (168.70KB , 500x488 , 130507331167.png )
I know that feel bro.

A lot of what my personality runs off of is Sarcasm. I try my best not to seem like an flank. But I can't help if it slips out from time to time. Which it does.

I don't know why I feel like I've done something wrong. But I've had this feeling since yesterday.
>> No. 2484050
I only said if it went on autoplay. Which it did not so I'm good for now...

It would only be for a week anyways

And y'all are reading this with an opposite message.
>> No. 2484051
File 130629781599.png - (153.04KB , 423x463 , dd.png )

Yes, it was you.
But understand I was joking all the round. That's why I asked where was your humour sense.
>> No. 2484052
File 130629786051.jpg - (44.36KB , 618x665 , 130413703454.jpg )

That's an awesome post.

But what if, when you're trying to help somepony, you only get denounced as "uncaring" and "making it worse"?
>> No. 2484053
File 130629787471.jpg - (33.11KB , 550x381 , Batman gtfo clark.jpg )

I guess I've just accepted that everything that ever gets created, always in the end always has a declining state. There is always the chance for recovery, which i'm sure it will! But for now, it's most likely going to just get worse.

It's the human way. We're all not perfect.
>Please, I know you're going to say i'm wrong and have hope. Which I respect. Good on you. I'm just telling you what I said 2 months ago. Which I see clear results now of my prediction then.

Please, disagree with me and have hope. You're going to do it anyways.
>> No. 2484054
File 130629788366.jpg - (208.19KB , 1950x1300 , Houseyougotthat.jpg )
Attitudes like this won't help anypony. So long as we put effort into it and keep our eye on the objective, we can pull ourselves out of whatever holes we may dig ourselves into.

The key word here being effort. If you just don't care, nothing will change. Neither will anything change if you give up at the first sign of resistance.
>> No. 2484055
File 130629801028.png - (127.97KB , 634x356 , Cute Fluttershy Smile.png )
There's always hope, Nature. And we will fight, not with malice or spite, but with love, affection and understanding, to make Ponychan a better place for everypony.
>> No. 2484056
File 130629802898.png - (45.40KB , 243x237 , 130142250179.png )

Hmm... I know....
It's ok italo... But you need to figure out where to draw the line sometimes... I'm sorry but there's a point where you need to stop joking... and you're having a lot of trouble finding it most of the time.
>> No. 2484057
File 130629803117.png - (57.81KB , 945x945 , Im not even mad.png )
I liked the music video.

But as you pointe dout, due to "lack of ponies" Ponychan is kinda weakening at the foundaries which is exactly what I feared would happen and tried my best to keep the awsome going. (making original threads is difficult for the sake of others).

In my reply to the video I said "Haters- Never look a gift pony in the mouth." It may not be much but look how happy Pinkie is with her friends and singing her song.
>> No. 2484058
File 130629803169.png - (235.58KB , 656x537 , Tolerate and love.png )
If people leave over a little song, then they aren't dedicated enough to be here IMO. I am sorry that they are leaving and my best wishes go with them. I didn't even know it was a PMV parody of California Girls at first.

>> No. 2484059
File 130629804504.jpg - (122.90KB , 640x354 , dr10_2.jpg )
Moony was it?

Even as I post with a trip and all I assure you this is no attempt to do any harm upon this lovely thread.

I wanted you to know that you have inspired me to return to the core of what the ponies have taught me. In the three week absence, I, Like many others had forgotten and perhaps even slipped a bit...but thanks to reminders like yours I can snap back to full love and tolerance.

Thank you Moony, for the words of encouragement and reminder.

-Sincerely, The Doctor
>> No. 2484060
File 130629804943.png - (85.20KB , 496x430 , rainbowdashalt1.png )
It's Nature Bloom, he's always like that unfortunately.
"Some men just want to watch the world burn. " this was said by Alfred to Batman. He was talking about the Joker in this scene. The reason i bring it up is because you seem to get kicks out of this, you post Batman, but you are more like the Joker.

Why not be the Dark Knight? Why not try to set things right in this world? I know you are a good person, just try for us, for ponychan? you keep coming here regardless of your doomsday predictions, why not help keep the love?>>2484048
Moony you are awesome!
>> No. 2484061
File 130629806028.jpg - (9.90KB , 287x252 , Batman cooking.jpg )
I gave it a chance. Many. Times. Time and time again my efforts proved futile. I know when some things are just destine to a fate, like we all are. It's inevitable. Besides, i'd just be wasting my time and effort.

It'll happen regardless of what I do.

>Welcome to life.
>> No. 2484062
File 130629810797.gif - (195.20KB , 184x156 , gummy dance.gif )
i'm still reading these things wrong? drat....

uhh anyway I'm completely sincere when I say I would hate to see you leave even for a little while.

That being said it was pointed out to me that i may have messed up my post and accidentally driven you farther away. I did not mean too and I apologize. I seem to be having a bad luck of pissing ponies off lately.... Anyway I hope everypony stats feeling better!

And I promise I'll work on whatever it is that's bothering you guys... I love you all and I wouldn't like it if you didn't like me back because I'm doing something stupid...
>> No. 2484063
I know that, but what you've been doing for the past few days seems almost like you are doing it for a personal reason(I conjecture) I don't approve of.

I am not gonna go deeper into this since I think this is more a private conversation topic. But still, please stop.
>> No. 2484064
File 130629819730.jpg - (69.80KB , 810x511 , Red_by_Morriperkele.jpg )
I'd like to think the attention this thread got serves to show that we are dedicated enough to tide over whatever troubles ail us.

A weaker community would ignore it and act like everything is fine. It takes true dedication and strength acknowledge a problem when things seem to be going peachy, and actively discuss the issue with calm heads.
>> No. 2484065
File 130629821380.png - (284.07KB , 497x795 , 1296548053424-(n1297342207369).png )
I agree. Moony: You are now my favorite.
>> No. 2484066
File 130629823177.jpg - (70.77KB , 900x805 , 4c9686ce09abfe2555aa15a24af8bae3.jpg )
This. I think we have to remember that, I assume at least, a lot of us come from some of the less-nice places on the internet. I personally started browsing /b/ regularly in 2005. Most of us are used to the sarcasm, coldness and hate that comes from places like that, and if anything, we're still struggling to get used to this new found way of constant peace and love.
I think what we have to do is remember that we're on ponychan, not 4chan. This isn't the place for that sort of thing, this is the place we come to heal ourselves and each other.
>> No. 2484067
File 130629824060.png - (145.77KB , 640x360 , fluttershy is the boss.png )
That's enough, Nature Blossom. You make a few good points, but I'm not interested in having a debate on optimism versus pessimism here. If you'd like to have that discussion, I'd encourage you to move it to /chat/. I would love to discuss your ideas there.

I understand what you're saying, but the message of the thread remains. Giving up is the easy way out. Let us work hard to make Ponychan better for everypony.
>> No. 2484068
File 130629824050.jpg - (124.12KB , 921x691 , poor pinkie.jpg )

Is just that.. Well, is a song of 30 seconds. Nopony can't get mad for something like that... But happened... sorry.
>> No. 2484069
It's frustrating because I know that this really isn't who he is. But I digress. I better shut up now.

Not this again. We had this conversation many times. It's going to end up exactly the same.
>> No. 2484070
File 130629826641.jpg - (61.21KB , 490x374 , mkvsdc_joker_490.jpg )
Maybe I was the Joker all along.

Or maybe I was slowly being turned into him.

Who knows.
>> No. 2484071
File 130629827104.png - (422.01KB , 758x717 , Rainbow Dash Pie.png )

as long as you live, you can work, as long as you breathe, you can love.

trial and error are part of life, you can't give up hope, because hope is why we live, it's why we are what we are today, it's why we change for the future and the good of man!

never give up hope.
>> No. 2484073
File 130629839173.png - (126.60KB , 400x360 , tumblr_ll9fj8yQEk1qk6ak2o1_400.png )
Absolutely right Moony

>> No. 2484074
Considering your paraspriting, I'm not suprised. Musta been him all along
>> No. 2484075
File 130629842497.gif - (0.96MB , 300x225 , Batman DANCING.gif )
Whatever you say.
>> No. 2484076
File 130629845200.png - (267.31KB , 702x527 , luna62.png )

*hugs you*
>> No. 2484077
Aww! Love for everypony! I'd sketch together an appropriate image for this post, but I have to post it right now while the love is at its strongest, so just trust that I've got so much love for this community and everypony in it!

(It is a little silly that someponies get all saddlesore over such a small thing, though, especially when you can prevent something from autoplaying with a single button press in any browser... On the other hoof, it's also a little silly that nopony seems to be willing to even tell them about that option when they freak out about the autoplaying. Where's that tolerance, huh??)
>> No. 2484078
File 130629848288.jpg - (49.05KB , 611x360 , fail troll.jpg )

Ok, now you are paraspriting.
>> No. 2484079
File 130629848798.jpg - (419.35KB , 450x662 , SpiderMan_NoMore_comicScene.jpg )
I'm sorry Sarge, but it looks like it's over. I'll stick around until the end, but it'll be like the guys who stayed at WCW until the very end. We've lost the core of what brought us together.

Ponychan was great fun while it lasted, but it looks like it's time to grow up.
>> No. 2484080
I'm glad to see that you guys are taking this seriously, and are working towards fixing it. I'm sorry if I sound awkward, I'm not used to serious threads.

I just hope we can make it. I don't want to go back. More than anything, I don't want to go back.
>> No. 2484081
File 130629854606.png - (68.01KB , 203x301 , 1301536454496.png )
I was on my way to bed when I saw this thread...and naturally had to read it...confound friendship. x_x

Moony, first of all, you're an absolutely amazing and sweet pony. So glad you are part of this community. And I'm glad you are the one who made this thread because ponies actually read what you post.

This is something that I've been hearing people complain about with ponychan for a while now, though. Really, I can't think of a time less loving than now. Most of the issues that have arisen have been largely misunderstandings or people with already shattered spirits just being stubborn and assuming the whole world is out to get them, even ponies (ie, me).

But, continue to have faith in this community. It's so amazing what all is still happening today that has carried over in terms of love and tolerance. It's just much easier to remember a past time as happier because we tend to only remember happier moments, especially when longing for those moments. Not much has really changed when you step back and look at it, though...

But, I think threads like these are still important because it's always important to step back and re-evaluate yourself. Not every pony is perfect, and without the community to keep us in check, who would? We should be constantly striving to better ourselves, not hit a point and become comfortable with it.
>> No. 2484082
File 130629854798.png - (61.60KB , 322x215 , godot98.png )
The song might have not been too pleasing to some of you guys, and I have to admit I also didn't like the song either, but the only reason I actually gave my support to the song was that it was a pony related cover of it.
>> No. 2484083
File 130629855331.jpg - (17.67KB , 225x224 , Batman laughs.jpg )
Implying i'm doing an act just to get a response out of you is HILARIOUS. I'm sorry, but when I parasprite you'll notice.
>Which isn't often.

The thing is... I'M DEAD SERIOUS HERE.
>Even if I was paraspriting.. by replying to me.. i'm winning.
>But i'm not, so that's irrelevant.
>> No. 2484084
File 130629855827.jpg - (29.19KB , 293x434 , SmartRock.jpg )
hmm..i understand ur concern but i'd like to play a little devils advocate for awhile and give u some food for thought :P

now then, we are ALL well aware that we all have opinions. everypony has the right to have opinions. whether it be political, philisophical, or pony related, they will exist. now then, the idea of tolerance is to be willing to accept others for what they may believe in, act in, etc. its to be willing to accept other people's ideals. so going with the example that was presented was the "music problem" some pony stated " i dislike the music, it is an annoyance" fair enough, i personally don't care about what you think and i dont mind if u disregard my opinions aswell. but who lacked the tolerance first?

now the unfortunate thing about this is that , now it seems like im pointing hooves and blaming others. i'm not, i'm just makiing an open thought that we should all be aware of. i think the orgin of the problem that we have been having is not the problem of opinions, its the problem of our expression!

so what the hell do i mean by that? Simple! we need to be understanding when expressing our opinions (which many of us already do). going back to our original example. the "music problem" was presented onto us by a thread that stated "I decided to pony up and be a good person and post what everypony who hates the music wants to say" and with it was a picture that said "Fuck You"
The problem was stated in a more obscure, unnecessarily rude way"
instead of "i like keeping Ponychan quiet" or "I dislike the mods putting music on Ponychan"
in came more as "Fuck your music, i'm a silent lurker/poster" (wether or not this was the OP's intent is up to u to decide but thats how it hit me)

So i propose that we, not only tolerate others, but to also have some manners. clearly some opinions will clash greatly with others, but what matters is how they clashed. it could be a horrendous train wreck or be a bump on the road. if the problem is expressed/stated/presented in a way that is evident to all the ponies out here, i'm sure we can work things out.

Many people can tolerate others. but if the problems of a person is expressed crudely, the impression will go awry.

So i agree with Moony, we should be more tolerant of other's opinions, but we must also be caring when expressing our own.
>> No. 2484085
File 130629856414.jpg - (36.38KB , 600x667 , 130416757021.jpg )
*sigh* You're right. We crossed the line, here.
This shouldn't happen, guys. Lets do our best to keep this from happening again.
>> No. 2484086
File 130629857656.png - (32.22KB , 439x424 , sad_face.png )
Why is it I have the feeling that the Love and Tolerance thread is tearing itself apart?
>> No. 2484087
File 130629859288.jpg - (44.08KB , 519x511 , Cute fluttershy.jpg )
Angel Wings... I know you only mean for the best, but that's the exact opposite message I'm trying to give here. If other ponies are offended by the song, it is our responsibility to love them and understand them, not to judge them as being "undedicated" or unponylike. The pony way is tolerance, so let us tolerate and not cast our anger or disdain upon our fellow pony.
>> No. 2484088
File 130629860037.png - (66.64KB , 157x231 , 1306139475841.png )
I think everypony is taking this entire situation a little bit too seriously.
>> No. 2484089
File 130629861134.png - (10.88KB , 125x71 , para135s3142.png )
Theres a problem. I know everypony in here,but on /oat/ there are thousands of names i dont recognize. Are the less frequent posters and a couple anons skipping out on the message of this thread?
Or are they lurking?

Sorry if i dont make any sense, its just that i really want everypony to see the message that is said here and it looks like only the frequent posters are here.
>> No. 2484090
File 130629862046.gif - (42.56KB , 160x120 , Clap.gif )
>> No. 2484091
File 130629863554.png - (76.25KB , 413x519 , 1300227062778.png )
You understand the point of this topic.

And yes, that is how it seemed when you typed it but I understand you did not mean it that way. And it's okay. I forgive you.

I was just merely pissed off I said I... Can't say hate because that's not acceptable here.

Loathed a song and a lot of ponies were posting LOLUMAD or GET OVER IT. I felt like I was on 4chan and it was making me mad. I have very much big reasons I dislike not song. Not just because of Katy Perry. I love her songs. But that song is the lowest of lows. And if somepony leaves ponychan for a week because ponies give off a bad attitude to your opinion. Even to Observer about leaving and people pushing it even more. I was even more pissed off. It's like some ponies have a stick up their flank. It's called having an opinion of not liking something.

I'm was more upset of the atmosphere of the ponies than the song. The song was just a layer of a cake.
>> No. 2484092
Goddamnit man, goddamnit. You are pretty much borderline paraspriting right now whether that was your actual intention or not. Fuck, actually no, I should stop this.
>> No. 2484093
File 130629871748.gif - (631.76KB , 640x360 , pinkiepietimesinfinity.gif )
the very fact that this thread exists and we are arguing is in direct opposition to that very statement.

We have not lost our core, it is as strong and alive as ever. We do not fall into oblivion until we stop caring, stop loving, and stop everything that this show has taught us.

The very fact that you are still around to post that shows a level of commitment, and a level of love, that within all of us, makes for a love unknown to any who drift through the internet with no hope or care.

and i still love you, regardless of what you may think.
>> No. 2484094
Fair enough Marceline
>> No. 2484095
File 130629876881.png - (115.06KB , 366x322 , wait im thinking.png )
I think I will go to my bed and tomorrow everything will be better...
...I hope.
>> No. 2484096
File 130629877402.jpg - (120.30KB , 400x626 , BatmanFacepalm.jpg )
I'll just be on my way then.
>Was going to be anyways.
>> No. 2484097
File 130629878469.gif - (432.87KB , 500x275 , 130629414279.gif )
>> No. 2484098
File 130629881542.jpg - (21.55KB , 300x300 , HouseSrsly.jpg )
>We've lost the core of what brought us together
The core of what brings us together isn't ponies. It's the idea that the world needs more love and kindness and tolerance, and that we can overcome anything with those three things.

Also this.
>> No. 2484099
File 130629885708.png - (23.81KB , 472x472 , shrug.png )
Maybe its just all the arguing I am seeing. I only really associate arguing with anger. That's just me though.
>> No. 2484100

God, really?

Fucking really?

Ponychan frustrates the living hell out of me. I don't even know why I come back here sometimes. This has got to be the third, maybe fourth (?) thread I've seen on this topic. Granted, the opinions in the threads were not expressed verbatim, but they all said the same thing: "We're ponychan, we should love and tolerate everypony!" But that doesn't fucking happen. People here are only loved and tolerated as much as everypony here decides to love and tolerate those whom they encounter on the boards. So half the time, all it does is turn into a big fucking circle jerk among everypony who wants to talk about how much good they're doing by being nice. But this doesn't extend outside previously established boundaries. And some of us don't want to acknowledge this, so instead of telling some people to "GTFO" like we would on 4chan, we just ignore them. But it's the same thing.

And another thing is being judged on how "caring" you really are. I really believe that everypony who posts in an emotionally charged thread has some kind of positivity they're willing to contribute, but it's not always recognized as such. So certain people are shunned and ignored for not fitting the mold for being loving and tolerating.

Does any of this make sense to anypony? Heh, fuck it, this will probably get ignored too. Oh well. I'll post it for anypony who gives a shit.
>> No. 2484101
Considering Opinions and ideas is part of tolerance and acceptance. we are still individuals with thoughts and ideas, and to communicate and discuss is within itself a form of kindness and tolerance.
>> No. 2484102
File 130629893733.png - (75.80KB , 223x229 , Rainbow mad.png )

I am so mad at you for that post.
Seriously. You're talking about the kids who've spent every hour of there free time on here for the past three months. Spending rediculous amounts buying pony merchandise and such just because of how much they love these ponies..... and now you're telling them they arent deticated? I've been here every day for months making threads. and collectively i've spent almost 100 dollars on pony merchandise. I wear damn pony shoes to school and have to put up with some people laughing at me? And why!? Because I love these damn ponies and I dont care! I myself was not going to leave, but I did promise my dear friend czarina that if the took a little break id try to take one with her.. She's spent more time on here then nearly every tooting pony on here including me and supposedly she doesnt deserve to be here..... I'm going to shut my mouth before it cant stop but I have to say...

That is soooooooo damn ignorant.
>> No. 2484103
File 130629896359.png - (116.75KB , 428x434 , 130558890073.png )
HArd to admit but true, this place has grown for en enjoyment of some and for all, and im to blame too, Moony, let those who were hurt to know that we will be more cautious about stuff like that, also im sorry for not being helpfull at all...
>> No. 2484104
Let that trip die like you said you would. I already know you are having a good time with your other trip.

It really is the best for all of us. Let's move on.
>> No. 2484105
File 130629902291.png - (90.77KB , 738x528 , rd scoot on cloud.png )

OK I'm retracting what I said about the "H" word before... I can't force you to not use it, if you would like to then so be it. it's just a word and I should get over it. I think I've been blinded by ....something.. I been doing this crusade against "hate" when really I should just help spread "love". So from now on less lurking more trying to make Ponies feel better!
>> No. 2484106
File 130629904092.jpg - (6.68KB , 196x210 , HouseReally.jpg )
>Some of us don't want to acknowledge it.
The very existence of this thread seems to speak otherwise.
>> No. 2484107
File 130629905342.jpg - (23.01KB , 231x308 , 130510824701.jpg )
Listen: I've been lurking Ponychan for months. It has ever been on the precipice of disaster. There's always something: distaste of those slightly different, Lauren Faust leaving, and now panic and flight based on a... well, a commercial.

That's how it's always been. The love on Ponychan has been being drained continually. Ponychan has been RUINED FOREVER-forever. But... Well, when I log on the next day from these panicfests, I find that this site is still just as wonderful as ever, if not more so.

Listen: if there are people like this Nature Blossom trying to stir up trouble or whatever, idiots (loved and tolerated idiots but idiots nonetheless) who go all drama-queen when things seem like they're changing and threaten to leave... Well, generally, they're still here the next day in some form or another. In fact, if they're here panicking, that means they still care. Duh. It's a no-brainer. If they up and left without a word, THEN it's time to worry. Then they've ceased caring.

TL;DR: Lurking is Magic. Ponychan is always being ruined, the love always being depleted. It has been in that state and always will be, (although I love this site more and more each day.) Those who stay here and stir up drama (for whatever reason) still care and will likely be here tomorrow.
>> No. 2484108
....That nearly made me cry Stilla.
>> No. 2484109
File 130629914459.jpg - (30.27KB , 435x493 , cheerilee4.jpg )

Stilla, I love you... but if in somepony's post they are mad at somepony for not loving and tolerating, but aren't going to love and tolerate that somepony themselves through it... how can that other pony learn to love either? =(

*nuzzles Stilla*

I love you =) ok? Never forget that.
>> No. 2484110

I meant acknowledge it in a different sense. Anypony can make a thread on how we should be caring. But I've rarely seen anything truly good come from such threads. They just turn into "Hey we're all so nice here! Yay!" and that's that. Nothing happens. We just give ourselves a pat on the back and keep on going wherever it is we're going.
>> No. 2484111
i care brony, i disagree with your statement, but i understand what you are trying to convey.

it's hard to accept that a group of strangers can ever really love or care about anypony on the internet, and that a group seem to hold most of the attention.

but i still disagree with your statement, because if they didn't care, they wouldn't post, if they didn't care, they would not even try for it would be a waste of their time.

The idea that they actually bring themselves to post and support their fellow bronies, is in itself an act of kindness, regardless of how vague it may be.

we do care, and we do love. and i hope that you can love us too...
>> No. 2484112
File 130629920570.jpg - (24.45KB , 500x367 , 16713 - deleteme image_macro spider_man.jpg )
Now I'm not totally knowledgeable about whats going on right now. I'm pretty new but so far from what I've seen its been really cool; loving and awesome! I'm all in for keeping it that way.
>> No. 2484113

If we are going to let out all our frustrations on this thread.

Can I do it?
>> No. 2484114
People are just getting all serious all of a sudden.

Everypony needs to pull a me, and get happy :3
>> No. 2484115
File 130629926056.png - (75.90KB , 434x418 , Confused.png )
I don't buy any of the merch and I still haven't left over a song. I still make my love of MLP and Ponychan known to those who I interact with. I still believe people getting worked up over a song is ridiculous, especially if it is the reason they leave.

Now having users who dislike or even reject them for expressing an opinion, that is a totally different thing.
>> No. 2484116

do it.

We wont blame you. :3

It also helps soo much to let it out.
>> No. 2484117
File 130629930595.gif - (1.51MB , 320x240 , they dont love me anymore.gif )



...Everything will be ok when I wake up.
Good night, bronies.
>> No. 2484118
I'm going to change the way I post because I've been trying to "fight" something but now I'm just going to "help" ponies... I think I've taken something good from this thread~...i think...
>> No. 2484119
File 130629932329.jpg - (12.19KB , 300x300 , Housekay.jpg )
Are you sure about that? We've been pretty harsh on ourselves in this thread.

Being able to accept criticism or point out your own flaws means you do care about keeping up a good effort.
>> No. 2484120
We all know that's not true, we all know that this place is fading but most of us (I hope) still want to be here and hang out, and of course this place is totally different at how it was before because it was made by humans, nothing made by humans can be perfect and will stay the same forever.
>> No. 2484121
File 130629934953.gif - (273.79KB , 200x200 , tumblr_lgiu71eVTX1qh71uoo1_250.gif )

This, for I too don't post much, but have seen most all of what happens here, as well as on the other boards.

No matter what, I still believe that our Love and Tolerance will keep us together before, during and after Season 2.
>> No. 2484122
I agree with Moony, and I'm very sorry to hear that there some of us were upset about this issue to consider leaving ponychan. I love all of you guys and I would hate to see anypony leave for any reason.

But I think everypony is taking this a little too seriously. I have absolutely no clue why people would get upset about a song like that, but I'd like to understand why so these things can be prevented in the future.


And Oxi here makes an incredibly good point. I've felt this way for a while about this place; we put up a facade of love and kindness, but it doesn't always extend to where it really needs to be. I mean, It just seems so fake sometimes. I honestly do love you guys, and virtually everypony I know here is a great person. I just wish the drama and the facades would disappear.
>> No. 2484123
tl;dr, you are uncomfortable with what you perceive as this forced self image of 'love and caring' for this site. I understand what you mean. And I for a fact don't want this site to be like what you described. We are not a "hugbox" and we shouldn't become one.

Which is why I am doing my best to prevent that from happening.
>> No. 2484124
File 130629940971.jpg - (35.79KB , 593x410 , 130629324504.jpg )
I think pinkie pie is needed here
Or have people forgotten this episode
>> No. 2484125
File 130629941361.jpg - (28.84KB , 473x459 , 130040122165.jpg )

And that's exactly what this thread is about....
Good job figuring that out brony.
But you shouldn't say those things about somepony you dont even know.
>> No. 2484126
go for it I'm ready for this!
>> No. 2484127

Oh, I think people here care. But they only care about people they know (i.e., tripcodes and stuff)

I mean, just look at this thread. It's been everypony who already knows each other talking and consoling those who they already know, and that's what frustrates me. I mean sure, some anon can just post a thread on something that made them sad, and people will try to cheer them up and that's all well and good. But when it actually comes to discussions, no one's opinion is taken seriously unless you have a *MOD* tag or some other recognizable form of identification.
>> No. 2484128
File 130629945209.jpg - (132.36KB , 500x500 , 1306139866548.jpg )
Things can only go downhill from here.
>> No. 2484129
it hasn't been ruined forever, it's just we get more people to come in and different ideas and viewpoints cause conflict.

The love is not draining, it's just that it can be difficult when you have many people saying different things to take into account others without accidentally ignoring some

the love is still here, we just need to assert it more!
>> No. 2484130
File 130629951872.gif - (125.06KB , 200x180 , Concerned Fluttershy.gif )
I apologize Oxi. I didn't mean to overlook your post, or anypony's posts. I'm busy juggling a lot of conversations right now and, on top of that, I'm utterly exhausted. That's no excuse, I realize, and I can only offer my apologies for my mistake. You deserve better than that.

Your initial question was a very good one Oxi, and one I wish I had addressed sooner. Sometimes, a pony doesn't want or need help. A pony might just want to be herd or understood. For those ponies, it might not be best for us to offer "help," as such, but simply to provide a loving atmosphere for them.

As for your second statement Oxi, it's nopony's intention to ever ignore anypony. You want to see pony's going out of their way to help other's everyday? Go to /chat/ and take a look around. Everyday, ponies like PSP, Panda, and Rainy Days go out of their way to make the lives of other ponies better, choosing to sacrifice their time for the joy of others. Ponychan is what you make of it, and if you look around and see judgement and a circle jerk then that is what it will become. Yet, if we all take a conscious step towards a different direction, even the tinniest bit of effort will make a world of difference. If you believe that the dynamic you talked about is true, then the first step one can take in rectifying it is to fight against it. I'm sorry for overlooking you earlier, Oxi. You're a great pony, and I love you.
>> No. 2484131
I would love to get back to love and tolerance, but the past is something that makes us... well us, and to try to change that wouldn't be right as it would make us turn into somepony else. although I have had some...minor mental problems trying to be loving and tolerant, it's almost like I'm on a treadmill, you can keep running to the end but you'll alway be pushed back. I'm not saying that keeping the love and tolerance up is impossible, but it is harder to do now that there isn't anything to look forward to or new lessons to learn. Another analogy of this could be practicing something and then as you grow up you forget it little by little until all you have is the unforgotten memory of what could have been. I may not be making much sense or I might not be understanding the topic much but that's what conflicting mentality does to me.
>> No. 2484132
But that tolerance seemed to only be around as long as we all agreed on something. With time the ponies started almost being something to placate the growing discontent in this community. One need only look at the anti-grimdark movement as proof of that. Or what Angel Wings posted here.

Let's face it, it was a nice dream to have a place where people could meet to discuss things peacefully with those who shared their interests. But it looks like it really was just a dream after all. And eventually, you have to wake up.
>> No. 2484133
File 130629957456.png - (148.59KB , 524x399 , 524px-UnwishIsland27.png )
I posted an Lol U Mad picture
I still love ya Czarina!!!
>> No. 2484134
File 130629960498.jpg - (24.18KB , 512x503 , 1298501656606.jpg )



>mfw this thread
>> No. 2484135

I don't know what this site is, but we should stop tricking ourselves into thinking we're doing something we're not.
>> No. 2484136
it's that sort of fatalistic idea that keeps people from working to achieve what we want for us. you say it's downhill, but there are mountains in the horizon, high peaks, we just need to climb, work hard and keep ourselves from falling into a hole.
>> No. 2484137
>TL;DR: I rant.
I kind of get your point. The more and more I see of this world the more and more I realize that no matter how hard we try, we'll still be imperfect bastards. We are human, we build, we destroy. We can try to achieve perfection, but we will always fall back to Earth, alone, cold, hungry, sad, greedy, lustful for attention. I've seen some truly good people here. But I've also seen plenty of scum. People say to love and tolerate, but love and toleration can only carry you so far, especially when you're excluding others and talking only about personal matters on a public forum. If you want to organize your issues, take them elsewhere.

I realize our morale is hurting badly, I realize that we've become addicted to the drug that is My Little Pony. But if we have to get upset about little things, then maybe we need to take a step back and realize what we're doing. Are we so emotionally attached to this idea, this concept, that we reject change and things like this? Or is it just our bestial nature to argue and let wounds fester? Give yourself a minute to think, take time to absorb the ideals of love and toleration and what they mean to you in your life. Begin setting goals to be a better person. Learn. Keep learning every day, because only when you're stagnant do you truly become arrogant and selfish.

Even if you were "Born This Way", say "Fuck that!" and throw it to the curb. Be who and what you can shape yourself into. I've had MS, big fucking whoop. Does that run my life? No, I have consequences to deal with, but I brush them off. I've watched ponies. Does that run my life? No! I'm still the grumpy bastard I've always be. One thing should not control your life. Learn to broaden out and branch out, even ponies are an unhealthy addiction to have.
>> No. 2484138

I don't like all of this bitterness. I want us all to be happy and loving again.

I'm going to bed. When I wake up, I hope things will have simmered down.

Love you guys...
>> No. 2484139
ok... uhh ..

ahem I'm only replying to Czarina right?

I realty don't know Czarina well I think she's a she but I could be wrong. I know moony and Sarge better then I know Czarina. why am I replying to Czarina then? Because I feel bad about the possibility that I upset her in the thread about the video and want to make it up.

Still you're right I should be spreading the love (real love) to everypony here......

sorry I I didn't read your post right but I'm trying~
>> No. 2484140
File 130629966710.png - (172.61KB , 1876x1996 , cheerilee3.png )


Guess what?
>> No. 2484141
File 130629967925.png - (160.76KB , 530x439 , annoyedscoot.png )
Wait people left over a Katy Perry Pony-Cover commercial?

Well, their loss I say. I mean, I don't like it but it's better than ALL previous commercials which were sugarcoated for a preschool crowd.

MLP is still a franchise intended for girls, people. FIM is special in that it can be watched by anypony despite the obvious target demo, thus FIM is NOT a girl show, persay, but MLP IS a girls franchise.

Anypony thinks otherwise really should sit back and rethink things.

So, Pony commerical comes out with a song parodying a typical girly pop star's song, and you get upset?


You're upset that a girl show's commercial is girly. Really. Think about that. You don't have to like it.

I don't like the song. But I liked the commercial.

What I DO like to see is Hasbro putting some money into MLP marketing. THATS A GOOD THING. ALWAYS!

So, yeah, have a Justin Bieber write a brand new song for a commercial for all I care. The beauty is I DON'T care how it's marketed as long A) The marketing works, in any way, TO ANY CROWD (to which using JB would be very effective) and MOST IMPORTANTLY B) The show is still fun to watch.

Perspective. Bigger Picture. The show and all it's marketing are not targeted at YOU specifically.

>> No. 2484142
File 130629969507.png - (364.33KB , 481x299 , 1306139704532.png )
>> No. 2484143
File 130629971574.png - (338.59KB , 878x910 , 130517385523.png )
You know what I think is going on? I wasn't going to say it. I know I'm going to be rustling up some feathers and twisting some manes in saying this, but do you know what I think the honest to God problem with ponychan is today?

The fandom is starting to get touchy. This fandom was founded out of the coldness of /b/. We survived because we had coats of iron. That iron is gone now, and now we will even misinterpret harmless play toward each other as stinging words of hate.

So what am I saying? I'm saying that the ponies on both sides are the problem. I mean, really, why overreact everytime somepony says "LOLUMAD?" I mean, hell, probably 90% of the time I use that phrase myself I'm using it in jest toward somepony I'd consider a friend. Can't you ponies try to have benefit of doubt for your fellow bronies? I swear my patience is growing thin on people who jump to being offended and feeling entitled for happy, feely good cuddle sessions because of it. I'm really seeing that start to slip into this fandom, often in situations unwarranted.

OK, so maybe at times it is warranted, but does that give you a right to not try to give benefit of doubt? Lots of why ponychan was able to be loving and tolerating was because of this giving the benefit of doubt. Start tolerating each other, all of you. There are no victims in this. All sides are guilty.


And sorry to any pony this does offend. It's my blunt, honest truth. I love every pony here. I don't think negatively of any of you.
And don't any pony take this as me thinking that this place would be better for you leaving. Every pony equal. Every pony welcome. Friendship is magic. Expect us to forgive and forget.
>> No. 2484144
Bro, I think you missed my point. What I'm saying is that this panic is no reason to panic. There is no condition I can conceive under which Ponychan will cease to be the wonderful site that it is.

I'm still calling out the people standing around and shaking their heads, saying "I called it. I knew the love and tolerance was going to go away eventually, and I was right." Okay, I want you to stay, so don't take this the wrong way, but if you're so alarmist, why aren't you just leaving? To me, it's painfully transparent that you love this site, and that's your way of dealing with conflict. With all due respect, it doesn't help the problem at all.
>> No. 2484145

We've been harsh on ourselves in this thread? Spare me, please.

Let's all cry about how we're not living up to our image. Ok, we got that done. Now let's reassure ourselves that we really are living up to our image. This part is in progress.

Meanwhile, there are quite a few anons lurking this thread who won't even bother to post, because they know they're not a part of this discussion nor will they ever be, because people who normally post here only talk with those they already know.

I'm just giving out my observations here. So you can hate me for this, or not take me seriously. No one ever really takes me seriously anyway, why should I expect that from this imageboard too?
>> No. 2484146
I know. I don't take image boards too seriously. This site isn't some front for a global movement towards a better, more caring and loving world.

It's just a cool nice site for people to have fun and talk about a show we like. It doesn't need to be any more than that.

That doesn't mean we can't have serious threads about deeper topics and emotional life stories on the side(emphasis on the 'side' part), though.
>> No. 2484147
File 130629981029.png - (127.97KB , 634x356 , Cute Fluttershy Smile.png )
Did you read the original post thoroughly, Edge? Please try to be understanding. If it brings frustration to some ponies, then why should exasperate it? If we care, is not our duty then to demonstrate that caring? Let us love first and not be so quick to judge our fellow ponies.
>> No. 2484148
After everypony lets out their anger, we should all have a happy thread
>> No. 2484149
File 130629983803.png - (164.39KB , 501x423 , poker face.png )
In my 2 months being here it seems like we go through some kind of "the love is gone" phase every week or two, but I never see it myself.
>> No. 2484150
if we were perfect, we wouldn't need love, if there wasn't chaos, peace wouldn't look so good

if there wasn't arguments and biterness, friendship wouldn't be as rewarding.

we are imperfect, but that gives us reason to love all the more!
>> No. 2484151

>> No. 2484152
File 130629988417.png - (38.03KB , 945x945 , 1295844653442-(n1297323567162).png )


I am so fucking tired of people being up Nature Blossom's flank. People thinking he is so awesome and logical. He isn't. I've known this since the first TIME he was around here. I've always lurked for a long time when I came on Ponychan. But I had a strong feeling about him that just bugged me. Now that he is around later and saying all this non positive shit is really bugs me. Now people are starting to get annoyed with him. I couldn't say anything because every time I said something about him being a jerk, no one even paid attention which made me mad. I don't CARE if you love him either. No offense. Just the people who come talk to me saying how much they dislike him now or saying he has changed or whatever! I always knew it but.

I'm also mad at myself! I can't speak my mind. I can't just fucking express my feelings on here. Because I'm scared. Okay. SCARED of people on here of judging me. And just when I express I... loathe a song! They all go LOL U MAD. LOL GET OVER IT. IT'S PONIES. No! You can't change my thoughts!!!! I've never liked that song and ponies can't change a song I've... loathed.

People around here are always love and tolerant if you show something you like but if you don't like whatever everypony likes, they just piss on you sometimes. What kind of shit is that? And sometimes "OH JUST MAKE FUN OF IT IF YOU HATE IT" No. I won't make fun of a SONG or a PERSON if I hate them.. or loathe. What-the-fuck-ever. Anyways. That is not a very nice thing to do. I'll try ways to like it but sometimes I just can't! Just like a person!

And sometimes the people on here saying "I'M IGNORED" I try to show appreciation for every damn pony on here. I love YOU all even if there is certain parts I don't like about people. I still try. I know how it felt to not be noticed. Okay. And now I'm noticed all the time and I hate it. And I feel like a attention horse. But I really want Anon or Trip to feel welcomed. I really do try.

I'M JUST MAD AT EVERY... Single person saying Ponychan is dieing or Ponychan isn't what it use to be. Ponychan never changed. People who decided to rebel or think ponies = love in their life is who changes!! I never changed! I was always the way I was before ponies. Ponies isn't the base of some things. It's just noticing you actually have LOVE inside of you. Yes ponies might of helped you see it and help you. But ponies shouldn't always be your reason to be nice ALL the time. It should just be in your brain!

I'm done. I'm shaking I'm so mad. And annoyed. I had to let it out. Hate me now. I don't care.
>> No. 2484153
This is the reason I don't participate in 4chan's "pony threads." I came here because it was a place where good people actually talked about MLP and were generally cool to each other without it being a huge internet personality round-table discussion. I fear that's what's going to happen here, and that's the last thing I want.
>> No. 2484154
The very fact that I am talking to you kind of renders your point m.oot.

Also, please don't bring 'anon/trip' topic to this discussion. It's not really that relevant and I am sick of seeing the exact same drama about anonymity over and over again.
>> No. 2484155
File 130630000693.jpg - (50.82KB , 376x490 , HouseSmile.jpg )
This. This so fucking much.
>> No. 2484156
File 130630001682.jpg - (37.32KB , 650x427 , fluttershy15.jpg )

I love you <3

*hugs you both*

I love you both <3
>> No. 2484157
Although all good things come to an end, we can always rebuild no matter how bad. We must all remember this as we will have to rebuild, and rebuild soon.
>> No. 2484158
Dear Celestia, I've really made myself into a prick here, haven't I?

I just hope everypony here remembers that everything I say is just my opinion. I'm not trying to destroy anything, I'm just trying to help. I really want to see ponychan fulfill its goal. I just don't see it happening, and I just wanted to express my opinion on that. I hope people here can still, you know, not hate me for what I said. I doubt that's gonna happen, though.

I'm too tired to keep going, so I'm going to bed now. Good night, everypony.
>> No. 2484159
File 130630012374.gif - (1.35MB , 640x468 , 130558899384.gif )
This is the biggest outburst that i have seen on this site, I really hope is over soon...
>> No. 2484160
File 130630012797.png - (507.44KB , 894x894 , rainbow dash awesome awesome.png )
i would just like to point out these 2 guys for a moment.

These two are fresh young blood in our Ponychan, and they say they feel love and happiness in here.

Maybe you have been taking your love for granted, and that's why you can't see it. I say the love is still here, still strong, and we just need to remember that it still is!
>> No. 2484161
File 130630013434.jpg - (42.84KB , 450x621 , 130569542637.jpg )
This thread needs more love and tolerance!...
>> No. 2484162

*yells after him*

Just don't forget I love you! <3
>> No. 2484163

Good! I'm not trying to make a point, I'm making an observation here. I'm glad my observations are proving to be untrue, because I didn't like them.
>> No. 2484164
File 130630019867.jpg - (121.12KB , 1000x1000 , Angel by Anon 1.jpg )
I am not taking anything of what I said back.

To be honest, why should we say anything that would require a deeper connection to anypony? How often do we post in support threads and truly feel some sort of connection with the OP, whom half the time we don't even know? Words on a screen cant be held, they can't be touched. They can only be read. Simple words can be easily ignored. I myself have posted in support threads but afterwards, IDK if I feel I have truly helped somepony. I made a support thread for myself and some of my favorite users posted in it, attempting to help me, but I still didn't feel any better.

Sometimes it feels like we just put on a mask and pretend we all love and tolerate each other, when in fact, as I have previously thought, things are just waiting to explode.
>> No. 2484165
File 130630020746.jpg - (33.29KB , 615x511 , 130431478691.jpg )
Finally. I saw that coming from miles away.

It's great that you let out your steam. And no, I don't think many people will 'judge' or 'hate' for this.

At least I know I won't.
>> No. 2484166
File 130630026206.png - (335.27KB , 900x541 , luna51.png )

*looks at you..*

>> No. 2484167
File 130630026619.jpg - (38.36KB , 453x493 , 130557944881.jpg )
Are not they exploding now?
>> No. 2484168
File 130630027756.jpg - (1.97MB , 2400x2400 , blog-red-fox-kits-img_96761.jpg )
I dont hate you czarina :3
>> No. 2484169
File 130630032003.png - (372.18KB , 637x325 , 1306139777222.png )
The drama here is amazing.
>> No. 2484170

That's a fucking awesome post.

I said I was going to bed, but I guess that's not happening.


Thanks, Serge.
>> No. 2484171
You are not a prick. Don't antagonize yourself. We value every one's opinion. At least I do.

You are quite welcome. Enjoy your stay and good night.
>> No. 2484172
Maybe I'm just kinda bitter towards life, and maybe my "Paladin" personality has been triggered today by reading that thread where the Brony's friend and her sis got drowned, but I'm so fucking pissed off at the world, that I could probably just burn the whole thing to the bedrock. We, humans, are all that's wrong in the world. We are hate, anger, indifference, pride, dominance, stupidity, intolerance, sin, overstretched virtues, despair, selfishness and greed.

But we're also all that's right in the world. We are love, tolerance, charity, happiness, kindness, intelligence, self-worth, purity, godliness, wisdom and hope.

Each and every person can only choose to be better on their own. Unlike what some people think, that change doesn't begin here. It doesn't even have to have anything to do with here. We change in our hearts and our minds, by ourselves.

So we need to take the time to make the change, and not just expect it to happen overnight.
>> No. 2484173
File 130630035650.jpg - (56.73KB , 500x375 , 1299877968183.jpg )
I certainly hope I didn't cause any of this by being the first to agree with The Observer in the PMV thread. I merely thought he was joking by overexaggerating a reaction to the video so I over emphasized my reaction. I would never leave ponychan over something so insignificant.
>> No. 2484174
Heh, you know what I think of you =)

Too late to get in on this Moony? I've been in game and couldn't post, but I watched
>> No. 2484175
File 130630037453.jpg - (18.34KB , 320x299 , 130076876975.jpg )
>Sometimes it feels like we just put on a mask and pretend we all love and tolerate each other
I don't. You can count on that.
>> No. 2484176
... I never hate anypony :(

I feel your pain... I'm always scared that ponychan will .... hate me as of late and I don't know why. I'm literialy afraid to post sometimes because you guys would think worse of me.... I'm always constantly reevaluating my posts... sometimes I just delete them because I think i'm a total flank.... what's funny is I wanted attention when I first came here but now I don't...

anyway my rants done sorry if i'm mooching on yours Czarina :(

and I will try to respond to everypony in this thread that I can help with. it will be hard but I need to do this now....
>> No. 2484177
Well, if it makes you feel any more at ease, I'm reading it. I'm actually quite surprised myself like something like this happened. I mean, sure, oat board was being crazy as usual today, but something like this just seems like it came out of the blue.

I wasn't here during the time it happened either since I just got back from work like two hours ago, but still, my point stands.
>> No. 2484178
File 130630044256.png - (62.66KB , 237x237 , 130629433143.png )
I HAVE A DREAM (not really) where there is no shipping, there is no clopfics, there is no cupcakes (or other grimdark) and the entire fanbase is one big happy family

true, it is impossible. true, it would never happen in a society with free will. but if you do not set impossible goals, you can never reach the stars. DONT TELL me the sky is the limit when there is footprints on the MOON.

Moony, i now love you forever and for always. I myself was not here for the fiasco, but I agree wholeheartedly that the community has started to wither, even with all that is now coming out in the way of fanart, memes, etc.

godspeed, keep on livin', and keep on truckin' out a path for life.



too bad i meant it all, or it would have been a good joke.
>> No. 2484179
I felt that way when I first came to Ponychan.

Is this a trap?

But I eventually learned to trust you all.
>> No. 2484180
>Meanwhile, there are quite a few anons lurking this thread who won't even bother to post, because they know they're not a part of this discussion nor will they ever be, because people who normally post here only talk with those they already know.

That's how the messageboards work, though. That's how the Internet works. Heck, that's how human communication works. Note that I, here, am trying to post in a bunch of these threads because I'm normally a heavy lurker, but I want to contribute to the place that I draw enjoyment from and give something back for what I've gotten. I've barely been here long enough to recognize anypony's name, I have absolutely no personal attachment to anypony on these boards.

Are you saying that SHOULD deter me from posting, because I'm not part of the clique? No, it shouldn't. Those anons who think they don't belong in a community because the community has gone and become a community just need to pony the heck up and post something already.

A lot of communities look like a firmly closed circle from the outside. But the more closed up it looks, the more that means the community is just in touch with itself. It won't take more than one or two posts for anypony to completely integrate themselves with the userbase and become a part of what they thought they could only observe. I'm doing it at this exact moment! There is no treshold, no learning curve, no backlash. It's not at all a closed circle of people who only talk to each other. But it'll always look like that because everypony seems to act so friendly toward each other - even when they're all actually complete strangers.

>I'm just giving out my observations here. So you can hate me for this, or not take me seriously. No one ever really takes me seriously anyway, why should I expect that from this imageboard too?

This, here, is just poor attitude. Are you trying to stir up some drama, bro? Why would you go and do that in such a nice, friendly place that already has more of it than it could possibly use at the moment?
>> No. 2484181
File 130630051994.jpg - (21.44KB , 192x228 , HouseHmm.jpg )
Well, I'm glad to see you're enjoying it, from your reactions.

The thing is, we're making a conscientious effort in this site. Things will boil up from time to time and things will explode from time to time. We just have to remember to keep faith in what we believe and keep going on afterwards.
>> No. 2484182
i could never hate you Czarina, your thoughts, pure and raw, are something that is needed.

to speak your mind is not against the creedo of love and tolerance, but a symbol of it's existence.

and the last part, really spoke to me. i love ponies, with all of my heart, but they aren't my heart, i've always wanted to help everypony, it's just that ponies make it seem easier.

Ponychan is never dying, for as long as the people here care, then ponychan cares!
>> No. 2484183
Thank you. That felt amazing. I was a little scared to even post that but I was so fucking done. Arc just helped me over the cliff to jump to freedom.

I feel like I'm fucking high now.
>> No. 2484184
By the way, let me finish that by reiterating that I LOVE this place and everything that goes on in it. I haven't felt a reason to care for something like this in so long, and it feels really good to be able to share that with everypony here.

I'm now thinking about recording a reinterpretation of So Many Wonders in honor of this board, and this thread.
>> No. 2484185
And thanks to you too, Amensia.
>> No. 2484186
File 130630061750.png - (46.00KB , 512x503 , dawww.png )
To evaluate on my exploding point, sometimes things have to be blown up in order to be rebuilt to be newer, better, stronger, and longer lasting.
>> No. 2484187
File 130630063157.gif - (257.04KB , 125x116 , 130592991358s.gif )
This drama drives ponies to madness. Pinkie pie is just happy to give an example
>> No. 2484188
Is Moony still here? I donno, I have some things I'd like to put up, but am uncertain of. Guess I'm left with seeking permission.
>> No. 2484189
>> No. 2484190
Dousing the flames in this thread will be hard, we try to contain them but we are mauled over and ignored, everypony going back to what they really want to say and most of it others take the wrong way. Please listen as we want to help, we want to stop this and go back to loving and tolerating but bickering about it will not solve anything and will only cause more drama against us all. I may not have been here for long, but I know that Ponychan can be what it is made out to be again.
>> No. 2484191
Do it
>> No. 2484192
File 130630071559.gif - (1.14MB , 320x180 , rarity bouncing.gif )
>A lot of communities look like a firmly closed circle from the outside. But the more closed up it looks, the more that means the community is just in touch with itself. It won't take more than one or two posts for anypony to completely integrate themselves with the userbase and become a part of what they thought they could only observe. I'm doing it at this exact moment! There is no treshold, no learning curve, no backlash. It's not at all a closed circle of people who only talk to each other. But it'll always look like that because everypony seems to act so friendly toward each other - even when they're all actually complete strangers.

Thank you for pointing this out; it renders at least one of my negative observations at least partially incorrect.
>> No. 2484193
File 130630072788.jpg - (25.09KB , 347x332 , 129902848726.jpg )
Angel Wings, you're a pony I love dearly...so I guess I'll take the time to say some things even though I'd rather be asleep right now.

What you say carries some truth. I know in my one or two support threads, it made nothing better for me. In fact, when I had ponies supporting me, it actually made me feel much worse.

There are countless support threads I've posted in where I truly question if what I'm saying is actually getting through or making any kind of difference....if anything anypony is saying is making any difference.

However, there is a difference that is made in those support threads. Neutral effect is an effect. Most people who would take those stories elsewhere are afraid of having them be returned with hate. Hate, unfortunately, carries itself perhaps even more powerfully in cold, heartless text. So, even if none of the loving support this community gives truly means anything in terms of real friendship or support, it does still mean the negation of hatred.

And besides...most of the times somepony is having issues, the biggest thing that can help them is just talking about it, doesn't matter if there's even an audience for it. So, to be loving and supportive actually does have a positive impact, even if it's not an apparent one.
>> No. 2484194

>A lot of communities look like a firmly closed circle from the outside. But the more closed up it looks, the more that means the community is just in touch with itself. It won't take more than one or two posts for anypony to completely integrate themselves with the userbase and become a part of what they thought they could only observe. I'm doing it at this exact moment! There is no treshold, no learning curve, no backlash. It's not at all a closed circle of people who only talk to each other. But it'll always look like that because everypony seems to act so friendly toward each other - even when they're all actually complete strangers.

That's a much better way of looking at it, and I thank you for introducing me to that.

>This, here, is just poor attitude. Are you trying to stir up some drama, bro? Why would you go and do that in such a nice, friendly place that already has more of it than it could possibly use at the moment?

I'm probably being selfish. But then again I'm also hard on myself, so maybe this hatred I'm trying to overcome is internal and doesn't exist outside of my mind. Or not. I can't tell most of the time. Sorry if you're one of the other hundreds of people I piss off.
>> No. 2484195
Ponychan i am disappoint

as i read all these i only get this repeating message:
"ponychan is losing the love"

then there's also
"y'all are bein to serious"

"wen i go to sleep it'll b better in the morning"

how bout we all just ignore this thread? hmm?? bcuz frankly besides disappointing me, ur also making a hypocrite! i dont wanna b frank, but it appears that nopony here is willing to make amends! agree to disagree. i do appreciate a good debate. but at the end of the debate, u agree to disagree! ur not supposed to try and make ur side the right side! U state ur opinion, u state ur evidence, the opposition follows the same ideas, then you find a resolution and thats it! what is being debated?!? i can see people passing opinions and ideas but what are they for!
all of them are saying that ponychan is losing love.
okay thats flipping cool! so what are you arguing?!?!


i tried to explain that maybe it was the way we expressed our opinions, but it got ignored. oh well so i get some food and whatnot and wen i come back

Moony says the Love is dying (which to be frank it is) so we should love and tolerate more (its a wonderful thesis!)! that makes sense but it is still unclear as how to do it. so i'm thinking "alright we already tolerate a bit what else can we do" so i thought maybe it was our expression.
"we should tolerate better by watching how we express ourselves" thats what i was trying to get across. i have NO IDEA wat u guys are trying to get across.

i was trying to be civilized. i made an outward statement, gave evidence, and used logical reasoning. but if that didnt work MAYBE CAPS LOCK WILL

TL;DR The arguements are going nowhere on the topic at hand. the topic is ponychan is dying and we should tolerate more. the arguements im seeing are "Ponychan is dying because..."

arguements have two opposing sides that make a resolution to a problem. they don't just explain the problem
>> No. 2484196
File 130630076616.jpg - (74.05KB , 997x750 , 130558198370.jpg )
I know that, lets make sure we rebuild this place after everything happens ok?~
>> No. 2484197
I still love you~

good point!

I agree we mustn't be lazy about bettering ourselves on here and IRL

I don't know about you but ponychan is where i take my mask off.... even if it's just words.....

from the piles of ruble can we build a better tomorrow.
too cheesy?

my own rant shall be incoming shortly.... again just so i can get it out there.....
>> No. 2484198
File 130630080231.png - (118.02KB , 315x336 , 1042%20-%20crying%20Trixie.png )
Angel, you may not know this, but word can be very powerful. An example is this. Somepony has a really bad day and comes to ponychan as they think its the nicest place on the net. They post their troubles in hope of somepony noticing them and saying a helpfull resurring comment. While they are just text on a screen, the OP smiles and is glad that somepony took the time to listen to them and give their hugs/advice. Turn that situation around as nopony posted and their thread was buried. They feel that nothing around them cares for them and the Nicest place on the internet didnt even listen.
This causes even more sadness,which for some people, can cause them to become worse or worse, hurt themselves.
>> No. 2484199
File 130630080718.png - (48.28KB , 185x256 , 130242521017.png )
I'm glad.

Well said.
>> No. 2484200
File 130630081543.jpg - (920.38KB , 1625x1028 , welcome_home2.jpg )
Fair enough. See you on the far side of a wall of text, everypony!

>in the meantime, read this
>> No. 2484201
File 130630089454.png - (127.97KB , 634x356 , Cute Fluttershy Smile.png )
*hugs* Thank you Czarina... I think you made an excellent point.

Thank you for your input, Sketchy. It's always nice to receive clarification on some confusing points.
>> No. 2484202
just do it!~
>> No. 2484203
File 130630091194.jpg - (116.01KB , 590x767 , 130130509416-1301302652349.jpg )
I didn't read most of the OP and I have never seen whatever you guys are talking about, but I never really bought into the love and tolerance thing anyway so thats probably okay

here's a picture
>> No. 2484204
I dunno why guys, but I'm going to go shout obscenities at the food storage while doing pull-ups and chin-ups. And then hopefully I'll be able to sleep. I dunno, I felt like I lost something the day I became a brony, and I know what it was now. It was my defining characteristic for most of my life, my hatred and my loathing. I'm feeling so much like my old self right now, and it's scary, because it feels good. I'm not going to pretend like I'm a good person, but I will pretend like I'm worth note. Maybe nopony cares, but I do, and that's all that matters.
>> No. 2484205
I haven't gone over this whole thread yet, but I did read the OP. Just keep in mind this one thing.

Everymod can't be held responsible for onemod's actions.

Anything else I say on this will only be muddled and confusing, as I am actually rather sleep deprived at the moment. Just.. yeah.
>> No. 2484206
Thank you.

That was so hard but I had to do it. I'm glad you made this thread. I really had a lot of stress about this board for awhile.
>> No. 2484207
File 130630098126.jpg - (119.80KB , 1024x768 , joker-laughing.jpg )
>> No. 2484208
File 130630098415.png - (258.14KB , 1900x1916 , rainbow dash fluttershy hug.png )
Thank you.
>> No. 2484209
File 130630102745.jpg - (89.00KB , 640x480 , Spliiiiiiish_by_Illidan_stormrage.jpg )
Tossing my 50 cents into the pot here.

I consider myself fairly new to ponychan. New enough, at least, where I haven't tossed up a "Hey, been lurking, posted a couple times, time to introduce myself proper" thread (Although perhaps it'll finally be time once I'm done with this post)

I've been on ponychan for the past couple of months, but until this month I've always just watched on the sidelines. Partly because, yes, I'm a bit of a Fluttershy whenever I'm surrounded by unfamiliar faces, but mostly because, well... I don't know how to word this properly, but it seemed more than enough just to watch.

Despite my own habit of making massive page-long posts at the drop of a hat, I tend to TL;DR at almost every available opportunity. But for some reason ponychan was different. Every single word of every single thread, I'd gobble it all up like a good novel. There was this absolutely brilliant chemistry flowing between people here that I didn't think existed outside of books, much less on the normally cynical and eternally sarcastic internet.

It kind of felt like wandering through a forest for hours before finally coming upon a beautiful, sky blue lake. You know you want to jump in sooner or later, enjoy the cool, refreshing water and wash the grime off your skin, but... Not just yet. The scene is too beautiful, too tranquil, there's no harm in letting the moment last just a bit longer.

I still think I'm having my fun swimming in that lake. Everypony here is acting like somepony took a leak in the water and there's a big cloud of yellow hell floating their way, but from where I'm standing the water's still shining and as reflective as glass.
>> No. 2484210

*hugs you tight*

I don't hate you =)

>> No. 2484211
File 130630107357.jpg - (53.65KB , 500x500 , 130517401661.jpg )
Oh and one last thing.


Yes, it's an awesome community and we care about each other. We had some amazing things happen too.

BUT SERIOUSLY IT'S STILL JUST AN INTERNET COMMUNITY. Don't get way too invested in this. Have fun, talk with people, enjoy your stay and return to your IRL business after that.

I hope I didn't sound too harsh. And no I am not chastising any one here. Just a cautionary tale.

Also THIS DOES NOT MEAN WE SHOULDN'T HAVE SERIOUS DISCUSSIONS OR SHARING LIFE STORIES. Those are awesome too, but take them with a grain of salt.
>> No. 2484212
i like the way these guys think. I'm sorry to all the anons who think that we ignore them, we do try our best to accept everypony, really we do. But we are never closed to anypony, we may have a group of people we know and talk to, but that's because we built relationships with them, but there is always room for more friends.
I'm glad you see it that way Spitfire, too many focus on the folly of man, yet too few see how far we come. Life is full of lessons, and with each we become better people.
>> No. 2484213
File 130630108782.jpg - (20.74KB , 400x285 , 130620384851.jpg )
I don't think anypony's holding every mod accountable, and I don't think mods are even much of an issue in this thread. Don't worry yourself too hard, Scootz. We still love you all. ♥
>> No. 2484214
File 130630111167.jpg - (6.68KB , 196x210 , HouseReally.jpg )
I've seen a point made that we're just constantly just patting ourselves on the back here. At first I didn't really see it, but as I see more and more familiar names replying to each other, I fear there may be a point to that accusation.

For this reason, I want as many anons and lesser known bronies to put their honest to post their honest to goodness opinions. We need a serious discussion here. We want different viewpoints, different experiences, so we get the whole of what Ponychan is really like.
>> No. 2484215
File 130630117189.jpg - (33.36KB , 675x633 , Cute frown Fluttershy.jpg )
The key, Rocky, is understanding. That is the way we can work to resolve our differences here. By understanding each other and not casting our judgement, love and tolerance will naturally manifest. As I had told Oxi earlier, this thread has been moving entirely too quickly for my sad, tired eyes to keep up with, so I apologize for not responding to you earlier, yet even so, I notice now that you have had some responses that address your post.

The key to resolution here is understanding. We must go out of our way to know and to feel what our fellow ponies are feeling. From there, love and tolerance will follow through.
>> No. 2484216
File 130630121337.png - (357.05KB , 890x742 , 130292004375.png )
In the end, we all knew how each other felt and understood them thus making us closer as friendsa family.

>> No. 2484217
File 130630124400.png - (89.75KB , 277x337 , 130273027661.png )
Okay, I gotta break in here even though I dont want to because as always, as soon as people know mods are watching they'll start acting differently
But... I've had a number of reports from this thread, yet I'm not going to delete the posts in question as I dont completely want to break the discussion; which is one that I think might be important . That said, I'd like to ask that we at least try and be civil with each other, what with the emotionally charged state of things...

And if you really want a fun head game, I dont want to actually give an opinion on the topic at hand while posting under the mod tag, hopefully for obvious reasons, yet I doubt if my opinion would be noticed without it. No I'm not looking for a reaction, I just found it interesting from a psychology perspective =)
I really hope I'm doing the right thing leaving this all alone, but it'd probably do more hard than good ending it
>> No. 2484218

>I'm sorry to all the anons who think that we ignore them, we do try our best to accept everypony, really we do. But we are never closed to anypony, we may have a group of people we know and talk to, but that's because we built relationships with them, but there is always room for more friends.

This. This is really what I wanted to hear. Thank you. And I'm really speaking for (at least, I think I am) other anons who feel ignored. I tend to feel ignored a lot of the time, but that's just my own screwed up psychology probably. And it's unfair of me to place such a burden on this community.

Thanks to all who put up with my bs tonight. I can leave this thread feeling a little better, and a little more enlightened.
>> No. 2484219
File 130630129951.png - (40.24KB , 386x351 , 130429429484.png )
Actually I get exactly what you mean. Thanks for that.
>> No. 2484220
File 130630137303.jpg - (151.25KB , 589x553 , 1300266834621.jpg )
Okay guys, you want a solution? Here's a solution. At least in my opinion.

Let's just. Pretend this never happened.

Actually no.

That would be terrible.

We can't just forget about this.

We wouldn't learn from it at all.

We just need to move on. Learn from it, and move on.

Shit happens. We can't be destroyed by this.

If this continues on repeatedly we're never going to change.

Ponychan DOES change. And we know it.

It might not be for the better all the time, but I seriously think we should go for a greater cause.

We have to learn from what we made such a large mistake in.

We made the mistake of going crazy over a song that the community was split over.

What happened next was a mess of hatreds, threats, and insults to each other.

What should have happened was that people should have just chosen to talk about it and express their opinions. That's all we needed to do. None of this drama stuff was necessary. So what if you don't like that song? Just say it politely, and then go to another part of the board. You don't have to threaten other users about leaving if something you don't like happens. If you want to discuss about the event, go ahead. If a mod decides to put a song on autoplay, hide the thread, and go to other threads.

We can't let this kind of shit take us down.

Ponychan is a strong community. We've gone against raids. We've gone against attacks. And we've stayed.

Our biggest weakness is ourself.

We can't just have this happen.

TL:DR: Learn from what happened, and move on. We can't let shit like this kill us. If you dislike it, say it politely. Don't threaten other users, because that gets nopony anywhere.
>> No. 2484221

Thanks again, Serge.

It's amazing how much power there is just behind simple things like a hug or saying "I love you", you know?

[email protected] sappy, but whatever.
>> No. 2484222
File 130630140558.jpg - (89.11KB , 375x500 , Housegrin.jpg )


Those who said this thread doesn't accomplish anything?

>> No. 2484223
File 130630141818.jpg - (34.44KB , 375x304 , 1304053126767.jpg )
I also want to make a point there is a reason when I make a thread to reply to every single person in the thread. I want them to noticed and feel special. Just because I'm a nice person. Maybe that's sucking up but it's not. I want to make every single person feel good. Even if it's a simple "Hi!" because I know it's nice to say just hi sometimes.

I'm reading through every single opinion that is being shouted out here and I feel for you. I may not reply to them but I'm reading them and I notice them. I really do.

And I don't want to sound like a flank but I miss a lot of the older, older posters that use to post on /oat/ but only go on certain parts on here nowadays. And I really hate when people tell me "You're not a veteran on Ponychan" Just because I lurked when Ponychan started doesn't mean I'm not old. I just am mysterious... I may be an oldie but I do love a lot of people on this board.

I hope I am not repeating myself. I'm just letting out some more thoughts in my head instead of just hiding it.

On a side note. I made cupcakes yesterday and my teeth hurt because I am clenching them from stress.
>> No. 2484224
File 130630142542.jpg - (2.33KB , 125x88 , 130627723192s.jpg )

I could not agree more. Thumbs up!


I cannot agree more! I've personally come here because I come from a forum where I must moderate and I'm termed the biggest asshat, because I deliver warnings and bans left and right, just to keep parasprites out and keep the community disciplined. It doesn't help that drama comes here; but at least, from what I see in this thread, people know how to solve it! I enjoy Ponychan and the show because I can easily forget about the stress and just enjoy being alive.
>> No. 2484225
File 130630143488.jpg - (90.13KB , 311x311 , 16506 - spike.jpg )
Soooo uuuuh...Whats up every pony?
>> No. 2484226
I see some validity in that. I remember that 4chan was down and the /b/ bronies came here. As far as I know, they contained themselves in one thread but they were spamming something. Instead of welcoming them and stuff, we shunned them and some were even banned. True that some deserved to be banned, especially that one posting The Wastelander shopped onto porn.

In cases like these, it sometimes feels like we choose who to love and tolerate.
>> No. 2484228
To quote Oscar Wilde "The world is a fine place and worth fighting for", I agree with the second half. I'm not a Philanthropist, I'm a definite Misanthropist. But there's good out there to be fought for. I see myself as a knight on a crusade that I'll never win, for one man can't make the world spin backwards. But if by fighting for my beliefs, I can change our course even the slightest bit, maybe I'll have created a better world in the end.
>> No. 2484229
I don't hate you, Czarina. In fact, what you posted gave me some time to think about what's been going on. What I did was pull myself out of my own thoughts on this matter, and see how you feel about people like me who feel that this site's days are numbered.

I owe you an explanation.

I am not at all comfortable meeting new people. I find places like this on the internet, where I can talk to people who share my interests without worrying about embarrassing myself. This community was more than I'd ever want to ask for, and to see it tear itself to shreds over a thirty-second parody commercial was just more than I could take. I thought that if we couldn't survive even a month without something like this happening, then we've weakened or lost touch with real love and tolerance. And that's how I feel about all this.
>> No. 2484230
I always liked you doctor, we may not agree on everything. but you seem to take everything with a rational cool that i admire.

If nopony made light of anything, we'd all be in the dark. taking things too seriously can definitely be hazardous.

but it does my heart good that we CAN take this too serious, it shows that everypony does care :)

i'm glad you find us so awesome, i find you awesome too :)


that's another thing, the Mods are frikken awesome here! we love our mods to death!

Which brings up another point! We donated so much money to our website that they had to stop us from donating more, we over donated people!

if we didn't love this place so much, we wouldn't bother donating to something we get for free, i know i threw in my donation, a small one (broke college student) but mine nontheless!
>> No. 2484231
File 130630150675.gif - (40.56KB , 360x360 , applebloom sad eyes.gif )
It is during like this that the herd is culled. Those who are going to storm off in outrage from the things that people have said will do so. They may come back, they may not. There are no winners, no losers, only those who remain. The ones who remain are the ones who will greet the returners with open arms as the returners come back weeping and begging forgiveness.
>> No. 2484232
File 130630155871.png - (47.68KB , 200x187 , cute smile flutteryshy.png )
And indeed Oxi, Amon speaks the truth. It's nopony's intention to ever, EVER ignore any other pony. We ponies are not an exclusionary bunch: all are welcome and all are loved. This is the pony way of things. ♥
>> No. 2484233
It's a good thing you're leaving it alone. These are things we need to work out amongst each other, even if it means some heating up here and there...to which I'm sure many reports filed were due to being caught up in the moment as well. I think more good will come from this thread than harm in the end.

*yawn* but I'm getting much too sleepy to try to see it even halfway through its course....
>> No. 2484234
File 130630156974.jpg - (14.96KB , 480x360 , CHOCOLATE.jpg )
this thread is about venting
why? because venting feels good, doesn't it?
czarina herself said she felt much better about getting everything off her chest, so let's just all take a deep breath, and yell... just for this one thread. it'll make everypony feel better afterwards... okay?
here we go:
>> No. 2484235
File 130630161710.png - (66.52KB , 408x270 , luna53.png )


I love you... =(
Please don't hate me...;_;

I love you... so much... =(
>> No. 2484236
File 130630169920.png - (93.20KB , 338x404 , soooawesome.png )
Okay, so I'm officially going to bed now. But before I go, I want to also officially say:

Thank You


I love you all <3
>> No. 2484237
Naww, you just need to get into a new mindset! Don't go into things assuming people will ignore you, misunderstand you or become angry at you! Step up and speak your mind! Be confident, even when you're not actually confident! Make a point, contribute the way you know how, and don't be ashamed or scared to do so. You also shouldn't be careless about what you say, or refuse to think things through, of course... But the little disclaimers at the end of some of your posts really get to me.

It's very loaded, you see. If you write up a point, then finish it with "but you might as well ignore me", or "hope I don't piss you off too much", then people can feel.. insulted by it.

"What? Why would I ignore your points? Why would you assume that I would ignore you? Do I somehow, despite not even having interacted with you yet, come across as being ignorant? Do I look like the kind of person who would be angry at somepony for speaking their mind? Well, how would you know if I hadn't even replied to your post while you were writing it? Are you some kind of know-it-all? Then I don't even want to TRY discussing with you!"

Things like that. It causes a sort of... how to express it... Some kind of emotional dissonance. It makes people who read your post go into a defensive stance about having read your post even if they would've agreed with it. It can be a very dangerous attitude to have, because, obviously, if you manage to tick people off by implying they'll ignore you when they weren't planning to, they may end up ignoring you because they have no idea how to even respond to your post after having read the last line.

Sorry, I don't want this to be an essay on the intricacies of online communication... Just be mindful of things like that. Even when you think it's true, never let people know things like that, because nothing good comes out of it. You wrote that post for a reason, right? The only reason we write things is because we want people to read them, and hopefully respond to them. So try to make that as easy as you can for everypony else. If you want to speak your mind, then speak your mind and don't worry about your worries!
>> No. 2484238
File 130630170967.png - (179.87KB , 656x661 , twilightbisonyesh!yesh!.png )
Aw c'mon. You don't see me complaining about it.

The thing is that you contributed. And for me, that is good enough.
>> No. 2484239
File 130630172845.jpg - (92.25KB , 945x945 , luna89.jpg )

Sleep well =)
>> No. 2484240
File 130630173861.jpg - (105.07KB , 800x534 , THUMBS_UP.jpg )
I'm glad we could help.

...aw fuck I broke my House picture streak...
>> No. 2484241
File 130630175558.jpg - (54.68KB , 572x433 , 230517_108189169269390_100002349215347_85589_13446.jpg )
Keeping a perfect community is impossible. I've never had the nerve to post anywhere else, but here I've posted things that I haven't shared with anypony else because I've honestly felt safe doing so.
A week or so ago, somepony responded to something I posted in a sarcastic and borderline mean way. And I really haven't posted much since. It does affect some of us to be met with harsh criticism or to feel like our posts are ignored. I just lose interest in contributing to the conversation in those circumstances.
But, as to my personal responsibility, this is as close to a perfect community as I've found, and am recommitted to contribute. The lesson here is "be the change you want to see in the world"
>> No. 2484242

OMIGOSH Its roseluck!

*faints from the awesomeness*
>> No. 2484243
so we are going to pull rank in the form of how long we have been here now eh?
>> No. 2484244
>Twilight with Bison's face
>> No. 2484245
You're an amazing pony Czarina, and you are a veteran of ponychan. Ponies trying to claim you aren't are just trying to find some self-entitlement. I bet other ponies would say I'm not a veteran even though I've been posting fairly regularly within a couple weeks of ponychan's creation without rest. Heh, a lot of ponies still think I'm new just because my name is very not recognizable like other ponies on here....but yeah, we've had this discussion before.

Anyways, you're amazing and I wish I was able to respond to everypony like you do. I'm not always the greatest at conversations, and sometimes ponies just say things that I see no way to reply to...like...conversation end right there...but I always feel bad just passing them up and not replying.
>> No. 2484246
File 130630186507.jpg - (21.03KB , 530x318 , 1298755484826.jpg )
>mfw this thread makes me want to say something but I don't know whether or not my opinion matters at this point, and with the speed of oat it'll just sink anyway
>> No. 2484247
A while back, there were.. issues.. concerning me, and my friends.. and a group that called themselves the "Old ponies." It caused a lot of drama, and nearly broke me at one point.

Then I got angry. And said to hell with it.

It's not a very long story, but it is a complicated and difficult one. I'd be happy to share it, if anypony felt it could bring some insight to this current.. ahm.. fiasco?
>> No. 2484248
File 130630190675.png - (128.21KB , 1390x1708 , rainbowdashbig.png )
all i can do is say a few pretty words, you guys are the ones that make them happen :)

well judging by the later posts in this thread, i'd say all of them are probably gonna come back. i'm glad to see somepony get poetic, it's a nice touch :)

thanks for pointing that out man!
>> No. 2484249
File 130630194916.png - (745.81KB , 1900x1916 , 1302728865225.png )

^_^ Hi again, Serge!
>> No. 2484250
File 130630198688.png - (124.13KB , 640x360 , 685601fbfe987adcd7add93492e7ed71.png )
Alright, now that I've read all I've read I feel I need to explain it the way I see it.

For the most part, waaaaaay too many ponies here are waaaaaay oversensitive. Most of the time, I'm too afraid to post and when I do, I reread my post three times over just to make sure I word it perfectly so as not to possibly offend anypony. It's stupid, I'm sick of having to walk on eggshells in combat boots because somepony might twist a couple words the wrong way and get all flankhurt.
What happened to paling around and having fun with each other? What happened to getting asked if "ur mad" sarcastically and laughing about it and saying, "yes, I mad bro."? A guy I work with is always calling me "bitch" and I'm always calling him "asshole", we pick on each other all the time, but we're still great friends, and there's nothing wrong with that because we know we're friends, know to take things with a grain of salt, and know when we're seriously insulting each other.
Why don't we all just grow up and start having some FUN? There's nothing wrong with a little smack talk as long as it's all in GOOD FUN and everypony REALIZES THAT.
>> No. 2484251
Let it go! Vent yourself it could be bad if you keep it only inside you, also you must know that somepony will read the post, im trying to read most of them without ignoring other threads and im feeling the same, but im bad at words so i will keep quiet, i will regret it later...
>> No. 2484252

you're an amazing pony you know?

I love seeing your posts! You feel like a celebrity to me! <3
>> No. 2484253
File 130630199533.png - (52.42KB , 395x254 , friendship.png )
i was being self-depricating and trying to lighten the mood a little, also, i couldn't think of anything to actually yell about...
also, it does feel good to vent about things. you should never bottle things up.
since i don't have the thatsthejoke.jpg have a mortal kombat picture instead
>> No. 2484254
File 130630200043.jpg - (6.68KB , 196x210 , HouseReally.jpg )
Nopony's pulling rank or anything here. I think this is one of the reasons Czarina constantly says "please don't hate me." She's afraid that people will get bitter over the fact she's an oldie and whatever assumptions of seniority that may have.

...I think...

This is just conjecture.
>> No. 2484255
File 130630201097.png - (158.33KB , 2000x2000 , 130404797870.png )
Do go on. I am eager and willing. This thread is already blown up so it's better if every one just spoke their mind right now and keep it organized in this one thread.
>> No. 2484256
File 130630201712.jpg - (29.92KB , 1280x800 , Rock.jpg )
Well i've decided, i'm just gonna ignore everything that happend in this thread. maybe i read to much, maybe i'm thinking to much, at this point my head hurts and i cant sleep, this shit is too serious and doesn't belong on /oat/ (maybe /pony/ though cuz ponies are SRZ BSSNZ) but i digress, im gonna forget this entire thread and remember only one message i learned to ignore: ignorance is bliss :P

gnight everypony, sleep tight, and i love y'all
>> No. 2484257
Each can make anything happen when he decides to make it happen.

Damn, I'm so fucking pumped up I'll never sleep tonight, and then I'll tackle my schoolwork like a cop bodyslams an escaped convict holding a doughnut.
>> No. 2484258
I understand that and thank you very much
...Why would I?
I was ranting at people who bitch at me about that.... fuck sake. I wasn't TRYING to do that -_- Now you are making me regret posting that.
Please do it!
You try your best and that is all that really matters.
>> No. 2484259
Oxi, I've been meaning to reply to you all thread...quite tired myself, and should've been asleep (omg, I missed the fact it's already past midnight and it's my birthday now).

Anyways, replying to the post I want to reply to of yours that I'm much to tired to find now...Even for anonponies and lesser known ponies, coming from an allegedly well-known trippony (I've been told I'm well-known, but I have yet to really believe it), it's very easy to fall inside the crowd and feel insignificant. Name recognition really doesn't help any more with feeling more tolerated and accepted within the community. I hope every pony struggling with this knows we love them just as much.
>> No. 2484260
File 130630208328.jpg - (122.42KB , 900x900 , rainbow dash ride the rainbow.jpg )
i've never really herd anypony refer to themselves as "old ponies" or "new ponies" on here. not that i can say it's impossible.

but all the time i spent on here has shown me that that doesn't matter to us, what matters is keeping friends and making new ones, as cheesy as that sounds. we love all our bronies, you too! *hugs*

please share with us, i'll give you my full attention, i guarantee it!
>> No. 2484261
tell it
>> No. 2484262
File 130630209624.png - (127.97KB , 634x356 , Cute Fluttershy Smile.png )
Thank you so, so much with your helping in addressing these posts Amon... you're a real blessing, my friend.
I understand that all of the mods cannot be held accountable for the actions of one, but I thought it would be helpful to have a reminder. I really, really love you all, and I don't think anypony feels that the mod was at all, in any way, shape, or form, to blame. I love you mods so much... ♥
Let us be careful not to disregard a pony's feelings, no matter how seemingly "insignificant" they may seem to us. You make a good point successor, it would've helped if everypony remained calm to begin with, but that wasn't the case and when ponies are hurt, we should try to understand where they're coming from first and foremost. That, I think, is where we failed today.

*hugs* You're fantastic Oxi! I love you!!
>> No. 2484263
TO everypony,

I'm not as well know as moony or Czarina or Frighttrain. I lurk a lot something I shall remedy after tonight. But even if i'm not so well know I like to think Know what I have to say is important to you all and that makes me happy.

now to what doesn't make me happy. Some of you think of us as a MLP fandom That is completely and utterly wrong. We are a Community, we are there for each other when things go wrong. We may fight and bicker but who doesn't have disputes in relationships? The reason we have conflicts like this is because there is something wrong in the way we interact with each other. It may be something small, something insignificant but it's upsetting somepony and we need to fix it. These fights are not a single ponies fault and nopony should feel bad because they happen. Conflict is natural, Drama happens it's something that will always plague us humans no mater what. What we need to do is learn from eachother how to better convey our feelings and love, and how to better understand them.

Ponychan isn't perfect, life isn't perfect, I'm nowhere close to perfect. BUT ALL BE DAMNED IF I WON'T TRY AND MAKE THINGS BETTER!

Somepony dosn't feel the love with just words? I'm going to get my flank up on Vocaroo and make him a personal feel well message EVERYTIME

Somepony doesn't feel well about sharing they're opinion? I'm going to reassure them until they tell me what their problem is and FIX IT

WE all have problems, I'm here asking for you to point out mine, so that I may better myself and make you happy. I have had a epiphany today about the way I talk on here and I will change that about myself with the intention of making you all feel better. I can only hope you all try to do the same.
>> No. 2484264

Person posts video of Pinkie Pie singing a parody of California Girls.
Community is split between their opinions of the video.
Some users threaten to leave if it gets embedded in the OP.
It happens.
Drama occurs between people who like the song (DEALWITHIT.JPG) and people who dislike it (I'll leave ponychan for a week if this happens).

That's pretty much it. To put it bluntly.
>> No. 2484265
File 130630217732.png - (113.27KB , 363x358 , 130146346433.png )
My best is hardly ever good enough, though...
>> No. 2484266
That among other things.
>> No. 2484267
File 130630220351.jpg - (12.62KB , 124x125 , 130458192106.jpg )

Haha, you make it impossible to not keep coming back. *hugs*
>> No. 2484268
curse you for messing with my head!


love you mods~
>> No. 2484269
File 130630222435.jpg - (12.19KB , 300x300 , Housekay.jpg )
That's how I roll around /oat/. Just chill, or respond in a humorous way. Serious if the situation calls for it.

But I'm posting here because I care about this community.
>> No. 2484270
File 130630223315.png - (335.27KB , 900x541 , luna51.png )

Because... you're.. upset...


I thought the best way to counter hate was to love...

...not to argue... *nuzzles you and cries more*
>> No. 2484271
File 130630223558.png - (167.83KB , 800x1000 , 130576801645.png )
so. yeah. imma go hide and sleep now.

my last opinion:
while it seems we try to accept people with open arms, it sometimes doesnt seem like we try whole-heartedly, just kinda half-flanked. I cannot count the number of heartwarming threads where people have only posted after I did, when they were on page 2 or 3, bumping them back up to the top and people after proceeding to read and call it as it is. it seems as if we almost let them in with open arms but once it is over we pay heed only to them posting funny or un-serious stuff. heck, I joined ponychan almost a month ago now, with no formal introduction, and I got known for being silly (and being friends with Vausten the Stormtrooper, a whole different story) but I never garnered any support for the first few weeks trying to help depressed or angry people, never got any renown for all that I did in attempts to help anypony i could. I dont see many more threads like that, but it is my wish that more people here would come out and be honest, and just kind of... let go of their emotions, pouring them onto the thread and garnering support.

it may just be me, but I feel we need to try harder, at least.

it sometimes makes me feel sad how people can disregard others to cling onto and blindly follow their norms. if you are normally excessively random, I have found it is easy to completely disregard the "Supr SRS" threads, but I still think we should try harder to read those that necessitate some sort of support, such as uplifting in a time of depression.

well that was my two cents, so now i sleep. g'night everypony.

>> No. 2484272
File 130630225188.png - (64.65KB , 480x455 , luna_and_angel_wings.png )
Serge, what was it I said when you did this? >>2484166

Of all the posters on ponychan, your consistent tenderheartedness is one of the things I look forward to here. You are one of the few posters I feel genuinely connected to, So what you say to me carries a lot of weight. I am sorry if I may have broken your heart with anything I have said, but I will not take it back, either.
>> No. 2484273
Should that matter? Your best is yours. Why compare yourself with others, you need only compare yourself with yourself. Look inward and see what you need, then make those changes to become a better you.
>> No. 2484274
File 130630229522.png - (31.22KB , 132x132 , 130620237485.png )
So... is it safe to say that we are all cool here?
>> No. 2484275
If anypony needs a break from this thread, I suggest you go here: >>25535475
>> No. 2484276
Psh posh.
I'm always upset about something.
Nice trips and beautiful words :)
>> No. 2484277
I'm still not sure why a started posting in here....
>> No. 2484278
It's something the people closest to me in my RL world have been telling me...and I think there must be truth to it...=/
>> No. 2484279
File 130630239529.png - (426.70KB , 500x700 , 130352135577.png )
well for the most part bruddah.

Friendship and magic and ponies all around :P

aaaannnndddd i cant sleep :P
>> No. 2484280
File 130630240652.jpg - (121.12KB , 1000x1000 , Angel by Anon 1.jpg )
Thank you. I didn't want to post my name on that at first because I didn't know how most would react. I am preparing for worse now though.
>> No. 2484281
File 130630241042.png - (82.33KB , 277x286 , sadface.png )
Aw man.
This very topic has been bothering for DAYS, and when a thread finally pops up discussing it, I MISS it!

Fuck you minecraft!
>> No. 2484282
It's not over.
>> No. 2484283
File 130630248859.gif - (60.74KB , 283x306 , reading.gif )

This is part of why I don't post very much
>> No. 2484284
File 130630249426.png - (44.41KB , 380x306 , 129716035050-fim_bloomhat.png )
okay so I doubt anypony's gonna care but this might be my only chance to get this off my chest... this is my ONE big problem with the way ponychan and the people have gone... it has more to do with the OP and not the current stuff too... so stop reading if you dont care (well, read the next line then stop)

ever since things switched from being just random threads with random people to these more inclusive threads with the same group, and almost ONLY that group, more and more people have been feeling ignore and dejected from things... at least most people are still nice to the random people who try to get involve (not that that stops them from also being harassed like crazy too (oh sure, some call it paraspriting (somepony mentioned something about getting ripped on just for disliking the music... that's sort of an example...)))
worse yet was when the few random threads that random people tried to make started getting spammed with avatar's paraspriting the shit... damn I'm glad that got cut down...

I can completely understand how anypony would feel left out on this site. I completely get how people are starting to get upset.

and yeah... I'm staying out of the personal issues. back to lurking with me
>> No. 2484285
File 130630249953.jpg - (17.82KB , 500x375 , Tea.jpg )
I doubt none of us here were ever really really that angry. Some were upset but it's resolved now.

Take a breather and some drink.
>> No. 2484286
File 130630251802.png - (55.60KB , 182x170 , frwn.png )
I know, but this thread is so unbearably gigantic now, I don't even know what points are being addressed.
>> No. 2484287
And think about what we have survived. We came here after 4chan's mods tried to purge ponies from the web. Not only did the founders start this site, but even on 4chan, some of your /co/mrades who stayed behind have managed to keep the banner high. We've faced raids from /b/tards, and /v/irgins, and come out on top. We've converted people who wrote FiM as sugary crap, and sometimes they've spread the word. We faced down an attempt to corrupt our site through Zalgo, and not only did we stop it, we even tried to befriend the guy who started that mess. And I was disheartened to see us nearly start to drift apart only two weeks after that.
>> No. 2484288
Whew! Man. Who ever said threads like this were useless, huh? This is downright exhausting to keep up with. Unfortunately, I should be getting out and about with my everyday life. On the bright side, having this be my first interaction of the day has gotten me all hyped up to get out there, do some stuff and meet some people! I'll bring my towel, too. It's the morning of the 25th here, which means International Towel Day! Hopefully, with all this energy and a beach towel around my shoulders, I can get into some fun discussions with strangers about My Little Pony and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Probably not... But at least I'll step out the door with that attitude in mind, all thanks to everypony here! Good night, ponies. I love you!
>> No. 2484289

honestly I don't think I should, i'm so on the fence with this topic that it's kinda hard to word it out really
>> No. 2484290
i think you might get arrested, but that is still awesome! *hugs spitfire*
i dunno man, if you read the posts, then you would see a huge change from cynicism to enlightenment with each new post.

i know you and love you brony, and if i haven't shown it, then i'm sorry. it is a problem when you have so many people, some can be washed away it seems like. But we do try to recognize everypony, i try to love everypony. it's hard, but i try.
i agree with you on alot of grounds, but i will say that the fact taht we do fret over this, means that we do really love it, and that amount of love is rather inspiring even if we have to fight for it :)

I haven't seen you in forever!

and that was a beautiful post. kudos, i will try to be the change i want!
>> No. 2484291
do it anyway!
>> No. 2484292
File 130630255594.jpg - (21.44KB , 192x228 , HouseHmm.jpg )
Considering the topic at hand...

...I think you're posting because you care.
>> No. 2484293
File 130630255785.png - (66.52KB , 408x270 , luna53.png )
I was just.. *sniff*
so sad that..

I just don't understand! How can ponies not love everypony... *nuzzles you*

I love you no matter what, I just... I'm... I'm a little out of it right now.. *hugs you tight*

*hugs tight*
>> No. 2484294
I'm not sure myself, so I'm just posting my personal philosophy on the world.
>> No. 2484295
Dude. Did you see my first rant. I was just spouting out what I wanted with my anger in my brain. And it was surprisingly readable. Do it.
>> No. 2484296
For something that was released by hasbro I gotta say it was pretty damn good, gave me quite the chuckles
>> No. 2484297
File 130630262156.png - (130.34KB , 640x357 , Cute Fluttershy face.png )
Well said, THK. It's ponies like you, ponies that go out of their way to do good for others, who will keep us all afloat ♥
Goodnight Fathus!
Sarge enjoys his rolled /oat/s, it seems :)
>> No. 2484298
File 130630262976.png - (201.85KB , 770x1038 , ICANSEEFOREVER.png )
You made me smile! :D
>> No. 2484299
File 130630263468.png - (37.48KB , 171x202 , rarity shrug rock.png )
I think I'm missing something as I don't see the video on the front page...

So, let me get this straight;

1.) People are leaving this site because hasbro made this video
2.) People are being mean to the above group
3.) People are leaving because the above group is being mean

>> No. 2484300

I've always been exactly who I am irl here, for the most part. I talk when I am comfortable, I don't talk when I am not comfortable. And I've come to know that among most here, I feel comfortable. I am shy in real life, but talkative about things I know. I give speeches, I think through things, but above all I really don't like offending people. That goes for anywhere, so I'm letting down some shielding here. Who I am, Where I'm at in my development, I am mostly happy with. Few things I could change, but.. well, who's ever entirely happy with themselves? There's always something to improve upon, and right now what I'd really like is a job. Why? I need the experience.

I'm not mad really here, with perhaps one exception. All in all, I am more disappointed, like our old pal CheerileeMod. I'm grateful for what time we shared though. I've been a part of this community for a long time. Not the longest of times, but a long time regardless. It's been a fun place, but that fun has changed over time. As do we. Ponychan is like New York City during the immigration boom time, new culture and new folks coming in constantly. It's not hard to understand that, as they immigrate, their ideas will mingle with ours. 'hate' should not be a forbidden word in our lands, as 'against' it as we may be. Love and Hate are the good and the bad here, but do not thing that hate does not exist here. It does, and it too swirls, unnoticed. Here, Tolerance must reign, for going through the elimination of hate is impossible. Reasoning and debate, the choice of weapons against it, but always under the guide of tolerance. on both sides.

All emotions are sacred, every emotion we have, we have for a reason. What reason, I may not know, but no matter if you believe in anything from God to Evolutionary Theory, either way there is a reasoning. If something was so harmful to ourselves, in our thouands of years, it would have been purged long ago, in the midst of hard times and few crops. They are integral to our operation as human beings, and we must learn to keep them in balance. Some of you know that I myself have had to deal with such an imbalance, but the community was supportive of my plight(s) for the most part. And the world keeps on turning. I still have not completely regained my composure, but I find it interesting that while writing this I am calm again. This is not a calm thread, and the waters of what I say border from profound wisdom all the way to the sorrows of my disappointment in a specific individual.

This place... Never forget why you chose the path you did after your first glimpse at the Front Page of Liberty. If you made a welcome thread, remember those who welcomed you to this site. If you have ever been down, remember those who's words helped you cope with that sadness. For those of you who anger, ask yourself why you are so angry, and tell them that as opposed to the simple fact that you are. For those who are happy, remember to share it with people. Really, I'd love to see a 'I had a great day at work' thread around here some day. Who says you should keep those sort of things to yourself?

And I'd hate to end these positive thoughts, but I'd like to talk about my dissapointments of one poster. I did read Czarina's response to Nature Blossom, and as of late my own opinion of him has changed. The trip means nothing to me now, seeing him post after saying he gave it all up. Adding flankhurt and sorrow to this beloved place. It saddens me to see one such as him do such things, but in his new trip, he has moved on.

But that doesn't make it okay what he has done after deciding to 'never use it again.' His story aches me, but at some point you cannot let the past excuse the present. He has had so much to learn, so much to experience, yet his mind is made up. I can no longer talk with him, and I feel that despite once my true sincerity towards how god a person he was, I am forced to rethink my position. He has not truely had a discussion in a long time, only really wanting a validation of his opinion. Which I have moved past. I have thrown my rope, and he has thrown his grenades. There is a fork in the road, and I take mine now.

I no longer respect the man behind the mask, no matter what that mask is. His choices, his sorrows, I feel I can no longer help with. As if I have been sold out, and left on the front porch, a faithful companion who's only desire was to assist him on the right trail.

Sine Qua Non.

And as I move forward from this thread and Drama, we move forward as a community, reminded just who and what we are. But just who are we? That is an easier question. The one that matters most is, what will we become? Keep that question in mind, as we move forward. Make sure this place always stays how you wish it to be. Every opinion is valued, state it.

Or one day you may find the place you joined is no longer the place you frequent from day to day.
>> No. 2484301
*hugs* I know you do, brony. I still remember when I first asked you about your username and felt like an idiot for not realizing it's the deities Amon Ra and Isis combined, but rather thinking you combined the bands Amon Amarth and Isis into one name.
>> No. 2484302
File 130630270291.gif - (307.18KB , 400x350 , 130538030207.gif )
you know. i said i was going to sleep and refreshed once more, see this. so yeah. i refer you here:
looost in the flood of poooosts~

goodnight for realz now, yall.
>> No. 2484303
Exactly, and I feel we're destroying ourselves as a community by always being so serious and acting so vulnerable to words. It's creating a lot of tension, and I don't think it's only me.
I just don't want to be written off as cold and heartless because I decide to disagree with somepony, or play around with a little harmless sarcasm.
>> No. 2484304
File 130630272340.jpg - (50.82KB , 376x490 , HouseSmile.jpg )
...I'm really happy you're looking at this with more optimism.

Feels good knowing that what we're doing in this thread is making a difference.
>> No. 2484305
*Brohug* Thanks, mate.

I care acerbically, then, because my posts have traces of my acidic wording structure and posturing.
>> No. 2484306
Far out! I am apparently the least perceptive person on ponychan, because this is all news to me.
Good to see that there's a bit of healing going on, this community tends to be exceptionally sensitive and over-reacts.
>> No. 2484307
File 130630278946.jpg - (401.01KB , 800x536 , 421671307_sv96t-L.jpg )
If anypony is still sad, heres some foxes.
>> No. 2484308
File 130630279637.png - (182.44KB , 750x600 , 1301298598598.png )

I cannot stay for much longer.
I hope we can be more calm as Moony had said the next time something like this happens.
This way we don't have to go through such a thing like this.

Good night everypony.
>> No. 2484309
File 130630281461.png - (745.81KB , 1900x1916 , 1302728865225.png )

Thanks Amonisis! I recognize so many people here, and am shocked every time somepony says they recognize me. ^_^
>> No. 2484310
File 130630283627.png - (98.61KB , 411x396 , 130608856566.png )
They are not white...
>> No. 2484311
*clap clap clap*
>> No. 2484312
I feel like I should recognize you...I think I sort of do, but I feel bad that I can't say that with full confidence. =/
>> No. 2484313
File 130630289908.png - (114.86KB , 324x254 , rarity eye roll.png )

So basically everypony got upset over absolutely nothing of importance?
>> No. 2484314
but that's just it I lost my way until toady... I've been lurking more and more and just doing what I wanted... I need to participate in more threads instead of just taking from them... I think I'm finally going put my counselor thread idea into motion on /chat/.
>> No. 2484315
File 130630291423.png - (395.93KB , 1998x3828 , 130240554839.png )
Actually, Freight, is it okay if we had some private conversation?

I think you need to know this info I have. It's sensitive.
>> No. 2484316
I have to go play Red Dead Redemption but I'll be back later... maybe.

Thanks ponies for letting me do what I wanted :)
>> No. 2484317
File 130630293647.jpg - (31.36KB , 600x339 , 130279517754.jpg )
>this thing

I think ponies saying they are gonna leave are overreacting.

The video is funny, and no one should give a fuck though i'm wondering if this has something to do to hasbro being more in charge of this
>> No. 2484318
File 130630293891.jpg - (21.44KB , 192x228 , HouseHmm.jpg )
It's because what we hold dear here and what we're doing here is pretty fucking precious. And fragile.

We don't want it to go away, so we end up overreacting from time to time.
>> No. 2484319
sure. MSN or Steam? Or facebook?
>> No. 2484320
I saw it and read it, sorry
I just wanted to be completely myself with what I was saying...
have a good night
>> No. 2484321
Wow I sure miss a lot when my sister is using the computer...
>> No. 2484322
File 130630298731.gif - (1.07MB , 600x600 , 130253857240.gif )
>> No. 2484323
File 130630300236.png - (17.21KB , 125x123 , 130456093505.png )

Quite alright. I don't post with great frequency. Not yet anyway. Prepare to be sick of Roseluck! :D
>> No. 2484324
File 130630301922.jpg - (92.25KB , 945x945 , luna89.jpg )

This hug is for you!
*pouncehugsnuggles <3*
>> No. 2484325
It's interesting to get to know people. I will often make chit-chat to cover my discomfort, but I only impart facts and opinions when I'm comfortable. Here, I've pretty much let you guys see inside my mask. I still keep my backstory and details clouded, but you can glimpse pieces of my inner workings. And it's interesting to see others do so as well.
>> No. 2484326
It's thinking about the other person's point of view. Isn't that part of friendship? Which, as we know from what brings us together here, is a kind of magic.

Here's some happy music to any who make it this far down. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLFZzInXAWI
>> No. 2484327
I don't know how to reply to this post really, but I just want you to know I did read it since you took the time to share these thoughts...and I think it's very well said. and you had more guts than me to call a name out that was on my mind when posting my first rant post in here
>> No. 2484328
File 130630310528.jpg - (12.40KB , 299x168 , 453.jpg )
>> No. 2484329
File 130630313166.jpg - (7.10KB , 151x138 , 130166017127.jpg )
/arch/? I think so...
>> No. 2484330
Well said Freighty... well said.
>> No. 2484331
File 130630316972.jpg - (14.83KB , 280x400 , SoldierSalute.jpg )
You sir, are fucking amazing.

I must break my House streak for this salute.
>> No. 2484332
File 130630319449.png - (181.31KB , 560x535 , 129953214584.png )
I don't think I could ever be sick of Roseluck. Challenge accepted!
>> No. 2484333
I think it's stronger than we give it credit for. Forged in the fires of /co/ and /b/, fighting hate and rage with love and tolerance. We're just wayyyy too introspective, in my opinion.
>> No. 2484334
I'm not well known so not like this matters but just so you know, I'm reading everything posted here. This is the most I've ever read in a single night.
>> No. 2484335
File 130630323463.jpg - (85.11KB , 900x900 , 2400 - apple_bloom blushing why_jpg.jpg )
MSN or Steam, either would be fine. Email's up here.
>> No. 2484336
+5 respect
>> No. 2484337
File 130630326832.png - (168.70KB , 500x488 , rarity concerned2.png )
So, I just looked at the thread in question... and all I have to say is wow, I'm scared to see how people would react if they were faced with a real problem.
>> No. 2484338
Very well then.

I will use no names of those that might be reflected upon.. badly. Pony1, pony2, etc will be their names.

When I finally discovered ponies on /x/, I went to /b/ to see what the hell. There, I discovered the show, and through youtube comments and /b/ threads, derpychat.

I went into derpychat, and they helped me make my name look nice. Special coloring, and everything.

A few hours into the chat, I decided to confess one of my darkest secrets. I sat quietly for a -very- long time, and suddenly blurted out that I was trans-gender, and have been struggling with it for some time.. but that I wanted my pony brethren to be able to have the option of understanding if certain things happened.

The reception was over-all well accepted.. until..

I herd about the 4d club. "Well, what's that?" I asked. The answer? "It's anypony who's got more than 4 days log-in time here." After further discussion, it became clear to me what this was.

Oldpony vs newpony.

For a show about friendship, love and tolerance.

For a show that came out in October of 2010.

"You can't be a Veteran of a show 6 months old!" I said. It was pretty much ignored and I was labeled a whiny newpony.

Days past, chat and fun-times ensued, but always there was that group.. anytime somepony new joined, they harassed the newcomers. Finally I cornered one of them, as it were, and demanded answers. "What the -hell- is going on here?"

It seems to be this - when the show came out and they "initiated" the brony movement, it was small and localized. And after the "newness" of it died down, a lot of the "fandom" disappeared with it.. until the /b/ threads first -started-.

That brought in a whole new wave of interest. It brought me in, after all. I think I rode into ponyville on the third large wave of interest? Some time in March or April.

The "old ponies" found that they, whom had kept the "fandom" alive for those cold, lonely months, were now being ignored, as those that found their way into derpychat were talking to those they had met in the /b/ threads, instead of those that were "established." They felt .. rejected. By a fandom based on a show toting about friendship, love, and tolerance.

So they got angry. And said "To hell with these new guys. We were here first, we kept this thing alive. If not for us, this wouldn't even be happening right now." And decided to label themselves oldponies, and create a "Derpy chat Gold." Obviously these are all 4chan terms and ideas. 4chan gold account. We've all seen the image, I'm sure.

So it began. By time I arrived, the chat was always tense, with pony 1 and pony 2 harassing newcomer's 1 3 and 4. Newcomer 2 seemed okay, so they were given a chance. Oops, no, they accidently said something too silly. They suck now too.

And it became this whole big mess of everypony always fighting. Oldponies shunning newponies, making them feel unwelcome in the community.

So I sat there, reading all this.. and my question was simple. "So basically.. you're doing to innocent newcomers what was done to you, simply because friends talked to friends, and you didn't feel like getting to know those that were coming to derpychat from the /b/ threads that you guys made?"


Oh how I raged. I waged a -war- in that room. I -abhore- "Old pony/new pony" concepts.

I'm standing here, telling you as somepony that's been here since early this year, that there is no such thing as new or old. If you got here first - great. Turn around and help somepony else onto the plateu. And why is this relevant?

The old ponies were ignored and disregarded. In turn, newcomers were ignored and disregarded.

Hate begets hate. We are ponies. And derpychat will never be the same.

Do -not- ignore and disregard your friends, here.

Recently, I'm dealing with a.. foal, on Steam. I am a moderator at a minecraft server, and I was going to give this person a second chance, the benefit of the doubt, as they came to me and said they were banned incorrectly. We talked about it at -ridiculously- long length, and I unbanned him.

The next morning I told the sever admin about it, and she has a logging plugin that marks them as being the griefer that was running about the sever.

Now.. I politely informed said user that I spoke to the admin, and I'm sorry, but I'm not unbanning them.

"Damn, so much for tricking your dumbass."
"lol you believed somepony on the internet."

I've been very busy lately. I don't even know who half you people are. I don't really expect anypony outside of Arc or Crimson and the like to know who -I- am. And none of that matters. We are all real on the other side of these monitors.

I come here and I see threads like this.. and I get very -very- sad. My heart -hurts- right now.

Your actions here have very real and very severe consequences.

What will those consequences be? Are we changing things for the better?

Or is it all fucking up..
>> No. 2484339
By the way, I just want to clarify that I went off on that rant in >>2484250 because I do care about this community, it's awesome for the most part, and I had to say something to wake someponies up to what's going on, and to make some others come out and say the same thing, to say what they've been hiding, and it seems the effect was as I thought it would be.
Let's all just chillax a bit, it'll make the place a hell of a lot better, imo. We're all friends here. I love you guys.
>> No. 2484340
File 130630330916.png - (235.58KB , 656x537 , loveandtolerate.png )
>faced by problem?
>See pic
>> No. 2484341
TO EVERYPONY i have not replied to

I apologize it is late and I can't stay much longer as I still have chores to do. but know this I am on a mission now, I will do my utmost best to spread cheer and happiness to you all again. Given the free time I have in between Real life. I love you all and I want you all to know that every time I post I do it because of that simple reason
>> No. 2484342
File 130630339723.png - (37.48KB , 171x202 , r48.png )
You know what this reminds me of? the stupid argument my brother had with my best friend about world of warcraft.
my friend was being funny and making jokes about wow nerds. my bro did not like being stereotyped, and somehow it degraded into a conversation about my best friends mother, and they almost fought.

what happened the next day? they forgot about it, went right back to being friends, and ate some pizza together.

The point of my anecdote? Stupid drama happens, even among the best of friends. its not however the end of the world. Just breath deep, relax, and realize that everything will be fine.
>> No. 2484343
File 130630340143.jpg - (65.34KB , 600x562 , fuckyeah.jpg )
>> No. 2484344
File 130630345096.jpg - (26.71KB , 500x334 , arctic_fox_is_fluffy.jpg )
>> No. 2484345
can't find you so steam it is
>> No. 2484346

>> No. 2484347
File 130630348932.png - (242.97KB , 648x648 , rarity glare 3.png )

I just don't get it... if people don't like the song, don't click the play button on the embedded youtube?

I feel like I'm missing something still that would make this whole situation seem more reasonable.
>> No. 2484348
I missed it myself, but I assume it autoplays?
>> No. 2484349
damn Freight, i always thought of you like being the snarky wisecracks that are Statler and Woldorf, but that gave me a huge look inside of your mind, and i love it!
As for Nature, i'm going with Twilight in Boast Busters "let him go, he will learn his lesson one day." some people make up their minds like that, and it's hard to change, but i choose never to give up hope on somepony, regardless of how much i disagree with them.
of course, i'm on here so much that i am bound to see you once, and i try to remember. You are awesome Roseluck
I'm glad you enjoy yourself here, we do try our best, and posters like you should be a lesson to us all that we shouldn't take happiness for granted.
nopony should be written off for their thoughts and beliefs, it can happen on occasion if you don't use good word choice or seem paraspritey, but ones thoughts and beliefs are important to the atmosphere and manetaining of the love in ponychan.
>> No. 2484350
Really Starshine? Wow...I didn't really know this about derpyhooves chat. I joined it not all that long ago and never had any issues with oldpony vs newpony against me. Well, granted I've been involved in the bronydom for a while, but nopony there really knew my name in spite of that.

I'm sorry that happened for you...

Keep your head up, though. I've always considered you a great pony. I'm sure many others carry that sentiment as well. And, things aren't as bad here as this thread may make them seem. We're just in a moment, and some of us have been around tooo long that we're already going a little senile and complaining about kids and their skateboards on the sidewalks. But really, we'll all work through it.

>> No. 2484351
File 130630362430.png - (19.27KB , 122x112 , rarity hmm.png )

1.) Hate video
2.) go into thread about video, watch video
3.) Complain about being "forced" to watch video

I'm still not seeing the logic here.
>> No. 2484352
IDK, how I feel about things tonight is going to be the same as how I feel about them tomorrow

people will go back to what they were doing, but has this helped anything at all? I wish I would but we all know how well wishing for anything works
>> No. 2484353

This is the kind of sociopathic crap I ran away from. Ugh. :(
>> No. 2484354
Yeah, that's all I see.

Then all I see is the same small group of PonyChan's local celebs either bicker or give a "love you" post that doesn't do anything constructive.
>> No. 2484355
File 130630366814.gif - (573.13KB , 350x350 , 130392248049.gif )
It's so nice to see a community that is ready to take whatever problems they're having and face it head on. As I've only been here for 2 days, and its only been in my thread about newly watching the show, I can't say I've seen any of the things you are all talking about. I can say that from an outside perspective, it's pretty obvious how much you all care. Don't let a couple of people tell you otherwise.

I know this might have been hard for some of you, but it was an absolute joy to see (in a non-douche way). It was nice to see people get so much off their chest. You should make a thread similar to this occasionally so people can vent.
>> No. 2484356
File 130630374943.png - (258.14KB , 1900x1916 , fluttershy10.png )

Hey there, Flash Breeze, good to see you again!

*offers you a hug, if you want it*

>> No. 2484357
File 130630375077.jpg - (44.08KB , 519x511 , Cute fluttershy.jpg )
What choices are you referring to Blazing? Because what you're saying is very true. Our choices do have dire consequences, and on Ponychan even the choices of an individual may be the entire community's to reap. That's why it should be our goal to pursue understanding, that we might be able to do what we can as individuals to promote love here on Ponychan.
>> No. 2484358
File 130630375453.jpg - (11.17KB , 326x271 , 129962930570.jpg )
The thing that has been bothering me lately is a little thing that messes up this wonderful oasis of friendship and tolerance. Human nature.
It's almost guarented that we're going to start paraspriting and go back a little to times before ponies. Think about it. After April fools and they said there wasn't going to be a new pony episode until to following week, remember what happened. it's the exact same thing now. if it happened in 1 week absence of ponies, we have to expect it to happen in 3-4 months or how ever long it is till the next season. And thats just because of ponies. Thats not taking into account whats going on in people's lives where they just want to vent out on the internet their frustrations.

Now I'm not going to say that that is an excuse to start paraspriting again and be Flanks to each other. The fact that we embraced ponies in the first place, should help us last longer, tolerate more, become more friendly, and survive the storm that is the wait of the second season.

Also for anypony wondering, the reasons I haven't been posting as much as I did back in the day, is because It's really hard to keep up with how fast the threads move, there are so many more new bronies out there, that what ever I post instantly disappears. I've stepped back for the avatars and others that post nowadays. (by the way for the older bronies that new me from back in the days, thanks for remembering me and forgive me for not posting more)
>> No. 2484359
File 130630376471.png - (50.07KB , 183x163 , fluttershy content.png )

And this. I had no idea there was even a problem until I read this thread.
>> No. 2484360
File 130630380175.png - (518.94KB , 720x533 , awwww.png )
>pic related, it's this thread
>> No. 2484361
It used to autoplay, yes. Which is STILL silly, because you can just hide the thread and boom, no more music! But like I wrote in that thread, I suppose people didn't know about that - and some other people who are also at blame didn't inform them about that option...
>> No. 2484362
File 130630386807.png - (131.30KB , 476x351 , 130619831695.png )
D: !!!!

I quite obviously missed the thread being referenced but-man! all of ponychan is mad today! I just came from seeing the debate over at pics and here seems to have been worse!

I call for a group hug ASAP
>> No. 2484363
(ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ======= ┻━━┻
>> No. 2484364
I don't know about anypony else who disliked the video, but I don't think we were forced to watch it. Ever since Lost Horizon - Highlander The One, mods added the option to not have the video play at all.
Those against the video simply didn't like that a Katy Perry song was used for the PMV.

At least I think this is the situation
>> No. 2484365
File 130630389591.jpg - (6.68KB , 196x210 , HouseReally.jpg )
2 days? If I was that new, this type of thread would scare me the fuck away.

Good to see you (and possibly other anons/newer bronies) are looking at the big picture.
>> No. 2484366
File 130630390598.png - (154.04KB , 400x372 , Powerful Internet Hug!.png )
>> No. 2484367
Of all the curent threads this is the one that needs to be bumped the most

Ps wish me luck on my history final xD
>> No. 2484368
File 130630393572.png - (75.90KB , 434x418 , Confused.png )
As one who has seen older posters talk about the days of yore, I have to agree with this.
>> No. 2484369
hey I remember you =D

was there? half the people seem to be leaving pissed off now
this is why I use to stick to helping only on meta... I can actually be useful there lol
>> No. 2484370
File 130630397832.png - (75.38KB , 264x219 , fluttershy upset.png )

Yeah... I'm going to go to sleep.

I will however leave one message for everypony; grow up, shut up and find a real problem. If you don't like a video, don't go to the thread. If you don't like that somepony doesn't like a video, don't post.

Jesus, this has to be one of the most pathetic and petty things to ever have an argument over. There's no reason for a community to split over something as stupid and insignificant as this.

>> No. 2484371
File 130630398718.jpg - (6.36KB , 227x205 , 130556900677.jpg )
For some reason it's not working, i will go to silly threads now were i belong~
>> No. 2484372
File 130630401008.png - (213.46KB , 3226x2000 , 130619200054.png )
Nighty night, everypony in this thread.
>> No. 2484373
File 130630401993.gif - (1.48MB , 280x234 , 12998846109.gif )
and what i typed was pretty much said in this. nice post freighttrain! also holy wall of texts
>> No. 2484374
File 130630407300.png - (134.23KB , 512x576 , FillyFluttersploit.png )
Goodluck on that final anon!
I had entirely forgotten about the April Fool's week until you mentioned it just now. And now that you mention it, I think what you've said makes a ton of sense. But I have faith in these ponies, and I know we'll survive.

*hugs* I love you all... I really do ♥
>> No. 2484375
Same here. I've been lurking around this thread for a while and I'm still lost. I've been afraid to post anything because I don't know what happened and I would just end up saying something stupid.
As for that group hug count me in.
>> No. 2484376
i tried to do something constructive, in a lighthearted way... but if people want to skim over my post and take the serious posts choice to vent then i'm fine. venting makes you feel better. it lets the healing begin when you empty your frustrations in a thread.
>> No. 2484377
File 130630414410.png - (127.97KB , 634x356 , Cute Fluttershy Smile.png )
Goodnight Plaid ♥
>> No. 2484378
File 130630424852.png - (53.55KB , 222x197 , eyebrow.png )
I'm feeling so many things right now, I don't think I could make a most that made a speck of sense.
>> No. 2484379
the point of the OP was that it wasn't a specific thing, it was a symptom of a larger problem. Calm down, dude.
>> No. 2484380
doesn't matter post whatever on your chest, we'll understand~
>> No. 2484381
You're far from alone in that, brony. Go ahead and try, though, if you want to that is. =)
>> No. 2484382
File 130630436611.gif - (82.47KB , 437x458 , soldier_walkings.gif )
This thread may not be done. But I've exhausted myself here. I need a break from seriousness. Silly /oat/ threads and /rp/ for me.

Later guys. And stay chill.
>> No. 2484383
Speak your heart to us Eightball! We love you and we'd love to listen...
>> No. 2484384
you mean the people constantly saying things used to be better back in the day?
the site has more users now and things change when there's more people. it's a feeling of nostalgia they're clinging to, helplessly i might add.
>> No. 2484385
good luck on your final brony!

after what i've been reading in this thread, i still stand by my comments. alot of people came in here pissed off, a significant number of them leave much better, i can't say that for everypony, but it's good to see so much thought and feeling go into one thread, and to see the love is still strong.

you may see it differently, and you may be right in saying that, but from my viewpoint, i think this thread is doing wonders for us.
it moves fast true, and we have pony withdrawals yes, but we still have all the love brony. and as long as i stay here, i'm gonna make sure that doesn't change.

also i'm glad you are still around. i really am :)

>> No. 2484386
File 130630448008.png - (264.29KB , 3000x2815 , Rainbow Dash Salute for PS.png )
Farewell Sarge! Thanks for helping to make Ponychan a better place.
>> No. 2484387
let it out
throw a table too if you want to
(ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ======= ┻━━┻
>> No. 2484388
File 130630452067.png - (46.00KB , 512x503 , dawww.png )
That is exactly what I said. in the following:
>> No. 2484389
A false nostalgia at that. So many things a lot of ponies claim about the old days aren't even true, anyways. I was there, I know.

I think the biggest thing it comes down to is, and this is going to sound silly but this is the thing that seems to make most sense, is how fast the /oat/ board has become. A lot of older ponies enjoyed the slower pace of ponychan. So....I think it's pretty ridiculous to expect this place to stay that slow and just make up things about the "good old days" merely only because they have dreams of it being that slow again....
>> No. 2484390
Are you calling me a sociopath? :p

Yes, really.
And that's likely due to the huge, absolute STINK I put up about pony equality. Glad to see it amounted to something.

I have been -hurt-. Moony. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. All of it has been choices. Mine? Others? None of it matters. What matters is that "a person" had, sometimes for months on end, a direct influence as to whether I smiled or cried at the end of the day.

My body is scarred, but I stand strong. My heart? Mutilated beyond recognition. I still love. My mind? Beaten. Broken. Destroyed. Reassembled into a sparkling gem.

Before I get any sympathy replies, don't. I'm at peace. I'm happy. You can't understand pain unless you've been there. I once, about 5 or so years ago, elected to go homeless for a time. To understand.

I've been to some pretty bad places, and I came back knowing that no one deserves to hurt. That everypony deserves -something- special. From an abusive alcoholic father when I was 2, to the mother that sliced his cheek with a broken light bulb because he pushed her while she was holding me (Don't you ever put your hands on me while I'm holding my baby).. to watching her pass before my very eyes when I was 12? It's all lead to who I am now. What I've become. And really, I'm just another guy, sitting at his computer at 2:20 am, talking to some other folks he met online.

But if you can live your life without being such a tough case.. What I mean to say is.. it was a very long road for me, until I opened my eyes and realized what things are all about.. if I can help shorten another's path, help them be who they have the potential to be without having to hurt..

That's my choice. That's my wish.

The best part is, (most of) the pain is memory. It's going to sound stupid and silly, but life cut me up and ground me down. It took ponies to get me polished and truly ready for the show room. :p

I wonder if I lost my point somewhere in all this. I'm not used to opening up to people like this. I ah.. it tends to go all at once.

I guess when you open the flood gates, floods happen. :p
>> No. 2484391
File 130630463285.gif - (293.71KB , 303x172 , 130568597939.gif )
Well, might as well have my first post be in an important thread. I don't really know how to say this, so forgive me if it somehow sounds mean or anything, I don't mean to offend ANYpony... (wall of text incoming)
Come on guys, I may be new but I've lurked long enough to see that this is probably one of the nicest, friendliest, most tolerant communities on the internet. And I just can't stand to watch some drama tear you guys apart. I mean, I know this may be easier to say than do, but... can't we all just get along? Yes, I understand that some people's feelings have been hurt, and that's a terrible, terrible thing to happen considering the usual happiness of this place. But in the end, aren't we all bronies who actually care for one another, no matter what?
Again, I know this is harder to do than say but let's just try and... leave all this behind. I hate seeing this community angry at each other or even leaving due to some drama :(.
Also, let's try and remember what Ponies taught us about friendship, lol. Just because there aren't new episodes right now doesn't mean we should disregard being nice to each other! All right guys, let's continue making this awesome community awesome!

TL;DR: Can't we all just get along? We're all bronies here... :)
>> No. 2484392
File 130630467172.png - (253.37KB , 876x542 , Angry Scoot.png )
That's just not the right way to approach the problem Bags. Yes, perhaps it's not right that some ponies were offended by the video, but at the same time, harboring such a lack of understanding is the wrong way to address the issue. We must be loving and understanding in all situations, even when things don't necessarily make sense to us. Only by understanding can we then tackle the issue at hand for each individual, whatever that may be.
>> No. 2484393
File 130630468346.jpg - (48.43KB , 904x384 , 2.jpg )
A storm is coming.
I better lurk this thread closely..
>> No. 2484394
fair enough,
my view point is admittedly jaded at the moment
>> No. 2484395
That wasn't the issue at hand from the looks of what people are saying, it's how they were reacting to each other that set it all off.

I actually feel quite happy after reading this thread, as strange as it might seem. While it first felt like it was going to turn into something that was going to be only bashing each other left and right, it feels like the issues have been resolved a bit now.

Sure, it's going to probably linger in everypony's minds for a bit for those who were involved still, but like somepony earlier said, it'll help the community grow over the long run.
>> No. 2484396
File 130630471716.png - (76.92KB , 1930x1339 , applejack rainbow dash is awesome.png )
People yearn for nostalgia, a sense of remembrance of what they love. you cannot blame them.

but those who live in the past rob themselves of the present, instead of clinging on to the good times, we should focus on making more good times!

but forgetting the past robs us of the future, we need to remember what brought us here, what made us love this place, and use it to keep this place as wonderful as IT STILL IS!

have a hug, anypony who reminds me of LoZ deserves a hug!

you can do it Eight Ball, we love you!
>> No. 2484397
File 130630472824.png - (135.65KB , 372x354 , sadhoof.png )
It's just that lately, I've noticed so much change in /oat/. I don't even know.
I feel bad thinking about it because I feel I'm assuming an oldpony mindset.
But as I read some of this thread's posts, and especially the OP, I realized I'm not the only one who feels it.
I just don't know what to do anymore.
>> No. 2484398
Moony has a great point, here. Its been a lot of arguments etc. around here lately. I cant write a long comment since i need to leave, but its the truth.
>> No. 2484399
File 130630484435.png - (73.74KB , 254x269 , frwn.png )
Almost twenty or so minutes and I can only express this much of my mind.
I seriously hate that about myself.
>> No. 2484400
File 130630486913.jpg - (82.37KB , 800x580 , awesome royal family.jpg )
There is no "back in the day." This isn't even a year old.

And in this pony's opinion.. this thread at it's worst is -way- the heck better than when I first found ponies.

You just stick it out, give it a chance. This community is awesome, I tell you whut.
>> No. 2484401
See: >>2484395
>> No. 2484402
File 130630493358.png - (63.00KB , 507x579 , 130395677606.png )
wow this thread got huge, I do have a question though. Was there anything i missed ITT besides discussion of how we need to be better and oxi stressing stuff and what we can do to remember to love and tolerate all?

like a resolution?
>> No. 2484403

No, no, not at all. Just the whole clique crap where they judge you upon arrival, and if you act too "weird" you get thrown out of the entire group. I hate that kind of crap. I lost all of my friends due to it, because I was deemed "too weird" for their little precious clique.

I'm hoping people come to their senses and keep this place from turning into crap. I don't want to lose yet another place where I can be myself.
>> No. 2484404
File 130630497423.png - (153.58KB , 550x550 , Happily Twilight.png )
I do want to ask one thing though. What is everypony going to do beyond this thread? You can talk about it all night, but until it's put into practice, it's just conversations. The obvious answer is going to be, "I'll watch myself and be more careful." The thing is though, it's not just you. Everypony here is a person, and makes mistakes. And those mistakes are going to happen. Sometimes, the truth comes out, and it can be rude. Tough Love is still love, and I'm curious what other stuff people will come out with.

I just want to know what extra mile people are willing to take to be the community everypony envisions they are. As I haven't been here long, it doesn't make much of a difference if you reply to this, but I really do want to know the depths of everypony's resolve to make this thread a changing point.
>> No. 2484405
File 130630497829.jpg - (57.72KB , 583x381 , guess-ive-got-brain-problems.jpg )
Herp derp, reverse those post numbers
>> No. 2484406
File 130630501478.png - (52.26KB , 475x479 , angel_hugs_fluttershy.png )
As one of the first users who I met and one of the first users who ever recognized me, I have to thank you, Minty. I may be more of a Pina Colada / marshmallow now, but I am still your Choco-pony.
>> No. 2484407
File 130630501679.png - (100.23KB , 269x281 , angrybloom.png )
Me, personally, I've been raised to believe in "tough love, baby." Sometimes you get ignored, and sometimes you get told your wrong, but that doesn't mean you are not loved. It doesn't mean your hated even.

I honestly look at the Original Post and think it's some Utopian pipe-dream, and a boring one at that.

I can respect your opinion and disagree with it.

I shouldn't have to end my disapproving posts with a bleeding heart full of "I still love you" to make sure the other person doesn't quit PonyChan forever.

Everything I post I strive to be understanding of their view, the problem is that not everypony can come to the same "omigosh, we're both right!" happy fun time conclusion. Humanity would be boring if it did.

You tell me, "I hate this song, it ruins ponies" and I'll tell you "Well, you can hate the song, but you should see how this is good for ponies".

That person can still go bitch about how NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME and quit the chan.
And I say, thier loss.

I tried to be understanding, but they quit anyway.

They're own fault for not dealing with it.

This thread seems to be blaming the society when the problem can very easily be of the individual.

I know that I am not changing who I am just because somepony got their feelings hurt because they could not find 100% like minded folk.

Maybe they didn't exactly present their opinion in the first place in the most "understanding" manner, got yelled at, blamed PonyChan for not being "understanding anymore" and quit.

It can't all be happy endings. Accepting this is ironically a part of being happy in life. And if your opinion happens to be one of a minority, then accepting that and continuing on with life on PonyChan instead fighting (and likely failing) for your little "first world problem" cause of "I don't like this" would be the mature thing to do.

I love, I tolerate, I understand, and I will treat you fairly but I will NEVER become this idealistic vision of gushing out a "I'm sorry YOU FEEL you were not treated fairly" if somepony preaches about quitting ponychan.

Tough love, Baby.

That you have to deal with on your own. I can't always just type "hugs" as a sugar coating at the end of every post or it will lose all meaning. I will post loving things when it is worthy.
*looks for hugs*
>> No. 2484408
File 130630505363.png - (132.19KB , 368x315 , 130288738112.png )
>mfw I have no idea whats going on...
>> No. 2484409
well that's EASY PEASY. Have fun and spread love. It may not always be so simple but I think that's a guideline we should all try to follow.
>> No. 2484410
i salute you, bro

i had an alcoholic father figure, i was molested as a child, i've seen my mom with a broken nose by one of her boyfriends, and i've been through a messy divorce...
it takes rough moments in life to be able to truly appreciate the beautiful things. at this point in my life, i'm the happiest i've ever been.
>> No. 2484411
File 130630509306.gif - (1.84MB , 381x421 , 129947504958.gif )
Hay guys what's--
>> No. 2484412
File 130630511584.png - (63.33KB , 240x250 , closeuphappy3.png )
Since the thing I resent the most is the lack of love and care that I'd been noticing, I'm going to follow the example of certain bronies which I admire for the care and dedication that they show to everypony.
>> No. 2484413
File 130630514413.png - (258.14KB , 1900x1916 , Flutter Rainbow Hug.png )
And sometimes a flood is for the best. Better to open the floodgates and release the waters in a safe place before they burst through someplace and sometime else.

Thank you for sharing Blazing. I've not endured pain as you have, but I can understand where you're coming from. But, just as some decisions lead to sorrow, one can also decide to be happy: to be the best they can be. And, as with any decision, the consequences for that are yours to reap as well. You will always have my love, Blazing. Thank you again for sharing.
>> No. 2484414
File 130630515960.png - (46.00KB , 512x503 , dawww.png )
Best not worry about it friends. This thread peaked and things are settling now.
>> No. 2484415
You have my respects, and while you don't want sympathy, i still am giving you a hug! *hugs*
it's been a rough night, nopony can blame you.

again, fresh blood showing us that the love and happiness is still here.

These new friends are a shining example of how we are still the most loving place out there, we just need to remember it people!
one has to adapt, but keep their principles at heart. flow slow or fast with the river, but always feed the earth.
a soldier of captain rank, but a general of heart.
>> No. 2484416
File 130630518596.png - (98.10KB , 532x353 , sad.png )
Wow... there's so many heartfelt and insightful posts here, I feel selfish not to have posted anything.

This is a real gem of a thread, really. I've never read anything with so much emotion put into it and to come out 300 posts later like this... it's really something
>> No. 2484417
>You just stick it out, give it a chance. This community is awesome, I tell you whut.

I disagree and agree in saying that the community is a heck of a lot better now. It seriously just goes in cycles, and the sour bunch generally tends to migrate across the different pony communities.

Also, as an "old" pony, I consider anypony that got into MLP before the release of season 2 to be an old pony. It's silly to say 1-6 months makes a difference. Lets face it..especially any pony who got involved before the season finale aired has lived through some of the major milestones in the building of this community and major events that have happened.

And even then, it's not like any of that will truly matter even 5 years from now if the community is still around and we still get some newfriends trickling in then.
>> No. 2484418
OMigosh I posted in your topic but forgot to go back! D=
>> No. 2484419
File 130630526791.jpg - (221.65KB , 600x600 , internet hug.jpg )
I'm going stop trying to get rid of "hate" and make more "love"

also I'm going to start a thread in /chat/ this weekend that will hopefully help many bronies

I disagree but understand

>> No. 2484420
I feel intimidated too. Thanks for posting your thoughts though! I keep deleting mine. Have to stop that.
I agree. We are free to shape this community in whichever image we feel fitting, and the message of the show was the perfect starting point.
>> No. 2484421
File 130630543389.jpg - (19.32KB , 289x296 , 130404129422.jpg )
After going through this thread... im going to be sure to post more in intro/hug threads as that is what we ar known best for.
Im already looking to give advice to anypony who needs it in /chat/

could somepony answer my question please?
>> No. 2484422
File 130630543531.png - (289.16KB , 927x522 , 130011835764.png )
All can be forgiven if you throw me a pinkie birthday party!! I'm 25 now

Oh god...this post just made me feel very egocentric.
>> No. 2484423
File 130630543636.png - (193.96KB , 326x449 , hm.png )
I wouldn't say intimidated so much as frustrated, that there's so much that I can feel, but can't really put into words.
>> No. 2484424
heh, I keep clearing out my message field too... although more due to my wondering if anypony would actually care and give what I'm saying a second thought (something which Amonisis is always good for proving me wrong about =))
>> No. 2484425
File 130630547469.png - (498.87KB , 1000x1000 , Angel_by_Anon_1.png )
noko and watch thread button are your freinds =P
>> No. 2484426
hey you've helped with your hug thread alot :(
>> No. 2484427
File 130630550224.png - (146.87KB , 1600x900 , 129727394185.png )
Let me tell you a little story about highschool~

It was spring break, 10th grade. I bought a new wardrobe. Not exactly what you would call it.. gelled my hair, ball chain necklace, wife beater with a tribal marking on the chest, orange overshirt that looked like flames and pants that were.. ah.. different? Gothy? I dunno.

I went to school and went to where I knew my group of friends was. Entered the cafeteria beside their table and they all started laughing at me.

It was that one split second that told me these were not friends. I yelled "Fuck you!", turned on my heel, and never spoke to them again.

I made a choice; to not have fake friends.

They made a choice; to let me walk away.

I've been a badass ever since. :p

THIS. This this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this this. x100,000,000
>> No. 2484428
File 130630570398.png - (156.78KB , 515x360 , 129840413382.png )
I remember you blazing starshine, I do. hugs

By the way the only thing that I missed from "back in the day" was the comfortable pace of ponychan. I welcome any and all changes and newcomers, and if i'm gonna stay here and post i'm going to have to adapt, and I plan on staying here to post :)
>> No. 2484429
File 130630572429.png - (47.68KB , 200x187 , cute smile flutteryshy.png )
Happy Birthday Starlight!! ♥
Sorry dragoni... Should've gotten to your post sooner! The thread itself was meant to be a solution to the conflict: the conflict being that a lack of understanding has Ponychan feeling less than itself lately. And I think we've reached some what of a resolution. But perhaps more importantly, the thread was meant to be a warning. In that sense, I think, we made serious progress tonight. I hope that answers your question!
>> No. 2484430
File 130630573617.png - (41.92KB , 232x227 , 130173055026.png )
Saying it in few words is perfectly fine. That's why we have tl;dr :)
And we're both gonna stop that, rite?
My solution as stated above: Be the change you want to see.
>> No. 2484431
i agree with that whole heartily!

this is another thing, we have different ways of viewing things, grown up to react in different ways and think differently. You are a caring individual, and you have a genuinely good heart. While i disagree with your methods, i'm glad that you bring your own views to the table, and you can communicate with people who think more akin to you than i ever could.

also, you need a hug? *hugs*

well we realize, and instead of ignoring the issue, we address it. Eight Ball, you and i are friends here, and i can safely tell you that i believe that this thread is helping with all that pent up fear and animosity that you and anypony has been feeling.
the difference between our "cliques" and others is taht we genuinely do want more people to join us, and built on tolerance and acceptance, we don't shun anypony just for being different.
>> No. 2484432
Well...I tried staying up late to give my insights...I hope at least a few ponies benefited from it. Probably going to be sick during my bday and Colorado trip now thanks to it. oh well.

Night every pony.
>> No. 2484433
i enjoy nostalgia too but this site isn't that old, and when it seems like it's just a few individuals (not directing this to anypony in particular) who helplessly cling to "this site was better when there was only so and so many users" or "i was here when ponychan was only 2 weeks old" or what have you just seems wrong. sort of hipster-ish if you will. i understand knowing and recognizing the same users over and over brings you a family feel, but that just means you're going to cling to those members who you already know and love instead of getting to know the newer ones because you DON'T get that loving vibe from seeing their posts.
when i ate my easter bunnies, i thought of your pony (teehee) :P
(ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ======= ┻━━┻
(no, seriously, thank you for sharing that... it's good to let bad feelings out instead of bottling it up)
also, *hugs*
>> No. 2484434
I can't help it, this thread is going way to fast for my reading/ typing speeds to keep up. Every time I make even one post, there is like another 10-20 sitting there to be read.
>> No. 2484435
File 130630578351.png - (280.89KB , 685x712 , moresadfacesseriouslysweetiebellesmilesometime.png )
I think, I'll just go out and say it.
I feel what bothers me the most is that, as much as I love this community, as much as I want to be in it and love everypony, the sad truth is I'm having trouble keeping interest.
It saddens me because I've had such happy times in here like no other, and I fear the thought of leaving.
I always saw myself being a part of this place for a long time.
But lately, the threads have all been the same.
Rolling threads, one or two story/pony appreciation threads, and a bunch of no-topic threads that just end up being derailed with either superman, gary, or some other meme that isn't even pony.
>> No. 2484436
File 130630585310.png - (395.93KB , 1998x3828 , cake.png )

happy tooting birthday!
>> No. 2484437
File 130630588038.png - (28.73KB , 270x269 , thinking.png )
Alright everypony, I think we all need to take a moment and reflect on everything we have said.

I want you to listen to this song entitled "Looking Back." It is piano only and it is very soothing. I want you to do exactly what the title says, Look back on anything you have said on this thread and everywhere.

Here it is:
>> No. 2484438
What the hell, lol.
>> No. 2484439
Thanks. And anypony wishing to celebrate my bday, the only things you need are thick rimmed glasses, a lightsaber and a towel. =)
>> No. 2484440
File 130630599447.jpg - (451.86KB , 1735x2000 , 129973079579-1298443404947.jpg )
a damn fine post right there, a damn fine post
>> No. 2484441
File 130630602598.jpg - (79.43KB , 945x945 , Rainbow Dash Applejack Fall Hug.jpg )
You aren't alone Eightball... I feel the same from time to time. Yet, Ponychan has this charm to it that always keeps me coming back. It's just not the site, it's the ponies. It's the mods. It's the anons and the trip users. Everypony contributes to the love of Ponychan, and that is what keeps us chugging along.
>> No. 2484442
File 130630611340.gif - (2.59MB , 250x250 , the ggg is the best p for me.gif )
Pinkie Party! TOOT!

Also, have fun in my home state, bro. Bring sunglasses.
>> No. 2484443
File 130630619731.png - (60.45KB , 945x945 , 129726945618.png )
The thing about life and experience is, it's relative.

Also; check this out.

I came into this thread heavy hearted. Now I'm grinning.
Also; I like this new kid.


Protip - You're all kids. I'm 28.
mfw I'm the granny smith of our group..
>> No. 2484444
File 130630621879.png - (336.48KB , 1056x662 , soverysad.png )
It's been getting awfully harder lately.
Today was a darn fine example.
I came in the morning, was disappointed at the threads, I felt like making a thread pointing it out, but I just knew that all I would get would have been a bunch of "lol deal/w it lol" or some crap.
Then I left for the rest of the day to play videogames.
Just to come back and find that I missed possibly the only thread that actually had care and heartfelt words in it.
>> No. 2484445
Whew, feels kinda daunting to make one of my first posts in a thread like this, but I figured I should say something to contribute to this thread.

Namely, this community is rather awesome. I mean, even when things get ugly it stays far nicer than communities I've been in where things are just normal. People here seem to honestly try to understand one another, even when they don't agree, and that's not something you see a lot. I think I have to agree with a lot of the people in the thread, sure, it may feel like the love has diminished, but really its still here. I mean, this thread has seen a lot of venting, and its been good venting!

Still, the fact that those posting here are willing to take a look at themselves really makes me feel good about the community. Like that it really does have a chance at succeeding. Of course, it remains to be seen if this will go beyond talking, but I think it will. I guess I mean to say, I believe in this community, and I'll be trying to post more, not just lurking, so that the community stays that way! I mean, it managed to get me to post on an imageboard, something I thought I'd never do ever. So that's something! Hope that made some sort of sense haha.
>> No. 2484446
I do feel the same, and am a bit frustrated as well. But I plan to change that I'm going to be more active now... shit... I'm to tired to think properly right now. uhh things will change again and I hope you like the new threads that will surely come.
>> No. 2484447

We talked, in which I am back from. Interesting to see the reactions finally.

Indeed. Unlike most, I have little trauma to hide from my backstory. Well, external.

Heh. I'm sad to see him go the way he has. But he has made a choice. And so will I, as a result. He is prince Zuko, and I am uncle Iroh. Or something like that

Thank you. And again, we must talk sometime. I was worried It'd have to be split into two posts!

You lie, I am not amazing. I am simply a train, one who has traveled the country, seeing for what it really is, and having managed to find a light amongst the darkest recessions of wisdom.

+5 points to... I really have no idea. Respect also? Cool factor at least =)

Don't go too deep!
Yea, you might get lost!

Seriously, though, we should talk sometime then. I am both the wise cracker and a positive thinking holder of wisdom.

Thanks! What must be said, must be said though.
>> No. 2484448
File 130630630371.jpg - (51.43KB , 436x600 , AT FIRST I WAS LIKE rarity.jpg )
I'm off to bed. Thank you to everypony who shared their thoughts today, even the ones I didn't agree with. And thank you Moony for opening the discussion!

I'll just leave with this: The show by itself, I would have enjoyed and watched them all. But the community is what inspired me in my day to day life. I've had the benefit of a resurgence of new creativity, such as writing a fic, drawing, and customizing figures. Things that I have not done in several years. I've also taken to tolerate and respect and open up to people IRL as well, and it's sort of gotten me out of my shell, so to speak. People that know me have noted I seem happier and more positive, and a lot of that can be traced back to here. The tiny amounts of reassurance I've gotten here have gone a long way. I don't think we are in any danger of losing what makes this community special. Thank you, to all of you. *hugs!*
>> No. 2484449
So, what have I missed? I'm being lazy for the most part. Sorry =/
>> No. 2484450
File 130630636600.png - (28.02KB , 450x422 , salute.png )
Agreed. The show that brought us all here may always end with a happy ending, but we need to realize that it is not always like that. Not everypony is going to be happy with each other at the end of the day or the week or maybe even ever again.
>> No. 2484451
File 130630638284.png - (114.67KB , 484x353 , sweetiebellmrmrmr.png )
ooh, colorado trip, i live there. where you goin?

Love is not bound by time, this site may be young, but there has been so much that has happened in here and so much happiness and love and tolerance to bear that it feels as though we known it our whole lives.

it's silly, and to some sounds kinda dumb and dangerous, but this place has that effect, a life time of joy in one epic website.

i feel terrible that you think that way, i love you man and i don't want you to lose taht feeling you get about ponies.

I understand wholeheartidly about what you are saying though, i've become infuriated with all the spiderman and gary threads. but you know what i did, i decided to make them into something useful, i role play as Blueblood to counter-sprite them.
and you can always make new threads, because i know i'm not the only one who thinks there aren't enough interesting threads beyond the copypasta ones i see, so i imagine you could get a good group going in there.if not, you can always go pinkamina and start talking to yourself in those threads, it becomes entertaining!

but remember there are also many other boards on this site, pony, pic, media, rp, all with things and stuff that could satisfy pony hunger for a lifetime!

you will always be the awesome dude who posts Sweetie Belle, and getting GETs with you has been fun times, and i want those fun times to continue brony!
>> No. 2484452
File 130630639879.png - (97.76KB , 370x370 , 130370717493.png )
Well, what do you suggest we post about then? I mean, even I feel like these get a bit old after a while, but what else is there to do while wasting time till the next season? A change of pace would feel good every once in a while to be honest.
>> No. 2484453
File 130630641943.png - (360.17KB , 1591x2000 , 130556948541.png )
Aww come on guys.

So things seem bleak but I'm sure things are going to get better.
>> No. 2484454
File 130630642892.png - (258.14KB , 1900x1916 , Flutter Rainbow Hug.png )
Tough love doesn't work for everypony. Some ponies need tender loving care, and we should put the effort into figuring out which ones do. It might seem idealistic, but unconditional love and care is proven to work. And it is something we should strive for.

I... can't keep this up. I'm entirely exhausted and it's 3:00 AM. I do hope this thread has been helpful to you, Ponychan. I love you all so, so much. Despite the harshness of my tone, I want you to know that I hold nopony responsible and that I still adore you all. I hope that, together, we can change Ponychan for the better even during the ponyless Summer!

Goodnight everypony... I love you all ♥
>> No. 2484455
File 130630648320.png - (498.87KB , 1000x1000 , Angel_by_Anon_1.png )
Re-linking this because we really need to right now.
>> No. 2484456
i have to agree with this
i am sort of getting bored of refreshing the front page and seeing the same threads over and over: applejack part 87, i'm pregnant and it's yours part 298, cool ponies part 212, still apony's barely a story anymore story thread part 9000...
it's why i've barely been posting anymore (lol i barely post to begin with)
i mean, really, it's the same pictures of applejack in everythread... and i love bronypeanut and rarity, but there doesn't need to be a daily rarity thread either...
>> No. 2484457
File 130630662106.png - (49.31KB , 171x189 , frwnback.png )
I figured that's what I'd do.
Since the threads are lacking, I might as well stand up and try to start them myself.
I didn't really want to say it, though, because I can't make any promises.
>> No. 2484458
File 130630672573.gif - (316.59KB , 360x360 , grannyparty.gif )
i'll be 26 in 2 weeks old timer
>> No. 2484459
File 130630681110.png - (103.76KB , 302x419 , yay.png )
Oh god, that post made me chuckle so hard.
I'm actually feeling a bit better now.
>> No. 2484460
I think I need to put up a counter as to how many of this kind of threads we already had.

Psst: It's a lot.
>> No. 2484461
File 130630689366.png - (29.55KB , 270x269 , philosity_1.png )
>pic related
>> No. 2484462
File 130630691309.png - (76.83KB , 270x358 , grrrin.png )
I don't think that's a bad thing.
In fact sometimes we NEED these threads more than anything else.
>> No. 2484463
File 130630698276.jpg - (14.76KB , 277x410 , 130489480314.jpg )
It does thank you!

I remember you saying something like that before. and you did try to mix it up by doing that drawfriend thread which required ALOT of time and effort from you. And also about pointless threads....today i was lurking for hours trying to find something worth looking into. RainbowDash!!tsKe was hosting a "dubs and you get to add another comic panel" but only like 5 people posted. i intentionally got dubs to do something and finished the panel. but after my post he bumped it 8 times. That itself is not the problem. Sure not everypony has art skills. The problem is that threads that say like 3 words and arent pony related get +200 posts. Steven magnet can never have a normal thread again.

What im getting at is that we are much closer than we all think. Its just what we see on the outside, what we see as posts is what we judge. Derail threads everywhere mean NOTHING. See an argument? Its probably all in good fun.
I listen to lots of different opinions in here but none say we are fine the way we are on the supposed "Friendship Level" Look at this thread. this is the very proof of what im talking about.

And i know this is difficult to say, but the derails need to go. Deleted. Or to /chat/ They have gotten too out of hand.

When i first saw moony tonight, i was happy because friendship always follows. But Moony isnt the source of it all. Its here all along. just hidden.

I do hope you guys read my opinion.
>> No. 2484464
File 130630716829.png - (154.33KB , 462x378 , 130557053175.png )
>Start reading thread because I have a bad habit of only reading the OP and then making a post.
>Suddenly see posts that I never recall making.

Did somepony get on my computer while I was gone?
>> No. 2484465

i just wanted to point these guys out again,

each one of them proclaim that the love is strong, they see the love here all the time.

maybe we take things for granted, we take the good times for granted.

and we only need to look for those good times again. i know i may be repeating myself, but i'd rather be repetitive then sadface.

Look for the love, you will find it!
>> No. 2484466
File 130630719271.png - (143.68KB , 660x656 , raritypie.png )
i love your picture...
but angel/death-ity is still not as fabulous as raritypie
>> No. 2484467
File 130630720740.png - (44.65KB , 171x179 , hhmmmm.png )
I agree 100%.
It is this kind of thread that reminds me of what a wonderful place this can be.
I just wish they weren't so rare.
I also agree that derails and blatantly non-pony threads need to be moved/deleted.
It was fine to a degree, but, like you stated, it's gotten WAY out of hand.
>> No. 2484468
However, of all the threads like this one, this is the only one I've seen where everypony made a genuine effort to contribute even if it is in the form of an angry, ranting post. Frankly, some of those angry posts in this thread contributed more than the careful, calculated posts and were generally replied to in a thoughtful way, even if it wasn't in a positive way. Having said that, between all the emotion and touchy-feely, there's a TON that we can take away from this thread and apply towards Ponychan for the better.

I've never seen a thread with so much positive potential for this site ever before.
>> No. 2484469
You were posting pictures laughing at what was currently happening from the looks of it, but I don't know if anything was typed or not.
>> No. 2484470
No one's ever drawn my pony, except -once-. I've asked many drawfriends.

And the once it was done, it was wrong. OH SADNESS.

It wouldn't be so bad, except.. requests before mine get filled..

Requests after mine get filled.


Also; thread derail. Sorry. Just.. whining I guess. <3 anyway.
>> No. 2484471
see, the thing is, natural conversations can derail, so i don't see a problem with occasional derails... /oat/ is supposed to be silly, and sometimes spiderman can make a thread better... SOMETIMES... but the thing with the gary oak, is that it's just one person doing it, and he's already been told NUMEROUS TIMES, EVEN BY MODS to stop, there's been interventions in threads where me and 5 other users have asked him to stop... he's just stubborn about it though and enjoys spamming it everywhere. also, he's asked to be banned, then came back five minutes later saying LOL U CANT BAN ME PROPERLY LOL
tl;dr yeah, i'm sick of gary too
>> No. 2484472
File 130630749814.png - (116.75KB , 428x434 , 130558890073.png )
Oh my god.

If anypony was insulted by whatever I said, I'm sorry and please don't hate me.
>> No. 2484473
And that's a big reason I just lurk /rp/ now.

Done with Red Dead Redemption right now.

But I'm getting sleepy now.
>> No. 2484474
File 130630753228.png - (498.87KB , 1000x1000 , Angel_by_Anon_1.png )
>not as fabulous as Raritypie
Challenge accepted! =P TO SUMOPAINT!

DO IT! All of you!

>pic brought to you by a lovely Anonpony
>> No. 2484475
Well, the thread is done from the looks of it anyway, so it probably isn't that big of a deal to talk about that. I could try drawing it if you wanted, but I'm not really the best at it.
>> No. 2484476
i'll try to draw your pony? it'll be awhile, but i'm kind of a perfectionist...
[email protected]
>> No. 2484477
this is a thread for healing brony, it may be off topic but i feel that you needed to get that off your chest.

i would draw it for you if i could draw with a stupid mouse, but i can't. sorry.

that's why i just parasprite them with Blueblood Mod, best non existent mod ever!

cause they are just all soo annoying and repetitive.
>> No. 2484478
File 130630768817.jpg - (31.14KB , 351x365 , cowponybigsmile.jpg )
holy crap! this thing got 460 posts!

feels good brony!
>> No. 2484479
Ah shit happens, besides, this night has been one confusing conundrum after another from the looks of it. Don't feel to bad.
>> No. 2484480
File 130630779838.png - (49.31KB , 171x189 , frwnback.png )
It would be fine if the derailment was not intentional, or if the derail still revolved around ponies.
But lately they've become ridiculous, annoying, and pretty much a waste of space in the front page.

I just wish we could rather avoid them, rather than parasprite back, making it worse.
>> No. 2484481
File 130630781136.png - (465.50KB , 640x480 , stevenmagnetisnotconcernedatall.png )
>My feelings on the subject. Seriously guys, it was just a song. For the good of us all, let it go.
>> No. 2484482
Some of you are not understanding the topic.

It was not the SONG that was the problem. How many times must Moony and I repeat this?

>> No. 2484483
File 130630786734.png - (94.41KB , 282x214 , eyeroll.png )
It's not even about the song anymore, bro.
>> No. 2484485
File 130630794155.jpg - (7.06KB , 247x204 , sweetiebelle sing.jpg )
meh, i turn it pony related again, plus it's a break from the norm. plus i don't think the people who post spiderman and gary actually care about whether or not somepony is posting with them.

i wish it didn't happen in the first place, but when life gives you lemons, you genetically alter them to make them set things on fire.
>> No. 2484486

I think this thread slowly derails into discussion about derails.
>> No. 2484487
File 130630799985.png - (56.26KB , 297x312 , 130526102600.png )
I guess some people just read the OP and don't even bother looking at the points that are currently being discussed.
>> No. 2484488
File 130630800937.png - (547.86KB , 662x571 , Fluttershymad2.png )
>> No. 2484489

it's not that, it just seems to be the proverbial straw that broke the camels back.

this is basically where we all vented our anger and frustration and learned taht the community is still important and understanding.

we are also discussing how thread derails are harmful, seriously tell your friends to be careful about derailing!
>> No. 2484490
I figure since the thread has calmed down a bit now... umm can I pitch an Idea to you guys who are still here?
>> No. 2484491
see, the thing with paraspriting back, is that they think that whenever you post with that picture again, the battle shall continue, especially with certain posters (gary oak *cough cough*)
paraspriting back works to a degree, but other times, people just need to learn self-control and not spam things.
you mean the 'how fast can we derail this thread?' threads? or the whole 'the purpose of this thread is to derail it' threads?
>> No. 2484492
go on...
>> No. 2484493
go for it
>> No. 2484494
sure. still here lurking since no one answered earlier =P
>> No. 2484495
File 130630821928.png - (61.56KB , 208x216 , 130423314591.png )
Wait a minute. Derail is a topic that is lost along the way. Intentional set-up-to-derail threads ie
FUCKING BLUE BLOOD! should be deleted. What is the point? why are mods letting that happen?

looks like cuddletron is joining in. Give him some slack.
>> No. 2484496
>massive applause
>> No. 2484497
meh, i guess you're right. but they don't listen to me, at least with blueblood it's more interactive.

but i guess i should hold back on that a little.
i'm sorry, i was so busy answering questions that i may have missed a few things
>> No. 2484498
File 130630833376.png - (154.04KB , 315x599 , mroefrowns.png )
Those kinds of threads are the easiest victims, of course.
But what I mean is when a thread is derailed to the point where people aren't even posting to contribute to the conversation, but with the only objective of destroying the original topic.
>> No. 2484499

you missed one hell of an epic thread lucky.
>> No. 2484500
Its fine, just covering my bases. I think you were the one that just took me as a statler-waldorf heckler and enjoyed the peak into my mind.
>I made a statler-waldorf joke about that XD
>> No. 2484502
Sure, it's something to do in the least.

Just to get it off my chest before that, seeing as though everypony is doing it and I don't want to lose my chance, I kind of feel ignored at times. There is probably no way I can word that without sounding like I'm whining or something, but, it just irks me. I mean, I don't mind if like no one responds to me all the time, but I rarely feel like somepony does to the point that I think "why should I even bother?"

But continue on now, I'm all eyes and ears.
>> No. 2484503
File 130630854777.jpg - (6.68KB , 196x210 , HouseReally.jpg )
I'd like to say I'm rather proud and glad that I participated in this thread, no matter how small of an impact I may have had.
>> No. 2484504
always the funny man, you and i are alot alike, two guys just trying to hold the world together, you with Statler and Woldorf, me with Groucho.
>> No. 2484505
somepony actually said something to me on here, today, that I thought was mean. maybe I deserved to be told off, I said something that was wrong, but I didn't deserve to be told off in such a rude way. for a second I thought about leaving ponychan, not because my love for ponies had gone, but because I didn't expect anything like what that person said to me from the people on this website. that's the reason I come here, because people are so.. nice.

I probably wont be posting very much anymore not that I ever did I just feel weird on this website now. maybe I'm thinking about it too much, but that comment really made me feel like an outsider.

haha yeah, I'm new to the internet. I guess I should start getting used to it?
>> No. 2484506
I think I made mention to my "counselor" idea before. I haven't been to /chat/ in a long time so I wouldn't know if there's already a thread like this. But basically It would be a thread that would encourage people to post any problems they have big or small as anons (or if they want to under a trip). Then I myself or anypony else who felt up to it would do everything in our power to make the person feel better. and I don't just mean a simple "it'll get better tomorrow" i mean a heartfelt reply to anypony in need. thinking about it it might be a bit to big of a goal but I would like to try it nonetheless.

something still bothering you Freightrain ?
>> No. 2484507
File 130630864415.gif - (288.47KB , 342x345 , 130557945667.gif )
I love how you helped me~
>> No. 2484508
you were great Sarge, i would be proud to march by you in the field of friendship anyday!
please continue, i didn't mean to take up so much space
>> No. 2484509
I'm glad you did.

And I hoped I helped. Even if I did explode
>> No. 2484510

i was thinking of the same thing! i was pondering about the idea of making a ask Anny (or whatever the hell its called) thing to do JUST THAT!

i fully support your idea, i think that would do wonders for our community!
>> No. 2484511
About the derails...

I think we need to make a distinction here.
Not every derail is bad and derailing a thread is a pretty natural course. Moving every derailed thread wouldn't be a good idea.
However, I agree that the threads that get derailed by spiderman/gary/whatever, just for the sake of derailing should be moderated.
Moving the discussion away from OP to something else on a natural, progressive way is in no way a bad thing and often brings interesting discussions.

That's that about derails.

Now back to OP, I kind of get the impression of "being intolerant towards intolerant people to show them that intolerance is wrong".
Or maybe that's just me.
>> No. 2484512
hey, you get back here right now mister. I need to hug you.

really I don't know who said that to you but they might have just had a bad day. Know that for the most part we are a caring loving community. sometimes though we might get a bit rude or blunt or dare i say it? mean. but we still love you all and even if you are a anonpony I'm still upset to see a comment had made you upset like that.
>> No. 2484513

You got my support.
Altough /chat/ have daily "how are ya" threads they are too fast to actually notice some­one being in need.
>> No. 2484514
i think from now on posters should have a thing when starting a thread about whether or not they want their thread derailed. when you make a thread, state whether you're okay with it derailing. but mostly, i think that if you're going for a serious topic you're supposed to go to /chat/ or /pony/.
>> No. 2484515
so I'm not crazy?
>> No. 2484516
File 130630889520.png - (62.06KB , 330x386 , angel_in_bed.png )
Alright, it's been a time freinds, but I must get to bed. I am going to reflect on all things said here, including what I have said, and I want you all to do the same:
Here is some appropriately titled music:

Looking Back:
>> No. 2484517
I still regret not jumping into this thread. I even typed up a few things but ended up not posting them.

And Czarina, I'm glad you said what you did even if it was harsh. I also agree with you on that post
>> No. 2484518
Yeah, I think PSP and quite a few others do that on chat from the looks of, nice people when you get to it. Not a bad idea though.

I kind of feel the same ways at times, but the only thing I can really suggest is to just keep on trucking. There is always going to be somepony who is just going to put somepony down, but it's better to keep on going then to just give up and let them win in the end.
>> No. 2484519
Don't be upset over one little incident. Most of us are loving and caring, but there will be times when that does happen. don't loose faith in us though, for we do honestly care alot about everypony here, even if we accidentally ignore a couple just because there are alot more people here.

besides, it could of been poor word choice, or somepony was mad, or something, don't let it get to ya. we are a great group and we are always happy to share with more friends. *hugs*
>> No. 2484520
tell me about it? what happened?
>> No. 2484521
File 130630907680.png - (21.01KB , 90x125 , 130292349805.png )
You know what? I had a lot of things to say initially, but I guess I'll just distill it down to one basic point.
Ponychan isn't dead, nor is it even dying. It's still the best online community I've ever been apart of. It's still one of the few simple pleasures in life that I look forward too after a long day of getting my balls busted at work and still feeling bitter over the ex that never actually cared about me. Even if this thread was filled with way more QQ than I'm comfortable with, you guys are still awesome. Keep being awesome. There's way too much mean in the world for you guys to stop.
>> No. 2484522
this reminds me of the pony/non-pony thing on /rp/..... oh god bad memories....

ahh the "how was you day?"threads? I read the daily /oat/ but never really checked those threads sadly.... But I'm liking the support thank you, I'm going to aim for getting the thread up on sunday when my day should be free for the most part.
>> No. 2484523
Interesting. And no, just around. I am at peace currently
>> No. 2484524
i still like to see natural derailment that has a point. but when i see "Spiderman Thread?" go up and instantly see 20 pics of spiderman doing stupid crap, it makes me wanna scream, it get's ridiculous!
>> No. 2484525
that's good to hear~
>> No. 2484526
I think one thing we can all agree on here, whether we're new, old, mods, or users.. we all care about each other, and we all have made true bonds here.

Whether we stay with ponies forever, or it's just a stepping stone in our journey through life.. let's cherish our time together. Be here for each other. Listen to our tales, and make new ones.

And don't forget - I personally, love you all.
>> No. 2484527
File 130630932139.png - (94.74KB , 237x346 , happystare.png )
I think Shinmera pretty much hit the nail in the head with that post.

And I, for one, think this is a wonderful idea.
>> No. 2484528
you're a great chicken scootaloo
>> No. 2484529
I know I'm going to get flak for this, but I believe this thread is /arch/ worthy
>> No. 2484530
File 130630941784.png - (75.90KB , 434x418 , Confused.png )
I don't like seeing derails or just threads that have nothing to do with ponies at all, much like the spiderman ones. Like that forced meme of that connect the dots pic or all the Tails faces. Not to mention gunfights and the like between those who post as humans.
>> No. 2484531
You are pretty cool, i do say you have a tinge of Haack in you, but Haack is a cool guy, and you are awesome cuddletron. I'm proud to call you my brony anyday! no amount of ball busting work or ball busting ex's will make you any less of a brony in my eyes!
Angel, you sexy beast, you are always a good friend, and i think you are totally awesome!

either it's a great idea, or i'm crazy too. it could go either way!
>> No. 2484532
I'm not really sure about that... would you like to record a family fight...?

Thats just how i felt about this thread...
>> No. 2484533
yep. It's ironic, I was at peace here, yet posted anyway. laugh out loud.
>> No. 2484534
File 130630952893.jpg - (169.21KB , 600x738 , rainbowdashscootaloo.jpg )
I love you too, i never thought of you as a chicken!
>> No. 2484535
File 130630958135.png - (35.81KB , 140x176 , huhagain.png )
Meh, we're all crazy here.

Yeah, all those forced jokes really get under my skin as well.
>> No. 2484536
thanks everypony, that's all I needed = )

I'd love to tell you about what happened, but now that I'm smiling I think I was just being an overly sensitive sensitivity pants. it's kind of emberassing = P

so thanks everypony for the hugs! *hugs*
>> No. 2484537
I said it before and i'll say it again I love everypony~

now that I think about it it's most likely both~

yay more support~
>> No. 2484538
File 130630964215.png - (504.25KB , 1000x1000 , Angel_by_Anon_1.png )
Further on that point, as an /rp/'er, things get muddied up a bit when human characters are brought into the mix. And to me, ponyfying your character by drawing a pony pic that vaguely resembles it's human counter part only pushes it further.
>> No. 2484539
File 130630966642.jpg - (67.39KB , 850x719 , youwinaninternet.jpg )
I appreciate the sentiment. It's good to be reminded that people actually care. Thanks for being awesome, and have an internet.
>> No. 2484540
i think it's arch worthy, sure it was sour at first, but when you read through the posts, you find that feeling of love and friendship emerge, i find it very /arch/ worthy.

it's sorta like a pheonix, it burnt up, but a beautiful pheonix rose from the ashes!
>> No. 2484541
a family fight that ended up drawing everypony closer together? yes. i've learned a lot about my fellow ponychan users in this thread, and i'm glad it happened, and that we can look back on what was earlier a sour moment, and how we overcame it to push forward.
>> No. 2484542
File 130630974651.jpg - (55.63KB , 350x400 , fluttershyguy.jpg )
Well, first of all, I'm 100% against finding these kind of threads when I needed to be in bed an hour and a half ago. :p

I'm not going to speak to love right now since I can't think straight, so I guess for now I'll stick to things that I've seen that annoy me.

I find it annoying that at any given time on /oat/ half the threads are either rolling games or get threads. I think there are better things to post about, but of course that means the number of threads I might post in are limited. This leads to me not posting so much and adding to my inferiority complex.

I'm of the opinion that I'm either not funny or not interesting or just have nothing special to contribute a lot. And the times that I do often get overlooked, like how nopony really payed me attention tonight when I tried to get into /rp/ for the first time, or how my fanfic doesn't have more readers.

I don't like bumping my own things cause I don't want to seem like I'm trying to be the center of attention. But then I often do end up getting ignored until I speak up about it, and then I feel like I'm complaining...

*Sigh* I don't know... I'll come back tomorrow when I'm able to think straight.
>> No. 2484543
success! Have a good night anon~
>> No. 2484544
maybe i'm over connected to this place or still worried, anyways i will let you guys decide that, 3am here so my opinion would be just random mumbling

Nite bros
>> No. 2484545
File 130630981494.png - (50.66KB , 173x207 , sidehappysmall.png )
This is a very subjective topic, though.
What might annoy you might not annoy others.
What might not annoy you could be annoying others.
>> No. 2484546
Thank you Amonisis! Off I go for real. (I gotta stop waiting till my watched thread replies reach zero to go to bed)
>> No. 2484547
I could go for it, at least as a reminder
>> No. 2484548
File 130630985543.png - (145.35KB , 395x395 , 130514831805.png )

I read that entire post in angry fluttershy's voice :D
>> No. 2484549
I agree with you, it does feel like a mess. But in the end, everypony came out of it for the better. That's what I find /arch/ worthy about it.
>> No. 2484550
i don't mind the gun fights, the tails head, or the connect the dots thing so much. but those spiderman and gary threads just drive me nutty.

but i move to stop talking about that so much.
thanks, i shall use it for a good purpose! always love ya cuddletron!
>> No. 2484551
Yeah, your right. Some of them I kind of like, like the one who RP's Cpt. Jack Harkness, Sarge, The Observer, and others like them because the doe it right, but all the ones who come in guns blazing and such are the ones I am really talking about.
>> No. 2484552
File 130631005403.jpg - (135.77KB , 1145x773 , Pony Group Hug.jpg )
I should be asleep but...

You are all so wonderful... *hugs* You ponies are just so special and I love you all so very much.
>> No. 2484553
File 130631010970.png - (209.82KB , 572x549 , 130437390452.png )
We just have to realize that there's people out there with different tastes, and we have to respect that.
Anyway, I won't keep you out of bed any further.
Good night, you.
>> No. 2484554
I love your fluttershyguy persona, it's very cute and it makes me smile. and we were just discussing the derails and threads and whatnot. I'm sorry you came into it so late, but trust me when we say that we love you, no matter what you might think of us, you are a valuable and wonderful member of our community *hugs*
>> No. 2484555
you tried to get into /rp/? crap if I known I would have welcomed you! D:

can't unhear but that's not a bad thing.

oh whew I thought we we're going to have that pony/non-pony thing come back again... I agree when people come in looking for a fight on ponychan it never ends well
>> No. 2484556

... I should to, night bronies
>> No. 2484557
well, if it wasn't for you and your friendly kick in the flank, we wouldn't of had these wonderful discussions
>> No. 2484558
File 130631026425.jpg - (74.05KB , 997x750 , 130558198370.jpg )
we all love you too~

You are like our Fluttershy (Or mom) keeping us together ~
>> No. 2484559
File 130631026677.png - (214.17KB , 945x945 , raritywithburrito.png )
okay, so we agree that some derails and rp'ing and spiderman are done right, and the ones that are done wrong we kind of have to accept, because it would be wrong to sit there and nitpick over who does and does not get to post spiderman, etc.
we can all still hate gary oak, though, because it's just one guy spamming it relentlessly even to the point where it's overflowingly making us hate spiderman too,
>> No. 2484560
File 130631027167.gif - (1.75MB , 320x320 , pinkierocket.gif )
>To everypony.
No matter what, we're always the Internet Love Machine.
And now, you shall all suffer the loving wrath of the ICBF (Inter-Continental Ballistic Friendship)!
>> No. 2484561
File 130631034302.png - (92.53KB , 433x351 , manyspiders.png )
I'm so glad everypony accepts Spiderman
>> No. 2484562
File 130631037807.png - (147.83KB , 945x945 , derpydrinkieshrug.png )
*should have ended post with a question mark*
>> No. 2484563
File 130631038454.png - (137.50KB , 945x945 , sweetie belle spiderman.png )
i just wish we didn't have to hate anypony, spiderman or gary. XP
>> No. 2484564
File 130631040230.jpg - (4.60KB , 125x125 , 130501441401s.jpg )
I got to admit, I feel the same way when I post, feeling ignored when I do, but just keep trying. It'll work out for you at some point, since you can't be ignored forever. Hopefully this doesn't come off wrong by saying to try and annoy people until they respond, but to just try new tactics when posting and see how it works, changing as you go.

Any other suggestions I guess then on what to do on Oat? I can't think of anything really new or unique at the moment.
>> No. 2484565
File 130631042142.png - (56.84KB , 193x236 , hinthintnudgenudge.png )
Now, now.
The point isn't to drop all the blame on one person.
Everypony needs to learn to hold back with the needless derails.
>> No. 2484566
File 130631042454.jpg - (38.58KB , 556x557 , twilightredeye.jpg )
to an extent....
>> No. 2484567
File 130631049852.jpg - (126.39KB , 986x591 , ragefaceohmygod.jpg )
>mfw that reaction image
>> No. 2484568
File 130631051531.png - (253.96KB , 1604x1960 , sweetiebelle huge.png )
i know this isn't the time or place for it but...

sweetie belle dubs
>> No. 2484569
File 130631058047.png - (244.87KB , 691x587 , gongetraped.png )
You people should just stop being so shy!
It's like a vicious cycle, really.
You feel shy, so you don't post very often, which results in people not noticing you, which just makes you feel worse!
Just post whatever is on your mind without any seconds thoughts!
Everypony here is willing to hear you out!
The more you post, the more confident you will become, and the more fun you can have!
>> No. 2484570
I don't hate it, to an extent. It's funny at times as long as they don't just keep pushing it to the point where it's bothersome. manely meaning derailing threads where people don't want it to be derailed.
>> No. 2484571
File 130631062641.png - (158.33KB , 2000x2000 , lyra do it faghoof.png )
did I turn you into a filly by accident in /rp/? how can you feel ignored after that?
>> No. 2484572
Thanks for that Moony. /oat/ needs more people like you to remind it of its love-powered battery. <3
>> No. 2484573
File 130631072753.gif - (1.17MB , 480x360 , haters.gif )
Works with me, just random posts, mostly unnoticed but not always but still having fur writing them~
>> No. 2484574
File 130631074009.gif - (651.68KB , 256x144 , rainbowlaugh.gif )
I'm sorry to interrupt, but that filename literally made my spit my drink on my monitor. Seriously laughing. Hard. Ow.
>> No. 2484575
File 130631079488.png - (293.16KB , 885x815 , trixiemagickedspike.png )
but... but... gary was a douchebag the whole series?
gary oak spamming is my pet peeve on this site... especially when he was told numerous times to lay off...
yeah yeah i know
>> No. 2484576
File 130631081045.png - (57.21KB , 239x253 , sweetie belle metal.png )
Amen to that! as a thespian and musician, i had to break that shyness and become more vocal! i have a philosophy "Unless you try to look stupid, you won't"

granted,it's made me a bit of a Trixie (not that i'm complaining) but it does wonders for your self esteem and makes it easier to communicate to people.

also Sweetie belle dubs again
>> No. 2484577
File 130631081626.jpg - (86.27KB , 642x348 , 12341847253.jpg )
This thread feels kind of feels like it negates that point to me, I actually asked you a question earlier honestly in here. I don't know, maybe it's just this night or something for me, but I'm feeling better again so it's alright now.
>> No. 2484578
File 130631085292.jpg - (31.68KB , 600x338 , who wants to get raped.jpg )
>> No. 2484579
tis a sad thing to do with /oat/ being so fast some times...
>> No. 2484580
plus this has been one huge thread, with tons of posts. it's easy to get lost in the sauce.
>> No. 2484581
File 130631103232.png - (295.76KB , 636x356 , hugall.png )
You see, this is what I'm talkin about. It feels fake if you just slap this on.

This is better. You disagree but point out a strength in somepony elses arguement. That is always one of the best things to do.

Wut? I don't think it was vent. It had a stern tone yeah but I was trying to put a point towards the discussion.

I see the value in that, and part of what makes this place special. Yes, while all of us will need TLC, there is nothing saying tough love isn't unconditional love. Always running away if things get a little tough is not healthy towards a happy lifestyle.

Sometimes somepony will tell you something you won't like to hear, but that doesn't mean we don't love and you should run away(and acidently disturb a dragon in his lair).

And when you leave PonyChan, we can't always follow ketchup footprints to get you back.

As much as I say to tough it out if it seems like almost no one agrees...it's nice to find just a few who, even if only slightly, can honestly see things your way.

Also, never forget the power of the image. I'm serious. I've noticed that an image can color the tone of the same wall of text from cheerful debate to cynical rant to vengeful rage. From the pic here you all assume I post this with a sense of happy closure, but actually I wanted to post a picture of the CMC "HAPE" pic. But I figured that would make me seem unhappy for the hugs. Yeah, I think about it that much.
>> No. 2484582
it's funny I'm refreshing /oat/ now and instead of roll threads I'm seeing hate/love threads.....
>> No. 2484583

It's probably not shyness but the mask that we use every day. The mask that "grins and lies" telling the world how happy we are, how strong we are and how we do not give a fu­ck, while being some­one totally different inside...
We glue such masks to our faces so often, it's getting hard to remove them.
>> No. 2484584
File 130631109451.png - (116.99KB , 295x413 , wellshit.png )
If you mean this one
I did read it, and I posted this.
I guess it was my fault for not quoting your post as well.
>> No. 2484585
File 130631117095.png - (141.32KB , 578x545 , 130617446217.png )
I don't know, I just think I don't fit well in oat or something. I act too serious at times I think since it's how I am and that easily goes out the window in rp for some reason.

Enough whining on my part though. Hate it when I do that and it's getting late to the point where I'm probably not going to put a whole lot of thought into what I say.
>> No. 2484586
It's fine to be serious in /oat/, but you should never expect /oat/ to take YOU seriously. Unless it's a help thread.
>> No. 2484587
but i hate katchup...

and the Hape picture cracks me up :)

i find it is best to truly help somepony or understand somepony, you need to look through their eyes and walk in their shoes. i can't stress how important that is, because understanding eachother is extremely important to helping eachother.
>> No. 2484588
File 130631130566.png - (49.31KB , 171x189 , frwnback.png )
Oh boy, tell me about it.
I don't expect people to fully open themselves instantly, but we have to start somewhere.
>> No. 2484589
File 130631144843.jpg - (6.37KB , 248x227 , 130595651017.jpg )
Ah it's okay, my fault for not seeing it connect. Let the cheerful merriment re continue!
>> No. 2484590
File 130631149642.png - (147.83KB , 945x945 , derpydrinkieshrug.png )
maybe i considered it venting because alot of people weren't posting what they were thinking and you did?
i dunno...
mostly i agree with you though. i thought it was kind of silly people were honestly considering leaving ponychan because of a pony video embed that wasn't even on autoplay
>> No. 2484591
File 130631150786.jpg - (589.46KB , 977x2702 , 5740 - comic flying gilda scootaloo.jpg )
I can go into detail of what I would like to do to change myself for the better if you would like, I'm just kinda of tired no and I have posted some long posts along this thread as it is. My apologizes if I'm rude it is late and I may not be thinking with half my brain at the moment.

hmm that brings up a good point. even if you don't think so, even if you don't get replied to. even if oat burries your post faster then you can say "here boy!". somepony will read your post. somepony will care. even if they don't reply and you think you've been forgotten in the typhoon that is /oat/ you aren't
>> No. 2484592
Reading only the OP, and having dealt with this kind of situation before ((im really sorry, ill give the whole thread a clean lookthrough once i can actually log on via a pc instead) i can tell that you are all going to act positively towards this thread. everypony is going to say that they love the OP and that theyre sorry and everything, and sound sincere... but... there will be those who, maybe they are sincere right now. maybe they return to love and tolerance and all that stuff that makes this the most wonderful place on the net.

But they will return to lacking in that. And it makes me feel terrible. Ponychan i... i joined in hopes of someday making a difference here. OP, you have my promise that im gonna do my best to help you and every singe one of you wonderful ponies out there. You cannot begin to understand how much this fandom means to me, or how much dedication i have towards its preservation and wellbeing.

You have my word that i will never... ever... let you down. I Love each and every one of you with all of my heart, and its my duty to make this place wonderful. not to just keep the parasprites out, but to make it a BETTER place for everypony.

sorry for any typos, its a tad hard to type with my eyes watering up like this.

My one request to everypony here today... DO NOT forget this thread. do not forget the promises you make here today.
>> No. 2484593
File 130631174925.png - (53.34KB , 138x235 , standupsmug.png )
>implying it ever stopped
And I wish it'd n go on, but holy crap it's 3 am here.
I'm not sure how much I can last.
>> No. 2484594
File 130631184590.jpg - (920.38KB , 1625x1028 , welcome_home2.jpg )
It's dangerous to go alone. Take this image.
>> No. 2484595
I wouldn't dream of it~ ..... I would make some witty analogy about promises but it's late for me and I should really go to bed... so goodnight bronies and a good morning to others!
>> No. 2484596
File 130631193861.png - (129.49KB , 296x438 , creaturecatcher.png )
I am aware of what I have said in this thread, and I'll be damned if I don't give it my best shot to live up to those words.
>> No. 2484597
File 130631196959.png - (261.03KB , 600x605 , twipinkhug.png )
I'm glad we were able to touch your heart, Pinkie Mod. But please do give the thread a read through, it's a doozy, starts out rough, but it's sorta magical how it plays out.

i love everpony, and i promise to do what i can, when i can, within my abilities. Everypony is AWESOME!!!!

but yes, read the thread. it's rather important.
>> No. 2484598
500+ posts.

not like i was doing much anyways. hhaha... will do :3
>> No. 2484600
File 130631207768.png - (8.33KB , 124x125 , 130364422667s.png )
I know what you mean, I think it's getting late for most people on here, so I'm probably going to call it a night in a bit myself.

Yeah I guess, I just can't but feel that way at times, but I try to ignore it since I know I am kidding myself thinking that. Just got too much for me a bit tonight.
>> No. 2484601
File 130631213802.png - (222.94KB , 322x318 , proud.png )
I'm sure he'll be happy when he reads through and finds out how it's actually full of serious and well-thought posts, rather than just "I love OP and I love everypony".
>> No. 2484602

HOW you tell others how you understand it should be up to you. Some people will hugz the others, some people will tell them something they MIGHT not want to hear. Either way, you are still understanding.

No problem. My pic probably make it seem "venty"

No problem either. But you should see the point there is that just taking on some little "I understand" or just something like "I still love you!" at the end can seem patronizing. I know you meant no harm in it.
>> No. 2484603
File 130631221620.gif - (457.44KB , 306x254 , rickiepoo.gif )
you're never gonna run around and desert us either, are you?
>> No. 2484604
File 130631221961.png - (76.92KB , 1930x1339 , applejack rainbow dash is awesome.png )
Thank you :) i love you mods, you are the best mods anypony could ask for.

Not a bad idea, i need to go to bed too. 2:30 in the mornin here...
frikken love that pic. you and i should definitely chat sometime, you know where to find me lol.
i'm using your oc and nopony can stop me muahahahaha!
>> No. 2484605
File 130631244777.jpg - (943.08KB , 1625x1028 , welcome_home.jpg )
>mfw I don't know where to find you
I remember making it for some reason due to a similar thread. I can't remember which though. But I do know that somepony did post it early on lol. there's two variants of it. All that's different is the house.
>> No. 2484606
wouldnt dream of it.
>> No. 2484607
File 130631257881.png - (134.46KB , 500x370 , marshmallow.png )
I'd sue you but I'm too tired.
On any case.
I think I said all I had to say, so I'm heading off to bed.
Also because staying up any longer would be a crime against myself.
>> No. 2484608
File 130631261526.png - (499.80KB , 987x1062 , awesomepinkie.png )
>> No. 2484609
Forgot to reply to this, curse you sleepiness!

Yeah, you're right about that though Pranky Pie. It's just so unusual for me to interact this way.
>> No. 2484610
File 130631275813.jpg - (29.68KB , 600x337 , tsnotamused.jpg )
Wow, now I wish I had been around when that thread first popped up. I may not have had the proper response at first, but I do understand what the problem is, now. I wish I had been able to say something at the time.


We really should be more supportive and understanding of each other's opinions. We really shouldn't try to get negative reactions out of each other, ever. I have noticed an increase in apathy and paraspriting here, and it disturbs me.

Sometimes I wonder if we have parasprites attempting to destroy our community from the inside out by spreading negativity. Other times I just think it is because as the community expanded, it began to include people who didn't really take the show's lessons to heart, including some who were only jumping on the bandwagon as it became more popular. To anypony who this applies to: You need to be more caring toward your fellow bronies. You need to try to understand their emotions, and you need to try to empathize. You need to be respectful, and preferably also loving. If you can't follow our ideals, you aren't one of us. We are not like the furries. We will exclude you if you are an insensitive dick, whether you like ponies or not.
>> No. 2484611
File 130631295522.png - (170.62KB , 436x564 , PinkiePieForeverrrr.png )
I'm reading through the other thread right now and REALLY don't get what the fuzz is about. Even if the song gets stickied, you can still hide the thread and never hear from it again - why would you have to leave the entire fandom foreveeeer?
>> No. 2484612
I might have covered that earlier. Long post, can't miss it. Can't remember either
>> No. 2484613
Yeah, I've only read about half the thread, sorry. Still trying to catch up.
>> No. 2484614
tis fine. you'll know it when you see it.

Actally, I'm wondering what I wrote. I'm going to go look at it lol
>> No. 2484615
I don't think and hope there aren't people trying to do that to this community. Exclusion just seems a bit rough to me, if only it feels like we aren't being accepting. I could understand it if somepony is doing it repeatedly even after being asked to stop, but somepony new who does it should at least be given a chance in my opinion.

Sorry if you were meaning that towards people who keep doing it after being asked, couldn't really tell.

I don't even remember what most people said and I read it all. It's longer then most things I read on here.

Just to say it again, which somepony might have already said since I'm slow at typing, it's how people were reacting to each other during it that caused this.
>> No. 2484616
File 130631360287.jpg - (9.67KB , 278x181 , images.jpg )
Shit (s)/he's right.

And even worse I just realise I have been contributing to this. Seriously we need to get our shit together and start to get back to the pony spirit.

If anypony out there feels that I have been a flankhat to them, I am truly sorry and I owe you one hug.
>> No. 2484617
i think it was a minor misunderstanding that the ones who were threatening to leave weren't genuinely being taken seriously, and one of the 'parasprites' was honestly joking around and didn't realize that they were upsetting people.
>> No. 2484618
oh gandalf, who possibly wouldn't be forgiving to a wizard such as you?
>> No. 2484619
File 130631415880.png - (116.55KB , 480x201 , trolo.png )

Well there was this balrog I was a little rude to a while back, something to do with smiting his ruins on a mountainside.
>> No. 2484620
one of these days i'll have to challenge you to a wizard duel in /rp/
gandalf the grey vs gandalf the white...
it sounds cool in my head, at least
>> No. 2484621
File 130631429235.jpg - (159.10KB , 416x329 , frame_2.jpg )
also Ixus Naugus
>> No. 2484622
is it bad that the first thing i thought of was ultimate showdown?
>> No. 2484623
File 130631442885.gif - (3.68KB , 50x50 , NMG.gif )
no, not at all
>> No. 2484624
is it bad that when i read your post i was thinking of the song 'the final countdown'?
>> No. 2484625
What really bugged me was how the posters said they didn't like the song. They didn't say "Look guys, I really don't like the song, could you stop with the autoplay?" or "I can't stand the original song and I'd be seriously irritated if it was stickied", but rather "If you sticky this song, I'll leave forever."

This doesn't sound like a request or an opinion we should respect, but more like a demand or even a threat - and that's just not a nice thing to do!

I fully respect it when somepony doesn't like something, but it's not nice when you start to push that onto others. A lot of people liked the song and a lot of people wanted more mod antics (in the Pinkie Pie Poll), so maybe sometimes it's time to be tolerant and let the others have their fun (disclaimer: I didn't like the song either). We are a lot of people on here and it's impossible to please everypony - it's about bearing with things you don't like so you can have things you enjoy to make this work.

Also, I think a lot of the posters who didn't take the "I'm leaving"-posts seriously just thought that it was silly to leave over a song (remember: Hiding the thread makes the music stop) and therefore concluded the poster wasn't serious when he posted that. The love isn't disappearing, guys - we just have to stop taking things so seriously (we are on /oat/, after all).
>> No. 2484626
File 130631528407.jpg - (34.94KB , 550x402 , FineJeez.jpg )
>> No. 2484627
(ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ======= ┻━━┻
>> No. 2484628
I have to agree with this...
>> No. 2484629
I'm going to go out and poke you. Not only was there people hati