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Mod edit: The poster has returned since making this thread.
Please allow me to post the second and third parts before posting…thanks.
To warn you, this is very long and may require you to read this in multiple posts….as I’m writing this in Word beforehand, I don’t know how many characters I can fit into one post…. There won’t be a TL:DR, there’s just too much to be summarized…so when you have the time, please…try to read this in its entirety…

If you think that this is another one of those "Goodbye..." threads, think again, it is actually a "Until we meet again....someday" thread. At the end of Wednesday, May 25, I'll have to leave... I have never seen a group of people so caring, kind, and loving....that not only do I see you guys as my friends, but as an extended family.... The term "hugbox" gets thrown around for this site, but is that really a bad thing? We all NEED friendship and the kind this fandom gives.....is simply wonderful.... By the end of this, you'll know that this really isn't a thread about me....no....I actually hate talking about myself and my problems throughout life....it is really about the people I've met, this wonderful site, and the fandom that sparked the question "Why the Hell am I watching this!?" and the answer "It's magic, I ain’t gotta explain shit.".

For those I wasn't fortunate enough to meet throughout my past weeks here......this is my story of both my past and the weeks I've spent here.....and the people/show that saved my life.....the people I can't thank enough for saving my sanity and allowing me to finally.......after about 16 years......be myself......the fandom that’s turned out to be so much more…for me at least…

To those I have met, befriended, helped, laughed/cried/hugged/loved/and been there for, you do not need to relive what I have already unloaded onto you all.....but I can't stop you if you wish to read my horrible past with some new info (some I have told you guys has been left out, as it doesn’t fit right at all with what I’m trying to get at)…..I just don’t want to make you feel down…..

My childhood:
I don't remember much of my childhood that was positive....the only thing I can really remember that positively affected my childhood was video games and Legos/Kinects. I was very lonely throughout my childhood…. Why my childhood was so bad you may ask.......it all has to do with one person......and that was my dad.

My dad is one of the vilest people you could ever meet......he lies about EVERYTHING. He is not one to get drunk (though occasionally he will). He would not allow me or my brother to have ANY kind of emotion. If we showed happiness, he beat the shit out of us........if we were hurt by his beatings, he'd beat us some more........laugh at a cartoon.....you get the picture....... Our mom tried to stop him several times, but she couldn't stop the violence....... We were too afraid to call the cops....

This is about the time I tried committing suicide several times throughout my life......but every time, I did not go through with it......I could not leave the ones that I loved behind..... I had only one friend at the time and for many more years; I wouldn't have any but that one…we moved away some years later…I haven’t seen him since...

We then find out that our dad had been cheating on our mom......he had done it with 5 other women over a long period of time.... I still remember the fight they had.....it is burned into my memory...........not a short time after, they divorced.

I was glad, secretly, that they divorced......but so very sad for my Mom as she still loved that vile man......I still don't know why.... But even so, I couldn't show it...I couldn't show any emotion even if I tried, our dad’s beatings had been etched into mine and my brother's minds so much so, that even when the violence had gone...we felt nothing.

When my grandfather died…….I couldn’t feel anything, but I loved him so…..just thinking about it and how I took it makes me very sad….

Later years:

Later on in life, I found out how to show emotions, even though they were fake. I called this my wall, my brave face if you will (others have called it a mask or a mirror, whatever floats your boat I guess on which you call it…). Even with this device, I still came off as a cold, heartless, calculative, hate towards every human being, logical, and hopeless person........

My school district could tell that there was something wrong with me, but they didn’t know what. So they had me see a counselor from about 3rd grade till about 8th grade… I never told that counselor how I really felt, though he did know about my past….but not one of my suicide attempts….no, no one has…
I loved my 4th grade teacher, it was the only time in my past, that I ever felt happy, true happiness…she was an excellent teacher who knew what she was doing, forced us to meditate and calm down after each lesson, and played kickball every Friday if we had the time…it was the first time I took off my wall/mask, if only if it was for 8 hours…I met my first real friend in that class, we’re still friends today…it just breaks my heart though that he’s in the army right now…I still have no idea what’s happened to him…
In 5th grade I let out all of my anger for my father on one person… I was waiting for the bus to go to school with my brother when a school bully sling shotted a rock into my brother’s neck, closing off his airway and almost killing him…..in a blind rage like I never felt before, I choked him…..almost to death…it was the screams from my grandma that stopped me…I’m so glad that I didn’t kill him… This was a result from bottling up everything I had ever possibly felt….never bottle up your feelings…

When I graduated from High School, I graduated with honors…I still have no idea how I did that (I might have been a cold hopeless person…I still wanted make something of myself)…
My High School counselor said that he just witnessed the greatest miracle in his life….to my surprise….he said it was me……apparently, no one has ever graduated with a life like mine in the school district……no….most have killed themselves already…
My 4th grade teacher screamed for joy when she heard my name being called out during the graduation ceremony. She came over to me and hugged me….she knew I had it in me to continue….even if life was utter crap…

I felt nothing for these people anymore……..nothing……everything that happened that day went over my head…..I was as cold as cold can get…….it makes me want to go back there right now and thank them for believing in me……
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File 130629804861.jpg - (135.77KB , 1145x773 , 130629144620.jpg )
Current events:

By now I had mastered how to use my wall/mask and could make it believable…I was fooling everyone….even myself…
My first semester was ok in college, failed Drawing 1 due to my horrible scheduling with work and college….
My second semester………..now that is where everything comes at a climax………..

It was nearing the end of the school year and I had 6 more painting projects to turn in. For about a month I had been working on these paintings for Color and Design class…..oh how I hate that class so…. Two nights before every single damned one of them was due, I broke down. I was completely and utterly broken……….all the emotion/feelings I had bottled up over the years……..culminated to this day…….I felt so alone, so lonely, so horribly hopeless……I had worked on these for about 13 hours a day, every day for about a month….but none of them showed any progress……I never have felt so utterly broken, down to the very core of my soul…..these projects would end up meaningless…..no matter how hard I worked on them……..

For hours I contemplated committing suicide, the first time in a long time I had thought of doing so……I got myself ready for it……….I just didn’t care about anything anymore, family and friends weren’t going to be able to get me out of this one…….This was the only solution I could even see……this would be the end and I wanted it….it was Apr. 19, 2011…

However, there was still…..a very small sliver of my being that didn’t want to go…I still have no idea why….I was too far gone….so I made a decision, wait it out till the very end of the semester, which would end the next week…then do the deed…. I decided to at least try to get my spirits up, so I went to YouTube to try and find some videos I liked……I found PonyCraft 2 and thought to myself that the art style of the show looked great for a little girls show, so I searched for episodes of MLP FiM, 17 episodes later and not realizing just how much time had passed….I realized that I was actually happy for once and not as broken…….I was genuinely happy…..I never knew a show you could do that to someone……. I finished 5 of the 6 paintings that day….beforehand; it would’ve taken me a week to get that far with one painting…….
I thought to myself then, there must be a group of people who like this show too, and I couldn’t be the only one who’s had a similar life…….I sought out this place that weekend. I lurked for about a week….not really even realizing I allowed the semester to end without me killing myself……I then decided to jump head first, create a name and tripcode, and finally post……. My first post was an utter lie; I left out everything about my suicide attempt…….I still had on my wall/mask……..

I was in complete denial about it; I even posted in Star’s suicide thread saying that I didn’t know how contemplating suicide felt like……..I wish I could take that back, but I’m not deleting that post…..it is something that needs to stay… I’m just glad that Star is alright.

Then, the strangest thing happened, I felt for once, at home. I started to think of what I did the past week and I realized………I needed to get it off my chest, I thought to myself just how much of an impact that that would make on my life, I’ve never told anyone of any of my suicide attempts……never have I told a soul. I lurked some more that day on Tuesday…May 3rd, even posted in Rainbow Dashes /b/ Raid thread….…until I finally had the guts to spill my soul out onto this imageboard. It was already Wednesday and I started to write it, 1AM in the morning the clock said……after 2 of the most agonizing hours of my life…..I posted it…cried for the very first time in so many years...then I went to bed. I woke up very afraid for what I had done….I poised myself for ridicule and possibly thinking about doing myself in that day…….but that didn’t happen, instead 2 people posted that they were touched by my story, one even said that he cried while reading it……..I started to cry again…….I don’t think I ever stopped crying that day or the next. I started to come out of my shell on that Wednesday, I tried so hard to help whoever thought of committing suicide, I did the same on Thursday….I didn’t care I was an emotional wreck…..many days later, I found out that I, me, stopped at least one of them from doing themselves in…..it is the best feeling I’ve ever felt….for once…..I had a reason to live….I will never contemplate suicide again…

I then found myself in the “How is Everypony!?” thread, I felt the NEED to tell someone what I’ve done, what I’ve been through……..and how emotionally strained I felt….I went to bed after posting….I didn’t care what they said…….I just needed some rest…

I woke up again, afraid for what they said…I found the thread again…one comment I remember very clearly…………from PSP: “I’m proud of you. Very very proud of you for having the strength to keep going. Goodnight, and best wishes.” …….Then another from Shimmer or Fachi said something along the lines of that I was a zealot among bronies…….and then Snowball……..called me a friend…….I didn’t even know them that much…hell, most I’ve never seen before…but they welcomed me with opening arms…I’ve never been so touched in all my life……….. Over the next few days, I learned a little more about them as they learned a little bit more about me…for once…….I felt truly at home, really…..and I wanted to help them with their problems with every fiber of my being…..I only knew them for about a day, but I felt a bond like no other…. Not only did I feel this in just that thread…..no……..everywhere in the site I felt this…….. I’m still good friends with a lot of these people….and I’m so glad for it. My wall/mask shattered by Friday morning…May 6th. My life became a better after…
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File 130629808270.jpg - (135.77KB , 1145x773 , 130629144620.jpg )
This is the first time in my life that I’ve been able to be myself, to finally feel emotions again…to express what I truly feel… Before this site/show/overall fandom I was a lone wolf and I hated to co-operate with other people… My personality and character have made a complete 180 degree turn in the other direction (sorry Shimmer, I forgot that perfect term you gave me…). I can already see how much better I’m doing at work with co-workers with the new me. And I can tell that my artwork, though little I’ve done since, has oddly gotten better….I still don’t know why…

I’ve seen many more people come out like I have, this fandom and site kind of does that to people and for the most part, have made them better people. My life isn’t as bad as some others, but that’s not the point I’m trying to get at with this. We all have our own problems, big, small, mental, and physical, etc.; but what I have seen from this community is absolutely magical. If you are down, they try to pick you up. If you are happy, they try to make you happier. If you’ve got problems that need figuring out, then they try to help out with solving that ‘puzzle’. I’ve never seen a group of people so caring than this group of bronies, they really do genuinely care for everyone. I have seen many instances of us bronies helping each other out. One such example is the problems facing Fluttersie, a great girl in a horrible position. So many people want to help her out that it’s staggering, but it’s awesome that they all are there for her. To Shimmer, however, I say thank you, yet again, for being there for her than most of us could. I know that because of my past and how I can relate to Fluttersie….I cannot help her to my full extent….it would break me…but I’m so glad that she has Shimmer… Not many of us would go as far as calling/texting, but Shimmer has. Without his passion for helping people out, Fluttersie might not have gotten the help she needs (though I don’t know, you guys are awesome at filling in for someone that might be gone or missing and take that spot till they get back). So I ask you all to continue to being as awesome of a community as you all have. There are bad parts of the fandom, but which fandom doesn’t have bad parts? No, I feel that this fandom is different than the other ones I’ve been a part of. None of them have ever put the emphasis on the community as a whole like this before. Never have I seen a bond between each and every user, like they already know each other before they’ve even met…..this show seems to that to us. And to touch on the artistic side of the fandom, I’ve never seen so many talented people all in one group….. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

You know we’re the best caring group of people when we “break” the donate button, right? lol You all are amazing. I’m going to miss each and every one of you….I need to leave for a month to get my laptop replaced for a new one and long story short, I cannot come to Ponychan for that time because my mom, still doesn’t know about my suicide attempts…..and I don’t want those events to be here own trigger to let go of life….


My name is Kenneth Wright, male, age 21 with the alias of Wizard!GANONcSi/c, I am just one out of the thousands of bronies, I am just another person a part of this massive herd of great people. I am a modest man…I actually don’t want to post this..I’m afraid to actually, I’ve never spilled this much out at once…and never in my own thread, outside the confines of the “How is Everypony” thread…I had two breakdowns in the making of this, I’m sorry I worried you, my friends……but I don’t know of any other way to thank the show, fandom, Ponychan, and the friends I’ve made…I love my new friends so…

I will stay in touch with those that I can, but…it won’t be completely the same….I will miss you guys so much… Just know that I’ll be limited to 2 hours of internet time a day, and more than likely, we won’t be on at the same time…

I was originally going to give each and every one of my friends some last advice…but I can’t do that…no…I don’t want to forget someone…I don’t want anyone to feel bad…so instead, I’ll give some advice to all of you.

Never lose sight of your dreams. You must endure through life’s hardships, never give up. Continue to help everyone out as best as you possibly can, even when the tunnel has gotten dark for you. None of you are failures; some of you just have yet to find your own cutie mark. Try your best, that is all you can do, it is what everyone should ever expect out of you and nothing more. We all genuinely want to become your friend. And when you genuinely feel so depressed that you feel the need to commit suicide….please…tell someone, I’ve only told one person IRL….he is my one true IRL friend….but it took me 3 weeks after the fact to let it out to someone IRL….life is worth enduring.

And by the way…I passed that Color and Design class. :D Even after all of this, I STILL want to become a Graphic Designer…

So once again, thank you Ponychan, thank you to the whole staff of MLP: FiM, thank you brony community, and thank you….especially….to all of my friends…. I really couldn’t have been alive today without you all….

THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

I will see you all in a month…..I will not forget you….I will not….bye…
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File 130629859966.png - (82.30KB , 293x340 , Awesome.png )
Hey Wizard, I may not know you that well, but I'm glad to hear this community has helped you get through tough times. I wish you luck and hope to see you again sometime soon.
>> No. 2484736
File 130629890736.png - (258.14KB , 1900x1916 , rainbowflutterhug.png )
Oh Wizard...

*hugs* we won't forget you either, friend.

We'll be anxiously awaiting your return.

I don't know you as well as I know some other bronies, but I still think of you as a close friend. I'm glad you're still here, and I'm glad you will return.

You will be missed!
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File 130629895674.gif - (333.38KB , 420x315 , Slow_Clap.gif )
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File 130629907828.png - (190.62KB , 782x900 , simply_beautiful.png )
>zealot among bronies
That was me ^-^

Wizard, I read this... and I had to cry.
I really think it's amazing that your life is testament to the fact that there really is good and love worth fighting and living for in this world.
You are an amazing friend and an amazing person, I promise I'll always be here for you if you ever need me.
I love you Wizard, thank you for being awesome <3
What played through my head the entire time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SqFPNTBnv8

later ^-^
>> No. 2484739
;____; *gives you a big hug and a month's supply of muffins* I'm going to miss you bro...!

You can bet on me to be waiting for you when you get back! I'll throw you a "Welcome Back Wizard" party!
>> No. 2484740
File 130629927712.png - (554.91KB , 1197x1325 , derptydinkyhug.png )
I don't know you as well as the rest so hope its not weird posting in here but. Wow. Just, wow. Your story is extremely touching and I'm glad you learned how to feel again. It also says a lot about this community that you feel comfortable posting something so personal in public. I really wish the very best for you in the years to come.

*big hugs*

You'll be missed while you're gone, but it'll be great when you come back! Looking forward to it already!
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File 130630005151.png - (264.29KB , 3000x2815 , 130075385313.png )
Words are insufficient. You deserve a Rainbow Dash salute
>> No. 2484742
File 130630075455.jpg - (132.81KB , 1064x690 , 130190027388.jpg )
Man wizzard...I read all that.

Truly beautiful I'm glad that you've been inpacted by this community so much. You're a great man Wiz, and this story was beautiful!

I hope that in some distant, time or place I get the chance to meet you in person, shake your hand and give you a hug.

You're awesome my friend, never change.
>No brohoof is big enough for you
>> No. 2484743
File 130630093307.jpg - (79.43KB , 945x945 , 130404825420.jpg )
I'm sorry to hear about what you have gone through, but I am glad to see things have been turning around for you. I hope things continue on a positive path for you and we'll see you in a month or so.
>> No. 2484744
File 130630104218.jpg - (114.12KB , 635x1080 , worth it.jpg )
Since i am going to work now i dont have time to read through this, but dont worry i will for sure when i get back. Just wanted to let you know before you leave...

I hold you among my dearest Friends, you will be missed but i am looking totaly toward when your coming back. So NEVER let your head down----

>picture so much related

Untill we meet again my dear Friend
>> No. 2484745
I don't post with this name (or any name at all) outside of the "How are you feeling?" threads, but I feel this calls for me to break this "rule" - I want you to know that I've read this, and that I care.

I won't say many words, as I'm sure others will say all the thing that need saying, and do it better (I'm just not good at this kind of talk). But I will say that I'm genuinely amazed at how much we've helped you - and very, very glad that we have. I'll also say this - it's saddening that you have to leave, particularily because of being forced by external circumstances. But there's still the bright ray of future promise here that makes it better, which is that you'll be coming back.

I'll be awaiting your return.
>> No. 2484746
I was listening to this song while reading this entire thread: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbH8azzyQDE

Seriously got choked up... I can't think of much to say right now... but I'll try:

I'm so glad to hear how much this community has helped make you're life happier. I did not know much about your past before I read this thread, but I feel like I know you on a much deeper level now. You're a great friend Wizard. I'll miss you while you're gone, but I look forward to your return! Until that day comes, please continue to live a happy life!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvFnpmrNwkM (don't let the song title or the mildly dark lyrics scare you, the song is actually quite happy)
>> No. 2484747
File 130630233185.jpg - (575.00KB , 1536x2048 , 100_0015.jpg )
Kenneth Wright.

Not enough words could describe how I felt while reading your post, there will never be enough words to express how great and very good person you are (eventhough I haven't talked to you much) but I can tell from your words that you are a wonderful friend and would like to meet you IRL someday, even if is just to thank you and give you a hug.

I know probably you won't see this post and it may be deleted after a while, but I'll save it & once you comeback I'll show it to you bro. I'll wait for you. Damn I'm really going to miss you, I have tears running trough my cheeks rught now.

My best wishes to you in everything that you propose to do, cause I got the feeling that you're very happy with the way things are going, and I'd like to see it going that way.

Farewell my friend.
>> No. 2484748
Good job man! Truly an inspiration to us all yeah? Anyways I just wanted to say that: Don't worry we'll all still be here when you get back

Good luck on any endeavors you pursue!
>> No. 2484749
File 130630345933.png - (372.48KB , 900x506 , brohoof.png )
I feel like an idiot, but here it is.
WTF IS A TL;DR???!!!???
sry, but I've been wondering what this meant for a long time and I have absolutly no friggin ideea and it's driving me crazy!
plz? wtf is this mfin shiznit?
>> No. 2484750

Too long Do Read.
He meant that if is this text is to much to read he made a short version.

TL;DR: long story short.
>> No. 2484751
File 130630361537.png - (97.17KB , 279x277 , dashbigeyes.png )
"too long; didn't read"
It's basically a summary
>> No. 2484752
"Too long, didn't read."

thanks to my friend Google.
>> No. 2484753
File 130630375354.png - (490.27KB , 1600x1080 , mlp_fim_derpy_by_smittyg-d3dzuwc.png )
>> No. 2484754
File 130630422495.jpg - (114.96KB , 945x945 , celestia wtf.jpg )
look smartypony...>>2484753
I G00gled it...................
Wouldn't have asked unless I did AT LEAST that...........
but, thank you SSOOOOO MUCH cause like I said.....
Now i feel even dumber......
>> No. 2484755
File 130630898764.png - (154.04KB , 400x372 , hug.png )
*hug* I'm going to miss you, but I look forward to seeing you again <3

I can't believe you posted all that, I am in awe. I'm so glad that ponies and bronies were able to help you <3 Thank you for being here and thank yu for being you!
>> No. 2484756
File 130630925807.gif - (626.58KB , 600x456 , 130506466752.gif )
Hey Wizard. It's Brushtail.

I haven't known you very long, just like I haven't known Ponychan very long. I'm not a particularly "loyal" poster, I'll admit. I don't mind taking a day off, and I don't always try to help every brony I can. But believe me when I say that the spirit of this place is a live and well in me, and I do feel that uncontrollable urge to help when there's a need, and just plain be happy when there's not. I haven't known you very long, but I can tell it's because of people like you that this feeling is here at all, you and those before you who helped you through that darkness.

By the way, has anybody told you lately how special you are? That you're a good person? Because you are.

It takes great strength to overcome what you have, and great courage to post it here, sharing it with all the bronies the world might have to offer, and you know what? People are going to see that. And when they can't see it they'll hear about it. And when they can't hear about it they're going to remember it. You know why? Because what you've done here on Ponychan, yesterday, today, and tomorrow, will affect more people in more ways than you could possibly imagine. Somewhere right now someone is passing over this thread, reading this story, and stopping dead in their tracks because they know "my God...I've been there too", but they never knew there was a way out; that is, until you showed them. You're a good person, Wizard, and an amazing human being, and I just hope you know that.

I don't know you very well, but I know I sure want to. I'll see you when you get back, my friend.
>> No. 2484757
File 130631173871.png - (103.18KB , 764x536 , a_companion_for_luna_by_enma_darei-d3gglxr.png )

You mentioned to me that night on steam that you had issues with your dad

but reading this makes it so much more real.

You were given such a horrible situation in life; you really do learn from what you are shown. Today in European History, we watched a video about HAMAS, a Palestinian terrorist group. They have special propaganda aimed at children, teaching them hate for their enemies, the Israelites and Americans. And the kids listen, what else do they know? They walk around with fake bombs on their chests, and do drills at special schools with weapons.
Hate is learned. These children obviously wouldn't do this of their own accord.

So I would like you to know, that your cold, heartless, calculative personality was not the real you. You say that you put on a mask, no, you were a mask. And now, your mask is gone, you are the real you. A great person <3

You were the one who always opened a chat with me when I was having a rough time. I admit I didn't always want to talk, but it was so kind of you, and I really appreciated it a lot looking back.

And suicide... I'd rather not talk about it here. It's a touchy subject for me.

But I just can't believe how much this show helped you. You were on the verge, and then

oh goodness, I'm just so glad you're here

When you made that 180 degree turn around (metanoia C:), you escaped the hate you'd been taught and became who you really are. I'm so proud of you :3

And thanks for your kind words, though are a few other dedicated helpers too for her :3 I do what I can.

Thanks for the advice, and I'm sure you'll make a great graphic designer ^_^

I'll see ya, around buddy. I love you <3
>> No. 2484758
File 130631202962.png - (172.81KB , 900x800 , DerpyLove.png )
Hey Wizard, Starshine here. Sorry I couldn't reply to this when it was first posted, I got called to dinner and my dad plays dirty by turning off the modem to make sure I come...
Anyway, just stopped by to say I'll miss you, bro. I must not have been in the thread when you told your story, but reading it now is just amazing...I'm glad this show and community had such a great effect on your life. I've enjoyed seeing you in the "How is everypony?" threads and this next month won't be the same without you. I'll miss you. We'll all miss you. Good bye, Wizard! See you in a month!
>I got your email address saved in my Gmail contacts!
>> No. 2484759
File 130631261452.png - (302.49KB , 3520x2216 , 130420144078.png )
I never really got the chance to meet you and really get to know you whenever I'm here, but reading those posts just... Wow... I nearly shed a tear.

See you soon, and good luck.
>> No. 2484760
There's something in my eye...

Wizard, this is one of the most genuine, heartfelt, downright... lovely posts I have seen. I'm glad you posted it and didn't bottle it.

I'm so sorry to hear the nature of your childhood (I had no idea).. but it's incredibly heartwarming that you've fought through it when others would've given up. You're truly an inspiration.

I'm new (but starting to be non-new enough for that to sound like a stuck record perhaps) and will admit that I don't really know you. But you're one of a small handful (2.. 3.. maybe 4) whose presence here and acts of kindness towards others has genuinely, honestly, touched me in the short time I've known you.

Please do come back! (You WILL come back... *Fluttershy stare*). And if you're in touch with some of the others behind the scenes, get them to let us know how you're doing.

I'll leave you with a quote from >>166379 after seeing you make someone's life better and putting yourself in a brilliant mood in the process:
MW: "Did i miss anythin"
C: "just Wizard being awesome."
MW: "Wizard is awesome is no news ... he IS a wizard afterall"

Will miss you. Take care and see you soon!
>> No. 2484761
Oh yes, and I texted fluttersie about this, she's says thank you and that she appreciates you wanting to help
>> No. 2484762
File 130631373100.jpg - (51.40KB , 800x600 , 130507910650.jpg )
Sorry I didn't find this sooner Wizard. I knew of your past or at least a good portion from random threads, but like what I told Fluttersie, I have this uncanny ability to read people. I could tell of your pain. I'm glad that you were able to finally break down that wall. Hope the words that I said at >>115511 helped out. We'll miss you man! Have a good time while you're away doing... whatever it is your going to do for a month. My email is in my name if you ever wanna chat.
>> No. 2484763
File 130632287343.jpg - (39.22KB , 475x340 , USL08795.jpg )
>> No. 2484764
File 130632763763.png - (261.03KB , 600x605 , 130558125337.png )
I had the time to read it, and I hope I'm not too late. Wow, what a life you had, I'm sorry to hear that. I'm glad this community was able to help.

We just met too and shared a couple of laughs. I know you're leaving, but I hope to see you again one day. I think of you as a friend, after all we did share a laugh together.

It was nice meeting you Wizard and I wish you the best of luck. :)
>> No. 2484765
File 130632772229.png - (136.29KB , 473x480 , rarityreacts.png )
Just posting this to remind you of the laugh we shared. It came from this picture. XD

Maybe you could get a laugh with me one last time. :)
>> No. 2484766
File 130632863997.gif - (129.32KB , 200x113 , bouncy chicken.gif )
Wizard, I can't express how wonderful I felt after reading these posts. How inspirational and how incredibly touching they are.
I don't want to repeat things that have already been said here. I just want to tell you that I am truly, sincerely happy for you.

And a month is technically nothing. We'll be waiting for you. See ya!
>> No. 2484767
File 130633102496.png - (25.95KB , 301x301 , 130530607890.png )
No tl;dr?
>> No. 2484768
i just wanted you to know that....
>> No. 2484769
File 130633231077.jpg - (177.32KB , 853x480 , Rainbow Dash awesome.jpg )
Can I just say, this is the only website on the internet where I can go and actual feel something. It's amazing to me how open and loving this community is, truly.

>Pictured, Kenneth. You're awesome, man.
>> No. 2484770
File 130633399240.jpg - (96.86KB , 600x600 , hug.jpg )
Good going! Awesome to see so many bronies that managed to get themselves out of tough positions, and share their experiences.
>> No. 2484771
File 130634152079.png - (155.33KB , 371x345 , 130523994643.png )
I thank you all from the bottom of my heart......you all mean a lot to me (as you may have found out in my story lol).....I will miss each and every one of you.... Wed. isn't over yet (12 hours left)....but I felt I needed to say something now....

...I'm so touched by you all......


No....there's just too much to summerize, this is as small as I could get it...but I understand if you don't read it...
>> No. 2484772
File 130634351220.jpg - (9.60KB , 203x195 , 130600724573.jpg )
Dont cry now, only tears of Joy i will alow at this time. We will meet again... be sure of it and i for my part will be sure to be here when you get back.

We keep you a spot among us free dont worry... and there will be a stack of hay waiting for you so you can rest when you come back and tell us about your month.

I am really touched by your Story, i knew most of it but some details were new to me aswell, but i share all your feelings toward this great community.

If you ever feel lonely, tell me. I will call you on the weekend if you like (but only if you want to make up with my derped english XD)

I said it before... stay well my dear Friend and keep watching the Skie... there will always be a pegasus watching over you

Your our dearest Friend... and we will miss you but we also look forward to be having you back

>> No. 2484773
File 130634412529.jpg - (12.58KB , 226x261 , 1303598540627.jpg )

Exactly! You've got plenty of people that will be here for you, and you'll always have a spot reserved for when you come back! I sent you an email if you want to keep in contact, and if you want I could give you my number if you ever wanna text/chat.

Oh Merri, I can never seem to get on the how are you threads when you're there How is your wife doing?
>> No. 2484774
Fine thank you...

>but i am in the Thread right now lol...
>> No. 2484775
File 130634507269.png - (56.25KB , 319x274 , fluttershy_smile.png )
You don't know me at all, but I was touched by this. It's always great to hear about a person in an awful situation be able to come out of it on top. And that's what you did. It took you a while, but somehow this show was the trigger to turn that frown upside down. C: I'm so happy for you and whatever you're doing to keep yourself from Ponychan, I wish you the best and remember that this site will welcome you back with open arms.
>> No. 2484776
I still am proud of you Wizard. You're a strong person for what you've gone through. I'll miss you.
>> No. 2484777
I hope to see you soon wizard, I love you!
>> No. 2484778
Love ya~
>> No. 2484779
File 130635755697.png - (80.57KB , 175x175 , thatfeel.png )
Augh, that part about not knowing how to show emotions hit me like a freight train. I know that feel. While I wasn't beaten for it, it simply wasn't allowed. It's the worst feeling, going through life like you feel nothing, for nothing. Did you feel like banging your head against the wall while you were writing that? I know I am for this post.

I know you probably don't know me well, but as PSP is...I am proud of you for going through hell and coming back. My life story simply does not compare to yours.

I hope to see you soon!
>> No. 2484780
Dear mods,
please archive this thread so we can link to it when somepony else is going through a rough time or is contemplating suicide.

Thanks, Wizard, this was a truly inspiring post
>> No. 2484781
File 130636056188.png - (91.34KB , 889x667 , awesome!.png )
I've seen you around synchtube every once in a while :)

You will be missed bro, stay strong in your absence :)
>> No. 2484782
File 130636110245.png - (8.71KB , 105x125 , 130257612562s.png )
You probably don't know me that well, but I found this post very inspiring and I'm glad to hear people on here have helped you so much! It's good to hear that people can overcome the most dire and hopeless situations in life and come out looking new and rejuvenated because of it.

You'll be sincerely missed, but I don't feel this is necessarily the end of anything, only a beginning. Best of luck, man!
>> No. 2484783
File 130636143188.jpg - (20.04KB , 400x372 , 130582530029.jpg )
We never really got to know each other, yet. But I am definitely going to miss you.

You always try to help everyone in need, you are just such a nice and gentle person.

Sometimes all you need is the right kind of environment to become the person you truly are. This place, this community allows people to be kind and to be vulnerable without getting punished for it. And that alone is some amazingly strong magic, that can transform lives and can form friendships that last forever.

I have read your story. I am so very happy that you have come so far. And the best part is, this is just the beginning.

Hurry back and let's become good friends then!
>> No. 2484784
File 130637217668.jpg - (79.43KB , 945x945 , cute hug.jpg )
I haven't gotten to know you well yet, either, but I can tell you're a great person! You're courageous, too! We'll be here for you when you come back, and will make your return known to all here! Take care of yourself, now.
>> No. 2484785
File 130637479747.jpg - (21.12KB , 310x358 , 130229679726.jpg )
I apologize for not getting to know you, so I feel like I should introduce myself. The name's Sam. Anyway, back to the main part.

Until we meet again for the first time, I only have this to say as you depart on your adventures:

We will be waiting for you here in the land of PonyChan, my friend. As you will not forget us, we will not forget you. Stay strong, Wizard, and live life to the fullest of your extent. May we meet again in the nearest of futures.
>> No. 2484786
File 130637549568.jpg - (349.69KB , 1024x960 , 919a8e1748c60016ba300e16651adf86.jpg )
That was the most touching story I have ever read. Best of luck to you in all future aspects of your life, and my sincere wishes that you stay safe over the next month you will be away from us. I will definitely keep you in both heart and mind while you're away! I am so happy you decided to post this.

I have never spoken to you up until I guess this point, but I will be sure to once you're back. Again, good luck Wizard!
>> No. 2484787
File 130637598176.png - (49.39KB , 110x125 , rainbowdash.png )
>> No. 2484788
Man it takes a lot to get my to cry, usually massive physical pain, but after reading this I cried a couple of manly tears.
>> No. 2484789
File 130638141220.gif - (66.08KB , 360x360 , 130315502655.gif )
Wizard, you don't know me, but I still wanted to stop by and let you know that I found your story incredibly touching, and inspirational. It always makes me happy to hear how people have managed to turn their lives around for the better. I don't think I could ever stress how much of an amazing person you are. I wish I could have gotten to know you better, hopefully there'll be plenty of time for that in the future.

Stay strong man, and thanks for sharing this with us.
>> No. 2484790
File 130638298321.png - (167.55KB , 640x360 , grin.png )
Though this is the first time I've heard of you, I look forward to your return.

I listened to this too. Damn those Japanese. I know not what they sing, but damn they put emotion and feeling into what they sing.

Hate it when you can't type what you want without it sounding wrong, aha. Regardless, I hope to see you again soon.

Peace, bruh.
>> No. 2484791
File 130638962319.png - (255.21KB , 500x562 , tumblr_lkjr0dyrHb1qafrh6.png )
....Thank you all for your kind words.....*is starting to have another happy breakdown...*

I love you all.......and to those I don't know, thank you, I'm so happy you took the time to read this.....I really am.........I will try to meet you all when I come back....

I'm too modest for my own good.....but so many have said that I'm awesome, that I think for once.....I'll take it.....thanks everyone....

To my friends, thank you for this journey ......I will see all again, someday....

For now though, I have to go to bed.......I don't care if this gets archived or not....as most of my friends have posted and have seen this.....it's all I ever wanted and more.....more than 40 unique users have posted.......and for that.....I thank you all again, I never expected this much.......

Thank you all.........see you soon.........
>> No. 2484792
I don't think I ever got the chance to meet you, althtough I think I've seen you in a couple threads. I really can't find the words to say, other than I'm glad you've passed through the fire, and I hope the best for you.
>> No. 2484793
wizard, i don't think i've ever actually talked with you (i hardly post here in the first place), but i'll be looking forward to when you come back.

your story gave a good start to my day.

i hope things go well for you friend, and thanks for posting your story. <3
>> No. 2484794

I love you dude, be safe.
>> No. 2484795
I am sorry for all the horrible things you have been though, but I am so glad you discovered us in time, and I am so glad that you are feeling better now.

I haven't met you before, but I feel close to you just from reading this story.

This truly is the best community on the internet. We all look forward to your return.
>> No. 2484796
I don't know you but you sound like an awesome guy Kenneth. I'm glad you can feel happy for once..
>> No. 2484799
>mfw i read this
>> No. 2484800
>mfw i read this
>> No. 2486172
File 130663278218.jpg - (27.49KB , 451x335 , OH GOD WHAT.jpg )
holy fucking shit
>> No. 2486175
This show.
This freaking show. These freaking bronies.

I love you guys so much.
>> No. 2486190
File 130667260745.png - (111.67KB , 427x403 , 130042898029.png )
I never get tired of hearing how this wonderful show has saved/changed lives. I'm elated that you are happy and decided to live. Live life to the fullest! I love you, brony! I'm glad you told us everything. I don't know if I've met you before, but I think I've seen you in threads. I look forward to seeing you in a month! We'll be waiting.
I'm late to the thread, but I'll hug you anyway. *hugs Wizard*
>> No. 2486598
This community and this show is an endless source of inspiration for me. I'm so glad you decided to stick it through Wizard. It always warms my heart to see people with your kind of background beat the odds and succeed.
>> No. 2487026
File 130677074457.png - (136.18KB , 329x360 , 130642864328.png )
To all you guys who posted after I left, thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope that my story may help more people out as time goes on...

I'm back for about a week due to circumstances I can't control.......I don't like going back on my word....but it's nice being back, even if it means it adds an entire week to true hiatus... I'll be in the "How is everypony" thread like I usually am. So if you want to talk to me, that's where I'll be. ^_^
>> No. 2487027
File 130677081715.jpg - (6.33KB , 198x244 , 130609882363.jpg )
......and thank you mods for archiving this......it really made my day when I found out...

>> No. 2493947
File 130768570533.png - (214.39KB , 400x225 , Alwayshere.png )
To all of you, I must thank again, the day has come again and this time everything is set...

My friends came to me in my darkest hours...
They helped pick up the pieces...
And allowed me to finally be me...
I can not comprehend how much I have impacted their lives, especially the ones I've helped so much...
Nor can they comprehend the impact they've made on mine...
But that wasn't enough for them, no...
They allowed me to be more than just me...
They allowed me to shine...
My friends now call me great, awesome, and amazing...
These things I can not yet accept of myself...for my past still haunts me, but will fade away with time...
I'll never lose my modesty though, no, that is a part of who I am...
Thank you, everypony...

~PSP: I'm glad that you and whoever else may have helped you, came up with the "How is Everypony" thread, without it, I honestly don't know if I'd be here right now. Because if I didn't have you guys to fall back on that night and making you guys my friends, I don't think I would've made it past the next few days...I was still in a dark place those days after....thanks my friend. ^_^

I would love to say more, but I must really go now, it's for real.........see you soon........I'll miss you all very much...I'll stay in contact with those I can...
>> No. 2493951

Well, I wrote this the last time.

>But there's still the bright ray of future promise here that makes it better, which is that you'll be coming back.

>I'll be awaiting your return.

It is still just as applicable. I hope you have as good a month as you possibly can and see you when you come back, friend!
>> No. 2493952
File 130768676769.png - (261.03KB , 600x605 , 130558125337.png )
I'll miss you Wizard. Thanks for helping me through my darkest hour with synchtube. :)
>> No. 2493955
Bye Wizard, see you soon. We'll be waiting.
>> No. 2493956
File 130771099565.png - (214.41KB , 400x368 , always here.png )
I love you man, youre an amazing person and i will be eagerly anticipating your return :(
>> No. 2493957
File 130771105522.png - (214.41KB , 400x368 , always here.png )
I love you man and I think you're an amazing person and will do just great out there. I eagerly anticipate your return and will be here when you get back to greet you just as warmly as the first time. <3 I love you
>> No. 2497330
Hey Wizard Mac here, so upon your recommendation on synchtube tonight I ran over to /arch/ to look this thread up and even though it's 3 in the morning I'm going to reply. First off you were right. This made me cry. A lot. You and so many other people here consistently amaze me with their stories. You guys go through so much and still try to shift the subject to thanking us. You are the purest kind of person there is and I agree that everypony on this site is amazing. This community as a whole is amazing; and I can't even express how glad I am that I found it. And I know I haven't talked to you much, but if you ever need any sort of help I'd be glad to email you. Once again you rock, your post rocks, and this entire community rocks. (hopefully this doesn't have a billion typos, did on my IPod)
Love you bro
>> No. 2502766
File 131002311820.png - (178.52KB , 1280x967 , RainbowDashSalutesYou.png )
>Mo aghaidh nuair
I would say something like, "You get 1000000 interwebs" but it wouldn't show one iota of respect I have for you.
You sir, are a living conduit of greatness.
>> No. 2504079
File 131109696388.jpg - (114.12KB , 635x1080 , itwasworthit.jpg )
Well, I'm officially back as I can get! Only was able to leave for about 8 days, then ended up coming back....it's just so hard to leave this place. lol

Again, I am so touched by how great this fandom really is...

Ever since this fandom, I'm ever changing and always getting better. I'll use this post to reflect. I'll post more after this post. And, I'll try to comment on every single post in this thread, it will take awhile, but it will be worth it. ^_^

You are not modest, no, you were only afraid of your past and had very little confidence in yourself. You still hated yourself, as you still associated with the old you... You know now that you are as far from who you use to be as you can get, there's no longer any reason to hate yourself as you love who you are now. Confidence, a word you could never associate with yourself. That is now far from the truth, you have so much more confidence in yourself/what you do and guess who helped you out with this? Yes, most of your friends allowed you to see just how great a person you really are, though, you'll never allow it to get to your head. You've even asked a few of them to yell at you if you somehow do get a big ego. lol You now can accept full well who you are and the great things your friends call you, it feels so great to be able to finally do that...

Oh, and btw....you're Bi, you always have been and you've never really been able to see it. Don't be ashamed of it, it's better to know that you are instead of not knowing or not accepting it.

You never imagined to become the person who you are now, never imagined to have this many great friends, and never imagined to like a show about ponies. lol

The fact of the matter is (and this sounds SO corny, but it fits so well):

Friendship IS Magic. ^_^

You wouldn't be here today without any of them.

Thank you, everypony, who has been there for me. Either in the past few days or the very day I posted my suicide attempt admission post. I wouldn't be the person before you today if it wasn't for you all. ^_^ Thanks. Much love to you all!
>> No. 2504083
File 131109822763.png - (142.50KB , 1024x773 , salute.png )
Okay Wizard, I just read this whole thread. And there's really nothing I can say that hasn't been said.
Your story reminds me of my own, except you have the fortitude to talk about it and get better.
Yeah. Nothing to add. Have a picture of RD saluting your greatness.
>> No. 2504336
I find this here in the archives and read this... Tears swelled up in my eyes and some rolled down my cheek... I'm glad that you have recovered from some degree from your past! Know that no matter what happens, we will be here with open arms and ready to listen! Friends support each other through the thick and thin, the brutal and saddening... Live on and enjoy life. We stand up for what we believe and leave nopony behind! So stand tall and live life! It's here to enjoy :)
>> No. 2508545
File 131380909615.jpg - (6.15KB , 299x169 , Moss 03.jpg )

The first time I can recall talking to you is when you showed everypony your PMV in the HAY thread. I clicked the link, honestly thinking that it would be just another one of those generic ‘clip shows with music attatched’ but when I heard that song… It blew me away. The song fit the scene so well it surprised me! That was quite a shock, and I must say you are really good at making PMVs from what I’ve seen so far!

I remember the night you added me as a friend on Steam. It was quite the surprise, as I posted my account name quite a while beforehand. A little nervous, I decided to try talking to you, and got to know you a little bit that night. You posted me a link to this thread at some point during our conversation, and I gave your story a quick skimming. Feeling pretty tired, I decided to save reading it for the next morning.

When I did read it the next day, I didn't know you all too well. I read it in its entirety, but it didn't really hit me at the time just how much you have been through throughout your life. I told you that morning that I was happy for you, and I meant it, but at the same time I didn't really put much thought into it beyond that.

Over the days I got to know you a bit better through chatting with you in the HAY thread and messing around in your Synchtube, being silly by impersonating famous people and confusing everypony at times. Even though I missed many a movie night, the ones that I did make were a blast and I enjoyed every minute of chatting it up on the Saturdays and Sundays I was there.

After a while, through Steam chatting, messing around in your Synchtube, and even Facebook messaging, I got to know you even better as a person. I recently began to realize that the story I read that morning had completely slipped from my mind. I barely gave it much thought, and for that I am truly sorry.

I decided today to re-read your story, and this time I took it to heart. Reading about your life made me realize just how important of a place Ponychan is, not just to you and me but to many others. It really is something special when you find a place that you can confide in others, even if that place happens to be on the internet.

It saddens me terribly to know just how much you have went through in your 21 year life. Nopony should have to go through what you have gone through. But you are still here today, and that is what really matters most. I really want you to know that if anything happens to you in the future, I’ll try my very best to be there for you. Seeing you a few nights ago made me realize just how hard everything has been for you. It really hit me then that I hadn’t given your story much thought beforehand.

You are a great friend, and I trust you a lot. More than most people on this website in fact. Re-reading your story, I felt myself putting much more thought into who you are as a person, and how this community has helped you tremendously. You helped me feel welcomed in this community, and along with many others in HAY I can truly call you my friend.

And on that note, I must congratulate you for making it this far on the journey that is your life. For many people, if they were in your shoes, they wouldn’t have made it this far. I know just from this that you are a very strong and courageous individual. I definitely cannot say the same about myself!

I’m going to finish this message on a positive note. Every day, I hop on to ponychan knowing all too well how much time this place can waste. But at the same time, all of the experiences and conversations make this not time wasted, but time fully enjoyed. You were one of the many bronies who have made this a wonderful place to “waste” my time at!

Wishing all the best for you,

>> No. 2509412
File 131439213870.jpg - (29.28KB , 454x345 , 131437220192.jpg )
I just read this. And I just cried. Honestly, I really did. I know I haven't done you for a long while, hell barely even two weeks, but you're one of the people on Ponychan I remember the most, because of your constantly helpful demeanor. You were one of the first people to welcome me to Ponychan too, and for that, I'm grateful.
No-one should have to go through what you went through. But you did, and you made it through the toughest time of your life, and I'm really, really proud of you. I just want to go over there and give you a great big hug.
You are a great guy, and I'm sure you'll get through what ever life throws at you.
>> No. 2509421
File 131441137246.png - (201.85KB , 770x1038 , 131334192213.png )
We'll miss you, be back soon, alright? C:
>> No. 2509423
>> No. 2509428
File 131441828500.png - (102.22KB , 315x348 , 4_06_4.png )
After re-reading your story, I am almost speechless. Fitting since I'm not much with words anyway. All I can say is that there were tears in my eyes and that I'm glad I read this a second time.

You are a wonderful person, and I'm glad to call you my friend. ^_^
>> No. 2510436
File 131646461503.png - (375.16KB , 1890x1467 , spoiler.png )
Thank you Indy. ^_^

Thanks Cookie. ^_^

Thank you Fachi. I'll say this once again, you are one of three people that may have possibly saved my life. I didn't include this into my story, but...I did contemplate suicide again the morning I woke up to see all of your guys' comments... without yours, PSP's, and Snowy's comments, I may not be here today. Thank you, again.
I'm sorry that your advice goes unnoticed, I mean...you give out better advice than I do...
Please stay safe. I love ya man!

Thank you Drake. ^_^
I wish you still came by, but I can talk to you whenever on Steam.

Thanks Vin. ^_^

Raven/Tali, thanks. ^_^ I want to say this here and now, where it'll be archived for you to see.... you're a better man than me, at least in real life. Yes, I have helped out countless others online, but you actually volunteer in real life, something I don't think I'd be able to bring myself to do.
You have way more potential than you realize. I know you sometimes feel out of place in the HAY thread because you don't feel you're good enough at helping others out or getting to know us. However, that doesn't make you any less of a person, you are you and something you may not know, a lot of people have told me that they see you as a really cool person and would like to get to know you better. ^_^

Thank you Bacon. You know, that story you told me about your aunt really touched me...
Thanks for telling me, I think I'll be able to take my Grandmother's future death better when it happens because of you. ^_^

Thanks Roogster, and for the most part, they have. ^_^

Thank you Merri. You and I really don't talk much anymore, which is a shame. However, we both are currently having problems that really don't allow us to do so...
I really hope that you and Dear turn out great and that it lasts as long as it can! You both love each other dearly. ^_^

Thank you Character! You know, even back then, when you and I weren't best friends as we are now, you posting with your Ⓐ actually meant a whole lot to me, as little as what you did was. It meant a lot to me that you cared enough to actually post under your name and not under anonymity.
You know, this post I believe demonstrates how far you have come. I know that if you re-wrote it today, it would look so different.

You're always talking with me, you're always there for me, and you're the most trustworthy person I've ever met. If I had to give an Element of Harmony to you, it would undoubtedly be "Loyalty" AND "Honesty". Thank you very much my best friend! =]

Thank you Unending. ^_^
...that was a touching song...

Thank you Koke. ^_^
....I'm so glad that even back then...I had such an impact....thank you my friend...

Thanks Tex. ^_^

You know Ponny, I don't know if you actually read this or not, but that doesn't matter. You're a great friend whether you know it or not. Thank you so much to being a friend to everypony in the HAY thread. ^_^

Thank you Maxtion. ^_^ I want you to know, again, you can talk with me anytime I'm on. I love how funny you can get. XD If I had to give an Element of Harmony to you, it would be "Laughter".

........................I have to be honest here, your post, this post.....made me cry so much and is the one that had the most impact out of all the ones in this thread..... I'm crying as I'm typing this response out...
Thank you so much Painter Brushtail...thanks...

Shimmer...we've both become really busy as of late have we? lol I'm glad though that Zeke made that other chan as it allows me to talk with you more. You're the first person I ever looked up to in this fandom, or really ever to be honest. It's odd to say that a 21 year old looked up to a seventeen year old, but I did. I still somewhat do. You're an amazing person Shimmer, never forget that.

And you're welcome, I couldn't allow a great person such as yourself go without help, whether or not you allowed me to. I was bound and determined to be somepony who could actually help you for once. I'll never ask you about why suicide is hard for you. Why? Because I know how hard it is to talk about those sorts of things, you'll tell me if you want to tell me. If you never end up telling me, I'd be fine with that.
Again, you're welcome, thanks, and I love ya too man!!!

Heh, irony that you posted RIGHT after Shimmer, how you both say that you're the same person (but with some obvious differences, or at least ones that I can see). Thanks Star. ^_^ I haven't seen that trip in ages. XD
It's sorry to hear though that your dad won the internet battle...

Thank you Omm. ^_^ Well, you've gotten to know me now!

Thank you Cloud. ^_^ You know, we don't talk much, but the fact that I've made such an impact on you, speaks volumes. You're the only one who even thought to make an email effort for me when I was not myself and down. Again....you cannot comprehend how happy that effort made me, you really can't. I still can't put into words how happy it made me....
I'd give you the Element of Harmony, "Generosity" for what you did for me with the email effort. ^_^

Thanks KirbySamus. ^_^

Mary.......you need to know this. I wouldn't have been able to make this thread even happen without you. I was going to make this story much, MUCH shorter if it wasn't for you needing to hear the full scope of it. I'm happy that I stopped you from becoming who I use to be.....I couldn't bear to watch as somepony wanted to go where I use to be...
I do not hate you for what you did to another friend. I was disappointed as you know better. I am not anymore though, you need to realize this. I'm telling the honest truth. I don't know why you can't see this...

I think of you as a friend too, and I showed that to you in that massive post where I listed about 73 of my friends. ^_^ It was nice meeting you too and that was a funny day. XD Thanks, and I hope you come by sometimes. ^_^

Thank you Japko. ^_^ I'm so glad though that you were able to get over your own problems. Yes, I do remember that.

Thanks. ^_^

Thanks Oswald. ^_^

Thanks. ^_^

Thanks. ^_^

Thanks PSP. ^_^ I'll say this again, you're the most optimistic person I have ever met. Also, as I said to Fachi, you're one of three people that may have saved my life that day when you commented on my goodnight post. Thanks. ^_^
Without you, none of this would have happened.... thanks....
I'd give you the Element of Harmony, "Magic".

Thanks Snowy. ^_^ As I said to Fachi and PSP, you're one of the three people who may have saved my life that day when I posted in the HAY thread with my goodnight post, thanks. Love ya too!

Thanks Blackhawk. ^_^ You use to mainly lurk, but I'm glad that you post more often.
I just want you to know this, accept who you are and you'll be able to feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Thank you Hipster, without you, this wouldn't have ever been /arch/ed, thanks. ^_^

Thanks Soarin. ^_^

Thanks Shirts, and I hope you one day get better yourself. ^_^

Thanks Rare, I hope that you can overcome your current obstacles. ^_^

Thanks Panda. ^_^ I hope that you start posting in the HAY again more!

Thanks Sam, and thanks for helping out Fluttersie as you have. ^_^

Thanks Scoffee. ^_^

>>Image is of my first Ponychan post before I broke through that 'wall' and it.....has my suicide attempt admission post...
>> No. 2510437
File 131646469296.png - (81.90KB , 1716x765 , spoiler.png )

Aww...you ended up meeting me!

^_^ Thanks.

Thanks, and I'm glad you've ended up posting in the HAY a bit. ^_^

Thanks. ^_^

It DID get /arch/ed, and you're very happy for it. ^_^



Thanks and yes, it is, even if it is in decline right now, it still is. ^_^





You're welcome. ^_^

Thanks Twi, and I love ya too!

Thanks Mac, love ya too!


Thanks Zom! I hope you get better with time.

Thanks! ^_^

Thank you very much my friend!

And please talk with me on Steam/Facebook when you feel like it, you're not intruding. ^_^ I love talking with my friends, regardless of how many I'm talking with.

Thanks! It means a lot to me that in that little amount of time....you could already tell what kind of person I was....thanks...

I've been back silly. lol

Thanks and so am I to you!

Thank you everypony, really, this means so much to me. I'm always going to say thanks for being there as a friend to me, no matter how much it sounds like I'm a broken record. I do still have problems accepting full well who I am and it brings me to tears when somepony tells me how great I really am... I am modest and humble, I won't ever have an ego, or at least a big head...

To everypony who has read this that hasn't posted, from Twist, Heart, Shadyle, Cheese, and etc (there's a lot of them), I'm glad that you at least read this in its entirety, thank you... that's all I wanted, was it to be read and for you to understand what I've been through and why I act the way I do...

Without this place, I have no doubt I'd be dead or worse (my friends know what I'm talking about...)... how morbid that is to say...

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

I know that Ponychan is in a decline in attitude, however, we're still good at two things, the main things that really count. Having friends that care that would be there for them through and through. And, to help out anypony who is down to the best of our ability. To those who believe that the "pony" magic is gone, well, it is in a way. But the magic will never be fully gone for us who have made friends here that will be with us for the rest of our lives.

I have no doubt, that I'll be talking, in contact, and possibly even meet some of my friends one day, for a long while in my life.

To finish my Element of Harmony thing that I've given to my friends.....VINES, you ARE who I believe I'd give the Element of "Kindness". ^_^ That, is what I believe my friend, I know you could make a counter argument, but I haven't seen anything else from you but kindness. ^_^

And, please don't feel down my friends if I didn't give you an EoH, I'm being as honest as I can be, and I hope you agree with who I gave mine to. It is a gift to those I believe need to hear those things.

I can never thank this community and my friends enough. Thank you. I am so touched by everything my friends have done for me....
>hugs everypony

>>Image is of that HAY thread post...
>> No. 2510438
File 131646673063.jpg - (50.94KB , 599x466 , 130728478127.jpg )
See you around Wizard
>> No. 2510442
File 131646770343.png - (253.18KB , 950x950 , 131644429312.png )
I've been back for about 2-3 months. lol

Me leaving is a thing of the past.

I'll probably have a mod edit my first post.
>> No. 2510445
File 131649716383.png - (87.59KB , 284x285 , Surprised.png )
>irony that you posted that right after Shimmer


>> No. 2510446
How's this for ancient tripcodes? I'm pretty sure I haven't used it since April.
>> No. 2510447
Well, except for nostalgia threads.
>> No. 2510449
File 131649907496.jpg - (49.73KB , 671x567 , No.jpg )
>To those who believe that the "pony" magic is gone, well, it is in a way.
It's just sleeping.
>> No. 2510451
File 131654378787.png - (173.74KB , 798x1001 , 131610948595.png )

I've only been actively on Ponychan since early May, so I didn't see that one.

Hm... maybe I do remember you using it once before... not sure...

That's why I said "in a way". Meaning, as it stands right now, it is for the most part gone, however, doesn't mean it can't come back.

For me though, there is a new kind of magic, and ironically it is the subtitle of the series. XD
>> No. 2513000
No words, Wizard. No words...
>> No. 2513001
File 132841243374.png - (82.50KB , 400x278 , 1328395637101.png )
Wizard my life hasn't been nearly as traumatic as yours, but I know exactly what you mean about a wall. I use my own wall to hide how I feel about anything. I try and laugh off everything and be that funny guy that you can't hurt and its gotten me no where. Now no one can take me seriously because no matter what kind of emotion I really feel, I'm trapped to make a joke and be Mr. Comedian. My only regret in life was making the decision to devote my life towards making people smile because no matter how hard I try there always has to be a punchline. This community(which I just started naming myself on) is an escape for me. I don't have to be funny just to live up to my reputation anymore. I can be the real me and have people accept that
>> No. 2513033
File 132883198655.jpg - (3.91KB , 251x194 , ash\'s manly tear moment.jpg )
Squideey has shed a manly tear.
>> No. 2513428
File 132892233313.png - (84.09KB , 333x332 , 132864917742.png )
I'm... actually surprised that somepony bumped this... thank you.

Thank you, for taking the time to read it.
I hope you have a great day. ^_^

Yeah, it's very similar. You can make other people happy/smile without being the joke-ster. I mean, I can't tell you how many people I've helped and made happy during the many months I've been here.

You can be who you want to be. If Mr Comedian isn't you, then don't be that guy. Want to be happy? Try to be yourself. I can tell you, I've been the happiest I've ever been in my life since taking off that mask/wall.

I'm glad though that you do have an outlet to be yourself. ^_^
Thanks for reading it!

I hope that they were good ones. ^_^
Have a great day!
Thanks for reading it!
>> No. 2513618
File 132923130885.jpg - (21.87KB , 320x320 , Fluttershy_Tears_of_joy.jpg )
I'm proud of you Wizard. This makes me ever more proud to be a part of this great community.
>> No. 2513810
I dont know you, but I wish to know you.
I feel alone all the time ( currently overseas. IE pilot), and like you, the show and this community made me feel something I hadnt felt for 23 years: welcomed, loved... at home.
Kudos, and I hope to see more of you around here!
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