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Good night everypony.
I am not looking forward to tomorrow.
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Final exam like me?
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File 130684859621.png - (107.01KB , 764x536 , 72473f29dd5657940e6a7fde17e81a3e.png )
Good Night.
Whatever it is, dont worry about it, i'm sure it'll turn out fine.
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everyday is a struggle
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File 130684864738.png - (352.98KB , 756x759 , 130513380631.png )
Can't help you if we don't know what's going on, mate.
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File 130684870652.png - (94.96KB , 265x312 , dash y u no.png )
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I am glad you agree
> I'll post another quote because I feel like it
"Depression is not a sign of weakness but a sign that you've been trying for too long to be strong."
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File 130684881126.png - (438.33KB , 859x780 , 130040676133.png )
Struggle for what?
I'm confused, am i missing something?
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File 130684887804.png - (84.86KB , 323x282 , dash daww.png )
Glad you posted that. But I'm not going to go into my thoughts in this thread, atleast.
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File 130684894262.png - (13.80KB , 300x300 , luna tears.png )
It's like the point where you feel like you're going nowhere, and nopony understands you.
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File 130684894504.png - (370.24KB , 844x792 , 130538634050.png )

I've been living with a stomach disease for two years straight, that's been confronting me at least several times a day, no exception. As a result I've lost half of my weight, and I'm stuck on a water-and-bread diet (Which still has me vomiting often).

What's your excuse for finding each day a struggle?
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File 130684899227.png - (215.53KB , 945x945 , like a boss.png )
Tell me about it.
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Some ponies just struggle with life

Best not to. Don't want more drama.

mhm, sort of
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I know that feel bro
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File 130684915970.png - (59.02KB , 241x241 , dash sad.png )
I did say I didn't want to talk about it.
But if you must know, I'm on the verge of committing suicide, just waiting for my rainbow dash toy to arrive in the mail so she can come with me.
>> No. 2488008
It is best not to talk about these things. As a fellow pony who is suicidal, I can empathize with you. Although I don't want my suffering to end just yet, I want it to stretch out far and wide . . .
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Im probably worst person ever to speak right now because I considered this every day for 2 years, but you shouldnt.

Why? Because you dont care if you die so why you shouldnt fight till you finally do? Think about it.
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File 130684946555.jpg - (55.81KB , 518x589 , dash zoinks.jpg )
Well I agree, I'm off to bed now. Night everypony.
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Don't. its not a good idea
>> No. 2488012
sleep well
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File 130684972393.jpg - (30.74KB , 500x282 , tumblr_li7n41teNv1qafrh6-1.jpg )
We all still love you.
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File 130686953415.png - (447.37KB , 886x960 , 130247104379.png )
I'd like to tell you that rainbow dash is a WINNER and she doesn't approve that you do this.

Instead, be more brave and go on adventures, travel the country and such. If you are willing to kill yourself and losing everything, why not losing everything in a fun, amazing way?
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File 130687016174.png - (108.05KB , 372x354 , 130557126863.png )
I'm currently feeling this right now as well.
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File 130687035903.jpg - (29.28KB , 600x337 , somepony-loves-you.jpg )
I used to be semi-suicidal. You know what I did to get over it?
I met all of you.
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Things will get better, I PROMISE you.

Please don't do it.
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File 130687068027.gif - (1.39MB , 247x298 , 130029925254.gif )

Death is final, it is inevitable, and it is conclusive. We fight it off till our very last breath to grasp at the joy of life.

Life can be shit, but that just means it is also beautiful, for without pain and suffering, peace and joy isn't as beautiful. Without the darkness, the light wouldn't be as bright.

Suicide is never the answer, for death can not change, but life can. If your life sucks, then change it. If you can't see down the road you're going down, go down another road. you can do this while you are alive, but never when you are dead.

Live, breathe, feel love, feel hate, but FEEL! and you know that life gets better, and our hardships are only paths to make us stronger!.

I love you bronies, but do not, i repeat, DO NOT GIVE IN! DO NOT SURRENDER! LIFE IS YOUR'S! use it, change it, make it something you want!

it gets better, i had a point of serious depression, where life seemed to go nowhere, but look at me now, the optimist, the bard, the thespian. I MADE MY LIFE THE WAY I WANTED! and you can too!
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File 130687082274.png - (16.64KB , 230x211 , 130552194708.png )
Stop talking like that. Right now. Suicide isn't the answer to anything.
>> No. 2488021
File 130687110654.jpg - (35.78KB , 240x260 , DEMONPHIL3.jpg )
Don't do anything hasty. You don't want to meet me face-to-face, now do you?

Ignore if this doesn't apply; I'm a tad rusty with your mortal customs.
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Whoa. Suicide most definitely is not cool at all. and 120% of 0 is still 0, so Dash can't help you. Whatever is so abhorrent to make you even consider such action? Whatever it is, there is surely another way out.
>> No. 2488023
No, please don't do it. People care about you, WE care about you. Things will get better soon enough, just stay strong. Death is never the answer, and I promise you that everything will begin to look up. Please don't do it, lemon, we all care about you.
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bump for immediate reassurance!
>> No. 2488025
dammit, don't you wander off the front page!
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File 130687192807.png - (211.36KB , 516x580 , applejack-what.png )
Bump for response from mods, this is definitely not cool. Don't do this.
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Don't do it, suicide isn't the answer. i already made my big flank\1 post. but please read it!
>> No. 2488028
Bump, this is serious. Stay strong, Lemon. It'll all be ok.
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File 130687213794.png - (144.13KB , 505x388 , SmokeBreak.png )
Listen, son, life is hard. This old soldier isn't going to sugar coat it for you because that isn't what you need to hear right now. Life is hard, and it's not going to get any easier. But that is no reason you need to lay down your gun and hide from everything. Taking your own life isn't going to help anypony soldier; not you, not your family, not anypony else.

Life is what you make it. Life is what you perceive it to be. Life might look bleak and you may feel you are slowly loosing control but in the end that's not true. Life can be beautiful, but in order for it to bloom you need to go through the hard times first. If you give up during the hard times you will never even get to try to enjoy the beautiful times.

Every soldier goes though times of doubt. Some more than others. But if you let that doubt seep through your mind it may reach so far in that you won't be able to get rid of it. Don't let that happen. Don't think about the wrongs in the past when you can think about what you can do to change things in your future. Every soldier has the power to change his own life. It's always up to you. But if you have a constant negative outlook on yourself and on your life there will be no chance to change it. If you accept that your life is controlled by the world and others around you, then it will be. Don't let it be.

Only you can change that. It will take time, and it will take work. But there can't be certainty without doubt. There can't be love without hate. There can't be joy without sadness. And there can't be good times without bad times. These times will pass, but only if you take charge of it.

Don't loose what potential you have. Make it into something.

Dum vivimus, vivamus. While we live, let us live.

Taken from the wonderful thread for cheesecake because I can't think of a better way to put it. This is my opinion on suicide.
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File 130687241710.jpg - (50.36KB , 559x565 , sad.jpg )
another great post soldier! please listen!
>> No. 2488031
File 130687247290.jpg - (5.25KB , 320x240 , 00431008_.jpg )

Why are you so amazing, Soldier?
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File 130687249283.png - (63.80KB , 241x241 , DepressedDashGoggles.png )
I fear people are passing this over because the mane topic is simply a good night thread. I know I did until you directed me here. Also, I fear lemon may have gone to bed...
>> No. 2488033
You all are late about 5 hours bros.
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File 130687267863.png - (109.06KB , 265x370 , pinkamenadowntrodded.png )
Please listen. I know life can seem really tough, but wanting to end it is not the answer. It never is.

There are those out there that understand what you are going through. I may be a bit new to this place, but I'm pretty sure that there have been plenty of others who have experienced their share of struggles, and I can bet you all of them came out strong in the end just like you will.~

We are here for you and we are all openly loving and understanding of your pain, but we want you to know that you don't need to end your life to stop your struggles because we can help you through them. We love you and you can be rest assured that all of this is true and honest.♥♥

Please hold on. We will be here for you.
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File 130687269756.png - (45.40KB , 243x237 , 130590836630.png )
Shit. That isn't good.

That is not good at all.
>> No. 2488036
then we need to fill this damn thread up with all the support that we can

and then we can only hope he comes back on to see it! i will not give up without a fight!
>> No. 2488037

OP... Please, look at this:
>> No. 2488038
File 130687287629.png - (132.94KB , 350x350 , 130581096069.png )
Lemon. When you wake up in the morning, you had better read this entire thread.
Sucide is never the answer, no matter how bad life gets.
Better people then me have said their piece, i just hope you re-consider.
They said they were on the verge, not about to do it, so they may still be okay.
God damnit i wish i'd stayed in this thread.
>> No. 2488039
File 130687292014.gif - (29.64KB , 125x125 , Pouty Applebloom.gif )
Come on, guys, we have to post as much pony love as we can so lemon will see it when he gets back! If any imageboard can save a life, it's Ponychan!
>> No. 2488040
Agreed. We've done it once, we can and will do it again.
>> No. 2488041
OP, listen to this man, he's a fucking genius
>> No. 2488042
File 130687303006.png - (19.19KB , 1350x561 , You want to kill yourself¿.png )

Fuck no... You can't be serious...

Let's hope he is sleeping... I know he won't do such a thing, right?

>pic for OP... Please, come back here.
>> No. 2488043
File 130687306186.png - (80.93KB , 286x277 , cmc smirk.png )
we can, and we must. Ponychan is the beacon of light hope and awesome in this internet. and we must help!
>> No. 2488044
File 130687309021.jpg - (132.79KB , 1209x856 , 130586565231.jpg )
>> No. 2488045
File 130687313527.png - (181.18KB , 400x500 , Really man.png )

I honestly am bad at convincing people to not do these things, and bad at discussing it in general, but this post pretty much took the words out of my mouth.

If I could actually express my feelings well, I'd post something similar to this.
>> No. 2488046
File 130687314758.jpg - (6.53KB , 300x168 , rd8.jpg )
oh my...
>> No. 2488047
Everypony has rough times. Thanks to communities like these, nopony has to be alone when faced with all of life's problems. You can be sure that ponychan will be there to support you. We may be a little late on the trigger here, but we do care about you!
>> No. 2488048
File 130687323041.png - (27.79KB , 500x500 , Epic Mount is shocked.png )
Bronies swarm and help Lemon!

Lemon listen, even if there isn't an answer, theres can still be an alternative.
>> No. 2488049
Shit. As in he's already gone to bed, or... bump, keep posting people. Don't do it Lemon, please stay with us. We all care about you.

Another great post by Soldier. Please read this OP. Come on Lemon, life is too great to throw away.
>> No. 2488050
File 130687324943.jpg - (23.17KB , 226x640 , Snake_sneakingsuit.jpg )
Don't you go dying on me.
While life contains a lot of suffering, you should life for the times where that does not apply.

And I seriously doubt that Rainbow Dash would approve of your suicide.
>> No. 2488051
File 130687333561.png - (421.97KB , 1280x2198 , 14008 - blushing Octavia.png )

Its not like he said he will do it and left thread.


And he is still asleep probably. Keeping up this thread for at last 3-4 hours will be impossible w/o mod if you all will spam it so hard.
>> No. 2488052
read >>35540535
>> No. 2488053
File 130687341674.png - (119.84KB , 382x296 , Twilight - Studying is booooooring_.png )
Don't fucking do it.

Yes, life is shit sometimes, but that doesn't mean it can't also be beautiful. Most of the time, it is. We just sometimes forget that. Shit, I forget it all the time. What we have to keep in mind is that whenever we feel our worst, it can only get better. It's a bumpy ride, a series of ups and downs. But it'll get better, trust me. You can't kill yourself. There are people who care about you. If not in real life, then look here. We care. We want you to be here. We want you to be one of us. We love you.

Fuck shit. I hate my life. I don't feel like I have any direction at all and it's been quite miserable lately. But you know what? I'll get through it. And so will you. We're here for you. We'll catch you if you fall. And all of us, everypony in here: When we get knocked down, we'll stand up taller than ever before. Because that's part of being human. We fight to survive. Every day is a fight for survival. But we'll goddamn do it. If nothing else, then for the people around us.

Look. Don't commit suicide. I've said it before and I'll say it again. It's not worth it. Nothing good will come of it. We love you. We support you. We'll try and help you the best we can. And I'll be damned if we lose somepony this way. It won't happen. I hold absolutely no doubt in the fact that you are a wonderful human being and that your life is worth living. If nothing else, then do it for the people in here. We want you to stay. Okay?
>> No. 2488054
There are such a huge number of meaningful posts here! See, we all do love you, and no matter what we always will. Come on everypony, let's save Lemon. Life is too great, please don't do it.
>> No. 2488055
File 130687343511.png - (91.34KB , 889x667 , Aviator.png )
Rainbow Dash would want you to keep living. She is very strong, maybe you could borrow strength from her. When she arrives in the mail, you could carry her as a talisman of confidence, I've herd of people doing this with Dash. Take her with you into the rest of your new, positive life.
>> No. 2488056
File 130687351007.jpg - (8.16KB , 142x147 , 290928179066thunmbsupdood.jpg )
>my favorite supporter is not here yet


Cheer up man, death is the wrong answer, you have to be strong to face everyday like a boss, and i know that you can do it.

so dont stop believing 'kay?
>> No. 2488057
File 130687360873.gif - (42.33KB , 123x120 , spiderflash.gif )
please don't do it. here's a funny gif, maybe that will lighten you up a little :)
>> No. 2488058
File 130687361360.jpg - (66.61KB , 710x644 , r56.jpg )
Listen, i know life may seem unbearable now, but suicide is not an solution to that. life can and will get better, you just have to give it the chance. i don't know your situation, but know that you have people out here who care for you. let us carry some of the burden for you, let us help you. you can get through this, and you don't need to do it alone. we are here to help my friend, please don't do anything drastic.
>> No. 2488059
File 130687364125.png - (189.78KB , 631x555 , 130655540572.png )
Fluttershy loves you...we all feel bad sometimes, but live life to the fullest! When we hit our bottom, we can only go up!
>> No. 2488060
File 130687371621.jpg - (23.17KB , 226x640 , Snake_sneakingsuit.jpg )
I probably sound really unconvincing and stupid to you, huh?
But don't forget the following:
Never give up. Fight until the end. Always believe that you will succeed, even when the odds are against you.
>> No. 2488061
that's creepy, but i hope he likes it!

Keep this thread alive!
>> No. 2488062
File 130687375253.jpg - (62.62KB , 472x568 , Smile.jpg )
I don't know if I should post, I'm not very good with words but damn. Lemon, you need me, you need everypony here. You can't think in something serious like suicide, that's not and will never be the solution for anything.

Tell use what's wrong. Maybe I'm just a person typing in a computer in an image board but damn that I will try to help.
Everything in you life can change. Happiness to sadness and sadness to rage and rage to happiness again. But you have to be strong and deal with those. We all struggle, you, me. Look here too:


Your life is beautiful I don't have idea what problem you will be crossing but suicide is not what you have to do.
>> No. 2488063
File 130687376055.jpg - (166.28KB , 900x900 , mare_on_the_moon-(n1298262138405).jpg )
The Past is history, the future is a mystery, but today is a gift, that's why it's called the present.

we all love you just stay with us ^^
>> No. 2488064
File 130687379070.png - (86.18KB , 427x332 , 130619662353.png )
Suicide is only good if your useing it as a gag on vid chat roulette. Actual suicide does terrible things to not only you but just about everypony you know.
Plus youd disappoint everypony including RD and pinkie pie
>> No. 2488065
Whatever you do, suicide isn't a good answer. Honestly, look where you are. This is one place where you can actually talk, and not be paraspriteed left and right. If you need to, do so. Look at the show, for just a moment. It shows that though life can be hard, it can always be better. No matter what you say, suicide isn't a good thing. I don't know what your religion says, or even if you're an athiest, but think about it. Somepony will care. People would cry for you. Not just people you know, look at those on here concerned for you. If you are really thinking about this, just try to look towards the bright side.
>> No. 2488066
File 130687395256.png - (359.26KB , 600x399 , Snake_happy.png )
Here, something kinda inspiring, and surprizingly fitting to the situation!


Remember: don't frown, just try putting on a happy face, just laught, laught death in the face, laught life in the face.
>> No. 2488068
Well I gotta go now for about an hour, when I get back I hope this thread is still here. If not, I'm finding it and immediately reviving it. Lemon, your life is important to everypony, don't do it.
>> No. 2488069
File 130687402989.jpg - (7.36KB , 237x213 , rd10.jpg )
aw, that was great spike!
>> No. 2488070
I really have nothing to add that has not already been sad, but please, I implore you that if you still feel suicidal after reading this thread, call a suicide hotline. Talking to somepony can help. Killing yourself will not help anypony
>> No. 2488071
File 130687407929.png - (581.37KB , 477x1422 , Phoenix Spike_Tableslam_Cry.png )
That was beautiful Spike, couldn't have put it better myself. Please OP, if you're still reading this, don't give up. We're here for you, always.
>> No. 2488072
File 130687408732.gif - (16.30KB , 185x167 , Twilight - Drink.gif )
Oh yeah, forgot to post one of the most inspirational songs ever written and one of my personal favourites.


You say you feel so down
Every time I turn around
And you say you should've been gone by now
And you, you think that everything's wrong
You ask me how to carry on
We'll make it through another day just hold on.

Cause life starts now.
You've done all the things that could kill you somehow
And you're so far down
But you will survive it somehow because life starts now.

I hate to see you fall down
I'll pick you up off of the ground
I've watched the weight of your world come down
And now it's your chance to move on
Change the way you've lived for so long
You find the strength you've had inside all along.

Cause life starts now.
You've done all the things that could kill you somehow and you're so far down
But you will survive it somehow because life starts now.

All this pain
Take this life and make it yours.
All this hate take your heart and let it love again.
You will survive it somehow.

Life starts now.
You've done all the things that could kill you somehow and you're so far down.
Life starts now.
You've done all the things that could kill you somehow and you're so far down.
Life starts now.
>> No. 2488073
File 130687420602.jpg - (62.62KB , 472x568 , Smile.jpg )

^Posting this.
>> No. 2488074
File 130687429270.png - (128.02KB , 640x360 , 130551861042.png )
Life is a beautiful thing, Lemon. I learned that the hard way. Please, don't do this. Things might seem bad now, but they will get better. Take it from somepony who has been in your shoes before.
>> No. 2488075
File 130687436028.jpg - (29.48KB , 577x347 , bronies catch.jpg )
Life is hard, every day is a struggle. But do you know what? It's fucking worth it. And it gets better too, however shitty you feel, it gets so much better. I've never contemplated suicide before, but I know what it feels like to be hopeless and to think that you will be trapped be despair forever, but I was so wrong that I can't even believe it. You have no idea how quickly or how suddenly your entire life can turn around, here's an example:

My freshman year of college, I was pretty much a shut-in. I lived far away from home and I had no friends. I had a couple people I said hi to in the hallways, and had a few conversations with my roommate, but that was it. I was miserable and lonely all the time. But then one random day, my roommate asked if I wanted to get ice cream with him and a few other people. Those 5 people that I went to Dairy Queen with are now some of my closest friends and I'm happier than I ever have been in my whole life

Moral of the story: Take your lumps from life like a champ and get through it. You have no idea how much good and happiness there is in the world for you to find yet. And we're here to help you too, don't ever forget that everypony here loves you and wants to see you be happy. By killing yourself, the only thing you're doing is eliminating your future happiness and robbing the people who love you of your presence. Don't you dare fucking do it
>> No. 2488076
So long as you live, there is a chance. Hope.

If there is an end, that's it. No more chances.

>> No. 2488077
File 130687463210.jpg - (347.04KB , 900x1080 , HOP2.jpg )
Y'know what?
I'm going to give you hope in a silly way.


What? I already left my serious comments.
>> No. 2488078
File 130687469258.png - (23.58KB , 124x125 , TwilightPinkieHug.png )
Hello, Lemon. Hopefully you'll get to read this before the thread is either pushed back too much or you forget about it. I want you to know that we honestly care about you and your well being, for which I feel I just must reply. If you are seriously considering such a serious decision, I think it's very important that you know that maybe it isn't the right choice. I honestly don't know what it is that would lead you to consider such a solution, but I do understand how stressing and overwhelming life can sometimes be. Yes, people in life can be stupid and obnoxious, and sometimes, it is those inconsiderate people that seem to have a grip on the direction of your life, but don't think this is always this way.

You always have control over the direction your life is gonna take, for as long as you live; every day, you can get up and do something to make your life better; talk to somepony new, try a new mean of transportation, even change your job or school if you really wanna do something radical, but out there, there's a world with incredible possibilities for you to enjoy and discover. Does it really seem to be a good idea to kill yourself when you have so much freedom available? Answering this question is the most important decision anypony can ever make, and if you want my opinion, killing yourself is a terrible idea.

Imagine you had decided you didn't want to live anymore just seven months ago, before discovering ponies, do you see where I'm going with this? There's beautiful things out there, but the thing is, life is always showing it's worst side, whilst getting to truly appreciate it's beauty needs some searching, but this shouldn't be disencouraging, in fact, it makes the good things in life much better, to know that through so much rubble and noise, there's such glorious things hiding.

Listen, just try to be reasonable with this choice, just as you can put an end to it all, you can also make it better, it is up to you to change if you really want to, just go out there and show the world you are stronger than that. I know you can, we all can.

>Pic related, it's me, hugging you, because I know you can do it.
>> No. 2488079
You'd put Rainbow Dash through that? That seems rather selfish of you. I know, I know, things get rough when it feels like the entire world has turned against you, but you know what? It's still selfish. And not only would you force poor Dashie to go through it with you, but all of us as well...?

No. You wouldn't do that. You know why you felt compelled to post here in the first place. You don't WANT to do it. Something may be trying to convince you that you're wrong, but you're not. You're always right. You're right in that you don't want to go through with it. You're right in that you want to be alive. You want to live, and you want to be happy, and you shouldn't let anypony or anything convince you otherwise.

Right? If you didn't want it, you wouldn't go around telling people about it. But you did, so there's still hope. And look at how much hope there is!

We all want you to be happy. We all want you to stay here, with us. Even if, for some reason, you decide YOU don't even care about being happy anymore, that's no reason to take that away from all of us! You know those ridiculously depressing sadfics that some people write? The ones in which somepony ends up biting the dust and, in the process, tears down everypony else's reality in such a spectacular way that even imagining it makes most readers break out into tears instantly? You don't want to make one of those come true. You don't want to force us to read the saddest non-fiction we've ever read, that we can't ever unread and that no one can tack on a happy conclusion at the end of to make everypony breath easier...

You know... We've entered a pact now, you and I. By telling me about your problems, you've got me caring and worrying for you. It's not the first time somepony's put me through this, so I can somewhat predict how I'll react to all of this. The most immediate effect will be that I probably won't get much sleep tonight, because I'll be busy worrying. It doesn't even matter that I have no idea who you are. You've gotten me invested enough to type up this entire post when I should be doing other things. You've made me truly and deeply concerned for you, and you have the power to do much more than that. You have the power to completely destroy me, and more so, many others around you. You also have the power to make me feel more relieved than I ever even want to be, and spare them the agony of absolute, irreversible loss and regret. Please, if not for your own sake, then for ours. Don't go about being a jerk about this, alright? I'd never forgive you. And I mean never! For all my life, I would never forgive you. I would never forget.

And you don't want Sketch to be hating on you!
>> No. 2488080
>> No. 2488081
File 130687488650.jpg - (156.46KB , 1280x800 , 4397.jpg )
Well I think I'm a bit late to the party.. But I'm here!

If you really are considering suicide then reconsider.. No matter how shitty your life might seem you are after all.. Alive!

You are a fucking miracle you realize that right? Imagine that just ONE! thing had not happened as it did all through history. Imagine how many things could have gone wrong through time which would mean your bloodline had not turned out as it did and ended up in you having a life to throw away.

Whatever is wrong suicide can never be the solution.. You are throwing away the most precious thing ever given to you.. Your short chance of experiencing this world.

>If you go back 10 generations (250 years) the chance of you being born at all is at most
>1 in 60000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000000000.
>Are you ever lucky to be alive!!
>> No. 2488082
Guys, his last post was his good night message.

...Im seriously thinking of reporting his IP to a suicide hotline.

should i? is that out of line for me? crap... hold on...
>> No. 2488083
I'm really bad at speeches, and other bronies have already said anything I could say, and they said it many times better.

So I'll just say, Lemon, I care about you. Please, read this thread and reconsider. Nothing is worth killing yourself for.
>> No. 2488085
Anything you can do to help him. Better to be safe than sorry (don't know the rules for mods, but break them if you have to)
>> No. 2488086
File 130687498946.png - (176.98KB , 477x355 , Phoenix Spike_Thinking.png )
Not 100% sure that would be a great idea, would be nice to make sure he has somepony to talk to though.
>> No. 2488087
File 130687501547.jpg - (16.93KB , 316x213 , 130660548338.jpg )
So many suicidal ponies..But maybe the real difference just lies in that people are more open here?

I know several great ponies in this thread has already said it much better, but.. Lemon, don't you frickin' dare! Life may seem cruel and unjust at times, but trying to escape the pain through suicide is NOT the right approach! Live for tomorrow! If you feel you have the conviction needed to "end your suffering", then take that conviction and use it instead to go forward towards a future where you can be happy!

I believe in you!
>> No. 2488088
I was about to tell you he'll be fine. He'll sleep through it, he'll come back, he'll post here and we'll find out how he's doing. We're not past the point of no return yet.

But... I'll be damned if having somepony do something like that for me wouldn't make me feel loved beyond belief. It's your call. I don't think it'll be necessary. I have faith. But, it's your call.
>> No. 2488089
File 130687510382.png - (265.23KB , 644x560 , Twilight - Uh-huh.png )

Honest response?

This is all a part of growing up. You have no idea how many times I've felt like this. And that was before all kinds of shit happened. It's very unlikely that he's going to do it. Suicide isn't planned, it's something you do in the spur of the moment. A brash decision. Those who really would plan ahead are clinically depressed people. I don't see lemon as one of those. He'll get over it.

Still, the support here is a good way of letting him overcome this faster. Which is also why I posted.
>> No. 2488090
Never give up hope. know that if you kill yourself everypony that loves, loved and will love will will be robbed of all those experiences. NEVER GIVE UP! BRONYS FOREVER!!!
>> No. 2488091
File 130687513941.png - (138.10KB , 254x301 , Snake_stress2.png )
I've been thinking about that.
It's a huge responcability.
Being in charge of someponys life.
I honestly don't have any idea.
Give him time? Maybe he does suicide in the meantime...
Give them the IP? Do you really want to interfere that much with someponys life? Who knows what those IP people do... lock him up somewhere?
I know I'm not being positiv... but this isn't a time to be so.
>> No. 2488092
i... i dont know what to do, the admin isnt online, i dont know what he wants me to do.

if he doesnt respond in five minutes, im gonna pass along his IP to a hotline
>> No. 2488093
I dont know, i mean what if hes just attention horsein? I dont wanna think that though...
>> No. 2488094
I would recommend against you doing that without his consent. It's up to him to decide that life is worth living and quite frankly, reporting him to a suicide hotline would just make it seem like he has no control over it.

He should decide he wants to get better himself.
>> No. 2488095
I wouldn't report his IP. Wait until he wakes up, at least.
>> No. 2488096
[s]its settled...as a figure of any authority on this site, i cannot take that chance. I feel it is my duty as a moderator on this site to take anything and everything seriously.[/s]
well dammit, i dont... im still kinda freaking out over this, i dont knwo what to do :
>> No. 2488097
File 130687532031.png - (144.13KB , 505x388 , SmokeBreak.png )
Personally, I would say no. People go through times of doubt and depression. His original post implied that he plans on coming back tomorrow. He won't wake up and do it. These things do not work that way. It's his life, and I'm confident he will be fine.

While it may feel like the right thing to do, interfering may make some things worse.
>> No. 2488098
File 130687532930.png - (59.13KB , 256x256 , Twilight - Lurking.png )

He isn't. He is genuinely upset. But it'll pass eventually. All will look better for him in the morning.
>> No. 2488099
Do not, and I repeat, do not, EVER, interpretate somepony's threats of suicide as attention seeking; this is not only almost never the case, but it can also make them feel worse.
>> No. 2488100
File 130687542552.png - (103.49KB , 236x349 , Sigh.png )

If I were you, I could do it.
Suicide is something serious.
>> No. 2488101
File 130687542830.jpg - (31.60KB , 600x410 , harmony.jpg )
I would write an inspiring speech here, but honestly, I'm all inspired out for a while. I'll leave you with this:

Dude, you probably shouldn't kill yourself. I've thought about it a couple times... but then I thought about all the cool stuff I'd miss. That got rid of those thoughts right quick.

You should also think about the people you'll leave behind. Not just people you know- lots strangers who have never met you will feel sad and terrible reading about a kid who thought death was better than what he had.

I know we all will here.

So don't do it. Join us, Lemon, here on Ponychan, and let's ride the bicycle of happiness and dreams off into the horizon of friendship.

>> No. 2488102
File 130687543866.png - (144.13KB , 505x388 , SmokeBreak.png )
I truly suggest you don't. Without any background we can't assume anything. This may make matters much worse. How would it effect him if his parents got a call asking to talk to their son who's about to commit suicide? We need to hear from him. This is serious, but interference could cause more problems.
>> No. 2488104
I know i knowi just dont wanna see lemon have his life ruined or pinkie pie to get in major trouble
>> No. 2488105
Pinkie Mod, you should report it. If he is attention horsing, well, that would be unfortunate. But I would rather have it be reported and find out that he wasn't serious than to find out he WAS serious and know we could have done something but didn't
>> No. 2488106
File 130687555016.png - (163.23KB , 274x316 , GLaD(br)OS.png )
I don't want to be telling you your business, but it would be best to wait until he wakes up. If he's still suicidal, then is the time to take action.
>mfw we have the most fantastic mods/admins
>> No. 2488107
File 130687556795.png - (165.07KB , 417x358 , CAN'T UNSEE.png )

But again... I'm not the most wise.


I guess we can wait until a reply of him.
>> No. 2488108
File 130687557511.jpg - (31.02KB , 530x432 , 130622494148.jpg )
I wish I was better with words right now. Everything I say seems so curt and short.
>> No. 2488109
File 130687559350.png - (207.62KB , 630x625 , 130629871707.png )
I was sitting here trying to think up some clever Rp based thing to say, something to convince you not to do it.

But I can't. There's nothing I can say as The doc to help. It's gonna be a tid bit messy but I gotta say it while its fresh.

My name Is Kevin, and bronie all I've got, all that I can say to this is that Life is beautiful. That even while its bleak, awful, and a god-damned disaster it will always have the other side. The beautiful and breathtaking part of it that makes the shitty days worth it, the things you'll feel and experience. Why stop yourself from reaching those point by cutting a life, your life, the life of a bronie that we support and love, short?

It's a goddamn waste, a shame, and pointless. Don't be a fool. Don't be like my brother. It ain't worth it.
>> No. 2488110
File 130687563220.jpg - (74.49KB , 900x562 , 130679598430.jpg )
Gotta keep your chin up and remember no matter what Dash and everypony here would want you to not make that final choice. Yes, it's been said to death in this thread that suicide isn't something that should ever be mentioned lightly - and there are times when the darkness of this world overwhelms us.

But look at this Lemon, a collective, an extended family you've never met but are still here hours after the fact, some of us worried sick about you.

There might be horrible, horrible things going on for you, physical, mental, emotional, financial, who knows what all this crummy world we live in can come up with; but what I do know is that even as things happen, if you look hard enough, if you keep remembering "one hoof infront of the other" you will make it past that which darkens this specific point of your life and find everypony who was cheering for you waiting.

I know I'll be there.

<fluttershy> Whoo hoo, you rock! </fluttershy>
>> No. 2488111
Hey now, don't you go about freaking out to the point where I have to write you a big, long speech, too, alright...?
>> No. 2488112
Guys, I don't think you realize why they NEED to report this. lemon posted on a public website that he was thinking about committing suicide. If he did just off himself (pardon the term, but I'm not exactly in a "walking on egg shells" kind of mood), and nopony here reported it, this website could be held accountable for SOMETHING (I'm not entirely sure what, but I know there is accountably).

Mods and adins NEED to report this to protect themselves, both legally and morally.
>> No. 2488113
File 130687568682.jpg - (47.70KB , 600x338 , internet hug.jpg )
a quote i was told from a friend who was also experiencing suicidal thoughts (but is much better now)

"Life is 80% pain and 20% happiness, depression is not knowing which you live for"
>> No. 2488114
File 130687580129.png - (460.28KB , 559x607 , smiling widely.png )
watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0clN27DID7s

You'll feel so much better. Music cures all.
>> No. 2488116
File 130687589779.png - (215.53KB , 945x945 , like a boss.png )
He is. We dont need that board. Take it feom slurpee guy.
>> No. 2488117
File 130687590627.png - (103.15KB , 309x265 , applejack_sad.png )
Don't tell me it's too late...
C'mon man, there has to be a reason that you're sad. And whatever that problem is, we can get through it. You have friends here.
Don't go out like this.
>> No. 2488118
If I were you, I'd report it. The worst possible consequences for you aren't that bad (de-moddship possibly, but I doubt it) but the worst possible consequences for lemon is death.
>> No. 2488119
There's another point here, we have no idea what is going on right now. Lemon posted almost 8 hours ago, he could be awake already but not on Ponychan and still thinking about suicide. What if he doesn't come back on and does something? It's not worth taking a chance
>> No. 2488120
>this website could be held accountable for SOMETHING (I'm not entirely sure what, but I know there is accountably). Mods and adins NEED to report this to protect themselves, both legally and morally.

Dont be silly :p

However i do think the Mods should contact somepony
>> No. 2488121
File 130687601662.jpg - (50.94KB , 599x466 , i did it for the love.jpg )
everypony continue to bump this thread, i want him to wake up and see all the love and support we have sent
>> No. 2488122

Get the IP address and send it to a hotline. Now.
>> No. 2488123
But, to be completely fair, we're also not even supposed to know who he is, right? Admins can track an IP, sure, but wouldn't that somehow be morally questionable if not illegal on its own? If he'd left his personal information here, I would agree. That'd be an invitation to step in and try to do something. But we're all practically anonymous here, despite our shiny names and tripcodes.

It's fine. We'll be fine. Lemon will be fine. He's just asleep, sobering up, and when he wakes up he'll step back in here to see if anypony cares at all, and then he'll freak out about us freaking out and then we can figure out what to do from there!

Man, this is a difficult balance to strike... sitting here halfway between jaded Internet critter and the caring person that I actually am. I agree it's nothing that should ever be taken lightly, but I also think there is such a thing as overreacting, even to something as serious as this. In the end, we really don't know enough to justify taking action. All we can do is talk, at least for now. So let's stay calm, have faith, and do just that.

It'll be fine.
>> No. 2488125
File 130687608760.png - (25.95KB , 301x301 , 130566883415.png )
I would report it. Threatening suicide is a serious thing. I nearly lost a friend because I didn't do anything. That is just my opinion however.
>> No. 2488126
File 130687613420.png - (124.39KB , 435x426 , 130561855654.png )
>It'll be fine.

Why does that make me worry more?
>> No. 2488128
File 130687617400.png - (158.39KB , 2799x1590 , 130540942439.png )
I really hope the OP reads this thread.
I really really hope he does.
I'm going to be emotionally uneasy until I know OP has read all the posts.
>> No. 2488129
File 130687618184.png - (328.41KB , 594x630 , StuckUpDashGoggles.png )
I'm sorry, but no. These threads are just as much a part of our community than all the random love and random silly threads. This is a place of joy and tolerance, so of course people with problems will come here looking for it. And it's out job to give it.

Talk like that doesn't help.
>> No. 2488130
Incase you guys didn't know, that is Marceline. So just ignore him.
>> No. 2488132
File 130687630915.png - (265.23KB , 644x560 , Twilight - Uh-huh.png )

Go away.
>> No. 2488133
Basic psychology, youre preparing yourself for IF something happens and you dont want to try and make yourself feel worse by assuming everything will be OK

nothing to do with the topic (dont judge me), im just explaining it for him
>> No. 2488134
im already doing that right now.
>> No. 2488135
File 130687639107.png - (40.36KB , 354x313 , 130362846866.png )
So, we stand at a crossroads.

A: Either we attempt to help and he will be greatly helped or slightly damaged.

B: Or we ignore this situation and wait to see what happens. In which case he will slightly helped or greatly damaged.

Dear Mods, Perhaps a white knight is needed. Logically, we stand at a greater loss than gain.
>> No. 2488136
File 130687639540.png - (202.10KB , 1856x2924 , hiresrainbowdashpout.png )
I want to tell you, pony, that life is worth it. Like you I contemplated suicide, and even attempted it. And though I don't know your personal situation, I just want to tell you that life will get better, I promise you. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday it will get better. You need to cling to that hope with every single thing in your being, with everything you have. And sometimes it might feel awful, and sometimes it might feel like there's no point, but I'm telling you there is. You could have your entire life ahead of you, years and years and years, and you will be happy again. I love you, brony, as do the rest of us. Stay alive for us. -hugs-
>> No. 2488137
File 130687641395.jpg - (44.23KB , 600x525 , bro.jpg )
Not sure if anypony else posted a link here to the other thread that was put up for you lemon, so I will.


Just know we're all here for you to help should you need anything. Everything's going to be fine, just give it a little time.
>> No. 2488138
File 130687641481.png - (84.75KB , 599x335 , 130506961930.png )
So, you're viewing this as a random bullshit/paraspriting thread?
This is serious!
>> No. 2488139
I agree, but only partially. I think these threads really brought the community together, and people need somewhere to look for acceptance, I mean, where else are they gonna go? 4chan? That wouldn't end all that well.

It's a bummer that they would be depressed in the first place, but I couldn't feel comfortable posting knowing that we are overlooking somepony who came to the board looking for acceptance and guideance.
>> No. 2488141
>> No. 2488142
Worrying the fuck out now... I should be asleep by now, but IDGAF, bumpin' for Lemon.
>> No. 2488143
File 130687650395.png - (96.49KB , 221x216 , GLaD(br)OS_3.png )
intense thread is intense
>> No. 2488144
File 130687651967.jpg - (25.04KB , 609x529 , 130534855124.jpg )
Hence the hotline.
>> No. 2488145
File 130687656357.jpg - (30.98KB , 457x447 , 130599910156.jpg )
>bumbling collective of pony fans.

But agreed. Even if it was an off topic thing, a hint, having a plan is plenty reason for somepony to be notified. I stand by it, call it in.
>> No. 2488146
File 130687656556.png - (116.76KB , 566x566 , 130549280303.png )
Im a professional

What you are going to do now?
>> No. 2488147
File 130687663578.png - (163.23KB , 274x316 , GLaD(br)OS.png )
You know, it honestly sounds like you are implying that
>if you are not a professional, just do not help at all.
>> No. 2488149

Um... not to go off topic, here, but !!Pinkie Pie, if you're doing that, there may be somepony else that needs your help too...

>> No. 2488150
File 130687682417.jpg - (15.23KB , 396x325 , 130629440311.jpg )
>I can Assure you That there Will be Consequences.

Any other time in any other thread, I'd challenge this, but not now. The mods will do something, I have faith in them. In the mean time, we keep this alive.
>> No. 2488151
File 130687685623.jpg - (62.62KB , 472x568 , 130673805089.jpg )
Anything positive to say has already been said, so here's a picture of Pinkie Pie that is totally related
>> No. 2488152
File 130687692295.png - (59.91KB , 350x350 , seal approved.png )

if for some reason you protest this thread, make another thread ad discuss it there. were tryna stop somepony from commiting suicide here. This isnt /b/, its /oat/, we love other people here
>> No. 2488153
Greatly helped OR slightly damaged? How about greatly helped or greatly damaged? There are cases where shining a spotlight on a troubled person does nothing but cause more trouble. Somepony can be on the brink of recovering on their own, and beginning to solve their problems and dissolve their secrets one by one - until somepony calls attention to it and blows the lid off the whole thing. Then the poor pony in question doesn't get the chance to deal with anything at their own rate, their friends may start acting strangely, family might start prying into personal business, they may get thrown into therapy that does nothing but stress them the heck out and robs them of the salvation they'd already found for themselves, and suddenly everything's a lot worse than it started out!

Like I said, up there, we don't know enough about the situation to justify taking action. I'm not saying that because I feel like saying it. I'm saying it because I have reason to believe that flinging yourself into a delicate situation can, and often will, make it worse! Lemon's already asked us for help. We've provided him with it. Let's not step over the line and intrude on his personal life, okay?
>> No. 2488154
I want to help but I don't know how.

If you're reading this Lemon please please seek out help! Use the hotline. There's no reason not to.

What is the stomach disease called? How much longer does it last?

Please don't go though with it without trying all the alternatives... life can still be so beautiful...
>> No. 2488155
File 130687705178.jpg - (31.18KB , 640x360 , Twilight - Dat messy hair.jpg )


That's just about the best and most thoughtful I can make it.
>> No. 2488157
File 130687708694.jpg - (9.39KB , 190x184 , internet love machine.jpg )
i think most of us are just suffering from the worry that all our love may not be enough to help out. And want to take it further...
>> No. 2488158
OP, please talk to us when you see this thread. Whatever I can do to help you, just let me know. Going into lurk mode now until I find out if OP is okay
>> No. 2488159
File 130687733468.png - (163.23KB , 274x316 , GLaD(br)OS.png )
bump for love
>> No. 2488161
File 130687749750.png - (127.74KB , 408x310 , Twilight - But I don't wanna study!.png )
Bump because I can.
>> No. 2488162
File 130687764203.png - (22.09KB , 321x219 , godot44.png )
Dude, don't. Think about what the future holds for you, what life changing experiences you have yet to experience, also think of your family. I'm no good at explaining things, so I'll just come out and say it, suicide isn't the only option. You can beat whatever is troubling you. Take it from somepony, who has gone through the pain of a suicide. It's a living hell when you know you will never see your best friend/son/daughter/mom/dad/brother/sister, don't cause your family this grief. It's painful enough to hear somepony's plan for suicide, but it's even more painful to witness the grief that this stupid action causes many other people. Just remember this, even though life knocks you down, you just got to stand back up and make the best of it, don't throw your life away for something that can easily be resolved.
>> No. 2488163
I'm with you there, I'm as worried as anypony
However, I agree that it really isn't our place to intrude into lemon's personal life, even if our intentions are good. It could cause even more problems.
>> No. 2488164
File 130687770019.png - (15.82KB , 230x211 , 130414012214.png )
I wont let a brony do that.
>> No. 2488165
I know, I know. That's very noble, and I'm very worried too, but sometimes you have to step down and let things untangle themselves, even when it looks dire. Even if it's not all we CAN do, I think all we SHOULD do right now is have faith in Lemon.

Sometimes it looks like the only way to solve a problem is to grab somepony and throw them in a padded cell until you can talk some sense into them. If that doesn't help, then lots of drugs will! But often, you just have to let things... explode, and hope no one gets caught in the blast... With enough support, and a strong enough heart, something beautiful can emerge on the other side, rising from the ashes of its own remains. A newfound will to live, forged in its own fire... But that can only happen if you don't try to suffocate it or snuff it out. There are many situations where being too brash will just make things worse.

The fact that Lemon openly admitted how he feels is a good sign. He's willing to talk to us about it, so that means we DON'T have to throw him in a van and drive him off to the asulym. We just have to keep talking. We have to convince him that he'll be fine, and he can get through on his own.

You hear that, Lemon? You're my phoenix, now. I believe in you. Don't let me down!
>> No. 2488166
Fffffffffff get back here already Lemon

>> No. 2488167
File 130687812077.png - (57.42KB , 213x199 , Twilight - Angry.png )
Thread. You stay right there, on page 0. Bump.
>> No. 2488168
What the hell is this thread doing on page 1? Get back to page 0 where you belong! Mods, you should sticky this
>> No. 2488169
File 130687817497.png - (202.69KB , 744x608 , 130090750634.png )
I doubt I can say anything that hasn't been said here already. However, it bears repeating that suicide solves nothing. As far as I know, death is final. Once dead, there's no coming back. Why take the chance when you still have your whole life ahead of you?

As far as I'm concerned, the sunshine is always best right after a rainy day. By that I mean that when you get over this, life will feel sweeter than ever, or at least better than it's been for some time. And that's something worth fighting for. So keep your spirits up and remember that we're all here for you when you need it. Bronies do not abandon one another in times of need.

I'm not really sure if the pic is related but it felt right to me, somehow.
>> No. 2488170
I'm no good at this kind of thing, all I can do is be another voice of concern

I really don't want to see this happen
>> No. 2488171
File 130687827618.png - (325.30KB , 1920x1080 , 130006467593.png )
I am unskilled with words,but darned if I'm going to let this go by without saying something.

lemon,listen,you are obviously in a difficult place right now,life itself has become a struggle,and this has pushed you to consider drastic measures.But suicide is the wrong choice.it is NEVER the answer.

Life can throw some messed up stuff at you,but you must respond with nothing less than your best.you are strong,lemon.you can pull through whatever is making you consider this.and you know what? You'l be better for it,happier for it even. One day you will look back on these struggles and realize that,while in the moment it was nearly unbearable,that in the long run you are stronger for it.

I care for you and for your safety lemon,the world needs more strong people,and once you pull through this you will be stronger than ever. You would make Dash proud.
>> No. 2488172
File 130687829225.jpg - (11.42KB , 248x253 , 1298757568139.jpg )
Bump with more love for you
>> No. 2488173
File 130687843617.png - (19.55KB , 320x214 , deskslam.png )
Bump in the name of Justice!!
>> No. 2488174
File 130687859433.jpg - (194.92KB , 1000x1000 , 130530795391.jpg )

And lemon, you know.
>> No. 2488175
File 130687866849.jpg - (249.59KB , 600x800 , 1305023058_0519.jpg )
Brother, you shall not kill yourself.

>> No. 2488176
I just got off the phone with the police. I gave them the IP addy and a link to this thread.

Lemon, if i upset you by doing this...

Please, forgive me...
>> No. 2488177
you did the right thing.
>> No. 2488178
File 130687876734.jpg - (71.10KB , 600x600 , 130463586355.jpg )
I wish I can help you, OP. You and every other pony who has contemplated suicide.
I'm just an awkward sweaty kid that posts ponies but I'd like to let you know that no matter what you do, you are loved.
>> No. 2488179
File 130687878622.jpg - (54.50KB , 501x615 , Yay.jpg )
You've done a great thing today Pinkie.
Crack open a tall cold one, you've earned it.
>> No. 2488180
File 130687878985.png - (157.85KB , 523x482 , 130558658571.png )
Sometimes we need to take direct actions

Thank you~
>> No. 2488181
File 130687881737.jpg - (27.45KB , 673x691 , about to baw.jpg )
thanks. I need that, im on the verge of tears right now, this sucks so bad :c
>> No. 2488182
Thanks, PinkiePie.

Far better to do that and have it not be needed than to have not and regret it.
>> No. 2488183
Thank you Pinkie Mod, you absolutely did the right thing
>> No. 2488184
File 130687889071.gif - (10.36KB , 125x125 , 130189140969.gif )
this was directed to Pinkie mod, darn...
>> No. 2488185

You did the right thing, bro.
Thank you for looking out for us.
>> No. 2488186
>I just got off the phone with the police. I gave them the IP addy and a link to this thread.

Um.. if he's using a proxy..?
I mean its good your taking the initative here but still :/
>> No. 2488187

Son. Son. You listen to me. Put a face to my voice - I'm the person who you respect most; picture me - I'm talking to you.

Now I don't know if it's because you never said, Lemon, or if it's because it got lost in the oceans of support, worry and friendliness from the ponies here on ponychan, but I don't remember, and I cannot imagine why you would want to do such a terrible, terrible thing.

Clearly things are pretty well at the bottom for you now. You have to escape, son, you gotta get out. But that way out is not the way you think. So you want to kill yourself? Kill the world that you live in, and by that I mean screw it, and screw it all - get the fuck out. Travel. The world is BEAUTIFUL. Go see it. Get involved with it. Shake off the miasma of the life you lead, go and be reborn, start again. If you were willing to end everything then clearly you don't have strong ties to the life you lead - so go travelling.

Then, when you have seen amazing things, when you have stuff to tell people about, interesting stuff, amazing stuff, then you tell people about it. Tell anypony who will listen. Tell the people closest to you. Tell them why you did it. And I recommend telling a professional why you did it too. Then you can start to repair your life.

But if you're in a burning plane, you parachute out, and THEN you piece together the wreckage. But while you were parachuting you saw some fucking awesome stuff.

You don't use the flames to kill yourself.
>> No. 2488188

Never assume the person is faking it, and get them professional help as soon a possible. The basics of dealing with suicide proclamations.

You did indeed do the right thing.
>> No. 2488189
I'm sure you'll find that wasn't necessary at all! But a noble act, it was. At the very least, I hope you feel a bit better now.

I'd said all I can to Lemon a long time ago, the only reason I'm still around in this thread, for now, is because I'm trying to calm everypony else down! So, I hope that worked for you.
>> No. 2488190
File 130687900146.jpg - (10.33KB , 300x168 , my love face.jpg )
bump for epic love
>> No. 2488191
I just hope this isn't going to make things worse...

but shit, you did the right thing.
>> No. 2488192
After what happened with Star, we can't afford to take any chances. You're my favorite mod for this
>> No. 2488193
File 130687912405.jpg - (43.77KB , 459x479 , this pleases pinkie pie.jpg )
nice inspirational speech
>> No. 2488194
File 130687918902.png - (193.85KB , 1029x777 , SaluteDashGoggles.png )
While I may not completely agree with it, you are a bigger person than I for taking such drastic action when faced with such a difficult decision.

You're a caring and amazing person for that.
>> No. 2488195

You can be found through a proxy. The police have the ability
>> No. 2488196
File 130687949002.png - (301.95KB , 803x687 , 130227219874.png )
I'm sorry, but I seriously cannot feel any sympathy for OP until he states a clear and proper reason to why he want's to commit suicide.

Call my cynical if you want, but if it's for something incredibly silly like "I got bullied at school for liking ponies" (or just bullying in general), I really don't feel sad for OP. Because then he really doesn't have his priorities straight.

Bullying is never a reason to commit suicide.
Actually, suicide in general is never a solution. If anything, it's going to cause more problems.

So if Lemon is to read this - don't do it. It's selfish, it's stupid, and it'll cause more problems than solve problems. And no matter the reason, suicide is never the way.
>> No. 2488197
File 130687951968.png - (41.39KB , 701x600 , PinkiePie.png )
You're a hero !!PinkiePie.
>> No. 2488198
...what happened? D:
>> No. 2488199
Star was a brony over in /chat/ who posted a suicide note and actually attempted suicide. Luckily, his IP address was reported by a mod and he was found and hospitalized.
>> No. 2488200
File 130687964657.jpg - (178.17KB , 896x891 , Applejack grab my tail.jpg )
What, not on page 1?

Get in here, everypony - or are you not the community of love and friendship I thought you were.
>> No. 2488201
File 130687969848.png - (93.05KB , 637x657 , Derpy derp.png )
Nopony say anything. I meant page 0.

But my point still stands, dammit.
>> No. 2488202
I just came back here when I saw !!Pinkie had done something, and you're complaining about the OP? Honestly, this is a serious situation. I have to assume this is real, and we should try to help.
Seriously, show some support. Maybe if you used that picture in a humorous way, you could help more.
>> No. 2488203
He attempted suicide, but his life was saved because one of the mods reported his IP and the police got to him in time and got him to the hospital. He's fine now and is on better anti-depressants
>> No. 2488204
File 130687979544.jpg - (44.87KB , 500x375 , partypooped.jpg )
No, I cannot fathom not taking action
No, I dont care if i get punished for doing this (no offense !!Celestia)
No, I dont care if lemon is angry at me
Yes, I care about lemon (but really, i care about each and every one of you)
Yes, I am crying.

Lemon, please pull through this...
>> No. 2488205
Thank you again, !!Pinkie. I hope he is okay
>> No. 2488206
Did Star get saved in time? Also, !!PinkiePie, thank you for reporting this. You might have just saved a life there. Also bump in case Lemon happens to get on. (probably a very slim chance he'd be browsing ponychan atm though)
>> No. 2488207
God I hope he's(or she) okay. Crying with worry here. My heart goes out to lemon because I've been there, and all you people saying shit should shut the hell up. No matter what the reason is, it doesn't mean we shouldn't care. I care about you Lemon, and so does Pinkie Pie, and all the others posting wonderful things. Ignore those who are posting out of ignorance or negligence.
>> No. 2488208
File 130687995733.png - (261.03KB , 600x605 , 130618309868.png )
Seriously, thanks. Don't let anypony question your judgement on this. It was the right thing to do.

I'm not very good at being inspirational (I handle more... concrete questions), but I sincerely hope that everything turns out okay with the OP.
>> No. 2488209
File 130687997286.png - (258.14KB , 1900x1916 , 130619298513.png )
These sorts of threads ring way too close to home, as somepony who has survived several suicide attempts and years of clinical depression which has only gotten worse in recent months I have but one bit of advice I can give to anypony who is contemplating suicide.

Do not do it, life is an amazing thing no matter how you look at it and any sort of life is better than facing the dark. Not only that but you do not want to live with what can happen to you if you fail. My liver is failing, my arms are a mess and I am terrified of going outside.

Just don't make the mistakes I did, mate. It really isn't worth it.
>> No. 2488210
Star did get saved in time. And all thanks to the actions of a mod like !!PinkiePie.

Thank you again.
>> No. 2488211
Yes, he survived. He spent a few days in the hospital recovering and then posted on /chat/ thanking us for saving his life
>> No. 2488212
Don't worry, Pinkie, we understand your decision, thank you very much for caring. You're a great mod!
>> No. 2488214
Everypony needs to chill now. All we can do at this point is wait. Pinkie did what he thought he had to, and I'll stand by him for it.

1 of 4 things will happen now:

1. (worst case) lemon is gone.
2. lemon comes back on in a few hours and raises hell because we told the cops
3. we find out lemon did do something and the cops were able to save him
4. lemon comes back and is happy that we notified the cops because it showed we cared.

Personally, I believe we all have a right to out own lives, and how we end them. But you NEED to take a good hard look at your life and see exactly how your dissision will affect the people you know. I may not have a lot of sympathy for people who do commit suicide with out thinking, but I do for their friends and family.

I challenge you lemon, prove me wrong. Prove to me that you are stronger than you made yourself out to be. In other words, come at me bro.
>> No. 2488215
File 130688015855.jpg - (3.04KB , 101x125 , 130180993347.jpg )
you did good
>> No. 2488216
File 130688016154.png - (41.16KB , 234x261 , Derpy Hooves Rose.png )
Is that archived? Mighty fine encouragement for our friend Lemon here.
>> No. 2488217
This was a serious thread with the most serious thing at stake.

It was a good thing you did. A great thing.
I salute you!

I can't express how much I love you right now, man. I know it was a tough choice you made but feel secure knowing that you done good.
>> No. 2488218
File 130688018611.png - (19.27KB , 122x112 , 130630229674.png )
Suicide... is merely a tool.
A tool which allows you to relinquish yourself of your responsibilities, your shortcomings, your bad side.
A tool that prevents you from feeling good about yourself. One that does not allow for happiness to flourish within you.
A tool that destroys whatever chance you may have for redemption. No other tool in the world has such a devastating effect on a person, and on the people around them.
This is a tool that you do not fool around with. This is a tool that even tools stay away from. I honestly hope you make the right choice, lemon, and give life a second chance.
>> No. 2488219
I don't believe so, but here is an equally inspirational thread that WAS archived: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/arch/res/2486711.html
>> No. 2488220
It is the only tool which can only be used to hurt others.
>> No. 2488221
File 130688041767.png - (261.03KB , 600x605 , twipinkhug.png )

thank you dude, you did the right thing.

i love you with all of my heart Pinkie Pie mod!
>> No. 2488222
!!Celestia has been really quiet lately, like shes not even here, imagine her email inbox, it's probably so big by- i should stop
Pinkie, you did the RIGHT THING, and theres a difference between the good thing, and the right thing, she may not know it, but it might help
>> No. 2488223
File 130688057561.png - (114.67KB , 484x353 , Sweetie Not Sure.png )
You did a good thing Pinkie Pie mod. You had alot more bravery to do something I'm not sure I'd react too.
>> No. 2488224
woah... this thread looks totally depressing.

Just to throw in a two cents... unless you're a psychologist or an expert of some sort, you should probably think twice about whatever long-winded advice you want to post; not trying to be rude or offensive, but it's usually a smart choice to try and get an expert on the matter

Not to rebuke the support you all are giving, support is good of course.

And I do hope the best for our fellow brony here; and I do want to chime in to say that I'm as well happy to have all of our brony friends online, and that this community as a whole shares such a great concern for one another.
>> No. 2488225
File 130688076749.jpg - (7.50KB , 220x227 , 130563768001.jpg )
Yes, that is true. It only hurts those around you...
>> No. 2488226
Pinkie Pie - I just wanted to say that I think you are amazing. Not many people would have the courage or even care enough to think about doing what you've done for lemon. Thank you. I hope that the people reading this will, if they're ever in a situation where they are needed like you were, will step up and do the right thing.
>> No. 2488227
File 130688083556.jpg - (19.32KB , 289x296 , 130404129422.jpg )
These inspirational speeches and words of wisdom are important and you should take the time to read them lemon. Im usually beaten to the punch by a good speech nowadays, But thats ok. because if you DO take the time to read these, you can see how much we care about you and understand that suicide,while it may seem like it, isnt the answer. You have so much to live for. A rapid succession of bad events or feelings that happen over and over again may seem worse because of bad things that happen over and over again.

Lemon i hope you read these mentioned posts.
>> No. 2488228
File 130688099466.gif - (493.78KB , 500x280 , Fuck yeah.gif )

You're a great mod, !!Pinkie.

You had the guts to risk losing your modship here by helping a soul.

Show's that greed and power don't possess everypony after all.

This gif is the closest reaction image I have to what you just did.
>> No. 2488229
File 130688099947.jpg - (102.26KB , 745x468 , 1299983271299[1].jpg )
First off: Sorry if i'm shitty at helping people it's hard for me to express myself but this is my 2 cents on suicide
Suicide would be a very selfish thing to do.
Think about all the people who would be hurt and confused if you were gone. Do you honestly think that there isn't a single person who cares?
If you do, then your fucking wrong dude because there are people who care about you and you better fuckin believe it bro i mean look the mods even stickied this thread!!
And it's not the just the community here that cares about you it's also your family and friends and even the strangers around you that would miss you..
You gotta take the bad with the good in life but good will always come through at the end so please.. Don't make the wrong choice
>> No. 2488230
File 130688113076.png - (101.37KB , 420x263 , Fluttershy about to cry.png )
I can't believe I didn't see this thread... Lemon, having been in your shoes my friend, I promise you, things will get better.

!!Pinkie Pie, thank you for doing the right thing. Suicide threats such as this one are to be taken very, very seriously and you may have saved a person's life today. I'm positive Celestia will understand. Respecting privacy is one thing, but when it comes to suicide threats like these, taking action is entirely the right thing to do.

I've never attempted suicide, but as a pony who once suffered severely, for many years, from clinical depression myself, I know entirely what it feels like to suffer as you have suffered Lemon. I once often thought about committing suicide myself, and I've gotten close a few times, but just as Dash says, it isn't worth it. Darkness seems overwhelming when it's all you know... yet sometimes your freedom in this life is just one step away. There is a beautiful and wonderful future waiting for you: depression DOES end and it CAN be beaten! For me, freedom came suddenly. In the span of a month, seven years of depression were undone, just like that, as if they had never even happened.

Lemon, don't let the darkness overcome you. You are strong enough, and you have a bright and incredible life to live! Just be patient and endure: you will find your peace in this life my friend.
>> No. 2488231
File 130688115505.jpg - (7.00KB , 130x123 , Fluttershy - sad.jpg )
I hope lemon posts again. This is bad, real bad. Just knowing what could be happening right now. Ahhh, just show us that you're still here and maybe we can help you!
>> No. 2488232
Hah... I'll probably be so tired tomorrow I won't be able to finish the pretty important homework we're supposed to hand in... I need to sleep now.
Good night everypony, I sure hope this turns out well...
>> No. 2488233
Actually, how long has it been since lemon went to sleep?
>> No. 2488234
Almost 9 hours.
>> No. 2488235
It's been about 9 hours
>> No. 2488236
I think about nine hours.
Still, I hope lemon is alright...
>> No. 2488237
You know, this really is the coolest place on the internet. I've been here for about a week and a half, and I've seen about 3 people post here saying that this website saved their lives. Hopefully, this thread will be the fourth. Again !!PinkiePie, you made the right decision on calling in, in my opinion only good will come out of it. I mean, if I was gonna kill myself and found out that somepony had told the suicide hotline, I'd be so happy to know that people cared about me that much. Everypony here is awesome, thank you to everypony who helped here. Stay strong Lemon, it's all gonna be ok.
>> No. 2488238
Oh, that's why I haven't seen any replies then.
Then I guess it's best to see what happens considering he should be sleeping for about 8 hours or so.
>> No. 2488239
File 130688154950.jpg - (79.93KB , 646x646 , lemonlime.jpg )
Well, it looks like I'm done here for tonight. I have no choice but to head to bed, myself, and be hopeful about what this thread will have in store for me once the sun sets again. Just hang in there, everypony. And Lemon, don't let me down!
>> No. 2488240
File 130688204470.png - (64.00KB , 245x245 , Eyebrow Dash (2).png )
Just noticed this thread. !!PinkiePie, thank you. You did the right thing, and eventually Lemon is going to thank you. You just saved a life.

Lemon, you're probably pissed right now. With good reason. The police have probably come to your home, and now you've got all kinds of drama. Trust us, though...in a few years, when all of this is behind you and you've shaped your life into something that makes you happy, you'll look back and realize all of the experiences that you would have missed out on if !!PinkiePie hadn't cared enough to think about the long term.

I've been where you are. I considered suicide for many years, and once even made the decision to do it. It was set. I was going to jump off of a building, and was in the process of leaving a message for everypony that I left behind. A chance call from a friend who immediately realized that something was wrong was the only thing that prevented me from following through with it. I have one thing to say to you, though, Lemon: IT GETS BETTER IF YOU WANT IT TO. It's a lot of work, and life is never easy, but if you are willing to put in the effort to improve your life, you can be happy. Sometimes the only thing we can do is hold on and keep our eye on tomorrow.

I'll be thinking about you, Lemon.

I'll be thinking about you as well, !!PinkiePie. What you did took serious courage and I respect you a lot for it. You get lots and lots of hugs.
>> No. 2488241
File 130688207507.png - (49.37KB , 256x211 , baffleblendwhasketch.png )
I haven't been on /oat/ in a bit. What happened?
>> No. 2488243
File 130688221617.jpg - (61.96KB , 644x616 , Silverscreen.jpg )
I'm going to tell you something I never told anypony.

I seriously contemplated suicide throughout my highschool years. I constantly saw myself with my wrists sliced open, laying in the bathtub with a blank expression. I kept thinking of the message I'd leave for my friends and family to find when they discovered me lifeless, and time and again I would run my finger over those veins, pondering whether or not I should open them....

And now? If I could go back to that time and see myself, I want to smack the shit out of me for thinking that. You know why? Because despite the shit I've gone through, I am still kicking and happy to be so. I happily embrace whatever the hell comes my way anymore. This message will probably even be ignored by most here, but I'll pull through it.

I'm going to tell you something I said in an RP, which greatly relates to anything in life:

You are constantly at the mercy of the foul weather that life can give. It can rain misfortune and blow the winds of bad luck around you, soaking you to the bone in despair.

But the thing you have to remember is that all storms eventually vanish. Those dark clouds of misery eventually go away, leaving you with bright, beautiful skies ahead.

Don't let the storm of life blow you away. Stand strong, stand proud, and tell that bitch to give you all she's got, because you are NOT, I repeat, ARE NOT going anywhere!
>> No. 2488244

With the always-loving community trying their best to help of course.
>> No. 2488245
File 130688223329.png - (80.54KB , 818x950 , Rose Frightened.png )
Oh by the gods.
Reading this im finaly understanding what kind of person i am ... or rather what i thought ofmyself before was wrong.

But thats can be a story for another time. This is serious, no news of Lemon?
>> No. 2488246
The OP, Lemon, posted here saying he was going to commit suicide. Luckily, tons of people flew into the thread telling him not to do it and that we cared about him. We have had no response from him yet, but the Suicide Hotline (or somepony, not sure what) was called, and now we're basically just waiting to see what happens. I hope Lemon's ok...
>> No. 2488247
assuming he has a normal sleep cycle he's probably just woken up.
>> No. 2488248
File 130688233199.gif - (2.16MB , 332x434 , derpy-hooves-derping.gif )
This is only my second post here on ponychan :X
I hope OP turns out alright, suicide is a bad idea.
aaaand no inspirational things atm, I have a LOT of schoolwork that has to be done tonight.
I'll lurk here to see how it turns out.
>> No. 2488249

I don't get how liking MLP and suicide seem to go together? I'm always very skeptical of any of these types of posts but that might be because I'm from Finland (and hence have no heart) (kidding)

Calling the cops on them is probably a good way to keep teenagers from threatening to kill themselves though. Either you save their life or teach them a good lesson about crying wolf. :]
>> No. 2488250
Incoming tons of posts.

Stay strong lemon!!

>> No. 2488251
Motherfucker, if you commit suicide, do you know what you've done?
You've let your friends, family, and everypony on Ponychan down.

You really want to be remembered as that?
>> No. 2488252
File 130688240160.jpg - (21.68KB , 500x299 , 130042345146.jpg )
Now that's a very foolish thing to do. I'm sorry you're in pain, but think about the ones that love you.
>> No. 2488254
File 130688262603.png - (79.91KB , 377x599 , 130608733278.png )
Come on, Bronies, time to pray.

Open your hearts and send all of your love and compassion Lemon's way. He needs to know he's not alone. Even if it's just an idle wish, let's do everything we can!
>> No. 2488255
lemon, I don't know you. I've never met you, I've never seen your face, heck, I've never seen you post.

But you should know that I love you, with all of my heart. No matter what you did, no matter what you've gone through, please know that there're a whole lot of people caring about you. Look at this whole thread. All of these people worry about you. Please don't make a decision that will sadden all of us.

Come back to us. Please.
>> No. 2488257
amen, brother
>> No. 2488261
File 130688276706.jpg - (16.19KB , 455x344 , twilight sad.jpg )
I'm on it. I always hate these threads, not because I'm whining about people being depressed, but whenever I see somepony depressed, especially on ponychan, I get depressed, especially when suicide is involved.
>> No. 2488262
Lemon, lemon, lemon. Come now, think things through. Life holds many rewards, no matter how bad things may seem.

Talk to people, the people you love, preferably, about how you feel, as their words will ease your depression. Just wait out the bad, as it can only get better from there.

I guarantee life will eventually take a turn for the best, but only if you don't give up on it. Don't die on us, lemon! You've got a friend in everypony here.
>> No. 2488263
File 130688281141.jpg - (103.13KB , 836x956 , 16668 - love_letter luna.jpg )
Hey. Hey you.

I don't know you, I don't about you or all your personal issues and I don't know what all you've gone through or not gone through compared to me. But I do know *exactly* how it feels to be in your position, and I would be more than happy to talk about it. Please feel more than welcome to email me (mouseover my name) and, if you want, give me your account name on any IM program, Steam, etc. and I'll be right on it.

And whether or not you decide to talk to me, I want you to know that you're a fantastic person and that anypony who doesn't understand, who insults you and thinks things like this are solely pleas for attention, just have never been in this place and don't get it--they assume you're something you're not or doing something you're not actually doing, and they just don't understand how hurtful things like that can be. So don't listen to them, at all -- that's a mistake I've made way too many times. Understand and believe that you're worth much more and there are many reasons you should stay around, not the least of which is that myself and many other people would love to get to know you and be your friend.
>> No. 2488264
Lemon, I have to say something. I know, from my brief run with depression and knocking at Death's door that you are not in your best state of mind. Whatever happened to make you this way, you have to get over it. Think of all the things you will miss. All the opportunities you will give up. All the people you will leave behind. Be strong, pull yourself up, seek help from a friend or parent or whatever, but just try to make it out of this low point in your life, because it will make you stronger, and wiser.
>> No. 2488265
File 130688283055.png - (313.42KB , 600x653 , Wall Eyed Adorable.png )
There's not much I can add to this thread that hasn't already been said by everypony else, but I would just like to say that you did the right thing, Pinkie mod.

and Lemon, while we don't know the circumstances that have led to your current predicament, life is long and I assure you, it is possible to push through whatever troubles are currently hassling you in life. If you're willing to put in the effort, there's always the possibility of a bright future. Life is long, death is final, don't give up.

Besides, at this point, I'm sure you can see that quite a few people here in /oat/ want you you pull through and enjoy life once more. If there's one thing you can count on, it's us loving you
>> No. 2488267
hey guys, i just arrived at school, whats happened since?
>> No. 2488269
It's always darkest before the dawn, don't give up things do get better.

I hope you see this
>> No. 2488272
File 130688287503.jpg - (7.62KB , 230x219 , O_O.jpg )
At first i called the suicide hotline. They took down some information, and my personal number/name and stuff. They then said that I had to call the local police (it ended up being an international phonecall) They said i personally had to report it, otherwise it would be considered hearsay.
>> No. 2488277
I'm going to just keep posting on here everytime I get something new to say, because damnit, I do NOT want this.

In the words of a legend:
You gotta start with the man in the mirror
You gotta ask him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you want to make your life a better place
Gotta look at yourself and make a change

Yes, I modified it, but you know what it means. YOU decide what's good and bad. YOU choose whether YOU live your life. So YOU get off your flank\1, go out into that world and show your life JUST HOW BOSS YOU CAN BE!
>> No. 2488278
File 130688291655.jpg - (6.37KB , 248x227 , spike and twilight hugging.jpg )
Man, I just read this thread. This is what I get for sleeping in today.

Lemon, I may not know you in real life, but I love you. I really mean it. It's a different kind of love, but I do love you! We all love you.
Just wanna let you know that.
>> No. 2488279
File 130688292498.jpg - (10.89KB , 293x290 , 130216927767.jpg )
I find it shocking, I really do, how quickly a community like PonyChan rushes to help somepony in need. Nice people in the world? I can see them right here, and there are far more out there who haven't even herd of MLP:FiM.

See Lemon, pal, these guys care about you. We know that, although you're in a sticky patch right now, it'll pick up. It gets better. It always gets better, so long as you're there to see it.

You like Rainbow Dash? What would she do under your circumstances? Would she even consider taking that dreadful way out, or would she bravely charge full pelt into the challenges of life, no matter what was thrown in her direction? As weird as this sounds, you should... BE your idol here, mentally. Try it, at least.
>> No. 2488281
File 130688293699.png - (53.55KB , 943x943 , IMG_1930.png )
I never got why people would kill themselves

So if you want to die, you obviously dont give a shit. Like, about anypony 'cause if there is anypony who loves you, you dont give a FUCK about them, and you dont care about hurting them, and if there is nopony, there's no one to give a shit about.

So, instead of killing yourself why dont you just get the fuck out? leave the basement,leave your house, leave the god damned country. Go on an adventure. Spend your time doing something awesoem like tracking down terrorists. Go be james bond, or Indiana Jones. Go fight a shark with a harpoon! Danger? Fuck that. The world is now your oyster.

TL;DR: Feeling suicidal? Good. Nows your chance to live.
>> No. 2488285
File 130688306127.jpg - (15.53KB , 250x250 , geddy-lee.jpg )
>> No. 2488289
Also, gotta add this.

>> No. 2488290
Suicide doesn't make pain go away... Love makes pain go away, surround yourself with friends and family, people you love and life will be bearable though ANYTHING that comes your way.

You can't just end it all... I've thought about this so much, why work all this time to succeed in life and then quit? I may not know you or anypony you may have met, but I do know this ... the ones you love will hurt more then you do now if you go...

NOTHING can repair the emotional pain that comes with a loved one dying, not all the hospitals, doctors and nurses in the world can repair that pain...

I don't even know you but, I don't want you to kill yourself... Deep down everypony has a strong side, they just didn't find it yet... Only the ones that cannot take life as its given to them quit, so toughen up and take life one day at a time!

Don't you worry about what will happen tomorrow, or next week, or even what happened yesterday... What concerns you the most is TODAY and today only!

Just think... This problem of yours may be a way of toughening you up! You could be stronger then any of us...

Remember... Even in the face of certain death... Do not give up.
>> No. 2488295
File 130688322732.jpg - (11.69KB , 425x332 , 130687940948.jpg )
I really hope he didn't go through with it, after all that
how old is the OP roughly?
>> No. 2488297
File 130688324335.png - (72.77KB , 212x213 , Twilight - Moar angry.png )

Well done.

Wish I could help.
>> No. 2488298

One of the problems that people run into when dealing with suicidal people is that they try to think of things logically. You aren't suicidal and don't understand why people would commit suicide, so if you try to see it through your own perspective then obviously it won't make sense. Suicide isn't a logical choice. It's the result of a deeply troubled mind that has become wrapped around the axle and feels trapped to the point that suicide is the only option. It's the end result of a downward spiral that hollows a person so much that they simply want to end it all. The person isn't thinking, "I don't like my life, so the best choice would be to end it." It's a lot more complicated than that.
>> No. 2488299
File 130688325075.png - (175.21KB , 500x534 , FacehoofDashGoggles.png )
And please don't go post in their thread either. Bumping that thing won't help.
>> No. 2488301
I'd guess middle/high school. We've all felt like that at some point in those years. I'm just glad I'm in college now and don't have to deal with it for the most part anymore
>> No. 2488302


When I was suicidal, I knew my family love me, hell, I even had an awesome boyfriend (who I still have) But when I would get in a suicidal mood, I would feel like, they were better off with out me, because even though they loved me and I knew that, all I ever did was stress their lives out and make them upset and things like that. That's how I felt about it, no matter how delusional or silly it seems. Which is does now, but then, not so much.
>> No. 2488303
File 130688332314.gif - (333.38KB , 420x315 , slow clap.gif )
!!Pinkie mod is best mod
>> No. 2488305
Deleted my post so the mods wouldn't have to :) Reposted without the end part.
>> No. 2488306
I meant how long ago the OP was posted
sorry bout that
>> No. 2488309
Dont do it.
Life isnt something you trowh away like that, you must hang to it, even if you feel that everything is going to get worse, the things you enjoy in life like family and friends, are things you must care for, and dont forget that they fell the same to you...
Im sorry My english is a little bit too rusty, i am having headaches because this trhead...
Lemon, I might not know you, or maybe ill never meet you, but you're a human, and all humans must be sharing happiness with others, no metter what you think about this comment, you must always know that people care about tyou, and you care about them too.
>> No. 2488310
All I can say is this:

I guess I'm trying to say that our lives seem short and bleak. They seem pointless and cruel, but that's because we only pay attention to the shortness and the bleakness and the pointlessness and cruelty. In actuality, we are more than just a flash of light in a starless night with a new moon. We are luminous. We are the torch that shines out to sea, not just for the days that we have here, but forever. Our journeys will end, but at each ending, we can turn and look back at what we've seen, at the horizon that marks the curve of the earth, wipe that tear from our cheek, turn once again, and start the next great adventure.

Some of you may say, "But how do you know there is something more? How do you know that our life is more than a flash of light on an endless sea?" Truthfully? I don't. I don't know any more than you do. I don't know what will happen. But you know what? I know that I don't need to know. Nor do you or anypony else. All we need to do is hope. And that brings me to the next song: "Hope" by Rush. It's short and bittersweet, it's sombre but uplifting. And it's self explanatory. To be honest, I'm going to be a music critic for a second and say that it's probably the best song off Rush's Snakes And Arrows album. It pertains more to our lives than any other song Rush put on that album.

Back to life. We can hope that we are not a mere flash of light, and I think that most of us will. It gives us a reason to live each day. It gives us a reason to go out there and make mistakes and learn from them. It lets us be human. It allows us to experience our perfection. Then we will find that we aren't a mere flashbulb on an endless sea sailed only by ourselves. Then we can have the courage to look out at everypony else and find out that we are surrounded by light. Everypony shines out to everypony else, and that is the base interaction of our love for each other. We are literally surrounded by others in the same world, not isolated from everypony in islands of our own self-pity and fear, although it may seem that way sometimes. But again, you only have to look. Break the barrier, like Pinkie Pie.

And you know what? Song number four: "Surrounded" by Dream Theatre. I guess you can tell that I really like prog now. That's three bands out of four that are prog bands. I digress however. "Surrounded" really speaks to me. It's an anthem about love and about life and having the courage to throw the shutters away from the window to look out and see the light given off by everypony else to guide you, even if it may seem easier to lock the door and draw the curtains and pretend that the world never existed outside the little room we all have in our mind.

I wrote this because I know that you're out there, reading this. I know that my time wasn't wasted, because I know that you learned something from this. I know I learned something from this, and I wrote it. And, to be brutally honest, I'm flat out of words to put in this reflection. I'd just like to leave one final song for you, and you can consider this one my final gift to you… for now. I'd like to mention the song "Slow Marching Band" by Jethro Tull. It is a song about starting a journey after ending one. About beginning anew, even if you don't know what's out there. I'd like to end by reminding you that, not only am I here for you, but we all are, whether you know us or not. I'd also like to end by saying that this is what we do. You know who you are and what it means to be that. With that, I'm going to go to bed and go to Luna and say, "I love you," and go to Twilight and say, "I love you." But first, I'm going to look all of you straight in the eyes and say, "I love you."

Full thing can be found here: http://jedimagnusdelcarte.deviantart.com/#/d3gb1fj
>> No. 2488311
but that would mean that we've lost hope, and that isn't good.
>> No. 2488314
lemon. Don't do this.

If you feel lonely, talk to us. We're here for you, listening to every word you say. If you feel unloved, come here. We love you with everything we have. If you feel like there's no way out, speak up. There's always a path out of misery.

But don't give up. Gather the last bit of strength and pull through this. We love you, man, don't leave us.
>> No. 2488315
File 130688354825.jpg - (132.55KB , 900x900 , 130660614961.jpg )
Dear Lemon:
We all go through hard times every now and then, sometimes too hard. Sometimes it feels like there is no other way out. but let me tell you, if you have the power to end yourself, you definitely have the power to stand back up.
At the end of the day, it is YOUR decision to make, and only YOU can put a value to YOUR life. The moment you decide it's worthless, it's lost all value, and seeing how you came here first, I'd say you still value your life.
So do yourself a favor and do the smart thing. Stand up tall, smile, and say it out loud "I Will Live!" and don't worry about falling down again. We are your friends, and we will catch you when you fall. We will be there for you every step of the journey until the very end.

Your friend
>> No. 2488317
File 130688359115.png - (174.93KB , 490x357 , feels bad pony.png )
Just popping in; let me see if I understand this.

>sometime early this morning, Lemon said he was going to commit suicide
>After he left the thread, Pinkie Pie somehow contacted a Suicide Hotline and now we're waiting for any further developments.

lemon, if you can read this, we don't want you to kill yourself and, on some level, you don't either. There's a reason you made this thread and I think it was because you wanted somepony to hear you. We did. We're all hearing you. Please come back to talk to us.

Pinkie Pie Mod; you made a tough call but I think it was the right one. It's nice to know the mods are looking out for us.
>> No. 2488319
File 130688359838.jpg - (8.02KB , 181x200 , Kamina4.jpg )
Guys what's wrong with Lemon?
>> No. 2488320

Dude. Don't do it. I've been there, feeling like I'm gonna try to kill myself, even tried. I've grown and become a better person since then. It's not worth it to commit suicide. You need to work to make things better, like this post here: >>2488029

Listen to the Soldier and listen to me. You have to take control, life isn't going to get better and suicide isn't the answer. It's the easy way out.

I mean, I had no friends, I was failing at school, had no motivation and no hope for the future. That was the low point. But remember, things get worse before they get better, so hang in there and take control, don't let your life get the better of you, get the better of your life, take control and make the part where it gets better happen, rather than ending your life in the low point.
>> No. 2488323
You don't have to be a Christbrony, or even religious, just open your heart, and start wishing.

Believe that Lemon will come out of this okay. To believe in something is to actualize it. You can and will make a difference! Believe as hard as you can, and your hopes will pierce the darkness like an arrow and move mountains!
>> No. 2488324
File 130688371473.png - (473.60KB , 900x695 , 130617150794.png )
Isn't he waiting for his rainbow dash toy to come in the mail? God bless our often tardy postal service I guess.
>> No. 2488325
File 130688371911.jpg - (9.08KB , 354x274 , gross.jpg )
People who really want to kill themselves just do it. The fact that lemon went through the trouble of making this thread is clear enough indicator that he's looking for help. And at the very least, if he is attention horsing for some unfathomable reason, what's the harm in trying?
>> No. 2488326

Err, life doesn't get better on it's ownj, you have to take control and make it get better. Just to clear that post up.
>> No. 2488327
That sounds like something Kamina would say

So Lemon's suicidal or something?
>> No. 2488328

Thanks Ember. That was beautiful.
>> No. 2488329
File 130688391457.png - (39.91KB , 209x202 , sadbow dash.png )
As far as we can tell. We're awaiting further developments
>> No. 2488330
So what does he have as a problem?
>> No. 2488331
File 130688407418.png - (37.48KB , 200x161 , psychoshygoggles.png )

It doesn't take much effort to make a thread about killing yourself; there's little risk for posting it since you can easily just use a proxy while posting. I'm glad they at least called the cops on him/her so that there's some real life consequences for your actions - that way, if he's really looking for help, he will get it one way or the other.

Although I'm not sure what the police can do with just an IP address - the ISP have those. Either way hope this turns out well.
>> No. 2488332
I don't think he's told us much, just suicide I suppose.
>> No. 2488335
File 130688421424.jpg - (104.54KB , 720x540 , Kamina40.jpg )
Damn,I used to be suicidal.
I'm not good with this stuff.
Everytime this stuff comes up my mind goes blank.
All I'm thinking about is losing a friend,a brony,etc.
God why am I like this?
I just hope he doesn't kill himself.
>> No. 2488337
File 130688436159.jpg - (46.75KB , 501x525 , you're awesome.jpg )
Please please please please please don't do it.

I know life sucks. I should know. But there are things worth living for. If you can't think of anything, think of ponies. You don't want to miss the second season, do you? I know that isn't the best thing to look forward to, but it's the best i've got. I don't know you, i don't know anything about you. All i know is that ponies might be the only happy thing in your life. But we are always here for you. Don't forget.

I know that this is a horrible comparison to this, but it also is the best i've got. For the last few weeks, i've been Hearing voices, sometimes they will stop for a few hours, sometimes they will go on for days. But the only thing that's been able to help is ponies. anything to do with ponies.

Basically, what i'm trying to get at is that Ponies can help. Its that little piece of normal that takes you from reality for 22 minutes, gives you an escape.

Please please, make that your escape instead of suicide.
>> No. 2488340
Lemon, I hope you're having nice dreams while you're sleeping, if that's what you're doing right now.

We love you, and look forward to seeing you tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that, and the day after that...
>> No. 2488342
File 130688457140.jpg - (141.51KB , 1000x1000 , 130308471679.jpg )
Ahhhhhh! F5 F5 F5 F5 F5.... So nervous... I think this thread needs more happy things... So lemon can look though and be happy... THERE... That pic always makes me smile!

I hope it makes you smile lemon...
>> No. 2488344
File 130688457631.jpg - (55.46KB , 350x400 , fluttershyguy.jpg )
Don't even worry about that right now. We've got more important things to think about.

Start spreading the word. Put something up on facebook, that's what I just did. Even if your friends aren't Bronies, at least they can help pray that Lemon's safe.
>> No. 2488347
File 130688467769.gif - (307.18KB , 400x350 , 130391851835.gif )

>> No. 2488355
I wish I had paid attention to this earlier, but I can't change that now.I know that what I say probably won't matter, and I know this will probably sound cliche and stupid, but here goes: This isn't worth it. I don't know what 'it' is, but I can tell you now that suicide will not make it better. I have felt similar to the way you do now, I think, and I know that it can get better, even if it doesn't feel like it. I know that, especially, people can can make it seem like it's not worth it to go on. People can be hateful, people can be evil, people can make you feel like there isn't any point to your existence, and like there isn't any good in the world to prove you wrong. But there is. We, as in, all of us, don't want you to die. I don't know your name. I probably never will, but that doesn't matter, because I know that you're another human being and your life means something. There are too many wasted lives already. Please don't become one of them. You'll be leaving everypony else behind, and we'll miss you. I hope that you see this, and everything else that has been said. You don't have to do this.
>> No. 2488356
File 130688486959.png - (15.31KB , 187x187 , pipluppwny12.png )
It's time to really show our love, guys. We don't need to attack anypony trying to take us down, we just have to hug them harder.
>> No. 2488361
File 130688512746.png - (164.06KB , 367x441 , AJ sitting.png )
If you read this, Lemon, Which I hope you do.
To quote, portal 2, "When life gives you lemons, Make life take the lemons back, I dont want your damn lemons, What am I supposed to do with these?" Point is, when life seems to be pushing you in a certain direction, or making bad things happen for you, make life take those damn decisions back! You are the one in control of your life, you have to keep fighting for what you want. Everyday is a beautiful thing, Everypony here loves you and will always be here for you. So just remember to give back the lemons, and make your own lemonade out of whatever you want.

~A loving brony gamer, Treesap

P.S. Im here for you bro, if you ever just need to talk go to the brony mumble, or ponychan, we ALL listen.
>> No. 2488365
File 130688546017.jpg - (35.09KB , 600x478 , 130673450211.jpg )
Anypony notice that this entire thing started when somepony posted as the first reply "Why?" Words man, they do shit.

Anyways, I can't say anything more than what everypony else has said, so I am just gonna post some Scootaloo and hope that makes it better. Go watch Winter Wrap-Up, or one of your favorite MLP: FiM episodes! That always makes me happy.
>> No. 2488366
I really hope lemon is okay.

I don't know if I can stay on Ponychan if people are going to use this place as their suicide note.
>> No. 2488367
File 130688564569.png - (116.90KB , 324x350 , 130644280182.png )
I'm really really sad I was not here for this.

Look. I just really hope you don't follow through with this. Suicide is the worst possible thing to do ever.
>> No. 2488368
File 130688568983.jpg - (65.13KB , 621x630 , 130386384555.jpg )

Yea, it's like when is enough, enough? Are we going to sticky every suicide thread in /oat/? I know this might not be a popular opinion but can anypony even show that this person even attempted it? That's just my 2 cents.

Anyways I'm done with this thread - yall can do whatever you want, cheers.
>> No. 2488369
File 130688572497.jpg - (16.93KB , 316x213 , 130660548338.jpg )

this thread in one pic/song
>> No. 2488371
File 130688577369.jpg - (361.03KB , 1414x1406 , 130360491023.jpg )
yeah same I come here to get away from my woes in life, not come and face others. :/

>> No. 2488372
Better than the alternative of nopony caring about them. Threads like these are oddly reassuring because it shows what a great community of people we have that are willing to help a brony in his darkest hour
>> No. 2488373
File 130688589177.png - (550.91KB , 1024x632 , 130372332875.png )

This is why I feel so close to this community. I'm not spending as much time as I want to here, many probably don't even know me, but still, I feel like we all care for each other in a way or another.

I used to be somewhat suicidal aswell, falling it deep depression when I felt my life isn't going anywhere and I just don't have the strength to change it.

Yet, a year ago I decided to change. I had to realize that there are things I cannot change in life, but there is one thing I can. Myself.

It all depends on how you take things. How you feel inside. I'm again at a point where it seems a bit hopeless, but now I have no bad thoughts anymore.

I just think of better things, that each day brings new hope and new chances. I enjoy the small joys of life and somehow the world is brighter ever since.

We are no gods and cannot tell what the future holds. Throwing away the little time we are given on this world is not an answer to any of our problems.

I recall I used to struggle to stay strong. You don't have to. It all ended up with me hurting others around me to prove to myself I'm still strong, in a wicked way and slowly, I stopped caring for others, stopped caring for myself and even worse...I stopped feeling.

You don't have to go down the road I did.
Let it out, collapse and cry! No shame in it. After years of depression and apathy, my best, most beautiful moment was when I was reading some sad stories here on ponychan and I started crying. I cried coz I cared again. I cared for others, I felt symphaty, and I felt alive again. My cold, rock solid heart started pumping again.

After that point, I felt like I'm whole again. Sure people don't change in a moment, it takes time to heal wounds, to stand up tall again, but as weird as it may sound, I felt I have won. Faced myself, my weakness, the cross I am bearing.

Please, have faith. You don't have to believe in God or any deity. Believe in yourself. Believe in the world.
Once a friend told me one night "There's no God". And I said "Then we have to look after each other". And yes, there are people out there who care for each other and who will care for you aswell. You are never alone, just reach out your hand. I myself have been blind for many years and refused to believe that. I was so surprised that people I've pushed away and havent talked to for years called me and asked how I am. We met again and they cared.

Stay with us brony. We care.
>> No. 2488376
!!PinkiePie: Reckon you did the right thing reporting it.

lemon: I don't really know you well lemon, but there's hope for you. You know Rainbow Dash would not be cool with that kind of thing. You might not be able to look forward to tomorrow, but there will be a day, in the future, when you WILL look forward again. I mean, you haven't even seen Season 2 yet. It's OK. We're around.
>> No. 2488378
File 130688622533.jpg - (132.58KB , 640x480 , Stanley-Park-Shot.jpg )
Hey lemon, I'm sad that I can't give you a hug right now.

Maybe sometime, when you're free, you could go to a park, with lots of greenery. That stuff always helps me.
>> No. 2488379
The whole point is that we don't WANT them to attempt. We act because we want to help them before it gets to that point
>> No. 2488380
er... actually..
>> No. 2488381
Ah well, either way you're doing a great job, I keep missing them.
>> No. 2488382
N you have a good point, however I believe it was pinned by request in order to keep it from dying to autosage, and if it were moved to another board Lemon might think it died and nopony cared. It wasn't me who pinned it, but I'm not going to disrespect another mod's decision by unpinning it, either. I'm sure we can move it to /arch/ after Lemon gets back and replies to us a bit. I just want to be sure that he sees this.
>> No. 2488383
File 130688633107.png - (125.71KB , 385x354 , 130635679625.png )
yeah i know.

first time ive seen it, dont blame me.

usually you just ban people and delete pics.


i love you forever. I actually attempted suicide in the past.

now i am too happy to.

have some happy music.

>> No. 2488384
File 130688638098.jpg - (43.97KB , 600x549 , 1305434758599.jpg )
Everypony needs a smile on their face just look at fluttershy LOOK AT HER
>> No. 2488385

I do that when I get down, One time I got up early bought some food and water and walked up a mountain and sat up there for a while looking at the view and relaxing and it really does help.
>> No. 2488387
Kind of late to here, and I'm really lousy at this, but I can't just sit by either. I don't usually share this sort of stuff, so make sure to read it all the way through, okay lemon?

Now, I can't say life is great...even somepony like me who has a life that looks pretty decent from the outside has issues. Everypony has their own special mix of suffering. Life hurts at times, sometimes even I wonder how "Hell" as it were, would really be any different than the kind of suffering that anypony already faces.

I've had bouts with depression, and it doesn't really ever fully go away. It can get better though, so that you don't feel depressed all the time. (this might not apply to you, like I said, everypony has their own special blend of suffering.)... But you have to be willing to fight for it.

In all seriousness? The way I get through most days, is just by saying to myself "I'm not gonna let something like this beat me! ...No way am I gonna give up!"... Even when I have times, when I hate this crummy world, or hate my physical body for all its problems and pains, or even worry about my lack of direction... Even with all that, theres still a part of me that likes something about this world, or some person who I'd miss if I moved on to whatever is after, or things I still want to do or learn...

No matter what comes or doesn't come after this life, it is the end of this experience, so if you're just going to have to start over again, why not go all out till the end? Whether you win or lose in the end...stops being important to you at least once its over, so why not aim for the best result? If you're gonna suffer whether you fight or not, whats to stop you from fighting? These are the questions that keep me going... In the end, I may just be prolonging my own suffering, but I refuse to give up hope for something better.

In the end, when you boil it down...Things work out, or you die. So, as long as you don't die, and hold out long enough, process of elimination says that things will work out in the end. Sure, it may be the logic of an idiot, but if it lets me win, or at least keeps me from losing... Sure, I'll be an idiot.
>> No. 2488388
See, if we banned these threads then they wouldn't receive the advice you're giving them.
>> No. 2488389
You know, I still think it's better if people let it out somewhere and if they have nopony else to, then it's better to do it here than supressing it.
What makes this community so wonderful is the level of love and caring. It's just heart-warming.

Let's not lie to ourselves, life can suck sometimes. Watching colorful animated ponies and their happy lives will certainly help with sucky moments, but reading how people try to help, care and give a hand is something that will last.

I have posted about this before. The morale of my post was, that even if it is fake, I want to care.
I don't mind if people exploit it, if they laugh at me or mock me for it, even if it will hurt me I will care for each and every soul out there who I think are in need of help rather than being the old cynical cold hearted man I used to be.
I will never go back there.
>> No. 2488390
>>Yeah, brilliant, tell them that the worth of their life is being able to watch a little girl's show.
It's a factor, not the sole reason.
>> No. 2488391
OK, I didn't know how the technical end of things work. If there's a technical reason, then ok. I suppose.

And don't mind the blunt nature of my words, I don't make an effort to dress up my opinions on things.
>> No. 2488392
File 130688682690.png - (29.05KB , 945x945 , 130549058459.png )
... by the way, after the "ALSO!:" is directed at lemon. sorry if that wasnt clear
>> No. 2488393
File 130688689479.jpg - (62.62KB , 472x568 , 130532115414.jpg )
I know how you feel Lemon, I've felt suicidal in the past myself. I truly hope you can find joy again soon. I've said this in every suicide thread: Often people contemplate suicide because they want to feel relief from something that is bothering them, but if they do end their own life, they do not feel relief. Nopony really WANTS to die. They just want something to get better. Also, the great thing about suicide is that it's not something you have to do now or lose your chance, you can always do it later. The point being, as long as you are alive, things can always get better. You just have to give them a chance to do so. Besides, we're all going to die someday, so why rush it? Just enjoy being a human being while you can. You are a member of the most advanced, intelligent species on the planet. You are at the top of the food chain. You have a mind which is capable of so many amazing things. Please don't throw all of that away. Death is not the answer, brony. You will make it through this, we are here for you. We will support you and listen to everything you have to say, and we will try to find something appropriate to say back. We love you. You are important, to somepony in your life, and to us. We would all feel an immense sadness if you ended your own life. Please don't do something like that. You know you don't really want to. Nopony does.
>> No. 2488394

I'm pretty much with you on this (saw your post so I'm back lol)

I don't even think it's emo demographic. Just first world teenagers. It's amazing that some of us are so lucky to only have to worry about the top levels of Maslow's hierarchy as opposed to people starving to death, being exterminated, or being exploited. Life could be worse. Much worse.
>> No. 2488395

Could we just sick to making lemon feel better?
>> No. 2488396

This sort of thing makes a lot more sense when you consider how independent mood/satisfaction can be from people's objective situation. It can be hard to escape your brain.
>> No. 2488397
Another thing: Every single person who lives or has ever lived, will or has at some point considered suicide. But most of the time, they quickly realize that it's a dumb "solution," so they look at other things. It's crossed my mind, and anypony here who claims it hasn't is a shitdamn liar.

So when it comes up in your head, laugh at yourself for thinking such a silly thought, and realize that next week you're gonna look at yourself and think how dumb you were to consider that.
>> No. 2488398
Yeah, part of it is "white teenagers with REAL problems." You're right, when you break it down from that angle, it's absurd. The whole thing is basically a product of society.

The only issue is that somepony considering suicide is totally blind to the reality of the situation, and they are only looking at things relative to their immediate surroundings.
>> No. 2488400

Or being a naive teenager. If you ever seen the pictures from the Balkan War you can very quickly see that children there lived in a completely different circumstances. Or look at Sudan, the genocide, and all the child soldiers there.There's lots of examples of where it could be much worse.

That being said, you can't make rational arguments with irrational people. I'm with what N said above, telling somepony that all they have in life is a cartoon show about ponies is not going to help in the long run. It's an amazing show and I love but this daily "I'm-sad-and-I-need-instant-gratification" thing is getting old. Anyways that's just my opinion. :>
>> No. 2488401
Not necessarily all white teenagers but okay.
>> No. 2488402
File 130688766186.jpg - (52.51KB , 366x363 , 1303089750108.jpg )
>blunt nature of my words, I don't make an effort to dress up my opinions on things.

I like your style! Anyways its been 13+ hours, have we got any word on this?
>> No. 2488403
File 130688767757.jpg - (17.09KB , 203x201 , 130457072361.jpg )
I think the amazing thing about MLP FiM is that it can even get those of us who tend towards cold-hearted cynicism to start to feel okay about opening up our hearts and reaching out to others. Its as if all some of us really needed was to be told "Its okay to be soft, to be caring, to reach out to others."

If there is the possibility that I could save even one person just by reaching out to them, it doesn't matter if four out of five of them are just trying to hurt me....I'll still reach out, even if its just my own selfishness of wanting to be true to my own heart.

< Pic somepony posted in another thread that I think fits.
>> No. 2488404
"As soon as you're born, you start dying so you might aswell have a good time."
>> No. 2488405
File 130688779421.png - (163.23KB , 274x316 , GLaD(br)OS.png )
yeah how dare somepony come to a great community with a problem what kind of person is he anyway
>> No. 2488406
>> No. 2488407

I like the Finnish proverb: Ei elämästä selviä hengissä.

"You won't survive life."
>> No. 2488409
>> No. 2488410
File 130688792231.png - (216.05KB , 400x601 , Jacks Motivational Speech.png )
Lemon, this talk of suicide ends today. Most of us have been down that road, either in extreme cases of actual attempts at ones own life, or by simply thinking if the end came it wouldn't matter. But the fact is, your life isn't exclusively your own. Everypony you interact with is a part of you. Even if you have given up on yourself, they haven't. And it is not your decision to make. You owe it to everypony that stands by you to live.
There is something admirable about somepony who doesn't fear death. They have pushed past all instincts of self preservation and go against the core of nature. Most of us can't do this. But it's even more admirable of a person who doesn't fear life. Somepony who will refuse to be the victim of circumstance and rise up. Only a few in history have been able to do this on their own, but luckily for you, you are not alone. You have the full support of everypony here at the very least. And that is an amazing thing. You have your choice of getting feedback and advice from the community, or even one on one from a peer or mentor here. I'm sure anypony would be willing to talk through email. In short, Lemon, you have an army of friends and well meaning strangers to back you. I know you'll do well.
>> No. 2488411
File 130688800895.png - (18.35KB , 500x500 , derpyseeswhatyoudidthere.png )
Aaaaand my counter is going up.
psst: that's not a good thing
>> No. 2488412
I don't see why everypony is trying to turn this into a thread about why people shouldn't post suicide threads. Frankly I just wanna make sure the guy's ok and hopefully gets to see this thread and feel a little better about things seeing as that's the important thing at hand.
>> No. 2488413
Because it's getting on our nerves.
>> No. 2488414

Then I'd say you should your frustration to another thread, please. This is not the place to discuss it.
>> No. 2488415
Did you know you can even hide stickied threads?
>> No. 2488416
Well, I don't know if I'm too late to make a difference, but Lemon, please realize that we all care for you, and suicide is not the answer. It's never the answer.

I don't know you, and I haven't herd of you before today, but believe me when I say that I love you. I know what it's like to wake up in the morning and have nothing to live for. It sucks, but you have to realize that if you take life by the horns and choose to make things better, things will get better.

Everypony here loves you, and you'd be hurting us all by doing something like this. Please reconsider.
>> No. 2488417
I can understand how it could get on peoples nerves and don't have any problem with a discussion on the topic, I just think it can wait until we know he/she is ok
>> No. 2488418
I don't know what to say. How can I? I don't know you're life, I don't know what you're dealing with. I don't know if you'll even take the time to read my message, but I'm going to type it anyway.

I won't talk about myself, because god knows what has happened in my life probably has no bearing on your own. But I will say that no good can come of these thoughts. If you think you're worthless, you're not. If you think no one cares, you're wrong. There is always somepony who cares. There is always something you can contribute. I believe in the potential of the human race to accomplish greatness. And I believe that potential lies in everypony, including you.

But if you end it now, you won't know what you're capable of. You won't know what good you can accomplish. You won't know the extent of your own potential. Heroes are made every day. Who's to say you're not one of them?

You are a member of the human race, the people who tamed the earth and irrevocably changed everything about life on this planet. You are a member of a species that is constantly evolving, that is constantly changing. Today, we are able to accomplish miracles with the push of a button, things that were only dreams thousands of years ago. Just being human gives you a lot to be proud of.

You have the power within you to shape the world around you. You need only believe in yourself.

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does." - William James
>> No. 2488419
I just don't see the problem with giving a virtual hug to somepony who might be needing help.

We are not giving advice in the way of telling exactly what to do. We are sharing our own experiences, how a bunch of us fought his/her own problems. Why does it hurt anypony to see some threads like these going on, I don't know.

What makes this fandom greater than any other for me is that many actually care for each other and not just fancy about how deeper they can get into their fandom by coming up with and discussing more and more ridicolous things about the show.

There are plenty of sites on the net, and plenty of boards here on ponychan, etc where ponies can have their "undisturbed" moments of fandom, I personally don't mind having some threads on /oat/
about people's issues.
The flaw in Maslow's theory is that there are plenty of moments occasions when it doesn't work.

Also, you can't go and tell somepony "[/]Hey man some dudes on the other side of the planet are starving, you should be happy that you have something to eat[/i]". It just doesn't work like that.

Our own problems are always the biggest for us, since it's what we have to deal with, what affects us directly and thus what concerns us the most.
>> No. 2488420
Did you know that I can't hide all the threads that are like this because they keep popping up anew every day and am thus forced to see them again and again?
>> No. 2488421
Intended for shinmera
>> No. 2488422
Yes you can, just hide them every day. It's not that hard.
>> No. 2488423
File 130688848424.png - (30.50KB , 249x342 , 130535829605.png )
Doesn't make it any less annoying to do.
>> No. 2488424
File 130688849228.png - (3.06KB , 209x215 , 3.png )

"our nerves" as in "your nerves". Because you're the only one complaining.
>> No. 2488425
File 130688851631.jpg - (212.27KB , 1280x1024 , Windwaker.jpg )
Think about all the pros and cons that would come with doing your favorite thing exclusively. Make a list, even. Whenever I feel down in the dumps I pop in my favorite video game and disregard everything else.
There are alot of great things in life and you better enjoy them.
>> No. 2488426
have you even read the thread?
>> No. 2488427
Not as if it's really impeding your ability to.
The best course of action is to deal with it.
>> No. 2488428

Have YOU?
>> No. 2488429
Ignorance isn't the only way to deal with it though.
I'd prefer getting rid of the problem in the first place.
>> No. 2488430
I think I would rather help save somepony's life than worry about people having to make one extra click per day, you really need to check your priorities
>> No. 2488431
It seems to annoy you to a point where only taking the minimal effort of hiding a thread and only seeing /reading the first post of it is becoming painfuly intolerable to you.
Why does it hurt you to see these threads so much?

If you wish, you can start a thread on why this bothers you so much. We will care to read it and answer aswell. But for now, I myself am more concerned if OP is alright and will read all the positive replies he got.
>> No. 2488432
just some examples~
>> No. 2488433
Uh, you do realize there are a wide variety of different image boards here...and as far as I can tell, only /pony/ is particularly supposed to only be for "talking about the show". /oat/ is like what they have on forums for talking about, well, whatever. While it may be a bit more of a place for being non-serious, I don't think this breaks any rules about the board or anything.

That said, if we had a /help/ thingy that might be a solution that would make everypony happy, as long as those who wanted to try and help checked there often enough.

If you are an average representative of what the people from /co/ are like...well, I'm glad this isn't /co/. While you may have good points or reasons for what you say...I don't like the way you say it. I know I have no real power of any sort, as well as being new here myself, but to say that absolutely "people also don't want to see that type of shit either", when there are those of us who say that seeing these threads and the uplifting responses is one of the things we feel is really great about ponychan... seems either willfully ignorant, or just like you're trying to force your viewpoint onto us. Sure, there are those who agree with you here, but there are also those who don't and you can't force those of us who don't into agreeing with you just by telling us we do or we should.
>> No. 2488434
you two, knock it off, it's silly
>> No. 2488435
File 130688873884.png - (19.27KB , 122x112 , 130627746193.png )
This didn't even start out as a suicide thread

But I'm pretty sure discussing why there shouldn't be any more suicide threads isn't helping OP
>> No. 2488436

Again, I don't think you should be talking about it in this thread. This thread is about lemon. No other person.

Could you please discuss this in meta? I'd be ever so grateful.
>> No. 2488437
File 130688878157.png - (137.54KB , 659x713 , sbshades.png )
Guys. Stop arguing.
I was on /v/ for a while earleir, and it was fun to see them act like that against each other over there.
But then I come back and see this thread?

We're not in /v/.
>> No. 2488438
So bitching about it in the thread itself is going to help? No it's going to make everypony else annoyed.

you want to end the problem? End the problem of suicide that goes on in the entire world. Even if you end it here, ignorance isn't the only way to deal with it though.
>> No. 2488439
If you guys really want to discuss this I would suggest you continue it in >>/meta/

this is a thread for lemon
>> No. 2488440
File 130688885567.png - (849.23KB , 1280x853 , 12980.png )
I.... I.... I don't really know what to say... I really wish I could give some motivational speech, or tell you about how life is far to grand to end... but I cant. What I can do is tell you that I love you... Though I may have never met you lemon, I love you. Your a friend wheather you know me or I know you, you mean too much to be put into words to not just me but everypony here... and if we found out you really did do it... it would be unbearable... So just know if you ever do read this that we love you.... and we want you to be happy and well.
>> No. 2488441
True, things like this shouldn't be in /oat/


There is nothing wrong with seeking help from one of the few places on the internet where people legitimately care about each other. Sometimes, it's even better help than even a professional can give. I don't see any problem with this.

in this situation I realize the purpose behind keeping it in /oat/ (making sure lemon sees it)

But for future reference, it should at least be kept to /chat/

OK, no more debate. Lemon needs us
>> No. 2488442
I like this idea, I wouldn't mind having a board dedicated to IRL problems. /oat/ deals with random stuff, so it doesn't always fit the mood of the board.

Mods, you should totally do this if you're still lurking in this thread
>> No. 2488443
He's not.

And in general it is just depressing to here everypony's suicide story every day. Most of us don't come here to be depressed.

Perhaps make an "Advice" board for most of this shit to go into. In fact, do that.
>> No. 2488444
File 130688894258.jpg - (18.44KB , 303x359 , GLaD(br)OS_6.jpg )
Ugh. I'm some-what disgusted with some of you guys.
What thee hell do you think Lemon is going to feel when he comes and notices that we are all arguing on behalf of him coming to us for his problems? Do you even care? or does that grind your guys' gears too?
>> No. 2488445
Lemon, just for you, I'll draw a Rainbow Dash for you. Coloured and all.
>> No. 2488447
File 130688900496.png - (603.89KB , 728x1097 , 130671897433.png )

I am continually dissapointed in some of you today.

First the posts on /v/, then arguing about this with COMPLETE AND UTTER DISRESPTECT TOWARDS LEMON on his thread?

Stop backseat moderating please.

If these threads become more of a problem (which they arent yet) then we will deal with them, however, this is /oat/, its for pretty much everything. Srs bznz discussion about ponies belongs in /pony/ so go there please if this disinterests you.

Cmon guys.

Love, tolerance, forgiveness.
Learn it, Love it, Live it.
>> No. 2488448
File 130688902113.png - (12.29KB , 675x581 , 130386284562.png )

/oat/ is for stuff that is still pony-related stuff. Just not high-level serious discussions.

Last time i checked suicide isn't related to pony... (posting a pony pic with a suicide threat == /chat/)
>> No. 2488449
File 130688909267.jpg - (49.29KB , 411x500 , 130629190493.jpg )
Once again, PinkiePie Mod is favorite Mod
>> No. 2488450
i realize that, but sometimes moderation requires a gentle touch of compassion. We kept this thread here because it NEEDED to be here when lemon got back. Trust us, it will get properly moved once he sees it.
>> No. 2488451
This is why this is probably my favorite website.

Even the mods truly care about the people who post here
>> No. 2488452

>> No. 2488453
File 130688927848.png - (261.03KB , 600x605 , 130134946960.png )
Really folks, stop the argument. This is not what ponychan is about. If you have issues with anything that is going on here, start your own thread regarding it.

*hugs* I just love you.
>> No. 2488454
Even if some of us are tired of the lack of entertainment of suicide threads apparently.
>> No. 2488455
Uh, whomever you reported the suicide/ip thing too, will they ever contact you with any updates or something?
>> No. 2488456
To lemon
I don't really know you at all and I'm sure you have problems that I'd never even consider but seriously don't do this. Look at this thread and see how much you matter to everypony here. We've all had thoughts and tough times but they always end and bring forth something good and even if it's not permanent it's completely and totally worth it. I sincerely hope you opt out of this decision and hope you see this thread and that my comment makes you feel at least a little better. *Powerful Internet hug*
>> No. 2488457
Sorry if my post was one of them. I'll be quiet now
>> No. 2488458
File 130688941344.jpg - (37.96KB , 400x378 , Fluttershywithhat.jpg )
I've been trying to figure out what to writeo n this.

And all I am going to say. Taking your life is selfish. You have so much great things you could do. Yes. You may have a bad life... but a lot of people have a much worse life but they don't kill themselves over it. Enjoy your life. Make something better of it. You have a great personality, I bet. And just wanting to end it is very silly of you.

I use to be like you. I always wanted to die or kill myself if everything was going bad in my life or my parents yelled at me for something I did wrong. It was dumb of me. I was acting like I had the worse. I had depression a lot. I still do. But I have better ways to deal with it. I have friends, family, God, and myself. We are your friends even if you don't have friends in real life or your family is not being nice to you at the moment.

I've seen too many suicide threads lately and it is upsetting me. Taking your life is not always an option unless you are old and you have a decision from having a sickness for too long that it's you die or live half alive for the rest of your life. Enjoy every single thing you have. Life is short.

Rainbow Dash wouldn't kill herself if she didn't win something or she was sad. She would come to her friends and people who LOVE her.

That is all. I'm out. This will probably fall on deaf ears but I said my piece.
>> No. 2488459
File 130688949041.png - (309.07KB , 861x763 , notsureaboutthat.png )
Well, it's been just over 10 hours.
You think we'll get any reaction from him?
I'm rather curious how he would feel when he sees his thread, where he only posted 6 times, developed into this massive movement.
>> No. 2488460
File 130688949372.png - (37.48KB , 200x161 , psychoshygoggles.png )

bold is for serious

anyways I'm done here, I put my 2 cents (and change) in - I hope the best for the OP but again I'm just distrustful of these types of posts
>> No. 2488461
File 130688956701.jpg - (64.27KB , 800x739 , 130170852376 (1).jpg )

I agree about this because there are more suicide threads it means we need more love.
>> No. 2488462
it's expected, I mean, how many people go online as soon as they wake up? give it 24 hours before he posts
>> No. 2488463
File 130688960114.png - (62.47KB , 461x449 , Roseluckdisapproves.png )
This isn't your website.
This isn't your channel.
This isn't your thread.
You aren't paying for a service.
You aren't obligated to be here.
You aren't responsible for it's content.

You are a guest.

What right do you have to make any demands on what should or should not be here?

I apologize for further derailment. This is Lemon's thread. And we are all here for him.
>> No. 2488464
Anypony actually live near him?
>> No. 2488465
File 130688974219.png - (92.59KB , 262x264 , awwhat2.png )
I do
If he was any serious about his remarks, he might not have 24 hours.
>> No. 2488466
The local police have my phone number. they said if anything happens, they are going to tell me what happened.
>> No. 2488467

>how many people go online as soon as they wake up?

... uhm...
>raises hand
>> No. 2488468
Considering what !!Pinkie did he just might not have the time to go on because of intervention or whatever it's called.
>> No. 2488469
trust me, i took down his IP address, did a quick google and found out the town he lived in, i called the proper authorities, they told me they have an investigator on the case. i gave them a link to this thread, and they did a quick lookover (with my guidance as to where to look) and basically, because he was waiting for the rainbow dash toy to come in the mail, they said it would happen no sooner than noon. If he is being truthful in that hes gonna wait for rainbow to show up, then the police said they had plenty of time.
>> No. 2488470
My thoughts exactly.
Oh good. Well if you haven't received a call, thats prolly a good thing then.
>> No. 2488471
he said he was waiting for the postal service, so it may be a little bit at least.
>> No. 2488472
Pinkie Pie mod you are my favorite mod, you do everything and anything for the people here. I appreciate all you do for us what you are doing and have done for lemon. And if you see this lemon don't give in you can make it through this!!
>> No. 2488473
File 130689001434.png - (145.28KB , 298x320 , Happystand.png )
That's true, I had forgotten about the fact he was waiting for the toy.
Let's hope he feels like reading this in the meantime.
>> No. 2488474
File 130689005595.jpg - (6.93KB , 195x197 , 130652220614.jpg )
ok, maybe I was wrong about the morning sessions, but still ,I'm sure he'll last more than 24 hours, I'm sure he'll stop here before trying anything, and I'm sure that when he sees this thread he will think twice about it. I'm sure that everything will be fine in the end for everypony.
>> No. 2488475
File 130689018421.png - (163.76KB , 447x484 , 130362932219.png )
It's admirable for Pinkiemod to have taken such actions so quickly, but let's also not forget about the other mods who are surely ready to jump in and help with whatever they can, if they didn't already.
I'm assuming there are other mods around righ t now... right?
>> No. 2488476
I don't know about now but I think Spike mod posted earlier in this thread.
>> No. 2488477
File 130689036894.png - (19.44KB , 417x500 , uguuu2.png )
while they may not be logged into ponychan and actively hanging out, a bunch of them are online and could be called upon in an instant :3
>> No. 2488478
and scootaloo
>> No. 2488479

pinkie pie is best mod. :3
>> No. 2488480
!!Rarity is around I think
>> No. 2488481
Look, I'll be honest...
A few days ago, I had box-cutters to my neck. I spent half the day contemplating how I'd allow it to happen, but then, for whatever reason, I posted a thread on here. Now I don't know that reason for sure, but I do know this: I cared enough about this situation to at least bother with it, and that's what you've done too. I know you can make it through this if you can post about it, because you haven't lost all hope...
I want you to know that you don't deserve death. The people that love and care about you don't deserve your death. No one deserves that right now, because you're too good a person to be let go like this. You're strong. Strong enough to bear the bumpy nature of life so far, and I don't see why you wouldn't be able to overcome this; you've done so well so far!
Please, try to feel better soon. I love you. We love you. No one wants to see you go.
Please, take care.
>> No. 2488482
Dear Lemon,

I don't know when you'll read this (or at all), but I want to tell you something. Everypony here has had (or is going through) a rough patch in their lives, some more than others, and that's life. There is a special magic in the rough patches that really make you appreciate the smooth parts. Sometimes it doesn't seem like there's an end to the rough parts, but they eventually pass.
We may seem like faceless people posting behind a name, but we still care about you, because you came here. Love is something that springs eternal, and it is a rich spring of love we have here amongst the Bronies. Life is truly a gift we must treasure, for the loss of life is indeed truly sorrowful, especially when we lose somepony we love. But, from that sorrow we learn a better appreciation for what we have. I don't , want you to leave all your loved ones with that sadness, especially now, when life has only begun. I can only hope that you can see the compassion we have for you and your situation, as many of us have been in your shoes, and I hope you can forgive Pinkie for doing what he/she did to help you. It may or may not seem like a horrible act in the present, but I'm sure you can find it in your heart to forgive her further down the road. Just remember, there are a lot of people here who care about you, even if we never meet, know that there is somepony out there who does care about you.

I hope you find the peace your heart certainly deserves, and please continue in seeking in the help you need. We'll be here for you with all the love and support you could ever ask for and more.


>> No. 2488483
File 130689058353.gif - (8.44KB , 125x125 , rainbow dash derp.gif )
of course Scootaloo would threaten a ban
>> No. 2488484
I remember you from the other day, cheese, good to know you're ok and feeling better
>> No. 2488485

IMO we may've overdone it but that's just me.
>> No. 2488486
These sorts of posts are really bad in general. We all have a right to contribute to the community of which we are a part. Not one person in this thread (who is a part of the community) is saying anything to detract from the community. We just think that things should be handled in a different way.

I agree that it's fine to save a thread of this nature from automatic pruning, and to make sure the guy sees the advice posted in it (to which end I have contributed).

I am curious as to if this is directed at me. I have not disrespected the guy, and save for that of an external origin, I haven't seen any of that in here.

I again recommend making another board, an /advice/ or /help/ board, for personal issues. I am 3 days new to this site, and I can assure you it IS a problem, one that might have crept up on the older members of this community (including the staff) without them noticing. Nothing I say in here is intended to do anything other than help.

My advice to lemon was blunt because I don't believe in the approach of sitting down and feeding him more rainbows and crap, I think that's a large part of the problem. I believe in grabbing the lad by the shoulders and giving him a good shake until he snaps out of this dangerous line of thought, to bring him back to reality instead of burying him under sugar.

And like I said, you did the right thing by contacting the authorities. But there is a bigger issue here than just lemon. I've been here 3 days and I've seen WAY too many threads like this already. Every one of those threads is a person whose life is in danger. It's a problem that seriously needs to be addressed.
>> No. 2488487
File 130689084183.jpg - (38.11KB , 400x400 , tumblr_lki415SQci1qzma4ho1_400.jpg )
I may have posted late but.. pic
lemon, look how awesome this place is. We may be strangers to each other, but we tolerate and love one another. And that includes you too. We love and care about you. If one brony goes down, it will make us all depressed, and it will be hard to recuperate from this. We do not want you to go down. We want you to be here with us, and no matter what, we bronies will be here for each other

Is the pic okay for this situation? If It's not, then mods, please delete it.
Also, There should be Courage/Motivational Rainbow Dash
>> No. 2488488
File 130689090266.png - (96.49KB , 221x216 , GLaD(br)OS_3.png )
bro, please, just drop it. Isn't the time/place.
Please? For GLaDOS? Just drop it?
>> No. 2488489
File 130689100154.png - (26.28KB , 945x945 , 130152289098 (1).png )

besides, this guy might have gotten into a fight with his loved ones and they have not talked to each other since. so lets be safe, then sorry and post ponies.
>> No. 2488490
File 130689100887.gif - (614.76KB , 343x318 , ouizatiscorrectmadame.gif )
that wasnt directed at you. It was more directed at sapphire(whos posts have been utterly obliterated from this thread for him being a pretty massive douche), coyotez, and shinmera.

Also, i do not share the same viewpoint as roseluck. Just sayin.
>> No. 2488491
File 130689111704.png - (175.21KB , 500x534 , FacehoofDashGoggles.png )
This thread makes my brain hurt now. I really just want to have some closure so I can know what to feel and get this tension out of my head.
>> No. 2488492
There are like a million happy threads going on right now. Or, you know, go outside for a bit? Fresh air might do you some good. If you're feeling a bit stressed by this, focus on something else for a little bit.
>> No. 2488493
you and me both. ive got my phone within six inches of me at all times
>> No. 2488494
Also. I am sorry if this post was a little honest and harsh but it was how I am feeling this.

>> No. 2488495
File 130689122489.jpg - (6.44KB , 186x230 , 130638993277.jpg )
I'm really glad you're feeling good enough to help people through the same thing. This speaks a lot for the kind of help Ponychan can provide

*commence warm fuzzlies*
>> No. 2488496
Oh my.

I'm not going to clutter up this thread with another long winded letter...

Lemon, you are in my prayers. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, however you feel, I am praying for you. I am doing this tonight because I know you need them more than ever right now...
>> No. 2488497
Besides, this guy hasn't posted in 12 hrs. I'm kinda worried.
>> No. 2488498
File 130689131918.png - (63.80KB , 241x241 , DepressedDashGoggles.png )
No I understand. I've protected myself from the internet for too long, and the worry on top of the hate that poured in here sent me for a loop. It's hard to get it out of my head. At this point I would like to know he's alright and move on. I really hope he's all good.
>> No. 2488499
File 130689144791.jpg - (45.04KB , 550x478 , 130363148796.jpg )
Took the words out of my mouth.
If anypony understands lemon the best, right now, it's probably you, cheesy who went through this not long ago.
I'm sure your post would mean a lot to him.
>> No. 2488500
that pic is epic, fukken saved, and yes, it fits
>> No. 2488501
File 130689157113.jpg - (107.22KB , 900x900 , 1303682309717.jpg )
>Waiting for lemon
>> No. 2488502
Well he's been sleeping for 9 of them so it's not all bad.
>> No. 2488503
File 130689167484.png - (154.76KB , 309x554 , whatwhasthat.png )
Like it was pointed out, it might be some time.
I hope you brought enough tea.
>> No. 2488505
File 130689170747.jpg - (32.99KB , 598x515 , 1305417102785.jpg )
Ok hold it for a sec ponies, lets consider something. First, you never know if this is legit, ive seen some parasprites that do this just for attention. But if this IS legit, then please please PLEASE don't go through with this Lemon, my ex almost killed himself because I broke up with him, but in the end he didint do it, things that can help you when your feeling like this are good friends and happy music.
>> No. 2488506
File 130689172684.png - (75.95KB , 940x818 , 130463676877.png )
aren't we all? I know I'm doing it, but I have no idea what everypony else is doing
>> No. 2488507
File 130689174465.png - (263.77KB , 574x481 , ohmyGOD.png )
It's like they want kindness!
Crazy, huh?
>> No. 2488508
File 130689178390.jpg - (54.54KB , 519x511 , 129962751288.jpg )
You have a stick up your flank?

Sometimes it helps to let it out and have somepony help you. I know I needed help this morning when I was really mad and wanted to come to come to my friends to get help.

But for the suicide part... I already ranted about that.
>> No. 2488509
Wow. Can you be any more selfish?
Please,on the behalf of op, leave this thread.
>> No. 2488510
Hide thread button is in the corner bro.
>> No. 2488511
File 130689184619.png - (101.99KB , 279x300 , AHWUBWOO.png )
Removed in ten seconds flat, hah.
>> No. 2488513
You know... now that I think about it.

And reading some of what these people have been saying.

My rant wasn't that mean ._.
>> No. 2488514
YO! easy!
>> No. 2488515
File 130689192558.jpg - (114.54KB , 900x900 , wait.jpg )

I got time, i need him for my tea.
>> No. 2488516
what have i missed guys?
>> No. 2488518
I never got why people would kill themselves.

So if you die, you obviously don't give a shit. Like, about anypony 'cause if there is anypony who loves you, you don't give a FUCK about them, or hurting them, and if there's not, there's no one to give a shit about.

So instead of killing yourself why don't you just get the fuck out? Leave the basement, leave your house, leave the mother fucking country. Go on an adventure. Spend your time doing something awesome, like tracking down some terrorists. Go be James Bond. Go fuck up a shark with a harpoon. Danger? Fuck that, you were going up against 100% death rate before, you're being safe now. Fuck everything man the world is your oyster.

Sometimes I wish I was suicidal. I'd pull the barrel out of my mouth and point it in the air, start a revolution, LIVE. Move to Barcelona or Rome or Berlin, hit the bars, bang some chicks. STD's who fucking gives a shit?

And then when I'm done, maybe I wouldn't want to kill myself, 'cause I've seen how beautiful the world really is...
>> No. 2488519
File 130689224427.jpg - (52.02KB , 512x512 , 130541216850.jpg )
>bring him to a hospital
didn't think of that, I'm gonna make myself busy in /g/. Watched thread, if you read this, I'm still here Lemon, right around the corner. Just call my name and I'll be right with you my friend! See ya ;3
>> No. 2488520
I'm watching Youtube videos while I wait.

It's like an episode of CSI or something. I HAVE to know what happens.

Please don't think I'm being insensitive, I really do hope Lemon is ok. It's just that I might go crazy if I don't have anything to do while I wait
>> No. 2488521
ok, after reading some of the things people are sayin now, all i can reply with is WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!!!

were tryna help the guy, suicide is a fucking serious situtation and we dont want to see one of our own want to commit suicide.

i hope the people being such dickheads are paraspritin, cause i feel the need to wanna kick your flank\1 right now
>> No. 2488522
File 130689242248.png - (194.18KB , 586x569 , 130363450989.png )
At least say it's a copy pasta, man.
And it's been posted like three times already, bro.
Not trying to sound mean.
I'm just saying.
All the kind posts are much appreciated!
>> No. 2488523
This is a site about a little girl's show, for some, this is all they came here for anyways.
>> No. 2488524
I'm still here watching to find out if lemon is okay as well. I'm doing other things at the same time, but I've got the tab up and am refreshing it as I rotate through them.
>> No. 2488525
File 130689255513.jpg - (31.55KB , 600x356 , 129983114790.jpg )
Don't get me wrong, I'm super super super worried about lemon, I think PinkiePie Mod did the right thing, and I hope this turns out well

But I am going to facepalm if this turns out to be one big overreaction. I don't think it is, but if it is, we're all gonna feel silly
>> No. 2488526
relieved, but silly
>> No. 2488527
File 130689262079.png - (136.93KB , 350x350 , 130497483054.png )

I'm looking forward to feeling silly, in that case.
>> No. 2488528
Yeah that's what I'm kinda worried about too. lemon will either be happy or be very pissed that we called the cops on him.
>> No. 2488529
Better to feel silly about it than do nothing while something happened to Lemon and we knew we could have stopped it
>> No. 2488530
File 130689269877.png - (43.81KB , 500x655 , 365_day_109_late_bloomer_by_korikian-d3eednx.png )
Pony here who has been at mental hospital 3 times by now, and i'm 15. Trust me, things could be alot worse.
Just to clear things up: I'v not been in the hospital out of my own free will. I have been diagnosed with depression 3 times. I don't feel depressed. I'v never ever tought about hurting my self, nor others. I'm the last guy who you would think that is depressed.
Now when that is out of the way, i'm gonna try to do something that i'm terrible at: Making others feel better.
I really feel for you. I have two phobias, one is Puking, another one is bees. I could not imagine living like that for TWO YEARS! You really are strong, and i can understand why you are feeling down, but suicide won't solve anything, it'll just make things worse.(I bet you'v herd that a few times by now.)
Wise words.
(at this part i realized that i'm far too lazzy to read ALL the replies.)

Just... Try to find something in life that you enjoy doing. I bet there is something like that there. I have plenty of stuff that i enjoy, and i think that has kept me trough all this crap. )over 2 years of my life in hospital, and how it has fucked up my life.) Don't think stuff too much and stuff.
I don't honestly know why i'm posting this, everypony is proboably gonna thin kthat i'm some sort of moron, but well, "haters gonna hate" like i'v learned along the years.

>mfw i saw this therd and herd about your stomach disase thing.

Also, I'm from Finland and it's 4:43 AM here, so sorry about my bad grammar and stuff.
>> No. 2488531
File 130689270005.png - (77.37KB , 279x300 , fuckinghublogo.png )
You won't be the only one.
>> No. 2488532
Yeah, but silly is par for /oat/ right? So its okay if we feel silly afterwards. I just hope lemon is okay.
>> No. 2488533
File 130689272490.png - (248.82KB , 775x548 , 130610151695.png )
!!PinkiePie I remember back when you were a new mod to replace the original !!PinkiePie, I stated that you were the best mod.

You replied saying "But I've only just started! How can that be true?"

I said that I didn't know why but I had a good feeling about you.

You've proved to me that you truly are the best mod (In my opinion) Thank you.
>> No. 2488535
File 130689279350.gif - (1.07MB , 960x540 , 130598100859.gif )
Just read through this thread...

Great work on behalf of !!Pinkie Pie, very responsible.

I do hope lemon is alright, it feels like everypony is pouring their heart into this thread...
>> No. 2488536
File 130689279292.jpg - (396.63KB , 2000x1200 , CourageWolfCollection.jpg )
lemon, I have no idea what is going on in your life right now or whether or not you are reading this but if you are, I want you to listen carefully to me.
Life is cruel. It is unfair. Some people get ahead with no effort on their part. Others can work their hardest and just barely make it by. Life is one never-ending struggle. It is a bully that just won't let up. It will never truly let you have things the way you like it.


If you take your own life, that is letting it win. It proves nothing because life will just keep going along trying to ruin everypony else.

I need you to be a real hero to me and the rest of the world, lemon. Something very big is going to happen in the next few decades that I think is going to bring people closer than ever to taking life by the balls and telling it to leave us the hell alone.
If you look at the number of calculations per second that computers have been able to perform per $1,000 of value from 1900 (when they were mechanical engines) to today, you will see that computing power is growing exponentially each year. It is projected that by 2045, the growth will reach an asymptote. This means that in 2045, computing power will no longer be a practical limitation to us. More advances will occur in a month than in the whole of human history (likely because we will have handed this task to computers programmed to be more intelligent than us). This is called the Singularity.

Just think. We could download you into a computer. You could live forever in whatever world or worlds you want to. You could express yourself with pure thought, unhindered by physical ability. You could share your darkest fears and insecurities with an intelligence that knows you better than you know yourself.
This is potentially only 34 years away. And even if it takes more time or less time to realize it, you will never know whether we do or not unless you keep living.

But guess what? We don't even need fancy machines to get us through life. We have each other. We have friends. We are friends. We support one another when we are down and together we can take whatever life throws at us.

This is why we need you to be a hero to us, lemon. We need you to be an example to other people that life is worth living.
You aren't alone. Many people struggle with depression of some degree or another. You are in a unique position to help these people with their difficulties.
Even if you don't have it now, friendship and happiness are potentially just around the corner. You'll never know whether you missed the one thing that could make everything worthwhile if you end it now.
So please, lemon. Please help to demonstrate the magic of friendship and hope. People are closer than ever to one another. 50 years ago, the thing you are reading this on would have been considered a superpower in and of itself. You have the ability to make a difference in people's lives and have others make a difference in yours.
We, and by that I mean the whole world, just need you to stick around and help us because we intend to put on one hell of a show and we'd love for you to be right there on opening night.
>> No. 2488538
I'm going to say this and only this to all my fellow bronies who are so actively against the suicide threads:

There is absolutly nothing wrong with reaching out and trying to get help. The fact that one is WILLING to seek help shows that they are willing to try and help themselves with getting better and in the end it could help save their lives.

Did we blow this particular thread out of of proportion? Maybe, maybe not., but unless you actually KNOW the person behind the post, any and all suicide notes should be taken seriously. Those who jest them might as well hand any serious ones their own death certificate, because by doing so, you help them to believe that nopony gives a shit about them and next thing you know, we have another body in the morgue.

Is this guy paraspriting? Maybe, but we don't know for sure, and I'm damn proud that the Pony Community went out of its way to show that, if this guy is serious, than we have nothing but love and kindness for him, and the fact that !!Pinkiepie mod contacted the right people about it is probably the best thing we could have done. Not only does it help this guy if the threat is real, but it also means that if the guy is being a total parasprite, then he'll get his due, and it'll show that, here at Ponychan, we don't mess around with crap like this.

TL;DR: Ponychan is a place of tolerance and love, so either love these threads, or just hide and tolerate them, because if you keep mocking them / hating on them, you'll eventually regret it.
>> No. 2488539
still i wish some people had the decency to know when to talk and when to stop typing because this is not the time or place
>> No. 2488540
No, he needs to do it with people he knows IRL.
>> No. 2488541
File 130689293012.jpg - (29.99KB , 420x360 , 130636351924.jpg )
>> No. 2488542
They're just venting, it's also a way of being honest. Though, venting in the thread itself isn't the best idea, I agree.
>> No. 2488544
File 130689304082.png - (59.91KB , 350x350 , Equestrian Seal.png )

Hello Lemon, my friend. I mean that friend part too: you are a brony and I've always said, new bronies are just old friends we haven't met yet. Whether new to the 'chan or new to me doesn't matter. You are a brony, and thus, a friend.

First, my apologies -- I usually gravitate towards /chat ... and thus missed this thread until recently. I'm going to give you a wall of text (a great many of my postings tend to run towards the "teal deer" end of things) but I do hope you will read it all. Some of it I've said elsewhere, some of it was advice given to me back in the day, but all of it is a gift from me to you. I hope you will accept it as such.

There are some important things here I think you need to hear:

I love you, my friend. I care about you. I don't want you to die.

I believe in your pain and sorrow and feelings of helplessness -- I've been there myself, and so I know how bad you have to have been feeling to be seriously contemplating this.

I have a statement I want you to contemplate, and then a couple of pieces of advice. These are things that were shared with me, and that helped me, so I'm passing them along to you.

Suicidal ideation is not chosen: it happens when pain exceeds the resources for coping with pain.

That's all. So you're not crazy, or weak, or a bad person because you feel (or felt) this way. Heck, feeling suicidal doesn't even mean that you really want to die -- it just means that you have more pain in your life than you can cope with right now. It's not a matter of being weak-willed, willpower has nothing to do with it: it is like if I were to pile weights on you, eventually the weight would become too much and -- no matter how much you willed yourself to remain standing -- you'd collapse.

So, when pain (of any sort: physical, mental, emotional) exceeds pain coping mechanisms, suicidal feelings are the result. What you've been feeling is an imbalance of pain vrs pain coping mechanisms. And that feeling is awful.

There are two things you can do to get through this:

1) Find a way to reduce your pain.
2) Find ways to increase your coping resources.

Both are possible, and, ideally, both should be pursued.

Now to the advice.

You need to hear that people do get through this -- even folks who feel as badly as you. Statistically there is a very good chance that you are going to survive this and pull through. I hope that this gives you some hope -- as hope is important.

You need to give yourself some distance between feeling and acting on those feelings (you've already done this by choosing to wait to get Rainbow Dash.) Just because you feel like killing yourself doesn't mean you have to kill yourself. It is very encouraging to me that you're reading this -- because it means that you've gone another few minutes without acting on the suicidal feelings you have. It shows that you can keep on living, even when you're not sure yourself if you can.

Also, remember, people often turn to suicide to seek relief from pain -- but relief is a feeling, you generally have to be alive to feel.

Another thing -- know that some people will react badly towards your suicidal feelings, either because they are frightened, sad, or angry. They may actually increase your pain instead of helping you, despite their good intentions, by saying or doing thoughtless things. You have to understand that their bad reactions are about their fears, not about you. But know that there are people out there that can help you -- that can be with you through the horrible experience of feeling suicidal. They won't judge you or argue with you, they'll just care and try to help. Please find one of them, soon!

You can try:

* Calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. It's toll free and available 24 hours a day.

* Check your phonebook (or Google) for a Crisis Center near you, call them.

* Call psychotherapist, or a close friend you can confide in.

But do try to call somepony You remember what I wrote earlier about "coping resources?" Just being able to talk about our problems with somepony is a valuable coping resource. It releases a huge about of stress.

In other words, you're clearly dealing with a huge burden -- please, my friend, don't make that burden harder by trying to bear it all yourself!

Finally, and (at this late hour) I hope, the only real part of this posting that you'll actually need, remember that suicidal feelings are, in and of themselves, traumatic. After they subside, you need to continue caring for yourself. Remember to treat yourself gently, for you are a child of the universe no less than the trees and stars -- you have a right to be here, and a right to be happy here.

Therapy is a really good idea. So are the various self-help groups available both in your community and on the Internet.

Now, I hope you feel a tiny bit better -- if for no other reason than knowing that I care about you enough to build this wall of words around you to try to help you weather the storm of your feelings. I wish I could do more for you, and I hope that you'll take my advice and seek help for yourself.

You are a brony, old friend. You are part of the Herd. We would miss you if you were gone. We would be diminished, for truly, none of us is as loving as all of us.

Your friend,

>> No. 2488545

and how do you know that?
>> No. 2488546
File 130689309514.jpg - (248.67KB , 600x800 , 1303168523850.jpg )

Too simple.
>> No. 2488547
If that truly would be the case, I would be very disappoint and slightly angry. No one should parasprite suicide. Ever. And I would feel like my speech was pointless...

But I know one pony was touched by it.

I really, really hope this is not the case. I would feel really dumbfounded.
>> No. 2488548
Yeah, it is always safe to assume OP is telling the truth.

We have had quite a few bronies admit suicidal tendancies lately, and I am glad that we were able to convince our friends to reconsider. Please listen to us, lemon. You cannot do anything to change your position after you kill yourself. All you will have achieved is dying as a sad person. As long as you are alive, you always have the agency to change your situation. Please don't do it. We love you. We need you around to make this community better. At the very least, do not make decisions rashly. Before doing anything, give yourself a good deal of time to think it through.
>> No. 2488549
File 130689314651.gif - (333.38KB , 420x315 , slow clap.gif )
Well said, Silver
>> No. 2488550
File 130689315062.gif - (66.08KB , 360x360 , 1298522784965.gif )

You fucking win.
>> No. 2488551
I think we actually went beyond that and showed that even if lemon was just paraspriting, we have nothing but love and kindness for him. I mean, reading through this thread, there are several posts that start or end with something like "I know you might just be a parasprite" and then start shoveling love, friendship, and kindness at him. It sort of sends a message of "no matter who you are, you will get love and kindness and you will like it."
>> No. 2488552
File 130689327797.jpg - (11.69KB , 425x332 , 130679661005.jpg )
>> No. 2488553
bawwing hard.

Thank you :'C
>> No. 2488554
This. Just... this.
>> No. 2488556
Because this song helps me so much when I'm depressed, I wanna share it with anypony willing to give it a listen (especially Lemon)

Wounds - by Masterplan
>> No. 2488557
My post was removed? I was supporting this thread and the decision the mods made... I'm confused.
>> No. 2488559
Why are people acting like it's a bad thing if OP is paraspriting? If he is (which I highly doubt), I'll be relieved as hell, not angry
>> No. 2488560
File 130689360765.jpg - (179.11KB , 478x514 , Winter-1.jpg )
I want it to be known that I detest the concept of committing suicide. However, in the context of this thread, I want to say why.
How can anypony think to take from this world something unique, something beautiful in that regard. I'm not an advocate for the "We love you, dont do it" form of helping, I prefer tough love. That wont do much good for this, though. So how about this:
See the file I posted with this comment? I give this picture to you lemon as a show of, even though I dont know you, because you are unique, how I feel you should survive. This picture was drawn for me by an ex of mine who is no longer with us because she took her own life. I feel that she would also feel this is a good use for her beautiful art, if it does help you feel better.

Ive been trying to post this about 300 times, it keep failing
>> No. 2488561
File 130689361540.png - (134.43KB , 569x324 , Facehoof.png )
Please, with all due respect, shut the fuck up.
>> No. 2488562
I'm not sure what I can say to help you make it to tomorrow. I wish I could say that I knew what you're going through, but the simple fact is no one can and will know since we have to have experienced what you're going through first-hand.

What I can do is tell you what I think keeps me going day-by-day. Many a time I have a hard time just getting out of bed each day, meself.

Personally, I have some unfinished business to take care of before I go. I have a cat I'm taking care of until she passes (she's 11 years old right now), grandparents that need care since they are in their 80's, a brother that's a little too dependant on others for help (that might be the longest stretch for me), and I want to see Big Ben before I go.

I lived a pretty chaotic lifestyle in my childhood years, so that's contributed to a lot of problems for me that I deal with today. They're not easy, and I can only imagine what you might be feeling at this time. If not for my unfinished business I probably wouldn't be writing this to you as well.

I guess my point is that there are still a few things I want to do before I meet good ol' Grim. There's only 1 shot to live in a person's life. There are things in this world that can and will make somepony happy, if even for a brief moment. What they are differs for each person, might be as simple as going to get some ice cream, or as complicated as working up the courage to see a major landmark, or sky-dive, whatever it is that would make you smile, if only for a moment. It's those moments I live for, and once I find them, I cherish them more than anything I have in the world.

I just want to let you know, Lemon, that there are good times, many short, some long, that are worth the time to go and find. It's hard, yes, but it's all the more satisfying when we do find those moments.

Your Rainbow Dash toy is a good moment to live for. Who knows, once you get it, there may be even more moments for you just like that. Once you go though, well, who can say there would not have been another one? The years are there, it's up to us to enjoy them for what they can offer.
>> No. 2488563
Because paraspriting that you are going to kill yourself is a horrible thing to parasprite. But that's just me. That is not something to take lightly.
>> No. 2488564
this is a good idea. Enjoy, lemon.

Ten Years Today - BFMV
>> No. 2488565
I knew as soon as I posted it that I worded it wrong. The act of paraspriting about this is wrong and terrible (again, not accusing the OP of this), but I would much rather have somepony parasprite about it than to find out he actually was going to kill himself
>> No. 2488566
Actually, i derped kinda hard earlier. I selected two messages to delete, and when i hit delete, it said three were deleted. It must have deleted yours... D: im so sorry!!
>> No. 2488567
I've seen a lot of these topics and for each and every one I've passed them without batting an eyelash at them.

I'm only here, now, as a promise I made to myself three years ago when I said that I would be there for anypony that ever seriously considered suicide. Well, here I am.

Now, you may have said your farewells to your loved ones and you may have written down your last words on a note of some sort. You may have made many faux suicide notes, I don't know, but I bet every night you tried to sleep you stared up at the ceiling and counted the lines or the cracks time and time again as you desperately wished to block out the pain that you were feeling.

Every second, every fleeting moment in time passing was just another instant for you to kill yourself but you didn't and you may not know why, you may even hate yourself for not doing it when you had the chance.

And I bet you spent hours doing anything you could to get that pressure off of you. And I bet you felt like complete shit the whole time. And I am willing to bet that the only reason why you're waiting for your Rainbow Dash toy to come in the mail is because you honestly believe that Dash is the only person in the world who understands you even though you're well aware that Rainbow Dash doesn't exist but it makes you feel better regardless.

I, me, am here to tell you that if you haven't already taken the plunge and that if you're lurking, reading this, or really are asleep that I have stared at the same black hole that you're staring at; I've gazed into that void many times, I did so for three fucking years, never thinking I'd ever get out, or see the "light at the end of the tunnel."

I want you to know that even though I don't know you, I know how fucking much it hurts to live. But that's life, life is beautiful and you know it can be beautiful. Whatever scars or baggage you carry with you is temporary, this life is temporary, but at least know that it's not forever. Nothing lasts forever, you have the ability to get yourself through this. All you have to do is take one foot at a time, just baby steps.

Now, you may be dead but I hope for you that you're not because by committing suicide you're robbing yourself of the life that you've built, of all the thoughts you had, and of all the dreams and emotions you've experienced.

If you don't care about your family, if you don't care about your life, if you don't give a flying fuck about where you're at, about what is happening in your life. If you don't give a goddamn about any of that, know this one thing:

I care, because life matters to me. You matter to me, know that; and as long as somepony cares about you, well, I think that's a pretty fucking awesome reason to go on living, don't you?
>> No. 2488568
Personally I'd just laugh it off, but it's understandable that a few of our posters would be quite pissed.
>> No. 2488569
I have mix feelings. I would be happy he was not going to die but I was also then be very angry.
>> No. 2488570

Sure, why not. Here's a song that helped bring another pony out of a funk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eR4aQrYozY

Nothing overtly inspirational about it, but hey, it's a hell of a jam.
>> No. 2488571
File 130689391962.jpg - (70.36KB , 900x885 , daft_punk_discovery.jpg )
Advice for you, OP:
1)Listen to Discovery by Daft Punk
2)Stop spending so much time on the computer
3)Find a hobby that gets you outside for at least 3 hours a day.
>> No. 2488572
File 130689393086.gif - (1.44MB , 240x300 , Clap.gif )
You deleted a post I tried to report before I even reported it. Good job!
>> No. 2488573
File 130689396271.png - (23.94KB , 380x334 , Autumn.png )
Seconded! Discovery is in my top 10 albums of all time!
>> No. 2488574

"All suicide threats should be taken seriously. However, the way he went about discussing it makes it sound as if it was more of a cry of help (which basically is what most threats of suicide are) and not that he deep down actually meant to kill himself. Plus, a lot of suicides aren't really planned out too far in advanced either, and the fact that he was waiting for a Rainbow Dash toy to arrive makes me think he wasn't... as serious about it as he might have been at a later time. Great call contacting the police though, but if they thought it was serious enough to bring him to a hospital, he probably won't give a reply for a bit of time. There is no use in waiting in drowning yourselves in worry, you've done as much as you could do. You've done more than most would do"
>> No. 2488576
Holy crap Ghosties, that was fucking beautiful
>> No. 2488577
since wee're posting music

Mclarty Party people.
The single most happiest song on this damn'd planet.
>> No. 2488578

Hmm... what's the song that picks me up when I'm down... Ah, I know!

Mr Blue Sky - ELO
>> No. 2488579
So you're saying it is right to joke around that you want to die just to get attention and want people to feel horrible, worried, and call the cops.

Yeah sorry, bro. I don't agree.

By the way, I'm not saying Lemon is doing this. I'm talking in general.

>> No. 2488580

No that's fine! I was afraid somepony took my post the wrong way.

And another thing, to this "tough love" idea... it's good to want to help, but calling a suicidal person selfish isn't going to help much, and in general doesn't work too well anyway. You can say it's selfish to want to kill yourself and cause pain to others, but from their point of view, it could be seen as selfish-ness on the part of those who don't want them to commit suicide for their own happiness, despite forcing the person to continue their painful existence. In NO WAY am I advocating suicide, but just pointing out how they may see it from their perspective.
>> No. 2488581
File 130689419874.png - (156.00KB , 600x470 , rainbowpie_by_platina_jolteon-d3fjbfz.png )
Looking at all these messages to Lemon, makes me think that if he needed a confidence boost he has come to the best place in the world to help.

Here's hoping Lemon's ok.

And here's a thank you to Ponychan, good job guys.
>> No. 2488582
Are you saying my post was mean :(

Probably. Oh well.
>> No. 2488583
Cheering up music is a go
Know You Can Count On Me by Panda Bear
>> No. 2488584
"There's only us
There's only this
Forget regrets
or life is yours to miss
No other road
No other way
No day but today"

This song and my friends is what kept me going no matter what. I hope it helps you too.

>> No. 2488585

By the way, thank you !!PinkiePie, for keeping a close eye on this thread. Have I mentioned recently how awesome the Mods here are? Yes? No? Again, it doesn't matter, I'll say it again: y'all are awesome.

I'm glad to see so many bronies trying to help Lemon (and each other) each in their own way.

I'm proud of all my bronies, for being here for each other -- for caring. Thank you for that love and support that you share with Lemon, and with us all.

As always, the outpourings of concern for our bronies reminds me of this song:


"... Lean on me, when you're not strong, and I'll be your friend, I'll help you carry on ..."

>> No. 2488586
Cheerup music? You can't go wrong with this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmA5bGv6FSQ
>> No. 2488588
Thanks, Hipster. I hope that at least one of these messages from bronies will get through to him/her.
>> No. 2488589

>> No. 2488590
"will I lose my dignaty?" (no)
"Will somepony care?" (Hell yes)
"Will I wake tomorrow
From this nightmare?" (eventually)
>> No. 2488591
I'm not gonna be able to sleep till I know what happens. *sigh* another night with no sleep
>> No. 2488592
Laughter gets me out of bed every morning.
NSFW - swearing
>> No. 2488593
I was going to post that instead of Mr Blue Sky, but I didn't know if it would be too depressing xD
>> No. 2488594

No no, not at all! More so the blunt "stop being an asshole and man up" comments that pop up every so often. And that quote about the 'world being your oyester' that shows up every so often... while it may be inspirational to us, it isn't going to do much for somepony who is actually suffering from depression.
>> No. 2488595
Oh. Well. When you said "selfish" I thought you were aiming that at me since my coming from the heart thing I said to him was mean.
I was getting really worried.
>> No. 2488596
I think it's going to be a while. If something happened and they had to take Lemon to the hospital (god forbid), there are all kinds of privacy laws that would keep them from informing us about the situation
>> No. 2488597
I agree. These "man up" posts are great for somepony who's not actually depressed, but I don't think they do a whole lot of good for somepony who is actually thinking of offing himself.
>> No. 2488598
same here. 3 hours before bed though, so hopefully it happens by then.
>> No. 2488599
Been there, done that.
Had depression, got over it by hard work and exercise.
>> No. 2488600
File 130689477127.jpg - (29.84KB , 500x378 , 130257243421.jpg )
Agreed, I'm not even gonna be able to leave this thread. Oh well, glad I wasn't planning on sleeping anyways
>> No. 2488602
>> No. 2488603

>> No. 2488604
Yeah I figured as much but I'm legit worried so I'll probably end up lurking as long as I can. I can deal with being tired for this.
>> No. 2488605
I am too, but realistically, it could be days before we hear anything. Unless of course everything goes better than expected and Lemon posts in this thread soon
>> No. 2488606
Guys i just realized something. My phone company of the number i gave them to call me didnt allow me to call out of country. Will it deny them if they try to call me back?
>> No. 2488607
!!PinkiePie said that if/when anything happens, the authorities that he/she (no offense) tipped off would call him/her.
>> No. 2488608

I'm not saying I don't believe you, but were you self-diagnosed?
>> No. 2488609
Oh shite.
Lets hope so :<
>> No. 2488610
File 130689516392.jpg - (67.38KB , 479x567 , FlutterJohnsonLemons.jpg )
>To be honestly, stop being a damn attention horsee and go out and fix your life.
Everything above this, for the most part, is agreeable. This and below, you kinda aren't helping.

It does make me think of this, though:

"When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back. GET MAD! I DON'T WANT YOUR DAMN LEMONS! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THESE?! DEMAND TO SEE LIFE'S MANAGER! Make life RUE the day it thought it could give CAVE JOHNSON LEMONS! DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?! I'M THE MAN WHO'S GONNA BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN! WITH THE LEMONS! I'm gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that's gonna BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN!"
-Cave Johnson, Portal 2
>> No. 2488611
bleh. I mean lets hope not. Sorry I'm dealing with other crap at thee moment.
>> No. 2488612
Her, tyvm,

but hey dont worry, i just realized, the dispatcher who i was talking to gave me her work email, so i just emailed her and stuff. hopefully she responds.
>> No. 2488613
Oh....It's certainly a possibility. Considering it's been over 13 hours since the OP and a good 5 hours since you called them, I think they would have informed you of something by now.
>> No. 2488614
File 130689529264.png - (93.29KB , 271x309 , fluttershy-is-sad-(n1299009571160).png )
Guys. We've done enough today, we need some rest of our own. Lemon will find this thread and see all that we have done for him. By no means am I saying that you should forget about it, but tomorrow is another day. You can stay in the thread if you want, but it'd be better if you get your rest too.
>> No. 2488615
File 130689530629.png - (468.05KB , 943x943 , dash shrug.png )
No idea, you could try calling them and asking if there has been any change in the situation
>> No. 2488616
My apologies.
>> No. 2488618
File 130689534802.jpg - (48.75KB , 855x810 , 130635208866.jpg )
Had me worried for a sec, hope we get some good news
>> No. 2488619
I agree. Can we please stop with the
MAN UP/Tough Love posts, please? those should be reserved for later :P
>> No. 2488620
I'm hoping he'll post soon but if it does take a few days even though there's no way I can be on here the whole time I most definitley will be as much as possible
>> No. 2488621
You're right. This thread will definitely be in my watch list (even though it's sticky'd)
>> No. 2488622
File 130689543162.png - (27.51KB , 560x471 , Sakura.png )

Most phone companies will allow incoming calls regardless, because it's the caller that's paying, not the callee....call-e...cal....whatever.

They should be able to reach you without a problem.
>> No. 2488623
Thank you, !!Pinkie. They are pretty much the worst things you can say to somepony going through severe depression
>> No. 2488624
Depends on the personality, it can also work.
>> No. 2488626
File 130689557610.jpg - (44.87KB , 500x375 , partypooped.jpg )

you know what would make me super grateful?

if you all would scour the thread reporting all the man up posts.

i... im very tired right now... ive been awake for almost 24 hours and i just cant deal with this right now. x.x

it would really make my day if you guys could help me out.
>> No. 2488627
Perfect excuse for being a flankhat, amirite?
>> No. 2488628
>implying your personal experience apply to every one
>> No. 2488629
Not for everypony. Please stop.
>> No. 2488630
File 130689562555.png - (175.15KB , 508x656 , 130627948434.png )
are you really arguing with a mod?
>> No. 2488631
File 130689562695.jpg - (20.27KB , 320x180 , 130378797996.jpg )
I hope Lemon makes it out of this okay... I think if (s)he talked about it with somepony, anypony, (s)he'll be okay. I'm really hoping for the best for you Lemon! There's too much of life that you're going to miss out on good and bad! A hug for Lemon!
>> No. 2488632
Nope. I'm a candy vag and I'm as happy as anypony here
>> No. 2488633
File 130689572181.jpg - (22.70KB , 307x338 , COMEATMEPON.jpg )
>> No. 2488635
that's really subjective dude, people deal with depression in many ways. and here the number one way is to support him and remind him of the good in life.

While other opinions are very valid, please keep in mind the way you phrase them, for inflammatory remarks, even with good intention, can and most likely will come off wrong.

feel free to express your ideas on helping him, just be polite and courteous when doing so
>> No. 2488636
I've been trying to report them as I see them, but I have about 100 tabs open, so I probably missed some
>> No. 2488637
I have to agree with this.
Clinically depressed myself and most of these "man-up" and "go get help" posts are flying over my head.
>> No. 2488640
File 130689588004.jpg - (9.83KB , 175x179 , nope.jpg )
>> No. 2488641
File 130689591582.png - (43.86KB , 500x500 , 130675837409.png )
So your way of toughening up is being a dick and ignoring all sensibilities?
>> No. 2488642
I find my sadness/anger/depression to always be connected to people. I like to think of life as the world itself. The trees, the oceans, the grass.

So in my opinion, life IS beautiful.
>> No. 2488643
Not everypony is the same. It may work for some people, but it doesn't work for everypony It only makes the situation worse for some people because it adds a layer of guilt to it. I'll say it again. Please stop.
>> No. 2488644
thats enough out of you.
>> No. 2488645
Again, your experiences =/= speaks for everypony

For fuck sakes.
>> No. 2488646
you're manner is not helpful and your type of talk isn't beneficial to anypony who is depressed.

i'm going to ask you to be nice, or to at least stop talking. opinions are good, being rude isn't
>> No. 2488647
Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Now this I'm gonna have to plead with you to stop. If people are giving lemon "tough love" then that's fine, I think it's good to get doses of it from all sides.

You have bronies telling him that "we care," and others telling him that he needs to toughen up and rise above it. If there are parasprites making fun of him that's one thing, but if people are actually trying to help him out by giving tough love then why are people getting so uptight about it?
>> No. 2488648
File 130689603723.jpg - (454.36KB , 963x909 , Rainbow Dash for Lemon.jpg )
Hey Lemon, I drew something for ya.
>> No. 2488649
File 130689605998.jpg - (55.46KB , 350x400 , fluttershyguy.jpg )
You guys are doing songs? And forgot this one?


Lemon, I'm still praying for you, bro!
>> No. 2488650
dont worry ghosties, ill not be blindly removing any post that is 'tough love' Im only gonna delete them if theyre blatantly being dicks. if i can see it might honestly help? ill make sure to keep it.
>> No. 2488651
I don't think it matters if the OP is a parasprite or not. Either way, this thread can be a great support for anypony feeling down. I hope it gets archived so that we don't lose all of this heartfelt advice and care, and maybe we can solve these problems before they get this far. Though everypony wrote this for Lemon (and we do care about and sympathize with your situation Lemon), it can apply to everypony

In the hopes that this thread gets archived and with the belief that the more advice and different (constructive) opinions the better, I guess I'll post my own experience.
I've thought about suicide a lot. Pretty much ever since I was old enough to understand what it was. I suffer from mild depression, I don't have much appreciation for my own life, I don't see the point in living, and I really just don't enjoy it. That's Life. However, every time I think about it, I always reach the same conclusion. It's not an option. The same adherence to logic that leads me to depression also prevents me from commiting suicide. I don't know how old you are, but I'm 20. I considered suicide the most at age 17. Don't you think there's a reason that the majority of suicidal people are young? Either it's some huge weird coincidence or it means that something usually happens, whether it be biological or social, that makes life more tolerable as you grow and experience it. At this time you/I haven't even lived half or even a third of our lives. How can we or anypony else be sure that it's going to continue to be bad. It'd be like quitting a book or movie a third of the way through because there's conflict and you just know it's going to have an unhappy ending. I made a promise to myself when I was in the thick of it that if I still felt the way I do now about life when I'm 40 or 50, then I can commit suicide. Until then, It's not an option. Although it pains me a lot; although it seems like such a long time sometimes, you/I have to bear through it because logically, emotionally, or however you look at it, it's not a good answer .
There are other reasons I have as well, but most of them are already present in this thread or will be added. To Lemon or anypony else that has hit hard times, just please really think it through from all angles and trust in other people's advice even though I know it seems like no one could possibly know what you feel like.
>> No. 2488652
Ooh, good job
>> No. 2488653
File 130689608271.png - (131.11KB , 404x354 , ab4.png )
Poor lemon.

What a shame it would be to finally acquire Rainbow Dash and then stop there.

Personally I'm going on 30+ figures and still collecting!
>> No. 2488654
I think !!Pinkie is talking about posts that are obviously inflammatory like "don't be a whiny bitch" and things of that nature
>> No. 2488655
There's a difference between sugar coated lies and trying to sound sympathetic. I'm sorry, but those "stop being a whiny bitch" "man the fuck up" posts do nothing for the majority of people who are suicidal, and considering the community this guy is expressing himself to, I think he qualifies as the kind that doesn't take to that kind of talk.

I'm not saying that it doesn't work, because I know damn well that it does when that form of thinking is used on certain folk. But there's a time and place for stuff like that and this doesn't feel like one of them. But I'm not gonna bash your post too much, because you seem to have good intentions.
>> No. 2488656
tough love =/= saying 'man the fuck up and stop whining'
Tough love is this. >>35546411
>> No. 2488658
Those "tough love" sorta cheering up works for some people (like me). But not all. I know...
>> No. 2488659
File 130689615910.gif - (70.00KB , 360x360 , Clapping.gif )
>> No. 2488660
Alright guys let's all take a chill pill. The man up posts can be helpful IF they don't turn into something insulting OP
Example: you need to stop being a bitch and do shit = unhelpful
Example: yeah sometimes stuff happens but you'll get through it if you really try = helpful
>> No. 2488661
Wow, that's excellent
>> No. 2488663
but telling them to "toughen up and stop whinging" really wont help right now
>> No. 2488664
That "nope" was directed at him for saying being tough is the ONLY way to be happy
>> No. 2488665
Wow, conspiracy theorist much?
>> No. 2488666
File 130689629482.png - (90.87KB , 298x371 , Rainbow_dash_this_is_bullshit.png )
You have a very flawed idea of 'tough love'.
>> No. 2488667
And everypony beat me to it
>> No. 2488668
File 130689632004.jpg - (18.19KB , 299x297 , 130601351026.jpg )
>> No. 2488669
File 130689632700.png - (357.53KB , 725x573 , Stare.png )
You. Stop. See >>2488656
>> No. 2488670
File 130689635357.png - (130.00KB , 640x360 , Facehoof.png )
>obviously hasnt read many of the sad threads on ponychan
>> No. 2488671
Who are you to say what is objective reality here though? "Tough love" works for some, it makes other people feel like shit. You don't get to decide these things
>> No. 2488672
I'm not gonna be outdone with ponyart X3

(definitely need something to do besides obsessively worry)
>> No. 2488673
My apologies; it just seemed like you might be understandably annoyed at his response
>> No. 2488674
Yes yes, we know, the man is out to get us, we should wear our tin foil hats on December the 43rd and cover our flank\1 because aliens are going to rape us all.
>> No. 2488675
just want to know, has there been any updates on Lemon yet?
>> No. 2488676
It's a wide wide world man. Those tough love speeches work for some people and it works better if you do it if the man is in front of you.

I'm pretty sure most of the people here want those so called "lovey-dovey" speeches that you dislike so much.
>> No. 2488677
Pretty sure !!Pinkie would tell us as soon as she receives word. Which is our only source so far.
>> No. 2488678
File 130689655111.png - (110.36KB , 249x250 , 1277884185080.png )
Really dude.
>> No. 2488679
Well, I responded that I was a candy vag (which I totally am) and that I'm perfectly happy. He responded "until somepony insults you and you run home crying" or something to that effect, which is where the "nope" came in. Luckily his post has been deleted, so let's move on
>> No. 2488680
This xD
>> No. 2488681
No updates, and I don't think we'll get one until either !!PinkiePie comes back or until Lemon himself posts on here.
>> No. 2488682
File 130689660856.png - (219.38KB , 400x267 , Spiderman thread went well.png )
>> No. 2488684
touche sir.
>> No. 2488685
Exactly what I said when I read
>> No. 2488686
And you keep being a dick. Very mature. Stop.
>> No. 2488687
last chance. Be nice please :c
>> No. 2488688
I'm going to have to stop refreshing the page over and over eventually...

...Meh, I have 4 more hours to spare.
>> No. 2488689
File 130689674096.jpg - (23.12KB , 480x334 , Spiderman thats wrong.jpg )
What a kind and tolerative response that you just gave out!

Man you're so nice.
>> No. 2488690
Because I'm sure the mods love dealing with these kinds of threads and the parasprites they usually attract, right?
>> No. 2488691
File 130689674557.png - (167.23KB , 350x390 , raritydaww.png )
I must admit I was skeptical when I saw this post on the mane page, but I am relieved to see it fits when in context.
>> No. 2488692

ya know, until you say something fruitful, i think the only means of dealing with you is to treat you like any other parasprite.

i'd hate to say it, but i'm not giving you any thought, for you are just here to piss people off.

good day, parasprite.
>> No. 2488693
thanks, I hope that all this works out... I know what it can feel like to try saving some-pony and never knowing if you were successful, so mod Pinkie Pie, I hope your police report went through and my hat's off to ya', you did the best you could
>> No. 2488695
Not sure if my first post counts as one of those... I didn't really mean it as one, I don't think. I could see it being might be viewed as one though, but it was really just me sharing my own experiences in the hope it might help somehow.
>> No. 2488696
First of all, I would like to apologize for the length of my last post, but I don't regret it (The length was required to fully express myself).

Secondly, I think we should cut down on the bickering and allow all opinions that aren't downright paraspriting. I'd like this thread to be able to be archived for anypony to go to for support. Lemon and the people who read this aren't going to stop at one "tough love" post and call it quits. Different things work for different people, so I think the buckshot approach is the best for this (again as long as it isn't just clear cut negativity).
>> No. 2488697
File 130689681282.jpg - (194.22KB , 1713x815 , history.jpg )
lol nice posting history.
Note the distinct lack of tripcode as well.
>> No. 2488698
Pinkie Pie, I really am proud of you for what you did.

Got a steam account? I want to treat you to a game.
>> No. 2488699
You're not helping.
>> No. 2488701
File 130689689614.jpg - (23.30KB , 391x388 , 13067752207.jpg )
Ban incoming.
>> No. 2488702
File 130689692914.jpg - (18.52KB , 500x375 , Spiderman fucking fires.jpg )
I say angry/mean/negative paraspriting should be a bannable offense. It would sure as hell keep out the hate from this site.

Hell, it might be chemo/a cure.
>> No. 2488703
File 130689694017.jpg - (19.15KB , 320x320 , Applejack_imma_get_drunk.jpg )
He's not interested in helping.
>> No. 2488704
File 130689694848.jpg - (139.75KB , 900x900 , rainbowrap.jpg )
>> No. 2488705
wish i could give that info out, but i gotta stay anonpony

plus... ive got too many heh..

I really dont mean any offense :c
>> No. 2488706
inb4 banhammer
>> No. 2488707
a prick on a thread that's supposed to be for helping a suicidal person, then actually accusing a mod who's trying to help of being in a conspiracy to keep these people depressed. If there ever was a Tin Man, it's you.
>> No. 2488708
Hey Lemon, if you want any other picture drawn, just ask me.

I love you!
>> No. 2488709
Calm down son
>> No. 2488710
Lunar adventures!
>> No. 2488711

Have you tried drinking aloe vera juice, bro?
>> No. 2488712
In that case, I'm starting a !!Pinkie appreciation thread (can I create it on /oat/?)
>> No. 2488713
Thank you mods.
>> No. 2488714
File 130689711482.png - (88.64KB , 450x600 , rainbow dash.png )
Just add TheSecondWaterman and prove somehow that you're admoon and I would like to treat you to a game.

You can remove me right after, thats fine. I just want to reward you for such a good job.
>> No. 2488715
Hey, I don't particularly know Lemon; but do ya'll think he'd (or she'd) be the type to like an OC pony self? 'Cuz I just came up with a design idea that I could whip up in a few minutes.
>> No. 2488716
I already made one. >>35545838
>> No. 2488717
"It's your life, your body, so you can choose what you do.

And if one day you can't rain it in, and of your last breath you are the only witness, then so be it, cause it’s your last breath, and it's nopony else’s business.
But then, how about your parents?

God knows they've done all they can to support.
Yeah, you didn't go up in a mansion, but they gave you the best life they could afford, and the second that last bit of life tickles out and your lungs cease to breathe…

They've fail the most important task that they will ever receive. They failed to give their child a life that’s worth living, and that's a failure as long as they live, of themselves, is unforgiving.

But as you said before, this just affects you.
It's your life, your body, so you can choose what you do."

>> No. 2488718
File 130689724747.jpg - (21.73KB , 358x360 , big-hug-for-you.jpg )
I just made this in paint...all by my self *shifty eyes*

well..maybe just the arrows...but I still mean it
>> No. 2488719
Yeah yeah guys, I just banned him, you don't need to report his posts anymore.
>> No. 2488720
File 130689735805.jpg - (13.80KB , 174x202 , angel o no u didnt.jpg )

Hey guys.

Wake up and see that this thread has deteriorated way past what it originally was. So much hate and petty name-calling.The state it's in would make ME kill myself, if I was on the edge. And that's the opposite of what it's for.

How about we just ignore the parasprites, quietly report them, and let the mods deal with them- QUIETLY, !!Pinkie Pie. I appreciate your fighting the good fight, but it's only stoking the fire.
>> No. 2488721
I wish I had know sooner, I would have been all over this
>> No. 2488722
Great post.
>> No. 2488723
the dude's banned, chillax.

plus the other posts have been cleaned up so you don't have to worry dude
>> No. 2488724
He didn't come off as a parasprite at the beginning. And then he went full parasprite, then we just reported and the mod banned him.

It IS being handled well.
>> No. 2488725
Last post before I continue my lurking, I promise, because now I'm being a hypocrite.

To the mods floating around out there: I'm sure it would take quite a lot of effort and I know you mods are always really busy, but I think it would be a great idea if after this was all said and done; some of you could archive this thread and delete everything that isn't constructive advice, so we can have a permanent "depression advice" thread instead of having to repeat the same thing time and again.
>> No. 2488726
Lets hope we hear from him soon
remember lemon

we all love you
>> No. 2488727
I REEEAAALLY should go do something else.

But what if I leave and miss something important? D:
>> No. 2488728
It will still be here when you come back, honestly, I probably shouldn't still be lurking here either

Nice quads, btw
>> No. 2488729
File 130689793526.png - (128.63KB , 332x277 , 1302827683967.png )
>Still waiting.
>> No. 2488730
File 130689793779.jpg - (101.70KB , 535x713 , to_save_a_life.jpg )
I know it may sound spammy of me, but I wish that all of the ponies out there that even think about suicide would watch this movie. It was a powerful movie that gave me a good reason not to commit suicide. Sure, it may be kinda chritianponyty, but it did represent some of the aftermath of suicide pretty well. There was a guy in 11th grade who committed suicide at my school. Completely tore people apart when they herd the news. There were groups of people crying everywhere after school. Needless to say, please don't even try suicide. There are people who care about you even if you don't think there are. Everypony goes through struggles and some harder than others. We just have to live our lives the way we can and accept that life can be a pile of pony crap, but why do we need to make it stink for others too?
>> No. 2488731

Meaning no disrespect, but -- as a counter to this general "tough love is good" argument: neither the American Association of Suicidology (an American organization founded in 1968 under the auspices of the National Institute of Mental Health and specifically devoted to suicide research aimed at preventing suicide) nor the Mayo Clinic (a non-profit world-wide medical care organization) mention the sort of "tough love" being advocated by some here as a productive activity when dealing with suicidal individuals.

The AAS article on: "Understanding and Helping the Suicidal Individual" ...


... specifically states "be non-judgemental" ... "don't lecture on the value of life" ... and "don’t give advice by making decisions for somepony else to tell them to behave differently." Telling somepony you think they're being a wuss and they should man up because life is good flies in the face of the expert's advice.

While the Mayo Clinic article "Suicide and Suicidal Thoughts: What To Do When Somepony Is Suicidal.[i]" ...


... specifically states "be respectful and acknowledge the person's feelings" and "don't be patronizing or judgmental." Telling somepony to pick themselves up by their bootstraps and just get over it is not respectful, and is quite patronizing and judgemental -- again, exactly what the research out there says [i]not to do.

By the way, both the AAS website and the Mayo Clinic section on mental health problems (specifically suicide) have some good resources both for those who are feeling suicidal and for those (like us bronies) who care about them and want to help.

The point I'm trying to make here is that while the tough-love / man-up approach espoused by some may work for a few individuals in particular cases -- as a general rule, those organizations that have spend decades and celestia knows how many hours of scientific work researching these problems have not found those approaches to be helpful when dealing with somepony in a suicidal crisis. To the contrary, such approaches usually are harmful.

In other words, the professionals who help millions of people worldwide deal with this crap everyday think the tough love approach doesn't work. Decades if data say so. So while I appreciate that those espousing tough love want to help, and I get that they're helping by offering what (in their personal experience) helped them, the fact that it actually helped those bronies was a statistical anomally 'cause usually it doesn't.

TL;DR Poster being replied to is wrong. Well intentioned, but wrong. Science says so.
>> No. 2488732
File 130689805613.png - (265.92KB , 1440x900 , 1303666668821.png )
I know how you feel lemon, and I care.

>> No. 2488733
I'm basically watching a few seconds of a youtube video, switching tabs to this, refreshing, going back to youtube, and repeating.

Ooh, never had quads before
>> No. 2488734
File 130689822336.jpg - (46.99KB , 663x547 , sweetie_belle.jpg )
>Come in legitimately trying to help OP
>End up paraspriting due to mods' coltcuddler\1ry

>> No. 2488735
I think that just sealed your fate
>> No. 2488736

I see it gets late, and my tag-fu grows weak! Further, it seems that some of the people I was hoping to address are (fortunately) no longer part of the conversation. While I hope that my post above winds up being helpful -- if nothing else, by helping us know that there are resources, and help, out there both for those going through a crisis and those wanting to help our friends in crisis -- should it be deemed a distraction, I will in no way take it amiss should it (and this post) be removed!

As I've said before, I think the mods here are great -- and I leave the matter in their extraordinarily capable hands.

For Lemon -- we love you dude, we want things to get better for you. And that's going to take help and work. But we've got your back through it.

For everypony else -- I'm so glad that you care enough to want to help a brony! You guys rock!

>> No. 2488737
File 130689839363.gif - (288.47KB , 342x345 , clap.gif )
go away.


Hi !!Pinkie

I have fwd on the info you provided me with this morning to the duty inspector. I have not been notified as to the outcome as of yet.

^ dispatcher i talked to earlier today.
>> No. 2488738
My mistake, I was being too forgiving in that post anyway (>>2488623 these are my real feelings on the whole "tough love" thing)
>> No. 2488739
File 130689845749.png - (60.13KB , 198x271 , angel facepaw.png )
Obviously not:
>> No. 2488740
File 130689849092.jpg - (133.03KB , 553x525 , pinkie_pie_by_obsydian_art-d3e9cb5.jpg )
Hang in there lemon. We're here for ya.
>> No. 2488741
His banned post was removed, as that post will be.
>> No. 2488742
File 130689856364.jpg - (30.45KB , 210x240 , spike smug.jpg )
Tomorrow is another day.

Rest, for this day is over.
>> No. 2488743
Pretty sure he's ban evading
>> No. 2488744
I've been avoiding this thread for a good while, manely because I've been afraid I was going to post something nasty. But I'm going to be as absolutely nice as I can;

Suicide is one of the easiest things for a human being to do, but at the same time the most selfish. No matter how many problems are weighing down on your shoulders, no matter how many horrible people you are having to deal with, it's simply not worth it.

Because, after all, think about it for a second. You hate this world so you want to leave it; let's assume for a second you're religious. Suicide is a cardinal sin, and more or less is a one way ticket to whatever realm of eternal torment you'd like to select from that rainbow.

Now let's assume you aren't religious. In that case.. What's left for you then? A cold, dark empty void. Nothingness. Nonexistance. Think about that; not even the good things in life are left. You might try to say "there are no good things in life," but that's a load of bullshit. You enjoy some things no matter weither you want to admit it or not.

When I was young I was frequently bullied, beaten up, you name it. I had a myriad of psychological problems, and my parents solution was to medicate me. A year or two ago, my parents split up and I finally made the decision to stop taking that medication.

Immediately side effects began to set in. I felt horrible for months; even after I overcame the powerful effects of withdrawal stemming from medication i had taken for going on fifteen years, I found myself frequently in a horrible mood. More than once, a thought gnawed at the end of my brain; "You don't have anything to live for, just quit."

And in some respects, I really don't have anything to live for. Even now. But every time that little thought entered my brain, I cast it out; it was stupid. What was there to gain from it? I don't know what lies beyond the realm of death, so why do it? I'm not strong-minded... But I'm not that weak. I don't hear that thought anymore.

Suicide is stupid. It's selfish, quick gratification that in the end really brings none, for the ultimate price. I don't know you; I don't know if you're strong, weak; But get help. And I mean real help beyond all these strangers on a forum about fucking cartoon ponies.

Beat this.
>> No. 2488745
Riiight, because inflaming people who are trying to help, let alone ACCUSING THEM OF CONSPIRACY, is really helping the OP.

Please, accept your ban and come back with a better attitude when it's over.
>> No. 2488747
File 130689865541.jpg - (26.17KB , 600x332 , 130679477120.jpg )
Hey Everypony.
I Love Each and Everypony of you.
I wish that anypony who is thinking of suicide can see that it is a drastic thing to do, especially because we love you so much. I'll miss you if you do.

>This song. This is for you.
>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icAtUxI-yx8
>> No. 2488749
That is how you do the tough love approach without being an flank\1 - brohoof
>> No. 2488750
We can hope
>> No. 2488751
File 130689880703.jpg - (52.60KB , 466x366 , timeout.jpg )
Ok bronies time out.
Although I try not to judge people by their desicions, to be honest I think that life is a priviledge, not an obligation, and there are some things in life that are worse than death, I have to say that Im impresed of the care and love that you gave to OP and others who were in the same situation, so no matter the outcome of this story, be assured that all of you did the right actions, including the mods, so dont feel guilty if this ends bad, once again, Im proud of you ponychan
>> No. 2488752
File 130689882371.png - (185.37KB , 900x800 , friendshipbat.png )
>pic related
>> No. 2488753
Now THAT is a tough love post.
>> No. 2488754
File 130689891665.jpg - (62.62KB , 472x568 , smile4.jpg )
Hey Lemon, I've been there before.
I've looked at myself and wondered what the world would be like without me. I've stared at the blade of knife, tears in my eyes, wondering why I shouldn't do it. Every time, I stared in the mirror, I knew I was going to soldier on through another day because I knew I was loved. I didn't have any real friends and my family to this day barely knows who I am, but there is love, nonetheless. Every day, I am grateful that I chose to live another day.

Look at yourself, bro. You are loved. You are loved by everypony here, and I as well. You're not a stranger to any of us, you're a brony. We will stick together and love each other through everything that the world has to throw at us. Life is worth it, Lemon, it truly is.
>> No. 2488755
File 130689893474.jpg - (112.90KB , 500x440 , 9497 - artist shutterflye crossover dashface derpy.jpg )
Well, seeing as there are currently 600 post, all I can say is I hope you get through your troubles, and have some infinite muffins.
>> No. 2488756
File 130689893949.gif - (287.34KB , 480x360 , 130484338723.gif )
Now that was an awesome way to give some tough love.
>> No. 2488758
File 130689915048.png - (91.68KB , 1022x300 , wow.png )
Pic unrelated.
>> No. 2488759
File 130689915263.jpg - (363.05KB , 728x2056 , IMAG0219.jpg )
I don't want to comment about Lemons situation. Don't even want to touch the subject. I just hope the homie comes out all right. Joke or no joke. Real Talk

What I WILL comment on is how the Mods are handling this. !!Pinky, you my nigga right now. Real talk, cuz. I mean, before all my gang shit, I was a moralfag, and what you did makes me SO fuccing proud of you right now.

To have to MAKE that decision MUST'VE been tough. And your worried, and your scared and you probably feeling a bit sicc too. But yo, you real G in my book cuz, I tip my fuccing hat go you right now.

And the other Mods as they assimilate into this thread, you guys are doing it right. Keep it craccin.

Like, I can't even put it into words how I feel about you !!Pinky. FUCC that "Its just teh interwebz" bullshit. You are a real person who disregarded internet reality to save a REAL life. That, my nigga, makes you more human than ANY motherfuccer I EVER banged with.

My HIGHEST respect to you, homie. My HIGHEST respect to you.
>> No. 2488761
File 130689920046.png - (28.73KB , 959x742 , LemonLime.png )
I made Lemon an OC pony... mods take down if no-pony likes...
>> No. 2488762
...>_> but I wasn't the 666th post, bro
>> No. 2488763
File 130689924409.png - (298.02KB , 563x772 , flutTVlem.png )
I've got an idea. All we have to do is make sure he/she never get's that Rainbow Dash in the mail!

I'm sorry to joke, but it's how I cope with sad/stressful situations, it's gotten me into the trouble honestly. I never mean any harm by it.

Lemon, don't do it. If you...do...it will give everypony here, and everypony one you've ever known...lemons.

And no amount of sugar can turn those impossibly bitter lemons into lemonade.

Don't give us lemons, Lemon! Let us give you our sugar. Let us help you turn your lemons of life into lemonade, Lemon!


I hope I am helping.
>> No. 2488764
I'm off to bed for the night. Lemon, if you post between now and then, I'm here to talk, or listen, or do whatever you need me to do to make you feel better. If not, I will keep you in my thoughts until you do post. Everypony here cares for you and wants you to come back happy and healthy, so, if nothing else, do it for us. I will hope to talk to you tomorrow

>> No. 2488765
File 130689935076.jpg - (60.58KB , 479x567 , FlutterJohnsonLemons.jpg )
Sorry, but this goes here.

Also, why is this thread a thing? Somepony mind catching me up?