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2493608 No. 2493608
Trying to write an /oat/ poem, this time.
Every reply to this thread must rhyme.

Can be as long as you like, I sure won't mind,
Just type in verse or I'll buck your behind.

Derails, spiderman, and RPing? Sure!
No need to be even somewhat mature.

No need to reply if you think this is dumb,
Just another bored brony attemping at fun.

So without further adieu on this fine young night,
The question is, /oat/, can you write?
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>> No. 2493881
File 130750898992.jpg - (43.77KB , 240x240 , thread newspaper.jpg )
>> No. 2493882
File 130750937617.png - (82.65KB , 304x229 , 130215504918.png )
I will rebel
and avoid the newspaper wagon
Instead I'll propel
face forward into a dragon.

What's that mom?
The kitchen's not clean?
Remain calm,
It's just the routine.
>> No. 2493883
I'm playing Mortal Kombat, see.
Playing on the PS3.
An outlet for me to vent my rage.
My fighter of choice? Johnny Cage.
The screams of fighters lurk the halls,
Listening to, "I'm on a Boat"
I made some rhymes for the people of /oat/
>> No. 2493884
File 130751052355.jpg - (43.57KB , 240x240 , thread newspaper.jpg )
>> No. 2493885
File 130751071851.gif - (52.21KB , 360x360 , Twilight-clap.gif )
Itena! Mistress Rhyme, glad you've returned
I was afraid that we in this thread you'd spurned.
I was doing some thinking, and through this rhyming mask,
Theres something of you that I'd like to ask
>> No. 2493886
File 130751077364.png - (198.02KB , 508x656 , stashestia6.png )
The PS3? Oh shame of shames,
You chose the console that has no games
>> No. 2493887
File 130751093901.jpg - (43.53KB , 240x240 , thread newspaper.jpg )
>> No. 2493888
File 130751107310.png - (97.76KB , 260x303 , Zecora interested.png )
Must be a Zecora thread.
I can't rhyme, so bread.
>> No. 2493889
File 130751114975.png - (16.08KB , 500x313 , bigmac3.png )
Oh my, you see flame wars are no threat,
For how much nicer can our community get?
Twas just a small jibe, naught but a joke,
Nopony will be sore, im sure...i hope
>> No. 2493890
what? no games? you are a fool.
owning an xbox makes you a tool!
(posted on my ps3 browser)
>> No. 2493891
File 130751141850.png - (34.66KB , 232x232 , Bigmac bashful.png )
Such aggression, for me I am hurt,
I'm not a tool, it says Big Mac on my shirt.
What I'm going to say next, it is no lie,
YOU my dear friend are just a great guy
>> No. 2493892
File 130751144567.jpg - (43.67KB , 240x240 , thread newspaper.jpg )
>> No. 2493893
File 130751153027.jpg - (15.44KB , 370x338 , 130461562347.jpg )
This thread was made by a cool brony
whose goes by name Stark comma Brony.
His rhymes fill our heads,
keep us from our beds,
and keeps it real (he's not a phony).
>> No. 2493894
File 130751160845.png - (58.12KB , 877x911 , why wub yoo.png )
I'm greatly flattered, my dear Cuddletron,
That you returned to this thread to rhyme and rhyme on.
>> No. 2493895
File 130751172332.jpg - (41.53KB , 240x240 , thread newspaper.jpg )
>> No. 2493896
File 130751196258.jpg - (44.03KB , 240x240 , newspaper2.jpg )
>> No. 2493897
File 130751208750.jpg - (33.01KB , 450x403 , pelicanseesall.jpg )
This pelican sees what you did there,
the joke you spun, it had such flair.
>> No. 2493898
File 130751223055.jpg - (43.23KB , 240x240 , thread newspaper.jpg )
>> No. 2493899
File 130751266452.jpg - (91.87KB , 384x358 , bowser.jpg )
everypony knows the wii is trash
even freaking rainbow dash!
the xbox 360 has no web browser
why did i post a pic of bowser?
it rhymed
>> No. 2493900
File 130751274369.jpg - (66.10KB , 366x400 , CSIdash.jpg )
These rhyming jokes are just like crack,
I simply can't stop, there's no going back
>> No. 2493901
File 130751289114.jpg - (43.31KB , 240x240 , thread newspaper.jpg )
>> No. 2493902
File 130751289324.jpg - (2.80KB , 136x151 , eyes.jpg )
>> No. 2493903
File 130751298563.jpg - (55.63KB , 931x878 , fluttercry2.jpg )

Now now, my friends, please keep it polite
We're all simply far too loving to fight
>> No. 2493904
just to be fair, sony's a bitch.
psn just pulled itself out of a ditch.
>> No. 2493905
File 130751316266.jpg - (721.56KB , 720x540 , flutterevil.jpg )
I fear that I'm hooked, I'll never be done.
I'll keep making gag after joke after pun
>> No. 2493906
Fighting, fighting? Fighting I was not!
Just listing the systems that I've got.
And saying how much I love each one
Really, that's all I've done.

If it seems that I've been mean,
then I apologize for real.
It's peace and love, 'far as I've seen,
maybe some gamers with too much zeal.
>> No. 2493907
File 130751333906.jpg - (43.64KB , 240x240 , thread newspaper.jpg )
>> No. 2493908
File 130751344938.jpg - (14.61KB , 333x368 , twilight secret.jpg )
So sorry my fellow,
the kitchen had called again,
Now give me your bellow.
What did you want now, then?
>> No. 2493909
Argh it's so hard to write
Couplets in Newspapers at night
My brain is on fire, that's for sure
All the words on my screen have begun to blur

I think it's time for me to leave
so this headache I can relieve
I wasn't here for very long
But it's been fun, don't get me wrong

I hope this gets archived for all to see
so this thread can show to our posterity
that real Bronies can cook up rhymes,
create kick-flankthreads and have good times

Oh my head, oh my head! (oh the aches an the pains)
It's time to go to bed! (my energy wanes)
So this is the last post that I'll write,
I bid all bronies here goodnight!
>> No. 2493910
File 130751376378.png - (33.46KB , 229x162 , bigmacscared2.png )
I hate to ask, for I know you are busy,
but looking at your work puts me in a tizzy.
You draw so well, I just wonder, for me
Maybe you might sketch my OC?
Not a formal request, I know you've got many,
It's just that pictures of my OC I barely have any.
I've got a few picture from that Zefarian bro,
And they're quite magnificent I know!
But seeing as I have no talent of my own,
I was wondering if to me, your skills you might loan
>> No. 2493911
File 130751383536.jpg - (112.16KB , 1600x1000 , 130192354433.jpg )
Good night my dear!
It's been a good show,
and just to let you know,
you're a brony I love and respect.
Hope your morning is bright and clear!
>> No. 2493912
File 130751386548.png - (16.08KB , 500x313 , bigmac3.png )
Sleep well my friend, and thanks for your time!
I'm delighted you decided to take part in our rhymes!
>> No. 2493913
stab himself in the taint?
>> No. 2493914
File 130751411896.png - (151.09KB , 466x363 , bigmacwut.png )
>> No. 2493915
File 130751421412.png - (13.33KB , 404x408 , 130214185102.png )

If you would be so kind as to post in the details
in this art thread I have linked,
then I'll be sure to do whatever it entails
and finish after the list I have barely chinked.

I warn you now though,
I'm a procrastinator, and obviously so.
Look at that request list of eight or more,
you'll find that I've barely given them an explore.
>> No. 2493916
File 130751450672.gif - (52.21KB , 360x360 , Twilight-clap.gif )
Thank you so much! I simply can't wait!
No rush at all, don't fret about "late"
The fact that artists as skilled as you,
Are willing to accept requests, even a few
Makes me proud of all bronies, all people in /oat/,
In my ocean of boredom you keep me afloat!
>> No. 2493917
File 130751473132.jpg - (31.14KB , 351x365 , cowponybigsmile.jpg )
Starbottom Spackledorf the Third
Knows that the bird is the word!
But she's a big chicken
always yellin and kickin'
And making everything absurd!
>> No. 2493918
File 130751482204.png - (50.93KB , 200x200 , 130677600176.png )
I do hope, though, I can remember
to stop procrastinating before december.

I should make sure my computer's no slop
when I wake up tomorrow and start photoshop.
>> No. 2493919
File 130751519216.png - (177.63KB , 451x356 , 130724387617.png )
It's getting late. I should retire...
But I just cannot leave this artistic fire.
I rub my eyes as I look at the time.
And think to myself "Nahhh...just one more rhyme"
>> No. 2493920
File 130751537163.png - (158.33KB , 2000x2000 , 130453190392.png )
This thread's a gold mine
for the mind refine
in the land of prose
it's unstickied it, unfroze.

Laid out the candy
for my museless mind,
thank you, this thread has been handy!
>> No. 2493921
File 130751556262.png - (33.46KB , 229x162 , bigmacscared2.png )
What happens to this thread, when we all go to sleep?
Will it disappear? Autosage? Or maybe delete?

It seems such a waste to lose so many lyrics,
And in this thread I think we all had our kicks.
>> No. 2493922
File 130751579978.png - (161.39KB , 486x486 , 130190621628.png )
If you would like, I could report to a mod
that this thread should be archived, and awed.

If this doesn't work,
then do the paperwork.
Do your best and save the thread,
So you won't miss it if it's dead.
>> No. 2493923
File 130751626024.png - (118.03KB , 302x256 , bigmacsmart.png )
I'll end how I started, with this picture of Mac,
This is my last post of the night, no f5ing back.

If a Mod could see this, that would be a delight,
Though I'm loathe to bother them at this time of night.

If this thread sages into the abyss,
Then certainly it will be one that I miss.

Though with every thread closed, a new one is open.
Will this thread come around again? I'm hoping.

I'll try again tomorrow, to see all /oats/ rhymes,
And the thoughts that live in our crazy minds.

Thanks again Itena, Mistress Rhyme to be nice,
For keeping this alive...even twice.

Goodnight to you all, sure as hell it's been fun,
But at least for tonight this brony is done.

Never be afraid to let your words fall,
Nighty night, /oat/, I love you all
>> No. 2493924
File 130751651045.jpg - (179.78KB , 1379x1000 , 001-Spyro-the-dragon.jpg )
Goodnight Bronystark,
This thread was quite the spark.
It certainly made a mark
on my mind, which made a disembark
from the port of boredom, from the dark.
>> No. 2493925
File 130752642417.png - (43.58KB , 450x495 , 130536986746.png )
Derpy Hooves groves and moves,And gentlemen pay their dues and boos.
>> No. 2493926
File 130753610528.png - (44.58KB , 320x240 , spidey.png )
No one can boo at Derpy's flaws
For to do so is like violating the laws
Self-evidently seen in canon
That in my haste I will explain anon I am of course, using anon in the archaic sense of the word

Derpy's appearance, from the start was so endearing
That fanon took it in upon to raise it and in rearing
She became fleshed out, her job and profession and love of all things muffin were stated
To such an extent, that neither Lauren nor co. found nothing to be slated

I will once again make again the request
that this thread be /arch/ed at the mods' behest.
>> No. 2493931
/arch/ed at last, /arch/ed at last!
That Celestia almighty,
It's arch/ed at last!
>> No. 2493932
File 130756283989.gif - (73.19KB , 650x175 , Here I am pulling a fire alarm, I am sure it will .gif )
Ah I see, a thread, in your terms, that's "beast"
Even if it were remotely bad, it's creative atleast.

I would've refused, but my omniscience is limited here.
Even right now, that fact is hard to adhere.

So be it, I am forced to use the power of rhyme.
I will then continue to disrupt the steady flow of time.

To do that, I will be to pull this white lever.
The mansion's on fire, it's either now or never.

(I can't actually burn up due to my sickening immortality
But for the sake of everypony else, I'll realign my morality.)
>> No. 2499967
File 130911567685.jpg - (26.43KB , 180x181 , 2lb2dmd.jpg )
I like refrigerators.
>> No. 2501200
File 130932728696.jpg - (53.92KB , 533x600 , FluttershyWhatsGoingOnInThisTh.jpg )
I've had it with CoD (but I'll be back in a bit,)
Now what's going on in this th- AW S***

Don't worry guys, that was simply a jest
Don't blame me for simply trying my best

Hey, those two lines began with "Don't!"
But will I do it again? I won't.
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