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File 130747309914.png - (118.03KB , 302x256 , bigmacsmart.png )
2493608 No. 2493608
Trying to write an /oat/ poem, this time.
Every reply to this thread must rhyme.

Can be as long as you like, I sure won't mind,
Just type in verse or I'll buck your behind.

Derails, spiderman, and RPing? Sure!
No need to be even somewhat mature.

No need to reply if you think this is dumb,
Just another bored brony attemping at fun.

So without further adieu on this fine young night,
The question is, /oat/, can you write?
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>> No. 2493609
File 130747335587.png - (158.67KB , 955x1063 , zecora crazy.png )
i'll try to write some words excetera

in the style befitting zecora

which is why you confused me so

instead of her, you chose bic mac, so tell me so

but then again i do not mind

because the glasses and lighting shows great mind.

and listen to me ramble on.

clearly i think my mind has gone.
>> No. 2493610
File 130747337423.png - (73.78KB , 500x500 , Shrug for Derp.png )
Well BronyStart, I would like to say I can write
However with your bait I feel i must bite

Perhaps I would create more rhymes in a hurry
But that would hurt quality and for ED's friendoff I must scurry

On an unrelated note, Scootaloo is a chicken
No denying this, unlike you feel like bickering.
>> No. 2493611
File 130747342598.png - (80.92KB , 230x240 , chibi_ragna6.png )
I don't know if I should post in this thread.

All this rhyming is hurting my head.
>> No. 2493612
File 130747347502.png - (83.02KB , 341x330 , meanwhile.png )
Although I can write,
I'm far from my height.
I'm sorry to say
I'm not well today,
But I'll give this a try,
As no one will die.
Despite how I do,
I doubt I'll be judged by you.
>> No. 2493613
File 130747357606.gif - (52.21KB , 360x360 , Twilight-clap.gif )
I'm so glad you responded, I just want to play,
I'm sorry you're feeling so shitty today.
>> No. 2493614
File 130747385156.png - (86.29KB , 314x307 , amused.png )
It's no problem, my friend,
My problems will mend.
I like this idea, it's a thread that looks grand!
I'm more than happy to lend a helping hand.
>> No. 2493615
File 130747389060.jpg - (215.39KB , 894x894 , r149.jpg )
Seasons pass in the blink of an eye
Under the cruel passage of time.
which is why i hope soon to find
an enjoyable activity to sooth my mind.
>> No. 2493616
File 130747405904.jpg - (197.75KB , 1280x720 , Ezio Purchase.jpg )
Amico, I find this thread compelling.
Perhaps I should check
what the merchants are selling.
A bottle of medical potion
That will surely put me back in motion.
Something to sharpen my blades
So that they do not degrade.
Right now I shall take my leave
Perhaps our paths will once again interweave
>> No. 2493617
File 130747408325.png - (32.77KB , 945x945 , shrugestia.png )
I tried to make something I thought was fun,
And I hoped I wasn't the only one

Who like to rhyme, and to play, and to laugh
But it seems it might have been a small gaffe.
>> No. 2493619
File 130747426426.jpg - (32.04KB , 311x311 , Spike_LADIES.jpg )

Also I don't think 'you' rhymes that well with 'thou'.

>inb4 ban

(You did not perform said rhyme, so you shall have to pay for your crime.)
>> No. 2493620
File 130747430663.png - (58.12KB , 877x911 , why wub yoo.png )
Oh my goodness, a mod posted in mine!
I'm sad to say this is the very first time.

From here to page 12, it is quite a hike,
But I'm happy to have the words of ModSpike.

So speak in rhymes, and have some class,
Or the great dragon Mod will so ban your flank
>> No. 2493621
In my honest opinion,
Rhyming is for more than Hallmark's minions.
Things like this are always a blast,
Even better when you start getting fast!

Oh, Spike, I didn't expect you to join in, but your sudden appearance mandated a happy grin.
>> No. 2493622
File 130747445215.png - (13.80KB , 300x300 , 130470530488.png )
John Sappington Marmaduke is no good with rhymes. He feels that he is just wasting your time.
>> No. 2493623
File 130747449858.png - (72.68KB , 300x309 , 130551832737.png )
The fine I refuse to pay,
now excuse me as I escape,
I don't want to get caught,
so I'll hide under some hay.
>> No. 2493624
File 130747455655.png - (107.99KB , 347x290 , 130515428851.png )
Rhyming threads are stupid and dumb
so hear i will post a picture of Celestias bum
>> No. 2493625
What is this thread, I don't even know
I guess I'll just bail, and get back to my show
>> No. 2493626
File 130747461073.png - (104.13KB , 482x724 , bigmac sit.png )
Don't cry my friend, we're all nice here!
Though from the parasprites you might elicit a jeer.

Just post in your rhymes, and we'll all have a laugh,
And your happiness will increase, at least by half
>> No. 2493627
File 130747465270.png - (136.21KB , 282x321 , Twilight - Sadface.png )


I mean, would you please? It will help me get my mind at ease, because I think that improper capitalisation is a disease, which does not appease, especially not in boards like these where bad spelling is like a constant breeze, yet it buzzes in my head like an angry nest of bees, and every time I see it, I need something to squeeze in order not to freeze so that I may once again be at peace.
>> No. 2493628
File 130747466604.png - (155.05KB , 835x768 , Spike_da_fuck_is_this.png )
Fine, I shall play by your rules.
But don't blame me if my rhymes aren't jewels.

For thine bans are as meaningless as this very act of linguistic nightmare.
I concur that rhyming makes me pull my hair.
>> No. 2493629
File 130747470304.png - (23.73KB , 150x93 , Ezio Bitch please.png )

Amico, i'm afraid that it will not work
Cause the mods will just catch you being a dork
>> No. 2493630
File 130747470949.jpg - (48.44KB , 588x375 , Troll_gentleman.jpg )
He does that because he's a European.
>> No. 2493631
File 130747473156.png - (197.73KB , 747x397 , celestia wut.png )
There once was a brony Eight Ball
Who once tried to let a rhyme fall,
But schemes of rhyme,
Are diverse all the time,
So I guess yours works after all.
>> No. 2493632
File 130747473504.jpg - (26.04KB , 544x400 , 27wufsh.jpg )
>> No. 2493633
File 130747476381.jpg - (14.73KB , 220x220 , 130503936659.jpg )
There once was a Bronie from Nantucket
who loved rainbow dash so much he wish he could...

>in b4 banished to the moon
>> No. 2493634
File 130747480398.png - (85.95KB , 450x423 , No More Rhymes.png )
No more rhymes now, I mean it!
(Anypony want a peanut?)
>> No. 2493635
File 130747487671.png - (186.65KB , 747x397 , celestia stash.png )
My favorite movie, if that's believable.
The very thought is INCONCEIVABLE.
>> No. 2493636
There once was a colt from the sticks
Who liked to write dirty limericks
But he failed in his sport
'Cuz he wrote them too short
>> No. 2493637
File 130747488735.jpg - (33.90KB , 160x160 , 160px-Spike_Mug_2 copy.jpg )
Don't worry guys, it's VideoG2,
This guy knows just what to do!

He'll make a poem related to ponies,
To see the reactions of his fellow Bronies,

He should be studying, but what the hay
He's been practicing all day!

He's got it down, just wait and see,
Summer's just about here, he's almost free!

Now he's just pulling these out of his flank,
These rhymes are getting rather rank,

I'll stop typing this now, back to work,
I've spent far too much time on the lurk.
>> No. 2493638
File 130747490788.png - (32.52KB , 292x302 , Zecora_AGNRY!.png )
>Zecoras Face When
>> No. 2493639
File 130747499432.png - (301.65KB , 647x583 , Twilight - Tiny baby smile!.png )

That's a weird rationalisation. But unlike you, he's at least not from some backwater nation.
>> No. 2493640
File 130747502902.png - (37.48KB , 171x202 , r48.png )
You know what is missing from this most excellent thread?
An creepy rhyme from our most dear Friend, Fred.
>> No. 2493641
File 130747505288.png - (124.95KB , 319x419 , notsureifwant.png )
I think you should know better,
that hiding in the hay is quite clever,
for the guard will never catch me here,
so you best not blow my cover, you hear?
>> No. 2493642
File 130747513828.jpg - (179.81KB , 1151x755 , Dash_canada.jpg )
It's ON now, as you will know.
>> No. 2493643
File 130747522981.jpg - (132.19KB , 894x894 , rainbowcap.jpg )
I'm killin' these rhymes like a mass-murder maker,
When it comes to bad prose, I'm the damn Undertaker.

They call me Spitfire 'cause they know I can,
Cap yo' flank so fast I'm like a hitman.

You'll never measure up, you need a big ruler,
I'll just always be, 20% cooler.
>> No. 2493644
So many laughs I've found in this thread,
It's enough to make a man keel over dead,
We've got a mod mandate,
So come one, come all, to meet your fate!
Your rhymes will be fine,
Worry not, my friends, come on, form a line!
It's all in good fun,
So give it a run!
>> No. 2493645
File 130747528886.jpg - (10.71KB , 160x160 , flutterdaaaa.jpg )
>> No. 2493647
File 130747536024.jpg - (5.57KB , 128x192 , Ezio Chat.jpg )

I shall not, you have my word
But the mods can be like, a hawk to a bird
So lay still and be quiet
Or you'll surely face a riot
I wish you the best of luck
Though I honestly don't give a duck
>> No. 2493649
File 130747554468.gif - (202.35KB , 160x120 , oh snap.gif )
>> No. 2493650
File 130747561198.png - (101.60KB , 447x426 , Spike_ladies_contain_your_orgasms.png )
I insinuate that it is because thou is of European heritage.
I am determined to make that a valid form of ridicule,
For I am a man from a nation of younger age,
Where mocking the old world of its obsolete ways is the rule.
>> No. 2493651
File 130747582500.jpg - (32.81KB , 600x398 , 130556563404.jpg )
I can assure you,
They won't hear a toot,
At being stealthy,
I'm quite good.
>> No. 2493652
File 130747586068.png - (364.88KB , 616x768 , bigmacapple.png )
I like relaxing on a nice apple diet,
But this has gotten quiet...too quiet.
>> No. 2493653
File 130747589574.png - (225.82KB , 495x503 , Twilight - You, you___.png )

But you're usually so cool, !!Spike. Why do you insist on doing something that I really don't like? I know it's not right, and I know you don't do it out of spite, but it's the kind of thing that really keeps me up at night.
>> No. 2493654
File 130747590422.png - (209.05KB , 324x304 , Snake_grumpy.png )
>> No. 2493655
File 130747608433.png - (284.49KB , 712x552 , Oh boy.png )
I must implore you sir due to my need for that picture
Hopefully the context will not achieve me a stricture

Translation: I need the full picture of that WITH TEXT, but I hope that the mods don't ban me for it due to the text's... vulgarity
>> No. 2493656
File 130747611269.png - (235.61KB , 732x790 , Spike_I_like_sucking.png )
I canterlottainly postulate a reason as to why,
But I fear that is not something that should be said by somepony such as I.
>> No. 2493657
File 130747618394.png - (112.84KB , 480x268 , twilight_write.png )
I see we're posting limericks here
So I guess I have nothing to fear?
To write a bad rhyme
Won't take much of my time;
My talent can't be further from clear.
>> No. 2493658
File 130747619449.png - (157.21KB , 433x427 , Twilight - Not pleased.png )
>> No. 2493659
File 130747619648.png - (32.77KB , 945x945 , shrugestia.png )
I cropped this thumbnail from a bigger picture,
But I don't recall any offensive scripture.
>> No. 2493660
File 130747625989.png - (329.29KB , 764x768 , fffffff.png )
Surely good sir, you must like oranges
For as I, they fill me with...
>> No. 2493661
File 130747628911.png - (48.95KB , 317x253 , angelmad.png )
>> No. 2493662
File 130747630431.png - (76.92KB , 945x945 , 130255829502.png )
My, my, the word filter screwed my 'can certainly' into that of the name of a fictional city.

I blame !!Celestia and his ridiculously rigorous act of word filtering fueled by paranoia and the desire of trolling. What an atrocity.
>> No. 2493663
File 130747631893.png - (32.05KB , 317x256 , angelmad3.png )
>> No. 2493664
File 130747632166.gif - (1.84MB , 381x421 , 130630189340.gif )
Hey guys, what's this thread all about?

Rhyming you say?

Eh, no thanks, I'm out.
>> No. 2493665
File 130747635810.png - (22.53KB , 317x186 , angelmad5.png )
>> No. 2493668
File 130747651874.png - (225.28KB , 589x474 , Ezio Herp.png )

Adorange, perhaps may be what your looking
Though making up words will no doubt cause a mod to start cooking.
>> No. 2493669
File 130747665752.png - (175.21KB , 500x534 , FacehoofDashGoggles.png )
I believe he's looking for the phrase door hinge my friend.

Although it's a bit of a bend...
>> No. 2493670
File 130747679399.png - (138.61KB , 826x855 , Pinkie2.png )
English aint my native language.
Thats why this is kinda hard.
Now i shall eat a sandwitch,
that contains tons and tons of lard.
>> No. 2493671
File 130747696847.jpg - (2.80KB , 136x151 , eyes.jpg )
Omigosh, omigosh, I have some good news!
First let me say I live with 2 dudes,

They know I'm a brony but they two are not,
At least, until now, that's what I thought,

Until I saw one's phone, and his current background,
Of Rainbow Dash, flying around.

He quickly took on an angry red hue,
So I ask you /oat/...What do?
>> No. 2493672
its a shame to discover this thread
when i'm suppose to go to bed

this is the time i'll say 'bye'
something something... fluttershy
>> No. 2493673
>> No. 2493674
File 130747709610.jpg - (25.65KB , 560x508 , what.jpg )
What on earth is an adorange?
The only thing I can find is a lorange
>> No. 2493675
File 130747709607.gif - (52.21KB , 360x360 , Twilight-clap.gif )
>> No. 2493676
File 130747744053.jpg - (91.92KB , 590x767 , Typewriter.jpg )
Do not fear good sir, I have found the image.
But now I must say, inb4 scrimmage.

It is quite the lewd thing, and mods will hang me by a ring
I do so hope they can forgive me, for as this picture did have a hefty fee
>> No. 2493677
File 130747747749.jpg - (70.96KB , 675x1100 , macwut.jpg )
>> No. 2493678
File 130747756509.png - (63.93KB , 320x275 , 130447346037.png )
Now this is the story all about how
My life got flipped, turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel-air
>> No. 2493679
File 130747766988.png - (284.07KB , 497x795 , bigmaccheer.png )
Itena Pony!, I'm you've come,
I'm sure you'll provide an infusion of fun.
>> No. 2493680
File 130747769804.jpg - (30.96KB , 300x180 , facehoof.jpg )
I'm glad** you've come
>> No. 2493681
hi B-Bigmac....
>> No. 2493682
Why must we rhyme?
Are haikus a crime?

Why must we speak in couplet?
It's like poetry's puppet!

Oh my, I really am having a lot of fun,
But I'm running out of rhyme, so for now I'll be done.
>> No. 2493683
File 130747783033.png - (104.13KB , 482x724 , bigmac sit.png )
Hi there Fluttershy, good to see you,
but I'm afraid there's something you must do.

To avoid Spike's bans in this thread of mine,
Whenever you speak, you have to rhyme
>> No. 2493684
Um.... Okay...
Who are you, today?
>> No. 2493685
File 130747797827.png - (78.67KB , 600x537 , pinky.png )
I'm many ponies, from Big Mac to Pinks,
Whatever suits my current mood methinks.

I'm a bit distracted, as I'm doing some work,
But rhyming with friends certainly can't hurt
>> No. 2493686
File 130747798306.gif - (29.06KB , 248x249 , 130454388311.gif )

Yes, now sorry for the plagiarism,
But just think about it as journalism,
Oh and don't forget this testimony
for Twilight is certainly best pony.
>> No. 2493687
well.... I found a toy for my Bunny.
And then I got ice cream with Rarity and it was funny!

d-did that work?
>> No. 2493688
File 130747826365.png - (104.13KB , 482x724 , bigmac sit.png )
Perfect it was, I'm glad you tried,
Rather than go to your home and hide,

Everypony just wants to have fun,
So let your streams of consciousness run!

Any rhyme good or bad, will be welcome here,
So post and post, and write without fear
>> No. 2493689
*nod* Yes I will!
Did you hear that colt named Bill?
>> No. 2493690
File 130747841462.jpg - (36.83KB , 600x600 , bigmac2.jpg )
A colt named Bill? Can't say I did,
Though I did meet a Geoff...or was it Robert..maybe Sid?
>> No. 2493692
No, His name's Geoff, who loves to paint.
And he also...... what rhymes with paint?
>> No. 2493693
File 130747856391.png - (16.08KB , 500x313 , bigmac3.png )
(And I sure feel that a jerk he ain't)
>> No. 2493694
*nods* I must go.....
>> No. 2493695
File 130747875931.jpg - (36.83KB , 600x600 , bigmac2.jpg )
Alrighty then, I'll say goodbye,
Though I'll be around later, so stop on by
>> No. 2493696
File 130747884954.png - (21.91KB , 1307x471 , saa.png )
Hello, Big Macintosh, the brave one.
I made that sign, so I won!
>> No. 2493697
File 130747895495.png - (73.62KB , 379x506 , D.png )
This rhyming, addicting it is,
I hope I can write more before I fizz,
And since I don't have to pee,
I think I'll drink some tea.
>> No. 2493698
File 130747902319.png - (284.07KB , 497x795 , bigmaccheer.png )
That's marvelous Geoffrey, I'm glad we chose you!
Can't wait to show AJ, wonder what she'll do
>> No. 2493699
File 130747910585.png - (19.48KB , 681x478 , geoffrey.png )
Oh, that reminds me.
Rarity isn't full of glee...
>> No. 2493700
File 130747916254.png - (332.16KB , 731x851 , bigmac4.png )
That's not surprising, she's a bit of a fuss
Do you know what's caused her upset status?
>> No. 2493701
Well..... I know that somepony stole her clothes.
So it's why she's full of woes.
>> No. 2493702
File 130747931358.png - (15.11KB , 100x100 , bigmac5.png )
Rarity's lost her clothes? She must be irate.
I surely will investigate
>> No. 2493703
May I come come with you?
I want to know, too.
>> No. 2493704
File 130747942399.gif - (1.01MB , 400x358 , 130696122373.gif )
My tea was cold,
A little old,
I'm gonna fold,
From the crazy I hold
In my head as I told
you about sevenfold
as we looked for some rings of gold
in the store newly sold
to a man that smelled like mold.

This poem didn't work so well,
but I had fun so what the hell.
>> No. 2493705
File 130747949413.png - (54.06KB , 309x239 , bigmacangry3.png )
You go on ahead, I'll be behind.
I'm afraid I've got some work I must mind.

I'm taking a break from this wonderful thread,
Hopefully somepony will rhyme in my stead
>> No. 2493706
File 130747952726.gif - (52.21KB , 360x360 , Twilight-clap.gif )
>> No. 2493707
All right...

I'll do it with my might!

God I suck at rhyming
>> No. 2493708
File 130747967296.jpg - (12.09KB , 266x182 , 130564459214.jpg )
Last night, before bed, I'd promised myself,
that I would pursue my own sanity's health.
"Get up in the morning; get a job!" I would say,
"And whatever you do, don't browse /oat/ all day!"

Lo and behold, twelve hours have passed
Since I stirred from my bedroom - what have I amassed?
I've not completed but one single chore,
but instead I've neglected them just to lurk moar.

I've wasted my day and I've squandered my time,
but that's quite alright; it's pony time!
Thread after thread and tab after tab,
I've scrolled and I've clicked and I've saved, might I add!

Now, after having a day's worth of fun
I'd assumed that my time on /oat/ was done.
I'd sang along and posted Scootaloo,
and even parasprited a poor soul while I was there, too!

But what is this that I find near the top of the page?
Let's have a look, in b4 autosage..
..there's participants rhyming, their skills being hailed?
And to my surprise you've not been derailed?

Bravo, my good sirs, and good madammes at that!
I've much enjoyed our lyrical chat.
But I've rhymed so much that I'm ready to drop,
so please excuse me while I leave to go clean my room
>> No. 2493709
File 130747988315.jpg - (19.96KB , 305x293 , 130214571910.jpg )
That is a long poem, might I say
And I understand how you could have such a day!
I'm much like you, in that sense,
that my chores are untouched and numerous and dense.
>> No. 2493710
File 130748002545.jpg - (116.01KB , 800x800 , 130587401380.jpg )
I'm finding this hard to stop,
so much that I'm now listening to hip hop,
rap is a form of rhyme,
so now it's that sort of time.
>> No. 2493711
File 130748026744.gif - (1.98MB , 250x208 , 130418785699.gif )
I'm unstoppable, crazy absurd,
So I shall have at another post, a third.
I dunno why I'm doing this, no I don't,
but it's fun so question it I won't.
>> No. 2493712
File 130748038171.png - (58.12KB , 877x911 , why wub yoo.png )
I refreshed this page once, just to be sure
I was met a paragraph, an irresistable lure.

So happy you posted, and so many rhymes!
You and verse go together like lemons and limes.

I wish only to match your vocal prowess,
But I'm feeling outdone, I'm afraid I confess.

Before I turn to my damn PowerPoint,
One last rhyme I will leave, to grace this fine joint.

Forgive my meter, you will find from empirics,
That I tend to employ rather spherical lyrics.

You bronies are nothing if not the artistic,
The emponiment of the quite lyrically gifted.

You run circles 'round rhymes, and haikus and prose,
And demonstrate something everypony knows.

We bronies are great, with friendliness such,
That can say without fear that I love y'all so much.

Forgive my digression, for I must go,
Just wanted to let you all know,
That I love Ponychan and all of you too
So this is my poem from BronyStark to you.
Ciao for now, I'll be back a bit later,
But until then, I'm afraid you must wait..er
>> No. 2493713
File 130748059645.jpg - (173.57KB , 704x640 , Hikuro14 Request Coloured.jpg )
I can drink to that, sir.
When It comes to rhyming I prefer
to think of myself as an amateur,
And so in a dizzying blur,
I'd like to recur
the fact that I love you too, monsieur
>> No. 2493714
File 130748100862.png - (340.15KB , 1280x720 , 130445113998.png )
The rhyme, It's flowing out my mind,
I can't control it, I find,
And so with my own blood I bind
Myself to this thread and to mankind.
>> No. 2493715
File 130748148225.gif - (135.59KB , 190x240 , 130517295115.gif )
I feel a little alone
Doing all these posts on my own,
but I'm sure it's only because
my rhyming bone gnaws
at my consciousness and my claws.

I surely must be, by now, annoying,
but I'm still in the midst of deploying
all my rhymes and my soloing
>> No. 2493716
File 130748166232.jpg - (64.69KB , 886x427 , rainbowfly.jpg )
Let it out, let it all out man,
Nopony can stop you, only you can
>> No. 2493717
File 130748196327.png - (282.37KB , 1280x720 , 130453072597.png )
I thank you for that encouragement.
It was truly a nourishment
for my confidence's flourishment.
>> No. 2493718
File 130748219442.png - (42.94KB , 285x261 , molestia.png )
This thread is waning, a crime I say!
We must find more participants, some way.
>> No. 2493719
File 130748231356.gif - (887.34KB , 853x480 , 130445817647.gif )
It's too late now, no turning back!
There is only ponies and rhymes in my sack.

My backpack is my road to fame,
but not really because that leads to shame,
for my poems can be a tad lame
as in soft, amateurish, a game.

But I have no regrets, come at me bro,
because from here on out, they're only gonna grow.
>> No. 2493720
File 130748232733.png - (102.71KB , 800x800 , 130120855303.png )
I must say your poem describes well
Something I've also found to be true
Ponychan, I can very well tell
Fast becomes rather hard to eschew.
>> No. 2493721
File 130748256783.png - (175.15KB , 508x656 , trollestia.png )
>ponies and rhymes in my sack
I feel I must, so I will then.
At that line, mon visage when.
>> No. 2493722
File 130748301930.gif - (2.41MB , 404x263 , 130643024622.gif )
True that yo,
that is why I listen to my audio,
and rhyme mostly without a foe,
although some folks have returned
and I refuse to have this thread adjourned.

Oh dear, I seemed to have made a joke
not on purpose, not to provoke
I suppose it didn't come to me
because, as I am to decree
I am no man, I am a she.

Well, no longer I suppose,
oh well, let's continue the poetry and prose!

Is there anything more to rhyme with?
Yes, why there always is!
Let's keep going through the actions
And hope for more reactions
As there are many abstractions.
>> No. 2493723
File 130748368289.jpg - (25.85KB , 303x292 , 130689213141.jpg )
Ah ain't done yet, nope not now
Not until I rhyme with this accent and crown!
This here poem is full of them apples,
And free birds and chapels.

What else rhymes with chapels?
>> No. 2493724
File 130748403894.png - (52.22KB , 245x208 , 130135918349.png )
So much cage
So much rage
so much sage
so much page
so much wage.
>> No. 2493725
File 130748477470.png - (82.35KB , 309x305 , 130144104421.png )
Hello, it's me! I've invaded this thread,
even though it's pretty much dead.
But I've still been rhyming and nopony can stop me,
because I'm the great Itena and my word is my guarantee.
>> No. 2493726
I will not obey your rules
Making words rhyme is for fools

>> No. 2493727
File 130748501110.png - (378.83KB , 900x635 , 130192431893.png )
Enough's enough? Never.
My rhyming track is forever.
That's why I'll laugh and I'll sing and I'll squawker
in this thread of which I have never been fonder.
>> No. 2493728
File 130748514546.png - (76.99KB , 1024x768 , 130190762687.png )
You cannot hide,
You cannot flee,
the law of this thread is unbreakable decree.
>> No. 2493729
File 130748548731.jpg - (29.99KB , 416x531 , 130192383793.jpg )
This would be my 20th post,
I think I've gone a little crazy at most,
How clear is the coast?
I've a little to boast,
I think I've overdosed
in this thread which is host
for my poetry, my post.
>> No. 2493730
File 130748594439.png - (47.90KB , 510x960 , flutterpunishment.png )
Let's just see how thing's have gone in my stead
...My god..so much poetry assaulting my head

You write so much, and I'm glad that you do,
Because it only proves why I love you!
>> No. 2493731
File 130748606369.jpg - (59.06KB , 600x525 , 130192458712.jpg )
What am I doing?
It's a one pony party.
Rather than chewing
on lunch so hearty,
I'm instead pursuing
this rhyming so arty.
>> No. 2493732
File 130748624727.png - (59.66KB , 196x272 , 130436087295.png )
There once was a pony whose rhyme
Was considered a work so sublime
She got up on stages
and sang to all ages
THis pony is best of all time
>> No. 2493733
File 130748626927.jpg - (6.37KB , 248x227 , spike and twilight hugging.jpg )
Hey bronystark, welcome back!
I'm sorry if I gave you a heart attack.
Maybe it's too much rhyming for one day,
but am I close to stopping? No way!

Thanks for the love, my wonderful friend,
Here's some love and hugs I'd like to extend.
>> No. 2493734
File 130748632547.gif - (52.21KB , 360x360 , Twilight-clap.gif )
A new player we have! Im glad to see you!
I was beginning to wonder if it was just us two.
>> No. 2493735
This thread still has life?
It's seen no strife.
How happy I am,
To be here again,
And although I've still much to do,
Ponychan, I could never leave you.
>> No. 2493736
File 130748658312.jpg - (81.02KB , 1154x1100 , 130192570749.jpg )

Does your singer have eyes that can blind?
Can she wield the power to save ponykind?
The best pony is a little bit undermind,
but Twilight is probably most accurately defined
as the best pony, almost divined.
>> No. 2493737
File 130748660697.jpg - (6.95KB , 194x200 , naughty.jpg )
A thread in which we speak in rhyme?
Why I speak in rhyme...all the time!
My sublime prose turns on a dime
and is always quite...
>> No. 2493738
File 130748668671.png - (217.61KB , 501x423 , 129771622158.png )
>> No. 2493739
File 130748669052.png - (16.08KB , 500x313 , bigmac3.png )
All thanks to Itena Pony, and her endless voice.
I had to return, it wasn't a choice

I can't resist the rhymes, from bronies like we,
How long can this thread go on? We will see.
>> No. 2493740
File 130748685060.png - (151.09KB , 466x363 , bigmacwut.png )
>> No. 2493741
File 130748692980.jpg - (38.63KB , 500x414 , 2epsztk.jpg )
Name board's this is Ponychan.
Cool really is site this, man!
Brain deprived sleep my curse...
In is poem this, reverse!
Complete life my make bronies.
Too, thing same the do ponies.
Awesome very so all are you.
Kind be to continue do.
/Oat/ called place the love I.
Forever post could I, why!
Write to hard was poem this, wow.
Up this wrap ever I will how?
Yourselves enjoy, anyway.
Please you as long as stay!

I wrote this one a while ago, but now it's the best time for this to show.
>> No. 2493742
File 130748693729.jpg - (128.33KB , 945x945 , 130660420640.jpg )
More brony folks visit this place,
rhyming and having fun with poise and grace,
I am very happy to comprehend
that I'm surrounded by more than one friend.
>> No. 2493743
File 130748707095.png - (125.46KB , 278x345 , happity.png )
Oh my, how lovely, certainly a gem!
I love to see clever poems like them!
>> No. 2493744
File 130748734687.png - (59.63KB , 750x600 , 130213734371.png )
I am fascinated with this poem,
It is like a protozoan
I must confess,
it piques my interests
and I must study to start the knowin'.
>> No. 2493745
Perhaps soon, we shall see?
Having lots of fun must be the key!
Once this thread autosages, if we so desire,
We should make a part two, I am not a liar.
I truly feel this way, and have through the fun,
Maybe a chain of threads over time, starting with this one!
>> No. 2493746
File 130748749303.png - (284.07KB , 497x795 , bigmaccheer.png )
I'd gladly propagate this thread idea,
but please answer one thing for me. uh...

How do you tell when it's autosaged?
>> No. 2493747
When the post number reaches three hundred, we will know,
For it is then that the autosage will show!
I believe it's an archive, we require,
As this thread thread keeps ascending higher and higher!
>> No. 2493748
File 130748811698.png - (15.11KB , 100x100 , bigmac5.png )
Post are around 150, as far as i know,
So autosage wont come quite yet, i hope

But if anypony wants, tomorrow is when,
I'll remake this thread, for us to rhyme again!
>> No. 2493749
File 130748812034.png - (66.95KB , 183x204 , 130567116833.png )
Once upon a Tuesday happy, I was moping, feeling crappy,
Because I was feeling sappy, feeling so unlike a man.
Before leaving for the kitchen, I remembered something bitchin'!
My left eyelid madly twitchin', I now had today's plan.
"I will log on," I then sputtered, "to the website Ponychan!
I hope I won't incur a ban..."
>> No. 2493750
File 130748819304.jpg - (42.86KB , 450x321 , 130198274185.jpg )
Sounds coo' yo,
That sort of idea,
and let it be so,
I shall have rhyming diarrhea,
to autosage this thread, go go go!
>> No. 2493751
File 130748823525.jpg - (2.80KB , 136x151 , eyes.jpg )
I like where this poem is going,
Please continue without slowing
>> No. 2493752
One hundred and thirty six posts, by the looks,
But if we continue like this, we'll end up writing books.
This thread full of rhymes has shown us good times,
And I'm certain that at this rate,
It'll continue to be great!
>> No. 2493753
File 130748848145.png - (203.93KB , 602x502 , 130192392535.png )
Nopony got nothin' on me,
I'm the poem writing queen, ye,
I'm typing up this poem without much thinkin',
trying to get another rhyme up with much hitchin'.
It's a difficult thing, my head is starting to smoke,
What a bloke, what a bloke.
>> No. 2493754
File 130748862499.jpg - (110.58KB , 945x945 , 130516926503.jpg )
There are no limits,
only drills to the minutes,
only sleep and the waking,
only streams and the taking,
only stones and hardy bats
only cones and party hats.
>> No. 2493755
File 130748869520.png - (332.16KB , 731x851 , bigmac4.png )
Taking a break from my presentation,
To post again in this large formation,
Of lyrical bronies and the words they craft,
In the ocean of boredom you are my raft.
>> No. 2493756
File 130748877406.png - (38.84KB , 174x181 , 130434851437.png )
Posting wildly, day and night, I gave myself such a fright,
For this multicolored blight of ponies forced my helpless hands.
Suddenly I gave a wail, "MY new thread you dare derail!?
You uncouth, demonic snail! I'll report you to The Man!"
Quoth the parasprite, "Ponychan..."
>> No. 2493757
File 130748884503.jpg - (78.64KB , 644x700 , 130192470289.jpg )
The mind, churning and chortling,
The hands, wurring and snorkeling,
The words they come out in weird phases,
In strange places,
In crazy chases.
>> No. 2493758
In this thread, I've been posting,
On this site that WebFaction's hosting.
I'm glad they do, for me and you,
Would have never met,
And feel empty yet.
>> No. 2493759
File 130748899381.jpg - (88.91KB , 900x900 , r156.jpg )
It seems as though spring has finally come
The sun now gives its renewing light.
I have been devoid of you for so long
you are certainly an sight for weary eyes!
>> No. 2493760
File 130748904454.png - (306.33KB , 872x740 , GAPF.png )
We need more bronies, to spit their game,
And they can attain such lyrical fame

Recruiting them would be the best,
But..um..I can conjure some..I guess
>> No. 2493761
File 130748904835.png - (177.81KB , 602x710 , 130738890595.png )
Spiderman.... Oh spiderman,
Doth anypony know that in which you can?
>> No. 2493762
A loving community of mighty strength,
A rope of love that has no length,
Together we live, love, and tolerate,
Posting until it becomes so very late.
>> No. 2493764
File 130748946523.png - (15.18KB , 100x100 , 130214273471.png )
I'm going to be rhyming the word mandarine,
Since its really delicious when it's not green,
How could have I foreseen
that an orange would be so sweet and serene
in its flavour, oh what a scene.

Oh wait Applejack, don't kill me please!
I'm sure we can figure out a solution with ease.
I love apples from those trees.
>> No. 2493765
But how, my friend, can we make them recruit?
They might be afraid of judgement; a point that's toot.
Here we do not judge your ability to rhyme,
We love to have you posting here all of the time!
>> No. 2493766
File 130748952594.png - (37.30KB , 196x87 , 130738923119.png )

>second attempt

>> No. 2493767
File 130748964882.jpg - (236.92KB , 736x1016 , spiderpony.jpg )
Spiderman? You can'y be serious.
Your words suggest you may be delirious.
I am a hero to those who know me,
You may just call me, Spiderpony
>> No. 2493768
File 130748969902.png - (329.65KB , 945x945 , 1547aa0ca0bda679d73e128b1492a2ac.png )
I think there is no problem, see look!
All these ponies not afraid of a cook
or a judgment unfair
Look at all of these poems there!

Now, I must temporarily take my leave,
while my brother enjoys his E3.
>> No. 2493769
File 130748981987.png - (16.08KB , 500x313 , bigmac3.png )
Enjoy your E3, I've watched it myself,
Just don't put thread somewhere on a shelf.
Make sure you come back, at least to say "night"
If we just get that, then we'll be alright
>> No. 2493770
File 130748984163.gif - (11.48KB , 150x150 , 130738895306.gif )
Spiderpony, oh what a nice name.....
Surely you carry alot of fame....
>> No. 2493771
File 130748984189.jpg - (90.85KB , 800x718 , 1289197172864.jpg )
The rhyming here is beyond repair...
It's enough to make my men despair.
Thankfully, for all involved,
My men and I are quite evolved.

Cyborg men from other planes
Coming here to dispel your banes
Through fire, steel, laser, hoof,
All to purge the genetic cyst.
>> No. 2493772
File 130748985148.jpg - (30.96KB , 300x180 , facehoof.jpg )
Don't put this* thread
>> No. 2493773
File 130748995502.png - (228.94KB , 500x524 , chess_is_hard.png )
Mother BIGSIXING word filter
It would seem, to my dismay,
the word filter has come to stay.
Even though I am in pain,
I can continue, for with my brain
I can create more rhymes anew
That do not use the those words, those few
That are stricken by re-writes
Despite the efforts, despite our mights.
>> No. 2493774
File 130748998140.png - (47.90KB , 510x960 , flutterpunishment.png )
Your mask are intimidating, your rhyming subpar,
It's a wonder you gents even made it this far.
To come with such aggression, what should we do?
I guess just give you a hug and say we love you!
>> No. 2493775

The wordfilter it seems, has made you its pray,
But your point got across, I must say.
>> No. 2493776
File 130749024586.jpg - (46.56KB , 605x768 , 1305136105216.jpg )
Your kindness is warming,
your good-will is known,
but our vigor is forming,
and our reasons our known.

This world is lived on by alien foes,
From other canons, stories, and bringing their woes.
We come to delete them, so that ponies may know
True happiness, innocence, and hearth-flames aglow.
>> No. 2493777
File 130749035052.png - (220.46KB , 672x531 , mac on mac action.png )
Again, for the moment, I must take my leave,
To work on my...work. But bronies don't grieve!
I'll back in a jiffy, you can be sure,
I cannot resist this thead's lyrical lure.
>> No. 2493778
File 130749043138.png - (175.15KB , 508x656 , trollestia.png )
Hee hee! Oh my, I should feel shame,
But I just had to laugh, at dat filename
>> No. 2493779
File 130749050529.png - (125.71KB , 463x352 , r28.png )
My roommate seems always to play,
guitar hero or black ops it seems everyday
He needs to focus on his grades, i say.
but his response to me is always the same
"I'm multitasking, it works for me ok?"
>> No. 2493780
File 130749051811.jpg - (147.78KB , 450x902 , reveal.jpg )
I must concur that this thread is fantastic!
My rhyming so far is just simply bombastic!
Even though some words may be used quite improper,
I will have you know that I'm a gent proper!
To show you my face when I posted just then,
Attached is a picture of my face when.

If the filters attack the last couplet or so,
It will be most annoying and my anger will show.
>> No. 2493781
Your doubles are good, but now I must say
I used to have the same problem each day.
Now, I have learned how to get my work done,
So that I can eat lots and have some good fun.
>> No. 2493782
this is now a lewis carroll thread.

"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!"

He took his vorpal sword in hand:
Long time the manxome foe he sought --
So rested he by the Tumtum tree,
And stood awhile in thought.

And, as in uffish thought he stood,
The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,
And burbled as it came!

One, two! One, two! And through and through
The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
He left it dead, and with its head
He went galumphing back.

"And, has thou slain the Jabberwock?
Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!'
He chortled in his joy.
>> No. 2493783
File 130749079194.png - (87.89KB , 298x281 , 130196285538.png )
My brother is the gamer,
unfortunately not I,
I have been dubbed casual by and by,
It's sad to say though I enjoy a few games,
I am truly, of our sibling-hood, the tamer.

E3 is foreign to me,
but I'm sure it's fantastic
as my brother is enthusiastic,
And while I haven't really watched it yet
I have no reason, so far, to disagree.
>> No. 2493784
File 130749081075.png - (944.98KB , 856x845 , 130739806177.png )
I do like cats, in fact, alot!
But more so, I like ponies, for their wondrous plot!
>> No. 2493785
File 130749095818.png - (37.48KB , 171x202 , r48.png )
Work done first and then you can play!
an valuable lesson to learn these days.
but no matter how much i plead my case
His head is to far up his own flank I'm afraid.
>> No. 2493786
File 130749102402.png - (143.28KB , 361x344 , 130586477883.png )
A thread about rhymes, this sounds like fun
And from the looks of things, it's already begun.
I hope you don't mind if I interject.
And add rhymes of my own for you to inspect.
I've read all about them, from one book or another
how rhymes can pass down from a father or mother
Now give me a moment, to think of a rhyme
I know I can think of a good one, if just given the time...
>> No. 2493787
File 130749107216.jpg - (19.32KB , 289x296 , 130196241824.jpg )
That is crazy you see,
for your roommate is just like my brother,
except my brother has ADHD
And can actually multitask like no other.

A weird excuse,
a new truth!
What strange truce,
an odd youth.
>> No. 2493788
But i speak so little of my roommate all day.
one may think its inspired by hate!
i can assure you that's not the case
we are good friends, so these things i can say!
>> No. 2493789
File 130749128718.jpg - (275.99KB , 846x892 , 130192336625.jpg )
Everypony is most welcome in this thread,
It only serves to increase the happiness,
What a grand bright future overhead,
I even encourage any sappiness.
>> No. 2493790
File 130749144494.png - (284.07KB , 497x795 , bigmaccheer.png )
Just here to check in, and again I'm surprised,
At the amount of your verse, there are lines and lines.

So from here on out, for all time,
I shall refer to you, as Mistress Rhyme.
>> No. 2493791
File 130749156328.jpg - (10.48KB , 225x228 , 130653084421.jpg )
A sappy poem, you do say?
Well give me a moment, and I'll show you the way
To make a poem of the passionate heart
and teach you the meaning of poetic art.
>> No. 2493792
File 130749162815.png - (124.55KB , 391x384 , you_are_a_maggot.png )
Although I arrived with grimdark and terror,
I can assure you that I'm a great sharer.
I welcome you here, then, with wide open arms
And hope that you do not sound the alarms.
>> No. 2493793
File 130749181893.jpg - (23.12KB , 442x423 , r141.jpg )
My roommate has no such excuse,
he is just an lazy and insufferable youth
Its hard to believe in our younger days
he used to be all study and no play!
>> No. 2493794
File 130749214816.jpg - (29.13KB , 560x432 , 130608355158.jpg )
Through summer heat, through winter snow
Through hours of endless pain
I get through it all, because I know
I will see you again.
From the time we met, I knew you to be dear
And from then on our hearts drew oh, so near
Your kind words that sound so sweet
When they reach my ears, my heart skips beats
Your silly jokes that made me laugh
And made me lean further on your behalf
When we helped each other in our times of need
Only made it more likely that together we'll succeed
But now, it seems, we must break ways
And await to talk until some other day
The idea that we may not speak
Makes my world so dark and bleak
Colors fade and taste buds die
So long as we're not side by side
The long time we must spend apart
Shall itself be torture for my poor heart.
And when we reunite, how my spirit will soar
So high and happy like that of lore.
But for now, alas, I must say adieu
Until I may again return to you.
But as I turn to walk out the door
Take comfort in knowing that I'm forever yours.
>> No. 2493795
File 130749235401.png - (47.90KB , 510x960 , flutterpunishment.png )
Beautiful, you are certainly gifted,
In this fluid sphere of the lyric artistic.
>> No. 2493796
File 130749245259.png - (71.01KB , 280x280 , 130561719388.png )
Thank you, my friend
I've practiced much
With me There's no end
To poems as such
>> No. 2493797
Your sappy poem, oh it made me weep,
I want some love now, oh how it runs deep,
but in all seriousness, good job good job!
I think you win, here's a corn on the cob.

Thank you so much, you flatter me so,
The rhyming mistress, I am then!
I'll continue to play a part, to bestow
My poem powers, found in great zen.
>> No. 2493798
File 130749269527.png - (461.24KB , 800x594 , f3.png )
That poem was indeed quite the sight
It was an very beautiful rhyme.
>> No. 2493799
File 130749278218.png - (216.93KB , 615x660 , 130561656249.png )
I thank you kindly for what you've said
And I must say you're good yourself
You seem to be handling this little thread
Without needing any of my help.
>> No. 2493800
I keep dozing off,
My eyelids droop low,
My chair is too soft,
I just thought you should know.
>> No. 2493801
File 130749293159.png - (151.09KB , 466x363 , bigmacwut.png )
As I stop to think of our scriptural power,
....*sniff sniff* I stink, it's time for a shower.

I'll be back in twenty, so don't hold back,
I hope when I return, rhymes I won't lack
>> No. 2493802
File 130749317860.png - (74.93KB , 500x500 , 130452470590.png )
I would hardly call this little,
It is nowhere near brittle,
and I'd hardly want to whittle
this dear thread, so let's both be committal.

I also love the flattery,
It is like a battery
to my ego, which'll go splattery
when I'm all tattery.
>> No. 2493803
File 130749328934.png - (51.13KB , 211x216 , 130584239084.png )
It sounds as though you should sleep
Go and get yourself in bed
You should start counting those sheep
And onto the pillows, lay your head

Thanks for sharing and letting us know
That you're headed off for now
We'll see you again in a minute or so
And promise you, we won't let you down.
>> No. 2493804
File 130749373389.png - (164.06KB , 367x441 , 130214143756.png )
These 36 posts are quite crazy,
Or are the numbers getting hazy?
I wonder if I've counted right,
because thirty six is quite the sight.
>> No. 2493805
File 130749395918.png - (74.42KB , 480x560 , 130627970540.png )
36 you say? That's quite a lot
for a thread where rhyming is the plot
I tried a thread like this before
and it barely got past the number four.
I guess the luck of others are greater than mine
For this thread is doing perfectly fine.
>> No. 2493806
File 130749468428.png - (284.07KB , 497x795 , bigmaccheer.png )
I'm back! Anything happen while I was gone?
Maybe more bronies have joined the throng
of artists composing noteless songs?
Or maybe they've been here all along?
>> No. 2493807
File 130749474670.png - (248.82KB , 589x719 , 130215668133.png )
There is always sorrow
For a thread that didn't own more than a dime
But perhaps a successful thread makes a borrow
From our lady luck and our sir time.
>> No. 2493808
File 130749494551.png - (417.26KB , 945x945 , 130192425795.png )
There has been conversation
between Gemini and I.
It is quite a combination
Of which no end is nigh.
>> No. 2493809
File 130749518112.png - (16.08KB , 500x313 , bigmac3.png )
Mistress Rhyme, your lines this time,
Are surely getting deeper
And it is true, at least for you, that NOT posting is a crime
>> No. 2493810
File 130749535870.png - (39.74KB , 198x198 , 130746320454.png )
Soaring through the sky like vanilla ice.
Oh my gosh, you are so nice! ♥
>> No. 2493811
File 130749545241.gif - (52.21KB , 360x360 , Twilight-clap.gif )
>> No. 2493812
File 130749548062.png - (177.30KB , 1263x1000 , Luna_whatbethat.png )
Dearest BronyStark, this is no psyche,
I have something that you may like.
>> No. 2493813
File 130749557666.png - (73.46KB , 252x447 , 130463218862.png )
What a compliment, I'm happy
Even though I feel I'm a little yappy
A tad bit overdone, a little sappy,
But I'm fine with it, I've enough scrappy.
>> No. 2493814
File 130749558355.png - (151.09KB , 466x363 , bigmacwut.png )
Oh me oh my, don't keep me waiting,
Just from that I'm anticipating.
>> No. 2493815
File 130749582758.jpg - (2.59KB , 125x109 , 130642728197s.jpg )
Dear members of ponychan, I don't want to offend
But there is a flaw in this thread that I must amend
For while it unfolds like a beautiful plan
It possesses a clear lack of Spiderman!

BronyStark, while your name and tripcode amuse
By indulging to RPing, you'd put it to better use!
>> No. 2493816
File 130749586601.png - (108.74KB , 280x280 , 130749417339.png )
Daww, come'ere you,
so sweet, such a nice blue.
>> No. 2493817
File 130749589698.png - (8.91KB , 404x408 , oh u1.png )
This thread is full of swanky jive

best thing I saw when I got home at five

So why is this not in archive?
>> No. 2493818
Ack, I must step out for a bit,
I'll be back, as quick as a whip
>> No. 2493819
File 130749607071.png - (79.83KB , 945x945 , 130196274940.png )
a man in red and webs appears,
am I okay with this? No fear!
As long as he rhymes, we're all clear!
>> No. 2493820
File 130749617923.png - (228.53KB , 1543x1200 , Eisenberg.png )
I am sorry for the wait you see
my parents were bothering me.
>> No. 2493821
Like the Summer's dew
Like A winter's breeze
My love for you
will never cease

Through space and time
and from here to there
With words of rhyme
and passion to spare

I'll hold you close
I'll keep you near
For you're the one I chose
To love so dear.
>> No. 2493822
File 130749620835.png - (71.01KB , 280x280 , 130192401776.png )
An archive sounds fun
when this thread is all full and done.
>> No. 2493823
File 130749630082.png - (71.01KB , 280x280 , 130561719388.png )
To archive this thread should eventually go
But before you do that, you should know
that this little pony is not yet done
with dishing out rhymes and having fun.
>> No. 2493824
My word, that little weavery,
has stolen my heart, such thievery.
Perhaps the world needs a return
of those minstrels, now taciturn.
>> No. 2493825
File 130749659670.jpg - (29.13KB , 560x432 , 130608355158.jpg )
I told you before
A knack I have
for weaving my words
to be both happy and sad
>> No. 2493826
File 130749664325.jpg - (19.96KB , 305x293 , 130214571910.jpg )
These posts are of similar nature,
such herd-minded literature.
>> No. 2493827
File 130749694160.jpg - (39.64KB , 600x569 , 130589800262.jpg )
I can see that clearly,
and do we not hold the same pony dearly?
How wonderful a world to find
A great poet with a similar mind.
>> No. 2493828
File 130749720090.jpg - (35.42KB , 500x500 , 130603230522.jpg )
Twilight is best pony
On that we agree
And quite skilled in rhyme
we both seem to be.
>> No. 2493829
File 130749726897.png - (48.95KB , 317x253 , angelmad.png )
Give me a moment, people are being silly.
I'll be back in a minute, like an eager filly
>> No. 2493830
File 130749743698.png - (177.71KB , 635x344 , 130232183338.png )
This is not the time for the aloof,
This it time for the great brohoof!
>> No. 2493831
File 130749765883.png - (35.15KB , 320x240 , 130681390868.png )
You think I would do a spidey derail?
I've tried, this is true, but only to fail.
For I supect the reason may very well
be that Spidey on /oat/ just doesn't sell.

But there was a thread here where I posted
In which my spidey presence I deliberately boasted
Against Joe Q Dr. Doom and Alex Alonso fought
From the nefarious retcons of the first person's thoughts
For he made me a woman, and failed to undo
The death of Frollo, and my father's and Jean Grey's too!
Near the end Twilight Sparkle discussed at lenght
About Doom's overbearing nature and lack of true strenght
For in the magic of friendship, she found hard to find
That the elements of harmony could be found in his mind!
Doom was enraged, and on the verge of a fight
For she bruised his ego, and downplayed his might!
Thankfully, he was just a Doombot, a lifelike mannequin
And with a few select words, his expression changed from a fearful scowl to a lighthearted grin!
>> No. 2493832
File 130749769153.png - (284.07KB , 497x795 , bigmaccheer.png )
I'm back again, time for rejoice!
To hear more artworks of the voice!

I love it! He looks so sweet!
Definitely worth the wait for me!
>> No. 2493833
File 130749778140.gif - (52.21KB , 360x360 , Twilight-clap.gif )
>> No. 2493834
File 130749790663.png - (96.78KB , 872x850 , iunno.png )
well then that is a relief,
I feared not good enough would be your belief
>> No. 2493835
File 130749796325.png - (47.90KB , 510x960 , flutterpunishment.png )
Of course not! I love your work!
To say things like that, I'd be a jerk.
>> No. 2493836
File 130749822752.jpg - (10.71KB , 160x160 , DDAAHHH.jpg )
while I was attacking not your character, I surmise
I should still probably apologize.
I thought it not my best of work,
but I assure you, in effort I did not shirk
>> No. 2493837
Ah, I must say, what excellent timing.
I've been looking for a way to practice rhyming.

I'm planning a story, it will take a long time.
I'm trying to make the entire thing rhyme.

"As I look around,
happy memories shatter.
The colors are gone
and nothing else matters"
>> No. 2493838
Such a nice tale,
might I say,
It is not pale
It is quite okay.

Anyway, for the evening I must go,
perhaps after dinner I may return,
but for now that's a no.
>> No. 2493839
File 130749831641.jpg - (12.08KB , 315x267 , flutterscare.jpg )
>> No. 2493840
File 130749834478.jpg - (34.04KB , 490x360 , 130670135634.jpg )
It is here that I accept your post
as opinion, yet forgive if I it seems I accost
For Applejack is by far best pony of all
Honest, dependable, and works at dawn's call
>> No. 2493841
File 130749839453.png - (176.50KB , 570x525 , 130623687594.png )
Ultimate brohoof, coming your way!
A very good sign to the end of the day!
And now if you excuse me, I feel compelled to write
A little poem for the wonders of the night.
>> No. 2493842
File 130749843134.jpg - (20.67KB , 500x382 , full_of_win.jpg )
This thread has evolved, mutated, and changed
Into something most odd and deranged.
I am not whining, complaining, or hating,
but now am obligatorily stating,
That this thread is perfect for /oat/ I must say,
and that this one has just made my day!
>> No. 2493843
File 130749852145.png - (104.13KB , 482x724 , bigmac sit.png )
Heh, I'm afraid it's here your argument stalls,
You've succumbed to one of many pitfalls.
It's clear to see that throughout Ponychan's halls,
Big Macintosh is the best of them all.
>> No. 2493844
File 130749855291.jpg - (16.48KB , 434x328 , 1298915646467.jpg )
You ponies are all wrong, that much is true
For indeed, the best pony is one Scootaloo!
>> No. 2493845
File 130749861599.png - (197.73KB , 747x397 , celestia wut.png )
With fallacies, your idea is stricken,
How can the best pony be a small chicken?
>> No. 2493846
File 130749908637.jpg - (26.13KB , 464x543 , 1299321243574.jpg )
Petty racism clouds your sound mind...
Scootaloo's a pony; what, are you blind?
>> No. 2493847
File 130749937109.png - (225.54KB , 464x543 , scootachicken.png )
I'm afraid the evidence doesn't lie.
Scootaloo is a white bird that can't fly
>> No. 2493848
File 130749939187.jpg - (8.19KB , 269x187 , 130601853570.jpg )
I apologize in advance for the pic
But it your poem has given me a tic

For big mac is slow, dim-witted and plays second fiddle
To Applejack, a fact that's as obvious as a solved riddle
She is my favorite pony, and the one I haven't flipped
at when she's Rainbow, Rarity or even Pinkie Pie'd shipped

Forgive once again my pic, inflammatory rhetoric and invective
But I had to pick a tangent to rhyme, this gimmick's infective!
>> No. 2493849
File 130749951251.jpg - (16.48KB , 434x328 , 1298915646467.jpg )
She might be a chicken, that much I cede you,
but that doesn't mean that she doesn't love you...
>> No. 2493850
File 130749952849.png - (343.57KB , 388x447 , bigmacangry.png )
Big Mac isn't slow, simply quiet is he.
He's very good with math and money,
something AJ can't do with all of her might
she'd be lucky to solve one problem a night
>> No. 2493851
File 130749962538.png - (16.08KB , 500x313 , bigmac3.png )
And I love her back, though she's feathered and white
She gives me a grin when I catch her in sight
>> No. 2493852
File 130750019941.jpg - (41.57KB , 480x353 , 01354467700s.jpg )
Applejack loves Big Mac
So for now I'll cease my attack
>> No. 2493853
File 130750033416.png - (47.90KB , 510x960 , flutterpunishment.png )
>> No. 2493854
File 130750057413.gif - (235.28KB , 200x200 , fluttershygif.gif )
I sense a lack of ludicrous lyrics,
and this painful silence is causing hysterics.
>> No. 2493855
File 130750097347.jpg - (92.85KB , 312x400 , Raritycats.jpg )
"The numbers Mason, what do they mean?!"
If you would be so keen.
Why Hudson must you be so mean?
Ill tell Reznov on you, you'll soon see!
>> No. 2493856
I once played a game called Reimagine
It had quite a bit of magic
But then I saw ponies and as a brony,
I thought it wasn't tragic.
>> No. 2493857
A little thing I now request
For this to be /arch/ed, I think it best.
>> No. 2493859
This thread in /arch/? Hell yes! I agree!
That would be something I'd enjoy to see!
>> No. 2493860
File 130750444574.png - (200.34KB , 623x526 , 130575235137.png )
A quick little drabble,
before my mom makes a squabble,
about me cleaning the kitchen
which is scary, in my position.
>> No. 2493862
File 130750486335.jpg - (43.11KB , 240x240 , thread newspaper.jpg )
>> No. 2493863
File 130750535772.jpg - (43.59KB , 240x240 , sampe3ca4842d0a15c71.jpg )
>> No. 2493864
File 130750555004.jpg - (41.15KB , 240x240 , thread newspaper.jpg )
>> No. 2493865
File 130750577882.jpg - (43.30KB , 240x240 , samp5093f4e15aeb64d3.jpg )
>> No. 2493866
File 130750591282.jpg - (42.79KB , 240x240 , thread newspaper.jpg )
>> No. 2493867
File 130750598291.png - (98.89KB , 267x344 , BOOOOOOOOOORING.png )
Well, I will try something with that newspaper.
>> No. 2493868
File 130750602661.jpg - (43.67KB , 240x240 , samp2987958314ce7ceb.jpg )
>> No. 2493869
I fell asleep,
Without a peep.
It seems I just dozed off.
I awoke on the floor with what seems to be a cough.
>> No. 2493870
File 130750612551.jpg - (21.55KB , 240x240 , ROCKY.jpg )
>> No. 2493871
File 130750616437.jpg - (52.01KB , 293x293 , stashestia2.jpg )
>> No. 2493872
File 130750617183.jpg - (43.46KB , 240x240 , sampe70c98a18734d666.jpg )
>> No. 2493873
File 130750623543.jpg - (66.47KB , 600x600 , 130560458096.jpg )
>> No. 2493874
File 130750630859.png - (92.70KB , 235x333 , Son___ Im dissapoint.png )

I failed this test?
Looks like it.
But I did my best!
>> No. 2493875
File 130750631049.png - (151.09KB , 466x363 , bigmacwut.png )
I..I guess that rhymed, I can't debate
And I think the newspaper thing is great
>> No. 2493876
You did your best, I won't raise my tone.
But you can consider yourself forever disowned.

*pokes file name* I had to.
>> No. 2493877
File 130750655891.jpg - (43.76KB , 240x240 , thread newspaper.jpg )
>> No. 2493878
File 130750658343.jpg - (28.11KB , 450x338 , 130601420966.jpg )
This made me laugh with a grateful roar.
Please tell me that you have some more.
>> No. 2493879
File 130750740140.jpg - (43.97KB , 240x240 , newspaper.jpg )
>> No. 2493880
File 130750766157.png - (81.13KB , 120x125 , 130715753690s.png )
>> No. 2493881
File 130750898992.jpg - (43.77KB , 240x240 , thread newspaper.jpg )
>> No. 2493882
File 130750937617.png - (82.65KB , 304x229 , 130215504918.png )
I will rebel
and avoid the newspaper wagon
Instead I'll propel
face forward into a dragon.

What's that mom?
The kitchen's not clean?
Remain calm,
It's just the routine.
>> No. 2493883
I'm playing Mortal Kombat, see.
Playing on the PS3.
An outlet for me to vent my rage.
My fighter of choice? Johnny Cage.
The screams of fighters lurk the halls,
Listening to, "I'm on a Boat"
I made some rhymes for the people of /oat/
>> No. 2493884
File 130751052355.jpg - (43.57KB , 240x240 , thread newspaper.jpg )
>> No. 2493885
File 130751071851.gif - (52.21KB , 360x360 , Twilight-clap.gif )
Itena! Mistress Rhyme, glad you've returned
I was afraid that we in this thread you'd spurned.
I was doing some thinking, and through this rhyming mask,
Theres something of you that I'd like to ask
>> No. 2493886
File 130751077364.png - (198.02KB , 508x656 , stashestia6.png )
The PS3? Oh shame of shames,
You chose the console that has no games
>> No. 2493887
File 130751093901.jpg - (43.53KB , 240x240 , thread newspaper.jpg )
>> No. 2493888
File 130751107310.png - (97.76KB , 260x303 , Zecora interested.png )
Must be a Zecora thread.
I can't rhyme, so bread.
>> No. 2493889
File 130751114975.png - (16.08KB , 500x313 , bigmac3.png )
Oh my, you see flame wars are no threat,
For how much nicer can our community get?
Twas just a small jibe, naught but a joke,
Nopony will be sore, im sure...i hope
>> No. 2493890
what? no games? you are a fool.
owning an xbox makes you a tool!
(posted on my ps3 browser)
>> No. 2493891
File 130751141850.png - (34.66KB , 232x232 , Bigmac bashful.png )
Such aggression, for me I am hurt,
I'm not a tool, it says Big Mac on my shirt.
What I'm going to say next, it is no lie,
YOU my dear friend are just a great guy
>> No. 2493892
File 130751144567.jpg - (43.67KB , 240x240 , thread newspaper.jpg )
>> No. 2493893
File 130751153027.jpg - (15.44KB , 370x338 , 130461562347.jpg )
This thread was made by a cool brony
whose goes by name Stark comma Brony.
His rhymes fill our heads,
keep us from our beds,
and keeps it real (he's not a phony).
>> No. 2493894
File 130751160845.png - (58.12KB , 877x911 , why wub yoo.png )
I'm greatly flattered, my dear Cuddletron,
That you returned to this thread to rhyme and rhyme on.
>> No. 2493895
File 130751172332.jpg - (41.53KB , 240x240 , thread newspaper.jpg )
>> No. 2493896
File 130751196258.jpg - (44.03KB , 240x240 , newspaper2.jpg )
>> No. 2493897
File 130751208750.jpg - (33.01KB , 450x403 , pelicanseesall.jpg )
This pelican sees what you did there,
the joke you spun, it had such flair.
>> No. 2493898
File 130751223055.jpg - (43.23KB , 240x240 , thread newspaper.jpg )
>> No. 2493899
File 130751266452.jpg - (91.87KB , 384x358 , bowser.jpg )
everypony knows the wii is trash
even freaking rainbow dash!
the xbox 360 has no web browser
why did i post a pic of bowser?
it rhymed
>> No. 2493900
File 130751274369.jpg - (66.10KB , 366x400 , CSIdash.jpg )
These rhyming jokes are just like crack,
I simply can't stop, there's no going back
>> No. 2493901
File 130751289114.jpg - (43.31KB , 240x240 , thread newspaper.jpg )
>> No. 2493902
File 130751289324.jpg - (2.80KB , 136x151 , eyes.jpg )
>> No. 2493903
File 130751298563.jpg - (55.63KB , 931x878 , fluttercry2.jpg )

Now now, my friends, please keep it polite
We're all simply far too loving to fight
>> No. 2493904
just to be fair, sony's a bitch.
psn just pulled itself out of a ditch.
>> No. 2493905
File 130751316266.jpg - (721.56KB , 720x540 , flutterevil.jpg )
I fear that I'm hooked, I'll never be done.
I'll keep making gag after joke after pun
>> No. 2493906
Fighting, fighting? Fighting I was not!
Just listing the systems that I've got.
And saying how much I love each one
Really, that's all I've done.

If it seems that I've been mean,
then I apologize for real.
It's peace and love, 'far as I've seen,
maybe some gamers with too much zeal.
>> No. 2493907
File 130751333906.jpg - (43.64KB , 240x240 , thread newspaper.jpg )
>> No. 2493908
File 130751344938.jpg - (14.61KB , 333x368 , twilight secret.jpg )
So sorry my fellow,
the kitchen had called again,
Now give me your bellow.
What did you want now, then?
>> No. 2493909
Argh it's so hard to write
Couplets in Newspapers at night
My brain is on fire, that's for sure
All the words on my screen have begun to blur

I think it's time for me to leave
so this headache I can relieve
I wasn't here for very long
But it's been fun, don't get me wrong

I hope this gets archived for all to see
so this thread can show to our posterity
that real Bronies can cook up rhymes,
create kick-flankthreads and have good times

Oh my head, oh my head! (oh the aches an the pains)
It's time to go to bed! (my energy wanes)
So this is the last post that I'll write,
I bid all bronies here goodnight!
>> No. 2493910
File 130751376378.png - (33.46KB , 229x162 , bigmacscared2.png )
I hate to ask, for I know you are busy,
but looking at your work puts me in a tizzy.
You draw so well, I just wonder, for me
Maybe you might sketch my OC?
Not a formal request, I know you've got many,
It's just that pictures of my OC I barely have any.
I've got a few picture from that Zefarian bro,
And they're quite magnificent I know!
But seeing as I have no talent of my own,
I was wondering if to me, your skills you might loan
>> No. 2493911
File 130751383536.jpg - (112.16KB , 1600x1000 , 130192354433.jpg )
Good night my dear!
It's been a good show,
and just to let you know,
you're a brony I love and respect.
Hope your morning is bright and clear!
>> No. 2493912
File 130751386548.png - (16.08KB , 500x313 , bigmac3.png )
Sleep well my friend, and thanks for your time!
I'm delighted you decided to take part in our rhymes!
>> No. 2493913
stab himself in the taint?
>> No. 2493914
File 130751411896.png - (151.09KB , 466x363 , bigmacwut.png )
>> No. 2493915
File 130751421412.png - (13.33KB , 404x408 , 130214185102.png )

If you would be so kind as to post in the details
in this art thread I have linked,
then I'll be sure to do whatever it entails
and finish after the list I have barely chinked.

I warn you now though,
I'm a procrastinator, and obviously so.
Look at that request list of eight or more,
you'll find that I've barely given them an explore.
>> No. 2493916
File 130751450672.gif - (52.21KB , 360x360 , Twilight-clap.gif )
Thank you so much! I simply can't wait!
No rush at all, don't fret about "late"
The fact that artists as skilled as you,
Are willing to accept requests, even a few
Makes me proud of all bronies, all people in /oat/,
In my ocean of boredom you keep me afloat!
>> No. 2493917
File 130751473132.jpg - (31.14KB , 351x365 , cowponybigsmile.jpg )
Starbottom Spackledorf the Third
Knows that the bird is the word!
But she's a big chicken
always yellin and kickin'
And making everything absurd!
>> No. 2493918
File 130751482204.png - (50.93KB , 200x200 , 130677600176.png )
I do hope, though, I can remember
to stop procrastinating before december.

I should make sure my computer's no slop
when I wake up tomorrow and start photoshop.
>> No. 2493919
File 130751519216.png - (177.63KB , 451x356 , 130724387617.png )
It's getting late. I should retire...
But I just cannot leave this artistic fire.
I rub my eyes as I look at the time.
And think to myself "Nahhh...just one more rhyme"
>> No. 2493920
File 130751537163.png - (158.33KB , 2000x2000 , 130453190392.png )
This thread's a gold mine
for the mind refine
in the land of prose
it's unstickied it, unfroze.

Laid out the candy
for my museless mind,
thank you, this thread has been handy!
>> No. 2493921
File 130751556262.png - (33.46KB , 229x162 , bigmacscared2.png )
What happens to this thread, when we all go to sleep?
Will it disappear? Autosage? Or maybe delete?

It seems such a waste to lose so many lyrics,
And in this thread I think we all had our kicks.
>> No. 2493922
File 130751579978.png - (161.39KB , 486x486 , 130190621628.png )
If you would like, I could report to a mod
that this thread should be archived, and awed.

If this doesn't work,
then do the paperwork.
Do your best and save the thread,
So you won't miss it if it's dead.
>> No. 2493923
File 130751626024.png - (118.03KB , 302x256 , bigmacsmart.png )
I'll end how I started, with this picture of Mac,
This is my last post of the night, no f5ing back.

If a Mod could see this, that would be a delight,
Though I'm loathe to bother them at this time of night.

If this thread sages into the abyss,
Then certainly it will be one that I miss.

Though with every thread closed, a new one is open.
Will this thread come around again? I'm hoping.

I'll try again tomorrow, to see all /oats/ rhymes,
And the thoughts that live in our crazy minds.

Thanks again Itena, Mistress Rhyme to be nice,
For keeping this alive...even twice.

Goodnight to you all, sure as hell it's been fun,
But at least for tonight this brony is done.

Never be afraid to let your words fall,
Nighty night, /oat/, I love you all
>> No. 2493924
File 130751651045.jpg - (179.78KB , 1379x1000 , 001-Spyro-the-dragon.jpg )
Goodnight Bronystark,
This thread was quite the spark.
It certainly made a mark
on my mind, which made a disembark
from the port of boredom, from the dark.
>> No. 2493925
File 130752642417.png - (43.58KB , 450x495 , 130536986746.png )
Derpy Hooves groves and moves,And gentlemen pay their dues and boos.
>> No. 2493926
File 130753610528.png - (44.58KB , 320x240 , spidey.png )
No one can boo at Derpy's flaws
For to do so is like violating the laws
Self-evidently seen in canon
That in my haste I will explain anon I am of course, using anon in the archaic sense of the word

Derpy's appearance, from the start was so endearing
That fanon took it in upon to raise it and in rearing
She became fleshed out, her job and profession and love of all things muffin were stated
To such an extent, that neither Lauren nor co. found nothing to be slated

I will once again make again the request
that this thread be /arch/ed at the mods' behest.
>> No. 2493931
/arch/ed at last, /arch/ed at last!
That Celestia almighty,
It's arch/ed at last!
>> No. 2493932
File 130756283989.gif - (73.19KB , 650x175 , Here I am pulling a fire alarm, I am sure it will .gif )
Ah I see, a thread, in your terms, that's "beast"
Even if it were remotely bad, it's creative atleast.

I would've refused, but my omniscience is limited here.
Even right now, that fact is hard to adhere.

So be it, I am forced to use the power of rhyme.
I will then continue to disrupt the steady flow of time.

To do that, I will be to pull this white lever.
The mansion's on fire, it's either now or never.

(I can't actually burn up due to my sickening immortality
But for the sake of everypony else, I'll realign my morality.)
>> No. 2499967
File 130911567685.jpg - (26.43KB , 180x181 , 2lb2dmd.jpg )
I like refrigerators.
>> No. 2501200
File 130932728696.jpg - (53.92KB , 533x600 , FluttershyWhatsGoingOnInThisTh.jpg )
I've had it with CoD (but I'll be back in a bit,)
Now what's going on in this th- AW S***

Don't worry guys, that was simply a jest
Don't blame me for simply trying my best

Hey, those two lines began with "Don't!"
But will I do it again? I won't.
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