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2494122 No. 2494122
Well, some of you know me, and some of you don’t. I’ve been going around the boards in these recent weeks making observations on the site and the community and trying to help where I saw fit. There have been a lot of issues arising, as to be expected with any community, and also lots of people who seek some confidence boosting. In both cases I am honored to input my opinion on the situation at hand and try to insert my logic into an otherwise chaotic or hopeless situation.

In recent times I’ve been seeing more and more issues and arguments arise here on this /oat/ board. And while I do try my best to keep up with it and follow it I’m afraid that I cannot always be there to try and help. As much as I would like to, it can’t be done. So I’ve decided to type up my observations of the troubles here on /oat/ and give my opinion on them.

Let me begin by just getting a few things out of the way. This post may turn out to be a little harsher than what I’m used to. But I want to assure you I’m only giving my opinion because I enjoy this community so much, and hate to see it with members who find themselves lost in the rising arguments. Which also brings me to a second point, this thread is not directed at any one member, or at the community as whole. My goal is not to insult anypony or everypony, but rather give my view on situations I’ve seen come up and how I feel people should go about handling them. If any part of this appears to be directed at you specifically it may be because the particular situation I am referring to did in fact involve you. That does not mean you need to come in defending yourself, for I am not here to offend you personally, and if it comes across that way then let me apologize in advance. This then brings me to my last point; feel free to post in this thread. But I implore you, don’t come in here and post without stopping and thinking first. People posting hastily and angrily is one of the quickest ways to incite a flame war and I do not want that to happen in this thread. If you wish to post your opinion then feel free, just do so with some thought and politeness. Ok then, let’s get this started.

There are about 5 more posts coming, I please ask you hold on and read it all before posting.
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>> No. 2494123
File 130765992433.png - (144.13KB , 505x388 , SmokeBreak.png )
Roleplaying will always be a part of internet communities. There will be no avoiding it. It’s going to come up because it’s something people enjoy to do and for others it is fun to watch. Now with the specific issue of roleplaying here on /oat/ my personal opinion is that it is completely fine. This is the random board; it means that anything is allowed here, some people need to see that.
While I understand that there is in fact a board dedicated to roleplaying, it is a very different world over there. Threads there are made often with the intention of being serious and having progression. It is not an environment where the random, silly characters can thrive and enjoy their occasional short roleplay sessions.

With that in mind, if you enjoy participating in the random /oat/ roleplays there are a few points I would like to express. First of all, make sure you begin this roleplaying in the right thread. Some threads here on /oat/ are created with the intention of either serious discussion or keeping to the topic. Do not force a derail if the OP appears to want results for their thread. On a similar note, more often than not if a thread is derailed it ends up with 2-6 members talking at the end of the thread. If that is the case, make sure they are ok with the roleplaying interruption; sometimes these derailed discussions can be just as important as a serious thread. And lastly, know who you are roleplaying with and who is watching. Don’t drag people into the roleplay who don’t want to be there and don’t want to participate. Even though you might be enjoying yourself, don’t forget about the others around you.

To the people who do not agree with the roleplaying that has been happening here. Let me say that it’s not going anywhere. It’s not going to stop and I’m afraid there is nothing you can do about that. But what you can do is ignore it. If it is in a dead thread that had no intention of going anywhere in the first place then why do you care so much? Leave the thread; stop watching it, no one is forcing you to stay there. If it’s not your cup of tea that’s fine, but don’t pointlessly bash the people who do enjoy it. Leave the thread, hide it, and be done with it.
>> No. 2494124
File 130765994812.png - (144.13KB , 505x388 , SmokeBreak.png )
”Attention Horsing”
This is a touchy subject for everypony here, myself included. Recently we’ve had some members who claim to feel left out or ignored and we’ve had more than a few threads acknowledging specific community members.

I want to start off by saying if you go around with a name and a trip code (or a very recognizable name at the very least) you are doing so because you want people to remember who you are. Does that make you an attention seeking jackass? Of course not. Just because somepony comes in with a name and trip code and tries to add to the community does not make them an attention seeker, the very idea of assuming that is appalling. If somepony comes in and works very hard on something, of course they are going to want at least come recognition! That’s like saying a scientist who makes a groundbreaking discovery and names it after himself is an arrogant bitch. People want recognition for the hard work they do; it’s what inspires them to continue doing it.

Now, I understand that people can easily feel left out. This is a large community and certain people tend to stand out more than others. Now that does not mean that anypony here is “better” than anypony else, but simply that some people are more recognizable. In the end, we are still all part of this community, we all still attempt to better it in our own ways, and we are all here because we enjoy it.
People will always want to be inspired.
People will always want that realistic bluntness.
People will always want to laugh.
People will always want to be told they are loved.
People will always want friendship.

Does that make those who provide this any better than the ones who receive it? Not in my opinion, or else why would the people providing even bother trying to help the others? We all have something to add, and we all have something we want, and the constant cycle is what makes every single person here worth something to somepony else in the community. Just because you don’t pour all your time into the community or have some outstanding shtick does not mean you are unnoticed and not liked.

Lastly, I’d like to make a comment on the various creations and threads for specific members of the community. You people need to realize that when somepony creates something like this it only the opinion and work of one person. To even think, that just because you were not included makes you any worse or that just because somepony else was included makes them any better is awful. This person took time out of their lives to try and add to the community while giving a nod the members that he remembers. Just because some poster with a shtick or some poster who contributed a couple memorable things stuck into this persons mind just a little more than you did doesn’t mean that he hates you or that you aren’t a nice and appreciated member of the community. I would go as far to call those various people “ponychan memes”, myself included in this. And in my opinion, being a “meme” is nothing to be proud of; it simply means that we are remembered for various things, not because we are better than anypony or because we are loved more. We are a community, we are a whole, and in every community there are those who stick out, but in the end everypony is still part of a greater whole.
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File 130765997637.png - (144.13KB , 505x388 , SmokeBreak.png )
”Love and Tolerance”
Love and tolerance. These are two words that get tossed around this site constantly, but I feel people don’t truly understand what the idea behind them is, or when the proper time to use them is.

Love is something that can never be transmitted over the internet. It’s just how it is. Now this isn’t to say that we can’t care for each other and “love” each other in the idea that we are all human and all have somewhat of an understanding of how it is to go through life. But “love” shouldn’t be used lightly and it also should not be used frequently, or else it loses its meaning. There is also a time and place for this kind of love, sometimes simply spewing out “I love you” and throwing out “hugs” isn’t what the situation calls for. And yes, there are situations that arise here that need a serious, realistic, and sometimes harsh way of dealing with it. This is not to say that it is common occurrence, but stop and think before you decide to mindlessly “love” somepony.

You do not need to tolerate everypony. It’s as simple as that. If you disagree with somepony it is (in most cases) perfectly acceptable to explain to that person your opposing views. Of course, when I say this, I mean you should do so politely and with a caring touch. Don’t just spit out “You’re wrong and I’m right”, but rather explain why you disagree. Civilized disagreements lead to discussions which lead to knowledge and understanding. In order to truly tolerate something, you need to understand it as well. And also, if you are the person who somepony else is disagreeing with, do not take that as a personal insult. He is not insulting you as a person, but rather offering an opposing viewpoint different than yours. Part of “toleration” is being open to listening to the other side of things.
>> No. 2494126
File 130766000023.png - (144.13KB , 505x388 , SmokeBreak.png )
Depression/Suicide Threads
Everypony knows them, everypony has seen them here on /oat/, and I’m sure many of us have been a part of them.

Let me start by saying I have no problem with the cheer up and advice threads that pop up on /oat/. While yes, in all technicalities, they belong in /chat/, and most are moved there like they should be, it doesn’t bother me to see somepony asking for some advice or some cheering up on /oat/. It’s something that I myself enjoy participating in and if somepony just needs a small pick me up with some kind words or silly and cute pictures, then by all means go for it. I mean, it’s what we do best, spread the joy and cheerfulness. And of course people are going to come around and ask for some help every now and then. What somepony should not do is constantly come here seeking help and cheering up, because it will turn from “a bad day, cheer me up”, to threads everyday complaining about how depressed you are, and that will get you nowhere.

Onto suicide threads, this topic is like walking on eggshells. It’s a tough thing to come out and say you dislike these threads due to the serious nature of them. However, I will try to explain the problems with these suicide threads. In my opinion, there are three possible backgrounds to each time we see one of these. Option one is that they are a paraspriteseeking attention or to see how the community will respond to cry wolf. Option two is that they are in fact depressed, but by no means about to commit suicide, and figures that being so dramatic over it will get them more responses more quickly. And option three is they are completely serious and about to kill themselves. The unfortunate truth is that we can never be sure which of these is true, and in the end we are forced to assume that it could be option three. Now don’t get me wrong here, /oat/, the fact that you can all band together so quickly to help somepony is not the point I’m arguing, but rather the fact that the thread was made in the first place. If somepony has the time and is willing to put the effort into a post on the internet about killing themselves, it is difficult for me to assume they are just about to do it, because they are looking for a boost from us before they do so.

So, if one does come up, then yes, we will help. But to those of you going through tough times, it would be much better to do one of two things. One, being to go get yourself some professional help, because you are the only one who can help yourself and turning to the average man posting on the internet isn’t a permanent solution. Option two; if you truly feel the need to come post here then don’t simply post “I’m going to kill myself, goodbye everypony”. Tell us what the problem is, then we can be of more help to you rather than having half the people scream out “No, don’t do it we love you!” If you must make a thread, at least help us help you.
>> No. 2494127
File 130766002391.png - (144.13KB , 505x388 , SmokeBreak.png )
Serious/”Heated” Discussion
Ok, lastly are these discussions that have been popping up here and there in /oat/. Often these come into a thread that started completely innocently and grew into a huge “mudfest”. While I in no way support the idea of members simply throwing pointless hate and violence around, in many cases it all could have been avoided by simply taking a second to stop and think about what you are posting and why you are posting it. Many of these mudfests are over a topic that does indeed deserve discussion. However, when people allow it to get out of hand, stop listening to each other, and start letting the one occasional “harsh” post rile them up, things will fall apart fast.

On the other hand, there are those wonderful times in which people can put the anger aside and have an intelligent conversation. And yes, intelligent conversations do occur on /oat/. It’s actually something I love about the community. As I stated earlier, many of the threads that begin with a pointless and asinine topic will turn into a couple of very nice members talking. I love getting into those, it’s why we come here, to share and talk, and it’s part of what a community does. Sometimes these discussions are harmless, but other times they are about serious things as well.

Now what I think people need to realize is that there is in fact a difference between a controversial discussion and a flat out mudfest. Sometimes it is necessary for the site and for people to discuss things that are very controversial and viewed as negative. What I do think is important is to keep it polite and civilized. If people are able to think and post with the topic in mind and others opinions in mind, then it will avoid becoming a mudfest. What I do not think is a good thing is when people come bursting into these discussions that may appear negative in nature and post “Stop arguing and be happy!” Yes, it is good to be happy, and it is good to loving, but like everything else there is a time and place for arguments and discussions, even here in the most loving and tolerating community on the web. Please understand that coming into a thread that has become like this and attempting to derail it or stop it is not always what the people in the thread want. If you do not like it, then please, allow them to continue, or post your opinion on the matter at hand, or hide the thread and ignore it.
>> No. 2494128
File 130766004500.png - (144.13KB , 505x388 , SmokeBreak.png )
Well, there you have it /oat/. While I know many of you feel that it is threads like these that are the problem here on this site I implore you to realize that in order to better ourselves we need to examine the problems we have. We can’t hide them and hope they go away, that would be counterproductive to fixing them. I post this because I want to see this place and the community here improve. Perhaps I’m being over dramatic, but this is what I have seen in my time here.

For those of you who decided to not read this, I very kindly request that you do not post here.
>> No. 2494129
File 130766007564.png - (90.59KB , 238x261 , Twilight - Now THIS is a clopfic.png )
You already know my thoughts, but I'll just restate them here:

I agree with all of this.
>> No. 2494131
File 130766019758.png - (72.80KB , 500x541 , 130521837638.png )
This entire thread is beautiful. Great job as always, Mr. Soldier!
>> No. 2494132
File 130766023329.png - (163.06KB , 309x325 , 1.png )

Soldier...Your awesomeness never gonna stop amazing me.
>> No. 2494133
File 130766025112.jpg - (34.65KB , 554x439 , 1296685385276.jpg )
I have been living this lifestyle forever. So. I already know to all this


Mostly those two I follow a lot during my life.

Just saiyan.
>> No. 2494134
File 130766029092.gif - (333.38KB , 420x315 , slow clap.gif )
>> No. 2494135
File 130766029315.png - (86.11KB , 393x246 , Twilight - And then they all fucked.png )
Oh yeah, just one thing:

I believe this was necessary. A thread like this needs to exist. I would kindly ask that we please avoid a mudfest and post seriously and in a civilised manner. As I think Soldier already said, but whatever.
>> No. 2494136
File 130766035550.png - (8.40KB , 132x225 , ShoHat.png )
Amazing job, Soldier.
>> No. 2494137
File 130766037254.png - (188.52KB , 512x503 , I Am OK With This.png )
I'm not saying anypony here doesn't follow these. I'm simply giving my opinions on the topics at hand and how I've seen people interpreting them.
>> No. 2494138
File 130766041313.png - (156.77KB , 358x337 , Twilight - Aaaaaaaand post_.png )

And as always, I was right.

No mudfest yet.
>> No. 2494139
File 130766042440.jpg - (106.18KB , 800x800 , 130759918130.jpg )
>Don’t drag people into the roleplay who don’t want to be there and don’t want to participate.
I'm sorry if I've done this to you in our threads Soldier. Though I'd technically not call what we do RP.

>I want to start off by saying if you go around with a name and a trip code (or a very recognizable name at the very least) you are doing so because you want people to remember who you are
Yes. Pretty much this. I know I do subconsciously. I just lie to myself and say I do it so I can make friends and relationships with people here.

>hide the thread and ignore it.
This needs to be used much more. The arguing is incredibly annoying to see.

I just skimmed through most of it. A lot to read and I don't have the attention span. But. I can say that this is a very very well done thread Soldier. And I salute you with upmost respect.
>> No. 2494140
File 130766046091.jpg - (30.83KB , 464x573 , Armstrong hug.jpg )
>> No. 2494141
File 130766046868.jpg - (368.69KB , 1156x1156 , 21516%20-%20artist_tenchisamoshi%20big_macintosh%2.jpg )
I agree.
>> No. 2494142
File 130766057138.jpg - (63.43KB , 848x480 , 1298254229254.jpg )
Yeah. I've been through a tough life so I had to learn these things by myself. But then again I'm stubborn and I never liked people telling me their opinion until I went through something to make me listen to their opinion.

I'm an odd nugget. Of course props to you for doing this but I've been preaching stuff like this on Ponychan and real life.. Always falls on deaf ears. But then. I'm not as awesome nor as cool as you.
>> No. 2494143
Very nice post, soldier. A good analysis of /oat/ indeed.
>> No. 2494144
File 130766060391.png - (126.84KB , 385x383 , UpsideDashGoggles.png )
It's OK if you don't read the whole thing I suppose. This is very large, and I don't expect everypony to want to read it.

And also don't feel bad about any of those threads. Like I said in the post, I'm not targeting anypony specific here.
>> No. 2494145
File 130766065092.jpg - (63.57KB , 1280x720 , 130100140347.jpg )
I've said it before and i'll say it again.
Soldier is Credit to Team.
And i agree, especially about the Tolerance part.
>> No. 2494146
File 130766066296.jpg - (277.06KB , 400x765 , 1304996164_swiftcutter_applejack_apples.jpg )

I'm cool with intelligent RP. But, when you get a stickied and genuinely thread derailed by people RPing shipping between Fluttershy and Rarity, you start to have a negative opinion of all RP regardless since there's a good chance it will completely ruin the thread.

It's actually nice sometimes when you get a good thread that doesn't have 2 random people replying to each other constantly.


I'll just add that I agree with you on this. If you're going to post here (or anywhere), most of the time you are not 100% serious about killing yourself. Naturally nothing is absolute but I usually reserve a great deal of doubt for any of these types of threads.
>> No. 2494147
File 130766071022.png - (25.42KB , 125x118 , HappyDashGoggles.png )
I appreciate the kind words.

And please don't think this is me trying to upstage anypony. I realize so many members here preach this stuff all the time. I just decided to compile my opinions into one thing due to recent events.
>> No. 2494148
File 130766073013.png - (218.50KB , 496x293 , Too long, but read___.png )
Just read an agree with everything.

Just going to point that.
>> No. 2494149
File 130766076609.png - (157.85KB , 523x482 , 130558658571.png )
I did just read the RP section, I know i'm weak but I find that the most interesting thing in /oat/

And well i agree, I only role play in threads that are somehow made for that, or party threads In witch the interaction between the guests is supposed to be the point of all

Also... SHOW OFF!!!
>> No. 2494150
File 130766082123.jpg - (42.17KB , 486x492 , 1298574762429.jpg )
>Yes, it is good to be happy, and it is good to loving, but like everything else there is a time and place for arguments and discussions

This. As much as I love the morals this site was built on, I do think that it's not healthy to feel NOTHING but pure joy. Having a multitude of emotions and having differing opinions is what makes us human and what can truly make discussions unique and interesting
>> No. 2494151
File 130766083802.png - (417.01KB , 1856x2924 , CuriousDashGoggles.png )
Yea, that goes along with my "do it in the right thread" point.

And it's OK to doubt, we can never be sure when it's on the internet after all.
>> No. 2494152
File 130766086966.gif - (333.38KB , 420x315 , Clap.gif )
>> No. 2494153
File 130766090092.jpg - (7.89KB , 200x208 , astronaut.jpg )
im not sure what to say here besides i agree with everything

and wasnt that the wingboner thread?
>> No. 2494154
File 130766094809.png - (323.50KB , 700x525 , happeh.png )
Oh no. I meant nothing like that. It's just. I dunno. You're just so famous.

I remember the first time I talked to you. Haha. I have such an odd memory.

I wish I knew how to get my speeches noticed. TELL ME YOUR SECRETS.
>> No. 2494155
File 130766106608.jpg - (79.67KB , 700x700 , 130721748442.jpg )
First, thanks for taking your time thinking and writing about the state of ponychan. Actually stating the reasons for your opinions is so much better than just stating them, as it gives us a solid foundation upon which we can build the thread. Many discussions could benefit from just taking time to clear up misconceptions, and defining what exactly you want to talk about avoids this kind of problems.
Actually, I had just written out a paragraph about how I don't really agree with you on your thoughts about mudfests, but then I read it again and noticed it was exactly what I was thinking. Needless to say, I feel kinda dumb now. But you're right, often, we are entirely too sensitive when it comes to people diagreeing.
The only thing I worry about is that this likely won't change ponychan and you're mostly preaching to the converted here, but hopefully, I'm wrong on this. Thanks again!
>> No. 2494156
File 130766106720.png - (193.85KB , 1029x777 , SaluteDashGoggles.png )
Oh yes, I occasionally find the RPs interesting as well. But there are people who don't, and they need to be respected as well.

Discussions are one thing I love to do, and people need to understand it's OK to have them.

There is no secret, silly.
>> No. 2494157
File 130766109465.jpg - (78.90KB , 315x392 , Headset.jpg )

Oh yeah, I really kind of hate that.

It just hits one of my pet peeves when I see Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie acting out shipping scenes.

But I guess that's just not my cup of tea.


Put Latin at the end of your posts.
>> No. 2494158
File 130766111131.png - (103.53KB , 276x345 , Wink wink nudge nudge.png )

I can remember when you first posted.
You came out of fucking nowhere just like I did!
>> No. 2494159
Argh, I wish I could respond to this with words other than a simple "I agree completely." Unfortunately, this is impossible, because there is no other response I can truthfully come up with.

I have not been here long, but you were one of the first posters I started recognizing from your long inspirational/informative posts. Suffice to say that you have been an inspiration to me, and should stand as an inspiration to all.

Your assessment of the situation here on ponychan is nothing short of thorough, well informed, and absolutely spot on. I hope the Mods sticky this because this is something that needs to be read by everypony

I salute you, Soldier. Your posts here are among the best.
>> No. 2494161
File 130766116772.jpg - (23.31KB , 400x307 , what have.jpg )
That were some productive minutes I spent on reading through.

I don't have much to say but "agreed". While I might have a different view on some of the points stated, it's not different enough to actually matter, especially in the big picture.

That was motivating for a freshman like me to know that people in this community are capable of rational thought and deep consideration.

I have but one thing to add that I feel should be said on the topic of serious/heated discussions.

That thing is "loosen up". Seriously. An occassional joke is vital in relaxing the tension and forcing the people to remember that they are disputing over some subject, not waging a sacred war againist heretics. That helps to put things in distance and ask oneself "wait, and if I'm wrong?".

Have a vaguely related picture.
>> No. 2494162
File 130766118515.png - (365.74KB , 1280x720 , 130711830520.png )
While I agree with Ikarigua in the fact that the RP we do on /oat/ is one of the most fun things to do on here. I definitely see why some people would hate it.
>> No. 2494163
File 130766118849.jpg - (32.37KB , 611x581 , 130746037046.jpg )
>You do not need to tolerate everypony. It’s as simple as that. If you disagree with somepony it is (in most cases) perfectly acceptable to explain to that person your opposing views. Of course, when I say this, I mean you should do so politely and with a caring touch. Don’t just spit out “You’re wrong and I’m right”, but rather explain why you disagree.

Well said sir. One mustn't let the Love and Tolerance mantra force a person to accept that something that may offend them. If somepony does something or says something hurtful, talk about it with them. That usually leads to a fast resolution and both parties leave the conversation on a positive note.
>> No. 2494164
File 130766118880.gif - (550.61KB , 240x247 , 130689307082.gif )
Also just telling, maybe we are planing to move all that to /rp/, but i'm still not sure~
>> No. 2494165
File 130766121829.png - (69.20KB , 290x273 , Twilight - I'm thinking___ No_.png )

Stickying it is actually a good idea.
>> No. 2494166
File 130766123119.jpg - (120.90KB , 486x492 , Rainbow-Dash-Salutes.jpg )
I salute you, Soldier. Job well done.
>> No. 2494167
File 130766124171.png - (87.52KB , 204x300 , upsidedown.png )
Oh. It's because you're a guy, isn't it!? :O
I don't know any Latin :(
>> No. 2494168
File 130766125606.png - (132.52KB , 800x700 , CutieDashGoggles.png )
I have thought the same thing. I'm not sure if my words will actually change anything. But I figured if it interests at least one person, why not give my opinion anyways.


Thank you, soldier! Here, have a sandwich.
>> No. 2494169
File 130766127100.png - (81.73KB , 319x317 , Problem, pony.png )
I have nothing to add.

You made a thread about my recent toughts.
>> No. 2494170
File 130766133271.jpg - (75.42KB , 536x468 , fluttershy hello.jpg )
very very well done! i love it, i love it all!

you make very valid points and i agree with all of them, except for a few small points, but this is amazing!
>> No. 2494171
File 130766135371.png - (129.59KB , 266x299 , Twilight - STFU, I am reading.png )

The problem is not so much a single joke. It's more when an entire cheer squad enters the debate and tries to make everypony happy. I mean, the thought behind it is beautiful, but it's really hard to have a serious debate when such reactions are common occurrences. Sometimes people ened to be told to lighten the fuck up. But a debate is not one of those places.
>> No. 2494172
File 130766136577.jpg - (830.02KB , 1024x784 , gandalf_getting_high.jpg )
Well that was the great textwall of China.

Onto the content of said wall of greatness.

I agree with it all aside from the section on love and tolerance. I would be inclined to do my own textwall counter-rant (mostly for the sake of irony) but it is currently the wee hours of tommorow so I'll just say the following.

Love in the context of an imageboard is a totally different notion of love IRL. You essentially said, and excuse the rough paraphrasing, 'you can't love on an imageboard, it is pointless' I would say that the defenition of love is more that of unconditional companionship with your fellow user. And the casual hugs and things? It's the small and constant things which keep the big thing afloat. We need to constantly remind ourselves of our basic principles and the fact that we are all loved in order to manetain the large, close society.

As for tolerance, I divide it into two sections: Tolerance of actions and tolerance of persons. Here, we should always remain tolerant of a person, regardless of their actions, HOWEVER, we do not always have to accept their actions. A good argument or debate is fair enough so long as there is no personal hate behind it. If people can separate out these two types of tolerance, we can be honest and open about or views without breeding hate between out members.

If anything I wrote makes absolutely no tooting sense, it is mostly because I am truly shattered.

I am just going to lurk so I can see people replying and have my ego gently massaged.
>> No. 2494173
File 130766142238.jpg - (27.70KB , 317x470 , Wha.jpg )

Go find a translator.


No, stay here if you wish.

You don't have to be forced out if you don't want to. Just don't de-rail a thread with that unless the OP allows it or something.

Ugh, who am I to tell people what to do.
>> No. 2494174
File 130766143081.gif - (66.08KB , 360x360 , 129901947558.gif )
Well-written and sensible advice as always, Soldier. You're a credit to Ponychan.
>> No. 2494175
File 130766150112.png - (391.10KB , 375x500 , heart you.png )
I would look for a translator for German before I did Latin
>> No. 2494176
File 130766151911.jpg - (19.91KB , 638x355 , too___ forget it.jpg )

Well, yes.
But some people really go more farther than decided and start getting mad.
>> No. 2494177
File 130766152676.jpg - (74.05KB , 997x750 , 130558198370.jpg )
It's ok to say what you think, also we always try to keep those rp in threads that don't really have rails, for some reason i'm a big fan of that stuff even when i'm there just for comedy so i want to make sure it does not annoy anypony here~
>> No. 2494178
File 130766154184.png - (156.77KB , 358x337 , Twilight - Aaaaaaaand post_.png )

But you have to admit that all the hugging can get a bit too much if it's everywhere.

As for the part about the difference between people and their actions, I agree. As Gandhi put it: "Hate the sin, not the sinner." I mostly live by that (That is, I live by it as much as I am caoable of - I am not perfect).
>> No. 2494179
File 130766154533.png - (169.37KB , 1897x1927 , 130305869447.png )
Though I will say that my personal feelings on love and tolerance are more in line with Gandalf's. I myself have written a few times about my personal interpretation of "love and tolerance", and the person/deed distinction is one I've made too.
>> No. 2494180
File 130766156843.png - (25.69KB , 107x125 , Applebloom happy.png )
>tolerance of persons and tolerance of actions
>we should be tolerance of persons always.

ah could not of said that any better myself. Gandalf you are so wise!
>> No. 2494181
File 130766159923.png - (130.00KB , 293x294 , Twilight - So um, that thread topic___.png )

But shouldn't they at least get a chance to work it out amongst themselves?
>> No. 2494183
File 130766165779.png - (113.67KB , 434x333 , HugsDashGoggles.png )
I'm not opposed to the occasional joke. What I don't like is people coming into a thread and saying "Be happy, dammit!" when we're just having a simple discussion.


I agree with you for the most part. I know it's a different kind of love and kind of eluded to that with that section, although possibly done poorly. I also agree that there is in fact a separation between actions and people when it comes to tolerance. However, I also feel there are cases when it is OK to not tolerate a person. I won't get into it, but if they are a constant issue and are doing so on purpose, there is a point where it becomes too much.
>> No. 2494184
File 130766166225.jpg - (98.69KB , 395x514 , wat.jpg )
why does this sound so fami- oh...
>> No. 2494185
File 130766176479.png - (65.67KB , 480x268 , TOOT nomore.png )

I think so...
>> No. 2494186
File 130766176744.jpg - (33.41KB , 300x306 , sad.jpg )


>> No. 2494187
File 130766178145.jpg - (3.55KB , 236x192 , Caim hiding with marshmallow.jpg )
Have a marshmallow, you deserve it.
>> No. 2494188
File 130766179483.png - (173.73KB , 368x288 , Twilight - Execution orders.png )

Don't be sad, BlingALing. He's defending you. This whole thing was actually spawned from a conversation I had with Soldier after that, where we were very much on your side. So don't be sad.
>> No. 2494189
File 130766180246.jpg - (48.08KB , 501x525 , Honest Truth.jpg )
>People will always want to be inspired.

Reading your detailed thoughts has certainly had this effect on me.
>> No. 2494190
I don't really even know how to reply to this other than to say that I agree and that you're a much more intuitive and sensible person than I can ever hope to be. Good freaking job, Soldier.
>> No. 2494191
File 130766184427.png - (36.43KB , 197x194 , lol.png )
Yes. That is true.

And that is a matter of temperance. It is sometimes necessary to stage an intervention when the discussion reaches mudfest levels, but barging into every debate and bullying people into "lol derp" only makes negative emotions more intense, because they cannot work out their disagreements and differences.

It would seem that the point is: Gentlecolts are talking. Unless they take out knives, do not barge in with vuvuzelas.
>> No. 2494192
File 130766185100.png - (85.96KB , 234x241 , Twilight - Eep_.png )

Don't be sad.

It's just that it can be really frustrating to have a serious argument disrupted by that stuff. As well-meant as it is.
>> No. 2494193
File 130766185342.png - (109.74KB , 280x280 , smilorng.png )
I wanted to lurk and preserve this pristinely amazing thread, but I like the point Gandalf brought up>>2494172

There's a difference between tolerating people and tolerating actions. That's the piece that's been missing from my own discussions of the topic.

@Soldier--You are the finest wordsmith I've ever had the pleasure to meet in any sense of the word. Ideas that are in my head only as vague abstractions flow from your post onto the screen in beautifully coherent text. I agree with everything you've posted. Thank you.

I'll go back to happily lurking this thread with the knowledge that ponychan will be a better place when this is stickied for a while then inevitably /arch/ed as it should be.
>> No. 2494194
File 130766187111.jpg - (87.46KB , 640x777 , 130713084808.jpg )
not sad, just rather surprised
>> No. 2494195
File 130766190829.gif - (10.48KB , 108x198 , dude wat2.gif )
I agree with most of what you say, The Soldier, but have to agree with Gandalf on this part >>2494172

You know what I find really sad? the fact that these arguments never seem to end, all these things have been said before but seems people forget them or new users need to learn about them, its a never ending story. Most of us that have been here for a long time live by these rules. Not to blame the conflicts on newfals, old foals do tend to forget these things sometimes.
>> No. 2494196
File 130766195111.png - (114.34KB , 275x282 , Twilight - Me, rule 34, never!.png )

Exactly. And again, I know those users who do it mean well, but it's just not the best idea. At least not most of the time.
>> No. 2494197
File 130766197112.jpg - (199.06KB , 512x752 , tiolet.jpg )
I agree with you for once. But with the sinner thing. I do it because of different Person said it.
>> No. 2494198
File 130766197317.png - (115.06KB , 366x322 , wait im thinking.png )

Yes, yes, yes. I totally understand, is just that arguing never ends good (Don't deny it, you know is true).
>> No. 2494199
File 130766202060.jpg - (157.81KB , 945x945 , 130467470166.jpg )
Arguing is normal in any community. Unfortunately, when the same things are being brought up again and again it tends to go a little over the deep end. John Sappington Marmaduke doesn't understand why these issues cannot just be dropped after they are resolved the first time.
>> No. 2494201
File 130766202900.png - (114.34KB , 275x282 , 130763086421.png )
Um...I think I've gotta give this one to Gandalf, actually. Everything else is amazing as usual.
>> No. 2494202
File 130766206258.png - (103.85KB , 298x288 , ExcitedDashGoggles.png )
Thank you for the kind words. And yes, I as well, for the most part, agree with what Gandalf has added.

I'm always open to people offering opposing opinions or adding on. That's one of the reasons I posted this after all.
>> No. 2494203
File 130766210433.png - (140.66KB , 313x310 , Twilight - Wat.png )

Well, if you really want to know, somepony was sad that Soldier and I were in the picture while he wasn't. But since that isn't your fault, Soldier decided to do his usual awesomeness and try to reach out to the community and anypony else who might have felt the same way.

I liked your drawing, though. Except for me looking angry. I rarely get angry, I get disappointed or depressed. But that's for another time.
>> No. 2494204
File 130766210510.jpg - (32.85KB , 600x336 , 130125519539.jpg )
>> No. 2494205
File 130766213007.jpg - (13.42KB , 278x181 , rapeface.jpg )

Keep replying to my post...

It nourishes me...

OT: >>2494183 with regards to the cases when it is not okay to tolerate a person, you don't want to go into it, I am about to go to bed, so I'll agree to disagree on this one, but I actually don't think that ponychan benefits from having anypony be untolerated in any way. Also, what some see as destructive derailing and spamming, others see as harmless paraspriting or even somewhat amusing. Nothing we currently have on this board is worth intolerance to cure, I may be inclined to reconsider if we were to have a massive influx of angry 12 year olds, but until that day I stand by that opinion.
>> No. 2494206
File 130766216923.gif - (3.45KB , 50x50 , ichaincameplz.gif )
Dude, that was awesome, especially the part about love and tolerance, most people think that Tolerance=Acceptance and Love=Kindness. While those two things canterlottainly be a part of Love and Tolerance, to only exhibit those two qualities as a reaction for absolutely EVERYTHING doesn't really produce any engaging converstation about anything :/. Just my 2 copper.

>> No. 2494207
File 130766218381.png - (95.78KB , 360x360 , damn shit is good!.png )

Woow... Didn't read that and I agree with the way of judging actions and no people!
>> No. 2494208
File 130766222075.png - (318.01KB , 553x542 , Twilight - Pony please.png )

I've had plenty of discussions that ended well, despite sometimes becoming quite heated.


I can tell you right now that isn't true. But interesting guess.
>> No. 2494209
File 130766222972.png - (116.28KB , 444x347 , HeadbandDash.png )
Don't feel bad Bling. I've stated my opinion on it, and I assure you that you are one case that I will take sides on. Contributing to the community should be an act praised by everypony.
>> No. 2494210
File 130766228197.png - (166.75KB , 360x360 , Twilight - Cool.png )

>> No. 2494211
File 130766233152.png - (113.01KB , 1226x1274 , 130021228025.png )
i tried making up for anypony i missed by doing requests for everypony who asked afterwords :(
and i drew you like that because the first time i met you was in the thread i made about ED hitting 10mill, and you acted mildly grumpy :3
>> No. 2494212
File 130766236211.jpg - (42.09KB , 500x351 , 130651589022.jpg )

I disagree. Discussions are vital to any community - it is impossible to have all people agree on everything. With different opinions, come tension. This tension needs to be resolved through discussion, so a compromise can be achieved. Acting like there is no issue paradoxally only serves to bloat it, hidden under a thin layer of "everything's fine lol" until it bursts. And then we have a massive mudfest over something -let's be honest- not worth it because of all that pent-up emotion.

And while I agree that arguments might be displeasing, refraining from them does more harm in the long run.
>> No. 2494213
File 130766237127.png - (50.93KB , 200x200 , BegginDash.png )
Sounds fine to me. And I agree, that here I see no reason to not tolerate people.

I'm referring to other affairs that are personal matters. And like I said, this is not the time nor the place so.

I as well agree to disagree.
>> No. 2494214
File 130766243867.png - (101.04KB , 334x332 , 130348189654.png )
very well written, very well backed up opinion. great read, and nice job there compiling all this up Soldier
>> No. 2494215
File 130766245458.png - (165.41KB , 429x457 , Twilight - Adorable smile.png )

'Tis alright, my criticism is mostly humourous.
>> No. 2494216
File 130766248896.jpg - (115.67KB , 900x900 , twilightapplejack.jpg )
i gotta say, i love to say i love people, i do inherently love everypony, it's a blessing and a curse, but i follow the philosophy of treating everypony that you want to be treated.
I want to be treated with love and respect, and i unconditionally love people and trust them, even if i am reminded of the evils out in the world.
and the no actual love on an imageboard thing, i disagree with that as well, because i've seen alot of things in my time here, truly passionate threads where the community helps one another in ways that would make anypony proud to be called pony. I've shared tears of joy and sorrow with my fellow bronies on here, and i can't help but think of them as part of my own blood from time to time.
i understand that most people aren't like me in that sense, but the feelings of love and friendship are important to share because the morale of the residents of this board is the most important part imo of the strength of the community.

I do love everypony, regardless of what you might say, and i think that the constant uplifting and support, love-saying and kindness giving aspect is what keeps us so high in spirit. and depression and dark thoughts will leak into this place from time to time, but we cannot cave to that feeling, rather we need to understand it and fortify our self worth.

I do love you though, i cannot change that about myself, i really can't.
>> No. 2494217
File 130766249152.jpg - (110.97KB , 500x375 , GogdalfLol.jpg )

Glad to see we agree.

Now. Bed before I pass out on my kayboard.
>> No. 2494218
File 130766250385.png - (36.48KB , 887x734 , tgd.png )
yes it is, and thats why i luvs yah
>> No. 2494219
File 130766256272.png - (55.00KB , 453x398 , that wasnt milk¿¿.png )

Yes, yes, I understand totally.
I just don't want to the point where the arguing is "YOU ARE A FUCKING STUPID PIECE OF CRAP, YOUR OPINION IS WRONG".
>> No. 2494220
File 130766256786.png - (192.95KB , 726x656 , MakingAPointDash.png )
Agreed. 100%. Arguments and discussions are often a necessary part of any community. Not to say that the "pointless" ones cannot be raided with ponies. But at least stop and thing when it would be appropriate.

There have been occasions where I felt one of these happiness interrupts were not needed.
>> No. 2494221
File 130766261723.png - (92.13KB , 247x290 , Twilight - I'm flawless, bitch.png )

Amonisis, read this part:


> People will always want to be told they are loved.

That's exactly what you are doing.
>> No. 2494222
File 130766262270.png - (149.53KB , 396x370 , 130732551976.png )
that statement right there is the exact reason im here and not on 4chan
>> No. 2494223
File 130766269369.png - (214.20KB , 423x333 , Twilight - I AM JUSTICE!.png )

Oh no, you turned me into a seal!


But how often does it really come to that? I mean, yes, sometimes people are a bit harsh, but it mostly comes together in the end.
>> No. 2494224
File 130766276803.png - (135.79KB , 422x459 , Do I Want To Know.png )
I agree with you that this community does amazing things for everypony here. And that things here can be very connected and powerful.

But in my honest opinion I think there is a very important difference between loving somepony and caring for somepony.

I think we all care very deeply for each other here and would do anything to help each other. We share the tears and the pains and the joy because we care so much.

But I will still stand on my opinion that it is not "love". I feel love is a very powerful word with a lot of weight behind it. I'm not one to use it often or lightly.
>> No. 2494225
File 130766277511.png - (76.30KB , 400x411 , tuesday clap.png )
I actually made a thread about that not too long ago. I think i was very unclear about some stuff in it, but you arent in this. Well put, man. :)
>> No. 2494226
File 130766282302.jpg - (25.34KB , 483x527 , shit happens careful!.jpg )

I dunno. But better be safe than sorry.
>> No. 2494227
File 130766289837.jpg - (121.25KB , 450x373 , tumblr_lmc7r5EpVt1qd6zs4o1_500.jpg )
Well, if we get to this point, it already went too far and the argument had stopped fulfilling its function. This means an interruption is necessary until arguing parties cool down and can go back tu discussion with reason and mutual respect instead of vitriol and self-righteousness.
Thanks - this means a lot to a newbie like me :)

Pic intentionally unrelated.
>> No. 2494228
File 130766291336.png - (47.27KB , 251x220 , Twilight - Looking.png )

I have to disagree there. The happiness squad often serves to escalate a tense situation, rather than defusing it. Let people work out their own problems. If both are adult human beings with respect for one another, they should be fine.
>> No. 2494229
File 130766295867.png - (147.08KB , 392x397 , APPLEJACK RAINBOW DASH HUG.png )
i did read that part, and i'm so glad to be helping this community


i think that's not so much an objective reality as it is subjective thought.

while you don't put love and caring in the same catagory, for me Love=caring, and that's how i approach everything i do. if i'm gonna care about something, i want to go the extra mile and love it too.

but like i said, it's just the difference between how you and i think. but i'm okay with that, differences makes the world beautiful!
>> No. 2494230
Great posts, man. You've a dandy way with words.
>> No. 2494231
File 130766310787.jpg - (28.74KB , 400x300 , 130733152044.jpg )
Dang, the name soldier doesnt fit you at all. Could we get a philosoldier or something?

>While I understand that there is in fact a board dedicated to roleplaying, it is a very different world over there. Threads there are made often with the intention of being serious and having progression. It is not an environment where the random, silly characters can thrive and enjoy their occasional short roleplay sessions.
As much as Sauce, peanut, me, and quite a few others enjoy this maybe the mods could create a silly /rp/ page. So we have a direction to push our creativity if its really getting that in the way of people who dont want to take their eyes off our discussions because they feel like theyll miss out on the thread comeing back to life

>Love and tolerance
Good form old chap on this one. As they say the more you say something the less it really means.

iloveyousoldier doing it just inspite of your rant XD
>> No. 2494232
File 130766311387.png - (44.65KB , 194x192 , ooohhhhhhhhh.png )

Yes, I know.
Sorry. Me no pretty smart!
>> No. 2494233
File 130766312653.png - (258.14KB , 1900x1916 , HugDash.png )
Of course. If you interpreted it at all like I was saying "Stop loving each other", that was not the intention at all.

You are one of the most loving members I see around here. And yes, I will use the word loving in this case because no matter my opinion on the idea of it, you are spreading it.
>> No. 2494234
File 130766313378.jpg - (87.73KB , 945x945 , Holy shit im feeling good about this.jpg )
Oh the irony in the fact that the only ones of us patient enough to read all of it are probably the ones reasonable enough to already agree with you on most of it.

Not saying it's too long, just that these sorts of complex thoughts get lost on a lot of people. I love everypony regardless.
>> No. 2494235
unfortunately, not all posters are mature adult humans, and often times arguments erupt between posters who don't have respect for each other.

I think that's the biggest problem here, not the arguing or the fighting or the hate. Posters have to have respect for each other. Though I bandy about the ideals of "Love and Tolerance" all the time, perhaps what I should instead be saying is simply to "Respect each other."
>> No. 2494236
File 130766320050.png - (159.72KB , 406x329 , Twilight - I came.png )

We like you regardless.
>> No. 2494237
File 130766325863.jpg - (13.76KB , 331x311 , HeartDash.jpg )
Like I stated, I feel that those kind of roleplays are indeed /oat/ material. They are short and random. I was just addressing a cleaner and friendlier way of handling them here.

And thank you.
>> No. 2494238
File 130766329219.png - (65.18KB , 500x500 , lyra wtf.png )
Whelp, is that really you?
>> No. 2494239
File 130766329888.png - (173.73KB , 368x288 , Twilight - Execution orders.png )

As harsh as I sometimes get, I have also numerous times apologised for my actions or admitted defeat in an argument. People just need to see past their petty pride or they will never be able to communicate reasonably with one another. But that's a personal problem. And they won't learn unless they gain some experience in that regard.
>> No. 2494240
File 130766337505.png - (119.84KB , 382x296 , Twilight - Studying is booooooring_.png )

As bad as I am at showing it, I believe myself to be as loving and tolerant as everypony else here. I just act differently about it.
>> No. 2494241
File 130766339144.png - (105.33KB , 900x484 , pinkie pie shaolin.png )
and you are too!

to be honest i just posted that because i do use the word love and hug around alot, and i just felt like saying what is on my mind.

you spread the awesomeness of ponychan around like wild fire and i'm proud to call you my brony!

now if you excuse me, i gotta go to kung fu :)
>> No. 2494242
File 130766340734.png - (220.51KB , 511x563 , Oh You.png )
>> No. 2494243
File 130766345369.jpg - (1.60MB , 2592x1936 , 2011-06-09_16-47-54_407.jpg )
Whelp! since you say your not angry much, i made you this
>> No. 2494244
File 130766346508.png - (0.97MB , 1669x992 , door door.png )

Yup, this thread went well!
>> No. 2494245
File 130766348304.png - (319.67KB , 762x555 , Twilight - No, I will not ship with your OC.png )

Wait, scratch that. I hate everypony. Especially Soldier. Boo. This sucks. Boo.
>> No. 2494246
File 130766352027.png - (78.21KB , 846x892 , rainbowdashsmile.png )
Read it all, agree completely, can't think of anything more to add.
Amazing job, as always.

Carry on, Soldier, carry on.
>> No. 2494247
File 130766352239.png - (63.73KB , 216x225 , Twilight - Aw___.png )

Not sure if want...
>> No. 2494248
Wish I could add anything to this, but it's already been spoken for. I assume everypony else is in agreement with this?
>> No. 2494249
File 130766354644.jpg - (96.68KB , 658x492 , Me!.jpg )
Hehe, "Wolp".

I would just like to say I love your drawing style, Bling.

>And I still have mine from the other day, and greatly appreciate it.
>> No. 2494250
File 130766355617.png - (318.84KB , 900x1328 , 130535816569.png )
You sure have changed how you act about it since I first saw you though.
>I approve of this development
>> No. 2494251
File 130766355875.png - (161.57KB , 560x359 , LIKE A BOSS!!!.png )

I KNEW IT!! I knew it all the fucking time!!!!!
>> No. 2494252
File 130766355981.gif - (293.01KB , 453x304 , 130731161746.gif )
Rather overly cautious with negative emotions ;)
But it's okay.

The ability to ask oneself "and what if I am being wrong?" is a precious one, and vital to a discussion. But it can only be self-taught from observation and example. So let's provide example and educate.
>> No. 2494253
This thread is great. It's good to see a concise, organized, and rational view of problems that people see.

>Option two; if you truly feel the need to come post here then don’t simply post “I’m going to kill myself, goodbye everypony”. Tell us what the problem is, then we can be of more help to you
This is, in my opinion, the most important part of what you posted. It's aggravating to see these people just go, "I'm sad," and brush off people trying to help. I say that because it's frustrating to the people who are trying to help. Maybe saying this makes me seem like a dick, but it's almost like they're trying to pull people down with them.

>You do not need to tolerate everypony. It’s as simple as that. If you disagree with somepony it is (in most cases) perfectly acceptable to explain to that person your opposing views.
I partially disagree with this, if only because of your example. Explaining yourself to somepony with an opposing view isn't so much tolerance as it is respect. True, you need one to have the other, but I feel that respect is a much more deeper, mature sentiment than simply "tolerance." Tolerance carries with it the connotation of "putting up with somepony," and implies that you don't carry a deep respect for the individual.

And by that note, I agree that, by nature of what 'tolerance' means, you can't tolerate everypony, specifically, the intolerant. Now, I'm not saying you should go into every paraspritepost and say, "GET THE HELL OUT," because they feed on that negative attention. I'm saying that the good members of the community shouldn't have to take it upon themselves to go out of their way to be kind to these individuals. Ignoring should be an available option, and it really is the best one (yet no one ever seems to do so).
>> No. 2494254
File 130766359252.jpg - (104.90KB , 1280x800 , 130065498659.jpg )
One sentence.
>Love is something that can never be transmitted over the internet.
Not sure if agree.
I say I love you guys. It's the strongest positive loving feeling I've ever felt towards a group of people in quite a while.

I know I feel the love internally. Maybe this text and picture only medium doesn't adequately transmit the feeling?
>> No. 2494255
File 130766364058.png - (226.05KB , 521x545 , Twilight - Srsly guys.png )

That changes from hour to hour.


>> No. 2494256
File 130766364279.png - (696.62KB , 2647x3500 , StandingDash.png )
Yes, we are all being very friendly and agreeable.

And thank you.

I'm glad people actually have the attention span to read it all. Thank you.
>> No. 2494257
I like to think that I am not a harsh person, and am able to tolerate/respect everypony to a certain degree. But sometimes this simply doesn't work. On more than one occasion, I've inadvertently started flame wars while trying to defend certain groups of people in this fandom.

Call me ignorant, but I don't understand why it is so difficult to simply ignore the things you don't like. I do it every day. An appreciation thread about Twilight? Ehhh, not interested

*click collapse thread*

Browsing EqD... don't want to see fanfics today....

*click 'no fanfiction mode.'*

Argh, I feel like ppl are getting tired of me saying this, but let me say it again:

Mods and admins make it easy for you to not see the things you don't want to. Take advantage of it.

feel free to delete this post if it sounds too much like arguing
>> No. 2494258
File 130766372617.png - (127.74KB , 408x310 , Twilight - But I don't wanna study!.png )

There is a difference between real love, real companionship and then this. As much as this community cares for one another, love is a strong word. Can't we just call it friendship? After all, friendship is magic.
>> No. 2494259
File 130766379725.png - (64.53KB , 247x300 , SMILE!.png )


And well, I have to go guys. I need a shower. Hope this get stickied!
>> No. 2494260
File 130766380624.jpg - (222.22KB , 953x1371 , 129929370051.jpg )
I just wanted to drop out of lurk mode and say how much this post and the resulting discussion warms me. Since the first season ended, I've been very worried about the community collapsing. It gives me alot of hope to see this thread and the intelligent discussions going on. Building off of the original spirit of the show and finding its practical applications to the very real challenges of participating in a community is not a trivial task, but here we are doing it with reason and compassion.

Personally, I like others find myself leaning a bit more towards Gandalf's views on Love and Tolerance, though I certainly respect Soldier's point of view and believe they hold some practical merit. Ultimately the path will most likely lead somewhere between the two.

TL;DR Good job bronies, you're making me proud!
>> No. 2494261
File 130766386184.png - (130.15KB , 640x360 , SmileDash.png )
To your first point, I'm glad you agree. And in my eyes, no, you don't sound like a "dick" at all.

And yes the love and tolerance part is where some of my opposing opinions came out. I do agree that respect and tolerance go hand in hand.

Again, that part was a feeling I have. I explained it to Amonisis here >>2494224
>> No. 2494262
my god, i leave for 1 day and i miss an entire soldier speech, don't you 404 on me i'm still reading
>> No. 2494263
File 130766393297.png - (128.77KB , 335x295 , Twilight - Huh.png )

It's only been up for about half an hour.
>> No. 2494264
File 130766397866.png - (297.92KB , 859x715 , 130740486521.png )
There's also a difference between companionship and love.

There are lots of people who I love who I am not friends with. I can't say that I have many friends I don't love though...

I'd call love the basic emotional backing, and friendship/companionship/romantic interest are different and more complex ways of organizing and expressing that more basic emotion.
>> No. 2494265
File 130766400766.jpg - (387.56KB , 2592x1936 , 2011-06-09_16-47-54_407.jpg )
i colored it :3
>> No. 2494266
File 130766401085.jpg - (68.66KB , 945x945 , 130410691523.jpg )

>> No. 2494267
File 130766403864.jpg - (60.92KB , 1920x1080 , LoungeDash.jpg )
No, it's fine. Your post touches on my exact feelings. If something like that bothers you and you don't want to deal with it there are ways to remove it. People who go into to just insult or complain shouldn't. Or at least argue intelligently.
>> No. 2494268
File 130766416598.png - (109.39KB , 298x235 , Twilight - Clopfic.png )

Yeah, basically. But love is just too strong of a word, in my opinion.


Well, now I have to save it! Grr.
>> No. 2494269
I agree with that last part. If a person really disagrees with something, there should be nothing stopping them from voicing their disagreement.

>> No. 2494270
File 130766425914.jpg - (53.77KB , 975x767 , GogglesDash.jpg )
People disagree. I see love one way. And I would not call it basic at all. It's one of the most complex and dense emotions a human being can feel.

What we have here in my opinion is a deep caring for each other. As I've stated.

But I feel this may be one opinion that I will have to agree to disagree on with many of you. Which is perfectly fine with me.

Also I'm running out of Dash pictures, I guess I'll have to start reusing them...
>> No. 2494271
File 130766434468.png - (123.12KB , 389x322 , Twilight - Lemme tell you why that's bullshit.png )

I'll have to screencap you some Dash one day. Though most of her good pictures are probably already taken.
>> No. 2494272
File 130766435629.png - (388.46KB , 1920x1080 , readers gonna read.png )
Whelp I'm pleasantly shocked *saves d4 delete*

A lot of this was covered by Gandalf in his insightful post here>>2494172
We've since confirmed the difference between tolerating people and tolerating actions.

The other point about love is primarily a matter of semantics. My opinion, and the opinion of several others is that while full blown love can't be transmitted by internet, we can still care for each other. Love is a powerful word so the lesser one is used instead.Attempting to summarize the additions to the original speech

--Love cannot be transmitted over the internet but we can still care for each other and provide moral support.

>You do not need to tolerate everypony.
--This line has become closer to "You do not have to tolerate everypony's actions"
>> No. 2494273
File 130766450002.jpg - (38.91KB , 512x503 , AmusedDash.jpg )
Thank you. I barely expected people to read my original monster, much less the whole thread.

I approve of that summary.
>> No. 2494274
File 130766450553.jpg - (194.92KB , 1000x1000 , double rainbow.jpg )
Hehehe I love you but I'm not in love with you.

We clearly just use the words a little differently from each other. It means a lot of things, I don't have an easy word to replace the way I use it.
>> No. 2494275
File 130766459861.png - (88.31KB , 500x500 , derpy hug twilight.png )
I mean the average change.
There's always a tendency.
And I like where this tendency is going.

Oh and I just wanted to say that I appreciate your posts a whole lot.
As a thanks, I drew you this pic here.
>> No. 2494276
File 130766462903.png - (368.69KB , 1156x1156 , 21516 - artist tenchisamoshi big_macintosh eyup.png )
alright, im gone for today everypony, but before i go, on the love subject, i see some of you as amazing, hilarious, overall good people, and could easily be friends with the lot of you, i do believe that love and friendship can be found through the interwebs
>> No. 2494277

*was doing something else when this thread popped up*
*saved in The Soldier folder*
You, sir, do not disappoint.
>> No. 2494278
File 130766469527.png - (14.65KB , 314x314 , 130471483620.png )
I read it all :U
>> No. 2494279
File 130766472092.png - (193.93KB , 2491x1757 , SleepingDash.png )

I'm sure I sound like a broken record by now, so like I said, I'll just agree to disagree.

But I will agree friendship can be found on the internet.
>> No. 2494280
File 130766473192.jpg - (5.02KB , 157x120 , fukkensaved.jpg )

Forgot my image.
>> No. 2494281
Please wait a fer more minutes. I'm uploading my RBD folder so you can have more pictures. ;)
>> No. 2494282
File 130766483723.png - (411.79KB , 775x936 , DrunkDash.png )
And I thank you for it.

Thank you. I try hard to at least make something worth reading.
>> No. 2494283
Well said, Soldier.
>> No. 2494284
File 130766486698.gif - (524.29KB , 366x341 , derpyderping it up.gif )
K finished reading it, it seemed daunting but it was worth it. Soldier, bravo, that's pretty much all i can say. :P
>> No. 2494285
File 130766487596.png - (76.70KB , 500x500 , Twilight - Assault!.png )

What tendency? Sounds spooky.

Also, I really don't get why everypony is so nice to me. I make one non-mean post and people start hugging me. Not that I have a problem with that.

Really nice drawing. I took the liberty of removing the background for you. Let's see if it works.
>> No. 2494286
File 130766491165.png - (132.41KB , 348x362 , JoyDash.png )
Oh, I'm staying, was saying goodbye to Bling.
>> No. 2494287
File 130766493650.png - (2.33KB , 213x165 , Meh.png )

I especially liked
Because I pretend to be George Bush for shits n giggles...

>'W' picture not appropriate...
>> No. 2494288
File 130766494018.gif - (271.29KB , 200x200 , brushie.gif )
My Rainbow Dash folder. That might help your pic shortage.
>> No. 2494289
you have a soldier folder? Mind sharing?
>> No. 2494290
File 130766512356.png - (93.14KB , 1338x262 , words of wisdom.png )

1/10 (including these)

I'm missing the second post. The one that was feelings on community thread.
>> No. 2494291
File 130766515153.jpg - (140.77KB , 1131x546 , Soldierinspiration.jpg )
>> No. 2494292
File 130766517814.jpg - (83.18KB , 634x461 , imjustsaiyan.jpg )
Well, Soldier, I'm gonna go ahead and agree with just about every point you've so eloquently made in your, uh, manifesto. :)

The only thing that I'm going to remain stubborn on is the whole "suicide thread" issue. To me, no other option exists other than option three. I had to learn that the hard way, and now a good friend is dead because I didn't take the 5 minutes out of my day to call her and ask what's wrong. So, no matter who it is, no matter how petty it seems, the threat of suicide will always be a serious issue that should never be ignored or trivialized, ever.
>> No. 2494293
File 130766518644.png - (69.74KB , 269x288 , OopsDash.png )
Aw, you're going to embarrass me. I'm not worth that kind of attention.
>> No. 2494294
File 130766518969.png - (67.99KB , 500x500 , lyra hmmmh.png )
The tendency that points to you getting to be more loving. :3

I could hug you any day, not just because you post something nice. I've always liked to see you around.

SAI automatically adds the white background and won't let me save with transparency. Sorry about that.
>> No. 2494295
File 130766521212.jpg - (50.46KB , 1082x244 , anger.jpg )
>> No. 2494296
crap, i didn't mean to spam his thread with them 0_o

you can send them to my email
>> No. 2494297
File 130766525580.png - (92.14KB , 500x500 , Assault!.png )
well, while we're sharing images the perfectionist in me wants that picture to have the background removed with all the lineart intact. Used a nifty trick I found in GIMP to do it neater.
>> No. 2494298
File 130766527990.jpg - (165.09KB , 1093x504 , SoldierOandO1.jpg )

From here it's just this thread, but incase you don't want to sc them yourself.
>> No. 2494299
Im speechless about everything in this thread.

All i can say is, well said Soldier. That was a very nice read and it has opened up some things iv never noticed or thought about before.
>> No. 2494300
File 130766529667.png - (42.46KB , 179x207 , yeah.png )
Thanks, that certainly added. Much appreciation.

>New picture.
>> No. 2494301
File 130766530519.jpg - (146.99KB , 1082x438 , SoldierOandO2.jpg )
>> No. 2494302
File 130766535574.jpg - (170.23KB , 1129x527 , SoldierOandO3.jpg )
>> No. 2494303
File 130766537926.jpg - (124.47KB , 1081x381 , SoldierOandO4.jpg )
>> No. 2494304
File 130766540715.jpg - (194.81KB , 1082x533 , SoldierOandO5.jpg )
>> No. 2494305
File 130766541149.png - (104.52KB , 310x294 , RD happy.png )
I'm certainly glad you enjoyed it. Thank you.

Wee, more new Rainbow.
>> No. 2494306
File 130766543065.jpg - (161.84KB , 1080x442 , SoldierOandO6.jpg )
>> No. 2494307
File 130766544359.png - (104.28KB , 293x264 , Twilight - Um, yeah___.png )

Yes you are.


I've always been loving, it's just easier to show when you kinda get to know people. If you know what I mean.

And don't apologise, I removed the background specifically because I hoped you could use it like that.

And even though Soldier tells me I shouldn't say this, I still don't get why people like me, to be honest. I am kind of a dick at times.
>> No. 2494308
File 130766547160.jpg - (48.92KB , 1087x173 , SoldierOandO7.jpg )

And now I go through this thread looking for good posts.
>> No. 2494309
File 130766549360.jpg - (5.09KB , 120x120 , 130763188450.jpg )
Anything for a brony.

Now, to all people interested: our pal BronyStark had a power shortage and needs us to cheer him up. If you have a while, participate in his rhyming thread here
I'm sure he'll apprecciate that.
>> No. 2494310
File 130766551405.png - (194.81KB , 389x430 , ajrope1.png )
I'm saving all of these in my own Soldier Folder.
Damn good life lessons in here for general use. Not just for the pony community.
>> No. 2494311
File 130766558973.gif - (79.08KB , 200x200 , impatient RBD.gif )

Wow, I talk a lot. What a loud mouth.
>> No. 2494312
File 130766562754.png - (140.67KB , 506x360 , 130716023798.png )
This thread has brought tears of joy to my eyes.

Well done man, well done.
>> No. 2494313
File 130766568815.png - (96.12KB , 267x304 , Twilight - Keep telling yourself that.png )

I know, right?
>> No. 2494314
File 130766579232.png - (252.42KB , 1263x510 , soldier2.png )
Oh, I have a few soldier posts not already here
>> No. 2494315
File 130766585344.png - (62.84KB , 500x500 , lyra sad sigh.png )
Yeah I get where you're coming from.
But that's also more of what I was trying to say, but I felt like "opening up" would be the wrong word to describe it.

Haha, I can be a huge dick too sometimes, especially when I'm just abusing my admin powers on my minecraft server to paraspritepeople.
Yep, I'm that kind of dick.
Openly admitting it here folks, I got nothing to hide.
>> No. 2494316
File 130766585436.png - (92.56KB , 268x326 , heh.png )
Multiple people with folders of me?
>My face.

Thank you so much, I'm glad it meant something to you.
>> No. 2494317
File 130766590068.png - (224.09KB , 1254x489 , solder in ban discussion.png )
This discussion was hairy. I got caught up in the back and forth but Soldier did his thing.
>> No. 2494318
File 130766603305.png - (56.25KB , 303x286 , RD srs.png )
Don't feel so bad. No person in this world can claim they have never acted like that at some point in their lives. Everypony can get lost in power or anger and lash out like that. A true man will realize it, feel bad about it, and try to fix it in the future. Or at least learn to control it.

>Just found this one. Adorable.
>> No. 2494319
File 130766605579.png - (92.90KB , 1238x198 , soldier in ban admits faultc.png )
I warned you at one point, one more post like this and you get a folder.

You are awesome dude. I really admire you for this one. You win the award for most level headed sensible person on this board.
>> No. 2494320
File 130766607926.png - (63.73KB , 216x225 , Twilight - Aw___.png )

But what I don't get is that people seem to like me for it. I mean, not that I'm complaining, but it just seems... Odd.
>> No. 2494321
File 130766609272.png - (36.96KB , 225x225 , FacehoofDash2.png )
Ouch, that's not one I'm proud of. Mostly because I was completely wrong in the end.
>> No. 2494322
File 130766611696.png - (275.04KB , 1142x720 , AjPonder.png )
I just hope people don't suddenly start spamming your speeches everywhere, because that's not what you're trying to acheive here.
>> No. 2494323

Still missing the one of the other thread he started. I KNOW SOMEPONY HAS IT.
>> No. 2494324
File 130766615123.png - (51.39KB , 500x500 , derpy whoopsnoes.png )
I never make lasting changes, I just do silly stuff like changing the class names to pony versions or "accidentally" banishing people to the moon (Yes, we have a moon and yes, I can banish people to it) and try to get a funny reaction out of them.
>> No. 2494325
File 130766622813.png - (184.05KB , 500x500 , 130766583057.png )
The soldier gave me pretty tough love.
>> No. 2494326
File 130766629283.png - (56.59KB , 500x500 , lyra happy.png )
Oh well, you have a certain charm to your posts is what I would say.
It's not the generic kind of "bluh bluh" posting style, but something that is actually enjoyable to read, even if it's mean.
Honestly though, hardly any of your posts qualify as really mean or dick-ish to me.
>> No. 2494327
File 130766631963.jpg - (10.65KB , 272x264 , notsure.jpg )
Fine, if you insist on me making my opinion of you here.

People like you because even though you almost constantly have a negative spin on all your posts you do so with an undertone of kindness.

There is a difference between being flat out rude and then being negative and down with a reason. You post intelligently and with reason and are attempting to help people in most cases.

You aren't just a jackass who acts like a "dick" just to piss people off. You are blunt and negative with a purpose, which is commendable and, in the end, likable.
>> No. 2494328
File 130766633744.png - (86.11KB , 393x246 , Twilight - And then they all fucked.png )

*Looks at the post*


I remember that thread.

Was it only such a short time ago?
>> No. 2494329
File 130766636576.jpg - (22.27KB , 520x390 , 001ddky3.jpg )
Maybe because you're an intelligent flank-hole, and you are being honest about your thoughts.

That's refreshing.
>> No. 2494330
File 130766636947.jpg - (5.02KB , 157x120 , SweetFukkenSaved.jpg )
Aaaaand number 14 everypony.
>> No. 2494331
File 130766640393.png - (262.09KB , 478x359 , 2011-03-24 - 09-47-39.png )
Shinmera, you so silly
>> No. 2494332
File 130766642150.png - (51.78KB , 194x259 , pinkamena loves you very much.png )
Will admit, it took me a while to read over because I accidentally skipped lines (my eyes feel like junk), but I loved all of it. I believe this speaks better about the community and what would make it better than I would ever know~

I've only been a part of this community as of late and only seldom have I experienced the issues you have described in detail, Solider. At the same time, I could relate and understand entirely on the issues I do know, like RP issues and the whole love and tolerance standpoint~

Things like attention horsing and tripcodes were something I never knew was a problem, but I feel now that I know better for the future thanks to you, Solider~

Your writing is amazing and I found it a joy and relief to hear from somepony who has it all together and could address it collectively and clearly to an entire community~

I love you, Solider and thank you for these wonderful words. I hope they inspire all of us here~♥♥
>> No. 2494333
File 130766642859.png - (220.51KB , 511x563 , Oh You.png )
>> No. 2494334
File 130766646406.jpg - (106.18KB , 800x800 , 130759918130.jpg )

Yeah. It wasn't too long ago. But I was Soldier's first.

And look at me now. That post hit me hard in that thread.
>> No. 2494335
File 130766649638.png - (69.20KB , 290x273 , Twilight - I'm thinking___ No_.png )



Don't give me that look, mister "Is this community speech good enough, will people like it, will it cause controversy, should I ask a mod before posting it?" You don't know what we think of you and I apparently have the same problem.

I still baffles me, though.
>> No. 2494336

We still need to find somepony with that other thread image. I know somepony has it.
>> No. 2494337
File 130766651857.png - (32.26KB , 300x297 , lolponies.png )
Other people would beg to differ.
>> No. 2494338
File 130766652052.png - (45.40KB , 243x237 , RD not want.png )
Oh no, they're on to me. Soon they'll realize I've only been here a couple weeks.
>> No. 2494339
File 130766653946.jpg - (9.19KB , 169x161 , Ajderp.jpg )

I totally forgot he posted in a thread I made a couple of days ago!
I have to search my history!
(It's probably gone now...)
>> No. 2494340
File 130766657405.png - (115.88KB , 529x401 , this is how ponies sit on benches.png )
Don't worry about it. That's why the thread was so very heated. All it took was the bares inference and the guy could have deserved the ban. It was also undeniable that he was swearing like nothing else. I had to re-read the thread 2-3 times before I had pure factual evidence on the anti-ban side.

I like you because you say what I'm too cautious, polite, or lazy to think up in the first place. I've gotten more content to let people be wrong in my old age but you're here to let them know how wrong they are.
>> No. 2494341

*personally likes Whelp because of the slight negative spin* I think it makes what you say more down to earth.
>> No. 2494342
File 130766664116.png - (116.98KB , 2000x2000 , EughDash.png )
Be quite you.

Kidding. I needed an excuse for this picture.
>> No. 2494343
Oh btw, I might append that I also approve of your often bluntly put opinions and straight out facts.
It's what I tend to do myself, even if people don't like it.
>> No. 2494344
File 130766667467.png - (181.40KB , 1000x700 , 130720292301.png )
In that particular thread, the one I'm talking about, is when I almost quit ponychan. Or well, Quit posting.
>> No. 2494345
File 130766670513.png - (310.39KB , 478x360 , Hahaha.png )
I think you're pretty funny, but then again i'm not bothered by anything really
>> No. 2494346
Awesome thread, you have a very good way of putting things, Soldier. This is realistic and practical advice that everypony could benefit from reading and taking to heart.
>> No. 2494347
File 130766684129.png - (61.26KB , 213x241 , pleasant.png )
My one was about wondering if people even wanted me around and that I felt I was intruding threads and friendship groups.
I really have to find it...
>> No. 2494348
File 130766690758.gif - (238.60KB , 200x200 , JugglingDash.gif )
Thank you so much, your kind words mean so much to me.
>> No. 2494349
File 130766693097.jpg - (6.67KB , 160x160 , 160px-Spike_Mug_2.jpg )
I readed everything, it is sure a nice observation, i completly agree with ya in all topics
I recently come to this community, never had seen one of the suicide threads, but i saw similiar on other communitys, and yeah, i don't usually take attention to them because of what you mentioned
I don't really have much to say, but that's about it
>> No. 2494350
File 130766697413.png - (396.25KB , 700x900 , derpy dinky sleeping.png )
Why thank you!
And yeah, I wish people would be less serious on the internets and take some silly shenanigans with a grain of salt.

Anyway, it's almost 3AM for me and I got 4 hours left to sleep. Good night everypony!
>> No. 2494351
File 130766702942.png - (155.98KB , 1275x825 , 19826 - artist Eliwood10 derpy_hooves muffin.png )
>> No. 2494352
File 130766703364.png - (193.85KB , 1029x777 , SaluteDashGoggles.png )
Well, we're slowing down a bit.

At least it makes it easier to thank everypony.
Thank you!
>> No. 2494353
File 130766703539.png - (301.65KB , 647x583 , Twilight - Tiny baby smile!.png )

People here are so nice.

I must... Smile...
>> No. 2494354
File 130766708480.png - (366.16KB , 2491x1757 , SleepingDashGoggles.png )
Good night.
>> No. 2494355
I dunno about you all but I try to post threads with topics that will get an interesting discussion going. And if I can get the occasional funny idea for a thread I'll attempt to see if it can go anywhere. I suppose I have a tripcode and name because I just don't like having total anonymity.
>> No. 2494356
File 130766718051.jpg - (31.18KB , 640x360 , Twilight - Dat messy hair.jpg )

I'm hitting the hay as well, I just stayed up for this.

Good night Shinmera and good night everypony.
>> No. 2494357
File 130766727547.png - (668.27KB , 1152x864 , 130505449015.png )
Oh crap.
All right, punk, who are you and what have you done to Whelp?!
>> No. 2494358
File 130766730430.png - (232.10KB , 953x484 , filly pile.png )
Anonymous would feel so empty to me. But maybe that's just me.


>Was in my new RD folder. Sleeping ponies.
>> No. 2494359
File 130766735577.png - (61.10KB , 227x237 , Twilight - Please don't hate me.png )

I stole his Twilight folder and started using his name and trip. I'm actually Santa. Sorry.
>> No. 2494360
File 130766738249.png - (40.75KB , 190x193 , AhmDisappoint.png )
Awh dayum... thread is long gone.
Shame. That was really helpful.
>> No. 2494361
File 130766740646.png - (79.11KB , 262x261 , AmazedDash.png )
>> No. 2494362
File 130766743893.jpg - (44.36KB , 618x665 , 130041466144.jpg )
Also, a bit late....
Soldier, you're probably one of the most well spoken person, that I have ever met.
>> No. 2494363
File 130766744347.png - (703.66KB , 1024x640 , 130349208326.png )
>Glad you like it.

>Here's another one.
>> No. 2494364
File 130766744540.png - (53.30KB , 174x179 , 130618608008.png )
So you're the man breaking into John Sappington Marmaduke's house every year leaving children's toys all over the place!

Why would you do that?
>> No. 2494365
File 130766746313.png - (101.24KB , 521x247 , dash.png )
Yea. Time to ride the wave to page 15 I suppose, LET'S GO!
>> No. 2494366
File 130766749709.png - (77.99KB , 258x287 , Twilight - What pregnancy test.png )

This one is going fast as well unless somepony gets a mod to sticky it. And if they don't... Well, I have a back-up of all the text.

I really should get going.
>> No. 2494367
File 130766752120.png - (601.90KB , 1910x976 , RDfilly smile.png )
Thank you so much, soldier.
>> No. 2494368
File 130766755905.png - (214.20KB , 423x333 , Twilight - I AM JUSTICE!.png )

Because the alternative is getting written into my "special" notebook for naughty children.
>> No. 2494369
File 130766756776.png - (131.40KB , 943x943 , ShruggingDashGoggles.png )
If mods do not deem me worthy it is OK with me.
>> No. 2494370
File 130766758562.jpg - (119.65KB , 1280x1042 , 130600236325.jpg )
Have some good-night Luna, Santa.
>> No. 2494371
File 130766768681.png - (69.84KB , 310x241 , Twilight - Shipping, you say.png )

But not me.

This kind of thing should be stickied. People need to read this stuff. It'll do so much good. And if it doesn't... We execute them at sunrise.
>> No. 2494372
File 130766774262.png - (261.03KB , 600x605 , 130143338981.png )
I'm glad to have you part of the community, Soldier! You're awesome!


Why is it that you're the only person I read in your characters voice?
>> No. 2494373
File 130766779048.gif - (451.00KB , 140x177 , 130335276285.gif )
>> No. 2494374
File 130766781604.png - (118.28KB , 381x342 , Ooooh wow.png )
>> No. 2494375
File 130766783664.png - (373.72KB , 756x759 , ShrugDash.png )
It makes it more inspiring or something?

No idea.
>> No. 2494376
File 130766784071.png - (72.80KB , 500x541 , 130521837638.png )
Somepony sticky this beautiful thread. It is something that everypony here should read at least once!
>> No. 2494377
File 130766795661.png - (202.10KB , 1856x2924 , CuriousDash.png )
Well, we're drawing ever closer to autosage, so efforts may be futile.
>> No. 2494378
File 130766799951.jpg - (26.33KB , 532x399 , 532px-Timmy25.jpg )
Hey Soldier. It's your Brown Brony BroWny here. Just getting home. So I'm SUPER later. But I wanted to say your words are music to my ears. The way you write is truly a gift some people wish for. I can't believe you covered all the bases for what this site is true about. I wish there was a way we as a community could make it up to you... You are an amazing person. Love ya man! And I will keep you in my heart and prayers... also
inb4 /arch/
>> No. 2494379
File 130766808888.png - (220.51KB , 511x563 , Oh You.png )
Thank you so much BroWny, I'm glad you got a chance to read it.
>> No. 2494380
File 130766811026.png - (72.03KB , 268x294 , 130737058029.png )
HAHA! YES! Looks like you just got Stickied, sir!
>> No. 2494381
File 130766812038.gif - (167.39KB , 641x338 , 129929382449.gif )
Huzzah! We have sticky!
>> No. 2494382
I was waiting for the conversations to die down a little bit before I moved to /arch/, but a sticky is fine, too.

I'll move it to /arch/ later, I guess.
>> No. 2494383
File 130766813806.png - (79.11KB , 262x261 , AmazedDash.png )
>My face
>> No. 2494384
File 130766820778.png - (117.99KB , 298x288 , ExcitedDash.png )
Thanks !!Rarity. It means so much to me even if I try to hide it.
>> No. 2494385
File 130766825586.png - (297.86KB , 1280x800 , ajsEyebrows2.png )
Nice one!
You deserve it!

I was going to bring up a major problem I just encountered but I don't want to bring down this amazing thread. I'll e-mail you it. And if you can pass it on to Whelp, I'm such he'd be VERY interested...
>> No. 2494386
File 130766826005.jpg - (34.72KB , 291x432 , deadpool-shoot.jpg )
Well done Soldier!

You're pretty cool, for a mod!
>> No. 2494387
File 130766827767.jpg - (78.64KB , 644x700 , twilight on ponynety.jpg )
Posting in epic thread.

>This had to be done.
>> No. 2494388
File 130766829924.jpg - (7.76KB , 201x216 , 130463586146.jpg )
You deserve it, Soldier.
>> No. 2494389
File 130766848951.jpg - (195.51KB , 900x900 , 130368043750.jpg )
Dear Mods,

Today Soldier exceeded every possible expectation i ever had of anything ever. I shed over 9000 manly tears this evening. Please archive this thread.

Sincerely, Anon
>> No. 2494390
File 130766849789.png - (193.93KB , 2491x1757 , SleepingDash.png )
Thank you guys, so much.

I was going to stay up and thank everypony until this died but now it appears I don't have to. Time to go get some rest.

Thanks again, everypony. You are all too kind to me.
>> No. 2494391
File 130766854864.jpg - (38.91KB , 512x503 , AmusedDash.jpg )
Missed you, anon.

Thank you! Now bed time.
>> No. 2494392
File 130766859962.png - (27.03KB , 231x182 , 1299542988059.png )
I'm just kinda curoius to see if I indeed making an impression, If you know me, please post here


Thank you for your time.
>> No. 2494393
Well, Soldier, you've done it again. Every time I've seen you post you've always made an impression on me. You always have something to say and you always express yourself so well (I wish I could). This is no exception and I whole-heartedly agree with you on all of these points.
>> No. 2494394
File 130766883105.png - (69.13KB , 345x322 , pinkpony.png )
I'll admit I did not read the whole thing, but that's just because you are only reiterating my own sentiments it seems like. I don't hang out on oat nearly as much as I used to, simply because of some of the changing attitudes you mention.

But instead of complaining about it, I just go to other boards. /oat/ is not the only place on ponychan! Actually if you find me posting on /oat/, there is a pretty good chance I am probably drunk. /oat/ is great for that.
>> No. 2494395
File 130766883718.png - (131.64KB , 945x945 , 130710830076.png )
Oh crap. It's dawn already.

Going to sleep. Bye everypony.
>> No. 2494396
fukkin stickied, hell yeah!
>> No. 2494397
File 130766891143.jpg - (33.08KB , 641x346 , could she be coming on to you, you'll never k.jpg )
>ponychan will be a better place when this is stickied for a while then inevitably /arch/ed as it should be.

Called it waaaaaaay long time ago. Knowing you, /arch/ was inevitable if you ever did something like this. Sticky was just probable, even more so after reading.
>> No. 2494398
File 130766930561.png - (166.81KB , 462x528 , hipster steven magnet.png )
This thing was destined for /arch/ from the start. When The Soldier talks, everypony else needs to listen
>> No. 2494399
File 130766938457.png - (158.33KB , 380x456 , 130197766644.png )
Actually, before I head off to work, let me tell you another observation I have made which I don't think OP mentioned:


Seeing the same damn threads posted day in and day out by the same people some times really irks me for some reason. Come up with something different! Don't just post the same thread because you know that kind of thread will get a reaction! Take a chance with something original! So what if you get buried with zero replies!?

Also I get a little aggravated when I post some OC (this used to happen all the time but I don't post as much OC nowadays) and less than 30 minutes later, somepony else has already re-posted it. It was flattering at first, but c'mon! Wait a day at least!
>> No. 2494400
File 130766947355.png - (264.29KB , 3000x2815 , 130075385313.png )
Soldier, I've been meaning to tell you that whenever I see one of your posts in chat, it is always epic and of the highest quality. It appears you keep that up over here as well. Kudos
>> No. 2494401
File 130766980234.png - (76.63KB , 500x615 , big macintosh ayup.png )
This man (or woman) speaks truth!
>> No. 2494402
File 130766992137.jpg - (29.28KB , 454x345 , 130584641111.jpg )
I have to agree with basically everything you said there, Soldier. Actually, I really can't think of anything you said that I flat out disagree with. Wonderfully put.

And maybe I haven't been here too long but I really can't say I've seen (or at least noticed) a significant increase in argument threads, as everypony else seems to say. This is still without a doubt one of the kindest places on the internet. I'm repeating myself now but it is absolutely wonderful to be able to spend time with others and actually converse in a caring matter.

The only thing I disagree with you a bit about is the "you can't love over the internet" phrase. I think that's flat out false: you can get to know somepony extremely well over the internet, sometimes even moreso than in real life. Obviously that will probably never be the case on ponychan, but I still think you can use the phrase "love". Would it be love on the level you may feel for family, close friends, significant others, children, etc? No. But we can still feel a form of love towards each other. I don't follow any religion (and think it's all a bit silly to be honest) but I'm going to reference the "love your neighbors" quote here. You can still feel love for others on a smaller scale. We are all humans after all, and the more we honestly care about and love each other, the better the world will become (I know that sounded really corny).

(And honestly "love" is a very subjective term anyway that some people even believe may not exist, but that's my take on it anyway)

But anyway, great post.
>> No. 2494403
Soldier, either on the battlefield, or here on Ponychan, you are the best.

I admit, you make a lot of valid points.
>> No. 2494404
File 130767050257.jpg - (17.95KB , 146x146 , Sniperava.jpg )
Don't listen to this guy he's just shoot feet get kill.

But no, good job. I'm another backup if it ever gets lost.
>> No. 2494405
File 130767052813.png - (117.37KB , 1226x1274 , 130017538289.png )
You're a god among bronies, Soldier. Keep up the epic posts.
>> No. 2494406
File 130767109330.jpg - (74.29KB , 513x465 , friendship economy.jpg )
Everything there, Soldier, I agree with.

You seem to be living up to your name; keeping the troops in line is no easy task, but you seem to have a knack for words.
>> No. 2494407
File 130767164413.png - (88.02KB , 325x354 , 130521432504.png )
I feel like I arrived a little late to say what everypony has already said.

But I don't care so I'll say it:

This had to be done, sooner or later. And I'm glad that a fellow brony such as Soldier ended up posting this thread.

Hopefully everypony'll be able to read this; this is just...not only helpful...but necessary.

I just want to say thanks, thanks to Soldier, and thanks to the community here for posting this; this only proof of the maturity of the community itself.

I love and respect you all.
>> No. 2494408
File 130767188369.png - (158.49KB , 379x313 , awesomerd.png )
This might possibly be the greatest thread in the history of brony kind! Thank you good sir!
>> No. 2494409
File 130767196393.png - (348.48KB , 974x536 , Feels Good.png )
I think this is just the case of too many definitions of the word love. In my opinion, the word is much too broad for something so common, important, and sensitive.

See: >>2494224

How can we use the same word we use to show a liking for a food (I love steak) to also describe an intense, almost spiritual, connection to another being, and not have the word become dangerously subjective? The Greeks were pretty good about having different words for different types of love. I wish it were possible to incorporate a system like that into English. If we could, I'm sure one of those definitions would have to cover the unique form of "Love" that exists between the users of this site.

@Soldier: I can't think of anything to say that hasn't been said already, so I'll just say thanks.
>> No. 2494410
File 130767238419.png - (102.83KB , 800x595 , RD_Salute.png )

I must admit that this is what i went through the first couple weeks i was here. But you know what? After finding the types of threads i enjoy posting in, it really didn't matter after that point. I'm a fellow brony and as long as I willingly put in a contribution, there's no regret.

I salute you soldier. You do a fellow brony proud.
>> No. 2494411

Soldier, I mean this when I say it, not that I think you don't think I'm honest, but...

You are nothing less than a hero of this community; it's people like you who we'll all have to credit if we're here more than a year from now.
>> No. 2494412
File 130767296316.png - (29.13KB , 125x113 , 130478137868s.png )
I agree. I stand by what I said, though: I would use the term to describe how I feel about everypony here. Is it on the same level as, say, my family? No. But neighborly love is still love.

It is far too broad though, that I agree with wholeheartedly.
>> No. 2494413
File 130767324542.jpg - (28.74KB , 595x169 , I'mAVerySeriousCat.jpg )
That post made me grimace. I consider it rather insulting to Whelp.
Adding you to my list of awesome, awesome bronies.
Adding you.
Adding you, too. >>2494227 You're a newbie? I haven't been on Ponychan much for the past few days, so it's entirely possible that I missed a welcoming thread. I'mma welcome you right now.
I agree with you so tooting much. Pic related. In real life, I feel like Garfield in this strip depressingly often.
I've always admired you to a vast extent for that, Whelp! Being thirteen years old, I have a lack of peers with whom I can intelligently and seriously debate. One of the few I know who enjoys intelligent, serious debate can be just a bit of a jerk sometimes, so many of our classmates focus solely on that bit of jerk and construe his actions as >>2494219 this. I know that they interpret his arguments horribly because I know him much better than they do.
My experience with him may have increased my threshold of tolerance for disagreeable debaters.

Now I'll save this thread and reread it in detail romorrow to increase the size of that list.
>> No. 2494414
File 130767433091.jpg - (36.92KB , 557x480 , fluttershygoldstar.jpg )
>gets back from Kung Fu
>sees Soldier got a sticky
>mi cara cuando

Fantastic Job Soldier!

your talent is recognized and your awesomeness knows no bounds!!!
>> No. 2494415
File 130767542671.jpg - (29.62KB , 520x350 , papprove.jpg )
>> No. 2494416
File 130767542935.jpg - (9.31KB , 205x305 , ecstatic.jpg )
Soldier, you're definitely the sword to my shield. I can be gentle and understanding with my words, but you're the one that can cut down right to the core when it's needed. I'm definitely glad to have you around here and reading your thoughts and observations are always a treat. I agree with all that you said here.
>> No. 2494417
File 130767731063.jpg - (20.10KB , 320x246 , OP is genius.jpg )
>> No. 2494418
File 130767795058.gif - (24.78KB , 120x120 , e22b7b6785385ece9207770f22efddcb.gif )
I applaud you Soldier. You pointed out many things that I felt, but didn't know how to put it into words. Kudos to you.
>> No. 2494419
File 130767832206.jpg - (120.76KB , 542x464 , hmmm.jpg )
>finds interesting
>must have missed a lot in /oat/ lately
>uncertain what to think anymore.
>> No. 2494420
File 130768042652.gif - (825.86KB , 160x120 , th_didntreadcripwalk.gif )
I did, good job Soldier, If it was up to me you would get a element of harmony for these posts
>> No. 2494421
File 130768061069.jpg - (15.70KB , 444x413 , 130716393013.jpg )
Soldier, my respect for you always seems to grow with each post you make with this kind of wisdom. Heck, people like you are partially why I enjoy this community as much as I do and is why I feel like coming back each time I'm done for the day.

For the most part I agree with you on how you view these subjects. I'll have to agree more with the subject that Gandalf brought up about hating the action more then the individual however, even if this can be hard for me at times.

While this isn't anything new brought up from looking through this whole thread, I just feel an urge to explain my thanks for all you do for this community, along with everypony else. Thank you all so very much for the entertainment you brought to this man and the kindness you've shown.
>> No. 2494422
File 130768152499.png - (130.34KB , 640x357 , Cute Fluttershy face.png )
Soldier, you know I have nothing but the utmost respect for you, and yet I can't help but disagree with your interpretation of "Love and Tolerance."

You say that love is something that can never be transmitted over the internet. That could not be further from the truth. Love blossoms wherever the seeds are planted, and I've seen, time and time again, the power of love succeed here at Ponychan. I don't know what kind of "love" you're referring to Soldier, but I see love all around me, in these ponies, every single day! The camaraderie we all share and the joy we bring to each other: that is love and it is not only tangible, but real as well! A statement like "love is something that can never be transmitted over the internet" stands against everything Ponychan is, and has always been. Love is a very real thing here, and to deny that is to deny the central pillar upon which Ponychan is built. I can see, of course, that you don't mean entirely that love doesn't exist... it might just be a mistake of phrasing. Nevertheless, it requires clarification. And also, you mention that love shouldn't be used lightly or frequently: that otherwise it loses it's meaning. In that sense you may be right, and yet it is benefits no one if you hold your love back! If you love, with all of your heart, then do not hesitate to express it! I can see your point though: anything in excess is bad, and the same applies to love. Yet, in my opinion, we have not reached that point. There is still much love to be had, and much love needed, here on Ponychan. No, sometimes throwing out hugs and an "I love you" isn't enough... sometimes it must be followed by support and comfort as well. And yet, neither thing should be discouraged. A hug and an "I love you" can mean the world sometimes... let us not forget that.

I find difficulty with your observations on tolerance as well, Soldier, and once again I think it might be a problem in phrasing. Everypony should be tolerated: toleration is not the same as disagreement. You can disagree and still tolerate. There is always room for tolerance, and it is as you said, in order to truly tolerate something, you need to understand it as well. Understanding and tolerance go hand in hand: they are two sides of the same coin. One cannot be without the other. We should not confuse the ponies: tolerance in all situations should be encouraged.

Love is most definitely something that can be transmitted over the internet. Love is something we should give freely here, and not hold back. The word love should be used freely, and the concept should be encouraged.

We should still tolerate everypony. Understanding and tolerance are two sides of the same coin. One does not exist without the other. Approach all things with tolerance and love.
>> No. 2494423
File 130768175905.jpg - (15.07KB , 460x288 , George Bush What.jpg )
>> No. 2494424
File 130768203126.png - (484.23KB , 748x748 , FLUTTERSHY EMOTE.png )
my thoughts exactly moony, my thoughts exactly *hugs*
>> No. 2494425
File 130768230764.png - (134.23KB , 512x576 , FillyFluttersploit.png )
*hugs back*

Thank you Amon! All you need is love! ♥
>> No. 2494426
File 130768256057.jpg - (14.60KB , 265x265 , 130157065802.jpg )
I... think I need some time away...
>> No. 2494427
Is that you Nature?
>> No. 2494428
File 130768288706.png - (130.34KB , 640x357 , Cute Fluttershy face.png )
NB, is that you? Is something the matter?
>> No. 2494429
File 130768298005.png - (262.78KB , 1800x1200 , Gentleman sipping his tea.png )
Surprisingly that is not me.
>> No. 2494430
File 130768339081.png - (68.35KB , 276x279 , Smile FillyFlutte.png )
Haha, that picture coupled with your response got a bit of a giggle out of me (I hope that isn't totally inappropriate). You keep on doing your thing NB :).

Sometimes we all just need a little time away... I hope you find what you're looking for my friend, and I hope it wasn't my post that hurt you.
>> No. 2494431
File 130768347228.png - (123.15KB , 800x595 , 129958947621.png )
Very well said, soldier, and I'm glad this thread got stickied. I hope everypony on this site reads it, or at least scans it and picks up some of the insights. I really do. This is a great community, even with the problems that exist today. But it's always important for us to keep re-evaluating ourselves, strive for community growth and gain understanding of one another as opposed to becoming self-centered and feeling entitled to anything (avoiding the "you can't have it because I don't like it" mindset).

I still feel many of these problems haven't really gotten worse. They come in cycles. They can seem worse at times now because with more members, more ponies are involved. But it would be nice to see the frequency decrease. I know I've been guilty a few times more recently of getting heated with another pony and even flinging some of my own mud...

I have some slight disagreement with what you say about love and tolerance (though I think even then, we're still pretty close on this)--primarily the tolerate part. I think it is possible to tolerate just about any pony. Tolerance isn't saying that you accept their views as legitimate, it's just saying you respect them to where you believe they have every right to have that view, and are willing to treat them respectfully despite your views and even talk with them about it. Acceptance, however, is another thing entirely. No pony should ever feel pressured to accept the views of another pony.

And love, well, I think it's a catch 22. I think love is possible over the Internet. No, I know it is from personal experiences. And I'm talking about the kind of love as one pony to any pony else, not that of lovers. Sometimes the words do get used too much, though. It's easy to overuse it, and by law of diminishing returns, it almost becomes meaningless. But, I think the occasional "I love you" is very healthy for this community. I guess, just tone it down slightly from where it's at right now.

But as always, you manage to compose yourself just as well out of uniform as you do in uniform, soldier.
>> No. 2494432
its just been a general feeling. OP's posts reinforced it somewhat, as did yours.

I'm no Nature Blossom, but... we have plenty in common, I'd like to think.

chocolate milk
>> No. 2494433
File 130768384533.jpg - (24.64KB , 225x250 , @Amazing.jpg )
You are a great man soldier
I'm glad you brought these things up
Thank you.
>> No. 2494434
Elegant and well written.

Agreed. I am still sort of worried about the state of /rp/, but this isn't about /rp/ so...

This so fucking much.

I think the whole 'love' thing is all about it appearing 'fake' and sometimes forced. This may result in putting certain people off of this website and also helps to strengthen its "salty spittoon" (however wrong that accusation may be) reputation.

>A hug and an "I love you" can mean the world sometimes
This maybe true, but I am honestly against spamming 'I love you' and hugs on here. Doing so may decrease its already flimsy meaning and significance. It doesn't take long to type out those words and post it. It's... not the same as in real life, I suppose, is what I am trying to say.

In regards to tolerance, I am still of the opinion that there are things that must never be tolerated. Tolerance in general is a good thing but I can never agree to blindly tolerate EVERYTHING on principle. But that's just my 2 cents. I wish I could be as filled with love as you are, but I am only human.
>> No. 2494435
File 130768410555.png - (189.60KB , 524x445 , chair.png )
I actually have to agree with Soldier’s view on love and tolerance; I find them to be very firmly grounded in reality. Don’t get me wrong, I love this community, but from time to time it seems like a portion of it has their heads in the clouds.

Some people seem to think that with love every problem that has ever existed is easily solved, so does that mean that all married people in loving relationships are happy all the time and living in eternal bliss? I know that the majority of you aren’t married, but let me tell you, it doesn’t work like that. Love is always there to provide comfort and support, a little bit of hope when things are looking down, and the ponychan community can do accomplish that too, but it doesn’t make the world go round, it doesn’t make every waking moment sunshine and rainbows; that’s for somepony themselves to accomplish by making something fulfilling of their life, love may no doubt be a part of that, everypony wants friends, a partner, people they can lean upon, but there’s so much more to life than just love. Love only gets you so far; take it from somepony with years of experience in being married.

How far exactly do you honestly believe that love and tolerance alone is going to get you in life? What about hard work, perseverance, determination, independence, confidence, conviction? Why do you people consider “love and tolerance” to be of more worth than those? I have far more respect for somepony who can put in effort and achieve their dreams in the face of adversity than I do for somepony who can simply love and tolerate people. Hell, even the show itself had generosity, honestly, loyalty, and laughter on top of kindness of love, what about those?

At its heart this board is about ‘My Little Pony Friendship is Magic’, not love, not tolerance. Those things are important, and are often inspired in people as a result of watching the show, but I personally feel that it has been taken so far that it has become a mantra lacking in its original meaning. Why have people come to associate ponychan with love and tolerance instead of ponies? No doubt that a lot of people glean some benefit from being in a place that simply loves and accepts everything in contrast to problems that they may have in their daily lives, but ultimately I don’t think that it constitutes as a pillar that the community is built upon, there’d be no ponychan without ponies, but there’d still be a ponychan even if love and tolerance wasn’t being preached like a bloody religion all the time.

I also agree with Soldier in that NOT everything should be tolerated. There are some points of view that simply are not worth attempting to be open minded about, but need to be looked down upon and discouraged outright. Do you think I am going to sit and listen to a racist’s point of view, and sit idly by whilst they do or say things which are morally reprehensible? Absolutely not! There’s no way that I will tolerate discrimination, and as a teacher in real life I am actively encouraged to take a very firm stance against it in my workplace; children who discriminate, who make the lives of others hell because of their sexuality or the colour of their skin, are severely punished, not tolerated. Tolerance has its place, it’s important to be open and understanding when it comes to dealing with people who think differently to you, but there are some things which nopony should tolerate.

Now these are just my points of view and I am not forcing anypony to agree with me, but personally I am a fan of a “get real” attitude. It often seems to me that these days so many people are deluding themselves and digging deeper and deeper into escapist, overly idealist fantasies and interpretations, and I think that overusing the mantra of love and tolerance contributes to that; the real world is not ponychan, and you have to learn to live in that real world.

I am NOT saying hold back on your love when it is called for, I am NOT saying that you shouldn’t practice tolerance. I AM saying that perhaps people should stop looking at everything with rose-tinted spectacles and try to hold a more balanced view of the world and all of the things which can contribute to a fulfilling lifestyle and a happy life, because love and tolerance alone are not going to cut it.

Oh, and I suppose it goes without saying at this point, but excellent post Soldier, props to you.
>> No. 2494436
File 130768415807.png - (103.97KB , 331x325 , Twilight_goddamnit.png )
hugbox is filtered to salty spittoon?

That's actually somewhat unacceptable.
>> No. 2494437
File 130768489046.gif - (88.16KB , 800x1294 , 1297984212800.gif )
Ponychan was founded based on part of the brony movement, whose fundamentals lie in love and tolerance.

However, it sounds like you have a misconception of love. Love isn't supposed to be cloudy and good feeling. That's infatuation, not love. There are plenty of bronies who've become infatuated with this fandom, I've seen it first hand.

Love, though, challenges and inspires. It twists us to do the things we wouldn't normally do. It forces us out of comfort zones. Love is not supposed to be cloudy and good feeling. Granted, those feelings will come with love from time to time. But those feelings come and go. They aren't the true emotion of what love is.

To love somepony is to endure things with that person. It's to be there for that person, put themselves before yourself during times of their need. With love, not everything's going to be easy. In fact, it hardly is. Love tends to complicate things because you suddenly can't go on doing things as you please and makes you yourself happy. You have others in the picture now...and no one has identical minds. However, to work through differences, to work through issues, that isn't possible without love.

Love doesn't make the problems go away, no. But the worst problems in the world can't go away without love.

And I'm not saying this means everypony needs to be a candy vag either. I'm not saying love is peace. Even an act of war can be an act of love. Think of soldiers going out and giving their lives to protect you and your ideals. Is that not love?
>> No. 2494438
File 130768498352.jpg - (134.05KB , 600x600 , rainbeautiful.jpg )
i like the bit on love and tolerance.
>> No. 2494439
File 130768521177.jpg - (135.13KB , 465x300 , Mighty words *Brohoof*.jpg )
Common sense.
I think that it's pretty simple what TheSoldier wanted to add here.
But just posting this, nay, just put that in the rules of ponychan should be another hoof down on the right road.
Now I'm pretty sure over 95% people who actually read this thread agrees with him.
But even with the best intention or interest and/or discussion he'd made will be forgotten in about a month or so.
Now hear me, I'm not trying to be over judgemental.
Popularity + Population = Problems; The 3 P's of communities.
He primarily point out why in the last few years I've been a ghost in forums and "chans" around the net.
And if he put time and effort through this thread then that means that those are important recursive problems.
And for this time, dang, I'm gonna stay and say something about it too.
I don't post often but I want to make it count.
I like this place. I really do. But staying in the right path like every community is hard.
All I can do now is support.
Support and watch.
>> No. 2494440
File 130768547308.png - (447.10KB , 958x880 , 130260429623.png )
Also, as for what you said on tolerance....you need to walk that line carefully. Some people have a mindset and it only can be helped if somepony is tolerating enough of it to sit down and hear it out. I know I have been struggling with an issue myself that this community would view as perfectly fine to be intolerant of. In fact, that's societies' in general. And because of that, it's a very difficult issue to deal with. The only people I had met tolerating enough of that mindset were, well, they were only tolerating because they support it themselves.

I finally found one pony who could. I can't tell you how much being shown tolerance for something that is intolerable helps in overcoming it.

Really, tread that line carefully....you may only be furthering the issue more and forcing somepony in a corner they don't even want to be in.

I'm not saying everypony is like that who have intolerable views and such, but take good care and judgement in who you are quick to pounce on and attack for it...I think it's always best to try to give benefit of doubt and hear somepony out first before jumping to conclusions. But yes, if they are somepony who just has hate in their hearts and seek to push that onto other people, that shouldn't be tolerated.
>> No. 2494441
File 130768563833.png - (331.57KB , 800x425 , tolerance.png )

I never really cared for the whole "don't turn into a hu.gbox" cause i don't see the danger like people always describe it to me. and things like "Love" and "hugs" seems like a better thing to spam then alot of things. I know me and moony truly put our love and hugs into the threads, but even if it is out of force of habbit, it's still a nice gesture.

as for the tolerance thing. this picture sums up my feelings on it.

>pic related


>pic related

I understand what you are talking about, and i agree on putting more emphasis on other aspects of the show like Generosity, Kindness, Laughter, Honesty, ect. They are strong pillars for what we stand for too.

However, the reason people bring up love and tolerance so much is because when some parasprites or somepony isn't being nice, then there is more call for kindness and being tolerant of opinions. And it happens so much that it becomes the go to phrase. I wholeheartedly believe in that phrase.

As for having our heads stuck in the clouds and escapism. people do have lives outside of ponychan. people are mired in the day to day reality that is the real world, and is it so hard to ask for escapism? to find a place that is fun and loving. I'm not trying to be rude, but as an optimistic person, i do see things in a positive light and i press forward the idea of love and tolerance as much as any brony can.

but as the pic says, you cannot tolerate intolerance, and you cannot tolerate other really bad crap. I do agree with you on that, but tolerance is meant as a philosophy to the whole of ponychan to be nice, polite, and not to hate or be hurtful. every situation can be dealt with in a civilized manner if you do this.

rose tinted glasses or not, this is a wonderful place and i think love and tolerance have as strong a place in our chan as ever. The other elements and practices are strongly in use too, it's just that i think we do take them for granted.

People need to realize that the love is very strong in this place, some of us take it for granted. they should look around and see the wonder and beauty that this site is and will be for years to come!
>> No. 2494442
File 130768586066.png - (178.94KB , 612x656 , celestia sparkle.png )
that was an awesome post!
>> No. 2494443
whoa that's super awesome! Where'd you get that pic?
>> No. 2494444
>Came late
>Read it all
I salute you, sir. You've said what's needed to be said for a long time. Thank you.
>> No. 2494445
File 130768630253.gif - (2.42MB , 300x332 , Fluttershy Surgery gif.gif )
Hi Frollo. I'm too tired to go on too long tonight... so this will have to be my only response. I really, really need sleep.

Love is no cure all, and I'm not proposing that it is. And yet, love is indeed a tremendous, powerful and tangible force: more than just an expression of affection. Love is about caring and about understanding. You can work as hard as you want; you can have perseverance, determination, independence, confidence and conviction, but without love you are nothing! I'm by no means proposing that love and tolerance is the only way to go about things: only that they should be at the center of the other important things we do.

Nopony runs the race without help. Without love, all will fail and all will falter. To share love is to give the gift of water to the parched runner beside you, sometimes at your own cost. The things you mentioned, Frollo, are all important: I'm not saying they aren't! But I ask that you give love more credit.

Ponychan is about more than the ponies. It's about the pony way as well: the culmination of the lessons we've learned and the revelations we've been given from the show. I'll agree with you in one respect, it is becoming a bit of a mantra, and, in a sense, lacking in it's original meaning. I propose though, that the horseshoe is on the other hoof: that this misunderstanding is largely due to those ponies who have not put in the effort to understand it to begin with. I think Amonisis will agree with me: love and tolerance works. I have seen many a pony's life here changed by that "mantra." It is those ponies who are quick to discard it as meaningless that misinterpret it and prevent it from working as it should.

As for tolerance: are the racist, the murderer, and the rapist not human as well? Tolerance and disagreement, as I said, are not the same. I don't agree with you Frollo, but I understand your point of view and I am willing to discuss it, for the betterment of you, myself, and the other ponies. Sure, we're both rational actors in this case, but even the irrational must be approached with love and understanding: with tolerance. In those cases, tolerate, listen and help! Shouting down the racist solves the problem in the short term for those around him, but learning about him and realizing that he, like you, is human helps to fix things in the long term. To shun those who do not think like you or act like you, regardless of what they believe: that is intolerance. Tolerate even those you disagree strongly with, and help them to understand as well. If you cannot understand, then how can they be made to understand as well?

The difference, I think, between you and I Frollo, is that you are a realist and I am an idealist. I have great respect for you, my friend. What you say has a lot of merit! Yet the best path forward must be a blend of both. Idealism without realism is a building without support, and realism without idealism is a foundation but not a building. It takes different strokes to paint a picture after all, and we would be wise to not brush too broadly.
>> No. 2494446
File 130768633507.png - (203.68KB , 638x357 , Fluttershy's having a good time.png )
I agree with all the points in this thread

>It was hard to agree, I'm very much the idealist and wish that a bunch of cool people on the internet could really bring somepony out of depression, I know hes right about the love part to, and it still is hard to agree because of my idealist nature but still totally agree.
>> No. 2494447
File 130768642281.jpg - (14.17KB , 225x267 , character_sheet_lucky_star_hiragii_kagami.jpg )
I enjoyed this thread , im glad your're around Soldier
>> No. 2494448
File 130768663951.png - (189.60KB , 524x445 , chair.png )

All of you have made some great responses to my post and there's an awful lot that I'd like to discuss. Unfortunately I have to go teach in less than an hour, so I'm going to have to ask you to be patient and bear with me before I am able to respond.

I just thought I ought to let you know that I am not ignoring you.
>> No. 2494449
File 130768674690.jpg - (458.93KB , 1366x768 , moony's post of awesome.jpg )
there was a thread earlier today where they made brony commandments, then somepony made some of those pics. His name was Straisin i think. so you should hit him up for those pics


>screen capped

i look up to you more and more each day, that was beautiful!
>> No. 2494450
File 130768715067.gif - (583.64KB , 640x360 , multiple moments of enlightenment.gif )
I experienced multiple instances of enlightenment upon reading your posts, Soldier.
I especially liked your explanation on love and tolerance.
>> No. 2494451
File 130768728377.png - (117.34KB , 452x336 , Tired Dazed Applejack.png )
I'm terribly tired myself... But I'll try and respond in the morning. I've been typing more and more textwalls recently, it seems, and there's the Pinkie Poll tomorrow to be done as well! That's going to be a lot of work :(.

Thank you for the kind words Amon! And your post was fantastic as well! You speak right to the heart my friend...

Well said Starlight, well said... Took the words right out of my mouth for the most part.
>> No. 2494452
File 130768757023.png - (87.05KB , 277x243 , oh.png )
Hey this got stickied! That's great!

>"I can't tell you how much being shown tolerance for something that is intolerable helps in overcoming it."
Outstanding point. Putting others in a defensive state of mind kind of closes them off to you, and it gets hard to have a real discussion.

I laughed :)

This is an outstanding post, thank you very much Moony. Hope you get good rest.
>> No. 2494453
heh, well, glad you got a laugh out of it, Radiance
>> No. 2494454
File 130768899974.png - (177.63KB , 451x356 , 1303799499035.png )
I approve of everything said....A good daily oat :D
>> No. 2494455
File 130768915372.jpg - (21.19KB , 433x401 , luna snapped.jpg )
>Moony postin somethin other than Fluttershy
>mi cara cuando

Good night moony, you deserve kind words :)
>> No. 2494456
File 130768988824.png - (59.98KB , 207x213 , bhugnooooo.png )
Something about the picture combined with that statement....

Are you doing ok? Are you always anon?
I hope things are going to be alright, it's hard to know what's going on, but you can always feel safe talking to us and stuff.
>> No. 2494457
File 130769043269.jpg - (23.23KB , 460x276 , George Bush Happy.jpg )
I hope this gets /arch/'d.
That would be incredible.
>> No. 2494458
File 130769069336.gif - (13.74KB , 256x192 , PhoenixNods.gif )
I find intolerance of others tolerable.
>A brony who attempts to strike down another simply because they believe differently does not need toleration.
That seems to portray the brony here negatively and implies that they are not tolerating.
>This toleration of intolerance breeds only more intolerance.
. . . I think I'm misreading this. How is the aforementioned brony tolerating the intolerance of "another"?

Minister Frollo used "severely punished," which I thinks conveys a message very different from that of the phrase "shouting down".
>even the irrational must be approached with love and understanding and tolerance.
I must emphatically agree with the usage of the words understanding and tolerance in that statement, but I'm sure a few people will dislike how you used love. I believe that that is an example of how the "already flimsy meaning and significance" can be degraded by malapropism. (Am I using the word "malapropism" correctly? (Is this ironic?))
I cannot agree with you enough that everypony is human and deserves some tolerance for that. Many times, I've had serious, productive arguments with people who clearly weren't being as well-worded as they could be and didn't consider me their equal in the discussion. I tolerate them to an extent I consider reasonable, and then I try to end the dispute as politely as possible, even if I'll have to concede a few points of my stance. If the debate, as Varmus worded it, stops "fulfilling its function", I may be forced to just quickly walk away with "I am unsure as to whether I can finish this conversation while remaining rational. I apologize for my temper and now leave. I hope we'll be able to resume this with a higher level of courtesy to each other later." or "I find your presentation of your argument exasperating and too difficult for me to reply to. I can't continue this. Goodbye."
I think that refraining from allowing them a full and complete exchange is a "punishment", but I'd try my best to start my next dialogue with them with the same respect and willingness to debate I have for everypony, regardless of how bad the note on which we ended our last conversation was. (. . . I feel silly for treating the words 'dialogue' and 'debate' equally there.)
I'd follow the same policy with a racist. Should one "make the lives of others hell", I'd openly report them to an authority for their bullying; they deserve their punishment. Even though I'd have caused their punishment, in the future, I'd still attempt to respectfully give them understanding and listen carefully to a civil appeal. If they show an inability to be rational, I'd, again, simply withdraw from the argument.
Laws, rules and punishment should be enforced. When I've broken a school rule believing I was personally justified, I simultaneously knew that I was still breaking the rule and would have pleaded guilty to a charge and accepted my due and just punishment.
>Idealism without realism is a building without support, and realism without idealism is a foundation but not a building. It takes different strokes to paint a picture after all, and we would be wise to not brush too broadly.
That statement is incredibly meaningful. Moony, do you know that you are brilliant?

. . . I love Phoenix's nod and serious facial expression here. He's just awesome. He can hear something with which he disagrees, and he can use this nod to say, "You have a meaningful point there, and you're doing a very good job of arguing against me." and let the discussion continue.

. . . What am I doing on Ponychan?! I must finish my late Language Arts essay before the final day of school begins in eight hours! Argh! I wonder how my writing in this post compares to the quality of writing I'll use in my essay.
>> No. 2494459
File 130769089568.png - (273.92KB , 733x481 , YESThisPleasesApplejack.png )
>I experienced multiple instances of enlightenment upon reading your post.
That's one quotable statement, brony. I'mma write that down.
>> No. 2494460
meh, I'll be fine, in time. I think. Or maybe not. really not sure
>> No. 2494461
File 130769154781.png - (297.92KB , 859x715 , 130740486521.png )
Well that's a concerning statement, but little to work with.
Just know that you're loved.
>> No. 2494462
well it's the truth. and certainly don't feel that way, but again, don't worry about me. I'd say that ship has sailed, but I prefer a set of tracks myself
>> No. 2494465
File 130769213141.png - (103.57KB , 638x344 , Apple.png )
Though we're unable to supply love for you, Anon, I'll just hope things in general get better for you, however vague they are to me.
That's been saved. I have plenty of pictures of ponies with ecstatic grins or expressing vast levels of joy, but I lack images of ponies with gentle, comforting smiles.
"Arc" was most likely an abbreviated form of the name of a user named "Arctic". He's bro-tier.
>> No. 2494466
File 130769214240.png - (59.02KB , 241x241 , 130050392714.png )
Got it.
I hope you stick around.
>> No. 2494467
that's... not making me feel any better. I know him, yes.
>not going to fuss around with this any more, last thing I need is to wind up a horse in this thread...
>> No. 2494468
>specifically, implying I'm not 'bro-tier'
leaving now, leaving now...
>> No. 2494469
File 130769244213.png - (205.95KB , 660x660 , okay.png )
You are to me.
>> No. 2494470
File 130769253739.jpg - (14.22KB , 348x316 , AppleBloomOhCrap.jpg )
I'm sorry, bro.
>> No. 2494471
I'll be around, I just gotta do some mental spring cleaning, I guess. And thanks, Radiance.

As for Cerulean, idk if you know me, or else you woulda figured out the pic in that post :-P

now let me get some shuteye, kay?
>> No. 2494472
File 130769279490.jpg - (17.06KB , 492x427 , big smile.jpg )
Sleep well friend!
>> No. 2494473
File 130769293853.jpg - (48.43KB , 1163x579 , BluesAndCheerileeWithAnAxe.jpg )
Everypony is bro-tier,and I'd like to know you. I've been meaning to take notes on Anon users' behaviors and see if I meet anypony multiple times.
>> No. 2494474
File 130769320058.png - (253.71KB , 869x582 , salutin'_with_the_soldier.png )
>mi cara cuando
You, sir, are one of the greatest and most inspirational posters I have ever seen here on Ponychan. Your posts like this are always logical, well thought out, and well written. I can find no holes in any of your arguments, and I do not disagree with any of them, and you seem to have viewed everything involved from all sides.

This thread deserves to be archived just for those posts there! Are you an English, Sociology or Psychology major? Whatever you are, I am always astounded by your posts. I come away from them with a greater understanding of everything involved, whether it is the world, myself, another, or whatever the topic is.

Keep up the good work!
>> No. 2494476
File 130769333877.jpg - (212.81KB , 1920x1080 , freight_train.jpg )
I'm not an anon =P

hint: Dohoho

other hint is pic
>> No. 2494477
you too =)
>> No. 2494478
File 130769363689.jpg - (41.36KB , 558x665 , classydash.jpg )
hehehe, you're so subtle. I'm all embarrassed because I see you more or less said it before I even attempted at guessing. Hit me up on steam chat sometime when you're awake, I feel like we haven't talked in forever.
>> No. 2494479
File 130769400078.png - (373.53KB , 600x541 , Big Blackintosh.png )
Sleep well.
>> No. 2494480
it's been a whlie, yes. Will do. Oh, and tell Moony I won't be on tomorrow most likely since my GF needs me to help her move. Just so he doesn't think I'm ignoring him.

Also, I'm either too subtle or not enough. It's hard to strike the right balance.
>fracking insomnia, I need to get to bed =P

=P I guess people do pay attention to that section of my name XD no use deleting my post then lol
>I can finally sleep now XD
>> No. 2494481
File 130769420698.jpg - (430.05KB , 943x657 , rerail_train.jpg )
>> No. 2494482
Confound this time zone, it drives me to miss out on awesome things. I spent the last half hourbreading through this thread and all the responses, and et me just say that this thread, as a whole, is brilliant. I'm on a mobile device, so linking replies would be way too time consuming, so bear with me.

First off, Soldier, I don't know how you do it. But you've written a truly brilliant analysis of ponychan and stated several great solutions to some of the problems we have. Great thread.

Second, I'm going to have to say I'm in the Moony. Gandalf. Amonisis, Starlight Ironhoof, and several other bronies school of thought regarding love and tolerance. I fully believe love can exist on the internet and that everypony can be tolerated. However, I do agree with what The Doctor said as well: posting "I love you" everywhere isn't a solution to every problem, and shouldn't be used as a substitute for actual advice.

Third, I agree wholeheartedly with what Starlight Ironhoof said about the problems coming in cycles. I've been here since March and I've seen the cycles. The community isn't degrading at all--it waxes and wanes. And I must say, I actually think the community is evolving. Because every time we have a little problem, or degradation, or whatever you want to call it, we recover more quickly.

This thread is a shining example of why I like this community so much. We can be civil. We can be rational. Great job, all of you.
>> No. 2494483
Oh, and my post is probably fraught with typos too. Sorry about that...
>> No. 2494484
File 130769464054.jpg - (64.91KB , 1440x900 , HereWeAreLikeAStar.jpg )
I'm okay with this.

Good morning, Ponychan. I need to write this essay about forgiveness.
I think one of my topics will be how differently the phrase "forgive and forget" is viewed by bronies, Anonymous, and me personally. This thread put me in a mood for deep thought, which will benefit me as I write this.
Oh, and I plan to bring all of my pony dolls to school with me today (I only bring two or three on a normal day). I'll unbox Rarity during our goodbye assembly.

Now, I'm outta here.
>> No. 2494485
File 130769488241.png - (26.04KB , 162x166 , RainbowDashSOAWESOME.png )
>The community isn't degrading at all--it waxes and wanes. And I must say, I actually think the community is evolving. Because every time we have a little problem, or degradation, or whatever you want to call it, we recover more quickly.
This is excellent.
>> No. 2494486
File 130769547354.png - (488.73KB , 1740x1938 , 130718057635.png )
We put a lot of load on the word "love" in English; you can love your partner, your family, your friends, your job, your meal... That's not necessarily true in other languages; Ancient Greek had four. Clearly, people will interpret "love" differently.

In the original "love and tolerance" mantra, the "love" could be considered in the "storge" sense, which can apparently "express mere acceptance or putting up with situations". Acceptance and tolerance. I think that it's crossed over here into the "philia" sense, in terms of "brotherly love".

I'm not so good on doling out the love and hugs myself, but I appreciate them, and I do think that they contribute positively to the atmosphere of Ponychan and making this a place that I enjoy. I don't think that it's the answer to everything, and I agree that we shouldn't smother disagreement. But I definitely wouldn't want it to go away.

And a couple of replies from way earlier in the thread:
I'm all in favour of fun paraspriting if all parties enjoy it. Yesterday, one of the mods (I know who you are!) was editing my posts to refuse me an arbitrary prize I asked for, then gave me one, then took it away ("screw you") when I insulted them. That was hilarious.

There's something kinda endearing in your grumpiness, and you say things that I might only be thinking. You're one of my favourite posters, actually.
>> No. 2494487
File 130769652389.jpg - (103.26KB , 910x1148 , WhyAren'tYouThisLoving.jpg )
So, I was in /co/ one night.
>> No. 2494488
File 130769770197.jpg - (49.82KB , 610x352 , 130631925618.jpg )
You know I agree with you when I actually bother to read so much text; and it wasn't just because it was stickied.
>> No. 2494489
File 130769898491.png - (436.28KB , 653x497 , 1288304867061.png )
The first posts are 20% more convincing if you read them with soldiers voice

Awesome thread Mr. Soldier. Even im a newpony I still understand this and have seen many things here you listed. And I agree with you very much.
>> No. 2494490
File 130769989783.png - (18.35KB , 500x500 , derpyseeswhatyoudidthere.png )
Well the problem is that some people take this shit too seriously and aren't tolerant enough of my jokes and thus feel insulted or bashed.
Of course, that's not what I'm trying to do but it's an inevitable side effect that makes me a dick.
I won't stop doing it though, it's one of the only fun things for me to do on that minecraft server. :/
Yeah all in all, I just wish people were more easy going in general.
>> No. 2494491
File 130770017869.gif - (66.08KB , 360x360 , yes.gif )
That was really inspiring and I think that really summed a lot of things up clearly. I don't think I could ever reach your level of wording and explaining things...

I salute you, Soldier
>> No. 2494492
File 130770026006.png - (12.29KB , 675x581 , 130618240302.png )
i know im late to the party, but i have to say...

danm, man.

i've always been a huge fan of your posts, but this takes the cake over all of them. You type with a sort of lack of the 'look at me i can post' kind of attitude that the others who do similar things seem to have issues with, and i greatly respect you for that.

thank you for a wonderful WALL OF TEXT that perfectly describes my feelings about the community with a fluidity and elegance i could not have said/written myself. I am not sure at all how to contribute here, other than just say to you...

>> No. 2494493
File 130770039317.png - (109.39KB , 298x235 , Twilight - Clopfic.png )

I have to respectfully disagree when you say that this kind of thing can be conveyed over the Internet. You say that love means being there for somepony in their time of need... But as much as I or anypony else here would like that, we can't do it. We can say words of encouragement, we can write *Hug*, but... We can't really be there. We can't really hug those people while they go through rough times, embracing them, telling them it's gonna be alright. We can try. We can do our best to try and make up for the distance. But in the end, it's just not possible through this medium. I'm sorry to have to be the downer here, but it's just not possible. Sometimes one needs to shake people and tell them to pull their shit together. Sometimes, one needs to hug them, tell them that one is there for them. Sometimes, one needs to wipe away their tears and reassure them that life is a beautiful thing and indeed worth fighting for.

I've had to be there for people like that more than once. But it's not just my anecdotal experience. Empathetic hormones (Oxytocin, if you want to look it up) are released when you are physically there with somepony you love. Two lovers. A mother with her child. Really good friends. I am willing to postulate that "love", in the strictest definition of the word, is not something which can be achieved over the Internet.

So does that make everything this community does for one another void? Absolutely not. As I earlier stated, what we have here constitutes friendship. Perhaps not the same kind that you would have with somepony in real life, but still something that is more than worth taking into consideration. Taking a few lines from one of my favourite songs: Why is it so hard to find someone who cares about you / When it's easy enough to find someone who looks down on you? And that is something I do believe in. Care. I do believe that people here genuinely care for one another. But the thing is that, as hard as it is to accept, sometimes more than that is needed. If somepony is seriously considering suicide, an Internet community, no matter how encouraging, just isn't enough. They need somepony to be there, to hold them, to tell them that it's going to be alright. This is also why I am often very quick to dismiss these suicide threads as somepony just having a really rough day. Because it takes more than that to commit suicide. However, for somepony who is having one such day, cheering up in this way is just fine. It works, I have been cheered up by this community before. Depression, real depression, however is another matter entirely.

Now, onto re-stating what Frollo said in his excellent post. Love, tolerance, kindness... These things won't solve all your problems. If somepony is down because they lost their job, they don't just need hugs and comfort. They need somepony to tell them to get up on that horse again and get a new one, as difficult as that may seem. Sometimes, that needs to be put bluntly and not in the way that seems like it will make the person the least sad. Sometimes, people need a slap in the face with reality. That's honesty. And if they have trouble with getting by? Then they need support, monetary support. Generosity. They need somepony who is willing to stick with them during their rough times, even if they aren't the best at returning the gesture when in such a situation. Loyalty. And sometimes, sometimes, we just need a diversion from our current lives. Something that will make us happy again, even if just for a few seconds. Laughter. None of these are love. Love might lead to them and they might need to love, but in essence, that also holds true for friendship.

Id est: Internet companionship is a beautiful thing and definitely worth taking into consideration. But it's not the same as the same thing in the real world. And it's not because people lack good intentions - it's simply because of how we humans function. But Internet friends are still friends, just of a different kind. And why we may not truly be able to hold and display love for one another, we can still use all five Elements of Harmony. Because that is what friendship contains: Kindness, loyalty, honesty, generosity and laughter. And you know what? It's enough for me.
>> No. 2494494
File 130770198029.jpg - (123.07KB , 516x360 , trollestia-(n1301608387831).jpg )
And there you go.
Thanks once again for writing out exactly what I would've written if I weren't too busy to take the time to do it.

I love you, Whelp.
Pic related to the last statement
I just couldn't resist.
>> No. 2494495
File 130770284478.png - (61.53KB , 257x211 , GildaIsHappy.png )
>But Internet friends are still friends, just of a different kind. And why we may not truly be able to hold and display love for one another, we can still use all five Elements of Harmony. Because that is what friendship contains: Kindness, loyalty, honesty, generosity and laughter. And you know what? It's enough for me.
That made me happy.
>> No. 2494496
File 130770381932.png - (45.26KB , 180x203 , 180px-Demoflip.png )
These damned commentaries are long but bloody accurate. I am proud to be a part of your team, lad.
>> No. 2494497
File 130770558489.png - (99.41KB , 292x339 , Picture 82.png )
Gosh, That was amazing mate, Well said.
>> No. 2494498
this thread... it's magical.
i love how many different opinions and ideas you have, ponychan.
i love how usually when there's a couple of differences of opinion that you all state them, agree to disagree, and come together with a better understanding of each other than before. it really makes this community a better place.
gandalf, soldier, moony, amonisis, frollo... all the others who's posts i read in this thread that cared to state their opinion (i read the whole thread, and i don't wanna scroll back through it again... i think i'm forgetting cerulean starlight and starlight ironhoof, i could be wrong?) thank you for stating your opinions. it's wonderful, it really is.
we're all humans and it's genuinely wonderful to see differences of opinion stated with such civility here that doesn't usually happen on other sites. there's only ever been one discussion that i've had the pleasure of participating in that had such a wonderful amount of civility, i won't say the site or the topic though. it's too touchy of a subject, and i don't want to derail the thread...
ponychan is magic. it really is.
>> No. 2494499
File 130770597485.png - (86.53KB , 352x264 , Twilight - You guys___.png )

You are too kind. Thanks.
>> No. 2494500
shit, i did forget some ponies

i so sorry whelp, i forgot you in my post.
>> No. 2494501
File 130770686424.png - (301.65KB , 647x583 , Twilight - Tiny baby smile!.png )

No need to apologise.
>> No. 2494502
File 130770732725.jpg - (14.09KB , 380x425 , 130145005716.jpg )
I've never said and never will agree that love transmitted over the Internet is just as strongly received as or a good substitute for RL love. RL can't be replaced.

However, you'd be surprised with the digitization of this age how much still can be received by people. We live in an age where people kill themselves over things anonymous strangers post on their MySpaces and Facebooks.

Being loving over the Internet still gets received, trust me on that. But no, it can't ever be as good as RL love. However, it's not wasted effort to show a pony love on here. I do believe that, in the case of depressed or suicidal ponies, they should be urged toward RL solutions.

>they don't just need hugs and comfort. They need somepony to tell them to get up on that horse again and get a new one, as difficult as that may seem.

Statements like this are best received when they're made in love. Again, love isn't all about the glowiness. It's the motivation, too. It's the unease it shakes up, too.

I think a lot of ponies have a misconception of love...Being straight and stern with somepony can be the most loving thing you do for that person. To keep somepony in a state that's bad for them and trying to make them feel okay and happy about it, well, I don't see how that's love at all. To me, that's just sheer neglect and passing up on a chance to love that person because you're uncomfortable with it. Easier to pass the problems off and move on with life.
>> No. 2494503
I agree with what's been said - people should be civil, and not discriminated against (etc, etc).

However the one thing I'd have to say about all of this is that it all seems rather serious; people seem to be forgetting the most important thing. The internet shouldn't be taken seriously. It's all in good fun, and definitely isn't to be taken seriously (with the possible exception of aforementioned suicide threads, and some other subjects related to real life).

Lighten up, have fun! Otherwise what's the point?
>> No. 2494504
File 130770747212.png - (318.01KB , 553x542 , Twilight - Pony please.png )

Some of us actually like to be serious.
>> No. 2494505
File 130770781831.png - (109.39KB , 298x235 , Twilight - Clopfic.png )

Well, we obviously agree. One thing, though: About people killing themselves over stuff on social websites. The people who would do that are probably already depressed, because it seems like a really harsh thing to do. I know it's happened, but I have a feeling that those persons should honestly have sought help earlier. And another thing to add: It's much easier to make people sad than happy.
>> No. 2494506
File 130770804133.png - (106.36KB , 650x650 , 130548134099.png )
>Yeah all in all, I just wish people were more easy going in general.

THIS!!!! Another thing I've noticed in the fandom. When this fandom was new, nearly all of us had very thick skin. We could laugh and be easy going about anything. It's one reason this fandom has been able to be so strong and generally more accepted than other fandoms out there. We aren't a group to react heavily to parasprites and feed their unholy desires. We aren't a group to get worked up amongst each other.

Or, we once weren't that kind of group. We still have those qualities to a collective to some degree, but it has been on the decline. Now, don't take this as me saying it's the newfriends who can't be easy going. Oldfriends were noticing this evolution even in us as well (and usually would jokingly blame it on having a loving heart as opposed to the cold heart a lot of us had from /b/). Over time, this fandom has shown a lot of signs of softening the skin.

I personally love jokes. One thing I loved most about MLP: FiM is that it would show the friends pulling pranks on each other, and when Gilda got bent out of shape over the pranks and misdirected anger, she was the one at fault. I can't think of any specific examples, but I've seen too many things in the media in my life time where the people trying to have harmless silliness is the problem, and try to say harmless silliness is harmful. Quite frankly, I've always seen people who say that as people who are pretty incapable of being loving and overall just bitter people looking to fight anypony over anything. From life experience, I can't imagine I'm missing the point too far in that.

Some people need to learn to lighten up and have some fun! Pull some Pinkie pranks on one another!!!

Anyways...I really need to get ready for work. Got a presentation today, and I'm probably going to put Derpy on one of my slides for fun. =)
>> No. 2494507
keep in mind though, some people are sensitive... even pinkie didn't prank fluttershy, she knew fluttershy would be too hurt by it and that it would damage their friendship.
>> No. 2494508
File 130771049553.png - (66.61KB , 357x312 , 130746792243.png )
Well put Soldier, well put. I swear, one of those days I'm going to fly out to where ever the hell you stay and buy you a tall cold one.
>> No. 2494509
I hope that these issues are taken to heart and understood by most of the community. As a newfriend to the community, I've noticed these issues immediatly upon arriving. These problems scare me and me nervous about getting serious in the community.
This is a problem. If I feel this way, then certainly there are many mewfriends sho feel the zame.same. Afraid to get dragged into the community if drama will arise. I am willing to tKe that dangerous step, but it shouldn't have to be so precarious. I love the caring within this community. I love the well thought out, deliberate lostz and the funny, cute nature of everything. It's heart war7a wild weed has been sown in the heart of this fandom. The clash if cultures and philosophies is getting overwhelming. The fandom is getting dragged down by politics. Once where every pony walked freely, to say as they please and hang out with each other all in light fun, our hides have softened and we become scared, angry, and generally agitated at lne another over such simple things.
For a pony to berate another over something so simple as being an "attentiin horse, is not only downright silly, but uneccessary. Let them get attention. If people don't want to give them attention, they won't. This is how it is in real life. People don't go calling each other names. We're not on the playground, people. Let's be mature. A large lot of us are adults here. We do understand that name calling gets us nowhere, right? Ignore the attention horse. Let them cry foul. They will receive what they sow.
Problems such as these should not tear us apart. Are we really so childish that we will argue and cry as somepony geberated? The fact that the community hops on the train and beratez the berater is almost as bad as the initial berating. The berater only needz to be told once, if at all. Ignore the berater and cheer up the pony in need. Tell them to ignorr the fellow, but don't argue and berate the fellow. With thousands of users it turns into a huge fight when all that was needed was a few kind words. Only one person needs to raise their eyebrow at the berater, not hundreds.
And if others agree with th e berater and feel that they need to expres their hate and dislike for the pony who is asking for help or attention, i have only one thing to say.
Stop. Sit back. What are you really here for? This show, this comunity is about understanding each othere Why are you berating another unique individuL? Why are you standing to your opinions so strongly. Are we not here because we love the carefree attitude of this show? The morals and ethics in the show? The understanding and caring nature of it all? If you sir or madam are not here to express a love for the show and to talk about the show and enjoy it in other's company, then why are you heree? Try to mull the things over. Berating another pony is not going to gelp the community. Let each pony flourish. Even the most craziest of us ponies have something to offer. Think about Pinkie Pie. How many times has it seemed that she has nothing to offer? She may seem eeird or cra,y, but she has so much to offer.
This show is about care and understanding. To forget these concepts and to push and grind against others with your opinions is uncalled for. This is a kids ahow, after all. For us to be berating each other over something like this is downright sily. Opinions, strong, idealisti opinions are uncalled for. If you disagree with somepony, fine. Say so, even. But are your opinions really so important that you would destroy another? That you would scare any newfriends such as myself from joining the community? That you would oppose other ponies to uphold your idea?
Calm down little ponies. This is all in good cheer. Love one another. Even if you disagree. We are all onlh pony. We all have out own ideas to offer, our own conceptions. Let us put them to use. Let us coalesce together in a pot of community. We are a community, arn't we? Let's exchange ideas and hang out.
As friends.
>> No. 2494510
File 130771141616.png - (193.63KB , 581x477 , smile.png )

Well well, I spend a large portion of my work day considering how I want to reply to the posts I mentioned and I find out that Whelp has already done just as good as job:


This is one kick-flankpost, Whelp.

The only other thing that I do want to mention in regards to this post by Moony;

>As for tolerance: are the racist, the murderer, and the rapist not human as well?

I’m not going to go into murderers and rapists here, suffice it to say that I don’t believe that somepony who destroys somepony else’s life deserves tolerance on any level. There are certain absolute morals for which there are no excuses for breaking.

Instead I just want to focus on the other thing, racism, or discrimination on any level for that matter. In my opinion tolerance is valuable here to a point, one should always attempt to get to the root of somepony’s problems and issues; perhaps their parents were bigots and brought them up as such, perhaps they’d had some negative experiences in the past and it had affected them , we ought to tolerate people like this in so far as we are able to understand them, because with understand is it possible to help change their disturbing viewpoint.

However, it will often get to the point that somepony is unwilling to change, perhaps they simply are bigoted, perhaps they get some enjoyment out of it, either way discrimination itself is not acceptable, and I don’t think that we should tolerate people who simply refuse to be good, rational human beings and instead act out to hurt others. Hurting other people is not acceptable, that sort of thing is a crime for a reason.

To put it simply, if somepony actively chooses to be a bad person, why would we tolerate them? We have morals for a reason. Being human may entitle you tolerance, but if you are destructive to others then you’re going to lose that privilege. That’s why we have justice, society as a whole does not tolerate those that break our morals, so we lock them up where they cannot be a danger to others.

Now personally I tend to give people second chances; when it comes to punishing kids at school I tend to make sure that I give them a punishment to help them really think about what they’ve done, to understand why their behaviour isn’t acceptable and why it needs to never happen again, especially in regards to discrimination; making them sit there in silence for an hour isn’t hugely productive, whereas making them actually do a bit of research into an issue might help them to see. Unfortunately I know from experience that some people are simply not going to change, and that’s when I have to get more serious; some people do get expelled, because the school system considers them unfit to be around normal children.
>> No. 2494511
File 130771148366.png - (291.52KB , 640x327 , bigboss_finalsalute.png )
Well, I've said this before, but I'll say it again: You are very good with words.
I'll have to get the most epic salute out of my folder for this thread.

However, one thing I must disagree with you on.
You said it's not possible to love on the internet. I dissagree. Friendship is a kind of love. Of course we arn't seeing each other face to face, maybe we would even dislike some of the members if we would see them into the eyes.
However, I believe that the way this community acts is what can be called friendship. Supporting others while they are down, being honest, humoring others, remaining loyal to our community, dispite what others may think of them and being kind in general.
And I believe that you know that friedship can bloom here as well, dispite of what you said. You contradicted yourself sometimes.
Yes, I do believe that love can bloom on the battlefield internet.
>> No. 2494512
File 130771687730.png - (178.52KB , 1280x967 , rainbow_dash_salute_by_atomicgreymon-d3bo0dx.png )
Although I usually don't read posts as long as this, I'm making an exception for The Soldier.

And I have to say, it's about time that somepony finally says all of this. I almost completely agree with everything he says.
The one thing I disagree with however are The Soldier's claims of Friendships being unable to form through the internet. Regarding this specific topic, I agree more with Big Boss' latest post.

Other then that though, I salute you on a job well done. As I said before, it's about time somepony posted something like this.
For that, I respect you.
>> No. 2494513
File 130771759735.jpg - (232.17KB , 762x779 , nope engineer style.jpg )
I agree with everything but the love part, though I would agree on message boards maybe not so much, but in chat rooms it can, if the people in there have known each othe long enough.

You are awesome Soldier, keep up the good work.
>> No. 2494514
File 130771879073.png - (561.22KB , 446x635 , Snake_sohappy.png )
We herdminded. Not that I mind.
But everypony should have their own oppinion.

What I basicly want to say is, well, friendship can be obtained in the most scurril ways. Love can be many things. If it is only being friends, caring deeply for somepony else, or romantical love.

Community, just keep it up.
You are the true heros.
>> No. 2494515
File 130771905116.png - (128.61KB , 355x310 , Twilight - Wait, what.png )

I already gave my thought on the topic of "love" and the Internet, in case any of you care:

>> No. 2494516
File 130771931673.png - (130.00KB , 293x294 , Twilight - So um, that thread topic___.png )

Also Frollo's post, which should probably be read first.

>> No. 2494519
File 130771997591.png - (87.05KB , 337x270 , Twilight - You idiot.png )

Did you even read all of what he wrote?


He even specificially addressed what you are saying here.

And if you are really that jealous, go out there and make something like this, rather than complaining. I'll have you know that Soldier spent several hours on writing this. You can do the same if you try instead of... Whatever the hell you think you're doing right now.

Not cool, dude. Not cool.
>> No. 2494520
>1. deletes offending post to because in retrospect I was being a assdamaged moron for no reason which I should try to not be in the future
>2. reads proper post
>gets point
>shuts up and fades into the herd/background/community far more willingly than before
At least I'm not Anon.
>> No. 2494521
File 130772037298.png - (77.99KB , 258x287 , Twilight - What pregnancy test.png )

Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Anypony can be a constructive member of the community, including yourself. So contribute. This is definitely not the way to do it.
>> No. 2494522

>As for tolerance, I divide it into two sections: Tolerance of actions and tolerance of persons. Here, we should always remain tolerant of a person, regardless of their actions,

That was what I was going to say, actually. That's what I think love and tolerance means. It's not about going all apathetic to anything everypony does. It's about accepting that people have flaws and they have their reasons for doing and thinking the way they do.
Arguing those actions and thoughts are not opposite to tolerating the person.

I have lately contemplated making a "depression/suicide" thread, but I fear that 1. I can't make sense of what causes my depression, and 2. that it won't be able to help at all.
2 is mostly because I've already asked for help on so many places, both on the internet and by talking to a gratuitous amount of "experts"...

And on top of that, I think I agree with most of what you said :)
>> No. 2494523
File 130772073577.png - (119.84KB , 382x296 , Twilight - Studying is booooooring_.png )

Hello. I've only seen you in the RP section before, I believe?

Try some pills made from dried St. John's Wort. They're basically like natural happy pills, but with less side-effects and they can be had without prescription. Take them for a week or so, see if you don't feel just a bit better.
>> No. 2494524
I know. I was... just to scared to...
>this is not the way to do it

>starts more work on that RP-thread series he was too scared to write up and run without seeming completely insane
Inspiration comes from the strangest places. Thanks, Whelp. It's good to know that my imaginings that everypony else on Ponychan is a natural-born psychologist aren't totally, totally unfounded.
>> No. 2494525
File 130772113143.png - (69.20KB , 290x273 , Twilight - I'm thinking___ No_.png )

I'm no psychologist, I just state my opinion. If I had been one, I would probably cause more problems than I would prevent. But that's good to hear. Even if you don't think your contributions mean anything, they do. Trust me. There's always somepony out there who cares.
>> No. 2494526
File 130772120054.png - (450.07KB , 861x868 , 130626235887.png )
I can't believe I hadn't seen this thread up until now. I feel compelled to make a point, but I haven't read the whole thread and believe anything I say might as well have already been said. I will, however, say that this is amazing.

I suppose, being a central part of the roleplaying derails that happen around here, I have to address that issue somehow. I really don't like derailing threads, and I really don't like offending anypony with those things. It is impossible to RP in /oat/ without stepping on somepony's hooves, since only allowing spontaneous RP makes it difficult to make a specific thread for it. The ambience over in /rp/ scared most of the /oat/ers away when we tried to go there, too.

But, still, we do stay away from threads that have even any semblance of being serious or interesting. The last thread we did anything on was autosaged, and the one before that was an official wingboner thread that was stickied as a joke. So, please understand that we try not to be invasive with these things.

And, if anypony is unhappy with it, please say something. At least I would stop if I was told to.
>> No. 2494527
Mine was more relevant to chat rooms, and not so much ponychan
>> No. 2494528
File 130772140951.png - (129.59KB , 266x299 , Twilight - STFU, I am reading.png )

I've been to chatrooms. To be honest, I believe the only difference is that it's much harder to have a proper discussion in those places. All the thing we said still apply.
>> No. 2494529
File 130772227407.jpg - (207.12KB , 768x768 , 24571 - Demoman Team_Fortress_2.jpg )
I might disagree. I've been going to the same chatroom with the same people for the better part of 3 years now, and I'd say we're as close of friends as you can really get.
>> No. 2494530
File 130772323125.jpg - (18.89KB , 387x348 , 130575120796.jpg )
>same chatroom
>better part of 3 years
See, this is why you keep going back there, because you are good friends with the people there...
>> No. 2494531
File 130772337897.png - (86.74KB , 350x197 , happyheavy.png )

Another meaningful thread by The Soldier, I'm always glad to be around when these things happen.

>I want to start off by saying if you go around with a name and a trip code (or a very recognizable name at the very least) you are doing so because you want people to remember who you are. Does that make you an attention seeking jackass? Of course not.

Never seen anypony insult one on having a name or tripcode here before though. Sure, somew anons will say it is much better to remain unknown but no serious rants about this that I've seen.
>> No. 2494532
File 130772383315.png - (33.58KB , 155x163 , appleglasses.png )
Whoop! I can spread my analysis opinion!

From what I can see the environments on message boards and chatrooms are similar, but with a few key differences. The first and most major being pacing. Chatrooms are far more fast-paced because of their nature, you type short things and they're instantly sent, no optional picture like you do with imageboards. If somepony says something in a very active chatroom, it's likely to be swept away by other conversation, but in the same way a new thread can fall down the page list in the same way.

With imageboards, at least you can study each page of threads and link around to other things, however in chatrooms it's a matter of scrolling, and with many chatrooms the text just keeps going up as you scroll, making it even harder to engage in conversation with an active chat. On imageboards, things don't change until you refresh the page, so at least it gives you a chance to sit, think and type out your response. (Another good thing is that if you refresh the page mid-type, your message isn't lost, so you can add in new developments on the fly).

It's merely a matter of personal taste. Impatient people may want to use chatrooms because they like getting responses quickly, whereas others may be uncomfortable with that pace. Whether or not it's as Whelp said
in that you can't have a proper discussion depends entirely on the society there. Just because it's a chatroom doesn't mean you can't have a lengthy in depth conversation, it just depends on the people that are there, whether it's public or private (chatrooms can derail as easily as threads), though I do agree that the pacing I mentioned earlier makes it less natural to write long responses, as you're almost forced to keep up with the flow of things. It feels faster, so you feel you must.

Just an analysis of mine. (hence analysis goggles).
>> No. 2494533
File 130772390005.png - (40.96KB , 125x82 , Spike tearful.png )
>> No. 2494534
File 130772496383.png - (76.16KB , 300x300 , 130655369683.png )
>(Another good thing is that if you refresh the page mid-type, your message isn't lost, so you can add in new developments on the fly).

This apparently doesn't work for some people. :l
>> No. 2494535
File 130772505156.png - (75.36KB , 244x261 , SadAJ.png )
Does your message get killed?
I feel so bad for you T_T
>> No. 2494536
File 130772547021.png - (19.27KB , 122x112 , 130630229674.png )
No, it works for me, but when I made a thread about the 502 errors (when they happened), and that it was fine to backspace or press refresh to see if the post went through, some people said that actually it isn't fine because their dialogs get cleared up when they do.
They said they were using Google Chrome, do you use that?
>> No. 2494537
File 130772583675.png - (297.86KB , 1280x800 , ajsEyebrows2.png )
Nah. For some reason I just can't handle the way Chrome is setup. I use Firefox and IE relatively equally, though not at the same time, I shift from one to the other over time and currently I'm on the Firefox side at the moment (though I don't use the latest version).
>> No. 2494538
File 130772620342.png - (43.61KB , 188x179 , 130626157685.png )
According to a friend, he had to upgrade from Firefox 4 to Firefox 3.6, haha.

Anyway, I'm not sure if your tone in that other post was intended to be like that, but it sure sounded condescending. Please understand that I'm not offended or anything, but that's because I think you're an awesome guy. Maybe in the future be careful with your wording, other bronies may not be as understanding...
>> No. 2494539
File 130772643634.png - (74.31KB , 724x792 , whut.png )
My analysis?

Condascending.... how?
I don't see it. I was just being objective.
But then, I wrote it, so I KNOW how I felt.
So .... condascending how? Can you highlight a point?
>> No. 2494540
File 130772704772.png - (284.28KB , 898x614 , CantBrainToday.png )

You mean this post!?
Yeah I noticed when I typed it.
I'd HOPED with a sad AJ face it'd help but I guess it didn't. Sorry bout that! It was written a bit towards the... 'I'm feigning care' end wasn't it?

But at least I get a chance to use this image.
>> No. 2494541
File 130772768408.png - (38.59KB , 199x148 , 130575785572.png )
Yeah, I meant that post. But it's okay, man, maybe you didn't notice while you typed it. Who am I to impart judgement?

Anyway, congratulations on the /arch/ival, Soldier! You deserve it for making such great points, your rhetoric is one everypony should aspire to have :D
>> No. 2494542
File 130772867928.png - (161.14KB , 508x394 , lookright.png )
Phew, just got back from class. Finished reading the rest of the thread. And I just want to say thank you all so much for the kind words and keeping your discussion composed in here. It's exactly what I was looking for.


Just to touch on these posts. Yes, I know my view on "love" over the internet is very different from some. I'm afraid this section may have been worded slightly wrong from what I was trying to get across.

For myself, love is a feeling and an emotion that requires physicality and a deeper connection that cannot be made through simple text. It's something that is deeper and more complex then could ever be done over a website.

This does not mean I do not care about everypony here. This does not mean I do not think friendships can be formed over the internet. It does not mean I think these things can lead to love. But love is a heavy word for me. Saying it and using it should come with a burden. One that I personally feel is too strong over a medium such as the internet.
>> No. 2494543
File 130772874663.png - (241.45KB , 653x497 , 130634465930.png )
The Soldier only mentioned RP. I saw nothing about ferris wheels.

Now we lurk and wait for a thread made by mod that gets stickied and obviously is going nowhere....

But in seriousness, I don't think you've ever really done the RP in threads that really were having these intelligent discussions The Soldier was referring to. At least, not the times that I've seen you do it. I know there's probably times I've missed it, but I'm sure you're alright. =)
>> No. 2494544
File 130772915795.jpg - (66.24KB , 637x720 , Ajdoesntquitegetit.jpg )
Soldier has been /arch/ived. Now the battle truly begins.
Ignore the above I just wanted to say it.
We abide by all the codes of conduct outlined above. If somepony wants us to get out (with a valid reason, of course) we'll get out without a fuss.

Besides, when has it not been fun to hunt for autosaged threads?
>> No. 2494545
After doing it in a sticky, I think I found a new obsession. Unfortunately, how often will a thread that sorta has more of a derail element to it get stickied again???

Protip: we did it in a Wingboner thread that !!Scootz stickied...now I just wanna find a mod making a thread of equal derailment encouragement
>> No. 2494546
File 130772980768.png - (53.42KB , 220x237 , seriously.png )
It's alllll fame and glory with you, isn't it.

I kid. It's awesome.
>> No. 2494547
File 130772981759.png - (127.92KB , 800x700 , 130682111027.png )
Somepony had to point this thread to me.

>mfw wingboners are serious and legitimate discussion that in absolutely no way can imply "derail me" ... none whatsoever...and I don't remember many, hardly any, if any complaining....
>> No. 2494548
File 130773038192.png - (12.02KB , 108x125 , applejacksmile.png )
>mfw that quote
>> No. 2494552
File 130773703820.jpg - (19.59KB , 146x146 , The Scout.jpg )
Friggin' unbelievable.
>> No. 2494553
File 130774127593.png - (117.37KB , 1226x1274 , mmmmmyeah.png )
>It's much easier to make people sad than happy.
The disagreement I anticipated experiencing after reading said statement.

I think that this is untrue when presented as a generic statement. It's true for some people, and often the ones who you most want to cheer up, but not all people. I've met many people who you literally just cannot bring down.
>> No. 2498490
just leaving this here:
PS: i read the op's post on soldier's voice XDDD
>> No. 2498512
File 130845524988.png - (35.29KB , 169x170 , 130842792195.png )
>> No. 2504997
Holy shit.

I'm going to be honest here. I actually did afraid to read this and try to find what is going to be here. Ugly mudfest?

No, instead I found most inspiring and genious topic in Ponychan. It seems those who scratched the surface got afraid that thing what we have called 'love and tolerance wouldn't apply, or people wouldn't "accept" because that is in technically "difficult" as term and what it does really mean.

How I view love and tolerance? When we look up for term love, I disagree with The Soldier's opinion about love in context in Internet, because as few other, I too see "love" meaning something more than just affection. For me "love" means also caring, and that's kind of love is viable in Internet.

I agree with the view that tolerance shouldn't mean tolerating everything, but also trying to understand root of problems is important. So what I would what "tolerance" means that we shouldn't judge people by any other means than their actions.

It was really beautiful read all of your opinions. Such elegantly different values appearing so neatly alongside haven't witnessed nowhere before. I really appreciate this place.

And sorry if this contain typos. I'll explain my opinion more, if somepony ask.
>> No. 2505423
File 131214245727.png - (174.93KB , 490x357 , RDash_feels_bad_pony.png )
I think it's time to lock the thread.
Spambots are going crazy for this.
Sorry Soldier! <3
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