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File 130791938312.jpg - (226.81KB , 597x795 , nekozneko crossover Panty_and_Stocking_with_Garter.jpg )
2495461 No. 2495461
I want to start another one of these because I though the last one we had was awesome.

So in the off-chance that this thread doesn't die after 5 posts:

Post anything that's been bothering you, get something off your chest, or just comfort people about their secrets and stuff. I suppose I will start:
Honestly, I started watching MLP because Twilight's hair looked like Stocking's from Panty and Stocking wtih Garterbelt.
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>> No. 2495462
File 130791951352.png - (237.57KB , 620x593 , 130565505442.png )
I'm not supposed to be on the computer today. But here I am.

inb4 I get caught.
>> No. 2495463
File 130791956955.jpg - (76.95KB , 500x391 , 341196444_684a8d3472.jpg )
My stomach is bothering me.

That is the last time I east the chicken drummies from the grocery store deli.
>> No. 2495464
File 130791965465.png - (50.42KB , 232x182 , but thats wrong you retard.png )
I'm supposed to be working on a very important project to try and get back on freelancing graphics but I'm procrastinating like a boss
Wasting my free Sunday.
>> No. 2495465
File 130791965967.jpg - (36.08KB , 640x360 , 130722524898.jpg )
I clop to ponies, but make fun of other people who do it.
>> No. 2495466
File 130791984632.png - (215.89KB , 478x648 , ohnoes.png )
I have chosen "learning japanese" as my mane goal in life.. But I can never get myself motivated enough to start actually PRACTICING it, and what I do know from school is getting rusty as hay.. Seems to be the same for everything I want to be good at...
>> No. 2495467
File 130791994023.png - (53.73KB , 263x291 , Gentleman_Sweetie_Belle.png )
I am supposed to be working a bloody game but I am still here.

Also I might get kicked out of university.

>> No. 2495468
File 130791997721.png - (1.61MB , 1109x1690 , 1298420328481.png )
just kidding
>> No. 2495469
I also should e working on making computer games...

For the last decade or so.
>> No. 2495470
File 130792007087.png - (76.92KB , 1930x1339 , applejack rainbow dash is awesome.png )
I say lies when the truth isn't bad at all.

like when a friend calls to hang out, and i have to go to work. sometimes i'll say i'm going to school.

both mean we can't hang out, and neither are bad. so why do i lie? i don't know
>> No. 2495471
File 130792007309.png - (561.82KB , 800x802 , sleepwi4.png )
Ah the pains of living with parents

I'm supposed to be getting a job, but currently have no intention of going out of my way to get one this summer
oh the pains of living without parents
>> No. 2495472
File 130792011895.jpg - (38.45KB , 460x580 , tumblr_lh83b7oZX61qhxpglo1_500.jpg )
I feel like my immediate family doesnt trust me to make good decisions.
About anything.
But i'm probably just being paranoid.
>> No. 2495473
File 130792011949.png - (158.03KB , 945x945 , feel_bro_colored-(n1298084313350).png )
>> No. 2495474
File 130792019550.jpg - (17.28KB , 220x280 , Layton4.jpg )
Also this.
It's quite bizzare.
>> No. 2495475
File 130792020480.png - (9.55KB , 71x94 , aww32.png )
We on the same boat?
>> No. 2495476
File 130792026781.png - (14.22KB , 493x402 , Applejack_thumbs_up.png )
Creative industry is the shit, sis.

I should get some Red Bull and write some design documents.
>> No. 2495477
File 130792030490.jpg - (35.82KB , 300x300 , Jaws of death.jpg )
I do a lot of drugs.
>> No. 2495478
I don't trust myself to make good decisions.
I confess that I've been singing 'I'll Make A Man Out of You' all day and I DON'T KNOW WHY.
>> No. 2495479
File 130792034378.png - (68.46KB , 614x444 , 130300009824.png )
>> No. 2495480
File 130792041751.jpg - (108.98KB , 1000x1080 , 11970 - twilight_sparkle.jpg )
Weird... me too...
>> No. 2495481
File 130792043699.png - (468.05KB , 943x943 , Shrug.png )
Totally a valid reason. P&SG is an awesome show.

I have this terrible...habit, for lack of a better term, of avoiding friends from high school that I haven't seen for a long time. Especially worse when they want to hang out.

I kinda hate myself for it, but I don't know what to do about it.
>> No. 2495482
I chickened out and am now using an iPhone.
>> No. 2495483
File 130792044686.jpg - (10.21KB , 249x182 , UnitA.jpg )
Its becoming increasingly obvious! I can deny it no longer!

I am small...
>> No. 2495484
File 130792049422.png - (47.64KB , 322x352 , lots of bleach here gotta go.png )
Sometimes i feel out of the community, dunno why but i still have fun, i'm a weirdo~
>> No. 2495485
File 130792052508.jpg - (18.16KB , 292x269 , Layton_Tea.jpg )
Because it's a good song?
Be glad it's not this.

I've never been so glad that my friends can't read lips than the moment i noticed i was half way through the song.
>> No. 2495486
File 130792058027.gif - (206.92KB , 413x400 , 130597455076.gif )
What is the deal with that song, anyway?

I mean, I like the song, but it seems to be getting massive exposure around here lately.
>> No. 2495487
Oh damn, now I'm singing this.
>> No. 2495488
File 130792067193.png - (255.51KB , 827x757 , 130457234867.png )
A real confession.

I don't know anypony in Korea. No friends or anything. All of them broke off after I moved here and I can't contact any of them. Ever.

Just my immediate family.

That's what I get for immigrating, I suppose.
>> No. 2495489
File 130792073627.png - (149.62KB , 640x360 , Rarity_I_am_fabulous.png )
Rarity is the only reason I fucking love that song.

She's dreamy. <3
>> No. 2495490
File 130792073761.gif - (63.87KB , 502x283 , PSandG comparison.gif )
Funny, I started P&Sw/G because I saw them crossed with MLP so much.
>> No. 2495491
>> No. 2495492
File 130792078652.png - (41.03KB , 168x172 , pretty please.png )
Omg really? and to think I saw you like the bastion of sobriety
>> No. 2495493
File 130792079172.png - (116.99KB , 900x824 , Eek.png )

That just made Rarity 20% cooler.
>> No. 2495494
File 130792079525.png - (26.59KB , 301x301 , Celestia_no_dietto.png )
>> No. 2495495
File 130792081750.png - (62.95KB , 539x476 , but now i have to kill you.png )
That happened with my high school friends when i went to college, i sometimes try hard to keep us together but they always seem uninterested...
>> No. 2495496
File 130792081903.png - (251.59KB , 627x996 , 130731328083.png )
>> No. 2495497
File 130792084327.png - (938.37KB , 945x945 , 130646165224-Awwww_colored.png )
Well, we all know where this thread will eventually go, sooooooo...

Why can't I tell you how much I love you? Ugh, IRL relationships is not my forte. That may or may not be from my lack of a girlfriend...

Pic to make me feel a bit better.
>> No. 2495498
File 130792086302.jpg - (43.05KB , 500x500 , 130439198616.jpg )
>> No. 2495499
File 130792086707.jpg - (13.41KB , 354x500 , Layton_Hug.jpg )
That sucks Doctor.
At least you have us though, right?
>> No. 2495500
File 130792086838.jpg - (235.95KB , 945x945 , iknowwhatyoufeel123.jpg )
>> No. 2495501
File 130792095348.gif - (418.52KB , 380x214 , stockingscream.gif )

>> No. 2495502
File 130792095600.jpg - (46.88KB , 276x305 , hipster fluttershy 2.jpg )
I'm only kind of a hipster
>> No. 2495503
File 130792106316.png - (158.02KB , 500x500 , hipster twilight_sparkle.png )
I have recessive hipster genes.
>> No. 2495504
File 130792108209.png - (95.96KB , 666x666 , 130476074678.png )
>> No. 2495506
My friends all call me a hipster which I think is frankly ridiculous.
I'm a huge Lady Gaga fan, for one thing.
I mean, you wear a The Fiery Furnaces shirt once and they're on you for it forever.
>> No. 2495507
File 130792120984.png - (23.60KB , 302x287 , 130470634051.png )
John Sappington Marmaduke has nothing to confess.
>> No. 2495508
File 130792124115.jpg - (56.93KB , 704x640 , 130710722110.jpg )
Eh, it's life.

I actually don't like hipsters
>> No. 2495509
File 130792131730.png - (147.85KB , 406x540 , Luna_troll.png )
>> No. 2495510
File 130792135451.jpg - (15.58KB , 219x271 , 130736764561.jpg )
I need to find a job for the summer, buy plane tickets so I can get to university this fall, study for exams, ect.

Fuck that shit, I'm posting ponies
>> No. 2495511
File 130792137019.jpg - (64.77KB , 515x600 , Pony Stark.jpg )
I have a question for one winged Pegasus. Is that pic the girlfriend from MyCage? I have a very complicated relationship with that comic for the short time it was in the local paper
>> No. 2495512
File 130792143553.gif - (8.69KB , 110x172 , eh2.gif )
>> No. 2495513
File 130792143625.jpg - (33.63KB , 276x600 , Layton_Stand.jpg )
Oh come on John.
There must be something.
>> No. 2495514
I started watching so I could compile all the evidence I could find that Celestia had Luna killed. Then I'd paraspriteyou all with it. 4 episodes in and I was hooked. Now I could never see Celestia as anything but a benevolent leader.
>> No. 2495515
File 130792150356.png - (131.20KB , 508x314 , hipster fluttershy 3.png )
I don't know who that is
Oh come on, we aren't that bad...
>> No. 2495516
File 130792157627.png - (105.27KB , 292x321 , Twilight - You have got to be shitting me.png )
An actual confession? I have one that's really huge, but I doubt anypony here would understand why I did what I did, so I'll just do another.

I was bullied through school. During one recess, the one guy I had thought to be my friend joined in. I got so enraged, I punched out three of his teeth and loosened a couple others.
>> No. 2495517
File 130792158409.jpg - (61.66KB , 211x211 , bridget2.jpg )
What's with the gasses? always wanted to ask that. everytime I see a hipster pony pic in here it always has glasses. do you even use glasses?
>> No. 2495518
File 130792165292.png - (206.23KB , 596x626 , anothe bad filename goes here.png )
I'm kinda proud of you right now~
>> No. 2495519
File 130792165727.gif - (345.71KB , 274x227 , jlX8ZI.gif )
Spongebob, I used your toothbrush to unclog my toilet! I'm sorry!
>> No. 2495520
File 130792166759.jpg - (19.10KB , 200x200 , th-6_candle3.jpg )
Then you are obviously not hip enough<
Just kidding. They're pretty good though, I'd check them out if you get a chance.
>> No. 2495521
File 130792167493.jpg - (16.62KB , 241x241 , 130488444554.jpg )

Heres one.

I am homosex and I am not okay with that
>> No. 2495522
File 130792171182.jpg - (4.72KB , 125x126 , 130387076331.jpg )

Bullying is a common problem it seems. I supposed I was bullied too. (In Korea, not Canada) It's a... bit different over in Korea.
>> No. 2495523
File 130792173741.jpg - (85.71KB , 745x1072 , 249 - fluttershy hope_poster meme.jpg )
I read clopfics and enjoy them.
>> No. 2495524
They're stereotypical 'hipster glasses'. They generally have the lenses removed and are worn as a fashion statement.
>> No. 2495525
File 130792175875.gif - (10.59KB , 108x200 , dude wat.gif )
But why? I know accepting yourself for what you are is hard though.
>> No. 2495526
File 130792180591.jpg - (36.25KB , 460x300 , Layton_Disappoint.jpg )
Good for you.
Betrayal like that makes me sick.
You could try us with the big one if you want, i'm pretty sure i'd understand. Whatever it was.
Why not?
You can't help who you feel attracted to.
>> No. 2495527
File 130792181880.png - (15.54KB , 75x131 , brdangry23.png )
This. RAGE.

That's just... pisses me off honestly.
>> No. 2495528
Me and pinkamena are dating!
>> No. 2495529
File 130792188509.png - (29.31KB , 400x410 , nope.png )

But have not read one in like 2 months
>> No. 2495530
File 130792189042.gif - (923.15KB , 500x500 , ULTRA SHRUG.gif )

Way I was raised son.

Cant help but hate.
>> No. 2495531
File 130792191194.jpg - (207.25KB , 655x691 , 2054 - gummi rainbow_dash.jpg )
there is nothing wrong with that. I am bisexual, and I freely admit it.
>> No. 2495532
I imagine the characters from TV shows that I watch as ponies. It's been getting really awkward ever since I started watching 30 Rock and Flashpoint.
>> No. 2495533
File 130792195892.png - (139.56KB , 674x658 , 130790252034.png )
>> No. 2495534
File 130792199276.png - (9.55KB , 71x94 , aww32.png )
Don't hate! love! take it like a man...
>> No. 2495535
File 130792199807.jpg - (174.36KB , 1500x1000 , Under the influence.jpg )
>> No. 2495536
File 130792203894.jpg - (87.73KB , 589x609 , 130520269414.jpg )
I wear big "hipster glasses". I think they look cool, but only when the lenses are still in the frame.
>> No. 2495537
File 130792207565.gif - (5.80KB , 100x100 , pinkie high whaaa.gif )
Confession thread.... it's my birthday
>> No. 2495538
File 130792208646.png - (99.63KB , 380x356 , why.png )
Ponified 30 Rock... i love you....
>> No. 2495539
File 130792213760.png - (325.61KB , 952x1381 , Dead Crest sad.png )
I've got to get stuff done for this grad show on Friday. Posters and other promotional stuff but I just haven't be bothered
>> No. 2495540
File 130792214664.jpg - (13.98KB , 189x300 , fluttershy clopping.jpg )
I also clop to clopfictions.
>> No. 2495541
File 130792215794.png - (41.30KB , 350x514 , Layton_hmm2.png )
Fair enough, but if it's irrational hatred (which it seems to be) you need to learn to let it go. Just because you 'bat for the other team' as it were, doesnt mean you are any different from a 'Straight' person.
Happy Birthday Papaya.
>> No. 2495542

I'm gonna start ponifying shows in my head now.
>> No. 2495544
File 130792219302.jpg - (101.94KB , 510x510 , Twist_Mug_2.jpg )
Alright, I'm off to be- >>2495537

eeaAAHAPPY BIRTHDAY bro! ..Wait, why is that bothering you?
>> No. 2495545
File 130792222676.png - (502.66KB , 997x750 , did i heard Syrup.png )
Happy birthday~

For some reason they work better than other stuff for me~
>> No. 2495546
File 130792222824.png - (468.05KB , 943x943 , dash shrug.png )
I wear actual glasses for sight correction, and I would get rid of them in a second if I could. Honestly, the mane reason hipsters wear them, and actually the mane reason hipsters do anything, is because people make fun of them for doing it, so they adopt it ironically to head off potential criticism.

And the reason I post ponies with hipster glasses is because it's part of my persona, and the easiest way to convey that a pony is a hipster is by adding some glasses

All that said, I totally want a pair of Wayfarer knock offs with the neon colored "arms"
>> No. 2495547
File 130792230451.png - (40.39KB , 142x192 , Dead Crest yay.png )
Why didn't you say earlier?
Happy Birthday!
>> No. 2495548
File 130792231359.jpg - (149.67KB , 616x462 , chocolate_heart_throbs_lg.jpg )

Another confession.

I don't really like birthdays. I never had any great birthday parties or whatever. I usually just chill out and go out to eat or just talk with people on the phone. I suppose I am not really a party person.
>> No. 2495549
File 130792232223.jpg - (157.81KB , 945x945 , 130467470166.jpg )
John Sappington Marmaduke likes his glasses. However, he would get rid of them if given the chance. The sad thing is that he doesn't like the idea of sticking contacts in his eyes, or having a laser pointed into his face.
>> No. 2495550
Yes, it is true and I love her!
>> No. 2495551
nothing changes in my family and I'm sick and tired of this shit....

sorry I'd rather not complain but this thread was to tempting
>> No. 2495552
File 130792237723.png - (8.01KB , 100x139 , Lurking.png )

>want to say something...
>> No. 2495553
nopony can fault you for your anger, Whelp. You're pretty brave to talk about something so private here.
>> No. 2495554
File 130792239967.png - (72.24KB , 246x393 , 130733445649.png )
Thank you. :D

Not bothered, but excited. I asked my dad to drop the party and buy me a bass guitar. XD

Thank you!
>> No. 2495555
File 130792243900.png - (25.55KB , 506x340 , 130785025959.png )
We need to celebrate somehow.
>> No. 2495556
File 130792244137.jpg - (118.24KB , 1000x600 , ponykids.jpg )
I watch My Little Pony.

And I like it.
>> No. 2495557
File 130792244393.png - (68.13KB , 264x196 , Twilight - What a funny story, Shakespeare!.png )

Well, I guess it was kind of a relief to finally tell somepony outside of my father, mother and sister.
>> No. 2495558
Heavy stuff, Whelp. My situation with my parents is completely different from yours, but you gotta know, same thing I tell myself every morning - "It's not your fault."
>> No. 2495559
Okay serious confession time:
I Insert something I've done in the past I'm ashamed of here because Insert self-discovery here
>> No. 2495560
I like to think that that's partly what this community is here for. Many would disagree with me, of course, but I still stand by it.
>> No. 2495561
File 130792254957.png - (267.94KB , 2000x1839 , 130670837744.png )
I'm.... fashionably late XD Thank you!

Gonna eat some later XD
>> No. 2495562
File 130792255745.png - (28.27KB , 131x120 , idonoboutthat.png )
I don't like real life ponies, I only like horses.
>> No. 2495563
File 130792257659.png - (57.66KB , 328x425 , TCC Sagan.png )
I wish people like Carl Sagan were alive, my generation along with the younger people of today's world generally piss me off.
>> No. 2495564
File 130792258957.png - (143.67KB , 324x300 , Twilight - Sure, if you say so.png )

But it is. I let my anger get the best of me. I never should have.
>> No. 2495565
File 130792259438.png - (26.96KB , 945x945 , shrug.png )
I don't even like horses, they bore me to hell~
>> No. 2495566
File 130792259912.png - (56.25KB , 319x274 , 130041775773.png )
I understand, as much as i'm able to at least. I've never been in that kind of situation.
He sounds like a really bad person and i dont think many people would have blamed you if you went through with it

I'm glad you didnt though.
>> No. 2495567
Hell yes, brony!
Best instrument ever!
>> No. 2495568
An actual confession, my father passed away 7 years ago and I felt nothing yet I loved him the most in the family.
>> No. 2495569
File 130792264961.jpg - (3.04KB , 101x125 , 130762068612.jpg )
I saved enough money to buy a cake. I'm gonna empty it after school XD
>> No. 2495570
File 130792265872.png - (43.23KB , 367x162 , 130506021227.png )

Funniest thing. John Sappington Marmaduke Is absolutely terrified of Horses Not a clue why, he is around them all the time being a historical reenactor, but the idea of being ran over by a 1200lb animal terrifies him.
>> No. 2495571
That's pretty normal, happened to me when my grandma died.
>> No. 2495572
File 130792269344.png - (58.33KB , 243x213 , Twilight - The littlest reader.png )

Society would.
>> No. 2495573
File 130792270441.jpg - (78.65KB , 1366x768 , 130301437741.jpg )
I've had some rather long-standing problems between my parents (I suppose that's sort of over now, though not entirely), and although things never got that extreme, I can relate to some extent. I don't think any less of you for it.

I'm not a party person either.
>> No. 2495574
>> No. 2495575
File 130792275590.png - (360.08KB , 878x829 , Applejack_closed.png )
Same with my grandmother.

It still bothers me.

I should probably go get something to eat. It's the only way to make me happy.
>> No. 2495576

I feel your pain man. My dad commit suicide 4 years ago in August. I was probably the only person at the funeral besides my grandfather that didn't cry. I felt so horrible, but I just couldn't bring myself to show it.
>> No. 2495577
File 130792278473.jpg - (32.39KB , 397x467 , 130491669637.jpg )
I have a allergic reaction to the things, I had my palm licked by one and my hand blew up like a balloon. It didn't help the fact that I was driving that day!
>> No. 2495578
File 130792278756.png - (44.65KB , 122x180 , oh you.png )
I used to eat bbq ribs, and loved it. now I can't even stand the smell of burning flesh
>> No. 2495579
When i read books I've always imagined the characters as anime/cartoon characters i already know. I managed to get through the whole Dune series with half the cast of Naruto and bleach in my head. When this happens with ponies I know I'll probably never be able to go back.
>> No. 2495580
File 130792285258.jpg - (32.62KB , 404x405 , hipster fluttershy 4.jpg )
Same, I can't touch my eyes, I have no idea why. I'm probably going to get Lasik eventually, my roommate got it and loved it, but it's so damn expensive. Also, wearing dark sunglasses even at night and while I'm sleeping would be terrible
>> No. 2495581
File 130792285980.jpg - (23.46KB , 263x279 , whatasadtwist.jpg )

Man, dude, bro... (wait, what am I, some surfer-dude?)

I had a time in my life where I let rage consume my actions so easily, but in my case I had no real reason to, it was just the only way I knew how to let out anger.. Wait, why am I talking about me now, this is about you! *slaps self*

What I was trying to say was, "I only remotely know that feeling bro", but I feel like I understand you a bit more, and why you sometimes come across as somewhat cynic.. Sorry bro, but it's at least good to know that your mom is doing well~

Anyhoof, I think my extended stay here for tonight is at an end. Goodnight everypony~
>> No. 2495582
File 130792288015.png - (129.35KB , 370x323 , what's going on over here.png )
I felt nothing when my Grandpa and Great Grandmother died (several years apart). Both were cool but I just didn't feel it. I never met my biological Grandfather (lived entirely across the US) so I'm not worried about feeling nothing for him.

I've contemplated similar action. Some people really do deserve some things. Fortunately for the tow of us in my case we've never met or even been in the same state
>> No. 2495583
File 130792288489.png - (260.51KB , 712x513 , Twilight - Best way to be outside.png )
Just so people don't get confused: I deleted a post in this thread.
>> No. 2495584
File 130792289890.png - (172.58KB , 640x360 , 130040633624.png )
Not if they knew he was bad person they wouldnt.

You let your anger get the best of you, it happens.
Regardless of what you wanted to do at the time, the important thing is that you didnt do it.
>> No. 2495585
File 130792295046.png - (62.95KB , 539x476 , but now i have to kill you.png )
I'm allergic to balloons, that's why i never could have fun at parties since child and maybe the reason i hate them now...

And my favorite pony is Pinkie, weird right?
>> No. 2495586
File 130792297581.png - (229.00KB , 2433x1630 , 130349552821.png )
Likewise. One of my grandmothers had Alzheimer's and we were never that close, so I suppose it was understandable there, but the other I was liked, but I didn't feel much, and felt guilty.

(Both my grandfathers died when I was quite a bit younger.)
>> No. 2495587
File 130792299575.png - (45.75KB , 122x174 , wat.png )
>I'm allergic to balloons
>> No. 2495588
File 130792305104.jpg - (25.93KB , 600x351 , 130789854368.jpg )
John Sappington Marmaduke knows a person who is also allergic to the rubber in balloons.
>> No. 2495589
File 130792310321.png - (137.98KB , 898x898 , Remembering Artificial Inteligence movie.png )
I know it's stupid but when there are balloons i turn red, my whole body itches and stuff... i hate that...

Same with latex gloves
>> No. 2495590
I secretly clop to Ponies and really do wish to have Rarity as my waifu.
>> No. 2495591
File 130792311130.png - (144.58KB , 362x486 , 130144351215.png )
Latex allergy? It's pretty common.

We're not allowed to use latex gloves without good reason (and never powdered latex) because of the risk of developing an allergy. We generally use nitrile gloves.
>> No. 2495592
Balloons are generally latex, which is a relatively common allergy.
>> No. 2495593
Unfortunately, I can't take Flashpoint seriously anymore without imagining a ponified SWAT team busting down doors.
>> No. 2495594
File 130792314101.png - (468.05KB , 943x943 , dash shrug.png )
My aunt is allergic to the sun
>> No. 2495595
File 130792315718.png - (7.95KB , 237x351 , go on.png )
>> No. 2495596
i'm Tired of being a teenage, can't wait till august when i'm 20...
>> No. 2495597
File 130792316241.gif - (8.25KB , 110x162 , eh1.gif )
First time I hear that one. I'm not allergic to anything.

also, I don't use underwear most of the time pretty sure some of you guys knew that.

>taking thread down the gutter.
>> No. 2495598
You're allergic to the latex. It's slowly growing to be a common thing. My school actually banned latex materials because of it.
>> No. 2495599
Hey brah, what's the problem? You don't need to come out if you don't want to, but you should at least accept yourself. Sexuality is genetic, you have no say in it, it's like feeling bad over your hair colour, chill man, it's all fine. If it's because of religeon, it may help to know that in nature, as a population reaches critical levels, the percentage of homosexuals skyrockets in over 74% of species. As such it is a part of nature, and gods design.
>> No. 2495600
File 130792317583.png - (101.19KB , 368x406 , rarityplate215125.png )

7 hrs 57 mins completion time...

16 mins shy for the record

all because i saw your name and need to play FF7
>> No. 2495601
I'm lurking this thread, but don't feel like contributing
>> No. 2495602
File 130792325999.png - (62.95KB , 539x476 , but now i have to kill you.png )
and it sucks, sadly is a pretty common material...
>> No. 2495603
File 130792328329.png - (166.81KB , 462x528 , hipster steven magnet.png )
Being 20 is no different from being 19, honest to god. 21... that's a different story
>> No. 2495604
I'm honestly practically am allergic to everything that is nature. I ave Hay fever allergic to lots of animals except dogs. I love being outside in the summer but when I do it is like signing my own death warrant!
>> No. 2495605
File 130792335790.gif - (10.59KB , 108x200 , dude wat.gif )
Well, nice. I usually like to take my time.
>200 hours +
>> No. 2495606
File 130792344293.png - (80.47KB , 301x294 , pinkie satisfied.png )
I am not so much into anime yet I cosplay. My friends who do cosplay are addicted to anime. I feel weird.

Okay time for school! See ya later guys! Thanks for the greetings!

Another confession! I didn't want to make a thread cuz I hate to be a big attention horse. I am still an attention horse since I said it's my birthday here XD
>> No. 2495607
Aw, I know it doesn't mean much, but here is a internet hug. *hugging the living shit out of you*
>> No. 2495608
File 130792349173.png - (356.10KB , 623x617 , raritythug235.png )

yeah i've had the long winded play thrus with 200+ hrs

when every chars stats are maxed and having 100% crits its funny
>> No. 2495609
Oh man, that's ridiculous. I could never imagine spending that much time on a game (that isn't Morrowind).
This is funny because I've played Morrowind for a total of maybe 400+ hours across six characters and nine+ years.
>> No. 2495610
File 130792350332.jpg - (24.21KB , 279x320 , SERIOUS.jpg )
I just don't want to be called a "teenager" anymore,,, I know it's just hoping but if I'm 20 people might consider be a full adult and stop making out to a winy kid when I'm upset :p
>> No. 2495611
File 130792351983.png - (142.18KB , 523x347 , WHY LIFE WHY.png )
They Raped Me when I was 7
>> No. 2495612
File 130792354283.png - (54.45KB , 598x513 , finished clopping.png )
they mean a lot to me silly~
>> No. 2495613
File 130792359589.gif - (46.72KB , 600x193 , anthrodisease.gif )
I had a very complicated relatioship with My Cage. It seemed to frequently involve stupid pop culture animal puns which infuriated me. But sometimes they did stuff like the pic. and that was brilliant
>> No. 2495614
File 130792360500.jpg - (78.04KB , 1984x1908 , me naked.jpg )
I have like 400+ hours on ff12
>> No. 2495615
Then I am happy that your happy.
>> No. 2495616
File 130792370375.png - (74.20KB , 289x289 , disappoint twilight reaction.png )
my dilemma in
>> No. 2495617
File 130792374600.png - (83.73KB , 387x466 , dash hipster.png )
Honestly, people will still think of you as a kid. I'm about to turn 21 and work for a major college football program and people still call me a kid and think of me as one. Hell, sometimes I even still think of myself as a kid
>> No. 2495618
File 130792376528.png - (64.98KB , 322x307 , 130285475695.png )
I know not being taken seriously because of your age, yeah. I've told this a couple of times before, but I got bucked off a leader position in a (frankly rubbish) community because the admin suddenly "discovered" that I was under 18, which was rather insulting (and, no, there was no age requirement, and no-one has asked before).

I certainly hope that I don't contribute to any of that now.
>> No. 2495619
File 130792378859.jpg - (48.90KB , 1440x810 , 130516520172.jpg )
Another: (spoilered, because it's weird and kinda depressing)

Back when I was younger, I was extremely overprotective over my friends and family. I think it was because I had abandonment issues or something. Anyways, back sometime when I was in Middle School, I herd that some kid was picking on my friend whom I've known since we were both 2 years old. He told me that he had to travel around the halls with a teacher or else kids would make bully him relentlessly if he didn't. I don't know why, but this new kind of just suddenly made me 'snap'. I found out who this bully was, and... well I'm not too comfortable talking about it. Let's just say we both got in immense trouble. Him more than me. Physically. After that 'incident', I kind of just became a completely different person. I stopped being social, stopped talking or eating. I had to spend some time in a psychologist's office, which made me get better over time. but since that time , I've become a complete pacihoof. I am still a bit of a recluse, but recently I've been branching out more, talking to everypony, connecting with old friends, etc. I still regret letting myself do that, but there's no use stressing about the past.

TL:DR Tough. I guess you won't know the story.
>> No. 2495620
Just pulled up Morrowind and it turns out I'm wildly underestimating my nerdiness. ~550 hours across six characters and maybe fifteen more that never got off the ground.
Talking about the game, however, has made me start a new character. I hope you're proud of yourselves.
>> No. 2495621
File 130792390528.jpg - (46.88KB , 276x305 , hipster fluttershy 2.jpg )
OK, serious confession time

I am normally very confident in my abilities, but I honestly don't think I have what it takes to succeed in my career field. Once I graduate from college, I literally do not even know how to go about getting a job in said field, and I seriously doubt I am motivated or talented enough to break through considering how competitive it is
>> No. 2495622
File 130792394861.png - (525.82KB , 945x784 , __be_a_good_sport_applejack______by_blackgryph0n-d.png )
I agree. Internet hugs for everypony here!
>> No. 2495623
File 130792399067.png - (62.95KB , 539x476 , but now i have to kill you.png )
That sucks man, you had the best intentions at protecting your friend but is really sucks that you had very bad consecuences like that, i would have done the same too, i can't stand bullies, i hate them more than anything in the world...
>> No. 2495624
Same here man, I don't even know why I decided to take Game design career path sometimes Might of been better doing Film and video.
>> No. 2495626
Hey man, musician here. I know that feeling, wondering how you're going to make it.

I don't know how it works for you, but for me, I just start practicing, and I don't stop until I'm better.
>> No. 2495627
File 130792437417.jpg - (155.55KB , 840x994 , 130529728440.jpg )
Yeah well, I found that violence doesn't solve anything in the end. I'm dedicated to being a non-violent person now. :P
>> No. 2495628
File 130792444970.png - (26.36KB , 88x126 , wat2.png )
>> No. 2495629
File 130792446996.png - (29.61KB , 302x323 , licky_licky.png )
Meh, I already confessed my big thing last confession thread I saw, so I'm not gonna say it again =P. Got some of my good friends a little depressed even though I wasn't depressed about it at all.
>> No. 2495630
File 130792448289.png - (52.43KB , 281x283 , I'm happy deal with it.png )
Violence is the last thing i would chose, even if i'm punched directly to the face i would not do a thing, but when it comes to friends or family i don't know what i could do...

I have been punched for family btw~
>> No. 2495631
File 130792466674.png - (74.69KB , 387x466 , hipster derpy 2.png )
I try to practice as much as I can (I'm trying to become a professional football scout for those curious), but when I watch film and such, I just feel like I know so little, I'm only like 2 years away from graduating and getting thrown out into the "real world". It doesn't help that being a scout is one of the most ridiculously competitive fields on Earth (there are probably less than 350 positions, and the rate of turnover is pretty small)
>> No. 2495632
Oh what stories does Arc have... Lemme think...

Well I don't really have a whole lot to confess about... If anything... And I don't want to put myself in a depressed mood by typing up any sort of post that entails unconfidence in myself... I've done that before, gotten a response, I know what I have to do to deal with those unmentioned issues...

Dang, Ponychan, you guys have helped me out so much with my personal problems that I don't have anything to confess!
>> No. 2495633
File 130792478699.gif - (7.17KB , 118x188 , I dont think so.gif )
2 years is an eternity, don't worry about it.

deleted for irrelevance and cause I still want to keep it a secret.
>> No. 2495634
File 130792482909.jpg - (110.23KB , 400x400 , fluttershy cute happy crying.jpg )

>you guys have helped me out so much with my personal problems that I don't have anything to confess!

a testament to the true strength of our community!
>> No. 2495635
The irony of Ed Lane being called "Ed Mane," when Lane is bald.
>> No. 2495636
File 130792505839.png - (54.45KB , 598x513 , finished clopping.png )
>> No. 2495637
Here goes
I'm in a bit of a predicament, in terms of my being a bit overweight, my poor social skills (and/or -lack- of social skills) and my inability to set myself down to work because I've always cruised through school, and now that it's actually difficult I'm feeling the pressure - still not working.

At least some confessions are good: I love myself. Like, to the point where I alienate other people due to this fact. I'll never stop loving myself and in fact it's what keeps me going in life.
I've even managed to start losing some weight, 16lbs so far, all because I love me. I always hated myself, but I had this sudden switch which I can't explain which caused me to LOVE myself insanely. Amusing anecdote while on the topic, my mother found me in my downstairs bathroom the other week giggling insanely loudly, and staring/smiling at myself in a mirror telling me how I should 'NEVER EVER CHANGE BRO :D'.

tl;drdoes not suffice.
>> No. 2495638
File 130792512460.png - (463.07KB , 478x1000 , 130601826115.png )
I confess that
I've been trying to parasprise this thread, though I haven't been very effective

Oh well~
>> No. 2495639
I missed out the fact that I was stupendously drunk in that anecdote, that's the part that makes it make sense... Drunken me bloody loves me.
>> No. 2495640
File 130792524324.png - (502.66KB , 997x750 , did i heard Syrup.png )
Way to go!! That's the way to gain lots of confidence~
>> No. 2495642
But I don't even get it O.o
One day I was listening to music from my childhood, it reminded me how much I loved how I was back then, all carefree and stuff. Then BAM, suddenly, happiness to the extreme. For life. I haven't been unhappy in months.
It's been weeks since the last time I cried (in an 'unhappy' way), and before this it used to be at least once per week :3
>> No. 2495643
File 130792550553.png - (54.45KB , 598x513 , finished clopping.png )
You don't have to get it, just to embrace it, i have started feeling the same way for weeks~
>> No. 2495644
File 130792551569.jpg - (160.27KB , 894x894 , 130385659503.jpg )
This pic is the only reason I started watching the show.

Not really.
>> No. 2495645
>Weeks since I last cried
Good for you?
>> No. 2495646
I've been feeling it ever since ponies started existing in my life.
>> No. 2495647
File 130792569327.jpg - (120.25KB , 527x800 , doomchillinglikeanantivillain.jpg )
Kinda fucked for tuition and stuff next year at uni. Don't think I'm eligible for a certain scholarship that would've come in handy. And I've tried looking for work for the better part of this month and the last one. Good thing future-me has to deal with that bullshit.
>> No. 2495648
File 130792572614.png - (39.70KB , 638x442 , yay.png )
Meh, I will get it off my chest anyway in the form of a semi-riddle.

This particular ailment of the brain, when passed though a filter, becomes a location, and a while ago, back when I first joined this place, it would become a tasty treat.
>> No. 2495649
File 130792575356.png - (115.26KB , 736x800 , Applejack_burger.png )
I got back from McDonalds.(Yeah, I actually like their shit)

I talk to myself. A lot. Not just sentences. Like an entire debate and conversations.

It's... hard to explain.
>> No. 2495650
File 130792580965.png - (42.57KB , 475x479 , hughangel.png )
Are you getting better btw?~
>> No. 2495651
omg i do that too! All the time, in fact. I enjoy imagining I am surrounded by fictional characters and sometimes I hold conversations with them too.
>> No. 2495652
File 130792585049.png - (117.53KB , 368x411 , Applejack_taint_fair.png )
Is it under control? As it benign?
>> No. 2495653
File 130792588826.gif - (8.25KB , 110x162 , eh1.gif )
Oh I do that all the time...
I also make up friends to argue with, I don't know why, I have real life friends, I have you but I guess I just like arguing with conflicting parts of my personality.
>> No. 2495654
File 130792589252.png - (24.89KB , 262x247 , oh my gosh.png )
Too soon to know right now. I go in for my second treatment tomorrow, though. =P
>> No. 2495655
I can only clop to humanized pony pornography
>> No. 2495656
File 130792594025.gif - (235.93KB , 648x358 , 130714085079.gif )
>> No. 2495657
File 130792594997.png - (972.01KB , 572x580 , will clop when i get back home.png )
Good luck, and you better get good results~
>> No. 2495658
I am leaving Ponychan forever
>> No. 2495659
File 130792606627.png - (41.03KB , 168x172 , pretty please.png )
hmm wat
I'm not good at riddles but from the other posts I think I kinda get it. I hope everything goes fine.
>> No. 2495660
File 130792607217.png - (226.22KB , 568x579 , Applejack_what.png )
I don't talk 'to' myself, per se. I just talk. Not to somepony real or imaginary. Just talking.

I can't explain it right. :\
>> No. 2495661
File 130792610830.jpg - (458.57KB , 800x700 , and_nothing_of_value_was_lost__by_teckworks-d30w4h.jpg )
Okay, bye.
>> No. 2495662
File 130792613400.gif - (21.05KB , 100x100 , 130371278342.gif )
Get better soon. :D
>> No. 2495663
So something like thinking out loud?
>> No. 2495664
File 130792619508.gif - (10.59KB , 108x200 , dude wat.gif )
great, now I feel like a freak.
>> No. 2495665
alright...confession time... and sorry for the wall of text.

1st of all...i have rage issues.

2nd...im a coward, so ive never physically hurt somepony...which makes angry, strangely. i feel like i should at least once beat the living hell out of somepony, just so people treat me seriously. probably not going to, so don't worry.

3rd...i have fascination with weapons. just a really weird obsession.

4th...ive never cried at a funeral.

5th...ive always cried when my family gives up a pet.

6th...i hate my father, but i would be sad if he died.

7th...i cannot see myself as not being an alcoholic as soon as i turn 21.

8th...at times, i am afraid i might do something that there is no chance of happening. like ill be afraid ill accidentally pull a fire alarm when its actually on the other side of the room.

9th...i really wish i was less apathetic, sometimes.

10th...i have no idea what to do with my life. on one hand, i want to be able to have expendable income. on the other hand, i want to actually like the field i work in. the problem is i only like very superficial things, whose only real demand is in teaching, but i am very introverted and have no interest in teaching.

11th...i freak out when i see a book ive always wanted. like the anarchist cookbook. i know they still make copies, yet i treat it like it contains some hidden knowledge that im forbidden from knowing.

12th...i dont like when people dont like me, because i dont like confrontation.
>> No. 2495666
File 130792627780.png - (90.17KB , 475x479 , angel_hugs_pinkie_pie.png )
Unfortunately, no. But we caught it semi-early, so I will more than likely be fine. =P

Thank you!
>> No. 2495667
File 130792627994.png - (439.11KB , 1280x720 , hugs.png )
You are just special, we all are in our own freaky ways~
>> No. 2495668
File 130792630456.jpg - (4.72KB , 125x126 , 130387076331.jpg )
It's more like... I am commenting on the situation or something. Like I am in a review show. GOD, I can't explain it right.

Don't. I am probably more insane than you ever can be.
>> No. 2495669
File 130792635380.png - (52.26KB , 475x479 , angel_hugs_fluttershy.png )
And thank you too!
>because that is the closest I have to Trixie right now =P
>> No. 2495670
File 130792636043.png - (138.52KB , 355x325 , Twilight - But who was the phone.png )

As odd as it sounds, I think I know what you mean. And no, it's not easy to explain.
>> No. 2495671
File 130792642506.jpg - (79.34KB , 666x584 , Sponsz magic_the_gathering tagme twilight_sparkle.jpg )
Freaks are what make the world go round. Not gravity or any of that nonsense. It's the weirdos. We are all actually omnipotent beings.
>> No. 2495672
File 130792650965.png - (151.84KB , 550x550 , 130491532278.png )
they've been telling me that all my life and until now I realize what the meant.

nah It came to mind log ago.
>> No. 2495673
File 130792651734.png - (68.13KB , 264x196 , Twilight - What a funny story, Shakespeare!.png )

Twilight + Brainstorm. So. Fucking. Saved.
>> No. 2495674
File 130792659424.png - (105.21KB , 448x407 , you wear the saddle tonight.png )
Can't cheer up? Want me to go pinkie on you silly?~

Don't feel like that, there is nopony really sane in this world~
>> No. 2495675
File 130792687088.png - (24.78KB , 945x945 , Fluttershy_fuck_this_shit.png )
I hate euphemism like that. It just pisses me off.
>> No. 2495676
File 130792703391.jpg - (18.23KB , 480x361 , Frown Fluttershy.jpg )
Jacelyn, whenever a pony leaves Ponychan, be it the newest member among us or the oldest trip pony, we lose something very valuable indeed. Every member that leaves is a jewel fallen off of Ponychan's crown: a star wiped from the sky. If that pony is leaving, it is likely for a good reason and we would be wise to pay attention to that. To dismiss an event of such importance like this is unloving and hurts us all. I know you didn't mean to leave such a harsh message. I know you Jacelyn, and you are a loving and caring pony. I most certainly know that, and I value you. At the same time though, such comments are destructive to the extreme. When a pony leaves Ponychan, we have each lost a piece of ourselves and that is something that we should all mourn... not casually dismiss.

Goodbye anonpony. I'm so sorry to see you go and I wish you would stay. You have my love though, my friend, and I hope you might return someday. Ponychan will miss you more than you know...
>> No. 2495677
The incredibles
>"You always said our powers were nothing to be ashamed of, that our powers made us special"
>"Everyponys special, Dash"
>"Thats just another way of saying no one is"
>> No. 2495678
File 130792727990.png - (154.04KB , 400x372 , internethug.png )
oh, Jacelyn, all you're going to get from me is love and tolerance!
Plus attention, congrats :3
>> No. 2495679
File 130792730938.jpg - (4.72KB , 125x126 , 130387076331.jpg )
Or... maybe it was just jesting on his part just to incite responses like this?

I mean, I am not disagreeing with you, but still.
>> No. 2495680
File 130792742689.png - (354.91KB , 587x513 , Rainbow_dash_srs_business.png )
Just curious, are you the same guy with a trip? Rain bro.
>> No. 2495681
File 130792744323.jpg - (39.36KB , 447x335 , oh_you.jpg )

Somepony understands the concept of being an flankAlso "he?" I am hurt.
>> No. 2495682
File 130792753342.gif - (10.59KB , 108x200 , dude wat.gif )
I agree, not to mention it was probably a trip pony, sadly I didn't notice until you replied...
But I'd like to point out that leaving this place s is virtually impossible, so I'm pretty sure who ever it was will reconsider.

I always think that when watching call of the cutie, and yes I get your point.
I'd like to point out that this place is filled with awesome and especial people, and not the kind of special I was refereed to.

Oh don't worry I was just pointing out that fact.

It did hurt sometimes.
>> No. 2495683
File 130792755579.png - (190.41KB , 500x500 , 130332799643.png )
I didn't mean you, I meant the anonpony. But yeah.
>> No. 2495684
File 130792765552.jpg - (34.60KB , 400x400 , c9abbe25_270e_85b2.jpg )
Okay then, my bad.
>> No. 2495685
File 130792768955.png - (15.89KB , 142x150 , applebloom no bow.png )
i've been watching Se7en so i couldn't really talk or do anything.

but i see this on my way in today and it makes me sad.

I agree with you fully Moony. and while his post may of been just there to encite this sort of resoponse, or that anon is leaving. We cannot let them go without our farewells and well wishes.

anypony lost is a hole in the heart of us all. I love everypony.
>> No. 2495686
No, and I'm disappointed that somepony else is already relatively well-known under this name :/

It just makes some of my unique contribution and possibly memorable posts relatively pointless against my name, before anypony accuses of attention seeking, damn parasprites.
>> No. 2495687
File 130792789935.jpg - (166.86KB , 1024x768 , Fillyflutter.jpg )
Jacelyn... Let us be careful not to be too callous when the hearts of our fellow ponies are on the line. The anonpony is our brother or sister just as any of the trip ponies are. We must give them love just the same. Jokes have their place, but not when a pony is hurt.
Perhaps, but tis better to err on the side of caution nevertheless...
>> No. 2495688
I don't have much of a response to that Moony.
Granted most any response would be fruitless as, unless it was completely agreeing with you, it would be met with a tidal wave of repercussions which, in all fairness to you, aren't at all your fault, but come with you being so nice that people want to defend you even if you dont need to be
>> No. 2495689
File 130792802105.png - (241.45KB , 653x497 , Rainbow_dash_Teehee.png )
Oh, he's not well known or anything, I just personally know him.

And attention seeking isn't a bad thing. EVERY ONE seeks attention. The importance is what you are willing to do to get that attention and to what extent you go for.
>> No. 2495690
File 130792805979.png - (127.92KB , 800x700 , 130682111027.png )
I confess that I actually mildly enjoy it when I'm shipping in the ferris wheel
>> No. 2495691
File 130792817096.jpg - (23.12KB , 442x423 , 130575910063.jpg )
I confess that I greatly enjoy shipping with you ponies. It's so entertaining
>> No. 2495692
File 130792825522.png - (51.48KB , 258x256 , 130148311934.png )
Maybe I greatly enjoy it too...but that's an awful lot to confess
>> No. 2495693
File 130792825948.png - (206.23KB , 429x455 , today, tomorrow, forever derpy dinkie sad.png )
I'd like to confess that sad Derpy fics are a guilty pleasure of mine.
>> No. 2495694
File 130792826721.png - (177.60KB , 821x805 , goood good.png )
I confess that you kinda introduced me to rp
>> No. 2495695
File 130792834338.gif - (524.29KB , 366x341 , 130759858329.gif )
I'll confess what they all confessed.

Also derpy is starting to become my favorite overall pony
>> No. 2495696
File 130792836656.png - (616.67KB , 3000x3250 , 130304902019.png )
I confess that I am proud of how it turned out, and that /oat/ made me become the RPer I am now!
>> No. 2495697
File 130792837906.jpg - (323.97KB , 1400x800 , osuka_gigantor-hunting-in-the-forest.jpg )
dude i have a confession to make. i've been pretending to be a boring douchebag to lure you all out here.
>> No. 2495698
File 130792841412.png - (65.43KB , 600x600 , did i heard candy.png )
be glad, mine is pony pinups~
>> No. 2495699
File 130792845327.png - (29.61KB , 302x323 , licky_licky.png )
Is it now? =P
>> No. 2495700
File 130792849272.jpg - (82.60KB , 594x426 , Doom intrigued.jpg )
You wouldn't happen to have links to a few? Doom does love him some Derpy.
>> No. 2495701
File 130792849930.jpg - (113.96KB , 900x692 , 130613165182.jpg )
I confess that I detest RPs in general. (Not just on Ponychan)

Also, I don't hate/dislike people who RP, just RPing itsef.
>> No. 2496943
File 130815365855.jpg - (80.14KB , 660x766 , sad_derpy.jpg )
A few years ago, I would scoff at girls who's mane goal in life was to "find the right guy". What happened to careers, friends, one's own goals? WHY does your life revolve around finding a man and getting married? Can't you be happy just being an individual and not part of a 'we'? Marriage, a house in suburbia, and a pack of kids with names like "Kayli", "Brandyn" and "Skye" aren't the height of a woman's life.

Then my father died. Ever since then I have dated guy after guy in a constant stream trying to find the "right one" to fill the space he left in my heart. All my friends and roommates think I just became a slut, but in reality I just can't take everyday life without my dad....So I've been trying to replace him like how a kid tries to replace a hamster with a new one.
>> No. 2502055
I watch MLP because it reminds me of the happiness I have never had. :C
>> No. 2502056
How long bro? Cant be that small, I am 17 and my size is 5 1/2 inches (adverage is 5")
>> No. 2502116
File 130961039123.png - (158.03KB , 945x945 , 130792011949.png )
Agreed, although I hope that we had different reasons. Personally, when I was growing up, I didn't have friends because I was a terrible person who didn't deserve any. Sometimes I fear I still don't.

But anyway, I have a confession (well, another one): I sometimes have seriously considered the prospect of wearing a rainbow coloured coat. Oh, also, sometimes I pace around a room for no reason.
>> No. 2502765
I-In the th-third grade, I wore m-my uncle's toupee as a beard!!
And then, i-in the fourth g-grade, I pushed my sister down the stairs and blamed it on the dooooog!!!!
And th-then, this is the worst, I got a bucket of fake puke, went to the movie theater, and made noises like, "Hurk. Hurk. BLEEEEH" and then dumped it on the people below!!! A-and then, this is the WORST, everypony got sick and started puking on eachoootheeer!!! I never felt so bad in my liiiife!!!
>> No. 2509351
i am a trap
>> No. 2509353
File 131417565913.png - (223.34KB , 419x408 , bittersweet.png )
i aleady made a huge confession earlier in this post
to put some context, it was a sad thread that a bunch of people, including me had just read bittersweet for the first time and i was crying rivers. after a while i made this post.

i have the whole later half of the thread screen capped and can email it to anypony interested (pic is too big to post)
>> No. 2509363
File 131423931877.png - (102.49KB , 330x450 , weavile_sadz_by_reenk-d35jiqm.png )
I hurt myself on a regular basis
>> No. 2509380
File 131430483738.jpg - (55.95KB , 699x393 , 131205541637.jpg )
Being parasprited destroys my ability to illustrate my feelings and draw out of pure pleasure. In other words, I become disgustingly self conscious and refuse to do what I think is cool out of fear of more prejudice and hate.
>> No. 2509387
File 131433260323.jpg - (73.82KB , 1000x800 , 130497349314.jpg )
I havn't let anypony know my real personality for over eight years, instead I talk to the night sky about what I really think and pretend Luna is listening.
>> No. 2509389
Anon here, I've got a confession to make = (

I can't listen to "Blood Sugar" by my favorite band Pendulum anymore ever since reading "Bittersweet" without packing a bit of a sad....;_;
>> No. 2509426
I enjoy Hetalia.
>> No. 2509760
File 131467690308.png - (114.99KB , 508x430 , 131381280107.png )
Im straight, but...... I listen to Coldplay
>> No. 2509788
File 131472795594.jpg - (22.43KB , 438x245 , Japan - Sadfaic.jpg )
I listen to Owl City.

I enjoy it.
>> No. 2509789
going anon because I'm not entirely ready to come out yet but, I'm a plushophile
>> No. 2509916
where to start...

i am in schooling for computer hardwaring, but i dont know if its what i really want to do.

i hate the life and times of today. too full of enuie.. idfk how thats really spelled.

i want to design body armor and space ships, because someponys gotta get off their lazy plot and do it.

i feel we shoul dalready have colonized space.

i am compleatly asexual, having no attraction to any other being.

i love my little pony, friendship is magic.

spike is my favorite character, twilight a close 2nd.

the left button on my mouse doesnt work, so i have to hit tab to scroll through shit. way hard.

im an otaku who is to lazy to start learning japaneese, despite having rosseta stone already installed on the pc, just a click away.

i love comics and anime, but hate manga. i dont understand why.

i hate Ghost in the shell and cowboy bebop. and TTGL.

i am new to ponychan, and refuse to go to 4chan because i dont feel like it.

i am telling this all to satisfy my inner desire to share as much as i can to catch up with the thread.

i love school, but hate everypony there.

i think peace is the most retarded idea ever, insisting on perpetual chaos or perpetual war.

i live in the united states.

i have no MLP memes besides the ones i created.

that should about do it for confessions.
>> No. 2509921
I do to.
>> No. 2509981
Confessions? I'm a 23 year old with very successful siblings, yet I have noting to show for myself and am a college dropout (Navy-bound at least). No one has ever considered me stupid, or a bum, or a failure, and everypony has always been loving and supportive, and I know life isn't a contest, but all my life I've felt I never quite measured up to my brother and sister.
>> No. 2510032
I am a 19 year old boy, whom has experiences abuse for as long as I can remember. But somehow, when I watch MLP, or talk about MLP, I tend to forget all the shit I have been through. It is safe to say that I find my strength through ponies. And the only thing I wish to do is to show more people this awesome show, and this awesome community. It hurts me everytime somepony just laughs at me because "It's pink ponies, dude... Come on!" Because what we have here is so much more.
I am proud to be part of this community. And I love you all
>> No. 2510065
I have somethign to confess, I was at the university 2 years ago but had to leave because my parents had economic problems so they couldn't afford my university. Since then, I haven't done anything for my life, I don't work, I barely study to enter a national university and I was at my university for only 1 and a half year so I can't work in my career. I feel bad for my dad because I'm the only one of my family who had to left his studies because of lack of money, my sister is in other university which is as expensive as mine but she is older and she'll finish next year and my brother is at school, I'm the only one who is truly affected by our problems, so he told that everytime he watch me at home, he watch a reminder of his failure.

I wanted to enter to that university since I was 7 and I won't return. I can't blame myself and the only one who I can blame is somepony that I don't want to blame.
>> No. 2510079
I listen to a lot of music, from everywhere. I tell people "Because I enjoy all sorts of music" because that's easier than telling them "Because music of all kinds is more honestly religious and spiritual than any religious service, and music is humanity's most honest form of expression". I've tried before, but I end up sounding like a prick. (I apologize if I sound like one now.)

I'm better off in life than the vast majority of people on this earth, and I still feel put-upon and oppressed by the world.

I have an extremely strict sense of morality and "doing right", and I am incapable of following it. I sometimes justify my actions, but most of the time I just consider myself a bad person.

I'm ambivalent about the human race. When I take in fiction or nonfiction that has to do with the end of the human race (like "Life After People" or similar), it's reassuring to me, in the same way that knowing things are going to turn out all right in the end.

But then I see the kind of community and goodwill that exists in places like this, and in the fandoms that have so strangely sprung up around MLP. I see the sorts of good that can come out of the species, and I feel like maybe I shouldn't write us all off so soon.

tl;dr: Bronies make me think we should have a chance.
>> No. 2510120
I really love MLP and the fandom, though i dislike horses and ponies in real Life
>> No. 2510135
Are you me?
>> No. 2510146
File 131545148064.png - (140.97KB , 316x320 , __mlp__fluttershy___by_shatteredsoul209-d46hban.png )
I lack feelings(lol, great start =P) because i'm too logical(i think) do i really don't know why i like MLP nor why i defend ppl and stuff, Human mind sometimes amuses me......so i don't really think that WAS a confession but...i want to talk about something(and what i said also don't makes sense because i like a girl(i made her a brony(yay(lol so many "(, )")))). so i guess that ends it...pic somewhat related...i think...
>> No. 2510148
great song btw.
>> No. 2510156
File 131552588742.png - (50.35KB , 187x182 , 130117628264.png )
I am a 28 year old male, work in a Japanese restaurant, have a loving wife, and an adorable daschund....and I LOVE MLP! I am collecting all the toys I can....and I am also a closet G1 fan, too! *gasps* *pants* There, I said it...oh, and I love all you fellow bronies, too. This community is so awesome.
>> No. 2510324
File 131604618021.jpg - (48.99KB , 500x500 , 131460659895.jpg )
I don't like 4chan
I'm reading too much schieße right now (three books, two fanfics)
I don't like my mom that much
I feel inadequate sometimes
I haven't found ONE special somepony yet, while most guys I know have dated over 10 girls.
Like I said before, I like to watch Hetalia, not as unbelievable as MLP, but I'm the only guy I know that watches it.
I've been finding more and more bronies in my town.
I wish I could go back in time and somehow stop Osama bin Laden from becoming what he was and if I couldn't stop that, find a way to stop his death, no one deserves to die.
My favorite music artist is Lady Gaga
I have no idea what Homestuck is.
I don't care if you think Casey Anthony should be in prision, she went through a fair court, right?
I can be a little too defensive of Nyx :3
My two Hetalia buddies say I'm Germany :O
Ironically, I'm taking German in high school right now.
Harry Potter is amazing,
I have 14 unread books on my shelf.
This is too long
I honestly don't like Applejack that much :/
Rarity is best pony
Trixie is second best
I went to read Fallout: Equestria, expectly some good action, but not expecting serious gore.Well pulled off gore if I may add
I like crying
So far, Of Mares and Magic isn't interesting me that much :/
I don't own a single piece of pony merch
But I have a Rainbow Dash shirt coming in the mail, should be here by Monday :D
But I'm sad that it won't be here for the season 2 premiere.
Possible Season 2 Spoilers in these spoilers: I think Discord's looks and his voice + his personality make an awesome villian.
Spoilers over
Sometimes I wonder... what does it feel like to kill? I also wonder what it's like to die. But I've never considered killing anything, I'm VERY pacihoof. If I find an ant in my room, I'll scoop it up and take it outside.
My friend is an ex-brony
I have a friend in Switzerland who likes Ponies.
I have a friend in Germany that likes Ponies. And she's awesome.
I suck at playing piano.
I'm proficient on the trumpet.
I want to learn to play saxophone
I'm paranoid about my looks (guy here btw)
My sister is on episode 11 of MLP :D
I doubt any one has taken the time to read all this :(
I love my cat <3
I wish I were more fit
I loathe ham
I have the cutie marks if the mane six Sharpie'd onto my high school backpack
So far, I hate Geometry,
I'm probably younger than most of you 14
I'm trying to find a religion that fits me best
I'm not afraid of Slender Man :P
If I'd get to choose which pony I was most like, I'd say a mixture of Twilgiht(GOD I LOVE BOOKS) and Pinkie(I just never let my excitement show EVER)
I'm like marching band
I should be doing my science projects that's due a two days.
All the upperclassmen (I'm freshman) I sit next to in band think I'm the coolest freshman ever, even though I never say or do much during band class. I think I know a closet brony :o
The upperclassmen in band are so nice I want of squee but I rarely get to be home alone so I can squee :(
This one Junior commented on my laughing at things he said during the bus ride to a game (marching band) and said it was the first time he'd seen me even smile since he saw me the first time at band camp, which I have to admit, was one of the greatest week's of my life.
And one more thing.......

You can be my best friend if you've read all this
>> No. 2510325
File 131604659482.jpg - (48.99KB , 500x500 , 131460659895.jpg )
Also: I want to see The Notebook, Titanic, and Brokeback Mountain
>> No. 2510326
File 131604862763.jpg - (35.09KB , 526x422 , Why face.jpg )
TT-TT i clop to ponies, especially RD
>> No. 2510330
File 131606383821.jpg - (158.28KB , 800x1066 , 131531217317.jpg )
I'm pretty good at my job, I was a paid intern for 6 months, then they hired me by having me make a project while another candidate with a master's degree and five years more experience made the same project; I whooped her plot. We were almost done filling out paperwork when the high-level corporate people put in a "hiring freeze" for the whole company. So I'm doing a big deal high level job for less than minimum wage in this state and have to live at home. It fucking sucks.

Worse, my dad works at the same company, so everypony who knows I'm his son immediately suspects nepotism though I got this through busting my plot. Any project I do that he happens to see, he finds faults in, it's never good enough.

So stifling too, offices are awful.

I wish I was a DJ. Scratch is best pony.
>> No. 2510331
File 131606645818.jpg - (64.12KB , 600x686 , Hi Luna.jpg )
Oddly enough this was something that pulled me in as well.

Confession.......I love each and everypony of you.
>> No. 2510332
File 131607044077.jpg - (187.75KB , 900x828 , 520610.jpg )
1. Every girl/woman that I've ever had a crush on or had the courage to ask out has been so madly in love/infatuated with some other guy that I had no chance from the get go.

Every... single... one...

2. I'm too self sacrificing. Often giving up a lot of myself even for small increase in somepony else's well being. But receive little or no help when I need it most.

3. Got a pinched nerve that I've been trying to treat for the last 3 months, with little success. GAH! It's so debilitating, it's frustrating. I just want to get back to the gym.

4. Nopony I know IRL knows how wealthy I actually am. All they see is that I work part-time with low pay. Thanks to penny pinching and a number of well-placed investments, I'm pretty well-off.

5. Fluttershy gives me the warm and fuzzies. /)^3^(\
>> No. 2510347
File 131619803925.jpg - (85.59KB , 1149x743 , 48501 - Magic telekinesis twilight_sparkle.jpg )

I was testing a Ponychan parser and your post happened to flicker by. It was probably the cute “so awesome” emoticon that caught my eye.

1. Props for daring to ask somepony out! :-)
2. I don’t think there is a contradiction between helping and receiving help. Not in my experience.
3. Get well!
>4. Nopony I know IRL knows how wealthy I actually am.
Better keep it that way. Unless you’re madly empathic, it can be hard to tell whether somepony actually loves you, or is just after your money. Or so I’ve heard.
5. Totally. (So does Twilight.) /)^3^(\
>> No. 2510350
File 131621258252.png - (332.69KB , 900x1172 , 131320894847.png )
I know that what i w ill type next will be most likely considered paraspriting but look at all the fncks i give falling from the sky.

When i go to sleep i see thousnads of faces twisted in agony and terror - all of them belonging to dead people i never saw. From time to time i see, hear, "recieve" a persone standing in some distance from me just observing me - whenever i finally reach them with my eyes - they are gone - but i can see them for a blink of an eye and know how they look like.

There you go.
>> No. 2510360
File 131624365200.jpg - (5.30KB , 201x201 , 131619481635s.jpg )

There isn't really a contradiction between giving and receiving help. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, right? I guess others don't want be treated as nice, eh? :P

>3. Get well!

Thanks brony!
>> No. 2510362
File 131626941776.jpg - (167.85KB , 900x1084 , oh_aj____by_johnjoseco-d48jpjv.jpg )
I like this guy, and at first I thought he felt the same way. But I'm starting to think he only hangs out with me because he feels sorry for me, and that I actually bore him. I can't tell which it is and it's bumming me out.
>> No. 2510368
Ha, that's the first thing I thought of when I saw her.
>> No. 2510369
File 131628000465.png - (93.29KB , 271x309 , 131552938528.png )
I wanted to put this off indefinitely, but as long as we're doing this, I guess I should say something while I have the chance and the nerve to do it.

I have a really hard time being around others. It wasn't always this bad, but around middle school, things went from shaky to bad and kept getting worse as far as social life was concerned. It got to the point where there was an actual 'club' dedicated to hating me. Not even as a joke, it had some basic level of organization. Actually it was called the "I hate _<insert name>_ Club." Not because of anything I did or was, but just because I was there at all. That didn't really bother me until my best friend went against me. After that, I just lost it and became a complete loner. After all, when you realize friendship=pain, it just doesn't seem like a good idea to spend time with others. That's probably the reason I never got into any romantic relationship, after all, if friend=pain, then girlfriend must be extreme pain. I went without being around any friends for a long time until halfway through high school and then it was a casual relationship. College was better, I finally got to know some others and got to hang out with them, but after that I just lost contact and went back to relying on myself since it is the only thing I really knew how to do well. That is, until I had a mini crisis and really needed help. I found out that I still have friends who would drop what they were doing to help me. I wanted to call them back, maybe hang out sometime, but I don't feel like calling because I don't want to bother them. Now it’s been too long and I just feel like a horrible person. When I look back, I can still think of all the mistakes I made and my current situation and I'm starting to think that there really is something wrong with me. The hardened bulletproof facade I put up through all this time is starting to wear away from the inside out and I can feel it. I'm worried one day I'm going to snap and I'm afraid I don't know what could happen.
>> No. 2510370
Whew, that took a lot to post that.
>> No. 2510410
I'm aware of all my flaws, and I love them. Seriously love them.
I know I'm a different colour than all my friends,
I know I'm unattractive to everypony I know,
I know I'm a 105 pound male,
I know I will never play a sport, or anything else that "men" do

And I fucking love it. All because of ponies.
I've never been so confident since I saw introduced to MLP and the brony community. It's wonderful. Thank you, everypony.
>> No. 2510413
So, this is something that seems kind of small...and a little gross to some people, but it's been bothering me.
Tonight, I overheard a couple in the dorm upstairs having a bit of "fun". And, well, the girl was really loud, so I clopped to her...sounds.
I'm not sure what to feel about this, whether it was right or wrong. Am I bad person for this?
>> No. 2510414
> Am I bad person for this?

Nope. Seems like completely innocent fun to me. Fluttershy would’ve probably done the same (and also felt a little weird about it afterwards). :-)
>> No. 2510424
No, you aren't a bad person for that. Really I'd imagine you would be far from alone on this.
>> No. 2510444
File 131648887168.gif - (52.21KB , 360x360 , Twilight-clap.gif )
Almost all of my closest friends love Anime, yet I can't like it.
I just went from being a lurking anon to somepony with a name.
I dislike my father's attitude towards me (The only time he has ever tried to connect with me is when I was forced into weight lifting at school)
I'm a Ginger.
I just broke 100 lbs, and I'm turning 16 soon.
I despise being a teenager, and long to be an adult to finally earn some respect amongst most communities the internet has to offer (Hopefully Ponychan is nicer than most of them)
I have over 500 hours logged on Garry's mod, and I've only had it for 3 years.
I probably have even more on Minecraft.
I hate my siblings.
I am secretly unhappy with my life, yet I don a mask to hide my sadness from everypony I know.
I hate the current declining state of the youth in this country (USA).
I don't have a specific genre of music I listen to, so whenever anypony asks me what music I listen to, I never know what to say.
Longest I've had a girlfriend is a week. Unless you count the one I had online, from a time I would rather forget.
I was tested for ADD as a child. I'm not.
I am constantly angry at myself for my terrible memory, and wonder if life is worth living if you just forget it eventually.
MLP FiM is the only show on TV I like. Besides Adventure time. I'm not sure why.
At the time of writing, I havn't even chosen a user name yet.
I cried myself to sleep last night after reading a sad pony thread, and spent all of today in a poor emotional state.
I have made so many typos in this it isn't even funny (Blame my cold hands).
I really don't even know if this thread is still alive, but i'm posting anyway.
I used to make Sonic Webcomics. I would like to forget those times.
I can't seem to forget the things I want to.
I'm not even sure how long this post is.
I go to bed telling myself to make a change, and wake up to laugh it off as silly.
Ponychan is the only place I have ever told half of these to.
I still havn't chosen a username.
I dislike shipping within Ponies, but don't care if others do it, so long as they leave me out of it.
I'm learning Chinese as part of my highschool career.
I'm short.
Twilight Sparkle is my favorite pony.
My computer has been ponyfied.
I am still waiting for HL2 EP:3.
I spent $50+ on WoW, and only played for a month.
The picture is sort of unrelated.
I still havn't choosen a name.
This is the end of this post.
>> No. 2510486
Long post: there will be no TLDR: also I am not sure if I am doing this right but its something I wanted to get off my chest.

I find the show to be ok, its not as amazing as I thought it was, But its still a damn good cartoon. Now the reason I lurk on ponychan and Equestria Daily is simply this.

It is one of the best communities I have ever been a part of. I love the Drawfriends, the wallpapers, the music, the fics, its all top notch. Now having said that, If this new series doesnt capture my interest in the show, I will probably not watch anymore. I willl probably check EQD just for music, and lurk around in /pics/ but that will probably be it. I hope it doesnt come to that, i hope I start loving this show.

The problem is though I have no one to share this with. I would HATE to tell my friends for fear of what they would think of me, even though I know they would just make the occassional joke. I would hate to tell my parents for the same reasons, although to be fair they wouldnt care enough, they love me for being me. The only one i can tell it to is my little bro, and I cant really do that because he is a huge loudmouth. First day we watched an episode together, I told him specifically not to tell anypony. He wakes up yells "MOM I LOVE MY LITTLE PONY!" So i had to explain that I showed him an episode because the internet loved it, and that i didnt really like it, They were just a little weirded out for a day or so but besides that everything was fine.

But once again I will say I will give it a chance, I will rewatch all of the previous episodes, and the ones of this new glorious season, and if I think they are great I will watch the ones that (hopefully) come after it.

So I just want to say it again. I love this fandom so much, its been fun chatting with you all (I hate how this is sounding like a farewell), and I hope I stay here even longer. The show in my opinion is just watchable, the jokes are funny but there are some really meh ones aswell, the plot ranges from god awful to great, the characters arent as fleshed out as I wanted, but with all those flaws it is you, bronies, helping me ride it out. I thank you.
>> No. 2510493
I'm torn between loving MLP and feeling like a shut-in loser for it. Having somepony tell me that I was "obsessed" struck a powerful chord.
I clop to ponies and hate myself every time I do so.
I hate the fact that I don't like the taste of alcohol. I've been made fun of for it.
I'm a furry, although not as much lately.
I don't date because I'm scared that anypony I do will discover my fetishes and weird likes (such as ponies) and leave me over it.
>> No. 2510495
File 131706182459.png - (49.39KB , 372x344 , 1317052165102.png )
I have spent my entire life being so insecure about being liked by others that I have a deep yearning to feel genuinely loved but I just feel like I have to put on a mask to hide who I really am because I fear people will not accept me for who I am.
>> No. 2510512
File 131710298600.jpg - (86.59KB , 720x960 , 131606626219.jpg )

I could not have said this better myself. It's a natural thing, and I can't bring myself to ever quit faking who I am. Sometimes I think the fake is who I really am :/
>> No. 2510534
as far as alcohol goes, dont worry youre perfectly normal. alcohol is for social factor and taking away pain. not taste
>> No. 2510542
Real, serious confession time:

I love 3D animation, but no matter how hard I try, I cant stick to it long enough to make anything over 30 seconds, least of all anything interesting. I also can't be bothered to learn how to animate with anything other than the super simplistic MMD. It's not that I cant't do it, I understand the concept and how it works and everything, but I just cant wait though 2 hours of tutorials only to start over. I own 3ds max and blender and I don't know how to use either one

second confession
I'm scared of what will happen to bronies outside of pony websites. I fell like we're heading in the same direction the furries did, and by the end of the year no one will be able to post a pony without getting a metric fuckton of hatemail and death threats, and I'll be forced into anonymity once again. You guys are the best thing that's ever happened to me and I don't want to lose you.
>> No. 2510690
File 131786430904.png - (260.52KB , 2254x2000 , 131630729041.png )
this is gonna be a long list, BUT WHO CARES?
1.im 15
2.i smoke
3.i've attempted suicide on multiple occasions
4.im depressed
5.my friends say im emo because of my hair and how i dress, but really i try not to be
6. i didnt cry when my parents died, but cry whenever i read a bawww thread on /pic/
7.i stole my fathers whiskey bottle and drink it whenever i feel really sad.
8.i started watching MLP because of reading about it on memebase and my friend wanted me to watch it
9.i used to hate ponies.
10.im anorexic and im 5'10 and just barely 100lbs
11.i've converted 11 people into the brony culture
12.i've always hated my father, especially after he beated my mother then committed suicide.
>> No. 2510698
I watched the show for the first time just two weeks ago.
>> No. 2510700
File 131795675193.gif - (2.69MB , 640x358 , 131698887621.gif )
couple of things...
1. im ready to start transitioning to be a woman, but i am afraid that none of the people i love will accept me as Angel, so i just hide this from everypony. Because i'm hiding such a huge part of my life, i have conciously started to pull away from the relationships. its tearing me apart.

2. i have been cutting myself everyday for almost 3 months. i don't know why, but i think its because im trying to punish myself for hurting everypony i know by becoming more and more distant.

3. im in love with my lifelong friend, but he is absolutely disgusted by lyras/transgendered people. and unfortunately, he is an integral part of my life atm because he is my music producing/djing partner. fuck.

4. i am almost more shy than fluttershy herself. but yet i hide behind this extremely loud and public personality that i have fabricated so as to hide who i really am. fml.

>sighs deeply
>>continues with life as nothing will remove her from the webb of lies.
>> No. 2510701
File 131795777111.jpg - (29.99KB , 420x360 , 131777897636.jpg )
i no how you feel hon! i wish we didnt have to put up these armors to protect ourselves. and in the end only hurt everypony. i honestly dont have any advise for you (i'm in the same boat) but i will say this. I FREAKING LOVE YOU FOR JUST BEING AWESOMELY YOU!

haha sorry bout that.
>> No. 2510723
Wait, is you're name Peter? I have a friend that sounds exactly like that. He is like my best friend.
>> No. 2510777
File 131844053224.jpg - (379.91KB , 1280x1024 , 13191 - Appledash applejack rainbow_dash sleeping tree wallpaper.jpg )
Well, it be nice to share.
I'm kinda lonely fellow. Through all my live I walk alone. It's hard to handle, especially when it seems that everypony has somepony near. It puts me down.
But now I have pony. I might sound silly but I fell beloved for the first time in my life.

Sorry if I made some mistakes. English is foreign language for me.
>> No. 2510800
File 131866354668.png - (203.18KB , 950x739 , 788.png )
it's good to know that, out there, somewhere, there's a brony who shares my ideas

i still haven't find the... courage?
to clop to ponies...

similar situation here... mlp gives me hope to get by everyday...

just as if you could read my thoughts.

if it helps anypony, i've recently decided not to give a fuck, just be me, and just be happy. life's too short to spend it worrying about what others may think about us

first post here, this is an amazing community
>> No. 2510816
I was insanely depressed until I watched MlP:FiM and forced myself to smile in any situation
>> No. 2510817
I find myself feeling completely and utterly useless as a brony due to my inabilities to contribute to the fandom. Fanfics, programming, drawing, they are all out of the question. Which leaves me asking myself, just what makes me a worthwhile brony then? Every brony needs to contribute and show their loyalty, yes?
>> No. 2510818
I read fanfiction specifically featuring Vinyl Scratch and fantasize about meating her huminised counterpart in vague hopes of a more possible in reallity dream come true.
>> No. 2510822
ponies helped me stop cutting myself
>> No. 2510825
You don't have to contribute stuff like that to be a 'good' brony. At least I hope not, since I can't either. I see you can type, though. All you really have to do to contribute is to contribute to the spirit of the community. Even letting somepony with a problem know that you hear them and telling them you know they exist is about the best thing anypony can do, even if they are unable to help with the actual issue at hand. That simple act when somepony is down is more important than any picture, song, or fanfic that could be created, at least to them. It's the one thing that can keep this whole thing alive. So yes, you can be incredibly useful, if you choose to be.
>> No. 2510828
File 131881507193.png - (172.01KB , 630x660 , owl.png )

That is a tough situation sugarcube. Have you ever been to a therapist about it? I can't say I've gone though the same problem, but I did have a similar kind of identity crisis. Even though I was very shy, I found it easy to talk to a therapist. It was the best investment I've made, and I would recommend it to everypony.

My best advice would be to live life for you, and not for what others think of you. I think that if your friend really is your friend, he should accept you. True friendship should transcend above everything else. I actually think it's a blessing to be so different. Sure, you'll be rejected by many people for who you are. That's not the point though. Those are the people that you do NOT want in your life. It will save you the trouble of getting to know somepony and finding out their prejudice. The people who actually stick around with you are the real keepers that you should spend your emotions on. This is something that I practice too. Like I said, I'm not in a position like you, but I am very different. I let my personality shine though. I get people who hate me for it, but I can't be mad at them. On the flip side, there have been people that have been attracted to my quirkyness and energy who might not otherwise approached me.

tl;dr, just stick to who you are and you will meet people who accept you.
>> No. 2510839
File 131890069011.png - (57.68KB , 500x232 , tumblr_llht4woZhN1qiq96ko1_500.png )
I have come to the solid conclusion that I am a horrible friend. Also horrible at making friends, but more on that in a bit. A while back, I desperately needed my friends' help for something. Those I was able to contact dropped what they were doing (provided they could) and rushed to help. Afterwards, I wanted to call them just to talk, but I felt like I didn't want to disturb them (stupid, I know) or be a burden. Now it's been so long and I feel bad because it's like I was using them or something. I just feel like such a horible person. Like 'what the hay is wrong with me' kind of mentality going on. I know the answer is to just call and say hi or see how they are, but I feel like I want to wait for the weekend before I do anything. Another weekend.......

Also, I have a very hard time making close friends. Period. I'm always "that guy" that everypony knows but never really talks to or invites to go anywhere. Probably because I'm not sure what to say, so I don't say anything. With a new job (yay) comes a new start, but I feel myself going back to my old ways. I try hard to be social, really I do, but it's just never enough and it feels really awkward for some reason. I've just never been outgoing. Mostly I enjoyed being alone, but the old saying 'voices in your head are no big deal, but when you talk back'...well, lets say I have some interesting conversations. If anything, MLP has made me realize just how much this sucks. I see a tight group of friends who do everything together and it makes me sad to see my own situation. Worse yet, I can't even apply a lot of the lessons learned because I am so distant from anypony.

Any remedial lessons on friendship?
>> No. 2510840
File 131890403312.png - (196.89KB , 623x348 , 708.png )
you just lifted a weight from my shoulders, thanks!
>> No. 2510847

From what I can gather, it would seem that though you desire friendship and have friends, you fear rejection or ridicule from them? May I ask why?

The sort of friendship you seek is of a genuine nature. Hence you may find it far more difficult rather than simply making a superficial relationship with somepony. Do you have anxiety in social situations or is it more akin to you being unable to find common ground?
>> No. 2510849
File 131902323248.gif - (567.59KB , 500x413 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-ponies-forever.gif )
I have a long list of minor confession. I haven't had a rough life like some of you guys have.

I guess I confess that I'm lazy, too lazy to type out small and insignificant confessions.
>> No. 2510878
File 131924344236.png - (259.91KB , 650x650 , 131713472844.png )

>From what I can gather, it would seem that though you desire friendship and have friends, you fear rejection or ridicule from them? May I ask why?

Just something that happened a long time ago when I pretty much lost my friends because ....I dunno why, really. I just turned into the target for some reason. When I got targeted by my friends, I broke off from the world and could never come back all the way.

>The sort of friendship you seek is of a genuine nature. Hence you may find it far more difficult rather than simply making a superficial relationship with somepony. Do you have anxiety in social situations or is it more akin to you being unable to find common ground?

When it's one on one, I'm okay, but as soon as it becomes a group I freeze up. I guess I do have an anxiety in these situations because I really can't go through that again. I wish I knew why I do what I do so I can go about fixing it.

Heh, wow, I must sound like a friggin emo typing this.

and...thank you for caring. It means a lot. Really.
>> No. 2511019
I'm batman
But seriously, I started watching mlp ironically with a friend. Didn't know I would get hooked
>> No. 2511022
I wrote a sequel to muffins. it's not up yet but my brother probably won't like it.
>> No. 2511023
File 131940933194.png - (60.77KB , 124x124 , 131648621380.png )
i have the document. i have to retype the whole thing
>> No. 2511228
thanks for the advice. i have talked to a therapist before, but in the years of hiding aspects of myself from people i no i have become pathological liar whenever i know somepony or am talking with them face to face. communities/sites like this allow me to actually express who i am in every way without fear of refusal (aside from parasprites).
>> No. 2511285
File 131975397492.jpg - (157.67KB , 931x931 , 130958885333.jpg )

>Just something that happened a long time ago when I pretty much lost my friends because ....I dunno why, really. I just turned into the target for some reason. When I got targeted by my friends, I broke off from the world and could never come back all the way.

>When it's one on one, I'm okay, but as soon as it becomes a group I freeze up. I guess I do have an anxiety in these situations because I really can't go through that again. I wish I knew why I do what I do so I can go about fixing it.

It would appear you have a somewhat severe reaction to a fear of rejection. If you wish to overcome this, it would be beneficial for you to find those of similar interests who are willing to share in your thoughts, tribulations, etc. I am certain that there are many within the bronydom more than willing to become friends. Find trust within first, then you shall find trust throughout.
>> No. 2511327
File 132001693692.png - (38.94KB , 180x188 , 131345704195.png )
I had to think this one over for a while.

>It would appear you have a somewhat severe reaction to a fear of rejection.

Take out "somewhat" and that's pretty much on. Is it really that obvious?

>If you wish to overcome this, it would be beneficial for you to find those of similar interests who are willing to share in your thoughts, tribulations, etc. I am certain that there are many within the bronydom more than willing to become friends. Find trust within first, then you shall find trust throughout.

But there lies the problem. In order to get trust within, I need to completely reboot myself. A sort or mental suicide/rebirth, if you will. Maybe I'm going about that the wrong way, but it's about the only thing I can think of trying.

I did do a bit of research on this and found something that may help to find other things to try. At least it sounds very similar, but I don't want to consider myself having a full blown mental disorder. So I'll consider 13/16 similarities to be close enough for some hope of solving this.


It's a start, anyways.
>> No. 2511329
File 132002920359.jpg - (47.70KB , 350x600 , 131726448223.jpg )
I'm a guy.
My first kiss was with another guy.
I'm straight, always have been.


No, I'm not a transvestite.
>> No. 2511530
File 132029144982.jpg - (171.52KB , 1600x1000 , 78644 - artist equestria-prevails bedtime book celestia doll luna reading sisters spider.jpg )

>I had to think this one over for a while.

>Take out "somewhat" and that's pretty much on. Is it really that obvious?

My apologies. I am fairly well versed in psychology since that will be my cutie mark. Hence I am somewhat adept at reading ponies in such a manner. I did not mean to cause offense.

>But there lies the problem. In order to get trust within, I need to completely reboot myself. A sort or mental suicide/rebirth, if you will. Maybe I'm going about that the wrong way, but it's about the only thing I can think of trying.

I did do a bit of research on this and found something that may help to find other things to try. At least it sounds very similar, but I don't want to consider myself having a full blown mental disorder. So I'll consider 13/16 similarities to be close enough for some hope of solving this.


It's a start, anyways.

I would not be so hasty as to self-diagnose yourself unless you have received similar diagnosi from others and are fully aware of the disorder of which you speak. Keep in mind that such disorders have symptoms that must be observed for lengthy periods of time and are usually not "awoken" by one singular event, but rather a lifetime of smaller events that compound together.

Do not refer to yourself as having a "full blown mental disorder". Such phrases only reinforce negative stigmas associated with disorders. There is most certainly nothing wrong with you. You may not even have this particular disorder. Even if you do, nopony has any right to think less of you for it. Such disorders are a common fact of life in this world and are not to be reviled. Merely understood. These disorders have cures and can be easily remedied given time and friends. You already have plenty of one and the other can be found here to start off correct?
>> No. 2511532

>I had to think this one over for a while.

>Take out "somewhat" and that's pretty much on. Is it really that obvious?

My apologies. I am fairly well versed in psychology since that will be my cutie mark. Hence I am somewhat adept at reading ponies in such a manner. I did not mean to cause offense.

>But there lies the problem. In order to get trust within, I need to completely reboot myself. A sort or mental suicide/rebirth, if you will. Maybe I'm going about that the wrong way, but it's about the only thing I can think of trying.

>I did do a bit of research on this and found something that may help to find other things to try. At least it sounds very similar, but I don't want to consider myself having a full blown mental disorder. So I'll consider 13/16 similarities to be close enough for some hope of solving this.


>It's a start, anyways.

I would not be so hasty as to self-diagnose yourself unless you have received similar diagnosi from others and are fully aware of the disorder of which you speak. Keep in mind that such disorders have symptoms that must be observed for lengthy periods of time and are usually not "awoken" by one singular event, but rather a lifetime of smaller events that compound together.

Do not refer to yourself as having a "full blown mental disorder". Such phrases only reinforce negative stigmas associated with disorders. There is most certainly nothing wrong with you. You may not even have this particular disorder. Even if you do, nopony has any right to think less of you for it. Such disorders are a common fact of life in this world and are not to be reviled. Merely understood. These disorders have cures and can be easily remedied given time and friends. You already have plenty of one and the other can be found here to start off correct?
>> No. 2511547
File 132038040133.png - (11.66KB , 300x300 , 1305509021113.png )
I've recently discovered (Last week) that I enjoy cross dressing after meeting a guy months ago who looked absolutely beautiful in makeup and wig.

I think I have a crush on him, his female side anyway.

I always thought myself to be a mans man. I play sports, lift weights, all those male centric tropes and now I'm just confused and a little scared. I don't want to lose my friends, alienate my family, or hurt my girlfriend... But I feel happy when I see myself in full makeup and my black bob wig.

Also, for some reason when I watch episodes with Rarity I somehow feel good about myself. I'd love to wear one of Rarity's dresses.
>> No. 2511550
File 132042646931.jpg - (60.87KB , 600x600 , 131730913965.jpg )
When I first saw Friendship is Magic, I thought it was some old show from the 80s or something. Mind you, I did ask myself that if that was true, why was the animation quality so good?
I also sometimes mistake Scootaloo for being male, have a waifu that isn't Fluttershy and have never looked at Rule 34 of ponies in my entire life.
>> No. 2511552
I have been in love with my straight female best friend since middle school (I am also female and now in my sophomore year in High school). Recently, (and please, no lectures) we went on a road trip together, stayed at the house of a childhood friend of hers, and got drunk and high for the first time. When we were in her friend's car, smoking pot, she told me that she knew I was in love with her and that I had sent her that love letter and portrait from her "secret admirer," and that she might be lyra for me. I'm not sure how much she remembers from that night, because we haven't talked about it since, but I remember every kiss and every confession from that night. And it's kind of slowly killing me from the inside out. that is all.
>> No. 2511615
File 132085105964.png - (301.56KB , 633x527 , 132056017587.png )
Sounds exactly like me

I feel the same way

My gosh, this sounds awfully like me.
>> No. 2511617
I'd give just about anything to have something that I'm really good at and which people appreciate. I pretty much suck at writing, drawing, singing, playing instruments, sports, etc.

As a side note, I think I like Fluttershy the best because I can relate to her. I'm very good at certain things which only I can really understand; I'm built to do something awesome physically - like being a pegasus - and end up doing something else. I'm also extremely reclusive, shy, and somewhat socially inept, it takes a lot to get me to come out of my shell.
>> No. 2511618
I'm so lonely and useless, I self harm on a weekly basis (sometimes daily).

I try and try but I just can't stop : (

Sorry if I've been a bit depressing,
>> No. 2511621
Hey... we all hurt sometimes... and we all take care of it in different ways... but be wary of self destructive release, it's never good and will only make it worse. If you chill out here on ponychan, the loneliness can easily be taken care of.

anyway, my confession: Once I told a dirty joke
>> No. 2511623
File 132095697337.jpg - (36.70KB , 411x504 , dat fluttershy.jpg )
I sit in the corner of my class room, hoping no one comes over here to see what I am looking at or reading. And when somepony does, I quickly change the webpage to something school related. And it sucks horse apples.
>> No. 2511643
I struggle with the angst of not being worth anything to anypony, like everypony else has got somepony more important than me. Sometimes it feels like I give everything I can to my friends, but they never give anything back. I'm really happy I came to this place. I've seen some of the replies, it fills me up with warmth to see that people here are so nice to each other, even though I've yet to experience it to myself.
>> No. 2511645
File 132116271323.png - (261.03KB , 600x605 , pinkietwi_hug.png )
Well, for however much my opinion counts, I think you're worth a lot. A whole lot. You sound like a very giving person, and that's rare indeed :)
>> No. 2511650
File 132120425132.jpg - (67.56KB , 600x598 , 131958049625.jpg )
I am two days behind in my project plan and all I do is procrastinate on pony forums and train my Skyrim thief. I see a lot of self hate waiting at the end of next week.
>> No. 2511653
File 132121532109.gif - (40.95KB , 200x200 , 131878139049.gif )
Oh dear....
I... have a crush on my best friend.
He's a guy.
I'm a guy.
>> No. 2511668
File 132138176988.png - (420.53KB , 745x556 , Unbenannt.png )
I have a weird kind of asexuality. I'm attracted to women, but find everything intimate gross. Even mere kisses feel extremly disgusting to me (don't get me started on sex... Pornvideos make me want to barf my organs out).

I fell in love twice, but neither of them could live with a boyfriend who doesn't even want to kiss his girlfriend (which is understandable).

I just hate it. Being attracted to women like any normal guy, but having to find out everytime that getting intimate grosses me out.
I feel like a total freak.

Thanks for reading.
>> No. 2511669
Just real quick, is it related to being uncomfily close to human body or the idea of internal parts of humans freaking you out?
>> No. 2511671
The latter... kinda. Cuddling is fine. I can't specifically say why kissing and everything beyond feels so disgusting to me. It just does.
>> No. 2511672

My sis is like this too. She gets crushes but finds kissing, etc disgusting. Asexual but heteroromantic, maybe? Sorry about your experiences :( Don't lose hope, there's other people who feel the same way!
>> No. 2511695
ok so yeah i started to watch MLP just to see what the fuss was about and i loved it now onto the real confession stuff. ok well how should i start... well i am a guy and i've always been attracted to girls but recently i've started to think what it would be like to be in a relationship with another guy. (fairly normal stuff here) also now more into actual relationship stuff unlike most guys how want nothing more than sex, i want a genuine relationship (oh how i hate that i grew up around girls but it is a benefit) i'd rather cuddle than have sex (actually cuddling turns me on more so than foreplay) so yeah there's my shpeel
>> No. 2511750
spoiler check, don't mind me. .
>> No. 2511751
Ho boy, where to start...

I've been straight my whole life, but my first kiss was with a guy, and I strictly hang out with women. I personally think that females are superior to males. I'm a sadist (no worries though, I don't get my sick kicks out of torture or anything like that.) I stopped hanging out with my best friend because I hate her boyfriend, even though we used to be best friends. From grades 4 to 7 I was suicidal and I told no one. From ages 11 to 12 I stole no less then 150 of those little single serve flavored coffee creamers. And, sorry bronies, I really am, but the only reason I got into MLP;FiM is because I went to parasprite in the comments, but I actually watched the episode instead.

Oh, god it feels good to get that all off my chest
>> No. 2511752
Er, perhaps I should clarify on that sadist part. I don't know why, but there's just something about making people miserable that really gets me going. Not that that's any better, though.
>> No. 2511753
Don't judge me. It's not like I'm proud of it, it's just hardwired into my brain like that.
>> No. 2511785
When my last boyfriend broke up with me, he basically said that he couldn't have sex with me, and that he wanted to hook up with sluts at parties. We're both virgins, so....
I'm not sure, but I think I'm mainly attracted to girls. Physically they just turn me on more. Like I said before, I'm a virgin, so I wouldn't know, but... Whatever. Cocks are gross, but wahaHA!'s I can stand.
I'm turned on by the strangest porn out there. Especially diaper porn and BDSM. But pony porn creeps me out...
I really hate when people say I look like my mom. I don't want to end up like her.
>> No. 2511787
aww panty and stocking ftw!!! so proud <3
>> No. 2511790

I started a new thread (/dis/ >>23970) so I don't derail or clutter this one, so this will be my final response here. Sorry it took so long, but I had a lot of stuff going on so I haven't been on here.

>My apologies. I am fairly well versed in psychology since that will be my cutie mark. Hence I am somewhat adept at reading ponies in such a manner. I did not mean to cause offense.
No offense taken. Sorry if I came across as defensive or something. Actually, I would like to thank you for caring enough to respond to all my posts.

>I would not be so hasty as to self-diagnose yourself unless you have received similar diagnosi from others and are fully aware of the disorder of which you speak. Keep in mind that such disorders have symptoms that must be observed for lengthy periods of time and are usually not "awoken" by one singular event, but rather a lifetime of smaller events that compound together.

Wish I could say something here, but that's pretty much it, minus the diagnosi, unless you count general depression (which was a catch-all). I have been doing better, though.

You will do well in your field.
>> No. 2511893
File 132242957309.png - (158.94KB , 907x881 , 132052149557.png )

>I started a new thread (/dis/ >>23970) so I don't derail or clutter this one, so this will be my final response here. Sorry it took so long, but I had a lot of stuff going on so I haven't been on here.

It would seem the thread does not exist. So for the moment I shall continue posting here.

>No offense taken. Sorry if I came across as defensive or something. Actually, I would like to thank you for caring enough to respond to all my posts.

My pleasure. Far too many times have I seen anonymous posters going unnoticed.

>Wish I could say something here, but that's pretty much it, minus the diagnosi, unless you count general depression (which was a catch-all). I have been doing better, though.

I am pleased to hear you are faring better. Would you care to elaborate?

You will do well in your field.
>> No. 2511894
Derped the link.

now if I could just think of a good name.
>> No. 2511928
I don't want him anymore, but I want him back.
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