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2501115 No. 2501115
Since the title might be misleading, this is not a depression thread.
It's been sitting on my desk for a week now. I guess I won't think of anything else to change. I can't help but wonder if I'm the only one thinking those words, but right or wrong, I'll never know. :) This is intended to speak for all the ones who are in the same strange situation than me : I dislike the show, but like its fans.
Massive wall of text, sorry about that.

Dear bronies,

I have looked upon the community created by the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic during a month and a half. Not such a long time, seeing how some are almost year-old veterans. Still, I think it is the right time to write to you, about us.

I, presumptuously anonymous, am someone you don't know about. I lurk, and rather stay behind the security of my screen than going public. I believe you're fine with that. I came across all of this for some reason. A video, a song. A meme image and a link is all it takes to discover yet another corner of the internet. But why would one stay here, when there is so much to discover ? It could be interesting, alright, and I've been bored for nights anyway. Maybe it's time to find a new corner to stand in. Apparently it's all about a show. I skimmed through a few episodes, but I don't like it. I find the characters annoying, the situations makes me feel uncomfortable for them and overall, it's not that funny. Yet, I feel compelled to stay a few more minutes. There are hundreds of new drawings each day, games, stories and videos once in a while. It's interesting to see up to which point all of this will go, actualy. Name changes, celebrities commenting on the subject, world records broken, it's impressive. I'm quite glad I stayed, 'Bronies' are a fun show to watch.
But a cold feeling starts to be felt. I don't like the original show, I have no right to be here. Among all those dedicated people, investing hours to get the right color for that painting, patiently adding, strip by strip, manes to plushies. All of that just for me to have a look and see something blue, something green. An eye candy eaten like a real one, without thinking much of it while I'm browsing the internet. When I ask around, the answer is always the same: "I'm fine with you". "Love and tolerance". It's hard to believe those words are spoken truthfully, but what else can I say ? I don't read minds. I know I'll leave when I'm asked to, I can only hope etiquette won't leave me in the way for too long.

As time passes, I start to discover more of the community. The years I've spent online told me that you can learn a great deal about internet persona by looking at how they deal with adversity. And how great that adversity must be, as a MLP:FiM-centered group surely undergo the mockeries of people thinking of themselves as mature enough. There are traces of such aggressions. Doubtful or honest-looking tales of the real life as well as concrete internet attacks, events come and go and shake the community. And it's kind of intriguing, really. Because the answer is quite often the same. "Love and tolerance".
A zen attitude allowing the members to leave unscathed from battles that would have left others mentally destroyed. It would almost make sense, seeing how often and how well it works. But I tried that before. There is a moment where you snap. Everyone does, at some point. Like a spring pushed too far, leaping out of your palm, there should be bursts of anger and sadness around. Look. Oh, there is, indeed. Along with their apologies letters and arm-long threads of support to the saddest ones. Holding the line together, the community hold its ground internally as well as externally. Its ability to create improve, because its given the time to, the worst of works being tolerated -even loved-. And then, I look back.
It is really still about the show in itself ? Somewhat. Not for me, it's never been anyway. It could have been a show about love between dolphins and pigs all the same. At that point, it's only a snowball effect, there haven't been any new episodes out since some time. Content is created based on fan content. Are you still on par with the show's tone, Bronies ? I can't say : I haven't seen it. I hope so, you might feel better if you can ascertain it. But at any rate, beyond Equestria lives the community. A community I feel better knowing it exist.

So thank you. Thank you for existing, and as proof of concept : Love and Tolerance can work, at least for some time. Casual trust and ceaseless positiveness can be achieved on the internet, with a serious community who knows its vulnerabilities and work against them. I still believe the show was an occasion more than a mind altering magical work. In the end, it doesn't matter to me anyway : what's done is done. Before me is an inspiring, good-willed and functional group, and it's freaking amazing ! You guys are pulling off the kind of stuff real life makes difficult, using the internet and passion. There's nothing to add.

But what of us, now ? I don't wish for the title of brony, even if I think some of you will try to give it to me. I could pretend, but you instigate honesty, among other things. I'd rather be in a darker place of the internet, where I'll be able to shine without being outlighed by such a sun. I'm egoistic like that. Oh, I'll still be lurking around, of course. Seeing you guys is always delightful and refreshing, and I know I'll be able to come back here whenever I feel the need to. And as far as our world go, it's going to be often :) . Waking up wondering what pleasant surprise awaits you is kind of cool. I'll repay you by speaking in high regards of all you've done to the ones that might be interested, and helping the community strive that way. I believe you will be fine with that.
I have my concerns for your future, too. As many have, I suppose. Fandoms are known to turn sour, fight against themselves and shun official works because it doesn't add with their universes, much like a kid who would have turned a teenager. Some others simply wither and die, unable to keep themselves fed with interesting content, new or not. Few are the ones able to live a decade, but they exist. I truly hope you bronies will stand the test of time, and become even more than what you are now.
I'll be in the forefront, with a heartfelt round of applause.

Faithfully yours,
A 'Brony Community' Fan.

Ps : That letter have probably already been written before. Twice, Thrice, dozen of times even. But some things can be told over and over, and never look diminished. Continuous good deeds such as yours should not go unpunished :) .

TL;DR: Thanks guys.
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>> No. 2501116
Thank you very much for this letter. Having been in the brony community for more than seven months, I understand perfectly fine what you mean, and share this with you.
You should take in mind that the show hasn't been airing for quite some time now, and still, the community hasn't dissolved or died, which obviously shows that this has escalated much beyond general discussion about the show. We have become a communuty with a general sense of togetherness, in which we all seek to improve and help others do so too, and in this I've seen plenty of people who were in their worst moments become reinvigorated about life and grow as people, and you know what? I stay because I feel like all the people in this site all have stories that they are willing to share in order to help others, and I've certainly have learnt a lot from everyone here from said anecdotes. The ponies are nice, and I enjoy the show a lot, but they've become really nothing more than a mascot to me. A mascot that represents something I and everyone in this site have in common, which is caring and enjoying being with the wonderful people in here.

I invite you to keep your lurking, but would also like it if you could of join us every once in a while in discussion. Everyone has something to teach, and that is what this site altogether has and continues to show me.
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File 130922165551.png - (211.61KB , 650x532 , 1zggcqb.png )
I think the thing that appeals to me the most about this show is that it's a smart, funny series that speaks to the innocent little kids living in all of us, while nodding to our adult interests. The extensive nerdom references, and the hidden jokes aimed for the adults who are forced to 'suffer' through the cartoon while their kids watch, makes this an amusing and entertaining program with great values. I think it really boils down to this though: At the end of the day, slogging through the pressures of work/school/family, feeling like crap, you don't want to sit in front of the tv and listen to how the economy is failing, or how people are being wretched to each other all over the world. I would much rather go back to basics, watching animated ponies making the same mistakes we all make and then coming out on the moral high ground by learning from these situations, steadied by a a closeknit friendship that you rarely see these days. If anything, I envy these ponies, not for the magic of their world, but for the magic of their forgiveness, honesty, loyalty, generosity, compassion, and overall their friendship. This seems to be a magic lost in our own reality that I now struggle to bring back to my own life. I just can't believe it took some brightly coloured ponies to show me this.
A show that can change people's lives, brighten their days, I don't care about original designs, or pony anatomy. I care about how these simply drawn creatures have made me a better person.

Even if you don't have this same appreciation for the medium as us 'bronies', the appreciation for the community is more than enough. It takes more than just ponies to make up Equestria. There's dragons, and griffins, and all sorts of creatures. We need this diversity that they, and ultimately you and those with your same views and ideals, present. So thank you for accepting us, being a part of this community even though you may feel you're not 'one of us'.
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File 130922309521.jpg - (21.04KB , 449x339 , fluttershy loves you all of you.jpg )
>> No. 2501119
File 130922371664.png - (347.13KB , 661x380 , I believe.png )
I love you too OP :'D
>> No. 2501120
File 130922716748.png - (133.36KB , 516x335 , 130403330653.png )

Way to tell it like it is! You don't have to be labeled anything if you don't want to, and are always welcome in our community. I am sure you're not the only person who feels this way, and someone else will sure make a post to state their similar feelings as well.

Thanks for the wonder post OP. :)

>You write wonderfully btw.
>> No. 2501121
File 130922835400.png - (304.76KB , 500x562 , applejack eats.png )
that is one BEAUTIFUL post man!!!

it's so amazing and wonderful, so pure and real!!!

i love you so much brony! I FUKKIN LOVE YOU!!

and i know you don't consider yourself a brony, but i feel that i must call you one!!
>> No. 2501122
File 130922881672.png - (525.82KB , 945x784 , __be_a_good_sport_applejack______by_blackgryph0n-d.png )
Dear OP,

I have not much to say to this. This post is amazing. Thank you for thanking us, I guess. It's a little difficult to counter this. I once wrote an open letter to this community, though admittedly it was rather different from this one.

And man, this one just blows mine completely out of the water.
>> No. 2501123
File 130922920791.png - (189.78KB , 631x555 , Filly Fluttersmile.png )
That's just awesome, Anon! Thanks for sharing this with us! It's... just wonderful. ♥
>> No. 2501124
A metabrony. How awesome!
>> No. 2501125
File 130922952240.png - (69.89KB , 232x284 , 130134248897.png )
I honestly dont know how to reply to that.
Keep on Shining Anon.
>> No. 2501126
OP proves that you don't have to be a fan of a show to appreciate its values.
>> No. 2501127
It's funny, is it really the show that makes us who we are? Do we follow the lessons of friendship that the show has taught us? Bronies spawned from 4chan, an infamously vile place, and yet some of the same people who parasprited there have changed to compassionate, tolerant, civil people.

Are we just following some implied code of Broniedom? You must love and tolerate because it's expected of you. I hope not. I hope that we really follow what we preach because be believe that.

Bronies, we have proven that we are awesome. Relentless attacks from parasprites and even the media, we still hold to our values. Whether or not this fandom lasts, our testimony that people can be better will last. Don't forget this, let's be the light in the darkness.
>> No. 2501129
File 130923206060.jpg - (109.18KB , 455x590 , 1296875460453.jpg )
Very well said. I'm glad we are leaving a positive impression on "outsiders" like this. That said, know that we would always be willing and eager to accept you as an "insider".
>> No. 2501130
File 130923218194.jpg - (44.67KB , 600x338 , Sprawl.jpg )
It's just... awesome.
>> No. 2501132
File 130923443734.png - (7.59KB , 205x203 , Silver_Ash_Ecstatic.png )
OP, im bad with words, so all i'll say is:

thank you.
>> No. 2501133
File 130923580416.png - (615.10KB , 1000x1000 , 130806806769.png )
Looks like this place should be called "Bronychan" instead of "Ponychan"
>> No. 2501134
>> No. 2501135
Well then.....
Seriously, that was awesome, please do keep lurking and maybe even grace us with a post once in a while. <3 *hug*
>> No. 2501136
File 130923688521.jpg - (47.70KB , 600x338 , 1298830899685.jpg )
I will admit, usually when I see a wall of text by a nameless pony I always fear for the worst. I'm so glad that I was wrong in such a huge way. I'm glad you could write such a powerful and expressive thought and show it to us all.
I agree with you. The community and everything inside it has gone and grown way beyond the show at this point. Some even compare it to a Philosophy.
But it's okay. If you don't want to be counted as a brony to us that's fine. We know you're a huge supporter and that's what counts. Brony is just a label, nothing more. It's the individual behind it that ultimately counts. Feel free to be behind the scenes and help keep the community strong and wonderful your way. I and everypony here will do what we can to keep it strong our way as well.

But thank you for sharing this with us all, and showing us the spirit of our community from an outside perspective.
>> No. 2501137
File 130923739148.jpg - (3.92KB , 125x125 , 130760047497s.jpg )
OP, that is one amazing post. You do shine, op. Indeed you do. I don't think many could sum up the brony community as well or as elegantly as you did just there. You may not like the original show, but if nothing else, this post alone shows you belong here just as much as anypony, else if you so desire to.

Much love to you man. Much love.
>> No. 2501139
File 130924883035.png - (68.81KB , 945x945 , ashie_shrug.png )
...why isnt this in /arch/ yet?
>> No. 2501145
I think it must be yet another milestone, this. Regardless of whether you, OP, are right or not in that this letter has been written before, it's fantastic to see somepony who can appreciate the community while resolutely not wishing to be an active part of it.

Oh goodness, that sentence was a mouthful.

At any rate, I don't know how much my voice counts for, but thank you, too!

A thought; Perhaps your words resonate with me because I share some of your thoughts. I'm more and more public about my love for the show and, perhaps more importantly, the community. Why?

Because relentlessly positive attitudes aren't very common on the internet. Trends, memes and communities are all too often negative in nature.

Bronies - and bronettes? (Wait, that can't be right) - are brilliantly, recklessly optimistic and tolerant.

Does this "work" because of the people, or is it just that people all too rarely try to smile in the first place?

I don't have a clue, but I'm trying hard both to immerse myself in the community and to enjoy it.

You're all awesome.
>> No. 2502039
File 130933210604.gif - (11.79KB , 150x150 , Fluttershy clapping.gif )
That was beautiful OP...You hit the nail right on the head! Seriously, you are always welcome back at Ponychan and by Celestia, I'm speechless...Keep shining on Anon. And thanks, it means a lot to everypony here!
>> No. 2502830
thats a very beautiful message. i wish you the best, even without the mane 6 by your side :D
>> No. 2503549
My friend practically HATES this show and is trying to drive the spirit of pony out of me... but, it is posts and threads like these that remind me to STAND TALL, Fight for what you believe, Don't stop because somepony tells you too! That's the spirit of bronies! We Stand up and yell NO! We Will STAND against all odds for what we believe is right! Anon expressed the brony spirit, though not one himself! We gladly welcome you to the brony family with open arms! We will help you any way we can! Because the Spirit of MLP exists to Help, teach, and to be taught! I think that when the brony community is united, we can stand against anything! We wouldn't care if it was banned! Would that stop us? I don't think so! We would stand against it. So what do you say bronies? Would Twilight sparkle tell us that all hope is lost? NO! Would Applejack say that we are doomed? I don't think so. Pinkie pie, she laughs in the face of death! So the spirit of this show, this community, this... this.... this nation, Will not whither! It will not DIE! So stand with me Bronies! And we Will express the spirit to fight. the spirit to love, the spirit to Tolerate, and the spirit of bronies!
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