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It’s been a while since I’ve seen one of these. Let’s take this opportunity to show a bit of our true selves, /oat/

Tell me a bit about yourself; name, age, gender, social security number it’s all optional. What are your dreams, are you studding or working towards them? What’s your favorite brand of pudding?

I’ll start; just like Steven Magnet I never introduced myself when I became a member, mostly because I was scared shitless, I jumped almost straight from anonymity to posting as Princess Celestia and then One Winged Pegasus.

You can call me Morri if you’d like, I’m 25, brunette, brahny (hell yeah I want to propagate that term)
I play the guitar and some piano and love chocolate, especially in the form of a milkshake.
I've been a huge metalhead since I was 13, been listening to some electronica lately, also like industrial.
My dream was to live I a nice cabin or something out in the woods but recently upgraded to having an apple orchard. (thanks to Applejack and one beautiful day)
I’m a vegetarian, because.
My favorite pony is Pinkie Pie because I identify with her very much, also Rarity and recently Trixie.
I’m a Mexican American born in Mexico, where I’ve been living for almost 4 years I believe, I left when I was adopted at the age of 9.
I'm incredibly emotional unstable and would probably cut you irl. (I blame my mother's genes, also hdd and bipolar disorder.) but I'm kind and loving~ used to be a total bitch though.

I love this community because I feel like I can be myself, I had never been in a place like this, I don't come from 4chan or any other image board. I used to hang around a lot in the cgsociety forums but you know nothing compares to this place. I was introduced to the fandom by a very good friend back in February and been here almost since ponychan 1.0 started, like a week or so before it was raided and taken down its old host.
Oh btw this community helped me get over my feelings of guilt and gave me the strength to find my estranged sister and I did! its incredible how far a little support goes, and it wasn't a little.

Hmm that’s all I can think of right now, your turn.
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File 131172805110.png - (212.27KB , 752x598 , 130512019936.png )

Wait a minute.... pony is auto-corrected to pony? er.... I mean...uh, three letter word that can mean both happy or homosexual is translated to pony? Really? I didn't even notice it when I first posted, but it makes part of my introduction sound weird :/
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File 131173907748.png - (95.55KB , 317x324 , 130735334849.png )
i must say this community is my most favorite of all time! its happiness drove me to writing a sonnet...hope you likes it!

The warm sand and sun, a wonderful day
Palm trees providing a slow swaying shade
A breeze salty fresh with the kids at play
Lost in the moment, worries simply fade
Scent of bananas, a hint of mango
Many smells so sweet; they are hard to let go
Behind the shoreline a lovely plateau
with tall wispy grass that moves to and fro
Sky fades from turquoise to a deep sapphire
then to obscurity with specks of light.
The compelling glow from logs afire
coupled by the lunar lights waning night.
Unfortunately this fine place it seems
was only inside my happiest dreams.
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File 131180172383.jpg - (1.41MB , 3072x2304 , 100_1033.jpg )
Hi everypony, I'm DarkKnightWolf2011 or you can call me DKW for short. lol

I'm a 20 year old male who lives in the middle of nowhere California and i've only been drawing for a little over a month.

My favorite band is Iron Maiden, i've seen them 3 times, they rock! HAHA :)

My Xbox 360 hates me, it'll only play one game and all the other games freeze when I try to play them XD

I'm a poet (or try to be), I've written almost 60 works of poetry and I've broadend my horizons by taking up art as a hobby too, lol

I especailly love drawing crossover pics XD

You can find me on DeviantArt, just look for DarkKnightWolf2011 :)

and here's a crossover pic for your enjoyment XD

Thanks again everypony!
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Well zen.
I'm SkaFox64. I like Ska. I like Starfox 64.
Ponies... I do like me some ponies. Kinda funny the way I joined the herd. I was looking for Guile's Theme goes with Everything videos when I came across the Sonic Rainboom one. I thought, "Wow. That was pretty epic. What is this from?" When I found out it was My Little Pony, and here's the kicker, I didn't give a f*ck it was meant for 5 year old girls. I just let the bronyness take me. I willingly joined the herd, didn't ask 'WHATS WRONG WITH ME', and am loving every moment of it.
Like I said, I likes the Ska music, classic country, whatever free badass techno I can find on the internet, punk, folk, yadda yadda. Favorite band would be Dropkick Murphys, Favorite film would be Tombstone, Favorite pony would be Rainbow Dash, favorite show would be Doctor Who, favorite Fic would be 'The Night That Never Ended', I believe myself to be a deep thinker, and I despise shipping. I have now posted in an /arch/'d thread. Yay.
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File 131287648455.jpg - (101.81KB , 100x100 , 210441.jpg )
not used to do introductions, so dont know if it will come off as weird or whatnot

my name is Larry, 24 year old male living in florida and majoring on software development (which i may drop to go full on game design =P). I heard about this group and MLP from browsing /b/ and thought you were paraspriting, but after 2 weeks of seeing these threads i decided to check out what you were talking about, and i ended up watching all episodes in 3 days (which was a lot of watching considering i worked and went to class those days too =O); just became a brony this week (or decided to accept so rather, dunno =D )

I love games, tried to learn how to play some instruments, but never was dedicated enough to learn to use any, love strawberry flavor on just about anything. Like most types of music but lean more towards electronica and metal, but decidedly dislike over-localized music (deepsouth country, mexican ranch music, etc)

Im very shy overall, but im the kind of person who usually tries to play out cool so some people dont realize this about me until they try to get closer. Somewhat lacking on social skills but care deeply about others which makes for awkward situations kind of often.

My character naturally drives me towards trying to make the world a better place so i always think and act towards this goal, hence i started to study politics, history, religion, philosophy and psychology on my own and hope to make my big attempt at improving the world someday either by a social movement or by politics.

Love this community really, who you guys are and what others get/become from it; finding this place really has gotten my hopes up on humanity and finally given me a place where i can feel comfortable.

keep on rockin' bronies
Chaotic One, Imaginaire, Khaotik, AngelRhaphael, Soliral
(posting all names i've used online in case any of my old friends happens to be a brony too)
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File 131287682445.png - (106.58KB , 1000x816 , pinkie_pie_and_gummy_by_the_proverbial_jon-d3gyrw3.png )
forgot to mention, favorite pony is pinkie pie by far (not that there's anything bad about the others, but love pinky's attitude)
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Yikes, discarding anonymity on the internets. *sigh here goes.

I'm Josh, 32, Relatively new to pony-fandom, Obsessive about my long red hair, Borny, and relieved to see I'm not the only Metal Brony in existence, though I prefer Stoner/Viking metal. I've played guitar since I was 16, but I stopped practicing about 10 years ago and so every time I've picked it back up since has been a massive disappointment.

I have no idea why I'm here. I have no Idea why I love ponies. I just do. This is problematic because while I believe most of my friends would come over to the pony-side, I can't explain what's so awesome about the show, apart from it being so awesome.

I think Fluttershy is my favorite pony. I tend to move back and forth between Pinkie and Rainbow personality, though.

My dream is to get back to school, get my PhD in History and finish/publish the book i've been writing fro the last 8 years.
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Age 23. Born in Brooklyn, New York, but currently living in Kissimmee, Florida. Diagnosed with Asperger's. Currently earning technical certificates for Computer Networking. I work with my dad as a handyman. I'm Christian (Pentacostal), but I try to be tolerant of others. Outside of FiM, my other favorite shows are Flashpoint, 30 Rock, Doctor Who, both versions of NCIS, Warehouse 13, and Eureka. I am also a fan of the Ace Combat games. As an aviation enthusiast and railfan, I particularly like the Wonderbolts and the locomotive ponies from Over a Barrel. I'm usually posting out of an iPhone, so I rarely post images. I got into the fandom after lurking Equestria Daily and reading a number of fics which piqued my interest, mainly Stargate Equestria and Better Living Through Science and Ponies. I honestly can't choose which of the mane six is my favorite.
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File 131444207015.png - (59.39KB , 266x246 , safely out of rarity's reach.png )
Posting Medley because everypony needs to know her and so ctrl+f finds me under that, or Sparkling Limeade.

22, college student (for a few more months) in the WKU CS department. Hopefully I'll graduate and be employed after this semester, effort toward this should limit my time on ponychan. If not, I'm doomed. Contact me if you like, it's why I leave my info. Twilight is not just best pony, I am Twilight Sparkle. That is all.
>> No. 2509441
Hello there.
I'm Philipp, 21, from Vienna, Austria.
I dream seldom, but when it's weird stuff... oh that kinda dream. Dont know: living a righteous, autarc-as-can-be life, maybe one fine day off of rapping, since hip-hop is my biggest interest just before TV, the internetz and wandering.
I'm currently studying agriculutural sciences and linguistics, though (CMC anyome?)
Fun fact: AustroSpike because I just can't choose from the mane 6. They're all best pony, therefore Spike's best pony
>> No. 2509442
My name is Martin, I am a 25 year old biology graduate residing in England and work as a QA officer/lab technician for a food preservation company. I was diagnosed with Aspergus syndrome at the age of 4 and later diabetes at 24. I am a red head and am generally interested in art, painting, models, sci fi, horror, gaming and anime.
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File 131519039061.jpg - (59.62KB , 617x725 , 130569456073.jpg )
Hi~ I'm Amber... I dont post very often. Always kinda too shy to do so.

Green is my favourite colour~ Wind is my favourite element...

I go to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh for a degree in Graphic Design. I enjoy drawing and illustrating characters--a lot. I also like writing and I am in the process of writing a sci-fi/fantasy novel of mine that I hope to get published one day and get on the Ellen Degeneres show... yeah lame dream, lol XD

I love anime and Fluttershy :3 (in the process of searching for the Fashion Style Fluttershy that I cannot find ANYWHERE near me :'( ... ) I'm a huge HP fan and a bigger Mistborn fan-- love Brandon Sanderson's writing!

I play RPGs a lot--well mostly DH with my best friend. Zethina is my plot kickin Sister of Battle.

I'm the oldest child in my family, being 22 and my younger brother 17. I have two kitties, Mio and Rio and a wolf hybrid, Kiba. I'm also originally from Ohio, where I return to every other weekend-- I get home sick and miss Kiba since she cannot stay with me in my apartment.

I'm very happy to see how kind everypony is here since in this day and age, we don't get a lot of kind people.

I can play violin~ started when I was seven, though I dont practise much, so I'm not that good.
I love music. Tons of music. Except rap and country. Cannot stand either one of those.

I do love my ice cream :I and video games... I believe in ghosts and have my own experiences. Hopefully one day I can afford the equipment needed... and enough courage to walk into haunted places.

And lastly, I, honest to God, have an irrational fear of dinosaurs. :I and yes, I know it's irrational but I can't help it! ...even Tigrex scare me in Monster Hunter! ...hate going after them...
>> No. 2510119
My name is Shaun, almost 23 year old male Brony. Started watching early August, and it's just been a non-stop pony ride since then! My pony of choice is Rainbow Dash, followed very closely by Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie.

I play a mean Bass guitar, and have been for almost 9 years. Soon I'll be going back to college, now that I know I want to major in Psychology.

I'm normally a very shy person and have a lot of trouble being social or standing up for myself, which is why RD is so appealing to me. I've had a lot of depression in my life, but ever since I've found MLP I haven't been happier in years. I'm looking forward to being a part of this awesome community, even if I get too scared to post things very often.
>> No. 2510122
File 131534867445.gif - (632.05KB , 400x400 , 131394433206.gif )
I’m not very good in this things (im very shy) and my English is not good (im Spanish and my English is tnx to the games and tv yay) but I don’t know i see this is a good community so here I go

My name is camilo im 19 years old male, I’m studying electronic (I don´t know how to said in English really its like repairing and installing tv satellite systems and repair other electrics things) I’m living in spain (I am from Colombia) I begin to see mlp in July I see all that jokes in internet and I have curiosity and I see the first episode next thing I remember I already have download all the season, I like video games (atari, nintendo consoles, sony and the others too) in the moment I play some pc games and somedays wii and I have a ps3 (but have YLOD), sometimes I do fanfic but how im saying im very shy to post something (and maybe my stories are not good) I like anime, (except the really blood ones) cartoons (specially the old cartoons like tom and jerry, bugs, and all that things) I listen music (I like soundtracks, jazz, rock) but just a little

My favorite pony…. Its hard to choose but I thing is pinkie pie, but I still love all the other ponys
my dream is create a cool electronic in the future.
and that’s all, the last thing I have to say is this is a really good site, and it’s a very good community.
>> No. 2510130
File 131537329997.png - (626.81KB , 728x1023 , Mu mystic Pink.png )
HI, everypony! I'm Karen (online, either Karen or Mu works perfectly), age 19 college student aiming to be a video game developer (probably programming, but uncertain atm). Me be blonde with le blue eyes, I'm 6'2" (thanks, dad!), and I'm a happy lesbian, atheist, and gamer (play them all the time), an anime fan, and a major pony fan/pegasis/fembrony, lol. Only got into it about 3 weeks ago, but... Well, let's just say I've never loved an American show this much, other than Family Guy. And I didn't even love Teen Titans this much... lol

I don't listen too much but I love music, the genres I'm fond of being rock, metal (if it doesn't have those godawful screaming vocals), and Japanese music in general. Also, hoping to get myself into more classical and Japanese classical music.
I don't have much of a dream, really. I just play games in all my spare time, and I have no other avid interests, so I figure I'd like to help make them. To play a quality game I helped make... Would feel just lovely. Oh, and I'm an American mutt living in the central US, lol.

My favorite pony is, above and beyond, Fluttershy. I simply adore her personality, I've always just LOVED cute, pretty, timid/shy girls with a truly kind heart. If Fluttershy were a living human or I were a pony, I'd be all over her, so to speak, whether as friends or trying to initiate a relationship without steamrolling her. lol
Close second is Rainbow, I love her tomboyish femininity, and her antics. And being the one most seeming as if she'd be lesbian--lol (though it's not because of that)--well, it'd only make sense xD. But anyway, I like assertive yet loyal/friendly types, so that works great. I think I'd be great friends with her, lol.
After those two, I'm not sure I have a favorite of the mane six, I like them all about equally. However, I find myself to be very much most like Twilight: a stay-at-home nerdy type and doesn't interact with people near as much as she could--she has her books, I have my games. But anyhoof, of the other ponies, I'm highly fond of Apple Bloom (OH MY GOD SO CUTE. Different from Fluttershy's cute, HAU~ she's just too adorable), and of Celestia. I'm a big/growing Luna fan as well, she'd be my top fave other than Fluttershy, but I don't want to rush to conclusions before we actually get to see what she's like.

I love the pony community because of the meme images and inside jokes, and the all-around sense of kinship and friendliness. I just love these ponies so much, and sharing that connection with others is a lovely thing. And talking about ponies and FiM is just so... nice. All I get to do most of the time is make references people may not understand or post memes that aren't fully appreciated. lol

I just came here a day ago (and spent like 15 minutes typing this xD), but once I get used to the "style" of a 'chan site (which is happening fast enough), well... I hope to frequent this place. And Equestria Daily too, if not just for news. I look forward to sharing ponies with you all. ^^
>> No. 2510430
Well, I'm very new here, and new to MLP in general. My name is Daniel, I only started going here a few days ago, and only got into MLP last week. I'm 21, muscular, and I have brown hair, and blue eyes. I play games mostly, do swordsmanship, SCA, Bellegarth, that sort of thing. Currently I'm in the Marine Corps, out in Afghanistan at the moment actually. I plan on getting out and becoming a doctor. I really enjoy music in all forms, and I'm pretty emotionally stable, and very outgoing. I'm actually a generally nice guy however. I have started to enjoy this community, because everypony here seems a lot nicer than most of the sites online. I hope to hear from you all a lot more!
>> No. 2510433
File 131644151761.jpg - (28.44KB , 350x350 , rosedust_hipster.jpg )
Hi there every pony and brony.

I'm 24(1987) and I live in finland. I'm finnishing my high school/collage in few years. I have done pre-school for comic arts and I'm aiming to continue my comic studies after I graduate from this school. I'm also curious to study in Japan or America of the same matter. I'm a girl and a gamer.
My stregth is at drawing with hand(strugling drawing with computer). My bodytype is chubby but I do enojy going to gym and once I loose few kilograms I'm going to re-join Han Moo Do but I also would wish to join Kendo club. I may be small (162cm tall) but I have some stregth and I bend rather well.
My weakness is bakings. I love cookies and ice cream.. but I don't eat regular candy anymore. I don't drink shops soda but make it myself. I also like to make my own food because I can't tolerate any spices. My skin is thin and deliquent. My skin suffers from plastic, soap, dishwashing and regular water. Because of my skins is so sensitive it effects my tongue (and thus my enability to tolerate spices. I can't eat cooked pepper nor tomatos). I'm allergic to hay and grass. Spring makes it hard for me to move outside and everytime the grass is cut nearby I get horrible sneezing syndroms. I can't walk on grass without getting rash. So I spend most of my time inside and avoiding water.

I grew up with my mother. She was 19 when she got me and in middle of schooling. My father was twotiming so she left her when she heard about it.. I have never seen or talked my father although I keep contact with grandma from my bilogical fathers side. Grandma told me once that my father does keep contact to his other bastard children. My uncle died just before christmas, ever since then I never liked Christmas. My step dad hit me sometimes and insulted me verbally and phsycically. Mather called it "his humor". My mom took my toys away from me one day when I was at school, including my ponies. I was too old, she said. I had only one friend but she left me after 8years of friendship regretting she spend time with me instead of studying.. she also let me know she had depression and it was my fault.
At grade 8 I got so depressed I tried suicide few times but failed. I moved out when I was 17 and took two cats. I slept days and drowned my depression to games. My grandma tells me I'm fat and my grandma from mothers side dosn't want to talk to me because i once wanted to shout at two kids that kept kicking my seat in 3 hours flight non-stop. I didn't care of my school anymore. My teacher laughed at me when I told him I was bullied (in high school). Said that that is what friends do. School nurse laughed at me as well when I told her. Seems I'm just emotionally sensitive.. but she forced me to go to hospital anyway.
After that things started getting up. The nurse was shocked. I made my first therapist cry with my story. I had to go to mental section for a week where they followed me a little bit. I got strong meds and I stopped going to school.

Now I go to my current school as a program to rehabilitation for society. I still got strong meds to keep me from sinking to bottom of my emotions. I got 3 cats now and I feel rather happy and dandy. Specially now that I discovered ponychan some weeks ago. I always liked ponies though. Few of my happy memories involve ponies and I remember well my firs ponies. Firecracker(that I lsot when I moved first time in my life at age of 4). My next pony was kisscurl and pony bride. For long I thought I was different and idio for still liking toys.. but now I'm confy with this fact.

I don't always eat pudding.. but when I do.. I destroy a huge box of hazelnut pudding. Mmmm, hazelnut pudding~

Soooo. You asked intro, I gave you lifestory, man I'm evil!
>> No. 2510434
File 131644426059.png - (42.46KB , 160x137 , th_Rainbow-Dash-Best-Young-Flyer.png )
Hey, I'm Voni, 25, female, from jolly old England.

I've been into ponies for a while, I have a rather sizeable collection of the G3 line, as well as some G1 and (whisper it) a couple of G3.5s. Even being a big pony fan, I didn't find out about FiM until a friend said to me, Have you seen how mental MLP is going over on Know Your Meme?' I checked it out, watched the whole of Season 1 back to back and lo and behold, I became a full on brony.

(I dislike the term Pegasister. One, it sounds silly, and two, I like how both sexes can be united under the one term with Brony).

I finished my degree in Theology and Creative Writing last year and I'm still feeling my way around, trying to figure out what I want to do. I blog for a couple of sites, and am going to try and get some paid freelance work on the internets. A girl can dream, right?

I live with my pony collection and my boyfriend of nearly nine years, who is very tolerant of my pony-squealing but will NOT watch the show, no matter how hard I try. Sad face.
>> No. 2510781
File 131847576466.png - (65.29KB , 350x350 , 131665422309.png )
ok so my name is stephen kelly. im 14 (almost 15) years old. Im rather tall for my age, around 5'11, 110lbs. I have an emo hair cut (covers my left eye). I love all genres of music except for house. i hate house music. I am especially fond of bands like suicide silence and Bring Me The Horizon. i play guitar in my band "As The Death Toll Grows Higher" and do occasional growls. I got into ponies out of hate for ponies and bronies (weird right?) anyways i started watching the show in june when my friend wanted me to watch an episode but i refused. my favorite ponies are
1) fluttershy
2) Princess Luna
3) vinyl scratch
I have a job as an electrician's apprentice
My dream is to convert as many people into the brony culture as i can. So far i've got 10 people into the show
P.S. i hate my self for the fact that i'm too popular at school.
>> No. 2510782
File 131847888123.png - (131.02KB , 590x325 , pony-title1.png )
You may call me Santi. I'm 15, 5"11, 200ish pounds (I'm workin on it don't worry) and a male.
I want something I'n the medical field like EMT but recently I've rediscovered my obsession in history which last came up years age with the old Egypt, Greek myth obsession. Anyways I play some guitar and like really any kind of music as long as its not too bad. I'm Hispanic been living in where my name says for about half my life.
I could go on but...I will!
I'm kind of an emotional wimp...so there is that and uhh...I'm still new to this place so I think that's about it. Thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to read about a stranger you will never know.
>> No. 2511595
File 132072683836.jpg - (280.78KB , 1024x1024 , applejack on the farm.jpg )
Helloooooo. My name's Cory, I am 18, Male, lyra, and loving life!

(I'm trying to convince my boyfriend to become a brony too)

I study music education at Northern Illinois University. I play the trombone and I sing in the NIU Chamber Choir. The pony hype caught up to me over the summer as I was getting ready for my first year of college, and it has since helped me deal with the stresses of college.

My favorite pony is Applejack!

My dream is to one day teach music at a high school or university, because I feel that I could really make an impression on young musicians. I see so many people get pushed away from music for many reasons, and I want to stop that however possible.

Lessee here... other tidbits of information...
Favorite band is Coheed and Cambria
Favorite composer is either Holst, Sousa, or Maslanka
I also play the guitar, acoustic and electric
I listen to everything from classical music to metal to electronic to dubstep to jazz

I think that's all that needs to be said :)
>> No. 2511596
File 132072923773.png - (181.36KB , 900x900 , royal_guard_unicorn_by_miketueur-d466i83.png )
Hello all, I'm Alan. I'm 19 years old male with blonde hair and a I'm considered the teddy bear body set. Its been about four months scenes I first became a brony and began posting here. I would like to say how much I appreciate the love and compassion that you all have for newcomers. I'm currently empoyed as a service clerk at my local groceries. I also am a full time student working to get my degree in Administration, Accounting, and Psychology. I know its boring but I have always been good with finding out how to make numbers benefit people, so it seemed like the logical choices to go for it, well now it is, I original was an engineering major but that lasted about a semester and a half before I realized how I unhappy I was and decided to change.
I enjoy I wide arrange of music but currently have all of my love devoted to Jazz, Bebop and Smooth to be precises. Groups like Acoustic Alchemy are some of my favorites.
My dreams are to find a nice steady job that I can support myself on, find a nice girl that I like and who likes me settle down and have a family. Boring I know but that's really what I find to be the perfect life.
My favorite pony is Twilight Sparkle because she reminds me of the the way I act in social situations and because as she really wants is for others to like her.
I must say that this community is possible that greatest, kindest, loving, supporting, all around best that have ever been created. The love that I have been shown here makes me smile each and everyday. I may not be the smartest, toughest, or best looking guy out there, but know that I love each and everypony of you.

I hope that each and everypony of you have a fantastic day and my all that is wonderful and joyous find its way to you all.

P.S. If you would like to know anything else about me feel free to ask, so long as its not too personal ... you know if you want that is.
>> No. 2511599
File 132073433024.png - (80.80KB , 101x125 , sweetis DEURPPP.png )
also music major!!! jazz drumset for performance, im only a first year though. i also avidly play classical percussion so that i don't get dissed for "not being a real musician". i hope to teach private lessons and perform as often as possible...

i mostly identify as rainbow dash or applejack because of my highly competitive personality...

>> No. 2511603
File 132078036943.jpg - (47.43KB , 500x690 , applejack.jpg )
My name is Ellis. I'll be 17 next month. I have dark brown hair, hazel eyes, 5' 9 1/2".
Favorite pony is Applejack (formerly Twilight Sparkle)
I'm a senior in high school, and i'll be enlisting in the U.S. Army when I graduate, and I hope to become a firefighter in my hometown of San Francisco after my service ends.
I'm half English-half Korean with a little bit of Serbian and Scottish.
I love metal and electronic, and I can play Guitar and Bass. I'm also learning to play the violin.
I LOVE most every form of art, and my friends would call me a bit of a film buff.
Favorite video games are the Resident Evil series, as well as the Metroid and Half-Life series'.
When i'm with people i'm comfortable with, i'm very outgoing and random, but I fall into the awful habit of the quiet pretentious guy around new people.

I've been a part of this fandom since March when I first discovered the show on /co/, and I haven't looked back. This is one of the most welcoming and engrossing communities that I have ever been a part of, and I owe this show so much for the past 8 months of happiness.

I also write fanfiction.
>> No. 2511606
File 132079393400.jpg - (201.43KB , 1024x768 , 1108111534.jpg )
My name's Amelia (i'm a girl) and i'm 17 turning 18 in December. I'm Hungarian and Czechoslovakian therefore I have dark hair, hazel eyes and giant boobs. I'm 5'7" and I have 11 piercings total with a few more planned.

I need glasses to see too.... I'm a senior in high school. I play baritone in band and I'm also taking AP art.

My favorite food is cheese fries with bacon dipped in ranch dressing. My favorite pony (as of right now) is Rainbow Dash. I have a steam account which I use to play a multitude of games such as Team Fortress 2, Portal 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Killing Floor, and much more. I am an atheist and I try to be as tolerant as I can with other people.

I plan on going to a decent university to study psychology, preferably child psychology or developmental psychology. Anything that has to do with the way we perceive things interests me.

My favorite type of music is dubstep. Klaypex is my favorite artist right now. Deadmau5 is also one of my favorites. I enjoy watching anime in my spare time as well.

I started watching MLP: FiM a few months ago after I grew sick of seeing pony reaction pictures on 4chan's /b/ and never knowing what the heck it was from or what it was about. I've recently been showing the show to my close friends so we'd all be able to have something in common.

As you may be able to tell, my thoughts are extremely random and scattered in subject. I was diagnosed with ADHD in 4th grade; I was also diagnosed with clinical depression shortly afterward. Last year I was also diagnosed with severe anxiety and panic disorder and recently I've been having trouble with social interactions and dealing with changing plans, similar issues involved with Asbergers syndrome. Life hasn't necessarily been the easiest for me, let alone everypony else, but I get by okay.

I love MLP: FiM because it actually does teach me about friendship and happiness. It gives me something to look forward to after a long day at school, as well as something to occupy my time with.

Thanks for this opportunity to share my story!! Pic related, it's me and my little Dashie! ☺
>> No. 2511608
File 132081059015.jpg - (125.18KB , 1600x1280 , Apple Jack with Headphones.jpg )
I'm Nick.
I love Dance/Trance/Techno music. I make it too, hence the name DJ Majaro...

I love drawing, and am an Animation student in High School.

I am 16 and truly do not give a damn what people think of me, not in an arrogant way, but as in, I'm very open. Example, while a lot of people keep their Brony love a secret, I can almost be called a flaming Brony. During class, if you look over my shoulder, you're almost certain to see me drawing a pony. When people question me about my love of MLP, I tell them why the show is amazing, if they call me homo or lyra or anything like that despite my argument, well then they aren't even worthy of my time. Their loss.

I want to get a degree in animation and work either somewhere like Pixar and make awesome movies, or Bungie and make awesome cinematics.

Other subjects that really peak my interests: Teaching, Psychology, and Internal Medicine.
>> No. 2511610
File 132081495081.png - (33.74KB , 736x789 , takowubswoo.png )
Im Beer_Mug

Im the alcoholic of the fandom, Im 26 years of age, im a dude, I dont study because im a college dropout swept by the world of working and paying bills i dont have many aspirations, but i dont mind it living a meager life of hard labor and spending quality time with close friends, sometimes I can be deep, sometimes I am an arrogant prick, Ive always been here not that anypony ever really remembers. I doodle @ http://drunkendoodles.tumblr.com/ I am also working on a serious blog about my love for bar hopping and socializing. (no site yet) I dont usually eat pudding...
>> No. 2511630
File 132104982293.png - (113.87KB , 609x539 , EverLight_Helios_02_small.png )
Time to give this a shot!

Hello everypony, My name is Toby van den Brand, 20 year old dude living in the Netherlands, currently studying something called Design for Virtual Theatre and Games, which is all about bringing games to Theatre and Theatre to games...
I drink some fine whisky and/or rum regularly, I despise beer and wine, I smoke pot every other week or so (yay legalized drugs! XD), and I'm just a regular normal nice guy, I guess...
Oh wait, I forgot... I have autism :P Nothing like the more severe cases though, nowadays the most problems I have are with planning stuff and girls... (yes, 20 years and still a virgin!)

I'm very open minded, although not a big fan of the cursing and the swearing from hiphop, rap and the like... Best music is Jazz for me...

My favorite Pony is Fluttershy, because she is exactly like me (around girls and people I don't know that is... Also people who are exceptionally rude and or nasty i close up to too... and with presentations... and so on...)

Anyway, born and raised in The Netherlands, 3 brothers, 2 big, 1 little, both my parents are still very happily ever after married...
Me myself have brown hair, kind of gold/greeny eyes, awesome glasses, not too chubby, not too skinny, but don't care about fashion (very open minded -> every clothing is good enough)

I call myself Everlight Helios on the web when I talk about pony stuff because I used the pony creator on DA to try to make a pony that resembles my core feelings and hopes (see pic) and when I was done I named her Everlight Helios because that's what came up to me when I saw her... My tag line for her is: "She will guide you through your darkest times, follow the light fellow ponies and you will find your way..."

I began watching the show because I was interested what all the commotion going on around the internet was all about... Never stopped loving it ever since, even got some of my friends turned into bronies :D
Main reason I like the show? http://dash.ponychan.net/chan/files/src/132096463122.png this...
Other reasons, best cartoon show around nowadays, not only because I love it so much but character animation, voice acting and so on is just a fact that it's the best around... And also Fluttershy...

Reason I like this website and the fanbase, all the great stories about how this show helped you in your life one way or another, the great fanart and of course the love everywhere!

This is actually not a re-introduction, it's like my second time here on this website, but I thought what the hay, why not get off with a good start right away? (haha, that rhymes :D)

anyway, that's about all I can think of right now, so how about you guys? (of course I mean the guys who didn't already post in this thread! I'm so loving this thread, I want to hug all of you!)
>> No. 2511942
File 132294987566.png - (79.00KB , 313x270 , O hey guys.png )
>Never posted in this thread
>well fuck, i might as well

My name is Kirby Go ahead and make all the Kirby jokes you want, I grew up 18 years with them, I am 18 years old and currently living in the state of Texas. I am in my first year of college studying for a major in Computer Science hoping to get in the feild of Graphic Arts. My lifelong dream is to be a graphic designer for a major company like EA.

Throughout my life I have lived in 5 states so far, i was born in Missouri and then when i was 2 years old lived in West Virginia, which is where I grew up most of my young life. When I was around 14 we moved to Columbus, Ohio and stayed there for about a year and a half. Next was New Jersey where I spent 4 and a half years there until the middle of my junior year when we had to move to Texas. This was probably the worst and most depressing time of my life, because I had just let behind the place where I had the most friends and was moving on, even though I felt more at home there than I do here in Texas. Eventually I got over this depression and moved on, but it still hasn't been the same since. I work part time at a fresh market/ice cream parlour called Braum's and living with my parents because I can't afford to move out or get a dorm yet.

Music is a huge part of my life. I have grown so attached to the art that it is probably the most important reason I have for living. Without music, there is no life, and without life, there is no music. I will pretty much listen to anything, but my favourite genres are progressive rock, ambient, post-rock, progressive metal, alternative and indie rock. My all time favourite band is Pink Floyd, i discovered them only last year in March after listening to Dark Side of the Moon and have loved them ever since. Other bands I am particulary a huge fan of include Muse, Dream Theater, Yes, Radiohead and Porcupine Tree.

My favourite TV show is Doctor Who and I probably wouldn't have gotten into the show had it not been for this community. That being said, although my interest for MLP:FIM has gone down somewhat over the past couple months I still havent even seen the previous 4 episodes as of this new one this community and website will always be my one internet home from all the friends I have here.

My Skype name is Indyjones456
MSN: [email protected]
Email: Same as above and in name feild.
Last.fm: Indyjones45
>> No. 2511943
File 132295236617.png - (176.37KB , 817x977 , Happy Twilight.png )
Hello, my name is Carmen, you may call me CJ if you like.
I'm 16 years old male, and am currently a sophomore in highschool. I work hard in school, as much as I hate it, and get good grades.
My favorite part of life (other than ponies) is music. I absolutely love music, and without it I may not be here now. I mostly listen to Heavy Metal and Techno, though I like all genres to a degree.... Except country, I hate country. I used to play piano and I currently play the trombone for my school's band.
My 'dream' is simple enough. I would like to live a simple, happy, life living in a smaller town (like the one I'm in now). Also to be able to keep contact with all of my friends and people I have met would be terrific.
I love food, food of all sorts. My favorite type of food would probably have to be mexican food. Though I love Italian and Chinese food as well. Lucky for me I have an extremely high metabolism so I can eat as much as I want and not worry.
Asking who my favorite pony is, is a bit of a difficult question for me because it has changed quite a few times. But as of right now it is between Pinkie and Twilight. Current favorite being Pinkie, but Twilight is gaining ground. This is because Pinkie makes me genuinely happy, and I am alot like Twilight in how we think.

I guess that is all I can think of for now...If you would like to ever talk to me, you can add me on one of my multiple things I will say below.

Xbox Live GamerTag: CJrox
PonySquare profile: ponysquare.com/CJrox
Skype: Carmen Miele (profile pic is a blue OC pony)
>> No. 2511969
I never really introduced myself, so I guess I'll have a stab at it.

I'm Lewis. I'm 17, male, and kinda fat. Like, seriously fat. Not sure on the actual weight, but I take waist size 44 pants.

I also wear glasses, which make me look much better, as well as see much better. Short-sightedness can be a beeyetch.

I'll be going to college in February, to study computing essentials, then moving up to a more complicated course, eventally heading into games design.

I'm kind of a hipster-by-necessity. Growing up, I never really had anything extravagant. All my clothes were from charity shops. That lack of everything cool extended to my tastes, eventually meaning that I can't listen to modern popular music because it makes me rage and having a mobile phone that can't even play a proper song as a ringtone, let alone take pictures or use the internet. It's probably like 4 years old, and it belonged to my dad.

Now I take pleasure in telling people things such as "You've only heard of one song by Electric Six? And it's Lyra Bar? GET OUT." I actually used to laugh inside at people's faces when I told them I didn't have a phone. They honestly couldn't understand it.

My current interests include...ponychan. I used toi play MTG, but I haven't played in over a week sicne starting on Ponychan. I don't even know what movies are out in cinemas, so I don't know what to see next weekend.

My favourite pony changes all the time, though I do d'aww at futtershy always and I currently really like Vinyl Scratch after reading The Vinyl Scratch Tapes (which everpony should read, it's hilarious - scratch calls out celestia on banishing luna to the moon!)

I don't like the CMC. I've never liked little kids. Don't like rarity much. As a guy, all that fashion stuff just bores me. She's still cool, just not as cool as the rest.

I identify more with Twilight; I never got out much as a kid, and had very few friends. I lived in my own little library, with books and games for company. But these days I'm more confident abou going out - I went all the way to glasgow, a good 50 miles away I'm sure, to go to a concert, all by myself. It was the best damned night ever. I even danced publically for ther first time and everypony LOVED IT.

I also kinda identify with Pinkie - both regular and discorded. I love to laugh, and to make people laugh, just as long as it makes them stop laughing at ME.
Although I was never really a party guy.

My dream is to find a job where I like doing the work, so I can live the way I want - modestly, in a small house, but with a nice kitchen and a cat.

I love cats. I really do. Theyre so adowwable, almost as cute as Luna. I had a cat once, but he got ran over by accident. His name was Sam. I called him Sammy Cat and I used to take him up to my room and pet him because he was so cute and furry and I want a cat now :C

Luna should totally have a cat. A black cat, called Noir. He could be shipped with Opal.

I don't eat a wide variety of food. My palate must be messed up; I don't like much at all. Textures are everything. But I do like Macaroni, chocolate chip cookies, cheese on toast, pringles, and mcdonalds mcnuggets. Not to mention fish and chips.

My head hurts, so I'll leave it here. If anypony wants to ask me something go ahead.
>> No. 2511977
File 132319253847.png - (42.04KB , 763x556 , ghost2.png )
I'm bluestripe. Irl name is Marc. I'm 15, short, brown curly hair. I like metal and punk rock. My OC is ghost (pictured to the right). I'm writing a novel that I never expect to publish, its only at 17,500 words. I'm a misanthrope. I've self-diagnosed myself with depression, cause I don't want to talk to anypony else about it. My best (and only) friend spends not enough time with me. I hate him for it. We were going to go to Spain in April for a week (I live in Belgium) and just hang out. Now he's bringing his girlfriend. I probably won't see him for the whole week. I hate everything.
>> No. 2512344
File 132518659472.png - (167.33KB , 900x805 , fluttershy_being_fluttershy_by_mindnomad-d3dipew.png )
Well, my real name is Manuel, and i'm from a lost land known as Venezuela (aka: i speak english and spanish)

I'm sixteen, male and straight. Currently, in first year of college. I have to say that i'm pretty lazy and blunt, but i have a soft side. I sometimes look like a flankhole but i'm actually quite shy.

My favorite ponies are Fluttershy and Twilight. They're both adorable as fuck and i can relate to them. I'm as shy as Fluttershy, and i'm a huge bookworm, just like Twilight.

Music wise i'm really intro progressive rock, althought almost any kind of music is fine for me, except for dubstep and reggaeton. My favorite bands are Queen, The Who and Pink Floyd.

I don't play too many videogames, but you might find me in TF2, i also play GTA and Age of Empires/Mythology.
>> No. 2512610
File 132677870822.jpg - (22.76KB , 448x299 , Bestest Friend.jpg )

I'm INVADER-GRIM (Call me Grim)

My name might fool you into thinking I'm dark/emo/serious, but it's just a mix up of my favourite cartoons (Besides MLP); Invader Zim and the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy!
I love Tim Burton movies, my favourite's 9!

My IRL name is Grace
I'm female
13 years of age!

I want to be a voice actress and a sci fi actress!

Fallout New Vegas is the best video game ever created (Seriously, I'm friends with Felicia Day in it!)

I normally go on /merch/ because I love having RL ponies to cuddle!

Futtershy is my favourite pony because she's so kind and caring, and the cutest thing ever!
I'm most like Pinkie Pie because I'm random and loud and love to make people laugh!

This is the best fandom I've ever been in, the sheer energy is amazing!
I love my friends more then anything!

I feel like a total dweeb for writing this!
>> No. 2512624
I'm Zephyr ( that is my irl name ) I'm 15 and love the wilderness and videogames . I'm 5"11" and a vegetarian . I am a very cynical and jaded guy due to largely but not entirely what you might just call " daddy issues " but when I start talking to bronies and watching mlp I somehow become a different person. I open up and I love all of you . I want to go into the video game industry , but I don't really know what part of it . I have a dream that I will be remembered not for changing a world but just as somepony who helped people's lives be better . I doubt I will be except by close family but still I hope I am . currently I don't have much ambition for anything I just don't really know what i want to do with my life and thus don't work hard towards much .
>> No. 2512629
I'm Louise. I legally changed my name last year. My name used to be Agneta. I'm Swedish, but I live in the UK. I'm celebrating my 20th birthday today. I moved to Northern Ireland when I was 10. I have 2 sisters called Cristine and Britta.
I have a volunteer job at a local shop.
Uhh thats about it!
>> No. 2512630
Well hi there!

My name's Taran Gronert Twomey IRL, or Taranasaurus online. I'm a male who lives in Perth, WA. I'm a massivly nerdy guy, who's obsessed with almost everything on the internet.

I'm an aspiring writer and programmer.

I'm fourteen years of age, I live in Australia, and I am a forced vegetarian (Both of my parents are, so hence all I eat at home is veges)

I have five brothers (4 older, one younger) and three sisters (One older, two younger). Two of my older brothers are in rehab, both suffering from a drug addiction.

My dream is to have one of my stories published, and to become a master programmer. I live with my father and his girlfriend, but I visit my mother occasionally on the weekends.

My favourite genre of music is Drum 'n Bass, closely followed by Dubstep.

I've been a brony since the transition from season one and season two. My favourite pony is Twilight Sparkle, closely followed by Vinyl Scratch.

I play the trumpet in a jazz band, and I play the piano in my spare time.

I'm in the highest class in my year, but I'm barely scraping by. I failed my maths, but managed to get an A in most of my other classes.

My group of friends are all bronies, but none are as obsessed as me.

When I was introduced to the fandom, I was suffering from sevre depression. After having both of my adopted brothers go to rehab, I was seriously considering going into drugs.

One of my friends (actually, my only friend at the time) introduced me. At first, I thought it was stupid and a waste of time, but my friend persisted. I grew to love and connect with one pony in particular, Twilight Sparkle.

In the years I spent with my mother and my siblings, I spent nearly all of my time reading and writing stories. I could connect with Twilight through our love for literature, and our quirky personalities. I felt as if I were Pinkie Pie, I was always smiling, happy.

I was sad though. So when I moved to my father's house, I was glad to be able to get away from the country. I found video games, and then, MLP, and I was happy. I loved it.

Buuuuuuut, enough about my soppy life story, let's talk about the good stuff!

Being fourteen, my writing skills are not as fine-tuned as that of a fully grown adult. I have been told time and time again that my skills far surpase that of my age, and that I'm a truly talented writer. My sister can draw like you wouldn't believe (must've inherited it from my mother).

Ok, so, that's all I really know about me. Thanks for reading!
>> No. 2512631
Howdy, I guess I go by the name Soarin'Eagle here, in real life, my name is Shaun. I'm a 20 year old Englishman, I come from the south east of the country but currently go to University in Bath where I am doing a Maths degree.

I hope to go on to get a PhD or if that doesn't work out, at least get to the situation where I don't have to worry about anything i.e. money.

My favourite hobby is getting drunk. Others include going to the pub, playing darts and cards in the pub, I also enjoy a good pint of beer and the occasional pint of cider. Bacon is pretty good too.

Music wise I do like punk rock, or all different varieties, mainly Pop-Punk stuff like The Wonder Years and Blink, however I do also enjoy Hardcore like Black Flag and Cancer Bats.

I'm a Philadelphia Eagles fan

I've been watching Ponies since the start of the 2nd season, although I've known about it since it started to pop up on 4chan. I didn't really care for it until my roommate suggested that I give it a shot, I went through the general progression of a Brony, (Why the fuck am I watching this, Fuck this is actually good... FUCK YEAH PONIES)

Rainbow Dash is best Pony, followed by Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie. Lyra is the best background pony

That's it, I guess.
>> No. 2512883
File 132788812467.jpg - (48.68KB , 626x654 , 132638735936.jpg )
Why not.

My name is Kevin Wade IRL. Apoljak on ponychan. I am 15.
I got it after a friend of mine drew me Applejack during class to cheer me up and labeled it "Apoljak"

I love to play classical video games, like old Legend of Zeldas and such. I was never big on reading anything unless it was assigned in school. The only thing I actually read and enjoy are MLP:FiM fanfics.

Upon leaving middle school I absolutely dreaded going to my community highschool, as it's not a pleasant place in the slightest. I applied to a technical school the next town over, to be turned down.

But then my mother learned about a brand new school opening up for its first year ever a few towns over, and anypony who applied pretty much got in because of how little people knew about it and were asking to get in. It was an amazing opportunity; something I couldn't refuse. It's a marine science magnet school, and you guessed it, we study marine science. I am currently working to become a future marine biologist, or something like it. It's too early to be sure.

I live in a small farming town in Connecticut. Life is pretty simple, and nothing exciting ever happens. The only real excitement in my life is ponies.

I'll also quickly explain why I like Applejack so much. I've always adored farms, and people that grow up and work on them. I live near 5 or 6, but I've never been on one. This alone gives me a liking to pony of honesty. And also, I completely relate to her. She has the element of honesty, and my entire life I've always been known for being extremely honest. People learned to trust me, and I'd learn to trust them too. People knew I had a hard time lying, even if the truth was painful. She's a hard worker; growing up in a small house with a single mom I usually have to help out with lifting things and the hard work like chopping wood and such. and plus, It's completely obvious when she actually does lie, haha.

That's about it. Have a good day.
>> No. 2512902
File 132806105691.png - (157.14KB , 631x555 , fluttershy - happy.png )
Ah ok what the hay...

The name's Dante, I'm 14, and I have brown hair. I started calling myself flutterguy, but it's an overused name. I'm known as gummythegator on some other sites, it's the secondary name I go by. There's a lot of other flutterguy's out there, so I may change it.

I'm a bit of a geek, I love Star Wars, retro video games, and most of all my friends. (I don't think I need to mention pony).

I love dubstep, electronic, and 8-bit music. I listen to some metal here and there, and also like Rise Against.

My dream is to be happy with myself and my life.

I’m a vegetarian too. Yay, so many vegetarians!

My favorite pony is Twilight Sparkle. I identify with her, as well as Fluttershy I suppose.

I was born in Pennslyvainia and I don't have much an accent or racial indicators. I'm Italian and German by heritage.

I love this community because it's an understanding place where people listen to each other and are kind to one another. I love the artwork, music, writing, and people themselves of this community. I had a great time meeting people at BroNYCon, and will be attending the next one.
>> No. 2512940
File 132815900755.jpg - (65.49KB , 544x309 , New England Dashtriots.jpg )
The name's Andy - or PerfectlyAdequatePony as I'm known here. Yes, that name is indeed a (500) Days of Summer reference. 20 years 'young'.

One of the (to me) surprising number of Scottish bronies. I hail from the magnificent city of Glasgow.

Currently a less than studious student at one of the three universities in the city. I dabble in a fair few fields though my ideal job would be to write for a living. I suppose delving into the world of fanfics could help hone my skills...

My hobbies are very much varied. Playing guitar (somewhat averagely), watching films, cooking, writing everything from literature to screenplays to music, the world is my oyster.

An enormous 'soccer' fan - Celtic are my team. Also enjoy American football, having supported the New England Patriots for many a year.

KnowYourMeme is partly responsible for my presence here. Read up on the phenomenon and grew ever more intrigued with the show before finally taking the plunge and watching it. I regret nothing (in spite of my girlfriend's gentle mocking for now)! Still fairly new to the fandom but I'm already hooked on the show.

The community here and the fandom in general astounds me. The creativity on display is fantastic to behold and the overall courteousness and 'love and tolerance' (not a fan of that phrase mind) is genuinely refreshing. I have to admit that some of the heated exchanges on /pony/ have made me question said outlook once or twice but that's nothing compared to other fandoms so I disregard my skepticism.

And as for my favourite pony? It pretty much varies from day to day. On an RD kick of late.
>> No. 2512995
My real name its gunther, I am 16 years old. I really should be sleeping, because I have a forensics meet. I am stubborn, geeky, and narcissistic (that is my element), but I do try to tolerate as much as I can.

twilight its the best pony, and my trip shows

I an leaning to be a programmer, but probably only have the aptitude for web design and building. I know css, html and I'm learning javascript.

Any questions before I assign homework?
>> No. 2512996
File 132836233742.jpg - (146.92KB , 698x497 , riNeuh.jpg )
I'm Viktor and with k not c cuz im Hungarian.
I'm 26 and I'm a Lifeguard.

I worked at a bunch of places, maryland US, cyprus hungary but there's no place like the internet!

I like internet music, parody remixes (schmoyoho, wow songs like Nyhm, mlp remix)and any music i can connect it with a pleasant memory or experience.
I play on keyboard (or synthetisator cuz i hate the piano).

I'm adicted to sweets choclates cakes but i also like fruits and fruits mixed with sweets. (Yes! avocado is a fruit and i like it! deal with it)

My dream is that the mlp fim will go on forever without becoming boring.
My favorite pony is Twilight but i like Luna's appearance best. I would really like to see twilight with a mane similar to luna's night sky mane.

Nice meeting you guys
>> No. 2513015
I am Axel, aka Svett. I'm a 19-year-old Swedish brony. I live in Stockholm and am currently studying law at university.

I play the piano and the accordion (actually working on a MLP mini medley on the accordion as we speak). I also spend waaaay too much time playing video games compared to the time I spend studying. Currently spending 80% of my free time playing Battlefield 3 on the Xbox.

I am terrified of crane flies. My mind considers them the pure essence of evil. I am honestly afraid of 90% of all existing insects. I would rather spend time in a room with a snake than any form of larger insect.

I love milk. I generally consume somewhere between 4-6 litres per day. I am addicted to coffee (like all Swedes) and snus, a form of Swedish tobacco that's basically like a small tea bag (the non-sexual term) filled with tobacco that you put under your upper lip.

I've only been a brony since December of 2011. I discovered the community through an MMO-community website named "mmo-champion". I had seen their pony thread in the most recent posted threads pretty much every time I went on the website and I eventually decided to check it out. I was amazed to see that the thread was over 6000 pages long, and this was the THIRD pony thread of the site! They had had to close the previous two as they became too long for their system to handle. I was amazed by the dedication of the pony community, so out of curiousity I checked out the first episode. And yeah, that was all it took. I watched all of season one and the first 11 episodes of season 2 in only three days. I got quite obsessed. (:

Oh, and Pinkie Pie is best pony. She's the only one I never get tired of seeing more of.
>> No. 2513028
File 132882264682.png - (183.70KB , 450x362 , 128104 - caption crossover macro pinkie_pie Scarface.png )
Hello there all the bronies of Ponychan, I'm new to this place but not exactly new to MLP FIM :P
I found this thread and thought it would be interesting to read about other bronies about who they are, also to tell them about myself, so here goes nothing :)

My name is Timothy R, I'm 17 years old and living in sweden.

I'm a brunette stallion and as it seems most of you guys here are, a huge metal fan.

My dream is to start my own company and be free. Freedom, it's something I long for more than anything.
But youth, school and medical conditions are keeping me trapped here.
For now, I recognize I'll be able to leave sweden and explore the world when I'm around 20 years old.

I have another dream, might sound strange, but it is to meet other people who has the same dream as me to be free. Why? To have some company on our long great journeys of course :)
And that because I long for somepony to understand me : /

Favorite pony? PINKIE PIE! Brave, fun, open minded, not bothered by the little annoying things, and by me one of the friendliest ponies of the 6.

I hate living in the cold and dark, my skin starts to crawl when thinking about being here for 3 more years.

I'm shy when I first meet people and can have a hard time making friends without another friend's help, but I'm working on becoming better in that matter.

I also love training in the gym and I dream of becoming handsome and strong. But it's going to take quite some time..

And I realize now that I'm getting quite carried away with describing myself and troubles. I'll leave some random facts and then continue reading through this thread :)

I play drums
I'm a virgin
My motto is "Love and Tolerance" :)
I'm a very loving person, sadly people take advantage of me for not wanting to hurt anypony
Fight Club is the best movie I know of psychologically and philosophically (If that's even a word :P) and how much I just want to love everypony and be loved by everypony. Sometimes I just want to be in a real fight even if I've never been in one and don't know what it's like.

Alright time to add this up.

I love chocolate. See ya ma homeys :)
>> No. 2513030
File 132882293595.jpg - (50.06KB , 640x360 , Twilight ORLY.jpg )
Alright, since I'm new to Ponychan:
My name is Caleb, and I'm 15, American. I started watching MLP: FiM about 6 months ago. I think Twilight Sparkle is best pony, and I hope I will have awesome times on this site.
>> No. 2513804
Hello there, bronies and pegasisters. My name is Christian, and I am a somewhat recent brony.

I recently turned sixteen, I live in Melbourne, Australia, and I enjoy the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series. I keep all of it a secret from my family and most of my friends.

I play the piano, I enjoy video games with either a good plot, or characters awesome enough to compensate for a lack of plot, I read a lot (titles such as Great Expectations, War and Peace, Finnegan's Wake) which further alienates me from my generation, and I prefer video game music to anything on the radio today, though there are a few exceptions (a few MLP songs being related).

My dream is to grow up, get married and have a daughter (or more likely, adopt. foreveralone.jpg) I would like said daughter to be similar to Fluttershy, just because I could have lots of tender moments, which my childhood sorely lacked.

I like all of the main six (Fluttershy more so than the others, but not by much), but I very much like Discord, because...do I need a reason?

I can almost completely desensitize myself in most situations (hence how I can browse /b/ without batting an eyelid) but every now and again something gets me.They tend to be MLP FanFiction (My Circle of Friends, My Little Dashie).

I indeed love this community, and would very much like to find a brony or pegasister in real life, but I get the feeling that there are no others in my area.
It would be nice to find somepony to talk to.
>> No. 2513806
Im Brony no. 7098. Feared to be lost but just found other shit to do, Then I came back. Good communities will do that to you =)

I work with electronics, I ride motorbikes, Play competitive TF2, I make some PMVs occasionally when I have the time (Youtube user PMVderps), And generally frequent most messageboards/forums
>> No. 2513808
File 133270141467.png - (665.51KB , 853x1271 , 1330403890800.png )
I guess I'll play
My name is Melody Montalvo, 15 year old, female
I started watching MLP:FiM about the time when Gryphon the Brush Off first aired.
I've been here a while.
I have blck hair with pink tips and brown eyes
I am skilled in drawing, playing Electric bass and electric guitar and a flute~
I listen to Dubstep, am a HUGE fan of The Beatles and Alexander Rybak
I live in Canada
my dream is to be a fashion designer.
I've already been looking into schools since grade 9
I'm hispanic, entire family born in El Salvador except for me, born in Canada
I'm 4 foot 11.. I'm tiny
and I enjoy this community because well.. Let's face it, every other community is rather cut-throat
>> No. 2513817
Hey Guys,

Im Noah, im 15 years old and live in Ky (No, we are not all hillbillies!). I enjoy gaming, chillin w/ my friends, and most of all MLP:FiM. I also play the cello for my school and have been an All-State 1st chair for 3 years in a row. If you want to hit me up on Xbox my gt is xDustyJohnson.
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