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I've been watching My Little Pony for 3 months. I've been a user on this site for less.

It wasn't until today that it struck me, just how amazing this community is. I mean, I always knew it was different... But I never fully realized it, until now.

When I first saw Kim's thread, and the tragedy he faced... It hit me deep inside. I don't know if it was the fact that I felt such a deep emotional response for a total stranger, or if it was the incredible outpouring of support... That thread was one of the darkest things I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of shitty stuff. And you shone light that pierced the darkness.

I've seen this community waste no time at all in propping this man up from the bottom of the abyss. I've seen this community have a very real impact in helping ease such extreme pain.

I've shed tears over this. All of it. Over a complete and total stranger on the internet. Over all of you and what you've achieved.

I wish it didn't take such a tragedy for me to see it, but you guys are the most amazing community ever. I can say that with 100% certainty. And I never say anything lightly.

Thanks for being fucking amazing guys.
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File 131154508533.png - (294.02KB , 1029x777 , DjPon3Salute.png )
This guy has it DOWN!
And thank you for thanking me thank us all.
>> No. 2505110
File 131154881235.jpg - (6.37KB , 248x227 , 130595651017.jpg )
I'll post in here as well seeing as you want people to. The general friendly attitude of this place is why I stick around myself and it's good to see you enjoy this place as well. Here's to hoping it can stay like this for as long as possible, which shouldn't be a problem from what I see.
>> No. 2505111
I'm about to go to bed shortly, I've been super tired today. One last shout-out to all you awesome Bronies. Seriously, it's impossible to overstate how incredible this community is. You're all amazing and the turnout in this thread has made me feel incredible.

Before this day, I was a user of the site, but an outsider to the community. That changed today, for the first time. I can't express how happy I am. I finally, truly know what it is to be a Brony. And I'm so proud to be a part of that.

Eventually, I'll figure out exactly what emotions they are swimming around in my mind, but for now, I at least can tell you that they feel good.
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File 131155870939.jpg - (110.23KB , 400x400 , fluttershy cute happy crying.jpg )
>mui visario qan this thread.
>> No. 2505113
Well um... I"m not that amazing... I"m just regular, if below par, really...
>> No. 2505114
No you're not. You're fucking great. Simply being here and being a part of what this community does, means you are great.

You're awesome, so act like it!
>> No. 2505115
File 131156028672.jpg - (93.97KB , 1000x1000 , 26837 - pinkie_pie rainbow_dash.jpg )
Yep, yep.
>> No. 2505116
File 131156062060.png - (144.17KB , 397x417 , fo sho.png )
Couldn't agree more.

I came here for the pics, stayed for the love.
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File 131156232651.png - (63.00KB , 507x579 , 130742831055.png )
N, ive seen you around quite often actually, and want to say thank yu for making this thread.
It's a good way to move on from from what happened in the last 2 days and would also like to say that im glad YOU are here.

Along with everybody else.

Thank you for just being here and being friendly.
>> No. 2505118
File 131156268306.png - (178.52KB , 1280x967 , rainbow_dash_salute_by_atomicgreymon-d3bo0dx.png )
OP, you are pretty awesome yourself. I'm relatively new to this place (~2 weeks), and it's great to be amongst such awesome individuals. Came here from 4chan one day and saw the huge amount of kindness and caring coming from everyone. Warmed the heart of this cynical bastard. Haven't been back to 4chan since :).
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>> No. 2505120
File 131156359047.jpg - (6.07KB , 201x251 , Brohoof.jpg )
I'd like to thank you back N for being one of the many members of this website that make me proud to call myself a Brony.
>> No. 2505121
File 131156573906.jpg - (17.67KB , 140x138 , rainbowdomoory.jpg )
this fandom is one of a kind, after all

(<3 you all)
>> No. 2505122
File 131156616524.png - (141.08KB , 386x360 , 131131557955.png )
When I read Kim's OP, I was really worried. I thought it was going to be okay, but then he posted the news... and for some reason, I was absolutely devastated. I nearly cried, and I hardly ever cry. Best wishes go out to him, I can't even imagine how hard it is.

Thanks for this, N. I too cannot believe how great this place is at cheering up others and helping those in need. I've never seen an instance where someone who asked for help did not get people talking with him. Ponychan, you're the best online community I've ever took part in and I'm pretty sure I'll never find a better one. Thanks for being awesome everybody.
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File 131156622899.jpg - (43.65KB , 444x544 , Well fuck son.jpg )
Ponychan is a strange place on the internet.
>> No. 2505125

--- Similar thread I mage a little while ago. You've said it far more concisely and emotively though.
>> No. 2505126

--- Similar thread I made a little while ago. You've said it far more concisely and emotively though.
>> No. 2505127
Love! Tolerance! Semi-rational debate about the Yamino-Dərpy Offensive! Relatively fewer parasprites than other chans!

Could we improve? Sure. But we remain 20% cooler than any other chan out there. I fucking love you too, guys.
>> No. 2505128
File 131157109336.jpg - (99.34KB , 420x652 , 0400148.jpg )
>> No. 2505129
File 131157216917.jpg - (70.45KB , 945x945 , 131112917837.jpg )
It's true the brony community as a whole is exceptional. Even though very few of us actually know each other in real life that doesn't stop us from having each others backs. I think it's awesome how much our community can get done without acting like many of the other asinine people found on the internet. I'm a very proud member of this fanbase and I think we prove that an impact can be made on society through cooperation, hard work, tolerance, and friendship. Keep rocking bronies!!!
>> No. 2505130
File 131157237166.gif - (933.84KB , 445x400 , 131052874047.gif )
I'm definitely a background pony in this place, but I see what N's talking about every day. This is the only place on the internet I've ever seen where ponies can just come and spill their hearts, and be greeted with warmth and love instead of derision and mocking. It's so... comforting to see the anonymity of the internet doesn't inspire only darkness. You all are beautiful.
>> No. 2505131
Aw, thanks N! You seem pretty damn awesome yourself, and this is coming from someone whose OC is a robotic pony with a cannon built into her face.
>> No. 2505132
File 131157825358.jpg - (9.61KB , 240x304 , Asheyesmile.jpg )
I don't normally give hugs...


Aww, who the hay am I kidding? HUGS FOR EVERYPONY!
>> No. 2505133
Good morning everyone. I trust you're all just as awesome as you were yesterday?
>> No. 2505134
Mornin' N, how are you today?
>> No. 2505135
I'm doing alright. In between classes at the moment (actually, on break). I feel kind of... Not right. I felt so happy that I see what this community is, but I feel like Kim's situation was lost in that feeling of joy. Now I just don't know. I have a habit of saying too much and eventually losing sight of the reality of the situation, and I'm really questioning some of my later remarks in that thread, the memorial thread. I just don't know. It's vital not to cross lines in such a volatile situation, I believe, even slightly crossing them is bad.

Doesn't mean the rest of you aren't awesome. It's just me having a small personal issue.
>> No. 2505136
This stupid mac doesn't like to actually reload pages when I hit refresh. I got 10 minutes before I go back to class, should be home in about an hour or so after that. Sorry if I don't respond right away.
>> No. 2505137
...I would like advice and help on this issue though. I don't know if I'm just being silly and imagining it, or if I really did cross the line. It would be really appreciated. I'm still not fully adjusted to how this community operates, I still don't understand a lot of it. I mean, considering that I've been a "part of the community" for all of a day, even though I've been a user for awhile.

Many thanks in advance. I'll be going to class shortly, I'll be back on in about an hour and a half. See you guys in a bit.
>> No. 2505138
File 131160759784.png - (268.04KB , 401x433 , smiling terra.png )

I think that saying that a online community is implying effects to real life is a bit too far to say, but i understand how you feel.

I also can say that in many years, the internet has never saw a community like this before, and im proud of it, truelly proud.

But again i must say, let the internet and other strangers have influence on your real life is bad, really bad.
Of course, not always, but you have always to make sure that you're not falling into a psychological trap or a scam.
Being guillible is a fatal error sometimes, but i do assume that the most part of the community have enough common sense to avoid any sort of bad intentioned actions.

Share feelings, may it be happiness or sadness, is a great thing, i appreciate this part of the community, that's what make this place so wonderfull and awesome!

And i agree with you, ponychan is one of the greatest community on the internet.

Arbor bona fructus bonos facit.
>> No. 2505139
File 131160818742.gif - (13.80KB , 120x120 , games_kingdomHearts-birthBySleep-terra.gif )
oh, almost forgot, great job, OP.

>implying that threads die when i post
>> No. 2505140
I don't know if you've seen the threads I'm talking about. I'm going to link them, but I'm going to caution you: They are especially dark, the first one in particular. But this community wastes no time to shine through that darkness... To have a real healing impact.


I didn't buy it either, and I never imagined that this community would change me. But it has.
>> No. 2505141
File 131161362726.png - (112.93KB , 253x207 , Sometimes I Worry About You_ In A Good Way_.png )


Yes, you.

You are still my favorite anon.
>> No. 2505142
File 131161367652.png - (23.89KB , 183x188 , 130931564346.png )
Well said, sir.
>> No. 2505143
...How do threads get archived? There's so much... Can I say it... Love? There's so much love in this thread. I've always resisted saying that word, but I finally see how it's true. I hope this isn't one of those "ask and it will never happen" things, because I'd like to see this saved. I don't want it to die.

It would be totally awesome if that could happen at some point :3
>> No. 2505144
File 131161992776.png - (284.33KB , 600x506 , 130625557288.png )
I think you put 'archive' in the report box, but a thread is usually archived once it's hit autosage.
Dont worry, i'm sure a Mod has seen this.

This entire thread is Diamonds.
>> No. 2505145

Well, in the meantime, more of you Bronies get in here and be appreciated! Yes, that means you reading this post right now from the outside. Get in here!
>> No. 2505146
Maybe you didn't hear me.

Get in here and be loved!

I... Don't want to bump this anymore after this post. Because it's starting to get too obnoxious for even my standards.
>> No. 2505147
File 131162408759.png - (25.73KB , 123x131 , yay (2).png )
Here, have a free bump form me, then.
>> No. 2505148
File 131162515389.jpg - (62.60KB , 472x568 , smilelifeisbeautiful.jpg )
in one thread. the timespan of... just a single thread... so much change. so much love. so much... so much...

>I wish it didn't take such a tragedy for me to see it
It breaks my heart that it had to happen over these events, but thats how the heart works. In friendship, you can never truely call someone a close friend unless you two have experienced some deeper-than-normal emotional experience such as a large fight, having been there for one another during a breakup of a significant other, or maybe even the death of a mutual friend or something.

I have never been ashamed of being a part of this fandom and community, but its not every day that i am -this- proud of what we have done. of how its affected someone.

I am happy.

/arch/'d for great poni.
>> No. 2505155
>> No. 2505167
File 131164013777.png - (395.57KB , 1600x1158 , 136687980910.png )
First off, congrats on an amazing thread OP.

Secondly, thank you, for those links, I highly disapprove of what the terrorists have done, but to see so many people giving support to a person they barely know... that is absolutely amazing. It truly shows what kind of community we are. I am proud to be a member of this community and I hope you all are too.
>> No. 2505168
File 131164182512.png - (59.02KB , 241x241 , 130221871776.png )
There's an open Google Doc forf Fluttershy if anypony would care to say something. It's currently up to 23 pages.

>> No. 2505169

I'm in ponychan for less than a week now. But from the start I could understand that this is not just a different chan but is also a different place in this hate machine called Internet.

From the start that I came here and asked "Why do you people like it?" and only got polite and positive answers I knew I've found a special place with special people, that i can rely on, specially now that I'm so scared with college
>> No. 2505170
We're an Internet Love Machine ♥
>> No. 2505177

And may it continue LONG INTO ETERNITY!

>> No. 2505178

And may it continue LONG INTO ETERNITY!

>> No. 2505427
Feel the love. It's the first internet community i consider myself to be part of. And we aren't used to do those things in my country. Greetings from Argentina.
>> No. 2505895
File 131230503910.jpg - (48.74KB , 600x337 , 131218291352.jpg )
I think this place is the most human the internet can get, even when it's a place for ponies. Gotta love y'all.
>> No. 2508067
>> No. 2508068
Been a brony for about a month and started visiting this to fill up my MLP photo folder. I agree with all of you especially after reading this thread. This place is wonderful. I hope I'll be getting more active in here and I'm sad that i wasn't able to read Kim's thread and offer my support but bronies for life I love you guys!
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