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2505475 No. 2505475
Last night, Stephen Colbert put out a survey (if you could call it that) on his Super PAC website. He's done this to see what his viewers stand for. This whole thing will end with a joke, so I ask this of you guys.

Send in the ponies.
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>> No. 2505891
File 131229417676.png - (14.68KB , 404x408 , For teh lulz.png )
Immortality. It feels good pony.
>> No. 2505894
There is a good forum post going now on colbert's own forums comment if you please :) It's currently the first result on google for "Colbert bronies"
>> No. 2505897
File 131230780438.jpg - (113.74KB , 500x686 , at-first-pinkie-smile.jpg )
Don't know about everypony else but watching that shout out sure gave me a Colbert bump!
>> No. 2505899
File 131231472522.jpg - (65.34KB , 600x562 , 131192157949.jpg )
My favorite cartoon mentioned on my favorite show. I'm just radiating happiness right now.
>> No. 2505906
File 131234149698.gif - (528.87KB , 591x510 , 131103261084.gif )

BfG Gives you massive Brohoof mate :D
>> No. 2505924
>Colbert starts first segment off with a bunch of horse related anecdotes

My mind really needs to calm down because now it's just paraspriting me.
>> No. 2505932
File 131234458177.jpg - (7.23KB , 232x217 , images.jpg )
I watched and saw too, are these possibly hints of things to come?
>> No. 2505933
File 131234814340.gif - (221.12KB , 294x400 , Cough.gif )
Don't get your hopes us. It might just be a coincidence.
>> No. 2505940

That's what I meant by the fact that my mind needs to calm down part.
>> No. 2505946
File 131238525292.jpg - (10.91KB , 296x170 , pp.jpg )
I won't lose hope!
>> No. 2505948
File 131238854179.jpg - (6.46KB , 225x225 , rd.jpg )
Is Harvard still lurking? We need leadership mayor pony! Some organization to get us a threatdown on Colbert!
>> No. 2505949
File 131238869765.jpg - (6.85KB , 284x178 , crying.jpg )
I meant Havahd T.T
>> No. 2505950
File 131239618598.jpg - (8.44KB , 222x227 , sad.jpg )
No one posts in /arch threads :(
>> No. 2505951
File 131239650457.png - (294.25KB , 720x720 , Job well done.png )
What, I heard my name.
>> No. 2505952
File 131239679087.jpg - (7.17KB , 244x206 , scared.jpg )
>Save us, from ourselves!
>> No. 2505953
File 131239723857.jpg - (6.23KB , 225x225 , letsgo.jpg )
You started this, I propose we finish it!
>> No. 2505954
File 131239737643.jpg - (4.74KB , 147x147 , salute.jpg )
Rally everypony!
>> No. 2505955
File 131239758481.jpg - (6.72KB , 268x188 , hero.jpg )
Our goal!
>> No. 2505956
File 131239770173.jpg - (26.50KB , 480x350 , colbertponythreatdown.jpg )
Make this happen:
>> No. 2505957
File 131239781545.jpg - (50.13KB , 624x534 , 29944 - AWW YEA guy meme rainbow_dash.jpg )
Colbert Pony Threatdown! Awwwww yeah!
>> No. 2505958
Somepony link this picture on his SuperPAC page.
>> No. 2505959
File 131240789478.gif - (925.79KB , 400x225 , Objection.gif )
Sorry, right now I'm working on getting Conan to mention us.
>> No. 2505977
File 131242946508.jpg - (63.91KB , 498x714 , So Close (2002).jpg )
>Calls out Hasbro about Monopoly
>> No. 2505978
File 131243066681.jpg - (29.45KB , 200x141 , sun_i_am_disappoint.jpg )
I am disappoint
>> No. 2506003
File 131244981172.jpg - (216.49KB , 1280x945 , wtf_conan.jpg )
You should try other shows. Just not Tosh.
>> No. 2506007
File 131248778385.png - (90.87KB , 358x302 , 131100111174.png )
Agreed. Buck that. (Pic related, as Tosh easily is one.)
>> No. 2506011
File 131250073184.jpg - (324.60KB , 1400x1050 , Newspaper.jpg )
I don't have to rush with Conan and it involves only 6-ish people, so I can work on the side with that. Jimmy Fallon is an idea that passed my head. he has a segment in which he passes around a box in the audience and takes suggestion slips and does the wierdest ones. If we can get somepony in the crowd, I'd like for the to write "Have the Roots (his house band) do a cover for the My Little Pony:Friendship Is Magic theme song". It'd be a lulzcow, so he'd do it. But we need somepony in the audience.
>> No. 2506013
Where is Jimmy Fallon based out of?
>> No. 2506014
New York.
>> No. 2506016
I might actually be able to swing this. I'm going to BroNYcon in September, if I can go in a day early and nab tickets I'll let everypony know.
>> No. 2507786
>Can the internet make you a better person?

A lot of bronies could go with that.

Why am I still posting here? I dunno
>> No. 2507787
File 131294880534.jpg - (18.83KB , 242x526 , Humanized 2.jpg )
I still lurk this thread.
>> No. 2508083
File 131298145901.png - (260.98KB , 1366x768 , 38802 - Cutie_Mark_Crusaders Risky_Business meme p.png )

Thought I was the only one. Probably should have assumed better.
>> No. 2508084

Nope, I still lurk this sucker too.
>> No. 2508323
File 131355224616.png - (155.83KB , 512x510 , 40429 - Snails crossover deus_ex sunglasses.png )
>"Friendship" in the top right corner of the first word cloud
>> No. 2508326
"Ponies", "pony" and "magic" aren't hard to spot either :)

"Love" and "tolerance" also made it to the second cloud, but just barely.
>> No. 2508328
File 131359088782.png - (532.65KB , 800x600 , 46498 - Stephen_Colbert pony_references word_cloud.png )
Courtesy of somepony from Ponibooru
>> No. 2508329
File 131359909946.png - (41.12KB , 170x230 , Cool.png )
Given that 53,000 people entered, that's pretty good. Although, I feel like we should have all just said "Ponies"
>> No. 2508330

We still did darn good.
>> No. 2508331
File 131360606619.png - (76.88KB , 182x218 , Confused.png )
I know, but if we all included the word ponies, then it might be as big as "Freedom" or "Congress"
>> No. 2508338

>What do you stand for?

Tax Breaks!
>> No. 2508349
I can only imagine what the cloud would look like them
>> No. 2508398
Wait a second. I know how we can get some good press! You know who'd give a good segment on bronies? Rachel Maddow. She'd love this show. She might even become a pegasister herself. Someon find a way to contact her, I'll check back in the morning.
>> No. 2508431

- @Maddow is Rachel's personal account

- To contact The Rachel Maddow Show’s staff:
[email protected]

My only exposure to Maddow has been Lean Forward commercials, flipping through channels, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report. But I've seen enough to understand why you think that is a good idea.
>> No. 2508445
File 131376396813.gif - (143.49KB , 770x770 , Applause.gif )
Thank you, I'll send them an e-mail talking about the brony phenomenon and I'll include the KYM article and an episode. I can't really decide which episode though. I have a feeling she'd like either Bridle Gossip or Party of One.
>> No. 2508446
I'll send her Bridle Gossip. That's the one I used to convert all my friends, so It'll work. When I send the e-mail, I'll copypasta it here.
>> No. 2508447
File 131376849836.jpg - (57.20KB , 320x208 , Friendship Is Magic.jpg )
Okay, so here's the e-mail I sent her and the pic that came with it:

[i"]I’m not sure if you know about it or not, but I’m going to talk about it anyway. Do you know about the “Brony” Phenomenon? No? Well, A “brony” is a term for a dude who watches and enjoys the show “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”. Now, I know what your thinking: “This is probably some fetish for 40 year old pedophiles”, but that is not the case. The main age group for bronies are dudes 14-24. I should know, I’m a 14 year old brony myself. But enough of my ramblings, I’ll describe the show. The show is of a purple egghead unicorn named Twilight Sparkle. Her mentor, Princess Celestia, sends her to the small town of Ponyville to learn about the benefits of friendship. There she meets hard working Applejack, athletic tomboy Rainbow Dash, kind and quiet Fluttershy, Quirky and hyperactive Pinkie Pie and the fashonista Rarity. Other than the pilot, the show is mainly slice of life and the episodes have almost no relation to any of the others. This makes the show very easy to jump right in the middle of and watch at your own pace. I’m not 100% sure of the appeal of the show to dudes my age, but I can assure you the show is awesome nonetheless. Don’t take my word for it, here’s a link to my favorite episode, where a mysterious zebra named Zecora lurks around the town and Applejack’s little sister Applebloom decides she wants to get to the bottom of the town’s fear for her. http://youtu.be/fHafVhFIYIU . I hope you watch the show and find it as awesome as I and my brony friends did."[/i]
>> No. 2510403
Bump because Colbert
>> No. 2510459
Did Maddow or her associates ever get back to you?
>> No. 2510478
Nope.....I'd want to try again but I don't want to seem imposing.
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