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2509474 No. 2509474
I just realized, Ive been browsing /arch/ for a bit now, and i figured why not? I'll make a thread to promote the steam group im a part of.


Welcome to the herd fellow ponies!~

This is the steam group of your dreams. Its been around since November. Recently, if you remember, we hit 1000 members, and I did a web show. For six hours me and anywhere between 30 and 60 people sat around a computer, having so much fun, making cupcakes, telling stories, having fun. This is just a part of what the group is.

Join the community if you have steam. Ive been with the group for coming up on... i think somewhere around 3 months or so (i joined the day i found ponies :P) and i have personally watched it grow from a small community of around 250 members, to now coming up on 1400 members!

I have seen the daily chat room go from 2-4 ponies at any given time, to now there's usually 20-25 in the chat at ALL times! I have met so many amazing ponies through this group, and now i want to share the magic of friendship with you.

So please, if you have a bit of time, come stop by, say hi! i am positive you will meet many new friends here.
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>> No. 2509680
Because of the new game system random anon get in the servers. Some stay and sometimes are parasprites.
>> No. 2509681
Friendship is Alltalk always seems fine when I get on, even with all the !scootaloo spamming (fun!).
>> No. 2509682
File 131045706382.jpg - (22.74KB , 345x266 , 130915387073.jpg )
I kinda like going in the servers around 4am my time. Less parasprites in it compared to the day. Plus, the Coloured Pylons TF2 server keeps me at bay since the people there are pretty chill compared to the ones i met at Legion of Ponies.
>> No. 2509683
I frequent the password protected Legion server. It makes it less stressful and annoying but a lot of the time it also gets empty and lonely :c
>> No. 2509684
File 131060501927.jpg - (20.09KB , 484x266 , heavy.jpg )
7625 Members holy shit.
>> No. 2509685
11 more since you said that
>> No. 2509686
Is the minecraft server down again, or is it just me?
>> No. 2509687
File 131077561373.png - (26.70KB , 301x301 , 130915844130.png )
So i heard you can reserve a spot in TF2 servers on Legion of Ponies. Lol wut, i think the Legion of Ponies server in general is dying to me.

Maybe i should go Citizen mode and fuck around until i get kicked.

Seriously, dumbest idea ever.
>> No. 2509688
it always goes down. im just holding on till lethaldrive shows up so i can switch to that.
>> No. 2509689
I want to play L4D/L4D2 but I do not has, if anypony wants to gift me it, I will play.
>> No. 2509690
So guys, would you teach me exactly how can you micspam on the TF2 servers? I too want to spread catchy pony goodness but I couldn't get HLDJ working no matter how many times I've tried.

Is it the old put-mic-close-to-speakers method? I doubt it, because I've witnessed some guys playing various short sound effects repeatedly, and that's really hard to pull off using only an mp3 player.
>> No. 2509691
refer to this video...
>> No. 2509692
doesn't seem to work. I did everything that's written down in the tutorial but when I start to play my music it seems it somehow still can't be heard server-side, only I can hear it.
>> No. 2509693
some servers also don't allow micspam or have the voice_loopback command disabled...
>> No. 2509694
With that method, disabling micspam is impossible.
With the old codec, there was an "allow voice from file" command that HLDJ used. This could be disabled, but the new method doesn't use that.
If only he can hear the music, he might not have set up Virtual Audio Cable correctly. voice_loopback lets you hear what you broadcast to the server.
>> No. 2509695
that is true...he should make sure he has Virtual Audio Cable correctly set up.
>> No. 2509696

This isn't entirely correct.

Donators get a special "reserved slot" function. What this means is that they have access to the two "extra" slots on the server that are not publicly available.

For example, if the server is full (24/24), a donator can connect with a reserved slot and make the population 25/24. There is no kicking players to make room, there is no denying open space to pubs, everypony plays nice.
>> No. 2509697
>there is no denying open space to pubs

What about in the situation that there are 24 people already on the server, at least 2 of which are donators? If a pubby then tries to join, is one of the donators pushed into the 25th slot, or can the pubby just not join? In the case of the latter, it kinda-sorta-maybe IS denying open space to pubs.
>> No. 2509698

It doesn't push donators to the slots if they've occupied a normal slot, so you kind of have a point, but by then it's just a typical server full issue and that's not the fault of the donator. The point is that it will not kick anypony already in to make room for donators.

They're not being denied by donators any more than they're being denied by Dr. Joe Herpaderp the random internet pubber who got there before them.
>> No. 2509699
On the contrary, if there are 24 people on, and the server holds 26, they are being locked out by people who aren't even on the server. Not being able to play because somepony else MIGHT want to play later is pretty unfair.
>> No. 2509700

24 is a standard 12 v. 12 match. The 2 slots are by all definitions extra. This is not lockout.
>> No. 2509701
joined :3
>> No. 2509702
File 131133590027.gif - (137.91KB , 200x171 , Uh, oh_.gif )
I'll join, but since I literally just downloaded Steam, I'm pretty much limited to Spiral Knights and TF2 until I decide to buy something I want.

It'd be fun to play with some decent people on a server instead of random pubs, but being new, and from what I've gathered from this thread, the pony servers seem pretty shitty to me.

C'est la vie.
>> No. 2509703
Just try them out, its hit or miss.
>> No. 2509704
File 131155112821.jpg - (56.77KB , 704x640 , Coffee.jpg )
So far I see no problem.

I really enjoyed the games I played last night, and everypony was a bro, even helping me out being new and all.
>> No. 2509705

so glad you enjoyed our servers ^ ^
>> No. 2509706
File 131163622456.png - (30.67KB , 1020x768 , team_fortress_2_shirts_1_by_video_massacre-d33a1lr.png )
So, I want to make some custom T-shirst of TF2, so I need your help if you have a high resolution picture of the characters shirts, specifically the RED Scout.
>> No. 2509707
File 131165690056.jpg - (63.68KB , 360x584 , 360px-Isaac_Clarke_DS2.jpg )
I would buy these.
>> No. 2509708
Hey! Hey! Guess what? Guess what?

>> No. 2509709
File 131186103960.jpg - (21.11KB , 532x562 , AAAAAAAAAAAPPLEOOSA.jpg )
Congrats on the 9000 members. Glad to be a part of the group.
>> No. 2509710
Same here, it really does seem that resistance is futile.

And I contributed 4 additions. Because I'm a baws like that.
>> No. 2509711
Will join tonight when I get off work. Just recently started TF2 (because of ponies) and I've been playing on this one brony server from UK. My Litte Mercenaries or something. Anyway I rly like it and my ping there is only 120 or so which is pretty awesome considering I have to use this crappy mobile internet stick or w/e its called. Will get broadband in 20days but untill then I have to suffer :(
>> No. 2509712
Wait, the TF2 server requires a password now?
>> No. 2509713
Nevermind got the pass.
>> No. 2509714
the gaming for mudkip group is planning to stampede the steam group. they've bean posting it non-stop on their wall.
>> No. 2509715
Gamers for Mudkip is an unorganized clump of morons, I very highly doubt they'll actually be able to pull anything like that off.
>> No. 2509716
Man, I have not been able to get on the minecraft server at all lately. Is this just standard brohoster downtime, or is it totally down?
>> No. 2509717
we have a new host.

connect to minelittlepony.fogelholk.se
>> No. 2509718

We just hit TEN THOUSAND members!! :D
>> No. 2509719
Hey guys, I've been completely unable to find the tf2 server. I was on it earlier today but now its gone. It doesn't even appear in my favorates and history.
>> No. 2509720
they should all be live...
>> No. 2509721
File 131413171637.jpg - (7.80KB , 292x296 , flutter shy.jpg )
Just joined the group. I don't know why I didn't do this sooner.

And my Steam ID is here:

Just if anypony feels like adding me on there.
>> No. 2509722
Now that I have a computer with half-decent specs, I've got Steam, Portal (2), and TF2. Joined the group a while ago. Curious to see if there are TF2 servers for us...?

Steam name is wantfastcars.
>> No. 2509723

You have no idea. You can sometimes wait for half an hour for a slot in the main pony servers.

>> No. 2509724
File 131446745940.jpg - (151.02KB , 600x850 , Top of the morning old chap.jpg )
Hey I just created a steam account and am currently downloading TF2. Is it alright if I can join in on the fun?
>> No. 2509725
File 131447028327.gif - (1.21MB , 650x500 , nom nom nom, i cant hear you!.gif )
Absolutely! why would we tell anypony they cant have fun?:3c
>> No. 2509726
File 131448377210.jpg - (18.11KB , 349x241 , 131214926608.jpg )
Gimme a hug!
>> No. 2509727
File 131448522273.jpg - (8.04KB , 215x234 , daww___ why wub woo too!.jpg )

i mean, HI!
>filename related
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