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2509474 No. 2509474
I just realized, Ive been browsing /arch/ for a bit now, and i figured why not? I'll make a thread to promote the steam group im a part of.


Welcome to the herd fellow ponies!~

This is the steam group of your dreams. Its been around since November. Recently, if you remember, we hit 1000 members, and I did a web show. For six hours me and anywhere between 30 and 60 people sat around a computer, having so much fun, making cupcakes, telling stories, having fun. This is just a part of what the group is.

Join the community if you have steam. Ive been with the group for coming up on... i think somewhere around 3 months or so (i joined the day i found ponies :P) and i have personally watched it grow from a small community of around 250 members, to now coming up on 1400 members!

I have seen the daily chat room go from 2-4 ponies at any given time, to now there's usually 20-25 in the chat at ALL times! I have met so many amazing ponies through this group, and now i want to share the magic of friendship with you.

So please, if you have a bit of time, come stop by, say hi! i am positive you will meet many new friends here.
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>> No. 2509477
I would this Steam Group, but my friends would see it. :<
>> No. 2509478
File 130140676142.png - (60.45KB , 945x945 , 129726945618.png )


If your friends can't accept your pony love, they're not really your friends.

My RL friends don't all understand. A few of them tell me it's creepy. However, they also say "But we love you anyway."
>> No. 2509479
Mfw wrong trips.
>> No. 2509480
I joined, two questions though, does anypony play cs:s and is team fortress 2 worth is? sadly enough I've never played it before
>> No. 2509481
File 130143131262.png - (4.13KB , 191x196 , 130133185215.png )
I don't play CS:S but I do play TF2 on an almost regular basis.

But yes. Team Fortress 2 is very much worth it.
>> No. 2509482
File 130143533397.png - (255.91KB , 700x700 , 129948041690.png )
there are a couple that have said they play CSS

and we have three rather popular TF2 servers. two US, and a UK one.
>> No. 2509483
Team Fortress 2 is great, I'm addicted (currently going through withdrawl as my laptop got broked). Just try to play it for the game, don't get sucked into the trading and store stuff.

I'll avoid making drama about TF2.
>> No. 2509484
I am downloading Teamfotress 2 as of... now.
>> No. 2509485
Joined. ouo
>> No. 2509486
File 130185504697.jpg - (157.67KB , 931x931 , BroniesEmblem.jpg )
Only now browsing /arch/, for some reason. Totally in, although I very rarely play CS:S or L4D/2 anymore.
>> No. 2509487
I play TF2 regularly, and I'd love to know where ponies play, because I'm tired of hackers and crap. Count me in!
>> No. 2509489
File 130217248247.png - (255.91KB , 700x700 , 129948041690.png )
Thanks! :D
>> No. 2509490
File 130231031684.png - (183.25KB , 500x374 , tumblr_lgf4wfRvl51qaha6c.png )
Joining now

Picture somewhat related.
>> No. 2509491
somewhat my flank. COMPLETLY related, more like it!
>> No. 2509492
File 130236816869.png - (143.85KB , 500x282 , tumblr_lgf4s2CgjE1qaha6c.png )

Here have the other one then too.
>> No. 2509493

Just jumped on one of the TF2 servers a few hours ago.

Half of each team was comprised of Medics. Is this normal? Do ponies maybe have something to do with it? Wanting to help their friends remain in good health, perhaps. XD
>> No. 2509494
I am part of this group and it is awesome.

Shame not so many EU TF2 players play on the Cloudsdale server. When it got to 23 players that one time, it was so amazing I could stay on it forever. So many epic sprays.

Listen up, if you see that server has >2 people in it, join and see the magics.
>> No. 2509495
File 130257251206.jpg - (77.23KB , 360x360 , 24-year-old-males-watch-my-little-pony-you-cant-ex.jpg )
been on the steam group for a while now, have to say i have a blast playing with you guys
>> No. 2509496
iono. i tend to stick with the minecraft server, but i always hear good things about the TF2 servers :D
>> No. 2509497
By Celestia's Mane!

A Steam Group!

With a Minecraft Server!

And Ponies!

And a UK TF2 Server!

All my dreams are coming True!
>> No. 2509498
Neat. Joined. I don't do much with Steam games these days but I've been known to play TF2 or Monday Night Combat once in a while.

Side note, lol'd hard (in a good way) when I joined and saw that one of my IRL bronies was already in.
>> No. 2509499
File 130276805351.png - (414.95KB , 854x480 , 2011-04-13_16_16_59.png )
Glad to be of assistance!

I run the minecraft server, Burrito helps moiph (twilight sparkle) run the US tf2 servers, Rainbow dash runs the UK tf2 server.


Also, pic related. Firestormdrake made this on the MC server yesterday. its fantastic!
>> No. 2509500
yea, it was alot of fun gathering the materials for that one ;P
>> No. 2509501
File 130282197278.png - (26.37KB , 961x943 , DJ PON-3.png )
My Steam id is djp0n3.

All I have currently is Moonbase Alpha. aeiou.
>> No. 2509502
File 130284513819.png - (563.76KB , 600x662 , 130147435366.png )
Oh wow. i wrote this when we were almost at 1400 members.

We have over two thousand now!
>> No. 2509503
Is it just me that can't find the tf2 servers?
>> No. 2509504

The IP addresses are on the group profile. They should work.
>> No. 2509505

Yeah I worded that completely wrong. I meant that when I try to connect to them I get a 'cannot locate server' error
>> No. 2509506
Hmm. Odd, they've disappeared from my server favourites too, and re-entering the IP doesn't do anything.
>> No. 2509507
things kinda suck with the whole update pretty much ruining the micspams
>> No. 2509508
File 130307164478.png - (323.99KB , 378x370 , IM GOING TO NEED A CLEAR HEAD.png )
Chat is dead.

Let's get some action here.
>> No. 2509509
No, there was an odd glitch with the steam servers, and everypony was put in a ghost lobby. they had to reconnect and it was all fine.
>> No. 2509510
There is lots of insanity tonight because of the new world added to the minecraft server.
>> No. 2509511
File 130353219117.jpg - (414.01KB , 1920x1080 , 2953 - -D crossover cupcake custom derpy_hooves Le.jpg )
Sweet. I joined the group.

Also, If anypony is interested, I made some pony sprays for Left 4 Dead 2. I thought that the zombie apocalypse could use more ponies to help spruce the place up a bit.

They might work in other Valve games that support sprays, but no promises. (I hear they don't work with Counter-Strike)

Download the .vtf texture files here: http://smaert.com/sprays

Help me spread the love.
>> No. 2509512
I saw the thing was like "Hmm. Is this a good idea -Redacted-? Oh, right. Yes. It is a good idea. JOIN!"
>> No. 2509513

I want to try and get a L4D2 Game up tomorrow night. If anypony is interested.
>> No. 2509514
WELP! Fuck it, joining the group. Not like anypony specifically checks my Steam profile anyway. And hell, if they see it, I don't care! I'm a brony dammit!

Yo dude! I'd be up for that! I haven't L4D2'd in a while! I warn you though, I'm a little off from having played a LOT of Killing Floor as of recent. >__>
>> No. 2509515
OH YA! I should probably mention. This is my steam id.

>> No. 2509516
whats that? O.o
>> No. 2509517
As much as I might enjoy joining the steam group... My family and some coworkers are on my steam friends list, and I'd never hear the end of it if they saw me in the MLP:FiM group. And I really don't want to hear about it at work.

Rather, I'll just dump my steam ID here and people can add me as they want.

>> No. 2509518
File 130383477483.jpg - (21.58KB , 464x354 , MEANWHILE-IN-NEW-YORK-CITY.jpg )
hey i found the copy of the orange box i bought when Circuit City was selling all of their product so i hope to see you guys in TF2!
>> No. 2509519
File 130398225457.jpg - (324.55KB , 1686x1427 , portal2.jpg )
I just joined. ^_^ I'm http://steamcommunity.com/id/Neko244

I hope to find somepony to play Portal 2 co-op with eventually, though I can't for a while, due to exams. But if you're interested, give me a call!
>> No. 2509520
I'll play with you, I have yet to play the co-op. http://steamcommunity.com/id/doctormccorm
>> No. 2509521
File 130398732662.jpg - (24.50KB , 559x423 , twilightblush.jpg )
Hi there, thanks for your interest! I'm afraid I might not be able to play for a few weeks yet, however; but I'll keep you in mind. :)

If you feel like playing sooner with somepony else, I would completely understand.
>> No. 2509522
File 130399140224.png - (597.71KB , 912x881 , 130333948608.png )
been meaning to join this group for awhile, actually decided to just then ^.^
>> No. 2509523
Yeah i joined last night :P

Any Aus in here

(Stuff in brackets is randm stuff)
(Already finished portal 2)
(manes Spy in tf2) (and awesome at it)
(Plays alot)
>> No. 2509524
File 130410483746.jpg - (43.83KB , 414x470 , 20% cooler.jpg )
Now Steam is 20% cooler
>> No. 2509525
File 130427987098.jpg - (242.24KB , 1440x900 , 2011-05-01_00001.jpg )
The best of times was had today.
>> No. 2509526
I refuse to believe this is the public server. A couple of asshole pubbies would've come along and ruined this in seconds.
>> No. 2509527

Well, I did end up gibbing the crowd as a Soldier, but that was an accident.

I've noticed a few griefers and the other day there was some NSFW spray spam, but I think the admins stay on top of it. I don't log a ton of hours in, but it seems to be manetained well.
>> No. 2509528
well, I joined. ~yay

now to finish downloading TF2... I hear it's a good game ;)
>> No. 2509529
File 130449485230.jpg - (13.17KB , 225x250 , Angel11.jpg )
Prepare for disappointment.
>> No. 2509530

Since when was this a fun server? As somepony who truly sucks at this game, uptight ponyholes who care about nothing but rank and pony points ruin the server for me.
>> No. 2509531
im not sure if irony, or if youre actually upset with the server

(i dont play tf2, so... idk)

if you have any concerns about the server, talk to burrito or twilight sparkle(moiph, the server admin)
>> No. 2509532
File 130460420261.jpg - (114.96KB , 945x945 , shrug molestia.jpg )

I'm really not that good either, but I've never gotten any grief for it.
>> No. 2509533
File 130461282404.png - (52.60KB , 278x278 , zjfres.png )
Engineer is credit to team.
>> No. 2509535
File 130461746854.jpg - (155.02KB , 1680x1050 , heavysmash1.jpg )
>> No. 2509536
File 130462957657.jpg - (44.67KB , 256x256 , class_medicred i got your back.jpg )
>> No. 2509538
File 130480630374.png - (255.20KB , 800x800 , 05032011.png )
>> No. 2509539
File 130480813697.jpg - (339.67KB , 1000x800 , many_naked_women_cavorting_about_in_a_flower_meado.jpg )
>> No. 2509540
I'm Medicine Melancholy I think
>> No. 2509541
So i have a gmod server up an i would like to invite any bronies out there to join me
>> No. 2509542
File 130498639618.jpg - (24.70KB , 499x268 , Come at me bro.jpg )
Just joined this :D
...... Unfortunately, the only steam game I own is Empire: total war. I will blunder on regardless.
>> No. 2509543
File 130500357615.jpg - (126.32KB , 1100x1070 , 1298754628206.jpg )
My first step in stepping outside with my love of ponies.
>> No. 2509544
I don't think I'm ready yet to out myself to friends :S
>> No. 2509545
File 130512397702.png - (78.23KB , 367x273 , 130040017232.png )
Joined in ten seconds flat
>> No. 2509546
Joined to if you guys want to add me as a bro i go by angeldustt and my xbox live name is the same so add me there to if you have one
>> No. 2509547
File 130513530066.jpg - (97.13KB , 894x894 , British Derpy.jpg )
these TF2 servers are awesome but the group could use more strategy games, Total Wars, Starcraft 2, Company of Heroes/Men of War you name it bronys i'll play it.

Steam ID: Dr.Professor Brony
Xbox GT: The Emperor777
PSN: Loldown but Ancient_Jedi
>> No. 2509548
been in the group since... December? (I dunno, a while, let's leave it at that I guess)
Haven't really been on in awhile though.
mostly just TF2, L4D 1 or 2, maybe Killing Floor (I'm iffy at best at all of them)
>> No. 2509549
I joined at around the 2999 members mark. :V
Might drop around the TF2 server (NOT ICEWORLD) once in a while 'cause the community server I mane on is empty and/or replayless sometimes.
>> No. 2509550
File 130534047884.png - (336.86KB , 945x945 , 130477064112s.png )
Soon all with join the herd MUHAHHAHAHAHA!
>> No. 2509551
File 130535146850.jpg - (30.97KB , 546x315 , Rainbow Dash Overjoyed (Child).jpg )
Hi guys! I'm home!
>> No. 2509552
>> No. 2509553
Any fellow achievement horsees add me to their friends list. Currently looking to finish off Left 4 Dead 2 and Portal 2. (Damn them for those TF2 YouTube achievements...)


I can help you with achievements you already have, on games I haven't already uninstalled, and I'm not above using exploits, such as achievement maps and the like. (As long as it's not VAC bannable)

So if any of this interests you send me an invite any time.
>> No. 2509554
File 130539019402.png - (14.39KB , 241x275 , Custom Minecraft Character.png )
Well I joined up with the Steam Herd!

Don't get too much of a chance to game. But every now and then you'll see me on Minecraft. Made a custom skin and everything.
>> No. 2509555
File 130552675029.jpg - (60.64KB , 500x387 , 130525017563.jpg )
Just joined the group. I'm new to TF2, but I've been meaning to give it a shot, and this seemed like the most friendly community to play with. [/brownnose]

I also have Minecraft, so I may stop by the server sometime.


Don't mind the name, it's a Penny Arcade reference.
>> No. 2509556
You new to tf2?
you should go see the thread i made.
I was a noob too, so i asked for tips.
>> No. 2509558
Ah, nice. Thanks for the tip, reading now. Guess all I have to choose a few classes to try.
>> No. 2509559
Kinda left the group for now. My buddy who I DON'T want to know about this just got Steam and added me...
>> No. 2509560
File 130603216011.png - (62.18KB , 275x220 , 130589040271.png )
silly filly. You know, everypony already suspects it. you might as well admit it... because sooner or later... everypony will know about your craaaazy love for ponies.. you might as well embrace it now.... muahahahaa
>> No. 2509561
File 130606005713.jpg - (86.22KB , 1280x720 , pinkieinterrog.jpg )
This may be a /media/ question, but I know some other players here must've herd of this, so...
I was on one of the TF2 servers maybe two days ago, and I herd a cover of So Many Wonders that was done by a guy that was close to yelling (and the background was the original instrumental); one of the notable things would be the way he said CUTE LEETLE BUN-NEES. Don't think it's a track in the compilation listed in >>/media/8182 either (not acousticbrony, for example).

I figured somepony here would know what I'm talking about and where I can grab a copy. Thanks in advance~
>> No. 2509562
no one playing l4d2 :(
>> No. 2509563
I hate to self promote, but I thought some cross pollination with my group might be nice. Since it's a group all about cute, my hope is that it's right up the alley of everypony here.
And also: http://steamcommunity.com/id/wordshere
>> No. 2509564
Dont worry, its quite alright:3
>> No. 2509565
Sorry if this is a bit late, but is this what you're talking about?


It's from KnightsofCanterlot, they make dub parodies of FiM clips.
>> No. 2509566
File 130621164441.jpg - (102.10KB , 800x571 , 129947581263.jpg )
After listening to it for about 7 seconds, yeah, that's the one. Thanks again!
>> No. 2509567
File 130632568549.png - (65.49KB , 310x256 , 130593062080.png )
Just joined and just bought TF2 (never played before).
>> No. 2509568
File 130633727506.jpg - (186.23KB , 1864x632 , team fortress pony 2.jpg )
Go see my thread,
should help you get started.
>> No. 2509569
File 130646297868.jpg - (22.58KB , 250x283 , 130593088247.jpg )
I spent some time on one of the group's TF2 servers and loved it. Everypony was very nice and didn't hassle me at all for being a newbie.
>> No. 2509570
File 130647666147.png - (142.02KB , 355x355 , DJ_Rainbow_Dash.png )

well, as they say...

Friendship is Magic.
>> No. 2509571
Count me in!

L4D2 anypony?
>> No. 2509572
Just waiting for a promotion to get it.
>> No. 2509573
One of these days we need a brony L4D2 night
>> No. 2509574
I meant to ask this before bu never bothered, does anypony play Monday Night Combat? I picked it up after playing it at PAX East but haven't done much with it since then.
>> No. 2509575
i know of a few members in the group that do. Just join the chat and ask around :P
yes. You are sooo right! :D
>> No. 2509576
File 130671528156.png - (60.52KB , 270x270 , 130647028934.png )
Should I be proud to say that I joined before I read this because I was searching for a pony-related group?
>> No. 2509577
Very :3
>> No. 2509578
File 130680295638.jpg - (5.11KB , 194x259 , images (2).jpg )
We have just joined the Steam group. We hope to see some Bronies out on Team Fortress 2.
>> No. 2509579
File 130683237996.jpg - (189.16KB , 1154x689 , HaloPonies.jpg )
Just Joined w00t!
>> No. 2509580
File 130685896907.jpg - (31.77KB , 600x340 , brohoof.jpg )
>> No. 2509581
File 130712299064.jpg - (33.98KB , 600x338 , livingTheDream.jpg )
I joined just now.
>> No. 2509582
>> No. 2509583
File 130721850331.gif - (499.70KB , 499x281 , 130655392755.gif )
I just joined.
Would anypony be down for some TF2?
>> No. 2509584
Joined yesterday. Only game I own thus far is New Vegas, but I'll be looking into buying some other titles and joining in the festivities sometime.
>> No. 2509585
File 130750370419.jpg - (14.79KB , 244x244 , blu_pyro.jpg )
Hey guys, I'm buying TF2 next Tuesday, I was wondering if you guys would be kind enough to offer some tips. I've played the game before at my cousin's house, and I like using the Pyro.
>> No. 2509586
File 130750569387.png - (132.33KB , 1035x771 , xover44.png )

and any Killing Floor bronies? kinda want to do some rounds later tonight
>> No. 2509587
Thread that i made got 404 last night( dam it lasted a while)
I saved it the other day encase somepony else needed it.
Or if you prefer we can always make a new thread about it.
>> No. 2509588
Thanks! Going through all the tips now.
>> No. 2509589
I just joined as the 4,700th member! Yay~
>> No. 2509590
I see lots of people playing Terreria. Anypony have an extra copy?
>> No. 2509591
What's Terraria?
>> No. 2509592

see >>14828
>> No. 2509593
>play on a FIM server for 5 hours mostly getting highest scores
>get instakilled by frontier of justice as you're healing a soldier
>get called a bad medic by that soldier
>say "WTF"
>get blamed for not knowing it was a apparently a joke
>get called a hypocrite
>ragequit from server
>tell one of your friends
>your friend doesn't give a shit
>go on ponychan
>see FIM steam group thread
>post current message
>> No. 2509594
File 130802473985.gif - (2.92KB , 50x50 , Proto Man.gif )
Steam: JToad9 (displayed name is Sanjo9)
PSN: JToad7

I'd play online more but my connection is terrible and I'm reluctant to do so because of it.
>> No. 2509595
If anything, I joined the group, so you'll see my name on there somewhere. Also, I play WoW, Horde on Spirestone (Garaden, 85 warrior; Caleras, 83 hunter).
>> No. 2509596
Joined for sure.
I should toss up my old Gmod server for the group haha.
>> No. 2509597
File 130811826013.png - (38.24KB , 553x546 , so much vidya.png )
I have joined the group...
gotta check my ping on the TF2 Servers sometime soon...
>> No. 2509598
>> No. 2509599
File 130816456585.png - (126.97KB , 510x553 , 130748390513.png )
So now that Spiral Knights is a part of Steam, you think somepony should make a guild specifically for the group? Especially for ponies starting fresh using their steam account. Like Myself~

Anyway, just throwin the idea out there. I could probably do it but I'm not a very social leader. Anyway, guild or not, my Character name is Naali. Feel Free to add me~

pic unrelated~
>> No. 2509600
I'm Smuglord on Steam, just recently joined :D
>> No. 2509601
File 130832913735.jpg - (13.87KB , 305x312 , 1308320020140.jpg )
I joined up not too long ago, my id is Gamer Pony..I have a limited account right now can't add friends or join the chat :< the only game I have so far is Moon Base Alpha...I can never find anypony else that wants to play with me...
>> No. 2509602
File 130836558293.png - (47.68KB , 200x187 , Happy Fluttershy.png )
Greetings brony! I am also in the MLPFIM Steamgroup as well as MLPCSS...add me! Here's my steam profile ..http://steamcommunity.com/id/flutter5hy
>> No. 2509603
File 130837726646.jpg - (26.85KB , 184x184 , 8284246.jpg )
In honor of our glorious overlord, Jude.
>> No. 2509604
File 130848264726.jpg - (6.18KB , 210x236 , 130272096472.jpg )

add me: derpydragon
>> No. 2509605
File 130848838196.jpg - (32.82KB , 500x340 , burn computer.jpg )
wait no don't steam sucks I hate it I will not be going on it ever again
>> No. 2509606
File 130854857357.jpg - (26.52KB , 184x184 , 8309450.jpg )
Steam is awesome and anypony who thinks otherwise is misinformed.
>> No. 2509607
should be up now.
>> No. 2509608
Is there a Gmod server?
>> No. 2509609
I was gonna ask that but was too lazy
>> No. 2509610
Psst... tell them that the MC server is down one day out of every two. That'll get them in the door.
>> No. 2509611
Now that I have a reason to use Steam...

Strange that I had an invite to a pony group when I don't remember posting my account here ever.
Unless I posted it in the Terraria thread? I don't know.
>> No. 2509612
File 130889161377.jpg - (21.12KB , 310x358 , Awesome Fluttershy.jpg )
TF2 is now F2P....You know what that means, Everypony!
>> No. 2509614
don't tell me it's free two days after I paid seven bucks for it
>> No. 2509615
File 130889374422.png - (75.20KB , 931x878 , sadshy.png )
I'm sorry but from what I've heard and seen apparently it's not F2P...don't worry i feel stupid too since I got TF2 a week ago
>> No. 2509616

>There's no catch! Play as much as you want, as long as you like!
>> No. 2509617
I tried to play training in TF2 but the framerate was made of pain, thankfully I just use it to run Gmod
>> No. 2509618
Sorry that was a typo...Meant to say it was F2P...Many sorrys..,..
>> No. 2509619
Add me!


The only multiplayer game I play with a modicum of consistency is TF2.
>> No. 2509620
Whats with the "add me" people, because the group is public anyway.

And we have soon 6k members.
>> No. 2509621
Is this server still up?
>> No. 2509622
So, I just got Steam (NelBell42). See I haven't played a "new" video game in years and I decided they may be a fun way to divert time.

I am planning on buying the first portal as I hear it is amazing but I picked up the free Team Fortress 2.

Should I be scared to play that? 'm kinda worried about messing up and getting yelled at since it's a team game.
>> No. 2509623
File 130915099851.jpg - (39.18KB , 600x375 , Fluttershy comforting.jpg )
don't worry...i suck at TF2, but it always fun to play with fellow bronies!
>> No. 2509624

Thanks. =) The last new game I bought was Twilight Princess so that gives you an idea of how behind the times I am. I'll be sure to try and get on a brony server. Hopefully I won't get yelled at as much.
>> No. 2509625
I just answered my own question.

I couldn't connect because it's running an older version of the game.
>> No. 2509626
File 130921827055.png - (19.44KB , 417x500 , uguuu2.png )
Hey everypony. Corrie Pie here, Group Admin.
Just wanted to stop by and say... Well, thanks.

Because of you all, the group has become what it is today. At the time i posted the OP, we had just under 1400 members, and now we have over 6100 members currently. We gain around 1000 members every 2-3 weeks. Its rather incredible.

Where is it going to bottom out? will it ever slow down?

If you have any suggestions on what to do, events we can host, comments on how the group is run, etc, anything...

Please, feel free to:
Add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Pinkie_Pie/
Email me: [email protected]
comment in this thread, or anything else you can think of.

Thank YOU, for making this community what it is today.
>> No. 2509627
I'm all for the idea if group events, but is that even possible without some people getting excluded?
>> No. 2509628
Alextehninja has humbly joined this group of awesomeness.
>> No. 2509629
I joined about a week ago, I normally play under the name of rarity!
>> No. 2509630
File 130928814892.jpg - (18.41KB , 422x428 , Happy Pinkie.jpg )
I joined. My Steam name is darkpivot, been playing for years.
>> No. 2509631
File 130930123014.jpg - (16.62KB , 225x241 , 130412127962.jpg )
Say, anypony know if there are any TF2 brony servers located in europe? 'Cause I'll most likely lag a whole lot if I were to connect to the US ones.

And I already get enough fps lag for whatever dumb reason. I mean, c'mon, I'm supposed to be able to play on at least high quality, but NOPE. Massive lag all over my face.
I could ask in the group chat but meh, I don't have time right now and this is easier.
>> No. 2509632
File 130930444756.png - (293.52KB , 900x766 , l4d2___my_little_pony_by_love_charlotte-d3gbwcm.png )

I am a part of this fun group and we have now have Zompony Mondays! (or whatever we now call it).

Essentially setting up 4x4 Brony-only games of L4D2 (likely with all talk for more fun). It is definitely a blast.

We had one group of 8 this week, lets try for more groups next week!
>> No. 2509633
File 130931097116.png - (397.21KB , 797x865 , 1308264517466.png )
I've recently started playing on the tf2 server, and I have to say that I'm having a lot more fun on it than I do on normal servers.
Also, I'm somehow playing better on the Brony server, go figure.
>> No. 2509634
Teamwork is magic.
>> No. 2509635
especially when this song is playing on somepony's micspam... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agZnntFenRk
>> No. 2509636
Not to mention the mods.
>> No. 2509637
File 130938341786.jpg - (23.31KB , 413x302 , gentlemen.jpg )
>> No. 2509638
File 130938363123.jpg - (196.40KB , 700x543 , gentlecolts_by_riokenng3-d3k0jst.jpg )
>> No. 2509639
File 130948994952.png - (192.57KB , 403x314 , 129758847297-1294370234318.png )
Is it possible for the admin of the servers to turn off sv_use_steam_voice? My mic doesn't work when it's on.
>> No. 2509640
I just got Steam last night along with TF2, so I think I'll join. I'm a complete noob, though. D;
>> No. 2509641
Glad to see a strong pony presence on Steam. My friend stumbled onto one of your Legion of Ponies servers randomly the other day. Fun stuff, I think he was somewhat frustrated by the constant ponies everywhere (he's not a brony, haven't been able to get him to give it a shot), but at least he now knows that it's not just me.

Just signed up to the group officially. Community's seemed real nice so far, judging by the people I've met in-game. Lot of low-audio-quality music played over the mic though. Not sure how I feel about that.
>> No. 2509642
lag and stuff tends to cause that to happen, sadly.
>> No. 2509643
We usualy have music(most of the time pony music) going on in the air.
Just to entertain us.
>> No. 2509644
Anypony know where Zecora went?
He's disappeared from Steam completely. Thought at first he deleted me from his friends list for some reason, but he isn't an admin on the Steam group and he doesn't appear in the search for people on Steam at all.
>> No. 2509645
>> No. 2509646
File 130965922410.png - (26.22KB , 491x491 , 1308233687709.png )
>Go onto the PW server
>Guy gives away like, 5 server wide gifts


Steam voice isn't going off any time soon is it?
>> No. 2509647
File 130965966802.gif - (141.67KB , 400x273 , 130812386883.gif )
That whole server was just in awe for about 20 minutes. I'm glad i play with bronies.
>> No. 2509648
Is there a Gmod server yet?
>> No. 2509649
This is actually a really shitty group, everypony in it is under 18 and most of them are whiny as hell.

Needless to say the TF2 server is absolutely awful and rife with free-to-players.
>> No. 2509650
Consider yourself tolerated
>> No. 2509651
oh noes! a single post anonpony user calling this group shitty! WHATEVER ARE WE GOING TO DO?!
>> No. 2509652
File 130990024336.jpg - (38.78KB , 512x384 , shit if if know.jpg )
>> No. 2509653
File 130991856459.jpg - (18.12KB , 367x300 , snapshot20110705125237.jpg )
I have a question: There are Steam $ Cards? Like PS3, 360 and Wii?
>> No. 2509654
File 130991986059.jpg - (82.09KB , 762x779 , Applejack nope_avi.jpg )
Not yet, at least.
>> No. 2509655
File 130999347906.png - (130.00KB , 640x360 , Spike feels bad man.png )
I'm in this Steam group. It's ok.

Only problem is i seem to either piss off/annoy/anger bronies when it comes to micspamming purposes.

Half of them are just feisty in a dick-ish kind of way. I think it's their attitude. *Sighs* I try to be nice but ehh, i think some of these bronies just have a bad attitude when it comes to me talking to them.
>> No. 2509656
File 130999466011.png - (755.16KB , 1280x720 , Scootaloo shows derpy RBD.png )
i haven't been on steam much..*too much Empire Earth and AoE* anyways, I don't bite when i'm on Steam, and hell, I micspam too, usually pony song mixes and what-not...Also, did you check which server you were on? I know on TF2 they have 1 server that's mic-spam friendly, and the other one is anti-micspam...
>> No. 2509657
File 130999668586.jpg - (13.85KB , 249x294 , 130916205903.jpg )
I know there's 2 of them but I'm not sure which one is micspam friendly while the other isn't. Only thing i have about the TF2 servers is that i would want to hear a diversity of things being micspammed besides the pony remixes and music. I understand it's the rules but i know it sometimes gets boring hearing the same stuff played over and over everyday and i get bored hearing it sometimes. (I hear my brother play these servers and the stuff they micspam so i would know)

Each time i mention them to play something else non-pony related, i get the "Don't like or GTFO" message from majority of them. Again, rules are rules but something non-pony related will be nice for once.

I think the bronies either hate me because i guess they think I'm "Against" pony music or maybe they just don't like me since I'm not a regular at the servers. To be honest, i like playing music while i play games but Pony music sometimes doesn't mix for me.
>> No. 2509658
File 130999692929.jpg - (132.55KB , 900x900 , Crying love Fluttershy.jpg )
Bummer man...add me sometime, and I'll be sure to play some more...I believe on the Steam group page, they say which one is the mic-spam friendly server. here's my page: http://steamcommunity.com/id/flutter5hy

ALSO FOR EVERYPONY: LEFT 4 DEAD 2 IS AVAILABLE FOR 5 BUCKS FOR THE NEXT 17 hours...I was so happy! Now i can have ponies and zombies!
>> No. 2509659
File 130999712946.png - (56.25KB , 319x274 , 130914648040.png )
Thanks so much, it's nice to see some nice bronies in here. Most of the ones i met are just.....very sarcastic in a way.
>> No. 2509661
File 131001299002.jpg - (113.04KB , 1280x800 , 130073374866.jpg )
Apparently the DJ's sometimes are target of some flaming, don't know why when there's a mute option.
>> No. 2509662
I know that since i hear the stories of them being bashed for playing pony music.
>> No. 2509663
File 131001585413.jpg - (38.03KB , 500x534 , ffs.jpg )
Those are pony servers, so it should be expected that if music was played it would mainly be pony, it's not bad, it's even nice to have other type of music.
So does anypony know why they rage so much?
>> No. 2509664

As a DJ, I've pretty much learned to expect some people not aware that micspam is allowed on the server. We frequently get people who randomly join, especially now with the matchmaking system. The answer is to simply love and tolerate the shit out of them.
>> No. 2509665
File 131003592252.png - (467.52KB , 756x759 , 130999356504.png )
I just wish some of the ponies in the TF2 servers be a little nice and not a dick to me when i mention "Non-pony" micspam. I'm not a dick to any pony so it's you know...not right to do it to others but ehh, gonna have to get used to it i guess.
>> No. 2509666

That's odd. All they were playing for about an hour on the main server yesterday was non-pony before switching. No one really cared. :/
>> No. 2509667
File 131007000112.png - (164.05KB , 415x374 , 130915157376.png )
I dunno which server it is but i guess i must be going in the wrong one. I demand a name of this server! D< It's funny cause I've been playing the Coloured Pylons server more then the pony server lol.
>> No. 2509668

Is that you Spike? Are still mad about getting yourself banned from the servers?


If he and I are thinking of the same main server (The first one there was) then it's ponybrigade.com:27015 AKA Pony Brigade 24/7 Not Hydro

The only non-micspam server is the one that is password protected.
>> No. 2509669
Thanks so much! <3

As for the password protected server, i wasn't aware there was one until you mentioned it lol.
>> No. 2509670
File 131031465261.png - (340.14KB , 630x435 , 130746032612.png )
Yeah, too many pricks on it these days.
Just 4 hrs ago, I saw a fellow brony taunting another because he was not doing well as Sniper.

Passwords? Where is this server?
>> No. 2509671
Add me on steam Dərpy Hooves is my user.
>> No. 2509672
File 131040345920.jpg - (58.85KB , 561x533 , BrokenTwilight.jpg )
Joined a pony TF2 server yesterday.

My body wasn't ready. I'll need to get my GIMP on later today and make some more transparent sprays to use.
>> No. 2509673
Something bad happen? :(
>> No. 2509674
File 131042814758.png - (402.70KB , 1600x1600 , Applejack.png )
I even met a parasprite in one of the servers. However, he wasn't banned. But yeah, too many dicks on the servers sometimes. I think i go in them at the wrong time.
>> No. 2509675
Why can't anypony be nice for a change? Isn't that the point of the MLP Steam group, friendship?
>> No. 2509676
>> No. 2509677
Not to bash the server, but Friendship is Alltalk seems to be a LOT worse than the Legion of Ponies server.
Maybe that was just my experience with them.
>> No. 2509678
>>2509677 I've never heard of this "Friendship is alltalk". what is it? sorry if I should know this. do tell... that is... if it's ok with you
>> No. 2509679
It's just a tf2 server I used to frequent before people started getting mad at each other on it.
>> No. 2509680
Because of the new game system random anon get in the servers. Some stay and sometimes are parasprites.
>> No. 2509681
Friendship is Alltalk always seems fine when I get on, even with all the !scootaloo spamming (fun!).
>> No. 2509682
File 131045706382.jpg - (22.74KB , 345x266 , 130915387073.jpg )
I kinda like going in the servers around 4am my time. Less parasprites in it compared to the day. Plus, the Coloured Pylons TF2 server keeps me at bay since the people there are pretty chill compared to the ones i met at Legion of Ponies.
>> No. 2509683
I frequent the password protected Legion server. It makes it less stressful and annoying but a lot of the time it also gets empty and lonely :c
>> No. 2509684
File 131060501927.jpg - (20.09KB , 484x266 , heavy.jpg )
7625 Members holy shit.
>> No. 2509685
11 more since you said that
>> No. 2509686
Is the minecraft server down again, or is it just me?
>> No. 2509687
File 131077561373.png - (26.70KB , 301x301 , 130915844130.png )
So i heard you can reserve a spot in TF2 servers on Legion of Ponies. Lol wut, i think the Legion of Ponies server in general is dying to me.

Maybe i should go Citizen mode and fuck around until i get kicked.

Seriously, dumbest idea ever.
>> No. 2509688
it always goes down. im just holding on till lethaldrive shows up so i can switch to that.
>> No. 2509689
I want to play L4D/L4D2 but I do not has, if anypony wants to gift me it, I will play.
>> No. 2509690
So guys, would you teach me exactly how can you micspam on the TF2 servers? I too want to spread catchy pony goodness but I couldn't get HLDJ working no matter how many times I've tried.

Is it the old put-mic-close-to-speakers method? I doubt it, because I've witnessed some guys playing various short sound effects repeatedly, and that's really hard to pull off using only an mp3 player.
>> No. 2509691
refer to this video...
>> No. 2509692
doesn't seem to work. I did everything that's written down in the tutorial but when I start to play my music it seems it somehow still can't be heard server-side, only I can hear it.
>> No. 2509693
some servers also don't allow micspam or have the voice_loopback command disabled...
>> No. 2509694
With that method, disabling micspam is impossible.
With the old codec, there was an "allow voice from file" command that HLDJ used. This could be disabled, but the new method doesn't use that.
If only he can hear the music, he might not have set up Virtual Audio Cable correctly. voice_loopback lets you hear what you broadcast to the server.
>> No. 2509695
that is true...he should make sure he has Virtual Audio Cable correctly set up.
>> No. 2509696

This isn't entirely correct.

Donators get a special "reserved slot" function. What this means is that they have access to the two "extra" slots on the server that are not publicly available.

For example, if the server is full (24/24), a donator can connect with a reserved slot and make the population 25/24. There is no kicking players to make room, there is no denying open space to pubs, everypony plays nice.
>> No. 2509697
>there is no denying open space to pubs

What about in the situation that there are 24 people already on the server, at least 2 of which are donators? If a pubby then tries to join, is one of the donators pushed into the 25th slot, or can the pubby just not join? In the case of the latter, it kinda-sorta-maybe IS denying open space to pubs.
>> No. 2509698

It doesn't push donators to the slots if they've occupied a normal slot, so you kind of have a point, but by then it's just a typical server full issue and that's not the fault of the donator. The point is that it will not kick anypony already in to make room for donators.

They're not being denied by donators any more than they're being denied by Dr. Joe Herpaderp the random internet pubber who got there before them.
>> No. 2509699
On the contrary, if there are 24 people on, and the server holds 26, they are being locked out by people who aren't even on the server. Not being able to play because somepony else MIGHT want to play later is pretty unfair.
>> No. 2509700

24 is a standard 12 v. 12 match. The 2 slots are by all definitions extra. This is not lockout.
>> No. 2509701
joined :3
>> No. 2509702
File 131133590027.gif - (137.91KB , 200x171 , Uh, oh_.gif )
I'll join, but since I literally just downloaded Steam, I'm pretty much limited to Spiral Knights and TF2 until I decide to buy something I want.

It'd be fun to play with some decent people on a server instead of random pubs, but being new, and from what I've gathered from this thread, the pony servers seem pretty shitty to me.

C'est la vie.
>> No. 2509703
Just try them out, its hit or miss.
>> No. 2509704
File 131155112821.jpg - (56.77KB , 704x640 , Coffee.jpg )
So far I see no problem.

I really enjoyed the games I played last night, and everypony was a bro, even helping me out being new and all.
>> No. 2509705

so glad you enjoyed our servers ^ ^
>> No. 2509706
File 131163622456.png - (30.67KB , 1020x768 , team_fortress_2_shirts_1_by_video_massacre-d33a1lr.png )
So, I want to make some custom T-shirst of TF2, so I need your help if you have a high resolution picture of the characters shirts, specifically the RED Scout.
>> No. 2509707
File 131165690056.jpg - (63.68KB , 360x584 , 360px-Isaac_Clarke_DS2.jpg )
I would buy these.
>> No. 2509708
Hey! Hey! Guess what? Guess what?

>> No. 2509709
File 131186103960.jpg - (21.11KB , 532x562 , AAAAAAAAAAAPPLEOOSA.jpg )
Congrats on the 9000 members. Glad to be a part of the group.
>> No. 2509710
Same here, it really does seem that resistance is futile.

And I contributed 4 additions. Because I'm a baws like that.
>> No. 2509711
Will join tonight when I get off work. Just recently started TF2 (because of ponies) and I've been playing on this one brony server from UK. My Litte Mercenaries or something. Anyway I rly like it and my ping there is only 120 or so which is pretty awesome considering I have to use this crappy mobile internet stick or w/e its called. Will get broadband in 20days but untill then I have to suffer :(
>> No. 2509712
Wait, the TF2 server requires a password now?
>> No. 2509713
Nevermind got the pass.
>> No. 2509714
the gaming for mudkip group is planning to stampede the steam group. they've bean posting it non-stop on their wall.
>> No. 2509715
Gamers for Mudkip is an unorganized clump of morons, I very highly doubt they'll actually be able to pull anything like that off.
>> No. 2509716
Man, I have not been able to get on the minecraft server at all lately. Is this just standard brohoster downtime, or is it totally down?
>> No. 2509717
we have a new host.

connect to minelittlepony.fogelholk.se
>> No. 2509718

We just hit TEN THOUSAND members!! :D
>> No. 2509719
Hey guys, I've been completely unable to find the tf2 server. I was on it earlier today but now its gone. It doesn't even appear in my favorates and history.
>> No. 2509720
they should all be live...
>> No. 2509721
File 131413171637.jpg - (7.80KB , 292x296 , flutter shy.jpg )
Just joined the group. I don't know why I didn't do this sooner.

And my Steam ID is here:

Just if anypony feels like adding me on there.
>> No. 2509722
Now that I have a computer with half-decent specs, I've got Steam, Portal (2), and TF2. Joined the group a while ago. Curious to see if there are TF2 servers for us...?

Steam name is wantfastcars.
>> No. 2509723

You have no idea. You can sometimes wait for half an hour for a slot in the main pony servers.

>> No. 2509724
File 131446745940.jpg - (151.02KB , 600x850 , Top of the morning old chap.jpg )
Hey I just created a steam account and am currently downloading TF2. Is it alright if I can join in on the fun?
>> No. 2509725
File 131447028327.gif - (1.21MB , 650x500 , nom nom nom, i cant hear you!.gif )
Absolutely! why would we tell anypony they cant have fun?:3c
>> No. 2509726
File 131448377210.jpg - (18.11KB , 349x241 , 131214926608.jpg )
Gimme a hug!
>> No. 2509727
File 131448522273.jpg - (8.04KB , 215x234 , daww___ why wub woo too!.jpg )

i mean, HI!
>filename related
>> No. 2509730
>> No. 2509731
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