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No. 2511348
I have a sad but heartwarming story of friendship and magic, bronies…

Every so often, I volunteer in my city’s Children’s Hospital and provide some youthful fun to the young kids there. A while ago, I developed a good friendship with this ten year old girl named Sarah. She’s simply adorable, but she was fighting cancer. She’s a First Nations girl, and her parents gave her up, essentially not wanting to deal with her intensive care. When she hasn’t been in the hospital, she’s been in an orphanage. I came to be something of a big brother to her, and she was another little sister to me. We’d tell each other jokes, play games, and talk about what happened that day.

One day, I asked her if she could keep a very important secret. She eagerly said “Of course!” I told her I was a brony. She laughed so hard, people in the wing turned to look at us and ask what was so funny. True to her word, she replied with the usual “nothing”. She told me she had never seen the show and couldn’t understand how I, a guy twice her age, could like a girl’s show. So I did the only thing I could think of; bring my laptop to the hospital and watch My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic with her.

We watched all the episodes together, and discussed our favourite ponies. I couldn’t help but be rather somber when she told who her favourite was. Sarah’s favourite pony is Pinkie Pie, and let me tell you why. Sarah told me that Pinkie Pie was her favourite because she helped her face her fear of dying. Pinkie taught her to laugh when she was afraid or sad, and to always keep your chin up when you’re feeling down. It was her birthday about a month ago, so I bought her a Pinkie Pie pony from Toys ‘R Us (I got so many weird looks in the store). She was feeling really sick that day (from chemo), but her face lit up when she opened the box to see a brand new Pinkie Pie. Her Pinkie Pie, to help keep her safe and happy. She told me it was the best gift she had ever gotten in her entire life.

The last time I saw her was six days ago, just a few days before my birthday. She had been getting worse with each month, but she was always happy to get a visit from me. This time was different. She was hooked up to more equipment that usual, and couldn’t even sit up. She gave me an early birthday card, which had a hand drawn Fluttershy inside. She also gave me a balloon she had received from an orderly. I asked her how she and Pinkie Pie were doing and she just smiled weakly at me and said that they were doing great, even though she knew she was getting worse. I told her I would come visit her on Monday for Halloween and give her some candy if she could stomach it. She smiled again, and said she looked forward to seeing all the costumes around the hospital.

I got a call today that I knew would come, but had always dreaded. Sarah had passed away. When I got off work, I just sorta stumbled around in a daze, got on the bus to the hospital, and practically sleepwalked into the hospital. I finally came to Sarah’s room, which was now empty. No more Sarah. The bed had been made, and most of the medical equipment moved. I wondered if I had entered the wrong room, but I knew it was the right one. As I walked out holding back tears, a nurse called out to me. “Excuse me sir, are you Anon?” I told her I was and she told me heavily that Sarah had passed away. I told her that I was aware, but had hoped to say goodbye at least. The nurse then brought me to her desk telling me that Sarah had left me something.

I saw Sarah’s Pinkie Pie lying there on the desk.

The nurse told me that shortly before Sarah died, she asked her if I had stopped by and referred to me as her brother. Sarah told her I was indeed her brother, but that I was going to see her on Halloween. Sarah passed away with Pinkie Pie in her hand, and the nurse said it felt right that I should have it as a memento.

I’ve rarely cried so hard in my life.

I’m looking at her Pinkie Pie right now, looking back at me. It’s comforting to know that this pink little pony helped get this girl through something I cannot even begin to understand or know how to deal with. All I ask, is that when you all are out trick or treating or partying on Halloween, please do so in honour of Sarah. She wasn’t a sister by blood, but she was my sister in spirit, and ponies have helped us in the darkest of times.

Love and tolerance.
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File 131994582089.jpg - (175.71KB , 795x717 , Sad.jpg )


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File 131994599972.jpg - (21.76KB , 429x362 , fluttershy.jpg )
You were able to make her happy during her final days, always remember that much
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File 131994601819.png - (13.66KB , 510x868 , 6115.png )
My condolences.
And for what it's worth,
>> No. 2511352
File 131994623498.jpg - (19.02KB , 330x388 , ScreenHunter_45 May_ 11 01_27.jpg )
Wow. That's one heavy, sweet, and sad story.

>> No. 2511353
File 131994626786.png - (166.83KB , 853x936 , 131332720629.png )
Such a bittersweet story. Thank you for sharing. I'm sure she's in a better place now.
>> No. 2511354
File 131994631205.gif - (1.83MB , 200x200 , 1305184985489.gif )
Wow. Just, wow.

Outstanding read, friend. You've got a sure literary talent.

May you only be reminded of those happy times. Was a pleasure, and a very moving experience that you shared and I thank you for that.
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File 131994636738.png - (596.66KB , 980x671 , crying.png )
... oh anon...

what a sad, but beautiful story... she is in a better place... and Pinkie will be there with her. Thank you for sharing the gift of love with her. We will remember Sarah, anon... thank you for sharing with us...

i always wanted to name my first daughter Sarah... gosh, what a sad, but moving story...

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File 131994643193.png - (968.07KB , 1000x1000 , Cel72.png )
Then I cried for the second time in two years.
>> No. 2511357
File 131994646129.gif - (358.42KB , 500x228 , DeanTears.gif )
Strikes at the soul.
>> No. 2511358
I... um... *actual non-manly sad tear*
>> No. 2511359
I don't usually trick-or-treat...But now; I think I will.
I will do it for Sarah...
I'm really saddened by this story, I give my condolences.
>> No. 2511360
>> No. 2511361
That was a beautiful story.
I lack any other words to praise and commend you on how incredible you are for being such a good friend to her.
>> No. 2511362
File 131994667872.png - (223.34KB , 419x408 , 1295916952486b.png )
>> No. 2511363
File 131994676408.png - (171.79KB , 466x368 , 131275314904.png )
I'm so sorry... I wish I could offer more but i'm going to do two things:

1. A big hug for you.

2. I promise you that I will think of Sarah on halloween.
>> No. 2511364
File 131994701063.png - (142.50KB , 1024x773 , rainbow_dash_salute-(n1303873126102).png )
I almost cried.
And coming from me, that's saying something.

Godspeed, Anon. I believe you have cemented yourself in whatever Heaven awaits us.
>> No. 2511365
Lest We Forget.
>> No. 2511366
File 131994717449.png - (85.39KB , 750x469 , 51484 - angel artist_bux fluttershy sad.png )
i know what you're going through my great grandmother passed away wednesday... i still miss her... i wish i couldve done more to see her
>> No. 2511367
File 131994727629.png - (14.72KB , 554x433 , manly-tears.png )
I have nothing to add, other than that this is one of the most touching stories I've ever heard
>> No. 2511368
File 131994745725.png - (80.94KB , 480x700 , 131904657675.png )
It goes without saying, that story not only brought quite a few tears, but that I'll be thinking of both Sarah and Yourself.

Like so many others i wish i could find the words to say how touching this story is, but you did something that there's no words for. You gave her comfort and a family which is beyond words.
>> No. 2511369
Thanks for the kind words, everyone. Still feeling bummed out. Kids just shouldn't get cancer and other debilitating illnesses...
>> No. 2511370

Thanks. I don't really do it out of any sense of moral obligation. I'm not sure if I believe in a heaven or hell. All I know, is that if there's even something small I can do to help make someone's day and/or life just a little less shiity, I'll do it. If I were in that position, I'd want someone else to do the same.
>> No. 2511371
File 131994768642.png - (170.73KB , 898x898 , 170.png )
>this story
>> No. 2511372
File 131994771955.jpg - (24.78KB , 449x339 , 130819254341.jpg )
Oh gosh
Thats an awesome story anon
Im so glad you could make her life so much better ^_^
>> No. 2511373
>Pinkie taught her to laugh when she was afraid or sad, and to always keep your chin up when you’re feeling down.

There is no reaction image for what I'm feeling
>> No. 2511374
Tears were shed. You're a good bro. Thank you for sharing.
>> No. 2511375
File 131994805189.png - (296.14KB , 937x575 , spike crying.png )

So sad, yet so beautiful at the same time.

Well done OP. You made someone's life better in the worst of situations. May you continue to share more happiness in the future.
>> No. 2511376
File 131994817499.jpg - (73.09KB , 619x595 , kenshiro_manly tears.jpg )
You've just made me cry so much...
This is one of the best and saddest stories I've ever heard.
You're an amazing person and I love you man.
It's people like you that make this world so great to live in.
Thank you so much. You have my eternal gratitude.
>> No. 2511377
File 131994829248.png - (96.14KB , 1348x609 , Sarah.png )
I thought someone should do it.
>> No. 2511378
File 131994829918.png - (155.46KB , 1029x777 , dash salute vector.png )
Rest in peace, Sarah.

OP, you are a true hero, and may God bless you.
>> No. 2511379
File 131994838186.png - (661.97KB , 1424x968 , derpy-24.png )
One thing humans have yet to perfect is the avoidence of death.
Death is always there, lurking in the shadows. It is a possibility that grows stronger with each passing day. When such a disease is contracted, that is when death may step out of the shadows and advance on the person in question.
But what is a person? Are they simply a pile of bones and meat?
A person is a combination of their body, their thoughts, every event they have influenced and everyone they knew or met.
When death finally approaches and delivers that fatal blow, it may stop the body, it may halt the flow of thoughts but what made up the person is still intact. The events still happened, the people they met still hold memories of doing so.
Death cannot erase, only stop.
I hope you hold your memories of the time you spent with that girl fondly anon, she would have wished it that way.
Touching story.
>> No. 2511380
Oh my goodness, that's such a wonderful story, I also cried at this. It's so wonderful that you were able to show her the magic of ponies and friendship and love in her final days, I'm sure she died with a smile on her face anon.

I will be sure to get as much candy as I can for Sarah on Halloween, and you too.
>> No. 2511381
File 131994870149.png - (14.76KB , 186x270 , 24.png )
I'm just glad that you gave her a lot of happiness Anon, and that she was very strong for her age.

Rest In Peace Sarah, I hope you are on a better place now.
>> No. 2511382
File 131994886488.jpg - (307.59KB , 566x793 , toon_1230400266639_2432440_by_Aduma.jpg )
My dad lost the battle to cancer in September of this month and Pinkie Pie is my fav pony..I could not read this story with dry eyes. ;3;

It's good she is no longer suffering at least. In a way, it was a blessing. Not to lose your life, but to be free of pain. May that little girl rest in peace..
>> No. 2511383
It just dawned on my that my mom's name is Sarah...I don't know why that didn't click..this is kinda freaky.
>> No. 2511384
File 131994918067.png - (149.20KB , 900x900 , rainbow_dash___saluting_by_lixr-d48ekba.png )
You are a great man. A truly great man.

I salute you. The world needs more people like you.
Thank you for being there for her in her time of need.
May she only know peace.
>> No. 2511385
This is a true story of beauty.
I know this may sound just like I am ripping a well known anime off, but these words hold true to me
"Don't cry for the dead, for it only makes them sadder in the after-life"
>> No. 2511386
File 131995034737.png - (106.39KB , 414x395 , 131232485810.png )
I'm feeling empty inside now... I'll make sure to remember her on Halloween.

Take good care of that Pinkie Pie, OP.
>> No. 2511387
File 131995046226.png - (203.12KB , 1066x1000 , 130753326961.png )
This is very touching. I'm crying.
Pinkie Pie is my favorite, too, but for quite some different reasons. I wish children would never have to face such a grim reality.
Thank you for being there for her, Anon. You are a good person.

Rest in Peace, Sarah.
>> No. 2511388

OP here. For sure I will.
>> No. 2511389
File 131995147490.jpg - (168.25KB , 1200x800 , 434896-92882820-48a0-4c0b-b359-dd698e3f5de5l.jpg )
I felt something. Something like... sadness. But my heart and my eyes are too dead. Too dead from seeing these things before from the other side of the bed. I've been in that place watching those around me with no happiness. With nothing to console them. So I feel little. Because it's what I still can feel.
>> No. 2511390
Wow...what a beautiful story, you are such a great person OP..I'm crying now though, and the internet hardly ever makes me cry.

Now I'm going to do something for Halloween for sure. Again, thank you so much OP.
>> No. 2511392
*Sheds a tear.*

That kid's a hero. :'(
>> No. 2511393
File 131996776585.png - (120.51KB , 900x547 , princess_celestia_by_wraithx79-d3j7mv4.png )
I've felt her state before, it's not fun. To the matter of the fact she kinda reminds me of me to be honest. You did a good thing for her while she was still alive and she appreciates it really much. If what you say bid was true she has about the same amount of courage that I did which is really impressive to be purely honest. I'm crying hard now thinking of her, I know she said she wasen't scared, but she probably had some fear deep down in her with the cancer.But dammit she was brave to just say that! She is an inspiration to me. I want you to know, WHAT YOU DID WAS RIGHT!
>Hugs to you Anonymous
>> No. 2511394
File 131996794559.gif - (1.64MB , 502x263 , 131870202769.gif )
I don't usually.
But I actually shed tears reading this.
>> No. 2511395
File 131997194320.jpg - (13.67KB , 164x142 , bloom tearjerker.jpg )
I can't bring a sentence together that describes my emotions.
Well done, OP.
You brightened the life of a person in need.
I'm sorry for your loss.
>> No. 2511396
File 131997227509.jpg - (18.74KB , 225x350 , 55742.jpg )
I am a man who barely ever cries, no matter the pain or the sorrow. After reading this, I openly wept. The only time I've ever cried close o this much was at my grandmother's memorial.

Anon, than you... Thank you for sharing this.... Sad, yet beautiful story. I had planned to stay home on Halloween and do nothing special, but now.... Now I plan to find a party and celebrate... Celebrate life and fun...

Excuse me now, I must dry my eyes...
>> No. 2511397
File 131997283894.png - (287.37KB , 916x709 , twilight_concerned.png )
Thank you for brightening Sarah's life, and I'm sorry for your loss.
>> No. 2511398
File 131997308097.png - (422.03KB , 2450x1944 , Rarity 1faa.png )
My condolences, thank you for sharing.
>> No. 2511399
File 131997370192.jpg - (49.29KB , 351x330 , Taking a piss is like a journey to me.jpg )
>> No. 2511400
File 131997371334.png - (114.86KB , 304x229 , spikehug.png )
I actually choked up and nearly shed a manly tear.
All I can do from here is give you my best wishes, and hope that you manage to recover from losing such a treasured friend.
>> No. 2511401
You are a beautiful and kind soul who did everything he could for a little girl fighting the hardest fight in life.

I am sorry for your loss. But she went happily. And it was thanks to you and the magic of this show. Always remember that. She went happily.

I will keep Sarah in my heart and my mind on Halloween. I wish you a wonderful Halloween yourself, anon. You deserve it. And I'm sure Sarah would want your happiness. She seems to be just as kind a soul as you.
>> No. 2511402
File 131997533941.jpg - (522.24KB , 640x800 , angel_flonne_by_jeneko-d38grt5.jpg )
In my case, I was just scrolling chat when I suddenly saw my own name pop up here.

I have no idea what to say, TC.

It was terrible this had to happen, but it's great that in her final moments, she knew a great person like you. :)
>> No. 2511403
File 131997538581.jpg - (27.68KB , 550x535 , Feels bad.jpg )
Wow... I am sitting here with tears. MANLY TE-

Oh who am I kidding? This is among the saddest things I have read all year. I salute you Anon, and Sarah.
>> No. 2511404
File 131997561577.jpg - (46.61KB , 608x527 , ManlyTearsHaveBeenShed.jpg )
That , even hit me , didnt cry but man i got a lump in my throat.
At least she passed away with something she loved so close to her, Anon, you are a wonderful person
>> No. 2511405
Wow. That's one of the most amazing things I have ever read. It must be so hard to do that, to come in and entertain sick children. And you made such a difference to her life.

You've done a truly amazing thing. It must be so painful right now, but coming into peoples' lives always leaves that danger, but it's always better to have done than to have not.

I take my hat off to you, you're going to be in my thoughts a lot this week.
>> No. 2511406
File 131997594192.png - (153.58KB , 648x584 , noimnotcryingshutup.png )
>> No. 2511407
File 131998790423.png - (86.53KB , 415x348 , Examining.png )
Wow. That's quite a story.

I'm sorry for your loss, OP. Good to hear her you were able to keep her company and comfort her in her last bit of time on earth.

My love goes out to you and her. ♥
>> No. 2511408
File 131998818691.png - (167.98KB , 583x411 , 1311383350532.png )
She went out giggling at the ghosties...

You've our sympathy and support, OP. I don't know if you believe in religion, but that simple act you did pretty much earned you a comfy little niche in Heaven. May you one day meet again with Sarah up there.
>> No. 2511409
File 131998849476.png - (50.93KB , 200x200 , Scared2.png )
I don't have much to say to this. But at least her last moments were happy ones.
>> No. 2511410
File 131998885559.png - (81.40KB , 271x309 , 130553844771.png )
Wow, what a story. I'm sorry to hear you lost a friend. :( At least you made her last moments here happy and became good friends.

*hugs OP*
>> No. 2511411
File 131998966400.png - (98.10KB , 532x353 , pinkiepienotsureifwant.png )
I don't really know what to say, but thank you for making the last moments of her life enjoyable.

Much respect, brony.
>> No. 2511412
File 131999019376.jpg - (44.30KB , 800x633 , Cry - 4.jpg )
That's so touching...

I'm glad you were there for her...
>> No. 2511413
Major respect anon. I'll be thinking of you both on Halloween.
>> No. 2511414
File 131999083060.jpg - (9.26KB , 250x185 , onions.jpg )
Aw jeez where did all these onions come from
>> No. 2511415
File 131999118373.gif - (897.43KB , 480x360 , cryingface.gif )
>> No. 2511416
File 131999130554.gif - (90.09KB , 500x331 , 1.gif )
>> No. 2511417
File 131999132881.gif - (91.24KB , 500x331 , 2.gif )
>> No. 2511418
File 131999135467.gif - (91.53KB , 500x331 , 3.gif )
>> No. 2511419
File 131999176143.png - (80.62KB , 500x350 , NO, I'M NOT CRYING! OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK!.png )

oh man

I'm crying.....

That is so sad......

I don't have any words right now.....

Sorry for your loss

>> No. 2511420
File 131999208137.jpg - (97.42KB , 853x574 , 1297806788491.jpg )
>> No. 2511421
File 131999284524.gif - (363.25KB , 140x131 , 1313095848557.gif )
>> No. 2511422
this is why ponychan exists, man. stories like this.

great to hear you helped her through her last days, and while nothing we can say can truly help you through the loss, I hope it is some comfort that you truly helped someone through a very hard time and gave them some light in an otherwise dark life
>> No. 2511423
File 131999309857.png - (520.40KB , 456x534 , Pinky - Tears have been shed.png )
I simply don't know what to say....such a sad but beautiful story...

Thank you for sharing this, OP..
>> No. 2511424

A very moving story.

Also I'm glad you could be there for her. Only too often a non-relation twice a child's age forming a bond - well you know how people think. I'm obviously not one of them - good on you for being there amd being a special for her, I say.
>> No. 2511425
Moved me to tears.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

At least you got to be there for her.

I wish there was more I could say, but I'm somewhat at a loss for words.
>> No. 2511426
File 131999577928.png - (47.95KB , 475x479 , Surprise hugging.png )
I dunno what to say
>> No. 2511427
Damn man.
That's some heavy shit.

I originally read this at work this morning and had to read it bits at a time from breaking down right there( still got sniffly).

Then I read it again when I got home.... Fucking cried like a 5 year old girl.

Truly beautiful anon, this is what I love about this community, you have my utmost respect
>> No. 2511428
I cried too ;_;
>> No. 2511429
Read this and started crying. My little sister (who is two) crawled in my lap and handed me one of her Pinkie Pie toys.

Pinkie Pie is both mine and my sister's favorite. Sometimes, people just understand.
And it's always the youngest ones who understand the most.

I'll think of Sarah when I take my sis out trick-or-treating.
>> No. 2511430
File 132000043976.png - (435.30KB , 1039x720 , 131122764829.png )
I don't believe in the afterlife, but for her sake I hope she's in a better place now...
>> No. 2511431
I'm going to visit an old friends grave site for El Dia De Los Muertos (Hispanic equivalent of Halloween), I will keep her in mind as well when I go visit. Take care Anonymous Brony Stranger.
>> No. 2511432
Lad, that was a touching story; I read it all the way through.

It's great to see what good in the world it is doing to share even the simplest of gifts. I thank you so much for sharing it with us and I'm sure it meant a lot for you to tell it.
>> No. 2511433
File 132000171067.jpg - (46.56KB , 400x536 , 131173370061.jpg )

Made me shed a manly tear.

At least she is in a better place.
>> No. 2511434
I shared your story on Tumblr... It's now at 213 notes and doesn't look like it's stopping... you're an amazing man.
>> No. 2511435
>> No. 2511436
File 132002065323.jpg - (3.91KB , 251x194 , tears were shed.jpg )
give this man a medal. right now.
>> No. 2511438
This was beautiful...
I can't believe how wonderful that was, thank you for sharing anon.
>> No. 2511439
OP, I salute you.
You are truly, in every sense of the word, a saint.
I am not usually a religious person, but if there are angels you can count yourself amongst their ranks.
>> No. 2511440
File 132005040932.gif - (449.07KB , 286x119 , 131490152093.gif )
I wasn't ready for this thread.
>> No. 2511441
File 132005299005.jpg - (40.97KB , 633x480 , ash (98).jpg )
Thank you, OP.
Just thank you in general.
>> No. 2511442
File 132007080328.png - (44.63KB , 500x461 , GetOverHereBro.png )
May she rest in peace.
>> No. 2511443
File 132007122871.jpg - (12.12KB , 428x301 , sad.jpg )
>mine countenance whereupon
>> No. 2511444
File 132007135628.png - (90.31KB , 250x294 , FF.png )



Come here, let me hug you.
>> No. 2511445
File 132007407479.jpg - (238.71KB , 667x800 , pinkie pie pinkamina sad.jpg )
i love you mate, you were a brother, a friend, and Sarah's world.

i bet she is dancing and singing with pinkie pie right now.

>hugs you

i love you mate
>> No. 2511446
File 132007456272.jpg - (5.61KB , 267x189 , Gold.jpg )
>Anon's appearance to me.

Thank you and my sincerest condolence.
>> No. 2511447
File 132007483340.png - (391.92KB , 640x640 , Woah.png )
That's just...
You are a fantastic human being, Anon...
>> No. 2511448
File 132007520466.gif - (411.17KB , 492x490 , mustang rain.gif )
My heart is breaking anon. I'm doing everything I can to fight back my tears in my college office complex. You have a heart of gold.

Oh dear I can't fight it anymore I'm getting the strangest looks right know but you have touched my heart with your story. I understand having someone you deeply care for go through this and I want to just hug you so much right now.

With all my love, compassion, and sympathy

Carry on anon, you giant among men.
>> No. 2511449
File 132007549431.png - (106.24KB , 800x602 , Happy Hug (2).png )
Crying at the breakfast table. Thank you for sharing your story, Anon. It makes me smile to know that someone as fantastic as you was there to help Sarah finish her time on Earth happy. You have done well.
>> No. 2511450
File 132007659566.png - (170.73KB , 898x898 , 130539863480.png )
>> No. 2511451
File 132007680848.png - (88.93KB , 400x387 , 130970409094.png )
No, actually...
>> No. 2511452
File 132007940860.png - (241.41KB , 515x675 , Marely Tears.png )
I sobbed up for a minute there...... it's even worse if you make the connection to "Bittersweet"

I love you Op... I really do....
>> No. 2511453
I have very little to say this aside from, what a story. I'm currently sitting in my musical history class listening to a Bach Cantata, trying to hide the fact that I'm crying at a computer screen full of brightly colored ponies.

You made her life truly happy before she passed, and I think that's all anybody could ever ask of you. For that you have all my love.
>> No. 2511454
File 132007961030.jpg - (27.45KB , 673x691 , OKAYTHEN_.jpg )
>hopefully this is the right pic
-manly tears-
>> No. 2511455
OP... Do you think you can get us a pic of the card she made you?... You don't have to but I feel like it will bring me some closure.

I'm sorry for your loss.
>> No. 2511456
At least you brought joy at the end of her life, thats for sure.

Good Job, I wished everyone was like you.
>> No. 2511457
File 132015729620.jpg - (132.55KB , 900x900 , 130786994100.jpg )
This... This is one of the most heartwrenching things I've ever read.

OP, you are an amazing person. You did more then just help her through her last moments. In a way... You gave her a family again.
I weep for the loss of Sarah. I literally do. But even though she may no longer be of this world, she will always live on in your heart.

You have my condolances, my respect... And my love.
>> No. 2511458
File 132015805378.png - (316.75KB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-262075.png )
I... never actually cried reading anything on these boards... until now.

OP, you're a true angel. I don't know what else to say.
>> No. 2511459
File 132015832560.png - (167.22KB , 400x400 , No!.png )
No I'm not crying. I just. Have something in my eye.
>> No. 2511460
File 132015933489.png - (26.24KB , 150x213 , manly tears.png )
/arch/ anyone?
>> No. 2511461
File 132015958760.png - (364.94KB , 773x571 , Fluttershy Sad.png )

But so heartwarming.
>> No. 2511462
What hospital you work at OP?
>> No. 2511463
File 132016205792.png - (248.15KB , 460x345 , Timmy-Aww.png )
Damnit... Don't Fucking Cry..
Dont Fucking CRY!!!
Damn OP... You are a gentleman and a all around wonderful guy.
Thank You For sharing this Story...
>There is still hope for this world with people like that.
>> No. 2511464
File 132016241117.gif - (156.01KB , 556x405 , weeping.gif )
oh wow... Tears were shed.
>> No. 2511465
File 132016254150.gif - (172.21KB , 300x165 , I\'m so emo.gif )
>That story
That was beautiful and sad. To say the least.
>> No. 2511466
File 132016529439.png - (114.01KB , 500x750 , Rarity heart shaped.png )
Sorry for your loss, man.
She couldn't ask for a better brother.
>> No. 2511467
File 132016759243.png - (36.79KB , 500x500 , Epic is crying.png )
Beautiful. Can this thread be /arch/?
>> No. 2511468
File 132016760799.jpg - (84.13KB , 667x800 , 131731277749.jpg )

I don't know what to say. I am so sorry for your loss, and I have an idea what your going through. I lost my father yesterday, and I know that haze you are feeling.

I just want you to know that Sarah has the company of a man who kept me safe for 23 years, and she is in good hands.
>> No. 2511469
File 132016812327.png - (619.26KB , 938x998 , PP - Tears.png )
I knew where this was going already when you said Children's Hospital.... OP... This... was.. Is one of the most heartwarming, yet heartbreaking things ive read...
>> No. 2511470
File 132016833594.png - (141.21KB , 408x478 , What have you done___.png )
OP... I'm so sorry to hear that... This is both, the most heartwarming and heartbreaking thing I've ever read...
>> No. 2511471
File 132016844001.jpg - (65.25KB , 438x500 , 63610%20-%20Discord%20image_macro%20manly_tear%20manly_tears.jpg )
Sorry op but thanks for sharing
>> No. 2511472
File 132016849514.png - (30.41KB , 108x95 , 131698312564.png )
What you've done is an incredible thing, OP. You made a little girl happy in her final days and proved that at its core, humanity is still good. I'm sure wherever Sarah is, she's both happy and grateful to you.

Be proud, good sir. You are amazing.
>> No. 2511473
File 132016849942.jpg - (117.10KB , 294x301 , B-b-but!.jpg )
I... um... but...


This is beautiful.

I don't know what to say.
It's like the ocean of my vocabulary went dry, this story shines so strong!
>> No. 2511474
File 132016871594.jpg - (8.60KB , 270x187 , images (3).jpg )
>> No. 2511475
File 132016874074.jpg - (121.46KB , 402x336 , b;ackholestia2.jpg )
Wow, that story was really sad. I'm glad you could help Sarah at least, wish I had read this the other day. I did do some stuff on halloween but maybe I would have done a few things differently if I had read this first.
>> No. 2511476
File 132016877341.jpg - (232.02KB , 570x889 , manly.jpg )
You're a good man, OP. Take good care of that Pinkie.
>> No. 2511478
File 132016902267.jpg - (245.26KB , 800x650 , crying 03.jpg )
This is one of those times I wish I could cry. I'm really very sorry for your loss, she sounds like a wonderful person.
>> No. 2511479
File 132016961857.jpg - (32.76KB , 358x360 , 131738676716.jpg )
After reading OP, I cried. I know that feel, bro. The feel of losing somepony to canterlot.

I also commend you for being there for that little girl and being such a great impact on her life up through her last day. that fact that she held onto that Pinkie Pie toy and her memories of you just shows how much people like you and I can make a difference in somepony's life, even with just a simple gift or act of kindness.

To everypony else reading this thread, spread the love.

>hugs tightly
>> No. 2511480
File 132017088006.png - (337.01KB , 629x345 , Donkey_Kong_Grimshit.png )
I have no words to describe the situation, except maybe...

You have proved to us that ponies have the power to change lives.
>> No. 2511482
File 132017153691.png - (148.09KB , 438x623 , berry hoodie 6.png )
Don't mind me... just crying
I'm so sorry for your loss
>> No. 2511483
File 132017165686.png - (119.37KB , 472x390 , fluttercry.png )
>> No. 2511484
Many respects, good sir. That there is a beautiful and touching story that should go down in the archives of this great fandom.

My thoughts go out to her and you this day. May she rest in peace, and may this story remain in the memories of all of us about the good this seemingly silly little girls show we all love, can do.
>> No. 2511485
File 132017463653.gif - (323.67KB , 556x405 , cry.gif )
>> No. 2511486
Fragile beings of glass we be. A sharp word can shatter, but a soft action can create more then can be seen

Anon, you built something that can not be broken.

>> No. 2511487
File 132017500844.png - (48.41KB , 256x256 , iguessioverdidit.png )
This, good people of the world, THIS is why My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is such a good show.
It has adult humor, an assortment of likeable, colourful characters, little violence, is suitable for all ages and teaches something that not many children's shows these days... no, NO children's show EVER has dared to teach.
Laughing and smiling helps in EVERY situation. Stressed and finding it hard to cope with life? Think of something funny. Just read something really, really scary or disgusting (I'm looking at you, Cupcakes...)? Throw a party and let your fear/disgust melt away. Knocking on heaven's door? Know you can't survive for much longer? Feeling your life fade from you more every second? Laugh and face your fears.
And THAT, good bronies, THAT is what makes My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic a brilliant show above all else.
Not the great animation. Not the amazing voice talents. Not even the hilarious things that some of the characters come out with sometimes.
The best thing that comes from the show is something that everypony tends to take for granted and some even skip completely.
It's the morals that count, my good bronies. It's the morals that really make a difference.
ATUHORS NOSE: I see a lot of myself in Twilight Sparkle. And I'm really afraid of looking stuck-up above all else. So Episode 6 really helped me as a person and taught me that it's okay to show your talents.
Now, can somepony please archive this thread? It certainly deserves it.
>> No. 2511488
File 132017501164.gif - (172.21KB , 300x165 , 131873049597.gif )
That story has made me forever sad but heartwarming.
>> No. 2511490
File 132020257068.png - (10.39KB , 500x500 , 1318819805552.png )
Dear Celestia, that's the saddest thing ive read in months. My condolences, i know how it feels. I lost my mom to breast canterlot when I was in 5th grade...... and somehow, i'm not crying. What is wrong with me?
>> No. 2511491
This story... Should NEVER be forgotten.
>> No. 2511493
dude, why would you not read this. This story is so sad man and this guy obviously just lost a very close person. least you couldve done was at least read it
>> No. 2511494
File 132020513118.png - (192.09KB , 633x643 , ಠ_ಠ.png )
No words to describe how difficult it is for me to love and tolerate you.
>> No. 2511496
File 132020696982.png - (281.85KB , 350x190 , Nothing\'s wrong at all___.png )
>> No. 2511498
File 132022457093.png - (3.13MB , 700x6176 , 64229.png )

Just recently, I came across this comic. At the time, I made the comment that this is exactly what Pinkie Pie would do. She would be there for you, unconditionally, and she would try to make you smile.

I didn't know that she existed in human form, and that she posts on ponychan.

Thank you, op. I love you.
>> No. 2511502
Wow. I nearly cried. I'm... shocked. I know that cancer exists, and sometimes innocent people die, but hearing about it firsthand... wow. My condolences.
And hearing that one little pink pony could help a young cancer patient get over her fear of death... wow. Just... wow. Sarah was a brave, strong little girl, and the world is worse off without her.
>> No. 2511504
Words just don't come....

That was absolutely beautiful.
>> No. 2511506
Beautiful story.

You are a brony amongst others.
>> No. 2511515
damn it. I'm Crying. i haven't cried in over a year and now I'm crying. Stay strong Bro. Never give up and keep up with the herd. There is always light just remember that. even in the darkest of times there is light.
>> No. 2511518
Wow, great read man.
>> No. 2511520
File 132027885558.png - (700.69KB , 1920x1080 , Flutter_shy_cry.png )
oh my god...
such a beautiful yet sad story :(
i actually sheded a little tear and now i feel like crying...
>> No. 2511521
File 132027918574.jpg - (33.68KB , 369x501 , 130225810906.jpg )
You're a hero, OP. Nothing less.

>MFW Sarah's life

At least she had you though, and I'm sure every little thing you listed doing together meant worlds to her.

I don't have enough hands to do all the saluting and brohoofing you deserve.
>> No. 2511533
File 132029230317.jpg - (47.09KB , 600x600 , 130672741762.jpg )

It is for the few that I continue to live out this life for. You are one of the few who work to restore my faith in humanity. A rare feat indeed. *Brohoof* My good sir. May fortune follow you.
>> No. 2511538
File 132029527214.png - (123.42KB , 600x533 , 131414241006.png )
Rest in peace little girl..
>> No. 2511539
Wow, I feel terribly sorry for you, man. The story of a grown friendship and love for each other in your city's Children Hospital, an important secret, and a sad death with the love of her favorite. Sarah is now in a good place, frolicking in her Heaven with Pinkie Pie and the other ponies. Put tears in my eyes. ;(

Love you for putting up this true story. I'm a brony and proud of it. Never felt this sad after reading a story.
>> No. 2511540
Death isn't easy to handle. The concept alone terrifies me, and this is just a child. You did a good thing, Anon. You truly embraced what makes us human, thanks for keeping that spirit alive.
>> No. 2511541
...another person has passed away.

>this story


She had still lot of life left.

...somepony can think their life is a failure...

But when look at somepony else... you can find somepony which life is even worse. Like this girl's life... abandoned by parents... and with cancer...

At least you.made her last moments happier...

...god, this touched me so much that I lost focus and forgot what else I wanted to say.


R.I.P. Sarah.
>> No. 2511542
File 132035321767.jpg - (74.65KB , 900x506 , pinkie_pie_cry_by_cheylexii-d41e7nz.jpg )
The image >this story references... forgot to embed.

It's in this post.
>> No. 2511543
File 132036093342.jpg - (24.18KB , 512x503 , 1305096978388.jpg )
This was the most touching thing I have read in a very long time. She can't say it so I will... "Thank You Anon"
>> No. 2511554
File 132044711776.jpg - (792.34KB , 2202x2000 , 40356 - artist-sawsta baby filly pinkie_pie.jpg )
OP, you have a heart of gold. And wherever Sarah is, she's probably thinking about you and is happy that you made her life happier in the last moments of her life.
You are a hero.
>> No. 2511561
File 132050614495.png - (13.80KB , 300x300 , 130479049533.png )
>Childrens Hospital
not gonna read, i bawwed enough today
>> No. 2511564
I'm at a mix of emotions, but none so much as the joy of you having more than enough compassion to visit her and spend your time with her, and the sorrow that she had to go...

>Salutes with un-manly tears, and doesn't care about them

Thank you ponies, for bringing some more meaning into the world...

>Buys best Pinkie plushie from Ebay then shnuggles the hell out of it with continuing stream of tears
>> No. 2511565
This reminded me of the day that my mother died, it hit very close to home. Be strong, you have to keep going on for her.
>> No. 2511567
File 132056718640.jpg - (18.22KB , 290x284 , FSgVd9NQ09ofgcjfOMmkMpXDoR4=.jpg )
Could not stifle the tears. Didn't want to... And then I took my Pinkie Pie brushable in trembling hands and cried all over again.

OP, I just want to give you a great big hug for doing what you did for this little girl. You're a hero. Nothing less.
>> No. 2511593
This is a truly touching story. I am sorry for your loss. But, remember you made the trip so much easier for her, and you should be proud of that.
>> No. 2511659
Lump in my throat, man. Lump in my throat.
>> No. 2511673
Barely holding back tears, OP...
If only more people like you were excellent to each other, then this world would be a better place, mayhaps.
>> No. 2511684
Oh my gods...

I'm not ashamed that I'm crying now, because this story deserves it.


> Hug
>> No. 2511685
Your a good man. May God rest Sarah and may God bless you, friend.
>> No. 2511736
All of my tears.
>> No. 2511737
And thus i shed a manly tear

>> No. 2511738
File 132192891770.gif - (39.03KB , 300x303 , 131535178510.gif )
Absolutely touching story.

I hope, wherever Sarah is now, that she remembers you and what you did to help her through her time.

Thank God for Bronies, thank God for you.

>hugs all around
>> No. 2511773
The chaos of the life-support machinery and the bare hospital ceiling was all Sarah could see. It was a chore to simply raise her head in hopes of seeing the balloons and the flowers around the room. She thought of the upcoming Halloween Monday. She thought of her "brother"--very much like an actual brother--whom she hadn't seen for way too long. He had promised her he would come visit her on that Monday, that he would bring candy, and that together they would look at the costumes parading about the hospital. Now it was only... how many days till Halloween?

It was hard to remember. It was hard to think. It was hard to see.

Very slowly, weakly, Sarah tried turning and lifting her head a little to take a look at the wall calendar. She made a few attempts, then gave up and nestled her head in the pillow again. She would maybe cry from this, but if there was something she had learned in the last few months, it was that when the sad and the scary things tried to get you down, you had just to try and laugh your problems away. Sarah clenched her hand even harder, the hand where she was holding her companion, her memento, Pinkie Pie.

She vaguely tried to recall the lyrics to Giggle at the Ghostie, but now thoughts slugged along like molasses, and soon Sarah found herself falling asleep. Only it was a bad kind of sleepiness: she also felt colder and weaker and the colors were draining from the world, and again, had she not the support of the gleeful pink pony, she would try to shout. Instead, she just smiled.

Then, as far as she knew, she fell asleep and woke up without noticing anything in between. But she must had been sleeping for some time... why otherwise would the room change?

Sarah lifted herself up and glanced around. Everything seemed to be in place, but... blurry, foggy, as if observed from kilometers away. And empty, with nopony to be seen around, not a single nurse, not a single patient.

"Hello?" she called out. "Anypony here?" She wasn't quite sure what was happening, or just not ready to admit it yet. But she instinctively tried to clutch the Pinkie Pie figurine again--and found out her fingers were holding nothing.

Oh no, Sarah thought. I've lost her! Where--

A voice from behind piped up: "Finally you've woken up, Sleepyhead McSleepson!"

Sarah turned around hurriedly, only to come face-to-face with a smiling pink face, enshrouded in a pinker mane not unlike cotton candy. "Are you-- Is this--", she stammered.

"My name is not Isthis, silly!" The pony giggled sweetly. "It's me, Pinkie Pie, and I just can't get over how awesome it is you finally woke up, I mean, you're almost late for your party!" Before Sarah realized what was going on, she found herself lifted and seated upon Pinkie Pie's back. "I think it's about time for you to have some fun, and believe me, it's going to be the bestest party ever, and I do mean EVER--", the pony chattered as she bounced away, towards the blurry wall, through it, and then into a black, but oddly comforting and peaceful darkness; "--there'll be balloons and streamers and pin the tail on the pony and confetti and cake and games and dancing and singing and I invited everypony I could, and I think you wanted to take part in the Nightmare Night celebration, and we're going to have that as well!"

And atwitter like that, Pinkie Pie continued with her young passenger towards a light visible in the distance, a light that beckoned with twirling rainbow colors and increasingly louder, jolly music.


"It's over", the nurse declared quietly, laying her hand on Sarah's unmoving heart while the machinery mourned with a flat tone.

But, elsewhere entirely, the party was just beginning.

And there was a special guest invited, though he didn't know that yet, deep in grief. But no matter when would he set out to the party--and it would be a long time before he would--he was guaranteed to arrive in time.
>> No. 2511777
File 132227032579.jpg - (32.06KB , 600x600 , ak8xo3.jpg )
man.....bro i am so sorry. there really isnt much that can be said for something like that. that poor girl had a very hard life at such a young age. its good to know that there are still a few decent people in the world that will go out of theyre way to make one scared little girl feel good during the darkest days of her life. she was lucky to know you and its my wish that there were more people in the world like yourself. just remember what this angel taught you and help others the way you helped Sarah, and perhaps we can still make the world a better place.
>> No. 2511779
Truly, you are an absolutely magnificent person for what you did, making the last days of a young girl's life so much better and helping her quell the fear of death <well done Pinkie =D >
This tale has renewed my faith in humanity, thank you..
I wish i could do more than sit here feeling somewhat miserable yet proud and being sorry for your loss.
/sigh... life can be a right bitch sometime.. but even still, people like you help make the world a better place, congratulations /hugs..
>> No. 2511941
File 132294881172.gif - (34.19KB , 275x200 , Crying Dash.gif )
This is one of the most touching stories I have ever had the pleasure of reading. So touching that I actually shed manly tears, which I don't do often. I give my condolences, and wish you a happy life. For you deserve it after making that girls final times happy for her.
>> No. 2512015
File 132362083747.jpg - (40.19KB , 447x599 , 447px-Manlytears3.jpg )
I have no words. Somepony show Ms. Faust this. Link her to it on DeviantArt, or something. She has to see this.
>> No. 2512028
I love the brony community so much!
Reading threads like this help me see more and more the impact of this showin our lives.
Helps me defend all of us here convincing people we're not just a bunch of clopping furries.
I'm sorry for your loss but as long as you remember and cherish the happy memories you had with her she'll never truly be dead.
>> No. 2512029
File 132375276028.png - (139.82KB , 600x402 , baww.png )
I love you, you wonderful person.

I salute you.
>> No. 2512031
I don't even know what to say. I am happy and sad, at the same time.
>> No. 2512033
File 132381145715.png - (208.35KB , 644x461 , ;__;-(n1304637378060).png )
>> No. 2512034
File 132381193981.png - (472.41KB , 1600x1158 , 131182170491.png )
This was the most beautiful story I have ever read. You truly are an inspiration, you and Sarah.
>> No. 2512038
Oh dear. Having read this after a long series of different depressing stories about Pinkie's past, this just put the icing on the cake. I actually shed a few tears after hearing this. I'm so sorry for your loss. While I don't believe in Heaven, where ever Sarah may be right now, I hope she's happy.
>> No. 2512279
File 132440564370.png - (146.14KB , 400x450 , 132201915277.png )

Manly tears were shed at your tale. You should be the element of kindness, for what you did. <hugs> bravo good sir!
>> No. 2512302
op is best person ever of all time
>> No. 2512341
File 132517524869.png - (9.84KB , 213x201 , 346436734567.png )
...and so I shed a tear on my first 5 minutes on ponychan. Thank you OP, you deserve the Element of Kindness...
>> No. 2512342
You enabled her to die happy.

You deserve a medal, a big, 25-karat medal for that. No one should die in fear of death.
>> No. 2512351
File 132524515566.jpg - (35.09KB , 600x478 , 132252775258.jpg )
Seriously OP should be made a fucking God for this.
>> No. 2512363
File 132529703998.png - (261.81KB , 837x367 , Twilight\'s Happy Face.png )
Thought exercise:
>MLP never existed
>This little girl died of cancer, alone and friendless
>Multiversal theory is legitimate
If you're an atheist, you have to accept that Sarah died poniless in an alternate dimension.

Happy New Year!
>> No. 2512366
File 132531727335.jpg - (7.39KB , 210x240 , Fluttershy so sad yet beautiful.jpg )
You, OP, are a wonderful person. You have made somepony's fine days happy and never should you or any of us forget that. My condolences and love to you, OP.

What a sad yet beautiful story. You have touched the hearts of many. Mine included.

Reading this, makes me think of my father. We had never bonded much until my mother abandoned us. He had retired so we had more time together and we bonded. Not a month later he went to the hospital and died on thanksgiving, this year.

Makes me think of hoe beautiful it can be to bond with somepony, to grow a magical friendship and how delicate yet never ending it is.

OP, you are amazing.
>> No. 2512370
I'm an atheist, doesn't mean I believe in that bullshit alternate dimensions theory.

Also OP you are awesome. /tear
>> No. 2512375
File 132549468711.png - (635.88KB , 499x499 , spoiler.png )
Assuming that all atheists support the Multi-verse theory.

>> No. 2512379
File 132552463945.png - (89.93KB , 300x300 , Ace_id.png )
i'm an atheist who supports the multiverse theory :|
>> No. 2512384
File 132556521664.png - (286.03KB , 372x465 , spoiler.png )
>Implying you're every atheist

>> No. 2512569
>Browsing /arch/ after reading the Thiessen thread
>Suddenly Multiversal theory out of nowhere
>"What the buck?"
Then I remembered...
Apologies to all who were offended. I wrote that out of boredom and spite, which of course never breeds anything good. In all seriousness, my blessings go out to Sarah. No-one deserves such a fate, but for dealing with it so well she deserves nothing short of an angelic choir.

That's all.
>> No. 2512609

Keep that Pinkie Pie forever and ever!

>> No. 2512617
File 132687544264.jpg - (130.59KB , 1680x1050 , 6845723.jpg )
>> No. 2512623
I am so sorry for what happened and so proud to be a part of something that helped her go through her pain even if it is in such a small way as just being a part of the fandom
>> No. 2513686
File 133100253266.png - (217.02KB , 500x422 , 132669418795.png )

I rarely ever get feels from stories like this, but I have a tear rolling down my cheek.


No words, OP. No words.
>> No. 2514536
why did i read this at work?! couldnt hold back the tears and sniffles, your a great person Anon, keep your head up you made a girl happy for what was the rest of her life, i am proud of and i think most of the worlds population would be.
>> No. 2514538
File 133428649428.png - (77.69KB , 500x296 , Practically Sisters.png )
This is amazing...
>> No. 2514539
why do I even read /arch/ posts? its for bucking awesome stories like this one. I can't stop crying. Keep doing what you do brother.
>> No. 2514541
She called you a brother, anon.
Though she may have just been doing to help you, she still called you a brother. And I'm sure that deep down you where the best family member she'd ever had. She must have gone to sleep with tears inn her eyes and a pinkie pie that her own big brother had given her. I'm sorry this had to happen to you. If you believe in this sort of thing, you know she'll be in a better place.
may she be in a better place.
>> No. 2514543
...fuck cancer man. :l
>> No. 2514544
I hardly cry...This was no exception...But i will say this...This hit me in a weak spot
>> No. 2514757
File 133531015031.png - (81.76KB , 200x250 , edd gould pony.png )
Only the good die young.
>> No. 2514758
File 133546243038.jpg - (46.61KB , 608x527 , ManlyTearsHaveBeenShed.jpg )
Wow OP...This really made me shed manly tears.
As I was sitting at my desk reading this...I just broke up into tears.
My condolences to Sarah and You.
But hey, atleast she's in a better place.
>> No. 2514759
Wow. This made me shed manly tears

>> No. 2516558
That made me tear up a bit.....which was the first time in 16 years....
>> No. 2516563
File 133847455399.jpg - (13.74KB , 259x194 , images (5).jpg )
thats hits me right here man
>> No. 2517606
File 134991162703.png - (26.73KB , 400x350 , 2c2ee2b556722272ae71bb4040c41bb8.png )
>> No. 2517642
>> No. 2517643
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