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2511794 No. 2511794
I feel that, while we often talk about which pony we like the most, or debate things, we don't really stop to think about the things we can learn from the ponies as a whole!

Why, I am mostly a fluttery pony... And while a Fluttershy set of sensibilities is what comes naturally to me, I feel that I can learn a lot from other ponies, too!

Like Pinkie! By enjoying her character, I've found that it's made me a more courageous pony. How about yourself? What sorts of things have you learned, not just from your favorite pony, but from the other mane cast ponies, too?
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>> No. 2511795
I have learned from Applejack that you do need to give in to your siblings sometimes
>> No. 2511796
File 132162504795.png - (282.97KB , 526x353 , fluttersmiles.png )
I've actually learned a lot about myself when analyzing the behavior of Pinkie Pie.

Fluttershy is my favorite pony, but I'm more of a Pinkie Pie, the random guy of the group, and basically when I saw her freaking out because she thought her friends were leaving her, I realized she was acting so random because she felt uncomfortable with herself and felt a deep need for other ponies' love.
And when I made the connection with my own behavior, before I knew it I had tears in my eyes :/
>> No. 2511797
File 132162523301.png - (282.97KB , 526x353 , Shy Fluttersmile.png )
Sometimes, we can learn interesting things from the ponies about ourselves. They may or may not be "canon," much like fanon Princess Luna, but that doesn't make those connections any less special.

Perhaps that is one of the things that makes our favorite pony show so very special.
>> No. 2511798
Dashie helped me get some courage, and basically helped me become a better athlete. may not count as learning something but it made me learn the fullness of my potential :3 ... she's only my second favorite. Fluttershy's my favorite because i can see myself in her, it's a little scary how much the same i can see sometimes, like the extreme shyness around people who i don't know, and the sudden ability to raise to the task when needed :P
>> No. 2511799
I have learned from Applebloom that you can be original without marks
>> No. 2511800
File 132162549621.png - (189.78KB , 631x555 , Filly Fluttersmile.png )
I did, too!

I like Fluttershy. Why, she is my very most favorite pony.

That is such a great lesson to learn, warp. I really like how you worded it, too! A pony doesn't need a mark, a label, or even know what they want to do with their lives to be original, loving, and fun.
>> No. 2511801
File 132162576446.png - (111.31KB , 243x319 , twi is happy.png )
i don't think i've learned any one specific thing from any specific pony, but since i started watching the show, i have become much less critical of others.
i used to be very rigid when it came to a lot of things; i used to think that there was only one way of doing things and that my way was not only the best way, but the only way, and i would get in people's faces about it.
i've recently come to terms with the fact that i am not always right, and there are other ways of doing things, and i attribute this mental growth to ponies.
>> No. 2511802
Not gonna lie, that pic is super creepy. x.x
>> No. 2511803
File 132162637295.png - (62.56KB , 258x256 , flutter8.png )
How can you find this creepy?
<- Look here
<- Look again
>> No. 2511804
File 132162777284.png - (216.80KB , 1024x1024 , rarity_is_fucking_awesome.png )
I've always been a sort of perfectionist and Rarity helped me realize that and what impact it can have on your friends and other people around you.
>> No. 2511805
File 132162804446.png - (71.57KB , 945x945 , 130721431635.png )
Rarity made me realize what a bad brother I am
>> No. 2511806
File 132162888686.png - (143.87KB , 465x465 , rarity blu sniper shaded.png )
I learned some random horse facts and that's about it.
>> No. 2511807
File 132163113804.jpg - (11.90KB , 213x269 , jimmy-wales-cropped-cc-by-joi.jpg )
Anything you'd like to share?
I don't know much of anything about horses.
OT: I've learned just about nothing, sorry.
>> No. 2511808
File 132163131068.jpg - (14.46KB , 280x282 , I am pleased.jpg )
when I watched party of one, it was like rewatching an important lesson in life, except in a different way.

I've had experiences similar to pinkie, and the lesson I learned was that you're don't usually mean to hurt you when it seems like they are. And they hold you more important than you may think.

the lesson party of one delivered was to always expect the best from your friends. It sorta made me think, "I never thought of it that way..."
>> No. 2511809
*that your friends don't usually
>> No. 2511810
File 132163140234.png - (208.08KB , 1208x1035 , Moony point.png )
i think that is so wonderful, anon! ♥

it's my very favorite picture...

Rarity, I find, helps ponies to realize what their flaws are. I feel that being able to realize what your flaws are is a great strength, too!
>> No. 2511811
applejack taught me to wake up early

every time i wake up and want to go back to sleep, i think "Applejack would be up bucking apples by now"
>> No. 2511812
File 132163207645.jpg - (20.94KB , 302x328 , wat did I say.jpg )
> I realized she was acting so random because she felt uncomfortable with herself and felt a deep need for other ponies' love.

dammit that describes half of my childhood in a nutshell!
>> No. 2511813
File 132163217626.png - (22.21KB , 240x265 , Canyum writing stuff down before he forgets by ShinobiFerret.png )
I learned how to be a bro.

No wait, that's a different story, bro.
>> No. 2511814
File 132163333019.jpg - (52.85KB , 463x600 , Bs.jpg )
While I am most like Applejack (The accent, looks, and the whole country lifestyle), I realized on the inside I'm like Fluttershy.
When it comes to me and my boyfriend, and things get tense between us, all I want to do is curl up and become invisible. I have trouble trying to talk to him and start to give up, then I think Applejack would buck up and say what she has to. Even Fluttershy stands up when she really needs to.
>> No. 2511815
File 132184526283.jpg - (32.44KB , 853x480 , Fluttershy Happy.jpg )
I took the following from the mane 6...

Twilight Sparkle made me remember how much I love reading books and the discovery to learn new things. I'm also learning not to constantly assume the worst case scenario when things don't go as planned.

Pinkie Pie has shown me see that the world doesn't need to be gloomy if you make an effort to spread happiness.

Fluttershy helped me realize that being sensitive is okay, but when worst comes to worst, overcome your fears and don't be afraid to speak your mind.

Applejack also reminded me about being honest with others, yourself included.

Rarity reminded me that some sacrifices are worth making for those you care about.

Rainbow Dash has shown me true friends will accept you for you.
>> No. 2511817
File 132184582771.png - (291.19KB , 907x775 , 132181754665.png )
The main reason Rainbow Dash is my favorite is because she's allot like me.
>> No. 2511818
World peace?
>> No. 2511819
File 132184591260.png - (387.13KB , 810x681 , Rainbow Dash reaction happy 8.png )
Umm, I'm more determined to plow through stuff. Other than that just a few greek mythology things and horse facts/puns.
>> No. 2511820
File 132184599795.png - (177.09KB , 400x276 , Fluttershy is pleased.png )

Hmm, hmm, what have I learned from this show?

To be even more accepting than before (seems everything I get into of late is like that). I've always been the level-headed, moral one of the group, and this isn't the only thing I've gotten into that's made me love & tolerate even more.

More outgoing? Not so much. I like my privacy, and hate being misjudged, so I let people get a feel for my personality before I tell them anything, and I mean anything about myself.
>> No. 2511821
File 132184602064.png - (73.90KB , 200x194 , 132172111289s.png )
Whats creepy about it.
>> No. 2511822
File 132184664617.png - (41.21KB , 280x260 , Forever alone.png )
They made me realize how lonely I am
>> No. 2511823
File 132184667063.png - (762.01KB , 454x1759 , luna__s_studies___intro_by_nimaru-d4ceztl.png )
>> No. 2511824
File 132184671802.png - (712.68KB , 566x1411 , luna__s_studies___applejack_by_nimaru-d4cqyqx.png )
>> No. 2511825
File 132184675325.png - (664.85KB , 516x1548 , luna__s_studies___fluttershy_by_nimaru-d4cne7g.png )
>> No. 2511826
File 132184678918.png - (815.66KB , 412x1938 , luna__s_studies___pinkie_pie_by_nimaru-d4d14vr.png )
>> No. 2511827
File 132184680299.jpg - (37.65KB , 598x515 , 35519 - bedroom_eyes brony hug hugs macro rainbow_dash.jpg )
>> No. 2511828
File 132184681917.png - (835.42KB , 557x1433 , luna__s_studies___rainbow_dash_by_nimaru-d4cfzta.png )
>> No. 2511829
File 132184685154.png - (783.41KB , 489x1630 , luna__s_studies___rarity_by_nimaru-d4cy133.png )
>> No. 2511830
*Presses face against monitor*

Uh, you wouldn't happen to have those in a higher resolution, would you?
>> No. 2511831
File 132184693026.png - (850.75KB , 369x2161 , luna__s_studies___twilight_by_nimaru-d4dlhnw.png )
>> No. 2511832
File 132184699929.png - (852.95KB , 347x2305 , luna__s_studies___final_report_by_nimaru-d4drgbf.png )
>> No. 2511833
File 132184710613.png - (398.74KB , 880x730 , 1298758785008.png )

All of my what
>> No. 2511834
File 132184710942.jpg - (29.26KB , 364x330 , Can\'t talk -Squeaking!.jpg )

Oh, my apologies, did you mean me? I guess I could you link you to the Deviant Art page for the 1st one, which has a link to the others in its description.

>> No. 2511835
File 132184711686.png - (97.72KB , 365x450 , Greylight Considering.png )
Is this a "slightly too small to read text" thread?
>> No. 2511836
If this was /oat/, I'd say let's do this.
Oh well. You decide.
>> No. 2511837
File 132184732896.jpg - (32.70KB , 500x562 , Stop or I will shoot.jpg )
>> No. 2511838
File 132184736055.png - (291.19KB , 907x775 , 132181754665.png )
This was the only one I read.
>> No. 2511839
File 132184737207.jpg - (109.81KB , 602x445 , 1300155742965.jpg )
>> No. 2511840

The artist of The Real Story, eh? Should I brace myself for stupid fanon ideas?
>> No. 2511841
File 132184748900.jpg - (21.12KB , 310x358 , Awesome.jpg )

Not stupid, no. This is actually well-thought out.
>> No. 2511842
Okay..., but his 100% sweet innocent never-ever-jealous Woona pissed me off. And pony hate from the humans of our world being the cause of Luna's posession is the most brain meltingly stupid implication ever
>> No. 2511843
File 132184768567.jpg - (344.18KB , 863x560 , rainbow_dash.jpg )
>> No. 2511844
File 132184789502.jpg - (615.50KB , 1440x900 , Commander, reinforcements have arrived.jpg )
>> No. 2511845
File 132184825299.png - (456.21KB , 750x750 , dash_robot2.png )
200 Of these
>> No. 2511846
File 132184833962.png - (25.31KB , 150x142 , rainbow_dash_mig_31_facts_by_anarchemitis-d4acvrm.png )
And 100 of these
>> No. 2511847
File 132184841587.jpg - (34.74KB , 500x300 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-what-they-came-in-my-happy-meal.jpg )

And in the end, this is really what's going on.
>> No. 2511848
Something I learned is that we should forgive and forget. As I am sorry for doing what I did... erm... a week ago? I let it get to me.
>> No. 2511849
File 132184849168.png - (137.41KB , 939x851 , rainbow_dash_laughs_by_orbitalvelocity-d4ax6zy.png )
>> No. 2511850
File 132185054931.jpg - (38.84KB , 500x564 , But then squeak.jpg )

Aw, now I feel bad for derailing such an awesome thread idea.

>> No. 2511851
I've learned from all the Mane 6.

I've learned to be more studious and to follow what I love. I can't say that I've taken it to heart, as I just KEEP procrastinating though.

Honesty is the best policy. I've learned to be more honest, and tell less lies to everyone I talk to. (Oddly, I would tell lies, even when the truth was perfectly fine.)

Can't say I've leaned anything from her...
I'll try, I'll look into some episodes for things :P

A deep love of nature is what I've had all my life, and that's why Fluttershy is my 2nd favorite pony. Her kindness also inspires me to be as kind to everyone that I meet as possible.

>Pinkie Pie
Laugh! Be happy! Love! All of these I've stood after throughout my life, and I will always until my dying breath.

>Rainbow Dash
Be confident. Believe in yourself, and believe that you can do anything you set your mind to. Be outgoing.
>> No. 2511852
Post in a thread, it then dies. Q.Q
>> No. 2511853
File 132185374722.jpg - (57.55KB , 500x675 , Peace Corps.jpg )

It was dead already, and I kinda killed it with my.... 13 posts in half an hour?



This reminds me of something I posted a while back, though I think I'll modify it a bit, since it was kinda slapped together in a rush while I was half asleep, and looking at it again, it got to be kinda gibberish at points:

As I've said before, I'm very literal, but rarely serious, and I'll try and explain why here.

Being serious can stagnate the... Elements of Harmony from entering into your life. Being literal on the other hand leaves a lot more room for this than most people imagine, viewing literal and serious as one and the same.

Here are the examples for you:

Honesty? Both Literal and Serious work here, but when you're telling the 100% truth and can toss in a joke, the other is more likely to take your honesty well.

Kindness? Literal: You're being obvious about your helping hands, and at the same time have the ability to toss in humor for added kindness, improving their mood. Serious: Serious kindness often comes off as forced, and as such should be avoided. Kindness begets kindness, but only if people feel you're being... Honest about it.

Laughter? Honestly, when I first started watching this show, I felt laughter was kind of a weak idea for an element, but then, I started writing this post, and realized that it was quite the opposite. When people are laughing, they're happy. Where happiness happens, bonds happen. Where bonds happen, friendships are born. A literal joke is completely capable of be hilarious, and some of the greatest jokes are factual Avenue Q's "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist," Lewis Black, whereas serious and humor is really kinda opposing things, both being capable of being emotional states, and all.

Generosity? Literal: When people see a lighthearted, Honest gift, it goes to the heart. Serious: They will take the gift, but become suspicious that you will turn around and expect something for it later.

Loyalty? Literal: People are more likely to believe you're loyal if you've established Honesty, and true loyalty is frequently reciprocated. Serious: People may find you abrasive, and it will be more difficult for them to accept you for who you are, though loyalty is the least affected by this.

Friendship is Magic? Literal: This is one topic where you're not supposed to be literal, at least, not in the fantasy sense of the term. For literal to work in this context, we must view it as "mysteriously enchanting." What makes a friendship work can be an absolute mystery to some (I know I have a few that make no sense), and yet, it just works. But at the same time, if you try to take your friendship too seriously, well, it's a slippery slope toward positive alliance, and you have to watch yourself.

So, take a more lighthearted, literal look at your situation. Love your friends, Tolerate your enemies, and never, ever let yourself lose your head.
>> No. 2511854
lol you and I share the same problem.
>> No. 2511855
Is there any way you can screencap this? I'm terrible at such things, and it looks like shit when I screencap.
>> No. 2511856
File 132185559436.png - (1.02MB , 1920x1080 , thou see us rollin thou hatin.png )
For me, the ponies themselves don't do the teaching. It's the fact that each episode is like an essay, where you know by the first 5 to 6 minutes what the moral is, and then the show gives examples, then unlike other cartoons, gives a valid conclusion to the moral of the episode. If I had a dollar for each time I pondered each lesson or when I thought "remember that one lesson from that episode? This is where I should apply it" I have never seen a show do this. AT ALL
>> No. 2511857
File 132185581224.jpg - (48.87KB , 600x525 , Twilight Clopfic.jpg )

Very much this. Twilight's final report isn't where the real learning comes in.
>> No. 2511858
File 132185609086.jpg - (769.09KB , 2560x1600 , my_little_pony_wallpaper_by_cwartist-d47xtos.jpg )
I know this is cliche, but from all the ponies as a whole I've relearned the importance of friendship. Everything that was taught to me in elementary school that I disregarded because I felt I was "too cool" makes sense now. When you're a five or even a ten year old "being cool" means you like dirty jokes, skateboards, pretty harmless things. When you're an adult "being cool" is the domain of those who peddle drugs in front of department stores and make it scary to go outside at night. I feel like I've learned an important life lesson from the mane cast and all ponies: that it doesn't matter how cool or tough you are. The noblest of goals in life is to live to the fullest, have fun, and have friends.
>> No. 2511859
The world would be a much better place if we truly internalized the lessons we were taught at age 5.
>> No. 2511860
File 132185716814.jpg - (21.94KB , 451x371 , this will be perfect for celestia.jpg )
but then there would be no fun in learning the hard way!
>> No. 2511861
In our world?
>> No. 2511862
yes in our world
>> No. 2511863
File 132186237667.jpg - (538.93KB , 1366x1772 , YAY.jpg )

Unfortunately, I wouldn't do any better of a job, though it does gladden me that you enjoyed my post so.


Cliche nothing, that's a good thing. Learning is how we grow, and anyone who believes that they have nothing left to learn has learned less than anyone they know. It's good to hear that you've learned these lessons at all, though I am a might disappointed that you aren't used to shows like this. Not by you! No, by the media. Shows like that were everywhere when my siblings and I were growing up, and there's about a 5 years gap between me and either of them, me being the youngest.


I must agree, but that's not what society tells us, and humans are as sheep.
>> No. 2511864
File 132186275444.png - (807.57KB , 1600x1200 , 1321852908213.png )
Well there were shows, it's just that society (and family) dictated I shouldn't like them and if I did like them then I shouldn't draw anything from them because they were girly. I was a weaker person then. Now I'm on my own, a more able person in the skills of self-reflection and being comfortable with myself and my own interests. That's not to say that I'm going to wear pony hats and/or shirts when it's not appropriate like some fanbases do but I'd be comfortable going shopping on a weekend or visiting my grandparents and not care.
>> No. 2511865
File 132186310608.png - (13.89KB , 92x150 , sweetie_bell____yayyy___by_richhap-d4g836u.png )
That it's mostly my own fault and I create my own problems through hate and intolerance. I grew up with cartoons where it was allways the bad guys fault. This left my mind confused and in lack of self awareness. In FiM there are allmost no bad guys. The ponies create their own problems. This realisation has given me the key to the prison of my ego.
>> No. 2511866
File 132186344513.jpg - (404.70KB , 700x1300 , sonic_rainboom_by_lkittytaill-d3c0s89.jpg )
Right, even if we depersonalize it a bit the lessons still hold true. The ponies make their own problems and through friendship solve them. There are no bad guys because even if you don't have friendship, cooperation is a good backup plan.
>> No. 2511867
This is why discord was a bit jarring for me. He was kinda irredemable from the get go, born of his very nature. NMM was her own fault, and learned from it, while Trixie/Gilda were their own fault too, but the didn't learn anything. Discord... Was a plot device with excellent lines.
>> No. 2511868
File 132186409420.png - (18.16KB , 185x185 , 185px-RainbowShrug.png )
I'm going to come off as a hipster, but if you take Discord as a metaphor rather than a living thing capable of a range of emotions it a lot less...

I dunno where I was going with this, it sounded good in my head.
>> No. 2511869
File 132186473977.jpg - (21.72KB , 320x254 , 85655_-_artist_whitediamonds_rarity.jpg )
Oddly enough, I think it was Rarity that influenced me to start dressing nicer. I always wore a plain t-shirt with jeans before, but lately I've taken to wearing a nice vest and a fedora with a classy button-up shirt. Also had to do with going off to college and wanting to look like a good student too. But when I was shopping for the clothes it was like I could hear her voice in my mind telling me what I'd look good in. X3
>> No. 2511870
Be careful with fedoras, they're a tough look to pull off.
>> No. 2511874
File 132187510777.png - (81.42KB , 271x309 , 131697984091.png )
Why would you post that?
>> No. 2511875
File 132187523626.gif - (1.21MB , 330x345 , Laughing Twilight Sparkle.gif )

Lol! Good Morning /Pony/
>> No. 2511876
File 132187583087.png - (1.43MB , 1000x3874 , luna__s_studies___intro_by_nimaru-d4ceztl.png )
For anyone wanting higher res versions of all those pics, pic related.

I'll try dumping them in the order that they are in on the DA page.
>> No. 2511877
File 132187614495.png - (1.40MB , 1000x2572 , luna__s_studies___rainbow_dash_by_nimaru-d4cfzta.png )
They all vary in size but they're all under 4 MB.
>> No. 2511878
File 132187619916.png - (1.28MB , 1000x3000 , luna__s_studies___fluttershy_by_nimaru-d4cne7g.png )
>> No. 2511879
File 132187624753.png - (1.06MB , 1000x2493 , luna__s_studies___applejack_by_nimaru-d4cqyqx.png )
>> No. 2511880
File 132187630786.png - (1.92MB , 1000x3333 , luna__s_studies___rarity_by_nimaru-d4cy133.png )
>> No. 2511881
File 132187637735.png - (561.87KB , 919x1000 , Vinyl speaker lick.png )

There's a certain subtlety expected when you express that sentiment in semi-polite society.

It's like the difference between, "I want to lay you down by the fire," and whatever your filthy mind filled in this blank with.
>> No. 2511882
File 132187639550.png - (2.62MB , 1000x4703 , luna__s_studies___pinkie_pie_by_nimaru-d4d14vr.png )
>> No. 2511883
File 132187649785.png - (3.11MB , 1000x5857 , luna__s_studies___twilight_by_nimaru-d4dlhnw.png )
>> No. 2511884
File 132187659546.png - (2.48MB , 1000x6644 , luna__s_studies___final_report_by_nimaru-d4drgbf.png )
Last one. Now if you'll kindly excuse me, it's 5:55 AM and I should be sleeping. But I'll be playing Skyward Sword instead. :)
>> No. 2511885
File 132188062155.png - (780.65KB , 1366x768 , Flutter___shy.png )

Ah, heheh, thank you. I'm afraid I'm not very good at that sort of thing.
>> No. 2511886
File 132188428835.jpg - (181.59KB , 752x1063 , we_are_soooo_fucked_by_pencilpup-d4eqd40.jpg )
I'm a bit of a prankster and I like to lightheartedly rib my friends (naturally Pinkie Pie is my favorite pony). Luna Eclipsed and GtBO kinda reminded me to remember not to be thoughtless with your teasing and jokes, and keep people's sensitivities in mind. Kind of ironic considering people hated on Pinkie in LE for being insensitive.
>> No. 2511887
File 132191068228.jpg - (25.92KB , 400x350 , 131162791526.jpg )
Biggest thing I learned from Rainbow Dash is to be a bit more competitive. Not only in the "Must Win" attitude, but also being the best - not for others but for yourself. I've always disliked how lazy and accepting I am, and since my conversion to bronyism I've tried to be better at a lot of things. I've even become more physically active and continuously trying to beat my previous milestones.

I think Applejack's hardworking attitude is rubbing off me too, and when I begin to slip up I kinda imagine her giving me a pep talk... *cough*

Rarity has taught me the value of looking good, not in a vain way - just look after yourself. I've been feeling a lot better about myself too.

Twilight has taught me the value of learning. As they say, you are never too old to learn. I've always loved that saying but I kinda apply it more now.

Now if I can just get Fluttershy's kindness to rub off on me I would be gold.
>> No. 2511888
For me it's to be more positive and appreciative in general, I'm a pretty pessimistic person, MLP is one of the few things I've been watching to try and make me less so.
>> No. 2511889
It has made me try and resist the urge to take the easy way, instead of the kinder way.

Like, the other day I went to a concert, and my friend had a spare ticket. My first inclination was to tell him just to sell it to a tout and forget about it.

But then I thought how it'd be way nicer to find a fan and sell it for face value, even though it'd take longer. So we went round the streets and bars looking for someone who actually wanted to go. And I have to admit, it was ponies that made me push past the lazy option.
>> No. 2511890
File 132224804525.png - (897.63KB , 680x409 , 132181194912.png )
I have become much more empathetic, and I am beginning to see what's really important. I haven't hugged someone in forever... and I forgot how much strength that can give you. I think I'm learning what's truly important... and I hope that's worth it because I should have been studying for the GMAT.
>> No. 2511891
File 132224853650.jpg - (29.95KB , 500x279 , tumblr_liken30fdJ1qgmvb3o1_500.jpg )
I think we can learn a little from all the ponies, but we tend to learn the most in the areas that we're lacking. For instance, Pinkie reminded me how important and worthwhile it can be to lift another person's spirits and to do everything with a smile in hopes of getting one in return.

Maybe I'll think of some more. If I do, I'll be sure to post them here.
>> No. 2511892
File 132224864163.jpg - (62.16KB , 307x307 , A party.jpg )
I have learned to live life with a smile and make those around you happy. Pinkie Pie has deeply affected my life in ways I didn't know possible, I have a more positive out look on life an people, I have learned to understand my friends more and respect them and have overcome my fear of heights (with a hop, a skip, and a jump).
There has been one bad thing, I can't enjoy scary movies with my friends anymore, I can't help but laugh my way through the thing.
>> No. 2511895
Don't give up on your friends.You'll be rewarded later in life.
>> No. 2511897
I want to be more like Rainbow Dash. She's dedicated and can push herself towards a goal, where I tend to give up and victimize myself.

As great as the show is, I've learned even more from the fandom. How to practice love and tolerance towards haters and how to SUCCEED in doing so. And how you can enjoy whatever you want without worrying what others think of you.
>> No. 2511900
File 132253747554.png - (254.02KB , 600x452 , 1300152228232-(n1301707267049).png )
Pinkie Pie taught me to go at everything with insane, unrelenting enthusiasm, even in the most pressing of times.
>> No. 2511914
Nopony in particular taught me this, but since watching the show I find it much easier to shrug off insults. Mentally, I'm all like "Bitch please, that's not how we ponies do things around here."

Whereas before I was relatively quick to anger, often screaming unheard of abuse at those who upset me. Sometimes even chasing them to try and hit them.

Ponies have really fucking mellowed me out.
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