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My husband and I have our own bakery business. It's small, but it gets us by and we love it.
We always make a point to be kind and give individual attention to each of our customers.
The way its set up- since we're still in a rental space- is that we don't have wall and doorway connecting the kitchen to the shop. Just a counter. So everyone sees everything that we bake, but I have no problem with that.
Earlier today, a mother came in with her daughter. The kid must have been no more than 4 or 5 years old. The mother said that her daughter wants to see how cupcakes were made. My first thought was "Come on lady, you can't show your kid how to make cupcakes? That's a super simple home project." I didn't say that of course, and there was no one in the shop so I didn't mind showing her. So I walked around the counter and crouched down to eye level with the little girl and said "Okay, I'll show you!" Then, just to make conversation, I asked her "Why do you want to know how to make cupcakes?" The whole time I guess I had noticed, but didn't think much of it, but she was holding a doll or something close to her chest. After I asked her that, she got the biggest grin on her face and said "Because that's what Pinkie Pie does!" And then took her doll away from her chest and showed me. It was one of the MLP happy meal Pinkie Pie Toys.
Her mom laughed and said "Oh, she really loves My Little Pony. I guess one of the ponies is a baker."
I saw a once in a million year opportunity. Completely embarrass myself to make this child's day? Yep. Totally worth it.
I had been previously making cupcakes before they walked into the shop, so I had all of my ingredients out anyhoof. I showed her behind the counter and started singing, while pushing ingredients toward the middle of the table.

All you have to do is take a cup of flour, add it to the mix!
Now just take a little something sweet, not sour,
A bit of salt--just a pinch!
Baking these treats is such a cinch,
Add a teaspoon of vanilla!
Add a little more, and you count to four
And you never get your fill of--
Cupcakes, so sweet and tasty,
Cupcakes--don't be too hasty,
Cupcakes! Cupcakes, cupcakes, CUPCAKES!

Then added the extra lyrics that my daughter and I came up with when she helps me bake cupcakes.

Then you head on over to the oven and click 325 on the dial.
Then you grab your whisk and mix the batter- this could take quite a while.
Making cupcakes is so much fun,
Don't forget to thaw your icing!
Mix it all up and then fill up the cups,
Baking is why I sing!
Cupcakes, so sweet and tasty,
Cupcakes--don't be too hasty,
Cupcakes! Cupcakes, cupcakes, CUPCAKES!

The little girl couldn't stop giggling with joy. The cutest thing ever. Then I showed her how to make cupcakes, and let her ice one and put sprinkles on it and take it home.

Her mom said that's the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for her. I mentioned that I have a 4 year old daughter that I make cupcakes with.
She's coming over for a playdate with my daughter tomorrow after preschool.

I'm a good mother.

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You try reporting it. It doesn't work. It says "This post has been cleared as not needing deletion."
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File 132405339919.jpg - (20.27KB , 360x360 , 132071933195.jpg )
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File 132405349009.jpg - (21.15KB , 300x337 , Ristar_by_deathjester.jpg )
Bravo. Just... bravo. You are the coolest baker ever. :D
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you kick flank op ^^
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I know OP isn't here anymore, but really doesn't matter. It's the rare perfect set up to an amazing moment. Brony, with a cupcake shop has a women and daughter, who loves PP, ask how cupcakes are made... Thats...

Thats why I love things. This fandom included, this undoes so much bad stuff about the fandom the obnocious people, the ragers, even the r34'rs.

This is why OP is awesome, and that is why this needs an /arch/.
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File 132405553271.jpg - (33.88KB , 325x240 , 36285522.jpg )
Seriously, /arch/ this shit now
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File 132405886818.jpg - (32.76KB , 604x588 , 132149387947.jpg )
What he said
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dont arch it
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File 132406005809.png - (165.09KB , 296x409 , 41566 - berry_punch flora pun troll_face01.png )
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File 132406047942.png - (76.66KB , 298x202 , 3256567676.png )
Never change Marceline, never change.
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File 132406068614.png - (165.50KB , 1053x900 , Oh you.png )
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ok im gonna seriouspost for once cause i genuinely dont understand this meme and im too lazy to look it up and i dont go to 4chan

what does "u currently experiencing the emotion of anger" mean because i keep seeing people use it like a trump card in arguments
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File 132406134902.jpg - (49.96KB , 311x311 , You must be 2010.jpg )
>> No. 2512251
guys im serious you folks are more knowledgeable than me :( im stupid :(
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File 132406145459.jpg - (34.85KB , 595x600 , Umad.jpg )
>> No. 2512253

yeah like that
>> No. 2512254
http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/u currently experiencing the emotion of anger
>> No. 2512255

It's apparently a bad thing to display any emotion other than schadenfreude on the internet, so, if you're mad, you 'lose'.

It's very stupid, but so is everything else about internet culture.

>Would have expected you of all people to know this
>> No. 2512256

i dont go to 4chan so i really didnt know but thank you for telling me!
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File 132406326558.png - (62.06KB , 274x251 , Gemmity.png )
Wow, this story put a big old goofy grin on my face. Such a cute little event.
>> No. 2512258
Seriously mods, why? Why have you not archived this?
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File 132407796188.jpg - (11.67KB , 228x172 , 267906_10150305779911011_749231010_9599298_4534600_n.jpg )
I tried to do the same thing and you know what happened? I got the police called on me... *sigh*
>> No. 2512260
File 132407802686.png - (53.24KB , 215x334 , Marceline the laughing queen.png )

best post in thread
>> No. 2512261
Well, if I broke into a bakery to sing to an abducted child I'd get the cops called on me too. It's all in the details.

>She owned the bakery, you didn't.
>It was day for Anna, middle of the night for you.
>The parent brought her daughter in, you stole the child.
>Anna Cake was singing, you were mumbling to your self in a corner.

They sound similar until you get to the details.
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File 132408095795.jpg - (35.43KB , 237x237 , 1300932885922.jpg )
way to kill a joke there, flank hole!
>> No. 2512263
File 132408223615.png - (6.55KB , 362x362 , 1316658136759.png )
heh, they edited that word to flank on here, cute... I wonder what else they edited...
femoral artery
... that's about all I can think of at the moment, now let's see how this post looks...
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File 132408947484.png - (60.58KB , 110x125 , Awesome.png )
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File 132409297176.jpg - (23.11KB , 476x344 , 1324059619691.jpg )
that is quite possibly one of the best things i have ever heard here. you can bet she was probably talking about it non stop on the way home.

>> No. 2512266
File 132409414066.jpg - (32.00KB , 581x471 , 82814 - HAPPEH_TIEM caption happy pinkie_pie.jpg )
I feel so giddy that my thread got moved to /arch/. I love everypony. <3
>> No. 2512267
File 132409835074.jpg - (32.96KB , 500x580 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-winning-it-feels-good.jpg )
Awww, that's so awesome! :D
>> No. 2512271
File 132420871220.png - (21.37KB , 450x450 , Black_Butterfly_27.png )
A thoroughly deserved /arch/.

It’s lovely to hear how popular the show is with the target audience as well!
>> No. 2512272
have many an internet for this it is truly amazing, its people like you who brighten up the world :D
>> No. 2512273
At first, I thought you were talking as Mrs Cake (or whatever her name is) from the show, but then your story became so much cooler. That was so nice of you!
>> No. 2512309
File 132476097505.jpg - (12.61KB , 375x299 , G4-cupcake2.jpg )
>> No. 2512315
You deserve a "Pinkie Badge Of Approval."
>> No. 2512323
File 132499292030.png - (224.42KB , 454x482 , Very Pleased 2.png )
You deserve a medal.
>> No. 2512333
File 132506423894.png - (1.16MB , 900x900 , 131430285903.png )
OP, you have no idea just how much I needed to hear a heartwarming pony related story like this. From the bottom of my heart, you have given me a reason to smile today. Thank you.
>> No. 2512334
File 132509164629.gif - (17.79KB , 125x125 , Clap Rarity.gif )
Pinkie pie would be proud!
>> No. 2512348
You, madam, are a magnificent human being.
>> No. 2512349
Best thing ever, that OP action.
>> No. 2512365
This made me happy.
>> No. 2512367
"I'm a good mother." Truer words have not been spoken.
>> No. 2512563
This is such a sweet story. :)
You're an amazing person, OP!
>> No. 2512628


That was cosmic.

Seriously, that was amazing!
>> No. 2512637
You, ma'am, are officially on my "Reasons Why I'm Not A Misanthrope" list.
>> No. 2513619
File 132923193691.jpg - (17.02KB , 320x320 , Pinkie_Creambeard.jpg )
I, the Highlord of Cupcakes, declare OP as the new Highlord of Cupcakes. So long and thanks for all the fish!
>> No. 2513625
>reads OP
>burns his 'mancard'
>injects insuline

Excuse me while I pass out... This is too damn adorable.
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