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2513036 No. 2513036
Gather round, Ponychanners! I'm going to tell you a story!

It’s February 8th, and Ponychan has been in existence for exactly one year! So, with that being said, it is now time for me to tell you a little story, also known as “the most complete Ponychan history I’ve ever tried to write or even seen someone try to write.” It’s not done yet, but I’m trying to make it as in-depth and all-inclusive as possible! So far, it’s got almost 3000 words! Now then, let me begin ruining /arch/ with some intense textwalling.

Once upon a time, in the magical land of 4chan...
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>> No. 2513392
File 132883181448.jpg - (25.16KB , 336x450 , Bush - ok___.jpg )
I'd be a fair mod
But I'd never post with mod tags
and I'd probably only ban people for being bad at paraspriting and such.

>User was wrapped up and mailed to Vausten for this post

I think I'm a fair judge...
>> No. 2513393
File 132883185628.png - (74.68KB , 200x263 , crazy human.png )
But... bans = mod love
>> No. 2513394
File 132883192327.gif - (7.83KB , 120x120 , +a+hero+_d2b043f7a08909f90989b8555418f6d3.gif )
Since when is going to Vausten a punishment? Also, bad paraspriting can really lighten the mood during a shitstorm. I've done it before, instead of hating on each other, they hate you and all the tension melts away as they attack a common enemy.

Plus, fair has nothing to do with the fact that being a mod is scary.
>> No. 2513395
And now Vausten love as well. and for the other note, you'll learn.
>> No. 2513396
File 132883197941.png - (256.07KB , 461x431 , SOFAHNNYJOKE.png )
>User was wrapped up and mailed to Vausten for this post
Hahaha, oh wow.
>> No. 2513397
File 132883208433.jpg - (8.89KB , 546x411 )
Hahahaha, no.

Just look what you did to the country. You're not touching my site.
>> No. 2513398
File 132883217624.jpg - (61.02KB , 600x594 , awesome post.jpg )
>> No. 2513399
File 132883218115.jpg - (14.18KB , 300x393 , tig ol bitties.jpg )
Being wrapped up and mailed to Vausten is like being tied up and thrown into a horny Rancor's pit.
Just ask Geoffry.

And that's not bad paraspriting, that's successful paraspriting.

Oh come on.
Give me another chance!
I won't be as bad as that one guy who linked bestiality, or that one mod who was just plain shitty.
At least let me have the power to ban people in /ef/.
>> No. 2513400
File 132883224721.png - (34.58KB , 178x226 , OhBoyHereWeGo.png )
>> No. 2513401
Door hinge.

[billymays]It's just that easy![/billymays]
>> No. 2513402
File 132883241652.gif - (69.18KB , 171x119 , 3210337+_6f4181b8e007c03983cfe88c3949a993.gif )

A horny rancor pit is also not a punishment, if you've done some stretching beforehand.

And it was what you mentioned, typical posting of coolface and just LOLOLOL U CURRENTLY EXPERIENCING THE EMOTION OF ANGER
>> No. 2513403
...my god, if you make the RCV into [billymays] I will finally not be afraid of you, queen of the site.
>> No. 2513404
File 132883260580.gif - (0.97MB , 410x305 , poppet.gif )
It's my number 1 priority.
>> No. 2513405
File 132883271608.gif - (110.19KB , 300x165 , more+_cd669ee50beae1d47bc2a041d8ffa375.gif )
I meant the other dude, the one who actually means something to the site.
>> No. 2513406
File 132883282056.jpg - (10.76KB , 327x388 , woody.jpg )
Well fuck you too, Davros
>> No. 2513407
SSHH! language!
>> No. 2513408
File 132883289438.png - (82.78KB , 300x169 , 3210337+_d21f2779b21b823be06519370caa73ef.png )
Any time, I'll be waiting with a rancor and a sergal.~
>> No. 2513409
File 132883298869.jpg - (37.02KB , 479x350 , He+was+born+in+Scotland+_4d40837aa51ca2eb10dce704366f4ff6.jpg )
>> No. 2513410
File 132883300359.jpg - (65.58KB , 550x550 , Wood.jpg )
I'm sorry I said fuck. When I said fuck, I really meant to say shit damn egghead. Sorry. My mistake.
>> No. 2513411
Its ok-
hey, no, wait LANGUAGE AGAIN! <3
>> No. 2513412
File 132883322066.png - (87.79KB , 215x200 , 3210337+_b081dc41755d8e6c91d16f7ef0270ab9.png )
...I'm in a mood to sing Fuck Shit Stack right now.
>> No. 2513413
File 132883330723.jpg - (37.97KB , 468x351 , Skin.jpg )
Oh fuck.
Did I fucking say fuck? Goddamnit. I'm sorry about all this fucking shit.
>> No. 2513414
File 132883351657.jpg - (9.83KB , 162x200 , 3210337+_50f2100485c273fbb8bef1ed9528b9ae.jpg )
the horror.
>> No. 2513415
As long as you don't say "butts" again, like that, I think we'll be-

>> No. 2513416
File 132883368434.jpg - (214.82KB , 281x300 , proceed to my general direction, comrade.jpg )
>> No. 2513417
At last, the derail is complete.
>> No. 2513418
File 132883776534.jpg - (55.54KB , 500x552 , edgar allen bro.jpg )
I derailed another sticky.
Can I be a meme mod yet?
>> No. 2513419
Heh. good jorb.
>> No. 2513420
>> No. 2513421
File 132884389707.jpg - (50.78KB , 467x700 , llllladies.jpg )
/arch/ is lame.
>> No. 2513422
File 132884845924.png - (142.20KB , 894x894 , HolyShit.png )
Hoooolyyyy shiiiiiit!

Also, I'm still writer's blocked for November. Is it all right with you guys if I skip November and go back to it whenever I can remember? All I really remember is that on the 18th, /phoenix/ was made.
>> No. 2513423
File 132885226457.png - (75.39KB , 454x396 , 131499820990.png )
And I'm still here. Glad to have been with you guys since then. brohoof
>> No. 2513424
File 132885244249.png - (192.78KB , 478x439 , 1327704544335.png )
Awesome recap. I'm a newbie here but I still love it.
>> No. 2513425
File 132886522821.jpg - (189.14KB , 2363x2514 , 130196954038.jpg )
Told ya it would happen.
>> No. 2513426
I guess I'd be ok with skipping November for now
>> No. 2513431
File 132902869533.png - (192.17KB , 672x260 , hershey_pure_milkchocolate_bar.png )
In December, several memorable threads happened. Everypony was looking forward to Christmas time, and a general feeling of cheer was in the air. On /pony/, there was an anonymous gift exchange with a Google Doc and Amazon wishlists that went on for much of the month and even continued a bit into January. On December 14th, a thread (>>/arch/2512056) was made on /chat/ about a mother who owns a bakery and baked cupcakes with a four year old girl while singing an extended version of Pinkie Pie’s “Cupcakes” song. The usual Ponychan silliness was also present, most notably in a thread about snails doing “impure things” on Italo’s hand. Another notable occurence was December 20th-- the Twilight Night on /oat/.

Twilight fans had been making Twilight Appreciation Threads left and right, filling up the board with them in a sort of bandwagon. Usually, bandwagons result in bans for spam, deleted threads, and stickies requesting that the bandwagon be brought to a halt. However, this time around, !!Celestia got in on the fun. He made /oat/ force the Twilight theme and made it forced-anon, with the default name being Twilight Sparkle. He then proceeded to wordfilter each mane cast pony’s name to Twilight Sparkle as well. A few were opposed to the Twilight night, and the Twilight fans referred to this as “Hershey,” a play on the word “heresy.” It was all over far too quickly, but created some good Ponychan memories.
>> No. 2513432
File 132902885503.png - (25.11KB , 165x200 , 132857146745.png )
Aw yeah, was wondering when the next part would show up.
>> No. 2513433
File 132902922450.png - (111.40KB , 253x326 , PokingHeadIn.png )
It's my poniversary. I can't spend my poniversary without doing at least a bit of Ponychan history, right?
>> No. 2513434
File 132902931316.png - (147.11KB , 1219x1105 , true story brony.png )
That's true enough.
>> No. 2513435
File 132903307680.png - (1.57MB , 1364x768 , PonyTrain.png )
The start of January was marked by drama. Just within the first week, a new poster was scared off from /chat/ after being harshly criticized for having an OC, and a parasprite thread derailed into angry name-calling. Tensions lightened after a while, and perhaps partially as a response to them, !!Celestia created /ef/, a board with considerably laxer rules. /ef/ served more purpose than just being a place where people could vent without fear of banning. It was also a board where people could make threads without fear of these threads being moved elsewhere. The board was the subject of controversy, and /meta/ went aflame upon /ef/’s creation, some even saying they want to leave Ponychan because of it. And, indeed, in its first day, /ef/ was little more than spamming of words that previously couldn’t be said on any other boards. It quickly calmed down, though, and even had a thread that had so much love and >feel in it that it got archived. (>>/arch/2512663)

And then February happened again and Ponychan turned a year old and I made this thread. The end.
>> No. 2513437
Starshine, you're really, really cool. Thanks for this.

So many times, I've thought, "Huh? Where did that one guy go?" or
"Wasn't that a meme? . . . Nah. That couldn't have been a thing that actually existed. My memory's just being stupid. I'm sure. Maybe it was a really small meme and I perceived it as a popular, big thing or something." or
"It felt like everypony but me knew all about that incident of "drama" and that mod and what their identity was and that scandal at that time, but I had no idea what was going on. Just no idea. It made me sad. I felt bad for that mod."

I'll be thinking those less often.
>> No. 2513439
File 132912124239.png - (293.93KB , 418x470 , CIDER.png )
>Cerulean. Fucking. Starlight.
Oh my god, where have you been? I was looking through /arch/ a few days ago, researching and nostalgiaing, and I saw you in a few threads and I thought "man, where has that guy been lately?" I swear I haven't seen you since like August!

Also, this bird.
>> No. 2513440
So much of the stupid stuff I've posted on the website was posted by a ridiculously imbecilic thirteen years old boy.
I guess I'm kind of afraid that returning here would result in me going around continuing to be an imbecile.

>this bird

(. . . "!huGWHElpiE"? . . . How new is that?)
>> No. 2513620

Oh, so that's where the meme where Twilight Sparkle hates Hershey Kisses came from...
>> No. 2513621
Does November's Mare Do Well incident count as history? Or that's like putting Feeling Pinkie Keen as part of history?
>> No. 2513630
File 132937013846.png - (326.08KB , 842x571 , RarityYay.png )
Whelp's trip? Not too new.
And you're not imbecilic. You're one of the most mature 13 year olds I've talked to.

They both count as history. This is the most complete history of Ponychan I think anypony's tried to write, but it still doesn't have everything. An impossible amount of things have happened here over the year.
>> No. 2513633
File 132943517093.png - (168.92KB , 916x872 , PinkieThinking.png )
Yes, "imbecilic" is much too strong. How does "sophomoric" sound to you?
>> No. 2513634
File 132945332057.png - (1.03MB , 976x752 , BrushingApplejackMane.png )
Highly inaccurate.
>> No. 2513638
I like your metaphorical choice of image!
>> No. 2514755
File 133520286565.png - (176.29KB , 815x946 , petal_fluff_the_wonderbolt_by_petalfluff-d4c12pe[1].png )
I haven't been here in a very long time...

I was dropping by /arch/ for some nostalgia with the close of season two and came across your thread Starshine...

Thank you for including my thread in your accounting of Ponychan history. I miss you so much. I didn't even realize until now.

I've been a Ponychanner since it's creation, and it was great to experience all of this over again through your words.

Starshine, I don't know if you remember me really, but if you read this, email me please.
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