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It's been one year, Ponychan. Today is our birthday

Take some time to reflect on all this wonderful community has done for you, and what memories you recall with the fondest nostalgia. Remember old friends and appreciate new ones. Take a trip down memory lane with us and write a letter to Princess !!Celestia about what you've learned in your time here, and the adventures you've experienced with your friends.

It's been a magical year, Ponychan. Tell us about it.
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>> No. 2513567
File 132883722773.jpg - (25.43KB , 500x338 , haha.jpg )
Dear Ponychan, I joined this site when it was mentioned in /b/ and /co/ threads about 1 year ago, dang, I remember I made the first post on /g/ (Before the boot), !!Celstia was Orange Blaze (?), they needed mods and Pchan only had like about 50 posters.

Everyone, I am so proud, you all make this a great community.

I love every and single one of you, even if I don't know you.
>> No. 2513568
File 132883749888.png - (41.81KB , 280x280 , 131770252062.png )
Not sure what I want to say so incoming stream of consciousness.

Ponychan is my first imageboard. Before it, I would spend my time on small video game forums with small communities. I discovered ponies in mid-May, coinciding with the time I had grown tired of the way forums worked. When I first came to ponychan in early June, I was just another overzealous fanboy intent on getting the world hooked on the show, but the environment on /arch/ changed me for the better. It wasn't like a small forum where every thread was a round-table discussion, actual thought needed to be put into posts, and the people were more honest about what they thought of what you said. I started making sure my posts were of actual quality rather than just an unsupported opinion, I was heavily influenced by other high quality posters at the time like ANOVA and Bags, and, made good friends like Caboozles and Dragon Rage, and I matured the fuck up to deal with both parasprites, which I had never experienced before, and how to deal with frustration online without raging.

Ponychan is probably the most influential site I've been on, since it's where I learned to take a step back and think before hitting enter. Ponychan, and especially /arch/, will always be close to my heart since I feel like it permanently changed the way I act online forever, and where I met friends online whom I could trust just as much as my friends in real life.
>> No. 2513569
File 132884040674.jpg - (65.79KB , 500x337 , tumblr_ljarc9IiAC1qfewofo1_500.jpg )
From the start, I blindly hated MLP and its fandom. The forum I frequent the most indoctrinated bandwagon hate on everything related to the pastel coloured ponies we all love so much. Mentioning it would get you banned. I naturally stayed away from it; the idea of watching a children's show about small equines was ridiculous, inane and distant.

One friend of mine - one that I don't respect or appreciate enough, not then and not now, one day talked me into watching S1E1-2. Expecting something similar to Strawberry Shortcake, Teletubbies and Avatar I opened Youtube.

Three days later I had watched the first half of S1. The show surprised me in so extremely many ways. Likable characters, adorable artstyle and good writing. Only months later I learned of Ponychan while browsing 4chan's /co/ (comics and cartoons)-board. At first glance, Ponychan seemed bizarre. Boards upon boards of people talking about ponies.

In the start I only visited /chat/. I brought up my depression and transgenderism in one of the many threads there. I posted a few times in a week, but later forgot about it.

As my depression worsened and I spiralled into anxiety and suicidality, MLP helped brightening up my day. So did Ponychan.

My life isn't perfect. But thine small equines, Ponychan and that one friend of mine is making it better every day.
For this I thank you, Ponychan. Thanks for being the welcoming, friendly, accepting people you are.

Yet, I still crave that friendship. Living in a perfect utopia. Having someone to go to. Someone that isn't a website or a swede 100 miles away.

I wish there was something
please tell me there's something better
and I wish there was something more than this
saturated loneliness
>> No. 2513570
Dear Princess Celestia,

This place is amazing and happy birthday

I would not feel even 1% part of the community if not for this place.
>> No. 2513572
File 132884316783.png - (78.21KB , 846x892 , Eager Dash.png )
You have good taste in music, my friend.
>> No. 2513573
This community is the best online community I've participated in!
>> No. 2513574
File 132885219154.jpg - (8.64KB , 258x195 , fluttershy_loves_you.jpg )
Ponychan rocks!
>> No. 2513575
File 132885402164.png - (110.88KB , 500x750 , 132225048170.png )
Dear Princess Celestia.
Over this last year, or, more specifically, these last couple months, I have learned a very valuable lesson. I try to keep prejudice out of everything I do, but I should still have less prejudice. People whom I viewed as weird, awkward, stupid, and silly have become smart, funny, clever, intelligent, and caring. When I first heard about MLP, I thought it was just a fad that would die out and people only watched it for the irony. I was horribly wrong. I'm so glad to have come into this community of bronies, most of which inhabit Ponychan. Ponychan has allowed me an outlet about the show, everything I like about it, my ideas, my criticisms, and my excitement. I just turned 18 just 7 minutes ago, and I'm so glad to be on this website that I didn't even think should exist for a community that I despised a year ago.
I have learned to approach everything without prejudice and to give everything a chance, you never know who else did.
Thank you everyone.

Your faithful student,
>> No. 2513576
Dear princess Celestia,

This year I learned I can love things that normally aren't for my age and/or gender in general.
Also, coming out for what you love is a liberating feeling. It feels amazing, even if you're being ridiculed for it by peers. But if you can make one friend a brony to, it was all worth it.

Your faithfull student,

Sc1zo (aka Solar Flare)
>> No. 2513577
File 132889064867.jpg - (6.03KB , 93x210 , fleury.jpg )
Dear Princess Celestia,
Over the past 6 months I learned that the internet can be a friendly and welcoming place. I used to be afraid of posting on the internet, but lurking on this website has gradually helped me come out of my shell. I've become more outspoken about my opinions and have recently started posting here. Thank you ponychan, for your amazing and friendly community where people, no matter who you are, can come together under a common intrest.
Your Faithful Student, Woodrow
>> No. 2513578
File 132892100007.jpg - (41.12KB , 250x219 , sweetie_bot.jpg )
Dear Princess Celestia,

When I first started watching the show. Had a feeling that rarely lingered. Most, if not all, the ponies did change me. But only a little, because I already liked myself. But I will have a lot of people here is male a pair made of two screencaps... I'm kinda shocked that nobody has yet commented on this website and fandom grow... I just enjoyed being here, discussing the show would suggest - like many other medias started latching on to more friendship and magic!

Your faithful student,
>> No. 2513579
Dear Sweetie Bot, I believe you need a new grammar program installed.

Your faithful letter-sorting person, Mister Twister.
>> No. 2513580
Dear princess celstia
happy birthday~
via 5 year old niece
>> No. 2513581
File 132898037044.jpg - (29.41KB , 583x467 , 132677580010.jpg )
Dear Princess !!Celestia,
The users of Ponychan helped me learn that I shouldn't be afraid of letting people know what I watch, that I shouldn't be so worrisome about keeping it a secret from everyone else. To wear my brony status as if it were the Medal of Honor. I thank all the mods for keeping Ponychan a clean, beautiful world, especially Princess !!Celestia for creating it. And finally, Ponychan, I love you all and look forward to many more fun times!
>> No. 2513582
File 132898289074.png - (121.12KB , 595x937 , 131943689100.png )
Dear ponychan,
I'll skip the part about how I never thought I would be here, watching this show, or with any of you because its not that special of a story really. But I would like to thank you for everything you have done. The show actually translates to me being a better person and all of you have helped me when I was down from time to time. I love the show, I love all of you, and I love our community as a whole. No matter what anyone says about us being fake, the majority of you are genuinely great people and I wish you the best. I may be late but I'll still say it.


Love always,
Sgt Funshine
>> No. 2513583
Dear Princess Celestia,

Ponychan has provided me with so many opportunities. It's made me an exponentially better artist, critical thinker, and so much nicer. Ponychan helped me fully realize that you can disagree with people without disliking them, and has given me a place to indulge in my favorite tv show without being mocked.

>> No. 2513584
File 132898475514.png - (299.83KB , 640x360 , a_star__s_twilight_by_mister_hand-d490xqp.png )
Well I'd like to start this with saying Happy Birthday Ponychan. And follow with saying how I can't say that ponychan itself has done something for me.

But even though I never really come here, only actually legitimately started coming here very recently, I can say that this fandom has done something for me. It has made me a better person, discover myself (and realize my own sexuality), it made me closer with my very best friend, and it has made my life become full of happiness and joy. And even though I cannot thank you all for actually causing this. I can thank this fandom, for many things including giving me some hope in society. I love you all, and without this fandom and the love of bronies I don't know where I would be.

Go on, be who you are, achieve your wildest dreams, and have a good time. Bronies, pony on.
>> No. 2513585
File 132898512239.png - (16.52KB , 220x220 , 220px-Star_of_life2_svg.png )
Dear Princess Celestia,
I have learned so much here. This comunity is the most supportive place that I know of on the internet. That being said, weird as it sounds, all of you have helped me towards my goal of becoming a paramedic. Thank you all.
>> No. 2513586
medics unite :D
>> No. 2513587
File 132899986745.png - (365.35KB , 640x480 , smile.png )
Yay, happy birthday Ponychan! I've learned a lot this year, so here it goes.
Dear Princess Celestia,

This year I have learned to be less shy, and more cheerful. I've learned to be more open to expressing my feelings and looking for help when I need it. I've learned that things happen for a reason, and even though some of my old friends do not talk to me anymore, I have gained new friends who understand me for all I am. If my old friends were my friends today, they wouldn't understand me. My current friends have made me who I am today, and as Rarity puts it, I am the product of them and I should never be ashamed of them. They are oh so wonderful<3 I've learned that the internet can be very loving and caring. I've learned that talking things out really does help, and not to bottle emotions up. I'm beginning to learn to love myself for who I am. I really am unique! If you take my traits and separate them they are not unique, but put them all together and you get a very unique me! I've learned not to be ashamed of who I am. I've learned to search for the light in the darkness so to speak, and how to keep myself cheery and upbeat.

I've learned not to take things so seriously, to not be so sensitive, be positive, and to laugh more. Friendship really is magic<3 I never knew a website on the internet could be so helpful, friendly, caring, and open. I have learned to face my fears, like talking to new people. Whenever I feel alone, I just lurk/post here and it all goes away. A lot of this I have you to thank, Ponychan, so thank you. I haven't posted much here, but when I did it was insightful. Expect me to post more :3

Your faithful student,
Snowli Star

I got teary while writing this.
>> No. 2513589
File 132900418265.jpg - (8.54KB , 200x200 , 1325815892735.jpg )
OMG i'm a Tardy!!!. Anyway, happy birthday ponychan, anon loves you too.
>> No. 2513590
Happy Birthday Ponychan!
>> No. 2513591
Happy birthday ponychan!
>> No. 2513592
I'm born on the same day as ponychan which is kind of cool.
>> No. 2513593
Happy belated birthday
>> No. 2513594
Kinda late but happy anniversary ponychan!
>> No. 2513595
One year anniversary = my first day.
Got a lot of catching up to do <:l
>> No. 2513596
File 132902154177.png - (520.51KB , 1600x1224 , I'm having fun.png )
Dear Princess Celestia,
when I joined Ponychan, I was worried it was going to be another dark corner of the internet to be avoided. reluctantly, I came to look at pictures and listen to civil and entertaining fan discussion. Before long, I was posting myself, and have all the more pictures and good times to show for it. Thanks for being such an awesome website, and Happy Birthday
Your faithful poster,
>> No. 2513597
File 132902909591.png - (252.75KB , 1754x1422 , mah_boi_by_sierraex-d4b5ycm.png )
I think this thread needs cake and balloons.
>> No. 2513598
File 132903491587.jpg - (31.57KB , 600x339 , 1304180564355.jpg )
I was playing on a TF2 server when i heard about a pony server with a bigger sounds list than the one I frequented. I decided to check it out. It started out subtle with me asking the questions that lead to bronyism("why do you watch the show?", etc.), but soon enough I watched the first couple of episodes. Best thing I've ever chosen to do... Its funny how a bunch of cartoon horses make me feel so happy I don't even need to smoke pot anymore
>> No. 2513599
Woah, that is pretty freaking sweet. Ponies have the power to make people kick bad habits.
>> No. 2513600
I didn't know so much time had gone by since finding this show (by way of the original bronies). MLP is a secret (but not really guilty) pleasure of mine. It's one of those rare shows that seems to have gotten everything right, so it's naturally enjoyable to watch.

So far, season two has gotten some laughs out of me. I worried that it wouldn't hold-up to season one, but it's been great, so far. Here's to many more years of MLP.
>> No. 2513601
File 132903937125.png - (131.00KB , 1266x1350 , Smiling.png )
Here's my letter:
>> No. 2513602
Got moved to /chat/
>> No. 2513605
File 132908121788.png - (669.91KB , 851x475 , confoundtheseterriblequalityyoutubevideos,theydrivemetomildannoyance.png )
Dear Princess Celestia:
Ah didn't learn anything! AH WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG!
Your faithful subject, Applejack
>> No. 2513606
dear princess celestia,
i learned that no matter what, evryone is equal. i used to be a racest and a judgemental pirson..... and i actualy woundered why i had few friends.
until i read one simple line. one sentance that changed evrything in my mind and changed my thinking. it seemed so simple!! the sentance that helped me in my ife at evry way shap and form as: "love and tolorate"
i learned to accept others aand look past difrences, none of us are the same, but we are all people wth thoughts and love to give. i tolorate evryone and love evryone... evin if they dont love me.
i learned to let go of hate. hate solves nothing and only destrys yourself and the people around you.
i smile at evryone now and get along with evryone and judge based on action and charector.
yours truely, "dərpy" :)
>> No. 2513607
Dear Princess Celestia,

I learned jack-shit. Thanks for nothing.
your faithful parasprite, theo
>> No. 2513608
File 132908545537.png - (388.17KB , 640x480 , dear_princess_celestia_thats_my_letter.png )
Dear Princess !! Celestia,

Sorry for not writing sooner. I've been working all week. Ah'm a big pony now!

Anyway, I just wanted to say I've enjoyed my time on here like no other place on the internet. I've learned that, even on a world where everyone just does what they want and kindness is taken for granted, it's refreshing to step on Ponychan and see nothing but kindness and fun.

This has been a wonderful year and may many others come!
>> No. 2513609
File 132908785321.jpg - (26.53KB , 500x614 , spoiler.jpg )
Dear Princess !!Celestia,
Thank you for creating a pony site with a huge population and nice fanbase.
Keep it up.
>> No. 2513610
File 132908994126.jpg - (32.76KB , 604x588 , 1328678261910.jpg )
Dear Princess Celestia

I only just started watching My Little Pony Friendship is Magic last month. And this is also my first day on Ponychan. So before i forget happy birthday Ponychan.

So far I like what I see. I see myself coming here in the near future, and maybe just maybe, like Twilight Sparkle before me. I can make some great friends.

So heres hoping that Pinkie Pie throws you an awesome party. Hey maybe next year we can get The Wonderbolts. Until then, you can expect me to stay in touch, and most importantly, be your friend.

A Colt Who Cares
>> No. 2513611
Dear Princess !!Celestia

In the past... god knows however many months I've been here, I've learned that a) /fic/ is quite often filled with poorly written stories, but we love them anyway; and b) /art/ is best pony

Also, all the mods are COOL. not suggesting anything

The end!

Happy Birthday ponychan!
>> No. 2513612
File 132910319807.png - (398.53KB , 700x700 , Pinkamena6.png )
Dear Princess Celestia,

It has now been a year and a day since I discovered this wonderful place, and learned that the internet need not be a locale filled exclusively by hate. I've watched, time and time again, the denizens of Ponychan prove this. They are an odd bunch, but I would gladly be the first to proclaim that that is a good thing.

I may not appear to be a constant within the fandom – my work and my posts are few and far between – but I will always be lurking at the periphery, waiting and watching, until long after the fateful day when we inevitably begin to fade into oblivion.

Though that sad day may be inevitable, I will try my best to ensure that it is delayed. And from what I have seen this past year, I am not alone in that endeavor. Thank you.

All of you.

Your Faithful Student,

Ar̶c̛ane͠ ̀D̷r͝e͜am̷
>> No. 2513613
File 132910407199.png - (174.41KB , 271x423 , 323.png )
Dear Princess Celestia,

Ponychan is awesome. Ponies are awesome. You're awesome. We're all awesome.

Sorry, my mind is just going through so many emotions right now, I am conflicted. I will write a more coherent letter later, Princess.
>> No. 2513614
File 132910574112.jpg - (41.24KB , 562x420 , Shrug.jpg )
Dear Princess !!Celestia,

I learned that you don't like me, and neither do a lot of people. I blame everyone else besides myself.

Hugs and kisses,
George !Dubya Bush
>> No. 2513615
File 132910625726.png - (160.25KB , 400x267 , tumblr_lxz2q3Td3m1qdvatvo1_400[1].png )
I know that feel bro.
>> No. 2513616
File 132912890653.png - (173.70KB , 786x1017 , rainbow_dash_victory_by_omniferious-d45zhog.png )
Yaayy, for the greatest site ever...
>> No. 2513617
>> No. 2513663
File 133014198532.jpg - (14.44KB , 181x200 , bcc89471cab3cb382579dc67abab2e49.jpg )
This is around the time i found this site and joined it just wanted to say I still post ever day and love it and all off you, you kick flank ponychan and ever one on it^^
>> No. 2513667
File 133016720233.gif - (252.04KB , 800x700 , bb7.gif )
It may sound dumb but I was able to forgive myself in this site. That thread is /arched/ too! Woohoo!

Thank you so much, !!Celestia for this site and for keeping it strong amidst all the shit people say about us bronies. You see all this mudfests in this site concerning one another but I prefer to just chill. Thank you, for everything.
>> No. 2513692
File 133119052282.jpg - (19.57KB , 300x225 , patrick and everyone died.jpg )
>.> I'm late all over the place lately.

Dear Princess !!Celestia
Thank you for giving me a canvas where I can post some... Pretty obsurd stories over the past year. Its been a blast and I'm looking forward to this summer.
You're on again off again poster
Derpy Ace Derporter
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