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2514767 No. 2514767
Posted super early because I CAN'T WAIT! (That, and there are already a fair amount of discussion threads already ongoing.)

This week's episodes are A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1 & 2, where the synopses reads, "Twilight is unsure about her brother's upcoming wedding to Princess Celestia's niece, Cadence." and "Twilight unearths a dark secret about Cadence before Cadence's big wedding day."

Watch it live on The Hub on Saturday, April 21, airing at 1:00PM EDT/10:00AM PDT (5:00PM GMT/UTC)! (Find streams in >>>/now/) Please don't forget to support this awesome, awesome show through iTunes! (Season 2 will be available soon on Netflix!)

Are you ready for an hour full of AWESOME?
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>> No. 2516269

Brought up a million times.
(It's not a kissy noise.)
>> No. 2516270
File 133540517212.png - (51.88KB , 500x500 , 132649566733.png )
>> No. 2516271
What is it, then?
>> No. 2516272

A swoosh/swish sound from pulling her up, of course.
Their mouths don't even touch and they're not pursed for a kiss.
>> No. 2516273
Neither of Twilight's parents has a remotely purple eye or coat color. Now look at the close relationship with both her "Foalsitter" and "Brother" and how much both of them cared for her.

Now ask why Royalty would Foalsit.

Or why something special would be expected of her by Celestia, to the point where she was given a test nopony else was.

What could possibly be there to make Celestia believe she would be special?


This has been an outstanding burst of fridge logic.

Of course the matter was covered up and Shining's parents helped, but you know what I'm implying.
>> No. 2516274
File 133542198536.png - (396.48KB , 625x625 , 132780002345.png )

I can't hear a swish. Sorry. It's too short, and sound more like a waterproof coat being rubbed or something if not an actual kiss noise, not soft and blowy like a swoosh.

And I know it's not animated but in motion it creates a very convincing illusion of one, along with the noise.

But I'm not going to go around trying to convince others it was if they honestly can't seem to hear it as one. It appears to be down to individual perception how you hear it. And for the record, it's not shipping...
>> No. 2516275

What if the animators didn't intend anything kisslike but the SFX guys stuck a kissy noise in just to mess with everyone?
>> No. 2516276
File 133542741923.jpg - (26.97KB , 480x340 , SquatWritten.jpg )
It was written.

Wait, what are you saying again?
>> No. 2516277

Shining Armor and Princess Cadence are Twilight's real parents.

They were underage and unmarried so Shining's parents took responsibility for her and helped cover everything up without scandal.

Cadence being the mostly perfect filly she was still wanted to play a part in caring for and raising her and became her "foalsitter", also Celestia wouldn't want her niece to come out of that whole situation without learning a modicum of responsibility.

In fact this explains quite a lot and makes a reasonable amount of sense as far as I've worked it out.
>> No. 2516278
Then why did they wait long enough for Twilight to become an adult?
>> No. 2516279
You mean for them to get married?

Why not?
>> No. 2516280
If they were in the kind of relationship that ended up resulting in a child, then they would have married a lot sooner after Twilight was born, not over 10, 15, however-old-Twilight-is years later.
>> No. 2516281
15:24 of part 1, the mane 6 are thinking "oh fuck, it's going to be a Twilight episode."
>> No. 2516282
File 133545810791.png - (82.71KB , 300x300 , Rainbow Dash Disgust 1-2.png )
>mine countenance whereupon
>> No. 2516283
File 133545919270.gif - (231.85KB , 380x280 , Rarity clap gif.gif )
So I wasn't around when this aired, and I didn't watch until I got it on my iPod 2 days ago.

And DAMN. Just... soooo good, I couldn't figure out where to start.
But, I'm finding that Chrysalis might be a new fave char of mine... But I'm reserving judgment, I don't want to so hastily and easily place her above Fluttershy and Luna (though I tie her with Discord atm).

But just... Jeez! I knew to start with I'd regret not being around the community for this (after doing the same for basically the whole season), so I had to come in here and post, lol. May season three start (and end) as well as this.
>> No. 2516284
Cadence looked too young to marry, unless it's different in Equestria.

(Cadence... why does that name make think of Phineas and Ferb?)
>> No. 2516285
She looked like she was a teenager, and if we factor in how old Twilight looked, Cadence might not have even been a teenager when Twilight was conceived.

So that's three major flaws in your fanon:

1. Rather than explain something that wasn't explain, your theory completely goes against what the staff's intent was.

2. It involves characters acting in convoluted ways, and I don't just mean Cadence and Shining Armor marrying immediately or after Twilight was born. I mean they're just now marrying. Cadence could've married years ago.

3. The implications of this theory are just disgusting, and you should feel ashamed of yourself.
>> No. 2516286
I'm getting my Anonymouses mixed up.
>> No. 2516287
I'm >>2516278
>> No. 2516288
I don't really consider the point to be the explanation of anything. Finding a convoluted reasoning for just about any idea seems to be what this fandom does.

And "could have married years ago" doesn't really have much to say about "would have married years ago". As it stands they still could have married years ago as they probably would have been old enough, and evidence suggests they knew each other.

And sure the age part is a bit iffy and would require someone to work out the exact growth pattern of the various forms of ponies.

Sure, it's a stupid idea but it's still a better stupid idea then most stupid ideas. If worked the right way the implications wouldn't really be all too disgusting at all.

Plus, it's better then incest.

Pigeons doth infest mine brain basin.
>> No. 2516289
>various forms
You mean races or ages?
>> No. 2516290
Body shapes actually.
>> No. 2516291
That all tend to be the same?
>> No. 2516292

Actually no. Plenty of younger ponies have quite distinct shapes and it's difficult to tell exactly what the age range for each one is. Especially as the more distinct ponies seem to have their own various "age forms".

For instance, when does a mare stop using the foal design and move to the filly one?

And then there's the matter of what exact age range what seems to be the "Teen" form actually consists of.

I do know that Shining Armor looks much older then Twilight in the flashback, certainly significantly older then Big Macintosh is compared to Applejack going by her own flashback.
>> No. 2516293

I think shining armor's just large. If he's THAT much older than his sister it doesn't seem like they'd be as close.
>> No. 2516294
>> No. 2516295
What about, say Rarity and Sweetie Belle? How many years apart do you think they are as siblings?

Some fans say SB is about 9-12 while Rarity is about 18-... 40? Some fans even thought SB was Rarity's daughter.
>> No. 2516296
Cheerilee can just as easily be middle aged or a young adult. It's similar for many of the characters.

>> No. 2516297

It seems to me that there's more to it then his size. His whole body structure is pretty much close to fully mature when compared to how Big Mac looked in Applejack's flashback which would have occurred afterward.

Shining Armor seems to just be quite a bit older then Big Macintosh was in the loosely comparable timeframe we have available. And the difference can only widen when we consider that young Big Mac was seen closer to the present.

And while I use this to justify my stupid theory I would still ask why you think they would be required to have similar ages for them to get along so well. It would probably help if at least one wasn't a child and could be expected not to go into childish quarreling.
>> No. 2516298
She was in Rarity's class in CMC, so they must be around the same age.
>> No. 2516299
My point still stands. Try reading the link.
>> No. 2516300

Could've been a background pony that just looked like her. It's... hard to gauge that stuff when it comes to more backgroundish ponies.

I'd assume Cheerilee and Big Mac were roughly the same age. Early/mid-twenties-ish?

Also I guess with SA and Twilight the age disparity between them /at present/ doesn't seem that great. 4-5 years, maybe.
>> No. 2516301
If they age like humans or real ponies?
>> No. 2516302
Did they forget babysitting was called babysitting in Baby Cakes?
>> No. 2516303
Well from the looks of it Big Mac and Cheerilee are still closer to Twilight's age then Shining Armor is.

And his parents still look exactly the same now as they did when Twilight became Celestia's pupil, and they didn't really look any older then the Mane Six do now, at least not in any visible aspect of their body design.

Which is to say that the age range for each body design can be pretty damn wide.
>> No. 2516304
Do faces mean anything?
>> No. 2516305

What exactly are you asking?
>> No. 2516306

Just going to note that Past Cadence seems younger than Present Twilight -- she's smaller than a 'standard' pony, slightly -- in the flashback, but... actually strikes me as older than Shining Armor in the present.

I am deeply, deeply confused.
>> No. 2516307
She's an Alicorn. Her growth pattern could be just about anything!

However at that age her body shape best matched up with a mature standard mare shape with a few oddities left over from the Alicorn shape.
>> No. 2516308
I loved to see more from Twili's past.
Before everypony thought she was just antisocial and happy with it.
Now we know it was her brother who actually kept her from being alone and sad.

loved this episode.
mad me happy and sad at the same time for some reason
>> No. 2516309
the finale was dark enough without Luna. Imagine how awesome it would have been for us, but scary and different feeling for the target demo if Luna came out of nowhere with an army of draculas and gargoyles and shit.
>> No. 2516310
>"Fly, my fair friends! Fetch back yon Elements of Harmony! My Dracula army and I shall deal out glorious justice upon these miscreants!"

As out of character for the show, this would have been pretty awesome. It's almost Dr. McNinja or Axe Cop levels of overthetopness.
>> No. 2516311
Face-wise, don't Twilight's parents look older than the present mane 6?
>> No. 2516312
That's correct.

Their faces are identical in structure actually, though their manes might be a little more "mature" in style.
>> No. 2516316
File 133575267499.jpg - (105.70KB , 500x843 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-everythings-better-without-clothes.jpg )
Also, when in Rome...
>> No. 2516551
>> No. 2516945
>> No. 2516963
>> No. 2516993
Boy, this is a long thread.
>> No. 2517640
Wow, this thread is HUGE!!!
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