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2517756 No. 2517756
Bronies, brothers and sisters of our amazing fandom, our world is at a crossroads. As you may have seen things are changing in our world. Talk of Alicorns, Cease and Desist orders, fear of losing the show we hold dear has enveloped our fandom and cause unrest amongst its people. A community of friendly, caring people has been riddled with cynicism, doom saying, and infighting because we’ve turned away from what all hold dear to face the giant in our path. Yes, friends, things are changing whether we like it or not. I’m not here to put your fears to rest or fill your hearts with panic and hopelessness. I’m simply asking you to remember. Who are we? Are we simply a group of adults with too much time on our hands who gathered around a children’s cartoon? Is that really all we are? An unexpected oddity? Or are we more than a bunch of grown men and women in funny cloths and rainbow wigs? Who are we, friends? I believe that we are a group of powerful individuals with our own stories and ideas. Even though we’re very different, we’ve found a common ground, something that we can all enjoy that’s showed us what is important in our lives. Kindness, strength, generosity, loyalty, friendship; these are more than words to us; they’re principles.

When I first looked upon the fandom I saw a group of people marching to the beat of their own drum and celebrating something they all cared about, even if it was just a children’s cartoon. But when I looked deeper I discovered it was so much more than that. The more I looked; I began to see how much people cared - even loved - its characters. This touched my heart in an amazing way. I thought that if these people could love a fictional pony so much, than how much can they have for each other? Now that I’ve become a part of the fandom I’ve found that love for myself and given of it freely. But since I’ve become accustomed to the community I’ve forgotten things. I’ve forgotten exactly why I started on this journey. I’ve taken for granted our love for each other and now that is coming under question.

In light of all of this coming change is now the time for us to divide ourselves? Is now the time for us to argue amongst ourselves and pick sides when things are looking their darkest? I do not believe so. A wise man once said, “United we stand, divided we fall.” Now is the time, friends. ; The time for us to stand together in the face of change, antagonism, and fear. Now is the time we stand by each other in our strengths and weaknesses and become again the fandom that built our great community. I call on you to stop and remember why you started all this. Consider who you are and how far you’ve come. Are we just a community of losers with too much time on our hands, or have we found something to show us what is important, something to believe in that has made us into better people.

If you believe, as I do, that we can be more than a group of strangers, than please don’t take these words lightly, remember what brought you all here, your beliefs and experiences. Hold on to it and don’t let go, because they can take away our games or even our show, but they can’t take away who we are. When we stand together Equestria will always exist in our hearts. Equestria will prevail. We will prevail.
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>> No. 2517857
File 136142784109.png - (2.74MB , 1700x2200 , 86059__UNOPT__.png )

Just life man. School, job, helping the family with a cross country move, even though I dont live there anymore, trying to get an internship. Major research project coming up. Lots of balls in the air and I won't have time to dedicate to you guys like I have had. I'll still be around, lurking. Maybe even a post or two. But not like I have been.

You guys are great, I'm glad I was able to quell some of the strife. I'd like to be everywhere at once, helping be the best that I can be here, because you guys mean so much to me. But I gotta do me right now. Which makes it that much tougher that there isn't some big overarching thing to deal with and come back victorious. Just all of life's little things gettin stacked on at once. But yeah, I'll still be here or there, just at a greatly reduced presence. Any chance I get though, I'll pop in and say hello.
>> No. 2517858
A hug might be nice. I just feel that these changes didn't need to be mad, and we made for silly reasons, and that the show suffers as a result. And if the show is not something I like anymore, I can't call myself a fan.
>> No. 2517859
File 136142800230.png - (362.18KB , 1024x1317 , 224689__UNOPT__safe_applejack_alicorn_artist-jameshalt_png.png )

Don't worry about it. I'll definitely make sure to say hello from time to time! And I always know the way back...so it won't be hard.

Seriously bummed about the poor selection of my AJ pics right now. But ah, I'll have more prepared when I come back full time.
>> No. 2517860
i understand completely man, thats very mature of you to do that. as we speak i should be going over a speech i have for my college speaking class i have tomorrow. but im not, such is the life of a procrastinator lol
>> No. 2517861
Hawkeye...you...thank you. Thank you so much for this. I shall remember these words when I'm feeling down.

Also, on a side note, is your username a One Piece reference?

Good on you man!
>> No. 2517862
File 136142805712.png - (132.98KB , 306x360 , Toph_Idea.png )
>Fukken Saved

But really, I will not be saying goodbye or even "see you later" Because I'm blind I know you'll be back. You'll be here in spirit and I await your glorious return. All my love.

Spiffy! Was the "63" intentional?
>> No. 2517863
File 136142821518.jpg - (34.46KB , 470x347 , applejack blush.jpg )

Ha well don't put it off on my account! I'll be back full-time sooner than either of us know, I'm sure. It'll make it that much better when its a surprise for both of us.
>> No. 2517864
Oh man dood the liquid pride is everywhere!

"The Great Brony Road Trip"! It'd be amazing! Hmm, that doesn't sound half bad actually.
>> No. 2517865
File 136142822295.jpg - (385.52KB , 1980x1238 , I miss you moe ;_;.jpg )

Much obliged. Much love in return.
>> No. 2517866
File 136142836169.png - (39.16KB , 145x186 , Toph_Awaits_Explanation.png )
Oh jeez... You do not even know the pool of school that I am swimming in right now... a few tests are amoung it, that's to be sure.

Freaking friendship! Stop it!
>> No. 2517867
File 136142837547.png - (34.04KB , 164x218 , Toph_Not_Goonna_Worry_About_It.png )
Well that's partly what the Walk is about...
>> No. 2517868
File 136142841627.jpg - (43.60KB , 660x371 , applederp.jpg )

Hah yeah. Dunno why all the feels just kinda came out like that. Never been that good of a liar. Guess you guys just bring out the best in me.

Last edited at Wed, Feb 20th, 2013 23:35

>> No. 2517869
Wait really?! Okay, I can't wait to hear more about this!

The music definitely helps. Seriously I have to fight back tears just listening to it. Never forget that we will always love you man.
>> No. 2517870
File 136142868551.jpg - (81.82KB , 619x600 , applejack_joeydarkmeat_jobo37.jpg )

Never will.
>> No. 2517871
File 136142881314.jpg - (548.66KB , 1920x1080 , applejack_hugging_rainbow_dash_shipping-(n1305929200576)-(n1314352666626).jpg )

Aw yeah! That's what I'm talking about!


What made you choose that name, if you don't mind me asking?


Internships? Well hell, if you ever want help with your resume or with interviewing, let me know. I coordinate a small internship program for my company and have some tips that may help. There are some simple things that you can do that will really make you stand out.

(HINT: Contact the interviewer afterwards thanking them for the opportunity to meet and talk with them! This piece of advice is in every single article about interviewing, but no one does it. It makes a huge difference.)


Haha, I know how you feel there. Just give the show a chance and see what they do with the next season. You never know what creative ideas this development may spur in the writers. I don't like it, but I'm willing to withhold judgement until we can see where they do with it.


Glad that they helped! Really, it does get better. Also, my name is actually a reference to the main character of M*A*S*H, the only television show that is superior to ponies. Hawkeye is the best.

Watch M*A*S*H. Now.

>> No. 2517872
File 136142871415.jpg - (55.61KB , 500x500 , Sir-Courage-Wolf-GOOD-SHOW-OLD-BEAN[1].jpg )
>> No. 2517873
File 136142892304.png - (288.89KB , 615x438 , Toph_Youre_Lying1.png )

Didn't I call you out on that a long time ago?

You'll be waiting for a while. Gimme some time
>> No. 2517874
Yay snuggles! Also, I can't believe I didn't get that M*A*S*H* reference.

I swear my tear ducts will be dust before tonight ends.
>> No. 2517875
File 136142908900.png - (102.79KB , 585x600 , 151815__UNOPT__safe_applejack_vector_artist-quanno3.png )

Thanks man! I definitely will, but I'm not even sure if I'll be in the pool of possible applicants yet. If it gets to that point, you'll be the first one I get ahold of. Promise you that.
>> No. 2517876
No problem, I'm just super excited!
>> No. 2517877
File 136142910591.png - (1.80MB , 2961x2099 , protectpony.png )
This is us right now.
>> No. 2517878
File 136142912004.jpg - (70.16KB , 600x423 , quite_gummy.jpg )
i straight up LOLd
idk i think gummy is freaking awesome. i LOVE pinkie pie to death, but her poker faced hilariously "straight man" esque yet whacky pet is just awesome. and the thought of him being a refined gentleman/ pimp is just great imo.
mmm...yes. pip pip cheerio old boy, good morrow to you and whatot sir.
>> No. 2517879
File 136142930712.jpg - (388.46KB , 1400x788 , 132324323152.jpg )
>> No. 2517880
File 136142935495.png - (445.06KB , 1366x768 , pinkie bout to cry.png )
all my feels...
>> No. 2517881
File 136142948726.png - (128.48KB , 756x756 , 135616520454.png )
>> No. 2517882
File 136142967091.gif - (3.45MB , 640x480 , 255.gif )
>> No. 2517883
Friends till the end! No matter what comes our way we'll always have each other!

I know how you feel bro.
>> No. 2517884
File 136142971074.png - (524.24KB , 900x951 , 135906377207.png )

I believe that you might have! It's been a looooong time since anypony recognized that, though. It would have been ages ago.


Haha, no worries. It's not exactly in the context that you would normally associate with a show like that!

You're good folk, by the way. I'm glad that you and Gummy are part of this site now!


Ah, well good luck with it! You'll kick flank, I know it. Based Anon, you will be President of the United States of America someday. Just you wait.

I'm pulling the cuddliest pictures that I HAVE for this thread.
>> No. 2517885
I jsut wish they had not done what they did. They gave us about 10 minutes with princess Twilight after they killed the real one. Ten minutes I HATED. But everypony is saying "We need more time with this new character to see if she's really all that bad." and I said "Ok, when's the next episode?" "One year from now." Goddamnit! I have to wait a YEAR to see if something I hated is something I'm going to continue to hate.
>> No. 2517886
File 136142989946.jpg - (81.01KB , 796x600 , applejack_joeydarkmeat_Starbolt-81.jpg )

Ok, this'll be my last one for the night, but that really made me chuckle.


You know, you're not the first person that has told me that. Y'all better watch out, or all this talk of politics will go straight to my ego, and I might actually do it someday. ;)

Last edited at Wed, Feb 20th, 2013 23:58

>> No. 2517887
Thanks dood. You're amazing man. Also I say that we all should nominate anon for President. With all of us I think it can be done! Anon 2016!
>> No. 2517888
File 136142996867.png - (843.60KB , 750x500 , 134750400998.png )
Undoubtedly an awesome show.

You know it!
>> No. 2517889
Considering how awesome you are I'd say that's not a bad idea.

Here here!

Also night everypony!
>> No. 2517890
File 136143009368.jpg - (102.64KB , 500x333 , reaction.jpg )
Just got to say, Dayum, you have nice pics.
And thanks.
>pic related

We'll see you around Based.

Night Fabulosity.
>> No. 2517891
File 136143030199.jpg - (98.62KB , 600x858 , luna in chapel.jpg )
dammit! now i HAVE to cry! ive offically been welcomed twice into the community. i cant hold em back any longer!
why do you guys have to be so awesome?
goodnight, and we'll see you later! please feel free to pop in and just say hi if you have a little time, we'll understand if you dont have time to stay and chat. :)

pic unrelated, just thought id post it cause it looked cool

Last edited at Thu, Feb 21st, 2013 00:05

>> No. 2517892
File 136143038261.png - (194.49KB , 455x332 , Toph_Mwahaha.png )
Toodles! Love ya bro!

You cannot hold back your tears from us. It gives us strength!
>> No. 2517893
File 136143049796.png - (198.52KB , 813x982 , rainbow_dash_happy_by_krazy3-d55cskm.png )

Sleep well, Fabulosity! It was great chatting with you. Hopefully I'll see you around soon!


Dammit I cracked at that pic. I'm still laughing.
>> No. 2517894
File 136143066743.jpg - (166.15KB , 2400x1350 , luna listening to ipod in clouds.jpg )
good night! may the goddess of the night watch over and etc. etc.
>> No. 2517895
File 136143058964.png - (22.83KB , 120x125 , 134902611908s.png )
I would also like to point out that this has been the best thread that I have participated in for months. Thank you for making this, Rover. Your OP stirred feels in me that I had not looked at in a long, long time.
>> No. 2517896
File 136143070133.gif - (847.39KB , 500x300 , Toph_Wheat.gif )
>> No. 2517897
File 136143074923.gif - (477.51KB , 700x700 , 132994626864.gif )
>> No. 2517898
File 136143117646.jpg - (72.23KB , 444x366 , kitten loves this thread.jpg )
it has been awesome! and i even have a trip, i feel like a real person now! unfortunately i have school early tomorrow and have to go to bed. see you guys tomorrow!

Last edited at Thu, Feb 21st, 2013 00:18

>> No. 2517899
File 136143117575.png - (3.52MB , 3013x3820 , 32.png )
I never thought I'd get to use that picture again after I made it. Glad you like it.

>Luna/10 > 100/10
Glad you decided to stick around. Welcome to the family.

>fukkin' saved

Glad I could help. I just want to see us prosper. >spok.jpg Glad you liked it. Just be careful or you'll feed my ego. xD

Sadly, it's getting late and I'm going to have to hit the hay. Glad I could share some feels with you all. It's be a wonderful night and I'm glad I could spend it with all of you and so I bid farewell. Sleep well pchan.
>> No. 2517900
File 136143167439.jpg - (88.09KB , 600x600 , 41581__safe_apple-bloom_big-macintosh_artist-atticus83.jpg )

Waiting for feedback from more mods. Stay tuned.
>> No. 2517901
File 136143388768.gif - (217.12KB , 458x422 , pinkie pie reading gif.gif )
mods calculating awesomeness...
>> No. 2517902
File 136143397674.gif - (277.10KB , 496x400 , 133068212864.gif )
According to their calculations (Which I stole), it's /arch/ worthy.
>> No. 2517903
File 136143415689.jpg - (51.12KB , 538x348 , pinkie pie slamming face into keyboard.jpg )
>> No. 2517904
File 136143657089.png - (97.56KB , 330x339 , Abject horror.png )
Well, I missed a hell of a thread.

> Based Anon finally signs off for real.
> Hawkeye calls him Based Anon, a nickname which I totally gave to Based Anon.
> Rellek comes back.
> Rellek eventually leaves
> Hawkeye being awesome like usual
> Manley gets a hug.
> An anon gets a trip.

I should not have taken that nap, clearly.

Last edited at Thu, Feb 21st, 2013 01:48

>> No. 2517905
File 136143761985.jpg - (119.15KB , 752x500 , guardianbaby.jpg )
>> No. 2517906
File 136144801210.png - (86.73KB , 526x353 , shy fluttersmile.png )
...it's time. What a nice, special thread this was. i will put it in /arch/, to remember for as long as we can.
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