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2517756 No. 2517756
Bronies, brothers and sisters of our amazing fandom, our world is at a crossroads. As you may have seen things are changing in our world. Talk of Alicorns, Cease and Desist orders, fear of losing the show we hold dear has enveloped our fandom and cause unrest amongst its people. A community of friendly, caring people has been riddled with cynicism, doom saying, and infighting because we’ve turned away from what all hold dear to face the giant in our path. Yes, friends, things are changing whether we like it or not. I’m not here to put your fears to rest or fill your hearts with panic and hopelessness. I’m simply asking you to remember. Who are we? Are we simply a group of adults with too much time on our hands who gathered around a children’s cartoon? Is that really all we are? An unexpected oddity? Or are we more than a bunch of grown men and women in funny cloths and rainbow wigs? Who are we, friends? I believe that we are a group of powerful individuals with our own stories and ideas. Even though we’re very different, we’ve found a common ground, something that we can all enjoy that’s showed us what is important in our lives. Kindness, strength, generosity, loyalty, friendship; these are more than words to us; they’re principles.

When I first looked upon the fandom I saw a group of people marching to the beat of their own drum and celebrating something they all cared about, even if it was just a children’s cartoon. But when I looked deeper I discovered it was so much more than that. The more I looked; I began to see how much people cared - even loved - its characters. This touched my heart in an amazing way. I thought that if these people could love a fictional pony so much, than how much can they have for each other? Now that I’ve become a part of the fandom I’ve found that love for myself and given of it freely. But since I’ve become accustomed to the community I’ve forgotten things. I’ve forgotten exactly why I started on this journey. I’ve taken for granted our love for each other and now that is coming under question.

In light of all of this coming change is now the time for us to divide ourselves? Is now the time for us to argue amongst ourselves and pick sides when things are looking their darkest? I do not believe so. A wise man once said, “United we stand, divided we fall.” Now is the time, friends. ; The time for us to stand together in the face of change, antagonism, and fear. Now is the time we stand by each other in our strengths and weaknesses and become again the fandom that built our great community. I call on you to stop and remember why you started all this. Consider who you are and how far you’ve come. Are we just a community of losers with too much time on our hands, or have we found something to show us what is important, something to believe in that has made us into better people.

If you believe, as I do, that we can be more than a group of strangers, than please don’t take these words lightly, remember what brought you all here, your beliefs and experiences. Hold on to it and don’t let go, because they can take away our games or even our show, but they can’t take away who we are. When we stand together Equestria will always exist in our hearts. Equestria will prevail. We will prevail.
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File 136140054162.png - (212.07KB , 450x720 , 132649142226.png )
That's great, except...

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File 136140093865.png - (161.76KB , 482x600 , tumblr_m70q6cWG8i1qk4o4zo1_500.png )
One word for this. Beautiful.
Bronyism, Ho!
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File 136140137869.jpg - (497.00KB , 1500x1400 , freundschaftzord.jpg )
I believe we can be down with each other.
That shall not mean we can be down with anypony else.
Ponies are but one possible common ground.
>> No. 2517761
File 136140165031.jpg - (1.47MB , 3648x2736 , dark ocean.jpg )
I have never forgotten why I came here. But I am one man, and as much as I improve my own corner of the world, I cannot stop the tide from coming in.
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File 136140286308.png - (152.61KB , 493x357 , WOOHOO.png )
Well that was awesome.
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File 136140802629.jpg - (238.71KB , 667x800 , Tears.jpg )
>liquid pride
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File 136140859603.png - (129.10KB , 945x910 , 132631195085.png )
It's a shame Fenolio isn't here.
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File 136140904586.jpg - (51.87KB , 1305x712 , 675.jpg )
well brony 3:16 has enlighten us and if you want me to pony hard

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File 136140968404.jpg - (45.54KB , 800x519 , Liquid Pride.jpg )
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File 136141002882.png - (398.36KB , 700x700 , Flutter salute.png )
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File 136141021641.png - (78.62KB , 259x234 , 28125 - Friendship_Gallops_Alone Protoman tagme.png )
That was amazing. This is how i felt when i first joined the fandom. That time that feels so long ago.

Thank You my friend.
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File 136141103894.png - (465.24KB , 668x613 , 132630894837.png )
Well said friend, my hats off to you.
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Youtube embed play button

You'll never gallop alone while I'm here. Until the seas boil and the skies burn off, til the mountains turn to ash and great citadels of ponidom fall, I shall gallop with you.
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File 136141113783.png - (248.16KB , 515x675 , 65768 - Lyra artist%3ALightbulb manly_tears parody reaction_face.png )
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File 136141119407.png - (158.25KB , 1024x1024 , octavia_sphere_by_zackira-d4qh31d.png )
I see what you did there.
And it's amazing.
>> No. 2517775
Salutes to you, Red.
>> No. 2517776
File 136141137498.gif - (1.55MB , 357x296 , e9t001.gif )
That's quite the well thought out speech.
>> No. 2517777
File 136141146858.png - (363.34KB , 755x674 , This! Is! PEGASOPOLIS!.png )
Through fire and flame, the Light of Harmony shall persevere. The Sons of Equestria shall never fall.

>Inb4 death by pride.
>> No. 2517778
File 136141173024.gif - (953.09KB , 260x173 , 136107123467.gif )
I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm sticking with this fandom until the last bitter end.
>> No. 2517779
File 136141412675.png - (155.46KB , 1029x777 , salute.png )
Agreed. If this ship goes down, I'm going down with it.
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File 136141413138.jpg - (6.56KB , 320x240 , ToBeContinued___.jpg )

this inspires me to draw some pony art.

hello, random brony anon, what would you like me to draw in the next hour or so?
>> No. 2517781
File 136141471325.png - (431.30KB , 1024x768 , escape_princess_cadence__by_pvt_llama-d4y3fbt.png )
Ladies and gentlemen, whatever else it's been, it's been one hell of a ride. I thank you for all the great times I've had and the many more to come. Godspeed you magnificent winged ponies.
>> No. 2517782
File 136141468681.png - (133.42KB , 866x922 , d4lslls.png )
Ah, not sure. Some pones looking happy/hopeful would be nice. Would fit well with the feeling of this thread.
>> No. 2517783
File 136141525620.png - (85.86KB , 666x337 , I love you guys.png )
Compared to you I am awful at speaking my mind, but fuck it.

I remember what it felt like when I first started getting that pure heartwarming feeling from watching the show. No cynical humor attached to it, no explanations or baggage, I just enjoyed the show for what it was and its innocent message.

And I remember what it felt like when I started posting here. I made a hesitant semi-anonymous, still reluctant to call myself a Brony, and found a group of friendly faces that resulted in some great memories and times.

So much has passed since then that I suppose it is easy to lose sight of the bigger whole. So...simply, from the bottom of my heart....thank you. And thank you to everypony I've met, talked to, laughed with, and even fought with. I planned on staying with this for as long as I could, and now I'm even more resolved to do so.

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Youtube embed play button
This is not the end!
We have survived so much!
Fox News, 4chan, Howard Stern - they all tried to stop our infinite battle! THEY FAILED!

We're going to go on! This will be our time! Our moment! Our chance to shine! When the show we loved spurns us, what will we do?!

What will we take from this?! What will we learn?!

WELL, I DON'T KNOW! But I do know that we'll still be here to learn it! This fandom will go on! This fandom will survive!


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>> No. 2517785
File 136141586644.png - (102.28KB , 347x440 , happy sword.png )
You have my sword!
>> No. 2517786
File 136141607215.png - (166.33KB , 500x457 , _c979525.png )
And my axe!
>> No. 2517787
File 136141728125.jpg - (174.80KB , 680x840 , SPEHSS MARE-EENS.jpg )
Tehre is noh time to beh lohst!
Battle Bronies!
Spehss Mare-eins, todeh the parasprites are at oua doar! We know oua duteh and we will do eet.
We fight for oua honor as Broneh Rehvens, as SPEHSS MARE-EINS, and we fight in the nehme of the Gawd Emprahss Celestia!
And if we are banned this deh we are banned in gloareh, we suffar heroes' bahnss, but we shall not beh banned, no! It is enemeh who will teste banning and defeat!
As you know! Moast of oua battle bronies are shtehtioned in PonyChan, Pruhpeared to deep poast!
Oua perimeter has been pruhpeared in the even dat oua enehmies should be so bald and foolish.
We have plehced numerous beacons, allowing muhltiple, simuln-tehneous and devashtehting defensive poast replies.
The Codecks Marestartees nehmes this maneuvah Poni Rehn.
We will descent upon the foe, we will ovawhelm them - we will leave none on this thread!
Meanwhile oua ground fawses will ensue the full defense of oua threadwaters.
We are the Spehss Mare-eins! WE ARE THE GAWD EMPRAHSSES FUREH!
>> No. 2517788
File 136141793634.gif - (76.13KB , 142x100 , mlfw8819.gif )
You all have my unwavering loyalty and devotion.
When my life hits a little snag this community reminds me who i am.even thoe im not as open about who i am my heart beats to the rhythm of a thousand little hooves and everyday it grows stronger.You may not know me but i know all of you and everything you stand for.No matter how low the flame burns i will gaze upon it till im strickin blind and then only the memorys will carry me on.Your are all in my heart.I just thought you all should know that..(sorry for being sappy :'D)

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>> No. 2517789
File 136141796272.jpg - (53.32KB , 945x907 , smarty belle manly tears.jpg )

No, don't apologize. That was wonderful.
>> No. 2517790
Don't you dare say sorry for something that beautiful! I love you man! Bros forever!
>> No. 2517791
File 136141846675.jpg - (95.26KB , 826x967 , image.jpg )


>> No. 2517792
Somepony make sure to /arch/ this thread. This is just...this thread has restored my faith in all of bronydom.

Also anybody know what this song is?
>> No. 2517793
File 136141921218.gif - (234.70KB , 100x100 , mlfw8813.gif )
>> No. 2517794
File 136141941573.jpg - (149.65KB , 1360x768 , acceptmylove.jpg )
>> No. 2517795
Best hug.
>> No. 2517796
File 136142018443.png - (416.32KB , 2016x1947 , 226627__UNOPT__safe_shipping_vector_lesbian_lyra_blushing_bonbon_lyrabon_hugging_artist-artpwny_.png )

C'mere you.
>> No. 2517797
File 136142054236.png - (64.56KB , 455x312 , they hatin.png )
Every pony get on the /arch/ wagon!
>> No. 2517798
File 136142173450.png - (2.25MB , 1600x1600 , 71.png )
Oh... goodness. I check back after first posting it and find.. this. It really brings a smile to my face. Thank you guys.. You're all AWESOME!
>> No. 2517799
How do you nominate a thread for /Arch/?
>> No. 2517800
File 136142195203.png - (256.76KB , 640x360 , 1536827244.png )
Feeling the love. Hugs for everypony.
>> No. 2517801
File 136142203375.png - (613.57KB , 900x940 , 48891__safe_nightmare-moon_wtf_artist-ultimateultimate.png )
>Report, reason, /arch/ request.
And really? It's not even that long of a thread.
>> No. 2517802
File 136142224344.png - (189.78KB , 631x555 , filly fluttersmile.png )
i believe in all of you c:
>> No. 2517803
Love you too Moony!
>> No. 2517804
File 136142247200.png - (57.14KB , 172x264 , Toph_Satisfied_Tea.png )
The length of the thread matters not,
Tis the impact that makes it so.

I would go on a long sappy speech about how you all will eventually be my support for my Walk, but that won't happen for another while, so I'll just say I love you guys and all that sappy stuff.
>> No. 2517805
File 136142256899.jpg - (113.75KB , 596x337 , friendship is gar 2.jpg )

That's it Moonster! Believe in the me, that believes in you!
>> No. 2517806
>> No. 2517807
File 136142265490.png - (224.81KB , 512x384 , Toph_Respect.png )
I'll tell you about it when I get there. It'll be pretty epic, but I can't do it without you guys.
>> No. 2517808
I willing to help in anyway I can!
>> No. 2517809
File 136142270058.jpg - (172.17KB , 1331x756 , lunas point of view.jpg )
...stand strong friends, stand strong. we are a movement, an anomaly, and yes we represent a hope for the future. where people embrace themselves and others truly and wholly, and lovingly. its never easy to do things which move society forward, but i believe thats what this community is doing. its very existence does this.

i choose to believe in more, to hold order and a commitment towards love and good. in this community and every other place i go to. i believe in a better tomorrow and a life lived that means something, and has purpose in it. as a Christian, as a Brony, and as a human being. i will commit myself to good wherever i find it, and support it.

God bless this show and its fandom. may its impact and imprint on those around it forever endure...
>> No. 2517810
File 136142315056.png - (132.50KB , 352x389 , Toph_Smile7.png )
I knew you guys would be helpful, but now is not the time. I have obligations, when those are taken care of, I can truly start planning this out only to have the plan fall apart (That's the best part XD).


Doe anypony still have that moment in the show that will ALWAYS give you goosebumps or that heart warming feeling? Even through the 2 years of this show, I still get that heartwarming feeling from Winter Wrap Up. That will never be replaced in any way shape or form. That was... no, IS a fantastic brony moment for me.

As well as the point in Episode 2 where Twilight gets the spark in her eye after hearing her friends calling for her. That sends chills down my spine every. single. time. That is a truly powerful moment in ponies.
>> No. 2517811
the "walk down memory lane" in the new season finale for me actually. i got chills during that whole segment
>> No. 2517812
The spark thing is definitely one of them. Another is when Pinkie and Dash hugged in WA. We didn't really see them interact in season 2 much, after having such great moments in season 1, so that was definitely a big one for me.

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>> No. 2517813
File 136142347229.png - (25.28KB , 127x134 , Toph_Teehee.png )
If I didn't have my jimmies in such a twist, I would have enjoyed that fully as well. It was very awesome, I admit.

Haha! I thought that was so funny XD Dash's face was priceless. The Grand Galloping Gala was amoung my top in terms of emotional impact. Just... the whole episode.
>> No. 2517814
File 136142369941.jpg - (131.58KB , 840x600 , 92998__UNOPT__.jpg )
You know, I play the funny guy a lot, but this community means far more to me than I usually let on.

I really can't believe that so much has happened in two short years. When I first discovered this place, I would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and hop on just to see if anypony was around. There were always a few and they always welcomed me with a warmth that I had never before seen in an internet community. This place was the best on the internet, hands down. Here, people stood for something. They stood for being nice to others for no reason. They stood for letting go of the fear that characterized so many personal interactions. They stood for opening up with one another. The Internet Hate Machine had spawned the Internet Love Machine, and somehow it worked.

Ponychan, I want you to know that even though we have been through drama and slam jam and endless crap, I believe in you now more than ever. This community continually surprises me in its ability to display sincere compassion and kindness when I least expect it. It is truly remarkable. The original idea is still there, and every month I have more and more hope for its future. Call me sentimental, but this is more than just an imageboard for me. This is home.
>> No. 2517815
File 136142380862.png - (656.02KB , 467x1280 , tumblr_lhk8ggcvvd1qhzd5vo1_1280.png )
We miss you Rellek , stay with us
>> No. 2517816
File 136142388438.jpg - (18.18KB , 450x252 , Scootaloo-450-x-252.jpg )
Agreed with Winter Wrap Up. Chills everytime the song starts.

Personally, the scene where Scootaloo confesses everything to Rainbow Dash in Sleepless in Ponyville gets me everytime. So much liquid pride.
>> No. 2517817
That scene with Scoots and Dash had me balling.

It was! I hope to see more Pinkie and Dash interaction in season 4. Also, TBNE was very emotional.

This is home. I haven't been here that long, but I love you guys. As Moony said,
"Ponyville means family. Family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten."
>> No. 2517818
File 136142445015.png - (102.08KB , 334x379 , Toph_Eating_Really.png )
When you say we, you mean yourself. I'm heart-warmed to know you miss me, but don't speak for everypony when you say that. There might be dislikers watchingHugz

Oh man... that is so good. I love it too.

For whatever reason, I adore "Read It and Weep". The presence of Daring do just reached into my soul, grabbed the kid in my heart and gave it a shake. I was squealing with the excitement of adventure throughout the entire episode. I freaking love that stuff!

You guys and your abbreviations! I don't even know what the heck that is!
>> No. 2517819
The Best Night Ever. :) Also glad to see a Toph fan on here.
>> No. 2517820
File 136142450170.png - (19.79KB , 125x103 , 134611910581s.png )

>There might be dislikers watching

Not over here, that's for sure.
>> No. 2517821
File 136142461810.png - (350.62KB , 1280x720 , pinkie crying in joy to FS.png )
hawkeye, its always nice hearing from you. and i must say you embody this sentiment very well. when i first came here about a month or two ago and was kinda lost honestly (both in my real life, and here on the internet) i honestly did not expect to receive the inredibly warm welcome that you and others gave me. you welcomed me with such excitement and enthusiasm i was honestly breathless and its an impression that will never leave me.

i had never expected i would find what i was looking for here, a home. and from the first post i made you all made me feel welcomed. you made me feel like i belonged and could find a place here! since then i have found a home here, a refuge from what woes i experience in my day to day life. i have been on here daily and have felt the same way you have just described in my brief time.

but honestly i want to thank this community as a whole, though i havent been here very long it has already done so much for me. and i want to thank YOU hawkeye for welcoming me and so many others with open arms and truly living what you have just expressed. thank you. i am forever indebted to you guys in this community.

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>> No. 2517822
If there are can we smite them?
>> No. 2517823
File 136142475910.png - (116.56KB , 380x365 , Toph_Get_This_Idea.png )
Wooooooaaaah I didn't even know it did that! That's freaking crazy! I moused over the abbreviation and it comes up with the episode name...

The heck man... Lemme try. Mouse over this one and see if it works: MMDW

I'm flattered.

I been here for a while my friend.
>> No. 2517824
Sorry I've only been here for like a week. I'm still very glad to meet you either way!
>> No. 2517825
File 136142488246.png - (902.76KB , 1479x962 , 9.png )
>no dislikers only dreams now
We means we bro.
Did I ever mention Toph was my favorite?

Seriously guys. When I wrote this it was out of a need to find togetherness again, and in this thread I've found just what I'm looking for. I'm proud of you guys and I feel even more inspired by your kind works. Now I know without a doubt that will will go on, no matter what the world throws at us.
>> No. 2517826
Friends for life! Friends forever!
>> No. 2517827
File 136142515071.png - (332.28KB , 1024x1024 , 48100__safe_princess-luna_filly_nightmare-moon_woona_artist-greeny-nyte.png )
Our friendship will last forever!
>> No. 2517828
File 136142521325.png - (99.02KB , 437x538 , 136129294324.png )

This just made my night. Thank you so much for expressing that and I'm so glad that our responses made a difference for you! I remember that thread, too. What has your experience with the community been like so far?

Seriously, I can't thank you enough for your post. I'm so full of warm and fuzzy right now that I might just pop.


I will personally see to this.


>> No. 2517829

FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! But, seriously you guys are awesome.
>> No. 2517830
File 136142541453.png - (70.17KB , 265x293 , Toph_Itll_Be_Alright.png )
No problem Anon! The more love, the merrier!

In all honesty, we need more posts like this. Not because it's sappy, not because it's cliche, but because it really has an affect on the other posters. When we have that positive dude running around spreading cheer and good feelings, people often follow.

We got that from the ponies. They started the feeling in more than just one person. They caused a ridiculous increase in happiness. Let's take a moment to look back on those energies and how we can bring those feelings back, but how we can generate new ones with all the friends we have.

Haha! That probably explains the element of shipping tag there :P Welcome to the herd my fellow brony! I'm Rellek, I've been here far longer than I should, but you guys are just too awesome to let go.

Toph is EVERYPONY'S favourite unless they're crazy and instead like Zuko for whatever reason. They probably like the angsty teen hottie and not the perfect and awesome earthbender girl. Whatevs :P
>> No. 2517831
File 136142549410.png - (83.19KB , 283x299 , Toph_Why_Dont_You_Listen.png )
But I was already hugging! What gives man?!
>> No. 2517832
File 136142553318.png - (117.74KB , 878x795 , 10.png )
>all the hugs
>> No. 2517833
Thanks dood! Glad to make another awesome friend! Is it weird that I read your posts with Toph's voice?
>> No. 2517834
File 136142561626.png - (53.78KB , 400x400 , Toph_Meme_Important.png )
>Why can't I carry all these hugs?

It would be weird not to.
>> No. 2517835
Then I shall ship you with Sokka!
>> No. 2517836
File 136142577161.jpg - (81.82KB , 619x600 , applejack_joeydarkmeat_jobo37.jpg )
Since everypony is sharing their story, I'll copypasta mine from an earlier thread today. The question I was responding to was "What do you expect to get out of the fandom?"

But to answer the question, I suppose that when I entered the fandom, I was a bitter, angry young man. Angry at the world, but angry at myself mostly. My brother introduced me to the fandom for the lols, for we both have an absurdist sense of humor, and the premise that adults, particularly males, latched onto My Little Pony is inherently absurd. Especially considering that we grew up with the utterly vapid entries of the franchise from the 80's.

I suppose that my initial goal of lol-seeking was attained, for I did have a chuckle and have had many since. But there was something pricking me in the back of my mind, that though I saw immediately that there was a lot of fun to be had by engaging in silliness such as this, there was a certain sincerity that I just didn't understand.

That's why I watched my first episode, to conduct the research for myself. My father always used to say, "never knock something until you try it," and I have lived by those wise, wise words. At first I was confused further, and propelled further research into the show. Eventually it turned into a marathon session of season 1 and half of 2 (for it was ongoing at the time) TWICE. When I stood up from my desk, sore because I had sat glued to my computer screen for so many hours, I felt something else, this weird tingly feeling like butterflies in my stomach.

I can't quite explain it, even to this day, but I imagine it was a little bit like how the Grinch felt when his heart grew suddenly. All the cynicism, all the bitterness and hate and negativity that I had accrued just seemed to fade for a bit. And with every Saturday I woke up early to catch the new ep and discuss it with like minded people, I felt a little bit more of that negativity just keep melting away.

I will sadly be departing your company for some time, but I have every intention of returning someday soon. This group, this insane premise, that so many could be touched by something so wild as candy-coated horses, has helped to build some of the fondest, happiest memories I have had in a long time. I have no intention of abandoning it forever, for I feel that there are many happy memories still to make. I love you all and will miss you in my absence, but it is a bittersweet parting, for I know that I'll be back someday. Moony said it best when I settled here 5 months ago: "/Oat/hana means family. And that means nobody gets left behind." I'll never forget the warm greeting he and many others gave to me, and I look forward to my return.

Edited a bit for clarity
Dammit Rocky. I said I wasn't going to say goodbye. Well, with no shit tears in my eyes, consider this my farewell letter. Based Anon, signing off.

Last edited at Wed, Feb 20th, 2013 22:50

>> No. 2517837
File 136142579603.jpg - (291.92KB , 600x741 , Toph_Sokka_Tackle_Hug.jpg )
Not if I do it first!
>> No. 2517838
File 136142609860.png - (279.09KB , 900x751 , luna_salute__recolor_by_bc_programming-d4dlg3v[1].png )
God speed, Applejackanon. Godspeed and good luck. We'll miss you and be glad to see you return.
>> No. 2517839
I like you even more! I'm still miffed that Tokka didn't happen in the end.

I shall see you again. My friend.

Also if we're all telling our life stories here I might as well too. Have some copypasta.

I relate to Pinkie more than any character I've ever seen in anything. I act goofy and want my friends to be happy. People find me weird for this, and don't usually take the time to know me. I didn't really have any friends up until a couple years ago, and even then they were more aquatints than anything.

I love to help people. I don't need any sort of reward or pat on the back. I just love to know that somepony is happy. People find me weird for that. It makes me sad, but what am I to do?

People don't usually think I'm smart or that I can be trusted to do important things because I act silly. Baby Cakes made me relate to that party pony even more.

I also relate to Pinkie fearing that her friends don't like her. To this day I still worry that no one really likes me. That no one could ever like me. This show gives me hope that people like me can actually have friends, real friends.

That's why this thread upsets me. Because a lot of this thread has essentially tore down what I love about Pinkie. I don't mind when people say that Pinkie has certain flaw, because she does. That's another thing I love about her. She's one of the most three-dimensional characters in television, but I digress the real thing that bothers me about this thread is that it essentially tears down everything I love about her.

I'm sorry if I'm overreacting a bit, but I won't stand by and see my favorite pony tore down like this. I love her too much to let some shit head anons say bad things about her. I hope you guys take the time to read and respond to this It would mean a lot to me.

The thread I'm referencing is the Pinkie Wings thread, not this thread. I'll edit it later when I'm not tired.
>> No. 2517840
File 136142626743.png - (201.59KB , 400x400 , 19877 - applejack artist mirelmture big_macintosh.png )

Thank you for that. I am sad to hear that our Based Anon is leaving and sincerely hope that you return someday with tales of adventure. Go do what you need to do, but remember that we will always be here if you ever want a hug or a laugh. Thank you for helping make this site what it is.

This is not goodbye. Take care of yourself out there.
>> No. 2517841
File 136142647483.gif - (2.02MB , 853x480 , time for a big internet hug!.gif )
gasp! its been great man! ive made some great friends already, and have completely and delved into the community without a backwards glance. ive felt so welcomed here, i honestly feel like im with good friends.

im even thinking about getting a trip! while ive been really hesitant of having a name, im considering getting one just so my friends can recognize me! which is pretty big for me.

lol im very glad i brightened up your day. it makes me happy to know that my appreciation of your actions has made you feel encouraged, and recognized for your genuine effort to be a good individual.

same, i find myself fully in love and invsted in this community, what it stands for, and the people in it. you guys are awesome, and should the whole world of everything pony collapse around us we will stand strong!

...*tears start welling up*

im glad there are those of the same sentiment. well im always here, trying to spread encouragement (and some light hearted paraspriting where i can). but im on here every night doing the same thing you just described. i guess its kinda weird for some people seeing a friendly neighborhood anon. im SERIOUSLY considering a trip name honestly.

>general loving, friendly awesomeness

you guys are just the best!
>> No. 2517842
If the show no longer makes me happy, if watching it only fills me with anger and sadness, then I shouldn't watch it.

I'd love nothing more than to be a fan of this show forever. But I fear that I will not be able to, because of the changes being made. If it makes me angry instead of happy, spiteful instead of joyous... then I'm not a fan. And I feel like being a fan or not being a fan was not a choice I came to on my own. It was forced upon me. And it hurts me and saddens me.
>> No. 2517843
File 136142652410.jpg - (81.01KB , 796x600 , applejack_joeydarkmeat_Starbolt-81.jpg )

Thanks. I'll be so happy when things settle down and I can rejoin all my brothers and sisters. You all mean the world to me, you have no idea. I would gladly take a bullet for any of you, that's how deep my love runs.


I look forward to my return when I can help get to know all of you better. Shit man, I'm a grown flank man. I shouldn't be balling like this. I guess I am really broken up about having to leave for a while, but part of me is really happy cause I know youll all be here for me when I get back. God dammit. I love you guys.All of you.
>> No. 2517844
File 136142664066.jpg - (64.09KB , 945x945 , 47.jpg )
Thanks for sharing Fabulosity. I didn't know we were going to start sharing stories. Perhaps I'll type up my own and post it on here as well.
>> No. 2517845
File 136142679106.jpg - (43.66KB , 425x505 , applejack x bloomberg.jpg )

Thanks man. You know youre not making it any easier for me. Heh but you're right. This ain't no final farewell. Just gotta go out there and do some stuff in the world for a bit. You never know where you'll find family, but when you do, man you know it's there. This is definitely family for me. Soon as I can, I'm gonna come rushing back to yalls arms. God bless you guys.
>> No. 2517846
File 136142688833.gif - (1.73MB , 450x253 , 248998__UNOPT__safe_twilight-sparkle_animated_screencap_shining-armor_princess-twilight_spoiler-.gif )
>> No. 2517847
Remember it'll never be goodbye, because we're all family, and like you said "/Oat/hana means family. Family means no one gets left behind."

Thanks for reading.This is the first time I've ever told anypony about this. It feels pretty good to let it off my chest.
>> No. 2517848
File 136142717206.png - (107.68KB , 327x374 , Toph_I_Promise.png )
You should totally get a trip bro! No one's looking down on you. Sometimes it's hard to recognize anons even though they may have a similar posting style.

And as for life stories... My life hasn't even begun yet, so I don't have much to tell...
>> No. 2517849
File 136142728379.png - (239.91KB , 1280x720 , snips and snails bowing.png )
well ill hate to see you go, everytime ive interacted with you on my time here youve been a very encouraging individual to talk to. even when i "Baled out" in a thread a few weeks back because of an overreaction i had to somepony, you still took the time to see and understand and know where i was coming from, and treated me very courteously.

youre an inspirational member of this community, and i can see that even within the short time ive been here. itll hurt to miss you, but it will make your return all the better and sweeter. you will not be forgotten in your absense i can assure you.

why are you leaving if you dont mind me asking? military enlistment? moving someplace?
>> No. 2517850
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 2517851
File 136142729695.png - (1.08MB , 941x762 , 30752__safe_applejack_artist-joey-darkmeat.png )

No goodbye is forever. The wheels keep turning cycles on cycles. Someday ours will turn in unison once again.

Picture is misleading. I have no desire to quit you guys. Just runningout of good AJ pics.
>> No. 2517852
You only have one life so I agree with the trip thing. I want to one day, but I'm waiting until I have great people to take it with.

I felt the pic was pretty accurate. It's a really sentimental one. Also, that was beautiful. You are beautiful. Everypony here is beautiful.
>> No. 2517853
yknow what? im doing it! i shall hesitate no longer, and i shall do so in this thread in order to share my name with my friends :)
>> No. 2517854
File 136142761664.png - (187.87KB , 900x661 , 135504499108.png )

Ah, I know exactly what you mean with that post. I actually couldn't stand Pinkie until the episode that showed her childhood, at which point she became my favorite character in the show since I suddenly found that I could relate completely.

Remember this: that fear, that insecurity, that paranoia...it will go away. As you become more comfortable with yourself, you will find that you don't think about that stuff as much. I used to be convinced that all of my friends secretly talked about me behind my back and didn't enjoy hanging out with me, but 95% of that is just that nagging voice in your head. I for one am glad that you are here.


A trip? Awesome! Have you thought of any ideas for what your new name will be?


I'm sorry to hear that, Manley. How was it forced upon you?

Want a hug?


Don't worry, we'll still be here when you get back. Hell, last time I left for a while I returned and the community was better than ever! Feel free to drop a line at [email protected] if you ever want to say hi in the interim, though. If the world ever throws you a curve ball and you want somepony to talk to, I would be happy to hear from you.
>> No. 2517855
File 136142778613.png - (134.04KB , 894x894 , gentleman gummy.png )
i am an anon no longer.
>> No. 2517856
File 136142770491.png - (75.67KB , 240x252 , Toph_^__^.png )
Take what with? A trip? Make a name for yourself! It'll be great.

Whoo! Do it brony! Make dat trip. Also, try to make it original! There's too many pinkies running around!

No I think the pic is pretty accurate. You can't quit, but you can take a break :D
>> No. 2517857
File 136142784109.png - (2.74MB , 1700x2200 , 86059__UNOPT__.png )

Just life man. School, job, helping the family with a cross country move, even though I dont live there anymore, trying to get an internship. Major research project coming up. Lots of balls in the air and I won't have time to dedicate to you guys like I have had. I'll still be around, lurking. Maybe even a post or two. But not like I have been.

You guys are great, I'm glad I was able to quell some of the strife. I'd like to be everywhere at once, helping be the best that I can be here, because you guys mean so much to me. But I gotta do me right now. Which makes it that much tougher that there isn't some big overarching thing to deal with and come back victorious. Just all of life's little things gettin stacked on at once. But yeah, I'll still be here or there, just at a greatly reduced presence. Any chance I get though, I'll pop in and say hello.
>> No. 2517858
A hug might be nice. I just feel that these changes didn't need to be mad, and we made for silly reasons, and that the show suffers as a result. And if the show is not something I like anymore, I can't call myself a fan.
>> No. 2517859
File 136142800230.png - (362.18KB , 1024x1317 , 224689__UNOPT__safe_applejack_alicorn_artist-jameshalt_png.png )

Don't worry about it. I'll definitely make sure to say hello from time to time! And I always know the way back...so it won't be hard.

Seriously bummed about the poor selection of my AJ pics right now. But ah, I'll have more prepared when I come back full time.
>> No. 2517860
i understand completely man, thats very mature of you to do that. as we speak i should be going over a speech i have for my college speaking class i have tomorrow. but im not, such is the life of a procrastinator lol
>> No. 2517861
Hawkeye...you...thank you. Thank you so much for this. I shall remember these words when I'm feeling down.

Also, on a side note, is your username a One Piece reference?

Good on you man!
>> No. 2517862
File 136142805712.png - (132.98KB , 306x360 , Toph_Idea.png )
>Fukken Saved

But really, I will not be saying goodbye or even "see you later" Because I'm blind I know you'll be back. You'll be here in spirit and I await your glorious return. All my love.

Spiffy! Was the "63" intentional?
>> No. 2517863
File 136142821518.jpg - (34.46KB , 470x347 , applejack blush.jpg )

Ha well don't put it off on my account! I'll be back full-time sooner than either of us know, I'm sure. It'll make it that much better when its a surprise for both of us.
>> No. 2517864
Oh man dood the liquid pride is everywhere!

"The Great Brony Road Trip"! It'd be amazing! Hmm, that doesn't sound half bad actually.
>> No. 2517865
File 136142822295.jpg - (385.52KB , 1980x1238 , I miss you moe ;_;.jpg )

Much obliged. Much love in return.
>> No. 2517866
File 136142836169.png - (39.16KB , 145x186 , Toph_Awaits_Explanation.png )
Oh jeez... You do not even know the pool of school that I am swimming in right now... a few tests are amoung it, that's to be sure.

Freaking friendship! Stop it!
>> No. 2517867
File 136142837547.png - (34.04KB , 164x218 , Toph_Not_Goonna_Worry_About_It.png )
Well that's partly what the Walk is about...
>> No. 2517868
File 136142841627.jpg - (43.60KB , 660x371 , applederp.jpg )

Hah yeah. Dunno why all the feels just kinda came out like that. Never been that good of a liar. Guess you guys just bring out the best in me.

Last edited at Wed, Feb 20th, 2013 23:35

>> No. 2517869
Wait really?! Okay, I can't wait to hear more about this!

The music definitely helps. Seriously I have to fight back tears just listening to it. Never forget that we will always love you man.
>> No. 2517870
File 136142868551.jpg - (81.82KB , 619x600 , applejack_joeydarkmeat_jobo37.jpg )

Never will.
>> No. 2517871
File 136142881314.jpg - (548.66KB , 1920x1080 , applejack_hugging_rainbow_dash_shipping-(n1305929200576)-(n1314352666626).jpg )

Aw yeah! That's what I'm talking about!


What made you choose that name, if you don't mind me asking?


Internships? Well hell, if you ever want help with your resume or with interviewing, let me know. I coordinate a small internship program for my company and have some tips that may help. There are some simple things that you can do that will really make you stand out.

(HINT: Contact the interviewer afterwards thanking them for the opportunity to meet and talk with them! This piece of advice is in every single article about interviewing, but no one does it. It makes a huge difference.)


Haha, I know how you feel there. Just give the show a chance and see what they do with the next season. You never know what creative ideas this development may spur in the writers. I don't like it, but I'm willing to withhold judgement until we can see where they do with it.


Glad that they helped! Really, it does get better. Also, my name is actually a reference to the main character of M*A*S*H, the only television show that is superior to ponies. Hawkeye is the best.

Watch M*A*S*H. Now.

>> No. 2517872
File 136142871415.jpg - (55.61KB , 500x500 , Sir-Courage-Wolf-GOOD-SHOW-OLD-BEAN[1].jpg )
>> No. 2517873
File 136142892304.png - (288.89KB , 615x438 , Toph_Youre_Lying1.png )

Didn't I call you out on that a long time ago?

You'll be waiting for a while. Gimme some time
>> No. 2517874
Yay snuggles! Also, I can't believe I didn't get that M*A*S*H* reference.

I swear my tear ducts will be dust before tonight ends.
>> No. 2517875
File 136142908900.png - (102.79KB , 585x600 , 151815__UNOPT__safe_applejack_vector_artist-quanno3.png )

Thanks man! I definitely will, but I'm not even sure if I'll be in the pool of possible applicants yet. If it gets to that point, you'll be the first one I get ahold of. Promise you that.
>> No. 2517876
No problem, I'm just super excited!
>> No. 2517877
File 136142910591.png - (1.80MB , 2961x2099 , protectpony.png )
This is us right now.
>> No. 2517878
File 136142912004.jpg - (70.16KB , 600x423 , quite_gummy.jpg )
i straight up LOLd
idk i think gummy is freaking awesome. i LOVE pinkie pie to death, but her poker faced hilariously "straight man" esque yet whacky pet is just awesome. and the thought of him being a refined gentleman/ pimp is just great imo.
mmm...yes. pip pip cheerio old boy, good morrow to you and whatot sir.
>> No. 2517879
File 136142930712.jpg - (388.46KB , 1400x788 , 132324323152.jpg )
>> No. 2517880
File 136142935495.png - (445.06KB , 1366x768 , pinkie bout to cry.png )
all my feels...
>> No. 2517881
File 136142948726.png - (128.48KB , 756x756 , 135616520454.png )
>> No. 2517882
File 136142967091.gif - (3.45MB , 640x480 , 255.gif )
>> No. 2517883
Friends till the end! No matter what comes our way we'll always have each other!

I know how you feel bro.
>> No. 2517884
File 136142971074.png - (524.24KB , 900x951 , 135906377207.png )

I believe that you might have! It's been a looooong time since anypony recognized that, though. It would have been ages ago.


Haha, no worries. It's not exactly in the context that you would normally associate with a show like that!

You're good folk, by the way. I'm glad that you and Gummy are part of this site now!


Ah, well good luck with it! You'll kick flank, I know it. Based Anon, you will be President of the United States of America someday. Just you wait.

I'm pulling the cuddliest pictures that I HAVE for this thread.
>> No. 2517885
I jsut wish they had not done what they did. They gave us about 10 minutes with princess Twilight after they killed the real one. Ten minutes I HATED. But everypony is saying "We need more time with this new character to see if she's really all that bad." and I said "Ok, when's the next episode?" "One year from now." Goddamnit! I have to wait a YEAR to see if something I hated is something I'm going to continue to hate.
>> No. 2517886
File 136142989946.jpg - (81.01KB , 796x600 , applejack_joeydarkmeat_Starbolt-81.jpg )

Ok, this'll be my last one for the night, but that really made me chuckle.


You know, you're not the first person that has told me that. Y'all better watch out, or all this talk of politics will go straight to my ego, and I might actually do it someday. ;)

Last edited at Wed, Feb 20th, 2013 23:58

>> No. 2517887
Thanks dood. You're amazing man. Also I say that we all should nominate anon for President. With all of us I think it can be done! Anon 2016!
>> No. 2517888
File 136142996867.png - (843.60KB , 750x500 , 134750400998.png )
Undoubtedly an awesome show.

You know it!
>> No. 2517889
Considering how awesome you are I'd say that's not a bad idea.

Here here!

Also night everypony!
>> No. 2517890
File 136143009368.jpg - (102.64KB , 500x333 , reaction.jpg )
Just got to say, Dayum, you have nice pics.
And thanks.
>pic related

We'll see you around Based.

Night Fabulosity.
>> No. 2517891
File 136143030199.jpg - (98.62KB , 600x858 , luna in chapel.jpg )
dammit! now i HAVE to cry! ive offically been welcomed twice into the community. i cant hold em back any longer!
why do you guys have to be so awesome?
goodnight, and we'll see you later! please feel free to pop in and just say hi if you have a little time, we'll understand if you dont have time to stay and chat. :)

pic unrelated, just thought id post it cause it looked cool

Last edited at Thu, Feb 21st, 2013 00:05

>> No. 2517892
File 136143038261.png - (194.49KB , 455x332 , Toph_Mwahaha.png )
Toodles! Love ya bro!

You cannot hold back your tears from us. It gives us strength!
>> No. 2517893
File 136143049796.png - (198.52KB , 813x982 , rainbow_dash_happy_by_krazy3-d55cskm.png )

Sleep well, Fabulosity! It was great chatting with you. Hopefully I'll see you around soon!


Dammit I cracked at that pic. I'm still laughing.
>> No. 2517894
File 136143066743.jpg - (166.15KB , 2400x1350 , luna listening to ipod in clouds.jpg )
good night! may the goddess of the night watch over and etc. etc.
>> No. 2517895
File 136143058964.png - (22.83KB , 120x125 , 134902611908s.png )
I would also like to point out that this has been the best thread that I have participated in for months. Thank you for making this, Rover. Your OP stirred feels in me that I had not looked at in a long, long time.
>> No. 2517896
File 136143070133.gif - (847.39KB , 500x300 , Toph_Wheat.gif )
>> No. 2517897
File 136143074923.gif - (477.51KB , 700x700 , 132994626864.gif )
>> No. 2517898
File 136143117646.jpg - (72.23KB , 444x366 , kitten loves this thread.jpg )
it has been awesome! and i even have a trip, i feel like a real person now! unfortunately i have school early tomorrow and have to go to bed. see you guys tomorrow!

Last edited at Thu, Feb 21st, 2013 00:18

>> No. 2517899
File 136143117575.png - (3.52MB , 3013x3820 , 32.png )
I never thought I'd get to use that picture again after I made it. Glad you like it.

>Luna/10 > 100/10
Glad you decided to stick around. Welcome to the family.

>fukkin' saved

Glad I could help. I just want to see us prosper. >spok.jpg Glad you liked it. Just be careful or you'll feed my ego. xD

Sadly, it's getting late and I'm going to have to hit the hay. Glad I could share some feels with you all. It's be a wonderful night and I'm glad I could spend it with all of you and so I bid farewell. Sleep well pchan.
>> No. 2517900
File 136143167439.jpg - (88.09KB , 600x600 , 41581__safe_apple-bloom_big-macintosh_artist-atticus83.jpg )

Waiting for feedback from more mods. Stay tuned.
>> No. 2517901
File 136143388768.gif - (217.12KB , 458x422 , pinkie pie reading gif.gif )
mods calculating awesomeness...
>> No. 2517902
File 136143397674.gif - (277.10KB , 496x400 , 133068212864.gif )
According to their calculations (Which I stole), it's /arch/ worthy.
>> No. 2517903
File 136143415689.jpg - (51.12KB , 538x348 , pinkie pie slamming face into keyboard.jpg )
>> No. 2517904
File 136143657089.png - (97.56KB , 330x339 , Abject horror.png )
Well, I missed a hell of a thread.

> Based Anon finally signs off for real.
> Hawkeye calls him Based Anon, a nickname which I totally gave to Based Anon.
> Rellek comes back.
> Rellek eventually leaves
> Hawkeye being awesome like usual
> Manley gets a hug.
> An anon gets a trip.

I should not have taken that nap, clearly.

Last edited at Thu, Feb 21st, 2013 01:48

>> No. 2517905
File 136143761985.jpg - (119.15KB , 752x500 , guardianbaby.jpg )
>> No. 2517906
File 136144801210.png - (86.73KB , 526x353 , shy fluttersmile.png )
...it's time. What a nice, special thread this was. i will put it in /arch/, to remember for as long as we can.
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