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Well, that was one great season, wasn't it?

The season finale is coming this week, and it's called Magical Mystery Cure by M. A. Larson, also known for writing other great episodes such as Sonic Rainboom, The Cutie Mark Chronicles, The Return of Harmony and Luna Eclipsed. The summary of this episode reads:

"Twilight accidentally casts a spell that switches the Cutie Marks and destinies of all her friends. The only way she can reverse the spell is by writing her own magic."

There will be a nine-episode marathon preceding the season finale, which will begin from 6:00 AM EST/3:00 AM PST and ending at 10:30 AM EST/7:30 AM PST, which is when the new episode will air. This is all going to happen on Saturday, February 16, airing at The Hub, so be sure not to miss it! Also, please do not forget to support this show through iTunes!


Dont forget to visit Bronystate to watch the episode as soon as it airs!
If talking isnt your thing, then the Spike room has no chatbox, while the Applejack and Rarity rooms are generally the quietest of the bunch.
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File 136161094495.png - (836.36KB , 2411x1608 , 1360526751546.png )
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Marimo, warn a brotha next time you post stuff that might cause a spit take.

Season 10 here wecome.
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File 136161101694.jpg - (48.44KB , 1280x720 , mad smile.jpg )
It's not just an episode thread though, it marks a time of conflict in the community, and instead of coming out of it broken, i feel like everyone is a bit closer. Friendships are hardened with the fires of past conflict, and instead of loosing people the site has been more active than ever with lots of new faces! It shows that /arch/ has some endurance as a community!

Last edited at Sat, Feb 23rd, 2013 02:19

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How romantic of you
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File 136162514349.png - (34.00KB , 142x192 , 214321348.png )
Finales get placed in /arch/.
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File 136162887834.png - (184.12KB , 640x428 , Keep Calm and Flutter On.png )
Woo hoo we're awesome!

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File 136164585417.png - (31.60KB , 201x113 , 201px-Ms__Peachbottom_smiling_S03E12.png )
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File 136164777155.jpg - (189.09KB , 800x594 , computer_guy_grumpy.jpg )

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File 136164800103.jpg - (105.94KB , 500x359 , tumblr_lq04v7b5bJ1qjf12k.jpg )
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Can you feel it Mr.Krabs?
>> No. 2519730
File 136165365169.png - (192.20KB , 500x348 , tumblr_mg8ew2pDLl1ql4wx4o1_500.png )
Oh, I feel it alright!
>> No. 2519731
Really?! What do you feel?
>> No. 2519732
File 136165596681.png - (309.01KB , 500x369 , are ya feeling it mr krabs.png )
The need to make a save Vs. Wands.
>> No. 2519733
File 136165615393.png - (126.78KB , 474x315 , Drifter.png )
Wake up in the morning feeling like the Joker
Grab my guns, I'm out the door, This movie's gonna be mediocre
Before I leave, rig my house with some booby traps
'Cause when I leave for the night, I'm neva comin' back

I'm talking smoke grenades down the rows, rows
Aiming for the runners at the doors, doors
All the bodies hitting those floors, floors
Re-loading, playing my favorite movie
Steppin' up to the rows to see
If I can get a little baaaby

Won't stop, watch 'em drop
Gonna blow these fuckers up
Tonight, I'mma fight
'Til I see the popo's lights
Pop pop hear em drop
But the cleansing just won't stop, no
>> No. 2519734

Also, new FIW everypony! New Friendship is Witchcraft is out!
>> No. 2519735

Really? Ooh, I have to watch it!

Three minutes in, Twilight has a physical attraction to her brother. What? What?! I just can't wrap around this. She's singing about it.
>> No. 2519736
I laughed so hard at this episode. Shining Armor is a pop singer!
>> No. 2519737
File 136166019238.jpg - (59.19KB , 635x549 , HNI_0036_JPG.jpg )

That was... something.

It was a really good something, I really enjoyed the episode, but... wow.

Season 4 Twilight in a nutshell?

Also SOCKER BOPPERS, that was a huge wave of nostalgia, even though I never actually bought a pair I remember that song and commercial very distinctly.

We should commandeer this thread, in the 10 hours it has left, into a Friendship is Witchcraft thread.
>> No. 2519738
I agree so much. What about the dragon force field thing? That was just...Pfff!
>> No. 2519739
File 136166196851.jpg - (22.48KB , 721x379 , HNI_0069_JPG.jpg )

That I don't remember, there are so many subtle jokes I miss some on the first viewing.

Alright, to give serious thoughts on this episode... wow. I think this episode was more morally objectionable than SWAG.MOV. Incest is wincest?

It seems like a big jump in Twilight's characterization, from a whiny child who gets her way to a thinly veiled villain. I like it.

Princess Princess Princess Princess Cadence Not-Evil Good Pony had more personality than in canon, and I legitimately felt bad for her fate.

Spike is hilariously pathetic as usual, Applejack is blissful, Fluttershy is morally questionable while still adorable, Dash is comically flat, and Pinkie got cut for time. The song, wasn't my favorite of the series but provided some interesting backstory.

And, of course, the humor was spot-on, rapid fire to the point that I missed some of the jokes, good. I thought it met the standards of Friendship is Witchcraft, and it was worth the wait.

And to think, if this episode was like that, they are going to rip into CE if they apply the same concept that they have.
>> No. 2519740
Yeah, the lack of Pinkie was the only thing that kind of bothered me, but meh. Them setting up Twilight as a villain was very interesting.
>> No. 2519741
File 136166808065.png - (133.50KB , 422x500 , Celestia - Buck a Bitch.png )
Since the thread's about to die, I might as well throw this out there:

Friendship is Witchcraft is awful. All of it. Every time one of the episodes pops up on a livestream or videos countdown, I spend the entirety just watching it in stone silence. I even tried to watch the new one just to see if they had gotten better, or at least enough to justify everyone loving it so much, and quit after the first half was over with not even a smile.

The worst part is that it doesn't feel like you're allowed to dislike it. If you ever say anything against FiW, the fans come crawling out of the woodwork to call you "misinformed" and "humorless" and "unable to appreciate dark humor." The thing is, I love black comedy, I love parodies and abridged series of things I like or used to like, and I simply can't stand this series at all. That's the root problem of it all: I simply cannot anything worthwhile in this series. In some ways, it repulses me more than the. MOV series ever could.
>> No. 2519742
File 136166837985.png - (32.26KB , 945x945 , hoityshrug.png )
Yeah, I don't really understand all the hype over FiW. It's pretty decent, yes, but not this "super ultra epic funniest parody ever" that a lot of people make it out to be.
>> No. 2519743
File 136166830531.png - (528.04KB , 800x1010 , 134768082520.png )
There's always going to be those things that everyone sees as funny that just don't strike a chord, even if you come into it with a completely open mind. All my friends, who I'd like to say have generally good taste, love The Big Bang Theory, and I just bores me to sleep.
>> No. 2519744
File 136166839503.png - (34.00KB , 142x192 , 214321348.png )
While I do like FiW, I personally prefer the Mentally Advanced series more.
>> No. 2519745
I understand where you're coming from. I love it myself, but I can see why you wouldn't like it. Sorry, that you've had to deal with flankholes like that.
>> No. 2519746
File 136167226567.jpg - (19.39KB , 576x363 , HNI_0088_JPG.jpg )

Burn him at the stake!

Nah, it's okay to not like something that seemingly everyone else loves.

My Little Dashie. I loathe it. It's a fictional character ending up in the real world, but with artificial sappiness thrown in. But, everyone adores (adored? I haven't heard much from in recent months) it. I'm called soulless for not liking it. I even listened to a livestream with a dramatic reading of it (the dramatic reading was several hours, I only stuck around for about twenty minutes, left, came back an hour later, left when I saw it was still on, came back again after another hour, and caught the epilogue) and the chat was filled with "SO SAD <333" while I just thought it was... stupid.

It's alright to not like something popular, I assure you, as long as you aren't rude about it, and you aren't.
>> No. 2519747
I never cared for MLD either. It was just kind of meh to me.

I've never watched the Mentally Advance series, what kind of humor does it have?
>> No. 2519748
File 136167284591.png - (87.07KB , 500x500 , Greylight 10 out of 10.png )
You are on a goddamn roll, with your angry Celestia and your posts full of cutting truth. Never change, bro. Never change.
>> No. 2519749
Sort of more adult and absurdist. If you're interested, I'd recommend episode 5 (DS because they skipped the pilot) since that's when I think it really got good.


He also does Rainbow Dash Presents, which is a comedic retelling of fanfics (which usually involve gorillas). Much better versions of Cupcakes and My Little Dashie.
>> No. 2519750
Wait FlimFlamFilosophy does that series?! Okay, I definitely have to check this out!
>> No. 2519751
File 136167580403.png - (92.04KB , 469x800 , thinking2.png )

What? You don't like the .MOV series?
>> No. 2519752
So....wait, first, FiW has an episode about Twilight turning into a princess. Then Twilight turns into a princess in the show. And now they just made an episode about her getting married.

>> No. 2519753
>>The worst part is that it doesn't feel like you're allowed to dislike it.

that happen with everything. even with the show.

but the problem mostly is because you go and said "this suck and is awful" while you are surrounded by people who think it doesnt suck and it isnt awful. so technically you are saying what they like is awful and suck.
>> No. 2519754
File 136167640660.png - (92.28KB , 230x500 , Celestia - Curious.png )

Not particularly. Although there, it's more because I'm not really a fan of the animation or the more gross out kind of humor. Sorry.

(Then again, I've only seen the first two. I might give the others a chance to see if it improved.)

Last edited at Sat, Feb 23rd, 2013 20:25

>> No. 2519755

Don't. Trust me; it's more of the same, if you didn't like the first two you won't like the rest.
>> No. 2519756
File 136167931118.png - (305.35KB , 900x765 , gloves.png )

But Shed.mov is the best...followed closely by swag.mov.
>> No. 2519757
File 136167943291.gif - (615.79KB , 550x500 , 1351466104590.gif )
What about Apple.mov ?
>> No. 2519758
File 136167961372.png - (273.78KB , 1030x655 , oops.png )

Aye. That's the first one. He says he's already seen that one.
>> No. 2519759
File 136167995055.png - (198.37KB , 813x982 , 1359869213976.png )
No, I was asking you if you liked that one.
>> No. 2519760
File 136168042043.png - (126.38KB , 744x800 , tongueface2.png )

>> No. 2519761
SWAG made me have so much liquid pride.
>> No. 2519762

But it contains the same elements as the first two, so he wouldn't like it either.
>> No. 2519763
File 136168455238.jpg - (46.38KB , 429x700 , madness dance.jpg )
Oh! New FIW, nice to see new episodes are still coming out!
>> No. 2519764
File 136168474365.jpg - (280.42KB , 744x900 , 133298396798.jpg )

Damnit, I just now start to look at this thread right before its about to be locked so no more discussion on this; But I pretty much agree wholeheartedly with you fox.
>> No. 2519765
Yeah, I was worried it was canceled myself!
>> No. 2519766
File 136168602971.gif - (201.66KB , 500x281 , awe.gif )
Just finished it, laughed my flank off, best one to date i think.
>> No. 2519767
It's comedy.

Comedy is subjective.
>> No. 2519768
Hey... shouldn't this have been zapped? It's been 24 hours.
>> No. 2519769
File 136172986725.png - (134.71KB , 838x954 , 130867808020.png )
!!Shiny probably forgot. See you in /arch/!
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