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2517907 No. 2517907
Well, that was one great season, wasn't it?

The season finale is coming this week, and it's called Magical Mystery Cure by M. A. Larson, also known for writing other great episodes such as Sonic Rainboom, The Cutie Mark Chronicles, The Return of Harmony and Luna Eclipsed. The summary of this episode reads:

"Twilight accidentally casts a spell that switches the Cutie Marks and destinies of all her friends. The only way she can reverse the spell is by writing her own magic."

There will be a nine-episode marathon preceding the season finale, which will begin from 6:00 AM EST/3:00 AM PST and ending at 10:30 AM EST/7:30 AM PST, which is when the new episode will air. This is all going to happen on Saturday, February 16, airing at The Hub, so be sure not to miss it! Also, please do not forget to support this show through iTunes!


Dont forget to visit Bronystate to watch the episode as soon as it airs!
If talking isnt your thing, then the Spike room has no chatbox, while the Applejack and Rarity rooms are generally the quietest of the bunch.
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>> No. 2517908
File 136065990397.png - (16.31KB , 132x150 , sweetiebellsit130646126907.png )
Season finale time!
>> No. 2517909
File 136065995265.png - (148.14KB , 886x902 , 131153024111.png )
Juuuuuust kidding. Thread rebuilt, sticky for real this time!
>> No. 2517910
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Illidain, am I prepared?
>> No. 2517911
File 136066012533.png - (155.46KB , 1029x777 , rainbow_dash_salute_by_atomicgreymon-d3bo0dx.png )
Bring it on.
>> No. 2517912
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>> No. 2517913
File 136066242758.jpg - (1.03MB , 3200x3600 , Trixie Thread Ender.jpg )
Guys, no. Not ready yet. No.
>> No. 2517914
File 136066266755.png - (223.97KB , 448x497 , 133853180506.png )
>inb4 "It's happening" memes
>> No. 2517915
File 136066303612.png - (71.84KB , 1336x1508 , 214706__UNOPT__safe_pinkiedash_upside-down_artist-strangeside_png.png )
I'm ready! Let's do this!
>> No. 2517916
And I forgot to comment that the image looks positively strange, thank you spoiler images.
>> No. 2517917
File 136066589871.png - (187.36KB , 600x600 , 142483__UNOPT__.png )
Let's do this shit.
>> No. 2517918
File 136066664206.jpg - (14.36KB , 180x200 , SpiralSlide.jpg )
Whatever happens, happens. Let's do this.

Also, is the thing with the "Are ya prepared" mod-only, or can anyone do it?
>> No. 2517919
File 136066878268.gif - (174.14KB , 500x281 , don't panic.gif )
I'm too nervous to be ready. I want this season to end with the best episode, but all this hype/shitstorm have made me really nervous. I'm not sure do I want to see this episode ASAP or wait couple months, so I can cool down.
>> No. 2517920
My body is so ready it's sprouting wings.
>> No. 2517921
File 136066916812.jpg - (21.76KB , 429x362 , HNI_0072_JPG.jpg )
I apologize in advance for anything I might say or do after this episode airs.
>> No. 2517922
File 136067009467.png - (513.63KB , 700x993 , Greylight Arise.png )
This is day of judgement.
>> No. 2517923
File 136067050372.png - (82.72KB , 222x353 , n op 2.png )
A storm may be approaching.
>> No. 2517924
File 136067076986.png - (82.72KB , 222x353 , n op 2.png )
A storm may be approaching.
>> No. 2517925
File 136067078651.png - (82.72KB , 222x353 , n op 2.png )
A storm may be approaching.
>> No. 2517926
File 136067303027.jpg - (33.80KB , 256x357 , 256px-Recettear.jpg )
And we must prepare

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>> No. 2517927
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Should I get your speech ready madam?
For the Twilicorn resistance I mean (to-her not for her)
>> No. 2517928
File 136067885356.jpg - (39.46KB , 407x448 , hoity33.jpg )
Well, while all of you are shitstorming here on /arch/ I'll be up on the slopes in Vermont. Won't be able to watch it until later at night. Bagh.
>> No. 2517929
File 136068123983.jpg - (66.37KB , 524x472 , Pinkie Pie shitstorm.jpg )
>> No. 2517930
File 136068266203.jpg - (53.15KB , 500x349 , 1349122163680.jpg )
>> No. 2517931
File 136068400567.png - (197.54KB , 848x941 , 132618405402.png )
Sorry, I snuck it in and edited from 'ready' to 'prepared'.
>> No. 2517932
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  Something tells me that this video sums up what's going to happen in the /arch/ community when it comes to the finale.
>> No. 2517933
File 136068683569.png - (185.62KB , 856x933 , Pinkie Pie Vector Like A Sir.png )
My body is as ready as it's going to get.

Let's do this!
>> No. 2517935
File 136068838319.jpg - (117.50KB , 960x540 , 1352593577989.jpg )
Please don't falter on this one DHX. If there was ever episode that needs to live up to the high standards this show has earned the right to be judged upon, it needs to be this one.
>> No. 2517936
File 136069132739.png - (142.82KB , 426x188 , 136017708967.png )
My body is infinitely ready.
>> No. 2517937
File 136069249521.jpg - (165.79KB , 495x470 , SCV_normal.jpg )
SCV ready.
>> No. 2517938
File 136069713628.png - (321.30KB , 457x401 , magic is my talent now.png )
I'm curious. Are they just gonna swap destinies? or would we get body swap shenanigans on top of that?
>> No. 2517939
File 136069844555.gif - (87.61KB , 256x192 , phoenix-document(a).gif )
Body swapping would be way too much on top of cutie mark mark swapping. From what we've seen so far, it's just the cutie marks.
>> No. 2517941
Honestly if this episode isn't great it only has the S4 pilot to redeem itself, if neither sticks out as a truly good episode i'm going back to anime, and i have never made that claim before, and honestly i may catch an episode here and there to see if things picked up, but my participation in the fandom will stop, if that makes any sense.
I dont think i'm ready, but whatever.

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>> No. 2517943
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  My ribbons are ready.
>> No. 2517944
File 136070084290.png - (150.81KB , 888x900 , 1360470705577.png )
Alrighty then
>> No. 2517945
File 136070176219.gif - (270.75KB , 499x282 , tumblr_la3ogzjpcR1qc0hx4.gif )
Oh fuck...

It is time.
>> No. 2517946
I waited for this episode since summer with the leaked pictures of abandoned Ponyville.
>> No. 2517947
File 136070429942.png - (141.67KB , 600x600 , believe button.png )
Body is at maximum readiness.
Jimmies are secured.

>> No. 2517948
File 136070432357.png - (98.25KB , 276x294 , 131185582696.png )
Leaving the fandom because an episode is bad NEVER makes sense.

M.A. Larson knows his stuff, I'm looking forward to it.
>> No. 2517949
it's not just the episode, the second half of S3 honestly has bored me to tears, and even if this is bad i'm still going to give the pilot for S4 a chance to show me it's not all downhill.
>> No. 2517950
File 136070658569.png - (294.74KB , 976x1200 , 135945842179.png )
I'm ready. And not panicked. I'll watch the actual episode first, then decide if I need to get boozed up and riot. The switching cutie marks sounds fun. The other part, we'll see.
>> No. 2517951
File 136070673809.png - (41.82KB , 700x250 , 377.png )
Same here!
>> No. 2517952
File 136070682781.jpg - (175.98KB , 1000x750 , tokumei_sentai_go_busters___escape_by_pvryohei-d59q7q0.jpg )

I am in your camp, more or less. For me, Season 3 has just been wasted potential from start to finish. It just seems like the majority of episodes suffer from a myriad of different execution issues that have made things not as fun as they used to be. It's the reason why I'm nervous to all hell about Saturday.

If MMC doesn't deliver, I'll just write the season off as a loss and try to expunge it from my mind. Despite my disappointment, the first 2 seasons were just too good for me to write off the show completely for a half season I didn't like. Then there's the fact that I adored SiP, really, really liked WA inspite of its' ending, liked KCaFO, despite its' flaws and admired how well executed JFS and AFR were. That's at least 5 episodes that I would have no problem watching again, along with at least the 45 episodes thought were very good from the first 2 seasons.

That's 50 episodes of very good to masterful TV. And even in the 15 episodes I didn't think were stellar, only 5 at most were really bad. Put bluntly, they deserve another season to see if the show is still up to a level I deem extremely enjoyable.

And even if Season 4 tanks, Katie Cook is kicking as on the comics, so those will serve as my Pony Content. So unless everything goes to hell, I'm good.

Last edited at Tue, Feb 12th, 2013 15:27

>> No. 2517953
Eh, Up to WA (save for OBA), Season 3 was amazing, after that it had a noticeable drop in quality.
But hey, KCaFO was still good, GPP was almost good, and AFR wasn't really offensive.
It's only the Spike episodes that I really didn't like, and OBA.
Who knows, maybe the finale will actually be good, although I have my doubts on the impact that it may have on the rest of the show.
>> No. 2517954
File 136070815021.png - (222.41KB , 795x1004 , hoity1.png )
Indeed; First half of the season (except OBA) was great. It was just awesome episode after awesome episode after awesome episode.

But then after WA, it got a little bumpy:

AFR was just "okay".
SAYS is the worst episode of S3.
KCAFO was great.
JFS was just "okay".
GPP was pretty good.

I dunno what happened but I certainly agree that the latter half of S3 has been, on average, quite "meh" compared to the first half.

Last edited at Tue, Feb 12th, 2013 15:37

>> No. 2517955
File 136070805678.jpg - (27.06KB , 500x417 , HNI_0070_JPG.jpg )

I have to disagree in a case like this, the finale of a season where a huge change like this is going to happen. If you're that put off by it after watching, to the point that watching future episode might turn out to be tortuous, leaving the show may be a better option than forcing yourself to stay and being negative about everything that happens until those around you hate you.
>> No. 2517956
File 136070866314.jpg - (70.60KB , 800x450 , gobusters32-1013.jpg )

Look at it this way, Fluttershutter, if the episode does make you upset, you have at least 8 months to make peace with it. Of course, if you can't continue I'd more than understand. Better to leave in peace, then leave in pieces.

Who knows? You may feel differently after nearly 3/4 of a year.
>> No. 2517957
Yeah, had the second half of Season 3 kept with the quality of the first half, Season 3 would have been the best out of the three seasons no problem.
>> No. 2517958

It's probable that I'd still check out the beginning of Season 4 to see if this episode's hypothetical terribleness was contained to this episode like MMDW was (though I didn't think that one was going to have a widespread impact on future episodes like this one).
>> No. 2517959
File 136070940583.jpg - (9.10KB , 262x150 , 603207_3.jpg )
Keep calm and flutter on FlutterShutter.
>> No. 2517960
File 136070913181.png - (404.19KB , 3500x2832 , 133255848815.png )

I was right in my pessimistic prediction for the episodes post-mid-season-break~ (if...anyone had that screencap that was taken, heh).

I'm pretty impressed by Games Ponies Play though really, at least personally.
>> No. 2517961
File 136070941067.jpg - (48.08KB , 640x360 , HNI_0066_JPG.jpg )

I am calm, actually. Dread doesn't require working oneself up, as I've discovered. When the rage dies down but all the negative feelings you felt, sans anger, still remain, that's dread, at least as I describe it.

There might be a better word for it but I'm not a linguist.
>> No. 2517962
you still have my element :{
>> No. 2517963
File 136070972060.jpg - (60.69KB , 500x463 , tumblr_mhnv8dvVr51rriakmo1_500.jpg )
I have this image prepared for Saturday.
>> No. 2517964
File 136071009453.png - (247.07KB , 900x738 , Greylacorn Snow.png )
I've been preparing images for this Saturday for years.

I just didn't know it.
>> No. 2517965
File 136071014808.jpg - (1.49MB , 1920x1200 , alicorn twilight in battle.jpg )
I always hoped it would happen, I knew it should happen, I just never really thought I'd actually get to see it happen...

Sweet delicious tears! Yummy! The tears of unfathomable sadness! Yummy you guys!

Cheer up Fluttershutter! I really hate to see you so down. It's unfortunate something that brings me so much joy can bring you so much despair.
>> No. 2517966
File 136071042243.png - (183.09KB , 1040x768 , chocolatecake.png )

I still find it a little funny how you guys not only don't mind the big change coming up but you really want it to happen as well.
>> No. 2517967
File 136071061889.png - (622.40KB , 780x1000 , Twilight the usurper.png )
Well, I will admit it's happening sooner than I would have liked it to... Personally, I would have saved Alicornication for the series finale. But hey, I will not look this gift-horse in the mouth.
>> No. 2517968
File 136071087223.png - (89.95KB , 534x600 , alicorn2.png )

That just means that her becoming an alicorn won't be the biggest thing to happen on this show.
>> No. 2517969
File 136071110489.jpg - (182.42KB , 1112x922 , twilights transformation.jpg )
And I'm ok with that... Although, I'm not quite sure what could be bigger than Twilight becoming an alicorn. But I've got a few headcanon ideas I'm start fleshing out.
>> No. 2517970
File 136071109547.jpg - (14.14KB , 180x259 , DD-RAIST.jpg )
Ticket returning, nothing would be more epic.
>> No. 2517971
File 136071131324.jpg - (133.54KB , 373x350 , 166.jpg )
I'm actually feeling really optimistic.
>> No. 2517972
File 136071148003.png - (151.10KB , 666x662 , Howticket.png )
>> No. 2517973
File 136071277773.jpg - (33.64KB , 660x398 , HNI_0047_JPG.jpg )

Oh Beardswirl. You and I both knew that there would come a point where one of us would have our dreams for the show come true, even though the other person wouldn't be able to accept it.

Know that I hold no ill will to your teasings in the past about Twilicorn. You didn't know it was happening for sure back then, so you couldn't have anticipated my reaction.

But, please don't let my gloom dampen your utter joy. This is your moment, my opinion shouldn't matter to you. I don't want it to, because it would only make you enjoy your celebration and ascension to your Twilicorn empire less. Just don't think of me after the episode airs, promise me you won't.
>> No. 2517974
File 136071283727.png - (174.22KB , 994x900 , Alicorn Greylight Sad.png )
What I find a bit sad is that other fans of different ponies don't see this is as a really good sign. A character achieving a dream and getting a permanent change? That rarely happens in these types of shows. And it opens up so many avenues. We may yet see Wonderbolt Dash. Master Fashion Designer Rarity. Cutie marks on our CMCs flanks. All these things we've hoped for for years, but never really thought would seriously happen in canon.
>> No. 2517975
File 136071310072.png - (78.73KB , 182x272 , cilan 2-12-2.png )
I wonder how season 4's intro will change, if at all. Just the same as usual but with alicorn Twilight, or possibly a completely redone intro.
>> No. 2517976
File 136071315818.png - (173.08KB , 1024x858 , 26.png )
While I can promise you that I won't let your gloom dampen my excitement, I won't promise that I will not think of you. I'll be hoping that you take it better than you think you will. I truly do hope for the best for you Flutters.
>> No. 2517977
File 136071339710.png - (563.02KB , 655x800 , 83680__UNOPT__safe_fluttershy_alicorn_artist-leviosarose.png )

Maybe you'd prefer it if it was Fluttershy.
>> No. 2517978
since when was it twilight's dream to be a princess? I don't recall her ever showing a great deal of interest in flying, she's just been steadily getting better at magic, which i was under the impression was her dream, to be the next great mage.
>> No. 2517979
File 136071385091.jpg - (87.77KB , 725x756 , 9.jpg )
Well you could take it a step further. Twilight was inspired to study magic after seeing Celestia raise the sun. She displays hero-worship mentality towards Celestia, being her most faithful student. It's pretty obvious that Twilight wants to be like Celestia at least on a subconscious level. So while she's never come out and said "I want to be a Princess!" it's not completley illogical to infer that deep down, she kinda did.
>> No. 2517980
File 136071397505.png - (400.26KB , 1206x1078 , Detective Greylight Puzzled.png )
Since it involves writing her own magic, apparently becoming a princess may be the next step of evolution on that road oh god this is becoming like a Pokemon reference.


Anyway, I get the feeling that destiny in the Pony universe is kind. Every pony likes their cutie mark, and I'm sure Twilight would like being a princess.
>> No. 2517981
File 136071409865.jpg - (21.76KB , 429x362 , HNI_0072_JPG.jpg )

I don't want such a physical change to happen to any of the characters. Even if I dislike S3 Twilight, I don't want this kind of power shift to happen to any of the characters.


I do appreciate your consideration for the little guy, but you don't have to. I also hope something happens in the episode, some twist, that restores faith in the show, but it just doesn't seem like we have the time in the episode. It seems even the destiny swapping, the part I was excited about, will only exist as a plot device rather than being the plot. I don't think even M. A. Larson can help my gloom, and thinking of me won't have any positive effect on you.
>> No. 2517982
so only princesses can write magic? But i don't think starswirl the bearded wasn't an alicorn, i thought he was just a unicorn.
>> No. 2517983
File 136071429345.png - (118.47KB , 1000x1000 , alicorn.png )

Yes. You THOUGHT so, didn't you?
>> No. 2517984
i'm re-watching a few episodes as we speak to try and confirm/deny this
>> No. 2517985
Because Starswirl already has two horns.
*wink, wink*
>> No. 2517986
File 136071451284.png - (86.86KB , 700x729 , deal with it 1.png )
Starswirl the Bearded lived before the discovery of the Elements of Harmony. And the EoH are an integral part of becoming an alicorn, thus he was never able to achieve that level himself.

>> No. 2517987

I'd just like to say that if Starswirl was an alicorn it would make Twilicorn much less harsh.

But, when I said that, I got a near-universal cry of "shut up with your headcanon Starswirl can't be an alicorn because [X, Y, and Z]."
>> No. 2517988
File 136071463236.png - (453.36KB , 489x640 , alicorn3.png )

Go ahead, but Cadence and Celestia have both been called unicorns before and we've never seen what Starswirl looks like.
>> No. 2517989

>> No. 2517990
Alright, you want proof that Starswirl isn't a Alicorn?
Twilight doesn't wear wings in her Nightmare Night costume.
Bam, debunked.
>> No. 2517991
i heard there was something on hearths warming eve too, but i have to go to netflix to re-watch that
>> No. 2517992
but so far every alicorn has had the title of "princess" and star swirl isn't a prince, (they have certainly never called him one whereas with celestia/luna/cadence, they have all been princesses), hell maybe that's how they decide who gets to be in charge idk.

Last edited at Tue, Feb 12th, 2013 17:25

>> No. 2517993
File 136071514378.png - (143.36KB , 852x852 , smeel2.png )

They're under the robe.
>> No. 2517994
File 136071551985.jpg - (160.64KB , 1280x720 , 1349633943926.jpg )

And that's the problem I think a lot of other fans have. We've seen Twilight get closer to her dream and becoming an actual adult, as we've seen the rest of the cast grow more childish, or be stuck where they are. The only real exception to this is Rainbow Dash, because I don't trust ANYONE to keep Fluttershy's Character Development past her next focus episode.

Until they show us that the other characters will still matter beyond their basest characteristics when episodes like these come up, you'll unfortunately have that nervousness.
>> No. 2517995
File 136071614308.png - (228.12KB , 900x947 , princess_rarity_by_pageturner1988-d410tlq.png )

I wonder how Rarity feels about Twilight living her dream.

Next we'll have Applejack become a wonderbolt.
>> No. 2517996
File 136071637849.png - (408.83KB , 630x618 , 1359708288875.png )

Personally, I think Rarity cares more about being shown as a 3-dimensional character at this point. Girl has priorities, you know?
>> No. 2517997
File 136071662357.png - (221.58KB , 598x323 , mlfw1084_foreverap.png )

Yah like finding herself a man
>> No. 2517998
File 136071704497.png - (204.66KB , 900x794 , 1360510838719.png )

Oh come on. You can do better than that and you know it.

Last edited at Tue, Feb 12th, 2013 17:58

>> No. 2517999
File 136071730872.jpg - (93.61KB , 500x459 , tumblr_mhkdi3uRlG1qijf4oo1_500.jpg )

Marrying Twilight?

Last edited at Tue, Feb 12th, 2013 18:06

>> No. 2518000
File 136071812010.png - (229.36KB , 361x400 , happybirthdayponydora.png )

Twilight? Everyone knows Rarity is down with Fancy Pants.
>> No. 2518001
File 136071823791.png - (883.30KB , 1280x720 , just as planned.png )
>mine countenance whereupon Equestria Girls shitstorm is distracting everyone and preventing an Alicorn Twilight shitstorm...

Last edited at Tue, Feb 12th, 2013 18:16

>> No. 2518002
File 136071888231.png - (275.73KB , 400x800 , 205458__UNOPT__safe_rarity_comic_spike_artist-hak2.png )
>> No. 2518003
File 136071961517.png - (174.38KB , 500x389 , tumblr_lonlm2epDE1qmmu9lo1_500.png )

I saw it as more of a mentor thing, but I can definitely see where you're coming from.

Twarity is still best ship though :P
>> No. 2518004
File 136072049199.png - (224.92KB , 1050x804 , 130102__UNOPT__.png )

A very unorthodox ship..

Still cute tho
>> No. 2518005
File 136072076942.png - (649.70KB , 900x900 , Por Shai-Hulud!.png )

The sleeper has awakened.
>> No. 2518006
File 136072063395.png - (463.18KB , 942x591 , 36933bb35394075907762625f00467cf-d4crfiu.png )

My bro!
>> No. 2518007
File 136072230027.png - (782.11KB , 1366x768 , Greylight Just As Planned.png )
>> No. 2518008

It puts things in perspective that no matter how terrible something is it could always be worse. I think that announcement has actually helped with my Twilicorn gloom, replacing it with humans gloom, and, to be honest, even that is being lessened by people making period jokes about it, reminding me that it can always be made fun of to be entertaining a la Star Wars Holiday Special.

These mood swings probably aren't healthy in the slightest, but as long as I'm not depressed or furious I'm okay.

>inb4 I relapse on Saturday at 8:00 EST
>> No. 2518009
File 136072548242.png - (84.80KB , 280x280 , 1321161849759.png )
Glad to see you're feeling better Flutters...
>> No. 2518010
File 136072647939.gif - (649.50KB , 500x307 , SHIPPING.gif )

That's it! I ship FlutterSwirl! You guys act too cute around each other!
>> No. 2518011
File 136072627136.gif - (649.50KB , 500x307 , SHIPPING.gif )

That's it! I ship FlutterSwirl! You guys act too cute around each other!
>> No. 2518012
File 136072632869.png - (493.35KB , 720x720 , Beardswirl X Fluttershutter OTP.png )
>> No. 2518013
File 136072667047.jpg - (98.11KB , 500x500 , HNI_0094_JPG.jpg )

You still like me? I was afraid you stopped caring about me after I offended you a couple weeks back, I'm relieved you still find me shippable even if 441 is my true love.
>> No. 2518014

Ah a Modaka fan!

How are thee?!
>> No. 2518015
File 136072709491.jpg - (135.23KB , 700x847 , Bedtime with QB.jpg )

Hatred is no longer a word I try to embrace, unless I must.


I was about to go to sleep myself, I'll check in here tomorrow~
>> No. 2518016
File 136073070498.jpg - (164.55KB , 1452x800 , octaviacuddle.jpg )

Staying true to your element I see.
>> No. 2518017
File 136073140521.png - (1.17MB , 1200x1200 , twilight_x_rarity_by_thefabledrarity-d4v1cgx (1).png )

It's what I was born to do man.
>> No. 2518018
File 136073654337.png - (10.76KB , 519x90 , tap dance.png )
I wonder how ponies tap dance.
>> No. 2518019
File 136074309328.png - (26.56KB , 640x160 , 240956__UNOPT__safe_meta_twitter_m-period-a-period--larson_png.png )
Nevertheless with wolverine claws
>> No. 2518020
File 136074572726.jpg - (209.51KB , 900x700 , alicorn20.jpg )

Errybody's on Twitter makin' jokes as the fandom is crumbling around them!
>> No. 2518021
Well the whole staff can move on after FiM bites the dust. Now please don't get me wrong, i'm certainly not saying they don't care about the show/fans ect, they have shown more respect for the fandom and skill in the execution of the show than anyone could have asked of them

But at the same time if FiM ends, everyone involved will have no trouble finding other work, and i feel like if it really does fall to pieces i don't want to hold on til the bitter bitter end and tarnish my good memories of the show by watching it limp to it's grave.

But i wouldn't change a thing, the way the show took the world by storm, the unprecedented rise of the fandom, and all the other happenings that if you told someone it would happen before it happened they would think you'd lost it, the time spent smiling, laughing, crying, and even raging with all of you truly has been a pleasure, and even if this is the end, i don't regret a single moment of it, the show has been awesome, and you guys are awesome, i will always remember you guys fondly, even if i don't show up anymore after seeing this weeks episode, because at this point, after all we have been through together, i consider you all my friends, and friendship...is magic.

Last edited at Wed, Feb 13th, 2013 02:44

>> No. 2518022
File 136074785677.png - (195.04KB , 420x194 , titanicband.png )
>> No. 2518023
File 136075115442.png - (393.81KB , 900x629 , TacticalBookfort.png )
After hearing leaked song, something have been bothering me. I have a feeling that synopsis and song lyrics tell us more about up coming episode than it's seems at first glance. I have to write my thought down, before I can calm down, so here I go.

First, my ideas who got who's cutie mark:
Applejack -> dress making
Rarity -> weather
Rainbow Dash -> caring animals
Pinkie Pie -> Sweet Apple Acre
Fluttershy -> "party"

Now, in synopsis it said "The only way she can reverse the spell is by writing her own magic", and in song we hear how everything is turning ok. BUT, for me it doesn't sound like Twilight is using her magic to turn everything fine (like memory spell in The Return of Harmony). And if all they need is Twilight's magic, then what purpose does it make to say "We need your help"?

For me it seems like when their cutie marks and destinies switched, they got jobs they aren't good with, like Applejack making dresses. In song Twilight gathered her friends together in specific order. First is clearly Fluttershy before song started. Next is Rainbow Dash, who had Fluttershy's job. Then Rarity with Rainbow Dash's job. After that Applejack who is trying to make dresses. Last one was Pinkie Pie in farm. In other words, they always helped pony that original job is one a next pony currently have.

My idea is that they don't use just spell casting magic to help everypony, but rather magic of friendship I know, what a shock. It's looks like everything turns out fine every time friends got together and I assume it turned out fine because everypony helped pony in trouble to do her current job. This would go fine with other season 3 episode Larson wrote, Magic Duel. There Twilight learned to use her friends help while using her magic.

But how all of this fit with Twilight becoming alicorn and how they managed to "switches the Cutie Marks and destinies of all her friends"? Didn't Twilight said in Call of the Cutie that not even magic can help fillies to get their cutie mark any faster. One might think you need really powerful magic to do such reality altering magic. Maybe it would be possible if they have the most powerful magic known to ponydom --- Wait a minute! What if for some reason mane 6 used the Elements, and then by accident Twilight "switches the Cutie Marks and destinies of all her friends". After all, I would be interested on the Elements, what you can do with them and what not.

Now the alicorn thing. All I'm going to write here is pure speculation and should threat as such. So far most poster have threated her becoming alicorn as if she's turning to completely different being, getting more power than any other her friends. But maybe we have watched it in wrong way. Why are Celestia and Luna alicorns begin with? I can't remember where I read it, but I remember Faust saying Celestia have horn and wings to represent all pony races in Equestria, earth ponies, pegasus ponies and unicorn ponies. My though is that Twilight turning to alicorn is mostly symbolic, showing that with help of her friends (earth, pegasus and unicorn ponies) she can now achieve any goal. I'm NOT SAYING that she'll become any super-goddess. I'm sure she still need her friends help. Her transform is probably physical mark of her becoming one with her friends, ending one of her story arc. She's not anymore learning to be a good friend, she is now a "True, True Friend". And BEFORE YOU REPLY, I'm not saying this had to happens. I still think they could and probably should kept Twilight unicorn and than alicorn Twilight is Hasbro mandate, and this is just my idea of how this transformation can be justified in story lines and reasons.
>> No. 2518024
File 136075323861.png - (133.48KB , 125x200 , Insane-Twilight-Sparkle-Human-twilight-sparkle-32330215-125-200.png )
NO! My fanfic is ruined!!!
Really though I am wondering how they're going to do this, the you said it seems pretty good.
No amount of calming will be able to keep her cool when she realizes what has happened
>> No. 2518026

Well, that mostly does make sense; the one flaw I noticed was, we don't really see Celestia and Luna with friends due to their age.

"It was the magic of friendship" does help explain why Starswirl isn't an alicorn as many people say.
>> No. 2518027
File 136075531025.png - (183.94KB , 865x923 , Rarity imagining.png )
Well, this seems like a pretty good idea.

Last edited at Wed, Feb 13th, 2013 04:35

>> No. 2518028
Celestia is getting a song !
>> No. 2518029
File 136076017282.png - (190.07KB , 249x360 , cilan fangasm.png )
Oooh, multiple songs.

Last edited at Wed, Feb 13th, 2013 05:56

>> No. 2518030
File 136076023643.png - (141.08KB , 386x360 , 133355918742.png )

>inb4 441's conflicted emotions
>> No. 2518031
Wait, what?
No seriously, what?
We're going to get two songs, and they don't look to be reprises.

Dammit Ingram, I can't hold all these songs.
>> No. 2518032
File 136076180333.png - (157.79KB , 900x747 , Bounding Rarity.png )
>441's face when
>> No. 2518033
File 136076338464.png - (68.36KB , 132x541 , Aw ___ fuck.png )

Holy tea cup! I need to inform the Wanderers abou this.
>> No. 2518034
So, can anybody confirm if this is legit?
Because if it is... I might just about travel to Canada and sell my soul to Larson.
If this bit:
"had multiple catchy songs (including one sung by Celestia! No, seriously, guys, we get Celestia singing)"
Is real, done, tenouttaten, five stars, six disembodied pony butts out of Lauren Faust on a unicycle.

Last edited at Wed, Feb 13th, 2013 07:26

>> No. 2518035
File 136076580491.jpg - (76.04KB , 1280x720 , QB.jpg )

Looks pretty legit to me, are you sure you didn't already sold your soul for this?
>> No. 2518036
Fuck you white fox thing, Larson has promised me singing Celestia, that is far better than your stupid Faustian wishes.

And I'm not joking, if Celestia does sing, I'm going to give this episode a 10/10, no matter what other kind of stupid shit it pulls off.

Last edited at Wed, Feb 13th, 2013 07:35

>> No. 2518037
File 136076657223.gif - (366.04KB , 500x360 , Ears Flapping.gif )

It seems someone else had their wish come true then, I'm going to be busy.

Last edited at Wed, Feb 13th, 2013 07:45

>> No. 2518041
File 136076688259.gif - (1.80MB , 628x432 , 224467__UNOPT__safe_animated_sweetie-belle_spoiler-s03e11_gif.gif )

>We're going to get two songs
"multiple catchy songs"
>> No. 2518042
File 136076725926.png - (175.77KB , 450x510 , Spike 2-6 (30).png )
Added Bronystate links.
>> No. 2518043
I did say dimmit Ingram, I thought earworms were his schtick...

A year later and I still catch Smile, Smile, Smile, popping into my head whenever I hear that word.
>> No. 2518044
File 136076827351.png - (197.88KB , 819x593 , celestia___rap_battle_by_paper_pony-d43jkcr.png )
>And I'm not joking, if Celestia does sing, I'm going to give this episode a 10/10, no matter what other kind of stupid shit it pulls off.
What if she rap?
>> No. 2518045
Still 10/10.
>> No. 2518046
File 136076910958.png - (0.98MB , 1280x1464 , hello_there__darlin____by_andreac-d56gwy0.png )

She'd replace Luna as Best Princess for the next 1,000 years.

Unless her verse is Soulja Boy level, then she'd need to be banished to the Sun.
>> No. 2518047

Kyubee get out of here.
>> No. 2518048
And thus began the worst rap-off in the history of Equestria.
>> No. 2518049
File 136077022369.jpg - (683.36KB , 1100x1000 , Heh.jpg )

He gets on my Laptop when I get distracted.


What are you really expecting her to sing and sing about? In what moment?
>> No. 2518050

Alright... I guess I believe that... for now
>> No. 2518051
I don't know! That's part of the fun! Can't wait to see for what reason she sings, and how.
>> No. 2518052
File 136077128634.jpg - (750.30KB , 1000x1300 , Simply Refreshing.jpg )

It's going to be a long wait... I hope this will help poor Celestia become more popular.


Don't you trust me?~
>> No. 2518053
It's her dying song.
>> No. 2518054
And you will sing the encore if you don't shut your godamn fucking fat face.
>> No. 2518055

How about a battle song?!
>> No. 2518056
File 136077159325.jpg - (121.29KB , 960x660 , 132968920810.jpg )
Does anypony knows who this Katie Cullen is? Can we trust her evaluation on up coming episode?

"Keeping it spoiler-free, I did enjoy the episode much more than I thought I would. It was cleverly executed, had multiple catchy songs (including one sung by Celestia! No, seriously, guys, we get Celestia singing), and was overall very fun to watch. Pinkie Pie stole the show, but in Equestria, that’s basically Tuesday."
>> No. 2518057

Hmm...well you are a magical girl... so yeah I do.
>> No. 2518058
I dunno, but it's a site with no ties to the brony community, I doubt that she would give a fraudulent report on a event just to mess with the brony community.
Specially when the website looks pretty legit.
>> No. 2518059
File 136077181648.png - (204.14KB , 469x718 , You really like to rush things up.png )

I expect more of a "Love is in Bloom" moment song from her.


I would like a 2nd opinion from a more unbiased source!


>> No. 2518060
Youtube embed play button
What about 99 Buckets of Oats on the Wall?
>> No. 2518061
File 136077414779.png - (279.23KB , 500x1160 , xOvkYMn9pUyi8fTCIhq06A2.png )
I'm not talking about bias. I'm more concern of her saying "I did enjoy the episode much more than I thought I would". Did she though episode will suck while it ended to be just "meh". Or did she expected awesome episode and end up having even better episode? Or is she just surprised than episode about colorful cartoon ponies is good at all?
>> No. 2518062
Oh, I thought you were talking about the possibility of it being fraudulent.
Well, generally when people say that, they mean that something that they didn't expect to like turned out to be pretty good, and judging by the track record of the show, I think we can expect the episode to be throughly enjoyable.
>> No. 2518063
File 136077466185.gif - (2.53MB , 670x425 , 82031 - animated gif Hubble rarity Sweetie_Belle.gif )

STFU Sweetie Belle!
>> No. 2518064
File 136077721676.png - (630.56KB , 900x673 , Catlestia.png )
I would pay lots of money to see Celestia sing this.
>> No. 2518065
File 136078012469.png - (157.51KB , 848x900 , 237379__UNOPT__safe_sweetie-belle_cmc_png.png )
I want full version of it.
>> No. 2518066
File 136078397993.jpg - (350.84KB , 1920x1080 , twilight_alicorn_main_character_RAGE.jpg )
Got the image from here.


Make what you will of it. I sure have!
>> No. 2518067
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 2518068
File 136078455835.png - (377.94KB , 3000x5051 , 164938__UNOPT__.png )
>> No. 2518069
File 136078848062.gif - (6.43MB , 1080x1080 , not raging.gif )

Really? That's great news! I think my dread may be lifting because of this-


>> No. 2518070
File 136078858784.jpg - (82.18KB , 680x776 , 136073318418.jpg )
About that...
That said, Celestia song is happening, this episode is gonna get a high score from me!
>> No. 2518071
File 136078980545.png - (403.55KB , 1280x720 , hoity12.png )
Sethisto just said in his write-up that:

Daniel Ingram was involved in the whole thing. Musical episode confirmed?

He also said that We even get some fandom shoutouts that have been somewhat absent this season. Dərpy confirmed?

God fucking damnit, why did my father have to plan the Vermont trip for this weekend?!
>> No. 2518072
File 136078986061.png - (737.09KB , 901x805 , My dearest Fluttershy.png )

Trust me, it will be okay.


The anticipation is killing me.
>> No. 2518073
Sorry, I didn't mean to bring you down again with that image if I did. The image itself was just asking for that caption with the way Twilight was posing. It looked so obnoxiously smug to me.

Also, that might have been the wrong thing to name the image. I wasn't actually raging, it was supposed to be for humor. I did do a double take at the image though, for the reasons above.

Last edited at Wed, Feb 13th, 2013 14:25

>> No. 2518074
File 136079040563.png - (141.08KB , 386x360 , 133355918742.png )

If it's a musical episode then it can easily be ignored!
>> No. 2518075
File 136079043250.png - (805.96KB , 1092x984 , 133850812603.png )
On the one hand... I absolutely detest Twilight as a character...

On the other... I love the music in this show. Looks like I'm going to have to grit my teeth through this one.
>> No. 2518076
My hopes for that Rarity/octavia duet might just prove truthful afterall?! :o
>> No. 2518077
File 136079069118.jpg - (35.09KB , 444x485 , 135965390688.jpg )
...For the 193581923rd time, show staff confirmed that as being false. They never said it was happening in the first place, IIRC they just said it would be cool and one of the VA's did an Octavia impression. And then the fandom shit itself and started claiming "RARITY/OCTAVIA DUET CONFIRMED!11" and crap.
>> No. 2518078
Come on, don't step on his hopes, I got my wish, he can have his.
>> No. 2518079
File 136079132481.png - (157.89KB , 802x997 , sad_sweetie_belle_by_crimsongear-d5nj6iy.png )
But atleast fluttershy will turn into a dragon...........right?
>> No. 2518080
File 136079170432.jpg - (25.51KB , 500x450 , NO.jpg )
>> No. 2518081
File 136079193555.png - (385.28KB , 637x673 , This is not the holiday vacation I signed up for.png )

Hardly. Music is a fine venue for storytelling, or have you not heard of opera?
>> No. 2518082
File 136079230077.png - (315.34KB , 667x597 , hoity10.png )

I actually enjoyed Shrek: The Musical a lot better than the original movie.
>> No. 2518083
File 136079560814.jpg - (130.25KB , 960x540 , 66699_602549566429151_469754320_n.jpg )
>tfw Vinyl Scratch
>> No. 2518084
File 136079603807.png - (752.39KB , 737x701 , g3sur6.png )
I agree with you on that one.

And I think a musical episode would be the perfect way to express all this in just 22 minutes. Sometimes song just gets stuff through quicker without it feeling rushed.
>> No. 2518085
File 136079700210.jpg - (54.15KB , 689x618 , HNI_0052_JPG.jpg )

No, this is Dərpy's spot! Vinyl can come too, but only if Dərpy appears first!

Dərpy would singlehandedly rescue any and all hopes. It won't have any effect on my view of this episode, but it will reassure me of Season 4.
>> No. 2518086
I guess you can throw a party with Vinyl, Daisy, and Shoeshine.
>> No. 2518087
File 136079703792.jpg - (6.97KB , 141x144 , cilan_display.jpg )
Why would you want to see the back of Dərpy's head? That's the most we've seen of her all season.

If we're going to truly see Dərpy again, it'll be from the front.
>> No. 2518088
File 136079773003.jpg - (66.33KB , 500x529 , 8fb.jpg )
>tfw our "fandom shoutout" is just seeing the back of a pony's head for a second or two

Not to sound greedy, but...that's it? Bleh.
>> No. 2518089
File 136079764541.jpg - (90.63KB , 619x775 , Pony.jpg )

It could be worse.
You could dislike Vinyl, Like I do.
>> No. 2518090
File 136079770472.png - (176.52KB , 500x249 , 1334272167846.png )
>disliking Vinyl Scratch
>any year
>> No. 2518091

Wait, that image is the shout out described?

My hopes are fading again.
>> No. 2518092
File 136079807750.png - (222.41KB , 795x1004 , hoity1.png )
No, Seth just mentioned there were "fandom shout outs".
>> No. 2518093

I'll eat my hat if that's the only angle we see Vinyl from. I'll also eat my second hat if that's the only "fandom shoutout" we get.
>> No. 2518094
He did say references.
>> No. 2518095
File 136079897703.jpg - (535.71KB , 780x1020 , Big Smile, Bigger Boobz.jpg )

Just because she is a white unicorn doesn't mean she gets a free pass, neither does the pile of preconceived fandumb that follows her, with Dərpy out of the way, I wonder if she or Lyra will be the next to go.
>> No. 2518096
File 136079934420.jpg - (377.42KB , 707x1024 , hoity27.jpg )
They won't go anywhere, they're not "offensive".

However I do agree with you on all the ridiculous fandumb. But then again, fandumb is bad regardless of the character.
>> No. 2518097
File 136079991142.jpg - (88.80KB , 565x800 , I wonder how much I can stretch these.jpg )

Certain characters you can't even discuss them or look for pics without running into it.
>> No. 2518098
File 136080099584.png - (114.60KB , 800x800 , babysad.png )

I don't even
>> No. 2518099
File 136080217661.png - (802.10KB , 801x741 , g3sur8.png )
People, look what you are freaking about now. Seriously.

Complaining about the back of a head. The back of a head we'll probably see more of. Seriously, at least the other shitstorms going on have a bit of a basis.
>> No. 2518100
File 136080230449.png - (155.72KB , 408x417 , your fault.png )
This is all your fault Bollox. We could've had Dərpy there if you had just kept posting as her, but instead you had to post as Vinyl.
>> No. 2518101
File 136080254292.gif - (161.66KB , 300x291 , do want do want do want.gif )
Holy shit... It's more amazing than I ever imagined!

If it is indeed a musical I... there are no words. I can't describe the level of anticipation I have right now.
>> No. 2518102
File 136080262198.png - (245.01KB , 800x800 , dashface2.png )

Then I shall post as Dərpy and they'll have to put her back in, rite?
>> No. 2518103
File 136080294205.png - (46.42KB , 150x192 , 6-2.png )
Sure, why not?
>> No. 2518104
File 136080291663.png - (197.71KB , 500x281 , tumblr_mbe4gpjpVI1rs6t0w.png )

>> No. 2518105
File 136080304852.png - (242.69KB , 326x333 , cilan surprised.png )
Oh god, who could create such a thing?!

>> No. 2518106
File 136080306340.jpg - (309.92KB , 1440x900 , 136071345579.jpg )
that pic... Kill it with fire
>> No. 2518107
File 136080308669.png - (296.84KB , 636x720 , tumblr_m13jxkpCBm1r2en1ko6_1280.png )
No! It may look creepy, but it's still a Cilan!
>> No. 2518108
File 136080309162.png - (136.73KB , 900x841 , Pinkie Pie Here Comes PINKIE!!!.png )

>dat pic~
>> No. 2518110
File 136080532642.png - (155.64KB , 500x578 , Strawberry Milkshake.png )

Even the trees have faces. Creepy.
>> No. 2518111
File 136080561600.png - (227.06KB , 492x360 , 4.png )
>Even the trees have faces

That's the best part...
>> No. 2518112
File 136080571058.gif - (708.13KB , 500x281 , spoiler.gif )
>trees having faces
>> No. 2518113
File 136080587742.gif - (297.94KB , 320x164 , Pinkie Pie Laugh the Trolls Away.gif )
>> No. 2518114
File 136080578550.jpg - (133.52KB , 783x590 , zalgo.jpg )
>> No. 2518115
File 136080638750.png - (1.27MB , 730x1095 , Detailed Celestia.png )

That image always tried way too hard to be scary.

It's cute.
>> No. 2518116
File 136080623196.png - (79.35KB , 816x979 , scared3.png )

It made me pee my pants a bit
>> No. 2518117
File 136080657697.png - (268.71KB , 655x674 , spike_wait was that an insult.png )
>> No. 2518118
File 136080658262.png - (198.90KB , 981x1000 , twilight dont look.png )
It made me pee my pants a lot.
>> No. 2518119
File 136080750053.jpg - (156.66KB , 1024x768 , daleks.jpg )
>> No. 2518120
File 136080764437.png - (630.56KB , 900x673 , Sun Pony.png )

You poor sods.


Why yes, I am cute. Thank you!

It's gonna be a long wait until this Saturday...
>> No. 2518121
File 136080778293.png - (433.03KB , 900x900 , diapers.png )

I recommend a diaper.
>> No. 2518122
File 136080783101.jpg - (82.80KB , 945x945 , dude.jpg )
>It's gonna be a long wait until this Saturday...

We should play a game to pass the time!
>> No. 2518123
File 136081254115.jpg - (8.53KB , 213x237 , images.jpg )
What kind of game?
>> No. 2518124
File 136081258242.jpg - (87.77KB , 725x756 , 9.jpg )
What did you have in mind?
>> No. 2518125
File 136081279078.jpg - (18.24KB , 320x272 , HNI_0035_JPG.jpg )

How many fingers am I holding up?
>> No. 2518126
File 136081288892.jpg - (93.04KB , 974x869 , future twilight determined.jpg )
>> No. 2518127
File 136081307071.jpg - (124.76KB , 1000x1000 , rarity_I___.jpg )
>> No. 2518128
File 136081456218.jpg - (859.12KB , 1280x717 , partygames.jpg )

Do you know how to play "My Father Owns a Grocery Store..."?
>> No. 2518129
File 136081491216.png - (230.05KB , 426x385 , 3.png )
No... Explain the rules!
>> No. 2518130
Each player takes turn saying "My father owns a grocery store, and in it he sells _". The first person chooses a food that starts with A, then the second person repeats what the previous person said and adds something with B, and so on until Z or someone messes up.
>> No. 2518131
File 136081529882.jpg - (64.64KB , 679x743 , 6.jpg )
Oh that game... I've called it "We're going to the moon..." and you say what you're gonna bring on the trip to the moon. But yeah, I am familiar with it.
>> No. 2518132
File 136081545106.jpg - (17.41KB , 309x266 , goon.jpg )

The way I play it you can use any adjective:

Ex. Something that is green, something that is round etc.

But I guess that choice is up to whomever is it!

Who wants to go first?
>> No. 2518133
File 136081583504.png - (114.97KB , 500x535 , jester2.png )

Basiacally it's like a guessing game. Like guess which food im thinking of.
>> No. 2518134
>> No. 2518135
File 136081616903.png - (960.83KB , 1280x720 , 14.png )
>> No. 2518136
File 136081637996.png - (453.50KB , 900x900 , albertwesker.png )

Gotta start with a hint.
My father owns a grocery store, and in it he sells something green
>> No. 2518137

Last edited at Wed, Feb 13th, 2013 21:34

>> No. 2518138
File 136081647982.png - (497.94KB , 1277x713 , 1.png )
>> No. 2518139
File 136081668766.jpg - (44.65KB , 500x664 , are-you-wizard.jpg )

It was in fact celery...

Your turn.
>> No. 2518140
My father owns a grocery store, and in it he sells something round.
>> No. 2518141
File 136081718124.gif - (147.67KB , 295x210 , what is love baby dont hurt me no more.gif )
>> No. 2518142
File 136081698742.png - (111.55KB , 905x800 , orange.png )

>> No. 2518143
Neither of those.
>> No. 2518144
File 136081702270.png - (753.97KB , 1019x717 , ajtimetogetbaking.png )

>> No. 2518145
File 136081702435.jpg - (715.26KB , 1600x2244 , unicorn new years.jpg )
>> No. 2518146
Nope. Should I give another hint?
>> No. 2518147
File 136081727378.png - (163.06KB , 900x814 , twilight wearing socks.png )
Yes! Pizza?
>> No. 2518148
Never mind, you got it.
>> No. 2518149
File 136081730270.jpg - (104.50KB , 412x600 , cupcake7.jpg )

If you want to~

>> No. 2518150
File 136081728415.jpg - (114.34KB , 900x801 , 1332816945539.jpg )
Ok, my father works at a grocery store and he sells something liquid.

I'll give a new hint every round.
>> No. 2518151
>> No. 2518152
File 136081738879.jpg - (8.59KB , 200x200 , deuueaugh!.jpg )

Olive Oil!
>> No. 2518153
File 136081739073.png - (14.39KB , 170x200 , Pinkie Pie Lurkin' Pie 2.png )

>> No. 2518154
File 136081765087.png - (2.30MB , 1920x1080 , 133307573685.png )
Nope... You guys want another hint?
>> No. 2518155
Yes, beer

Last edited at Wed, Feb 13th, 2013 21:53

>> No. 2518156
File 136081763881.png - (184.63KB , 637x345 , Pinkie Pie I Got Over 9000 Points!.png )

Orange juice.
>> No. 2518157
File 136081774195.png - (496.42KB , 778x800 , saloongirl13.png )

If you wanna~

>> No. 2518158
File 136081779147.png - (171.87KB , 488x456 , rxnface.png )
This liquid can be "chunky"...
>> No. 2518159
File 136081784920.jpg - (51.07KB , 500x290 , twilight dat ass.jpg )
It was orange juice... chunky referred to pulp.
>> No. 2518160
File 136081787324.png - (113.19KB , 454x391 , confused7.png )

Salad dressing?
>> No. 2518161
File 136081780664.png - (519.87KB , 1600x900 , Pinkie Pie Victory!.png )

>> No. 2518162
File 136081784793.png - (142.96KB , 894x894 , closeup2.png )

Your turn!
>> No. 2518163
File 136081803651.png - (238.03KB , 461x429 , Pinkie Pie Robbing Jewel Stores Is Tiring Work.png )
"My father owns a grocery store and he sells something long."
>> No. 2518164
File 136081795563.png - (644.47KB , 989x873 , hoity19.png )
When did this thread turn into an /oat/ thread?
>> No. 2518165
File 136081802750.jpg - (81.82KB , 423x645 , nicolascage.jpg )


Play with us?
>> No. 2518166
>> No. 2518167
File 136081898952.png - (161.73KB , 1500x1000 , Pinkie Pie Sad 7.png )
>dat feel when the 502 killed our fun~
>> No. 2518169
File 136081875458.png - (88.69KB , 856x590 , Pinkie Pie Vector Let Me Play You a Sad Song.png )



Hint: They are made fresh.
>> No. 2518170
File 136081881014.jpg - (52.24KB , 522x800 , humanpinkamena18.jpg )

>> No. 2518171
File 136081887022.png - (190.38KB , 900x1260 , read.png )
Sub sandwhich
>> No. 2518172
File 136081896619.png - (589.46KB , 1000x1008 , Pinkie Pie THIS!!!.png )



Nailed it!

Your turn!
>> No. 2518173
File 136081904988.png - (282.75KB , 1024x1654 , later taters.png )
Actually, I need to call it a night... You can go again. It's been fun guys.
>> No. 2518174
sethisto said there are fan shoutouts that had been missing from the rest of the season, that sounds like it have to be dərpy, and an obvious enough appearacne he saw it in one viewing without pauseing or anything.

i stand by that season 3 was being produced during the whole "yamino" fiasco and they left her out because of that, once the fiasco died down and Dərpy was decided to be cool, they started adding her again, perhaps the finale was just made late enough that dərpy could be added again.
>> No. 2518175
File 136081951587.png - (168.45KB , 898x890 , Pinkie Pie Don't Be Silly! What Kind of Human Would be Aroused by This!.png )

Goodnight, Beardswirl.

Alright, then. Anyone else, want to go, or should I just go again?
>> No. 2518176
I'm down

Who is guessing?

Last edited at Wed, Feb 13th, 2013 22:23

>> No. 2518177
File 136081949434.png - (185.45KB , 516x630 , king.png )

That'd be sweet to have her come back


im still here
>> No. 2518178

You can go again, according to Starswirl. Unless Swag wants a turn.
>> No. 2518179
File 136081957047.png - (409.30KB , 727x715 , Pinkie Pie This Looks Interesting.png )

Say, "My father owns a grocery store, and he sells something [insert minor detail about what item is here]."

Me, Bollox, and Marimo will try to guess.
>> No. 2518180

My father owns a grocery store and he sells something green
>> No. 2518181
>> No. 2518182
File 136081975962.png - (139.21KB , 894x894 , Pinkie Pie Vector Oooh, What does THIS Button Do___.png )

>> No. 2518183
File 136081979631.png - (491.74KB , 509x800 , igotthisguys!.png )

>> No. 2518184

And a hint

It's a bit of a twist. You'd probably do better with 20Q style questions
>> No. 2518185
File 136082012766.png - (157.76KB , 845x946 , Pinkie Pie Vector This Mystery is Tougher than I Thought.png )


Is it edible?
>> No. 2518186
Yes...But you wouldn't eat it alone

Or eat it at all

Last edited at Wed, Feb 13th, 2013 22:36

>> No. 2518187
File 136082024721.png - (240.18KB , 900x1525 , Pinkie Pie Vector Well This Was Unexpected.png )


Is it a vegetable?
>> No. 2518188
Mint toothpaste

Last edited at Wed, Feb 13th, 2013 22:38

>> No. 2518189
>> No. 2518190
>> No. 2518191
File 136082049011.png - (258.67KB , 431x557 , bottle.png )
Is it served hot?
>> No. 2518192
Is it entirely green?
>> No. 2518193
File 136082050627.png - (44.64KB , 820x914 , Capture.png )

>> No. 2518194
Well, the packaging is always green

The product itself is kinda grey

It's not really served
>> No. 2518195
Closest one yet but still way off

I think I made this one too hard possibly
>> No. 2518196
File 136082065459.png - (153.04KB , 953x838 , box.png )

Does it come in a box?
>> No. 2518198
>> No. 2518199
File 136082085374.png - (273.78KB , 900x720 , ajchibi.png )

Is it a fruit?
>> No. 2518200
It's derived from a fruit...So kinda
>> No. 2518201
File 136082105933.png - (300.53KB , 524x424 , Pinkie Pie Not Sure if Graffiti___.png )

I'll say lol~

Um...is it chunky?
>> No. 2518202
Nope, not at all
>> No. 2518203
>> No. 2518204

Anybody can Tell me if you give up and ill spoiler tag the answer
>> No. 2518205
>> No. 2518206

Hint: it's nothing like guacamole...I was just saying how off people were. Well, is kinda like it, but tangentially
>> No. 2518207
File 136082156329.png - (123.91KB , 663x800 , puddinghead17.png )

That must be it!
>> No. 2518208
File 136082161761.png - (184.42KB , 679x800 , jester.png )

What kind of hint is THAT!?
>> No. 2518209
Yeah, ok

It's liquid
>> No. 2518210
I'm running low on vegetables and fruits.

>> No. 2518211
>> No. 2518212
It's nothing too obscure
>> No. 2518213
File 136082187494.jpg - (48.71KB , 521x537 , cider4.jpg )

Apple cider?
>> No. 2518214

Note the packaging is green

Last edited at Wed, Feb 13th, 2013 23:07

>> No. 2518215
File 136082229524.png - (138.19KB , 900x706 , thinkingwithpipe.png )
>> No. 2518216
File 136082230119.png - (230.97KB , 494x390 , Pinkie Pie Oh, Boy_ Here We Go___.png )

Alright. I give up~
>> No. 2518217
Cabbage/lettuce? I've got to go to be, so that's my last guess.
>> No. 2518218
lime juice
>> No. 2518219
File 136082276682.jpg - (33.49KB , 836x693 , Pinkie Pie I Can't Brain Right Now_ I Have The Derp_.jpg )

I was never going to get that~
>> No. 2518220
My first idea was cabbage but I thought that would be gotten in like a post or two.
>> No. 2518221
File 136082262745.jpg - (747.54KB , 447x465 , derp2.jpg )

Aight im gonna go to bed
>> No. 2518222
File 136082304296.gif - (500.91KB , 500x281 , 128254__UNOPT__safe_twilight-sparkle_animated_bridle-gossip.gif )
>> No. 2518223
File 136082275742.png - (144.31KB , 277x357 , Pinkie Pie This is The Same Hat I Use in TF2.png )



Goodnight, Bollox.
>> No. 2518224
Goodnight everybody.
>> No. 2518225
File 136082301332.png - (121.72KB , 554x1000 , Pinkie Pie Vector Always Happy to Help!.png )

Goodnight, Marimo.
>> No. 2518226
I think I'm going to bed too

>> No. 2518227
File 136082307854.png - (116.76KB , 802x996 , Pinkie Pie Lying Back and Enjoying the Sunshine.png )

Goodnight, Swagged.

Well, that was fun.
>> No. 2518228
File 136082347129.jpg - (220.00KB , 1150x1053 , 133357625861.jpg )
>> No. 2518229
Youtube embed play button
  I somehow keep hearing this song as the countdown continues...
p.s., I believe in M.A. Larson
>> No. 2518230
File 136082488124.gif - (382.35KB , 218x223 , done_that.gif )
>> No. 2518231
File 136086193029.png - (22.63KB , 476x358 , 243081__UNOPT__safe_alicorn_spoiler-s03e13_majora-quo-s-mask_zelda_sparkle_511bc1c07f123bbbe2000.png )
>> No. 2518232
>> No. 2518233
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 2518234
File 136086312580.gif - (325.80KB , 1250x960 , 133948166880.gif )
>> No. 2518235

Let the hype begin in earnest.
>> No. 2518236
>> No. 2518237
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 2518238
File 136086330354.png - (180.79KB , 894x894 , Rarity what you doing there.png )
Aww, you beat me to it.
>> No. 2518239
File 136086418887.png - (343.48KB , 900x847 , hoity28.png )
Why's Vinyl look so odd in that one scene? Her snout and face just.....doesn't look right.

Also, return of Pinkamina, out of the blue? Eh? If she's all sad and annoyed now...why didn't she go all Pinkamina for TMPP?

And cutie marks confirmed for being in command of what the ponies do? They can't say "Fuck my cutie mark I'm doing something else" ? Wat?
>> No. 2518240
Holy shit is Rarity singing voice amazing, although the concept of getting a frostbite over a sunburn sounds horribly painful.

Last edited at Thu, Feb 14th, 2013 10:57

>> No. 2518241
File 136086496237.png - (42.13KB , 378x265 , Whooves - 162.png )
Repost from /mlp/:

This + the leak of the song = 6.38 minutes.

Average clip before the intro song is about 1.10 minutes.

Let's say... 1 minute for Twilight to talk to Rarity about this whole shit.

Then let's say 2 minutes between this song and twilight figuring out the solution and triggering the other leaked song.

Estimated 10.48 minutes on the cutie mark switcheroo plot.

That leaves roughly 11 minutes to introduce and resolve the alicorn business.

How in the actual fuck are they going to pull this off?
>> No. 2518242
Well, I suppose it's because she no longer has any time for partying and making others laugh, even though she wants to do so.

As for the whole cutie mark thing, I suppose it's because cutie marks are generally infallible, if you ever question your purpose in life, you could just look at it and remember your place in society.
In other words, it's a pony thing, Cutie Marks telling you what your purpose is is common pony sense, you have got to obey it even if you don't like what you do, I mean, it's your cutie mark, right? It wouldn't lie to you, right?
They just can't process the thought of doing something other than following their cutie mark, it's a thing from their society, and it works 100% of the time when there is no magical interference.
I'm sure ponies would have a lot of confusion regarding several things about our society.
>> No. 2518243
>> No. 2518244
File 136086522282.gif - (202.32KB , 501x400 , 133367912941.gif )
This is going to be awesome!

>And cutie marks confirmed for being in command of what the ponies do? They can't say "Fuck my cutie mark I'm doing something else" ? Wat?
Wat? I came to different conclusion. Clearly their current cutie marks aren't indicating their true talents. They are probably just lived so long assuming you have to do what your cutie mark indicate that they aren't willing to consider possibility of doing something else. None of them seems like "destined" to do well on their jobs.

I want to believe this is about "Screw destine, I'm going to do what I want to do!". In other words: Even if I have some destine, it is I who decide to follow it or not to.
>> No. 2518245
Sorry, forgot to comment this.

>Also, return of Pinkamina, out of the blue? Eh? If she's all sad and annoyed now...why didn't she go all Pinkamina for TMPP?
I think it's more than being sad. It's probably more of her being depressed than just sad.
>> No. 2518246
File 136086573651.png - (398.13KB , 836x727 , 161597__UNOPT__sweetie-belle_futurama_spoiler-s03e04_thinking_professor-farnsworth_for-science_c.png )
This song does raise a question, of when their cutie mark got mixed? Synopsis says "Twilight accidentally casts a spell that switches the Cutie Marks and destinies of all her friends", so should Twilight know this right away after she casted her spell? Weren't they in the same place when she casted her spell?
>> No. 2518247
I wonder if this is the return of the cutie mark failure insanity syndrome
>> No. 2518248
File 136086639579.png - (133.13KB , 900x900 , 1_ Dulset smile.png )
So are there any theories yet on what Twilight will be trying to do when she messes up and swaps everyone's destinies?
>> No. 2518249
My theory?

She is trying to not be a princess.

I think Celestia will tell her that she is going to be a princess at the beginning and she freaks out
>> No. 2518250
Possibly something magic related.
I dunno, maybe she wanted to deepen her ability to do magic, and she performed the wrong incantation.
Or she heard that she was going to be crowned, didn't want to leave her friends behind, and tried changing her destiny.
>> No. 2518251
File 136086672848.gif - (887.34KB , 853x480 , charge.gif )

I wrote some of my ideas here: >>2518023
It's not all about what Twilight will try to do, but I think the solution have something to do with magic of friendship.
>> No. 2518252
File 136086694468.png - (566.03KB , 585x847 , ~I am greatly disturbed.png )

Ponies have skin, not fur.

I am somewhat more bothered by this than i should be.
>> No. 2518253
They have skin under their coats, silly.
>> No. 2518254
File 136086705160.png - (32.26KB , 945x945 , hoityshrug.png )
Rule of Funny.
>> No. 2518255
File 136086717327.png - (47.24KB , 248x140 , ~Lurkin.png )
Shut up with your logic i want to be bothered by something inconsequential.
>> No. 2518256
Time Lord is going to kick your flank once he finds out that you have been posting as Time Turner.
>> No. 2518257
File 136086716707.png - (25.05KB , 272x220 , 134957597062.png )
>> No. 2518258
Time Turner
Timme Turner
Timmy Turner
>> No. 2518259
File 136086757919.jpg - (10.39KB , 182x183 , 132968870801.jpg )
That's actually a nice hypothesis. Celestia tells her she going to be princess and that it's her destiny. Twilight get nervous and tries to change her destiny, because she fear she had to abandon her friends if she become princess. She ask her friends help and they use the Elements. First nothing happens, but next day Twilight's friends cutie marks have changed.
>> No. 2518260
I just think that Time Turner is a better name than Dr. Whooves.
>> No. 2518261
File 136086775510.png - (15.74KB , 146x272 , ~I love Banana.png )
This is me giving a fuck.
>> No. 2518262
File 136086787489.jpg - (40.27KB , 297x322 , hoity14.jpg )
With a banana? Kinky.
>> No. 2518263
File 136086843972.png - (690.70KB , 1154x646 , 135258507841.png )
>Your face when all the other song in finale are better than these 2 leaked song.
>> No. 2518264
Well, there is still Celestia's song, you know that one is going to take the cake.
Or would, if Celestia didn't eat it.

Last edited at Thu, Feb 14th, 2013 11:59

>> No. 2518265
File 136086837796.png - (201.56KB , 900x798 , BitchImFlawless.png )
The 3 1/2 minute one was "meh".

This new one was decent.

Seeing as it's going to be a musical episode with like 20 fuckin songs, I'm sure the rest will be pretty decent as well.

And even then, I tend to like songs more after listening to them multiple times. When Smile Smile Smile was first leaked, I thought it was "decent". Now it's one of my favorite pony songs.
>> No. 2518266
File 136086855636.jpg - (467.06KB , 960x960 , Tengen_Toppa_Gurren-Lagann_full_1174347.jpg )

A screw destiny story would be nice.
>> No. 2518267

Our Princess does love her cake... and food play.
>> No. 2518268
File 136086962546.png - (884.03KB , 1420x1971 , TwilightPrincess.png )
>> No. 2518269
File 136087016343.jpg - (356.14KB , 1003x1000 , It's on my crosshairs.jpg )

This wait is getting too long! You, I'm gonna stalk/molest you again and see if time goes faster.
>> No. 2518270

I volunteer as tribute!
>> No. 2518271
File 136087006646.png - (483.07KB , 800x500 , turtlepower1.png )
Not anymore, I hired a special defense team.
>> No. 2518272
File 136087036107.png - (140.13KB , 478x516 , I came here to answer your Wish.png )

It's that your wish?~


I'm could totally blow up that building from outside.
>> No. 2518273
File 136087077623.png - (193.73KB , 900x728 , 132908619861.png )
>When Smile Smile Smile was first leaked, I thought it was "decent".
I though it sucked. I have been more wrong sometimes, but this was also pretty wrong.
>> No. 2518274
File 136087087638.jpg - (2.73MB , 2040x2806 , KYOKO.jpg )

>> No. 2518275
File 136087112805.jpg - (336.55KB , 720x1007 , Free Cake~ For my friends.jpg )

I have cake~
Also that image is glorious, stolen!saved!
>> No. 2518276

>> No. 2518277
File 136087155493.jpg - (144.22KB , 516x730 , Cooking has it's perks.jpg )

And many more delicious dishes!
>> No. 2518278

F-fine I guess!
>> No. 2518279
File 136087211278.jpg - (122.28KB , 510x600 , Pocky Stealing.jpg )

Just wait until we get to my place and you can taste my Special Peachy Pie!
>> No. 2518280
File 136087243975.png - (175.38KB , 703x800 , happy20.png )

How about chocolate? Tastes better
>> No. 2518281
File 136087247406.jpg - (71.20KB , 436x600 , Chocolate+parrot_+Tags+are+liars_b6a491_3624031.jpg )
>> No. 2518282
File 136087268064.png - (217.25KB , 571x489 , spike_wait, what huh.png )
>> No. 2518283
File 136087263656.jpg - (765.96KB , 900x1315 , Sweet Victory.jpg )

What a boss.


That could work too, It's the 14 after all.
>> No. 2518284
She's back to Pinkamena probably because that's the way it is. She didn't get AJ's cutie mark as a result of a Sonic Rainboom, so she never got her hair poofed up. Essentially, time has changed

Also, my belief is that they kind of don't have control over what they do. It's not that their cutie marks now look like their friend's, it's that they actually have their friend's cutie mark, and that means a part of their friend has become a part of them. The problem is that it's like putting a cube in a round hole, and causes a dissonance between what they feel inclined to do (since how could they have gotten those cutie marks if they never did anything associated with it) and what they can do (since the cutie mark doesn't represent their actual talent).
>> No. 2518285
File 136087292025.jpg - (98.12KB , 1280x720 , KYOKO WANTS.jpg )

Ahh...bah...Is it all you can eat?
>> No. 2518286
File 136087317179.jpg - (350.32KB , 700x492 , Who is a good kôhai.jpg )

I liked you more when you weren't chewing at a snack 24/7~
Back when you looked up to me and showed me respect.
>> No. 2518287

I-I'm sorry Mistress.
>> No. 2518288
>> No. 2518289
File 136087373535.jpg - (87.55KB , 850x600 , Senpai & kôhai.jpg )



We are only trying to make the long wait until Saturday fly by!
>> No. 2518290
File 136087395834.png - (275.77KB , 1280x720 , Spike_singing_S3E1.png )
I'm sleeping in the rain
Just sleeping in the rain
What a glorious feelin'
I'm happy again
I'm laughing at clouds
So dark up above
The sun's in my heart
And I'm ready for dreams
Let the stormy clouds chase
Everyone from the place
Come on with the rain
I've a smile on my face
I roll down the lane
With a happy refrain
Just sleepin',
Sleepin' in the rain

Dreamin' in the rain
Dee-ah dee-ah dee-ah
Dee-ah dee-ah dee-ah
I'm happy again!
I'm sleepin' and dreamin' in the rain!
>> No. 2518291

Thank you!
>> No. 2518292
File 136087418676.png - (72.68KB , 300x309 , 131083288540.png )
An element of Harmony to this fine anon here! Please cease immediately; you're disrupting the thread.
>> No. 2518293

Got it boss!
>> No. 2518294
File 136087493010.jpg - (391.14KB , 900x689 , Bump.jpg )

Alright then.
I don't want to watch any leaks, I want to enjoy most of the episode fresh this Saturday! Is it shaping up to be mostly a musical episode?

Last edited at Thu, Feb 14th, 2013 13:50

>> No. 2518295

Hopefully. I'm really worried there won't be any surprises.
>> No. 2518296
File 136087515544.png - (120.63KB , 575x692 , hoity32.png )
I hope the entire episode gets leaked so I won't have to be late to the party.
>> No. 2518297
Maybe Celestia and Luna started out as normal ponies, and then they were realized to have great potential to be alicornified.

Maybe they're not even biological sisters.
>> No. 2518298
File 136087523477.jpg - (683.36KB , 1100x1000 , Heh.jpg )

Aw, I just edited that post due to a small delay.
Anyway I think that's still relevant, you two will be the only ones to understand it now.

You are going to miss the backlash Hoity, that's a shame, I'll save you some screenshots if threads get deleted.
>> No. 2518299
File 136087557555.png - (323.49KB , 550x362 , lel.png )
Indeed, I'm not going to be able to watch it until late at night; going to be out skiing all day.
>> No. 2518300

Then I can ship them without feeling weird.
>> No. 2518301
File 136087624591.jpg - (123.31KB , 700x700 , 72896 - artist sunshineikimaru book reading twilight_sparkle.jpg )
I really quite like this song. I'm super excited that Pinkie Pie is also trying to sing in a southern accent like AJ. That's a cute addition.

It is interesting how cutie marks are something one simply doesn't dispute. It certainly does present a dilemma; what happens when somepony genuinely finds themselves unfit for their destiny, as defined by their cutie mark? All of the instances of cutie mark acquisition we've seen are of ponies whose personalities and desires mesh with their special talent, but what happens when the moment is not so serendipitous?

I smell fanfictions...
>> No. 2518302
File 136087668198.png - (184.10KB , 828x966 , fluttershy_is_not_impressed_by_mamandil-d587h0s.png )
well it is the one only thing that makes them special.
>> No. 2518303

I always found their butts more special.
>> No. 2518304

They could've been lovers at one point, but broke up and called themselves sisters to strengthen the belief that they are all powerful and incorruptible to the public. It didn't go well for Luna though.
>> No. 2518305
File 136087708481.png - (256.78KB , 1280x1484 , serious_fluttershy_by_exibrony-d4u3z4o.png )
thay all look the same to me just in different colours
>> No. 2518306

You gotta be one with the flank to understand.


Hello new head canon! Bollox how do keep being so bro?

Edit: I like you word switcher.

Last edited at Thu, Feb 14th, 2013 14:26

>> No. 2518307
File 136089248128.jpg - (102.29KB , 1131x707 , guardians_of_equestria_by_kumkrum-d5g5bjz_png.jpg )
No sir, I don't like it. To be honest with you, there isn't really any new story potential to come out of "Not being sisters"
>> No. 2518308

I'm gonna ship them either way so I'm good either way as well.
>> No. 2518309

Are you kidding?

It could be that Luna was Celestia's first student and trained her like she did Twilight. There is a fuckton of story potential to come from that.
>> No. 2518310
Yes, I like this. Imagine that Celestia's emphasis on friendship for Twilight was because she sequestered Luna for her training. The resulting lack of social development led to the emergence of the sociopathic Nightmare Moon.
>> No. 2518311
File 136091059039.png - (49.41KB , 540x336 , Hasbro didn't force it.png )
>> No. 2518312
Are you suggesting that this idea that Hasbro is an evil empire is the product of the imaginations of a rabble of ingorant teenagers who can't possibly put things into perspective, and still think it's hip to "stick it to the man"?

These anti hasbro morons can take their "rage against the machine" bullshit elsewhere. Sorry faux freedom fighters, there are no evil corporate fat cats here. They need to get a life.

to the hasbro conspiracy theorists: fuck off, keyboard warriors.
>> No. 2518313
Well, I'm only trying to show that Hasbro isn't forcing these changes to the showmakers. However, we still don't know whose idea was it to make Twilight an alicorn.
>> No. 2518314
I'm sure Hasbro wanted it, ordered DHX to carry it out, and Meghan and Jayson were 100% prepared and capable to carry out such a drastic change in the storyline, knowing full well that there could be an S4, even though they were writing S3 in a way that closed as many of the characters arcs as they could, but left them open ended enough for future developments.
>> No. 2518315
and I don't see why people whine about Hasbro anyways. The show exists because hasbro wanted to sell toys. I don't hear any complaining about the reason the show exists. And why is that exactly? It's because the mandate to create a show to sell toys has been executed brilliantly, just like the mandate to introduce Cadence and TCE was executed brilliantly. Alicorn Twi will be no different, nor will Equestria Girls. Everything this show does is to sell toys, and it's hypocritical to pick and choose which things people want to complain about, just because it doesn't sit well with the headcanon they have about their phantasmal significant other, or their too emotionally fragile to cope with change.

Yes, I'm anxious about the finale as well. I can't believe they're actually making this drastic change to that adorkable little purple unicorn we've come to know and love, but I feel lucky to be alive right now and apart of this fanbase. We're experiencing exiting times, and a year from now when we're half way through S4, we'll look back at all the panicking and laugh, and promise to never do that again, or atleast until the next big change.
>> No. 2518316

Or we'll still be fighting about Mare Do Well
>> No. 2518317
That's a guarantee.
>> No. 2518318
>I don't see why people whine about Hasbro anyways.

I have to agree. Hasbro contracted with the creators of the show to produce content to promote their toy line. The people on the creative team are professionals who understand who they work for and how to deliver for them. The fact that a group of people outside the target audience latched onto the show is simply a bonus for the creative team as it gives them a more sophisticated audience to interact with.
For Hasbro we are probably something of a risk given the nature of a lot of the fan generated content and it's accessibility on the Internet. Frankly we should be thankful they're not calling us pedophiles like so much of the rest of the world is.
>> No. 2518319
File 136092707005.png - (397.13KB , 636x414 , 1.png )
Look at this Shadowbolt Rainbow Dash made by Hasbro the stitching, her hair this toy is made to look close to the show as they can, Hasbro want us to stay fans and to buy their stuff. Why do they make a Steven Magnet and manticore toys if its just princesses that sell.

This episode, the spin off & season four may just the most inportant time in the fan base. Some will go as MLP is no longer for them, some will stay happy with what will happen and some will join. But please do not harden your hearts to them. All I ask no I beg please do not forget love and tolerance for that, like Twilight in episode one this is our real test.

Do with that as you will.

Last edited at Fri, Feb 15th, 2013 04:25

>> No. 2518320
File 136092879621.png - (265.92KB , 1280x1074 , shadowdash.png )
Oh my. I've avoided the toys so far, because I really don't collect such things and would not know what to do with them, but that Shadowdash may be too much for me to resist.

So um... Where would I find one of those Shadowdashies?

Last edited at Fri, Feb 15th, 2013 04:51

>> No. 2518321
Don't forget the Dərpy brushable! Everyone MUST buy that.
>> No. 2518322
File 136092967180.jpg - (151.33KB , 900x900 , 135206807173.jpg )
I want them but being in the uk I can't get them.
>> No. 2518323
File 136092978581.jpg - (96.86KB , 750x600 , zmotivational_spongebob__situations_by_cartoonacle-d4rivf4.jpg )
ALRIGHT! which one in Parliament refused it... I've some... questions to ask them...
>> No. 2518324
File 136093105275.png - (64.95KB , 389x400 , 23_47_54_17_139094__UNOPT__.png )
Its only for toys'r'us and toy'r'us.com no talk of a uk toys'r'us so its most likely for usa only

um sorry but i must ask are you from the uk to?
>> No. 2518325
File 136093124418.jpg - (2.87KB , 300x168 , King SOmbra.jpg )
But my headcanon is that King Sombra was the first student. Which is why Celestia is somewhat cautious so that Twlight doesn't go down a similar path.
You know a wise man once told me: Hasbro sucks and MLP sucks....we're all just here for FiM. Whether or not that has any relevance...eh.
>> No. 2518326
File 136093290661.png - (23.18KB , 146x205 , sad.png )
Same here.
>> No. 2518327
the hair i secure you look like that just because is for the exibition, the one they are going to sell will have the normal large hair.
>> No. 2518328
File 136093388216.png - (158.32KB , 233x351 , 2-26-276 heh.png )

No, instead we can now blame McCarthy and her deep attraction towards Twilight Sparkle.

Season one was said to have Dash as Faust's self-insert character. Seasons two and three actually have Twilight Sparkle as one.
>> No. 2518329

I don't think it's fair to say she has a "deep attraction" to Twilight, only that she relates the most to her. How much she relates and how that colors to her view is entirely up in the air.

And I don't believe Meghan was the story editor at any point during Season 2. She was still a writer.
>> No. 2518330
File 136093496809.png - (161.76KB , 482x600 , tumblr_m70q6cWG8i1qk4o4zo1_500.png )
... I'm visiting. So far the UK's pretty nice~
>> No. 2518331
Correct, Renzetti was editor until S3. I don't understand the comparison between Faust and McCarthy. One was a director, the other is a story editor. Two different roles entirely. The correct comparison would be Faust to Thiessen.
>> No. 2518332
I think it's mostly on a control level, S1&2 Rinzetti most likely ran stuff by Lauren, after that it pretty much stops at McCarthy, who might go to Thiessen.
>> No. 2518333
>> No. 2518334
File 136093920039.png - (242.69KB , 326x333 , cilan surprised.png )
>seven musical numbers
>> No. 2518335
>So stop your whinnying, neigh-sayers, and saddle up — this one’s gonna be good.

...Alright Beardswirl, have you been hijacking websites again?
>> No. 2518336
My Little Pony: Once More With Feeling or Musicals are Magic.

Why did I not see this coming, the name is a pun/reference to a Beatles movie.
>> No. 2518337
When you look at it from an outside perspective, doesn't it seem silly that people are getting worked up over a purple unicorn getting wings and becoming a princess?
>> No. 2518338
>> No. 2518339
Quills & Sofas, and the Restaurant from Ticket Master appearing again, I'm okay with this.
>> No. 2518340
I'm just making an observation here, nothing else.
>> No. 2518341
and a beatles album/EP.
>> No. 2518342
Oh yeah, oh and lets not forget the guy rainbow "saved" at the GGG, and tap dancing. Its like eternal chaos with cocolate milk rain AND whipped cream.

Slipped my mind,
>> No. 2518343
File 136094035020.png - (354.43KB , 1360x1311 , 132656237908.png )

>> No. 2518344
File 136094081868.png - (254.72KB , 503x255 , 1.png )
Thanks Feno!
As you can see from this still image of the clip, we have what appears to be a grey coloured pegasus. And if we just zoom in a bit..
>> No. 2518345
File 136094065552.png - (85.61KB , 1037x752 , 2.png )
You can just make out what appears to be a blonde tail!
>> No. 2518346
That actually seems like the opening of the episode. So it looks like we're not going to find out why this happened until later.
>> No. 2518347
File 136094076511.jpg - (99.89KB , 503x500 , 3.jpg )

It's 1 minute 7 seconds, looks like the opening to me.
>> No. 2518348
No Dərped eyes, no Cutie Mark, not Dərpy.

Last edited at Fri, Feb 15th, 2013 08:07

>> No. 2518349
File 136094106677.png - (177.54KB , 900x600 , 132830338171.png )
Oh hey, have you seen this yet?


Apparently Celestia's song is going to give people feels.
>> No. 2518350
Not to mention the fade out at the end of the clip.
>> No. 2518351
Eh, she doesn't get a golden star, It's a Celestia song, It was going to fill my heart with feels no matter what.
>> No. 2518352
File 136094111572.png - (166.39KB , 314x371 , 135373769776.png )
No way this is black magic
>> No. 2518353
You realize, at this rate we'll have heard most of the songs and will have them stuck in our heads before the next 23 hours and 16 minutes is up.
>> No. 2518354
EW is usually the last to give previews.

Now so long as iTunes doesn't mess up like last year when they had a marathon leading up to a new episode...
>> No. 2518355
File 136094164940.png - (158.76KB , 954x843 , 135235440418.png )
I can only hope
>> No. 2518356
>Not messing up and releasing it 12 hours ahead of schedule.

Why do I get the sinking feeling it'll happen.
>> No. 2518357
File 136094303552.png - (116.22KB , 232x230 , Smirky.png )
Nearly here!

Come on, MMC, surprise me.

I'm hopeful they'll make it to our Toys R Us stores, though I've not seen the NMM set there yet.

Woo! Hope you enjoy the rest of your visit!
>> No. 2518358
Youtube embed play button
So we're going to have an episode where everything is sung about? Not sure if want...

Also, that song reminds me of Clone High.
>> No. 2518359
File 136094399614.jpg - (23.98KB , 400x263 , independence_day_powerbook_5300_1.jpg )
The Clock is Ticking, Mr. President
>> No. 2518360
File 136094384421.png - (1.21MB , 1920x1080 , Luna_holds_a_mysterious_book_S3E02.png )
Does anypony knows what was that book Luna had at the end of The Crystal Empire?
>> No. 2518361
"Look, Sister, Lo-"
"Luna, I know it's been a thousand years and you're bi-curious, but no, I do not want to try position 47, I'm not into that."
"You would if you tried..."
>> No. 2518362
File 136094453602.png - (336.11KB , 732x662 , spike_and that's how it is.png )
An overdue library book.
>> No. 2518363
Youtube embed play button
>So we're going to have an episode where everything is sung about?
>> No. 2518364
File 136094756485.png - (188.92KB , 319x337 , hoity6.png )

That article is trying way too hard to use "brony" terminology.

And another thing:

>"First, though, the unicorn will have to grapple with a curse that switches around all of her friends’ cutie marks"
Uhm...whatever happened to it being a spell that Twilight cast?

Last edited at Fri, Feb 15th, 2013 09:59

>> No. 2518365
Somehow none of the songs were catchy or interesting so far...

I was hoping for a musical episode since s1, but until now what I heard was disappointing.
>> No. 2518366
File 136094791551.png - (197.50KB , 1280x720 , 244352__UNOPT__safe_twilight-sparkle_alicorn-twilight_the-legend-of-zelda_majora-quo-s-mask_50f1.png )
>> No. 2518367
File 136094776664.jpg - (90.98KB , 952x716 , 135215275731.jpg )
>> No. 2518368
File 136094862836.gif - (288.78KB , 480x410 , I should go.gif )
It's still stupid that people are legitimately mad about that....Are we really gonna lie to ourselves and say that this is a total shock, that we haven't seen this coming since day 1?

Last edited at Fri, Feb 15th, 2013 10:17

>> No. 2518369
File 136094875791.png - (90.41KB , 291x230 , hoity31.png )
Uhm...who exactly (legitimately) "saw it coming" since the first episode? It wasn't the least bit obvious until the beginning of S3.
>> No. 2518370
Well, me for one.
> It wasn't the least bit obvious until the beginning of S3.
Let's review the fact, shall we?
>Fantasy show
>Main Character is a Powerful wizard
>Established early on that she has a huge potential
>Horns and Wings in tandem are a sign of power
What does all of this mean? Twilicorn was in the Meta stage for quite some time.
>> No. 2518371
>Established early on that she has a huge potential
>Horns and Wings in tandem are a sign of power
Those seem to contradict each other in regards to your conclusion. Because if Twilight had huge potential as a unicorn, wouldn't that mean that she would able to just...get more powerful as a unicorn? It seems to me like it would naturally lead to "But you are just an ordinary unicorn, how are you this powerful without wings?"

Unless you are suggesting that horns and wings come from great power, instead of the more implied great power comes from horns and wings.
>> No. 2518372
I have to respect that you wrote that all on a mobile.
>Those seem to contradict each other in regards to your conclusion
No, having power in fantasy is rewarded by 1. getting more power or 2. Becoming royalty. I think it all adds up.
>> No. 2518373
File 136094984468.png - (137.85KB , 894x894 , princesspinkie.png )
>No, having power in fantasy is rewarded by 1. getting more power or 2. Becoming royalty. I think it all adds up.

Isn't that how it works in real life as well?
>> No. 2518374
>having power in fantasy is rewarded by ... Becoming royalty
I wasn't aware this is a common, established thing. Examples?
>> No. 2518375
File 136095015330.jpg - (31.10KB , 354x450 , snow-white-image.jpg )

Snow White. Totes became a princess at the end of the movie.
>> No. 2518376
There's the whole thing with her name, at least for me.

Celestia controls the sun and governs the day, Luna controls the moon and governs the night, the word Twilight refers to the time in between. I've always thought that was significant somehow, since she's Celestia's protege and all. If it was some random unicorn's name I wouldn't give it much thought, but after Cutie Mark Chronicles it strengthened the idea that she was heading places. I've heard people say that ideas like this are "baby's first fanfic" ideas because they are so simple, such as the idea of twilight becoming an alicorn itself, but remember, this is a kids show, sometimes the simple ideas are closer to the truth than you think.

Just my two bits, can't wait for tomorrow.
>> No. 2518377
I though that the reason she was called Twilight was because she brought peace between the Day (Celestia) and night (Luna)
>> No. 2518378
File 136095042914.jpg - (12.54KB , 260x252 , 260px-The_twilight_saga_hardback.jpg )

Maybe her parents are big fans of the book series.
>> No. 2518379
I thought she was a princess the entire time?
>> No. 2518380
File 136095088499.jpg - (66.21KB , 500x375 , tumblr_lpbg2k8oTd1r0mo8bo1_500.jpg )

Really? With all due respect, I think the liars are the ones who have RETROACTIVELY imposed this path onto the Twilight's destiny, after we learned it was going to happen. Could it have happened, yes? Was it the ABSOULTELY ONLY PATH SHE COULD GO?!? Absolutely not.

If I decide I want to bother, I'm going to tackle this argument NFL Blitz Style tomorrow morning.

Last edited at Fri, Feb 15th, 2013 10:51

>> No. 2518381
Youtube embed play button
Twilight is called twilight for her g1 pony was called twilight
>> No. 2518382
File 136095081254.gif - (262.35KB , 674x907 , Belle-beauty-and-the-beast-1973374-674-907.gif )

Aight, but how about Belle? She was just a nerd but then shes a pricness
>> No. 2518383
But...she didn't gain any power because of it...right?
>> No. 2518384
File 136095092719.png - (108.75KB , 323x314 , 135312892447.png )
Sorry for the vid my mobile mess up
>> No. 2518385
File 136095106357.png - (201.97KB , 1067x800 , bows.png )
well actuallly shes a lot like tiwligth because at first the townspelple are all shit nigga this bitch is readin books n shit but then shes all i like books and the besat comes and makes her a princess
>> No. 2518386
File 136095113958.jpg - (149.03KB , 1280x720 , aliens.jpg )
>> No. 2518387
File 136095114129.png - (65.32KB , 363x400 , 23_48_52_532_139096__UNOPT__.png )
No just money
>> No. 2518388
File 136095423134.png - (432.71KB , 937x852 , TheTwipocalypsecometh.png )
>> No. 2518389
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 2518390
File 136095840055.png - (291.84KB , 500x720 , Braeburn (83).png )
Nah, she just married the Beast who happened to be a prince.

So, luck, mainly.
>> No. 2518391
File 136096105697.jpg - (21.11KB , 532x562 , 132968375988.jpg )

i don't have that image of Braeburn, thanks Fenolio!

Last edited at Fri, Feb 15th, 2013 13:47

>> No. 2518392
File 136096263058.png - (105.17KB , 500x500 , guysguysi'mexcited.png )
I can't believe it's tomorrow
>> No. 2518393
File 136096292941.png - (229.43KB , 400x550 , Braeburn (41).png )
Want this entire folder?
>> No. 2518394
File 136096361871.png - (30.70KB , 160x160 , 133186723743.png )
sure, throw it in a Mediafire link or something.

or whatever is good for you Broski
>> No. 2518395
We got a review out...one that was kinda mixed but mostly positive


It points out that is rushed which I think we kinda could know already.

It also lists my main grievance with alicorn twi (I'm in the middle on it) which is that the symmetry of the group is broken.

This sounds like it's permanent
>> No. 2518396
File 136096659868.gif - (470.76KB , 500x281 , tumblr_lzpin0H4cz1rn95k2o1_500.gif )

Ummmm... Well... I... Um... Let's hope they're wrong about their criticisms?
>> No. 2518397
File 136096694304.gif - (3.61MB , 390x238 , 84848484.gif )

oh god, I'm terrified.

Someone catch me, I fee faint.
>> No. 2518398
File 136096763922.jpg - (49.05KB , 600x337 , 00010.jpg )
Hm.. Not good. Not at all. This would fly fine for a normal episode, but in one where you're making a show changing move they would have needed a near perfect execution. I had my doubts that one episode to do this wouldn't be enough and from this review they seem to have been reaffirmed.

However, I'll reserve full judgment until tomorrow.
>> No. 2518399
File 136096780397.jpg - (49.05KB , 600x337 , 00010.jpg )
can't believe I forgot my tripcode.
>> No. 2518400
Ahahaha... Ooooh my, I think we're doomed...
>> No. 2518401
File 136096865553.jpg - (38.29KB , 583x240 , 12liquor_xlarge2.jpg )
Well, work's over for me. I'm going to the liquor store. Time to store up on supplies.

I may just call it a night for the Pony Part of the net as well. I've got 16 Hours and 41 Minutes to get my mind right. I promised myself that I approach this episode clear of mind and doubt and now I have to work extra hard to do so.

Last edited at Fri, Feb 15th, 2013 15:50

>> No. 2518402
Good luck, I'll see you on the other side. Hopefully, this won't be too damaging.
>> No. 2518403
>“Magical Mystery Cure” is not bad by any stretch and is a perfectly good episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Yeah, sounds about right for /arch/'s standards.
>> No. 2518404
Dude, this is the finale, and will put to life a highly controversial concept.
This can't be "half bad" if it is to suceed.
>> No. 2518405
I guess I just don't subscribe to the idea that the episode needs to be perfectly good to not be complete and utter garbage that will rip the fandom asunder. That's generally what happened with BNE, it wasn't the greatest episode, and some people were disappointed in it, but overall it was still a good episode.

Besides, we already know Twilight becomes an alicorn princess, so how is it going to be any worse after the fact?
>> No. 2518406
File 136096933638.jpg - (17.40KB , 399x276 , wait and see.jpg )
Again, while this is not reassuring and will bring up doubts. We really cant make judgments until it airs.
>> No. 2518407
Just saying, Insult to injury is all i'm saying.
>> No. 2518408
I don't remember BNE massively changing the status quo of the show!
>> No. 2518409
I guess we'll really see in about 8 months.

But it's only if the change actually causes the series to get worst, not the same quality or better, that a change should even be the problem.

Last edited at Fri, Feb 15th, 2013 16:11

>> No. 2518410
Assuming that you somehow time-traveled to watch season 4 and saw how massively this is going to change the show and in the exact way you think it will change it, I'm still just going to wait and see.
>> No. 2518411
I'm scared now. I'm not sure if it's

A) The episode itself
B) The fandom's reaction to the episode
C) The show's future
D) All of the above

If this is permanent, then season 4 will be a nightmare. I was neutral, but now I'm not sure...
>> No. 2518412
File 136097026781.png - (184.11KB , 234x404 , cilan 2 10 1.png )
It's just B for me.

And if what's permanent?
>> No. 2518413
People have given various dissertations of various point of views and mental states of why Twilicorn is a bad idea, stop pretending they don't exist.
>> No. 2518414
File 136097055869.png - (203.57KB , 393x387 , ;lkjkh.png )
Mostly based entirely on illogical assumptions.
>> No. 2518415
I didn't know if he was referring to things like the fandom's reaction or the show's quality. I thought the alicorn Twilight thing was already accepted as permanent.

Last edited at Fri, Feb 15th, 2013 16:25

>> No. 2518416
Boy, sure is easy to disprove your entire opposition once you reduce them to a neurotical insane bunch, isn't it?
>> No. 2518417
Oh there is a chance could improve after this, but the writing staff is going to have to work their arses off. Otherwise I only see it sinking further into mediocrity.
>> No. 2518418
Princess Twilight, of course.

I'm never looking at spoilers again after this...
>> No. 2518419
ok, so I would like to point out that he gave a meh review to A Canterlot Wedding which was odd as its a love it or hate it episode usually.

So his viewpoint is not necessarily indicative of the fandom's reaction at all.

He also suppossedly only watches the DVDs which means some stuff that is semi important (Seth said continuity was important to this episode) went over his head.

We really wont know until it happens, and you can put me into the scared but hopeful group

Last edited at Fri, Feb 15th, 2013 16:33

>> No. 2518420
File 136097095366.png - (501.79KB , 1280x720 , 19040 - braeburn facehoof rarity twilight_sparkle.png )

Isn't that what every single anti-Twilicorn fan has done by this point?

I barely even care about the episode itself anymore. I just want the damn thing over with so we can move on to something else.

Last edited at Fri, Feb 15th, 2013 16:29

>> No. 2518421
Both sides are doing it. I just want people to understand that both sides have arguments that are more complex than they are attributing to the other side
>> No. 2518422
File 136097126064.jpg - (119.95KB , 900x636 , sinanju_in_gundam_unicorn_by_kwokkinyuen-d33fjx1.jpg )
Indeed, we can't make judgments until we see the episodes.Nor can we make assumptions about the quality until the next season.

Let it be known that I do not like the concept of Twilight Alicorn, but I'll give it a chance. Regardless if the show goes to shite, something better will pop up eventually.
>> No. 2518423

That's kind of a dick move man. FIM is MLP and people who shit on the rest of the franchise kind of tick me off.
>> No. 2518424
Plus, this review was pretty much completely positive about the episode.
>> No. 2518425
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 2518426
It kinda was. I actually knew this 'wise man' (me and mzu talk over email a lot) and he was just trying to calm people down in saying that "Equestria Girls wont ruin the show, so why are we caring so much!"
>> No. 2518428

AS TGSB said, best to keep in mind that this guy is also the one that reviewed ACW before it aired, and found it kind of meh, even disappointing in some regards. He didn't trash it, but treated it much the same way as he did this episode, actually slightly worse in some ways. Maybe you are agree with that dislike of ACW, maybe not.
Point is, don't think his opinions are necessarily going to be your own. Maybe you'll actually like more songs than he does. Maybe you'll dislike certain plot points more than him. He did say it felt rushed in the first two acts, which I'll be honest, I'd rather have rushed a bit than completely rushing the ending act. He also said not every song wowed him, but when there's seven, and some are just light mod setters like the opening one released today, I kind of think that's a given. Maybe you'll feel far more emotionally attached to what's happening than he will because his only experience with the show is from the occasional review of the multiple episode DVDs that come out. I mean he doesn't even really get the whole freakout over the alicorn business, and likely any community nods, continuity events, etc sailed right over his head.

So yeah, if this review didn't get you confident, just understand that the only one to really determine how much you like it is yourself.
>> No. 2518429
File 136097203153.gif - (1.77MB , 320x180 , 242783__UNOPT__safe_humanized_animated_trixie_image-macro_equestria-girls_jimmies.gif )
>> No. 2518430
File 136097206718.gif - (132.05KB , 844x432 , DevideByZero.gif )
>> No. 2518431
No Reixie! Noooooo!
*Turn into orange ooze.*
>> No. 2518432
File 136097454672.png - (186.87KB , 499x521 , alicon twilight deal with it.png )
Well the big day is tomorrow! Are you excited because I'm excited!
>> No. 2518433
Do I just click on the link at 6:00?
>> No. 2518434
File 136097495648.png - (1.21MB , 1920x1080 , Luna_holds_a_mysterious_book_S3E02.png )
And now we know why it happened, and what the book is for (kind of).

Oh, and more continuity references sprinkled in.

Last edited at Fri, Feb 15th, 2013 17:39

>> No. 2518436
File 136097567615.jpg - (26.84KB , 463x199 , Capture.jpg )
And this is apparently just part one.
>> No. 2518437
Damn, Beardswirl is going to have such a boner.

That is certainly a game-changer.
>> No. 2518438
>> No. 2518439
File 136097564112.jpg - (124.44KB , 938x898 , must___ not____ want.jpg )
Must resist spoilers!
>> No. 2518440
File 136097579898.gif - (863.30KB , 425x239 , Oh_hells_no.gif )

Well, given that I found CW to have alot of flaws, and while I found 80% of CW2 to be good, I found CW1 to be a horrible episode.

So if Someone who's opinions synche up with mine isn't Overjoyed, I am not optimistic.
>> No. 2518441
Seriously though, you must be skipping in joy that your headcanon has just been partly validated.
>> No. 2518442
File 136097590329.png - (69.13KB , 148x284 , Dent-cilan-dent-2-31-2.png )
This is going to make the wait starting tomorrow a bit more interesting.
>> No. 2518443
File 136097594894.png - (97.34KB , 254x245 , 1358614663359.png )
Hmm..cliffhanger then
>> No. 2518444
I know... I wish it was over with so I could basically just give up till s4.
>> No. 2518445
File 136097607305.jpg - (76.84KB , 629x646 , TheZenArtOfChilledJimmies.jpg )
Nope. Not looking.
>> No. 2518446
Or possibly just a close connection, similar to how you'd call TTM, SFS, and BNE a three parter.
>> No. 2518447
File 136097603479.png - (125.97KB , 400x400 , Angrier_Angron.png )

Same. maybe I should leave pony till tommorrow.

Bleh, Worst thing is I'm going to be busy tommorow, so after watching I won't be able to discuss the episode for like a day.
>> No. 2518448

But he thinks overall it's good, so I guess you...agree with him? Disagree?
>> No. 2518449
File 136097645379.png - (137.31KB , 900x857 , so ah-shum!.png )
>mine countenance whereupon

Now I really want to click that link... But I must be strong! I don't want to spoil tomorrow's ep for myself.


NO! There are no breaks on the Twilight Train!
>> No. 2518450
File 136097625038.jpg - (60.74KB , 640x480 , Thats_the_last_straw.jpg )

I have much less expectations for this one, since i am a very, very Fervent anti-alicorn believer.
>> No. 2518451
File 136097622052.jpg - (48.61KB , 400x399 , angron.jpg )

Then we must jump off while its moving.
>> No. 2518452

This link. This clip. Very, very interesting. Plenty of continuity (in more than one way), and it's just how I want to see Twilight acting in that circumstance.
Oh so happy.
>> No. 2518453
Youtube embed play button

I fucking called it! I fucking called it!
>> No. 2518454

Well you said he share your opinions on it, but apparently he liked this episode more than the combined 2-parter ACW. So as before, you shouldn't take his word as "synching-up" with yours.
>> No. 2518455
File 136097643546.png - (278.25KB , 640x360 , all glory to the purple pony.png )
>Seriously though, you must be skipping in joy that your headcanon has just been partly validated.

Well, I do have a bottle of champagne ready to be opened tomorrow at 11am.

McCarthy is quickly becoming my favorite person in the world.
>> No. 2518456
File 136097655806.jpg - (152.14KB , 876x586 , Don't worry, I'll protect you~.jpg )

Not clicking that!
But the wait is starting to leave a mark, I apologize for any collateral that I might cause from this post onward...
>> No. 2518457

Whoa, whoa whoa, back the fuck up...
3-parter? They couldn't wait until season 4 for this?
>> No. 2518458

Well I gotta give this 'Wise Man' some props for that at least.
>> No. 2518459
I just started thinking, I wonder how much havoc there would be in the fandom during the SERIES finale, considering this is what it is during a season finale?
>> No. 2518460
File 136097733004.jpg - (309.86KB , 652x657 , consider the following.jpg )
I don't think so... Seems like the writers were never sure if they'd have a fourth season. It explains why S3 tied up so many loose ends. WA could have been a fitting conclusion to Dash's dreams. AFR showed us that the AJ's parents are indeed dead. Trixie and Discord returned and were redeemed. Scootaloo got her own ep and finally has the approval of Dash she's been so desperately seeking since S1. It makes sense that they would end the series with Twilight becoming an alicorn. But they got picked up for a fourth season. So now they can go further with Twilight's story.

At least, that's what I think happened.
>> No. 2518461
File 136097737237.jpg - (17.55KB , 234x208 , QB oh my god.jpg )

It is... beautiful~
>> No. 2518462
File 136097845183.jpg - (6.42KB , 300x168 , OAP.jpg )
They can go further with the whole story,the whole plot behind the series by advancing Twilight's story.After all she is the protagonist of the show.
>> No. 2518463
File 136097852925.jpg - (535.71KB , 780x1020 , Big Smile, Bigger Boobz.jpg )

I fully agree with this post.
>> No. 2518464

Central character.
>> No. 2518465
File 136097861457.jpg - (17.74KB , 230x406 , 230px-Spike_Spiegel_as_drawn_by_the_creators.jpg )
Main character.
>> No. 2518466
File 136097870447.png - (160.94KB , 1178x504 , twilight extreme advertising.png )
>> No. 2518467

Central. All the characters are equally important, but Twilight is the thing that brings them together.
>> No. 2518468

That's not how you spell Rarity silly!
>> No. 2518469
Main, as in even though this show covers a lot of characters, each with their own story, Twilight's is the main one that's covered over the course of the show.

Like I implied here >>2518465
>> No. 2518470
Celestia is better.
Fuck you.
>> No. 2518471

No central, as in she brings them together, but they are all equally main!
>> No. 2518472
The overarching story is about Twilight, therefore she's the main character.
>> No. 2518473

Do you really need to do this man? You're usually the calm guy who doesn't act like a dick. I think she's a central character, and you think she's a main character. Fine. We'll agree to disagree.
>> No. 2518474
Alright then.
>> No. 2518475
Dude are you alright? You seem really angry tonight? Something up man? I know I came off kind of mad, but I'm kind of worried here.
>> No. 2518476
I really dont think he is trying to be rude, but he is kinda ticked off about the fandom's reaction.

Anyways, since this is probably going to be similar to the gala arc then I definately have no reservations to this episode...maybe pacing, but if its explained later then I wont mind
>> No. 2518477
I'm fine. I'm not trying to come off as a jerk, and if you don't want to continue with this conversation about Twilight's character status I'll stop. I just thought it'd be better to give you some sort of reply then none at all.

I'm not even mad right now.

Last edited at Fri, Feb 15th, 2013 18:53

>> No. 2518478

Yeah, I can understand why. I'm really excited about Twilicorn myself.

Hey if the rest of the mane six do become royalty what do you think their positions would be?
>> No. 2518479

Nah, I'm sorry man I'm just not feeling well today. Caught some kind of bug. Thanks for replying by the way. Maybe... okay Twilight is the main character you're right. I'm just being really silly here. Though my fav pony will always be Rarity.
>> No. 2518480
File 136098010646.png - (78.73KB , 182x272 , cilan 2-12-2.png )
Hope you feel better.
>> No. 2518481

Thanks man and sorry again about being a dick. Also what do you think the chances are of any of the mane six getting a two parter down the road?
>> No. 2518482
File 136098033292.jpg - (40.52KB , 800x451 , Full_Frontal_LOL.jpg )
Why is this giving me a shakey peace of mind for season 4?
>> No. 2518483
Considering the two parters are more adventurous and how the story comes about, it'd be hard to think of a scenario for any one of the mane six to get a focus two parter.

Best I could probably come up with would be one starring Rainbow Dash, and the premise would be more focused on some big sporting event she'd participate in, like the Equestrian Games, though it would be interrupted by some big event like ACW was with the changeling invasion.

I could definitely see a mane six minus Twilight one, where they have to save her from the villain like a Saving Private Ryan kind of deal.

Last edited at Fri, Feb 15th, 2013 19:07

>> No. 2518484

I like the saving Twilight idea. If they do it I kind of hope that it'll be a three parter.
>> No. 2518485
File 136098190607.png - (345.20KB , 450x827 , Manga you say.png )

Does that mean the entire rest that most of the Mane cast dies to save Twilight in the end? That could be interesting to see.
>> No. 2518486
File 136098165992.png - (217.86KB , 447x456 , twilight 4.png )
>I could definitely see a mane six minus Twilight one, where they have to save her from the villain like a Saving Private Ryan kind of deal.

I keep throwing money at the computer screen but nothing is happening!
>> No. 2518487

Umm...I'd rather they not...
>> No. 2518488
File 136098168772.png - (99.58KB , 285x322 , 2 14 1.png )
I honestly haven't watched Saving Private Ryan. I only know about the movie's premise of a bunch of soldiers trying to rescue a captured one.
>> No. 2518489
File 136098184560.png - (176.22KB , 421x421 , military twilight FMJ.png )
Private Ryan was never captured. He was just out fighting in the front and they were sent to find him and bring him back before he got himself killed.

It's really a good movie. You should watch it.
>> No. 2518490
File 136098193579.jpg - (35.38KB , 440x339 , badum-tish.jpg )
Ah Mami, I see you haven't lost your head in all this drama.
>> No. 2518491
File 136098201753.jpg - (63.10KB , 500x281 , YES YES YES.jpg )

Be one with the computer man! Then it will accept your money.
>> No. 2518492

I need to myself. Is it on blu ray?
>> No. 2518493
Youtube embed play button

No no, then you just Biomerge-digivolve.

Last edited at Fri, Feb 15th, 2013 19:42

>> No. 2518494
File 136098267360.png - (249.70KB , 600x700 , Keep Calm.png )

Oh... Ok.


Of course not!
... You weren't expecting me to go on a killing spree or something right?
>> No. 2518495
Youtube embed play button
It is one of the better war movies out there.I kinda like Black Hawk down better,it avoids treating war as fought by a collection of hard cases with a few fresh faces.

I mean Saving Private Ryan is great and all but it tries hard to portray war as gritty and serious,instead of the real thing which has a tendency to veer towards absurdity and boredom.
>> No. 2518496
Youtube embed play button
  Well Bronies, in a few hours, the finale will begin.
Many tears will be shed, many songs will be sung, many smiles will be had, and in the end, we will be left for the long hiatus between seasons.
So, my comrades, I only have one question...
>> No. 2518497
File 136098320887.jpg - (152.14KB , 876x586 , Don't worry, I'll protect you~.jpg )

My body is ready~
As are all ribbons and muskets, just in case!
>> No. 2518498
File 136098333192.jpg - (640.98KB , 1000x850 , OMNIMON.jpg )

Then you can make them make you whatever you want or they have to answer to Omnimon!


I expect this one day.
>> No. 2518499
File 136098376237.jpg - (118.08KB , 576x582 , commander sparkle.jpg )
Beardswirl the Starded onboard UNSC Purple Princess reporting in.

Currently we are coming into geosynchronous orbit over /arch/. Jimmies are secured. Body is at maximum readiness. Ready to deploy ground forces at a moments notice.
>> No. 2518500
File 136098385073.png - (82.72KB , 222x353 , n op 2.png )
It's going to be over 12 hours, but aside from that, yes, I am ready.

Bring it on!
>> No. 2518501
Youtube embed play button



I like the implications behind this~
>> No. 2518502
So, you guys watching the episode through Stream or later at Youtube?
>> No. 2518503
File 136098426534.png - (23.09KB , 134x100 , determined cilan.png )
I haven't had to miss one episode yet this season, and I made sure I wouldn't for this one.
>> No. 2518504
File 136098426479.png - (501.89KB , 435x656 , 1359873583358.png )
On a stream
>> No. 2518505
Staying up all night to watch the stream.
>> No. 2518506

Live on the hub~~
>> No. 2518507
File 136098439547.jpg - (232.96KB , 766x742 , Close Call.jpg )

Expect what?


Remember, always keep your weapon ready, your only safety net should be your trigger finger.
>> No. 2518508
File 136098443100.jpg - (61.00KB , 960x539 , gundam-UC-6b.jpg )
I am ready.
>> No. 2518509
File 136098463968.jpg - (87.77KB , 936x853 , ponies, ponies everywhere.jpg )
Gonna watch live-stream... Pop open a bottle of bubbly and discuss the episode with fellow gentlemen of /arch/. Then if all goes according to plan, watch it again on Sunday in glorious HD from iTunes on Apple TV (that is if iTunes doesn't fuck up this episode too... GOD HELP THEM IF THEY DO!)
>> No. 2518510

Murder spree.

I always have my trigger finger cocked and ready!
>> No. 2518511
File 136098523154.png - (687.64KB , 728x1047 , Plenty of muskets to go around.png )

Nothing is going to ruin Twi's special day, not on my watch.
>> No. 2518512
File 136098546866.png - (350.68KB , 500x572 , hoity18.png )

Seeing as I'm currently up in the mountains in Vermont, and will be skiing all day tomorrow...I'm gonna have to watch it on YouTube on my iPad later in the day/at night. I won't get to /popcorn at the initial shitstorms, sadly.
>> No. 2518513

I will protect her with my life ma'am!


Sounds fun dood! You enjoy yourself!
>> No. 2518514
File 136098590362.jpg - (56.70KB , 631x540 , 14.jpg )
When you getting back Nostalgia? I'd hate to go on hiatus without hearing the opinion of my arch-nemesis.
>> No. 2518515
I'll have to watch it later in the evening. Funeral to go to.
>> No. 2518516
File 136098619363.png - (222.41KB , 795x1004 , hoity1.png )
It's not that I'm *gone* or anything, I have my iPad here with me (which is what I'm typing on right now), it's just that I'll be out skiing all day so I won't be able to watch the episode as it airs.
>> No. 2518517
So when exactly are you going on this hiatus?
>> No. 2518518
File 136098650183.png - (482.65KB , 845x687 , all right!.png )
Ok, so everything will work out fine then... Enjoy your day of skiing.

Super jelly by the way.
>> No. 2518519

I'm sorry man
>> No. 2518520
File 136098678507.png - (501.02KB , 900x1221 , hoity17.png )
Weekend of skiiing* ! I'm here all weekend.

And you'd best be jelly, son. The little timeshare-condo that I'm staying in is literally right on the side of the slopes. You can walk around the back, get on your board/skis and slide right down onto the slope, down to the lifts. And then when you come back down, you can ski right down to the condo again.

It's pretty much a dream house for skiers.
>> No. 2518521
Well we only have 11 hours to go before iTunes can accidentally spoil it for errybody.
>> No. 2518522
File 136098747403.jpg - (74.46KB , 1024x576 , gobus49-1001.jpg )
Less than 12 Hours till Impact.
Less than 12 Hours till Climax
Less than 12 Hours till Sheer Exctasy
Less than 12 Hours till Total Pain.

Less than 12 Hours till we all know.

We've reach the point of no return ladies and gentlemen. If you aren't ready, then that's just too bad.

As for me... If it comes down to a fight.. all I got is two words to say.



Last edited at Fri, Feb 15th, 2013 21:13

>> No. 2518523
Thanks. But, well it was a family member I didn't know very well, its more to see my grandmother I haven't seen in ages.
>> No. 2518524

Oh well make sure to have fun seeing her tomorrow...Put the FUN in funeral as it were...I'll shut up now, but seriously sorry about your loss.
>> No. 2518525
Just saw this...sorry about that
>> No. 2518526
wait, a few hours? i thought it was tomorrow!
>> No. 2518527
File 136098801352.gif - (2.59MB , 320x237 , Hold on guys I got this.gif )
Right with you on that.
>> No. 2518528
Dont worry about it guys!
>> No. 2518529

Alright if you're sure, just remember we're always here for you!

Ponychan means family. Family means nopony gets left behind.
>> No. 2518530
Question: Do we know if the plot is that Twilight changes their cutie marks in the present day, and that they somehow were forced to change their whole lives because of it, or that she changed which cutie marks they got in their childhood, creating an alternate history in which they were mislead by their cutie marks?

Recently, I've been sleeping in and watching the episodes on Youtube, but I think I'd like to see the reaction to this one ASAP. I'd prefer not to sleep through the potential pony apocalypse.

Last edited at Fri, Feb 15th, 2013 21:35

>> No. 2518531
File 136098977428.png - (2.15MB , 1748x2480 , alicorn twilight.png )
Pony apocolypse? My friend, you are about to witness the dawning of a new age. An age of reason, of peace, of freedom from fear and darkness. It will be the age of the Purple Princess. Rejoice! For the Kingdom of Sparkle is at hand!

For the one true princess, long may she reign!
>> No. 2518532
File 136099030892.jpg - (63.56KB , 604x640 , still_happy.jpg )

I know that feeling. I'm really annoyed that I'm going to be busy most of the day, so I'll basically just see the episode, then end up missing out on all the reactions. >.<

This is worse than when I was two week banned during CW so I didn't get to participate in the debates during that episode.
>> No. 2518533

You know what? I'm excited for this. We'll finally have something huge happen that affects the show. Something that'll make it fresh again. Tomorrow is gonna be awesome!
>> No. 2518534
1000% sure~ :P

I think it might be like alt history?

I dunno...
>> No. 2518535
File 136099066127.png - (146.30KB , 505x521 , future twi uhhh.png )
>This is worse than when I was two week banned during CW so I didn't get to participate in the debates during that episode.

Dude, I got banned for 2 weeks around that time too... I just wrote a really serious and heart-felt apology to the mod who banned me, basically begging forgiveness and pleading not to make me miss the season finale. It was lifted the day of ACW.
>> No. 2518536
File 136099039776.jpg - (94.29KB , 400x331 , HNI_0095_JPG.jpg )

Beardswirl, your blandness is showing.
>> No. 2518537
>> No. 2518538
File 136099064070.gif - (569.15KB , 300x187 , upset.gif )

>> No. 2518539

Just as long as she doesn't become John Cena, we're cool. If she does, then Enter might have to do God's work.
>> No. 2518540
File 136099102849.png - (152.68KB , 500x466 , 24.png )
Yeah well... uh.. Your blandness is showing!
>> No. 2518541
File 136099518313.png - (161.00KB , 800x600 , manly4.png )
Oh god, my nipples are erect! Bring on the episode!
>> No. 2518542
Youtube embed play button
>Oh god, my nipples are erect! Bring on the episode!

Is it Saturday at 10:30 yet????
>> No. 2518543
File 136099601334.jpg - (207.18KB , 750x1000 , partyin'.jpg )

No but I'm gonna celebrate before it is~~~!!!
>> No. 2518544
File 136099601757.png - (932.74KB , 1912x1046 , Twi and pinkie brohoof.png )
Who's awesome? You're awesome Bollox!
>> No. 2518545
File 136099644519.jpg - (352.63KB , 627x1280 , fluttermilk.jpg )

Damnit, I warned you to be careful with those things!
>> No. 2518546
I believe in M.A. Larson.
>> No. 2518547
File 136099790319.png - (121.31KB , 566x800 , blushing5.png )

Daw, why you gotta say things like that?
>> No. 2518548
File 136099773181.png - (109.57KB , 519x509 , 244494__UNOPT__safe_button_50fcdff5a4c72d3c330001a5.png )
>> No. 2518549
File 136099804914.jpg - (119.90KB , 640x416 , how_is_he_able_to_walk_around_and_not_die.jpg )

I don't. Not... anymore.
>> No. 2518550
File 136099831837.jpg - (151.75KB , 481x521 , 227348__UNOPT__safe_50f982c8a4c72de10300008f_watchmen_m-period-a-period--larson_rorschach.jpg )
>> No. 2518551
File 136099872355.png - (105.92KB , 900x861 , 135995397349.png )
Never compromise. Even in the face of armageddon.
>> No. 2518552
File 136099987001.jpg - (84.22KB , 610x950 , Untitled.jpg )
>> No. 2518553
Youtube embed play button
I'm sorry Unlikeable....
>> No. 2518554
File 136100054260.jpg - (87.86KB , 960x516 , 227350__UNOPT__safe_twilight-sparkle_rainbow-dash_pinkie-pie_fluttershy_rarity_applejack_image-m.jpg )
>> No. 2518555
File 136100088005.jpg - (93.37KB , 1000x1000 , future twi friendship.jpg )
Do you really think that's gonna protect you? I wish I had your optimism. Your innocience. But the truth is there's a shit storm coming. And not just any shit storm. The perfect shit storm. And the only thing you can do is either run and hide... Or man-up, stand, and fight. I've made my decision. You need to make yours.

Last edited at Sat, Feb 16th, 2013 00:48

>> No. 2518556
File 136100115413.gif - (0.98MB , 500x341 , tumblr_m0v0xm70fG1r73plvo1_500.gif )

I destroy your barrier
>> No. 2518557
okay, so in the previews twilight seem very excited of being a princess, and the whole cutie mark thing is goin to be solved in a song at the beginning.
what will be the conflict of the episode?
>> No. 2518558
File 136100297395.png - (265.70KB , 545x536 , 134695258448.png )
See: >>2518023 & >>2518259
>> No. 2518559
I'm okay with this
>> No. 2518560
Except the most recent leak on Wired showed either

A) The princesses are parasprites
B) Starswirl was a parasprite
C) This is what happens when you buck a stranger in the northern mountains
D) Twilight really needs to learn to NOT read out loud
E) All of the above

Last edited at Sat, Feb 16th, 2013 01:34

>> No. 2518561
Youtube embed play button
What anime is this from?
Ohhh, so THAT'S why the fandom is freaking out. Yeah, to fucking hell with Cena.
Also, major obligatory preparatory clip to be played right before the start of the season finale.
>> No. 2518562
Youtube embed play button

>> No. 2518563
File 136100434295.jpg - (24.88KB , 500x352 , 6fae8203-e9a5-4a4a-9c46-a87116670e4f.jpg )
D, though at least it wasn't the necronomicon, or some diary with a magic spell in it.

Never read anything you can't understand out loud, especially while knowingly channeling magic!!!
>> No. 2518564

Hey guys I found this tape recorder next to this creepy book and I played it. Nothing bad will happen right?
>> No. 2518565
File 136100465028.png - (137.05KB , 760x800 , scared5.png )

As long as you don't say 'Biggie Smalls' in a mirror 3 times..
>> No. 2518566
It was Starswirl's spell book, if there's a pony equivalent of the Necronomicon of Abdul Alhazred I would think it was that.

Also my choice is obviously A,B,D.
>> No. 2518567
I haven't seen that leak, and I don't want to see it.
>> No. 2518568
File 136101052547.png - (161.76KB , 482x600 , tumblr_m70q6cWG8i1qk4o4zo1_500.png )
30 minutes! Is your body ready?
>> No. 2518569
30 minute to what?
>> No. 2518570
it begins!
>> No. 2518571
marathon at Bronystate!
>> No. 2518572
File 136101924136.jpg - (72.79KB , 960x540 , not ready.jpg )
Since we learned about Twicorn I have had stomachache (actual physical pain) for suspension. I'm sure is my ready, but what ever finale gives us, I can't wait it to be over so I can relax.
>> No. 2518573
File 136102051807.jpg - (115.09KB , 563x506 , I'm ready.jpg )
Gentlemen, today is the day. The day of days.

May the force be with us all.
>> No. 2518574
>> No. 2518575
File 136102118467.gif - (1.29MB , 214x153 , 1334635490936.gif )

My body is as ready as it's ever going to be.
>> No. 2518576
File 136102119993.jpg - (8.44KB , 300x168 , extra_pillows.jpg )
I'm ready for the carnage everypony, so be forewarned:

>> No. 2518577
File 136102189508.jpg - (55.30KB , 638x297 , mask on.jpg )
I'm ready.
Let's get this over with.
>> No. 2518578
File 136102334428.png - (520.16KB , 855x482 , You rang~.png )
It all comes down to this, my body is ready.
>> No. 2518579
I've got the champagne.

All hail our new Princess!
>> No. 2518580
File 136102405259.png - (383.31KB , 1024x844 , 27.png )
It is almost time!

Long live the princess! Long live the princess!
>> No. 2518581
File 136102420811.jpg - (146.89KB , 462x594 , tumblr_mdpvrjNkM41qgwispo1_500.jpg )
F*ck it. We've got less than 2 and a half hours before this begins, so let's do this. I just hope I don't view my 2nd Favorite Pony in the same eye I view Hal Jordan or Barry Allen after all of this is over.
>> No. 2518582
Coincidentally, I've been watching Princess Tutu around this same time, with only a few episodes left. Let's see if I can finish it before this episode airs.
>> No. 2518583
File 136102494488.jpg - (343.37KB , 1280x890 , one_hell_of_a_first_lesson_by_agamnentzar-d5ukmwq.jpg )
We're going in. We're going in full throttle!
>> No. 2518584
File 136102479133.jpg - (46.47KB , 900x563 , clock_is_ticking.jpg )


>> No. 2518585
File 136102506355.png - (401.92KB , 720x720 , Braeburn (6).png )
Only season one in here though, i really need to update my folders.
Somebody order a braeburn?

>mine countenance whereupon one hour remaining.
>> No. 2518586
File 136102550324.jpg - (21.60KB , 512x384 , dark2.jpg )
Thar be a Twilicorn off the port bow! Harpoons at the ready, lads!
>> No. 2518587
I'm gonna have a heart attack if this episode doesn't air soon. I feel like the mane 6 at the end of TCE while waiting for Twilight to come back from Celestia's judgement.
>> No. 2518588
File 136102627601.png - (397.91KB , 786x732 , 3_ Dulset Tarn 3.png )
So guys. 20 bucks say they never once say the word "Alicorn" in the episode. Any takers?
>> No. 2518589
I agree. Just because they called something in the show "alicorn" doesn't mean they'll relate it to the princesses. We all know it's used by the staff, although it's the wrong term anyway, but I really hope it stays out of the episode.
>> No. 2518590
File 136102659962.jpg - (97.75KB , 640x960 , 8.jpg )
I don't think they'll say alicorn at all. Princess on the other hand...
>> </