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To help cut down all the EqG threads, maybe we should have an official discussion thread. It's a lot closer than season 4 at least.

The synopsis is "When a crown is stolen from the Crystal Empire, Twilight Sparkle pursues the thief into an alternate world where she transforms into a teenage girl who must survive her biggest challenge yet… high school. With help from her new friends who remind her of Ponyville’s Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy, she embarks upon a quest to find the crown and change the destiny of these two parallel worlds."

The film will start being shown in theaters starting on June 16th.
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>> No. 2524969
File 137296855103.png - (779.18KB , 1305x733 , shahrukh8.png )
>She decided MMC to happen.
What. Source, now.
>> No. 2524970
thats what she said.
>> No. 2524971
File 137298653101.jpg - (129.99KB , 799x800 , humanpinkieandrainbowdash26.jpg )

It's different.
>> No. 2524972
Still creepy.
It's like James Cameron's Avatar. Dude gets an Avatar and then he wants to fuck Na'vi bitches all night long. Creepy pony on human action.
>> No. 2524973
To be fair, that is totally what I would do too.
>> No. 2524974
Creepy. Although if the tables were turned, and I got to turn into a pony and go to Equestria, I'd totally try to get freaky with some mares there.
But still! It's creepy!
>> No. 2524975
File 137300406345.jpg - (214.05KB , 837x852 , WHAT I LEARNED FROM CELESTIA IS.jpg )
>implying Geldon isn't already a pedophile
Dear Princess Celestia.

Today I got called a pedophile by the massive conservative Twlicorn-hating drama queen with a penchant for self-piteous trolling.

What do?

P.S. Send jailbait.

Last edited at Thu, Jul 4th, 2013 23:01

>> No. 2524976
Well, is it true?
>> No. 2524977
>reads through ENTIRE 3000 post thread
>Get's to the end
Why did I do this.....
>> No. 2524978
File 137300582497.png - (353.08KB , 492x561 , 25380 - troll_thread chart meta meme applejack furry.png )
Straight up asking me if I'm a pedophile? Somebody's hungry for scandal.

Sorry to burst your bubble but, boringly enough, I'm no more a pedophilile than most men [en.wikipedia.org], and do a better job of isolating fantasy from reality than anyone Chris Hansen would be interested in.

On ponychan, you've more interesting forms of sexual deviance to look for, anyway.

Last edited at Thu, Jul 4th, 2013 23:39

>> No. 2524979
So, you're saying you are.
Quick Applebloom! Hide under my covers!
>> No. 2524980
File 137300773908.jpg - (66.88KB , 700x700 , cereal.jpg )
I'd really appreciate it if you stop misrepresenting me on matters that could cause me to lose my job or undergo criminal investigation.

Hopefully I haven't pissed in anyone's cornflakes badly enough for them to want to frame me for crimes I didn't commit.

Last edited at Fri, Jul 5th, 2013 00:08

>> No. 2524981
File 137300780108.jpg - (124.20KB , 1024x1448 , mandalorian_warrior_by_felipeborbs-d5viuqf.jpg )

You're a Mando too? Nice!
>> No. 2524982
For Mandalore!

Can't be worse than the time I got fired because I was browsing 4chan and some punk whippersnapper posted a picture of a certain yellow mare with a blue mane with massive mammaries.
Damn net hoodlums.
>> No. 2524983
File 137300850638.jpg - (231.58KB , 945x945 , dude.jpg )
Ooo, that sucks. Granted, I'm not sure browsing 4chan is ever safe for work.
>> No. 2524984
Death to all milkmares. Jihad jihad durka durka durka.
>> No. 2524985
File 137300910372.jpg - (23.95KB , 323x450 , 20947-004-ED3B1AB8.jpg )

Jesus christ, what kind of free time do you have and where can I buy some?
>> No. 2524987
File 137304221919.png - (39.05KB , 688x773 , twi feels.png )
>tfw hands
>> No. 2524988
File 137304453897.png - (378.72KB , 650x578 , shahrukh25.png )
>tfw hands have been present throughout the entire series but Twilight and her friends still seem to have no idea what they are

Last edited at Fri, Jul 5th, 2013 10:16

>> No. 2524989
Youtube embed play button
I don't think hands are supposed to actually exist, and earlier uses of it have just been slips. Using the phases "getting out of hand" or "on the other hand" without replacing them with hoof, similar to how they occasionally use anybody instead of anypony, or say things like bullets or tanks exist.
>> No. 2524990
What about Iron Will. Does he have hands?
>> No. 2524991
The hooves of cows are sometimes called claws too.

If his feet can be called that, then his hands could probably be called that too.

Last edited at Fri, Jul 5th, 2013 10:30

>> No. 2524992
File 137304634047.png - (220.50KB , 345x496 , shahrukh18.png )
Well, spike's "claws" work like hands, and monkeys are confirmed to exist within Equestria and they have hands as well. Also, Iron Will, yeah.

With so many instances of hands existing, it's just a bit odd that they'd have Twilight flip out and not know what they are, and then later, blatantly make a "What are hands?" joke.
>> No. 2524993
you know what will be funny?

lyra saying "what are hands?"
that will break the heart of a ton of people, while at the same time is referencing the fandom version.

just like extra info, im not ultra fan human lover lyra, but i find some times pictures funny. i prefer her just to do things in weird ways... the human way... but with out acknowledging it.
>> No. 2524994
In other news, it's really easy to rustle brodles over on EQD, all you have to do is comment on their 9/10 scores of Equestria Girls. Instant flame war.
>> No. 2524995
File 137305167242.png - (631.75KB , 886x718 , shahrukh38.png )
Pretty much, yeah. Negative opinions are frowned upon at EQD, and people will label you a "hater/whiner/complainer" if you don't like something.
>> No. 2524996
Actually, that does sound good, although I don't know how they would have fit that scene in. And I agree that it'd be funnier if people were more subtle about it.
>> No. 2524997
I finally watched Equestria Girls last night on youtube.

That was a lot better than I expected, loved it
>> No. 2524998
Enjoy your Equestria Girls enema, courtesy of Hasbro. Please grab your ankles and bite down on a piece of wood.
>> No. 2524999
Hey, I personally dislike EqG for it's flood of flaws, but no need for this type of comments.
>> No. 2525000

Why? Was this really necessary?

Last edited at Fri, Jul 5th, 2013 13:48

>> No. 2525001
I finally saw it today. It was "Meh" to me at best, facepalmingly horrifying at worst. Sunset Shimmer's Human Form was pretty good looking, but everyone else ranged from meh to mega-crap as far as humanized looks go. Also, Sunset Shimmer's plan made no sense from the beginning. Rather than stay in Equestria and steal the other elements, she goes back into the alternate world for no reason. It's like this show has trouble writing good villains.

>Remembers that this MLP and villains are supposed to be total pansies


And Flash Sentry couldn't be anymore one-dimensional. Seriously, nobody cares about him. I'll stick with my Twixie ship, thank you very much.
>> No. 2525002
Anyone that says they love this crap deserves the same level of scorn as Gilda.
>> No. 2525003
This. What did you think of the songs? How about that remixed theme?
>> No. 2525004

The same reaction I had to this film. A big fat "MEH."
>> No. 2525005
I was left with a resounding, "so when are we going to get an actual MLP:FiM movie?" vibe.
>> No. 2525006

Agreed. What were they thinking writing this?
>> No. 2525007
I'm thinking of something along the lines of... "We're in the money! We're in the money! We've got a lot of what it takes to get along!"
Hope those dolls are worth it.
>> No. 2525008
File 137306429321.png - (335.25KB , 529x585 , shahrukh14.png )
>Hope those dolls are worth it.

I haven't seen very many people saying that they're going to buy them. Even on EQD, where everyone was raving about how epic and amazing EQG was.
>> No. 2525009
File 137306429442.jpg - (64.66KB , 450x411 , 01.jpg )

$5 says they weren't worth it.
>> No. 2525010
And so, the movie was a pointless distraction during our months of pony draught.
>> No. 2525011
File 137307623586.png - (150.14KB , 402x376 , 130084042362.png )
And I enjoyed it like a bottle of piss given to a man who has spent 3 days without water in a desert.

Well, maybe Equestia Girls wasn't piss bad. Hasbro once again owes Studio B/THX Media a debt for being able to take a terrible idea and spin it into something tolerable. This whole idea of turning My Little Pony into a Monster High competitor was a whole bag of WTF. If they can take that and produce something that causes me to say, "Well, that was a satisfactory episode of pony of epic length," that's a major achievement of ace talent.

Last edited at Fri, Jul 5th, 2013 19:06

>> No. 2525012
File 137307646283.png - (231.20KB , 538x402 , shahrukh19.png )
Indeed. Hopefully we'll get some S4 clips to argue about at SDCC like we did for S3...but then again, I'm not sure if they're that far along in animation that they'll be able to show us anything.

Mm. "Tolerable" is just about right. Not entirely bad, but I'm still disappointed at the huge amount of wasted potential.
>> No. 2525013
>> No. 2525014
Low standards.
>> No. 2525015
File 137309675904.png - (125.97KB , 400x400 , Angrier_Angron.png )

WHAT. People actually LIKED this movie?!
>> No. 2525016
Fuck yes. It was nice to see EQG stay true to the message of friendship and positivity, while breaking expectations over where it was "supposed" to go. The songs were good to great, and it started Princess Twi off on a strong footing.
>> No. 2525017
Amazing as it is, some people will claim to see things which aren't there, claiming everything that comes out of a franchise is the physical emboidement of things good and beautiful, regardless of how crazy that makes them look even after being pointed it out.

Just look at trekkies and all the crap they praise, or look at some at this very board.

Someone out there always likes something which can unquestionably be called bad simply for its source, so don't be surprised.
>> No. 2525018
Don't you mean "hoofing"?
>> No. 2525019
File 137311156022.png - (67.88KB , 408x282 , princessPopcorn.png )
Opinions are funny like that.

I can see why people would enjoy the movie, and i would probably enjoy it myself if i didnt appreciate a well put together story over pure entertainment value.

EQG delivered the latter quite well, as the catchy songs and the animation quality could attest to, in addition to the jokes that quite a lot of people who disliked the movie as a whole can say they laughed at.

EQG did not deliver the former..well, pretty much at all.

Almost every situation comes about because the plot demanded it.

>How does Sunset Shimmer know about Twilight if she's not been back to equestria since she left.

>How does she know what an element of harmony would do in the human world.

>Twilight slept in the library, how did the librarian, who was already pissed off with her, miss that.

>How the hell is human-luna the vice-principal if she's so damn retarded.

>"Hey, you're a bitch who broke apart ours and presumably hundreds of other friendships in this school over the years to establish easily controlled cliques that you ruled over with iron fist. We should totally be friends because you didnt know that was a bad thing."

The climax of the film is meant to contain at least some explanation for things, but all it does (for me at any rate) is make certain questions extremely glaring.

>Element of harmony + person who's not meant to use it = a monster.
Okay, did shimmer know that would happen or did she just think she'd gain the magical power?
She knew something would happen, but whether that was just "having access to her magic+ a boost" or something is confusing.
Especially since the tears during her transformation sequence indicate that it was really fucking painful or something.

Personally, i would have liked the rest of the mane5 to come charging through the mirror wearing their elements (And looking like their pony selves because of it or some crap.) and blocking the death blast instead of the others.
Then you have the whole transformation sequence with Twilight on her own followed by the defeat of shimmer and everybody's counterparts going "WTF" at each other / Rarity in particular fangasming over all the clothes / FlutterHuman fangasming over the magical talking equines.
Bonus points if they do it in synch, with their counterparts apologizing for the other.

The mane5 come charging through because they saw what was happening through the mirror, which is something you would kind of expect from a magical mirror that's a portal to another world.
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