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To help cut down all the EqG threads, maybe we should have an official discussion thread. It's a lot closer than season 4 at least.

The synopsis is "When a crown is stolen from the Crystal Empire, Twilight Sparkle pursues the thief into an alternate world where she transforms into a teenage girl who must survive her biggest challenge yet… high school. With help from her new friends who remind her of Ponyville’s Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy, she embarks upon a quest to find the crown and change the destiny of these two parallel worlds."

The film will start being shown in theaters starting on June 16th.
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File 136867320063.png - (48.50KB , 273x157 , Deathstare.png )
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File 136867339545.jpg - (22.43KB , 244x200 , 1368404094095.jpg )
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I personally hope that, unless it's amazing, it bombs.

Not out of hate for it, but because, if it gets adapted into a series, it'll take resources away from FiM.
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File 136867362981.png - (588.55KB , 900x860 , hoity35.png )
Doubtful. DHX has a lot of employees. I doubt that if EQG became a TV series that they'd force the FIM staff to do it. They'd probably just get some other "B-team" to work on it, especially seeing as the general style of it is a lot different than FIM. (from what Hasbro seems to be saying.)
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File 136867366837.png - (191.99KB , 900x750 , modeling.png )
I personally would rather have 2 great shows compared to 1 amazing one.

But that's just my opinion.
>> No. 2521383
but they are aware the staff of ponies will bring them success for all the ponies stuff.
so just give them a bigger check and they will just do like their job
>> No. 2521384
A bowl of healthy fruit?

No way this takes place in most public high schools!
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File 136867381660.png - (9.98KB , 333x254 , hoity36.png )
Seeing as "amazing" TV shows are few and far between, I'd rather have 1 amazing than 2 great.
>> No. 2521386
but it isnt like they are totally different shows to have variations.

is like having transformers prime, and transformers "energon Girls"

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File 136867404350.png - (71.89KB , 400x425 , Chillaxin'.png )
But if the amazing one eventually crumbles then you'll be left with nothing. Having a second show as a back-up is always nice.

Though then again I already do kind of have a few back ups.

Except that analogy goes right over my head as I don't watch Transformers.
>> No. 2521388
What about Transformers Prime and Transformers Rescue Bots?
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File 136867425656.gif - (3.21MB , 414x250 , 316683__UNOPT__safe_opalescence_5158f7eea4c72d264b00065a_5169b150a4c72d125d00050e_518590ee7f123b.gif )
Lets do this Hasbro

I'm ready
>> No. 2521390
Well, to be honest...

I'm looking forward to it. There's certainly more than enough room to make something awesome out of all of this and I'm beginning to feel that the surface story elements probably aren't all that's going on here/
>> No. 2521391
thouse are series considered amazing and are directly related?

like one day the prime optimus travel to a portal to happy chibi world?

and you feel it is worth it having the 2?

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I thought you were just talking about variations of the same franchise.
>> No. 2521393
File 136867472240.png - (207.79KB , 847x944 , I see a shiny.png )
>like one day the prime optimus travel to a portal to happy chibi world?
That sounds fucking awesome!
>> No. 2521394
no, because even i didnt said it,
Transformers "Energon Girls" have the actual prime optimus falling in a worm hole with the old spark, turning her in a teen age girls, and having to fight her worst challenge... High school.

The old spark is turned into the crown of the princess of the prom, so optimus have to learn to be a pretty girl and win it, with the help of the human girl version of all her autobots teammates, but she will have to defeate one of the lost megatron´s exgeneral.

if optimus fail, the 2 dimensions will be on danger.
>> No. 2521395
File 136867503003.png - (27.66KB , 196x124 , therehavebeenbetterdays.png )
>Transformers "Energon Girls"

i'd watch it
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File 136867587579.png - (207.61KB , 401x447 , What's Over there.png )
So are you trying to convince me this would be a bad idea? Cause if you are, you are doing a horrible job.
>> No. 2521397
Except Transformers and My Little Pony have completely different settings, genre, demographic, etc. which prevents that from being a fair, compatible analogy.

It'd be like trying to come up with a different idea for a MLP movie, like how in our world a girl named Megan Williams inherited a book from her grandmother about the legend of the Elements of Harmony. Then she finds herself caught up in an epic struggle between the ponies and the changelings, who came to our world to find the Elements. The ponies get Megan's help because the book contains a prophecy on where to find the Elements, which got sent to the human world. It turns out the military had found it along with Chrysalis' body, which was cryogenically frozen, back in the early 19th century, and built the Hoover dam to hide both. This leads to an all out brawl between the changelings vs. the ponies with the U.S. military. Buildings explode, changelings explode, and ponies explode! Twilight and Chrysalis fight, and just when Twilight is about to be killed, Meghan shoves the Elements down Chrysalis' throat, causing them and her to explode!
>> No. 2521398
not going to try because is all suggestive.

probably a lot of people will think having a farting discord episode will be a great idea, while others will think that is stupid.
>> No. 2521399
File 136867704316.png - (160.95KB , 742x1077 , Hipster.png )
>probably a lot of people will think having a farting discord episode will be a great idea, while others will think that is stupid.
But in the end what people think of the idea won't matter once it has been released. Execution will be the part that matters and that's how people will judge the episode.
>> No. 2521400
File 136867842597.jpg - (29.98KB , 183x186 , Celestia_wince.jpg )

>a farting discord episode will be a great idea
>execution will be the part that matters
>> No. 2521401
File 136867862512.png - (195.63KB , 882x905 , What Have I Done.png )
Well we don't know the context behind the farts...

I'm just going to quit while I'm behind
>> No. 2521402
Well what kind of farts are we dealing with? Loud farts? Silent but deadly farts? That's crucial to the plot!
>> No. 2521403
File 136868593577.png - (305.71KB , 851x664 , 134602669264.png )
It's funny because you post as a skunk now.

I can't seem to find that "How do you know it's shit? It's not even out yet" comic. You guys will just have to pretend I posted it unless someone else can provide it.
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File 136868650292.png - (159.39KB , 900x750 , dramatic.png )
I try my best to show each of the pets equal amounts of time in my posts, it just happens that Pepper generally has the most fitting reaction.
>> No. 2521405
Youtube embed play button

>> No. 2521406
File 136868716324.jpg - (25.98KB , 300x300 , Pepper Clark.jpg )
That's because Pepper is best pet. So... stick with Pepper.
>> No. 2521407
File 136868756785.jpg - (94.13KB , 400x367 , I Am Your Goddess.jpg )
I couldn't pick a favorite pet if my life depended on it. So I'll stick to slowly growing the folders for all of the characters.
>> No. 2521408
The correct answer ofcourse is Pepper.

The LPS staff had a meeting last month, possibly to talk about the possibility of a 3rd season. I hope they got it.
>> No. 2521409
File 136868885125.png - (355.15KB , 800x800 , BabsWolf.png )
Well, at least I can start following you around and collecting pics of the pets. Kinda could use some more.
>> No. 2521410
Youtube embed play button
  This thread has now been taken over by LPS

I sure hope so as well.

>best LPS quote
>> No. 2521411
Youtube embed play button
You mislinked on that one. XD
>> No. 2521412
Youtube embed play button
Though that line ain't bad, I can think of plenty better than that one off the top of my head.
>> No. 2521413
Youtube embed play button
Well, that one was the one where I realized 'this is going to be a fun show.' Though, it does have others as well.

(it's Zoe's line in this one I mean)
>> No. 2521414
File 136868987230.png - (496.42KB , 778x800 , saloongirl13.png )
I've never seen a single episode of LPS :3
>> No. 2521415
Stop being wrong, and watch S1. You might like it.
>> No. 2521416
Youtube embed play button
You really should at least give it a try.
>> No. 2521417
File 136869025819.jpg - (69.29KB , 800x800 , anthro12.jpg )

I started watching a slew of new shows recently.

Panty and Stocking (but its too short)
One Piece (but its too long)
Toriko (Idk bout this one...its goddamn silly)
>> No. 2521418
File 136869050485.png - (156.50KB , 900x814 , cottoncandy.png )

Of course I will
>> No. 2521419
Youtube embed play button
Yeah. I will say it's not as good as pony, but it really is a fun series that deserves to be seen. Also, Danny Ingrem is doing the music, so that's something.
>> No. 2521420
File 136869100931.png - (94.67KB , 450x374 , Weaklings.png )
I personally enjoy LPS more than ponies (hence why I post as them now). Waited the whole first season before deciding which I preferred.
>> No. 2521421
File 136869117536.png - (167.58KB , 334x336 , vlcsnap-2013-05-10-14h53m32s86.png )
Eh, I couldn't stand the first two episodes, and though I've heard they get better, LPS doesn't have the infrastructure that encouraged me to choke down the MLP pilots and Ticket Master.
>> No. 2521422
Eh, I find it has more misses than MLP does. Though weirdly, whenever there was an episode of MLP I didn't like, the episode of LPS that premiered after would be really good. Strange how that happened.

Anyway, I just feel MLP is more consistently good and has more aspects to it's world that I find interesting. (Also, aside from the dad and Mrs Twombly, not many human characters I really like or care about all that much.)
>> No. 2521423
File 136869226916.png - (49.14KB , 480x480 , Hipster Glasses.png )
I would recommend giving one of middle episodes a shot. The pilots are just sort of there as exposition.

Out of the 26 episodes of S1, there wasn't a single one that I thought was below great. So yeah, I have fairly high opinions of the show.
>> No. 2521424
File 136871247296.png - (206.46KB , 1681x435 , flashsentry.png )
Just dropping this here, greetings from /mlp/.
>> No. 2521425
what a surprise. probably could became current character.
>> No. 2521426
Nothing that really terrifies me here.

In fact this pretty much alleviated many of my concerns about the character.

I'm hoping the writers actually decided to do something relatively unique and entertaining with him.
>> No. 2521427
File 136872226329.jpg - (143.65KB , 343x604 , 1137217.jpg )
Maybe we should take all the EqG posts and push them into a separate /EqG/ forum in order to better facilitate it not being part of the canon.

Last edited at Thu, May 16th, 2013 09:39

>> No. 2521428
File 136872290580.png - (136.58KB , 550x800 , harmonica.png )

But it is canon. How could it be anything but canon?
>> No. 2521429
File 136872310586.jpg - (36.64KB , 749x610 , canon plot derelle.jpg )
Didn't we have some official source somewhere say that it was actually considered a non-canonical spinoff?
>> No. 2521430
I think the only thing said was that it wouldnt affect season 4 afaik
>> No. 2521431
File 136872400746.png - (545.67KB , 989x886 , 3_ Dulset Tarn 2.png )
I still haven't seen the trailer, and I've been avoiding these threads like the plague, so forgive me if this has already been discussed to death, but there's one thing I really want to get out about this whole thing.

People say "If EqG sucks, let it suck. It's not like it affects canon at all." But there's one problem. It may not be the canon universe, but it is still canon Twilight. Here's what I mean. I don't really know anything about this "Brad" (again, haven't watched the trailer so just ignore me if I'm not making sense), but let's imagine the worst case scenario and say that Twilight bumps into him, they meet, and I dunno, Twilight gets googoo-eyed and things get romantic. This wouldn't be harmless to canon, it would mean that unless Twilight is really an anthrophile Twilight is that close to having a real love interest in canon. We'd have to accept that if Twilight bumped into an attractive pony under similar circumstances, the same thing could happen.

Now like I said, that's just the worst case scenario. But the underlying problem is still there. My woefully uninformed guess is that the chances of a romantic subplot is high, and more importantly the chances of Twilight being active in it is pretty close to 50/50. If that occurs, we'll have no choice but to accept that this is also true of Twilight in canon. It may never ever be touched upon in the show, or by the creators, but we'll know.

And before anyone gets on me about it, I'm not saying "It's terrible that it might be possible for Twilight to have romantic feelings", I'm saying that any romantic feelings she could gain for someone in the context of this movie would most likely be really stupid and underdeveloped, which would negatively affect Friendship is Magic by its mere possibility in canon.
>> No. 2521432
tl;dr Even if it's a non-canon spinoff, it's still canon Twilight, so anything revealed of her in EqG will be true in canon. Ergo, this movie can possibly have a negative effect on canon, even if nothing more than our perception of it.
>> No. 2521433
No, if its a non-canon spinoff then they are non-canon representations of her character and personality.
>> No. 2521434
the events could be just linked or something.
>> No. 2521435
File 136873430388.jpg - (105.42KB , 564x332 , image.jpg )
Meghan McCarthy reveals the name of the "Brad" character.
>> No. 2521436
File 136873456723.png - (184.11KB , 234x404 , cilan 2 10 1.png )
I think I'll just continue calling him Brad until we hear his real name.
>> No. 2521437
at least is not named "flowerbloom screw"
>> No. 2521438
I would Watch both Michael Bay's My Little Pony and Transformers: Energon Girls, seriously both sound just as awesome.
>> No. 2521439
>> No. 2521440
File 136874201614.jpg - (138.06KB , 640x360 , ku-xlarge.jpg )

I wanna watch Dictator Girls.
>> No. 2521441
File 136874935710.jpg - (55.07KB , 640x345 , et-walkie-talkies.jpg )
well, i can imagine a fim episode doing all that, except for the exploding pars and the military...
maybe cops with walkie talkies instead
>> No. 2521442
I thought it was Edward Cullen
>> No. 2521443
File 136874999985.png - (102.09KB , 461x553 , lolol2.png )
Hey everyone, I was wondering if you could help me out with this question.
What is Angel in the Equestria Girls dimension? Still a bunny?
>> No. 2521444
File 136875049535.png - (76.11KB , 250x269 , tumblr_m17djbFTBe1r2en1ko2_250.png )
Probably. He doesn't have any reason to be something else in the human world, unlike Twilight the alicorn or Spike the dragon.
>> No. 2521445
if he even exist...
>> No. 2521446
well, at the mlpeg.com they returnet to put spoilers on the site. so yea, they just removed it because... some one was drunk i guess.
>> No. 2521447
I think they added a video of the trailer when they brought human Twilight back. I guess it was just a file that got removed when reworking the site or something.
>> No. 2521448
still, we are going to see spoilers the rest of something became announced.

thats the marketing department way
>> No. 2521449
Will he even make an appearance though?
I dunno, I'd say he'd be a bird. A duck perhaps.
>> No. 2521450
im pretty sure the equestria girls need a little pet like an accesory, so probably each one will have his own pet of some kind...
even then i think bringing something like that could be a little forced and derail from the main story. and dont sound like something i could consider 100% necesary to add it to the accesories.

Last edited at Thu, May 16th, 2013 17:40

>> No. 2521451
File 136875142118.png - (105.62KB , 178x322 , cilan 2 10 3.png )
Why would he be a duck?
>> No. 2521452
Monkey Island reference
>> No. 2521453
I'll watch it if Spike humps Rarity's leg.
>> No. 2521454
A plate of welsh rarebit that fluttershy talks to as if it was alive. It's really disturbing.
>> No. 2521455
File 136876397118.gif - (188.53KB , 600x600 , spoiler.gif )
>> No. 2521456
Wait, wait, wait. Fruit Salad You So Crazy EG!Fluttershy. what?
>> No. 2521457
File 136876860058.png - (274.88KB , 500x364 , happy Lyra likes Blur.png )
Hey... what if the entire story turns out to be a fanfiction written by Lyra?
>> No. 2521458
Shyamalan would sue for breach of patents, as they clearly are stealing from his magical, stupid twists hat.

Last edited at Thu, May 16th, 2013 22:47

>> No. 2521459
File 136876977726.jpg - (32.74KB , 640x360 , Trixie is screwing with you.jpg )
>implying that would not be a perfect ending
>> No. 2521460
File 136877714662.jpg - (23.16KB , 588x377 , 1297765217755.jpg )

What a twist!
>> No. 2521461
File 136879104722.png - (103.74KB , 640x385 , WHAT_A_PLOT_TWIST.png )
>> No. 2521464
that doesnt count like some king of vore?
>> No. 2521465
I make weird stuff when excited. (The EQ trailer happened when I made this.)
>> No. 2521466
File 136880170355.png - (96.34KB , 461x553 , Manly's Logic.png )
We're all very thankful for your inspiration.
>> No. 2521467
Youtube embed play button
So, like Fiona and Cake, except rather than being the greatest thing ever, it stinks?
>> No. 2521468
I'd pay all my money to see a scene where lyra is just staring at her hands in amazement.
>> No. 2521469
But it's the Ice King's fan fiction.
>> No. 2521470

As long as they keep the shows separate, I wouldn't mind having a second show. I'd prefer to not have any other crossovers aside from the film, unless it was some kind of season finale episode for both shows.

It seems like Hasbro is pretty intent on selling Equestria Girls toys, and having their own TV show is a sure fire way to make kids want that. But what I don't understand is how they are going to handle the story of Equestria Girls after the film is over... Are they just going to have Twilight leave Equestria forever in one timeline, and return to Ponyville in another? Or will they do something like with the mirror pool where she can now be in both worlds at the same time?
>> No. 2521471
>> No. 2521472
And my big macintosh is the size of three cans of soda.
>> No. 2521473
I been waiting for months for this.
>> No. 2521474
Why couldn't they just make a commercial, and focus on making Hasbro/Hub the next Disney?
>> No. 2521475
TV shows are better advertising than commercials.
>> No. 2521476
Don't be so cynical.
>> No. 2521478
File 136883882344.jpg - (14.42KB , 150x150 , MLP-Equestria-Girls-DVD-150-2.jpg )
Ha ha.
>> No. 2521479
File 136884960707.png - (56.18KB , 274x270 , opalmagnet.png )
he will always be Brad
Brad is forever
>> No. 2521480
>> No. 2521481
File 136886107196.jpg - (97.54KB , 400x500 , 31003720_p4.jpg )
Just like how Tom is still called Tom Dan in some circles, Brad will eternally be "Brad-something".

Though Blueblood being called Vladimir or whatever didn't last that long...

I'm sure Brad will fare pretty well through the ages. Possibly even better than Tom Dan.
>> No. 2521482
File 136887900480.png - (51.71KB , 500x500 , ~Crying fury.png )
It's gonna be horrible.

Until now, I've always been one of those guys who said "No, no, guys, it won't be so bad. No, no, just wait and see, calm down, everything will turn out alright." And I was proven wrong every damn time.

So yeah, fuck that. It will be the most terrible thing ever. I mean, just look at
>... she transforms into a teenage girl who must survive her biggest challenge yet… high school.
God damn it, reading that alone makes me want to demolish something out of pure frustration.

How could they take something so awesome and turn it into such a piece of shit! Goddamnit. Shit, I've read crappy fapfics, or clopfics or whatever where they all do some fucked up stuff and you always think "Haha yeah, someone thought this was a good idea" But with this, they made it... official, ya know? Just... fuck.

And the worst thing is, I know I won't be able to completely ignore it. I will be way too curious. And then it will be even worse.

Alright, I'm done ranting. I will try not to whine about this too often, but I make no promises.
>> No. 2521483
You had one job. Turn in your badge and gun.
>> No. 2521484
File 136888357615.png - (73.11KB , 377x488 , 136865738458.png )
>Believing that tagline
>> No. 2521485
File 136888710716.jpg - (148.00KB , 900x606 , princess_fatlestia_by_pogofinity-d52gg1j.jpg )
even you have to admit the trailer doesnt help, because it only show everything you have seen in this genre of high school girls stuff. the only exception will be the climax i think.
>> No. 2521486
File 136889583821.jpg - (470.47KB , 1198x1123 , ^_^.jpg )
>implying the taglines ever been anything but awful.
I've givin up on Hasbro's marketing a long time ago.
As for myself, I'm excited!
I really want to see this!
>> No. 2521487
File 136889690031.gif - (440.54KB , 1366x768 , image.gif )
How EqG will end:
Twilight Sparkle returns to Equestria, having completed whatever she was sent to do.

Celestia: "Now we can close the portal and the two worlds will never have to meet again!"

Cut to street outside. Pony Snips is strutting down the street wearing a Tuxedo T-shirt and top hat identical to Human Snips.
>> No. 2521488
They wouldn't dare make EG seem bad.
>> No. 2521489
twilight will make it look great, and start selling dolls on equestria.
>> No. 2521490
File 136890103159.jpg - (260.75KB , 333x1000 , reactioneqg.jpg )
Nothing much to do now except wait and see if it is a train wreck. I doubt it will be an Oogieloves-level of box office bomb. There will certainly be parents looking for something to take kids to during the summer. But will it stand out enough to count as a success? I don't know.
>> No. 2521491
It'll be on maybe 10 screens.
>> No. 2521492


No, more than that. I didn't count every last one but I would guess roughly 200.
>> No. 2521493
they are not looking it to be a great success on cinemas, they just want to present you all this even like the most bigger thing than have happened to ponies, so you cant ignore the new toy line.
>> No. 2521494
Youtube embed play button
  just wonder how the hell the toy's commercials will look likes
>> No. 2521495
File 136893314424.jpg - (36.10KB , 480x444 , Brony Tears Umad.jpg )
>> No. 2521496
Wonder how they're going to top this.
>> No. 2521497
EqG got people to actually go to insult more than just a couple of guys in DHX, so they are practising.

My guess? Twilight get's five new friends in some new town. That will break it.
>> No. 2521498
File 136895717417.gif - (1.75MB , 462x318 , spoiler.gif )
>> No. 2521499
Youtube embed play button
  I'm surprised so few people appreciate the fact that the show is getting a theatrical film. Even if it's not good, it's a statement of how big this show has gotten.

Yes, it's a limited release, but it's still theatrical. As I recall, the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie had a similar release, and its fanbase was probably much smaller than that of MLPFIM.
>> No. 2521500
Except its not a Friendship is Magic movie. It's a glorified pilot episode for a spinoff centered solely on selling human dolls and accessories trying to appeal more towards Tweens, trying to use the success of FiM as a springboard into the market already dominated by Mattel.
>> No. 2521501
File 136897547449.jpg - (168.89KB , 537x758 , Madoka, Kyoko, and Pocky.jpg )
The point is that it's not a direct to video one, and they're using MLP clearly to get most of the audience.
Personally, I'm excited for it!
>> No. 2521502
Think taking the pony out of My Little Pony is exciting.
You're part of the problem.
>> No. 2521503
File 136897655969.jpg - (470.47KB , 1198x1123 , ^_^.jpg )
>Think taking the pony out of My Little Pony is exciting.
>You're part of the problem.
It's you think taking the pony out of My Little Pony is exciting.
While I can understand where you're coming from, (taking the pony out of MLP is kinda crazy) when you get right down to it we don't even think of them as ponies, or pets, we think of them as equals, as four legged humans (Or hew-mans if you prefer) basically. If somehow I'd watched an episode and they were tortoises/turtles/whatever or birds or even dwarfs, I would have loved it all the same.
>> No. 2521504
>You're part of the problem.
And what problem is that?
>> No. 2521505
Youtube embed play button
Also Twilight eating like a pony is funnier than it should be.
The having different opinion problem of course!
The worst of our planets problems.

Last edited at Sun, May 19th, 2013 08:21

>> No. 2521506
Ponies should stay ponies. Not be transformed into hairless apes with horrible mutant skin conditions just so Hasbro can ride the Pony Express into Monster High town. And if you support that, you're just giving Hasbro the green light to mess with it even more; or god forbid, actually have it canon to Friendship is Magic in the future.
>> No. 2521507
File 136897791407.png - (258.14KB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-2012-12-10-23h56m34s31.png )
Opinion: Asserted

Can I have some reasons why?
>> No. 2521508
I think it's a small slap to the face for us that their shallow pandering movie comes before a real MLP movie, but I never expected Hasbro to act with any sort of class.
>> No. 2521509
File 136897805798.png - (347.42KB , 605x800 , Oppa Homera Style~.png )
I'll support them if it's good. If not I won't. They get most their money from toys in any case, though this may be signaling a change in that, however limited or subtle.
If I like the movie, I'll buy some toys for it. If not, I won't buy toys for it.
>> No. 2521510
I just think this will be a fun side trip. A chance to see how the others would act if put in a different situation like high school.

And it's more likely that if it is successful, they'll just make Equestria Girls its own thing. Have a show for both brands.
>> No. 2521511
And if it turns out to be good like I keep saying?
>> No. 2521512

I don't think it will. If it does, I'm still not going to be a fan, because it's still pandering toward that other audience and changing everything to try and get to them. It'd still be a sign of Hasbro just not caring what they meddle with to reach some certain demographic.

And I don't think I'm okay with that.
>> No. 2521513
I personally am afraid of this option. They used the FiM team for this one, they'd either split up the team, come up with a new team, give them less time and have everyone work both, or take the team from FiM

Neither option is good imo

Honestly, if they make it good, I think I will support it. I mean, they made something like this good, that probably is a one in a million thing.
>> No. 2521514

You're welcome to. I just don't feel comfortable supporting something this shallow.
>> No. 2521515
Even if the movie is good, which Bronies with a capital B will love every second because if it involves ponies UPVOTE! The concept it is based on is inherently flawed. Changing the pony of My Little Pony to be something else to cash in on the original's success.
My Little Pony: Newborn Cuties. Enough said. (YouTube it, and enjoy your nightmare fuel. Also, be glad that the "sosoft" toys aren't a part of Friendship is Magic yet.)

Last edited at Sun, May 19th, 2013 08:48

>> No. 2521516
Youtube embed play button
I'm excited for it.
I'm with the guys in here.
i should probably go into this with low expectations like i did the show proper
>> No. 2521517
a lot of people will find it good, specially if they are woman because they dont care or even love this over use high school teen age dance scenario.
>> No. 2521518
File 136897862078.jpg - (20.97KB , 191x263 , Remember bronies.jpg )
Consider what else they did that was crazy.
They made My Little pony a good show.
>> No. 2521519
My point is it would be a miracle that it is good. Its no shallow effort on behalf of the writer/storyboarder/animatiors

I've never seen that. I've seen this claimed, but I have never seen people en masse go and whiteknight everything (outside of youtube).

Plus, just because newborn Cuties was made doesn't mean this is going to be bad. There is absolutely no association.

>> No. 2521520
File 136897873963.png - (0.99MB , 800x1972 , Actually you can apply this to damn near anything that happens here.png )
>Even if the movie is good, which Bronies with a capital B will love every second because if it involves ponies UPVOTE! The concept it is based on is inherently flawed. Changing the pony of My Little Pony to be something else to cash in on the original's success.
? Are you talking in reddit?
>a lot of people will find it good, specially if they are woman because they dont care or even love this over use high school teen age dance scenario.
Keep in mind they're basically setting out to do what MLP did, Make a good show in a place void (for the most part) of good ones. At least I think you're saying it's gonna suck.
That part about the women makes no sense to me.

Last edited at Sun, May 19th, 2013 08:53

>> No. 2521521
Exactly. Besides reaching 65 episodes, why do you think season 3 felt rushed and short? Equestria Girls. So if EqG becomes its own thing, FiM will fall short once again and both projects will suffer for it.
>> No. 2521522

If it isn't, that's fine. That's good for them. But I don't feel comfortable showing support for it with my money, still. I don't like the reasons behind it, and I don't like the attitude to the fandom that the business shows. I don't like the setting and how much it strips much of the original universe bare of what made it so likable and original to begin with.

It could be good, sure. But it's a good, "Let's strip down all of this good stuff and stick these characters in a completely unoriginal setting to try and reach the Monster High market" movie. I don't want to be involved with that.


>> No. 2521523
File 136897890031.jpg - (162.90KB , 615x1299 , Madoka with a bow 2.jpg )
Because the writers are gonna work over time?
I liked quite a few episodes.
Too many Pinkie Pies and Wonderbolt Academy for example
>> No. 2521524
Actually, I didn't know that Monster high had a market.
I'm actually more wary of that than this.
Because, you know, late sequels.
>> No. 2521525
Faust and Renzetti made ponies a good show. McCarthy is losing the reigns over more and more to Hasbro.
That said. I will pirate it because its almost ponies during a long long hiatus, but it won't see a single penny from me.
>> No. 2521526
I didn

So far agreed...but that is why I really think I would support it if the writers managed to make it interesting. It shows how much effort they gave

It felt FAR less rushed than S2 imo actually.

Eh, I see no more Hasbro intervention than S2
>> No. 2521527
File 136897915406.png - (15.73KB , 104x101 , Que.png )
There was more Hasbro intervention?
Also, I don't like how you discount THE ENTIRE TEAM OF WRITERS, EDITORS, ARTISTS AND MORE WE CAN'T REMEMBER. Give them their due at least.
>> No. 2521528
I'm talking about how Bronies with a capital B will support and defend till their dying breath anything Hasbro does in regards to ponies. Except when it comes to official merchandise and toys, because then all they do is whine just as hard as me about how a big company isn't catering to our wishes.
>> No. 2521529
File 136897916152.jpg - (43.87KB , 397x447 , Reinhart, I.jpg )
How is that logical? You said that this is going to be bad because they are going to be humans. You then provided Newborn Cuties as an example of what EqG will be like. What?
>> No. 2521530
yea, im being stereotypical, this movie use the stereotypical scenario, and look to be using a ton of stereotypical characters and situations.

so im going to be stereotypical and say just because is twilight sparkle doing what the monster high do, girls and woman will find it lovely and really fun, and include a lot of people who just think anything with ponies is perfect no matter what.

sure there is going to be some twist and stuff, i mean, i thought the lenght was going to be 3 episodes long, but it is 3 and a half... so i guess they can do stuff in the middle... but at the same time, is just the friking same high school scenario again. because you know, teen age girls dont like anything else, just use the same formula than has been use before.
>> No. 2521531
>My Little Pony: Newborn Cuties. Enough said.
I'm not getting the comparison or the implications. They were a few webisodes that came out near the end of G3.5 when they knew it would already be ending soon (since Lauren had already started work on FiM by then). And it was something they were doing for several brands, given that LPS also had webisodes back then too.

They only worked on Equestria Girls after they were finished with season 3, which looked like it had enough time to be worked on for a 13 episode season. And they wouldn't force the same team tow juggle between two shows, they'd just give the show to a different team to work on.
>> No. 2521532
That's how you burn out writers and drive them away from working for you. It's literally killing the goose that laid the golden egg.
>> No. 2521533
And I am saying that while they exist, I don't think they are that big of a demographic. Besides youtube comments and some of Reddit, I really haven't seen too many of these "capital B" bronies. I honestly think their ubiquity is mostly a myth.
>> No. 2521534
File 136897935441.png - (96.92KB , 323x338 , Croppedvlcsnap-2013-01-10-22h33m04s122.png )
Pray tell, I honestly don't understand this viewpoint, how is EqG any more shallow than MLP?
>> No. 2521535
The writers are freelancers that work on multiple shows. They're used to working on different projects at the same time, and they're not forced to take jobs if they don't have the time to devote to all of them.
>> No. 2521536
File 136897950513.png - (299.13KB , 815x696 , Greylight Tongue 1.png )
> yea, im being stereotypical, this movie use the stereotypical scenario, and look to be using a ton of stereotypical characters and situations.

Do you even WATCH this show? Nearly every episode, ESPECIALLY season 1's stuff, was widly stereotypical. Oooh an episode about a race where characters learn that its not all about winning, oh hey one about trusting your friends even if they're acting a little funny, gee oh boy something about not judging a book by its over, oh woooow one about not being a picky whiner, real original territory. Except for the fact that FWF, SotC, BG, and SfS were all amazing, and NOT because of their premises.

The charm of this show from the beginning hasn't been in the unpredictably of the storylines, but in the extremely tight character design, development, and interactions, coupled with jokes both wild and subtle, and juuuuust enough moral fiber to make you think about your own life without turning it into an afterschool special.

Honestly I wonder if everyone that thinks this movie will undoubtedly fail and be awful even remember that this is a freaking My Little Pony board, and MLP for the past 30 years or whatever has had no business being interesting to anyone except 5 year old girls.
>> No. 2521537

This might be something that's controversial to say, but I don't think the writers care as much about the show we might like to think sometimes. I think the original justification for s1 was, "We had to keep ourselves entertained, so we put in jokes we found funny."

I don't know. It seems like these scripts have been lacking for a while now. People have given a lot of explanations for this since season two, most of which was, "It was rushed because they had to make more stuff!"

But when you think about it, scripts...how much time do they really take to write?

When I went to both conventions last summer, I saw some show staff that seemed truly grateful for the community the show had spawned. Lee Tockar was the surprise highlight of the whole thing, who seemed to have a passion and a drive that I couldn't help but admire more than any other VA. Spike's VA was calm and professional, while....Tara Strong was Tara Strong.

There was always an undercurrent of awe from them, I feel, at just how awesome it was the whole event could happen. They had a lot of fun at the convention, and they were thankful for the chance.

...and then I see writers being flippant over twitter about things we care about, and a lot of subpar scripts, and I'm just not seeing the same drive and appreciation of just what a trip this whole thing is and how they can give back. ...well, from a few writers.


Because of why it was made. At least Hasbro went in to FiM saying, "Our sales are down. We need someone to come in and fix this." With this, it's more, "We have a successful property. Now let's take that universe and morph it into a high school drama to make a shit ton of money and try to reach a demographic we wouldn't otherwise/"

Shallow money grabs are shallow money grabs.
>> No. 2521538
File 136897956578.jpg - (105.41KB , 850x478 , Thanks for talking_.jpg )
...We don't walk in the same fandom circles.
That didn't have humans. It had Babies. And was DTV.
What show were you watching?
Because this in itself is a stereotypical premise. If you don't like the fact that thier taking ponies out that's fine, you're disagreeing on a conceptual level, but stereotype?
This whole show is based on the "Girls like ponies" stereotype.
>girls and woman will find it lovely and really fun
1. women.
2. that's a bit sexist.
3. There is such a thing as quality from unlikely sources, like say... the my little pony brand.
>> No. 2521539

Stereotypical morals =/ stereotypical everything.
>> No. 2521540
I have to stop the current discussion for this:

How in the world is S2 more rushed than S3?
>> No. 2521541
File 136897977857.png - (145.80KB , 1200x919 , Greyifications.png )
It's not even just the morals. Look at the cast. The nerd, the sidekick, the jock, the shy one, the party animal, the prissy one, and the straight man. Not exactly blazing new trails here.

If you break it down far enough, its sounds horribly cliche and bad. Except, of course, for the fact that it isn't.

> mine countenance whereupon
>> No. 2521542
It was faster paced, every episode mattered less from a universe persepective, the episodes themselves were often made up by the writers individually, the characterization was more haphazard, it felt more like it was trying to fill the script with jokes than actually tell a compelling story.

General things like this were improved on in S3
>> No. 2521543
File 136897982702.png - (199.32KB , 405x466 , Croppedvlcsnap-2012-12-11-13h31m06s33.png )
What? An attempt to make money is an attempt to make money. I still don't get any of that mindset. Hasbro wanted more money, so they made MLP. Hasbro wanted more money, so they made EqG. Hasbro always wants to make more money. This is no indicator of the quality of the show in any way. The greatest films of all time have been made by a company who wanted to make some money.

If you look at the facts, it really was. They ran out of episode ideas towards the end and had to come up with them on the fly. The production may not have been, but some of it certainly was.
>> No. 2521544
File 136897991822.jpg - (48.75KB , 246x246 , Smile.jpg )
uhhh, that's not how writers work usually.
That is how they work often.
MLP is in the end meant to market toys, same as tranformers, the most anyone can do is make the show good, as long as Hasbro gives them enough free reign to make it good.
Thank you!
>> No. 2521545
>An attempt to make money is an attempt to make money.

Do you understand that the way people make money and how they do so and the motivations behind it can be fundamentally different? The difference between...on disc DLC and day 1 DLC, for example.
>> No. 2521546
Faust created the show from the ground up. THEN Hasbro hired the staff to help her have it come alive. The groundwork for FiM is what ultimately made it successful, the groundwork for EqG is flawed. It's like building a skyscraper on a solid foundation and a toothpick respectively.
Newborn Cuties was a shallow attempt at selling baby dolls through the MLP IP. EqG is a shallow attempt at selling human dolls through the MLP IP. Faust went out of her way to make a show that was able to be enjoyed across gender and age barriers. Hasbro is trying to redirect their IP back towards specific and tighter-focused demographics.
They are staff. They earn salary. They have deadlines, contracts and work loads. Previously working on MLP FiM and tacking EqG on to try to follow in the footsteps will ultimately detract from both.
>> No. 2521547
File 136897996910.png - (61.90KB , 400x548 , Greylight Twily Smile.png )
But with this, you know, I think you're right. The writers aren't out to change the world. They're not here to define society. They sure as hell weren't here to make some weird fringe adult demographic happy. They were there for a paycheck and to keep their jobs and please the corporate goons.

And, really, there's nothing wrong with that. We all gotta do it.

The fact that they made something special out of their daily grind is amazing, and if they can't always get everything right, especially when the original premise has become strangely bloated and warped (they are without a doubt at least ADDRESSING the adult segment now, if not catering to it, so that has changed things a bit) well, some days I suck at my job too.
>> No. 2521548
>and then I see writers being flippant over twitter about things we care about, and a lot of subpar scripts, and I'm just not seeing the same drive and appreciation of just what a trip this whole thing is and how they can give back. ...well, from a few writers.
I really think that is because fans constantly tell them (the writers) that they don't care and they (the writers) get mad because they actually still do.

I honestly would be fine with accepting criticism, but when 90% of your "criticism" tweets at you are "Thank you for ruining the show!" and "Im leaving! I can't take you running it into the ground" or "Its obvious that you don't care about the show so why should I" then I think I would get pissy too.

Last edited at Sun, May 19th, 2013 09:15

>> No. 2521549
File 136898005473.png - (207.28KB , 430x430 , Croppedvlcsnap-2012-12-10-02h31m57s172.png )
Conceded. But how is building on a successful property by creating a new one inherently worse than rebooting an old property in the same way that Day One DLC is worse than DLC?
>> No. 2521550
Actually Hasbro already had a lot of ideas and characters...Rarity for example was Hasbro. The production process at first was pretty even split between Hasbro and Faust it seemed
>> No. 2521551

I don't think there's anything wrong with it either. They're not out to pander to us or keep us happy. Most of them, anyway. SOME of them want to do something cool with the show, and I deeply respect them.

But it's just a little disheartening when so many people involved do care about making this good, and the people who are actually in control...really don't.


Yeah. I don't understand how that's relevant to what I'm saying, though...


Characters....are characters, and all of them have been done before. That doesn't make them cliche. That makes them archetypes. That's different from what he's saying. Morals and characters are some of the things that are the most universal in media. He's talking about how just about...every element seems stereotypical.

I don't actually agree with him, to be honest, because from what I've heard, it seems like someone is trying to make it acceptable, but if it was, well, it would be more cliche and boring than FiM.


Nothing. as long as you speak in those general terms. I like that the Mario Party games were made, and even Mario Tennis. Those were all great games many people wouldn't have played without the Mario name attached.

But when you get into what property you're making and why, that's when things get a little fuzzy.
>> No. 2521552
File 136898032142.jpg - (91.03KB , 635x397 , 11_1008madoka_magica0323_thumb.jpg )
I'm not seeing it.
It looks more like making an MGS action game to me, but that was pretty good (story aside. Never thought I'd say that about Metal Gear)
Faust was a nice person, and she did think it up, but a lot of shows that could have been good weren't because of execution. The gang as a whole made this happen, not just Faust, remember, she did not wright all the episodes, that was her writers, she did not animate it, that was the animaters, she did not- actually she did think up the desighn but the colors changed (for the better IMO) due to... I think mandate from Hasbro.
Point it, she isn't the only thing making (or that made) this show good.
>> No. 2521553
I'd certainly compare Equestria Girls to the Mario spin-offs.
At least for now, we'll see what it is when it actually comes to a theater in Mongolia.
>> No. 2521554
I really don't feel that they don't care...I just don't see it.

I dunno, I guess I could see how you feel that...but I see no evidence
>> No. 2521555
Does anyone else get the feeling that this show was supposed to be Milky Way Galaxy Girls? Like, Lauren Faust went to hasbro with her new idea for a show/toy line, and they were like "uhh...ok cool, do your show, except make it PONIES! Ponies are safe, ponies sell."
>> No. 2521556
I will agree she wasn't the ONLY reason the show WAS good. But she had the heart and the drive to make something that broke the aforementioned barriers, and it showed through her team.
You can't deny that things aren't different now.
>> No. 2521557
the girly colorful stereotype isnt they just have tea parties and are happy with almost 0 confrontations and the story resolved on them just doing the stuff they wanted to do that day?

any way, yea im being intentionally sexist. just because this premis is playing it that way.

im sorry on advance.


if you are going to make your picture about "you think this suck... remember this" use the real things and not edited stuff

i dont think the movie will suck, it will do really well, is just the premise is friking high school.
with your popular bully girl
and your dance prom.
and your pretty boy who will help your main character

there will be turns and twist, of course, they are going to make some sweet maybe even genuine interactions with other characters? maybe. it isnt going to insult the intelligence of the people watching it? that one of the things im expecting.

it is just again, teen age high school, you grabed ponies to make teen age high school.

this doesnt mean it is going to be bad, at minimum it isnt going to be insulting, is just i dont have that much of big expectations.
>> No. 2521558
File 136898059796.jpg - (33.62KB , 291x324 , Well_I_had_a_good_excuse.jpg )
So, what's your beef? Hasbro wants to make money, and they know that making a quality show is the way to do it. How is supporting a company that is actively trying to make good shows a bad thing?
>> No. 2521559
I can deny it. I see more passion with McCarthy than I ever did with Faust. That being said I saw her after she was burnt out, so I can't say

No not really. Almost everything I know about the production contradicts this
>> No. 2521560

That's different. That's making a shift in tone and style in a spinoff game still part of the same universe. It'd be like making a spinoff of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. It would be about things that happen in universe, and while it would differ in tone from the original show, and some people wouldn't like it, I don't think people would have a "NO!" knee jerk reaction to it.


I offered it. You can accept it or not.


I wouldn't. These are shifts in a style of gameplay that don't radically change things about the story, characters, setting, or universe.

I can't think up a good comparison for what would make Mario fans flip out, since he comes from the human world. But...try turning him into a goomba and throw him into Brooklyn and say you're going to start a new game series based on that.
>> No. 2521561

Because I don't think they are trying to make a quality show here. I do not think that is their focus.
>> No. 2521562
>actively trying to make good shows

>made the Transformers movies, G.I. Joe movie(s?) and Battleship movie.
also, what >>2521561 said. I think they're trying to make a show that literally apes Friendship is Magic's original premise to show off their pretty pretty fashion dolls.

Last edited at Sun, May 19th, 2013 09:27

>> No. 2521563

I don't think those are the fault of Hasbro. At least...they didn't interfere creatively and make them bad/worse than they were.
>> No. 2521564
What did you offer? You said that you don't see it and cited that she seemed flippant. I said her flippancy is a sign that she still cared.
>> No. 2521565
File 136898077511.jpg - (467.56KB , 700x592 , Checkers Battle.jpg )
It's funny 'cause it's true!
Point is if MLP is good, so can this. Remember, Before FIM pretty much no one thought this would be any good.
>> No. 2521566
She originally just went to Hasbro to develop what I think she called a "rock micro series" or something for Galaxy Girls. I think that means something like a series of music videos.

"Micro-series pop opera", that's it.

Last edited at Sun, May 19th, 2013 09:32

>> No. 2521567
That's actually wrong. They aren't related to each other, except that they were made by the same person.

Fans of the old shows are laughing at your ignorance and wish you a good day.

Last edited at Sun, May 19th, 2013 09:30

>> No. 2521568
File 136898088375.gif - (322.01KB , 500x274 , wind blows awesomly.gif )
They handed them to different people.
MLP: FIM on the other had Hasbro involved, so does Transformers.
Ironic no?
The ones with executive meddling are better than the ones without.
>> No. 2521569
Wait, you sure Hasbro didn't?

That interesting
>> No. 2521570
File 136898097163.png - (604.58KB , 1280x720 , frowny face.png )
People who aren't start trek fans think Into Darkness could be good.
This did not apply for Friendship is Magic.
>> No. 2521571
>killed Optimus Prime
>fan backlash so severe they brought him back to life.
Yep. Executive meddling is really great. I really shouldn't have expected any different on ponychan other than Hasbro Internet Defense Force.
>> No. 2521572
If I thought that Hasbro came into this thinking,

"Okay, I think we can tell more interesting stories with this."

"I think we can bring the characters new places with that."

"I think this setting is something that we can breath new life into and that should be explored."

I would not be complaining.


>The ones with executive meddling are better than the ones without.

I will say...correlation causation. I don't think you've shown that the meddling led to a better show. The lack of meddling didn't make Transformers worse.


Yeah. They just gave them the license, more or less. But again, I'm going off the word of my silly filly exboyfriend who is a Transformers nut.


Hahaha. It's funny because Saxy saw it last night and was disgusted at how awful that movie was.
>> No. 2521573
File 136898113668.jpg - (99.67KB , 400x579 , IMG_0814.jpg )
Of course it's their focus! They know by now that the way to make money is to make quality shows. They aren't stupid. They experienced a huge, massive upsurge in popularity, rocketing MLP from a has been in to the strongest property out there just by investing a little TLC into the tie in TV show. They can't just ignore the fact. Just look at LPS. It's genuinely trying to ape the success of MLP, which is a good thing. It means that Hasbro knows exactly what's up. It means they know which goose laid the golden egg, and they are trying to genetically engineer it. If anything, they are acting more in favor of forwarding the cause of good animation than they were when they made MLP. When they made MLP, they were doing a token effort like Strawberry Shortcake and giving the artist who showed up at their door employment. With EqG, they are trying to make a good show first and then reveal the toys later. The show leads the sales.
>> No. 2521574
And I am saying you are full of it, because fans of the shows thought it held a lot of promise, and many people saw the name Faust and were immediately thinking of, well, everything Faust has made or help made.

You might not have thought it could be good, but your generalization just shows your misinformation.

You have high hopes on Hasbro, a company known for essentially buying brands and companies, letting them function on their own for a while, then coming in and royally fucking them up, making themselves lose markets that way. Hasbro was the largest toy company of the world at one point due to merging with other large companies. As in, Mattel had nothing on them. Now Mattel is not only larger, but still sells more in average. Guess how Mattel deals with it's lower groups?

So, no, I trust Hasbro with IP and their subsidiaries like I trust a drunkman with a bottle of very expensive scotch.

Last edited at Sun, May 19th, 2013 09:38

>> No. 2521575
File 136898116880.png - (46.09KB , 698x700 , Greylight Filly Lil Smile.png )
Feh, and ACW was a freaking wedding, which is, like, the premise of animated movie and romantic comedy ever made, and it was still amazing, despite the fact that all their advertisement for the finale made it seem like it was going to be dreadful.

Don't get me wrong; I'm confused as hell why they didn't just do actual ponies in a movie. But, this far in, I can't judge books by their cover and not sound like a horrible hypocrite.

If you accept the premise that they the show is a long-running advertisement to buy toys (and sell ad space on TV; the ads aired during the show have gotten SIGNIFICANTLY more mainstream since season 1, so that means real money is starting to move), then they want people to be watching, and the only way to keep people watching is to try to make it good.

Sure they have deadlines and constrains and not every episode is going to be a symphony, but saying they're just flat-out not trying to make a quality show is... well, it's like me saying I don't think you're trying to make quality posts. It's baseless, not to mention insulting.

What, all three of them? Eh, they have it rough, they can get a good guffah at our expense.
>> No. 2521576
iirc, 3.5 was the least popular while everything else DID have a fanbase

dude means that fans of the older gens were excited for it
>> No. 2521577
Correlation actually does often imply causation...you just can't prove that said correlation always equals causation with 100% certainty

although I feel they failed HARD at LPS, kinda this
>> No. 2521578
File 136898143776.png - (193.28KB , 383x351 , Trunhiet4.png )
But it proves they are at least trying. The people who watch and enjoy it can attest to that.
>> No. 2521579
File 136898146450.png - (378.87KB , 600x540 , galactic_archer_by_sailorptah-d64pi04.png )
Just a funny observation.
>tfw Into Darkness sucks.
I don't think it ever was.
They just decided that having a quality show might help get more toys.
Well I'm not.
Not sure what to say other than how badly tone can translate.
We must have traveled in different circles.
The ones I've been in had no hopes for it.
Then show aired.
Where is this place of rationality and optimism? I wanna see!
>> No. 2521580

I think you're making a lot of unjustified assumptions that your evidence cannot back up. Hasbro has meddled in the show, and the writers have made it good in spite of it. They have shown that their focus is the toyline and the the show has been made for the purpose of brand identity. One executive outright said that they only got 13 episodes for s3 because that was the point where they could run reruns and be successful.

They do not care.

You have not shown that they care. You say that, "Hey, they must care." But there are plenty of alternate explanations that are more substantial than, "they must care"


>the only way to keep people watching is to try to make it good.

I don't know if they would agree. See aforementioned executive.

> saying they're just flat-out not trying to make a quality show is... well, it's like me saying I don't think you're trying to make quality posts. It's baseless, not to mention insulting.

Are you saying Hasbro has always tried to make quality shows? That has been their focus this entire time? Would you please point me to the myriad of shows hasbro has put out there that are of a high quality, or statements showing that they care about making their shows of a high quality?

They're a toy company. That's what they're focused on.


Uh, no, it doesn't. It very often does not, and that's why there's a strong focus on evidence proving correlation and causation.

Consider the graph that had the rising number of hurricanes on the x axis and the lowering belief in Christianity on the y axis.

You can put most any set of data with any other on a graph. That does not make them any more likely to be related.
>> No. 2521581
>tfw Into Darkness sucks.
I liked it.
>> No. 2521582
I was talking about those outside the fanbase for the movie.
>> No. 2521583

I think it was, "This has gotten so bad that no one is watching it at all. We need to do something different to change things."

Hasbro has never been about providing excellent T.V. shows. Hey, that's fine, I understand. I don't see why they would. They're a toy company. They make, "Eh, I guess it's okay," shows.
>> No. 2521584
File 136898165470.png - (190.55KB , 473x479 , Croppedvlcsnap-2013-01-18-23h34m35s112.png )
I think you're making a lot of unjustified assumptions that your evidence cannot back up.
>> No. 2521585
... Now I'm conflicted.
I'll see if for myself.
>> No. 2521586

I do not think that just throwing that back at me defensively makes your argument any more palatable.
>> No. 2521587

You know, for all of its flaws, I don't think you would be as bothered by them as many of the critics or my crazy rabid Trekkie ex. I'd say that you should go see it, and I hope you enjoy it, Reccy! ^_^
>> No. 2521588
I know. I agree...popularity doesn't imply quality from my viewpoint, but they definitely tried hard to make it such.

But the rising amount of hurricanes IS due to the lowering belief in Christianity~

But yes, Causation often is not anything to do with correlation, but if by manipulation of one variable in a controlled environment you get changed results. It can be said that such variables are linked...its hard to prove, but it is used in the industry and science a lot.

Spoilers for spoilers, what exactly were the flaws...gonna go see it later
>> No. 2521589
File 136898190845.png - (98.99KB , 680x680 , Greylight Book Awed.png )
Yeah, I know. There are (or at least were) some hovering around here and there. I've spoken with a few, though I have to admit I don't share their enthusiasm. They're almost exclusively girls (now women) that grew up with the show and have some good nostalgic memories of it. Which is perfectly normal and fine, given that those shows were aimed at girls their age.

> One executive outright said that they only got 13 episodes for s3 because that was the point where they could run reruns and be successful.
Yes, and that would be a buisness decision they would have to make. And we all panicked when they said that, because it's bad for fans like us that want more show. But where that story REALLY got interesting is that they're [/i]not actually doing that[/i] and season 4 is full length. So apparently that guy and that mentality didn't win out.

> Are you saying
I don't know what the budgets of those other shows were, or what freedoms they had, but I'm willing to bet it wasn't high and open enough to really make it worth our time. But I'm not really the best judge here, and frankly neither are you. I don't know what the actual demographics think of shows like that. I *do* remember that, as a kid, I watched some pretty terrible stuff and got interested in it mostly just cuz it was there, not because it was that great.
>> No. 2521590
File 136898191628.jpg - (268.37KB , 848x1200 , You can do it!.jpg )
>> No. 2521591
Also, it's getting a good amount of positive reviews (87% by critics, 89% by viewers on Rotten Tomatoes), but you checking out seems to be the best way to find out.

>One executive outright said that they only got 13 episodes for s3 because that was the point where they could run reruns and be successful.
They didn't outright say that about MLP, just shows in general. Considering season 3 was green lighted during season 1's airing, it seemed like a safe thing to do. Make enough for syndication in case it doesn't do so well, and if the show is a success order more seasons. They've already gone back to 26 episode seasons.

>statements showing that they care about making their shows of a high quality?
It's been stated by both people from Hasbro Studios and interviews/panels with the creative staff that they actually try to work together with them in order to produce quality shows.
>> No. 2521592
File 136898215660.png - (217.65KB , 499x479 , Croppedvlcsnap-2013-01-11-00h46m46s227.png )
Well your argument was "I don't think the evidence adds up"

And my argument is "I don't think you are giving them the benefit of the doubt." You aren't being fair to Hasbro. You are assuming that they are doing things that for reasons that neither of us know, and assuming that that is bad. Are you then refusing your service even if it is a good product because you think that Hasbro is... evil or something?
>> No. 2521593
i never though ACW was going to be bad because is a wedding, because that just mean it was going to be a big party.....
what i though i was going to hate was shinning armor and princess cadence, and saddly that is my biggest issue with the thing. the shoe horned characters, and my biggest problem is not just because they are shoe horned, but because they are suppose to play some of the most important roles in this show, and they appear just right of nowhere.

but i digress, im just judging the book not by his cover, but for the synopsis and the marketing about it.

is like reading "from J.R.R Tolkien, come the most pretty high school drama of our generation, where Linsy, will face the popular girl of the school, meeting boys, and joining forces with her friends, this story will get into all the girls", i will be like wtf is that? and you will tell me "but is J.r.r Tolkien, you have no right to say anything."
>> No. 2521594
You know, I never believed that anyway, It always was for syndication in my mind. Different people gave different reasons anyway.

Someone else said that it was so McCarthy wasn't over her head in her first season and they wanted to see if it was gonna bomb first. It didn't so they kept it going.

All these conflicting things make it sound like these people are just guessing
>> No. 2521595
>You aren't being fair to Hasbro. You are assuming that they are doing things that for reasons that neither of us know, and assuming that that is bad.

No, I'm not. I gave reasons. It wasn't an assumption at all....

>But I'm not really the best judge here, and frankly neither are you.

I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out that Hasbro has "making quality shows" as a deeply held goal. It does not take a certain type of person to judge this. You only have to look at their statements, their actions, and what types of shows they have produced. If they cared about making good shows...

They would make good shows.

Not a good show.

Good shows.

>I *do* remember that, as a kid, I watched some pretty terrible stuff and got interested in it mostly just cuz it was there, not because it was that great.

Yep. I did the same thing. That's just a thing kids do, and executives pick up on that.


Yes, I agree, but that is the result of trying to prove causation or that the two data sets have some relationship, which is different from what you seemed to be saying before...


You do not want to know. Most of them have to do with the twists.


They milk the shit out of Wrath of Khan, from what little I could get out of Saxy.
>> No. 2521596

>Are you then refusing your service even if it is a good product because you think that Hasbro is... evil or something?

I would like you to go back and read my older post on the subject. I've answered this multiple times already, and I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't make silly assumptions about how I don't want to support something because I think Hasbro is evil.

That is dumb.

Thank you.
>> No. 2521597
>Implying you're allowed to say anything bad about J.R.R. Tolkien.
To be honest, if Tolkien was working on that I'd be wary because he's working outside of his usual environment. If he was doing say... A story on another thing, lets go crazy and say a SCIENCE-FICTION epic with religious themes then it'd be more applicable.
Not so much here.

Last edited at Sun, May 19th, 2013 09:55

>> No. 2521598
File 136898246253.png - (95.14KB , 286x301 , Croppedvlcsnap-2013-01-19-01h13m21s237.png )
I gave reasons too. I just feel like you are being really cynical. Have a little faith, Bash. They make good shows on accident? Hardly likely.
>> No. 2521599

Belief without evidence is a faulty reason to believe in anything.

I never said they make good shows on accident. I said that given their track record with shows and the reason they make them, I do not say any reason to believe that they came into this thinking...

ANY of the reasons that I gave in a previous post that I said would cause me to stop complaining. Why would I have faith in Hasbro at all? If I have a good damn reasons to be cynical that have been demonstrated more than once, why would I ever think that the pattern of evidence would suddenly be inadequate to make new predictions?
>> No. 2521600
Friendship is Magic was the exception, not the rule. Otherwise there would be way more Belly bros, LPS sites, and Transformers conventions and people making thousands of G.I. Joe remixes on youtube.
>> No. 2521601
File 136898280351.png - (55.12KB , 703x700 , Greylight Confident.png )
They addressed the "appear out of nowhere" thing within the first few minutes of the episode. Twilight's increasingly distant relationship with his brother and the woman she's going to marry is a major plot point, as it forms the basis of her feeling slighted and distrustful, and it doesn't work if we keep seeing Shining showing up for the holidays.

> "but is J.r.r Tolkien, you have no right to say anything."
Eh, the Silmarillion sucked.

But, more to the point, I think defending the credibility of someone who has produced good stuff consistently in the past is both rational and smart. It doesn't guarantee their future works will be great, but it gives more of a fuzzy feeling than a total unknown.

Of course nobody knows the truth! We have no real grasp on the timetables, the money, the major players, or even the long-term strategy of any of the parties involved here. And they're wise to keep us in the dark, because frankly its none of our business about the "whys" of what goes into the show other than idle curiosity. No smart company fully discloses their strategies when those strategies can take the better part of a decade to come to fruition. Even stockholder meetings are almost completely talking about the past and with only the vaguest hints of the future.
>> No. 2521602
Wasn't FiM a success because of the people actually working on the show, and not Hasbro? Aren't those same people working on EqG?
>> No. 2521603
File 136898305583.png - (220.37KB , 398x457 , Croppedvlcsnap-2012-12-12-00h47m03s190.png )
>Why would I have faith in Hasbro at all?
Because they seem to be trying to do better. If EqGirls is good, refusing it because of your own personal cynicism is just ruining enjoyment for no reason. I can understand not looking forward to it, and thinking it will blow, but to say that even if it is good, you will hate it? That's just self destructive.

It's popularity is, certainly. So is it's quality, but that's due to the efforts of DHX, not lack of or presence of Hasbro's effort, just like EqG, which squarely rests on the shoulders of DHX.
>> No. 2521604
File 136898308119.png - (15.73KB , 104x101 , Que.png )
uhhhh, we do have transformers conventions, general Hasbro conventions and bronycons.
We're pretty huge, mostly due to the quality of the show.
>> No. 2521605

> but to say that even if it is good, you will hate it? That's just self destructive.

I'm not interested in it at all. That type of show has nothing to attract me to it whatsoever. But I'm not going to support it even if it does turn out to interest me because I do not support hasbro and the stuff it has been doing. I do not want them to have my money.

I do not see a reason to give them my money when it was never their fault that EQG could be anything approaching good. It's in spite of them. If I could give money straight to the writers, I would.
>> No. 2521606
Again, we're circling back to the whole Ponies vs. Human High School thing. Aping MLP to sell human dolls does not inherently make the movie itself bad, but the concept behind it does and that's why I don't like it. I think they should have made a new IP for the human doll line and kept the same team working on ponies and hired a different one for their little experiment, rather than splitting them between the two.
What people need to stop doing though is treating like this is a big blockbuster event. It is essentially My Little Pony Friendship is Magic parts 1&2 2.0 retold with humans instead of ponies, where Twilight has to go around essentially remeeting all of her friends to fight the big bad, save the day, and kick off a toyline.
>> No. 2521607
File 136898331449.jpg - (166.66KB , 960x750 , Argument Invalid Derpiraptor.jpg )
Twilight Sparkle is eating an apple like a pony. That was the exact moment my doubts dissolved and I prepared to see the movie on opening night, then see it again if I liked it, then buy a Human Twilight Sparkle doll to add to my Twilight Sparkle shrine where I burn incense and pray.
>> No. 2521608
they showed shinning armor was with twilight from the first episode, and i have to asume she forgot about his brother for 5 strangers she met for 1 day, and she love him so much she cant handle her feelings, and he is the captain of the guard, and he is marrying a princess, and he is the only thing will protect of from destructions because no one else can do what he can do, and when we are fucked because no one can do what shinning armor can do, it have to be him and her wife to save the day, and later he have to be again the first one to come up when a trouble appear....

and he just appeared one day to do all this, and sure will do even more....

not a fan...

the silmarillion wasnt done when he was already death?

and for the thing... lets see, im whiling to see, even the fucking premise dont fall under my wing.

like i said, it probably is going to be fun, and some genuin moments... but friking monster high inspiration behind the entire idea....

and i will feel so bad for liking it, because it will probably will have good moments and maybe interesting things, but it will be friking human high school monster high rip offs.

damn it.

Last edited at Sun, May 19th, 2013 10:13

>> No. 2521609
File 136898344039.png - (213.79KB , 463x479 , Cvlcsnap-2012-12-11-00h31m04s254.png )
>EQG could be anything approaching good
>That type of show
Oh. Ok. You still think it is going to be about high school drama for some reason. I can't blame you.
>> No. 2521610
>I think they should have made a new IP for the human doll line and kept the same team working on ponies and hired a different one for their little experiment, rather than splitting them between the two.
>> No. 2521611
Ponies have WAAAAAAAAAY overshot any other Hasbro property especially in the form of WHO IS WATCHING. That is my point. Grown men watching a show for that was originally meant for little girls. You don't see that with any other Hasbro property in the scale it has for Friendship is Magic. There were an UNGODLY amount of Pony conventions in the US alone this past year. You don't see the same kind of thing with Transformers or Hasbro. Sure they take part in OTHER cons, but they don't have 30+ conventions in one year just for one specific property.
>> No. 2521612

Perhaps because of how it was marketed for the past...however long it's been marketed?
>> No. 2521613
File 136898355477.png - (1.57MB , 741x1000 , Water color (I think) painting of Madoka.png )
There you go!
That's really gonna be one of the best parts of the movie.
Well the Hobbit(the book, not the movie) couldn't hold my attention, and I did try to like it.
>> No. 2521614
Because it's taking the piss out of My Little PONY. Flanderizing the charm and characterization of the ponies to make a doll line solely on the hype of "My Little Pony is popular, let's take the same characters but change how they look outside and repackage it as My Little Humans".
Make a new IP instead of trying to stand on the back of a successful one, possibly severing its spine.
>> No. 2521615
i say first to wait and see if the human dolls are worth it. i mean, hasbro could be cheap on that....

then if they are fantastic. no problemo
>> No. 2521616
File 136898374955.png - (144.58KB , 394x358 , Croppedvlcsnap-2013-03-12-13h47m34s163.png )
Again, I can't blame you.

I just have trouble believing that anyone is buying that after the S2 finale ads.

The trailer indicated some serious conflict beyond that too. I don't blame you, but please try to keep an open mind.
>> No. 2521617
File 136898375503.jpg - (174.05KB , 894x894 , Colores!.jpg )
IMO Hasbro has no idea how to market.
True. But you can't deny that the other shows are good (even if they don't interest me as much.)
>> No. 2521618
File 136898376870.jpg - (124.32KB , 627x886 , cc15857dd141443e87519861234a08b280dd7f23.jpg )
I'm just going to say this and back out of the thread for good.

To me, FiM was slice-of-life fantasy adventure

To me, EQG seems like slice-of-life teenage issues with FiM as the foundation.

Both genres are equally good when written well. I will remain cautiously optimistic because I see no reason or evidence to be otherwise. However, I respect whoever disagrees with me.
>> No. 2521619
Jokes about a human who acts like a horse because she was a horse the best part of the movie. Yep... Yep... ... Yep...
>> No. 2521620
File 136898380158.gif - (106.14KB , 650x450 , Greylight Words Words Words Words.gif )
I still haven't seen the trailer, but I saw the gif of that, and it's amazing.

Can you restate that with about 100% less rhetoric and ranting? How, exactly, is the core show damaged regardless of what the movie does? Even if it bombs, it doesn't take the piss out of anything when the season 4 opener is unlikely to even reference it.
>> No. 2521621

If someone has an animal in a cage and says, "Hey, it's a duck," over and over again, and show you parts of the animal using pictures, and they're parts that would be on a duck...

It's a duck.
>> No. 2521622
I can deny the other shows are good, because if they were as good as Friendship is Magic, why isn't there such a big cult following as Friendship is Magic? I can't say any other Hasbro property has been a good enough show to warrant me going on the internet to bang my head against the desk because people think humanizing ponies to sell dolls is a good idea. Speaking of which... Is there a lot of humanization fanart of LPS yet?
>> No. 2521623
File 136898405866.jpg - (49.25KB , 600x450 , PARRY.jpg )
Or a platypus.
>> No. 2521624
File 136898408002.jpg - (312.02KB , 500x800 , 501895-loghtreinhardgalaxy500x800.jpg )
Alright, whatever you say. Just don't be surprised when it turns out to not be the case.
>> No. 2521625
File 136898411484.png - (116.72KB , 250x312 , Bodycount_Cover_Art.png )
I ask that question everyday when I play one of my favorite games.
>> No. 2521626
File 136898411555.png - (23.71KB , 701x539 , spike_can't hear you I'm busy.png )
>Make a new IP instead of trying to stand on the back of a successful one, possibly severing its spine.
I don't see any reason not to stand on the back of a successful one, but ok. Also don't see how it could "sever its spine," whatever that means.
>> No. 2521627

I will be. Just as I would be surprised if that duck was a dog.
>> No. 2521628
>however long it's been marketed?
I think the trailer last week is the first bit of actual advertising for it. Everything else about Equestria Girls have just been bits of art leaked and I think a passing mention of it in an larger article about the growth of Hasbro brands.
>> No. 2521629
Also, there are humans in LPS.
So it's a bit redundant.
>> No. 2521630
It's all what ifs at this point. What if because it bombs, Hasbro decides to shoehorn in the humanizations in to the main show to have a crossover episode when the ponies meet their human counterparts in order to boost doll sales? What if instead of letting Equestria Girls fade into obscurity like Newborn Cuties, Hasbro cancels Friendship is Magic to shift the focus from that market to Equestria Girls? What if because they don't want to admit to being wrong after it bombs they try to blame the fanbase for making it bomb and go full C&D on any site that mentions the word Pony My and Little in the same paragraph?
>> No. 2521631
File 136898434576.jpg - (49.25KB , 600x450 , PARRY.jpg )
>> No. 2521632
File 136898438109.png - (51.71KB , 724x700 , twilight_sparkle_by_90sigma.png )
Marketing is essentially the balance between trying to make you think something is something else without actually outright lying about it. Its often deliberately misleading specifically for effect. It's a strange, strange dance of trying to stay ahead of trends, but only a little, and is often extremely experimental, and also often exasperating since you never quite know what you're gunna get.

Bottom line is, if you can't see in that cage but people keep telling you its a duck, you should be wondering what sort of stunt they're trying to pull here.

I admit I can't fight against infinite "what if?"s, but, uh, I guess I can add to the pile!

What if it does okay but not great, and isn't a major financial loss so it doesn't harm the company, but is pretty lukewarm so they don't really put a lot of effort in that direction for the future?
>> No. 2521633

...I have to admit, that sounds dumb and paranoid.


>Marketing is essentially the balance between trying to make you think something is something else without actually outright lying about it.

Uh, no...
>> No. 2521634
File 136898442284.jpg - (26.16KB , 500x400 , Double Facepalm.jpg )
Welp, we can give up on arguing with this guy.
>> No. 2521635
Then I will be happy with that what if, as long as it fades into obscurity and don't mean to make it into as long lasting thing as Friendship is Magic.
>> No. 2521636
File 136898451728.jpg - (92.11KB , 610x919 , iron-man-3-mandarin-poster-kingsley-610x919.jpg )
If you says so.
>> No. 2521637
File 136898453792.jpg - (654.69KB , 1920x1073 , 17vzt2aabxn07jpg.jpg )
Trust him, he's with a... CORPORATION.
But for the most part it's trying to make you buy their product, if that means misleading you, then they'll do it.
>> No. 2521638
>But for the most part it's trying to make you buy their product, if that means misleading you, then they'll do it.

Yes. But misleading you into thinking something is totally different than what it is is NOT the main goal of marketing.
>> No. 2521639
Very often that tactic is used though, sometimes unintentionally even.
>> No. 2521640

Yes. But it's to dress up what you have to make it seem a little better, not...the other thing
>> No. 2521641
Obviously you weren't going to change my mind. Humanizing ponies bad. My viewpoint, end of statement. Keep humans as far from Friendship is Magic as possible, no matter the cost.

Sure the what ifs I presented were baseless and fearful, but I'm one of those pathetic ones who is genuinely worried about the fates of my colorful horsey pals. They were the reason I could stand to wake up in the mornings from the time I was introduced to them. But life will go on eventually, no matter the outcome...
>> No. 2521642
File 136898482254.png - (136.80KB , 1101x726 , Greylight Siiiiip.png )
Uh, yes...

Look at car commercials. They're trying to sell freedom. All these cars going down empty roads at high speeds, over rugged mountain trails... they're selling the idea that your job will be less than a grind, and your car will get more mileage than between work, day care, the fastfood place, and home.

Phone commercials are selling a social life, all these happy, smiling friends calling you all the time, inviting you out to dinner, and little games to play in the meantime. Same thing with restaurants. Everything is so easy!

Drinks show you running a marathon and getting a nice cold one to celebrate. Sound systems show everyone rocking the fuck out at a great party that only you could host.

Marketing tries to fill your head with hopes of what their product can do, will do, for you, despite the fact that it's just another thing, not particularly different than all the other things.

And, with shows and movies, they want to give you juuuuust enough for your brain to run in a million directions and make up ideas for a storyline that suits your own need. Because the real thing probably won't be able to live up to whatever you think it should be, but if they've sold you the idea, they've basically sold you a ticket.
>> No. 2521643
I'm not even sure what we're arguingdebatingarguiingtalking about now actually.
I think we're heading to a derail.
>> No. 2521644
Trust me on this, you never want to use this quote or anything like it ever.
>It's all what ifs at this point. What if because it bombs, Hasbro decides to shoehorn in the humanizations in to the main show to have a crossover episode when the ponies meet their human counterparts in order to boost doll sales? What if instead of letting Equestria Girls fade into obscurity like Newborn Cuties, Hasbro cancels Friendship is Magic to shift the focus from that market to Equestria Girls? What if because they don't want to admit to being wrong after it bombs they try to blame the fanbase for making it bomb and go full C&D on any site that mentions the word Pony My and Little in the same paragraph?
That's a slippery slope fallacy at it's worst.
>> No. 2521645

Yes, but it isn't trying to lie about what the product ACTUALLY is.
>> No. 2521646
File 136898508041.png - (356.63KB , 680x669 , Greylight Writing Clopfics.png )
Alright, half way there! Let me try the next one then.

What if... it's actually good, and the fear is mostly unjustifiable, and we all shake our heads at why we were all panicking and eventually decide to blame it on marketing, fear, and Obama? And what if, since it's unexpectedly good, we actually look forward to seeing more along that line?
>> No. 2521647
Excuse me? I'm not trying to change your mind on anything. I'm voicing my fears for the future of Friendship is Magic. If you're trying to tell me "don't panic" when clearly now more than ever is the time to panic, why bother?
>> No. 2521648
But I don't want humanized ponies. I want pony ponies. More pony. How many times do I have to type that? I'm on a imageboard called PONYchan, not Humanchan. I'm on a subboard called /arch/ not /HUMAN/.
>> No. 2521649
File 136898525103.jpg - (727.20KB , 1920x1080 , At a field.jpg )
Because there is never a good time to panic.
It just gets impossible to take you seriously when you start talking about those what ifs.
They sound like something Bullox would say to rustle jimmies.
>> No. 2521650
File 136898532736.gif - (119.78KB , 338x450 , MWA HA HA.gif )
For now...
*evil laugh*
>> No. 2521651
File 136898534089.png - (56.51KB , 523x525 , Greylight Knocked Back.png )
It always seems like an odd turn of phrase for me to use, given as what I avatar as, but... not everything is that black and white. There is lying and there is lying. No doubt whatever they've shown is actually in the movie (though, even that's not guaranteed; I've seen trailers that contained cut scenes) Nevertheless, what they show us and how they describe it may be a bit off from what the actual focus is, purely in the interest of attempting to attract a different crowd.

That sort of thing is extremely common, and deeply irritating, which is why I hate marketing.

Did you always want ponies? Were you born with a burning desire to see ponies? Or did you stumble across this show at some point, realize it's good, and find yourself liking it?

If it's that last one, then you're a normal person that likes things they like. So it's possible for you to like other things, too.
>> No. 2521652
I don't mean to be taken seriously. I'm just venting because I feel like I'm being tied down and forced to watch my best friend get beaten up until I can't recognize them anymore just because someone is going to make money from it. /endmelodrama
Sorry to waste everyone's time. I do feel a little better now that I got to rant and kick and scream like a child. smileyface
I don't want them taking ponies I like and changing them into something just to sell something else. Call that selfish, but meh. The show is called MY Little Pony.

Last edited at Sun, May 19th, 2013 10:45

>> No. 2521653
File 136898546727.jpg - (255.03KB , 1920x1080 , don-t-panic-2568311.jpg )
>> No. 2521654
File 136898554344.png - (402.69KB , 825x825 , Smug Madoka is smug.png )
Technically you're not black and white either. You're grey, where everything else is.
I knew no one reasonable could not like this! /smug mode, initiated.
>> No. 2521655
File 136898559185.jpg - (124.02KB , 1366x768 , my_body_is_ready.jpg )
Sometimes it's fun to be scared!
>> No. 2521656
File 136898562099.png - (132.47KB , 519x800 , milkshake2.png )

Hi what r u guys talking about?
>> No. 2521657
That was meant so that little girls that couldn't have real ponies could imagine those toy ponies as their ponies. The title is kinda archaic now.
>> No. 2521658
>implying all unreasonable people will not like this
>implying all reasonable people will like this
>> No. 2521659
File 136898573009.jpg - (1.08MB , 1600x1000 , Are you okay.jpg )
Equestria girls anticipation/arguments over it.
>> No. 2521660
File 136898578545.png - (221.77KB , 600x605 , Sh Greylight and Pinkie 1.png )
Hey you
>> No. 2521661
File 136898583288.png - (521.21KB , 500x718 , tumblr_mdlqx7LMlt1r4pzkho1_500.png )
That's the joke.
Some people won't like this. Some people will.
I was on a box with cheap old fans, a bit silly.
>> No. 2521662
Youtube embed play button
But it's miiiiiiiiiiiiiiine now~~ Also, thanks for letting me vent everyone and not just casting me out like some random flankhole. Sometimes we just need to get things off our chest and pick up the pieces.
>> No. 2521663
File 136898587531.png - (161.61KB , 500x281 , default.png )
>I'm on a subboard called /arch/
Those who have been here for sometime, remember that this board haven't been /arch/ all the time. Before it was /show/, and /arch/ was just one possible new name nominated for board. My favorite nominee was /plot/.
>> No. 2521664
File 136898587808.jpg - (746.90KB , 1000x1000 , humanpinkieandrainbowdash18.jpg )

I gotta admit humans mixed with pony does seem kinda weird. But I think people are already starting to accept it. There's all this fanart. The same happened with Shining and Cadence.
>> No. 2521665
File 136898594548.png - (171.69KB , 538x800 , humanvinylsup?.png )
>> No. 2521666
File 136898606966.jpg - (212.55KB , 1000x1000 , DIE!.jpg )
Well it's fi-
>Tidus laugh

i'm joking
>> No. 2521667
File 136898612534.jpg - (61.28KB , 394x425 , 328778__UNOPT__safe_twilight-sparkle_meme_kissing_equestria-girls_brad_waifu_zero-wing_all-your-.jpg )
>> No. 2521668
It was /arch/ before it was /show/. And I belive /ep/ before that? Could be wrong on that second one...
>> No. 2521669
File 136898622939.png - (160.43KB , 602x334 , 323423__UNOPT__safe_equestria-girls_512e53aea4c72dd39d0005e3.png )
>No doubt whatever they've shown is actually in the movie (though, even that's not guaranteed; I've seen trailers that contained cut scenes) Nevertheless, what they show us and how they describe it may be a bit off from what the actual focus is, purely in the interest of attempting to attract a different crowd.
That's why the trope Trailers Always Lie exists. Anyone who's seen Iron Man 3 can agree on that.

In fact, even though the trailer makes some people believe Sunset Shimmer will be just a bully with as much depth as Diamond Tiara, I think it's hiding just a bit more than that.
>> No. 2521670
"Brad, I have to tell you something before we..."
"Twilight... if its that you're actually a pony, I'm okay with that."
Brad elevated to horselover status.
>> No. 2521671
File 136898653099.gif - (98.16KB , 640x480 , Sparky_and_Oberstein.gif )
/oat/ was /arch/ and /ep/ was a board almost no one used. Eventually /arch/ was split into /arch/ and /oat/ and /ep/ became even more unloved.
>> No. 2521672
File 136898654509.png - (167.68KB , 770x700 , raincloudumbrella.png )

How did the Iron Man 3 trailer lie? By not giving away a huge plot point?

"Man that fucking Saw movie. That trailer totally lied, I thought it was the puppet going around killing these people."
>> No. 2521673
No, The Mandarin was an idiot actor
>> No. 2521674
File 136898674860.jpg - (30.24KB , 274x431 , Dendiface.jpg )
>How did the Iron Man 3 trailer lie? By not giving away a huge plot point?

>> No. 2521675
Misdirection, mostly.
>> No. 2521676
the celestia student aspect.
i think she will be bidimensional.

Last edited at Sun, May 19th, 2013 11:07

>> No. 2521677
File 136898685338.png - (147.90KB , 800x800 , muffin50.png )

Yea, I know. But they didn't want to give that info in the trailer.
>> No. 2521678
the worst part to me is how much i will hate me when i like parts of it.
>> No. 2521679

You cant deny the greatness that is Fluttershy eating fruit salad
>> No. 2521680
File 136899107498.png - (504.62KB , 1366x734 , 324720__UNOPT__safe_twilight-sparkle_fluttershy_humanized_edit_equestria-girls_food_51910e90a4c7.png )
>> No. 2521682
File 136899154896.png - (226.32KB , 389x389 , 501847-snapshot20090530213335.png )
It's Sunday. Pretty sure the PO is closed.
>> No. 2521683


I heard that some post offices still do pickups on sundays. Just not deliveries. Like... some services are open but not others.
>> No. 2521684
File 136899170227.jpg - (92.32KB , 472x668 , 26178010_p0.jpg )
Well if you really want Astra's letter now, and don't have anything better to do, go ahead. I don't think it will work, but there's a chance, I suppose.
>> No. 2521685
File 136899316481.jpg - (8.00KB , 293x172 , yummyyummy.jpg )
>> No. 2521686
File 136899560237.png - (69.93KB , 250x234 , 13579__safe_fluttershy_hootershy_pun_owl.png )
and other thing...

im pretty sure there is not going to be a SDCC exclusive hootershy isnt it?

Last edited at Sun, May 19th, 2013 13:33

>> No. 2521687
File 136900308119.png - (380.34KB , 700x700 , 273333__UNOPT__safe_fluttershy_artist-cielaart.png )

>> No. 2521689
File 136900602237.jpg - (183.84KB , 682x1052 , 98946__UNOPT__.jpg )
hopefully they dont or hopefully they do?
>> No. 2521690
File 136900651211.jpg - (102.45KB , 512x800 , 75663__UNOPT__fluttershy_artist-maniacpaint.jpg )

lol idk~
>> No. 2521692
Youtube embed play button
>Except its not a Friendship is Magic movie.

Yes, it is. It's the same characters in "the real world". The Spongebob Squarepants Movie pulled the same shtick for most of the climax.

Why is everyone afraid to write this up as an accomplishment?
>> No. 2521693
can you repeat the questions?
>> No. 2521694
File 136901240257.jpg - (326.87KB , 1112x719 , puella_magi_madoka_magica___to_tomorrow_by_mooku_noy-d4h89c8.jpg )
Why is everyone afraid to write this up as a good thing?
I'm curious too, even if it isn't good it's still a huge milestone we've crossed.
Think about it, MLP is getting a movie. A movie to launch a new toy line but still a new movie (with theatrical releases no less!).
>> No. 2521695
well, maybe is because is teen age high school stuff with humans.
something even the people of the show said they wasnt going to do and now they are doing it "because it was his vision"
and because this is a teen age girls movie, of course you cant make anything beside high school girl stuff.
and not only that, the trailer suggest they are going to play at least 80% of what you see in this kind of shows....

this is just a guess, i cant guess why people think stuff some times.
>> No. 2521696
File 136901543636.jpg - (21.55KB , 450x370 , dohohoho.jpg )
This is an actual thing? Not sure if I should just wait for a rip to show up on a torrent somewhere or if I should emulate these fine gentlemen and heckle the entire time.
>> No. 2521697
I recommend the former, since the latter gives money to Hasbro for something you don't want and gives the impression that you do want it.

However, if you can form a group of 3-4 to see it together and heckle it as a group, MST style, that sounds like a fun experience if you can do so without ruining the movie for the little girls that sincerely want to see it.

>tfw you don't have enough irl friends that watch the show to do what was described
>> No. 2521698
Isn't the old trick to avoid giving money to a movie to just buy a ticket for a different movie?
>> No. 2521699
File 136901632630.png - (140.67KB , 598x339 , equestriagirls.png )

I can't imagine a lot of bronies willing to go out in public and buy a ticket for this. Their manhood is on the line.

Last edited at Sun, May 19th, 2013 19:19

>> No. 2521700
While I have very few brony friends, my very good friends all have razor wits, extremely dry humor, and know exactly who those fine gentlemen are.

I think I could convince them (with sufficient fermented beverages) to join me in an MST heckling of the film.

However, you raise a good point. I'm sure there will be children who genuinely want to see the film and it would be wrong to deprive them of their enjoyment of it.

Very well. I shall acquire a copy through means either financial or otherwise, invite my comrades over, ply us with large amounts of liquor, and commence the heckling at some point in the future. Perhaps it would make a good youtube video.
>> No. 2521701
beside, you dont mother sending you the police
>> No. 2521702
File 136901745091.png - (21.42KB , 124x150 , confused3.png )

The police?
>> No. 2521703
>> No. 2521704
Child molestation or something.
>> No. 2521705
File 136901942083.png - (259.70KB , 478x623 , Argument Invalid Mustang.png )
Human Twilight Sparkle is eating an apple like a pony.

This movie will be great.

Last edited at Sun, May 19th, 2013 20:10

>> No. 2521706
File 136901953022.gif - (263.33KB , 720x405 , 134659426238.gif )

Good sir, you've got a point..... when I first saw the backstory short for Sunset on the backcard of her pony figure, I felt "Oh, this could get ugly..." then I saw the EG trailer, and it only made me dislike her even more.

But thinking back to that trope (and after actually seeing actual Iron man 3, compared to it's trailers), you've got a good point. I'll give the little brat a chance to go from Diamond-Tiara-bitch status to pity-me-i'm-not-bad-i'm-Trixie status (which is good).

We'll just have to wait and see.
>> No. 2521707
what pity-me-i'm-not-bad-i'm-Trixie status means?
>> No. 2521708

In season 1, when Trixie was given her first episode, she was a blatant snob, an "evil" antagonist, yet a large following feel in love with her, despite her being an flank, the fandom made up sad backstories as to why she was might have become such a bitch, and thus the "pity me" route was taken. She became so fan popular they brought her back, stronger than before, and then was given redemption and made good.

So those who wanted her back were happy, some of those who still hated her for being a bitch, were leveled with, (including myself, I hated Trixie at the beginning, but by season 3, I could stand to see her around again.)

Depending on how they actually portray Sunset in this movie, she'll probably either be loved or hated, or treated as "NOTHING IN THE MOVIE IS CANON!" ranters, but that's just my guess.
>> No. 2521709
i will hate me so much for liking it if they have a ton of good elements implemented...

but like you say, we have to see.
>> No. 2521710
If it's good, why would you hate it?
>> No. 2521711
File 136902273907.jpg - (50.09KB , 250x384 , 250px-Identity_crisis_1.jpg )
no, im saying i will hate myself.
not the flick. because it is possible to have funny moments, some genuine moments, and better characters...

but all that is around the friking teen age high school which i dont like, so i will be like "this. that, and this was pretty cool..... but is twilight the fucking high student"

Last edited at Sun, May 19th, 2013 21:08

>> No. 2521712

Don't be silly, Twi is far too straightlaced to be the high student, now Pinkie Pie, on the other hoof...
>> No. 2521714
So you're going to hate it for... the setting?
I'm not sure I'm understanding you here.
>> No. 2521715
The setting actually can contribute to liking or disliking an episode.

Forcing another trip to the Empire on us in GPP was (subjectively) a negative.

Now, things can still be good despite the setting (I felt GPP was mediocre) but if there's a setting you dislike -- and high school is much worse than the Empire -- then it's less likely you'll like it.
>> No. 2521716
Youtube embed play button
again, i dont going to hate the movie if is any good, im going to hate me.
i think the setting is just.... puag...
i think to you saying i will hate me is the same than saying i will hate the movie because i think i have been clear on that.

i use transformers like an example some times, because is the same toy company, with the same objective, just a diferent demographic. even im not a fan of it because i didnt grow up with it in my child hood.

but i could think making a movie about optimus prime being a striper while megatron is a pervert going to the strip club, is a pretty dumb idea.... even it could be cool and fun, the setting is dumb.

at the end will be a really guilty plesure is if end up enjoying it (more of guilt than a plesure).... because is twilight the f*cking high student.

Last edited at Mon, May 20th, 2013 06:00

>> No. 2521717
uhhh, except your stripper example changes the tone and direction of the series from autobots vs decpticons to personal drama.
Twi in high-school is in some ways an extension of the slice of life stories. It keeps it more or less the same and in some ways expands the adventure aspect (new world and all).
>> No. 2521718
i was exageration with the striper thing.

any way. still, i just dont fill it natural.

lets try again with the transformer example, lets talk about optimus falling in a worm hole to another dimension, where he became a teen age boy, and he use a alien device to transform on diferent incarnations of his friends, all this on a ben 10 style just to get in that market...

i dont know. is just.... gua, i cant accept the premise that easy. is just all my fault, because i cant acept it is natural to grab this ponies and turn them into the only thing tv for teen age girls can think off... high school monster high, bratz, club wingx, and probably a ton more.

Last edited at Mon, May 20th, 2013 06:49

>> No. 2521719
if it make you happy i could just accept it after the time pass. the future is unclear specialy when i havent seen the damn thing...

even it use the favorite setting for teen age girls cartoons and 90% of the animes (yea, thouse things have high school most of the time)
>> No. 2521720
File 136908001682.jpg - (21.34KB , 364x364 , 2426729.jpg )
>lets try again with the transformer example, lets talk about optimus falling in a worm hole to another dimension, where he became a teen age boy, and he use a alien device to transform on diferent incarnations of his friends, all this on a ben 10 style just to get in that market...

I don't watch Transformers, but I do know that this sounds better than what they got now.
>> No. 2521721
File 136908487180.gif - (253.09KB , 400x400 , 0695e858-32b4-44f1-9c43-177dfbf09564.gif )
I think I already know the full plot of the movie.

Think about it. Crown. High School. It all makes sense. The crown is probably going to be like for the Prom, for like crowning Prom Queen. See where this is going? Twilight is probably going to have to be Prom Queen or something. It's just a prediction.....
>> No. 2521722
File 136908514899.jpg - (190.02KB , 500x691 , tumblr_llgmruzAfg1qhjfpro1_500.jpg )
just what i though.
specialy because sunset shimmer seems to be the all years prom princess.

so twilight will learn all from her friends about human fashion, and defeat her on her game

or at least it is how it look like.

Last edited at Mon, May 20th, 2013 14:35

>> No. 2521723
>Turns out Twilight has to lose so the evil spirit in the crown doesn't keep feeding the bad feelings of Sunset and make ever more evil.
>Because, you know, despite not knowing anyone. or anything, or having parents, or money, or everything else, everyone loves Twilight from almost the get go. Except for the anti-sue grace period.
>> No. 2521724
File 136908834730.png - (301.92KB , 636x353 , EQG.png )
After watching the trailer and reading all the comments, I've got to ask.. Am I the only one that thinks Sunset Shimmer will be revealed as Queen Chrysalis?
>> No. 2521725
File 136908841120.png - (79.08KB , 200x267 , Madoka smiling- magical girl form.png )
No, I don't think so, but others do.
>> No. 2521726
yes, because that will make little sense, and probably will end with dumb results

magic explosion doesnt mean she will be there.

Last edited at Mon, May 20th, 2013 15:29

>> No. 2521727
File 136908850203.png - (425.47KB , 719x664 , 1358319720_defenceless_morelove.png )

>Chrysalis in the human world.
>Chrysalis' waistline when all the brony love/lust.
>> No. 2521728
File 136908923041.jpg - (139.33KB , 1005x540 , 324265__UNOPT__safe_equestria-girls_crown_512e53aea4c72dd39d0005e3_prom.jpg )
Well, not exactly Queen Chrysalis per se, but I do suspect something is afoot with Sunset Shimmer's real identity.
>> No. 2521729

Was just about to post that picture to explain why I think it's chrysalis

First picture: Looks shocked at winning but happy
Second picture: Looks mean and egotistical.

I think they will explain it by saying that everyone loves the prom queen, and she will feed off that love. How she got there or even knew about the portal will hopefully gets explained in the movie (and not the last 10 minutes.)

Plus the magic near the end of the trailer sort of remained me of her reveal in ACW
>> No. 2521730
I actually made a similar theory, also pointing out the aesthesic difference between the dresses in a previous thread.
Though I wouldn't say it's Queen Chrysalis, I find it hard to believe they would recycle a villain for their big movie premiere. Then again, this is a similar MO, and she is the most popular villain... Though maybe this is intentional and this is what will tip Twilight off. Would be funny to watch her explain it.
"Why do you suspect Shimmer, Twi?"
"Because this is oddly similar to that one time where this giant bug lady and her giant army of love-eating bugs crashed my babysitter's wedding and encased my mentor in goop"

Last edited at Mon, May 20th, 2013 15:52

>> No. 2521731
File 136909051545.jpg - (705.43KB , 1430x1318 , movie_night_by_scruffytoto-d4irgmi.jpg )

>Most popular.

>> No. 2521732
That's the impression I've got considering just how much Chrysalis dick people seem to have in their mouths.
Watching Chrysalis get ridiculously popular after she worfed my favorite character stung pretty bad, I can tell you that.
>> No. 2521733
That's assuming this was written after ACW aired and the reaction towards Chrysalis was gauged.

Last edited at Mon, May 20th, 2013 16:00

>> No. 2521734
Maybe Sunset Shimmer is a relative of Chrysalis? A daughter? Some kind of half-blood?
>> No. 2521735
File 136909288647.jpg - (384.34KB , 700x525 , you_are_the_father__by_bakki-d61o69y.jpg )
>> No. 2521736
Her lesbian lover, obviously.
Everybody is a lesbian lover in this series.
>> No. 2521737
File 136909329142.png - (304.66KB , 378x622 , goody goody.png )
Nope, if Hasbro had any future plans for Chrysalis, they wouldn't have let her be used in the first comic arc.
>> No. 2521738
I think I remember hearing that they were the ones to suggest to Cook to use Chrysalis.
>> No. 2521739
File 136909567213.png - (67.71KB , 277x372 , dress8.png )

It would just be a very similar plot to ACW if that's who she was.

We seem to have a very interesting take on new villians.

Everything that was bad that happened in S2 we were all: "Oh man! I bet Discord's behind it!"
In S3 it was Sombra we suspected to be behind everything, and now we're doing the same with Chrysalis.
>> No. 2521740
Though in Sombra's case it was more people wishing for him to make a return where he does make an impression.
>> No. 2521741
File 136909626098.png - (11.10KB , 518x91 , equestria girls march.png )
As I thought, the final script was finished a month before ACW even aired.
>> No. 2521742
File 136909634716.jpg - (41.62KB , 400x800 , equestriagirls2.jpg )

Damn, it's older than I thought. But I still doubt it's Chrysalis though.

I think Sunset is her own character.
>> No. 2521743
I was thinking about that change earlier and came up with another explanation... What if, as has been suggested, the portal lets ponies take over the body of their human-equivalent (so human-Twilight existed before Twilight went through the portal), and similarly pony-Sunset took over her human self, causing the change.

It leaves it open for Sunset to have been corrupted by dark magic, a problem human-Sunset wouldn't have had (assuming the "human" world lacks magic).
>> No. 2521744
File 136909797141.png - (177.55KB , 1024x768 , pinkamenaborderlands.png )

That sounds rather complicated but it's possible
>> No. 2521745
she is talking about the scrip of equestria girls?
>> No. 2521746
>> No. 2521747
File 136909976489.png - (131.24KB , 266x280 , bicyclequeenchrysalissketch.png )
I like where this thread is going.
>> No. 2521748
File 136909977488.png - (131.24KB , 266x280 , bicyclequeenchrysalissketch.png )
I like where this thread is going.
>> No. 2521749
mmmm, i dont know... excited about it?

i guess i just have to "hang my shoes" for season 04 then.
>> No. 2521751
hey, i got another question, to derail from my whinning hate, unholy not hope....

if the scrip was ended, before the season 2 ended airing... that mean the scrip could have been start being made for the half way season 2 was done?

it could be just a concidense the Lauren left for something related? i know im streching it really, and maybe is there no relation... but the dates are not kind of fitting? all this had to be planed even before the scrip started to be done. so that could bring it even closer....

Last edited at Mon, May 20th, 2013 18:58

>> No. 2521752
Not gonna get into why I think Lauren left, but I doubt this is the reason.
>> No. 2521753
I don't know. It might've been talked about around the time she was planning on leaving, but the script was finished almost a year after she left.
>> No. 2521754
but the dates could fit?

like i say, maybe im stretching it because she probably just wanted to do other stuff and left the animals behind.... but just saying.

because some times the show is developed some time closer to change stuff.
but later you will tell me equestria girls have been planed for 2 years ago....

just....... cant handle it, i want to bealive... but this things just want me to think there is not hope on season 04

yea, the script was finished a year after she left, but they could had to speak about it almost a year before start writing it. isnt it. or they just made the script on 3 months and thats i (well, maybe thats even to much time, but the planning should have something)?

and remember, they are not allowed to speak about anything outside the walls..... just remember how they said there was going to be humans when season 3 was going to be done.... but now we have humans... and the script was done before that time.

Last edited at Mon, May 20th, 2013 19:11

>> No. 2521755
Lauren wasn't working on the show since the summer of 2011, maybe even the spring (the exact dates on when she left are unclear). It could've been talked and planned about 6-9 months before the script work had started.

And they said there would be no humans in Equestria, as in humans don't exist in Equestria's world. This is using alternate worlds, and it's likely that humans couldn't exist in Equestria even if they traveled through the mirror as they'd just turn into ponies like Twilight turns into a human in their world.

Last edited at Mon, May 20th, 2013 19:13

>> No. 2521756
ok then, yea, this is not one of the reasons why she left.

this is what came out for the time when they just said "finally that bitch is gone, now we can do what ever we want, first, make that thing a real princess pony, second, lets talk about this named equestria girls...." (dramatitation, it never happened)

oh yea, because that will make me fill better about "her vision and how all this is what she always wanted."

Last edited at Mon, May 20th, 2013 19:16

>> No. 2521757
Kinda sorta I guess

Although I see no more product placement than in s1 and s2.
>> No. 2521758
File 136910295673.jpg - (81.49KB , 459x288 , TwilightSparkleFIMcar2_A.jpg )
just because twilight turned into a princess, so that cover almost the entire toy line at the end of the season, princess twilight get all the expensive playsets, the semi expensive vehicles, and at the beggining of the season we got more princess Cadence to sell what was left of the wedding, with the entire crystal empire line, where it was the city of cadence and the theme of the toy line....
is not like they had a train to promote this time. "they even put the car for 2 seconds on the episode to place the product"

and ofcourse, they have an entire movie product placement comming up. i mean, what else you want for a product placement....
pretty sure they will ride some pink car you will see for the dolls, the fashion room where they dress twilight for the prom, another place set they will make.....

so dont say there is less product placement because the product placement this time are the entire settings.
>> No. 2521759
Yep not gonna even go into that.

Let's just say that I don't think ALL of that is Hasbro forcing it on the team
>> No. 2521760
File 136910357581.jpg - (59.00KB , 311x300 , PinkiePieFIMglitter_300_L_sosilver.jpg )
they are forced petitions...

but that doesnt mean all petitions are wrong or bad.

because some times they are not as hurt full, or can have a good excecution....

for example, even im not fan of the crystal empire (mostly because it have cadence and shinning amor), it wasnt that much of product placement of "IN YOUR FACE BITCH" and they made an entire theme toy line with what ever they wanted....

even for some reason they wasnt allowed to make the translucent ponies, probably they couldnt find a way to make the glitter dont come off or other technical problem, and for that was the 5 second crystal transformation... even at the end wasnt used

not going to say "they should not place stuff in my show, blablabla", im just going to say im not a fan of that forced placement when it isnt even natural... like an entire movie comming

Last edited at Mon, May 20th, 2013 19:36

>> No. 2521761
There is no point in engaging in a circular argument. You say they are 100% forced and I say they aren't 100% forced.

I can't change your mind and you can't mind as neither side has strong enough evidence to convince the other
>> No. 2521762
File 136910468013.jpg - (102.08KB , 396x500 , prototypeFIMCelestiaPainted.jpg )
look, maybe forced is a word to strong apparently.

or you want me to believe they are like "Oh yea, human teen age girls, just what this cartoon need, how i didnt think about that, boss you are fucking awesome"

because i know they are not knelled on broken glass in a corner until they keep working.

they are able to do what ever they want, but there are conditions. the condition could be "we want princess cadence" and then they do what ever they want with that. hasbro says "i want a carriage or a car or something on princess twilight coronation" and the staff just add a car for 3 seconds on screen. i want a movie about high school girls, where we can sell the boyfriend toy, there should be fashion display, kind monster high, they are successful(me la mame al final)

..... but like you say, you use the staff words like absolute true, with out any judgment... so be it, we are on different sides of this, and "there could be only one".... so probably im going to lose later, because what is my word against the staff word, mine is wortless....

(extra conspirasy teory: "Cadence wigns have that purple to pink effect just like the first celestia toys, but the actual cadence toy have plain purple wings, that make me think they dessigned cadence like the planned toy, but during the toy development they changed the wing material and this forced to change the wanted effect of the toy, leaving cadence with inaccurate wings")

Last edited at Mon, May 20th, 2013 19:54

>> No. 2521763
No I absolutely believe EQG was forced. I just don't believe twilicorn was wholly forced or cadence or things like that.
>> No. 2521764
File 136910534505.jpg - (55.60KB , 366x500 , HOLY-SWEET-CELESTIA-ALICORN-TWILIGHT-TOY-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-33590590-366-500.jpg )
i can get the staff being totally agree with a petition.

i mean, they are not going to let the staff decide the theme of the toy line, so they work making suggestions and stuff, and later they make more petitions. because even the staff is 100% agree with princess twilight, just little stuff like the 3 second car or the transformation of the train and focus of the train during s2, tell you they are never alone....
but that could not be that bad... maybe... if there is subtly.

you dont think the screen time of princess cadence are petitions? if the staff like to work with this characters.... probably, but cadence is the pink princess of love and hearts of the line, so she have to get a ton of dialogue, and interactions and stuff. like saving the day a ton of times, and probably more.

Last edited at Mon, May 20th, 2013 20:07

>> No. 2521765
well getting away from the theme i had with my....
nemesis? rival? alter ego? friend? something? TGSB

here's something about the stolen crown im a little confuse, or at least interested.

probably some people have noticed before, but maybe the crown stealer will be some one else... so probably could be some one else involved?
why i say this. well, if sunset shimmer stole the crown... why she didn used it, and won already? why it have to be the price of the prom? this part is what make it a little fishy, and wonder if they are going to paint it like it was sunset shimmer fault for being the bully... but later change it to something else, even apparently she is evil.... and i hope they just dont recycle queen chrysalis... that will be so cheap.

something is hidden... because i dont think this are supposed to be the dumb parts.
>> No. 2521766

I wells talk but I'm tired. I'm gonna go to sleep
>> No. 2521767
File 136911427221.png - (229.81KB , 600x687 , Princess_Cadance_id_S3E12.png )

I'm okay with this.
>> No. 2521768
File 136911570659.png - (80.30KB , 111x125 , BraeburnWha.png )
...why is a high school student harder to accept than a unicorn?
>> No. 2521769
>there will be thousands of neckbeards and little girls in every threater
>> No. 2521770
really? this is a real question?

well maybe because a unicorn in a world of unicorns make sense, while teenage highschool for getting through a portal to the point of monster high.... that isnt that simple
is like they make the premis of twilight turning in a potatoe because they want to sell mr. potatoe head rip off
>> No. 2521771
File 136913563084.png - (84.07KB , 512x512 , Tangerine just pooped bricks.png )

Because most of /arch/ has insecurities around girls, and that affects their enjoyment of a show featuring high school girls.

Not many people have insecurities around magical pastel colored ponies, though. So standard FiM is good.
>> No. 2521772
I'm going to say this makes more sense to me
then this.
>> No. 2521773
Because they are older than high school. It takes them back quite a few years
>> No. 2521774
File 136915340309.png - (107.45KB , 360x381 , ExclamationMark.png )
Girls? I thought we hated humans!
>> No. 2521775
well, a girl still a human.
>> No. 2521776
No they're not! Right, I meant I didn't think we picked specifically on the one gender.
>> No. 2521777
it is scaled.
there is human.
then are teen age humans.
then are teen age girls acting dumb
and then.... check mate
>> No. 2521778
File 136916037189.jpg - (38.86KB , 400x225 , image.jpg )
Come on, Marimo. You seem to use the same program I do to catch news on the ponynets. The new EQG image should have been up 5.5 hours ago.

The mane 6 look cute.
>> No. 2521779
There's also a different new picture here.
>> No. 2521780
I was the one to post that image on another site hours ago.
>> No. 2521781
File 136916053608.jpg - (760.42KB , 400x225 , mylittleponyequestriagirls.jpg )
So there is.

Interesting how one has them with ears, long hair, and wings in one picture, but just ears and long hair in another.

Last edited at Tue, May 21st, 2013 11:25

>> No. 2521782
this look like almost at the end, and they are already transformed, with the wings and the extreme long hair, and no cutie mark on the face.

Last edited at Tue, May 21st, 2013 11:28

>> No. 2521783
The ears are fake and for the dance. Or those are Twilight's friends from Equestria /cracktheory
>> No. 2521784
that, or the transformation wings are retractable.
>> No. 2521785
File 136916406220.jpg - (122.94KB , 400x225 , mylittleponyequestriagirls.jpg )
Fixed colors version.
>> No. 2521786
something to mention....
all the characters colors are lighted out from the originals....
this is because they are suppose do be white people?
or just because obscure color people is ugly for dolls?
>> No. 2521787
cant edit my comment now, im doom
>> No. 2521788
File 136916811032.png - (561.54KB , 1500x807 , 324531__UNOPT__safe_equestria-girls_food_5191be7e7f123b0db400018a.png )
I'm confused. Do they have wings or not? Are those with wings Twilight's actual friends from Equestria and those without are their counterparts?
>> No. 2521789
i think they are always the equestria girls.

and the wings will be when they transform and use the magic of friendship or something.

if you can see they have the long hair, witch resemble tails.
>> No. 2521790
File 136916891177.jpg - (113.53KB , 910x385 , 330692__UNOPT__safe_twilight-sparkle_rainbow-dash_pinkie-pie_fluttershy_rarity_applejack_scootal.jpg )
But CMC looks normal (Equestria Girls normal). Why would only mane 6 looks different, unless they are really ponies.
>> No. 2521791
i said transformation. twilight real pony look like a normal human at the beggining, and every one else.
but sure after sunset shimmer get the power and we are on the climax of the movie, we are going to have a transformation, because they are the specials friends linked to the elements of harmony.
magic girl transformation, and now the main 6 are match for sunset shimmer power and defeating her.
then they return to the party to dance with his new pony special equestria girl transformation.

but who knows. there still some misterious points to call my speculation to be real....

Last edited at Tue, May 21st, 2013 13:49

>> No. 2521792
I thought there was a pic of them wearing fake yellow ears? I'm guessing those were the prototypes for their prom costumes.
>> No. 2521793
so all could be just costumes... maybe... even it look like they are the only disguised...
and the tail hair what are?
ultra long extensions?
>> No. 2521794
>and the tail hair what are?
>ultra long extensions?
Rainbow Dash's hair is biggest problem. It doesn't look like it's all in one piece. Neither Twilight's hair looks natural.
>> No. 2521795
File 136917061038.jpg - (392.81KB , 2048x593 , Hasbro2-superJumbo.jpg )
it doesnt look like that, but it is like that. is they way to have tails with out having tails, because that will be just nasty.
>> No. 2521796
Costume tails. Probably connect to hidden belts or such.

Kind of like how it's done by most of the mane 6 in Mauroz's awesome comics.*

* They start here and are definitely worth a look (though they start off a bit wordy with a bit of a silly premise they quickly get pretty awesome): http://mauroz.deviantart.com/art/Friendship-Is-Magic-330419485 (link is the prologue comic, not page 1, which is when they get going)
>> No. 2521797
File 136917865670.png - (77.12KB , 216x192 , jk cilan 1.png )

Oh my! I can only imagine what could be on the uncut version (check the rating).
>> No. 2521798
>> No. 2521799
the tails come from the hair of her hairs.
just like apple jacks is totally notable, other not so much.

but still, if you want to say are just costumes fine, but remember they have to defeat the magic enemy.
tails atached to their skulls.
>> No. 2521800
File 136918170644.png - (46.96KB , 213x217 , ListeningNow.png )
Loving the reviews!

>The mass execution scene also went on a bit longer than I was comfortable with, but again, making great art sometimes means taking people out of their comfort zone.

Oops, so it does... Still could be fake. I guess we'll find out!
>> No. 2521801
Somehow that Sweetie Belle in the background makes me want to see her dance the Robot.
>> No. 2521802
Youtube embed play button
somehow your comment made me go to get a hear to this song.
>> No. 2521803
File 136925188351.jpg - (15.65KB , 800x600 , Rosen1.jpg )
I'm looking forward to it honestly. Yes it is likely to have some really dumb moments. Yes, it's likely there will be a inane romantic subplot. Yes, it's likely to be a stereotypical high school film. However, from what I can see from the trailer, the ponies personalities are all still intact. And, we get to see the hilarity of ponies adjusting to human life. I don't think the writers will let us down in the humor department, or in the song department. And if it turns out to be bad, just don't bother buying it on DVD or watching the spinoff show(if that gets made).
>> No. 2521804
Youtube embed play button
  >this video
Hasbro, something went wrong.
>> No. 2521805
that girls isnt the demographic...........................................................................................................................................
>> No. 2521806

We always make out something to be worse than it is every time like with MMC and ACW, but they turn out good.
>> No. 2521807
File 136926134628.png - (101.15KB , 218x207 , Awesome.png )
Awesome! Girl in owl pyjamas says it all!

I thought it was just aimed at the demographic above which FIM is aimed at?
>> No. 2521808
i though the demographic was targeted to the girls than liked anything just for having fashion.
>> No. 2521809
It's 20+ males right?
>> No. 2521810
File 136928475536.jpg - (2.28KB , 120x109 , Rosen 2.jpg )
Yeah, there's no reason to freak out about it. As long as it doesn't take resources away from Season 4, I'm fine with it.
>> No. 2521811
File 136928546839.jpg - (59.38KB , 675x581 , 138 - filly derpy_hooves.jpg )
I almost can't say, "Season 3 was oddly short." Almost, since I did.
>> No. 2521812
File 136928642539.png - (19.16KB , 439x358 , ?.png )
>As long as it doesn't take resources away from Season 4, I'm fine with it.

I'm not quite sure what this means. Season 4 is still happening and is gonna be 26 episodes.
>> No. 2521813
people generally seem to think Hasbro funds things by the brand, rather than by the individual project.
>> No. 2521814
File 136929211835.jpg - (39.59KB , 513x476 , 331764__UNOPT__safe_princess-twilight_equestria-girls_jimmies_staff_steffan-andrews_519bcdfaa4c7.jpg )
>> No. 2521815
File 136930388975.png - (536.84KB , 1158x715 , 1369248003550.png )
It's far more canon than you know.


That's not why I'm here. I'm here because I got wind of people planning brony meet-ups to actually see the movie in theaters and assumed it could only be coming from one place.

I'm here to let you all know, that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you to do this. I will not see any money given to Hasbro for destroying Lauren's dream.

Lauren Faust, has said in interviews over and over that she wanted to make a show for girls that wasn't a typical "girl's show. As a response to shows like Monster High, Bratz, and Winx Club, where the characters talk about nothing buy cute boys and shopping. She created MLP:FiM as an answer to exactly the kind of shis Equestria Girls is going to be.

I have made my motivations clear and now I will tell you what I am going to do. I will drive around my city, not going to say which one just that it has more than one theater showing EqG. I will bring with me plastic bags full of spaghetti in various sauces and I will throw them at any group of two or more people seen entering or standing in outside one of these theaters and i will yell things at you possibly not even about the show or movie.

You will not hear from me until the day before the movie hits theaters with updates on my spaghetti cooking progress.
>> No. 2521816
File 136930423872.png - (191.96KB , 373x435 , Croppedvlcsnap-2012-12-10-19h06m46s218.png )
>assumed it could only be coming from one place
>> No. 2521817
>where the characters talk about nothing buy cute boys and shopping
That's not even marginally true about EQG, that's just your headcanon, and a pretty implausible one at that.

And Faust's Galaxy Girls are WAY more anorexic than the EQG characters.
>> No. 2521818
>And Faust's Galaxy Girls are WAY more anorexic than the EQG characters.

This. Not to say we should start complaining about Galaxy Girls but it's unfair that no one is concerned what their bodies are like but for EqG it's suddenly a problem.
>> No. 2521819
File 136930950536.png - (259.70KB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-2012-12-10-17h48m12s159.png )
I think that if someone doesn't like Faust's GG either and calls them both out, that's fine, but our friend here praised Faust and denounced EqG in the same breath.
>> No. 2521820
It's amazing how critical people become when they don't like something.
>> No. 2521821
File 136931000208.png - (81.48KB , 415x443 , Tangerine already knew you ♥ her, silly.png )
>As a response to shows like Monster High, Bratz, and Winx Club, where the characters talk about nothing buy cute boys and shopping. She created MLP:FiM as an answer to exactly the kind of shis Equestria Girls is going to be.

Oh, so you saw EqG already? How were the sex scenes?
>> No. 2521822
I think the important thing to think about here is also that these are cartoons, which it's always fun to do wacky and unrealistic designs with cartoons. The problem lies when it's being made in an obvious, sexual manner in things like Bratz and Barbie where it's pretty clear what they are going for. Personally I don't see how someone can look at the designs for GG or EqG and think those are sexy....not without doing some stylized, artistic redesigns in order to make them that way.
>> No. 2521823
File 136931558252.png - (473.38KB , 1272x714 , fuitbowlshy.png )
As adults, we have every inch of our entertainment injected with violence, negativity, and sex, so it's no surprise an adult would look at those designs and wonder how sexuality can and is being applied to them, even when none is intended.

on another note
>pic related
it's interesting that the chairs all have a silhouette of Twilight's cutie mark on them.
>> No. 2521824
the building whe they are fighting for the crown hav3 the same star dessign
>> No. 2521825
File 136931929121.png - (1.44MB , 1600x900 , stars.png )
wondering if it going to be a plot point, or just because like at this date twilight is the center of the toy line, a ton of things will be themed to her image. or are just weird coincidences

Last edited at Thu, May 23rd, 2013 07:28

>> No. 2521826
File 136932488687.jpg - (172.91KB , 929x337 , 331662__UNOPT__safe_twilight-sparkle_rainbow-dash_pinkie-pie_fluttershy_rarity_applejack_scootal.jpg )
just found this on dərpibooru and i'm wondering...why do they insist on wearing boots, all the time, everywhere?
>> No. 2521827
Boots on hooves.
>> No. 2521828
but then shouldn't they also constantly be wearing bikinis?
>> No. 2521829
They could be wearing them under their regular clothes.
>> No. 2521830

on another note i'm pretty confused by the fact that the bg ponies have regular human ears and stuff but the main 6 seem to be more anthro...simple case of "hasbro merch vectors" or something else?
>> No. 2521831
It'll make sense when you see the movie.
>> No. 2521832
>> No. 2521833
It's pretty clearly some sort of magical transformation. One that seems largely limited to the Mane 6.
>> No. 2521834
I'd rather this not get a spin off series. One movie is enough.
>> No. 2521835
File 136943070344.jpg - (121.38KB , 684x1169 , image.jpg )
I'm not worried. A few reasons.

Man of Steel is coming out the same week as Equestria Girls. Most likely it'll overshadow EQG because a whole lot more people like comic book superheroes.

My sister babysits her friend's daughter and guess what, she likes FiM. Her mother is a busy parent, and she was surprised by us watching ponies one time. She doesn't know about the fandom and she uses the internet a lot. There are lots of other parents like her who probably don't know about the fandom and assume it's a generic cartoon show that they avoid.

Spin-Offs of popular tv shows that don't work out usually fade away from existence and are forgotten. There are actually a lot of tv shows with unsuccessful spin-offs that hardly affect the original show in any way.
>> No. 2521836
Still calling this a spin-off, eh?

God, you guys remember when South Park had that spin-off movie where it was a musical for some reason?
>> No. 2521837
File 136943865805.png - (145.33KB , 538x800 , equestriagirls3.png )

So you're excited for Equestria Girls or you're against it?
>> No. 2521838
Youtube embed play button
That movie that had zero continuity with the show and all events referenced in it were forever forgotten? That movie that was quite good? That movie with the music that will NEVER get out of your head?

How does it prove your point? Whatever it is?

Last edited at Fri, May 24th, 2013 16:41

>> No. 2521839
File 136944083516.png - (118.44KB , 900x900 , 1_ Dulset laugh.png )
What would Princess Luna do, if she were here right now?
I'm sure she'd kick an flank or two, that's what Princess Luna'd do!
>> No. 2521840
Sometimes I think
When I'm, real high
That there's such a big potential, for Celestia
I'd like to see them give it a try
But then I sink
Cos they never will

But I get so lonely being the only Celestia fan
Tell me why does it have to be that way?

Last edited at Fri, May 24th, 2013 17:20

>> No. 2521841
File 136944129789.png - (140.63KB , 900x900 , Dulset FAIC.png )
Because Celestia's name doesn't fit in the song. I really thought about it, but nope.
>> No. 2521842
...Yyyyeah, I suck at this.
Who thought that Celestia couldn't be fit in a song sung by the Prince of Darkness? (And Saddam's bitch)

Though it's more about my whining rather than Celestia herself.

Last edited at Fri, May 24th, 2013 18:15

>> No. 2521843
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 2521844
Youtube embed play button
"Stop whining," he said. It's Arnie, so you better, or he will be back.
>> No. 2521845
Shut your bucking face uncle bucker
You're a muffin biting flankhole uncle bucker
You buck your uncle yes it's true
Nobody bucks uncles quite like you!

Shut your bucking face uncle bucker!
You're the one that bucked your uncle uncle bucka
You don't eat or sleep or graze the lawn you just buck your uncle all day long!
>> No. 2521846
File 136950898710.jpg - (65.69KB , 768x768 , trixiefeet_by_liararedscale-d65am2h.jpg )
wonder if we will be able to take a look at their feet...

how deformed they will be

or there was a picture showing them already?

Last edited at Sat, May 25th, 2013 12:10

>> No. 2521847
File 136950935548.jpg - (80.76KB , 614x738 , TGTS.jpg )
Here's the listing for EQG showings in the US:


It appears that the movie will be showing on weekends through June and July, once each day (10am or noon, according to random check).

Here's a link to Canadian showings (goes to .pdf file):


Edit: Looks like most theatres won't be getting it until June 22 or even later.

Last edited at Sat, May 25th, 2013 12:23

>> No. 2521848
File 136950996104.png - (122.55KB , 740x563 , 331733__UNOPT__safe_twilight-sparkle_artist-boulderthedragon_microsoft_xbox_519bcdfaa4c72dacc200.png )
I wonder why the odd limited showings at all. Seems very strange. This whole frickin movie man, I don't even know what their plans are but they make no sense to me.
>> No. 2521849
File 136951009507.jpg - (115.82KB , 716x758 , Washington.jpg )
Well, looks like I won't be seeing it in theaters.
>> No. 2521850
File 136951093906.png - (171.18KB , 820x800 , weponynow.png )

Wel I know what I'm doing July 6th.
>> No. 2521851
They probably don't intend for the theater showings to be the big money maker. Probably showing it in places where there aren't a lot of Hub subscriptions or expected DVD sales.
>> No. 2521852
From what I've heard, this is correct. It's showing in areas that don't have The Hub.
>> No. 2521853
so the plan will be showing it on cinemas first where they dont have the HUB, and later dvds and maybe once showing it at the hub like another big event...
that make sence right?

while every girl on the US get news about it. they expect success

Last edited at Sat, May 25th, 2013 16:55

>> No. 2521854
I really hope this does well, not only with the adults, but especially with the kids.
>> No. 2521855
But if it does well, Hasbro will only make more Equestria Girls shit.
>> No. 2521856
Hasbro is extending the brand, not remodeling it. Equestria Girls would be to My Little Pony as to what Rescue Bots is to Transformers. It's not what they'll only make.

And if it does well, maybe that will be because it's actually good?

Last edited at Sat, May 25th, 2013 22:11

>> No. 2521857

Exactly, Hasbro isn't stupid, that's why they're making Equestria Girls a spinoff and not a season of FiM, if it does well they have two hit toylines, if it flops then they still have the original to fall back on.
>> No. 2521858
After all the good that's come from this show, I don't understand the abject contempt for something with so much going for it, from such a successful crew, and starring characters we should all want to emulate. The irony of bronies wringing their fists over the idea of a girl's show being good is almost too much to bear.

Last edited at Sat, May 25th, 2013 22:53

>> No. 2521859
Good is subjective. Even though it may be good enough to be successful, not everyone will like it. The people that don't like it will not want more to be made of it, but if it's successful, more will be made of it.

While it's true that we're currently not completely sure how this'll turn out, your argument is almost like saying, "man, I don't understand why you don't want every episode of the show to be like MMC, because -I- personally loved it."
>> No. 2521860

Hell, it's not even a series, just a oneshot movie.


>The people that don't like it will not want more to be made of it, but if it's successful, more will be made of it.

Which is silly, why should it matter if more is made of it or not? If you don't like it you don't have to watch it or anything that comes after it, and unlike something such as the Bayformers films it doesn't prevent them from making an FiM theatrical film in any way.

Last edited at Sat, May 25th, 2013 23:10

>> No. 2521861
The "you don't have to watch it" argument falls into contradiction when you later say "but it's good, you can't say anything about it until you watch it."

Case in point: that Crystal Heart book. I've been told both of those arguments on it repeatedly.
>> No. 2521862

Not really, if you want to pass judgement on it then yes, logically you have to watch it as otherwise you can't really construct on argument that doesn't come across as immature, but it's your decision to do so, nopony is forcing you to do this, you could just as easily ignore it and say "It doesn't interest me so I haven't watched it." I do this all the time, I haven't played World of Warcraft, I have no interest in doing so, thus the worst thing I have to say about it is that I vehemently dislike the idea of paying a monthly fee for the continued privilege of playing I game that I already paid for when I bought the software, I'm not going to complain about the story, if there is one, or the music, or anything of the sort as I can't give a fair appraisal of them, but that doesn't mean I feel any compulsion to play it just so I can bitch about how much I hate it.
>> No. 2521863
MMC isn't a good example here. There's many kinds of episodes, MMC being what I guess we can call a "pay off". We've got nothing invested into EQG, and it would undermine the value of MMC if every episode was like that.
>> No. 2521864
File 136959669653.png - (140.40KB , 600x600 , i_believe_in_equestria_girls_by_rainbowdashuk-d65aczy.png )
>> No. 2521865
Youtube embed play button
god dammit!!!
>> No. 2521866
File 136959790364.png - (384.79KB , 713x497 , equestriagirlstwinude2.png )
>> No. 2521867
File 136961593781.png - (922.49KB , 504x1610 , Apple Family.png )
Please don't sexualize the underaged girls.
>> No. 2521868
File 136961613795.png - (46.65KB , 155x231 , Dent-cilan-dent-21373728-155-231.png )
>don't sexualize the underaged girls
Are you familiar with him? Should I get the "Who else but Bollox?" picture?
>> No. 2521869
Pull it out, I'm curious.
>> No. 2521870
File 136961849112.png - (176.42KB , 695x883 , who else but bollox.png )
>> No. 2521871
To be fair, they very well could be "of age"
>> No. 2521872
File 136961906132.png - (272.11KB , 960x700 , Detective Greylight I Don't Even.png )
> Should I get the "Who else but Bollox?" picture?

You HAVE one of those?! I'd use it all the time!
>> No. 2521873
Noep. I want to see this picture though.
>> No. 2521874

Right there. >>2521870
>> No. 2521875
Oh. I thought it was like, an actual image macro with "Who else but bullox?" on it.

...I'm not sure how, but I just became sterile.
>> No. 2521876
Originally it was just the first couple of posts where Bollox says "Fuck the little girls", and the title was just a punchline. Then I ended up adding some more posts like that.
>> No. 2521877
File 136963205476.png - (232.14KB , 594x393 , Screen shot 2013-05-27 at 12_20_32 AM.png )
>> No. 2521878

>That movie that had zero continuity with the show and all events referenced in it were forever forgotten?

The hell are you on about? It was totally canon. They even directly referenced it when Saddam next showed up courting Satan, and when Terrence & Philip had a documentary made about their career. The latter even used clips of stock footage.
>> No. 2521879
didn't they also leave Kenney dead for an entire season after the movie?
>> No. 2521880
Not really, Kenny still lived for a while before dying at the end of Season 5 in an episode all about his death because the creators wanted him killed off, he came back by the end of Season 6 though.
>> No. 2521881
right......I remember that now.....

I stopped watching South Park when I found ponies. I've become sort of an elitest with what I watch on TV now.
>> No. 2521882
File 136966100344.png - (41.95KB , 160x160 , who else but bollox.png )
>> No. 2521883
File 136966455295.jpg - (410.76KB , 709x702 , Peacock Style~.jpg )

Close enough!~
>> No. 2521884
File 136968295099.jpg - (33.97KB , 620x366 , li93_demon.jpg )
i dont have faith on this concept, and that turn me into the enemy... a monster...

and being in a different guild will be my fate.
>> No. 2521885
File 136968520281.png - (12.18KB , 115x113 , Screwdriver.png )
Hey, that could be your reaction pic character!
>> No. 2521886
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 2521887
File 136968883069.jpg - (266.40KB , 1840x1840 , spoiler.jpg )
or maybe not

Last edited at Mon, May 27th, 2013 14:11

>> No. 2521888
Christ, are those the official toys?
Well, I'm not surprised that they look god-awful, actually.
>> No. 2521889
whoahaha WOW that's butt ugly.
>> No. 2521890
File 136968936059.jpg - (1.04MB , 1420x1760 , Wat, it's magic.jpg )

I know Flash is hard to imitate on toy merchandize but... really?
>> No. 2521891
File 136968938949.jpg - (14.55KB , 299x500 , tumblr_luje6l8Roq1qma5d3o1_400.jpg )
I may have a desk full of ponies, but I'm not fanatical enough to start buying actual dolls. It's ok though, I'm an adult and Hasbro doesn't expect me to even watch a show for little girls, nevermind buy the merch.
>> No. 2521892
Those are some of the ugliest toys I've ever seen
>> No. 2521893
File 136969003504.jpg - (13.64KB , 480x360 , 8Fbd1.jpg )
Pinkie pie have Kenshiro eyebrows?
oh, wait, i think it is just make up

Last edited at Mon, May 27th, 2013 14:27

>> No. 2521894
I litterally can't stop rofling at this.

It's like a bad joke. I almost hope it's a joke, because it would be insulting if the show got violated the way it has for THIS.
>> No. 2521895
File 136969024396.jpg - (38.36KB , 453x493 , HNI_0007_JPG.jpg )
The toys look about 200% more Monster High than the movie premise.
>> No. 2521896
File 136969041093.jpg - (131.78KB , 401x640 , spoiler.jpg )
but to that remove like 100% because at least the monster high dolls have ball joints everywhere, letting them to get a ton of possibility.
while this ones are just as basic posible articulation... 5 points of articulation.

but probably are going to cost like $7... or at least im expecting that price.

spoilered because nudity.

Last edited at Mon, May 27th, 2013 14:34

>> No. 2521897
File 136969079107.png - (63.54KB , 180x189 , 201305050935.png )
Man, their hair is big.
>> No. 2521898
All I can say is I continue to hope it doesn't affect S4
>> No. 2521899
File 136969104936.jpg - (31.59KB , 390x415 , draculaura-monster-high-doll-dolls-23993771-470-500.jpg )
if it affect season 4, it will be they are going to use elements got from there.
for example, if sunset shimmer make cameos or stuff like that.
and i guess twilight will be learn something at the end of this movie, celestia even mention how she is supposed to know even more than she does...

so if continuity works, there should be something. if we talk about changing mechanics in the world like having the portal open to have a merchant post... i dont think that is really going to be the case.
if you loved season 3, you will love season 4
>> No. 2521900

It's already been confirmed it won't. Season five on the other hoof... MUAHAHAHAHA!
>> No. 2521901
stuff can change during that time.
specially because some times the staff dont know if the animation studio will add stuff.
>> No. 2521902
So I've heard that Hasbro is saying these dolls are prototypes, and the real ones will have different heads, clothes, etc.

If true, good on Hasbro to damage control that fast.
>> No. 2521903
If true at least...

>> No. 2521904
so ya...
>INB4 lauren :)
>> No. 2521905
>> No. 2521906
When was that implied?
>> No. 2521907
File 136969943182.png - (1.57MB , 1270x716 , thinkmaybeyoushouldtakeitdownanotch.png )
>> No. 2521908
File 136969943654.png - (182.71KB , 505x330 , 136969883452.png )
More like he's just predicting that someone is going to post the tweet Lauren made.

Which I guess I'll do since I'm Twitter post guy.
>> No. 2521909
File 136969955657.jpg - (67.02KB , 475x444 , HNI_0085_JPG.jpg )
Oops, jumped the gun, pretend I haven't made that post yet.

You mean this one?

I'm really disheartened by how she feels. It's really sad that the show's creator is so saddened by what her show has been turned into.
>> No. 2521910
>Which I guess I'll do since I'm Twitter post guy.
only because I'm too lazy to do it nowadays, and I know you will anyways.
>> No. 2521911
Lauren's follow up tweet is the most damning.
>> No. 2521912
File 136969967349.png - (53.52KB , 321x282 , You're Scaring the Lesbians.png )

They want to devour our souls.
>> No. 2521913
I'll point out how this isn't the show and hopefully won't affect it
>> No. 2521914
Haven't seen that yet.
>> No. 2521915
File 136970004356.png - (70.16KB , 264x249 , WhyWouldYouPostThat.png )
Dolls are scary.
>> No. 2521916

This was posted mere minutes later. She can't possibly be implying something any harder right now.
>> No. 2521917
If Hasbro does wants to make Equestria Girls its own series, I hope they at least consider the complaints about some of the designs. Even if they keep the same body types, at least give them different, more appropriate clothes (and tone down all the outfits with skirts).
>> No. 2521918
File 136970024084.jpg - (65.77KB , 700x700 , spoiler.jpg )
>> No. 2521919

And make the dolls look less like they'll kill you in your sleep.
>> No. 2521920
I honestly don't want one made even if it is good...I don't want to divide the team and shorten production time further.
>> No. 2521921
File 136970045553.png - (19.32KB , 227x327 , 2.png )
I think that's actually better, since if I look at it right I can see a duck instead.
>> No. 2521922
>We have been told that these are actually prototypes. The real models have new faces, axed wings and ears, and different outfits

Wonder if AJ will finally get a toy with her brown cowboy hat. I don't think her red hat is even a cowboy hat, but more like a sun hat.

Last edited at Mon, May 27th, 2013 17:24

>> No. 2521923
File 136970073129.jpg - (77.74KB , 1053x758 , I need to axe you a question_.jpg )

>Axed wings.

By Luna's armpit hairs, it's Cupcakes the toyline!
>> No. 2521924
>> No. 2521926
File 136970100484.jpg - (338.88KB , 901x1367 , IH5VZ0Y.jpg )
Just pointing out, you're responding to a post that's responding to this comic cover.
>> No. 2521927
Well add 4000 to the number, I typed it out by hand.
>> No. 2521928
You add 4000 (unless you can't edit it anymore).
>> No. 2521929
>even /mlp/
>implying that if they got good toys they wouldn't complain that they would sell and increase revenue

That being said, these are the original designs that were rejected...if they really didn't care they would have kept them

Sorry to say it, but Lauren kinda jumped the gun on this one
>> No. 2521930
We all assumed those would be the actual products.
>> No. 2521931
I can never edit my posts, it's a browser-related problem.

Look, you know which post I meant to reply to. Please don't ignore my post to talk about a mistake I made in it.
>> No. 2521932
File 136970172379.jpg - (8.16KB , 158x253 , sigh.jpg )
I can't help it. I have grammar Nazi ancestry and I get compulsions to correct other posts sometimes.
>> No. 2521933
File 136970177559.jpg - (252.80KB , 900x900 , 131956209564.jpg )
everyone jumped the gun.
>> No. 2521934
File 136970187810.png - (83.83KB , 1000x960 , yes3.png )
>pic related
>> No. 2521935
Would you like me to delete that post, retype it, and post it with the correct number? It'd take a couple minutes being I can't copypaste, but I'll do it for you.

We didn't jump the gun, we thought they were real, evidence pointed it to being real until it was confirmed not real, and we reacted to what we thought was real.
>> No. 2521936
No, it's alright. You shouldn't feel like you have to.
>> No. 2521937
File 136970210158.png - (279.88KB , 1024x1031 , epic_lyra_by_artpwny-d5wwyqd.png )

I blame Bollox.
>> No. 2521938
File 136970225677.jpg - (55.72KB , 385x600 , HNI_0082_JPG.jpg )
That's even more disheartening. It's just awful what Hasbro is doing, the way they're acting almost opposite to Faust's vision. That it's not the only thing going on at the moment compounds it.

I dearly wish Faust took the show back and do what she originally had planned. The way it's going and her reaction is just absolutely heartbreaking.

Even /mlp/ is tearing up at this.
>> No. 2521939
File 136970225677.png - (751.38KB , 1266x712 , iblamerussell.png )
>> No. 2521940
isn't /mlp/ always tearing up when faust's involved in any way?
>> No. 2521941
That's because everything with Faust has been sad lately.

I'm agreeing with the nor/mlp/eople on that board more and more; not the "the ride is ending the show will be terrible forevermore" extremists, but the ones who believe the show is going downhill, that McCarthy is part of the problem, and that Lauren Faust needs to come back (though it'll never happen, unfortunately).
>> No. 2521942
Lauren is lurking /mlp/...
>> No. 2521943
Yeah because they use her a person who hasn't watched the show since the end of season 2 to validate their opinions on the show and make erroneous claims that she didn't accept toy tie ins. Sorry, but sometimes I wish people wouldn't refer to Faust at all.

If she just said she watches it still I'd take back everything I just said.

I know...its crazy
>> No. 2521944
and she just said she planned for Twilicorn............
>> No. 2521945
File 136970423733.png - (9.40KB , 493x196 , lauren alicorn twilight.png )
>> No. 2521946
>tfw when I personally asked that
>> No. 2521947

Which shouldn't be news, we've known that since that one video of an interview with her from the documentary. Which I could have sworn I favourited...
>> No. 2521948
Not Twilicorn
>> No. 2521949
File 136970474998.png - (29.66KB , 630x700 , bona_by_durpy-d3l3ldl.png )

The only people who argued that she didn't mean Twilicorn are the silly fillies with their panties in bunches about it to begin with who refused to accept that it was the predetermined outcome ever since episode 1.
>> No. 2521950
Maybe she's following this thread as well.

Hi, Lauren! :)
>> No. 2521951
File 136970508502.png - (160.95KB , 742x1077 , sunil1.png )
>implying that it's actually her and not just another parasprite claiming to be show staff

She said that she planned for Twilight to be Celestia's successor. Didn't mention her becoming an alicorn, but she did say that she would only want there to be two alicorns.
>> No. 2521952
she confirmed on twitter. unless her twitter was hacked, this was completely legit.
>> No. 2521953
That would mean someone acctually hacked her twitter.
>> No. 2521954

Which clearly means her original plan was for Twilight and Cadence to eat the hearts of their predecessors to gain their full power.
>> No. 2521955
File 136970528496.png - (779.18KB , 1305x733 , shahrukh8.png )
Hm. Interesting.

But still, she did say that she only wanted two Alicorns, so if anything, she only intended for Twilight to be a princess. Not as bad, I suppose.
>> No. 2521956
That being said.....
>> No. 2521957
She didn't post with a tripcode, so anyone could've said anything.

It was just awesome for a small moment to see her acctually lurk among (us).
>> No. 2521958
File 136970546774.png - (72.82KB , 183x257 , shahrukh20.png )
...Yes, that's what I'm replying to. She did intend for Twilight to be a princess, but not an Alicorn.
>> No. 2521959
Yep, no proof except on that one post, but still...
>> No. 2521960
He didn't ask about her being a princess, he asked about her being an alicorn.
>> No. 2521961
File 136970553664.png - (282.27KB , 1000x1000 , bonbon_by_fimirae-d52hvys.png )

I'm telling you, feasting on the hearts of the fallen, only logical choice.
>> No. 2521962
File 136970555581.png - (220.50KB , 345x496 , shahrukh18.png )
The question mentioned "Twilicorn".

She answered "that sort of thing".

She said that she wanted to have Twilight succeed Celestia, and also said that if it were up to her, there would only be two Alicorns. So unless she planned on killing off Celestia and Luna...

Last edited at Mon, May 27th, 2013 18:48

>> No. 2521963

Well at least Celestia, and honestly would anypony be surprised? Celestia is the Obi-Wan to Twilight's Luke, I'm amazed she survived a Canterlot Wedding.
>> No. 2521964
Apparently she's still around, but can't seem to figure out tripcodes.
>> No. 2521965
Or maybe she didn't want to bring up how Twilight would become an alicorn, since that would have been spoiling.
>> No. 2521966
File 136970625557.png - (538.48KB , 1600x1327 , CelestiaPOW-Stabzor.png )
Celestia was meant to be revealed as dead at the end of FIM part 2, and has been living in a constant Final Destination scenario ever since. Most likely.
>> No. 2521967

The universe trying to kill her in increasingly ridiculous ways would explain the giant cockatrice invasion.

Last edited at Mon, May 27th, 2013 18:59

>> No. 2521968
Yeah, I am steady lurking right now...I want to see if she will get it
>> No. 2521969
And now she got it
>> No. 2521970
File 136970721124.png - (258.29KB , 415x498 , shahrukh7.png )
I'm...not sure what you mean.

She was talking about Cadence when she said she only wanted two Alicorns. And this was before the interview where she said that she intended for Twilight to be Celestia's successor. (IIRC)
>> No. 2521971
Holy shit moot out of fucking nowhere.
>> No. 2521972
Her ideas could potentially be spoilers, so essentially do what Meghan did when asked about a movie and pretend she knows nothing about it until it's actually announced.
>> No. 2521973
and it could bring bad luck to the actual staff ideas.
so she prefer not share what she had in mind because it doesnt matter anymore.
>> No. 2521974
And she doesn't care for or against EQG, she hasn't seen it, she just doesn't like the dolls
>> No. 2521975
i dont think she could be totally fine with the movie either...
i dont mean to hate it... but just because is playing the card "we need to do a cartoon for teenage girls.... so the only way is the classic than never fail teenage girl high school with a dance", because girls only like that kind of stuff...

but im just putting words on her mouth while she could be squealing about the entire idea and pre-ordering an entire set of dolls and dvds.

Last edited at Mon, May 27th, 2013 19:38

>> No. 2521976
my sides are currently leaving the galaxy. This thread is hilarious.
>> No. 2521977
She is fine with the way the characters evolved but hasn't seen the latest episodes
>> No. 2521978
File 136970907386.png - (120.28KB , 233x294 , shahrukh10.png )
Indeed, I do remember her saying that she "can't bring herself to watch S2/S3" or something to that effect.
>> No. 2521979
in reality how much honesty could be on her post?
it can be just twisted post like they do at twitter and everything.

she probably doesnt want the reputation of a problem maker.
>> No. 2521980
She said some refreshingly honest things. I mean, yeah, she wasn't gunna rip into anyone, but I don't think she would say she liked something that she flat out didn't. I mean, what's the point?
>> No. 2521981
good PR?
>> No. 2521982
File 136972097551.png - (151.86KB , 675x800 , 335089__UNOPT__safe_twilight-sparkle_edit_equestria-girls_recolor.png )

What i do
>> No. 2521983

>> No. 2521984
File 136972121029.jpg - (193.56KB , 800x600 , 334048__UNOPT__safe_twilight-sparkle_applejack_equestria-girls_artist-bakki.jpg )

dont be like that babe
>> No. 2521985
File 136972895151.png - (1.09MB , 822x900 , 1365349598623.png )
My opinion on the whole situation:

Hasbro. If you want to make money and take advantage of consumers, rather than letting writers have more creative control... than fine! I'll just go care about other things in the community. Despite my disappointment in the destruction of creative writing in this current situation I can't do a thing. And I am NOT aiming a pitchfork at Hasbro or reading the "Faust gospel"

Business is business and i am not gonna let bad PR or creative distest cloud my own personal judgement. Even if EG is a disaster for fans with poor writing I will not flip my shit. I'm a brony til the very end when it's all over. Liking the current direction or not i am NOT going to let nerves ruin my life for the next 3 weekson complaining. I'll find a way to view EG when it happens and make my own judgements. Faust can be as mad as she want and Hasbro and be as corporate as it wants. We can do NOTHING.
I am in this til the end and using petty insults is going to get me nowhere.

If I despise the notion of EG I will not jump ship! I will fight til the bitter end. This community is amazing and no corporate fondling will change that. My own judgement will be the deciding factor.

I'm with this fandom til it ends for ALL!
>> No. 2521986
>take advantage of consumers
>> No. 2521988
you know, what most companies try.
>> No. 2521989
Or Celestia is constantly dying, but nobody remembers.
She resents them for it, as dying fucking hurts.
>> No. 2521990
File 136975931898.png - (19.83KB , 260x315 , 3.png )
Also why all these big bads from her past keep breaking free and she's not going near them.

Haha, that's an interesting theory!

"Sister, how art thou today?"
"In pain. I died, remember? Just now? The axe is still in my neck?"
"That does not ringeth a bell."

I've not met anyone intending to jump ship over a silly animation aimed at appealing to Monster High fans. I can't see why anyone would take that more seriously than Double Rainboom.
>> No. 2521991
The anon was me BTW.
And I totally stole that mechanic from South Park, where Kenny dies horribly every episode, yet nobody remembers.

"Ah, Sister, I see you are well, how was that goo pod that the Changeling queen put you in?"
"Sister, I know the blast was painful, but there is no need for hyperbole"
"...I... Let's just stop by MacOrchards before I shoot myself..."
>> No. 2521992
File 136977704459.png - (303.35KB , 1024x1024 , CelestiaGrr_Glaive-Silver.png )
Ah, I get it!

>Twilight: "So Philomena's a phoenix! Everything turned out okay!"
>Celestia: "I just got burnt to death by her regeneration flames! How did you miss that?"
>Twilight: "Everything turned out okay!"
>Celestia: "...I need a drink..."
>> No. 2521993
File 136977990239.jpg - (15.29KB , 440x440 , struts_psp.jpg )
>Dolls are scary
>> No. 2521994
File 136978249333.jpg - (14.96KB , 440x440 , Struts.jpg )
The Struts gave me the "ARGH!" knee-jerk reaction at first but they're so gaudy and awful that now I kind of want one. After all, bestial monster figures are hard to come by (normally they're humanoid).
>> No. 2521995
when the EG futtershy and the pony one fusion.
>> No. 2521996
File 136980899274.png - (251.95KB , 920x800 , 331664__UNOPT__safe_fluttershy_humanized_vector_absurd-res_equestria_5163a222a4c72d91730018b3_sa.png )
>> No. 2521997
File 136984490625.jpg - (13.23KB , 189x194 , luna.jpg )
As long as EG has human Luna, im cool with it.
>> No. 2521998
File 136984698788.png - (89.30KB , 255x470 , 309512__UNOPT__safe_granny-smith_equestria-girls_rumor_517b63aea4c72d3b49001a19.png )
this make me think.

how much of adults will show off?

the average main character and filler ponies are teenagers.
then we have granny smith like a food woman or something, or at least that is what the rumor is showing.

so a luna and a celestia should be Grown ups adults.
because i think they are going to show almost non adults, or at least some token teachers and stuff.

how much of an entire new world it will feel, and how much of just a giant school it will feel?

Last edited at Wed, May 29th, 2013 10:04

>> No. 2521999
File 136985571289.png - (94.20KB , 550x818 , 2013-05-29-hindrance.png )
Today's "Shortpacked!" strip is about EqG and...other stuff.
>> No. 2522000
File 136986118519.png - (389.25KB , 900x552 , Bipolar_Lunch_Lady_by_PureEvilInABottle.png )

Granny be looking like the evil lunch lady from danny phantom.
>> No. 2522001
File 136986171383.jpg - (21.08KB , 446x451 , i was going to make a racist file name but the image is offensive enough.jpg )
That comic speaks the truth.

I'll probably try to see EQG in theaters, since I'm fortunate enough to have a showing in one I can actually reach. With any luck, I won't have to talk down any bronies from suicide bombing the joint.
>> No. 2522002
File 136986209594.png - (163.28KB , 774x1032 , scared4.png )

Oh no, another I have to worry about going to the movie theatre..

I bet that one crazy guy that did the theatre shooting last year really hurt sales on the Dark Knight Rises.
>> No. 2522003
It still made over a billion dollars and more than The Dark Knight.
>> No. 2522004
File 136986522088.png - (582.31KB , 638x812 , equestriagirls.png )


But you guys gotta promise me not to attack any theatres for showing this.
>> No. 2522005
Don't worry, I think everyone's learned their lessons form the great theater burning of 2001. [sp]That you can still get your refund after burning it down. XD[sp]

Last edited at Wed, May 29th, 2013 15:20

>> No. 2522006

I'm curious if all the characters will still retain their names

Perhaps, "Rainbow Dash" will be said-character's nickname, or other names (like Snips and Snails) are insults made by bullies, etc.
>> No. 2522007
File 136993916196.png - (938.63KB , 533x1600 , 336518__UNOPT__twilight-sparkle_nudity_spike_comic_questionable_panties_equestria-girls_sunglass.png )

I suppose they would. Sunset is like "Where is this Twlight Sparkle?"
>> No. 2522008
beside, just giving this character other names will make them hard to recognize....
well, not at watching it.

but why avoid just calling them for his names when thats what at the end they will be doing.
>> No. 2522009
File 136994149046.jpg - (37.73KB , 600x520 , 36853-oh-my-god-look-at-those-gas-prices.jpg )
Driving that crashed car: Doug Funny and friend Skeeter. That is a nice touch.
>> No. 2522012
Seeing the EQ dolls inspired me to try and make a Twilight wearing pants doll, even if it only ends up being a 1:1 copy of a deviant art image.
>> No. 2522013
After talking and joking with my bro and bro-in-law about EqD, I just want to give a word of caution for anyone planning to watch it in theaters.

If you plan to see it, make sure you bring a bunch of friends. That'll put off the likelihood of you being surrounded by little girls that could lead to pedophile accusations should there be few, if any, bronies in attendance. And most important, do not bring a video recorder or pull out your phone to record the movie (if you're one of those sort of people). That'll reduce the chance of further pedophile accusations and a call to the cops.
>> No. 2522014
File 137020272675.jpg - (105.20KB , 320x319 , fluttershame2.jpg )
You mean we aren't all pedophiles here?

...I'll show myself out the door then.
>> No. 2522015
File 137020348758.png - (303.16KB , 1200x941 , Винил скетч.png )
I am absolutely in love with humanized Scratch. She is so funny.

Last edited at Sun, Jun 2nd, 2013 13:06

>> No. 2522016
File 137021313715.jpg - (32.57KB , 700x700 , 1efb049b214e563762008038e2be6750.jpg )
pedophiles are terrible
>> No. 2522017
File 137022392816.png - (252.81KB , 579x780 , Yup-Sophiecabra.png )
Also, wear your "I DON'T FIND YOUR KIDS ATTRACTIVE" T-shirt, to further decrease suspicion.
>> No. 2522018
Unless you don't have a big macintosh, in which case, go ahead, nobody will raise objections.
Because all pedophiles are men.
>> No. 2522019
Yep! 'Cept when they are, but No True Scotsman Woman need be a cause of concern.
>> No. 2522020
File 137023047690.jpg - (95.24KB , 716x960 , BLoBknBCAAA7PAN.jpg )
It seems someone from Time Magazine is not exactly optimistic about EqG.

Posted on Lauren Faust's twitter. She's just happy to see her drawings there.

Last edited at Sun, Jun 2nd, 2013 20:35

>> No. 2522021
or start discussing with the girl near you, even if you ask stuff what she is thinking about character development and the art direction... and you will go directly to jail if you just ask about the plot
>> No. 2522022
File 137026207147.png - (215.52KB , 554x594 , Boop.png )
Really you shouldn't talk to anyone around you. You should probably scream and run to a different (isolated) seat if a child or female sits near you.

That way you'll avoid seeming suspicious!
>> No. 2522023
File 137027125226.png - (62.72KB , 616x411 , I Shall Call Him, Mini-Dee.png )

Can Dee talk to his tulpa? Dee is a bit behind on narrating to Dee.
>> No. 2522024
Make sure to do it outloud!
>> No. 2522025
Suddenly I don't care about EgG any more.

I only want Cheesy Garlic Bread Potato Chips.
>> No. 2522026

The chicken and waffle chips were better.
>> No. 2522027
File 137029241191.jpg - (37.94KB , 640x640 , 969326_589923807714955_1948831172_n.jpg )
it look like sunset shimmer is going to join the Gameloft game...
living with the other ponies...
>> No. 2522028
File 137029264583.png - (356.61KB , 640x640 , sunsetshimmer.png )
while claiming how everyone is going to love her...

so at this point we know "if hasbro is putting ponies so fast in his main toy line. and giving so much atention to her" that could mean she will be redeemed...

because come on. she is supposed to be at the moment "celestia's student", how hasbro will let something like that being evil forever? and bring so much attention to a villain
>> No. 2522029
To be fair, Sunset Shimmer IS the single interesting about Equestria Girls, albeith for Celestia-related reasons for me.
>> No. 2522030
and we will see if it turns out interesting... or end up stupidly.
>> No. 2522031
It could honestly go either way.
So, lady luck... be kind.
>> No. 2522032
And yet Brad doesn't seem to be getting any attention from Hasbro, despite, according to some people's fears, him being a potential love interest.

Last edited at Mon, Jun 3rd, 2013 14:18

>> No. 2522033
he will play the love interest place...
but it will be really tuned down.
he will be the friend, who want to help twilight all the time, and will get a ton of affection of her.

but the love will not be played directly... and because he is a boy? i mean shinning armor got almost not attention compared to cadence.
>> No. 2522034
Shining Armor at least showed up at the same time as Cadence, and was usually there with her at first. I just find it odd how he didn't even get a toy shown at the Toy Fair like Sunset.
>> No. 2522035
well. there is supposed not to be any equestria girls toys to show yet (beside the leaked prototypes).

and give it time... in one of thouse this gameloft uppdate doesnt just include sunset shimmer, but brad too.

or something. beside, we know hasbro like to spoiler his movies... but i guess they have the capability enough to keep some secrets....
>> No. 2522036
in other words... maybe brad just going to play the boyfriend token
>> No. 2522037
File 137031569931.jpg - (76.99KB , 720x400 , 326045__UNOPT__safe.jpg )

I wonder what his real name is.
>> No. 2522038
File 137031574459.png - (82.53KB , 481x319 , 328034__UNOPT__safe_twilight-sparkle_512e53aea4c72dd39d0005e3_gary-motherfucking-oak.png )
Brad is smalltime. If Brad was going to be a big deal we'd be seeing more of him in merch by now like Shimmers

Last edited at Mon, Jun 3rd, 2013 20:16

>> No. 2522039
>> No. 2522040
File 137031593826.png - (134.97KB , 823x800 , bubbleberry14.png )

Ugh, who wants to buy toys of male mlp characters.

That's like buying toys of female superheros.
>> No. 2522041
File 137031622607.jpg - (54.05KB , 852x469 , 286176__UNOPT__safe_reaction-image_king-sombra.jpg )
>> No. 2522042
File 137031632346.png - (535.73KB , 708x416 , scrunchy.png )

He doesn't even got a toy!

I think
>> No. 2522043
File 137031637604.jpg - (123.81KB , 590x292 , nuevos.jpg )
he is the token...

monster high have boy dolls, so equestria girls need boys to fill the spot.

they have to get every aspect identical.
>> No. 2522044
File 137031671406.png - (166.11KB , 800x800 , happy29.png )

Yah but little girls aren't gonna want the boy toys. They got the cootie germs
>> No. 2522045
remember this is for teenagers...
and boys are hot for them, gigle gigle.
>> No. 2522046
File 137031755552.jpg - (59.58KB , 684x610 , HNI_0079_JPG.jpg )
>tfw Brad ends up like Ken with nothing between his legs
>> No. 2522047
Youtube embed play button
you say that because twilight is a pony?
>> No. 2522048
No, it's because Ken dolls don't have a big macintosh, and if Brad is made into a toy then he won't either, unless Hasbro wants to be as progressive as She-zow, in which case both he and the mane six will have big macintoshes.
>> No. 2522049
they could print them some boxers...
just like the top of the dolls look like they are printed.
>> No. 2522050
File 137032001124.jpg - (12.80KB , 316x261 , HNI_0075_JPG.jpg )
But that's neither fun nor mockable.
>> No. 2522051
File 137032019973.png - (517.79KB , 960x800 , 196983__UNOPT__safe_twilight-sparkle_trixie_plot_angry.png )

Genitalialess freaks.
>> No. 2522052
File 137032059836.png - (1.01MB , 600x800 , 159573 - Cats_take_over_ponibooru opalescence.png )
if i had my way he would
he so would ;-;
>> No. 2522053
File 137032082832.jpg - (21.12KB , 468x703 , xnaughty-anime-dolls-japanese-figurines_jpeg_pagespeed_ic_HELr6-X2aQ.jpg )
If you're looking for anatomically correct dolls, there's a fandom for you.

Just as long as the anatomical correctness you're going for isn't realistic proportions and eyes smaller than saucers.

Last edited at Mon, Jun 3rd, 2013 21:41

>> No. 2522054
File 137032105873.jpg - (31.54KB , 379x579 , anime-eyes.jpg )

Oh sure, that's anatomically correct. Just gotta look past the monstrous sized anime eyes.
>> No. 2522056
File 137032113851.jpg - (186.12KB , 1036x1024 , spoiler.jpg )
but those things cost like hundreds of dollars....

even this thing goes to the extreme, because you can remove the clothes, even for the little boy, and he will have the entire package... wth... that was really necesary?
>> No. 2522057
File 137032317347.png - (345.76KB , 991x991 , 181178 - my_major_miners boobs humanized hootershy chibi artist_MoronSonOfBoron huge_breasts bre.png )
Probably not, and that's not my fetish, but I have to admit, maid shotacon is an interesting juxtaposition when put next to the ridiculously oversexed boob monster. It's like a sprig of parsley next to your $20 steak.

Last edited at Mon, Jun 3rd, 2013 22:23

>> No. 2522058
is supposed to be his mother...
>> No. 2522059
Youtube embed play button
That's better than some of the alternatives I can think of.
* Slave.
* Concubine.
* Magically removed manhood that transformed her into a woman and now tools around as a confused young boy.

Having her dress up her young son as a maid (or whatever that's supposed to be) is comparatively lightweight for an anime.

Last edited at Mon, Jun 3rd, 2013 22:40

>> No. 2522060