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File 130403330653.png - (133.36KB , 516x335 , celestias nephew alpha as fuck.png )
25245 No. 25245
oh boy oh boy oh boy! PONI PONI PONI!!!,br/> is it just me or has this week taken FOREVER?!!? so guys, tell me what you're gonna be doing tomorrow? you're gonna be watching the royal wedding right? NOPE! screw that imma be watchin' Ponies!
oh yeah, and this is the official episode 25 thread. all episode 25 anticipation should be posted here.

- post links to Youtube videos
- post links to downloads
- post links to streams

- discuss the episode before at least one link to a download OR a youtube video has been posted
- discuss the episode without the use of [spoiler]SPOILERS[/spoiler]

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>> No. 25246
File 130403365400.jpg - (175.76KB , 1436x556 , mecha_pinkie_pie_02_by_flamingo1986-d3ex0t6.jpg )
Royal wedding? I don't recall that in the episode description. I'm gonna watch the episode as it airs. My body is ready!
>> No. 25247
Episode 25: Party of One
Synopsis - Pinkie Pie frets over the lack of response to her party invitation.

>> No. 25248
File 130403380408.jpg - (18.70KB , 476x400 , fluttershy_yay.jpg )
I'm going to be sneaking time before leaving on a weekend camping trip tomorrow morning (I'm PST) to watch ponies.

Can't freakin' wait.
>> No. 25249
File 130403417636.png - (292.04KB , 598x754 , Dash Pinkie Random.png )
Dammit pic didn't show....

But yea i think the Royal Wedding will have ended long before the episode airs
Wasnt even going to watch the wedding anyway...il probably still be asleep...much like my friend rainbow dash
oh i do love to nap
>> No. 25250
File 130403424159.png - (0.97MB , 1920x1080 , 130011298373.png )
Hopefully this pops up soon after the bowling time.

Kinda hoping for a song in this one.
>> No. 25251
File 130403439637.jpg - (12.95KB , 220x220 , 130337238982.jpg )
>imma be watchin' Ponies!

I thought only Trixie can make things sparkle.
>> No. 25252
File 130403505929.jpg - (126.41KB , 500x478 , ohgodwhat.jpg )
Oh, jesus. I can't wait either. I don't think I can get it on cable though. ;-; where do you think I'd be able to download it once it comes out?
>> No. 25253
File 130403561734.jpg - (25.65KB , 290x363 , StevenMagnet.jpg )
Anyone have a link to the download yet?

Sorry. Just wanted to be first to ask. By way of apology, I give you the human Steven Magnet.
>> No. 25254
File 130403632961.png - (103.28KB , 702x725 , fabulous_man_serpent_by_txlegionnaire-d35tkjh.png )
>> No. 25255
File 130403646657.png - (163.34KB , 348x362 , DearGodYes.png )
Can't wait! :D
Will be watching tommorrow. Is this the last episode of the season? :(
>> No. 25256
File 130403653824.jpg - (43.68KB , 500x500 , pinkiedude.jpg )
>> No. 25257
File 130403673436.gif - (36.82KB , 500x694 , tumblr_lccgbcSxsU1qemaxoo1_500.gif )
Almost. We still have the GGG to look forward to
>> No. 25258
File 130403702398.png - (581.35KB , 702x599 , friday.png )
GGG? Sorry, I'm new here at Ponychan.
>> No. 25259

Grand Galloping Gala
>> No. 25260
One can only guess of the insanity that a Pinkie Pie party invite is.
Unless Faust and crew decides to make every fan brain explode into confetti by having a certain pony deliver the invites.
>> No. 25262
File 130403767327.png - (805.89KB , 1680x941 , ok this is kind of terrifying.png )

Very much looking forward to this one. Plan on watching it on a livestream or something with y'all bronies.
>> No. 25263
File 130403771962.png - (213.41KB , 511x475 , 1302365750608.png )
Hopefully somepony uploads it to youtube ASAP when it's out. I can't stand those commercial breaks.
>> No. 25264
File 130403774202.jpg - (32.89KB , 600x375 , thefuck.jpg )

>> No. 25265
File 130403806035.png - (176.50KB , 570x525 , 130368503751.png )
Over in england our royals are getting married.
Apprently this is a big thing.
I think i'm the only Brit who doesnt give a flying TooT
>mfw waiting for the new episode.
>> No. 25266
File 130403842490.jpg - (78.85KB , 755x598 , UnionRainbow.jpg )
I'm gonna watch both things.
(Looking forward to FiM more though)
>> No. 25267
File 130403874872.jpg - (5.38KB , 184x184 , 1298590288919.jpg )
>mfw I work at the exact time the show starts.
>> No. 25268
File 130403905412.png - (184.86KB , 534x619 , 1303347549666.png )
To bad I have classes during the Episode, still can't wait to see it

When should I see it on Youtube? Around 7 or 8?
>> No. 25269
File 130404061010.png - (609.94KB , 1031x681 , The Wall.png )
I just want a Pinkie Pie song.
That's all I tooting want!
>> No. 25270
File 130404125278.png - (37.82KB , 256x256 , Oooo.png )
Okay, I give up. Where in the world did you get a 3D pic of the hammers from The Wall?
>> No. 25271
Okay, I give up. Where in the world did you get a 3D pic of the hammers from The Wall?
>> No. 25272
Super-obvious predictions from the genre-savvy:

Pinkie will go around to each of the other main cast to invite them to a party she's throwing. Each will be doing mysterious but unspecified things and refuse to make it. Pinkie will try to "help" and only make things worse, at which point they shoo her away.

Repeat for all five ponies until Pinkie goes off somewhere to mope, only to go into a darkened room at which point the lights go up and they all yell "Surprise!" as it's revealed that they're throwing Pinkie a party for once, since she's usually the main party-thrower in town and they all thought it would be nice to throw her a party for once instead of the usual vice-versa.

Friendship lesson will depend on what exactly happens during the other five pony visits, but it's likely to be something about trusting your friends or having faith in the strength of your bonds or something.

Given that Pinkie Pie's my least favorite of the main cast (I know, sorry) I can't say I'm looking forward to this one as much as I was CM-Chronicles or GGG, but I'm still looking forward to it some because hey, Ponies. :)
>> No. 25273
> is it just me or has this week taken FOREVER?!!?
It's not just you this week has gone by extremely slow for me too. I can't wait for this new episode, I have been looking forward to it all week!
>> No. 25274
File 130404227661.jpg - (65.34KB , 600x562 , 130044869530.jpg )
I can't wait! Any episode with Pinkie Pie will be awesome. =)

Last episode of the season will be Episode 26, "The Best Night Ever". It will air on Friday, May 6th. And because someone is bound to ask, no, Luna will not appear until Season 2. :)
>> No. 25275
File 130404291164.jpg - (5.79KB , 215x121 , images.jpg )
i think that there will be more pinkydash in this episode
>> No. 25276
Erm... actually, this week has gone by pretty fast for me. 8 hour long driving classes from monday to thursday, and you get pretty good at finding ways to make time go faster. Really, friday afternoon ponies is just icing on an otherwise mediocre cake.
>> No. 25277
Hopefully it makes for a good season finale.

I will be sad while the show is on break over the summer. I hope the creators will take the time to create more background ponies.
>> No. 25278

next week is the season finally, at the grand galloping galla. This week is party of one.
>> No. 25279
Fucking sucks, I'm going camping tomorrow morning.

>> No. 25280
File 130404761378.jpg - (12.00KB , 332x188 , Full of pony.jpg )
Friday is always quiz day. And pony day.
The quiz causes some trouble, because my brain is full of pony...
>> No. 25281
Blech. I'll probably be at uni when it airs. Curse you finals week.
>> No. 25283
Take a few apples with you.
Find a nice spot in the trees with a little sunshine, and eat an apple or two with the thoughts of what it would be like snagging a few from Applejack's orchard.
Look to the sky and think of the contrails from passing planes as the traces of busy rainbow pony on her way to another race.
Imagine the animals of the woods healthy and happy for knowing the motherly care of Fluttershy.

Enjoy you own inner peace of Equestria.
>> No. 25284
File 130404890430.png - (44.81KB , 890x553 , Myself (PONY).png )
Thank God I got a new High Speed Internet Connection in my work :)

I'll be lurking for this Episode kekekekekeke
>> No. 25285
This thread exploded!!!

Gonna study with friends while I wait for the HD uploads. :D
>> No. 25286
File 130404988751.jpg - (25.18KB , 600x338 , 130331090605.jpg )
NOOOOOOOOOOO, it's 5am...
I'll watch it on youtube tomorrow I s'pose... I waited this long for it..
>> No. 25287
File 130405041708.jpg - (38.46KB , 567x494 , 130263958939.jpg )
1) Aww no Luna.
2) No ponies all summer :(
3) Would anypony by chance know when the next season starts?
Friday is the BEST day of the week, no competition.
>> No. 25288
I'm searching the web, but I can't find ANY uploads of the video. Can you guys link one please? I really want to see the episode =S
>> No. 25289

It has yet to air.

and guys, do you know when the livestream will be EST?
>> No. 25290
When does the next season start, anyways?
>> No. 25291

From wikipedia

>A second season has been confirmed and is currently in production as of April 2011. Episodes are set to be completed by December 2011, but other information is currently unknown.
>> No. 25292

That's a long cold night.
>> No. 25293
But that doesn't mean season 2 starts in December.
>> No. 25294
File 130405431747.jpg - (45.82KB , 600x336 , 130229568408.jpg )
I'm actually going to be able to catch the stream this time rather than having to wait for a post. I'm so excited that I don't have words.
>> No. 25295

It'll probably start in '12
>> No. 25296
File 130405533625.jpg - (51.65KB , 384x267 , 130118592487.jpg )
Usually in animation production is still well in progress while the season is ongoing. This means that Season 2 will very likely start anywhere between August and October. :)
>> No. 25297

Well. That is much better news.
>> No. 25298
File 130405547767.png - (268.13KB , 487x700 , royal_wedding_mothafucka.png )
A Challenger Appears!
>> No. 25299

Wait, is there a royal wedding somewhere?
>> No. 25300
File 130405557051.jpg - (10.71KB , 250x250 , 130263975567.jpg )
You're killin' me brony.
Agreed. =D
>> No. 25301
File 130405560639.jpg - (134.53KB , 1339x753 , 8904 - derpy_hooves pinkie_pie.jpg )
I highly doubt it. It's not necessary to wait to have all episodes completed before you start airing the first ones. They just need to have a certain number completed. It's actually quite common for cartoons to still be in production during the season.

I'm fairly certain we'll see Season 2 starting sometime between August and October.
>> No. 25302
Probably 1:30PM EDT, a little less than 12 hours from now. :)
>> No. 25303
As far as episodes being in production, I'd like to remind everyone that many episodes were still in production while Season 1 was in progress. We didn't see Derpy's derped eyes again until Feeling Pinkie Keen, because all episodes prior to that one were already completed. :)
>> No. 25304
This. After all, once Derpy started to become a phenomenon, she starting appearing more and more in later episodes.
>> No. 25305
>> No. 25306
My predictions After sending out the invites she hears nothing, gets paranoid, tries to ignore it then starts spying on her friends. She hears things that leads to a misunderstanding, she freaks out, and either a) pulls a spike and runs away thinking shes un-loved. b) she gets pissy and confronts them all causing drama. c) climbs up a tower and goes on a sniper killing spree. I'm going for A myself. Either way we find out they were really planning a surprise party. I can foresee two songs in this ep, one sad and angsty and the other happy and party themed.
>> No. 25307
File 130405776971.jpg - (12.76KB , 317x360 , 130275177499.jpg )
I wish all the mane 6 will make a shout out at the end of the episode for all the bronies.

That would make my year
>> No. 25308
File 130405795342.png - (205.27KB , 546x316 , Shit just got real Celestia.png )
I'm considering standing up my girlfriend for her Senior prom and watching ponies instead.

I can watch ponies in my expensive ass tuxedo and fuck the world cuz i would rather watch ponies.
>> No. 25309
File 130405812400.png - (172.09KB , 640x360 , 130258535759.png )
Or if bronies were offhandedly mentioned, just some kind of acknowledgment would be awesome!
and it would be the... (pic extremely related)
>> No. 25310
File 130405830917.jpg - (2.18KB , 125x125 , 130370835592s.jpg )
I can't wait myself, I'm just happy I have a way to watch it after it airs since I have other things going on at the time.
>> No. 25311
File 130405837900.png - (68.55KB , 249x336 , 130239102694.png )
Awww yeah...

That would be sweet...
>> No. 25312

what time is that anyways?
>> No. 25313
Let me check... my TV says it airs at 12:30 P.M. for me. It might be different for you depending on where you live.
>> No. 25314

>> No. 25315
I'm on Central Time (if my laptop is correct, which it should be), and if CA means Central America, then it should start at around 11:30 A.M. then for your time zone. I'm guessing this since switching to CA would set my laptop back an hour.
>> No. 25316
I'm gonna guess this brony means either Canada or California.

MLP:FiM airs at 1:30 PM Eastern Standard Time.

If you live in California, tune your tele/ to The Hub/load Basil34's stream five minutes before 10:30 AM.

For other timezones, calculate forwards or backwards, depending.
>> No. 25317
7:30 pm for GMT +1 (MEZ)
(Germany, Poland, Sweden, Norway and below)

Awww, I cant wait :(
>> No. 25319
File 130406965337.png - (1.01MB , 1024x576 , 12991081599.png )
Pinkie Pie episode? Should be sweet.
>> No. 25320
File 130406985136.jpg - (120.56KB , 1280x720 , pies do want.jpg )
this can only be EPIC!!
>> No. 25321
File 130406988995.png - (144.79KB , 611x663 , DerpyGlee.png )
Okay! No matter where you live, this should make things a LOT easier to figure out. How long till the next episode: http://ponycountdown.com/
>> No. 25322

Yep you can watch it on youtube even.

>> No. 25324
It's on when I have to leave for work. Fuck.
>> No. 25325
File 130407482448.jpg - (179.81KB , 1151x755 , 0029-130380702140.jpg )
Waiting with excitement, Have the day off from work and after the shitty day yesterday/horrible week, this is such a highlight for me :3
>> No. 25326
Also how wonderful, the Tripcode Generator failed, Should've come out as "THeBK..." Anyways decided to stop hiding behind a random alias(LoL Burger King) and use my DJ name instead

- DJ Midli AKA "TheBK"

P.S. First time Ill be watching an episode live :D
>> No. 25327
Damn it still 6 hours :(
>> No. 25328
Been a long, rough week for me. Hoping this cheers me up somewhat.
>> No. 25329
Go on, go to the prom, you know you'll have a fun time with her! Don't worry, the ponies will still be here when you get back, you can always catch it on YouTube!

Prediction: Like everypony else has guessed, highly likely that nopony wants to go to the party Pinkie Pie is planning (for her birthday?) because they're actually organising a surprise party, which makes for a sad Pinkie until the surprise is sprung. Of course, even if I'm right, it is still awesome. It's going to be hard to pull a surprise party on Pinkie!

Either way, can't wait to find out, although I'm going to a party today myself as well, so will catch the ponies when I come back. See you all later, and have fun live on the Hub and the streams!
>> No. 25330
File 130407749806.jpg - (78.85KB , 755x598 , 130403842490.jpg )
Watching the Royal Wedding live now so I'll be totally ready for ponies later. Admittedly a little more excited about ponies though.. hope that doesn't count as treason.. :Tc
>> No. 25331
Pinkie Pie party episode on my birthday.

>> No. 25332
No, it just means your sane.
>> No. 25333
Go to prom, seriously, 21min of ponies ore 5plus hours of fun with someone you love(at least I'm assuming)

Same, this is pretty much the only good thing thats going to happen all week for me :( *bronyhug*
>> No. 25334
I forgot to record it. And I'm going to be at school when it goes on.

>> No. 25335
File 130408224625.png - (26.04KB , 162x166 , 130046779820.png )
My body is Ready
>> No. 25336
File 130408284131.png - (75.23KB , 940x818 , 130380098736.png )
Mine isn't
>> No. 25337
File 130408352593.png - (317.93KB , 1039x720 , 130126614201.png )
Second last episode.
>> No. 25338
How does one watch a live stream of ponies? I'm new to the herd :D
>> No. 25339
File 130408426208.png - (23.95KB , 211x211 , 130388388479.png )
Till next season!
>> No. 25340
Dammit, you beat me to it!

Anyway, have some Luna, in honour of the current ad :P

(I was going to try and draw her poking her head out from behind the ad box but it was taking too long, so I wouldn't have had it up for the episode.)
>> No. 25341
I need stream too, but I used the last 2 and it was very very bad and laggy.

I'm worried because till next week I want to watch season finale with a good stream with all the bronies.
>> No. 25342
Is it the hangover talking or is the Onion's A.V. Club doing a write-up about FiM?

>> No. 25343
For all the new bronies, first: welcome! secondly, here is a link to a stream:

>> No. 25344
File 130408583857.jpg - (43.27KB , 600x338 , 130046494792.jpg )
I have a feeling that this episode will be Celestia-tier.
>> No. 25345
File 130408587796.png - (138.64KB , 468x335 , 0005-130360908395.png )
san kyu ofuri!
>> No. 25346
File 130408643064.png - (16.82KB , 125x125 , exciteddash.png )
Oh boy! I can't wait.

I've watched all of the other episodes afterwards, but this time I WILL join the stream!
>> No. 25347
>> No. 25348
File 130408764211.png - (80.70KB , 230x268 , 129998952068.png )

>> No. 25349
File 130408793241.gif - (431.79KB , 400x217 , PinkePop.gif )
I'm so looking forward to the episode.

*Goes out to get more popcorn*
>> No. 25350
I'm driving back home, I'll be there at 6PM (it's now 10AM). For the love of celestisa, will somepony please have a youtube link up.

Thank You
>> No. 25351
Me too first time watching it live as well :D!
>> No. 25352
File 130409084438.png - (32.34KB , 145x189 , 130138391798.png )
Holy shit. It looks like they are! o.O

Considering The Onion and the A.V. Club appeals to the college-aged crowd it shouldn't surprise anybody! I just hope today's episode rocks so they have good things to say about it! =D
>> No. 25353
is that link some stream or something else?
>> No. 25354

No, apparently AV Club might do a review of todays episode or something.
>> No. 25355
File 130409220715.png - (27.55KB , 600x738 , ayup.png )
I'll watch it either on Menlo's or Pensive's Youtube accts, this weekend.
>> No. 25356
File 130409286743.png - (52.02KB , 500x580 , isaycloseenough.png )
This will be my first time to watch it live with bronies! I'm really excited :3
>> No. 25357
Imagine a sad Pinkie song in this episode.
>> No. 25358
File 130409381225.gif - (8.44KB , 125x125 , 129926536034.gif )
No class today, so watchin it live for the first time since A Dog and Pony Show

hellz yeah
>> No. 25359
File 130409381756.png - (88.88KB , 325x279 , Oh No.png )
I get The Hub but not in HD, so I always wind up waiting until I can download an episode to watch it. The wait is agonizing. At least then I can watch it when nopony is around.
>> No. 25360
Same here.. I'll watch it in the privacy of the sleeper bunk..
>> No. 25361
Basil is not loading!
What do?!
>> No. 25362
How do you mean not loading? The stream isn't running yet, still another hour ish.
>> No. 25363
Try again? works fine for me
>> No. 25364
File 130409485685.png - (805.89KB , 1680x941 , 130403767327.png )
Roughly one hour 'till episode.
Just enough for me to quickly go to sauna and grab some snacks on the way back.

>> No. 25365
File 130409491770.jpg - (36.41KB , 805x590 , TimeToRock.jpg )
Tanks a lot!
>> No. 25366
It's about 55 minutes till the episode airs. :)

If you're running AdBlock on FireFox, I know that interferes with some streaming services.
>> No. 25367
I got some beer for this episode :D
>> No. 25368
File 130409526406.gif - (193.64KB , 500x500 , derpy hooves.gif )
Maybe no one responds to pinkie's party because Derpy was responsible for delivering the invitations hehe just saying...
>> No. 25369
File 130409614166.gif - (10.36KB , 125x125 , 130189140969.gif )

I predict this guy is correct.
>> No. 25370
File 130409630174.png - (69.35KB , 600x600 , 129883848753.png )
does any pony got a live stream up?
>> No. 25371
>> No. 25372
i have tons of lag with basil any tips to fix it?
>> No. 25373
The chat will be turned off this week, which should reduce the lag a lot.

Chat will be on IRC here: http://goo.gl/bCVyw instead
>> No. 25374
I want to find good stream till the last episode becaue that one i want to watch it in stream with bronies.
>> No. 25375
File 130409732397.png - (40.51KB , 235x243 , 1297221743327.png )
its like 15 minutes till and no streams D:
>> No. 25376
File 130409765026.jpg - (32.76KB , 604x588 , 129901372165.jpg )
http://www.justin.tv/basil34#/w/1141805408 thank you anonymous from equestriadaily comments!
>> No. 25377
File 130409766127.jpg - (87.42KB , 577x768 , 40a2bb7e2e78ed070663bcd0576d9e57926898d25844592fec.jpg )
Just woke up and I am ready to see Pinkie Pie party.
>> No. 25378
>> No. 25379
File 130409775845.png - (222.53KB , 636x356 , 1289414566210-(n1294405954095).png )
waiting for this all week!
>> No. 25380
File 130409777063.png - (1.45MB , 1920x1080 , 129797519876.png )
Oh, who's ready for MAGIC?
>> No. 25381
I really want to see how Pinkie will deal with this situation.
>> No. 25382
File 130409795475.png - (115.06KB , 366x322 , pinkie reflective.png )
Which stream is more reliable/faster?
>> No. 25383
>> No. 25384
I really want to see how Pinkie will deal with this situation.
>> No. 25385
>> No. 25386
>> No. 25387
It's Pinkie! Dressed as a cake!
>> No. 25388
I've already HNNNNNNNGGGG'd
>> No. 25389
>> No. 25390
Interesting way to start off the episode.
>> No. 25391
I was entirely unready for tired Pinkie; it boggles the mind!
>> No. 25392
File 130409834356.png - (203.12KB , 1066x1000 , pinkiepie_flashinthepan.png )
Basil's stream isn't working for me.
>> No. 25393
inb4 no one comes to the party
>> No. 25394

amen to that :)
>> No. 25395
File 130409837520.png - (267.94KB , 2000x1839 , Up Close.png )
This Episode is already in Celestia tier.
>> No. 25396
Try joowz.com
>> No. 25397
joowz stream is better
>> No. 25398
>> No. 25399
Damned adverts....

OMG I I actually streaming this in a library, then I saw twilights library on the stream. I wish I was in her library. I am so glad nopony is around so I can watch withouot giving away my secret...
>> No. 25400
Me too. FFFFF...
>> No. 25401
>> No. 25402
Meghan McCarthy
>> No. 25403
>> No. 25404
Reprise of the CMC montage music
>> No. 25405
Ponies raving. My life is complete
>> No. 25406
dancing ponies!!
>> No. 25407
What is that tune?

I recognise the song pinkie was dancing to at the party...
>> No. 25408
in this episode ponies learn how to deal with not being pinkie~
>> No. 25409
>> No. 25410

Doesn't work. Using Wii. No computer working. I sad.
>> No. 25411
I have to apples...apples....apples
>> No. 25412
>> No. 25413
>> No. 25414
omg omg omg omg omg

I love Pinkie Pie.
>> No. 25415
>> No. 25416
[?]Oh god this is a good episode. Glad to see more of Gummy![?]
>> No. 25417
>> No. 25418
Seems like the episode where Pinkie Pie will be wrong has come. I'm sad for her already, but this "let's be detective" seems it will be fun!
>> No. 25419
File 130409893637.png - (71.57KB , 945x945 , Raritywhy.png )
What the heck is wrong with the hub?! Commercials after the ep intro and musical intro?!
And now another commerical.
>> No. 25420
File 130409897018.png - (248.02KB , 678x541 , Rarity Filly MFW.png )
MFW rarity shoved her head in garbage
>> No. 25422
That was a wierd Thor hammer commercial. It just told kids you have powers if you buy a toy hammer...
>> No. 25423
mmmmm live butterfly garden.
>> No. 25424
end with [/?]
>> No. 25425
Rarity wants to throw up a lot this episode.
>> No. 25426
SPOILERS end in [/?] !!
>> No. 25427
>ad for Hoodwinked Too

Wondered if they'd be advertising that. This is probably the best show to advertise it on, actually. If it's anything like the first one, it has a very similar style to this show.
>> No. 25428
>> No. 25429
>> No. 25430

Also, I'm calling it: Surprise party
>> No. 25431
omg love the ponies acting all sleuthy. so cute.
>> No. 25432
Omg the disguises.... xD
>> No. 25433
Pinkie, master of disguises.
>> No. 25434
>> No. 25435
>> No. 25436

This thread is a goldmine for new reaction images.
>> No. 25437
This episode is an expression gold mine!!!!
>> No. 25438
LOL and also awkwardboner.jpg @ interrogation scene
>> No. 25439
deflated hairdo
>> No. 25440
>> No. 25442
>> No. 25443
OMG, my Pinkie Pie faces folder is going to explode.
>> No. 25444
>> No. 25445
OMG SAD PINKIE. I seriously actually teared up just then. :(
>> No. 25446
>> No. 25447
XDDDDDDD emo Pie ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
>> No. 25448
its a sad sad day for pinkie pie
>> No. 25449
Emo Pie. : <
>> No. 25450
Pinkie! noooooo ;__;
>> No. 25451
inb4 her friends are throwing a surprise party for her
>> No. 25452
>> No. 25453
File 130409950864.gif - (849.76KB , 345x194 , FU.gif )
>> No. 25454
>> No. 25455
File 130409952279.jpg - (3.13KB , 125x95 , Pinkiegasp.jpg )

>> No. 25456
Best episode is best.
>> No. 25457
I want that folder. >:<
>> No. 25458
Awesome detective/spy/interrogation

Pinkie Pie is just so awesome!
>> No. 25459
Pinkie pieeeee ;_;
>> No. 25460
My guess today is Pinkie's birthday and all her friends are planning a birthday party for her.

Also sad Pinkie has her original hairstyle.
>> No. 25462
This is freaking awesome, I've been humming the Mission Impossible theme for the last 5 minutes. CELESTIA TIER EPISODE!

Also, so many reaction faces. When download comes out I'm screencapping the hell out of this episode.
>> No. 25463
>> No. 25464
File 130409959583.jpg - (9.66KB , 216x216 , AJ_compwat.jpg )
Angry Pie is legitimately scary .
>> No. 25465
File 130409959882.png - (24.93KB , 125x125 , 0KBtE.png )
<MFW Pinkie's hair...oh dahling
>> No. 25466
File 130409962527.png - (105.63KB , 291x377 , Teehee.png )
Running away from Pinkie Pie? You should know better, Rainbow Dash
>> No. 25467
File 130409963702.png - (149.52KB , 969x712 , Pinkazoid.png )
Pinkie Pie is The Flash? Oh, now I get it!
>> No. 25468
And we thought nothing could beat out Cutie Mark Chronicles this season.

>> No. 25469
For the first time, Pinkie Pie made me d'awwwww.

But it was a sad d'awwww.

>> No. 25470
I'm Australian and I doubt they ship here but I seriously want some of those press dough cookie dough thingies. /offtopic
>> No. 25471
Angry Pinkie is even scarier than angry Twilight
>> No. 25472
Pinkie Pie is scary, dat interrogation O.o
>> No. 25473
I love this so much... And I'm not a huge Pinkie Pie fan
>> No. 25474
>> No. 25475
File 130409968359.png - (288.00KB , 1250x702 , 130236442832.png )
mfw Pinkie's hair popped...

And she's gone crazy!

And she's the master of impressions
>> No. 25476
well, it finally happened

Pinkie was random before... now she is batshit insane!
>> No. 25477
>> No. 25478
File 130409974681.png - (180.46KB , 535x385 , 130120852569.png )
oh god..
>> No. 25479
File 130409976103.png - (164.05KB , 415x374 , 130225363485.png )
Hey, has this ep been posted to Youtube yet?

Just got home from school.
>> No. 25480
Caught only the tail-end of this episode.

Based on these last 10 minutes, this is full of win.
>> No. 25481
>> No. 25484
lol Rainbow Dash arguing with rocks.

Also Pinkie Pie being batshit crazy is kind of awesome.
>> No. 25485
This would be depressing with anyone else. But Pinkie Pie is too good at keeping up the delusion.
>> No. 25487
I need to buy a new Pinkie Pie doll so I can do her hair in insane Pinkie mode
>> No. 25488
Yes, how could she have forgotten her own birthday?
>> No. 25489
so many gifs will come from this ep
>> No. 25490
Apr 29 is Pinkie's Birthday
>> No. 25491
File 130409999512.jpg - (75.64KB , 1440x900 , Untitled.jpg )
Haystack not amused
>> No. 25492
So, Celestia-tier episode?

I think so.
>> No. 25493
File 130410003903.jpg - (39.85KB , 529x381 , 156vgok.jpg )
>> No. 25494

Whoa you were really damn close!


Man, that was over way too soon.
>> No. 25495
>> No. 25496
Psycopath pinkie pie was the most creepy thing I've ever seen.
>> No. 25497
It's so beautiful... Everything I could want in a Pinkie Pie episode.
>> No. 25498
Repressed Pinkie Pie? Possible split personality where she shifts between Happy and Logic-Defying to the way she was on the Rock Farm: Sad, Miserable, and Angry at Everything?
>> No. 25499
Ok bronies time to start making out those awesome reaction pics.
>> No. 25500
Awesome episode is awesome
>> No. 25501
>> No. 25502
So much Celestia tier. This ep is going to be a GOLDMINE for images.
>> No. 25503
I think you mean awesome.
>> No. 25504
It's not that hard, I've forgotten my own birthday the last four years in a row.
>> No. 25505

>> No. 25506
File 130410008473.png - (55.74KB , 200x235 , 130040061496.png )
Best episode or bestest episode?
>> No. 25507
File 130410008743.jpg - (117.87KB , 900x675 , 129900768737.jpg )
I have to say it... Celestia tier. And it was amazing! AHHHH! It was as adorable as it was frightening! Mad Pinkie is MAD!
>> No. 25508
File 130410009479.jpg - (33.04KB , 467x320 , 130082641941.jpg )
>> No. 25509
Beyond that,

I didn't think it was possible for Pinkie to go even more insane... I'm scared... still
>> No. 25510
File 130410009672.png - (98.61KB , 411x396 , 130332916277.png )
Seems pinkie pie and I have more things in common then I thought...

she's definitely bipolar, also the writers have been reading fanfics.
>> No. 25511
File 130410010281.gif - (1.77MB , 420x486 , 130120449046.gif )
and then everything was okay again
>> No. 25512
I think I have a few favorite episode.
>> No. 25513
File 130410010887.png - (162.12KB , 524x264 , Pinkie Pie gone cupcakes.png )
>> No. 25514
That episode was ASTOUNDING.

Celestia-tier for sure.
>> No. 25515
This. It was probably one of the best episodes ever.
>> No. 25516
that was CREEPY.
and really sweet, yep.
>> No. 25517
File 130410012596.png - (168.32KB , 640x361 , 130306281711.png )

Pinky is sooooo oatmeal!
>> No. 25518

At the end, Justintv kept interupting the stream to pester me about getting a premium account.

Still, though, this might actually beat suited for success as my favorite episode.
>> No. 25519
great episode waiting for the video i saw tons of diffrent gifs i wanted to make atleast 3 of gummy
>> No. 25520
Pinkie Pie as the Joker is now Canon
>> No. 25521
File 130410013760.png - (159.06KB , 396x337 , RDshocked.png )
That episode was surreal.
>> No. 25522
File 130410013753.png - (145.39KB , 452x329 , lurk.png )
Oh man, now that we've seen Pinkie has a really nasty side I wouldn't be surprised if there's an explosion of psychotic Pinkie fics like Cupcakes. Also, straight hair, yeah!

This episode really makes up for last week imo
>> No. 25523
File 130410014292.png - (240.75KB , 706x679 , 130315863320.png )
Spike gets absolutely no retribution for not setting pinkie pi straight
>> No. 25524

At the very least she's got some serious mental issues...
>> No. 25525

Nope. I missed out because I use a Wii.
>> No. 25526
Just sayin, but there's hella gifs to be gotten from this one
>> No. 25527
Pinky = Ren
>> No. 25528
File 130410018924.jpg - (36.42KB , 588x338 , 1297054388134.jpg )
New favourite episode.

Absolutely glorious.
>> No. 25529
Pinky = Ren
>> No. 25530
File 130410021042.jpg - (10.07KB , 285x308 , 0.jpg )
omg, my face hurts from laughing to hard!

funniest episode ever?
>> No. 25531
File 130410022032.png - (101.24KB , 480x268 , 1301642517978.png )
I was expecting this episode to be somewhat sad,what with nopony wanting to come to her party, but...oh Celestia, I have never been so terrified of Pinkie in my entire life.
>> No. 25532
When RD walked in on that creepyfest, I was like "Oh shit, Cupcakes is happening for sure."
>> No. 25533
File 130410022416.png - (1.28MB , 1440x900 , Insanity.png )
>Dat face
>> No. 25534
Dear Princess Celestia, today I learned absolutely nothing.
>> No. 25535
File 130410025234.gif - (3.09MB , 200x150 , 6414 - animated filly pinkie_pie.gif )
Haha! Such an awesome episode! My face hurts from smiling so much. Pinkie Pie is great! =D

Dude, the episode didn't even finish airing yet when you posted. ;)
>> No. 25536
File 130410028797.png - (111.09KB , 433x450 , 130038324574.png )
April 29. Write it down. Pinkie Pie's birthday.
>> No. 25538
I predict that an image of Pinkie sitting on Dash's head will soon be posted everywhere and spawn a dozen fanfics and funny captions.
>> No. 25539
File 130410031187.jpg - (61.04KB , 600x600 , 130302058170.jpg )
I love Pinkie Pie so much.
>> No. 25540
Someone link me to "Cupcakes". I need this now.
>> No. 25541
I didn't think it was possible to come even close to Cutie Mark Chronicles.... but lo and behold, Pinkie Pie reminded me why she's my favorite Pony with another amazing episode!
>> No. 25542
Need download link very soon.
>> No. 25543
nah, her hair is her sanity (what little of it there is) indicator, it goes to Pinkamina Diane Pie style, and... and...

I'm still scared.
>> No. 25544
File 130410035496.png - (411.74KB , 693x665 , expensive.png )
I believe I have a new favorite episode. :3
>> No. 25545

The episodes were written and produced long before the fandom even came along. Still a funny coincidence, though.

Holding off on a more official ranking till around tomorrow, but no question of this being between high and celestia-tier. The season finale has a lot to live up to.
>> No. 25546
Pinkie is Bananas, yo. Her waifu status is in jeopardy please dont tell her that
>> No. 25547
Agreed. Awesome episode. I don't know if the finale will be able to top it.
>> No. 25549
Oh man, this was hilarious.

Opening scene was actually a nice reminder that Pinkie is, in fact, just another ordinary Pony; it was good to see her tired out for once.

Generally, the episode proceeded predictably enough that I wouldn't call it great; we all know exactly how things are going to unfold, more or less, from the moment Twilight goes to Sugar Cube Corner. Yet what it lacks in concept, it makes up for in execution; AJ's attempt at an excuse was great, as was her attempt to keep Pinkie out of the barn. Easily the best part of the ep, though, was Pinkie's total breakdown toward the end. Her hair "deflating", her psychotic cabal of "friends"...oh god, I couldn't stop laughing! XD

On the whole, I'd say it's a B+, but I give it an A- for that breakdown sequence alone. ^_^
>> No. 25550
Pinkie Pie, why are you breaking reality?
>> No. 25551
File 130410047847.gif - (1.66MB , 400x363 , 130081922187.gif )

She even did various voices and accents. Fuck me, that was horrifying!
>> No. 25552
File 130410049174.jpg - (19.61KB , 470x264 , Gummy Attack.jpg )
About to upload o a brunch a random images.
Gummy is so awesome.
>> No. 25553
>> No. 25554
use brackets
>> No. 25555
So it begins
>> No. 25556
File 130410054740.jpg - (2.58MB , 4000x3000 , DSCN0025.jpg )
Pinkie Pie, why are you breaking reality? Again.
>> No. 25557
File 130410055913.jpg - (15.25KB , 470x264 , Spike.jpg )
Spikes best day ever.
>> No. 25558
File 130410057788.png - (82.89KB , 318x318 , pinkiemadavatar.png )
Its the cutest thing I've ever seen. because I can relate
>> No. 25559
>> No. 25560
File 130410059793.png - (162.70KB , 953x773 , 130140433095.png )
Gratitude to you sir!
>> No. 25561
That - was awesome :D
>> No. 25562
even worse is when the cabal for friends started to move and talk on their own... Pinkie Pie is insane already, but... but that was horrifyingly funny and horrifying.
>> No. 25563
Pinkie is Faster than Rainbow Dash...
I'm Calling it!!!
>> No. 25564

>> No. 25565
File 130410065425.jpg - (145.80KB , 471x264 , PINKIE SMASH.jpg )
Once again, another episode where people are going to think they like it because they don't focus on the overall completely predictable narrative as much as they do individual moments which are subservient to it.

Anyone who read the synopsis two and a half weeks ago should have known how this episode was going to end. And even if you wanted to surprise yourself, you know that Pinkie Pie, as strong but basic as her personality is and that she likes parties, and an episode focused on her, AND the fact that there was an episode to try and expose her "flaws" like other episodes concerning other ponies, you knew that ending was coming. If you didn't, then wow. The number of episodes I find genuinely enjoyable still remains at four. I hope the next season's episodes aren't quite so easy to guess, regardless of the marketed target demographic. I'm outside that range anyway, so what can you do. Oh well.
>> No. 25566
I think I love Pinkie Pie more now.
>> No. 25568
File 130410071352.png - (129.23KB , 640x360 , 130132223659.png )
That was a great episode, hope we see some gummy gifs soon.
>> No. 25569
File 130410072738.png - (174.04KB , 640x360 , 1298525142026.png )
I didn't get some of the start since the basil stream had reached maximum number of streamers or something like that. Anyway god tier episode, but I am not sure if I ever can look at pinkie pie the same way again.
>> No. 25570


Damn Pinkie was seriously, honest-to-goodness scary. When she was yelling at Spike and throwing that weird psycho-party, I shat brix by the dozen.
>> No. 25571
File 130410075329.png - (214.69KB , 529x599 , rarityandapplejack.png )
No it wont...
>> No. 25572
if you only like 4 episodes, then why are you even here?
>> No. 25574
File 130410078052.jpg - (18.45KB , 470x264 , Pinkie pie angry.jpg )
Pinkie pie is a little tick off, don't you think.
>> No. 25575
I have never been actually frightened by this show.

Until today.

Sweet jesus.
>> No. 25576
Yeah, but you're not obsessed with throwing parties like she is. Plus, being the day after her pet's birthday seems like a really easy mnemonic.
>> No. 25577
Pinkie had the spotlight all the time, everything from beggining to end was a total trainwreck (in the good sense).
-Pinkie pranks/does something bad to everypony during her first party
-She's suspicious of everypony, disguises
-AJ's excuse and Pinkie Pie's forcefulness
-PP chasing RD, awesome
-Mental breakdown, I'm still scared.
-Hair deflates
>> No. 25578
File 130410085062.jpg - (20.84KB , 470x264 , Spike Flex.jpg )
All the ladies love spike.
>> No. 25579
If you rewatch that scene, they're only talking on their own in Pinkie's eyes. She truly lost it.
>> No. 25580
@Image: Pinkie Singularity
>> No. 25581
File 130410087672.png - (130.30KB , 431x382 , r16248_MLP THEGREATANDPOWERFULTRIXIEWILLMAKEYOURHE.png )
>> No. 25582
File 130410088197.jpg - (53.37KB , 600x338 , celdamn.jpg )

I was all set. I was ready to fuckin' go with this episode. Stream running, chat running, first time I'd ever be watching live and chatting live at the same time. I was psyched. Strawberry Fucking Shortcake finally ends and the MLP episode is just about to start and then some FUCKING BULLSHIT came up and I had to take care of it... and it turns out the bullshit I had to take care of was for NO FUCKING REASON and it was a WASTE OF MY FUCKING TIME. And I just got back from it.




>> No. 25583
File 130410089783.jpg - (61.04KB , 299x259 , 1291942995137.jpg )
>mfw Ren & Stimpy reference

Anypony else surprised that it took Pinkie a while to be surprised? That's what I call characterization.
>> No. 25584
File 130410090660.jpg - (50.74KB , 600x579 , 130382133965.jpg )

>where people are going to think they like it

Well, thank you kindly for telling us what we really like and what we only THINK we like.
>> No. 25585
basil 34 didnt put it into his past bodcasts so i cant download it ill have to wait until the video is on youtube.... and then resize them
>> No. 25586
Lauren said that other season will might have more plot, common enemy etc, I predict it will be some kind of villain that made Luna go darth vader.

And this episode was cupcakes.
>> No. 25587
Wow. This was just. Amazing.

Rainbow Dash walking in on insane Pinkie just shouted CUPCAKES in my head so loudly. I felt a little bad for Dash right there. Also, like others have said, angry Pinkie and insane Pinkie are both downright terrifying.

Did anyone else notice Pinkie left a Pink dash-like trail as she was chasing? I appreciated that. Pinkie also stayed darkened like she was in the shade, even in broad daylight when she was insane. I liked that little addition as well.

In general, this episode was fucking fantastic and I enjoyed every moment of it. Pinkie Pie just ranked a little higher on my list.
>> No. 25588
I don't know whether to laugh or be terrified by Pinkie Pie's <spoiler>descent into madness</spoiler>.
>> No. 25589

Wait, there was a R&S reference?
>> No. 25590
File 130410105922.png - (19.44KB , 417x500 , 129921192281.png )
I liked this episode. The AJ/Pinkie confrontations were hilarious, especially "You heard her! CONSTRUCTION!". Gummy was epic as always, and dem groucho glasses.

This episode was classic Pinkie Pie. However, I will NOT enjoy the fans overanalysing this episode as "OMG PROOF SHE IS MENTALLY ILL AND NOW WE HAVE AN EXCUSE TO WRITE MORE FICS ABOUT HER DETERIORATING SANITY".

It's just Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie. Deal with it.
>> No. 25591
This thread is starting to look like a CIA document. Aaargh fuck where's the youtube?? D:
>> No. 25592
Use brackets for spoilers.
These things [ ]
>> No. 25593
*facehoof* Clopping BBCode. I can never remember which boards use that and which ones use HTML.
>> No. 25594

No fun allowed.
>> No. 25595
Well, yes, but it's not so much the destination as the journey to get there.
>> No. 25596
File 130410112481.gif - (297.17KB , 200x268 , 1301310377783.gif )
>mfw pinkie pie sat on rainbow dash's face
>> No. 25597
It will still be a while.

If you want non-terrible video quality, you'll have to wait till this evening.
>> No. 25598
Pinkie chasing Dash was awesome and horrifying. When Dash was hiding inside the bell and wouldn't you know it, Pinkie emerged from the shadows, well, DAMN.
>> No. 25599
File 130410118307.jpg - (20.29KB , 470x264 , Best disguise ever.jpg )
The best disguise ever.
>> No. 25600
File 130410121500.gif - (17.86KB , 100x100 , 0050d7ax.gif )
Somepony is just impossible to please....
>> No. 25601
I'll settle for terrible for the time being. My weekly hi-rez screencapping crusade can wait.
>> No. 25602
Haybob Pinkie Pie.
>> No. 25603
Not that great an episode. Better than last week's. Last week was predictable and not very well delivered. This episode, while predictable, better much better delivery.

Pinkie Pie went Jack Bauer on Spike.
>> No. 25604
File 130410126838.jpg - (25.32KB , 484x357 , 130384703660.jpg )
Loved the "Nope.avi" part!

Best Episode evar. Season finale has some HUGE fucking shoes to fill.
>> No. 25605
When dark Pinkie starts to go insane there's a bunch of paint blotches in the background and she begins talking to herself. This was a recurring scenario in R&S: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iR6KjNmN2BA
>> No. 25606
File 130410129247.gif - (1.30MB , 300x340 , I should\'ve told people I know you.gif )
I really oughta start recording the new episodes and posting them to YouTube right after they air. It's not fair that everypony always has to wait 6 hours for a decent quality episode link/upload.
>> No. 25607
File 130410133059.jpg - (17.81KB , 470x265 , Pinkie pie derp.jpg )
Pinkie party to hard and derped.
>> No. 25608
Awesome scene indeed, I need to watch this episode again so much O.o
Confound these ponies, they drive me to insanity.
>> No. 25609
File 130410137459.jpg - (24.38KB , 470x265 , Pinkie pie slam attack.jpg )
You mean like this.
>> No. 25610
>I don't like fun things

FTFY, and I haven't even seen the episode yet. The show isn't about what happens, brony. It's about the characters.
>> No. 25611

I'm not looking for more "plot" or more antagonists. No. Shows fluctuate between having a plot and having episodes people like to open their pork traps and shout "filler" at. The point of a show is to be fucking entertaining, and plot or not, if it manages to reveal something new about the characters rather than put pros and flaws that we already expect from the characters, it's doing it's job. The way to do this is to cleverly execute situations that have likely been done before.

Lauren can feel glad that she's developing a "girl's" series that isn't as insipid as other cartoons such as the new Strawberry Shortcake, but that doesn't stop it from being an insipid show that knows no gender. That goes for anyone who's questioning why I'm here if I only like a few episodes. I'm giving the show a chance and we could stand to have some perspectives on the show that didn't come from hype in a goddamn vacuum.
>> No. 25612
looking goooood spike
>> No. 25613
File 130410143937.jpg - (25.37KB , 467x264 , 1296792311287.jpg )
You know regardless if I know how something will end it doesn't make it less enjoyable.

I appreciate the journey of a cartoon more than the ending.

Mainly because I know all cartoons end in a happy ending and the next episode usually is "Yesterday's bad ending... NEVER HAPPENED".

This episode filled me with glee because even though I knew Pinkie Pie was going to be ignored and something about surprise parties I was more interested in the reactions of the characters and the interactions between them. That's why when people tell me the ending of a movie I'm not so shocked or upset as I really enjoy the ride there, never the ending.
>> No. 25614
I think everyone is determined to make this like Cupcakes :/ She didn't know what to do with herself and had a breakdown. She looked closer to crying an a corner and not moving for days then anything remotely violent. The biggest anger she had towards her friends was that she didn't want to invite them to anything anymore because they hurt her.

Pinkie's coping skills obviously need a little work but the whole thing stuck her as so far left field that she was stunned into trying to act like she wasn't hurting at all.
>> No. 25615
File 130410155410.png - (310.67KB , 803x580 , 130120315761.png )
Is the ep up yet? Even if it's bad quality, I cannot wait, I can always get it in HD for screens.
>> No. 25616
File 130410159649.png - (190.69KB , 392x397 , hug.png )

We understand. -hughughug-
>> No. 25617
I'm thinking Twilight probably knew Spike couldn't keep a secret so kept him in the dark about the whole surprise party.

I'm not sure if inter-dimensional shortcuts count.
>> No. 25618
File 130410166432.gif - (288.80KB , 480x410 , Twilightawkward.gif )
Dood, no offense, but you're really dampening the atmosphere here.
You don't have to like it, but it kinda seems like you're suggesting that people have no taste for loving this ep.
That's the impression I'm getting.
>> No. 25619
Well when your special talent is parties, I think anytime you are denied a chance to utilize that talent, you may feel emotionally unbalanced...

I mean come on! Who doesn't like parties!
>> No. 25620
File 130410169170.jpg - (12.53KB , 469x263 , Spike love.jpg )
Poor spike, he would do any thing for Rarity's love
>> No. 25621
It takes a long time because when uploading a HQ video, the uploader will have to take the time to publish an edited video with the adverts removed. Then upload the video to youtube, which can take a very long time if the video is high quality.

The more you know!
>> No. 25622
I predicted that it was pinkies birthday long ago, I predicted they would lie to make her a party.

I still got stunned and amazed about the cupcakes reference and the shit pinkie pie did.

You look like the main type of "I WATCH IT FOR THE PLOT" well, this season doesn't have plot, maybe the second will have.
>> No. 25623
>> No. 25624
File 130410183235.jpg - (19.19KB , 470x263 , Rarity grabage.jpg )
Poor Rarity
>> No. 25625
>> No. 25626
"I watch it for the plot" is a joke on a French(ref?) word for something PG-13 relating to the reproductive organs of a woman.
>> No. 25627
File 130410205362.jpg - (54.18KB , 548x548 , My little pony ass.jpg )
I know
>> No. 25628
I am well and familiar with how the YouTube upload process goes, and uploading the newest episode could be done much faster than it currently is. It does not take anywhere near six hours to get a decent quality episode upload available.

It could be done two hours after airing, at least.
>> No. 25629

>> No. 25630
This ep goes high on the list of ones to show non-converted friends when they ask about Pony.
>> No. 25631
We have no idea why we watch it, but we do enjoy pony.

Anywho, yes, this episode. High/Celestia-tier? I think so. Pinkie Pie's hair deflating when she's sad was an interesting surprise, as was her sheer loopiness. Lets face it, Pinkie Pie is a little crazy no matter what, but it seems this can go in the direction of manic or depressive as the need presents itself.
>> No. 25632
File 130410235529.png - (28.65KB , 945x945 , 130309290412.png )

Brony, chill! The uploaders do this as a courtesy - it's not their JOB which they are obliges to do as quickly as possible. People have other things to do, you know.
>> No. 25633
File 130410242505.jpg - (19.25KB , 470x264 , Wat.jpg )
Gummy being awesome again.
>> No. 25634

Now you can all stop bitching about the show not being up on youtube.
>> No. 25635
File 130410251246.png - (22.22KB , 369x419 , 0006-130360908871.png )


I especially loved how the IRC channel exploded when Pinkies hair went flat and emo again

In general being on the IRC channel and chatting as the episode was going on was a pure treat, Id reccomend it to everypony!
>> No. 25636
File 130410252061.png - (228.44KB , 969x862 , Decepticons.png )
it was not that good of an episode no action how me and my little brother made fun of it
>> No. 25637
File 130410253316.jpg - (19.44KB , 470x264 , FOREVER V2.jpg )
Forever Version 2.0
>> No. 25638
File 130410253427.png - (163.43KB , 780x580 , windy valley.png )
You got me all wrong, guy. I'm simply saying that it is possible and that I would like to do it. I'm not complaining, I'm just defending a suggestion that was wrongly shot down. :3

I have the hub and DVR, so believe me, I am not worried about seeing the episode on time.
>> No. 25639
File 130410262097.jpg - (45.41KB , 457x759 , pony-head-explosion.jpg )
Before the episode started I expected a paranoid Pinkie Pie.
Hell yeah I was right.
The song at the beginning was cool.
Gummy's party was also nice. There were nice scenes.
But the whole conspiracy thing was absolute awesome!!!!!

The point where the episode made this my most beloved episode was the moment Pinkie Pie interrogated Spike.
When Pinkie Pie's mind cracked up.... my body couldn't handle the sheer amount of awesomeness emitted through my monitor. Right now i can barely typealöskdjföasdfalölökasdfny`02fiaefvyxcve
>> No. 25640
ok so the video is converter ill post gifs in about 20 to 30 minutes
>> No. 25641
Suffering from after episode pony withdrawal. Need 20cc's of pony STAT.
>> No. 25643
File 130410267092.png - (81.14KB , 450x600 , 130086556575.png )

Then I must've gotten you wrong, sorry.
>> No. 25644
want gifs gifs gifs!!!
>> No. 25645
File 130410268955.jpg - (24.19KB , 470x264 , You are my best friend rock.jpg )
Rocks, you are my best friends ever
>> No. 25646
>> No. 25647
File 130410273461.png - (89.35KB , 600x605 , dont stop believin in christ.png )
Tis kay, brony!
>> No. 25648
File 130410273684.jpg - (25.12KB , 470x264 , Rainbow hates rocks.jpg )
I hate you rocks
>> No. 25649
Oh man, Pinkie's secretly lonely! That's why she surrounds herself with people and parties. That's so cute...
>> No. 25651

Man I wish I could do the whole chat thing but, sadly the live stream lags horribly for me to the point I can't enjoy it and the computer/tv are in different rooms.
>> No. 25652
File 130410291626.png - (374.01KB , 1920x1032 , 130387953211.png )
Did anypony else notice the song played at both parties was the CMC's crusading theme from Show Stoppers?

Love that little tune. That made my day.
>> No. 25653
Suddenly I realize the similarity between Pinkie Pie and Haruhi.
>> No. 25654
File 130410302114.gif - (651.68KB , 256x144 , 130288016516.gif )
Spike: "Woah! Nice spread!"
Pinkie: "And it's all yours, Spike..."

I have the episode streaming but I'm on here, so I can only hear the audio. That stands out WAY too much when you can't see the video accompanying it.
>> No. 25655
File 130410303175.png - (37.80KB , 327x334 , 130282964877.png )
anypony notice weird al wasnt in there?

>> No. 25656
File 130410305120.jpg - (18.50KB , 316x315 , 130073099286.jpg )
GAH! I missed it! I was too busy working on a project... I even had an alarm on my phone called: "Ponies? Ponies." But I still forgot :/

I haven't checked yet, but I assume its on youtube
>> No. 25657

I'm bitching because part 2 isn't up on YouTube.
>> No. 25658
File 130410311968.jpg - (31.75KB , 426x404 , Untitled-1.jpg )
>> No. 25659
File 130410313924.png - (381.41KB , 1280x720 , 130409632169.png )

Bah i didn't want that imagde in my head
>> No. 25660
Thought of this song when she became Crazie Pie
>> No. 25661
Voices are recorded first, then the show is animated. Weird Al--if he does want to participate--probably wouldn't appear until Season 2 or Season 3.
>> No. 25662
Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


>> No. 25663
Silly filly! It takes more than a week to seal such a deal! Besides, if Weird Al does agree to have a cameo appearance on the show, it will likely happen in Season 2. The final episode of the season is very likely to be finished and drawing a new pony & maybe recording some Weird Al dialogue is a bit much to ask, what with it just being a week away and all.
>> No. 25665

The shows are written and recorded before being animated. an entire episode takes nearly a year before it's complete.
>> No. 25666
File 130410336049.gif - (1.66MB , 720x540 , 1304101700365.gif )
Okie Dokie Loki
>> No. 25667
I like how when someone has a different opinion everyone thinks they're trying to assert it as fact. Speaks volumes. This isn't a community, it's a hivemind. Get this - I'm not going to put disclaimers pointing out that everything I say is an opinion, that's a given.

And another thing. It's hilarious that anyone would watch this show for the characters. The personalities are strong, yes, but they're also very generic. I'll give some benefit of the doubt as the team making the show was given a very unfair time table to do each episode (three weeks each) and I doubt that will be extended to improve the quality of the second season. This also means that a bunch of episodes, if not nearly all of them were probably developed or written or proposed at once. I have no problem with the VAs of the series or the artists that work on it (including Lauren Faust of course, Scott Underwood, "Sibsy" I believe, and Rob Renzetti. The weak link in the chain to me are the writers. People have expressed their dislike for two writers already (within this community anyway), so that says something.

A plus of this new episode was that it had some slower moments in timing, which is really important. A lot of the episodes have this pace which isn't too fast, but still sort of like this power walk, with evenly timed reactions and actions, etc.

I like several elements of the show and the potential it has, I really want it to succeed since it would be a lovely story to hear about how even a show made to sell toys could be great. Right now it's just "okay" or "good".
>> No. 25668
File 130410359564.jpg - (14.38KB , 470x264 , Scream.jpg )
>> No. 25669
File 130410362322.png - (138.61KB , 826x855 , 130303386488.png )

s'okay, man. We still love you.
>> No. 25670
File 130410367363.jpg - (18.31KB , 470x262 , Apleejack is a bad lier.jpg )
Applejack can't lie at all
>> No. 25671

>One episode from start to finish can take almost a year, including gaps for lawyers to clear stuff, etc. etc.
Quote: Flashinthepan - a layout artist for Friendship is Magic who answers questions on /co/ every once in a while
>> No. 25672
File 130410372341.jpg - (14.93KB , 470x264 , Pinkie pie glare.jpg )
>> No. 25673
File 130410376618.png - (239.09KB , 476x546 , 129962496876.png )

Speak for yourself. I don't appreciate being typified as a drone with no mind of his own.
>> No. 25674
File 130410380707.jpg - (22.63KB , 470x264 , Twilight knocked out.jpg )
Don't dance next to Pinkie Pie
>> No. 25675
File 130410398434.jpg - (17.44KB , 470x264 , Light.jpg )
Best interrogation scene
>> No. 25676
I there a youtube upload yet?
>> No. 25677

Has youtube links
>> No. 25678
Pinkie Pie when she goes crazy? That's insane, but I imagined for her to become an utter lunatic.

Hope my tags work.
>> No. 25679
File 130410411345.png - (32.74KB , 945x945 , 130176810175.png )

That's what everypony who likes something popular has to deal with. There'll always be neighsayers of all shapes and sizes. You just gotta learn to not let yourself be bothered by it.
>> No. 25680
File 130410411682.png - (107.06KB , 484x336 , TwilightSparkle_Determined.png )
And that's just it...it's perfectly acceptable to politely disagree with one another. That's what discussions are for! When one takes the time to respect another's opinions and listen to their reasoning, so much can come from understanding their point of view.

MLP:FiM episodes aren't going to sit the same with everybody. For instance, I usually insist people watch the show before I will respect their opinion on it. At least that way they can express their opinions and back them up with exact reasons why they may feel a particular way. :)
>> No. 25681
Pinkie Pie is already crazy. Any farther is...
>> No. 25682


Which was all fine and dandy until he started the name-calling.
>> No. 25683
File 130410424709.png - (105.62KB , 480x268 , 1297259808915.png )
If being able to figure out that this episodes "twist" was a suprise party ruins the episode for you, maybe this show isnt really for you after all. If you want to tell me you saw Pinkie having a break down and throwing a party with rocks and turnips for guests coming from a mile away then Im going to call you a liar.
Everypony is entitled to their own opinion but to say your opinion of our opinions is more valid than our actual opinions, is frankly insulting.
>> No. 25684
File 130410431898.png - (97.43KB , 350x350 , scootalooterrifying.png )
>mfw Pinkie went crazy. Well, craziER.
>> No. 25685

Image Derp.
>> No. 25686

Seriously, I don't mind anyone disliking an episode.
It's the attitude that bugs me.
>> No. 25687

I meant Touhou Lunatic. So insane, that Pinkie's anger becomes a class 7 nuclear threat.
>> No. 25688

And in terms of predictability, I don't think ANYPONY saw Pinkie Pie's parents being amish coming. If you say you did, you're lying.
>> No. 25690
Pinkie pie and touhou.
Now that is what I want to see.
>> No. 25691
This episode has finally proved what I have always feared. Pinkie Pie is insane and just waiting to snap. I was afraid for my life.
>> No. 25692

Which makes sense, since her Element is honesty and all.
>> No. 25693

Well, using Touhou DS and some work, you can actually make her impossible to destroy. Open-source Touhou-based engine that can run all bullets seamlessly on DS? I has it. And I used to has the dev. kit.

Or we can animate our own version of insane Pinkie playing Touhou seamlessly without using bombs, focus, or dying once.
>> No. 25694
File 130410471776.jpg - (26.52KB , 471x264 , Groucho.jpg )
Another amazing disguise
>> No. 25695
File 130410477396.jpg - (30.61KB , 471x264 , Train.jpg )
>> No. 25696
I don't think anyone could see Pinkie Pie going DEFCON 1 and batshit crazy. These moments in time make the show excellent.
>> No. 25698
Why I am just hearing about touhou ds just now.
I am a huge touhou fan, can't believe I have never heard about this.
>> No. 25699
File 130410504295.jpg - (20.82KB , 471x264 , Gummy.jpg )
Gummy with a balloon
>> No. 25700
File 130410506703.jpg - (35.48KB , 500x357 , 1302313040675.jpg )
Can we get a "nope" screencap or .gif in here?!
>> No. 25701
Quick question:
Who did the inanimate objects at the insane party represent?
My guess:
Rocky = Rainbow
Sir LanceLot = Rarity
Madam Flour = Fluttershy
Mr Turnip = AppleJack

So where is the make believe 5th friend?
>> No. 25702
If anything, I would have predicted her becoming depressed and loafing about while other ponies have fun and she becomes a real party pooper when invited to her birthday party, and then after she spoils it for everyone she feels bad and then returns to normal after all the other ponies admitted that they made up excuses and were just too partied-out to attend- but they still love her and her parties.
>> No. 25703

The voices didn't sound anything like the other ponies and the personalities weren't very clear. I think they were just random constructs from the corner's of her mind.
>> No. 25704
I accept that opinion and fully believed it till I watched the scene a few times. Rocky and Sir Lancelot both seem to mimic very closely to RainbowDash and Rarity. Its itching me in the back of mind.
>> No. 25705
File 130410559412.jpg - (25.14KB , 195x197 , wwppd.jpg )
indeed the Buddha once said that its not the destination but the journey or something along those lines :)
>> No. 25706
>> No. 25707
File 130410572706.png - (174.37KB , 615x491 , pinkie end of world.png )

Maybe Pinkie is so far off the deep end that she thinks all of her friends have horrible accents?
>> No. 25708
She is officially the Charlie Sheen of Ponyville. If shes not partying, she goes batshit crazy.
>> No. 25709
File 130410584215.png - (62.01KB , 1024x768 , 130062657346.png )
Dear Princess Celestia,
Today I learned that
you should trust your friends and not go badshit crazy when you think they have lied to you.
>> No. 25710
Well, would say ayup this. I have strong the scene in mind, where RD actually clashed with Rocky.
>> No. 25711
Anyone else think that Rarity should stop taking advantage of Spike? If she continues to do so, knowing Spike is smitten for her, she's being kind of a jerk.

I just think it reflects badly on her character. It's an innocent crush and she shouldn't take advantage of him!
>> No. 25712
File 130410610344.png - (94.48KB , 450x250 , goodheavens.png )
So far, am loving it!
>> No. 25713
File 130410618776.gif - (54.58KB , 267x400 , tumblr_lij3jv4TOZ1qg34h7o1_400-(n1300991859934).gif )
You're precious Celestia can't save you from my Parties, Twilight.
>> No. 25714
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

That entire scene was pure concentrated WIN.
>> No. 25715
File 130410623042.gif - (416.23KB , 300x300 , 130049080322.gif )
Wow, you just made me remember how this episode ties in with Pinkie's earlier "losing a friends trust is a fastest way to lose a friend FOREVERRR" thing back in Episode 20.
>> No. 25716
File 130410626915.jpg - (15.53KB , 293x230 , Antauri.jpg )
I don't know about buddah, but i know aunatari or whatever his name was once said "It is good to have an end to journey to, but it is the journey that matters in the end."

maybe he was quoting?
>> No. 25717
She dances with him at the Gala
>> No. 25718
We need a plank hoof exploitable of that.
>> No. 25719
Best idea ever:

Dear Princess Celestia,
Today I learned that Pinkie Pie is insane. Other than that? Nothing.
>> No. 25720
I'd like to think that Rarity is the only pony in ponyville who doesn't know that Spike has a crush on her.
>> No. 25721

Episode 20.
>> No. 25722
>> No. 25724
File 130410703076.png - (148.74KB , 479x247 , exploitable.png )
just a cap.
>> No. 25725
File 130410708929.png - (164.39KB , 501x423 , serious face.png )

I'm not so sure she's aware of it
>> No. 25726
File 130410714895.png - (63.53KB , 275x220 , Pinkaminalostmind.png )
Too much Pinkie.. And I love it.
Great episode, and as always fastest 20 minutes of my week
>> No. 25727
File 130410715700.png - (170.73KB , 898x898 , 130101468148.png )
Did this episode have the most derpy eyes to date?
>> No. 25728
I'm in mixed emotions about this episode and Pinkie's breakdown.
Part of me wants to call the loony bin, and part of me want to hug her tightly and tell her everything will be fine. I feel quite sorry for her.
>> No. 25729
Dear Princess Celestia,

Today I learned a very important lesson: That intel received under duress is useless.
>> No. 25730
File 130410783562.png - (96.58KB , 479x247 , newbattery.png )
Dear Princess Celestia,
Today I learned that my watch needs me to draw more batteries.
>> No. 25731
File 130410795289.jpg - (18.41KB , 422x428 , 130248244236.jpg )
Lol! Well of course not, silly! She is the spirit of honesty, after all.
>> No. 25732

>> No. 25733
I like how Pinkie Pie's hair represents her mood. If it's crazy (as it is most of the time) she feels like partying. When it's straight she's sad and depressed. Can't wait to see the artwork people create from this.
>> No. 25734
File 130410821740.png - (798.91KB , 1366x768 , raritymane01.png )
At frist I didn't think I would like this episode... then I saw this and I knew all was right with the world.
>> No. 25735
I just realized, Pinkie Pie's birthday is two days after mine!
>> No. 25737
Good episode.
I'll take it!
>> No. 25738
File 130410861923.gif - (195.20KB , 184x156 , gummy dancen.gif )

ok i made 7 gifs i have 2 more im working on that will take awhile

>> No. 25739
I'm watching this now... I LOVE IT.

And I'm lollllling like no tomorrow. Pinkie Pie ftw
>> No. 25740
Dear Princess Celestia,

That surprise party was the worst idea ever! Pinkie made me fear for my life! Why would you even suggest such a thing?!?

From now on, Pinkie handles all the parties. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle.
>> No. 25741
File 130410867287.gif - (209.73KB , 320x240 , gummy pop.gif )
>> No. 25742
Pinkie's birthday is on the same day as mine! :D
>> No. 25743
File 130410874666.gif - (0.96MB , 320x240 , gummy soda.gif )
>> No. 25744
Party Hard
>> No. 25745
File 130410879643.gif - (850.15KB , 320x240 , nopeavi.gif )
>> No. 25746
I don't know why all the "featuring" episodes always put the star pony in a bad light :s

He's a bear
>> No. 25747
File 130410884010.gif - (449.08KB , 320x240 , pinkie boom.gif )
>> No. 25748
Well Happy Birthday then.
>> No. 25749
File 130410888703.gif - (368.24KB , 320x240 , pinky blinky.gif )
>> No. 25750
>> No. 25751
File 130410899543.jpg - (24.69KB , 479x248 , Pony Conga Line.jpg )
So much to love in this episode.

- Pinkie used Hip Check. It's Super Effective!
- Haystack Pinkie Pie Disguise.
- Interrogation Scene was Hilarious.
- Pinkie Pie's hair deflation made her really cute looking.
- The insanity that followed was funny and slightly unsettling.
- Rainbow Dash's realization that she was just fighting with a pile of rocks was priceless.
- Pinkie Pie's very slow understanding of the party around her. :-P
- Pony Conga Line
>> No. 25752
File 130410899561.gif - (267.42KB , 320x240 , pinky bull.gif )

hope everyone likes them sorry for taking so long
>> No. 25753
It was needed for Pinkie Pie though, she didn't have any falls.
>> No. 25754
File 130410938423.jpg - (70.57KB , 469x359 , 1302313059569.jpg )
+1000 internets for you good sir!!
>> No. 25755
File 130410938826.jpg - (30.50KB , 505x351 , fucking saved .jpg )
>> No. 25756
File 130410943591.jpg - (130.05KB , 900x900 , 8576 - artist johnjoseco crossover deadpool oatmea.jpg )
srsly this was a good episode. The show can nvr have to much Pinkie Pie.
>> No. 25757
File 130410948165.gif - (162.12KB , 184x156 , PartyHardGumy.gif )
Yes, it needed to be done.
Thanks for the GIFs :)
>> No. 25758
Why does she need falls? She had the shitty early life and is an optimist. Now it makes her look absolutely ponymanure insane.
>> No. 25759
File 130410951940.png - (191.11KB , 444x360 , fillyshy.png )
>mfw almost no open spoilers in this thread
>> No. 25760
>> No. 25761

So, basically completely called it, but was surprised that I actually enjoyed the episode given that Pinky is my least favorite character. The Ren & Stimpy homage was superb, though.
>> No. 25762

>> No. 25764
Ren & Stimpy homage?
Gonna have to go back and re-watch since I was lol'ing so hard the first time around.
>> No. 25765
File 130410996935.jpg - (183.86KB , 700x700 , mlp-rainbow-pinkie04.jpg )

No having breakdowns and pretending inanimate objects are your new friends is actually done fairly often in stories, I could see it being predicted I wasn't exactly suprised by it but I didn't call it either.

Some episodes are super predictable though... like the Bird in the hoof episdoe I called Phoenix as soon as I saw the bird.

but you know what? Being Super predictable is okay, it's like they say it's not the destination it's how you get there.
>> No. 25766

Fill us in when you figure it out. I dunno either.
>> No. 25767

Oh that's obvious! How can they learn a lesson if they don't do something bad.

But there's Sonic Rainboom which is Rainbow's episode but Rarity learns a lesson.
>> No. 25768
Just watched the episode. Looks like I'm gonna spend all morning tomorrow making .gifs
>> No. 25769
> Requesting Madame Le Flour x Sir Lintsalot shipping art
>> No. 25770
File 130411042640.jpg - (24.27KB , 470x264 , these arent my teeth.jpg )
Now we finally have a pony version of this.
>> No. 25771
File 130411047605.png - (203.78KB , 900x506 , 130005507664.png )
Rainbow Dash is now my #3 favorite pony because of this episode. Rainbow saved Pinkie from her depression. Also, Dash being angry at the rock was funny and cute. Rarity sticking her head in the trash showed how dedicated she is to her friends. This episode is probably in my top 3.
>> No. 25772

A lot of the art and animations of Pinkie's crazy-time party looked amazingly similar to effects used for analogous scenes in Ren & Stimpy, a show which pioneered a lot of animation tricks and styles used for less-than-kid-friendly cartoons.
>> No. 25773
File 130411056500.gif - (438.04KB , 200x200 , 130404483773.gif )
I loved seeing both angry and insane Pinkie Pie. And tired Pinkie Pie! I actually posted a thread the other day with a theory of mine that she never sleeps, but I guess that's debunked now. Definitely my favorite episode so far.
>> No. 25774
Is she never sleeps than why does she have a bed?
>> No. 25775

>> No. 25776

I sort of came to the conclusion she didn't sleep either. Her being wide awake and perkybouncy at the crack of dawn when waking up Twilight only cemented it for me.

The bed is obviously for jumping on, silly.
>> No. 25777
File 130411096484.png - (298.99KB , 640x480 , 1302295901474.png )
>but I guess that's debunked now
>> No. 25778
I was kind of disappointed with this, to be honest. But my expectations were probably absurdly high. I just felt like they could have done a lot more with it, but then again it's only 20 minutes long and a kids show, so...bummer.

Then again, reading Cupcakes makes this WAAAAAAYYYYYYYY better, especially because Dash and Pinkie are alone at one point. :D
>> No. 25779
File 130411103515.jpg - (26.17KB , 600x332 , 130115472605.jpg )
I guess cupcakes wasn't that far fetched after all
>> No. 25780
File 130411109847.png - (34.19KB , 198x176 , 130188753238.png )
Crazy Pinkie is Best Pinkie.
>> No. 25781
File 130411110350.jpg - (22.49KB , 303x320 , 130171682930.jpg )
>> No. 25782
File 130411179846.png - (1.13MB , 1680x1050 , oab13.png )
>MasterlinkX's channel shut down by Youtube again

>all the crappy-resolution channels are still up
>> No. 25783
I think this is the proper quote "It is better to travel well than to arrive at the right destination"
>> No. 25784
o celestia no i didnt download cupcakes around the world
>> No. 25786
wtf? Why is there a human sock in the garbage?
>> No. 25787

Trust me you're not the only one who doesn't give a toot about the silly wedding.

In other news that episode was awesome.
>> No. 25788
File 130411198970.png - (518.02KB , 1280x1080 , 1298141238527.png )
At least I have 1-24 on my PC. As long as http://ponies.asshat.se/index.php?dir= stays up I will be okay. Everything will be okay. Everything...
>> No. 25789
This was good episode.
>> No. 25790
Damn trolls
>> No. 25791
There were people calling "phoenix" on that episode shortly after the title and short summary were announced.
>> No. 25792


Pinkie Pie angry? Pinkie Pie CRAZY?! Repressed personalities, delusions, hearing voices: more evidence of a difficult childhood?

Pinkamina Pie is to Pinkie Pie as Nightmare Moon is to Luna.

Although really, straight-haired Pinkie is the "real" Pinkie, as the bubbly personality came later.

This one's every bit as good as Cutie Mark Chronicles. Almost tops it!

And as much as Insane Pie will no doubt be remembered as the centerpiece of this episode, I have to say: GUMMY, WHOO!

Also also, RAINBOW DASH'S WATCH. I seriously had to pause the show I was laughing so hard.
>> No. 25793

Here's a person. He gets the episodes usually within the day. Just don't mind the bars on the sides.
>> No. 25794
I've watched the ep already. And pensive's eps qualify as "shitty resolution".

Nope, I'm just sitting around, waiting for asshat to update...
>> No. 25795
No, it looks like only one of his channels got shut down. There's one with MLP episodes still on it:
>> No. 25796

Yes well I try not to read the summaries until day of then I'm looking on Wikipedia to find out what the epsiode title is so I can find it on youtube.
>> No. 25797
File 130411333586.jpg - (16.01KB , 494x329 , Twilight Snorkle.jpg )
>> No. 25798
If it's high resolution, has no watermarks or commercials in the credits, it's probably from the iTunes version. Two things to note about that:

First, there's about a week lag on the iTunes version after broadcasting. Thus, they won't be getting uploaded anywhere because they're simply not available.

Second, they don't like people giving them away for free what they're trying to sell on iTunes. That's where the YouTube channel shut downs tend to come in.
>> No. 25799
Well that's odd. Good find!
>> No. 25800
Also should the cakes be worried that Pinkie Pie has a hole cut in her floor so she can spy on them?
>> No. 25801
Could've just been a knothole?
>> No. 25802
File 130411378244.png - (195.62KB , 551x363 , TwilightSparkle_08.png )
Actually, that's not quite right. Episodes tend to post on Saturday--early Saturday, even. I've been purchasing episodes regularly since Ep. 20. :)

So they will be available via iTunes tomorrow.
>> No. 25803
File 130411384141.jpg - (290.36KB , 1555x1600 , bear.jpg )
My new favourite character, Harry
>> No. 25804

This face just creeps me out everytime I see it.
>> No. 25805

Honestly, it seems like the "crazy" Pinkie is the real Pinkie, and the hilarious bubbly one is the front, which makes me really sad.

She's like that kid that tells people what they want to hear so she doesn't disappoint people so she won't be reminded of how disappointed she is in herself, except Pinkie makes people happy all the time because she doesn't want to be reminded of how sad she really is.
>> No. 25806
This episode reminded me of salad fingers.

That is all.
>> No. 25807
>> No. 25808

Oh gosh could you please do her slow motion derp eyes moment?
Please oh please oh please.
>> No. 25809
Well that's it. I've fallen in love with Gummy and I have to possess his toy.

Confound these ponies.
>> No. 25810
File 130411440642.png - (51.53KB , 199x177 , groucho pinkie 3.png )
I've heard of talking horses before, but this is ridiculous!
>> No. 25811

Also I think I'll begin tripcoding. :o
>> No. 25812
File 130411448754.png - (51.15KB , 263x187 , groucho pinkie 7.png )
Hey is for horses and apparently are horses
>> No. 25813
File 130411458287.jpg - (33.18KB , 600x375 , watermark.jpg )
The ones I usually watch and screencap are festooned with watermarks. I don't even notice them anymore.
>> No. 25814
File 130411467396.png - (93.44KB , 230x209 , groucho pinkie 2.png )
I shot an alligator on my shoulder once, how it got there i'll never know

I'm loving Groucho Pie! this has ponified my Marx folder signifigantly!
>> No. 25815
File 130411472260.png - (93.44KB , 230x209 , groucho pinkie 2.png )
frakken wolverine AJ!!!!!
>> No. 25816
Top tier episode is top tier.

>> No. 25817
File 130411490941.gif - (8.37KB , 100x100 , 6543258.gif )
OH MAN. i need to wash my hair. right now. i just had the biggest cringe reaction when Rarity dunked her head into the garbage.
>> No. 25818
File 130411496318.gif - (24.37KB , 100x100 , 0050qk8a.gif )
I found this episode funny and highly entertaining. If you did not, then I feel sorry for you.
>> No. 25819
This is going to have so many cappable scenes.
>> No. 25820
File 130411551586.jpg - (22.22KB , 324x333 , 130324100235.jpg )

>Party of One
It's gonna be a doozy referencing this later on
>> No. 25821
File 130411555944.jpg - (33.39KB , 447x336 , angry.jpg )
No doubt. I'm dying here waiting for a 720p or 1080p version so I can get to work.

Pic related, it's mfw asshat.se right now.
>> No. 25822
File 130411557637.gif - (651.68KB , 256x144 , rd_fallsoverlaughing.gif )
Oh man so good.

I almost feel like it was a shoutout to the internet, there were SO MANY golden reaction faces.

>mfw Pinky Pie's glasses popped out of the hay bale.
>> No. 25824
This episode got the most reaction out of me of any of them.

I had to stifle a scream, when Pinkie was revealed to be the bell knocker
And I shouted "noooo" When Rarity dunked her head.
>> No. 25825
As someone who uses abbreviations around here ALL THE TIME, I'm in for a world of hurt.

PoO PoO PoO PoO PoO PoO PoO lololololololololololololololololol
>> No. 25827
are you talking about when she was talking to the rocks and she says "there not so bad" if so ill try that later tonight [?]
>> No. 25828
Yes the ending was totally predictable, but the only thing funnier than angry Pinkie Pie is insanely depressed Pinkie Pie.
>> No. 25829
Pinky should take some notes from Party Cat.

>> No. 25830
after a hard day i have finally seen this episode
and is made my day =D

Pinkie is totally insane
>> No. 25831
File 130411716098.gif - (784.06KB , 427x435 , Fluttershy Happy.gif )
Wow. I didn't know what to expect from this episode, but it really surprised me.
This is probably now one of my favourites.
>> No. 25832

Yeah, the plot was predicable, but really, the real magic is in the execution. And the gags were top-notch. :D
>> No. 25833
"you know how it goes"
>> No. 25834
File 130411766837.jpg - (9.62KB , 254x206 , FEATURED.jpg )
>> No. 25835

god i loved that
>> No. 25836
File 130411800597.gif - (237.91KB , 200x200 , 1300050993308.gif )
Pardon a shy and drunk Finnish pony who comes in at 1:57 local time and asks for links to watch the newest episode. I repeat, I beg your pardon.Please, I am in need of this right now.
>> No. 25837

This is the current highest quality upload of the episode. There are higher quality uploads on their way I assume.
>> No. 25838
File 130411816906.jpg - (72.03KB , 824x383 , 985452.jpg )
I'd be worried if Pinky DID actually go crazy and load up her blastoise suit with diamond shards
>> No. 25839
File 130411818933.jpg - (14.14KB , 479x246 , ScreenShot002.jpg )
I've got my eyes on you, AJ...
>> No. 25840
File 130411829134.gif - (288.80KB , 480x410 , 129978234415.gif )
And yes, I am aware of the fact taht Masterlinx got phillied up the ass, that is the main reason I am asking for handouts.
>> No. 25841

Not HD quality, and this link's version will be deleted within the half hour as the poster states in the annotation (possibly because of newer HD version, can't say for sure)
>> No. 25842
File 130411840011.png - (30.64KB , 945x945 , 130223421168.png )
Bah, you beat me to it
>> No. 25843
File 130411843454.gif - (14.54KB , 150x150 , What.gif )
I thank thee, I thank thee kindly. You, my valiant stallion, hvae made my day
>> No. 25844

Thats correct, HD is being upped soon.
>> No. 25845
Slick moves!
>> No. 25846
at the start, why did it seem that the ponies were sorta cringing with Gummy's actual birthday party?
why do you always throw the best partie's pinky pie?
>> No. 25847
File 130411877371.jpg - (24.85KB , 540x199 , 987455.jpg )
does anyone else think it weird that
rainbowdash came to visit pinky pie through a weird door/window on the second story floor?
>> No. 25848
Slightly better version now on Youtube:


It's not really HD and the audio is kinda screwy but better than the other Youtube upload. He says he's reuploading a fixed version by 7:30 EST too :I
>> No. 25849
File 130411892698.png - (138.54KB , 700x700 , 130340263594.png )
Balcony or something and RD can fly, possibly.
>> No. 25850
File 130411896217.jpg - (32.96KB , 427x582 , 1303132198388.jpg )
Gahh, I meant to thank YOU, not myself. I truly suck tonight. But hopefully, I`ll dream of you....
>> No. 25851
File 130411897705.jpg - (378.39KB , 540x4008 , derp.jpg )
Will you be updating this with newer episodes?
>> No. 25852
Anyone find it funny that Pinkie is initially more suspicious of Rarity, Applejack, and Twilight's excuses than Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy's?
>> No. 25853

Why would you watch ponies drunk dude? although I guess thats says a lot about the Finns, man enough to get wasted, and still comfortable to watch ponies :D SUOMI ON PARAS MAA
>> No. 25854
File 130411904981.png - (26.36KB , 945x945 , 130289106581.png )
I think I may be in a bit of a minority here. For me, I actually liked the previous episode better. Maybe it's because I'm not a huge fan of Pinkie Pie. I'll say that I do think that this episode was great in terms of humor and reaction shots. There's no doubt about that. The plot just didn't strike as strong of a chord with me. I've only seen it once, of course, so perhaps it will grow on me with time. I wasn't a big fan of Suited For Success at the beginning, but with time I really began to like that episode too.
>> No. 25855
File 130411957291.jpg - (5.39KB , 376x250 , ScreenShot003.jpg )
You are never safe from HER...
>> No. 25856
File 130411977292.jpg - (10.28KB , 480x241 , ScreenShot004.jpg )
she stares into your soul...
>> No. 25857
So this episode is awesome because it aired today. Today is my birthday. In the episode, it was Pinkie Pie's birthday. This means we have the same birthday. I am exhilarated! XD
>> No. 25858
File 130411995188.gif - (883.32KB , 400x225 , applejackstake.gif )
A'hm just gonna look at this here stake.
>> No. 25859
Aw, man, they played that "searching for cutie marks" song in this ep...does anyone have a clean version of it? I LOVE it!
>> No. 25860
Okay...insane Pinkamina? AWESOME!

Admittedly though this episode makes me look more at the mane cast as completely codependent on each other rather than just friends.

Which means Twilight's first episode comment about all the ponies in the town being crazy may hold more truth than she may realize. ;-)

Maybe Ponyville is a free-range insane asylum and Celestia sent Twilight there because she was losing it. Er...sorry...attack of the grimdark.
>> No. 25861
File 130412054180.jpg - (41.24KB , 422x423 , 1300116526916.jpg )
Voi Helvetin perkele, how awesome was this episode?! Pinkie being my favourite character, I was purely awestruck at her secondary characteristics and HAIRDO. VOI VITUN JEESUKSEN PERKELE, It was a mix of Fluttershy and Rarity, and I bloody LOVED it. LOVED IT!
>> No. 25862
File 130412059912.png - (168.37KB , 640x360 , 130129106822.png )
well.. then HAPPY BIRTHDAY brony!!!
this calls for a party!
>> No. 25863
File 130412073594.png - (50.59KB , 350x208 , pinkie-cry.png )
Pretty fun episode

Straight-haired Insane Pinkie was a fine mix of scary and funny, and I loved the scene with Pinkie following her friends in Groucho glasses.

And is it me, or is Pinkie a dangerous mix of clueless and credulous? Poor girl was quick to assume her friends were avoiding her because they didn't want to go to any more of her parties, and took it at face value when Spike "confirmed" her suspicions just so she'd stop giving him the third degree.
>> No. 25864
File 130412084238.jpg - (17.99KB , 602x323 , holyshit.jpg )
I just realized.

The entire scene where pinkie pie loses her mind is a homage to a specific episode of Ren and Stimpy called "Hermit Ren" where Ren goes delusional when confined inside a cave without friends. He even starts talking to a group of inanimate object (rocks, stalagmites, a mummified bugman, etc.).

It's official, I am creeped the fuck out.
>> No. 25865
File 130412090468.png - (38.31KB , 167x131 , fluttershy-odd-face.png )
one of the best faces this episode, IMO.
>> No. 25867
File 130412111873.png - (38.31KB , 167x131 , fluttershy-odd-face.png )
image derp D:<
>> No. 25868
Image derp'd, me thinks
>> No. 25869
Anyone who is sensitive and very social would get upset if they were being ignored. She thrives on being around her friends and loses her lustre when they're gone.
>> No. 25870
Nay, as a being of a logical mindset and conduct, I have to disagree.There are beings, such as myself, who are so cynical regarging regular lifeforms, that whatever may the common pony think, WE give not a philly. We just act as our insticts command, We do as our peers command, We are not "one with the flock" as the others are. We are just CONTENT as we are, and wish no change. I have no idea how this flooding of a mindset has anything to do with your comment, but this is what came into my mind when I read your post.
No hate,
love is a lifetime,
>> No. 25871
File 130412171934.jpg - (18.41KB , 505x264 , in attendance.jpg )
lol ur getting derped

this is fosho one of the best episodes for screen caps

i was there!!!! XD
>> No. 25872
Oh yeah, anyone interested in gp5 tabs of Pony removal? My bandmate made one when he heard me listen to it. I may upload it if I suddenly gain the knowledge at how to do so.
>> No. 25873
File 130412238101.png - (388.44KB , 627x477 , 129736460773.png )
why don't you upload to mediafire?
>> No. 25874
Im pretty sure everyone is scared of pinkie pie now
>> No. 25875
File 130412277226.jpg - (32.95KB , 556x467 , 130247487260.jpg )
>> No. 25876
Thanks mate, Im not in the sharpest set of tools right now.
Imcomplete gp5 tab of pony removal, the missing part is the highrise in the end. I`m only posting this `cause I`m drunk, so enjoy if you like.
>> No. 25877
Hmm, this episode...

Lol, crazy Pinkie Pie will forever be in my nightmares.
Also, this episode will also send my recently converted brony friend into mindfuck mode. I told him Pinkie Pie once looked a lot more emo than crazy when she was a filly and he was shocked. When I tell him this episode she got "emo" again and started to make friends with rocks and flour bags, he will totally FREAK.
>> No. 25878

Newer version
>> No. 25879
Holy shit. New favorite episode. That is all.
>> No. 25880
File 130412298522.jpg - (70.96KB , 675x1100 , Mac MFW.jpg )
>> No. 25881

Yesss! Finally I can watch it!
>> No. 25882
You guys ruining your own fun by reading the synopsis and mulling over the predictable plot for 2 and a half weeks are a bunch of fuddy-duddies. Cut it out.
>> No. 25883
File 130412322357.jpg - (19.04KB , 489x342 , rarnopony.jpg )
I totally screamed too when she dunked her head in. "Rarity nooooo!!!"
Nopony should have to go to such limits.
>> No. 25884
After this episode, I totally adore her even MORE! A top tier pony indeed.
>> No. 25885
File 130412332362.png - (206.40KB , 969x712 , pinkazoid.png )
EP25 Rating


- Pinkie Getting Pooped singing!
- Spike love!
- Adorable Pinkamena hair!
- Crazy Pinkie is kewl
- Good to know that Pinkie Pie's got teeth and isn't just a one trick party pony.

Rarity was a little rude for my taste
Foregone Conclusion: It was pretty obvious why they were all avoiding Pinkie

Overall, I give it a solid A! It was good to see Pinkie's character fleshed out a bit more and my love of Spike is steadily increasing.

Personal Pony Rankings after EP25

1) Twilight Sparkle
2) Rarity (Rotten Apple Core Rant; come on!)
3) Pinkie
4) Dash
5) Applejack
6) Fluttershy
>> No. 25886
best so far
>> No. 25887
File 130412357608.jpg - (19.66KB , 360x265 , 1302402605882.jpg )
thanks for the file, i'll try it out when i get home (posting from laptop)
>> No. 25888
File 130412382389.jpg - (45.58KB , 600x375 , what.jpg )
>> No. 25889
At this point, I think Spike is one tough dragon. If I was in his position when pinkie got mad and yelled...I would have been crying.
>> No. 25890
File 130412438951.gif - (1.49MB , 320x240 , pinkie death stare.gif )

i did 3 more doubt ill do anymore

>> No. 25891
File 130412442829.gif - (1.51MB , 320x240 , pinkie hair death.gif )
>> No. 25892
File 130412445925.gif - (1.19MB , 320x240 , pinkie so crazy.gif )
>> No. 25893
>> No. 25894
File 130412458317.jpg - (27.47KB , 303x235 , secret.jpg )
I enjoyed this episode.
Definately one of the better sources for reaction images.
>> No. 25895
The group of us watching had an idea...
>> No. 25896
File 130412488398.jpg - (37.97KB , 608x302 , ODLPinkie.jpg )
...image derp.
>> No. 25897
Finally got to watch it and all I can say is "what the hell did I just watch". It was funny but...yeah strange
>> No. 25898
File 130412490585.png - (25.82KB , 125x123 , 130066899278.png )
I still like Fluttershy a lot and I can't say I dislike any character in the show (except for Snips and Snails, the greasy little half-wits), but she's nowhere near my favorite.
>> No. 25899
File 130412561551.png - (79.06KB , 504x310 , pinkietolls.png )
Having fun with screencaps!
>> No. 25900
File 130412579202.png - (173.45KB , 600x298 , spongepie.png )
This was all I could think about.
>> No. 25901
Knowing R&S, THAT was probably an homage to something from even earlier.
>> No. 25902
File 130412697497.jpg - (57.11KB , 567x312 , haters (2).jpg )
Spoiler ahead

So Pinkie's Song right at the beginning got me a big smile for the first half of this Episode.

But manic Pinkie afterwards was terrifying!
Like screaming for references to cupcakes fic.
Then again i liked how the characters reacted with each other in this Ep, those spare 22 minutes weren't wasted.

It was rather disturbing, but overall a very good Ep, especially in comparsion to Ep24. :3
>> No. 25903
Batshit crazy Pinkie and her race with Rainbow Dash was amazing. And Dashy arguing with the pile of rocks, awesome.
>> No. 25904
This episode was absolutely perfect in every way
>> No. 25905
The scene at the first party went on too long

Other than that I thought it was a lot of fun.
>> No. 25906
File 130412830026.png - (129.71KB , 506x471 , 130411888256.png )
Did anypony else's Pinkie folder suddenly explode after this episode?

Poor Pinkie, everypony thinks you're crazy, but I can see you're just playing around to avoid feeling the sadness and hurt.
Also, love the Pinkamena hairstyle! Hoping Rarity encourages her to keep it for the next episode.
>> No. 25907
awaiting a 720p+ hd dump of newest episode. Must complete my collection
>> No. 25908
File 130412909273.jpg - (34.49KB , 700x753 , 1303084441370.jpg )
Great Episode, also can someone list the tiers (preferably with episodes as an example)
>> No. 25909
i loooove you.

also, thirty seconds in, know it's gonna be great
>> No. 25910
File 130412970237.png - (522.74KB , 1036x2212 , episodes.png )
My own personal tier list.

It also doubles as the correct tier list for people who have good taste.

Nah, just kidding. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. Even though all opinions are inferior to mine. Ha ha, just kidding. No but seriously I'm right about which episodes are good and which aren't. I might be wrong though. But that's unlikely.
>> No. 25911
File 130412980090.jpg - (279.91KB , 1001x557 , I say.jpg )
>> No. 25912
Youtube embed play button
  Pinkie wants to party all the time!
>> No. 25913
File 130413047626.jpg - (8.56KB , 293x434 , 130327233103.jpg )

You know you're crazy for a show when you begin to love the character of its rocks.
>> No. 25914
Holy shit, Pinkie. I don't like it when she's genuinely upset and angry. This is a side to the pony I don't want to see.

Also, Rarity dunking her head in a pile of rubbish is extremely un-rarity like

She won't get her hooves muddy to get out of a storm, but she'll shove her face into garbage to avoid a party?
>> No. 25915

Ok... I made a mistake and read "Cupcakes" that was linked earlier in the thread...

>> No. 25916
Read "Rocket to Insanity"... actually... don't.

(If you ask, is like an inverse Cupcakes... BUT BETTER! and sadder...)
>> No. 25917
File 130413120173.jpg - (26.18KB , 376x250 , pinkiespy.jpg )
This episode is so full of spies!
>> No. 25918
File 130413167101.png - (344.56KB , 585x336 , 1303086761946.png )
I'd switch the pilot with Griffon Brush off and a bird in the hoof and winter wrap up, but pretty good analysis
>> No. 25919

Son of a bitch.
>> No. 25920
File 130413228729.jpg - (33.62KB , 293x434 , SpiffyRock.jpg )
>> No. 25921
File 130413229299.png - (197.12KB , 640x480 , horse.png )
I'm a horse.
>> No. 25922
She wasn't "avoiding a party". She was protecting the secret all the rest of the cast was planning for a long time.
>> No. 25923
File 130413269793.jpg - (50.42KB , 425x402 , Remember.jpg )

I noticed that on the third (yes, third) time I watched the episode. Good observation, brony.
>> No. 25924

Still, she couldn't think up anything better?
>> No. 25925



Let's just pretend like I quoted that right the first time.
>> No. 25926
Ok see when you put it like that I see what you mean. Where as before when I kept reading about a Ren & Stimpy homage I was thinking like Gritty Kitty or "No sir I don't like it" Horse, hell even Muddy mud Skipper might have made some sort of cameo shot or w/e.
But now I see you meant the art style being a Ren & Stimpy homage. Now excuse while I go Derp myself lol.
>> No. 25927
Youtube embed play button
  When Rarity dunked her head in the trash, I laughed.
When Pinkie Pie was hiding in the bell, I lol'd
But when Pinkie Pie straight up snapped and began hallucinating that a pile of rocks was talking to her.... well, all I could think about was this song.
>> No. 25928
File 130413387580.jpg - (12.21KB , 596x387 , RockFamily.jpg )
rocks can talk
>> No. 25929
When will this be on itunes?!
>> No. 25930
When the bucket of turnips says it's okay.
>> No. 25931
Seems like Studio B read Cupcakes.docx.
>> No. 25932
finally caught today's ep. I have to say this might be my new fav episode. The only episodes in my mind that are at this level of awesome are a "Bird in the Hoof" and "Bridal Gossip".
I wanted to hug poor Pinkie today. But sparkling Celestia she was going so crazy and then I wondered just how a child would react to that. I mean if I were like 4 and watching her talking to rocks and slowly getting darker I probably would have been crying to my mom about how Pinkie Pie is scaring me. Seriously, forget petrified Twilight. That is no where near as disturbing as mentally broken Pinkie Pie
>> No. 25933
File 130413485658.gif - (763.48KB , 640x540 , 1298164313355.gif )
No, not the turnips!
>> No. 25934
When will there be an HD upload?
>> No. 25935
File 130413521564.png - (92.16KB , 401x397 , pepesparkle.png )
-you will never receive a singing telegram from pinkie pie ;_;
-awesome episode, celestia tier for sure.
-helped flesh out pinkie as a more complete character, similar to what art of the dress did for rarity
-pinkie going wacko managed to be sad and disturbing while still being funny and silly.
>> No. 25936
File 130413531610.jpg - (47.03KB , 448x553 , 45454545.jpg )
>> No. 25937
File 130413533763.jpg - (17.31KB , 470x266 , pinkiepieinterrogation.jpg )
>> No. 25938
File 130413564997.jpg - (55.30KB , 403x481 , 129998948827.jpg )
Good Christ Almighty.

I've said it since the very first time she started teleporting around the world to catch Rainbow dash, she's a dark netherhorror. She can go faster than Rainbow dash at will, morph into inanimate objects, and her flesh physically darkens when she becomes enraged.

Someone please get some fucking Holy Water before its too late.
>> No. 25939
Dear Princess Celestia,
I am writing to you with the power of my mind. I'm at an awesome party and you're not invited.
>> No. 25940
The words of the turnip bucket are final.
>> No. 25941
File 130413615196.png - (119.22KB , 387x216 , sneezinggummy.png )
Even his schneezes are graceful.
>> No. 25942
Actually, that'd be me. Sorry to be rude.
>> No. 25943
I got image derped, again.
>> No. 25944
File 130413705520.jpg - (65.33KB , 600x562 , 130271341309.jpg )
Best song ever for Pinkie Pie lol.
>> No. 25945
File 130413796780.png - (50.77KB , 212x192 , 1296509018213-(n1299460520401).png )
I was not ready for this episode! Granted I figured where it was going pretty quick, but i still was not ready for this!
>> No. 25946
>> No. 25947
There's no denying that the ending was predictable, even without the synopsis. However, the ending is just that: at the end. There's still an entire episode to experience leading up to it; this is where the episode gets to surprise me. Boy does it ever.
>> No. 25948
Same. What I enjoyed the most about the episode is that Pinkie scared the shit out of me.
>> No. 25949
holy shit spike was such a boss (not really)

and gummy is adorable

>> No. 25950
Also, anyone notice the large amounts of possible "nope.avi" pics?
>> No. 25951
When this comes out in 1080p my folder is going to explode with reaction images. Twice.
>> No. 25952

Rarity = generosity, right? She'll sacrifice herself if it means doing something for a friend, in this case, making sure that the surprise party goes well. I can image her taking 5 baths afterwards in a panic though :)
>> No. 25953
>> No. 25954
Does someone else think that The straight mane Pinkie could use a "I like girls no more!" caption or something like that? Ya know, after some people (jokingly) stating that pre-rainboom Pinkie was straight.
>> No. 25955
mmmmh, okay, lots of funny in the episode. But really, They should have made her SAD rather than CRAZY. Sad makes her sympathetic. Crazy makes her disturbing---- "wished them into the cornfield" disturbing.
>> No. 25956
Today was my birthday.

So apparently, I share a birthday with Pinkie Pie.

...I'm not sure how to feel about this.
>> No. 25957

a new episode on your birthday, how lucky
>> No. 25958
>> No. 25959
File 130414722395.jpg - (61.04KB , 600x600 , cryingontheinside.jpg )
omg... she went so fucking crazy... I thought she was going to start chopping her friends up and making cupcakes... D:
>> No. 25960
You know what else can be taken from this episode is that since Pinkie's hair straightened out again (and brought out a pile of rocks for her insanity party), that pretty much debunks the theory that she made up her cutie mark story.
>> No. 25961
indeed :|
>> No. 25962

oh my god
pinkie is insane!!!!
>> No. 25963

Psycho Pinkie!
More of Spike crushing on Rarity.
All of the mane cast had a part in it.
Pinkie with straight hair
Pinkie homaging Droopy again by stalking Rainbow Dash


I've seen the "person thinks their friends are blowing them off when really they're planning a surprise party" plotline too many times.

In all I'd probably place it in the second tier.
>> No. 25964
Holy crazymode Pinkie... 0.0 Was not expecting that. Was both creepy and cool at the same time.

Seeing Pinkie with straight hair was kinda cool.

Also, Gummy is awesome. No spoiler there cause you already know.
>> No. 25965
File 130415105622.png - (223.24KB , 638x322 , ppwts_02501.png )
Man, I missed this show, but now I'm finally caught up.

In a non-Y-rated universe, that Rage-mode Pinkie might have killed someone and the body would turn up ten years later. She's downright diabolical. o_o
>> No. 25966

This is beautiful. I'm so doing this.
>> No. 25967

Absolutely. [b]I was sorta unsure whether that story was true or not, this proves it[b]
>> No. 25968
Fail on my part, sorry bronies.
>> No. 25969
File 130415261878.png - (168.37KB , 640x360 , 130006555084.png )
>> No. 25970
File 130415399498.png - (66.49KB , 304x196 , solid_pie.png )
Oh, snap, Solid Pie! You've been discovered!
>> No. 25971
File 130415406920.png - (66.49KB , 304x196 , solid_pie.png )
Derped. One more time.
>> No. 25972
File 130415440035.jpg - (43.99KB , 319x320 , jackbauer.jpg )
>> No. 25973
Stasi-Pinkie? Cool.
The episode itself was awesome, too.
But after seeing this, I don't wonder anymore, that somepony can find pinkie a bit scary...
>> No. 25974
File 130415507707.jpg - (38.66KB , 875x626 , shout out.jpg )
Guys! a SHOUT OUT!!!! to our fan art!!!
>> No. 25975

What are you talking about? I don't see any-

>> No. 25976
You know what the really scary thing is? I think this episode has actually made me... *gulp* understand Pinkie Pie.

No, no, hear me out:

Pinkie's origin story might not be completely true (we do now know she actually gets delusional when she cracks up) but there's definitely a kernel of truth in it. She certainly had a horrible, lonely childhood (perhaps even worse than what we saw, or what we saw might be accurate), until she saw the Sonic Rainboom, and its unexpected beauty taught her to smile and drove her to party, be wacky, and go out and find friends; her true nature, the thing that makes her special, hence: cutie mark.

Now, Pinkie Pie needs her friends. No: Pinkie Pie desperately needs friends. (And a massive hug. *sniffles*)

You see, when she gets lonely, it takes her back to where she was before. She can't get like that again; she simply can't. She'd fall apart. She'd throw parties with inanimate objects in a desperate attempt to rekindle what she needed, and had, and lost. She'd become a crazy cat lady: give her time. (Actually Cupcakes does not seem like an impossible stretch now: she actually is the kind who could snap in her despair; but she doesn't want that, and it's definitely not happened yet!)

Pinkie Pie therefore cannot be lonely. She needs friendship so desperately that she at least knows everypony (and I mean everypony) in Ponyville. To the extent that if a completely new pony canters into town she's never seen before, and I'm going to highlight this bit, because this actually gives us one of the biggest clues into the logic leaps that Pinkie Pie's brain makes:
>PINKIE PIE: That's silly! What kind of welcome party would this be if it were quiet? I mean, duh, boring! You see, I saw you when you first got here, remember? You were all, "hello", and I was all, (GASP)-- remember? You see I never saw you before; and if I never saw you before that means you're new ('cause I know everypony, and I mean everypony in Ponyville); and if you're new, it means you haven't met anyone yet; and if you haven't met anyone yet, you must not have any friends; and if you don't have any friends you must be lonely, and that made me so sad; and I had an idea, and that's why I went-- (GASP)

One of the first things she's ever said to her new friend, and she's actually admitted right there in the middle of the sentence without noticing it that she used to be lonely and sad. Bless her. The thought of losing her friends (FOOOR-EEEEV-EEEER!) is primally terrifying for the poor pink pony: it'd make her lonely again, and that made her so sad she worries so much about how she'd feel and what she might do. She can't be lonely ever again; so she went out and made friends, and threw parties all the time, and (quite honestly) went completely over the top fruitloop about it (but hey, that's Pinkie!). She needs the attention to stave off the loneliness. Being ignored scares her because it makes her lonely. She's actually pretty paranoid about even the possibility of losing her friends, because she needs them so very much (which, uh, we've seen in this episode; it's not a constructive thing!).

Pinkie's cutie mark is balloons. You see, the thing about balloons is that on their own, they're deflated. They need something to fill them; then they become a pretty, floaty party icon, bringing joy to everypony around them. With a balloon, that's helium. With Pinkie, that's the love, kindness and affection of her friends. Without it, they'd just deflate again, and they're actually kind of delicate and easy to pop. She needs friends around her to keep her puffed up (see also: the hair); and she's so happy that she has friends who love her very much that she's a bouncy maniac of a party machine who wants to share that love and make the world smile with her.

Actually, the moral of this episode really resonates with me, and it really is a lesson Pinkie does need to learn about friendship: you don't need to worry that real friends will abandon you. They won't, because they're real friends. It's OK to trust them, and it's OK to trust yourself to them, because they will be there for you.

Big hugs for you Pinkie, from one little paranoid party pony to another!

>> No. 25977
This afternoon? As in, THIS AFTERNOON this afternoon?
>> No. 25978

Now I has a sad *give Pinkie Pie a hug*
>> No. 25979
File 130415898379.png - (291.42KB , 633x360 , Pinkie Pie has lost it.png )
How many of you instantly capped this as soon as you saw it? Because that was my first reaction
>> No. 25980
File 130416116423.png - (227.49KB , 558x300 , pinkie_burning.png )
>> No. 25981
File 130416247900.gif - (35.35KB , 100x100 , 0052wscx.gif )
Anypony thougt about having the events of this episode not with ponys but with humans? *hrr* D:
>> No. 25982
File 130416331569.png - (370.39KB , 635x346 , cc03.png )
YouTube CC are awesome.
"Without god~" That explains so much.
>> No. 25983
File 130416337857.png - (217.59KB , 638x347 , cc01.png )
Who is this "highways bridges Albert" Spike talks about? A mystery!
>> No. 25984
Pinkie Pie centered episode YAY!

I'm really loving Derpy Pie. Altho it was kinda sad there for a little while, because, ya know...sad Pinkie is sad

all in all my body was't ready for such awesumnes
>> No. 25985
File 130416490789.png - (521.13KB , 825x628 , segue.png )
This was truly a horrifying episode until the ending made everything good again...
If I ever wanted to make somepony kill themselves, I'd have them watch this episode, pause it when Rainbow Dash enters the door, and then make them read Cupcakes.
>> No. 25986
File 130416533602.jpg - (31.30KB , 600x341 , mindblownpinkamena.jpg )
It all makes sense now!
>> No. 25987
Am I the only pony who thinks that Pinky does look really cute with straight hair? <3
>> No. 25988
File 130416687591.png - (80.70KB , 230x268 , 130056955996.png )

I got diabetes when I saw her with straight hair!
>> No. 25989
best fucking episode ever
>> No. 25990
File 130416704190.gif - (1.66MB , 400x363 , horrified-rarity.gif )
>It's Saturday

>still no high-rez ep 25 anywhere

>why did I even bother getting out of bed
>> No. 25991
I hear ya bro...

HQ Rip anypony?
>> No. 25992
Some shithead on /co/ is posting pics from a HD rip he got on Usenet. Naturally he's not uploading it or torrenting it for the rest of us :/
>> No. 25993

Link to thread mkay
>> No. 25994
>> No. 25995
Well, it's 2.5GB. I can't blame him for not wanting to up it.
>> No. 25996
Youtube embed play button
  Hey bronies I have a a high quality version of A party for one up on youtube. Sorry it took so long, chrome derped out on me while I was uploading. Anyway enjoy
>> No. 25997
Sorry another drawback of my derped browser.. Part two is about 7 minutes away from being uploaded. My apologies once again. I'll put part two in an annotation as soon as possible.
>> No. 25998
File 130416924188.jpg - (34.51KB , 470x264 , FOREVERRRR.jpg )
>> No. 25999
Youtube embed play button
  Part 2 is done processing. I will post it in an annotation too.
>> No. 26000
YAY! Thank you very much! Great Episode!
>> No. 26001

Looks like the iTunes version, both due to colours and the fact that there are no watermarks. Why is it encoded for 1080p when they're only 720p?
>> No. 26002
I just noticed Twilight Sparkle writes to Celestia FROM the party.
>> No. 26003
Just used a recorder so the thing apparently says it in 1080p? And yeah it is the iTunes version, don't have the Hub here so I end up buying the episodes on iTunes, decided to upload it this time.
>> No. 26005
D/L and combining now....

If anypony wants I can put it on Megaupload, although I think that his original would be better.
>> No. 26006
File 130417225808.jpg - (76.00KB , 440x348 , thor_loki.jpg )

You're very welcome, Pinkie Pie...

...my favorite Worshipper.
>> No. 26007

Woah, didn't even see that!

Thanks man!
>> No. 26008
File 130417238699.png - (30.60KB , 455x404 , FUCK THIS NOISE.png )

I take it back >.>
>> No. 26009
File 130417253107.png - (50.59KB , 350x208 , 130123864796.png )
well that shitty.. sorry
any filehost (not megaupload) you would recommend?
i can upload with 4 Mbit to RS, NL but only 200 Kbit to megaupload
>> No. 26010

Wow, this video stutters pretty badly
>> No. 26011

Eh... I'm uploading the combined vidya to Megaupload now, only 720p :'( (for some reason I'm getting ~500kb/s and my upload speed has never been good.) Also trying Mediafire.

It works fine for me... maybe it's your computer?
>> No. 26012

Can't be, all 24 other hd episodes play completely fluidly
>> No. 26013

well it's not the same one.. and it was only meant for a replacement until ETP uploads his
>> No. 26014

Actually the file size is literally 17 mb too large to upload on Mediafire. Screw.
>> No. 26015
gotta go.. work calls
hope toy find a solution
>> No. 26016

Also, not doubting you, but I don't think you could have watched the one Raindrop posted, as premium download time was still 19 minutes...

Halfway done on MU
>> No. 26018
File 130417354406.png - (33.11KB , 786x494 , eh.png )

It downloaded at 2.5 mb per second for me...
>> No. 26019
Strange, I'm using a free account on RS and downloading at 1MB/s
>> No. 26020

Maybe it is just me. Either way, I got something up on MegaUpload :P

>> No. 26021
File 130417391040.jpg - (76.89KB , 943x943 , 1301258299449.jpg )

>>mfw they lied

I'm getting ~2mb/s on a free. Disregard me, I am an idiot.
>> No. 26022
File 130417393824.png - (52.64KB , 373x354 , pinkietoast.png )
bumpin for megaupload
>> No. 26023
>> No. 26024
File 130417432712.jpg - (32.89KB , 600x375 , 130299925892.jpg )

Same here. Not a problem with playback until this EP. Mh.
>> No. 26025
48FPS (Jerks like crazy)
MP3 Stereo
Looks like block-o-vision. Most definitely an upscale.

This has idiot encoder/faker written all over it.

I will wait for ETP.

>> No. 26026
which version did you D/L?
>> No. 26027
Ah well, you posted faster than me :3

So is this the version you got from /co/?

Not sure if i'm instead gonna wait in the megaupload thread below...
>> No. 26028
File 130417487930.png - (180.08KB , 684x649 , 130263425703.png )
Agreed. Episode plays back like a TOOTing parkinson syndrome.
>> No. 26029
>> No. 26030
File 130417493753.png - (170.73KB , 898x898 , 130374471163.png )
The Rapid Share one that was posted.
>> No. 26031
Is it the same file from the RS one or you uploaded your own version?
>> No. 26032
File 130417596471.jpg - (75.96KB , 625x501 , 2bg9.jpg )
My personal favorite scene.
>> No. 26033

I D/L it from
and muxed it.

Opened up the version I have (the one from Youtube I muxed) with MKVinfo, and I have ~30 fps and AAC audio...
>> No. 26034

Could you make a .gif from S1E25 ca~ 3m00s to ca~3.m10s?

I need this for a "This is now a Pinky Pie Thread" Macro gif

>> No. 26035
I found a new meaning for that crazy forever alone party pinkie pie did.

Well it looked like was some kind of tea party with dolls that usually girls do. This shows to little girls how unhealthy is to do these things instead of being with friends.
>> No. 26036
File 130417779180.gif - (296.70KB , 380x430 , lookinggoodspike.gif )
The moment I saw this, I had to make it into an animated gif.

Damn, that Spike is one smooth guy.
>> No. 26037
File 130417893497.jpg - (250.87KB , 700x878 , pinkamena_diane_pie_by_cgeta-d3e8i4k.jpg )

That's a very good analysis. It makes sense.
>> No. 26038
File 130418044377.jpg - (287.21KB , 857x860 , 1695 - happy letter luna.jpg )
Hello my friend, my name is LOGOS.

I would like to ask you to kindly post your analysis in my thread for it's immortalization so others can come and appreciate the thought you put behind it.

I have the intention of keeping my Journal alive till the show gets canceled, so your ideas would remain there far longer than here.

Feel free to post it or not, although I rather you did.
>> No. 26039

This thread. Good stuff in here. It would do you all some good to read everything in there when you have the time. (If you're interested in over-analysis.)
>> No. 26040
File 130418287630.jpg - (716.16KB , 939x799 , twilight yes yes yes yes.jpg )

I love you, brony.
>> No. 26041
File 130418343072.jpg - (59.93KB , 1280x800 , see you later.jpg )
See you later~

I lol'd so hard at this part~
>> No. 26042
Just curious, but did anyone make any gifs of Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy at:
Just loved this moment and was curious
>> No. 26043
File 130418859726.jpg - (111.17KB , 497x495 , 129929269196.jpg )

>Collect Volleyball
>Play Seashells

This gif needs to exist now.
>> No. 26044
File 130419188572.jpg - (135.81KB , 600x465 , COLLECT VOLLEYBALLS.jpg )
Not a gif but... don't see why it should be.
>> No. 26045
File 130419277496.jpg - (87.46KB , 640x777 , interesting.jpg )
Oh don't mind me. Just muddling issues with my fancy mathematics.

Given: The events of Sonic Rainboom and Party of One

Prove: Pinkie Pie is fast enough to perform a Sonic Rainboom.

1. Rainbow Dash is fast enough to perform a Sonic Rainboom.
(Sonic Rainboom)

2. Pinkie Pie can outrun Rainbow Dash.
(Party of One)

3. Pinkie Pie is fast enough to perform a Sonic Rainboom.
(Transitive Property of Inequestriality)
>> No. 26046
But Raindow Dash didn't do a Sonic Rainboom in this episode, and so she must not have been going at her top speed
>> No. 26047
File 130419359802.png - (82.42KB , 356x360 , solidsnakekillingapony.png )
Griffon the Brush Off also provides evidence towards the "Pinkie is Faster than Rainbow Dash" claim.
>> No. 26048
File 130419362744.png - (1.44MB , 1920x1200 , 8208 - pinkie_pie portal.png )
I was just discussing this with my wife. We don't actually see Pinkie Pie moving. She's just quite skilled at folding time and space. Where Dash is very fast, for all we know Pinkie steps through a portal. :D

Which makes, sense, really, as long as we're talking about Portal. The cake is a lie because Pinkie ate it all. Silly pony!
>> No. 26049
yeah that's right, also the only two times we've seen RD perform a sonic rainboom she was flying down and gravity may have helped her to gain more speed.
>> No. 26050
File 130419500622.png - (6.92KB , 299x276 , 130123708150.png )
The cake is a lie because Pinkie ate it all. Silly pony!
Priceless! :P
>> No. 26052
rainbow had a bag, she couldn't go at very high speed.
>> No. 26053

I'd also like to point out that just because Rainbow Dash can travel at supersonic speeds does not mean she ALWAYS travels at said supersonic speeds.

Case in point, my car can max out at 140 MPH. However, if I were to always do 140 MPH, I'd likely get ticketed, among other things. So I don't always go 140 MPH.
>> No. 26054
File 130419743209.jpg - (510.17KB , 1680x1050 , cupcakes_is_canon.jpg )
Cupcakes is canon screencap
>> No. 26055
This is pretty much the best episode of the season imo
>> No. 26056
Im going to find better screencap for it.
>> No. 26057
File 130419821687.png - (174.59KB , 640x360 , 1288177950655.png )
I loved this episode.

Took some guts making Pinkie creepy, and it was a good angle. It supplemented the moral of the episode much better than if it were downplayed. (I'm sure anyone can imagine how flat the episode would've fallen in that case)
And it was balanced out by how sympathetic Pinkie was.

Great character deconstruction. Great episode.
>> No. 26058
File 130419827910.jpg - (31.69KB , 600x339 , 130013125895.jpg )
just to make sure im making the right gif are you talking about when she is dancing with fluttershy and twilight ...even if it isnt im doing it anyway
>> No. 26059
File 130419865475.gif - (634.94KB , 500x343 , pinkie.gif )
>> No. 26060
I'm working on cupcakes vertical screencap right now.
>> No. 26061
>> No. 26062
File 130420105871.png - (39.57KB , 256x256 , pinkiespray-(n1293743465085).png )
well pinkie pie is by far my favorite pony and this episode was great i do feel sad for pinkie if she fears loliness that much (though it is undestandable considering her childhood) , anyways great episode (perhaps the best so far this season) cant wait for season finale
>> No. 26064
File 130420197610.gif - (577.82KB , 320x240 , WORK IT.gif )

ive got 3 more
having computer trouble gonna take a break before i make the pinkie dancing one

>> No. 26065
File 130420201386.gif - (1.77MB , 320x240 , RAIRT WTF.gif )
>> No. 26066
File 130420214160.gif - (440.89KB , 320x240 , PINK JUMP.gif )

im working on one more and i think im done making gifs for this episode it seems like 14 is enough
>> No. 26067