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2526263 No. 2526263
Well, I’m sure the word is well enough out by now for most of you, but I’ve joined the Marine Corps, and I’m headed off for Boot Camp soon. I’m signed on for a four year tour of active duty, so I don’t know if I’ll ever see or talk to you guys again. I’m an electronic communications mechanic, so odds are I’ll be able to access a computer now and then, but I can’t be sure so I just want to make sure I’ve said this. I’m gonna miss you all, and as part of my goodbye, I’ve written a short blurb on what I’ll miss the most about all of you. I know some of them don’t seem like it, but these are from the heart, so I hope they’ll help you remember me as much as they help me remember you.

It’s been an honor and a privilege meeting and getting to know all of you, and you’ve been a big part of my life. You’ve helped me grow as a person in many areas, and you’ve been there for me when I was down. Thank you, all of you. I’ll never forget you.

(please note. the order listing has nothing to do with how important any one person was to me, this is simply the order in which i was able to think of names. it took me nearly six months to make this and write a blurb for all of you. i never bothered to reorder the names because i love all of you, and couldn’t bring myself to place any one person above the others. you’re all very special to me, and i hope this helps you realize that.)(i’m crying as i type this)

/P/AD [docs.google.com]
The original thread no longer runs the way it used to, but the users will always be in my heart. They taught me much.

Insomniacs [docs.google.com]
I only knew you guys for a short time, but you too touched my heart.

Other /arch/ Users [docs.google.com]
I don’t know where I met some of these people, but /arch/ became my home, and I believe I met them there. They gave me fond memories.
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>> No. 2526264
File 142466654993.jpg - (7.48KB , 224x225 , hug - 137628718108.jpg )
Sorry we never got to speak much Bleeding, but i've been putting a lot of time in my personal things and such, but i do hope to get to know you more as time goes by this last week, or when i hope you come back to us.

It has been great knowing you this time, and hope it continues so.
>> No. 2526265
File 142466687221.png - (131.13KB , 1280x950 , tumblr_nd7me2gQsS1re4zdbo4_1280.png )
Four years is to long man, I wont allow this
but seriously, come back safely friend.
>> No. 2526266
File 142466711282.png - (761.38KB , 900x1200 , 138352501965.png )
I guess I'll have to, then.
>> No. 2526267
File 142466724018.png - (330.39KB , 589x575 , 133036297395.png )
I wish you the absolute best, Raindrops! I will always remember you. You're an invaluable, irreplaceable member of the community, and I hope that wherever you go, you will find only happiness. <3
>> No. 2526268
File 142466757922.png - (107.83KB , 383x364 , 132631859219.png )
Thanks... you
>> No. 2526269
File 142467154419.gif - (29.06KB , 248x249 , salute.gif )
I don't think I've ever talked to you, but nevertheless, take care of yourself man. I don't know what to say, except try not to let them get you down. Do you think you'll be able to watch ponies at all, at least? If nothing else, bring something so you can watch episodes that have already been released?
>> No. 2526270
File 142467193849.png - (286.23KB , 543x623 , fun.png )

We've definitely talked at some point. Was a hella long time ago though. I recall back in 2013 I recognized you. Still have no idea when we met because we've not spoken much since.Maybe it was on /ooc/ I went there when I first created Rainstream.

Oh, I will definitely watch ponies if I can. I'mma pull a Tyrian Lannister on that one
"Be proud of who you are. Wear it on your chest like armour, and no one will ever be able to use it against you."
>> No. 2526271
File 142467229090.jpg - (220.32KB , 1280x1024 , tv_scrubs11.jpg )
That was probably it. I've seen you in /arch/ all the time, I just never really talked that much.
I don't think I ever posted on /ooc/.
by chance, do you remember someone posting as, or did you post as, if I remember correctly, Rainbow Dash with a dark fire-ish halo, or something like that in /rp/ in 2011? That might be it. If that isn't you, I haven't seen that guy since 2011
>"Be proud of who you are. Wear it on your chest like armour, and no one will ever be able to use it against you."
That's a good quote to live by. Considering the stigma though, I imagine it'll be far worse in the Marines, so try not to sperg out too much :P
>best fucking show in the world
close, but no cigar
>pic takes the cake.
>> No. 2526272
File 142467252312.jpg - (74.83KB , 500x351 , tumblr_mqtuk2T3NN1rq1a1mo1_500[1].jpg )
Nah, I came here in the spring of 2012.

>best fucking show in the world

Those two are so okay with how they're so close they look like they're gay, yet they're both trying to be with women at the same time. it's like a beautiful bromance and I love it.
>> No. 2526273
File 142467283584.png - (156.34KB , 334x374 , 1403442130490.png )
Ah, gotcha. Never mind then.
No other show can make me giggle like an idiot, and then less than a minute later, rip out my heart and beat me over the head with a 2x4.
And yeah, those scenes were always great.
"It's guy love, between two guuyyys~
>> No. 2526274
File 142467302943.png - (193.34KB , 1024x1024 , 135030400410.png )
yeah, little bit. See? This is how I know we've met. It's like we've known each other for three years, even though we never spoke during that time
>> No. 2526275
File 142467331010.png - (175.61KB , 253x523 , 140422603447.png )
That's how it is with a lot of the users. Every time I see someone, especially someone I didn't know very well leave, or realize they've disappeared, I always feel a little bad, and wish I had gotten to know them or know them better.
>> No. 2526276
File 142467345826.png - (33.10KB , 250x245 , 257798__safe_pinkie-pie_vector_pinkamena-diane-pie_smile_happy_51198e2da4c72deae0000344_512ee408.png )
mmm. yeah. I often wish I'd met more people. I think that's what Dan was trying to do too
>> No. 2526277
File 142467358986.png - (528.65KB , 801x600 , what's that closeup.png )
Hmm? What do you mean?
>> No. 2526278
File 142467396048.png - (203.36KB , 644x427 , 132631865894.png )
you know, how he shows up in literally every thread ever. at least once. Obviously the guy can't be everywhere at once but he sure tries.
>> No. 2526279
File 142467424555.png - (175.61KB , 253x523 , 140422603447.png )
Oh, I see. I always figured he was just shitposting, that's how he always came off.
>> No. 2526280
File 142467437694.png - (39.72KB , 960x786 , hippie pie.png )
eh, I never got that vibe. He's odd for sure, but that's just the way he is. maybe I just never saw his bad side. who knows. I'd rather remember him that way anyway.
>> No. 2526281
Well ok, he was alright usually, but then he got more and more obnoxious.
>> No. 2526282
I love you too <3
>> No. 2526283
File 142467573194.jpg - (456.33KB , 733x1000 , 132903729739.jpg )
>> No. 2526284
File 142467858430.gif - (119.48KB , 350x350 , 1401895792044.gif )
Alright, I need to get to bed. I'll keep this thread in my watched threads list, so hopefully I'll see you later. Take care m8
>> No. 2526285
File 142467864764.png - (33.10KB , 250x245 , 257798__safe_pinkie-pie_vector_pinkamena-diane-pie_smile_happy_51198e2da4c72deae0000344_512ee408.png )
sleep well
>> No. 2526286
File 142469207329.png - (22.74KB , 125x125 , 142176743155s.png )
you helped me make great friends in the early days of posting on ponychan

i took the ran of the hi thread that is now merged with /oat/ gala thread

you were a great poster and a good friend

so long space cowboy
>> No. 2526288
File 142469323807.gif - (1.23MB , 500x405 , 138151458297.gif )
>> No. 2526289
File 142469343812.png - (128.02KB , 1080x749 , 913.png )
>hugs back

i will miss you but i know that one day we will talk again

come back better and more ponied up
>> No. 2526290
File 142469365111.jpg - (118.06KB , 1024x563 , what are you doing trixie.jpg )
you got it
>> No. 2526291
File 142469397624.png - (42.86KB , 394x398 , 142092880393.png )
i will have so much more trixie when you return

hell i will make a trixie edition just for you of the dirty hi thread
>> No. 2526292
File 142469408588.png - (120.65KB , 560x826 , 133271380076.png )
Best unicorn
>> No. 2526293
File 142469422451.png - (48.59KB , 700x700 , 139974731337.png )
Best poster
>> No. 2526294
File 142469435324.png - (115.89KB , 900x900 , pinkamena_by_velglorth-d4mpfy9.png )
>> No. 2526295
File 142469444211.png - (90.83KB , 350x305 , 134854038815.png )

best poster 10/10: ign

you are ok
>> No. 2526296
File 142469450373.png - (33.10KB , 250x245 , 257798__safe_pinkie-pie_vector_pinkamena-diane-pie_smile_happy_51198e2da4c72deae0000344_512ee408.png )
>> No. 2526297
File 142469462882.gif - (708.85KB , 500x500 , 138442027789.gif )
all the great memories

all the bans i got in the old days of the hi thread
>> No. 2526298
File 142469470748.jpg - (41.51KB , 720x491 , 1512742_1443533742541305_1938938949_n.jpg )
haha yeah
>> No. 2526299
File 142469483737.png - (77.42KB , 330x400 , pinkie_pie_kirby_by_jrk08004-d4r5rd6_png-500x400.png )
so how was /P/AD?

i rarely posted there because of you know, someone had to take in the weirdos from /oat/ gala back in the day
>> No. 2526300
File 142469491212.png - (178.17KB , 512x384 , jack swager.png )
you poor poor son of a bitch. i hope you're ready for the worst three months of your life.

if the DI shows you a picture of a woman and asks you if she looks good, you have no opinion either way.

i dont give a shit who told you to do it, do not buy tampons to polish your boots with.

when you're being taught to shower by numbers your DI will stand in the center of the rain room in nothing but his hat with a shower cap over it. dont laugh at it. i know you're going to want to but don't.

the DIs have the power to shut physics off on your first friday there.

do not shave your head before you go. they will wax you until they find hair.

do not, under any circumstances call your rifle a "gun" or a "firearm" weapon is the only acceptable name for it.

don't use a sir sandwich ever. you will regret it for the next three months.

its not a hat, its a cover.

always volunteer for firewatch.
>> No. 2526301
File 142469531427.png - (276.58KB , 810x456 , 4th pie sister.png )
In a word... familial. /P/AD became my home on the internet. That place where I could run to to relax, talk about problems, or just have a good time. They were my family. I really do miss everyone that doesn't come anymore. They gave me so much, and meant so much to me. I'll never forget any of them.

Of course, also like a family, there were fights, and disputes. Poor communication often leads to misunderstandings, and left unclarified those can create entire rifts between friends. Sometimes people just do silly or dumb things. But we're all family in the end, and I wouldn't give up any of them for anything.

Well, I guess that's not really true. I mean, life is full of sacrifices. You have to learn to give and take, and if I have to give up all of you beautiful people for a while, I guess that's just part of life. But you hang on to those precious moments that you can, and you cherish them close to your heart. Maybe this thread can do that. Save it for me, will you? (maybe we can convince the mods to archive it)
>> No. 2526302
File 142469540436.jpg - (53.59KB , 894x894 , 1901390_718711858153937_1054376637_n.jpg )
SO ready!

Thanks for all of that. I will remember.
>> No. 2526303
File 142469585782.gif - (1.20MB , 512x512 , 142415364461.gif )
i will try my best to save this

sounded like a beautiful time, like me and the hi thread

i hope the marines don't destroy you or maybe you will break the marines and make them all BOW TO THE TRIXIE PINK ONE

>> No. 2526304
File 142469600323.png - (402.13KB , 960x800 , 644479_535474346541489_1182317605_n.png )
I'll be sure to put in a word once I have the proper leverage.
>> No. 2526305
File 142469685098.png - (107.28KB , 1000x414 , 135176291573.png )
america will be a better place with the pink marines
>> No. 2526306
File 142469715366.png - (167.91KB , 805x992 , 133029994874.png )
you should have heard the cadence I had the guys sing the other day

We travel down the road
Joined by a common bond
Sing our song around the world
From America and beyond

There's no place I'd rather be
Than running with my family
Brothers gather round to sing
We're United States Marines

Peas in a pod and thick as thieves
Any cliche you can throw at me
Stick together through thick and thin
We are Marines we are kin

We are Marines together
We're family and so much more
No matter what the weather brings
We are Marines to the core

Last edited at Mon, Feb 23rd, 2015 06:14

>> No. 2526307
>> No. 2526308
File 142469754885.gif - (125.19KB , 350x375 , 137415138839.gif )
that must of been nice but i would of made them all march though tear gas
>> No. 2526309
File 142469790516.jpg - (139.39KB , 900x1275 , 132868162675.jpg )
I'm not in yet. I don't have access to that kind of stuff.
>> No. 2526310
File 142469799736.png - (31.39KB , 455x488 , 134544245196.png )
when you are there please do one thing, just for me

make some hardass troops walk though tear gas naked while being whipped with barbed wire
>> No. 2526311
File 142469807865.png - (95.86KB , 882x906 , wat.png )
... I don't think I'll be able to do that either
>> No. 2526312
File 142469823164.png - (139.99KB , 1100x1000 , 105.png )

then have a piece of cheesecake
>> No. 2526313
you got it
>> No. 2526314
File 142469836282.png - (269.05KB , 504x475 , 50.png )
>> No. 2526315
File 142471876676.jpg - (20.73KB , 285x214 , whatchu_lookin_at_squirrel.jpg )
So I'm shipped in with Thela and he never even actually pulled a move on me?
Wow... How rude of him.
>> No. 2526316
File 142471886982.jpg - (19.38KB , 511x528 , heh.jpg )
Heh. When I wrote that, I really had never seen you two not together
>> No. 2526317
File 142471924676.jpg - (99.44KB , 500x376 , wait_wut_squirrel.jpg )
Yeah, well he seemed to be on HAY 24/7, so I guess it makes sense that he was there whenever I'd come around.
>> No. 2526318
yeah, makes sense I guess.
>> No. 2526319
File 142472175834.gif - (39.92KB , 544x427 , EbonTopaz_PonywiseArt01.gif )
It's a shame we never really got to chat more, Raindrops. You really seem like a great person, and I can tell that you've made many friends here.

I too wish you the best of luck in boot camp, and I hope that you will be okay during these next four years. Make sure to eat well, stay warm, and get a healthy intake of ponies whenever you have the opportunity.
And don't be afraid to pop in again whenever you have a chance to do so! You will always be welcome in /arch/.
>> No. 2526320
File 142472193772.png - (94.26KB , 894x894 , 133253240086.png )
Aww, thanks. Yeah, I would loved to have met more people.

But we do still have a few days. Nice to meet you!
>> No. 2526321
File 142472226794.png - (223.34KB , 419x408 , Pinkie Pie Tears of Joy.png )
Thanks for the kind words, Bleeding. You're awesome. Never forget that.

I wish you all the best on your four year tour.

You come back alive now, ya hear?
>> No. 2526322
File 142472236835.jpg - (41.51KB , 720x491 , 1512742_1443533742541305_1938938949_n.jpg )
>> No. 2526323
Sorry to see you go mate. Hope it's a rewarding experience at least.
>> No. 2526324
File 142472314750.jpg - (81.75KB , 900x684 , 988876_693318930693230_479212461_n.jpg )
what, no excited white pegasus today?
>> No. 2526325
why would I be excited for your departure?
>> No. 2526326
File 142472799630.png - (72.09KB , 903x884 , pinkamena_07062012_by_darth_franny-d56jg3t.png )
fair enough. still, I always liked your surprise pics
>> No. 2526327
File 142472808657.png - (163.64KB , 486x492 , 1294175699088.png )
Best of luck to you and may we meet again some day.
>> No. 2526328
File 142472823554.png - (113.80KB , 385x355 , pinkie_salute_by_metallicadutch-d5gyxqq.png )
>> No. 2526329
File 142473799422.gif - (288.47KB , 342x345 , 134839031074.gif )
>> No. 2526330
File 142474949369.png - (108.56KB , 250x250 , salute.png )
I wish you good luck in the future,Rain!
may it be a good time for you and push you forward.
>> No. 2526331
>don't use a sir sandwich ever. you will regret it for the next three months.
Actually I was instructed yesterday that I have to say sir before and after every response I give to a question down at Boot Camp.
>> No. 2526332
File 142501246284.png - (501.54KB , 3265x3454 , rose_salute_by_dumbrock1-d6i7i3d.png )
I didn't get to be friends with you for very long. Hopefully I'll see you around again sometime. Good luck with whatever happens there. Don't get shot.
>> No. 2526333
File 142513167615.png - (145.23KB , 960x571 , 1148931_500918189984231_515384120_n.png )
I'll try not to
>> No. 2526334
File 142513200454.gif - (161.12KB , 495x425 , 141610131865.gif )
i am still rain

>> No. 2526335
File 142514906866.jpg - (57.15KB , 698x600 , 10421282_790852361003685_4256330153834089233_n.jpg )
>> No. 2526336
File 142519059434.png - (417.64KB , 792x612 , 138448177775.png )
Pretty much signing off at this point. This is the last internet I'll have access to for a while.
>> No. 2526337
File 142519221350.png - (97.37KB , 640x360 , sad 13.png )
Take care, and godspeed, man. I hope it goes well for you.
>> No. 2526338
File 142519313235.png - (533.45KB , 1280x720 , guard28.png )
Take care and make sure to come back safe and sound.
>> No. 2526339
File 142519327066.png - (586.99KB , 1280x720 , 133080220002.png )
I will, and thank you for everything.

Farewell, my friends.
>> No. 2526340
File 142519610207.png - (1.34MB , 1400x1000 , do it for her.png )
Do what you can to not let them get you down too much. Chillax. As much as you can without getting your ass kicked, at least.

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