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File 130320177769.jpg - (46.99KB , 640x522 , derpy.jpg )
26159 No. 26159
I'm in LA and left my tripcode back home, but yeah, this is me.

Derpy auction is up and already going insane:

Details on this and other auctions at: http://metacritter.deviantart.com/journal/39957555/

Lauren has been notified, but since this happened kinda late in the evening don't expect to see a post from her until tomorrow mid-day at the soonest.

Holy crap over $300 already...
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>> No. 26160
I'll leave this here- It's the bid history
>> No. 26161
File 130320269192.png - (181.94KB , 894x894 , PonyDerpy80sVersionWithText.png )
It's up to almost $600 now O_o

I wish I could participate, but I'm a broke mofo. I hope the drawing makes a lot of money.
>> No. 26162
File 130320274458.jpg - (8.08KB , 245x218 , 130294627771.jpg )
>the bid lasts 6 days
>already over $500

holy sheet
>> No. 26163
File 130320277386.png - (581.31KB , 3763x2783 , PonyDerpyHooves.png )
Also, this is a larger look at the image, albeit colored
>> No. 26164
File 130320296599.png - (111.67KB , 427x403 , 130042898029.png )
You're a true brony. Good job letting people on ponychan know. Hopefully this can raise a lot of money!
>> No. 26165

Thank you! And oh my gosh... thanks to the people bidding! I'm actually tearing up watching this...

$870 ?!!
>> No. 26166
File 130320451944.jpg - (89.32KB , 570x402 , Aj.jpg )
Thanks for starting to put them up. Been waiting a long time for this.
>> No. 26167
File 130320452917.png - (65.74KB , 294x289 , face.png )
>> No. 26168
File 130320466502.jpg - (14.24KB , 290x242 , 130235868993.jpg )
For some reason it's surreal to think that Derpy is worth $930.

And it'll only go up!
>> No. 26169
Wow...I was thinking of participating in this because I have some money set aside to donate to Japan, but Derpy's already out of my price range. O_O
>> No. 26170
Derpy is a hero to the people of Japan.
>> No. 26171
File 130320487081.jpg - (9.67KB , 195x302 , 130159991691.jpg )
>check bidding history
>it is basically two people bidding against each other

those are some dedicated bronies
>> No. 26172
File 130320498644.jpg - (33.25KB , 667x639 , 130176716608.jpg )
Wish I had enough money to make a bid
>> No. 26173
File 130320501376.gif - (24.15KB , 500x500 , 130170449774.gif )
Place your bets! PLAAACE YOUR BETS!

>> No. 26174
wow price really shot up ever sense it was posted on here. Bravo ponychan for your admirable donations. Would bid if I could :x
>> No. 26175
Anypony reading the comments? You can find out who the the person currently leading is if you do.

>> No. 26176
File 130320514410.jpg - (23.00KB , 711x455 , 130255466079.jpg )
>mfw i first saw that at lauren faust's da and i thought i could get it for less than 50 dolars
>> No. 26177
File 130320522882.jpg - (97.13KB , 894x894 , PonyDerpyGentleman.jpg )
Derpy is rollin' in the cash.
I say if this bid gets over $2,000, Lauren should make her canonically named "Derpy Hooves" instead of "Ditzy Doo".
>> No. 26178
File 130320525833.jpg - (29.34KB , 530x541 , 130155372460.jpg )
>also, mfw people don't know how to bid on ebay, you must do it on the last minute of the auction to avoid senseless high prices
>> No. 26179
File 130320538373.png - (74.30KB , 500x375 , 130247264815.png )
"Derpy" is quite offensive tho.
>> No. 26180
File 130320538396.jpg - (54.28KB , 945x945 , 130265992424.jpg )
All the rules go out the window when it's for charity, dude!
>> No. 26181
Dunno how it is. I say it out loud to myself or other people around me all the time.
>> No. 26182
Indeed. I was going to set a max bid at $600 on Derpy, but it's already too late for me to do that. x_x
>> No. 26183
File 130320551179.png - (42.12KB , 174x214 , 130255178000.png )
i guess you're right!
>> No. 26184
File 130320560838.png - (14.64KB , 125x70 , AMAZEMENT.png )
>80's Derpy! LOL!
>Is that a Poison t-shirt...?

Poison- Every Herp has its Derp
I fly wildly free
In the Equestrian sky
Although my eyes are crossed forver
I'll make that delivery on time

Was it that muffin I ate
or that anvil I dropped
Is there something wrong with my sight
Though I emptied your fridge
I ate it all
But I guess that's why they say

Every herp has its derp
Just like every hurr has its durr
Just like every pony sings a glad, glad song
Every herp has its derp
>> No. 26185
File 130320561700.jpg - (29.58KB , 600x339 , 130205627995.jpg )

It is? Offensive to who? This is the first time I've ever heard that.
>> No. 26186
File 130320567787.jpg - (18.03KB , 450x495 , PonyDerpyIWUBWU.jpg )
I never found "Derpy" offensive. I always just took "Derp" to mean something silly.
And she is definitely a silly pony.
>> No. 26187
File 130320573866.png - (100.25KB , 400x400 , PonyDerpyfourthwall.png )
Indeed it is! I made it a few days ago for the Cheerilee mod in an 80s topic, I'm working on a whole series of 80s ponies. I'm glad you like it!
>> No. 26188
File 130320580307.png - (153.15KB , 885x890 , 130182154381.png )
Some people have come to see 'derp' as a degrading imitation of the mentally challenged, it appears.
>> No. 26189
File 130320586069.jpg - (48.99KB , 600x354 , 8D.jpg )
...A whole series?
>my face right now
>> No. 26190

People like to take the fun out of everything. I swear.
>> No. 26191
File 130320594950.png - (294.75KB , 1000x1000 , PonyDerpyZyph.png )
That's a shame. Not everything has to be offensive these days, sometimes you can be silly without being mean. I always preferred to think of "derp" that way anyway.

Oh yes. Next up is 80s Punk Rock Rainbow Dash.
>> No. 26192
Are you going to do an 80s metalhead pony?
>> No. 26193
File 130320609513.png - (269.10KB , 1000x1000 , PonyDerpyStamps2.png )
Absolutely. Derpy was supposed to be an 80s Hair Metal fan, but I would like to do a pure metal version for one of the ponies.
>> No. 26194
File 130320612396.png - (491.60KB , 1000x1000 , Derpymobile.png )
Comes down to context, far as I'm concerned. You can say a long dragging 'derrrrrrrrrrp' and knock your chest with a limp hand a few times and be plenty offensive, but the vast majority of its usage doesn't go in that direction, soo...

>> No. 26197
Yeah, I had meant pure metal, not the hair metal.
Awesome brony! Can't wait to see which pony you pick for it. Yay denim and cocaine in Equestria!
>> No. 26198
File 130320625070.png - (14.65KB , 314x314 , derpy pipe.png )
current bid of $990 for a background character sketch??!?

If this isn't testament to the shows popularity, nothing is
>> No. 26199
File 130320627253.jpg - (118.86KB , 350x350 , nofilename4u.jpg )
It's only a matter of time...
>> No. 26201
File 130320641719.jpg - (30.27KB , 435x493 , 130302429443.jpg )
Just broke $1000
>> No. 26202
File 130320655274.png - (74.85KB , 283x256 , thisface.png )
Can't wait to see it!

Can't wait to read it!
>> No. 26203
File 130320658783.gif - (315.23KB , 502x502 , derpys gonna derp.gif )
derpy's gonna raise money for charity
>> No. 26204
File 130320664858.jpg - (45.77KB , 350x279 , 1297053217365.jpg )
This is now a thread in which we post our wealthiest baller ponies
>> No. 26205
File 130320675555.gif - (353.13KB , 400x225 , PonyTrixieIsGangsta.gif )
I give you, The Gangsta and Pimpin' Trixie
>> No. 26206
File 130320678697.png - (169.51KB , 572x572 , You Foals Best Recognize.png )
Pff, e'rypony knows that chariot's just painted gold. Trix be stackin' bits to the ceiling.
>> No. 26207
File 130320685239.png - (101.13KB , 1024x768 , heavy.png )
It cooks 400,000 cupcakes

In ten seconds flat
>> No. 26208
File 130320689389.png - (141.08KB , 600x776 , 130135641714.png )
Haha, already way over the $300 I was willing to bid up to.

Maybe The other ponies will be more affordable...
>> No. 26209
File 130320693920.jpg - (190.85KB , 769x716 , b_baller_pony_by_riddsorensen-d395vf1.jpg )

Wait wut
>> No. 26210
File 130320704066.png - (94.45KB , 830x712 , fluttershy mafia suit.png )
you guys need some italian style
>> No. 26211
File 130320711668.gif - (524.35KB , 366x341 , PonyDerpyClap.gif )
Behold the power of fandom!

A background character who had (maybe) one line, and exists almost exclusively to be spammed to fill background crowds, has managed to reach $1,200 for a sketch.

Fans are a hell of a thing.
>> No. 26212
File 130320714077.png - (267.73KB , 496x713 , 130152591074.png )
This fellow seems rather well off
>> No. 26213
File 130320726708.jpg - (320.68KB , 1181x1559 , PonyRaritylarge.jpg )
Can't talk about ballin' ponies without Rarity.
>> No. 26214
File 130320747910.jpg - (24.24KB , 400x370 , HoldallthisPiano.jpg )
I just looked at the image for a second, and thought I saw eyelashes embedded in Derpy's eyes until I realized those were just the little highlight sections in her iris.
>> No. 26215
File 130320776890.gif - (308.03KB , 246x280 , PonyFluttershyIsGangsta.gif )
>> No. 26216
File 130320782413.png - (377.57KB , 1440x900 , 130318845478.png )
>Metacritter's face when by the end of these auctions he realizes he could have bought a house if he had kept Applejack and sold it himself.
>> No. 26217
1,225 bucks? All I'm saying is, after that, you'd better preserve the damn thing.

Still, it's for charity, so it's awesome.
>> No. 26218
File 130320923586.png - (164.30KB , 1000x1000 , PonyDerpyMuffin!.png )
Whoever's putting up all this money, they have my sincere respect. Charity + Ponies = best thing ever.
Lauren is gonna be overjoyed at the money these sketches make.
>> No. 26219
File 130321021385.png - (224.89KB , 714x549 , Screen shot 2011-04-16 at 1_52_46 PM.png )
This is crazy! I wish I had the money to bid on this
>> No. 26220
I'll just let the other thread die and repeat myself here.

Dear Sweat Tea, WTF. Seriously? $1300+ and it still has 6 and a half days left. How stupid high a price will this one go for?
>> No. 26221
File 130322565640.png - (66.14KB , 277x266 , 130009154633.png )
Charity is never stupid! Unless the charity's for rich people?
>> No. 26222
File 130322606740.png - (146.29KB , 640x360 , 130302890188.png )
Sweet roasted rubber ducks!!

That's a lot of bits....
>> No. 26223
True enough. I'm just surprised by how rapidly the value of it went up.
>> No. 26224
Just wait 'til the last day.
Then you'll see something over 88 miles per hour, if you know what I mean.
>> No. 26225
File 130322853985.gif - (1.30MB , 300x340 , Pinkie_Pie_Filly-Philosopie.gif )
As I stated it out in the comments on Equestria Daily:
Wouldn't be a lottery a better option?
So everypony can donate $10 (only a suggestion) and get a fair opportunity to win the piece of art. First of all it lowers the entrance level to get involved to. Furthermore there is a greater chance to get a higher revenue for charity.
>> No. 26226
It most certainly would be a good idea.
It would be an even BETTER idea for somepony who got one of those drawings and wanted to make a profit from it....
>investment opportunity?
>> No. 26227
File 130322929379.gif - (586.25KB , 200x240 , Fluttershy.gif )
I think it is very risky spending so much money as an investment.
There is no guarantee that its value rise in the future.
I will not imply that MLP:FIM won't exist or get very less attention.
But you know.... Art is a very speculative investment form.
>> No. 26228
File 130322939129.png - (280.25KB , 637x480 , Captain OMG.png )
>mfw 51 bids and over $1,000
>> No. 26229
Oh, it's pretty obviously a bad long term investment.
Buuuut, quite an opportune measure for a cunning short term scheme.
>Derpy = -$3000
>Lotto tickets =$10x1000 bronies
Pretty tempting....
>> No. 26231
File 130323063018.png - (172.81KB , 900x800 , Derpylove.png )
May Derpy deliver all our love to those who have put a bid on this item for charity.
>> No. 26232

Yeeeah, if that happens there has to be an entire episode dedicated to Derpy.
>> No. 26233

Also.. FUCKING $1,825 ATM.
>> No. 26234
I don't think there's anything unfair about this auction. Let's talk finances. If I were to exhaust my entire contributions accounts to the Japan crisis, I'd be able to foot more than the current price that is up on the auction (there's been a bit of escrow in it). However, there are things I already contribute to. When it comes to charity, people are putting out the money more for their contribution than what comes with it. What comes with it is encouragement to give more toward that cause, though, in a fun way. You'd be surprised how much a very inexpensive piece of paper saying that person donated this amount of money to something is worth to an investor. Getting something like an original art is further benefit. It's an exclusive. It doesn't matter about the actual value of it, as it's still a timeless piece. Remember, the mane purpose for this is the idea that JAPAN is benefiting. Not the artist or the buyer.

What would be a "fair" solution would be to later put up auctions, or just sales even or some kind of lottery system as you proposed, for signed copies of original artwork. That way, people can still contribute lower brackets of cost than they can afford and still have something to take away.

Keep in mind every pony, this is for charity. It's about Japan winning, not you.
>> No. 26235
File 130323404691.png - (303.82KB , 1280x1280 , PonyDerpyandDash.png )
Holy balls, it's nearly two grand!
>> No. 26236
File 130323417301.png - (174.37KB , 615x491 , 130305270027.png )
>Current bid:US $1,875.00
>> No. 26237
File 130323428207.png - (54.58KB , 226x226 , thef.png )
I wish I had money for that... even if I sell my cinq I still wouldn't be able to pay for it, and I expect the bids to go higher.
>> No. 26238
Any guesses as to how high it will eventually get? At the rate it's going, I wouldn't be too surprised if it made it to or near 5 grand.
>> No. 26239
But the worst part of all-
Think about it-

Whoever LOSES this auction will STILL have their thousands of dollars to bid on the next one!

>> No. 26241
File 130323748015.png - (510.34KB , 722x635 , dash-facehoof-trans.png )
Oh! So, this is where this thread was hiding! I just post a new thread about the auction because I didn't see this thread. Whoops. I did look though.
>> No. 26242
It's been holding at $1,875 for awhile... frozen by Ebay?
>> No. 26243
File 130323857118.png - (66.59KB , 319x268 , 130300755627.png )

>mf if that's true
>> No. 26244
File 130323873896.png - (69.20KB , 310x257 , scoota pointing - want!.png )
Stickied as requested~
>> No. 26245
File 130323885038.jpg - (39.69KB , 360x270 , Scootaloo-Y-U-Everywhere.jpg )
Good ol' Scootaloo :D
>> No. 26246
File 130323906996.jpg - (251.18KB , 777x800 , derpy-very-hot.jpg )
Yay! Glad one of our posts about this got pinned or sticked or whatever it's called on a imageboard (Ponychan is the first one I ever spent much time on).
>> No. 26247
File 130323922615.png - (65.22KB , 245x208 , fluttershy shocked.png )
So who is selling this? And the donate is going to the Japan effort, if I understand correctly? Awesome.

I love you ponies.
>> No. 26248
File 130323927636.png - (135.05KB , 945x945 , 130315661570.png )
>> No. 26249
File 130323942291.jpg - (32.15KB , 600x450 , 130233725259.jpg )
well, it's NOT offensive to me, but i have seen a lot of people here not liking her being named derpy.

Also, from where does that "derp" thing comes from? i only know it because of south park i think :/
>> No. 26250
File 130323973682.png - (37.29KB , 450x340 , 16035134_729273.png )
I don't think it's frozen. According to Lauren's journal there was a giant bidding war between two buyers, and one of them politely conceded defeat. So far, it looks like no one else has put forth a higher bid. :)
>> No. 26251

It's over 1000!

Woah, somepony wants that Derpy!

...I do too...
>> No. 26252
File 130324009998.png - (26.07KB , 125x120 , Twilightcrazy.png )
Holy crap. That's a LOT of money.

Of course, it's not like the money is for something pointless. It's good to know that the bidder's money will to go a good cause.
>> No. 26253
If i only had the money i would so bid on this
>> No. 26254
File 130324054710.png - (116.03KB , 320x320 , Derpy_derping.png )
Derpy is closing in on $1900...
>> No. 26255
File 130324074626.jpg - (97.13KB , 894x894 , jolly_good_show_old_derp_by_johnjoseco-d3e0pv5.jpg )
Derpy Hooves is quite the expensive pony.
>> No. 26256
File 130324075215.gif - (40.76KB , 548x400 , derpy_020.gif )
I also look at this from the perspective of everypony winning! I think it goes to show how much we all absolutely love MLP:FIM and how far we will go to show that love.

I think every single one of us would be deliriously happy to own a Lauren Faust original. I know I would! On the other hand, Metacritter is giving up two sketches that he won previously for the auction. It was completely his choice to do that. How many of us would have done the same? I think that is amazingly and so selflessly awesome.

Some folks may not like the name Derpy (I think I remember Mrs. Faust saying that Derpy would officially be named "Ditzy Doo" if she ever had more of a role on-screen), but one even so--I think there's no doubt that everypony really loves that pegasus pony. ^^
>> No. 26257
Well so far it looks like I might get the Derpy, help Japan, and be the ultimate Pony fan! (well until somepony gets a tattoo of a cutie mark on their hip)
>> No. 26258
And thus, a cycle of one-upmanship begins
>> No. 26259
File 130324405645.jpg - (15.85KB , 231x300 , 130022512921.jpg )
Expect the bid to double in the last 5 minutes of the auction.
>> No. 26260
File 130324424586.png - (163.40KB , 439x359 , stare.png )
Oh this is stickied, now

>> No. 26261
I hope not! Im almost at my cut off point :(
>> No. 26262
I just hope that some parasprite from 4chan doesn't decide to bump the bid up to 99,999,999.99.
>> No. 26263

>> No. 26264
File 130324457261.png - (378.43KB , 550x412 , 130144394777.png )
It's for a good cause, Japan's recovery will take years, but holy derp at the bid price!
>> No. 26265
Well look at it this way. If it does go above your limits you did help it rise high. That's an achievement too. o/
>> No. 26266
File 130324714315.png - (1.67MB , 800x1591 , Thats one expensive pony.png )
Me and a friend were talking on Skype and i remembered this comic. So i edited it.
I don't remeber the original artist.

(but now what angel says is even more funny.)
>> No. 26267
File 130324730119.png - (62.66KB , 237x237 , derpy49.png )
>mfw $1,875.00
>> No. 26268
File 130324911198.png - (159.06KB , 396x337 , dashshock.png )
This is insane. In a good way.
>> No. 26269
File 130324958702.jpg - (50.29KB , 506x800 , Derpy mailpile.jpg )
Our wall-eyed angel is doing good in the world. I'm so proud.
>> No. 26270
Oh, it'd be indeed quite amazing to own a Lauren Faust original, and that's why I haven't donated to Japan yet when these auctions were announced. Sadly for me, I very much underestimated how much every pony would be bidding. However, it also makes me smile knowing who's really profiting from this.
>> No. 26271
I...I've been outbid...and Im at my limit. Im sorry Derpy I've failed you, we could of been something you and I but alas your going to a guy with more money, isn't that always the way *sniff*
To save my honor I shall throw myself upon my sword! Goodbye cruel world!
>> No. 26272
File 130325621596.jpg - (38.46KB , 567x494 , 130248445887.jpg )
>> No. 26273
File 130325627048.jpg - (30.96KB , 423x417 , we.jpg )
faust drew this? that's soo dope!!
>> No. 26274
You can bid on the other ponies, though. :(
>> No. 26275
there's still Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, and pegasus Pinkie Pie
>> No. 26276
Derpy: Current bid: US $1,925.00

>> No. 26277
If this kind of bidding keeps up, whatever charity gets this will have enough money to feed a Middle-African nation for a whole century.
>> No. 26278
File 130325860159.jpg - (102.67KB , 619x1153 , 6715_-_derpy_hooves_muffin_pirate.jpg )
Poni: Srs bidness.

Im glad the money is going to charity. Grats to whoever comes out on top!
>> No. 26279
$1925 Oh my gosh!

I'm so proud to be a part of this.

Here's some advance word from Chris at Q POP:

He says that he WILL ship internationally. Interested international bidders, he will work out details with you.
>> No. 26280
File 130326230545.jpg - (87.82KB , 1280x800 , 130324741922.jpg )
The power of Derpy in a nutshell!
>> No. 26281
File 130326278243.jpg - (45.06KB , 600x600 , 130247940444.jpg )
So who thinks the success of these auctions will make the HUB double think about not releasing the first season on dvd or blu-ray?
>> No. 26282
Trust me, as a long running transformer fan, Hasbro seldom give a rats flank about the fans.
>> No. 26283
but aren't most of the other previous gen seasons on dvd?
>> No. 26284
...fair enough, but they don't care enough to fire Michel Bay from directing the movies! lol
>> No. 26285
File 130326431103.png - (61.69KB , 392x362 , 130197011495.png )
What's that? Michael Bay is directing the MLP:FiM movie??? paraspriteolololol
>> No. 26286
wow! the word filter is good.
>> No. 26287
...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOES!!!! On the plus side we would get to see Fluttershy blow up...TWICE!!!
>> No. 26288
twilight or celestia would probably die, but then friendship would bring them back to life. lol!
>> No. 26289
Out of curiosity, does eBay still work in that stupid way where one can snipe a bid by bidding at the last minute rather than extending the time by a few minutes if somepony bids during the last few seconds? I always thought that was stupid. Extending the time after last-minute bids would be the best way as a business to ensure that one will get the maximum amount of money from an auction.
>> No. 26290
>> No. 26291
You can set a maximum bid, for example, $50 on an item. Then you can set your actual bid, lets say $30. If somepony else bids $40 (Or anything over your current bid), the auction will automatically update to a higher bid bid without you having to physically bid on it, until your maximum bid of $50 is reached. Only if somepony bids over $50 will you lose the auction, but you can still get away with a cheaper price.
>> No. 26292
>> No. 26293
File 130326997181.jpg - (47.97KB , 533x389 , OVER 90001.jpg )
>> No. 26294
File 130327024314.gif - (657.75KB , 640x360 , 130292052059.gif )
>> No. 26295
b***b sure wants it...
>> No. 26296
File 130327054100.png - (93.05KB , 637x657 , derpy.png )
Wow, our little pony is rakin in the bits.
>> No. 26297
File 130327167222.jpg - (138.14KB , 518x600 , 130023246478.jpg )

Over $2k, nice. 6 days left too
>> No. 26298
File 130327199866.jpg - (19.99KB , 428x356 , Angel13.jpg )
Its a start, nowhere near the 300k valve raised though.
>> No. 26299

To be fair they are two different circumstances. Valve had three items which it made available to every customer. This is a single item for auction for one buyer.
>> No. 26300
File 130327328831.png - (135.05KB , 945x945 , PonyDerpyShrugHat.png )
Yeah I don't think you can compare the two.

Not to mention Valve has an ENORMOUS fan base they can draw from.
That said, I'm pleasantly surprised a simple drawing of Derpy is up to 2k now, that's pretty impressive.
>> No. 26301
I had a thoroughly bizarre dream where Gabe Newell ended up winning the auction a few weeks back.
>> No. 26302
File 130327664092.jpg - (35.63KB , 600x600 , 130273660811.jpg )
Man I wish I had the money for this.
>> No. 26303
The second I saw Derpy at $1800, I gave up hope on ever obtaining one of these sketches.

I feel so empty now.
>> No. 26305
Just wait until there's only a day left in the auction timers. Things will be nuts then.
>> No. 26307
File 130327758250.jpg - (34.22KB , 640x498 , PINKIE.jpg )
Pinkie auction is up and rising scary-fast! I am out of superlatives. I can't think of enough good things to say!


Think this should stay in one sticky thread?
>> No. 26308
File 130327779914.png - (153.18KB , 640x360 , PonyPinkieOMG.png )
Up to over $1,300 in one hour.

>> No. 26309

I was refreshing the page at 9pm so I could update DA with the link the instant it went live. In the seconds between the start time and my first successful refresh there had been two bids and the auction was already at $202.

Bronies are -avid- for this, and I am ecstatic just to be involved!
>> No. 26310
File 130327814000.jpg - (23.37KB , 499x357 , derpy intrueged.jpg )

we love derpy
>> No. 26311
Holy crap! $2k+ already, and there's still 6 days to go.
>> No. 26312
File 130328628614.jpg - (42.21KB , 600x600 , 130295593014.jpg )
>> No. 26313
Pinkie Pie's $1,380 already!
>> No. 26314
To quote Ray William Johnson:

>> No. 26315
she'll be $1500 by morning
>> No. 26316
Shes $1,405 now!
>> No. 26317
File 130329347644.png - (234.10KB , 704x779 , 130308655417.png )
>mfw when I realized that those 2500$ that Ive saved for Applejack probably arent enough.
>> No. 26318
File 130329359680.png - (36.96KB , 231x240 , dondoitmang.png )
$2500?! Wholly guacamole!
>> No. 26319
You have a better chance then i do.
>> No. 26320

....oh my lord
>> No. 26321

not for the first time in my life, nor will it be the last, but I wish I had a million bucks right about now.
>> No. 26322
It's going to be OVER NINE THOUSAND!
>> No. 26323
File 130330131878.png - (52.29KB , 270x269 , 130256627624.png )
Maybe Lauren will do more original art works given the success of these auctions.
>> No. 26324
>> No. 26325
Let's make predictions and will see which price will be in the end.

Applejack: ~$4000
Derpy: ~$5000
Pinkie: ~$3000
Twilight: ~$4000
>> No. 26326

see >>26266
>> No. 26327

Fuck i wish i was rich
>> No. 26328
I wonder if we should share the Ebay link on reddit. Or something...
I'm surprised.
>> No. 26329
For the price it's going for, I think it's newsworthy. Spread it any way we can, I say.
>> No. 26330
It's very newsworthy. I just wish I still had media contacts so I could write a story about it. Of course, I'd have to get an interview if I did so even then, and I have no clue who I'd interview...lol.
>> No. 26331
Damnit. Pinky Pie is already over $1,500 as well.

Some rich jerk is probably going to end up with all of them. At least it's for a good cause I guess.
>> No. 26332
so now the question isnt which one do you think is going to be the highest, now its who will seel for the lowest.

I think Applejack will sell for the least though it will still be >$2000
>> No. 26333
File 130333251027.png - (85.80KB , 287x271 , rd10.png )

AJ - $1500
Pinkie - $2000
Derpy - $2750
Twilight - $2000
>> No. 26334
File 130333318529.png - (83.84KB , 450x495 , Derpy_gentlemanface.png )
We love us some Derpy.
What can I say.
>> No. 26335
So it seems that the $2026 thing isn't a real bid.

Look here: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/04/lauren-fausts-derpy-hooves-up-on-ebay.html#c2093056863740124943
>> No. 26336
His roommate then posted this 4 hours later:

>> No. 26337

Oh. Well, looking at the timestamps, he actually posted that 2 minutes after I posted the link - it wasn't there at that moment, I checked.

So yeah, it seems it is actually a real bid.
>> No. 26338
File 130333629477.png - (87.01KB , 268x271 , Awe.png )
Wow, thousands of dollars? Who knew people love ponies that much?
>> No. 26339
File 130333744730.png - (411.93KB , 987x1062 , awesome pie.png )
Total combined bids for Derpy and Pinkie are currently $3,551.
>> No. 26340
File 130333875734.jpg - (31.68KB , 551x308 , 130297582377.jpg )
Celestia on high!! This is...I don't know what this is!! Apparently bronies are loaded. Wow, just wow, bravo to anypony willing to put this much to a good cause.
(And a Sketch drawn by Lauren)
Really. Wow.
>> No. 26341
File 130334487415.png - (143.53KB , 1019x784 , Pinkanina Dianne Pie.png )
I got the link to derpy and Pinkie, but where are the others?

Chearching on Ebay give zero results for some reasons...
>> No. 26343
Wow, over 2,000 dollars already.
>> No. 26344
File 130334706024.png - (191.16KB , 383x357 , pony23.png )
But wait... if this is the original Derpy sketch why is she wall eyed?

No, no, this doesn't add up at all...
>> No. 26345
File 130334733216.jpg - (66.33KB , 595x638 , themoreyouknow2.jpg )
It's not an original sketch in the sense of concept or character design, but it IS an original sketch in the sense that Lauren Faust drew it, and the original drawing is what's up for auction.
>> No. 26346
that is to say, it's not a print or a copy.
>> No. 26347
File 130334837920.jpg - (6.11KB , 184x184 , Jawdrop.jpg )

>> No. 26348
File 130334921345.gif - (1.08MB , 519x372 , GIF RD filly flyaway.gif )
$3751 for Pinkie and Derpy now.

Derpy seems to have leveled off at $2026, but will surely pick up later.

Pinkie is at $1725.

Here's the page where you can see all the sketches (just the two at the moment): http://shop.ebay.com/barom1-half/m.html?_trksid=p4340.l2562
>> No. 26349
File 130334951035.png - (72.36KB , 280x241 , rarity derp.png )
*checks pinkie auction*
*sees picture*

>> No. 26350
File 130334971164.jpg - (588.92KB , 1600x1320 , pony evolution.jpg )
kind of
>> No. 26351

And Fluttershy was meant to be an earth pony. She only got wings when they ditched pinkie's and still needed another pegasus.
>> No. 26352
File 130335386207.jpg - (52.80KB , 444x444 , 130289042603.jpg )
Pinkie Pie will be mine!
>> No. 26353

Are you bidding?
>> No. 26354
File 130335504916.gif - (3.52MB , 270x159 , 130316485536.gif )
I'm winning :)
>> No. 26355
File 130335522482.png - (202.05KB , 640x360 , vlcsnap-2011-03-28-09h15m53s142.png )

It was very thoughtful of you to bid so high just for my sake. But I'm glad you remembered by birthday is coming up ;D
>> No. 26356
File 130335571731.png - (452.34KB , 700x600 , 130290205251.png )
Oops, I forgot about that; Pinkie is already spoken for. I'll try to find you something 20% cooler for your birthday.
>> No. 26357

Don't count your chickens before they hatch! I just might bid 10 g's last minute, just so I can erase her wings.
>> No. 26358
File 130335684198.jpg - (48.97KB , 537x377 , 130309398383.jpg )
>> No. 26359
File 130335808250.gif - (237.91KB , 200x200 , pony144.gif )

Can you give me some career advice?

I want to have thousands of dollars to spend on MLP artwork someday.
>> No. 26360

You wouldn't
>> No. 26361

It isn't for me, it for Lady Draconic. (hopefully this link works to the thread on /pony/). I just like giving, instead of spending it on myself.

>> No. 26362
AJ is up:


It's at $400.
>> No. 26363

Who is Lady Draconic?
>> No. 26364

More importantly, why are you buying it for her when Faust has already agreed to work something out with her?
>> No. 26365
File 130336217642.png - (34.49KB , 162x166 , pony74.png )

True, but he can send it to me though.

>> No. 26366

And AJ is already @ $400 and sure to rocket over my spending limit any moment now. And I'm sure Twilight "Dat Flank" Sparkle is bound to be right up there with the rest of them. Something tells me I'm not going to win one.

Le sigh.
>> No. 26367
I give it the Derp Stamp of Approval
>> No. 26368
File 130338357539.jpg - (53.55KB , 654x688 , aj awwww.jpg )
Aj is now at $600

and derpy hasnt gone up much in the past few hours, quite a shock since it hit $2K real quick yesterday
>> No. 26369
It's a matter of somepony being willing to top the highest bid, so it's no surprise there are fewer bids on the Derpy auction now that it's so expensive. However, I would expect there to be a sudden increase in bids on that item on the final day.
>> No. 26370
File 130339315292.jpg - (123.45KB , 1165x827 , KO.jpg )
Yeah, I think there are snipers waiting as long as they can so they're not KO'd early.
>> No. 26371
File 130339854886.jpg - (9.67KB , 195x302 , PonyPinkieOooooh.jpg )
Pinkie just jumped up to $2,325

>> No. 26372
That was me. Yay!
>> No. 26373
File 130340241715.jpg - (74.05KB , 997x750 , PonyPinkieHooray.jpg )
You are one dedicated brony.
>> No. 26374
File 130340473101.png - (65.22KB , 245x208 , 129977296238.png )
two thousand
>> No. 26375
File 130340547243.jpg - (65.43KB , 597x600 , 130276211905.jpg )
I'm so glad Derpy's bid is so high! That'll show Lauren Faust and the other animators how much we love that silly background character :3
>> No. 26376
File 130340705322.png - (76.99KB , 1024x768 , 130337384507.png )
Rich people are mad :)
>> No. 26377
I'm getting sick of every pony classifying these people bidding as rich people. A couple thousand given in a donation is only 10% of a $20,000 per year income, so if people use 10% as a guideline for yearly income and keep it all set aside in an account, then they already have the money to be keeping up with this. You don't need to be rich to be able to contribute a decent amount to charity.

Quit judging people for doing a good things. Jesus H. Christ.
>> No. 26378

The people who continue to bid are...
A. Rich
B. Extremely charitable
C. Overly obsessed with MLP
D. Awesome
E. More than one of the above
F. All of the above
>> No. 26379
Considering there's probably a few organized groups of people such as offices and clubs (hopefully) planning to take a shot at it?

The last few hours will probably be oatmeal levels of crazy. Good for Charity, bad for people's stress levels.
>> No. 26380
File 130341306446.png - (681.29KB , 860x860 , 130306866050.png )
Now I wonder how much people would pay for a Derpy figure instead of just a drawing of her.
Oh the mudfest.
>> No. 26381
File 130342179047.png - (249.12KB , 900x643 , Derpy upsidedown.png )
derpy would of course need her trademark boogly eyes
>> No. 26382
File 130342272937.jpg - (154.89KB , 600x537 , pony derpy muffin lie.jpg )
Derpy and portal
>> No. 26383
File 130342296241.png - (52.02KB , 500x580 , pony derpy filly.png )
Maybe for the next charity auction they'll have filly versions.
>> No. 26384

This. I'm certain there's at least a FEW hardcore MLP/Lauren Faust works collectors, connoisseurs, and fan clubs that are really gunning for these original sketches. As somepony in the art biz, the more famous artists on the internet get commissioned an upwards of 300 dollars or more to make even a simple sketch. Somepony who is famous in the real world obviously is going to make a lot more.
>> No. 26385
File 130343297473.jpg - (1.75KB , 125x100 , Ooh pretty.jpg )
Dreams can come true. It's only $600.
>> No. 26386
They could raise enough money to swim in.
>> No. 26387
File 130344132287.png - (286.38KB , 1513x444 , 130342238965.png )
I'm just going to leave this here.

Our greatest dreams have been realized. Ponies are beginning to overcome manestream society.
>> No. 26388
>>26387 Picasso is highly overrated anyway. She may be ditzy, but at least Derpy looks like something. ;p
>> No. 26389
Heh. Picasso is bad because his art doesn't look like the thing he's portraying.
Ok... That's an opinion, I guess.

not mad, just jokin'
>> No. 26390
File 130344562227.jpg - (33.10KB , 640x521 , Twilight.jpg )
Twilight Sparkle is up!

>> No. 26392
File 130344690154.png - (36.70KB , 171x187 , m3.png )
Haha! I am the highest bidder! Now All I have to do is hope nopony bids more than $90 within the next six days >.<
>> No. 26393
I'm still winning pinkie! woot!
>> No. 26394
It's times like this where I really regret not having saved money in the past from my two jobs. Maybe I'll learn a lesson from this.
>> No. 26395
File 130345566709.png - (27.71KB , 184x198 , m10.png )
Well I'd like to thank all the high bidders for helping me save money. Originally I thought with $300 I'd have a decent chance. Then Derpy derped and I was like, ok fine, I'll scrounge up another $300. But even $600 is not enough to bring me ponies.

Here is hoping for more charity auctions in the future~
>> No. 26396
Bye Bye Pinkie Pie :( You have passed my maximum of $2400. I hope the new high bidder will treat you right *cries*
>> No. 26397
Already a grand total of $6080 going to charity, and they're sure to shoot up when time runs down.
>> No. 26398
I have a winning $2400 bid on pinkie, and I freak out when I determine exactly what that means to my finances. But I get Pinkie :). the bid is topped, and I am relieved that I can spend $2400 on other stuff. For about 5 minutes. Then I get sad that I am not getting pinkie pie, so I up my bid. Then I freak 5 minutes later because I know that means mac and cheese for months.

Confound you Pinkie! You drive me to drink.
>> No. 26399
File 130350904812.png - (102.83KB , 800x595 , 130050907228.png )
>> No. 26400

This is pretty unhealthy and probably not something those involved with the auction would want to hear.
>> No. 26401
It'll be really bad when you get into ramen for months. Oh, and no drinking.
>> No. 26402
I hope that this Derpy drawing bounces around the world and is resold to help lots of causes. I think you're onto something, critter.
>> No. 26403
>> No. 26404
Wow, Twilight just jumped up another $500 in a matter of hours.
>> No. 26405
i am just test if i have been unbanned or not
>> No. 26406
holy tamole over $2000... o___o;;;
>> No. 26407
File 130365850278.png - (119.46KB , 248x221 , 1303612234046.png )
Holy sheet Twilight is at 1360 with 4 days left, poor AJ no love for her, only at 820
>> No. 26409
Makes sense that hers would be the cheapest, though.
Derpy's a beloved fan favorite.
Pinkie's showcases a major character design change.
Twilight's the mane character.

Hopefully AJ'll break $1000 too, though.
>> No. 26410
File 130368353366.jpg - (1.01MB , 1280x960 , RaritySketch.jpg )
I thought watchers and bidders might want to see, so here's a shot of the Rarity sketch with a DVD included for scale.
>> No. 26411
I want that SO BAD.
>> No. 26412

When the bidding on the big ticket items (pegasus pinkie, derpy) closes the losers will redirect their money at her. I wouldn't worry Japan will get plenty of money. But yeah, the Pinkie Pie sketch is by far the most awesome.
>> No. 26413

Just curious are going to be shipping them any kind of frame or protective case?
>> No. 26414
Looks nice. If I'd just be rich as shit I'd buy that :D
>> No. 26415

If you win how are you going to afford alcohol?
>> No. 26416
Helping a good cause is far more important than killing brain cells.
>> No. 26418

Rarity shipped in a photo mailer by certified mail, and she was only valued at $75. I suspect he is planning to pack more substantially, but you'll really have to ask Chris.

I know he's very conscientious about making sure that artwork makes it to the destination unharmed.
>> No. 26419
>> No. 26420
9 hours left and Derpy's bid is on the move again.

Current bid: $2,125.00

Awesome, bronies, just awesome!
>> No. 26421
7 hours left
73 bids

1 day 7 hours
39 bids

2 days 7 hours
29 bids

3 days 7 hours
29 bids

Currently Derpy has the most bids but Pinkie is worth the most money.
>> No. 26422
File 130376556731.png - (47.80KB , 184x184 , 1297368886776.png )
costs most: pinkie
most bids: derpy
i like most: applejack

can afford: none
>> No. 26423
File 130376710649.jpg - (20.60KB , 451x335 , Capture2.jpg )
I'm not normally a big Apple Jack fan but I reckon that that ones the best out of the four.
>> No. 26424
Probably because Pinky Pie was actually from the pitch and has something unique about her from that time.
>> No. 26425
Less than three minutes to go on Derpy Hooves...
>> No. 26426
3 minutes left!
>> No. 26427
And the winning bid:
>> No. 26428
File 130379051571.gif - (524.29KB , 366x341 , GIF derpy clap miss.gif )
Derpy has been sold for $2151 to help Japan recover.
>> No. 26429
No sniping occurred. I am disappoint.
>> No. 26430
>> No. 26432
The auction ended with 73 bids, winning bid was $2,151

That was amazingly cool... no sniping, no last minute bids. Bids placed up front for charity. I am impressed!

Congratulations to the winner and thanks to all the bidders! That was inspiring!
>> No. 26433
File 130379107089.png - (85.89KB , 1430x749 , derpy lost.png )
rann here, just to confirm no sniping. Check out the SS.

Congratulations to whatever brony won. I hope the sketch arrives without incident and you're happy with it, especially knowing that you donated A LOT to a worthwhile cause to win.

Thank you to everypony who bid. Even if you're not the winner, you drove the price higher and made more money for Japan. Celestia be with you.
>> No. 26435
File 130384267807.png - (24.74KB , 125x125 , twilightdaww.png )
Hi, Doctor Nick!
>> No. 26436
File 130384336311.jpg - (134.89KB , 1135x755 , 25 bucks.jpg )
I keep saying to myself, "it's only $25. Come on E, it's only $25 that's like eating out once. It's less than shipping is. the link is only a half inch away by mouse. Do it do it do it"

/head asplodes
>> No. 26438
wish i had the money to bid
>> No. 26439
File 130385475675.jpg - (133.35KB , 1135x755 , confound you pinkie.jpg )
/head asplodes again
>> No. 26440
Wanna know what sucks hard?

I have enough money to get any one of these things.

But the part of me that doesn't like making stupid decisions won't let me bid.
I hate that I'll have to go the rest of my life without an Applejack sketch.
I had plans for that sketch, man.
>> No. 26441
i know how you feel
>> No. 26442
File 130385634742.jpg - (142.11KB , 1135x800 , pinkie in space.jpg )
You made me go all in on Pinkie Pie. And you know what? Somepony has more on the line than I do.

It isn't a stupid decision for me. I save what little money I make and choose to spend it how it will make me most happy. Generally, that means giving to others less fortunate, or making somepony happy, even if for a brief time only.. The folks in Japan this money is going towards don't have roof over their head, clean water to drink, or food to eat. The best part is that I get a pinkie pie sketch from a show that I like. So I get 2 things I want instead of just one.

I'm happy that you don't want to spend your cash on this, there's nothing wrong with that decision IMHO, as it is a personal one that only you can make for yourself. So it may possibly be a stupid decision for you, but it isn't a stupid decision for everypony on the planet.
>> No. 26443
I respect your decision... but because it sounds like you aren't entirely sure about this, I offer my perspective:

Money is a renewable resource.

There is exactly ONE Applejack. Somepony is going to get that sketch, and maybe save lives at the same time.

Yes, I do want to see the auctions go as high as possible, so I do have an ulterior motive... but if I hadn't lucked into the Rarity sketch I would be spending a ludicrously large amount of money to get one of these for myself.

You! You are a saint, and whether you win or not you have my thanks and my respect. Good luck with your bid!
>> No. 26444
File 130385769659.png - (125.53KB , 514x356 , 130335812222.png )
>There is exactly ONE Applejack

I'm aware it's nothing like the same thing, but you could just... download the sketch and save it on your PC >_>
>> No. 26445
File 130385880411.png - (14.64KB , 125x70 , miniepinkie.png )
The best part (to me anyway) about this auction is that if you sum the max bid for different bidders for the Pinkie Pie sketch so far, there is almost $10k on the line from 7 different bidders.

Feel the Pinkie Love
>> No. 26446
>I'm aware it's nothing like the same thing, but you could just... download the sketch and save it on your PC >_>
And if that satisfies you, you should. They're beautiful, and can be appreciated as a download. I hope that nothing I've said detracts from anypony's enjoyment of these as great images of excellent characters, done by the show's creator.

I hold original, physical art in high regard... and these have special significance to me because they are part of what got this amazing show started.

Enjoy the images the way you want to, and if you're moved to do so, kick a few bucks toward the charity. There's a link for paypal donations here: http://donations.ebay.com/charity/charity.jsp?NP_ID=45392
eBay is paying the normal processing fee so every penny goes to Give2Asia.
>> No. 26447
Metacritter, I just asked the seller a question though ebay. If you have an 'in' with the seller, I need to know the answer to the question as soon as possible. If the seller barom1-half could respond though ebay in the next hour (not here), it would be great.
>> No. 26448
>almost $10k on the line from 7 different bidders.
Oh my gosh!^42

I've run out of superlatives. Nopony involved in getting this thing started had any clue how high these would go, or expected this outpouring of generosity.

Watching these progress has been awe inspiring.
>> No. 26450
Just got off the phone with him. He either hasn't seen your question or doesn't know which is yours.

His contact information is posted on the Q POP site: http://qpopshop.com/main/?page_id=22
He said to give him a call.
>> No. 26451
>> No. 26454
(I understand the need for an eBay response for verification, and I'm sure Chris does, too, but a phone call should help sort things out quicker.)
>> No. 26455
Thanks for the info. I wanted to get my bid in as soon as possible for fairness so if somepony is dead set on Pinkie Pie they could top me. I dislike sniping.
>> No. 26456

If you're ever near Colorado Springs, send me a note via DA. I'd like to shake your hand and buy you a steak.
>> No. 26457
I couldn't care less about the answer being though ebay, I take people at their word. ebay was just the only method of communication I knew about, and ebay isn't exactly known for quick responses. The phone number solved that. thanks.

I'm glad I did get my bid in early, the other bidder just tried topping me. I am officially out of money, the bid I entered is my absolute maximum I can afford. If somepony tops it, I'm out. Good luck to you, other bidder 2***p.

Mmmm steak. I like steak. Almost as much as cupcakes.
>> No. 26458
Okay, I talked to Chris again and now I'm all emotional...

Best of luck to you!

Two steaks. And a dozen cupcakes.
>> No. 26459
I just added up the current bids, plus what Derpy went for:

Derpy: $2,151.00
Pinkie: $4,050.00
Applejack: $1,375.00
Twilight: $1,425.00

Total: $9,001.00

*I is ded* XD
>> No. 26460
File 130386552730.jpg - (14.85KB , 378x307 , 130275311972.jpg )
>> No. 26461
File 130386554490.gif - (66.08KB , 360x360 , TwilightSparkle_Clapping.gif )
This has been nothing short of amazing to watch!
>> No. 26462
File 130386565749.jpg - (43.68KB , 547x437 , over9000.jpg )
>> No. 26463
File 130386603578.png - (441.58KB , 1084x2590 , Pinkie to the Stars.png )
2***p, whoever you are, you are a god among mortals. I salute you. You truly are one of a kind for bidding over 4 grand on pinkie pie. I know she will find a loving place in your collection. Best of luck for the next 4 hours :)

//in that order
>> No. 26464

*hugs E* You did good.
>> No. 26465
File 130386651386.jpg - (114.43KB , 1804x1010 , deadspace0112.jpg )
Damn, I don't have enough credits for these.
>> No. 26466
Thanks pony. I hope 2***p stops by sometime, I would like to offer congratulations if at all possible. The same offer Metacritter made to me is open to both Metacritter & 2***p. If you ponys are ever in the Chicago area, let me know and we can grab some food. Cupcakes and steaks are on me :)
>> No. 26467
File 130386734840.png - (56.27KB , 223x194 , 1294765168610.png )
Is there a chance that the bids are fake?
>> No. 26468
Hi there
>> No. 26469
Nope! It was started by Lauren Faust to raise money for Japan relief. At least that's what I've heard.
>> No. 26470
Thank you E! I will take you up on that someday.

Send me your contact info! DA or metacritter AT gmail. (Yeah, I'm real stealthy...)
>> No. 26471
I think you misunderstood her question. The auction is definitely real, but that does not mean the bids are.
There is a slight chance that some bids could be fake, or that the winner will refuse to pay. Most of the bidders however have good enough feedback from past purchases that I doubt there will be any deadbeats.
>> No. 26472
File 130387686679.png - (433.85KB , 640x720 , 130342041024.png )
Well, it's official. Pinkie Pie sold for $4,050. I salute you 2***p. You are an awesome brony; truly one of a kind. I hope you love the sketch. It was an honor to be outbid by you.
>> No. 26473
The Pegasus Pinkie Pie auction ended with 46 bids, winning bid was $4,050

Once again I am impressed! No sniping and an admirable willingness to go toe to toe and allow the price to rise for charity. You people are the best!

Winning bidder 2***p, if you see this, please say hello so we can congratulate you!
>> No. 26474
I am floored. Who would have guessed that this sketch would have sold more than a recent PICASSO painting went for.

>> No. 26475
File 130387821098.jpg - (130.64KB , 1280x720 , TS_bathed_in_light.jpg )
Wouldn't it be great if Hasbro noticed how many adults are bidding, willing to pay really good money for just a simple sketch?

(True, it's for charity, which I'm sure partly motivated many if not most of these bidders. But still!)

Maybe then they'd realize what a potential goldmine they have in an additional demographic, and start catering to them with DVD's, BluRay's, clothing items, quality figurines, stuff like that...

*sigh* Well, a pony can dream, right?
>> No. 26477
Maybe they won't call their Scootaloo toy Apple Bloom, either.
>> No. 26478
,i wouldent put it passed them that they arent planning more toys or a box set
hell they maybe in planning or in the final stages
it is a company and what they want is money

thanks to the bronies im guessing they may make a few things for adults to
>> No. 26479

Please forgive me if I do this wrong. Since I'm more than a little Fluttershy by nature, this is the first time I've visited Ponychan, and I almost feel like apologizing again after reading what E!IkE1y04Ico has written in this thread.

But I promise to give Pinkie Peg a good home - a nice wooden frame and some protective glass - right beside my Mike Mignola/Al Gordon "Rocket Raccoon" drawing and the painting Julie Bell did for the cover of my first novel. Now I'll stop writing and rewriting this message and just post it, shall I?
>> No. 26480
File 130388221207.png - (23.18KB , 125x113 , 130336077465.png )
Dude! Thanks for stopping by. Knowing Pinkie Pie will be owned by an obviously caring person is more than enough for me. It was a pleasure to bid against you. Congratulations! Absolutely no apologies are necessary :).

If you are ever in the Chicago area, hit me up and I'll buy you dinner and some drinks or something. Your winning bid is pure awesomeness.
>> No. 26481
Welcome, and thank you so much... both for introducing yourself here and for bidding so generously in the auction!

Please, no apology... I think everypony is happy to see just how much these are bringing in for charity.

It sounds like you're going to give Pinkie a super home; she'll be in excellent company.

Author! Now I'm curious. I won't press, of course, but if you care to out yourself I'd love to know the title of your novel.
>> No. 26482
... and also: If you're near Colorado Springs, drop me a note. I'd love to shake your hand and buy you a steak... or some cupcakes...
>> No. 26483


Derpy: $2,151.00
Pinkie: $4,050.00
Applejack: $2,225.00
Twilight: $2,425.00

Total: $10,851.00

Almost Eleven Thousand Dollars going to help Japan!

And it's official. Derpy got the smallest price!
>> No. 26484
File 130388721349.png - (441.40KB , 849x681 , 130242645125.png )
>> No. 26486
File 130388932864.png - (109.74KB , 280x280 , TwilightSparkle_Happy2.png )
Oh! Something else I've wanted to say about all of this is how very polite everypony is about this. That is truly awesome. You all make me proud, bronies! <3
>> No. 26487
File 130390863055.png - (252.91KB , 900x1449 , 130179166147.png )
Wow, I never thought Derpy would be the one to go for the least amount of money.
>> No. 26488
File 130390903343.jpg - (23.71KB , 360x360 , 1303601722332.jpg )
$4000!? My god! Thats just amazing
>> No. 26489
File 130390923902.gif - (621.00KB , 677x508 , 130108498812.gif )
I think it's safe to say that Pinkie is now a baller. We need ponies, ponies rollin' in money!
>> No. 26490
File 130392132570.png - (66.15KB , 256x256 , 130204324728.png )
I am so proud of this fandom right now.
Just think of all the good that ponymoney will do!
>> No. 26491
File 130392623191.gif - (1.75MB , 320x320 , pony346.gif )

OVER 9000!!!!!1!!
>> No. 26492
Well, in the beginning I too thought Derpy would be number one. But now that I think about it, it's just a sketch that was made for this auction, while the other three are old sketches from the planning phase of the show and Pinke is a rejected design, making it even more valuable.
>> No. 26493
Man, I really love this fanbase.
I think it's amazing, unbelievable almost, that these drawings are selling for so much. But then again I think I understand :P

This fanbase is just so awesome, and I think generally we're doing very well at staying true to the friendship, toleration and love themes :D

Congratulations to the winners and congratulations to all of us for all of this <3

This is my first post here, and normally I don't post much, but I just have to be part of this pony movement :3
>> No. 26494
It's so great that this much money is being raised for charities from bronies :D
>> No. 26495
File 130395069812.png - (236.94KB , 900x1229 , vote_applejack.png )
Second to last sketch auction, 3 hours 30 min. remaining.

AJ is on the move! i***e has top bid at $2,550
>> No. 26496
To all the bronies bidding, might I suggest that if you don't win, you give the amount you bid to a charity anyway? That's a lot of love for a charity. I made a thread about it, with some links to a few charities=

>> No. 26497
File 130396339123.png - (69.89KB , 232x284 , spike awesome post.png )

And, with a snipe at the last minute, Applejack went for $3,050.00
>> No. 26498
The Applejack auction ended with 43 bids, winning bid was $3,050

Congratulations to winning bidder s***t! That's another amazing chunk of help for Japan!

We are closing in on $12,000 raised for Japan!!!
>> No. 26499
Applejack went crazy!
And here I was expecting it to be the lowest one.
>> No. 26500
File 130396593572.png - (273.92KB , 733x481 , PonyApplejackPleased2.png )
Applejack went for over 3k? AWESOME.

Applejack is pleased.
>> No. 26501
File 130396925309.png - (329.46KB , 945x543 , 130291404663.png )

i thought applejack is underrated. hooray
>> No. 26502
Looks like Twilight is blowing all the other ones out of the water here.

It broke 5k in just a few hours.
>> No. 26503
File 130397366682.jpg - (50.06KB , 650x380 , 130144213426.jpg )
>pic related
>> No. 26504
Holy crap there has to be some paraspriting going on here or something. If it's legit though, that's amazing... but 5K? I guess we'll see what happens. Good luck bidders.
>> No. 26505
File 130399424662.jpg - (24.63KB , 360x316 , 130023423854.jpg )
mfw Twilight is currently $5,400.
>> No. 26506
File 130399855260.gif - (475.64KB , 200x200 , twilight magic.gif )
Ho'Crap! Go Twilight! XD

(Seriously, Great Job, bidders!)
>> No. 26507
Current total stands at $14,651. The FiM crew must be ecstatic to know so much money is going to charity.
>> No. 26508
Reproduced as accurately as possible, my conversation with the bank:

E: Hey <bank guy> how are you?
B: I'm good, is this E? How are you doing? Did you win the pink horse drawing thing?
E: Not too bad, and no. Somepony else outbid me.
B: Oh, sorry to hear that. Didn't you say you wanted a different one anyway that was cheaper?
E: Yes, good memory <bank guy>. But it isn't cheaper any more.
B: *sigh* How much more you need?
E: I need <amount>.
B: Sure. Apparently I need to watch this show.
<small talk here, mostly about FIM>
E: I have to go to put in a bid. Talk to you later <bank guy>
B: Sure, have a good afternoon.
>> No. 26509
File 130400500102.jpg - (118.73KB , 1134x681 , arrg.jpg )
<more inappropriate words here>
>> No. 26510

if you could bid that much for twilight why did you not bid more for pinkie pie? do you like twilight more?
>> No. 26512
3 reasons.
1. 24 hours makes a huge difference when pulling in favors.
2. I like Twilight more than pinkie pie. Twilight is best pony.
3. I had a conversation with Metacritter, and he convinced me to try to get Twilight.
>> No. 26513
personally I'm more partial to applejack. I woulda bid anything for her too but my last bank statement said $12 Q_Q. It's a shame it went over your maximum tho D:
>> No. 26514
>3. I had a conversation with Metacritter, and he convinced me to try to get Twilight.

Hey E! I'm sorry to see you were outbid! I'm not sure if I should get bad or good influence points for convincing you to try for Twilight.

My bank account is glad that I've got the Rarity sketch. If I didn't I'd be in there bidding for one of these, and I have no idea where I'd set my limit. Probably somewhere between "Ouch!" and "My Heart Just Stopped."
>> No. 26516
I think rarity is well earned in this case.
>> No. 26517
File 130402735258.jpg - (48.74KB , 581x360 , 1303083823766.jpg )
$5,600!?!?!?!? Just thinking about that makes me want to hug my wallet
>> No. 26518
I agree. Money isn't the only way to pay for something.
>> No. 26519

I do feel twinges of guilt at hanging on to her, especially seeing the incredible generosity demonstrated here and in these auctions.

Thank you both, sincerely.
>> No. 26520
These auctions have been fantastic to watch! Congrats to all the winners.
>> No. 26521
$14,851 How?!

20 min left. Could it make $15K?
>> No. 26522
File 130404900858.png - (11.02KB , 136x112 , Screen shot 2011-04-28 at 10_49_17 PM.png )
ok... i bet is going to end in $5700
>> No. 26523
nope $6100
>> No. 26524
File 130404943542.jpg - (70.52KB , 640x360 , Orbital_Friendship_Cannon.jpg )
Come on... $20k!

>> No. 26525
$6,100 with 4 min left!

b***r and u***n fighting for it... This is so exciting!
>> No. 26526
File 130404950515.jpg - (33.21KB , 553x237 , Picture 1.jpg )
>> No. 26527
File 130404961296.png - (12.68KB , 182x122 , Screen shot 2011-04-28 at 10_59_44 PM.png )
this is very entertaining
>> No. 26528
LOL what a dirty snipe
>> No. 26529
6200. Nice.
>> No. 26530
$100 snipe in the last 10 seconds!
>> No. 26531
File 130404975117.jpg - (29.98KB , 699x575 , 130196109478.jpg )
And Twilight Sparkles sells for $6,200!
>> No. 26532
File 130404978059.png - (282.37KB , 1280x720 , Twilight_YES.png )

Twilight is pleased by this development.
>> No. 26533
that was amazing. soooooo much money though!
>> No. 26534
u***n came back at 10 seconds to close!

The Twilight Sparkle auction ended with 60 bids, the winning bid was $6,200.

This was very exciting to watch! Congratulations u***n!!!
>> No. 26535
File 130405056347.jpg - (62.62KB , 472x568 , 130345228379.jpg )
I never thought I'd see the day when four pencil sketches of cartoon ponies would sell for a combined total of over $15,000...

This is why I love you guys so much. Even if there was no sketch of Rainbow Dash up:<, the sheer fact that any of these auctions broke four digits is an amazing thing we can say about our community.
>> No. 26536
I wanna see faust comment on the success of the auctions! This was amazing! over 15k!
>> No. 26537
on a side note: I wonder if the GRAND success of the pictures will make them think harder about a season dvd/blu-ray release?
>> No. 26538
u***n here! Thanks everypony for the congratulations, it was certainly an exciting night and thanks to everypony that helped push up the price during the auction. Payment has already been made through Paypal so I hope that all turns out all right.

And Metacritter, thank you very much for making these auctions all possible. You and all the other bidders and auction winners are credit to the kindness and generosity of humanity.
>> No. 26539
Winners of these auctions, you have done something that is purely good and amazing. Remember that every time you see your sketch, and be proud. Thank you so very much, and congratulations!

Bidders, every one of you, thank you! Your bids caused this to explode, and your conduct through the entire process has been inspiring.

Watchers, commenters, and spreaders of the word of these auctions... thank you all!

This community has done something completely spectacular, and I am beyond happy and proud to have been a part of it.
>> No. 26540

I'll give you $76 dollars for your Rarity. That's $1 profit for you!
>> No. 26541
Congrats to all the winners, and a hearty thanks. Metacritter, you're awesome for getting this all set up. BMOC is you.
>> No. 26542
Has Lauren Faust posted her response to how much money her sketches raised for charity?
>> No. 26543

>> No. 26544
File 130417094171.png - (15.10KB , 745x136 , fail.png )
>> No. 26545
File 130420790813.gif - (491.34KB , 500x366 , boom.gif )
You *know* what the bright side to this is, though.
>> No. 26546
File 130431123988.gif - (37.98KB , 1328x612 , chikfila.gif )
Look at the logo on the barn.

Anypony else notice the resemblence?

I sure as hell did the first time I saw it.
>> No. 26547
File 130431208133.png - (185.02KB , 519x720 , uhhhh.png )
>> No. 2482074
I just had to share this story somewhere, and, well, this seemed the best place for it, letting folks know what's gone on since the clock ticked over to 9PM Pacific Daylight Time on Tuesday, April 26th, 2011 with mine still the highest bid for Pinkie Pegasus.

Well, the last auction closed Thursday, April 28th, and a week later, I got an e-mail through Paypal from the seller telling me "Lauren wanted to include a handwritten note to the winners." Now that she had done so, the seller would be putting the packages in the mail the next day.

The following Monday, I learned that the review article I'd written about the new Pony series would be published on the science-fiction website Strange Horizons on Wednesday, and I took that as a sign. Wednesday's my day off work anyway, so it would be perfect: my article would go live, and Pinkie Peg would arrive to help me celebrate getting the word out about Pony to an SF/fantasy audience that would likely enjoy it but probably didn't know about it

So, of course, she didn't arrive on Wednesday.

Thursday, though, while I was at work, my dad heard some knocking at the door. By the time he actually got himself downstairs to answer it, the front porch was empty, but in with the day's mail was a little brown card from the Post Office: "Sorry we missed you!" it said along the top when I read it that evening. The spaces for "parcel" and "registered mail" and "signature required" were checked, and the box that said "your mail can be picked up after" had the date "5/14" and the time "9:00 AM" written in it in pen.

Which was OK with me since I had to work all day Friday anyway.

So Saturday morning with little brown card in hand, I drove up to the city's mane post office--and it was closed. It was Saturday, after all.

Folks were wheeling bins of mail around the sorting facility next door, though, so I showed one of them my little brown card. She said I should go around to the front of the sorting facility, ring the doorbell at the big locked double door, and wait.

So I did, and the guy who opened the top part of the double door was the guy who used to run our little local post office--I mail a lotta stuff, so we'd gotten to know each other over the years. We chatted, I showed him the card, and he said that the parcel would be in the mane building next door, the one that was closed. He couldn't figure out why the mail carrier had written that the parcel would be available for pick-up on a Saturday, but one of the other clerks said she had a load of boxes she was taking over there: she'd be happy to grab my parcel and bring it back with her.

I said thank you and settled in to wait.

Fifteen minutes later, she was back saying the parcel wasn't there: the little brown card had a number on it, and no parcel in the building next door had the same number. So the first guy looked around the sorting facility just in case, then made a photocopy of my little brown card, had me write my phone number on it, and said he'd call if anything turned up. His best guess, though, was that the carrier had hung onto the parcel at the local office so he could try redelivering it.

So I drove home.

As I pulled onto our block, I saw our local carrier just finishing up his route and loading his mail cart into the back of his van. I pulled in behind him, showed him the little brown card, and he said that Thursday was his day off. It had been some substitute carrier who'd left the card. He said he'd look into it, though, and would let me know when he brought our mail around on Monday. I said thank you, and as he drove off, I suddenly realized that he'd taken the little brown card with him.

And yet? I'm not worried. Because this had to happen, absolutely had to. This is Pinkie we're talking about, after all, and the Post Office. Derpy all around!

But the money's gone through to the Japan relief fund--that's the most important thing--and registered mail means the parcel was insured. And it'll give Pinkie the chance to come leaping out of my mailbox Monday yelling "Surprise!" at the top of her lungs...

>> No. 2483324
Did they ever find it?
>> No. 2483337
File 130591654381.jpg - (31.68KB , 640x480 , pinkie.jpg )

I was gonna get her a nice, tasteful wooden frame, but when I saw the glowing metallic pink one at the shop, well, that settled that.
>> No. 2483344

What does the hoofwritten note say?
>> No. 2484003
That's awesome!
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