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26705 No. 26705
I just locked myself out of my house by accident, housemate not home, had to ask some dude that was passing by to give me a push up the fence, I'm wearing a long skirt, no underwear *facehoof* had to break a window once inside the property. most embarrassing day in the year so far.

Post your Derpy moments.
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>> No. 26706
File 130438806975.png - (27.40KB , 314x314 , 1300842709662.png )
I'm going to just recline here and have a looksy up said skirt. I think that would be enough to calm and ease my mind.

This post is my derpy moment.
>> No. 26707
File 130438812591.png - (155.24KB , 419x453 , gfdshrtpng.png )
I didn't know there were women who didn't wear underwear.
>> No. 26708
File 130438815427.jpg - (80.37KB , 766x707 , 130317016676.jpg )
Forgot my own birthday once.
Carried a box of Math's books to the English corridor in high school. (They are on complete opposite sides of the building.)
>In my defense, i hadnt looked at the label.
>> No. 26709
File 130438835549.jpg - (17.53KB , 276x300 , 129912505252.jpg )
Quads mean success, right?
>> No. 26710
File 130438853298.png - (117.66KB , 271x281 , Twibarf.png )
>wearing a long skirt, no underwear
>> No. 26711


I lol'd...

I'm sorry, OWP, but I lol'd.

...no, wait.. I'm still loling..

*hugs you*
>> No. 26712
File 130438867740.png - (38.58KB , 943x943 , shrug.png )
Dear god. I am so sorry O_o
I have been there before NOT REALLY!!

Hmmmm... most embarassing moment... posting that pic of luna being decapitated and subsequently getting banned for it =/ I don't really take shame in many things
>> No. 26713
File 130438871254.jpg - (14.67KB , 498x374 , y u no.jpg )
Y u no carry lockpicks or call lock smith. Cheaper than window break probably, and you no give strangers a show.
>> No. 26714
File 130438873258.png - (38.81KB , 170x189 , 130177791500.png )
Drank ketchup and put cream soda on french fries...
I was okay with that though...
>> No. 26715
File 130438880853.jpg - (70.80KB , 360x333 , I-Love-You.jpg )

i guess one for me would be the time i accidentally punched a wall and tore the skin from my knuckles. that hurt so bad ><
>> No. 26716
File 130438890018.png - (24.75KB , 125x113 , 130179049820.png )
Did I mention that after that moment, I learned that cream soda makes everything taste better? Because it does...
>> No. 26717
File 130438895288.png - (141.46KB , 576x800 , sunshinedust.png )
I caught myself singing out loud in the middle of class..............................while we were taking a test
>> No. 26718
Smacked right into a PULL door while I thought it was a PUSH door.
>> No. 26719
File 130438901887.jpg - (50.25KB , 382x341 , 129851007668.jpg )
>...no underwear....

pic related
>> No. 26720
File 130438904547.png - (75.95KB , 940x818 , crazy.png )
"We're all going to pass, or try dying!"
"... wait I meant die trying...."
>> No. 26721
File 130438905823.jpg - (327.13KB , 945x945 , Holy_shit.jpg )
Oh god... that cartoon...
>> No. 26722
Well, lately I've been very close to bursting into song/dancing. I've been caught humming embarrassing things several times. I've also been talking to myself.

...I think I'm losing my goddamn mind.

On Ponychan, probably joking that I had a crush on Princess Celestia (the tripfriend) and making her uncomfortable.

Considering that I've done this several times on other sites, and it's backfired every time, you'd think I'd have learned my lesson by now.
>> No. 26723
File 130438917057.png - (184.05KB , 500x500 , I aint even mad.png )
Are you Luna?
>> No. 26724
... could be worse... unless you haven't realized it yet
>> No. 26725
File 130438926101.png - (174.43KB , 725x1000 , sadlucky.png )
Was halfway home when I realized I had my grandmothers TV remote in my hand

walked into a telephone pole

shut my hand in a door

locked myself out of my own room and had somepony break in to open it
>> No. 26726
woot somepony using my crazy pinkamena meme template!
>> No. 26727
File 130438978573.png - (396.43KB , 821x805 , 130369407562.png )
>> No. 26728
Besides the one YOU REMEMBER! lets see...

I don't take naps often, but one summer I wound up taking one. That morning I went back to bed, and then proceeded to wake up for a 'breakfast' of Hot Dogs

Even when mom explained that I had taken a nap, which was once I had started eating, btw, they were still the strangest tasting hot dog's I've ever eaten.
>> No. 26729
File 130438990371.png - (97.59KB , 700x700 , 129953571044.png )
I wasn't prepared to be locked out obviously, how am I supposed to call a locksmith? the properties here a huge so I would have to walk in flipflops on a rock road for a while before arriving at a neighbors house to ask for help.

Also this all happened because I wanted to feed some crying cat outside. never again will I let my Fluttershy instinct take over.

You find it disgusting Dokter? tell me a story of yours.

I'm her btw
>> No. 26730
File 130439000358.png - (98.97KB , 500x500 , brohoof.png )
>credit recieved
>> No. 26731
File 130439002991.png - (298.47KB , 606x735 , 130187030922.png )
>> No. 26732
File 130439015812.png - (52.91KB , 681x506 , celestia6.png )

either one
>> No. 26733
File 130439024825.png - (115.55KB , 1000x1000 , OMGlol.png )
>either thumb or full image
>> No. 26734
File 130439027758.jpg - (44.21KB , 600x524 , 130405001245.jpg )
Oh no, not disgusting at all. Just funny.

Let's see, hmm derpy moments...

Oh yeah, I was trying to cook some stir fried noodles and I poured oil on the frying pan. I then went to watch Sponge Bob and TOTALLY forgot about the frying pan.

Of course it caught on fire.


For those of you who don't know, DO NOT PUT OUT A GREASE FIRE WITH WATER. IT WILL EXPLODE.

Needless to say I had to go brow-less for few weeks.
>> No. 26735
autoderp derped and the derp is appropriate.
>> No. 26736
File 130439031660.jpg - (52.80KB , 633x479 , uppercase_d_colon.jpg )
No cell phones? *gasp* you must be from a different planet.

>mfw I wish I lived in a wider more open place instead of densely populated urban place.
>> No. 26737

I shouldn't have been reading this thread.

Now I'm going to correlate the names mentally X(
>> No. 26738
>> No. 26739
File 130439047342.png - (18.24KB , 194x159 , 130369988067.png )
I don't carry around my cell phone either.

...Not because I have no one to call me. Nope.

>> No. 26740
Lol, I can't stop myself from carrying it around even though nopony EVER calls me EVER.
I use a cheap a$$ prepaid plan that I have to occasionally put additional minutes on not because I'm run out, but to keep the phone from expiring due to inactivity...

Just a force of habit in case I ever need to make emergency calls though.
>> No. 26741
File 130439086555.png - (209.85KB , 550x512 , 130419312281.png )
>mfw I did that once. actually twice.

Why would I carry my cellphone when heading outside for a few minutes? or so I thought, also I would still need the number of a local locksmith. all I can say is that I won't make the same mistake twice...

Forget what you read... be at peace. no princess here.

Also why can't people share their real embarrassing derpy stories? common /oat/ throw that shame out the window along with your underwear.
>> No. 26742
I've actually got a few really really really embarrassing derp stories...not sure if wanting to share though... >_>
>> No. 26743

Can't... don't remember any embarrassing stories.

>> No. 26744
File 130439130607.jpg - (18.95KB , 238x320 , Batman boner.jpg )
>> No. 26745
File 130439167497.png - (411.79KB , 775x936 , 130431747614.png )


>> No. 26746
File 130439168527.jpg - (73.78KB , 392x340 , moi.jpg )
Just this morning I forgot to bring the keys to my office. I've only been on the job a month and both of my bosses were going to be late into work. Very, very embarrassing. Very painful directing people when everypony knew I messed up significantly.

Also, earlier this year I was going to have a photoshoot with my horse. Camera was there, everypony was ready, I mounted up, and before I'd even settled fell off. Only time I've ever fallen off my horse through all of her crazy antics and it was at the dumbest time, and I couldn't even get back on for photos because I knocked my spine out of alignment when I hit the ground. Plus, I had to have a novice go catch my horse because I was having such a hard time standing! Very embarrassing (and painful!)
>> No. 26747
File 130439174989.png - (244.18KB , 300x1106 , Batman Nothin at all.png )
>Nothin' at all.
I know that feel bro.
>> No. 26748
File 130439184748.png - (244.18KB , 300x1106 , Batman Nothin at all.png )
..Pic related.

>> No. 26749
File 130439195872.png - (71.74KB , 295x563 , ThatHasToHurt Eyebrow Raised Big Frown Front.png )

Is it just me, or have derps been getting more and more frequent?

Also, sorry to derp you. :(
>> No. 26750
File 130439226982.jpg - (37.89KB , 600x456 , 130362140416.jpg )
Well let's just say that when I was in my uncle's farm, I was was walking on a dirt road, at night. To make a long story short, never try to throw rocks at what you think looks like a chicken, but it turns out it was a wild boar.
>> No. 26751
File 130439301867.png - (54.39KB , 283x283 , interesting.png )
Oh you...


That does sound awfully embarrassing and painful...
>> No. 26752
File 130439377587.jpg - (22.63KB , 200x141 , MLP_DerpEyes_3.jpg )
Today, I was re-enacting a scene in a manga (about the villain getting slapped with a fish) to my brony buddies Five Alarm, Reel Deal and Charcolt. I ended up throwing an empty math folder across the room and smacking my hoof on a cabinet so hard it bruised.

I was actually laughing, but it still hurt!

Also, I used a rubber band to style my Rainbow Dash's hair and got "PONY tail lol" puns from both Reel Deal AND Tomato Blossom.... who happens to be my MOTHER. Epic facehoof moment.
>> No. 26753
I tried cooking fried eggs, but I didn't have any oil left. So I did the sensible thing and used water instead. Apparently, when water gets hot, it evaporates, and needless to say, there was boiling water and egg bits flying everywhere.

It gets better - I tried putting a pot lid on the pan to stop the boiling liquid from flying everywhere and the mini-explosions inside the pan were so powerful, they knocked the pot lid clean off the pan and onto the floor.

Finally, it occurred to me to turn off the stove, and I enjoyed the most hard-to-obtain fried egg ever.
>> No. 26754
File 130439425383.jpg - (14.72KB , 300x400 , Batman wot.jpg )
...I lost a bet with one of my good friends.
I had to go to work one day in tights and no shirt. It was breezy that day. Tights are REALLY TIGHT btw.

Man was so embarrassing, Bt it actually brang up my rep with everypony in the work place.
>Remind you this was like 3 months after being employed at Microsoft.

My boss ALMOST hit the roof. [This was when he started LOVING me. Seriously the guy thinks i'm like Duke Nukem or something.]..Instead of being fired he just gave me a White beater to wear.
>He let the tights slide for that day. Hilarious, yet uncomfortable.

Muscles were everywhere and stuff [Thank CELESTIA I chose to go to the gym ERR'day like 2 years before this or I would of DIED.]

But yeah.. One of my top ten embarrassing moments at work.
>> No. 26755
There was the time I pinned my foot to the ground with an arrow that I accidentally shot through it in front of the class I was teaching...

The time I was chased up a tree by a moose...

The time I punched a bear in the nose to stop it from stealing my sandwich...

The time I lit the lawn on fire...

The time started having an MS attack at work and threw up in the back and passed out in it...

And the other day when I tripped up the stairs while holding a knife. I now have a new scar.

>Just the ones I can remember.
>> No. 26756
File 130439473752.jpg - (141.49KB , 945x945 , 130370737906.jpg )
....How the hell did you not get fired?

Man, your bosses are awesome.
>> No. 26757
There's also the time I showed up for church while my MS was affecting my system very strongly. Every person there thought I was drunk as fuck. And then I ran into a closed door.
>> No. 26758
File 130439505483.jpg - (40.26KB , 620x348 , Batman laying down.jpg )
I should of been fired a LONG time ago... I'm just a lucky and likable guy.

>I must be getting sleep.

Good night and salutations.
>> No. 26760
File 130439715814.png - (94.02KB , 637x657 , 129953670841.png )
You have no idea how much that made me lol... I would've love to see that, there has to be footage!

>The time I punched a bear in the nose to stop it from stealing my sandwich...

Whahahaha wat?

I don't feel so derpy after reading all of your stories ^^
>> No. 26761
File 130439747295.png - (66.32KB , 528x462 , check it.png )
Idk if you saw mine, but here it is >>26712
>> No. 26762
File 130439772826.png - (55.44KB , 231x192 , 130160502473.png )
ah I missed your post. also missed when you got banned ^^

and really? tooting really? never been in my situation? no panties while doing something very physical?
>> No. 26763

Hehe I go without panties all the time!

good thing I still wear boxers...
>> No. 26764
File 130439794377.png - (87.44KB , 1276x883 , yay.png )
Actually there was one time I wasn't wearing panties when I got pantsed once.
I was wearing boxer briefs instead =P
>> No. 26765
File 130439799281.png - (174.37KB , 615x491 , 130387018646.png )
>> No. 26766
File 130439800813.png - (38.59KB , 318x312 , laugh.png )

HAHA! Our responses are so similar its creepy.
>> No. 26768
File 130439813331.png - (74.33KB , 540x600 , 130369697792.png )
A man usually NEVER goes without an underwear.

Unless you have BAWLS OF STEEL.

I mean really. It's sensitive down there. :(
>> No. 26769
File 130439829526.png - (103.41KB , 420x420 , Astonished Fluttershy.png )
Hi everypony! This looks like a fun...

Oh my.
>> No. 26770
File 130439832092.png - (119.44KB , 251x201 , panic_moustache.png )
>> No. 26771
File 130439844732.gif - (651.68KB , 256x144 , imlaughingforrealrightnow.gif )


*didn't notice how wrong until after you mentioned how wrong it was*

Oh Pinkie Pie I mean Princess Celesti- Damnit- I mean One Winged, you're so random!

*gives you a hug*
>> No. 26772
File 130439852263.jpg - (48.45KB , 574x420 , coolspike.jpg )
Well, I guess we all know where your mind is currently taking residence.
"something physical," indeed
>> No. 26773
File 130439863870.jpg - (16.37KB , 392x328 , 130403853210.jpg )
>> No. 26774
File 130439880869.png - (87.07KB , 386x386 , 130013874920.png )
And the image derp made it worse.
>> No. 26775
File 130439889450.jpg - (31.09KB , 640x480 , Photo_00050.jpg )
>> No. 26776
File 130439899477.png - (82.66KB , 1226x1274 , so awsome.png )
see >>26764

Also I never really took it that way. You so silly sometimes!
>> No. 26777
File 130439916441.jpg - (11.29KB , 181x186 , 130405126515.jpg )
>> No. 26778
I think I just found a way to transpose a matrix in O(1) time.
>> No. 26779
File 130439937250.jpg - (5.03KB , 216x190 , 130419318713.jpg )
My mind is in the gutter most of the time so I'm surprised I didn't notice it.
also boxer briefs? why.

probably the second most embarrassing fail I've had in ponychan. Like the time I typed incests instead of insects...
>> No. 26780
Linear algebra + big O eh?

Aw shit now I remember I have Comp Sci finals...
>> No. 26781
well... kinda.

i just had a crazy idea in my head. that's all.
>> No. 26782
File 130439945918.png - (61.22KB , 237x274 , Bonbon ehehe.png )
Boxers are more comfortable!
>> No. 26783
File 130439948362.jpg - (77.17KB , 1024x768 , 130187985084.jpg )
Boxer briefs is the best underwear for men. FACT.
and yes I remember that. implications hmm? lol jk
>> No. 26784
File 130439953642.png - (98.46KB , 445x415 , what.png )
Wow, am I really that androgynous? Oh god... O_o
>> No. 26785
File 130439965330.png - (16.25KB , 536x498 , 130303097743.png )
I assumed you were a gurl...

Really now.
>> No. 26786
File 130439967284.jpg - (64.28KB , 420x315 , Ack!.jpg )
One Winged Pegasus...With that roll game awhile back and now your post..I swear you're going to give me nosebleeds!
>> No. 26787
It was my damn sandwich and that bear was getting too friendly anyway.

Also, the time I showed up to breakfast in the dining hall with only a scout shirt and socks on.

>YFW you realize I worked at a Boyscout camp in Yellowstone for three summers in a row.
>YFW I have twenty or thirty more stories like this.
>> No. 26788
File 130439980124.jpg - (180.20KB , 819x760 , Smug Eyes Half Closed Smile Right Side.jpg )

Well, to be fair, your reapery-pony follows the female character model, so it's natural to assume that you yourself are female.
>> No. 26789
File 130439990932.png - (87.44KB , 1276x883 , yay.png )
I'll be whatever you want me to be, babe...
Oh god that was creepy. Blegh. Blegh!
>> No. 26790

But have you heard of a constant-time matrix transposition on any general size matrix before?
>> No. 26791
File 130440006325.jpg - (7.55KB , 264x265 , Awesome.jpg )
Well...there /are/ hormones for that.

I'm not helping, am I?
>> No. 26792
File 130440009793.jpg - (160.22KB , 800x595 , Salute.jpg )
This is true. I just can't find a good male pony that I can really work with to make my images. And the only other image that I made with a squarer jaw is this one, my first ever

But I don't really like the way it looks, so i kept the smoother jawline in future pics
>> No. 26793
File 130440012846.png - (39.12KB , 945x945 , 1300947351243.png )
My Derpy-est moment..
This is hard, because theres so many to choose from.
Stupid, painful, or both?
>> No. 26794

Boxers are the best!

In fact, I'm wearing them right now!

...and only them.... ...what? I'm in bed!
>> No. 26795
For the record, you looked like a male pony to me.
>> No. 26796
File 130440031640.png - (66.32KB , 528x462 , oh you.png )
>> No. 26797
File 130440033321.png - (138.61KB , 826x855 , 130212460467.png )
Not really. I can't brain at the moment anyway.
>> No. 26798
File 130440033445.png - (39.73KB , 257x218 , shadow teddie sez.png )
I shudder to think about whose bed you are in.
oh implied implications, you so crazy
>> No. 26799
...sadly, my own... =/
>> No. 26800
File 130440041461.png - (7.28KB , 404x408 , oh u bigmac.png )
>> No. 26801
File 130440046247.png - (80.00KB , 497x433 , yawn.png )
Thanks serge

Night everypony! Well, almost. Imma check the rest of my watch list b4 I go.
>> No. 26802

*hugs you tight*
>> No. 26803
File 130440049751.png - (51.74KB , 224x220 , 130237570211.png )
To be on topic...

>Accidentally sent a text to my ex-gf. It was supposed to go to my love interest at the time, and she sent me a text that read, "Autumn, I'm worried about you."

I'll leave it up to your own imaginations as to what I had text'd her. Man was I embarrassed.

>At friend's house. Spent the night, taking a shower. She knocks on the door, I say, "come in" without thinking about it while drying off.

She was mortified and hasn't let me live that one down. She calls me a perv, but I still appologize. In all fairness it was 2 am and I had been drinking, so my mental faculties were not in fully functioning order.
>> No. 26804
File 130440052515.jpg - (139.30KB , 1000x1000 , 130175689351.jpg )
Oh yeah, come to think of it, I used to be stuck on MMORPG (called Mabinogi) when I was in Grade 7-8 and I accidentally introduced myself as a girl to the guild members. And I rolled with it for the rest of my stay on the game.

I guess I am feminine enough.
>> No. 26805
File 130440057859.png - (54.49KB , 322x352 , 130192997379.png )
well. right now I'm wearing only a nightgown, getting ready to sleep cause I'm pooped.
didn't get any sleep yesterday and I'm really falling over.
>> No. 26806

Hahahah XD
>> No. 26807
I'm wearing a fleece robe, fleece bottoms, a long-sleeved shirt, wool socks and fur-lined slippers and I've got three blankets and a down "Deena" (It's a Norwegian blanket thing that's like a giant down-filled pillow and I have no idea how to spell it.) on my bed.

What? It's still winter here.
Seriously, it snowed over an inch yesterday.
>> No. 26808
File 130440062968.png - (30.64KB , 945x945 , 130146147191.png )
But it is! It's like wearing nothin' at all!

Also keeps your private parts safe and comfy.
>> No. 26809

>Wearing only boxers
>Its like wearing nothing at all
>I'm like wearing nothing at all
>> No. 26811
File 130440079819.png - (81.40KB , 271x309 , 130309124147.png )
Two days ago, instead of adding salt to my food I added it to my drink :(

My brother teased me for the rest of the lunch time >_<
>> No. 26812
File 130440084943.png - (315.73KB , 904x709 , Eh heh Rainbow.png )
ooo, I'm wearing a t-shirt, a Northface sweater and some comfortable shorts... I didn't get much sleep last night either :(.
>> No. 26813
File 130440085310.png - (389.81KB , 819x760 , WhyThatsRidiculous RollEyes Smile Right Side.png )

Heh. There was this one time on a game called Grand Chase where some annoying little horndog preteen boy started harassing a girl in the dungeon party. I told him off, and the girl got friendly towards me. (Not in a weird way, normal friendship-style.)
A few dungeon runs later, she started ranting about how guys tend to treat her. I can't remember exactly what was said, but eventually, I responded with something along the lines of "yeah, it's common, but not everypony is like that. Take me, for example, yada yada yada".

Her: "Wait... You're a guy?"
>> No. 26814
File 130440086276.png - (54.39KB , 283x283 , interesting.png )
I could introduce both of you to some friends.
>> No. 26815
File 130440088438.jpg - (43.77KB , 321x489 , 025921_wii_we_dare.jpg )
Oh. Well...
Pretend I made a good excuse to post this link-

Oh wait, these two posts are a flimsy enough pretense for me to use!
[warning: suggestive as all get-out]
[pic related]
>> No. 26816
File 130440089433.png - (69.53KB , 304x327 , 130174202433.png )
I am only in my boxer briefs as well.

Also, my parents say I used to look really girly when I was 6~10 yrs old or something. Thankfully and somewhat disappointingly I don't look feminine anymore.
>> No. 26817
>Argument: Silk Boxers.
>Wears self-made clothes and underwear all the time
That's like wearing nothing at all.
>> No. 26818
You have SILK boxers?

So -jealous-!
>> No. 26819
File 130440100260.png - (125.96KB , 633x643 , Cocky DisgruntledEyes GiganticGrin Front.png )

Ha. That reminds me of the time a friend tried to eat his TV remote and change the channel with a Dorito.
>> No. 26820
File 130440106818.png - (11.67KB , 103x117 , cmon.png )
What the fuk am I watching?
>> No. 26821
File 130440107757.gif - (237.41KB , 502x440 , Spazz.gif )
Suppose I could contribute. I think OWP will like this one.


You see...a long long time ago I used to be more..uh..ehehe..ever seen Inuyasha? Yeah..I was Miroku. I gained the nickname. "The luffable perv"

Welp, a female friend kept bugging me to go on Second Life with her in spite of my protests. I eventually caved in since she used THE VOICE against me.

>total ./////. The flirt!

Eventually I got the hang of SL and it became more or less an instant messenger with graphics to me. Well, this girl did have a crush on me, I also liked her some and well..operating on hormones + lack of sleep was a HORRIBLE IDEA! We were on a sim in SL and to give items to people, you can either go through their profile (long way) or drag and drop onto their avatar (easy way). Since I was lazy, I dragged a big of my bronyhood over to give her. At that very moment a strange walked in the way and I sent that pic to them by mistake!
>> No. 26822
File 130440107968.jpg - (114.09KB , 1011x756 , rainbowdashboing.jpg )
>this thread gives me the oddest wingboner.

i'll tell yall what i'm wearing...

jeans, nikes, a shirt, a hoody, and boxers. sooooooo sexy...
>> No. 26823
Shorts... I haven't been able to wear shorts for months.
>> No. 26824
File 130440113379.jpg - (149.59KB , 1024x1024 , 5625 - twilight_sparkle.jpg )

HAHAHA what the hell, is that real?

>> No. 26825
File 130440113898.png - (96.38KB , 1276x883 , yay_scythe_time.png )
>watch list keeps refilling
not sure if want... =P

I am wearing A plaid blue and green robe with dark grey pajama pants, and my hair is pulled back into a ponytail (ha ha, ponytail)
>> No. 26826
File 130440116971.jpg - (60.42KB , 443x513 , 1297585873596.jpg )
The most suggestive trailer for a Wii game

Well maybe not the most suggestive, but it's still pretty freakin' suggestive.
>> No. 26827
Oh, I'm quite sure OWP -WOULD- have enjoyed it ;)
>> No. 26828
Y-yeah... It was on sale and there were only two things I could make out of it... So that's how I made three pairs of boxers and a pirate sash.
>> No. 26829
File 130440135465.png - (178.21KB , 640x360 , Best of friends.png )
I know! The winter was freezing in New York this year...

ooo, I've had some horribly embarrassing things happen to me in my life... I was once feeling terribly ill on a trip China and as I was stumbling towards the local doctor's office, I tripped and vomited at the same, thus falling face down into a pool of my own vomit. I must have laid there for about two whole minutes hoping my embarrassment had killed me.
>> No. 26830
File 130440137129.png - (64.99KB , 619x879 , 130385745151.png )
That's a great story. I am laughing hard right now.
>> No. 26831
Oh, I agree. I made the switch from boxers to boxer briefs a few years ago and haven't gone back. The perfect blend of comfort, length, and support. Truly the gentleman's undergarment.

Except for this one time I tried wearing a thong, ended up going rock-wall climbing later that day without realizing I still had it on under my jeans... but that's another story for another day
>> No. 26832
File 130440145540.png - (57.34KB , 138x184 , really2.png )
wait you sent a pic of your "bronyhood"? what WHAT? did she want it? so instead of landing with her it landed in somepony else's avatar?
I'm so confused right now.
>> No. 26833
File 130440154768.jpg - (141.29KB , 1920x1080 , Shocked fluttershy.jpg )
Until I saw "bronyhood" in quotes, I had no idea what he was talking about. Oh my goodness...
>> No. 26834
It's May and it's still snowing several inches every week here in Utah.

I also quite enjoy wandering around in a breech-cloth and leggings with my shirt off. Native American regalia is actually quite comfortable.
>> No. 26835
File 130440159192.png - (9.55KB , 71x94 , aww32.png )
Aww... I once vomited while the dentist was making a mold of my teeth. I was 10.
>> No. 26836
File 130440162526.png - (59.34KB , 428x510 , 130387720901.png )
>mfw thong + rockclimbing

That is quite unfortunate. The only thing resembling in the embarrassing scale in my life would be when I literally shit my pants on a school bus ride in kindergarten. I was like 5. Yeah...
>> No. 26837
OP gave me the wierdest boner.
>> No. 26838
I wish I had some stories to share with you all...

....I just feel like a lame-o sitting back and laughing at everything =/
>> No. 26839
Ahahah, Second Life.
I remember when I was on SL. For a very short time. Before I was banned.

I wish I could say "good times", but it wasn't really all that good.
>> No. 26840
Eh...some stranger has a pic of my willy...it's funny NOW, but back then it was OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG.. The equivlant would be like sending a "special" picture to your girlfriend/boyfriend and accidently sending it to the wrong person.
>> No. 26841
File 130440179837.png - (18.33KB , 338x59 , achievementponyunconfort.png )
Yeah I do that alot...
>> No. 26842
File 130440186964.png - (96.13KB , 429x348 , cheerilee2.png )

Don't think about it that way...
...just imagine it as you're making everypony happy...

>> No. 26843
I'll share some then.

I woke up duck-taped to a tree in my sleeping bag and was late for KP. Fuck you, Colton.

I totally sang the NSFW version of a song by accident in front of a group of scouts.

And I pissed myself when a deer jumped the trail right in front of me when I was going to the kybo in the middle of the night.
>> No. 26844
File 130440189851.png - (108.83KB , 489x355 , Happy Scoot.png )
Native American regalia you say, Plaid? That's pretty neat! And good heavens, you've still got snow? That sounds terrible...
Oh my... that must have been pretty nasty. Did you end up swallowing it because of the clay/molding material? And you've only ever vomited once? I'm, as they say, preservatives :)
Doctor is too brilliant to have anything silly happen to him! Isn't that right?
>> No. 26845
>implying it's uncomfortable.
>> No. 26846
File 130440205866.jpg - (69.77KB , 450x337 , You_cant_catch_me_if_im_here.jpg )
Well this thread sure did teach us more about each other..ahahahaha!
>> No. 26847
I'm a man of many talents, trades and interests.
I'm sewing a badger dead-head up right now.
And then I'm wearing it on my head.
>> No. 26848
File 130440207493.png - (258.14KB , 1900x1916 , Flutter Rainbow Hug.png )
Awww, but that's a part of what makes you so gosh darned lovable Oh winged one!
>> No. 26849
File 130440227808.jpg - (203.70KB , 1547x1982 , 2622 - chrisboe4ever smoothie Trixie.jpg )
Nothin' uncomfortable here!

I have a very sensitive bowel. Let's just end at that. :\
I've since learned to control those urges very well. I am very good at enduring stomachaches.

So much so that once when I had appendicitis, (which you HAVE to have your appendix removed) I was able to endure it all the way. I didn't even know I had it until I when to a clinic as an excuse to skip school.

Imagine my surprise when the doctor said 'Yep, we need to schedule an appendectomy immediately' and I got transported to a giant hospital.
>> No. 26850
I agree with Moony!
>> No. 26851
File 130440233512.jpg - (9.73KB , 177x285 , derp.jpg )
Got a concussion and 11 stitches in my face when I accidentally dove into a tree while playing football at school.
>> No. 26852
Let's see...

I accidentally ran head-first into a gas pipe at school when I was 10. Can't remember anything before that. Like really, anything, wiped my slate clean.

I accidentally said "Fuck" in the middle of a talk at church.
>> No. 26853
File 130440244004.png - (74.02KB , 295x563 , WhyWouldYouDoThat TearingUp TinyFrown Front.png )
Man, I don't have any embarrassing moments to share.

Curse my careful and cautious nature, keeping me out of trouble! I want to have stories to tell!
>> No. 26854
File 130440244794.jpg - (60.92KB , 503x413 , Sweatdrop.jpg )
I have a less perverted sounding memory from when I was 13...

I wasn't a dumb kid per say, but some of my friends bring that side out of me. During lunch I would randomly break the tips of the spoons off and take them with me...>.> This was really retarded, but we got a laugh out of it. Weeeeeeell one day that got me into a manure load of trouble!

Long story short, loading up a trapper kepper that was falling apart with broken silverware wasn't the brightest idea. On the way back from lunch it fell of a well and WENT FUCKING EVERYWHERE! I dashed to the bathroom, leaving a trail of "destruction" making a trail behind me. Yeah..I got busted big time.
>> No. 26855
File 130440244952.gif - (134.43KB , 200x200 , Twitching Rarity.gif )
Oh my goodness... You were just able to ignore the pain of appendicitis? Good heavens, that's incredibly impressive Doc! I can't say I've had it myself, but I've heard it's just horrible...
>> No. 26856
File 130440252034.png - (183.72KB , 1053x882 , fluttershyontoilet.png )
no, I've vomited a billion times xD I think that was the first time they made a mold of my teeth, it was horrible.

>pic related
>> No. 26857
I cut myself open in front of my woodcarving class.

I sliced my finger to the bone with a sewing needle.

I fell of the edge of a cliff that was only 6 feet high and everypony thought I had fallen to my death.
>> No. 26858
File 130440262209.gif - (651.68KB , 256x144 , imlaughingforrealrightnow.gif )
I would offer you a hug... *snrk*.. but... haha.. I don't think you'd want it at the moment...

>> No. 26859
>> No. 26860
Wow..that was some derp'd sentence near the end lols. I meant to say all that junk fell out of a hole in that beat up trapper keeper and went everywhere.

I still remember the clanking sounds..
>> No. 26861
File 130440280627.png - (54.19KB , 830x700 , 130386737476.png )
I dunno. They say it's very excruciating. I just thought it was one of those food poisoning stuff at the time.

I still vividly remember the moment as I walked through the corridors of my school to get excused to go to a bathroom. Things literally almost spun around me. Surreal.

I don't know if this is a Korean thing, but using a public bathroom is incredibly shameful among the peers and kids used to prank/make fun of each other for doing so. So I had to be excused during classes so no one will catch me doing the deed.

I had lots of bad things happening to my body. Not all of it is hilarious, but I think it's fun to share.
>> No. 26862
To answer OP's question, age 1-29 were all pretty embareassing lol!
>> No. 26863
File 130440286250.png - (261.03KB , 600x605 , Twilight Pinkie Hug.png )
It's because being awkward at times is a part of what makes you such a charming pony to talk with! You're very authentic and never afraid to speak your mind: both incredibly admirable traits. Why, I only wish I had half of your gusto, courage, or good humor! Your comfort with words, even regarding awkward situations, is a part of what makes you unique and special. And we love you for it ♥
>> No. 26864
File 130440291521.jpg - (156.04KB , 784x1019 , fluttershy.jpg )

This pony has a special way with words...

...that I'll never have....
>> No. 26865
Anyway, I hope you guys got some schadenfreude out of my stories. I promised I'd get some good rest tonight.

I won't be on as much from now on. I've got to concentrate on getting through school and then getting a real job so I can get some money to go to college with.
>> No. 26866
File 130440299785.jpg - (68.66KB , 945x945 , 130387579376.jpg )
Seconded. We love you for who you are.
>> No. 26867
File 130440313493.jpg - (7.62KB , 250x172 , Wut.jpg )
Is it safe to say we're all pervs, clumsy or eccentric?
>> No. 26868
File 130440319775.png - (419.49KB , 800x640 , 130275208268.png )
You want me to go to bed blushing huh?

well, thank you...

less love and more embarrassing stories people!
>> No. 26869
File 130440320002.jpg - (33.33KB , 730x439 , Scoot hug.jpg )
And thank you for sharing Doc! From what I know, it's very much the same in China, Taiwan and the United States as well (kids teasing other kids in the public restroom).
I'll miss you Plaid! I hope you have a wonderful sleep...

Sergie wergie! *hugs*
>> No. 26870
File 130440335774.jpg - (132.89KB , 800x800 , 130411031793.jpg )
Thanks for sharing Plaid :) sleep tight.

I'm going to sleep too, good night everypony, thanks for sharing. I got more embarrassing stories of my own but I'll leave those for another time.
>> No. 26871
I'll be around, just not as often. It's kind of sad growing up.
If you want to shoot the breeze or chat or whatever, send me an email and I'll give you my skype(Every Day) or facebook(Every Day) or msn(Haven't used in years) or something. That goes for anypony who's reading this and wants to chat. I'd really like to get to know you guys outside of just ponychan.
>> No. 26872
File 130440358035.jpg - (14.84KB , 300x298 , Comfy Rarity.jpg )
Good night Wingy, good night Plaid! I only just started using MSN again myself thanks to ponies...

I love you both and I'll miss you!
>> No. 26873
File 130440365417.png - (114.13KB , 633x643 , WhatAreYouUpTo SquintyEyes Frowning Front.png )

I'm not. Gar durnit.
>> No. 26874
File 130440366808.jpg - (124.90KB , 800x800 , 130427846473.jpg )
Aren't we all?

Sure. Why not!

Not sure if I should share this, but it's one of THOSE moments men dread to experience.

Yes. A violent concussion to your testicles. Happened twice to me and both of them INCREDIBLY embarrassing.

One was when we were cleaning the classroom in elementary school. I was cleaning the floor with a mop and I got into the 'zone' as it were and started to sweep the floor like crazy leaning on the mop as I went along.

Long story short, the mop got stuck on the floor, the pole went straight to my nads. I cried like a little bitch for hours and every one laughed like crazy at me. I had to hide at the library just to cry from the pain.

Second time was in middle school(still in Korea, about Grade 5~6). Again, long story short, I got hit in the nads by the dodgeball shot. REAL HARD.

The sky literally went yellow for me. I couldn't cry or scream or react in any way other than just kneel down, go into a fetal position and silently suffer from the massive pain. This one wasn't embarrassing, but it sure as hell hurt.

...Maybe that's why I am somewhat feminine. :(
>> No. 26875
G'night Ms. Top Mare. Hope you sleep well.

>Goodnight demonslayer, goodnight. Now it's time to close your tired eyes. There's devils to slay and dragons to ride, if they see you coming, hell they'd better hide. Goodnight.
>> No. 26876
Ya know, I could thrown in love with embarassing and blush worthy stuff all in one go, but I also don't want to risk things comming off as creepy. Well that and the luffable perv days are long gone.

I will say that I think you're really sweet and one amazing person to talk to. Some of the stuff does mess with my head at times, but it adds to your charm. Even when things start getting odd, I love how you're able to play along with it without missing a beat.
These qualities are rare in a person and you balance them beautifuly.

Imma shut up now before my name turns to "Mushi"

nighty night :p
>> No. 26877
File 130440410122.png - (118.74KB , 300x400 , Scoot in a basket.png )
Oh my goodness... I try not to ever talk about "testiculars" because all that business is awfully nasty, but I once had a hammer thrown at mine and I recall having a similar reaction. It was back when I was in the Boy Scouts, we were setting up camp. I was sawing some logs and the guy next to me was hammering tent pegs into the ground. It was winter, and the ground was very hard, so he was using a loooot of force to break through the rock hard ground. He accidentally released the hammer on a particularly hard swing downwards and it flew maybe ten feet into my groin. I recall seeing purple and crouching into a similar fetal position...

A bit embarrassing, but the pain was by far the most pressing thing on my mind at the time. Gosh, even talking about it is making me feel sick...
>> No. 26878
*hugs Moony tight*

>> No. 26879
File 130440426574.png - (104.48KB , 600x583 , Flutterhug.png )
*hugs* Goodnight Sergie... <3. I'll see you tomorrow my dear friend!
>> No. 26880

Oh Celestia...

Posts something about no panties, and is surprised ponies are getting wingboners from it... lol
>> No. 26881
File 130440437202.png - (117.74KB , 542x355 , 130386693045.png )
...They don't call it a 'weak spot' for nothing.

God, the pain... *shudders*

If anypony is reading this, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD don't kick men in the balls unless he REALLY REALLY deserves it. I am begging you, just don't.
>> No. 26882
I pored chocolate milk all over my KD and chicken strips, I was so use to having a glass where I put my plate.

I also broke a giant flank window. I was throwing a big stick for a dog, and let go of it a little too early....
>> No. 26883
File 130440444981.png - (396.43KB , 821x805 , 130369407562.png )

Night! May your testicles stay safe and untouched!
>> No. 26884

Now why would you wish for something like that~

>> No. 26885
File 130440453100.jpg - (59.17KB , 1280x1024 , surprise.jpg )
There was one time I tried to cut a bagel, yet forgot my finger was still through the hole.
Bagels: guillotines for fingers.

I didn't cut too far before I realized I was slicing my finger off, thankfully.
>> No. 26886
File 130440454749.png - (42.14KB , 168x168 , Cute Celestia.png )
Who else but our dear, beloved Princess Celestia?
>> No. 26887
File 130440470255.png - (412.79KB , 706x1080 , 1298696037799.png )
Ok, so.
Lost my glasses.. On my face.

Was walking down a hallway. I turned to look at the friend I was talking to and ran smack into the metal divider between the doors.

Preheating an oven to make some pizza. Realized I forgot to take all the extra baking sheets and things out.. And so I stupidly grabbed them all one-handed. Then, having successfully moved everything onto the counter, I knocked it all over onto my unprotected hand. Got me some nice, perfect lines burnt in for a while.
>> No. 26888
File 130440500997.png - (114.34KB , 400x475 , 1299864270811.png )
While fixing a hole where the rain was getting in last summer I made the mistake of propping the ladder on soft ground with the top resting on the fascia instead of extending up a couple more feet.

I climbed the ladder and started hammering a shingle in place when the ladder slid into the mud. The top of the ladder slipped off the roof and fell - right through the kitchen door window. I landed hard on my back after a good 6-foot drop and immediately rolled away from the ladder. Lucky I did, since there were shards of old non-tempered glass a foot long sticking out of the ground when I finally got back up.

I still think I screwed up something in my back when I landed.
>> No. 26889
File 130440553727.jpg - (40.69KB , 700x466 , 1591red_hot_chilli_pepper.jpg )
When I was about 7 or 8, my favorite character was bugs bunny. So every afternoon, I watch the looney toons/tunes show. I got the crazy idea of getting a carrot from the fridge and eat it while watching.

Guess what I got...

And guess what happened next...
>> No. 26890
Well, only thing I can remember is splitting my thumb open when I tried shaving for the first time.
>> No. 26891
Cartoon fire coming out of your nose?
>> No. 26892
File 130440632653.jpg - (14.94KB , 166x151 , 1302387780742.jpg )
That's not fried, that's a poached egg.
>> No. 26893
I threw away most of my uncle's family summer clothes.

How was I supposed to know they keep them in black garbage bags when they are out of season :/

I just wanted to help
>> No. 26894
File 130440650871.png - (132.21KB , 709x794 , Reaction_weirded.png )
I got bit by a squirrel at work when I was feeding it. This happened two years ago and I still get coworkers from other departments asking me if I was "that girl." They will never let me live it down D:
>> No. 26895
File 130440668985.gif - (2.81MB , 350x432 , 130298690995.gif )
....I am started to get worried that this might be archived...

Oh god... My stories forever enshrined on the internet for all to see...

>> No. 26896
File 130440743341.jpg - (16.11KB , 226x255 , Derpy Scoot.jpg )
I suspect Celestia will like that least of all, haha. I'm sure the mods wouldn't do that to us though.
>> No. 26897
Aww...poor thing. :p

That kind of reminds me of something my mum told me the other day. She told me that her coworkers now thinks she's a loopy and makes "have you been drinking?" jokes ever since she said she found a fat oposssume (sp?) at her job and no one was around to witness it.
>> No. 26898
File 130440788292.png - (107.06KB , 484x336 , 130237625812.png )
>files "archive request" reports every minute

Nah, I'm kidding. That might be asking for it a little though...
>> No. 26899
Recently drove 32 miles to a job interview, forgot to grab my wallet (with my drivers' license in it) so I had no photo ID when they asked for it. Drove 32 miles back, grabbed it and drove another 32 miles to find out that they were done interviewing for the day. Drove 32 miles home, and then the next day I drove 32 miles, had my interview, and drove 32 miles back.

So I burned 3/4 of a tank of gas in 2 days all because I forgot my drivers license. I'm pretty lucky that I wasn't pulled over, because knowing me I was probably speeding the whole time.
>> No. 26900
File 130440799507.jpg - (54.28KB , 945x945 , 130168862376.jpg )
I once left work and drove all the way home before I realized I couldn't find my cell phone. I drove back to the office, searched for fifteen minutes and gave up before I got a call.

It had been in my breast pocket the whole time.
>> No. 26901
File 130440801067.png - (66.18KB , 286x277 , sb6.png )
I helped some girl over a fence, who then proceeded to break into some poor dude's house. Turns out she wasn't wearing panties, and I contracted cooties from her.
>> No. 26902
File 130440830010.jpg - (8.98KB , 167x184 , 130403864886.jpg )
>> No. 26903
File 130440853544.jpg - (38.87KB , 419x453 , 1300779406278.jpg )
Uh oh...
>> No. 26904
File 130440855348.jpg - (52.06KB , 900x563 , 130424975505.jpg )
true story..

>bailouts from school
>goes to friend's party
>on the way stops by a tobacco shop
>gets out of the car (leaves the key in the car)
>close the dor
>car goes derp, and the central lock closes itself
>realizes my wallet and my cellphone is in the car too
>heavy rain starts
>> No. 26905
File 130440859899.jpg - (28.18KB , 500x322 , 2921 - panties rainbow_dash underwear - Copy.jpg )
>> No. 26906
File 130440875061.png - (39.40KB , 188x215 , 130281828117.png )
>asked to go to the store and buy dog food
>come back with mums favourite cigarettes
>her face when

She's sent me up there for cigs so much that I get them by instinct.
>> No. 26907
I should get on /oat/ more often...


>Carving a mini-totem thingy. Instruct younger boy scouts on proper knife safety. Slip and stab knife into my hand. Stare at it for a moment and smile at them, "Okay kids, now we're learning how to treat a stab wound. Go get the first aid kit."

>Walking around with friends in Boy Scout Camp. I trip in a hole out of nowhere and just fall face-first onto the ground.

>Forget lines in very important Boy Scout presentation. Ad-lib the whole thing. It turned out okay, but I confused a lot of people.

>Add salt instead of sugar to coffee. Spit it out all over the floor.

>Guy on the bus taps my shoulder and asks me some question about directions or something. I sit there for a few seconds, saying, "Uhhhhhhhh..." He gets creeped out and walks away.

>When I first got my glasses, I was late every single day to my college classes for a week. I kept walking out of the house forgetting something. Cellphone, wallet, homework, backpack, bus pass, etc. And I would always remember that I forgot my glasses halfway to there.

>Attacked by bugs. Smack at bugs. More attack. I go on crazy bug-murder rampage. Realize I'm being watched by all of our neighbors, and my family.

>Look for glasses for two hours. Mom tells me their on top of my head.

>Eat muffins all the time.
>> No. 26908
File 130440901349.png - (129.16KB , 611x663 , 130406988995.png )
Oh man I hope this thread gets archived, oh boy, oh boy!
I honor, I will tell you all that one time I managed to give myself a pretty dang bad burn on my finger (or was it my thumb?) when I somehow managed to touch the toaster oven in just the wrong spot after having used it for years without problems.

Hurt like hell. Left a mark for at least a week. Skin peeled and everything.
Be careful with the toaster, kids.
>> No. 26909
File 130440920683.png - (44.49KB , 329x190 , 1297028771774.png )
Oh yeah, the toaster. You gotta watch out for that.

I was staring at the toaster with a fork in my hand once. I remembered how people said you'd be electrocuted if you stuck a fork in there. So I stood there for a good ten minutes, contemplating jamming that fork in there. My mom walks by, takes the fork from my hands, and walks away. Thank you Mom.
>> No. 26910
File 130440943381.png - (387.18KB , 819x760 , IAmSoScrewed AwkwardEyes GiganticFrown RightSide.png )

I don't know, Rainbow Dash seems to be messing with people A LOT lately. Archiving this just to preserve the humiliation of others seems right up his alley.
>> No. 26911
File 130440950863.png - (87.56KB , 438x400 , 1297584633131.png )
In honor, even. Curse you, keyboard, this is all your fault.

As repentance for keyboard derp, I will also let it slip that I managed to cut into my thumb with a knife (silverware variety, not something like a serrated bread knife or, you know, something really good at cutting.)

I was trying to make a sandwich out of a crescent roll that had not been cut yet. Imagine my surprise when I felt the sudden pain.
...I don't think I bled all over my crescent roll, but I don't think I got my sandwich, either.
It's been a while, however, so my memory may not be perfect.
>> No. 26912
File 130440954402.png - (727.93KB , 4001x3084 , 130365981637.png )
>I was in group session Uni.
>One group was showing their work and asked us what we wanted to look at.
>Every one else said for complicated stuff
>I yelled out without thinking "BENCH!"
>Now our student show case at the end of year is themed on Benches and my tutor constantlly says bench to me.
>> No. 26913
File 130440967779.jpg - (938.57KB , 700x800 , 130176653742.jpg )
My whole life is one big Derpy moment...

That sounds like something I would do.
>> No. 26914
File 130440976039.jpg - (19.15KB , 320x320 , 130407171245.jpg )

Also another story that happened recently.

I got shitfaced drunk on vodka and went to a liquor store for more.

...It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I wore a suit, necktie and a fedora hat to hide my drunkenness. It took all my effort to not walk like a drunken idiot I was. No one really noticed!

...Until some one asked me something (still can't remember) and I went, 'haha I don't know'.

I still bought more Sake and Raspberry liqueur without any problems though. Never doing that again.
>> No. 26915
File 130440981804.jpg - (101.68KB , 490x431 , 445644177.jpg )
Very early on when I first got my cat I was asked to clean out the litter box. I dumped out the pan and decided to let the ammonia-soaked remains stew in some scented bleach to kill the smell.

Big. Tooting. Mistake.

2NaOCl + 2NH3 --> 2NaONH3 + Cl2
>> No. 26916
File 130440988922.png - (149.15KB , 800x1000 , 130274540465.png )
I was baking a pizza in the oven, once. I put an oven mitt on one hand and went to grab the pizza pan, like usual. Except that the mitt's fabric was rather thin, and the heat went straight through to my hand! So I yelped and dropped the pan...

...only to make my brain go "Oh shit,the food!" and grab the very hot pizza pan with my other hand, which was bare. And then I screamed in pain and dropped the pizza on the floor.

My first two fingers and thumb were burnt, as well as the webbing between my thumb and index finger, and a bit of my palm. That HURT. I must have run cold water over my hand for 15 minutes.

Thankfully it healed up rather quickly, but damn.
>> No. 26917
File 130440995507.gif - (93.25KB , 171x148 , 130369487907.gif )
Hahaha, yes, Piss + Bleach = Chlorine gas
Lucky you didn't get hurt.
>> No. 26918
File 130441001113.gif - (315.23KB , 502x502 , derpys-(n1297300465802).gif )
Okay this one was kind of derpy
>Senior year of high school
>Picking topics for research paper
>My group picks several goofy/not serious topics not thinking we'd get called on to share one
>I get called on to share one
>Pick random one on my paper
>"Ummm, who's more over rated, Soulja Boy or Li'l wayne?"
>Teacher, everypony in the class look at me for awhile
>Teacher calls on somepony else
>I feel derpy
>> No. 26919
File 130441012136.jpg - (55.68KB , 533x600 , 1300735763949.jpg )
Heh. Now you have an easy recipe, though!

>In a hurry
>Run out the door, locking it beforehand
>Realize I need my wallet to drive
>Try to open door
>Realize I don't have my keys either
And that, filllies and gentlecolts, is why you shouldn't stay up on ponychan all night,
>> No. 26920
Oh god. OH CELESTIA. Yeah. Wow...
>> No. 26922
File 130441043549.png - (374.02KB , 791x928 , Furious AngryCrazyEyes GiganticFrown Front.png )
Hm... Okay, I've finally thought of ONE derpy moment I've had. Was very recent, too.

I was trying to show my brother some funny pictures and videos I'd saved on my computer. My "organization" system meant that these files were spread across six different folders.

I went to go to the first folder... Hand slips, wrong folder. Click back, try again. Hand slips, go to the same wrong folder. Click back, try again. Success!
Go to first picture. Try to click "Open With..." Hand slips, added to zip file. Undo that, try again. "Open With..." Notepad. Why the heck is that even ON the list? Yeah, yeah, file not recognized. Try again.
Mega hand slip. File sent to recycle bin. FFFFFFFFFFF- Retrieve file, try again. Brother laughing his flank off. Fueled by rage, succeed in opening picture.

Later in the whole process, get to a video. It's one of a cat trying to jump from one surface to another, and faceplanting instead. Click play.
Video goes super choppy, audio is fine. Hear a *thunk*, but see nothing. Try again. Video still choppy. *thunk* Bring up a background program, thinking it might be the problem.
Go to close it, don't notice it isn't maximized, close video. Instead of doing the smart thing, I bring up the video again, as opposed to closing the program suspected of making everything choppy. Video is brought up, forget that the other program is still open. No video. *thunk*
Go to close background program. Once again close video. Close program. bring back video. Still choppy. *thunk*
Bring up task manager, look for what else might be causing the problem. Find a likely candidate, click it, End Process.
Turns out I misclicked, and got the video instead.
End the program I intended to end in the first place, then bring up the video again.
Still choppy.


Go back into task manager, find EVERY UNNECESSARY PROGRAM THAT IS NOT THE VIDEO and close it, making absolutely positively without-a-doubt 100% sure that I don't misclick ANYTHING else.

Play video. YAY, it works! Hehe, that cat is so silly.

>> No. 26923
File 130441051875.png - (290.19KB , 481x527 , 1300156299872.png )
It's something I hope I never have to put to use.

I know far too many ways to kill people
>> No. 26924
Your trips say otherwise.
>> No. 26925
File 130441063140.png - (68.46KB , 614x444 , 130300009824.png )
That's still better than the time I accidentally the whole RAID system.

I hate computers.
>> No. 26926
File 130441082395.png - (502.97KB , 429x580 , Randyjohnsonpole.png )
>Be Randy Johnson
>Be in the World Series
>Win the World Series
>Win Worlds Series MVP
Wait... That's not a derpy moment that's just a Randy Johnson being the best pitcher in the history of baseball moment
Sorry guys!
>> No. 26927
File 130441126174.jpg - (6.98KB , 184x184 , 1297199977404.jpg )

Weeeellll, maybe.

no, not really
>> No. 26928
File 130441127140.jpg - (120.22KB , 600x600 , 1301284659936.jpg )
>> No. 26930
File 130441183935.png - (38.51KB , 360x270 , 130189044402.png )
He has arrived.

This thread has now come full circle.

I can die happy now.
>> No. 26932
File 130441212312.jpg - (22.45KB , 619x809 , hydra2.jpg )
Your choice of picture amuses me! I was the poor soul who wanted more love for the hydra.
>> No. 26933
Wait, not to rip on your parents but, they let a nine year old walk around unfamiliar woodland - alone?
>> No. 26934
That's how you know you won, though. I was never good at hide and seek.
>> No. 26935
second month of college, a a friend is over at my apartment. He and my roommate start climbing the walls, you know, that thing where you press your back against one wall and your feet against another? Anyways, they're doing just fine, and I figured I'd give it a try...had mentioned I outweigh both these guys by a good hundred pounds? Basically, both my feet go through the wall, and the apartment was being inspected the next week...it didn't get caught until we moved out five months later though!

another, not so derpy but still kinda embarrassing story, I once went to open my bedroom door...and ripped the door clean off it's hinges.
>> No. 26936
i share to you.

one time in high school i tried to lie on a bench but without looking there was some leftover 'thingy' with soy sauce and to make the story short: the back of my head smelled like soy sauce for a whole day.
>> No. 26937
File 130441582744.gif - (0.99MB , 412x384 , 130299976886.gif )
Hmmmm...Derpy, silly, and stupid moments.

Well one time in pre-K I went to the bathroom. The floor was wet and it was a really small room. I slipped and hit my head straight on the metal flusher part. came out obviously bleeding and said to the teacher "teacher, I think i'm bleeding." went and got stiches above my eye. to this day I still have a scar.

Another thing I did when I was in pre-k, I got dared to stick my head in the toilet. Yeah, the teacher just loved to hear that story. While she washed it with hand soap.

I've broken 5 sets of retainers.

Oh! And a final story! I once was taking swimming lessons. We were in pre-lifeguard training and were learning to dive to the bottom of the pool to retrieve a 10 pound weight. Class got done early and some of us were pulling tricks diving in the pool. I decided to make up a move and dive into the pool with the weight while belly-floping. Of course every move has to have a name yelled out right before you dive (like "cannon ball"), so I yelled out "SUICIDE!!!" Yea, things were a little awkward for a few minutes when I resurfaced.
>> No. 26938
File 130441586874.png - (119.27KB , 633x643 , DidYouJustDoWhatIThinkYouJustDid FlusteredEyes Gig.png )

Are you Superman?
>> No. 26939
No, he's Clark Canter.
>> No. 26940
I am a veeeeery big brony...there was another time when I locked myself in the bathroom by ripping out the door handle. I had to take out my bathroom window, because I was alone in my house.

>considering changing my name now.
>> No. 26941
I was sitting on a railing at an amusement park a few weeks ago at my Senior Grad Bash thing.
Two of my group's friends weren't there, so I went to go get them.
I tried to do this epic flip that I lift myself up, turn around to the other side of the railing and jump down.
My foot got caught on a rope and I fell on my flank like five feet.
>> No. 26942

when i was like 14, a friend of mine told me about it during class. i was like "no way, you can lose consciousness from THAT?". the teacher was writing something on the board, so i decided to try it out, thinking it wouldnt work. i hyperventilated for a while, then closed my eyes and held my breath as hard as i could. at first, nothing happened. then i heard birds chirping and when i opened my eyes i was laying on the ground and everypony was looking at me. apparently, i blacked out, fell off the chair and hit the ground with a big thud. that was kinda embarrassing...

then the cunt of a teacher made a big deal out of it. he interrogated me together with the principal, and i told them how i just wanted to test it, didnt think it would work. the principal said something along the lines of "thats no excuse. you are here to learn". and i, majorly irritated by all the bullshit, was like "well, i learned that the fainting game works. thats much more than i ever learned from the boring monologues of this sad excuse for a teacher here."

didnt help my case...
>> No. 26943
File 130443345036.png - (15.30KB , 150x109 , SadPinkyPie.png )
A few weeks ago, I slept in and was in quite a hurry to catch my train. I threw on some clothes, packed my bag and rushed out of the house. I started running, but suddenly PANTS AROUND ANKLES and I faceplant into the ground at full speed. Turns out I forgot both my belt and zipping up my pants properly when I left! I missed my train and had to go home again to change (it was raining outside).

Needless to say, worst monday morning ever.
>> No. 26944
File 130443486660.png - (152.79KB , 900x1125 , 130442419052.png )
i was in such a hurry to get to my massage-ist training meeting i didin't dry my hair properly i ended up in a hostpital for 10 days with some crazy virus-cold i got, 2 weeks after getting out of the hostpital im still not feeling well, and i lost 4 meetings. derp.
>> No. 26945
Derp 1

Wake up to the sound of alarm clock.
Realize I have a final in 10 minutes.
Run to class
Sit down and realize noponyelse is there.
Look at watch it says 9:00
Look at day... its Sunday.

Derp 2

Wonder why the doors were unlocked if it were Sunday.
Recall news where criminals were getting into the building and stealing the lab equipment on a regular basis.
Look at door... see cops streaming in...

Derp 3

I try to run

............................................______ __
.....................,?........................... ...........................\,
.................../.................................................. .........,}
................./.................................................. ....,:`^`..}
.............../.................................................. .,:”........./
..............?.....__............................ .............:`.........../
.........../(_....”~,_........“~,_....................,:`..... ..._/
...,,,___.\`~,......“~.,....................`..... }............../
,,_..........}.>-._\...................................|........... ...`=~-,
................................`:,,.............. .............`\..............__
........................................_\........ ..._,-%.......`\
>> No. 26946
File 130443684698.jpg - (11.01KB , 319x216 , ponyrxn.jpg )
Hm. Couple that stick out in my mind:

>Trying to leave building
>there's an opening between two of the doors
>"Huh. That's never been there before."
>Try to go through it
>Nearly break nose on glass
>They just moved the display that's usually in front of that spot

And from when I was younger
>Making some sort of thing on the stove. I think it might've been eggs.
>Mother warns me to be careful about the top of the stove
>Well it's not ALL hot
>Yes it is!
>No it's not. See?
>pat stovetop a few times between the eyes
>somehow totally miss and land my whole hand right on the dang thing
>Catch flack about this for YEARS AND YEARS TO COME
>she still doesn't believe me when I tell her what I was doing
>> No. 26947
File 130443739167.jpg - (22.36KB , 344x188 , giantclawtitle.jpg )
I got this derpy bird. Is that good enough?
>> No. 26948
I was with 2 friends...they need blood tests for school..we go to the doctors ( 30 min drive ) only to find out ...its sunday...and the doctors is closed .

that is derpy....but it gets worse...

A few days later we all go back....the office is closed due to a holiday ..

Derpy huh?
>> No. 26949
File 130443841163.png - (61.56KB , 208x216 , 130160285798.png )
I woke up at what I guess must have been around 05:00 this morning.

I got no idea why but I almost panicked because the light was off. I somehow convinced myself that I had not turned it off before falling asleep so I hid under my blanket and thought to myself that the bulb was burned out and then I checked to see if my laptop was by my bed..

I then realised I was acting crazy and went back to sleep..
>> No. 26950
Don't worry, Wheatley will be in in a minute.
>> No. 26951
File 130444227303.jpg - (27.45KB , 431x531 , 130315722042.jpg )
so embarrassing stories, huh...?
i can think of some

>Try to let out a fart in class, it's accidentally extremely loud. The teacher and most of the class ignores it, but two guys next to me start laughing and the teacher sends them to the counselor

>Taking bus in Sao Jose to get home. Woman asks me if bus goes to Colinas Mall. I nearly tell her it goes to Eldorado Mall, which is near the place I live in here in Sao Paulo!

>Went to scratch my groin, somehow pinched myself in the attempt. I then got the weirdest boner...
>> No. 26953
>Working Security at a Central Distribution Warehouse
>Get home.
>Pour over 3.5 books and go back into worldbuilding for a few hours, while listening to music.
>Run water for bath.
>Pants go kathunk, without my belt.
>Check Pocket
>Took one of those nextel radios home with me.

I have done this at every job (taking something needed home with me by accident, last time I somehow took our store's clip-on panic button with me, without taking my uniform shirt home)
>> No. 26954
Went up to a set of double doors, slammed both doors open at once and walked face-first into the center column and fell over.
>> No. 26955

>> No. 26956
File 130445136187.png - (279.87KB , 500x800 , 13.png )
I thought I heard my front door open so I went to my closet and got my really sharp axe. After checking the whole house a dropped my axe and cut my leg open. I laughed then went to the hospital
>> No. 26957
File 130445639171.png - (10.59KB , 91x127 , stfu.png )
Oh god, this thread really turned into something quite awesome, I'm laughing so hard at your stories. I'd like to share another one of mine, will do when I come back from the grocery store.

Not laughing at this one, that sounds horrible...
>> No. 26958
File 130445650235.png - (59.34KB , 428x510 , 130387720901.png )
>> No. 26959
File 130445686871.png - (85.12KB , 310x286 , STRESSEDANDCONFUSEDTWILIGHT.png )
I get these pretty much every day, constantly. Let's see, the biggest mess up I've had lately is...

Well, I was at a party, and somepony decided to put their cup behind a family photo on some end table. (the table was against the wall with the photo looking outwards) I was laying against the wall near the end table and I lost my balance, so I quickly tried to place my hand on the table to regain my balance. Unfortunately, I ended up putting my hand on the top of somepony's glass hidden behind there, and my hand slid off of the table along with the glass, ending up with me breaking, then landing on, a glass cup.

Quite painful and embarassing, if I do say so myself.
>> No. 26960
File 130445745580.png - (38.58KB , 943x943 , shrug.png )
I'm fine with people seeing my embarrassing moments.

Besides how many people will be able to find you IRL and then come laugh at you about it?

Of course it did!
>> No. 26961
File 130445760130.jpg - (143.10KB , 800x586 , 130369665342.jpg )
I am only half serious. If I really wanted them gone, I could always just delete my posts. Also polite sage.
>> No. 26962
File 130445762132.png - (72.64KB , 184x134 , FathersMoney.png )
Well this one time I started watching a my little pony cartoon and I couldn't stop.
>> No. 26963
File 130445765076.jpg - (34.46KB , 346x480 , Batman party.jpg )
So.. This one time I got drunk at a bar and some chicks gave me $200 to go streaking... Should I continue..? or TMI. Probably TMI.

It wasn't really about the money.. I have enough.. Experiences are everything. Crazy night though... Horrible.. painful night..
>> No. 26964
File 130445784978.png - (162.32KB , 625x495 , yeah rightity.png )
Hope you learned your lesson!
>> No. 26965
File 130445812745.jpg - (25.61KB , 448x524 , 130126629684.jpg )
Besides just derping up practically everything I do everyday, there are a few cool one. There's the fact that so far I have accidentally stolen a class-set book from all of my English teachers starting in the 6th grade. "The Giver" has been sitting on my shelf for years. Note I still go to the same building the owner lives in.

If you want to know just how much of an idiot I can be, I've actually free-hand clopped near the beginning of seventh grade, many times. I think one girl actually noticed and watched me, unbreakable awkward barrier.

Also, I fall flat on my face to a comical amount, and find myself saying the most idiotic things.

This one was on purpose, but a girl(I've overheard her saying this to other dudes) walked up to me and called me "pretty", I replied: "Why, I'm simply gorgeous!"
Later she called me sexy, to which I reacted(IE not on purpose) said "Obviously"

If you knew me you'd know I'm not really all that desirable.
>> No. 26966
File 130445917141.jpg - (1.31MB , 1284x1422 , insanity_by_envidia14-d3f84ba.jpg )
You are way too crazy for your own good.
>> No. 26967
File 130445936396.jpg - (5.02KB , 128x128 , Batman Foshizzle.jpg )
Ehhh, I live life to it's fullest bro. Safely... Sorta.
>> No. 26968
File 130446074985.jpg - (23.55KB , 320x256 , DollFaceBLOG.jpg )
I’m back, and as promised here’s one of my personal favorites, I think I told this one to Steven Magnet on one thread but in case you guys didn’t see it here it goes.

I think I was about 18-19 I don’t remember, about 9 people including me were having a party on a friend’s house and got pretty much totally wasted so some of us decided to get some rest and went up to the bedrooms and stumbled upon a girls bedroom filled with g1/g2 I dono ponies and creepy porcelain dolls, so for some reason we just went like ”whatever” and got on I got on the bunk bed and some guys got on the floor, minutes passed and I grew really uncomfortable with the environment and suddenly somepony screams “DEMON DOLLS!!” everpony got up screaming and started throwing stuff at the dolls including the ponies and we all ran out of the house half naked (don’t ask) dangling pretty much the torso of what remained of some dolls. we were all like “yeah we defeated the demon dolls!”
>> No. 26969
File 130446101490.png - (151.16KB , 463x475 , 130351894001.png )
That sounds like something I would do...
good thing I'm too young to drink!

Just hilarious though.
>> No. 26970
>So many similar stories
We must be the same person.
>> No. 26971
Did I ever tell you guys the time I lit myself on fire in the middle of the lunch room? Whelp. That's a story for another time, then.
>> No. 26972
File 130446148104.gif - (39.41KB , 460x341 , tumblr_lid6va6oIi1qhg4bgo1_500.gif )
>> No. 26973
Max. Plenty of people are girls. Lot's of my friends are girls. Girls do lots of good things for our society.
>> No. 26974
File 130446161339.jpg - (4.49KB , 125x125 , Rarity WTHay.jpg )
You didn't know?
>> No. 26975
File 130446180605.png - (58.51KB , 350x350 , 130445995289.png )
>> No. 26977
File 130446217933.png - (72.25KB , 263x246 , 130411769598.png )
You mean you didn't know?
>> No. 26978
File 130446238554.png - (224.91KB , 428x434 , emopie1.png )
I don't think that post made any mention of my gender...

That actually depressed me :( poor young magnet.

This is why I love you know that?
>> No. 26979
File 130446242805.jpg - (77.50KB , 643x482 , 130379734659.jpg )

I read about 'girls' this one time. They seem scary, good thing they are extinct.
>> No. 26980
File 130446254784.jpg - (56.25KB , 600x537 , 130404040886.jpg )
>> No. 26981
What? They can't be extinct. My mother was a girl. That must mean I'm part girl.
>> No. 26982
File 130446266199.png - (155.32KB , 431x509 , 1299834948626.png )
Embarrassing moments...oh I have quite a few to choose. Most of them don't linger in my mind as I try to push them out as fast as possible, especially whenever they resurface.

One that will never leave my memory for any small portion of time dates back to elementary school. I had worn some of my sister's spandex to school. (who was older than me, and they ended up in my drawer instead of hers, and I thought they were like some new kind of sweat pants because I didn't know what spandex were). It wasn't just the fact I was wearing spandex, it was the fact I was wearing spandex that were quite loose fitting that caused people to really laugh at me. Oh the horrible memories... >_<
>> No. 26983
File 130446271257.png - (162.96KB , 500x422 , 130299695926.png )
wait... there was a trashcan inside the bus?
>> No. 26984
File 130446291509.jpg - (66.33KB , 595x638 , 130363176128.jpg )
Fun fact : ALL human beings are first created as a girl. The penis is an additional deformation. We are ALL part girls.
>> No. 26985
File 130446309695.png - (21.67KB , 115x134 , WUT.png )
I guess this explains a lot about me....
>> No. 26986
Oh god. Now I can't unsee it.

*Runs and grabs a saw and a sponge*
>> No. 26987
File 130446330627.png - (103.41KB , 420x420 , 130335926354.png )
wut?! don't do it!
>> No. 26988
*Saws the sponge in half and sticks the halves in his ears*
>> No. 26989
File 130446340586.jpg - (14.78KB , 518x282 , LaytonVsWright.jpg )
The default stage for a fetus is neither male nor female, it just happens to have a few female parts as part of its growth until the proper chemical reactions take place.
Thats why us guy's have nipples, but no breasts.
>Why the hell do i know this.
>> No. 26990
File 130446342903.png - (270.96KB , 642x702 , Yes I did.png )
The reason men have nipples is because it took a while for the Y chromosome to kick in
>> No. 26991
I prefer to think I'm neither, and I just happened to look male because there's no "Badger" gender in humans.
>> No. 26992
File 130446349209.jpg - (15.58KB , 222x197 , Lyra_wtf.jpg )
One time I was eating spaghetti, wondering what the hell smelled like pasta.

>mfw realization
>> No. 26993
File 130446350693.jpg - (141.49KB , 945x945 , 130370737906.jpg )
We start from a gender neutral stage, but it's still A LOT closer to the female form than a male form.

/derail end
>> No. 26994
File 130446355468.jpg - (10.60KB , 324x243 , 2gandalf.jpg )
Well I was born with a beard. Explain your way out of that.
>> No. 26995
If I were to be reborn as a animal, I'd be a badger, because I'd get to be grouchy and eat bugs for a living.
>> No. 26996
File 130446360034.gif - (110.44KB , 559x490 , 130333687229.gif )
oh... phew... you gave me quite a scare Plaid...
>> No. 26997
File 130446361691.jpg - (60.48KB , 256x256 , tf2_achievement___facepalm_by_mrshrike.jpg )
>> No. 26998
*Cocks head toward you*
>> No. 26999
This thread is a derpy moment.
>> No. 27000
File 130446372846.png - (622.99KB , 894x894 , 130335829823.png )
>> No. 27001
I locked myself out of my car while at the store today. This isn't the first time I've done it though, and I carry around my spare keys in my other front pocket just in case.
>> No. 27002
*Takes sponges out of ears*
I think they're done, chap. If they start talking about prenatal boobs again, I'm out of here.
>> No. 27003
File 130446406676.jpg - (1.62KB , 80x80 , Batman Chocolate milk.jpg )
First time I shot a pistol: RECOIL HEADSHOT.

I'm MUCH better [and smarter] now.
>> No. 27004
What's the matter, Ms. Pinkers?
>> No. 27005
File 130446410281.png - (79.62KB , 263x232 , 130335859238.png )
can't say I blame ya...
>> No. 27006
File 130446464050.png - (50.03KB , 185x185 , Lyra want.png )
>> No. 27007
File 130446474142.jpg - (519.04KB , 1000x1000 , pomedash_by_kloudmutt-d3ffk0f.jpg )
>> No. 27008
File 130446479627.jpg - (39.99KB , 483x483 , Disregard gravity; Acquire ice cream.jpg )
Oh, yes. I forgot the derpy moment.

When i was a little colt, I accidentally my hoof.

With a machete.

Nothing got cut off, and I didn't cry until I heard "You need stitches"

Nothing got severed. Nothing got sliced off. And it didn't hurt.
>> No. 27009
File 130446631848.png - (99.58KB , 411x351 , 130419620736.png )
I once accidentally superheated an empty glass baking pan on a stove. I came into the kitchen because a very strange smell was coming from it. As soon as I noticed it was super hot I grabbed an oven mitt and moved it off, thought to myself "good thing it didn't explode." And then it exploded. Super heated shards of glass went as far as 15 feet away into my living room. I still have no idea how I escaped that situation without any injuries since it exploded like 2 feet from my face.
>> No. 27010
File 130446701485.png - (20.39KB , 422x393 , interest.png )
Hmmm...This thread is full of too much win. I can't stay here.
>> No. 27011
I remember one time I was boiling sugar with a plastic mixing spoon. Great times picking the little melted and reformed bits out of that.

Other than that, I can't say there's much else other than my constant forgetfulness about food cooking, usually resulting in either burnt food or cooked food sitting in the microwave all night...
>> No. 27012
Oh hey, i thought of something finally!

So once i went camping with my family and there was a playground like thinger at the campsite. I started on the end of the monkey bars that you were supposed to end at, (there was a doorway from the structure of the playset that you started from).

I'm on the last rung till the doorway and I swing foreward to try and land in the doorway. Needless to say I didn't make it. Instead I swung to the left too much and smacked face first into the side of the doorway.

Landing on the sand below I laughed a bit cause of the pain in my head from hitting the wall. I didn't even notice that my cheek was cut open either.

My mom thought I was laughing, and I was for a moment till I went quiet and tried to deal with the pain. She soon came over and saw me.

She picked me up and off to the hospital we went. Got some medical glue of some sort to seal up my cheek.

The end.
>> No. 27013
File 130446894566.png - (98.61KB , 411x396 , 130332916277.png )
Please tell me you're talking about a videogame.
>> No. 27014
I'm sure he's talking about something like in this video rather than somepony actually getting shot.

>> No. 27015
File 130446957043.jpg - (34.15KB , 633x428 , Batman gunz.jpg )
I only use it in the name of protecting my loved ones.

..Never to intentionally hurt an innocent.
>I don't hunt animals either.
>> No. 27016
File 130446971234.png - (98.46KB , 445x415 , what.png )


I have another embarassing moment. Me and some friends were throwing rocks off of the cliff behind our church. Big cliff, big rocks. One of my friends lobbed one way up high in the air and it came down right on my head, HARD! In my pain and dissorientation, I began staggering towards the cliff, but one of em caught me and turned me around. I was just fine and acting as if nothing had happened, but then I began to feel the blood running down my face and I started BAAAAAWLING! Uncontrolably so.

My parents were embarrassed the entire time, especially when we finally got to the ER to get me fixed up, cuz I was still bawling when we got there and while we waited. It got worse when they began stitching me up. I started screaming, not that I could feel anything, I just didn't like the tugging sensation. My parents were a little shaken by the sight of my exposed skull when they cleaned out the wound.

The reason I find this embarrassing now is that I was such a weenie the whole time. I practically lost a finger once in a woodworking class and I barely even flinched or panicked, just kinda looked at it in morbid fascination.
>> No. 27017
File 130447043289.png - (224.91KB , 428x434 , emopie1.png )
I've never fired anything more than a .22 but I think that's one weak girl. but the comments on that video make me rage

I know :)

Why so many gory stories? that's not derpy, that's tragic.
>> No. 27018
Hey guys, did I ever tell you about the time I punched a bear in the nose or the time I got to meet Harrison Ford?
>> No. 27019

I agree about the comments..

I'm from Texas and I hate the word "yall"! Its... well, its uneducated to say the least! =(
>> No. 27020
File 130447101536.png - (38.58KB , 943x943 , shrug.png )

It would be tragic if I had actually tumbled off the cliff, but since I didn't, and I was such a weenie about a truly minor injury, I consider it embarrassing.
>> No. 27021
Y'all is a perfectly viable contraction. It technically means "All of you". English is a funny language, because we've gotten rid of our singular second/third-person accusative pronoun and we use our nominative one instead.

I couldn't get a single coherent statement out. What else are you to do when Harrison Ford lands a helicopter in the middle of the parking lot while you're standing yards away wearing only a bath towel?
>> No. 27022
reminds me of a time when I was a kid I kept jumping over this tiny gap in the ground. Then later I jumped over what I thought was the tiny gap and fell into a giant pool of mud.
>> No. 27023
File 130447126735.png - (68.55KB , 249x336 , 130239102694.png )
Sorry for the very late reply...

Nose and mouth XD
>> No. 27024
could post a couple more stories, but it seems this thread is on it's merry way to coming to a grinding halt
>> No. 27025
File 130447208982.png - (28.27KB , 131x120 , idonoboutthat.png )
Oh I've got a bunch of stories... some can be cruel though.
>> No. 27026

cruel for who exactly?
>> No. 27027


*hugs you*

no worries, post more, or don't. I don't care =)
>> No. 27028
Most of the rest of my stories are mean, and I don't really want to reflect on them, but I can post them if you guys really want it.
>> No. 27029
well this is supposed to be a i derped thread, unless you were mean in your derping

though i'm only mean to myself in my derping,(most of the time)
>> No. 27030
She needs to be getting work done....>_>

I've been pestering her to get it done. I think I'm just succeeding in irritating her, though.
>> No. 27031
Lets see, I can think of a few...

When I was four, I stuck my finger into a nightlight socket to see if it actually hurt.

Also when I was 4, stared at the sun and watched it change colors... once in a while.... once a week .... almost every day. I now have glasses.

Brother's derpy moment

This happened when we were 20. We have a cat, 18lbs, not fat but is just big. My brother loves to cuddle the thing to death, while I just pet it, hug it occasionally, and treat it like an adult. One day, Our best friend is over and the cat comes by. Brother grabs the cat and cuddles it, is holding it, ect. I warn him to let the cat go, he doesn't listen. I warn him again, he doesn't listen. 5 seconds later, the cat twists around while trying to escape and gets a claw in my brothers cheek ... 2 seconds of shock, then I burst out laughing. the one time in life I ever got to say "I told you so". I got the cat's claw out of his face shortly afterward.
>> No. 27033
That reminds me of the time I got thrown across the room because I stuck a fork in an electric socket. Smartest thing I've done. Ever. Of all time.
>> No. 27034
File 130447331076.png - (57.34KB , 138x184 , really2.png )
Well this one isn't mean but it made me feel like a total dumbass.

I was about 13 living in Cerritos California, I was on the park by the pool when I took my shoes off to go play in the grass, I come back 2 minutes later and they're gone, they were tooting expensive skater shoes, I got so pissed I sneakily grabbed the shoes left by another girl and go on my marry way. 5 minutes later the police stop me and I start crying like a 6 year old.
>police feel bad.
>drop me on my house.
>parents not home.
>they never called to tell my parents anything
>like a boss

My parents still know nothing about this. Since then I've never stolen anything, and won’t ever again.
>> No. 27035
Which consequently reminds me of the time I thought it would be a good idea to electrocute a horse fly that landed on my arm with one of those portable bug zappers.
>> No. 27036

another story

once i was riding on my scooter down a hill, that continued on for two blocks.

Well I got close to the end of the first block and the state of the road started to worry me, (it was kinda cracked a bit).

So i was like, oh i better slow down a bit now.

Totally forsaking any rational thought i jumped off my scooter to slow down.

It wasn't till I got done rolling down the rest of the block/hill and I stood up uneasily, that I realized I could of used the brake on the scooter.

My cousin was with me and he was laughing his flank off as I walked home with a limp because my knee was skinned up quite good, and so was my elbow,(still have the scars from it)
>> No. 27037
File 130447392796.png - (7.88KB , 125x125 , 130352307911s.png )
The other day, I left my car windows down after I got home from running errands because I had no idea that it was gonna storm later that day.
>mfw my seats were soaked
>> No. 27038

hmm didn't mean to use that name, i like being anonpony better.

also, i like being able to say
a s s
makes me feel american
or something
>> No. 27039
File 130447462578.png - (10.59KB , 91x127 , stfu.png )
>Totally forsaking any rational thought i jumped off my scooter to slow down.

reminds me the time I was bicycling down a volcano (not joking) and started loosing control because the gravelly ground and applied the front wheel brakes, *facehoof* flipped forward.
The last thing I remember was my dad running at me and picking me up. woke up in the hospital, apparently a rock sliced my knee tendon pretty much exposing the bone, I don't remember any pain though.
>> No. 27040
File 130447477105.png - (45.40KB , 243x237 , Rainbow Cringe.png )
Omigosh... that makes me cringe just thinking about it. And while I'm sure it was a dormant volcano, imagining you biking down an active one makes the entire picture just that much more incredible.
>> No. 27041
File 130447516747.jpg - (61.66KB , 211x211 , bridget2.jpg )
It's a semi active volcano in Colima, Mexico.

I was at the skirts of it, obviously not ontop.
>> No. 27042

I feel showed up now, i've never had that serious of an injury

sound unpleasent...
>> No. 27043
File 130447556244.png - (51.48KB , 258x256 , 130148311934.png )
Alright, this story is similar to my other one, but even much more embarrassing.

So, a little background. When I was a kid, my mom would buy clothes for me without telling me, and they'd just appear in my drawers and closet...so random clothes popping up was really nothing new.
Wellllll..........I put on what I thought were a new pair of shorts. Ok, they looked kinda odd, which should've cued me off to something was wrong, but ya know? I was a pretty sheltered kid. I see something, I figure, hey, maybe it's a cool new style or something. Well, I put these "shorts" on and go to church (I'm wondering how I got to church with my parents driving and not noticing in hindsight at this point...then again, we'd usually be in a hurry, so it's possible I got in the car and they didn't notice til we actually got there). Anyways....turns out...I put on either a pair of girl's boy shorts or lounge shorts. I'm not sure which it was, I think the latter, but yeah...they belonged to my oldest sister.
>> No. 27044

i like your accidental crossdressing stories better than my falling off scooters stories, just as funny, but less painful
>> No. 27045
I spent 3 days working on a well pump at a house i used to live at. Im not a plumber by far, and the guy who installed it in the first was complete oatmeal. This was during during a 3 day Nor'easter here on the mid atlantic coast. Welp, i forgot a few fittings and had to run back out to Lowes. By the time i got back, every possible way for me to get into my home was flooded out. So, because i cant keep up with a simple shopping list, myself, a friend who was helping me, and my dog had to sleep in my 1987 Dodge Ram that night.
>> No. 27046
Well, let me show you up some more.
I shot an arrow straight through my foot and pinned it to the ground.
In front of a class that I was teaching.
Some scouts learned a few words that day.
>> No. 27047
File 130447603512.png - (66.76KB , 600x404 , 130169784285.png )
I've had plenty of non-serious head injuries.

Busted my chin open twice, busted my forehead open 3-5 times, don't really remember how many.

I fell off the bed like 5 times, and I never learned my lesson about playing and jumping around on the bed.

I fell at Toys-R-Us off a platform and I stepped and missed the floor.

I fell in the show once while dancing while showering.
>> No. 27048
Heh, I'd rather be falling off scooters to be honest. ^_^;;;
>> No. 27049

Tch, just a few? I'm sure you had more than a few new words for them...
>> No. 27050
File 130447643128.png - (70.55KB , 840x682 , Upset Rainbow Dash.png )
I once almost drowned in a pool full of barracudas...

I was visiting Paradise Island (I think that's what it's called... I was rather young then) in the Bahamas, and there was a big snorkeling pool with lots of live tropical fish, barracudas and paddle boats. While I was snorkeling, a paddle boat ran into me, knocked my snorkel off, and caused me to suddenly take a huge breath of water. I panicked, splashed around a bit, felt this burning sensation in my lungs and then woke up on the shore next to some lady who had saved my life, and my parents. I can hardly remember anything else about the incident other than the burning and the sinking.
>> No. 27051
Well, my assistant was able to clear them out of the class before I started yelling obscenities, and half the curses I know don't make sense to English speakers. For the first minute or so all they got was: "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
UUUUUUUUUUUUU", etc., etc., etc.
>> No. 27052
File 130447666269.jpg - (30.02KB , 465x358 , celestia wut.jpg )
Wow brony. That must've been really scary.
>> No. 27053

mmm, i don't know, i was embarrassed and injured.

you were just embarrassed
>> No. 27054
File 130447710167.png - (308.25KB , 675x612 , Awkward Smile Rarity.png )
You know, it's funny. Having experienced drowning, I must say that it's not as terrible or horrifying as a lot of people fear it is. I'm not at all saying that it's a pleasant thing, far from it, but it's not something I fear anymore having experienced it. I hope that doesn't sound too odd...

Here's something I AM still afraid of though. Spiders. And snakes. I might have told this story before, but I once saw a black widow spider that had spun a web across a latrine's toilet seat. I freaked out and was trying to knock it into the latrine when a snake fell from the ceiling of the latrine and landed on me. I must have screamed for like an hour...
>> No. 27055
File 130447727530.png - (31.05KB , 201x194 , 130352732502.png )
I actually had a drowning experience once when I was younger. I was pretty young. I can't remember if I actually had started suffocating or not before I was rescued. In fact, I don't remember much from it at all other than it haunted my dreams in nightmares long afterward. Lots of drowning dreams reliving the incident...

I'm also still afraid of spiders, and probably still afraid of snakes.
>> No. 27056

well one big long curse is effective for getting some rage and pain out too, especially when you expend some energy yelling at the top of your lungs
>> No. 27057

I will admit, i laughed like a jerk

and i apologize
>> No. 27058

i might of caused my brother to drown a bit once...

i was stupid
>> No. 27059
File 130447813949.png - (127.97KB , 634x356 , Cute Fluttershy Smile.png )
There's no need to apologize. I always look back on that memory with a giggle myself!
>> No. 27060
Drowning in warm water is probably more pleasant than drowning in water which is typically 29 degrees Fahrenheit on a warm, sunny day. That scared the hell out of me.

It was more that I couldn't form an actual word because it hurt and I was in shock.
>> No. 27061
i suppose that's mostly all that matters


pretty good reason for being able to barely talk if you ask me.
>> No. 27062
It's been a constant problem in my life.
>> No. 27063
File 130447879519.png - (174.37KB , 615x491 , 130387018646.png )
So much gory and near death experiences.
>> No. 27064

well i wouldn't consider my scooter incident gorey

too small amount of blood to be gorey if you ask me
>> No. 27065
Fine, funny story away.

There was the time I got pulled over by the police and I wasn't wearing anything because I was losing at a game we were playing.
>> No. 27066
Sorry, I'm out of accidental crossdressing stories.
>> No. 27067

I know, make some more stories!

Don't worry, it's just in the name of bumping this thread, so it doesn't mean anything
>> No. 27068
File 130447914857.png - (47.68KB , 200x187 , cute smile flutteryshy.png )
Maybe we need more embarrassing/funny stories then :)?

Would anypony like to share?
>> No. 27069
Falling asleep in the middle of a Physics Test.

And it was all because I stayed up late on Ponychan.
>> No. 27070

well if the game was, disturb the next person you come into contact with, then i think you won
>> No. 27071
And the time we ran Colton's manties up the flagpole. That's what you get for duck-taping me to a tree in my sleeping bag, you bastard.
>> No. 27072
I'll tell the story of how I failed a class. It's definitely an embarrassing derp.

Well, I wasn't failing this class, actually. But I had a professor who would not let you leave for the restroom at all during a test. I was taking the final. Not even 4 questions into the final, I needed to shit...really REALLY bad. Nothing's more shameful, running up to the professor's desk begging to be excused for the restroom and her just shaking her head and making you take your exam...and...well, I know what would've been more embarrassing, if I shit my pants, but I didn't. I decided to take the F which ended up with an F or D in the class (I forget which, but since it was upper level, D wasn't passing).

I hated that dining hall on school. Drove me to the runs. >_<
>> No. 27073
Actually, it was to keep your clothes on by hitting the roof when you went through a yellow light or saw a car with one headlight/taillight out and yell "SEX!" at the top of your lungs. I was concentrating on driving, so you know how it goes.
>> No. 27074

hmm not harsh enough, should of just replaced his underwear with panties, and see if he is desperate enough for underwear to wear em
>> No. 27075

That is just unacceptable and unprofessional behavior on the professor's part.
>> No. 27076
I never said she isn't a bitch.
>> No. 27077
He already wore Man-panties, how much more embarrassing does that get? Also they had tree sap all over them.
>> No. 27078

And you still stripped while driving?...

How many people were in the car??
>> No. 27079

would of been really pissed off if i were you


i guess we have different versions of embarrassing don't we?
>> No. 27080
not SUPER derpy, but just did something kinda dumb in class: I was playtesting a classmates level in Unreal, and got killed by an 'invisible minigun', and immedeately started yelling something along the lines of, "what the hell? Invisible minigun!? who's the cheating bastard!?" only to realize that there's an invisibility powerup in the game...
>> No. 27081
I don't remember if I was more pissed or depressed. I was having one of my depression cycles during that time, so I probably just went back to my room and cried for a few hours.
>> No. 27082
To both of those: Yes and seven. Answering both.
>> No. 27083

well i don't entirely blame you, it probably wouldn't helped if you screamed at her, (well you might of felt a bit better)
>> No. 27084

i guess we have all done some weird things.

like when i was sleeping, (so i was told) i was wiggling my flank one of my friends.

i think he is full of it
>> No. 27085
File 130448066828.jpg - (33.25KB , 667x639 , 130168681050.jpg )
Oh, I completely forgot about my two cycling accidents. (mental block, anypony)

The first time I was biking home from the school bus stop. I had my winter coat on with an attached hood. As I crossed a street I turned my head to the left to check for oncoming traffic - except the hood was attached to my shoulders and didn't move with me. I was blinded temporarily just as I hit the street. By the time I got my bearings back I hit the edge of the curb and caught air. Now, even in 7th grade I was a mountain of a man, and all that weight - and my backpack full of books - came crashing down on the end of my mountain bike handlebars, pinching my intestine between it and my spine.

Jumping ahead: emergency exploratory surgery - three week hospital stay over Thanksgiving - foot and a half scar down my stomach - would have bled out internally if my liver had gotten pinched instead. Needless to say I don't wear hooded coats anymore, nor do I ride mountain bikes.


The second major bike accident was just pure stupidity. A couple years later I was riding home from my piano lesson when it started to rain. I was not dressed for bad weather and was wearing a Hawaiian shirt, cargo shorts and hiking sandals.

I was approaching the mane intersection in town when the light turned red. I tried to brake but the rain had made my rubber brakes useless. In a blind panic I tried to slow down by stepping on my front tire. My foot slipped off the top of the wheel and promptly got jammed between the spokes and the front fork - recall that I was wearing sandals.

I flipped over the handlebars (the only time I've ever taken an honest header) and landed square on my chest. Mercifully, the town had recently re-paved mane street and the rain-slick tar let me slide for a good ten feet without tearing my face to pieces. Amazingly I didn't end up breaking my foot, but I had a lump the size of a softball on top of it for a good month.

More amazing was that my bike was totaled after this accident but survived the first one with only minimal damage.
>> No. 27086
Eh, most of mine are honest mistakes, some of them were just stupid, though.
>> No. 27087
File 130448178002.gif - (40.76KB , 548x400 , derpy_020.gif )
The first and last time I ever went rollerskating was when I was 12 years old some 22 years ago. My sixth grade glass took a field trip to a local roller rink at the end of the school year.

I strapped on some rental skates (these were the old quads, not inline skates) and tried moving around. Difficult at best, I wasn't having much luck. I remember watching others and trying to imitate them...when all of a sudden, my foot flies out from underneath me. I land on my foot, which is was now bent at an unnatural angle underneath the weight of my body.

I ended up having to leave early; I had to be carried out to the car by my parents. After going to the emergency room it turned out I had just had a pretty bad sprain. It took several weeks to heal.

I really don't know what I was thinking. I've never been very graceful; I don't know what sense there is in strapping boots with wheels on them to one's feet, then! I think my grace has been helped by finding out I had ADD many, many years later. It's funny how many times I'd trip on something solely due to inattention. :)
>> No. 27088

that sounds kinda crazy

makes my incidents seem small time


well some accidents are pretty scarey, thankfully non of mine were,(or you from what i heard)
>> No. 27089
I can't rollerskate at all. My MS completely wiped out my balance receptors in my ears for a while, so it was really awkward to walk for a bit. But I'm mostly okay now.
>> No. 27090

oh man, you just reminded me of the time that i went roller skating and i slipped up bigtime, infact it was so big that i ended up landing on my head.

I went home shortly after that
>> No. 27091
Man, all these bronies talking about hurting themselves, kinda makes me suprised I've never had a serious injury, especially considering my capacity for minor injuries and breaking stuff (around me, not bones).

wait, that's not true; I cracked my head open a good six or seven times when I was...around five or six years old, maybe? Once by running full tilt into a wall. Not my proudest moment, that.
>> No. 27092
File 130448541292.jpg - (19.93KB , 237x267 , bridget.jpg )
I guess this wraps it up, I really enjoyed reading your stories and I’m going to miss this thread, maybe we can have another one later. (Personally I would like this thread to be achieved because that would be funny)

I’m sure as hell this community hasn’t run out of derpy stories.
>> No. 27093

reminds me of something i did too

wasn't a derp on my part, i just slipped off the top of a platform that a chain net l just climbed up. There was a metal bar at the bottom of the chain net. I found it with my head

No pain for me cause I blacked out shortly there after.

Childhood was great!
>> No. 27095
File 130448676060.png - (45.75KB , 122x174 , wat.png )
You, stop feeling bat man... god you're obsessed with Luna aren't you.

anyways I'm off to bed, good night everypony.
>> No. 27096
I was posting that picture so I could link it to somepony somewhere else.
>> No. 27097
File 130448730213.png - (284.33KB , 600x506 , Reported.png )
Reported for archival.

Because my testis died for great justice.
>> No. 27098
File 130448758374.png - (30.34KB , 270x269 , thinking.png )
How many responses did this thread even get? It has been growing all day.
>> No. 27099

Enough to make you wonder how many posts there were considering how much it has been growing all day.

I can't say much more.
>> No. 27100
Enough that I feel like a bastion of competence and grace by comparison to the total. Although I have a few more derpish incidents I could add.
>> No. 27101
File 130448809819.jpg - (87.97KB , 1920x1080 , ppisasadamish34.jpg )

sounds like I missed something fun :(
>> No. 27102

if you count dwelling on past injuries and just generally feeling like a fool as fun then, yes, yes you did miss some fun
>> No. 27103
Feeling like a fool can be fun if you do it as a group.
>> No. 27104

uh, if you say so

personally i would rather feel like a fool by myself, (or anonymously, like right now for example)
>> No. 27105
File 130448932215.png - (428.75KB , 2650x2850 , don\'t mind me.png )
Way back in middle school, a kid set his leg on fire using a can of axe spray and then was subsequently beaten with the flank of a shotgun, successfully extinguishing said fire.

Man, I was a stupid kid.
I've had my hair on fire more than once.
>> No. 27106
File 130448937693.jpg - (138.80KB , 630x570 , 1297227898334.jpg )
If you feel better that way..
>> No. 27107

a shotgun huh?....


yes it does thank you, it's just in my nature, just like i like to cry by myself, (oh wait i think thats pretty much everypony, eh not the point)
>> No. 27108
File 130448969380.png - (98.46KB , 445x415 , what.png )
>> No. 27109
Wrong guy, Wings.
>> No. 27110
Stop looking at me like that!
>> No. 27111

just trying to see into your soul, nothing to be worried about
>> No. 27112
File 130449050055.png - (334.44KB , 819x760 , HereWeGoAgain RollEyes Pokerface Right Side.png )
Hm... Well, it's not much of a story, but I honestly can't recall any particularly stupid things I've done.

A long while back, my family's leech field backed up into the house... Flooded the bathrooms, it was nasty. After getting it cleaned up, we went out to the leech field to try to fix the problem. Moved the manhole cover that acted as our access to the tank, big stinky hole in the ground.
I was sent to get some gloves, since no one wanted to touch ANYTHING, for good reason. So I went to the garage, grabbed a pair of gloves, and poked out of the door.
>> No. 27113

that was quite possibly the most revolting thing i've read in a while

sorry to hear that
>> No. 27114
File 130450560196.gif - (1.47MB , 350x350 , 130299173547.gif )
Oh! I can post a couple of sports stories.

Ok, so when I was in 5th grade I played baseball. I wasn't the best player, so they put me in the outfield. Right before one of our games we were practicing catching some fly balls. I put my glove up as I did, only I put it in my view of the ball. It came right over the top of my glove and hit me in the teeth. I spent the game at the dentist office.

Another story. I played football for all of junior high without any major injuries. 3 years of football and no injuries! I play a game of flag football with some friends and break my hand in the middle of the game. At first my mother was thinking that I was just being a wuss about the pain, but then my hand swelled up and got black. XD

also >>27043
On this note. I was little and wanted to be a mummy for halloween one year, only I couldn't speak very well so my mom thought I had said mommy. So yes, I cross dressed for halloween.
>> No. 27119
I once watched a show for little girls and liked it.
>> No. 27133
File 130455540502.png - (25.71KB , 107x125 , applebloom happy.png )
>> No. 2513813
I'm a bit late to the party, but what the hay!
Out on patrol when suddenly some farmer runs at me with a stick, pointing it at me.
I laughed at him for 5 minutes while it was in ny face.
Derp. I then realized it was a shotgun.
>> No. 2513827
File 133330766837.gif - (113.05KB , 550x400 , 1o9OH.gif )
Forgot my own birthday.

But it wasn't my birthday
>> No. 2513830
File 133331959097.png - (20.48KB , 150x131 , derpster.png )
Just the other day I tried to get into an office area... I jiggled the handles, but the double doors seemed locked. I looked through the large panes in the doors and saw two secretaries, and indicated to them with my hand that the doors were locked. They gave me odd stares and pointed at the door. I struggled with the handles for a long while until I found the solution: turn and push on the left door. As I walked through the door they were giggling at me. -_- Also it turned out I was in the wrong building.
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