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File 130473020740.jpg - (364.54KB , 780x1101 , 4917 - birthday John_Joseco pinkie_pie.jpg )
28630 No. 28630
So, episode 26 has arrived. Many of you are questioning whether or not the fandom will survive the many months before the new season.

We WILL survive. We have survived a near-month long break between episodes, we have survived annoying furries, trolls, and even an attempted cultural genocide by the moderators of 4chan.

So I have no doubt in my heart that we will survive and persevere through the coming months without the show. We are all saddened by the end of the first season, and some of us may move on to other things during the drought. I myself will occupy my time with college, as I start this August, but I will keep the lessons I've learned, the friends I've made, and the laughter I shared close to my heart.

I challenge those who draw to keep drawing ponies, and those who write to keep writing fanfiction, and keep ponies relevant. And what about those who cannot draw or write? What can you do? Simple, SPREAD THE WORD. There are those today who still don't know the sheer joy that is ponies even today, so I challenge you to bring those people into the fold, so we can all bask in the magic that is friendship when the ponies return.

In closing, if you all remember the kindness, loyalty, laughter, generosity, honesty, laughter, and magic we've experienced, then we will all be here again when the mane six return this November.

Long live EquestriaDaily!

Long live FiMChan and Ponychan!

Long live Derpyhooves.com!

Long live Lauren Faust and all of the creative teams behind this wonderful show!

And finally...

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>> No. 28631
File 130473043178.jpg - (5.38KB , 184x184 , lyra cry thumbnail.jpg )
Well said
>> No. 28632
File 130473060486.jpg - (20.18KB , 341x324 , 130222482643.jpg )
First, we'll all get all grouchy
Then we get all sad
Then a buttload of OC will be made
Everyone happy.
Then the first episode of season 2 will be the greatest thing in existence.
>> No. 28633
Well said, kind sir or madam, and it gives me hope. For if a cartoon show about ponies can bring us this close together, nothing can possibly tear us apart.
>> No. 28634
I saved that picture because it looks like it was done by Kaishaku
>> No. 28635
File 130473284818.gif - (9.57KB , 100x100 , hallows3.gif )
>we have survived furries providing half the fanart and about a quarter of the total number of bronies

>loving the backhanded hate
>> No. 28636

Well he did say "annoying" furries. I'm a furry but I'm not healing about yiffing and yaffing all the time.
>> No. 28637
Indeed. And hopefully things like the lil' MLP MMO will release a playable version in the not-too-distant-future along with other such pass times.


Yeah, sorry Furries. Obviously there'll be some hostility from the more /b/ originating part of the community and what-not, but it's by no means a community-opinion. :P
>> No. 28638
We will be fine Crimson. We will always be strong and keep making stuff to be fans of.
Also there are a bunch of cool furrys who are also bronys.
But anyway, stand strong and stuff. Heck I'm still working on my massive story.
>> No. 28640
File 130473511992.png - (226.01KB , 623x711 , a130058699688.png )
Oh, we'll be fine. I wouldn't worry none about the season gap. We outlasted the April 1st episode absence, we can do it again...even if it's for a few months. The community will fill in the blanks. It'll slow down a bit, I think, but will not evaporate.

And before we get into it again, ignore OP's furry comment, it'll start up drama and intolerance.
>> No. 28641
File 130473556721.jpg - (26.28KB , 640x628 , 5P7GRurI.jpg )
I apologize for the bad wording. I did not mean to include all furries in my comment, but rather, the "problem" ones that have popped up, including the one who created a certain winged purple pegasus with a crush on RD. I am perfectly fine with any other furry who contributes to the community. Once again, I'm sorry for my comment, in hindsight, it did seem rather intolerant.
>> No. 28642
I will also say again. The fact that we have a season two is more then enough to keep me going until the first episode of season two.
Now..speculation time!
First episode will be a musical directed by Neil Patrick Harris.
>> No. 28643
File 130473564930.png - (98.97KB , 500x500 , bro_hoof_by_ashij-d386wai.png )
>> No. 28644
Your name reminds me of my own. Did you get it from the Name Generator?
>> No. 28645
File 130473578570.jpg - (19.98KB , 500x583 , keepcalmandponyon.jpg )
Well spoken indeed. Fandoms have surrvived and flourished on less material (coughFireflycough) and I'm sure we can wait six months.

Writefriends: Get Writing!
Drawfriends: Get Drawing
Everyone else: Post Ponies!
>> No. 28646
File 130473581951.jpg - (49.47KB , 500x663 , 2333 - crossover deadpool.jpg )

Yes, whether it's from the same one or not, that remains to be seen. I used it back in January, and have been using the name since.
>> No. 28647
Let's do it.
>> No. 28648
File 130473635548.png - (66.15KB , 256x256 , Wub Woo.png )
>> No. 28649
File 130473637709.jpg - (3.51KB , 255x197 , sad pink.jpg )
Well, at least I finally joined ponychan... there should be plenty of content here to keep my busy at least. Plus thanks to youtube we can watch all the re-runs we want... it'll be fine!
>> No. 28650
i'll be sure to contribute more art.
the ponies are just too cute not to draw them.
it's been great so far, here's to more time together!
>> No. 28651
Someone should go to door to door to talk about ponies! Like Jehovah's witness'. Celestia's witnesses!
>> No. 28652
File 130473663938.jpg - (55.79KB , 501x525 , 130454009845.jpg )
We will forever hold the Magic to our hearts.

Long live Bronies!
>> No. 28653
Ill make sure to keep writing my stories. From military/guard pony adventures to happy fun stuff.
>> No. 28654

We shall party forever
>> No. 28655


>in b4 Luna gets the musical number she deserves
>> No. 28656
Remember, there's this thread:

There's a little achievement system, it's just a funny way of continuing to make OC and fan stuff.
>> No. 28657
File 130473699043.jpg - (62.62KB , 800x600 , 130094149424.jpg )
Needs more Luna in here, also ssooooo psyked to see her in S2 i wounder what roll she'll play? Mane support (like Trollestia) or if they will try to squease her in someware else *squeeks* caint wait for more ponies!
>> No. 28658
File 130473700609.png - (65.30KB , 256x310 , Huzzah.png )
Hopefully I could stay to this fandom long enough
Wait, what am I saying, I LOVE this fandom!

I'll try to do more fanart next time
>> No. 28659
Why concentrate on what we may lose?

Lets think on why this is a GOOD THING! =D

Imagine it, when Season 2 gets close...when it starts to amp up...when the trailers hit...

People will start flocking back to this place. The streams will populate. THe speculation will hit critical mass. It'll be the first and greatest reunion of Brony's ever seen!

Time between seasons? You make us wait, but damn, you're gonna make it one hell of a ride nearing the end.
>> No. 28660
File 130473935386.jpg - (38.78KB , 430x539 , dosequisman.jpg )
Stay Pony, My Friends
>> No. 28661
File 130474009125.png - (261.03KB , 600x605 , 130385855394.png )
This community is just so great. Truely, words can't describe how awesome you guys are.

Keep calm and pony on
>> No. 28662
File 130474037707.png - (54.91KB , 270x198 , 130457713259.png )
Stay classy and pony everyone
>> No. 28664
File 130474097161.png - (874.29KB , 1379x1000 , 1304715475827.png )
Well said, OP. There's no reason to worry. I don't mean to trivialize anypony's legitimate concerns, but srsly.

Seasons of television shows end.
Then there's a break.
Then the next season starts.

Each and every TV-based fandom has gone through this without spontaneously imploding. Of course things will taper off in the down time, but srsly. I'm actually glad for a pony break. I've been so preoccupied with the episodes and their discussion that I've hardly made any OC. Now's the perfect time to get on that. Each pic I've saved, each fic I've read, is more debt to this fandom incurred, and I will pay back every cent. MARK MY WORDS!

Also don't forget: Long Live the /b/ron/co/s of 4chan!
>> No. 28665
File 130474103539.jpg - (3.10KB , 118x125 , 130454646593.jpg )

Thanks for clarifying :)

>mfw I saw this.
>> No. 28666
Yeah we'll be just fine :)
>> No. 28667
File 130474148888.png - (35.21KB , 181x186 , 1301150715358.png )
tick tock tick tock....
>> No. 28668
Oh... please don't do this. Overzealous evangelism just amplifies negative feelings and rarely convinces anyone.

Go buy some sidewalk chalk, draw Rainbow Dash really freaking huge on your street, and write FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC. Get all your brony friends together (what, you don't have any? have you not learned from the show at all?), get a big projector screen, and host a pony block party. Burn a CD of the instrumental versions of the songs, and take over karaoke night at a local bar. (But don't get yourself beat up by some homophobe.) Try to get ponies onto your local news somehow. Be a clever pony!
>> No. 28669
File 130474248760.jpg - (315.82KB , 1481x2276 , RockyRhodes 001.jpg )

We stand, brother (or sister), united under the banner of a common interest. Let those who waver reflect and review on why they stand among us as /b/ronies to begin with. Those who feel the fandom will fizzle or die must have greater faith in the power of love, magic and friendship! We are not merely a fad, a flash in the pan or a fashion that will disappear into the void of the Everfree. We will endure through this Winter, and eagerly await the Wrap Up when Season 2 finally breaks over the horizon!

I thank you for the affirming, reassuring and strengthening words you have imparted. Hail to you, friend! Hail to those who bask in and delight in the happiness and joy this wonderful show has brought us. Hail to those who in some way have become better friends and better people all around as a result (I know it's helped me vastly)! Hail to Friendship Is Magic!
>> No. 28670
File 130474281404.jpg - (851.52KB , 1536x2048 , RarityChalk.jpg )

Heh, it would be totally awesome if people started doing more chalk portraits of the ponies!
>> No. 28671
Wow... that is some really good chalk art.

I am not worthy.
>> No. 28672

I wish I knew the artist responsible. They are deserving of donations...and so many brohooves!
>> No. 28673
File 130474364348.jpg - (55.80KB , 500x375 , cantwait.jpg )
I'll be hanging around.
>> No. 28674
my thoughts:
We thrive in creativity. Period.

As long as we keep the creativity flowing, we should be able to survive this "dry spell" like it's nothing.
>> No. 28675
File 130474486295.png - (95.96KB , 1226x1274 , 130013597085.png )
>> No. 28676
I like where this is going. I'm already working on something to keep the fandom involved for a while, as well as trying a few fun media things. Anyway, here's the thread
Hopefully it should be going in a week.

Let's keep this thing going!
>> No. 28678
File 130474856030.jpg - (4.89KB , 100x100 , royhero4.jpg )

S'cool brah. I admit I'm a little touchy on the subject -:)
>> No. 28679
File 130474925893.jpg - (179.81KB , 1151x755 , 130380702140.jpg )
Here here my fellow Brony brothers and sisters!
Ponies will prevail!
>> No. 28680
File 130474960215.png - (719.39KB , 1200x1016 , 130402014914.png )
I wont be going anywhere, this community is too nice to simply leave!
I might try my hand at drawing and writing a fanfic, and if it doesn't go horribly I'll do my part to keep my bronies entertained over the long break.
>> No. 28681
File 130475013364.gif - (15.64KB , 106x96 , 130456519553.gif )
Best fan community ever, or bestest fan community ever?
>> No. 28682
>> No. 28683
File 130475108710.jpg - (74.75KB , 768x768 , 130438022744.jpg )
>> No. 28684
MLP:FIM Will live forever.
It will be the show our grand-/sons/children will watch all day long.

>> No. 28685
File 130475337519.gif - (86.52KB , 150x150 , Ball1.gif )
Exactly what I'll be doing.
>> No. 28686
Turbo pony drawing time is go. /readies tablet
>> No. 28687
File 130475433072.png - (60.80KB , 242x254 , 1297469847092.png )
As the show ends
We remember
That us bronies
Stick together

We shared laughs and
We shared some tears
We learned how to
Giggle at fears

We made new friends
Stayed up too late
Learned some lessons
So let's celebrate

We thank Lauren
and all the crew
For making ponies
and Derpy too

Derpy derp derp
Steven Magnet
Scootaloo Scoot

If you think that
8 months is tragic
Just remember
Friendship is magic
>> No. 28688
We pony now
>> No. 28689
This fandom is the best. :D
>> No. 28690
File 130475648184.jpg - (541.92KB , 1920x1080 , giant poster.jpg )
We will survive! And I think it's time for me to come out of the closet and start writing some fics, drawing some poni.
>> No. 28691
File 130475902507.png - (556.65KB , 1280x720 , 130374428783.png )
All i can say is i will never leave the friendship. Ever, even if i have to wait one year il be here with all my pony buddies! Long live FIM!
>> No. 28692

>> No. 28693
brohoof for everypony!
>> No. 28694
File 130476562915.jpg - (33.01KB , 598x583 , 129964847213.jpg )
I'm glad to have such an amazing community such as this. There's no way we'll disband or anything of the like during the break. We just love one another too much. Thank you for being so awesome, ponies, and thank YOU, Lauren, for making this possible.
>> No. 28695
File 130476780547.png - (137.69KB , 640x360 , userious.png )
>I challenge those who draw to keep drawing ponies
If it makes people happy, I'll begin drawing again.
>> No. 28697
File 130476999272.png - (44.52KB , 945x945 , 130463494921.png )

Perfectly rhymed and perfectly true!

As for me, I will never leave the Brony community. I'm hooked for life-- Perhaps even after the series ends in the (hopefully far away) future!
>> No. 28698

After I read this, I became much happier
>> No. 28699
File 130477294213.jpg - (59.05KB , 600x338 , 130469271803.jpg )
Just want to say i love ya all to and this site you’re the nice papal i have ever meet
>> No. 28700
>> No. 28701
Well said, Crimson! I applaud you.
>> No. 28702
Finally, I was getting annoyed by 5 threads per day saying,
What do we do without S2? Will you leave??
>> No. 28703
MLP: FiM has been announced that it is airing on UK Televisions during the Summer, We're bound to collect a few more Bronies by the time the second Season comes around
>> No. 28704
File 130478156161.jpg - (46.53KB , 640x360 , trollestia.jpg )
Long live MLP!
Long live the Goddess Empress- Celestia!

>> No. 28705
>We WILL survive

>cultural genocide

>the sheer joy that is ponies

>> No. 28706
File 130478556761.jpg - (155.96KB , 1232x681 , friendtrain.jpg )
Alright I'm in! I also have some comic's,art and stuff planed to help keep madness going.
>> No. 28707
i was pretty sure i knew what you meant by "annoying furries"

glad you cleared that up

could feel some bitter feelings rise.
>> No. 28708
File 130478903763.png - (75.98KB , 289x238 , 289px-PrincessCelestia.png )
I pledge.

Come first dawn on Friday of season premiere, I will prepare my body. I will be here.

I will be waiting.

I pledge to be there.

Who will join me?
>> No. 28709
I will post here daily until the next season.

doesn't next season start in october? not TOO long.
>> No. 28710
File 130479085881.png - (32.94KB , 126x195 , derpity.png )
>> No. 28711
Could a Moderator please strike the 'annoying furry' remark? I don't think that furries should be compared to 4 chan t. rolls.

Especially since all of the fan art for the ponyfandom is coming from the furry side of the house.
>> No. 28712
He said annoying furries, not furries in general.They still might not know about the fact that most of our greater artists are furries and plenty of the "good" variaty fans are, but I think they do.
>> No. 28713
Good words.

I will keep here, along with those who stand with me.

We shall remain, even if the world crumbles around us.
>> No. 28714
File 130479740820.jpg - (158.26KB , 1280x930 , 1219113865_shinypup_1219102664_ifus_stephaniefargo.jpg )
Awww, but I'm a good furry.

We'll make it. Hopefully Hasbro will eventually catch on and stop making terrible merchandise and cash in on their surprise hit. My car demands more official decals. A DVD would be nice too...

>> No. 28715

Maybe the creators will drop vague hints and sneak peaks into production of the new season to keep interest alive.
>> No. 28716
File 130479819046.gif - (257.27KB , 200x200 , pony183.gif )

What do you mean by furry? Because going by the actual definition of furry, we are all furries on this site to some degree, because we are fans of animated animals with human characteristics. Furry doesn't necessarily mean a sexual fetish. More often than not it doesn't.
>> No. 28717
As of 10:52 May 7, 2011, I have 825 files in my designated My Little Pony folder. I came late to the party. I doubt I could forget this if I tried.

The fandom won't die down.
It will not.
It cannot.

All it takes is a single Brony to keep it alive, and 6 months is not nearly long enough for it to come to that.

No amount of hate can dissuade us, we will pony on for all of eternity.
>> No. 28718

I'll still be here.
>> No. 28719
hey! i'm a furry and I'm loyal to the fandom >:[
>> No. 28720
File 130479966500.png - (925.41KB , 1551x860 , hellyeah motherfucker.png )
You guys seem like the bunch I'd go fishing with.
Except for a select few, you know who you are.
>> No. 28721
File 130480028439.png - (23.95KB , 211x211 , 130412280245.png )
Protip: Don't be offended so easily - it makes you fit the stereotype of an "annoying furry" all too well.

Also, saying 1/4 of bronies are furry is REALLY pushing it, and saying that furries are responsible for most OC is just plain silly.
>> No. 28722
About furries I just don't go to fanart and rp board where usually "the annoying furries" are so I'm good I never had problems and never felt big influence of any furry trying to make the whole community furries.
>> No. 28723

I was asking a serious question. I'm not sure what definition of furry we are using here. I'm new to the whole 'fandom' thing in general and have never gotten a concise definition of 'furry'.
>> No. 28724
People who like anthropomorphic animals. Like the Disney movie "Robin Hood."
>> No. 28725
I took 30 seconds to understand the troll here xD
>> No. 28726
Not an artist or fanfic writer so I will instead spread the word of the brony herd onto another forum.

Already more join our cause.
>> No. 28727
Not an artist or fanfic writer so I will instead spread the word of the brony herd onto another forum.

Already more join our cause.
>> No. 28728
File 130482182038.gif - (10.60KB , 300x300 , blu_soldier_pony_full.gif )
woot I'm the only one with a feeling of love of 1....
>> No. 28729
File 130482294602.jpg - (210.16KB , 804x704 , Celestiaslove.jpg )
>> No. 28730
File 130482475738.png - (42.94KB , 285x261 , lolwut.png )
Just check your back for a "Kick me" sign afterward...
>> No. 28731
File 130483055262.png - (91.80KB , 239x219 , 129758858279-1294255375536.png )
It's far narrower than "anyone who finds entertainment from anthropomorphic animals" because that's so broad it would include damn near everyone. Despite what some might say, it IS sexual, and typically includes drawn anthro porn or fursuits. I suppose there are some that only dress up in fursuits and act like animals without intercourse because they think they're an animal trapped in a human's body, but that's the minority. They're also the only type that I would consider to be actual nutters.
>> No. 28732
File 130483105159.png - (138.66KB , 500x373 , 130240276475.png )
It's silly to assume it is going to go away. Why are people thinking that? This happens with all shows. With all fandoms. People had to wait for the Harry Potter books for longer then we will have to wait.

It doesn't make sense to think it's going to die.

And I'm glad it wont. I LOVE YOU EVERYPONY!
>> No. 28733
I'm not going to lie, I teared up a bit when i read this. Go give yourself a pat on the back, and a cupcake. Wait.. no. Leave the cupcake giving for me.
>> No. 28734
File 130483344217.jpg - (40.39KB , 444x508 , goku_gohan_krlin.jpg )
i'll said you what i said to all my bronies friends:
if the Dragon ball fans (like me) survive after of 15 years, without a new episode (only 1 Ova and a horrible movie), we can survive 7 months
>> No. 28735
File 130483388007.jpg - (9.48KB , 184x184 , 130469939252.jpg )
My friend, Thunderhorse, it seems that bronydom is now a psychic link, for I wrote my own rendition of Winter Wrap Up just this morning, as I rode into work this morning thinking about how hard the times ahead will be, and how much I believe we are all ready to face them if we do so together.

And so, I give you a song I hope Ponychan can embrace as its own: Season Wrap Up.

8 Months of pony coolness, and awesome holidays.
We stayed home every Friday, and made time just to play.
Oh the show we loved was quite a gem, and we turned it into gold.
And even though the eps were great, they're slowly getting old....

The time has come for season two, we're all waiting in may.
But it's also such anxious thing: will Luna have her day?
How will she fare? She's been gone long. How is it we all knew...
That we would come to love her just as much as we all do?

Season wrap up, season wrap up!
Do away with Ponychan fears.
Season wrap up, season wrap up!
Cause tomorrow we'll still be here.
Season wrap up, season wrap up!
Cause tomorrow we'll still be here,
Cause tomorrow we'll still be here.

Bringing home the fan stories, a pegasus' job begins.
Derpy Hooves will lead the charge, how can it not be win?
She may lose a fanfic here, forget a harsh deadline.
But we all know that she means well, and it's never been more fine.

Season wrap up, season wrap up!
Do away with Ponychan fears.
Season wrap up, season wrap up!
Cause tomorrow we'll still be here.
Season wrap up, season wrap up!
Cause tomorrow we'll still be here,
Cause tomorrow we'll still be here.

Little bronies fear the day they'll all be teased at school.
But don't despair, there's help ahead, Ponychan's always cool.
There's always been a party here, waiting for you all.
And it's only getting better, as wait here for the Fall.

Season wrap up, season wrap up!
Do away with Ponychan fears.
Season wrap up, season wrap up!
Cause tomorrow we'll still be here.
Season wrap up, season wrap up!
Cause tomorrow we'll still be here,
Cause tomorrow we'll still be here.

No easy task to clear the ground, we're so nervous here.
With proper care and writing, Faust allays our fear.
Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie: they'll never change a day.
Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy: stay yourselves always, we pray.

Season wrap up, season wrap up!
Do away with Ponychan fears.
Season wrap up, season wrap up!
Cause tomorrow we'll still be here.
Season wrap up, season wrap up!
Cause tomorrow we'll still be here,
Cause tomorrow we'll still be here.

...Now that we know just who we are, and we have found our place...
Go face the world with all of your hearts, haters ahead we face...

How will we do without our season, will Ponychan fade away?
We wanna belong so we must
Do our best today
Do our best today!

Season wrap up, season wrap up!
Do away with Ponychan fears.
Season wrap up, season wrap up!
Cause tomorrow we'll still be here.
Season wrap up, season wrap up!
Cause tomorrow we'll still be here,
Cause tomorrow we'll still be here...
Cause tomorrow we'll still be HERE!!
>> No. 28736
>And it's only getting better, as [we] wait here for the Fall.

Aw horseradish! After all that proofing and I still made a mistake. *frowns*
>> No. 28737
That was still made of win! Love it! I look forward to the mass ammounts of wonderful OC to be made in the coming months.
Allons-y, bronies!
>> No. 28740
Me too! Oh, I'm so happy. I hope I find someone who'll help me draw my character too. I wanna go to /rp/ like I wanna go to the Grand Galloping Gala. *beams*
>> No. 28741
As am I! Oh, how exciting!
>> No. 28743

I've been involved with the furry fandom for well over a decade, and I can say with certainty that a very large proportion of it proclaims no interest in sexual furry content. If you ever check out Second Life, I highly recommend you visit Luskwood, which is the oldest and one of the most popular furry communities there - the owners and moderators there take pride in keeping the area strictly PG. I've met Luskwood's owners and several of its longtime community members on a number of occasions in RL, and they are some of the kindest, most intelligent, non-sex-crazed people I've had the pleasure of meeting. Many of them fursuit or have fursuited at some point, not to fulfill some fetish or because they think they were born in the wrong body, but because it's legitimately and innocently fun for them! Having tried it myself, I've realized just how fun it can be to dress up as something entirely different and goof around in ways that you'd be self-conscious about otherwise - think of it as an extension of trick-or-treating at Halloween. Fursuit designing and building is also an art form with many similarities to dressmaking... except it's even more involved and exhausting, if you ask two of the Luskwood founders who became extremely skilled at it a few years ago (and who have been making very detailed virtual fursuits in Second Life for even longer).

I don't know how much any of this will change your view of furries as a whole, but I do beg you not to paint that whole with a single broad brush. We may not make ourselves heard much, but there really are an abundance of us clean furries out there!

And, so as to not derail this discussion more than it's already been (even though I guess I just contributed to it, eep), I will chime in with the other bronies here in voicing my intent to stick around, stay supportive of the community, and eagerly await the start of season 2!
>> No. 28744
Heh, I was the first of my friends to watch the show too. I converted many of them... Unfortunately I can't draw worth crap XD I'm more of a writer.
>> No. 28746
Hm. Coming up with random Ponies? I could do that :P
>> No. 28748
Uh... Are you on Rainbowdash.net or Deviant Art? I'm on both of those.
>> No. 28749
File 130483845750.jpg - (51.07KB , 531x475 , 130466588286.jpg )
Woohoo for random ponies and nonsense, hehehe.
>> No. 28750
XD Hooray!
>> No. 28752
Well, it's late here, so I'm heading to bed. I'll check into it tomorrow, mkay?
>> No. 28754
File 130483994366.png - (211.62KB , 821x598 , TheSeasonFinaleOfMyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicHasA.png )
Lauren Faust posted this ten minutes ago.
/co/ posted this. Ponychan has not yet posted this.
I have now posted this.
>> No. 28755

Well I already posted it over here >>2481187

But whatever bro, it belongs in the sticky anyway I suppose
>> No. 28756
File 130484014237.jpg - (281.11KB , 1280x1815 , FluttershyIsSadSketch.jpg )
I beat you.
>> No. 28757
File 130484147193.png - (102.83KB , 800x595 , Salute.png )
I'll never leave this fandom. Not this board, not Dash.net, not any of it. Even if the show dies without Lauren Faust and every other pony leaves, I'll still be there, because this show has had an impact on my life that I can't describe in words, and that's one thing I'll never let go of. So even if the show dies completely, I'll still be here, writing mediocre fanfictions to show my grattitude to these Ponies.
That is all.
>> No. 28758
File 130484171221.png - (824.08KB , 1440x900 , desktop.png )
I will join you.

I love this community and I will stay with it until... I don't really foresee a future when I won't enjoy MLP:FiM.
Long live the bronyhood!
>> No. 28760
Well spoken. We will not die this easily!
>> No. 28761
It's going to be sad when Lauren Faust no longer has any creative say in the program. The minute this show becomes a shitty product just to sell toys like much of the previous incarnations of the My Little Pony generations is the day this culture dies.
>> No. 28762
File 130485592826.png - (305.14KB , 373x722 , bronys dont buurn.png )
i think this is a good example of how things get used and thrown out after they have no more use>>28761
nopony is completely invaluable
Everypony has to stop at some point.
No feeling lasts forever but being able to recall that feeling and remember what happened, that is nostalgia.
>> No. 28763
I'm a little scared by Lauren having less control over the show. a little more scared that hasbro is flexing their arm and trying to make this a thirty minute buy our toy ad. But what comforts me is that Lauren has said she's leaving this in the hands of the artists and writers of the show whom I think will continue the spirit well enough. All we can do is sit, wait, and hope.
>> No. 28764
File 130486354201.png - (172.57KB , 482x537 , 130417187483.png )
Hasbro doesn't realize that this show has this community, and they treat it as a commercial for their horrible toys.
The toys should be based off of the show, not the other way around. Hasbro needs to get the picture.
>> No. 28765
File 130486358150.png - (119.87KB , 337x397 , 130275532574.png )
i think they dont gonna change that because if they do it they going to lose EVERYTHING !!! and laure faust is going to share some slap for that and hasbro is gonna lose moar than he want to win.

in a few words "they gonna lose everything if they change something"

but yeah wait and hope, love you guys
>> No. 28766
File 130486725166.png - (318.83KB , 718x759 , 9685 - Rapidash twilight_sparkle.png )
I predicted something had to happen, its inevitable money speaks stronger if companies want to make little girls grow like cancer that wants to buy shit and be materialistic its what gives money humanity can be as shitty as it is now.

Thinking negatively the show dies and nobody can do anything about it and was easily predictable that the show couldn't be good for long and start to be like the old buy my shit type of show and telling how little girls should be "buy shit and you will be popular"

Thinking positively, if the creators believe in Lauren and are true bronies they will stick to her plan and still listen to her thoughts and agree, nothing will change due to Lauren only hasbro will have power to change anything in a chaotic way.

I don't know I think I'm more for the negative way because thinking on what always happens around the TV bad things are inevitable, money talks that's all.

I don't now much about the story but Lauren husband left Cartoon Network because of the cancer growing in there, something might happen like this.

Besides looking like calm arguments coming from me I'm like the pic.
>> No. 28767
I think it's way premature to be all doom and gloom - people like Jayson Thiessen still appear to be involved. I think it's pretty clear that the creative team as a whole "gets" Lauren's vision.

Let's stay optimistic until we actually see the new episodes.
>> No. 28768
On the bright side, Derpy's been confirmed to become an official character in season 2.
>> No. 28769
Wait, wait, wait. When did this become "Hasbro fired Lauren"? That's a bad rumor to be spreading around.
>> No. 28770
File 130487509323.jpg - (48.84KB , 500x382 , DroolingRainbows.jpg )

*Sniffles* I love you!
>> No. 28771
File 130487827519.jpg - (37.52KB , 600x450 , 1297054965691.jpg )
Four days ago, a friend sent me this picture on facebook and i googled it to see what it refers to. Today, an hour ago i finished E26, typed E27 into youtube found nothing.
Then I googled it and WTF? Am I too late or too early? They cannot addict me first, then leave me alone without anything for months...

Anyway, now I found you and maybe you can help me getting over it.
Could anyone post a bunch of reaction pics/lolpics/whateveryoucallit? I really love them but dont seen that much so far 'cause I am not really into that meme-stuff
>> No. 28772
Someone update this brony here? I think he doesn't know what is happening now...
>> No. 28773
File 130487993051.png - (75.69KB , 241x241 , 12992041671.png )
My Little Pony........had a hard life. It needs some time to rest.
>> No. 28774
thx. i already heard that was the last episode of season 1. but is there any conclusion when the second season will be released?
>> No. 28776
Yea, episode 26 was the last of season 1. While there hasn't been an official announcement, Q3 seems too early and they should easily be able to start before Q1 of 2012 so you can safely assume Q4 this year. Most people are speculating season 2 to start around November/December.

I know, I was just being over dramatic about season 1 ending being stacked on with Lauren Faust's announcement of stepping down from the show.
>> No. 28777
>> No. 28778
File 130489926412.png - (16.89KB , 945x945 , CeruleanStarlightShrugs.png )
We beat you.
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