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6203 No. 6203
I had a Philosophy teacher a couple semesters ago. i remember one lecture he gave while i was there. It was a hypothetical situation about if somepony planted a bomb in a building, he contacted all the news stations and says he will detonate it in 30 seconds, giving nopony inside any time to escape. In that 30 seconds, all the people inside were scared, crying, and praying that they would not die. Everypony else was watching in, loved ones worried for people stuck in the building.

After the 30 seconds were up, the bomb malfunctioned and did not detonate. Everypony was saved. There was mass celebration, everypony was hugging and crying. Parties broke out and everone was in a euporic state of mind.

It made me think about us, here on Ponychan. In the last week, i saw 2 "raids", a thread that made people yell and hurt eachother with their words. While these acts in of themselves were bad, what happened afterwards was intriguing. Hug threads, party threads, feel good threads went up, many ponies posted in them and everypony was sharing kindness and laughter with eachother.

Everything thrown at us has made us stronger. In the heat of conflict, we hold together as bronies. Our love is tested and grows more powerful by the day.

We probably lost a couple bronies in these hard times, but our resilience and our tolerance has made us stronger, more caring, more loving of each and everypony. A Harmony if you will.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Ponychan, and every fan of the show has showed me real examples of the Elements of Harmony.

Here we are free to show our true feelings, critique others, and praise and apologize without fear. I see people give honest reasons of why they feel certain ways, and people honestly responding in a good and helpful way. Honesty

Many Bronies never stray from the ideas of Love, Trust, and Friendship. People Parasprite us, someponies lash out in anger or frustration, but eachtime i see them recieve tolerant and loving responses even if nopony agrees with them. we show loyalty to the show, this chan, and eachother. Loyalty

We put up fun threads to entertain and make the day better, we have laugh threads and hug threads, and cute little story threads. Even a couple of supposed "parasprites" end up making the day fun. We Laugh, laugh hard with our bronies, and even laugh in the face of gore raids and ugly ugly things that are supposed to hurt us. Laughter

We help eachother in times of need. We have all seen threads where people say what happens in their lives that were made them sad/mad, and almost everypost is one of kindness and compassion. We lend a hand to our bronies, even for the little things like putting up a picture for somepony who asks for it. After the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, i've seen threads go up immediately to support them. All of these are Kindness and Generosity.

And then there is magic. My Little Pony: Friendship is magic is True Magic. Not in the sense of creating fire out of nothing, telepathy, or flying.

Magic in the sense that it has become a phenomenon from the most unusual of places.
Magic it has touched the hearts of many and made them kinder and better people
Magic in the sense that it is ever spreading, making more and more people see that love and friendship are not fairy tale ideologies that exist only in fiction, but are real and are ever growing.
Magic in that even in the darkest of times, in times of trial and tribulation. We stand back up with our heads up high and our hands extended to our bronies.

My fellow bronies, i have been here for slightly less than a month. But in these few short weeks, i have become more attached, more intrigued, more caring and loving, and more a part of this community than i have anywhere else.

It may sound silly to those who don't know or understand MLP:FiM, it may even sound silly to some of you. But i hold my badge of a Brony as proudly as i hold my badge of being an American and of being a human being.

I am Kristofer, and i am a Brony!
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>> No. 6204
Thus is the pony theory:

Feed bronies hate->Bronies love you.

Feed bronies love->Bronies love you.

It is the polar opposite of the rest of the Internet.
We changed a negative to a positive, and now are left with a good thing.
>> No. 6205
File 130134142259.png - (853.93KB , 1600x900 , brohoof2.png )
>> No. 6206
File 130134175180.png - (70.18KB , 252x447 , 130103890997.png )
i agree completely. this is the first chan site that i ever joined and feel proud and happy to be a part of it. most everypony is so helpful and kind. i love this site and i'm so glad i got into MLP:FiM. thanks for sharing
here, here!
>> No. 6207
File 130134206980.png - (357.05KB , 890x742 , FLUTTERSHOUT.png )
I am brony!
>> No. 6208
File 130134218211.png - (68.82KB , 945x945 , 1299449502668.png )

You are my favourite person right now.
>> No. 6209
I'd rather deal with a site infested with parasprites and the drama they bring than listen to 10 seconds of the ear rape that is 99% of rap and hip-hop :3 I'm not kidding..it's one of the things that geniunely kill a good mood with cringing..can't tolerate EVERYTHING annoying in the world ya know. - No amount of childish, and may I add, BORING paraspriting will drive me away. That being said, I love you guys. <3

>has obnoxious rap blaring in the background that is killing his mood, but is trying to focus on pony
>> No. 6210
File 130134248897.png - (69.89KB , 232x284 , 130048045383.png )
Here, here brony!

There will be vile and hateful things thrown at us, but we will endure, and then we shall party.
>> No. 6211
File 130134257921.png - (91.29KB , 252x276 , 129771656710.png )
>mfw I read that a raid happened when I was gone

somepony wanna let me in on what happened?
>> No. 6212
it wasn't really a raid cause they both lasted for about 5 minutes, and they were only like a 10-12 pics total. but some parasprite started posting gore pics one day, then the other one was a mix of porn and gore.
nothing substantial, but the bronies of our site were excellent in their approach to handling both situations
>> No. 6213
File 130134289025.jpg - (45.67KB , 522x364 , 130099533888.jpg )
Very intriguing!
This pretty much proves that in the end, it IS better to just be a good person. I love this website so very much because it gives me a reason to smile and be happy even when I'm not. YOU guys give me a reason to smile and I wouldn't give up this feeling for the world.
You all deserve an award just for being here, and I love you all.
I am Joe and I an a Brony.
>> No. 6214
File 130134295030.jpg - (36.92KB , 557x480 , gold star brony.jpg )
>mfw reading OP's post
>> No. 6215

Last night, pretty late.

First was fake gore, with the text "PURGE!"

Then there was a bunch of porn, and some gore.

I was there, it was pretty funny.

Whole thing lasted 5 to 10 minutes. Most likely one guy only.
>> No. 6216
File 130134321335.jpg - (48.63KB , 600x600 , OPMuffin.jpg )
I love you guys.
>> No. 6217
File 130134339577.png - (93.80KB , 283x224 , 130094957135.png )
stick this in twilight's library

epic, epic epicry
>> No. 6218
File 130134339824.png - (261.03KB , 600x605 , twipinkhug.png )
It's bronies like you that help inspire me to write this, thank you for all of your support and your devotion to everything that is pony!
don't really know what that has to do with my post, but i love you and you are awesome too.
>> No. 6219
the fuck happened to my tripcode? oh well

i saw you on the brony map, you live in crosby :D
>> No. 6220

We love you too!
>> No. 6221
tripcode or no tripcode, i love ya all the same!
>> No. 6223
File 130134368753.png - (85.81KB , 334x377 , Dubs_Pie.png )
Amen, my brony.
Ponychan is number one.
>> No. 6224
File 130134372589.jpg - (31.14KB , 351x365 , cowponybigsmile.jpg )
it's beautiful...
>> No. 6225
that's why i put it in quotation marks. i've seen much much worse, but i've rarely seen anypony reacts so well like ponychan
>> No. 6227
File 130134462095.jpg - (23.90KB , 360x316 , OMG.jpg )
I love all of you. Moreso than if we were related or married.

You're all ridiculously awesome.
>> No. 6228
File 130134489425.png - (74.30KB , 341x264 , 130090858026.png )
>mfw OP made my day
>> No. 6229
I love all y'all.
Seriously, this place is amazing.
>> No. 6230
File 130134511128.jpg - (172.01KB , 416x402 , bumping.jpg )
OP has stated EXACTLY what we are about. I, personally, have handed over all my internets to OP, leaving one for myself (so I can return, sillies!).

My name is LAMP, and I'm proud to be a Brony!

>> No. 6232
And God saw these bronies, and said
"These are the tools of salvation. Within their souls grow only compassion, love, and understanding."
And it was good.
>> No. 6233
I agree so much with this. Since i started watching MLP: FiM my life changed so much.
I have been so affected by this I am planning to make a video.
heres the script i wrote out for it
Hooked on Ponyx

(Tides of Time - Epica = bg music)

Person: I used to have a problem with depression. My family was worried about me.
It was just this big weight that I couldn't get off.
It was difficult for me to even try to get out of bed in the morning.
Everything felt like a huge task.

Voice over: "Do you suffer from these same burdens many people do?
Do you think that nothing could ever cheer you up?
Now is the tme to try Hooked on Ponyx." [ponyx logo] (ponyxethanequine-9)[MLP theme]

Person: Then I found the Hooked on Ponyx system.

Voice over: "Hooked on Ponyx is a multistep system that uses ponies in order to
turn that frown upside down![pinkie upside down]
Our series of episodes, products, songs, and pony parodies can help
even the worst cases of depression disappear in ten seconds flat!" [10 seconds flat]

Person: [watching MLP:FiM] Hahaha oh Pinky Pie!

Voice Over: "You can even go to one of our many support sites and chat with others
who have had success with our program."
Person: Whoever thought that i would become a brony! [welcome to the herd]
Voice over: "Side effects include addiction to ponies, addiction to pictures of ponies, [so much pony]
addiction to videos of ponies, insomnia, urges to buy toys meant for little girls, [moar][confound ponies][toys]
outbursts of pony songs in public, questionable looks from non-bronies,[song of my people][show for girls]
episodes of over-cutification, and uncontrollable fits of happiness.[hnnng][spike happy]
Other side affects include brohooves, exposure to Derpy, friendship,[place brohoof][derpy][friendship]
magic, epicness, fun, mustaches, tolerance, and love.[magic][orbitalbeam][luvfun][mustasche][tolerate and love]
Do not run, drive, or operate heavy machinery while under the effects of pony.[full of fuck]
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local brony representative
for more information."[Bronies]
Person: Everything is now 20% cooler! [20% cooler]

(end with any super ponybeat)

the beginning will be in black and white and then it'll turn colorful after the logo. the words in [ ] are pics to be used and the side effects are going to be read super fast. and i amy change the song at the beginning as well.

so what you think?
>> No. 6234
File 130134642734.jpg - (207.98KB , 1600x900 , 1301022259676.jpg )
"These are the people, unshakable in their pursuit. Alone, they are simply kind folks who love and care. Together, they are an overpowering force of love and care. Compassion. These are the people who will be stabbed, shot, hurt and killed. And they will still forgive."
-Eric Stanley (Albatross)
>> No. 6235
File 130134653060.jpg - (46.55KB , 1024x768 , 130094689903.jpg )
I do? Pretty sure i put down southport.
*Goes to check*
>> No. 6236
File 130134704548.jpg - (50.84KB , 600x337 , 130045842400.jpg )
>> No. 6238
File 130134729586.png - (71.01KB , 280x280 , 130063502597.png )
I am grateful that each and every brony here exists. It has made my life more enjoyable, and provided me with hope that I never would have found otherwise.
>> No. 6239
File 130134731137.jpg - (9.46KB , 300x168 , images.jpg )
First of, your flanking awesome. Thanks for the post bronie ^^.
those are really good. You know you could make some more of those save it in some doc. and post it. It's really great.

And finally to all bronies out there !!!
>> No. 6240
No seriously, we don't need another thread like this. You can like the show if you want, hell I like the show, but you're taking it a little too far. You guys don't really give a damn about each other, you can't. The internet has too many barriers, and if you try to remove those barriers, then it's no longer the internet, let alone an imageboard that's enjoyable to browse through.
>> No. 6242
File 130134759494.jpg - (56.46KB , 601x455 , 1300393411168.jpg )
this but der complete opposite...
>> No. 6243
File 130134761861.png - (548.32KB , 872x911 , 129973623943.png )
I'm not sure what point you're trying to make. Are you saying you're not a fan of the friendship on this board?
>> No. 6244
oh, yes you did :D
just nice to see local bronies
>> No. 6245
File 130134804431.png - (142.95KB , 500x500 , celestiayluna.png )
That's pretty kick flank, i love the side effects, and Epica is one of my favorite bands!
love is resilient, and those quotes are pretty epic, bravo
nice things are haved today, and not a single hate was given. love you too
another example of why i wrote this post, it's things like that that make this place magical
your welcome :)
barriers are lifted here, letting love seep out into the internet and the world. and you shouldn't worry about too much love here, there are places where hate are still powerful, providing a balance in the webs.

also if we can break the barriers of the internet and ponies flew out into the world, my head would explode into rainbows and glitter in the amount of awesome there is!
>> No. 6246

Okay quiz kid, let me spell it out. I returned to 4chan's /co/ in mid December specifically for the pony related threads. There were only a few named (important distinction) tripcoders so the discussions were usually about the show, and if not they were about whatever was posted, not who posted what. This quickly deteriorated into horrible tripcoder circlejerks by February, so I was more than happy to see the mods start taking the pony threads out. There were two chans anyway. So I go to both of them and notice that there's now a huge explosion of tripcoders who only want to talk about how much they love each other in the corniest way possible that contributes absolutely nothing. FiMChan doesn't have it as bad since it receives less traffic, but goddamn it's still annoying. I want content, not contentment. I like having no rules. I like making outrageous nsfw content and seeing others do the same. It was crazy and ridiculous. And now since Ponychan and it's fucking power hungry mods don't allow for anything nsfw, even when you spoiler it and explicitly label it to be so. FiMChan is the more laid back site, but it won't be for long. And pretty soon, I'll pretty much be done with the show besides watching it every week because once again, the people that were apart of it just felt so compelled to organize everything about what they like into dumb communities, names, attention-whoring tactics and other self-destructive habits. It's inevitable, but still frustrating.
>> No. 6247
File 130134832591.jpg - (46.18KB , 643x363 , 130084430958.jpg )


Amonisis, you make me jealous of you every time I see you post, goddamn! <3 You say all the things I want to say/wish I could think of, every time!


I respect your opinion and see what you mean, but manetain my love for what Ponychan is. I hope you can find somewhere else that's more like what you're looking for, but I also hope you find a reason to stay here anyway. I love you either way <3
>> No. 6248
File 130134845454.gif - (396.27KB , 320x320 , 130125987019.gif )
i partially agree with you... partially

but i love this place too much to bother complaining or trying to change things
>> No. 6249
thanks brony :), i'm just glad i didn't have to say it out loud, probably fumble all over myself
i understand your concern, but unlike /co/ and /b/, to see what is in there and think that is how everypony feels and acts; but Ponychan was built on the basis of love, tolerance, and no rule 34 or offensive material, we don't want to see it here, but we will love you either way if you visit those places to see those things.
>> No. 6250
Copied and saved into my Pony folder.

Been into pony fandom for a few months now and been asked several times: why do you love these ponies? Are you just paraspriting? Are you pony?

I tell them to watch the series OR, since I have no better words to describe it: Because Pony.
Might sound a bit paraspritish or even ignorant but I honestly can't come up with anything better.

Pony is the one word that can describe those bundle of phenomens and feelings that are cruising the net and spread like a wildfire.
Pony is the word that means all the goodness and positive feelings I haven't exceprienced on the internet for so so many years (myself being a veteran net-pony).

If you don't mind, I would tell a personal story of how one pony learns in life.

A few years ago I was on a holiday where I ran into a guy who was my classmate back in highschool. We were pretty good friends back then, but we both changed, argued more over pitty little things and due to our studies we ended up in different cities and after a while we simply stopped communicating.
Now we met again because we were both invited by a mutual friend to the same weekend house.

That night we managed to argue again, almost ending up in a fight like two immature colts. Funny twist of events is that at the end of the night we had to sleep in the same room due to lack of space in the house.

There we were, lieing on a sack, we were both half-asleep when suddenly he said, with all the darkness and sadness I have ever heard in his voice: There is no God.

When he said that I felt a strong grip on my heart. Suddenly I felt dark and lonely, reminded me of all the bad things that happened to me in my life, the cruelty of the world and how sad I can be.

That was the moment when out of nowhere, I felt a spark. I opened my eyes and said:

If there's no God, then we have to look after each other.

We haven't talked to each other since then nor do I long to meet him again. But still, through him, that moment started something in me.

I felt like I have to take care of the people around me. I don't have to hurt people just because I can. That being nice is not lame.

That was many years ago and the spark started to faded. I started losing my faith in myself and the world around me.

Then I saw these little ponies and after many months now, I feel that spark is stronger than ever in me.

I don't know if there's a God out there somewhere and probably the first time in my life, I don't even care.

All I need to know I know already. T
People, and through them the world, can be changed. Living here can be better just by being nice to each other.
If such pits of the internet like 4chan and similar sites can be changed, if people who only cared to mock and parasprite everything turn into faithful bronies, then we have the key.

Like OP, I never felt so tied to a community on the internet like this before. I feel free.
I don't know how long will it last or how this pony fandom will turn out over the course of time but I know it made me a better person and I am happy to be part of all that is Pony.

Dear OP, who inspired me to write down all this:

My name is Richard and I am damn proud to call myself a Brony.
>> No. 6251
File 130134893870.png - (87.08KB , 298x341 , 130041778221.png )
It looks like somepony needs a hug...
Power hungry mods? Can you give an example?
From what i've experienced the mods on here are awesome.

Whether you stay or go, we'll always love you or at least tolerate you ;)
>> No. 6253
Damn mods, enforcing their rules...
>> No. 6254
You know people say 'if you don't like it, don't look at it' when people post weird NSFW stuff? Well that advice applies in this case too.

I'm not a big friendship fan. I'm extremely anti-social in most circumstances and ponies have done nothing to change that. I still like to hang out here though, there are a lot of fun things here. I just ignore the sappy friendship stuff.
>> No. 6255
File 130134946960.png - (261.03KB , 600x605 , twipinkhug.png )
thank you, for sharing that with us. i understand that feeling all to well. throughout school up until my junior year, i was always picked on, had only a few friends, and my home life was a wreck. i felt that darkness too.

i came out of that slump in Junior year, but i am glad to see when people find these ponies and their lives and outlooks become better, happier, and more productive. it's people like you that inspired me to write this post. *brohoof*
>> No. 6256
File 130134983424.jpg - (29.28KB , 454x345 , lovetimes.jpg )
<mfw this post
>> No. 6257
File 130135036965.jpg - (31.15KB , 331x327 , 1298839419118.jpg )
Good post OP.
>> No. 6258
File 130135058683.png - (408.56KB , 1366x768 , 130129124588.png )

People and threads like this make this place wonderful.
>> No. 6259
File 130135074351.png - (272.88KB , 615x338 , 1298752394249.png )
Now that I read back my post it seems a bit...erm...sugary, to put it nicely.

But oh well, I do mean it, love ya all ^-^

((and sorry for any mistakes and typos, not my native language))
>> No. 6260
File 130135087338.jpg - (29.48KB , 577x347 , 129934241274.jpg )
brony for life love ya all
>> No. 6261
File 130135088810.png - (54.66KB , 228x225 , 130063997623.png )
Oh right, I forgot.

I am dedicating myself to helping and supporting anypony who is willing to state that they need help and support, for that is the pony way.

I'm Max, and I'm a brony.
>> No. 6263
Uhh... well it's nice that you feel that way but aren't you being a little over the top? I mean, it was just an internet raid. So somepony who thinks the internet is srs bzns posts gore (as if we aren't already totally desensitized to it already anyway, this being the internet and all...) for a few minutes, maybe the website goes down for a few hours due to bandwidth-raep if there's an organized raid, but in the end mods clean it up, service is restored, and it's good as new the next day. My reaction to raids is more of a big SIGH and then wait for it to end, they never actually affect anything.

Hate to admit it, but I really don't feel the connection you do. I'm just here to post about a cartoon I like, not because I feel attached to the community.

Not paraspriting, just stating my honest response.

I find the over the top brony friendship thing a bit creepy sometimes tbh
>> No. 6264
File 130135304599.png - (164.32KB , 573x515 , contentfluttershy.png )
Oh, this is awesome, I love that people are standing up and willing to cheer others up.
>> No. 6265
I know OPs post seems a bit over the top, and mine is prolly annoyingly "syrupy" (is that even a word?) but for me it comes down to this:

People on the internet tend to act bad and "evil", parasprite, laugh at the misfortune of others and make fun of things or say things they would never dare to IRL. Simply becuase they can.
They are anonym, nothing is sacred, they do what they want basicly.

Some of these very same people, while no circumstances have changed, suddenly decide to be supportive, nice and friendly. That's what I personally find very, very inspiring.

I believe most people on 4chan, Ponychan and generaly a large portion of the active internet population have some sort of social disability or some other kind of problem. You know, something is not right and we look for fun and supplement on the net where we can stay nameless, hurt others ego so we can feel stronger and forget about our own problems. We dont need to attach ourselves to anypony or anything. No bonds, no pain.

I find it great that these people start to feel attached and be even proud of it.
Instead of being part of a parasprite community for laughing at the misfortune of others and opening pointless debates, flamewars and whatsoever, we are part of something new where blood, porn and gore is replaced with ponies, rainbows and happiness.

Some time ago I would have said this is pony and lame. Now I'm simply joyful for being here :)
>> No. 6266
I see what you mean. It is kind of sappy, and I can't really hug another male for more than 5 seconds. But still, there is some seriously powerful stuff at work here. Lives have been changed for the better. I shit you not. If anything, this is all a good thing. I enjoy all of this. Even the friendship stuff.
Some rule 34 is always fun too
>> No. 6267
>social disability
Is being fat a social disability? If so, then yeah, I'm in that demographic.
>> No. 6268
File 130135361290.png - (246.32KB , 721x590 , small smile fulttershyauhfoajn.png )
Of course we know we're being over the top, we're not oblivious to it. But it's this "over-the-top-ness" that really brings out our inner feelings. At least, that's how it is with me. There's no need to "mute" your feelings here.
>> No. 6269
I guess that comes down to wether YOU feel it as a social disability or not? :P
>> No. 6270
File 130135396655.png - (185.02KB , 510x512 , 130021958257.png )
Nope. :3
>> No. 6271
File 130135423550.png - (84.80KB , 280x280 , 1298757244000.png )
That's all that maters then ^-^
I'm happy for you :)
>> No. 6272
File 130135434959.png - (221.04KB , 1000x1000 , Scootaloo Rainbow Dash HUG.png )
We are the Internet Love Machine and NO PONY CAN STOP US!!
>> No. 6273
i do agree that the over the top love and friendship comes off a little creepy, at first. but after having a really bad day, its nice to be able to come here, and realize that your not the only person in the world that has it rough, and sometimes you just need a friend.

when all your RL friends seem to be too busy to talk or if you have trouble saying your feelings face to face, its nice to have a place where you can just get it all off your chest.
>> No. 6274
I love this thread. It gives me hope for the future of humanity.


You bring up an interesting topic. The internet and laughing at thr misfortune of others. In a dream society this would never happen, and we would all be happy.

However, this is the internet and there is just too much entertainment value that comes from the misfortune of others. The best thing to do in this situation if you are the victim seems to be to laugh at yourself, then laugh at the attacker. Not getting offended is part of toleration, the ability to be empathetic of the person who may have offended you. To see it from his point of view. We all laugh at others, others laugh at us.

I think that we should be respectful of other people but also laugh at ourselves as long as our natural rights are not denied. Kind of like what the OP said when he talked about parasparites giving us a laugh.

I love you my bronies, and may we all stay joyfull no matter how hard it may be.
(Posted from my droid so I apologize for any grammer or spelling errors)
>> No. 6275
Speak for yourself, that would be my nightmare! To be happy all the time would render the feeling meaningless. How can you appreciate happiness when you've nothing with which to contrast it?
>> No. 6276
It's all well and good to be supportive of people when they aren't in high spirits or are getting the short end of the stick from life, but the whole brony thing seems too much to me. Speaking honestly, I really don't care that much about anypony who posts here. If I can make them feel better with a post, then great. If not, then oh well I'm not going to spend any more of my time and energy worrying about it.

The only guys I really feel any connection to on the level OP is describing are the ones in my unit in the army.No, I am not anything interesting, just a 45B. That's kind of a different connection though, more of a trust thing. Some of them are still assholes.

But that's not the point, the point is, I do not think it is possible for anypony to care that much for some random dudes they only ever met on the internet. If somepony needed real help, more than just a friendly post on the internet, I find it rather doubtful anypony here would actually step up to the plate. Just sayin'.
>> No. 6277
File 130136859507.png - (125.93KB , 390x552 , 129911483844.png )
>sugary and over the top

2 of my favorite things, makes a good thing awesome with a few more cavities
>> No. 6278
Nonsense. I was a 19K for three years, I'm not gonna shut out my fellow bronies in the least.
>> No. 6279
"If I can make them feel better with a post, then great."

That's the point mate.
Before Bronies: if you would be so silly to write about something personal on the net such as an illness, disaster in the family or anything that hurts you much you can bet you will be mocked and laughed at very shortly.

Now: People try to be supportive and respectful.

Nopony excepts anypony to go and buy a ticket and fly to the other end of the world to give a hug, of course not. This whole brony thing is not about that (even if that would be cool :P ).

It's about everyday kindness. Little things make the world better.
>> No. 6280
File 130138749201.png - (13.67KB , 125x119 , 130138304937s.png )
This thread brought a warmness to my heart <3
>> No. 6281
File 130138790321.png - (67.64KB , 322x307 , 12994452341.png )
that situation reminds of what tyler durden would do.
like that time when he threatend to hurt that shopkeeper, made him feel fear and tell him to pursue his goal.(iirc it was a vet) then gun he had was never loaded.
>> No. 6282
somepony archive this, this has confirmed that ponychan is literally the anti /b/, the internet friendship machine, it you will
>> No. 6285
File 130146208724.gif - (499.70KB , 499x281 , bestdayever.gif )
holy crap they archived this?

>> No. 6641
File 130147823743.jpg - (50.78KB , 600x498 , 130009171162.jpg )
Thought I'd throw in what I said in another thread. It fits here.
I won't ever forget the ponywar on 4chan. Not the attack, but the outcome. It was that very purge that sent me to my new beloved home, Ponychan. I am grateful for the parasprites' hate. It brought me into a place full of love. What they call a successful attack, I call a complete failure. They didn't spread hatred that day, but love. We forgive and forget. I have already forgotten the bad feelings I had that day. They have been swallowed up in the love I have found here.
That's pretty much a brohoof from the community when that happens, right? You deserve it, brony. Bronies forever!
>> No. 6651
File 130149251899.png - (359.26KB , 600x399 , BigBoss_happy.png )
I guess I'm not the kind of guy who could write this quite as well as you do. I guess I'm just a bit straightforward. My teachers complain that my work didn't have as many words as they requested, I just don't like to write unnecessary details.

Anyway, I kinda feel better now, had a kinda boring day, will be studying all day, but I kinda feel better now, thanks.

Also, read that post with this playing in the backround, you will cry tears of joy.
>> No. 6676
File 130152486511.png - (47.68KB , 200x187 , fluttershy smiles.png )
That was very moving. I've only been here since last weekend and I love everything about this place. It makes me happy to see everypony so caring and kind. I always wanted to be part of something like this, a place where cruelty and bitterness doesn't take the lead.
>> No. 6685
File 130155190039.jpg - (11.91KB , 183x275 , Do it Fagro.jpg )
>> No. 7653
File 130162139873.jpg - (445.91KB , 1500x1000 , 1300914080540.jpg )
Good thing this was archived or otherwise I would never of seen this.

A lot of us are I'd say are very mature in nature and not as elitist as other groups on the internet. We respect what others have to say and give support to those we can.

We will see many more of these "attacks" and it might come to a stage where we are hurt pretty badly. I was never a /b/tard but I would occasionally look on it. I have tried over the years to desensitize myself as I knew that the internet as a whole is an incredible feat in communication, bad things can show unannounced. Not just online but in the news and other mediums.

Here I feel I can talk to Ponies and share my ideas with creative criticisms and not outright hate for no reason. I have seen communities like this before but not to this scale normally they consist of only a few elitist groups and are very conservative. Here we have all walks of life talking about anything from last week’s episode to full blown debates about religion and philosophy.

For me Ponychan is no longer a forum for a cartoon show for families. I feel as if I have found a family that even though sometimes there are a few scuffles from outsiders and from within we all come out understand more about this planet and the ponies that live on it.

“The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday”- US Navy Seals motto, (a motto I live by everyday just to get by but irrelevant here).

I’m Tim and I’m a Brony.

Love all you guys, even you mods
>> No. 7656
File 130163149483.jpg - (42.17KB , 486x492 , 1298788370845.jpg )
Tim, you are a true brony! I love and respect you until i die and that's a fact!
>> No. 7658
>> No. 7663
File 130182239488.jpg - (24.44KB , 400x272 , one trick pony.jpg )
It takes all types – the anti-socials, the over-the-top sappy and so on. We all have something to contribute, we need everypony on-board, we need everypony engaged. Don't let the positive message of MLP lulz you into mind-numbing contentedness. Use that positive message/”spark” to empower your life and others.

The raison d'être of PonyChan is to be the counterpoint to the abusive environment which it was born. PonyChan would not exist without 4Chan – the two together make the whole. Ponies come here for the escape, not as the answer to all their life's problems. MLP (and PonyChan) provides an appreciated counterpoint to the rest of the negativity we all come in contact with. That counterpoint is one of the things I most value about the current iteration of MLP – yin and yang, I need both to complete life. I guess what I'm saying is don't come here and expect balance and don't watch MLP if you expect to have a completely balanced meal of life.

Tolerance is a double edge sword. The idea that many bronies are not accepting of paraspriting, porn, etcetera is ironic (and wrong-minded IMHO). Tolerating something does not mean one has to engage in that behavior. If ponies expect to be tolerated and accepted for expressing their sappy, over-the-top, full-blown love then they should see the sense in accepting the feelings of others even if they seem abhorrent to some. I mean seriously, so what if some anonymous inter-pony calls your mother an old gray mare (or posts compromising illustrations of her and some 20 stallions)? Get over it, grow up and move on.

OK so this is going to contradict some of the ideas in Balance (or lack there of) above... Just being positive and loving is part of the solution but not the ends to the means. This the where pony culture comes up short. Pony culture does not incorporate the full spectrum of social development. Robert Kagan has some insightful reading on the topic of social maturity. Pony culture would represent the “interpersonal” level from this perspective. But there are other levels to progress to. Clearly there is more to life and personal development than just being blindly loving. I don't think the single mindedness of pony culture is “creepy” but it does echo of a psudo-insincere incompleteness. But again, pony culture is not meant to be complete – but it does need to be taken with perspective.

Final thoughts:
I used to be part of a culture which held Peace Love Unity and Respect (PLUR) as one if it's central tenants. Pony culture seems to have many things in common with those tenets of that culture. This is one of the other things about MLP and the culture that I like - the memory of that “spark” that's part of my past. Ultimately though we had to grow up and get off the drugs. For me the drugs became too two dimensional, boring and just kind of lost (most of) their appeal. Every since those hay days I've endeavored to incorporate that “spark” into my life – MLP is a wonderful and convenient reminder of the different ways I can try harder to bring those ideals to my life and to others.
>> No. 7667
Fillies and gentlecolts, let me tell you why I'm here.

I'm a foreign colt, not an American, and I never watch MLP before.

I love animation, so I decided to give it a try and it was actually fun!

So I decided to come here from Derpy Hooves to go check and see.

Then I'm here.

This is the first chan where I'm being honest which country I'm coming from, this is the first chan I don't need to prepare my heart and mentality before I jump in.

My job is a landlord, I argue and kick people out when they can't pay their rent, there's rarely a smile I can have in my job, my job always revolving around a tenant paying, a tenant late on their payment(s), or a facility broken.

My only fun is from Video Games, internet, or (rare) family meetings.

But internet can be an asshole sometimes.

I can only go to 4chan for a limited time, even normal forum boards could erupt into the den of racists and morons.

Then I found PonyChan.

Here I am, I can smile, talk about the series, and having fun. The series try to remind us that hatred is not always a good thing to be carried in our back, sometimes we need to let love pouring in.

This is the world where we living in.

While World Bank making lots of third world countries suffer, doctors Beyond Borders will help the poor and sickly without fee.

While dictators oppress their people, Small leaders that is wise and helpful help communities one at a time.

While a soldier shot an unarmed civilian, a soldier also help protecting the defenseless.

While a mother choke her three years old son to death, a single elderly adopt more than a dozen abandoned, crippled children.

This is the world we live in, balance seems cruel sometimes, but I'm proud to say that I stand in the good side.

My screen name is Java, I'm the only Indonesian brony as long as I know until now, and I'm proud to say that in this diamond dog eat diamond dog world, I try to be my best as a part of force of good.
>> No. 9119

I'm a Malaysian brony.

>> No. 11358

S.E.A brothers!
>> No. 11902

You too? Where are you from?
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