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No. 6286
i'm the supervising director of the show and I just wanted to say hi to you guys and that all of us on the production team really love the enthusiasm and excitement you have for the show. We work hard to bring you the best ponies we can and your response has been incredible! It really makes it worthwhile and exciting for us. I love all the great macros and fan art, I save the best ones for my desktop.

thanks to all for your support and feedback!

sorry for the sappy post, but I mean it.

MOD EDIT: Confirmed as legit
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>> No. 6645
Ahhhh! Are you hiring??? Shoot... Missed it! :(
>> No. 6646
just wanna say, like everypony else, OMGWOWICANTHELPIT...ahem... thanks for showing up, being cool and sharing the friendship. We (I speak for myself, but hey) all appreciate the show, appreciate you guys (and gals) putting all that work in to something so far above initial expectations it's incredible, and making something so amazing.
>> No. 6647
File 130149141290.jpg - (15.89KB , 317x587 , twilight big smile.jpg )

>mfw I saw he follows ThinkAtheist, BadAstronomer and MrTeller
>> No. 6648
File 130149174130.gif - (460.08KB , 200x200 , 129920993615.gif )
NOOOO curse you time zone ;(
>> No. 6649
File 130149174941.png - (1.07MB , 612x816 , Ditzy_Helmet.png )
Ummm... wow... I guess...
I'd really like to thank all you guys who are working on the show. Since this show I finally started drawing regularly again and am not quite so shy about it. So big thanks... it's kinda important to me, since my dad is a professional artist.

Anyway, I'd have some questions, if you don't mind:

1. Does Derpy have an official name? When "Ditzy Doo" was mentioned I immediatly thought it was her real name, since Derpy does sound more like an insult, or maybe a nickname. My best guess is that it is up to the individual fan to decide how to name her. Kinda like the relativity theory, which I have been learning about today, what a coincedent!

2. Why is Dr. Whooves (that brown male with the ragged hair and the hourglass on his flank) sometimes an earth pony and sometimes a pegasus? Since he is a timelord did he regenerate as a pegasus, but sometimes appear as a earth pony since he can travel through time? Or does he just drink too much red bull on occasion? And yes, this question is quite a joke. :D

3. Do you guys know about Steven Magnet? That's the name that was given by fans to that sea serpent with the glorious moustache in ep2, due to bad transcribed audio of youtube. I kinda am responsible for making him popular, since I noticed that the transcribed audio once said "sex that steve guy yes" as Scootaloo had a rather suggestive smile.

Anyway, here's a pic I drew, I wanted to ink it first, but it'll take a while till I'll get photoshop. But I'll post it anyway, to show my appreciation.

Gee, I feel like I'm writing a book here, I wish I could write this much when doing homework!
>> No. 6650
File 130149189231.gif - (849.76KB , 345x194 , 130109809634.gif )
I lost a chance to "speak" with a member of the MLP:FIM production team....
The world is just not fair.

Thanks for drooping by Mr Jayzon.
My compliments to you and the rest of the team.
>> No. 6655
File 130149487349.png - (14.22KB , 493x402 , appleawesome.png )
>mfw this guy
>> No. 6656
File 130149614953.png - (44.52KB , 945x945 , 130091999103.png )
Dang it, I went to school and missed this?

Aw well. What a nice guy for him to drop by and say hello to everypony. Just thinking about all the time he took out of his schedule to talk to his fans makes my head explode.
>> No. 6657

>> No. 6658
File 130149795727.jpg - (417.33KB , 1000x3687 , 130026864418.jpg )
employment foils me again! blast!

In the event Jayson or another show staffer returns, thank you for all your work!
>> No. 6659
...if ya'll still check this

how did hasbro loose copyright on most of the G1 ponies?
>> No. 6660
File 130149948125.jpg - (82.73KB , 1280x800 , 1968%20-%20fluttershy%20smile.jpg )
I absolutely, positively LOVE the show.
I love the old-school squash & stretch of it, how Pinkie's pretty much the only one who breaks the fourth wall by talking to the audience or staring at them, I love the vocabulary put into the show "Imposition, brink, threshold" there are going be a lot of kids that will have to ask what those words mean (sneaky learning!); also the witty way of explaining what certain terms mean, without taking a Dora or Barney approach to it.
As a fan of the original MLP (I have Firefly's Adventure on VHS from when I was 2 when it came with a Firefly mlp). The show is the best it's been since G1 & MLP:Pony Tales, and even so, it's completely surpassed any greatness before it. We're all in awe & enamoured with the G4 ponies, it's changed lives & brought people together. The ponies remind us of ourselves & people we know. It's definitely brought sunshine into my life & brought me out of a creative dry spell like a monsoon upon the Serengeti. I have churned out the most fan work in rapid succession than I have in at least 5-6 years.
In short, thank you for the show. We all love it, it is perfect & I haven't seen an episode yet that I haven't enjoyed the heck out of. We love you guys so much and are SO grateful to have this awesome show.
>> No. 6661
Wow--congrats on braving the Big, Scary Internet and wading into the wonderful madness that is pony fandom. I really appreciate that creators like you and Lauren Faust are willing to go into the trenches and make contact with the fans. Don't let it overwhelm you -- and keep up the good work!
>> No. 6665
It may sound odd, but I would ask to Jayson, what is the best way to ensure the show has the support of Hasbro and the HUB? Should we buy the toys like mad, or write a positive support letter to them now and again?
Watching is great of course, but even the best shows have fallen, with a lot of viewers!

Just thinking of ways we could let Jayson use the Pony Army to help their team out.
>> No. 6666
I only just saw this in /arch/ because I clicked the link by accident. How did I totally miss this?


If you do check back here, thanks so much for the show and for visiting us here! The interaction your team has with fans is awesome. Keep up the good work!
>> No. 6667
File 130150918826.png - (87.25KB , 332x322 , rdw.png )
Best day ever!
>> No. 6668
File 130151067458.png - (65.97KB , 945x945 , 130057384773.png )

>> No. 6669
File 130151328055.gif - (273.79KB , 200x200 , 130091050315.gif )
I'm pretty miffed that I missed the chance to ask him a question, but I'm glad that the creators are well aware of the site.
They know exactly where to find their biggest fans, and I keep a small hope that one or two of them might even be regulars one day! Bravo!
>> No. 6670
File 130151632865.gif - (81.30KB , 480x360 , 130115725071.gif )

I think if anypony from the production team ended up regulars here, they'd never see the end of all the questions. hehe :)
>> No. 6671
File 130151791823.png - (813.52KB , 1762x1080 , 130135885079.png )
Gotta. Do. Homework. Stop. Getting. On. Pony..chan
Ohoho, hi thar :D
>> No. 6672
Wow, All I can ask is...can we expect more Big Macintosh in the future? I like his character.
>> No. 6673
I have several things to say:
2: O_O <mfw this thread
3: Thank you for such an awesome show Jayson!!
4: I don't have a fourth thing to say
>> No. 6677
File 130152674180.png - (168.85KB , 490x357 , 130120420212.png )
>mfw I didn't post when this thread popped up because I wasn't sure if it was real.

none the less
Its awesome to see the production team around here, be sure to invite the rest of the team (and set up some secure tripcodes and confirm it on twitter)

you are always welcome around here and thankyou for your work.
>> No. 6678
File 130152796434.jpg - (132.56KB , 631x353 , 129806425049-1297725429594.jpg )

Thank you for a great show!
>> No. 6681
File 130153757565.png - (394.70KB , 599x608 , Jayson Thiessen.png )
Holy shit. Never thought I'd have a reason to post this image. (look closely at the top)
>> No. 6683
File 130154488670.png - (465.74KB , 1600x454 , ResponsetoPonyBeards.png )
This makes me wonder if the creators read any of the fanfics...
>> No. 6688
File 130156717954.jpg - (25.49KB , 351x365 , 130114895816.jpg )
thanks for the show
>> No. 6689
File 130157219781.jpg - (15.35KB , 320x260 , fluttershy posey.jpg )
Thanks for making the greatest pony-themed show on television.
>> No. 7650
File 130160330032.jpg - (94.95KB , 584x600 , Oh Lawd.jpg )
>> No. 7651
Thanks guys for making one of the few great cartoons of our time!

We love you guys and all you do! Can't wait for MORE PONY!
>> No. 8090
Dear mr. Jayson Thiessen, what can WE do to make it so that the show gets more seasons?
>> No. 8092
File 130191246656.png - (115.07KB , 277x266 , 12993011564.png )

>> No. 8539
Make more pony
>> No. 8541
I love this show! I love Jayson! Thanks for stopping by!
>> No. 8972
File 130197326696.gif - (344.14KB , 346x288 , 130196253002.gif )
I can't believe that this happened. Maybe they will make Derpy a part of the show!
And hope he doesn't read some fanfics.
>> No. 8979
Wow. Thanks for vising, Jayson! Send our love to Lauren and the rest of the cast and crew for making an awesome cartoon!

Will there any special cameos or unexpected voice actors in future episodes? We had a thread going of some legitimate voice over actors, but it appears to have disappear.
>> No. 8980
The current voice actors aren't "legitimate"?
>> No. 8981

These have nothing to do with the regular cast. The thread was about having guest stars on MLP. I said "legitimate" as in known voice actors, not random actors that some people were suggesting in that thread that don't have experience in voice over work.
>> No. 8982
And fortunately somepony has bumped the thread!

Please read, Jayson:

>> No. 28629
File 130491891420.png - (68.70KB , 195x205 , PopcornPinkie.png )
>mfw this whole thread

Oh my, you are saying that Derpy Hooves being un-derped for those appearances was because she was put in them before the intense collective bandwagoning made her the most popular pony? Incredible... and here I came up with a very bad explanation just for that. )=

My idea was that the derpy Derpy and the un-derpy Derpy (heretoafter referred to as Ditzy Doo) were identical twins with the same special talent, and thus even their Cutie Marks were the same. However, when they were extremely young fillies Derpy pushed Ditzy away from some kind of danger to save Ditzy, and Derpy received some kind of head injury for her trouble, leading to her walleyed expressions. Besides the eyes and sudden insatiable lust for muffins, Derpy was completely fine after the impact.

I eagerly await hate over daring to write such a paragraph. Come at me parasprites, I have a tuba.
>> No. 29091
File 130516193552.gif - (787.07KB , 480x360 , Applause.gif )

I am sorry for the lateness of this response, but (should you check back here) please -- remind everypony over there that they all rock. Hardcore.

I send all of you unending applause courtesy of Orson Welles.

Loquacious of Herd, "Resistance is Silly."
>> No. 2508092
File 131302371271.png - (1.68MB , 1280x720 , 35238 - crossover garrys_mod gmod pinkie_pie Team_.png )
>> No. 2511555
We could not have planned it better... the day we launch our website www.bronystudy.com and begin collecting data an article graces the front page of the Wall Street Journal about the existence of Bronies (boys and men who like the My Little Pony show). Please help us in this academic endeavor. Whether you are a Brony or not we need your help. Be one of the first to take our survey and help advance the understanding of what it means to be "a Brony". Please share this link with your friends.
>> No. 2511558
File 132047184774.jpg - (47.09KB , 600x600 , 130672741762.jpg )
It is truly an honor to have you grace our threads. You have my thanks for your work with the show. Do continue to uphold the standards set by Ms. Faust. Thank you for all of your dedication and enthusiasm. You've brightened the lives of thousands of people including my own.
>> No. 2511566
thats fine, but just make darn sure you arent bias against us :D
if theres anything that annoys me its ignorant people bashing
>> No. 2511568
File 132056834730.png - (162.24KB , 828x964 , 1Nh4Z5hZqvmnGqmqp_hOupMS9zw=.png )
>mfw this thread
How did I never see this? This is so far beyond epic.
>> No. 2512292
File 132459889886.jpg - (31.02KB , 500x372 , spoiler.jpg )
I Just started watching the show and wanted to know if im in the heard i watch all of season 1 and two and i know every pony by heart.
>> No. 2512591
Damn right you're in the herd.
Welcome brony.
>> No. 2512593
File 132638281167.jpg - (10.37KB , 400x328 , Pinkie_Pie_sad-(n1304570963350).jpg )
>mfw a professional doesn't use capitalization
>> No. 2512652
see this is part of why I love the show . It's creators pay attention to the fanbase and they actually give a damn about what they are saying
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