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I couldn't find a thread for pony rap-offs so here goes!

I'm personally quite terrible at these but will try my best to start it off. Feel free to do it as any character you feel like including the one I start this with. ^^

Alright, Dash, hit the beat!
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File 130213294937.png - (33.46KB , 191x113 , 130190178751.png )

>> No. 9104
File 130213295703.jpg - (18.95KB , 238x320 , Batman boner.jpg )
>Seen it actually being Archived from a mile away.

The paraspriteface gave it away.
>> No. 9105
File 130213297868.jpg - (33.01KB , 598x583 , 130190836692.jpg )
Makin' one right now
>> No. 9106
File 130213320525.jpg - (88.01KB , 1000x800 , A True Gentle Coltte.jpg )

Back up NB, I'm back on the floor,
heard you were rhyming, so I'm back for more.
Batman? Don't get me started

I'm real the man. Back up all you weak hearted

You like to skulk, you like to brood,
drop in from the darkness and kill the mood.
Gonna drop you the thug did, back in the backstreets
Put two in your folks leave you to heart beat
Gonna foster your hate,
Gonna grow strong?
Too late.

Cut you down in your prime,
before you can rhyme.
I ain't no Joker, don't look at me Strange
I got The Two Face, one real one derange
My Poison Ivy running through you like an IV
While I keep Sub zero, chilling on my Harley

Rorschach? Don't make me laugh,

Give you back your face,
just to knock back off, put you back in place.
I'm like Dr.Manhattan, like a god on this planet
I'm the Comedian, last laugh, always had it

Just like Ozymandias
you're short by a few minutes
But now it's over, the world crumbles around us
They said we couldn't, too late we just did it.

Left on a pedestal just so the world can know,
How we Ponychan Bronies put on a real show,

Gonna end this thread,
Now to break my bread,
blood and body
written in legends,
this thread's going legendary

Archived for life so the world can see
A testament to what true rappers we all can be.

And now, as a proper gentleman, I want to let you all know you've done splendidly. Never had such inspiring lyrics dropped on the fly. Fine show chaps.
>> No. 9107
File 130213451701.gif - (202.31KB , 300x225 , Batman COME AT ME BRO.gif )

I didn't know you were gonna hate,
Man all that gentlemenly anger, I can't relate.

But what I can do,
Is spit those rhymes right back at you.

Gentle Coltte of Leisure?
Man, You're nothing. Mess with me I'll put you in a seizure.

Gonna make fun of my past?
Man at least I'm a super hero that'll last.
You? you'll waste away, turn to dust.
I'll take your woman in one thrust.

You wanna get personal? Alright fine,
But you won't be getting off easy, Not on my dime.

I got some haters,
But they always end up in jail sooner or later.
I'm richer than shit,
I'll take you out in one hit.
You'll get so mad; You'll go into a fit.
Pony, you better just sit.

I ain't no rapper,
I'm a crime fighter.
Your lyrics are cool, Mine are just tighter.

Gonna make fun of Rorschach?
After he's done with you, You'll be so blue you'll look like a Peacock.

He'll take you to crazy town,
Take that suit of yours and flush it down.
His toilet of dreams, Man you haven't seen,
Half the shit he's done, 'shits' obscene.

Mr.Manhattan? The Comedian?
Pony, you best be preaching.
Because after I'm done with you, You'll be prayin for me to stop.
To the lurker in the corner, I see you tryin to clop.

I ain't even mad though,
Mr.Manhattan didn't kill me, He sent me to Pluto.

You're a nice guy in the end.
You see we're just rappin as friends.
I'm cool with all these insults can't you see.
Sadly, I wasn't being gentleMANLY.

I wish you well man I really do,
Sadly, everytime I post, the thread gets left askew.

>Sorry it's nothing personal bro,
>Didn't really mean to step on your toe.
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File 130213554238.png - (15.68KB , 241x230 , Hah.png )
Ofcourse it got archived, this thread is breathtaking
The only thread around worth a perfect ten rating
Sayin' anything else would be pure paraspriting
Even though some rhymes here are awkward like a gaijin

This thread is winning for real
Verses so divine it'd make the sick heal
Rhymes so king they'd make Celestia kneel
Lines more profound than the invention of the wheel
Rappers with themes that's really seals the deal
Even got Batman, that's really surreal

All this talent here is more than I could imagine
Some of these verses are hotter than a dragon
More fabulous than Rarity
Makes the rest look like a parody
No doubt, this deserves the polularity

All that's left now is to pop the champagne
Let's continue this lyrical campaign
>> No. 9109
File 130213581011.png - (208.56KB , 640x360 , Rockin Scoot.png )
Bust a rhyme? Its rap-off time.
Yo, My Little Pony is my crime.
Gotta hide my sin from the staring eyes
Nopony can know about my Pinkie Pies
Spittin' rhymes faster than the Wonderbolts
Ya'll ready for this, all you fillies and colts?
Twenty percent cooler in ten secs flat
We be scratchin' them records like we're Rarity's cat
We gonna wrap up yo' winter and we'll stitch yo' dress
Get yo' hooves on the floor, do the Pony Express.
Your rhymes are so weak, they make you look like tank
You got the cutie mark of shame there all over yo' flank
You think this My Little Pony s**t is one of those fads?
You leave a taste in my mouth like I ate some baked bads
Unraidable, unhateable, like Rainbow Dash
We'll diminish you, then finish you, you parasprite trash
All bow down before our pony campaign
Gonna fly with my Fluttershy and brush her mane
Watch me sonic rainBOOM like a natural disaster
My rhymes will make you shiver cause I'm the Stare Master
Pinkie Pie goes "WOO! WOO!" Das' da sound o' da Police.

>> No. 9110
File 130213869934.gif - (408.58KB , 190x162 , 130040709029.gif )
okay I'm back from a meal and i'm rappin' fo'real
so sit back and relax as i give you a spiel
'cause i'm not like the others, i'm not up in yo face
i don't brag and bray like i'm ownin' the place

but i'm down with some things that every rapper should do
like when a battle gets hot, i'm just keepin' it coo
and I use similes to namedrop like the friend we call Twilight
but I don't get fixated on the "plot" we call hindsight

It's a Rarity, I know, to see a rapper so tame
but i'm just in it to rhyme, i'm not in it for fame
only really happy things can make me go bombastic
like this thread in the archive, i think it's fanTAStic

hat-trick, i just pulled off three verses
and i didn't even need to resort to no curses
rehearse this? well i just made up this rhyme
but since i'm typing it out, it gives me plenty of time.

>and a rip rap rippity doo
>> No. 9111
File 130214056256.png - (14.64KB , 125x70 , AMAZEMENT.png )
Thank You!
>> No. 9112
File 130214227110.png - (15.68KB , 241x230 , Hah.png )
Corn-Pone, not bad
Actually kinda rad
But I got somethin' to add

You'd claim our boating is revoltin'
But it's a nessecary evil when you got a image worth upholdin'
If you ain't got a boast
You'll be like a ghost
You gotta do the most when you go up to post

That's why my rhymes they all Sprakle
Worth so much you'd think they're made of marble
So come on kid don't be afraid to boast
And to that I toast.

Like Miss Dash I'm competitive
Don't mistake me for negative
When you think about it, it's all a big battle
So let's get out some verses that'll make the cage rattle

Just don't go overboard like Trixie on whisky

I'd say it's a duel
Don't forget your fuel
You'll be in for a ride
But it's for you to decide
>> No. 9113
File 130214295117.png - (229.99KB , 570x650 , 130101023195.png )

Heh, you put the mic down... expect me to pick it back up.
Guess I'll have to show you what's what.

So you call yourself Rarity? Mare please more like Parody.
Nothing about your whining seems rare to me.
What else is there to see? Oh right, just you trying to steal the scene.

Suited for success, but dressed to depress,
As I recall Photofinish thought Fluttershy was the best.

We're all starin but we aren't in awe,
Quite frankly we're all in tears from an endless guffaw.

You say you've got class, but I've never seen you in Canterlot.
Why don't you just sit back and let us real ponies develop the plot.

I find it funny you should mention that I'm new.
When Bon Bon visited your shop she'd never even heard of you.

I may be in the background but I'm standing tall.
Mic in my hoof you know I'm the best of them all.

One shot one kill, I'm the illest there ever was.
Hoity Toity only featured you because,
You got a second chance, or else he wouldn't have even spared a passing glance.

By the way did I mention it was Fluttershy who finished your dress?
Without it there would be no 'Suited for Success'.

You're done, you're through, you should just go kick it with Moondancer in generation old school.
You tried to step up but you're left looking like a fool.

My flow is beyond your reach, just stop tryin'.
You're never gonna reach my level and that's no lie and,

You're just a neighsayer, everypony knows I'm the only true playa.
LYRA OUT, [email protected] later.

~Teehee, while of course I'll take a bow. Thank you, thank you! Oh you're too kind!~
>> No. 9114
File 130214664050.png - (242.82KB , 725x567 , Cheerity.png )
Hahahah! That was a great one, I'll stive to give it a response that's as good
I think somepony doesn't know who she's dealing with
Which was you again? Lyra, oh yes
I'm afraid your verse doesn't really impress
And I think there are some issues I need to adress
Then you'll see who's winning this game of mental chess

No need to steal the scene, it was built 'round me you see
And nopony fits it better as I'm sure they all agree
And I don't see nopony cheering at you
Let's face facts, you're through.

Fluttershy finished the dress, she used my schematic
That's why it turned out quite fantastic
And the first batch of dresses was to please my friends
'Cause I know they'll be with me untill the end.
When my true vision came out, it was styling
I swear I even saw Hoity Toity smiling.

Who says you're a real pony
Even your name is phony
Made up by your few fans, that still lingers
That I can count on one hoof, without fingers

So go back to your fanfiction
Written by your fans that doesn't know diction
And try to defend you with conviction
But they'll all fail and that's my prediction

I know you're just jealous because I am Rarity
Nopony else has such growing polularity
Just you wait, I'll be a celebrity
Nopony else controlls the spotlight with such familiarty

You wouldn't know style if it bit you in the flank
You look simply hideous to be quite frank
Oh by the way did I mention your mane?
I think that colgate stuff's leaking into your brain

And I think I see Bon Bon creepin' up again
I think she wants you at the bottom, don't keep her waiting then
So run along now and have "fun" with your "friend"
And like Trixie don't come back, that's what I'd recommend
>> No. 9115
File 130215194468.png - (45.15KB , 184x184 , 130037398987.png )
You're too good at this! I was extremely close to yielding.

This was my face when I read your rhymes, but I serioused up and I'm back to put you in line.

You better pick up the pace and still hold to your vision.
At this rate you're heading for a collision with the rest that I've bested.
So you better be rested, cause' like Zecora hexin, I'm gonna be vexin - with nothin' more than rhymes.
You'll beg me to stop but I'm immune to your cries and your whines.
Don't worry I'm fine, my lines so sublime, I humor you with this battle this one last time.

You try to blow my performance out of the water because all you do is make a splash.
Quite rude if you ask me coming from the pony who's supposed to be all class, but I'll let it pass.
You're all sass, just a lump of mass, why are you even a part of the mane cast?
We all know it should be me, but alas, I digress, I wouldn't want to be known for the art of what you call a 'dress'.

"No need to steal the scene" yet you act like a martyr.
Giving your tail to Steven Magnet maybe you should try a little harder.
"Short tails are in this season" is the reasoning you give.
Honestly pony I think you knew your fandom was to be short lived.

"I'll never part with it again!" when your tail grew back.
Element of generosity? Man that's wack.

Step back everypony this ain't over yet.
Miss Rarity doesn't seem to understand I"m as good as it gets.

So get ready, I'm comin in heavy. I'm bringin' the rhymes with the longevity- of,
a thousand suns, because as you all already know I'm Lyra which means I'm number one.
I'll show you some, of my rhymes that I spit on the spin of a dime, I freeverse every line and it's about that time that this pony steps down.
Best be recognizing my crown, cause' you know, I'm the all time best rapper in this town.

Using a schematic or not, I'm hot and you're not, are these rhymes really all you've got?
I hope not. Well, I guess it wouldn't be too much of a shame, some wack lines coming from a pony with such an ugly mane.
You're all about the fame, or what you'll never know. For heaven's sake just look at what Trixie did to you at her show!

"Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me!" Fine, your dress was 'alright' I guess, but it would be nothing without Fluttershy's knowledge of stitching I must confess.
Did I ever mention you're messing with the best? In eternal darkness I'll put you to rest.
I see the heaves of you're chest, you're out of breath tryin' to climb to the top, but fall back to the bottom is the fate you must,
follow, because my rhymes you can't swallow, nowhere to store them in that personality of yours we refer to as shallow.

Also I must stress, it's not I who is jealous of thee, I beleive it's you who's jealous of me.
Not everypony can orchestrate heavenly symphonies. But oh how I tease, you've never been to Canterlot, I'm sure that's why you've never heard of me.

Ah yes, it was Bon Bon you saw, now need to look so stunned, come now lift up your jaw.
She's only one of the most beautiful of them all.
But then again, what would you know? You're just a part of a little dog and pony show.
She may want me on the bottom but I always come out on top.
Your time's up Rarity, tick-tock, tick-tock!

And at least I have a date to the Galla!
>> No. 9116
File 130215885977.png - (228.47KB , 530x571 , Clever.png )
Once more to the breech dear friends, I love this game! And you're fun to play it with. ;3
Someponies don't know when to quit while they're ahead. Though it's not like you were ever ahead in the first place

Rarity again, like a true lady
Back to inform you that your verses are quite shady
You may think I'm harsh but what I speak is true
I've heard better rhymes from a sleeping Scotaloo

And I see that you're cracking, nopony's clapping
I think we all know now what's about to happen
It's really quite a shame that you won't listen to reason
Your rhymes are slacking more than AJ at Apple Season.

Magnets half mustash was a crime against fabulosity
Ofcourse I had to show him my generosity
Others might look at it with curiosity
But I gave from my heart, that's quite a Rarity
And make no mistake, I'd do it again
I'd do the same for everypony I concider a friend

And don't lie to me, you've never been to Canterlot
That lie is a flop, what a lousy shot
Be honest, let's hear your testimony
And don't be a phony, My Little Pony
All your weak tries are starting to bore me

And you talk of personality? Oh you just tripped
Lauren Faust won't even send you the script
They strive to keep me realisticly depict
While you're in the fanfics, only getting shipped

And when it comes to looks yours couldn't be duller
I suppose I most inform green isn't your colour
And let's talk manes yours is simply a crime
I've seen better haircuts that cost a single dime

If you're really the best I'd hate to see the rest
The low quality would have me all depressed
Thankfully the best is really me you see
And that's something I can truly guarrantee

And oh sweet Bon Bon you couldn't have picked worse
Lyra's the worst catch in the entire universe
So listen to me darling, take your half and split
You can find somepony better worth a relationship

And that is that
No need to come back
Do as miss Dash, leave in ten secounds flat
>> No. 9121
File 130218180632.png - (49.54KB , 312x312 , dash shades.png )
OP here wanting to thank you all
Going on rapping like it's a grand ball.
Getting the thread archived, appreciated, respected
With your rhymes all the ponies you've affected.

Started this thread back when I came to the chan
With no know, pictures or game plan.
Then you guys joined the beat and took the mic
Started dropping rhymes nopony can dislike.

To see something I started become a jewel
Makes me so happy I almost loose my cool.
So keep on going at it, all you ponies
Keep the beat alive and yours are all the trophies.

>You guys are pure awesome o/
>> No. 9122
File 130218489834.gif - (55.90KB , 361x365 , 1224128758939.gif )
This thread...

So DAMN awesome
>> No. 9124
File 130222185983.png - (43.86KB , 180x180 , 180px-Lyra_id.png )
Sorry for the super long wait, it's been a looong day. I also lack creativity and half the lines I think of I forget in about 3 seconds. It may take me a while, but it sure is fun! :3

Hand that mic over, it's Lyra's turn.

Lyra's back again ready to watch the world burn,
Oh sweet Rarity won't you ever learn?
I'm spittin' fire I'm hot, you'll never get what I got.
I'm the best of the best and the truth is you're not.
I'm really not sure why you bothered to give this a shot.

Background or Manecast, I'm the still the one with the most class.
My rhymes comin' at you en masse, you better cover your flank, and later you'll thank,
me, for all that I've done - hiding you from the shame and the pain of thinking you could best the number one.
You're done, you're through! What ever shall we do with you?
Just like your second set of dresses your rhymes are a fluke.

I'm bringing you the truth, everypony knows, anywhere and everywhere I'm the most reknowned.
If you really believe you'll hold the winner's title be prepared to be dethroned.
Laying down lines so serene you'd swear you're in a dream, the scene is all about me, and what you'll never be.
So go ahead and take a gander at me, the one, the only, the rapper supreme.

Mare in the Moon part one if you were so keen.
I was one of the first ponies to be on the scene.
I was waving at Twilight as she passed in a trot.
We've both been to Canterlot yet it appears you have not.

It's in plain view for everypony to see.
All you do is commit treason to fabulosity.
Green hair may be ugly on you, but it's gorgeous on me.
Just stand back and bask in the glory that is upon thee.

Better get some oil to grease up those rhymes,
They're squeaking more than Fluttershy when she get's caught by surprise.
No reason for you to cry, what really matters is that you gave it your best try.
Maybe in another time, another place, you'll drop some lines that won't be just a waste.
Just like you, simply taking up space, just retreat to the background and get to your right place.

You don't even know what hip is, so I'll give you a tip.
I'm better than you'll ever be Rarity, so just get over it.
Also let me say you can leave Bon Bon out of this, you're just upset that she's my wish.
A wish that happend to come true. Honestly Rarity you're mad cause' we're stylin' on you.

Lyra is my name, and I'll neva surrenda.
My rhymes will live on, foreva and eva.
Don't spend another breath, on a weak line you'll regret.
Just quit where you're at now and we'll forgive and forget,
-you, and all these wack rhymes you've done.
Just sit there and remember, I'm number one.

>> No. 9125
File 130222191632.png - (153.01KB , 630x351 , 130013859531.png )

Mfw I forgot to link to your last rap...
>> No. 9126
Oh that's allright. Expect a response sometime soon.

Though it really is hard to find come up with ammunition against a minor background character :x That won't stop me though.
>> No. 9127

Why can't you just admit defeat! GRR!
>> No. 9129
File 130222742708.jpg - (73.53KB , 608x719 , Blingity.jpg )
Because that would imply that I'm not winning. ;P Oh, and I'm hitting the NOT A RHYME button your your fluke/you or fluke/through one :P But I'll let it fly since the rest is really cool
>> No. 9130
File 130223226867.png - (242.82KB , 555x610 , Rarity6.png )
Time again to call for Miss Scratch ,Rarity is bringing the next act
That'll stop you dead in your track and we all know that's a fact
This time it's an all out attack, Better stay back
Because these rhymes are so hot it'll turn you into ashes black

I don't know why you're trying
Your lyrics are dying, the crowd is crying
Lack of quality is what I'm implying

Once again I'm here to give a preformance that impress
Like I did for my fans back in Suited for Success
And pony what would you know of the Art of the Dress?
When your sense of style is a cause for distress

And you speak of your scene with Twilight
Like you were the highlight
Well I'm generous I'll give it two out of ten
No wonder why Twilight didn't want to have friends

Like Applejack I'll speak honestly
I think you're jealous of our elements of harmony
While we save Equestria, you're just a novelty
You see? I now know why you're jealous of me
And the fact that I controll the mic as easy as ABC

I take care of all my friends, in the spa they get VIP
Like my mane girl Fluttershy, hell she gets in for free
There's no team quite like Kindness and Generosity
I couldn't ask for better, who wouldn't want to be me

And I'll be going to the Galla with my crew
I thought you knew, my style will be in plain view
And we were invited by Celestia personally
And we will all by styling and that's a certainty
Since the dresses I made was quite breathtaking
A legend in the making worth a perfect ten rating
And with my gemstones I'll be sure to bring the bling bling

And my fabulosity will be recorded in the history books
They could write a novel just describing my good looks
And like my work they'd be in perfect detail
Maybe there'll be a page describing your fail

And where will you be when the galla takes place?
If you say you'll be there I'll struggle to keep a straight face
You need to keep class to be allowed in this crowd
And when it comes to your status you shouldn't be proud

Green is your colour, are you out of your mind?
I think you might be blind or idioticly inclined
Bon Bon must've chosen you for your personality
Oh wait you don't have one, how silly of me
You'll never beat me as everypony can clearly see
And now you're screeching like a banshee
expecting to get the rap crown for free

Lyra is your name? Oh my I must have forgot
Just goes to show that your legacy is not worth squat
You're not exactly Derpy Hooves
She could bring something that really grooves
Unlike your flow that sounds like you just awoke
I can theorise that you've been licking on Poison Joke

Still thing you're the best?
I really must protest,If this was a test
With your score nopony would be impressed
But with my lines they feel blessed
And they see yours as a jest

And while you're in the background say hello to Vinyl for me
With my verse and her beats this is partictly artsy
A solid track and a bass, no doubt she's ace
Giving a proper shoutout is a true sign of grace

In your verse from the crowd all I heard was a cough
And just like Gilda you should experience The Brush Off
>> No. 9131
Ugh, you never let-up! Unfortunately a response will have to wait. As I said it's been a slow day, and my bed and I have a sleep date.
>> No. 9386
File 130229512623.jpg - (8.68KB , 129x130 , 195896_191123390925421_191120757592351_405980_5463.jpg )
I take wayyy too long for this, and for that, I apologize.

Alright, here we go.

Lyra is back on the scene and it's easy to see,
Thanks for bringing the next act cause' it's all about me.

My flow is surreal, my rhymes seal the deal,
I've got the zeal, not to mention appeal.
Lines that pierce the soul like knives of steel.
Yours simply make Fluttershy squeal.
Just back down Rarity it's time to heel.

Do you feel me? Do you hear me?
You can't even get near me.
To even think you've come close is just silly,
I'm sure we've all heard better rhymes from a little filly.

You came back again simply looking for more,
but rapping against you is simply a bore.
Must I really implore you to stop?
I suppose you could continue if you want me to mock.
Mock you, that is, reaching for the top.
Tick-tock tick-tock roll back the clock.
I'm everything you're not, putting you on the spot.
What do you got? Oh I'm sorry, I've seem to have forgot.
Nothing but that horrid mane, let me tell you honey fasion isn't your game.

I'm in the background but I'm bringing the sound.
As I've said before Ponyville is my town.
My beat drops and everypony stops to stare.
Everypony's head turns asking "Who is that lovely mare?"
Well, it's Lyra of course.
I see you choking up Rarity you're sounding a little hoarse.

You're messing with a force that should've never been reckoned with.
If somepony asks why you -ever- tried to take me on I'd just plead the fifth.
Honestly pony your rhymes are about as hip as Granny Smith.
Rarity who? Oh that's right, she's just a myth.

But it doesn't stop there, I'm the number one Mare.
Stylin' on everypony with my beauitful green hair.
Not to mention my coat, but there's no need to boast.
I'm the best from coast to coast while you're not even better than most.
So I propose a toast, to honor your efforts. "To miss Rarity on getting her just desserts.

A little dragonshy is all you are.
We all knew your rhymes wouldn't take you very far.
When you try and step up to somepony of such great feat,
It's better when you lose to just admit defeat.

Without me you wouldn't have had the materials to make birds nest during Winter Wrap-Up.
Oh, and might I add, the way you made them the 'finest' made me crack-up.
When putting them up I had to hold back my laughter.
The way you made those trees look was a total disaster.

You better look before you sleep, because I'm the true ar-teest.
I'll laugh while you weep, as my rhymes cut you with friendship so deep.
We may have our differences, but as everypony as witnesses,
Maybe we can close our distances, and go along with the persistence of friendship,
Or rather the magic there of, and we can tolerate eachother, and even love.
>> No. 10053
File 130230698394.jpg - (25.34KB , 447x313 , Devious.jpg )
You can't stop me I'm in the zone as it t'were
With verses that appeal to the true connoisseur
And there never was a doubt who the people prefer
And it certainly isn't some upstart commoner

Like with all my verses I'll hold to my vision
But honestly I think yours need a revision
If I were you I'd be stitching them together
Or maybe drop them alltogether
Because they're lighter than a feather

My rhymes are on time like a clock
When I tick and I tock, nopony wants me to stop
Because I'm Rarity you see
nopony can mess with me

At the drop of a hat I say your rhymes are not all that
I think some of them are laughed at
They leave me bored, they won't win a award
Maybe it'd be best if you went back to the drawing board

I see that on the mic you're crumbling like a cookie
So run back to Bon Bon and beg for the nookie
Because you're sounding like a rookie
I think we all hear that clearly, you'll never top the greatness that is Rarity

And my friends are great too, allways there when I need them the most, and that's worth a toast
And unlike all your lines that's not some meaningless boast

Fashion is my game, my style puts you to shame
You're embarrasing yourself and don't have anypony else to blame

Knives of steel you say but I think I see some rust
I see you picked the rhymes that were gathering some dust
You might beat Scotaloo but darling only just
No way you can compete with a pony from the upper crust
And I thrust you off the stage because you don't belong here
Because I controll the spotlight like a puppeteer
I steal the scene like a pony buccaneer

When I have the focus I show them what I got
No coincidence my episodes are all in tiers top
While you don't have a line
Because if you did the show would be in decline

As for your toast I don't think anypony heard you spoke
Even if they did I think they'd take it as a joke
And your green mane must we go over this again?
Your efforts of defending it is really in vain

I worked on the nests because I strive for perfection
And Twilights work was in need of correction
I must admidt I took my time but only because I think lack of quality is a crime and my work must allways be prime
Because if it isn't perfect it isn't worth a single dime

And I think I saw you in the party today
Fairly ok, but still a way to go to be the pony of the day
But I'd fire your hairstyler if I were you
Maybe he was sipping on some brew
I could style you because I know what to do
But if you continue like this you're through
And that's no tall tales, better act quick or you'll end up like Snips and Snails
Then nopony will hear your call ,And watch you as you fall
Better recognize that you don't have a fanbase at all
And that you'll never attend the ball
Better realize that we all have to start small

I see you want to end the feud, first work on your style
Then maybe we can go on adventures wild
I think you realize that I'm winning
And it got me grinning, because I was winning from the beginning
Now Friendship is Magic and that's all quite true
Despite your rough edges there might still be hope for you
>> No. 10055
Oh ho ho, another fine piece!

I yield! I submit!



It was a con, a trick! Haha~ I bet you bought it.
Couldn't expect more from somepony who doesn't know when to quit.
I hate to admit, but I actually was just biding my time.
Had to work on some new lines- some that could shine.

You thought I was done.
Thought you had me on the run.
It seems you keep forgettin' that Lyra is number one.
It's been fun, but I think it's time to put an end to you.
My rhymes are my bullets, my flow is the gun.

I must say that I brought back some contents of the grave.
Maybe you call it stupid pony but I call it brave.
I've never seen anypony give as much as I gave.
But for this final scene my best lines I have saved.

I'll no longer feel bad for you when I end this.
You say you're on the attack but all ever see is you shoot and you miss.
Whenever you pick up the mic all everypone ever does is hiss.
It's such a crisis! But ignorance is bliss, so maybe you can play pretend.
I thought maybe you just wanted a friend, but you twist and you bent that malefic vision you hold in your head.
But once Lyra is done on the mic you're as good as dead.

You're just a lowly knave, lookin' for praise.
All this fame and fortune seeking has put you in a haze.
You're simply dazed, you'll never reach me even in the prime of your days.
It's time you learned my ways, I show no remorse, I'll never back down until I end up a corpse.
Comin' at you with a force you've never seen.
Showing you once and for all I really am- truely pristine.

I'm the best at what I do and don't you ever forget.
Background or foreground the mic- I have control of it.
I see you breakin' out in a sweat, I'm not even close to over yet.
You should've known that battling with me was like playing Russian Roulette.
You might win a few rounds but that's all you get.


Like Trixie you're gone in a puff of smoke.
Take your rhymes with you we're beginning to choke.
You're such a joke. Best go fetch your black cloak.
You were done before I even spoke.
I was just having fun, but my wrath you've invoked, my innerself has awoken and it's not lightly spoken.

You try to trample my background to take a grab at my crown.
Oh how it must feel to be the one to drown when you miss and you fall down.
It appears you're staining your gown. Looks like you'll be missing the Galla or risk looking a clown.
But upon you I will not frown, for every colt and every mare will know when they hear the sound.
Of what? Of Lyra. The one, the only, the pony styla.

Everypony will stand in awe as I make my entrance to the ball.
As for you meeting 'him', you won't even be at the curtain call.
But that's not all, for being Lyra I'm still standing tall.
There's no wall that I can't break through, no goal I can't achieve.
For anypony to think otherwise would just be naive.
I aim to please, and to do so this scene I'm ridding everypony of your disease.
That's you, of course, just simply a disgrace.
If Aj were here I reckon she'd say you got some apple on your face.

Let's pick up the pace, bring it to a gallop.
I still think you're in need of a personal winter wrap-up.

You say I'm a phony and I'm fictionary.
Come to think of it I've never seen Rarity in any dictionary.
I figured they'd put you next to class, unless, of course, you have none, which could be your fate.
Don't fret my darling it's given to those who are great.
Maybe when you're as good as me it won't be me that you hate.
It's clear your rhymes aren't innate, but wait. Maybe one day you'll there's more to life than this.
You can take my hand in friendship or fall into a hatred abyss.
Come with me, I won't let you get shipped. Although between you and me I'd be ok with it.

C'mon Rarity we can be friends forever!
We can coexist together. Like birds of a feather we'll flock together!
This storm upon us we can weather.
We must cast differences aside for our hearts to tether.
It's the magic of friendship Rarity don't you see? This battle has completed something inside of me.
I don't want us to hate, there's no need to debate.
To be happy together, friends forever, would be some trait.

So just take my hand Rarity if I've made my point.
There's no need to hate we can just blow this joint.
I'm sorry for all I've said, and for all I've done.
I've witness countless cycles of the moon and the sun.
But join my now Rarity, we can both be number one.

*Fighting back tears* Lyra... out.
>> No. 10056
File 130231222638.png - (38.73KB , 133x160 , th_Lyra-cry.png )
Of course I forget the picture. I can't do anything right...
>> No. 10059
File 130232298195.jpg - (35.92KB , 537x479 , Grrr.jpg )
Notorious B.I.G vs Tupac, step aside, this will be the hottest rap feud of all time ;p

It! Is! On!

You claim that you're sorry but you've hurt my feelings!
You make me sick I won't have any of your pleadings!
Maybe I was too nice but now I'll squash you like a lice!
Now it's total annialation and nothing else will suffice!

Time for your lyrical assasination
prepare for my standing ovation
I'll go to my battle station
This verse will be a sensation!

Even under pressure I manetain my fabulosity,what a Rarity
You thought you could top me, but now you'll see
Today it's you I'll be besting
Saying otherwise would be jesting
There's no doubt who's gonna come out on top
I think I hear the crowd clapping "clop clop clop"

You presist, well your gun missed
Maybe you should look to Bon Bon for a assist
Hell, maybe she should write verses for you!
Because now you're through! So let's review

Here you go again acting like you're mane
When the fact of the matter to the show you're a drain
Your scenes inflict me pain! You can't even manetain!
This is my domain! Yet you try to muscle in in vain
I can't even contain my distain!

You've unleashed my wrath, Rarity is on the warpath
No stone unturned, it's a lyrical bloodbath, And I'll laugh
If you thought I've been mean pony you ain't seen nothing yet
This verse will bruise you so hard you'll have to go to a vet

A lyrical assasination is nothing without venom
I'm going all in and I think it's time for you to fold 'em

I'll never reach you in my prime days you say
I was laughing and chocked on my hay
Lying is bad, you're just a passing fad
While I'm destined to be remembered forever
When your name is brought up it's like "Lyra?, whatever"

I think you fail to see I'm the master you're a servant
And If you were my slave I'd sell you to a merchant
After all what would I use you for?
Too worthless, sell you to the circus and push you out the door

And if you don't shut up I'll kick you like AJ
Because Lyra allways got something stupid to say!
And if you ask me to relent I'll laugh and say neigh
Because you've insulted me and now you're gonna pay!

I'll wrap you up, you're a flop
You'll never make it to the top
While I am truly famous, but all your boasts are baseless
Let's face it, in the sea of ponies you are faceless!
They all sing my praise, I'm winning this race!

Love and tolerate, but for you I'll make exceptions
You're third rate! So get used to rejections!
When you're in the background I'd rather have the hydra around
At the very least it won't act like a clown

It feels good to be superior, It makes me merrier
You think you're better than me you plauge carrier?
You're just a little rat! Still think you're all that?

I'm winning so much is almost an art
Now I'll go to the train, you pull the cart
I got an important meeting in Appelooza
Not that you're invited, sign says no losers

Now I see that you're nervous,I would be too
But that's what happens when you try to play me the fool
I was willing to give peace a try if you had just admidt defeat
But your verse exposed your vile deciet, if I was Bon Bon I'd cheat
-On you because you're useless
A relationship with you is fruitless

But on the other hand maybe Bon Bon prefers them bland
And somepony who allways listens to demands
Makes sense when your mouth's stuffed with a orange and a scarf on the door-hinge
You're on the bottom in so many ways
Your flank will be sore for atleast seven days

Now I'll stop before I say something I regret
But I can guarrantee that I silenced your theat
*Tosses mic down*

And I just rhymes orange with door hinge, hail to the king. :p
>> No. 11040
File 130239714204.png - (242.82KB , 555x610 , Rarity6.png )
Somepony should make a mixtape out of all this
>> No. 11361
That would be amazing. <3
I wonder if anypony is keeping up with this.

Anyways, response coming soon.
Also, mfw I used hand instead of hoof towards the end of my last one. ;_;
>> No. 11366
File 130246125878.png - (45.15KB , 184x184 , 130037398987.png )

I have to re-use pictures because there are so few. Le sigh, what ever shall I do.

Lookout everypony Rarity is on her 'warpath'.
Now would be a good time to get in a good laugh.
I don't appreciate having to pick up the mic by the way.
I thought you said you choked on your hay?
No matter, Lyra is on the way.

When it's my turn I bring the world crashing down.
One day you'll learn Rarity I'm the best of this town.
Better yet, all of Equestria.
You may not of heard but I've bested Princess Celestia.

You could've used some magic to see that you're no gem.
You step up only to make a fool of yourself in front of them.
Oh well, since I'm back again I may as well play the role of the best.
Honey we all know I am. Just give it a rest.
You should just stay at your boutique and work on whatever you call a dress

You silence me out of respect not with your words.
When it comes to the mic everypony gets a turn.
Whether you succeed or you choke is of your own concern.
You thought you spoke with a stern conviction but you've seem to forgot you lack any diction.

You're not as hot as you once thought.
Never going to achieve those goals you've so painfully sought.
And now it's time for a lesson to be taught.
Like a net in my rhymes you'll be caught.
No need to be distraught, we all saw it coming.
It would've been silly of you to consider I was bluffing.
All I see a whole bunch of huffin' and puffin.
You need to stop frontin'because we both know you're nothin'.

To think it was me you'd be besting would be the matter truely jesing.
My flow truely carressing, the spotlight I'm directing.
Got the rhymes perfecting, and charisma perplexing.
I'm really a blessing. When I step up to the mic I'm not even stressing.

I leave you breathless. Can't be to careless.
Handling the mic with so much dextrous.
-Agility, ability.
That's why I'm officially the best, better than the rest.
Steppin' up to the mic like an honored guest.
All the fans have the zest. For who? For Lyra.
Yea, you heard me right. You may have a loud bark but I bring the bite.
I don't lay down my rhymes light, I bring it heavy.
You're done pony just give up already.

I'm a promise not a threat and don't you ever forget.
Built myself from the ground up not even breakin' a sweat.
Stand up and see that I can hurt you. You can't giggle at me to make me disappear.
I'm the one you should fear. Kicking into high gear, only fueled more by the crowd's cheers.
Lyra on the mic and everypony's all ears. The answer's painfully clear.
It's less Rarity and more Lyra they want to hear.
But don't worry my dear there's still hope for you yet.
Hrm... nah. If you ask for a lifeline I'll throw you a net.'
Besides, I'm sure it's my raps everypony likes the most, and to that I boast.
I've got you lookin' like a ghost, got you on the run.
It's a shame to put you down Rarity I was just having fun.

You say I've missed, but that's only a wish you hold in your mind.
I spit my rhymes on key and I hit every time.
My words bring a chime, yours are just full of grime.
Maybe you should try to mime how I act.
Everypony knows I'm better than you and that's fact.

Enough with the shakin' it's time to get bakin'.
My style is never fakin'it's simlpy breath takin'.
With every wakin' step I leave the place quackin'
The crowd's achin' - they want more Lyra.
"Rarity who? Oh right, the one with no class. The lie-uh."

I thought you were bringing a verbal assassination.
I've yet to hear anything that deserves any kind of ovation.
Keeping my station as the best of the nation.
When you compare us there's no relation.
I'm a worthy sensation.

You're just a sedation when you step to the mic.
Everypony's in a fright when they hear Rarity's trying to control the spot light.
When you open your mouth there seems to be something not quite right.
All the pegasi take flight, they know your spreading some blight- and bile.
Everypony else runs when they hear your rhymes truely vile.

You're lacking true style. You may claim I'm all background but I'll wear the biggest smile.
Even in the back you couldn't walk a mile in my hooves.
You'll never match my moves, and your flow only proves, me right.
You may not have a spark but I'm gonna ignite.

I'm on fire, a real livewire.
You're just a squire, already misfired.
You should inquire how to be the best like me, or simply retire.
I inspire those around me with my attire.
You look like you should acquire.
-Some green to be the center of the scene like me.

Oh who am I kidding? We both know it's not your colour.
Maybe you should just keep your appearance a little duller.

You hold the element of generosity but I have the element of awesome.
Lyra on the mic and my rhymes just blossom.
If I were you Rarity I'd start playing possum.
Alas I suppose there's some things you'll just never learn.
I'm spittin' fire pony and I hope you're the first to burn.

However, I suppose I must move on. You're probably upset at me because I have Bon Bon.
She's really is a natural phenomenon. She has beauty, style, and grace.
Simply too much for you to face, let alone chace.

And as for relationships you're looking to royalty.
Your name may be Rarity but it doesn't take royal to see.
It doesn't help to be 'rare' when you aren't as good as me.

But I can take it all back, I don't mind rewinding the track.
As I said before my friend all this hatred is wack.
I'll give you one last chance before you fall.
We can both be the best, and both heed to the call.
We can be better than them all, hell, we can go together to the ball.
Everypony's eyes would be focused on us.
You just have to trust.
Me, Rarity, you have to trust me.
Else our friendship will sink to the bottom of the hatred sea.
You can't do this to me Rarity, I'm seeing you through.
I don't want to be background forever... I wan't to be manestream like you.

*Near tears again* Lyra... out...
>> No. 11376

Line 58. Should be quakin' as in earthquake. Not quackin' as in a duck. -sigh-
>> No. 11883
File 130250557942.jpg - (156.17KB , 1280x720 , backgroundbrony.jpg )
I don't claim to be the best around
as my name suggests, I'm content in the background

This whole rapping thing is somewhat knew to me
By nature I am usually quieter than a tree

I stand in a group and I'm invisible to the eye
In fact I dare everypony here to try
see if they can spy
The colt that is I
Amongst the crowd in which I hide

The method is simple you see
All you have to do is encircle me and only me
A clue is necessary I surmise
the paintbrush i once held should suffice

The first pony that has perceived my presence
Shall receive a picture or two as presents
One of me in my foreground debut
and one of the funny pony in Blue
>> No. 11919
File 130274231528.png - (59.78KB , 210x207 , 1301190101765.png )
I know all you guys think you kick
wicked slick lyrics
and your rhymes are sublime
and somepony oughta hear it

but if you wanna be the best
and impress, I suggest,
no, request you invest
in some new meter

lest you bore the readers
with your sub-par rhymes:
grime-covered text, I reflexively
groan every time.

Mind, I ain't tryin' to
parasprite or nothin'
but it's somethin' you all
know, so keep those pens flowin'.
>> No. 11921
File 130274779024.jpg - (124.73KB , 827x550 , XZIBIT.jpg )
Y'all haters mad
Ma pri pic's Pinkie Pie
Y'all be damned
All haters gonna die

I feel like everyday these fuzzy feelins'
Ain't the ones in yo pants where you jizzins'

It's crazy, amazing, truly incredible
It's awesome, encouraging, very remarkable

Dey callin me names like "Oh you big fa-gget"
Imma lay my finger up like the great Green Lantern

You know wut I'm sayin
Paypa Jayz in da buildin'
RBD, Pinkie P time fo you to rock thissssss....
>> No. 11923
File 130275343784.jpg - (23.88KB , 360x207 , 130045050543.jpg )
Yo, Twilight.

Some ponies might say,
from that horrid display,
of your party today
that you're in disarray.
Why are you up in my face?
I didn't crash your soiree.
I didn't take the queen's sweet
straight off of her tray.

So the queen's pet went missing,
that's your dismay?
Philomena is sick,
she aent no blue jay.
I try to nurse a bird back to health
And you accuse me of foul play?

The Princess attention is divided,
she couldn't give that bird the time of day.
I'm doing her a favor,
you won't cause me delay.

What, she'll throw me in a dungeon?
She'll banish me far away?
She'll banish me, then throw me in a dungeon?
How cliche.

Your outlook is too gray.
Everything's going to be okay.
But you gotta meet me halfway.
Help me stop this bird's decay.
Its beak remains clenched,
medicine doesn't taste like parfait.
And I lack the mettle,
to apply your "tough love, bay-bay"

Once the fowl is well,
we can return what is astray.
Bringing it back should be simple,
it's not a ballet.

What's this sentiment you replay?
The situation is not that one-way?
You got something to convey?
Any other ponies got a word, please, make my day.
>> No. 12625
It's prime-time to rhyme
but-you're a nickel and a dime
up the ladder i will climb
while all you do is pantomime

cause i'm a shooting star
in my diamond car
i'm like a solid gold bar
up and down the boulevard
>> No. 12873
File 130291283424.jpg - (38.38KB , 466x432 , r16935_MLP Awshum Patrick.jpg )
"Um...is this thing on? *munch munch*

um...oh right! Ahem...

Patrick Star up in this joint
bringing rhymes higher then a boiling point
Staring down Dizty Doo from across the room
Stealing my schtick and sealing her doom

Break down the tables and smack down the ponies
Kick over chairs and smack down bronies

Get face to face and...uhm...spongebob where are we? Oh yeah right!

Ditzy! Wanna share a cookie?"
>> No. 12877
File 130293669458.jpg - (31.54KB , 852x478 , Twilight - Challenge Accepted.jpg )

>smack down ponies
>smack down bronies

Oh, it's on now!


"Listen up starfish, pass me the mic,
It's time to I start tearing it up in this shit.
You say you're gonna bring a smack down on us,
but boy you don't even know how to bust.

A rhyme, a limerick, or not even a rap,
So take your big pink flank all the way back,
To your crap of a show, you fat hobo,
As I lay down a beat that's the opposite of slow.

'Cause I'm on the attack, spitting out the smack,
Calling you out because your shit was whack.
With rhythm so beast, I'll charm with my beat,
Any pony who cares to listen to this lyrical feat.

*Throws mic.*

>> No. 13903
File 130295762006.jpg - (5.76KB , 175x182 , Shocked_Patrick.jpg )
>> No. 13906
I feel as if TurniBrony has abandoned me...
This makes me sad... s/he never admitted defeat! Blargh!

Also, is anypony planning on making that mix tape... ?<3
>> No. 15070
File 130302314930.png - (308.25KB , 675x612 , Awkward.png )
Sorry, sorry. I'm still working on it. I'll have it up today I promise! I've just been doing other stuff recently. :P
>> No. 15227

Just a simple "You win, Lyra." will do. No need to make a fancy speech about it. ;)
>> No. 15230
That would imply that you're winning. Which simply isn't true. :P
>> No. 15231
File 130305323025.png - (24.38KB , 107x125 , 130299447619.png )

One today later.... :P
>> No. 15233
>Implying I'm from America and nor from Europe when that post was made like 9AM.
>> No. 15237
File 130306054384.jpg - (39.34KB , 581x478 , Whahaha.jpg )
I've been gone for a minute but now I'm back to finish this
And I won't be hurt by your weak diss.
And with my fabulous rhymes I'll send the crowd into a bliss!


Nopony else is this stylin'
Anypony that says otherwise is just lyin'
So I'm implying that you're not telling the truth
You're no lady, you're just plain uncouth.

You say you want to be manestream but then you diss a manecast, not exactly smart.
Especially not when it's me who weaves verses like they're fine art.
And as for your hopes, we saw your audition.
Sorry, somepony else filled the position.

Now pick up your pencil, class is in session
And I think it's time for somepony to learn their lesson
It's time for you to learn that your verses aren't all that
And realize you're just a little brat.

We know that you can't measure up to me
And we know you're just jealous because I am Rarity
No need to deny it, no need to throw a hissy fit
Maybe you should come back when you get some wit

Best in town, I seriously doubt it filly
Infact that statement was downright silly
And you claim that you've beat Celestia? I wouldn't lie about that if I were you
She'll throw you in a cage in Everfree, then you're through

And I don't need no magic to see that you're quite tragic
So get of the stage and run to Bon Bon's attic
It must be horrible to make a foal out of yourself infront of all of Ponyville
If I were you, I'd keep that tongue of yours still.
Because listening to your verse is not exactly a thrill.

You speak of fans, well it's a shame you don't have none
And just admidt it, you're not doing this for fun.
You wanted more status, but now you're on the run
So much for that flow that you were calling a gun.
And you don't realize my rhymes are hot like the blazing sun.

And you don't have charisma like me, who're you trying to fool
Lying like that just isn't cool.
Everypony sees that you look like a ghoul
And that's just the truth, don't call me cruel

But we can call it a draw, My element is generosity
All hating is crampin' on my fabulosity
We can do a song together it'd be great
Perhaps it's even fate.
But don't go to far, I'm not gonna be your mate
Because a son of royalty is gonna be my date
>> No. 15499
Oh you~
>> No. 15500
File 130306623613.png - (95.34KB , 640x360 , Fabulous.png )
Eyup. So ends the feud of the century. Or does it?
>> No. 17340
File 130350828534.jpg - (159.16KB , 1000x1000 , 130254931590.jpg )
I suppose so. A draw will suffice. Unfortunately I got so caught up with other things I let this slip by me for quite a long time. And for that, I'm sorry.

Now where's Pinkie? I think this calls for a party!
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