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Mar 31With the Merger coming up soon, we have created an official steam group for the combined sites. It can be found at

File 134202742050.jpg - (111.57KB , 840x810 )
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Welcome to the new /art/ Tutorial and Reference Thread! If you want to learn how to draw ponies, you came to the right place. The internet has a lot of resources on learning how to draw or how to use programs. This thread has a bundle of tutorials, references and studies to give new artists a starting point. You can find the tutorials (including a handy directory) below.

This is a restart from the previous Tutorial thread made by Midnight Star. Unfortunately, a lot of the images have 404'd over time, meaning they couldn't be accessed. But here we are, with a brand new thread. Once again, thanks to Midnight Star for collecting all these images and links.

/art/ is always happy to help new artists. Even with the tutorials, drawing ain't easy! So be sure to ask the people of /art/ for help if you think you need it. And for the people who already have experience: show us how you do things! Share your own tutorials, or the ones that you used to become the artist you are today.


General >>111273
Body >>111276
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>> No. 129559

So many tutorials, guides, anatomy references…

I need a system to organize and categorize all the material I have on PC.

I have basic system set up, composed of the following.

1: Anatomy and Poses. (Plus a sub folder for NSFW content.)

2. Art Guide and Processes. (For general guides and covering of fundamentals.)

File 141521220180.png - (154.85KB , 1200x720 , ForgotToTurnOffMySwagAndWokeUpCoveredInGrey.png )
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For those of you that use this board, how would you feel about it being merged with another?

The current plan i have is to merge with /fic/ and /collab/ into a single board (With a tentative name of /fan/, for lack of any other ideas) , but i'm making all three of these threads simultaneously so that plan is subject to change.

The reason for this is that it would hopefully encourage more an audience for the artwork that gets posted, more critique for actual artwork itself and an all around signal boost for the artists themselves.
I think i just said the same thing three times there, but whatever.

Another benefit to merging with those two boards in particular is that /fic/ could provide inspiration for artists, while /collab/ may need a creative artist for whatever project is posted.
To me, it only makes sense to pool these resources together instead of having them scattered as they are now.

In any case, discuss the pros and cons of the idea in this thread.
I'll give fair warning before THE RECKONING happens, if it does at all.
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>> No. 129551
While I am new.
I don't have much against the idea.

The more rationalized the website is, the better.

File 134281307419.jpg - (163.20KB , 1029x1000 )
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Guidelines For Using /Art/

- Be respectful of others and others' works.
- Don’t be unnecessarily rude about someone or their work.
- At the same time, don’t hate on people who critique your work.
- Be sure to report threads that don't follow these guidelines or the rules of the site. If you feel someone is being unnecessarily rude to you or others, keep your cool and report them.
- /art/ isn't just for artists! Everypony's input is welcome.

Artists' Threads
- Artists are encouraged to make one gallery thread for personal use. This includes showing your work, taking requests and/or commissions, announcing livestreams, asking for critique, etc.
- Artists of any skill level are welcome and encouraged to make their own threads, take requests, and comment on others work. Don't be shy!
- Artists who create a thread should have it added to the directory. Post a link to your thread here, and mention what sections of the directory it should go in.
- Artists can link to off-site galleries, such as Tumblr or deviantART.
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>> No. 129547
Hello. I made an artist thread.
How can I get those floaty tags?

File 142954479749.jpg - (1.90MB , 3840x2160 , DSC_0003.jpg )
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Considering I am trying out this website, I'll dump some of my current and future art here.

Be afraid. I am still in early phases of learning.
But if you believe in me i'll believe in you and make some awesome art.

I guess some links for the morbidly curious.

Nice to meet you.
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>> No. 129553
Thank you!
It does't seem to work.

Last edited at Mon, Apr 20th, 2015 23:45

>> No. 129554
File 142960599660.jpg - (1.78MB , 3840x2160 , DSC_0007.jpg )
>> No. 129560
I'm trying to draw on a tablet but I have to get used to it.

File 142341623636.png - (297.52KB , 1491x1674 , pesant.png )
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#Traditional #Digital #Vectors #Canon #OCs #Taking requests #Crit. Wanted

<-----(This picture might not be the best to show of my art-style)
----------Have an idea you need drawn?
-----------Just tell me what to draw and i'll draw it :D
------------Noting to serious i just started -.-
-------------Dont be shy to ask its free!
--------------Or just talk about art in general.
-I will also occasionally put one my drawings on this thread if your interested in seeing my art-style, I do vectors and some grim dark stuff.

Program:Gimp ranges from sketches/art/edit
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>> No. 129441
File 142689509785.png - (459.58KB , 1576x2676 , plage doctatortot.png )
Plauge Doctor :Y
>> No. 129539
Gavlan Wheel ... GAVLAN DEAL !
>> No. 129548
File 142958659454.jpg - (619.28KB , 1857x1857 , GAVLAN FEEL.jpg )
Gavlan want soul. Many many soul. Gah hah!

File 142754046866.png - (142.62KB , 1280x1280 , 1368110084_teacozii_new_canvasfggg.png )
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#Traditional #Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Taking commissions #Critique wanted

Hello everyone, Seafoam here!

I take both requests and commissions. Requests are random and are usually traditional sketches, but feel free commission me and I'll tweak it to your liking and put finishing touches on it.

All my digital drawings/line art/coloring are done with a mouse, please be patient with me. I've not had a tablet in a long time and I'm trying to save money for a new one!

My commissions are pretty cheap, and I'm pretty quick at delivering.

Sketches start at 1$ - 3$ depending on complexity
Lines 3$ - 4$ depending on complexity
Coloring 5$ - 6$ depending on complexity
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>> No. 129536
File 142951673415.jpg - (213.84KB , 610x1280 , IMG_1543.jpg )
>> No. 129537
File 142951679491.jpg - (283.23KB , 896x1280 , IMG_1544.jpg )
>> No. 129538
File 142951783725.jpg - (169.98KB , 511x1248 , IMG_1545.jpg )

File 142547452216.png - (1.51MB , 1018x1470 , a.png )
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#Traditional #Digital #Gallery #Discussion

Thread of mine from a long time ago is kill. Going to art dump with some non-little horse related stuff if you guys don't mind. Hopefully I can keep it bumped this time.

General gitgud discussion is welcome in the thread too. Also, if you guys want some crit, just link me to your thread's post or you can even post it in here. I'm always happy to help.
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>> No. 129521
File 142858411187.png - (1.48MB , 1432x1667 , tirek2.png )
I'm up and at em. Rendered the top half a bit more in another doc because my laptop can't handle this shit at all. Attached it back to the rest of the image though and did the same color method.
>> No. 129527
File 142867730358.png - (3.42MB , 1432x1667 , ss+(2015-04-10+at+10_02_22).png )
Calling this done. Don't want to look at it anymore.
>> No. 129534
File 142931179409.png - (483.57KB , 3584x3000 , 1429125671342.png )

very cool stuff rat, you did well

i underestimated you

File 142891762997.png - (59.99KB , 879x655 , runestone.png )
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I created an oc, how well did I do?
>> No. 129533
So uh... it's not an alicorn. That's a start.

Joking aside, it's not an OC yet. It's just a design. The only way we can tell personality is from design.

So, what is he like? What is his personality?

File 141141187508.jpg - (1.50MB , 2668x1996 , corruptshy.jpg )
128640 No. 128640 [View]

Hello. post here some of my drawings, I hope you like them

I do not quite understand the English language (I speak Spanish) but I'll try to push myself

my deviant
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>> No. 129503
File 142828614101.jpg - (597.98KB , 838x1268 , draconequus.jpg )
another Human Discord (equestria girls)
>> No. 129520
>thanks, I try to improve every day.

Good man. Keep it up, mate.
>> No. 129532
File 142923710764.jpg - (196.24KB , 1037x1109 , shipping dip.jpg )
more dipplight sketchs

File 139002557614.jpg - (897.38KB , 1101x850 , honorable pony.jpg )
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#Traditional #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Critique wanted

Okay, I keep running out of ideas, and sometimes my ideas for drawings aren't that great, so anybody willing to give ideas (hopefully within my range of talent which isn't too far) go ahead.
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>> No. 129518
File 142855842459.jpg - (146.06KB , 720x960 , Science Sparkle.jpg )
>> No. 129524
File 142866117650.jpg - (701.64KB , 632x960 , Sugarbelle.jpg )
>> No. 129530
File 142880656265.jpg - (128.61KB , 718x960 , Microphone.jpg )

File 139358828085.jpg - (4.45MB , 3600x3000 , TwiFallSSA.jpg )
127543 No. 127543 [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Traditional #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Critique wanted

Improved resolutions! No more squashed pictures! This is the art that you deserved from the start!

Other than that it's the same as my old one; I'll be re-posting all my old art as is, aside from the improved resolutions, so things that I drew wrong before (Sky Breaker's eyes as an example) will still be wrong in the transfer. I think I'll stress it more this time around, I really really want to improve and if you see something about my pictures that just isn't right, I can take pretty much any level of criticism, of course, I also like encouragement and not just long speeches about what I did wrong. A balance is good.

I'm thinking about taking a request like once a week, getting the requests and accepting one on Sunday and actually doing and posting it on Monday. It being a once a week thing I didn't see it necessary to tag this with "Taking Requests".

I'm hoping this new gallery will be pleasing to everyone and that I'll learn a lot from the /art/ community. Happy drawing all! :)
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>> No. 129500
File 142826975608.jpg - (3.80MB , 3000x3800 , Aria-HottestPieceInEqG.jpg )
Seriously?! I never put this one up here?
>> No. 129501
File 142827010866.jpg - (2.30MB , 3000x3800 , PonyPalsL&BB.jpg )
>> No. 129502
File 142827227187.jpg - (3.54MB , 3000x3800 , NightmareBurningPassionOC.jpg )
From DA, same name, nightmare version of their OC

File 142329782326.png - (263.51KB , 700x627 , 138326082639.png )
129271 No. 129271 [View]
#Digital #Alterations #OCs #Discussion

Just bored as hell right now, and I know art is slow so thought I'd make a thread for general oc sharing.

Post em if ya got em. Not really looking for critique myself, but I'm sure other people might want some critique. Maybe.

Anywho, OP knows it's hard sometimes if you can't draw, so just post whatever you got. I won't judge if it's recolors, I do the same. I guess I could say my art is using gimp.

First one I have here is Ella. I use all my characters for /rp/, so she has actually has two different cuty marks depending on which thread she's in, so I left her a blank flank in this pic.
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>> No. 129485
File 142811927117.png - (479.78KB , 750x728 , thegoddamnbatman cape omnom.png )
Here's just a face shot of that one.
>> No. 129486
File 142811995956.png - (22.15KB , 830x650 , Blue concept art.png )
This is the one I'm going to be working on next I think. And I want to make a zebra soon as well, but his art will be a bit more complicated.

With this one though, I don't want such a large splotch of white on his back/belly. I want one splotch on his rump that will blend into the white that will be in his tail, and on his belly I want one large spot taking up the bottom portion of his belly and coming up slightly on his neck/chest, sort of like the deers they introduced to the show.

And over all I want the splotch markings to remind one of clouds-his name is Blue Sky.
>> No. 129487
File 142812347229.png - (45.36KB , 768x576 , Blue concept art battle stance.png )
So this is the blank plate I'll be using to make this guy, I got the mane and tail down to how I want them, but I'm bad with proportions. Any artist think they can help me out on the eyes? I'm going to try and do it myself, but I might need some critique when I'm done. And the mouth...don't even know how I'm going to attempt the mouth yet.

I want to do a few faces with this pose-battle ready/angry, playful, and probably something else we'll see.

File 131131284221.png - (88.96KB , 318x325 , tastes like murder.png )
27652 No. 27652 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Hello /art/. Today I come to you with something special.

TL;DR: Want to make assassin pictures?

Just over a month ago, over on /oat/, there was a game held in which there were 7 "assassins", involving the mane cast and Derpy. The assassins look similar to the originals, but with slight differences such as red eyes, colored streaks in the hair Derp does not have them, but a decent amount of the other assassins do and other things that may vary between the assassins.

Now, those of us that act as the assassins are for the most part novice at best with picture editing skills, though we are able to make due. However, how wonderful would it be for there to be pictures meant to be the assassins, not just recolors of existing pictures?

This is mainly me putting the idea of the assassins forward, as an idea for something for any of you to draw, in case you were running out of ideas or wanted something new. If this is something that you do not care for, then I understand completely.

If any of you are interested and want to know more about the assassins, I'll be keeping track of this thread to answer any and all questions that you could possibly have. Each assassin also already has a look to them, and although I can only truly post a clear picture of one of the assassins, due to me being Derp assassin I will try to get the other assassins to post ITT.
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>> No. 126670
File 138322492271.gif - (1.96MB , 400x225 , YMKRvcJ.gif )
(was ts if you're wondering, made >>95036
>>95042 and such )
>> No. 127695
File 139560224255.png - (110.12KB , 500x500 , -hyperventilating-.png )
i'm going to make this last for three years /caresses thread gently
i'll come in with some art soon
>> No. 129476
File 142803265415.png - (51.51KB , 293x203 , WAHAHA.png )
4 years, bitches!

File 138656241387.png - (149.64KB , 900x753 , applejack shuu color plano.png )
126874 No. 126874 [View]
applejack as Shuu
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>> No. 129345
File 142445596024.jpg - (33.49KB , 434x289 , 0000000000000s.jpg )
>> No. 129364
File 142515309883.jpg - (655.12KB , 2550x3507 , Imagen (15).jpg )
because i guess the point of this thread is post my art... which is suitable for the board rules.
>> No. 129467
File 142772667738.jpg - (1.08MB , 2177x2994 , Imagen (9).jpg )
I made a new picture which i can post on this site.

File 142400851637.png - (247.66KB , 2072x2584 , HW_V_1_1_beta.png )
129309 No. 129309 [View]
#Traditional #Digital #Comics #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Taking commissions #Critique wanted

Ideas needed. Also, I would accept requests for food self-practice.

Thanks for watching my gallery!
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>> No. 129431

Damn it. Too much stuff to do now, just wait till the weekend, okay? It will become ready then for sure.
>> No. 129432
It's cool, take your time and more importantly have fun.
>> No. 129450
File 142710168270.jpg - (1.10MB , 2448x3264 , IMG_20150322_204330.jpg )

Just a sketch, nothing serious.

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